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Desperate Bombshell; Kim Kardashian Strikes Back at Jon Hamm; Jennifer Aniston`s Body or $10,000?

Aired March 13, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- desperate bombshell. The startling last-minute twist in the trial that`s more shocking than the show itself.

A mystery witness. A mysterious voicemail. Does it prove the show tried to cover up Nicollette Sheridan`s claim she was physically attacked?

Tonight, Kim Kardashian strikes back at "Mad Men" star, Jon Hamm, for calling her an idiot as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, whose side are you on in this brand-new celebrity feud?

Jen`s body or $10,000? The stunning new evidence today that most women would choose $10,000 instead of Jen Aniston`s near-perfect body. Our SHOWBIZ flashpoint, what would you choose?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Thank you for watching. We`ve got big news breaking tonight. We`ve got the desperate bombshell.

There is a remarkable twist tonight in the he said/she said trial that has pitted Nicollette Sheridan against her former bosses. This is a twist that could have come out of an episode of "Damages."

Sheridan is asking for some $6 million in damages, claiming that she was fired from "Desperate Housewives" after complaining that the show`s creator hit her.

Well, it didn`t really seem that things were going her way in this trial, but today, the bombshell. A mystery witness, out of the blue, even more mysterious, a voicemail.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that it could become the voicemail that leads to her vindication.


On "Desperate Housewives," nothing is over until someone gif gets smacked, a secret is revealed.

NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN, ACTRESS: Yes, I burned down your house, you whore.

HAMMER: Or there`s a smoking gun. Today, it looks like a smoking gun may cap off the real-life "Desperate Housewives" trial.

Former cast member, Nicollette Sheridan, is suing ABC for wrongful termination for fatally electrocuting her character, Edie Britt. And now, Nicollette is wrapping up the trial with her own shocker.

JO PIAZZA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST AND WRITER, "CELEBRITY, INC.": We have a very special surprise mystery guest star show up at the "Desperate Housewives" the trial.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned, Sheridan`s attorneys have located a new witness who will testify about a possible ABC cover-up.

PIAZZA: The employee that got in touch with Nicollette Sheridan`s lawyers claims that there was a widespread cover-up by ABC to erase all E-mails related to Nicollette Sheridan`s termination from the show.

HAMMER: Nicollette attorneys say they were alerted by this mysterious voicemail obtained by "E!"

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I received an E-mail soon after Nicollette filed suit. I think it was meant for a much narrow distribution.

But it regarded having I.T. come in and wipe clean the hard drives of the producers in response to the correspondence that they`ve had, E-mail wise, about firing Nicollette. I think I got it by mistake.

MARK BAUTE, NICOLLETTE SHERIDAN`S ATTORNEY: His perception was that it was a conspiracy and he finally decided to come forward and tell the truth.

HAMMER: Now, this employee is testifying in Nicollette`s favor and could blow this trial wide open. Spilled secrets, last minute surprises -- heck, now all we need is a catfight, and we have a "Desperate Housewives" episode.

PIAZZA: I don`t think we`ve seen this much juicy stuff going down on Wisteria Lane full stop in a couple of seasons.

HAMMER: Let`s take a look back.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Previously on "Desperate Housewives" --

HAMMER: Nicollette claims the show`s creator, Marc Cherry, slapped her during an on-set argument in 2008. For an example of this alleged slap, see just about every episode of the show.

Plus, Nicollette claims, when she complained about the alleged slap, she was killed off.

PIAZZA: Sheridan is now suing ABC for $6 million.

HAMMER: "Desperate Housewives" creator, Marc Cherry denies that.

PIAZZA: Cherry`s defense is that he was merely showing her how to play out a scene and playfully tapped her on the side of the head.

HAMMER: Plus, Cherry claims the decision to kill off Sheridan`s character, Edie, was made well before the alleged slapping incident took place. Now, Cherry and ABC are firing back at the new claims of an ABC cover-up.

In a statement, Cherry`s attorney`s tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, quote, "Today`s antics by the plaintiff, conjuring up mysterious E-mails, appears to be a last ditch effort to save her case."

PIAZZA: They know the jury is not going to be very impressed if ABC was covering anything up.

HAMMER: The "Desperate Housewives" trial has already had plenty of twists. In court testimony last week, the show`s producers were forced into spilling what may have been the biggest spoiler in TV history.

PIAZZA: Because they were under oath, they actually had to reveal that Mike Delfino was going to be the next major cast member killed off the show.

HAMMER: And killed off he was, in last Sunday`s episode.

PIAZZA: this does set a terrible precedent. I`m terrified to find out what will happen if we end up suing the creators behind "The Jersey Shore." We might find out that Vinny is really the father of Snooki`s baby.

HAMMER: Fortunately for us, there `s no "Jersey Shore" trial, because with all the crazy goings-on in the "Desperate Housewives" trial, we can`t take anymore drama.


No, we can`t. Well, late today, the judge in the case actually dismissed the battery charge against "Desperate Housewives" creator, Marc Cherry. So, what does that last-minute shocker mean for the entire case?

With me now in New York, Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of HLN`s "JANE VELEZ- MITCHELL." Sunny Hostin, as well, legal analyst for "In Session" Tru TV.

So Nicollette Sheridan`s claim that Marc Cherry hit her now out of the mix. He`s no longer a defendant in this case. Sunny, what is this last minute twist mean for this entire lawsuit against ABC?

SUNNY HOSTIN, LEGAL ANALYST, "IN SESSION": Well, it is certainly still going to go forward, right, because we still have that sort of wrongful termination count.

But I think what`s fascinating here is that she`s saying that she was fired because she reported the hitting and they retaliated against her because of it.

So I think it could confuse the jury. I think the jury may think, well, maybe the battery didn`t really occur, because now I`m not deciding on it. It certainly isn`t a win for Sheridan`s team.

HAMMER: And of course, being a soap opera of a trial, that wasn`t the only bombshell today. There was this last-minute witness today that really sent the whole trial into chaos.

There`s a set construction coordinator for the show who just testified today, saying that he received an E-mail that suggested a whole conspiracy to cover up information regarding the Nicollette`s lawsuit.

Jane, do you see this brand-new testimony as perhaps being the determining factor that will, in fact, prove Nicollette`s claim that she was wrongfully terminated?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, "JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL": It`s a bombshell. It`s out of an episode of "Desperate Housewives" or maybe in my era, "Perry Mason."

HAMMER: "Ironside."

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. The fact is -- "Ironside," yes. The fact is the cover up is always worse than the crime. Now, if they did wipe out those hard drives and, in fact, they don`t have those E-mails anymore, then it leaves it up to the jurors` imagination.

They could create in their minds a whole conspiracy that might not even have existed and put it on the network because of this mystery witness who says, hey, they tried to destroy evidence. Don`t ever cover up. It will always bite you.

HAMMER: You know, it is interesting we thought going into this that it was almost going to be cut-and-dry and sort of run of the mill trial that would run its course.

And it is playing out like this amazing soap opera. Cannot wait to see the grand finale. There will be no cliff hanger. And actually, we`ll get to see this thing finished.

And there`s another big story that`s breaking today. JonBenet is remembered. John Ramsey, JonBenet`s father -- he`s out with his brand- new book and he just spoke about his daughter who, of course, was murdered when she was just six years old.

If you can believe it, she would have been 21 years old today. Amazing. Well, in a brand-new interview with ABC, Ramsey remembers his daughter as a tomboy, which obviously is very different from the little beauty queen that the world remembers.

Ramsey also reveals his regrets about even letting JonBenet compete in those pageants. He calls the hit reality series "Toddlers and Tiaras" bizarre.

Let me read what he says about that. He says, "It`s very bizarre. And it certainly -- Patsy and JonBenet didn`t approach it that way. We just did it for fun."

Well, watch what John Ramsey just told "Good Morning America" about JonBenet and what he saw at pageants.


JOHN RAMSEY, JONBENET RAMSEY`S FATHER: We used to joke that JonBenet needs to lose a few of these contests to understand that you do lose in life. You don`t always win. But -- so their perspective is right. But I saw an element of competitiveness that I thought was unhealthy.


HAMMER: You know, Jane, I have to say, it still surprises me John Ramsey went off the pageant shows in that way, considering our last burned in memory of JonBenet. But he did hit it right on, didn`t he?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: He did. And I think he has regrets that he allowed his beautiful daughter to participate in these pageants, because there she is.

That`s how we will always remember her, all dolled up with all this makeup, perhaps age-inappropriate. And what he said was that perhaps it attracted somebody`s attention, some sicko out there. And you always have to keep that in mind.

HOSTIN: And I think that`s important. That`s important.

HAMMER: And 15 years later, we still do not know who killed JonBenet Ramsey on the record, anyway. Sunny, Jane, I thank you both.

As we move on tonight, Kim Kardashian strikes back. Yes, Kim blasts back at Jon Hamm after he calls her an idiot. This is a brand-new war of words. And SHOWBIZ dares to ask, who is going to come out on top?

Donald Trump`s sons under fire tonight all because of some graphic photos of them smiling in front of wild animals that they shot in Africa.


(on camera) Do you think they`re getting a bad rap being called out in this way? I know you`ve said you`re not a fan of hunting yourself. But do you think they`re getting an unfair tough time?


Tonight, Donald Trump tells me if he thinks his sons are being unfairly attacked. It is a must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

And the shocking evidence that most women would rather have $10,000 than Jennifer Aniston`s body. What? The SHOWBIZ flashpoint -- which would you rather have? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

This is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: "Game Change" is the most-watched HBO original film in eight years. Josh Hutcherson talks to SHOWBIZ about "The Hunger Games" being the new "Twilight."


JOSH HUTCHERSON, ACTOR: For me, I`m just so proud to be a part of it. I think the stories are amazing. The books are incredible. The characters are so inspiring in a lot of ways.




UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: So tonight, tribute parade. I`ll take you out and show you off to the world.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: So you`re here to make me look pretty.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I`m here to help you make an impression.


HAMMER: Fans are going crazy for the big screen debut of "The Hunger Games." It doesn`t hit theaters until March 23rd. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was on location at the world premiere in Hollywood.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Yes, all of the hot stars of "The Hunger Games" were on the red carpet.

I can tell you even they are shocked by just how much heat this film is already generating. Some fans camped out all night just to get the chance to watch the very first screening of the movie.

A lot of people are wondering if "The Hunger Games" could actually become an even bigger hit that the blockbuster "Twilight" franchise. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter was smack in the middle of "The Hunger Games`" premiere and she`s got a look at all the madness.


KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT (on camera): SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is here on the red carpet at "The Hunger Games" and these fans are going crazy.

They`ve been camped out for days to be the first to see a movie many people are saying could be as big as "Twilight." Why are they so hungry for "Hunger Games"?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ve never seen anything like it and it`s really fun and it`s going to be really fun for everybody and I can`t wait for people to see the movie. That`s what I`m most excited about.

WYNTER: How do you sum up the fan devotion you are seeing all around you?

LIAM HEMSWORTH, ACTOR: It`s very passionate, you know? It`s wonderful to be apart of this project and some very, very passionate fans.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS: It`s unbelievable and very humbling.

HUTCHERSON: I`ve never seen people so passionate before about anything in my life. So to kind of see them firsthand and have to do with something that I`m involved with is incredible.

WYNTER: And just like "Twilight," there`s a big sexy live triangle. So, are you ready to root for Team Peeta or Team Gale? (UNINTELLIGIBLE) Team Peeta or Team Gale -- which team do you follow?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, neither. You can`t choose. I`m in the same pickle with her.

HEMSWORTH: I`m team Haymitch. I`m a big fan of Woody Harrelson and a big fan of that character, Haymitch, so I`m on that team. I`m trying to make that team bigger.

WYNTER: Miley -- what`s the biggest advice did she give you tonight, stepping out into this madness?

HEMSWORTH: Keep your head screwed on straight. I think that was probably the best advice she`s given me.

WYNTER: So, will this be able to match the huge success of "Twilight?" From the looks of things out here, it`s off to a pretty good start. But we will find out when it opens March 23rd.


HAMMER: Wow. That is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter on location at the world premiere of "The Hunger Games." You see all those diehard fans out there and it`s not hard to think that, yes, "Hunger Games" may just become the next "Twilight."

Well, right now, Donald Trump`s sons under fire. Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump are sparking some major outrage tonight over hideous pictures that emerged of the two of them on a big game hunt in Africa.

They`re posing in front of slain wild animals, and people are naturally outraged. Animal rights groups are saying this is disgusting.

Here`s what PETA told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Like all animals, elephants, buffalo and crocodiles deserve better than to be killed and hacked apart for two young millionaires` grisly photo opportunity."

Well, Donald Trump himself told me just today he`s not very happy with his sons` pictures, either. Watch this.


(on camera) I know it has to be a little difficult seeing your sons right now dealing with some tough press. They`re getting a hard time, Donald Jr. and Eric, for some pictures posted of them online after a hunting trip.

Pretty gruesome pictures. Do you think they are getting a bad rap being called out in this way? I know you`ve said you are not a fan of hunting yourself. But do you think they are getting an unfair tough time?

Well, I`ve never understood it. They are great hunters and they are phenomenal shots and they`ve been into that all their lives. And I never understood where they got it from because it`s not me.

I know they donated all of the proceeds, or all of whatever it is, to the local tribes and to the people. But I just don`t really get it. Now, I haven`t seen the pictures but I`m not thrilled, believe me.


HAMMER: But Donald Trump, Jr. is standing his ground. Let me read what he just tweeted, "I am not going to be gracious when attacked for doing what I do when it is legal. People can disagree with it, but I will attack back."

Well, that may be, but I do hope that with all of the backlash, he can at least understand why so many people are so upset about this and perhaps will reconsider his love of something that so many people find so obscene.

And Donald Trump is taking sides tonight in the brand-new celebrity feud between Kim Kardashian and Jon Hamm. So is the Donald on Team Kardashian or Team Hamm? Well, he tells me as only Trump can in a must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

Plus, George Takei gets down like a hound.


GEORGE TAKEI, ACTOR: I`m sexy and I know it.



HAMMER: Yes, there he is, our favorite member of the "Star Trek" crew doing this happy dance. I`m going to tell you the amazing reason why George is dancing with joy. It`s our SHOWBIZ viral video.

It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Blake Shelton, Lady Antebellum to perform at Academy of Country Music Awards. Liam Hemsworth tells SHOWBIZ being part of "The Hunger Games" is a surreal experience.


BLAKE SHELTON, ACTOR: It is very surreal. I`m constantly pinching myself. I feel like I`m just on this crazy ride at the moment and I feel very fortunate to be where I am.


HAMMER: Time now for the SHOWBIZ buzz list. Here`s what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing about this week.

Put on your cocktail dress or skinny tie and break out the scotch, because the new season of "Mad Men" starts March 25th.

We`re getting inspired by bestselling author Crystal McCrary`s brand-new book, "Inspiration," about 30 African-American women who have changed the world.

Can`t stop smiling about the new iPhoto app for the iPad. You can touch up all your photos right there at the palm of your hand.

We`re grooving to one direction. The hottest new boy band around just released its first album, "Up All Night."

And get hungry for "The Hunger Games." It made its world premiere last night. It hits theaters March 23rd. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.



ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST, "THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW": Well, what`s the name of the baby?




HAMMER: Perfect. That`s Ellen DeGeneres playing the celebrity baby name game with Jessica Simpson. Jessica went on "Ellen" today and made some big revelations about her pregnancy.

Jessica Simpson is embracing every bit of her pregnancy glow. She`s having a big laugh at all the people that keep saying she looks like she`s about to give birth any second.

Well, just today, on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," she spilled the beans for the very first time about what it`s like to be so close to her due date. You`ve got to watch what she just told Ellen about her fear of her delivery day.


DEGENERES: When are you due?

SIMPSON: I have -- I have some weeks.

DEGENERES: No you don`t.

SIMPSON: I really do.


SIMPSON: It`s not like tomorrow.

DEGENERES: It looks like it`s tomorrow.

SIMPSON: I had contractions last night and I freaked out a little bit. But you know, those Braxton-Hicks things, they --

DEGENERES: What`s that?

SIMPSON: It`s like these contractions that pregnant women have towards the end and it prepares your body for delivery. I`m prepared. It`s scary. It`s like, "Oh, god. Oh, god. This can`t happen right now."

DEGENERES: And it gives you a little taste of how much it could hurt.

SIMPSON: It will. It will hurt very badly.


HAMMER: I think she`ll be just fine. We`re wishing her all the best, Jessica. We`re not the only ones. Ellen wants to make sure that Jessica is as comfortable as possible when she actually goes to the hospital.

You`ve got to take a look at the shoes and the gown that she got Jessica for her delivery day.


DEGENERES: I got you something for the hospital, OK?

SIMPSON: Oh, I love it.

DEGENERES: Uh-oh. It just broke because the baby generator is on it. Hold on.

SIMPSON: Oh, my -- oh my god, I love those.

DEGENERES: They are like slippers.

SIMPSON: I`m obsessed. These are amazing. And they are Jessica Simpson heels.

DEGENERES: Yes, they are. They`re your shoes. I gave you an idea for new shoes.

SIMPSON: I love that you gave me an idea.

DEGENERES: All right. I bet you`re going to start selling these things.


HAMMER: Very nice. Well, Jessica also revealed she is having a baby girl. She`s not having twins like so many people have been speculating. I`ve got to say, she looks really happy. We`re all very happy for Jessica, right guys? Nice going.

Time now for the SHOWBIZ lineup -- here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Jen Aniston`s body or $10,000 in your hand? Think about it. There`s brand-new evidence tonight that shows most women would rather have $10,000 than Jen`s near-perfect body. The SHOWBIZ flashpoint, which would you rather have?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Today`s winner of the battle is --


HAMMER: That is Jamie Lono and Jamar Rogers fighting it out on "The Voice" last night. Tonight, Jamie and Jamar are right here for a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview to reveal the secrets behind the hottest singing competition on TV. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Nick Jonas to return as guest star on season finale of "Smash." Nicki Minaj says she wants to knock Jay-Z from his top spot in hip-hop music.


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- Kim Kardashian clashes with Jon Hamm. The reality superstar fires back after the actor calls her an idiot. This star feud has sparked a worldwide debate.

But tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, whose side are you on?

I go one-on-one with Donald Trump to find out which side he`s on in this heated debate.

Jennifer Aniston`s hot body or $10,000 in cold cash? The stunning new evidence today that most women would take $10,000 instead of Jen`s near- perfect body. Our SHOWBIZ flashpoint, what would you choose?

Dance, George, dance. Our favorite member of the "Star Trek" crew proves, once and for all, he`s sexy and he knows it.


TAKEI (SINGING): I`m sexy and I know it.


HAMMER: Oh, yes. Tonight, the awesome reason why George Takei is sharing his happy dance. It`s our SHOWBIZ viral video.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you so much for watching. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight -- Kim strikes back.

Hey, Jon Hamm, Kim Kardashian wants to know, who you calling stupid, huh? The "Mad Men" star is getting the Kardashian treatment after he used words like "stupid" and "idiot" to describe Kim and her reality fame.

Well, tonight, yes, Kim is firing back and she`s igniting what could be a war of words for the ages. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got to ask, who is really winning?

With me tonight from Hollywood, I`m thrilled to welcome Tamala Jones. She, of course, is the star in the hit ABC drama, "Castle." With me in New York, Noelle Nikpour who is a columnist for the "South Florida Sun Sentinel."

It`s great to have you both here. So all of this began with this interview that Jon Hamm did. It was with "Elle UK" magazine.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT obtained the interview and while talking about his appreciation for hard work being what built his career, here is what Jon Hamm said in part, "We`re at a place where the idea of being elite is some how considered a negative. Whether it`s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated."

"Stupidity is certainly celebrated." Wow. Let me read to you now what Kim just tweeted back at Jon Hamm, "I respect Jon and I am a firm believer that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Calling someone who runs their own businesses, is a part of a successful TV show, produces, writes, designs and creates "stupid" is in my opinion careless."

Take that, Don Draper. All right. Tamala, let me start with you. Whose team are you on here? Is it Team Hamm or Team Kardashian?

TAMALA JONES, ACTOR: I understand what they are both saying. She got famous off of a sex tape, and now, she`s worth millions. And then she`s got her side of, "I am an entrepreneur," but the stupidity part is why she`s famous.

And I can`t knock her hustle because she is a businesswoman and she`s made a lot of money selling herself? Is that safe to say?

HAMMER: Yes, it is safe to say. Hey, and look, and nobody is disputing Jon Hamm, Kim Kardashian. They come from two very, very different schools. In fact, the campuses are located across the world from each other.

But Noelle, let me get your take on this, because I was, quite frankly, struck by the fact that Jon was so poignant in his language and just let it all out there like that.


HAMMER: But whose team are you on?

NIKPOUR: A.J., I am so Kim Kardashian. She has so much class. She answered that with so much class and you know what, Jon Hamm? I`m sorry, but reality TV is here to stay.

And I think what he doesn`t like is the fact that people are making a name for themselves out of a brand, and it`s successful. She`s a businesswoman now.

HAMMER: Yes, nobody can argue with the fact that a lot of hard work has actually gone into her success beyond the initial celebrity that she gained from having that sex tape.

I don`t think everybody yet realizes that. And I`m a huge admirer of Jon Hamm. I`m kind of stuck in the middle of this thing.

But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did reach out to both Kim and to Jon today. Haven`t heard back from them but you wouldn`t be surprised at all to see what our Facebook fans are saying. So much going up on our wall.

Let me just read one comment. This comes from Cathy G. who writes, "I don`t care for either, but is he jealous? I`m sure she makes more money than he does."

Now, Tamala, you star on a scripted drama show, ABC`s hit show, "Castle." We all know that scripted television did take a hit, quite frankly, when reality TV became so successful.

But do you really think that Jon is jealous or is there something else going on here? It`s hard to imagine him jealous of Kim K.

JONES: I don`t think he`s jealous. I think he`s just fed up with, you know, having to share the spotlight with so many different reality stars, you know.

Now, they`re big because they have exposed their personal lives when this business is about creativity and talent. And you know, reality TV has taken over. It is huge.

And it`s now another section of the entertainment business. So I think he`s just fed up with having to share the spotlight. But times change and things change and, that`s where we are.

HAMMER: Yes, look, there`s no denying the talent that made Jon Hamm famous, that has made you famous, a totally different thing than initially made Kim K famous.

But the truth is, she`s not going away, nor is reality TV or any of the other things that made her famous.

But I must get to this other heated battle that`s going on tonight. This is hard to believe. It is the war between Jennifer Aniston and a whole lot of cash.

There was a brand-new poll out today by "Fitness Magazine" and Yahoo Finance. It asked this. You`ve got to love this.

They asked women, if they had a choice between getting $10,000 or Jennifer Aniston`s body, what would they choose? Let`s put up the results of this poll.

Look at that. Eighty-two percent say they would prefer to have $10,000 in their pocket rather than Aniston`s svelte physique. Only eight percent chose her body.

Now, you remember those Smart Water and perfume ads where Jen flaunted her body? Yes. Eighty-two percent not even flinching at the idea of having that body instead.

Tamala, let me start with you. What would you prefer, $10,000 or Jen`s body? And let me just say, both of you ladies look lovely regardless of any of this.

JONES: Aw, thank you A.J. God, it`s so hard, because we are in a recession right now and that $10,000 does look good. But I need that body. That body is, like, ridiculous.

HAMMER: All right. So you`re in the minority. I got it. All right. Very quickly, what are you going to say?

NIKPOUR: I have to tell you one thing. With $10,000, people are going to the grocery store and they`re trying to fill up their gas tanks, and they just don`t have it, so the $10,000 is great.

But you`ve got to say, if you did have the rocking body, you might be able to make some money off the body.

HAMMER: I say take the $10,000 and go see your plastic surgeon. Tamala Jones, Noelle Nikpour, thank you both. And be sure to catch Tamala on "Castle." It`s a great show and she`s great in it, of course. It`s every Monday night on ABC.

Well, there are more stars that are speaking out today about Jon Hamm`s slam on Kim Kardashian. Now, late today, I caught up with "Celebrity Apprentice" star, Donald Trump. And being a big-time reality star himself, well, I had to ask him what he thought of the whole Hamm- Kardashian feud. Watch.


(on camera) I don`t know if you`ve seen the interview, but Jon Hamm just calling out celebrity culture in general and Kim Kardashian in particular saying that stupidity is celebrated with people like Kim and like Paris Hilton.

She fires back saying, "You know what? I work pretty hard. Curious to get your take on that, as somebody who knows what it is to work very hard and also to have, you know, people who are not famous become famous under your watch.

TRUMP: Well, I know everyone that you are discussing right now and they`re all celebrities. They`re doing their thing. I mean, what are they supposed to hide?

I think Paris Hilton has been out there and Kim -- I know them both very well and they`re working hard. They are working hard.

And you know what? If it catches the public eye and the people like you, A.J., report on it all the time, you make them even hotter and they take advantage of it. I don`t think that makes them bad people.

HAMMER: I know you`re a huge fan of Michael Andretti, so I imagine it was particularly tough firing him.

TRUMP: Well, he`s a really quality guy, a nice guy, a talented one, too. He did really well driving the car. But he made a mistake.

HAMMER: You have a tough time striking the balance sometimes, being tough on these celebrities? Because obviously, there`s charity involved. These are famous people. But at the same time, you`ve got to do your show. There`s a bit of drama involved.

TRUMP: You do have to do the show and you do look at drama, but it doesn`t matter to me. I do what`s right. But getting rid of somebody like Michael Andretti was tough because he`s a quality person.

You know, sometimes you don`t like somebody, it`s not so hard, but in this case, I liked him a lot.

HAMMER: Yes. I can`t imagine what you have to go through internally to be able to just point the finger and had him out.

TRUMP: Not that easy. Believe me.

HAMMER: Donald, look at me. Look at me. Donald Trump, always calling it like he sees it. And he has the tough task of firing yet another big star on "Celebrity Apprentice," Sunday night on NBC.

Well, "The Voice" has certainly become one of the most addictive reality shows on television. And tonight, we have secrets from "The Voice."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Today`s winner of the battle is --


HAMMER: Jamie Lono, Jamar Rogers. They faced off last night. It is that kind of drama that just sucks you right in.

Well, tonight, the real story behind all the drama and the superstar coaches, coming up next from "The Voice." I have Jamie and Jamar right here, right in the hot seat for tonight`s SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

Plus, who do you think is the most overpaid celebrity? Kim Kardashian? Simon Cowell? Snooki? The startling answer coming up. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: "90210" star Jennie Garth and "Twilight`s" Peter Facinelli split after 11 years. Stanley Tucci tells SHOWBIZ why he thinks people are drawn to "The Hunger Games."


STANLEY TUCCI, ACTOR: I think that the character of Katniss is incredibly compelling and people want to identify with her. And I think they identify with her, her moral compass, which is a very true compass.




HAMMER: Tonight, the secrets of "The Voice." I mean, listen to those incredible pipes. Really, in my mind, that was one of the most intense singing battles yet this season on "The Voice."

But what`s the secret to winning one of the coveted spots in the live competition? Well, tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you the secrets of "The Voice" straight from two of the great contestants.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Yes, it was an emotional battle between friends and it just took center stage on the show.

Jamar Rogers and Jamie Lono, wanting so much to change their lives but yes, only one of them can walk away with the big win.

Well, Jamar and Jamie are here, fresh off their unforgettable duet last night, joining now for this SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. Great to see you guys. Come on down. Hey. Nobody is going to bring anything to you over there.

Great having you here. Nice to see up both. So, it was so amazing seeing this competition last night. The two of you have going held to head. But what was wild, I think, in everybody`s mind is knowing how you guys really became friends.

So what is the secret behind the scenes of how it feels before a performance like that, knowing one of you is getting tossed, Jamar.

JAMAR ROGERS, CONTESTANT, "THE VOICE": Well, I don`t know about this guy, but I was just nervous. I was all over the place. We became friends before the blind auditions.

I used to -- call him my little brother, encourage him, get him ready. And when CeeLo called our names and said we`d be singing against each other, I know my heart dropped.

And we initially went into it just saying, "Let`s make it a duet. Let`s make it hard for them," right?

HAMMER: And sadly, obviously, somebody has to get tossed off. Jamie, sorry, man. I happened. Let`s watch how that played out on the show last night. Roll it. Sorry.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Today`s winner of the battle is Jamar.



HAMMER: Oh, wow. And Jamie, I`m watching you really maintaining your composure. I don`t note what was going on in your head. But give me the secret of what happens beforehand. Do they tell you -- all right.

Now, keep in mind, one of you is getting tossed off. You really have to do your best to keep it together and be prepared that that may be either one of you.

JAMIE LONO, CONTESTANT, "THE VOICE": I mean, there`s a lot that goes into the whole process, you know? And you -- in order to just be on the show, you have to kind of build yourself up mentally and really be ready for whatever is going to come.

And I mean, at that moment, if I could have lost to anybody, it would have been Jamar. And I mean, I just -- it was right. And you know, it`s not to say that my life hasn`t changed for the better because it definitely has.

HAMMER: Sure, sure.

LONO: And I don`t feel like this is the end.

HAMMER: I don`t think so at all, and that`s the big deal about getting on one of these shows. Obviously, it was a big decision for both of you to say, "Hey, OK. I`m going to give this a try."

But Jamar, what for you made more sense to do "The Voice" rather than a show like, say, "American Idol"?

ROGERS: Well, CeeLo Green is the biggest difference, you know. I`m a huge CeeLo fan. And when I saw the first season, I saw he was coaching. I started thinking about -- I just wanted to meet him.

I just wanted to shake his hand. But then, to take it a little bit further, I love something that CeeLo says. He says he`s the exception to the rule, you know. He doesn`t look like your typical pop star.

HAMMER: Oh, no.

ROGERS: And you know, with the story and he background that I come from, I shouldn`t be your typical pop star.

HAMMER: Right.

ROGERS: And so I thought like "The Voice" would allow me the exception to the rule.

HAMMER: So the shoe kind of fit. Was that sort of how you felt as well, Jamie?

LONO: Absolutely. I mean, I`ve definitely never been somebody you can fit into one little genre. And the main thing from the get-go with "The Voice" is that they encourage you to be yourself.

And the one thing I want my music to be about is believing in yourself and just being yourself and putting it all out there for everyone to see.

HAMMER: Not everybody can pull of those glasses, I would say. You did a good job of being yourself. It`s really great to meet you both. I know you`ll do well. Jamar, looking forward to seeing what you do next on the show.

ROGERS: Thank you so much, A.J.

HAMMER: Jamar and Jamie, thank you so much. And you check out "The Voice" Mondays on NBC. Well, I`m just back from a thrilling trip at the South by Southwest Festival. I love Austin, Texas, and I have to tell you I just had a blast.

The music is awesome, the technology, the movie premieres. I got into a little bit of everything. And I even had the great pleasure of moderating a really cool panel, all about celebrity culture and a brilliant film that debuted in Austin.

It`s called "Sellebrity," a real eye-opening documentary that`s directed by one of my favorite guys in the business, a very respected celebrity photographer named Kevin Mazur.

Stars like Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sheryl Crow all in this movie which explores the good, the bad and the ugly side of all of those star photos we love to see.

But what`s life really like for those seemingly cutthroat photographers? Well, I asked Kevin Mazur to uncover some of his secrets from behind the lens.


(on camera) Explain the frenzy, the feeding frenzy that goes on there and how that can even be monetized for these guys. They are all shooting the same picture.

I think a lot of us don`t understand, if you have 100 photographers on one celebrity getting that same shot, what`s the upside for the photographers? Because, obviously, there is one.

KEVIN MAZUR, PHOTOGRAPHER: Well, those guys are all jockeying to get a good position. They want a clean shot. So they are all pushing and shoving each other to get in front of each other.

And it`s like 50 guys trying to get one good shot. And you know, they are all fighting for that almighty dollar.

HAMMER: Give me just an example, outside of a club, that shot, right there, one guy gets the shot of Jessica Simpson -- outside of a club, no big deal. She`s not doing anything. But one guy gets the one that gets in "Us Weekly." How much is he making for that?

MAZUR: He can get anywhere from $150 to maybe $500 if it is a full page. So you have to sell that, plus, with their photo agency, they are splitting it. So you have to sell a lot of photos.

HAMMER: Got it.


The whole thing is fascinating. Make sure you look Kevin`s film, "Sellebrity" when it is released. Just really, really terrific.

Well, there`s no other way to say this. Up next, George Takei is sexy, and he knows it.


TAKEI (singing): I`m sexy and I know it.


HAMMER: Oh, there`s more sexy where that came from. I`ll explain. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Ice T`s wife, Coco, reveals that she had bulimia as a teenager. Alexander Ludwig tells SHOWBIZ why "Hunger Games" fans are so passionate.


ALEXANDER LUDWIG, ACTOR: I think people just love to have something to root for, you know? Just -- they love loving stuff and "The Hunger Games" is such a great phenomenon because it has never been done before and Suzanne put her heart and soul into the books.

Gary put his heart and soul into the movie so it can be a really true portrayal and I think the fans are really, really going to like it.


HAMMER: Well, tonight, I`ve been waiting to show you this. It is a SHOWBIZ viral video that will make you say --


HAMMER: Oh my.


HAMMER: You guys can`t take a cue around here. Our good friend, George Takei, is at it again. He`s so pumped up about the recent success of a project that is so close to his heart, he had to share it with everyone. Oh, my.

And now, his over-the-top gratitude has become this viral sensation. So please enjoy, and, you`re welcome in advance. Roll it.


TAKEI: Friends, I am thrilled beyond words that we were successful in raising over $158,000 for our Broadway-bound musical titled "Allegiance," which, for the first time, deals with the internment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War.

In fact, I`m so thrilled that with the reluctant permission of my husband, Brad, I`m going to do what I call my happy dance. Are you ready for this?


TAKEI: Oh, my.


HAMMER: I don`t know exactly why but I could watch that all day. Love George`s "Allegiance," a new American musical, starring the great George Takei. It`s set to debut this fall. For more information, go to George`s website,

Well, coming up next, I have some information that may help you actually rest a little easier tonight. We`re revealing who you think is the most overpaid celebrity. Is it Kim Kardashian? Is it Simon Cowell? Maybe it`s Snooki.


HAMMER: Ms. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has been called a lot of things in her life. Tonight, for better or worse, Snooki`s got a new title. She`s been voted the most overpaid celebrity in a poll by "Fitness Magazine" and Yahoo Finance.

I`m outraged, I tell you. I think that pint-sized ball of energy is worth every bit of the reported $100,000 per episode that she`s paid for "Jersey Shore." Now, apparently, America just doesn`t agree.

Sixty-four percent polled say Snooks, overpaid. Forty-five percent of people believe that Kim Kardashian not worth her millions.

And it`s not just reality stars here. Twenty-four percent of voters think NBA star LeBron James is overpaid.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. You can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT weeknights at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.

And stay right here for "DR. DREW" next. Tonight, Monique Houston responds to Oprah Winfrey`s interview with her ex-husband and Whitney`s brother, Gary. "DR. DREW" starts right now.