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Angelina`s Gams Go Viral; Desperate Showdown; Taylor Swift`s Terrific Date; Billy Crystal Under Attack for Blackface Skit

Aired February 28, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


CARLOS DIAZ, GUEST HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Angelina Jolie, a leggy laughingstock? Tonight, Angie`s gams go viral. Wild takeoffs on her leg flash at the Oscars.

Is that really her leg on the Statue of Liberty? At the moon-landing? Tonight, the great global debate over Angie`s saucy pose, as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, is Jolieing bigger than Tebowing?

Desperate showdown. The gavel drops on Nicollette Sheridan`s real-life courtroom war. Nicollette`s nasty trial starts today over the real reason she claims she was killed off on "Desperate Housewives." Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals why this fight could be uglier than anything on Wisteria Lane.

Taylor`s terrific date. A cancer stricken 18-year-old reveals to us the story behind asking Taylor Swift to his prom. Tonight, how Taylor`s response could change his life forever. His remarkable story in his own words right here in an amazing SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m Carlos Diaz, in for A.J. Hammer with big news breaking tonight and with apologies to Z.Z. Top - she`s got legs and she knows how to use them.

We could go on and on tonight about the Angelina leg effect from her gam flash at the Oscars and we will. That`s because the now infamous leg that Angelina Jolie flashed at the Oscars through her cut-to-the-thigh dress has become a viral worldwide phenomenon today.

And unfortunately for Angelina, so did the jokes and the Photoshop pictures. There`s even one with her leg on the moon.

Think about it for a second. Neil Armstrong might have said that`s one small leg for man, one giant leg for womankind. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the leg that ate Hollywood.

In an Oscars show filled with lame jokes, wardrobe malfunctions and obscure winners - one person, one leg, stands apart.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have they got my leg?

DIAZ: No, it`s not Monty Python. It`s the world`s biggest actress in her greatest Oscar role yet, Angelina Jolie in "My Right Leg."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the world is going absolutely leg-over-heels over the pose Angelina Jolie struck on the red carpet at the Oscars with her nominated longtime love, Brad Pitt and struck again later Sunday night as she presented.


ALEXIS TERESZCUK, "RADAR ONLINE": After Angelina Jolie thrust out her right leg on stage at the Oscars, it has become an international superstar.

DIAZ: We`re talking Twitter pages. We`re talking Photoshop spoofs. We`re even talking imitations like the hosts of "The Talk" who struck their own Jolie pose.

Forget Tebowing. That`s so two months ago. The world is now Jolieing. It`s a leg-itimate phenomenon.

TERESZCUK: We learned from our Angelina Jolie source that that was totally unplanned.

DIAZ: "Radar Online`s" Alexis Tereszcuk tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Angelina reportedly didn`t mean to leg her way into the spotlight.

TERESZCUK: It really wasn`t anything but just Angelina having fun.

DIAZ: And now, everyone else is having fun with it, too. The first person to Jolie was screenwriter and actor Jim Rash. He struck the now-famous Angelina pose just seconds after Jolie presented him with an Academy Award for co-writing "The Descendants." Backstage, Rash stressed he was honoring and not mocking Jolie`s leg.

JOHN RASH, ACTOR AND SCREENWRITER: I just saw her pose and I thought, you know what, we have exactly the same legs. It was a loving tribute.

DIAZ: Now, the whole world is paying tribute to Jolie`s leg. It even has its own Twitter page that had more than 30,000 followers today and growing. A fact the "Today" show used to pull Matt Lauer`s leg this morning.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Angie`s leg has 28,000 followers on Twitter. That`s 28,000 more than Matt has.

DIAZ: Go online today and you can see Photoshopped versions of Angelina`s leg doing all kinds of things. Like crossing the Delaware with George Washington. Attacking the rebel base in "The Empire Strikes Back." And even landing on the moon.

One small step for gam, one giant leap for gamkind. It`s even turning Lady Liberty into Leggy Liberty.

TERESZCUK: Lady Liberty is actually French, so maybe it`s her sexy French side coming out.

DIAZ: People are posting photos of themselves and their pets Jolieing. This poor cat doesn`t look too happy. And speaking of catty, Joan Rivers is dissing the Jolie`s leg-endary pose to "Radar Online."

TERESZCUK: Joan Rivers told me she thinks Angelina Jolie looked like a fool at the Oscars.

DIAZ: Sorry, Joan, Angelina`s leg is now the most talked about body part to come from the Academy Awards, even more so than Jennifer Lopez`s infamous nip slip in her super-revealing dress.

TERESZCUK: It really kind of stole the Oscars.

DIAZ: Maybe Angelina`s leg can be used for a future Oscar show. They can use it to cover up J. Lo`s dress as we see it do in this Photoshop tribute. Or maybe Angelina`s leg could follow Billy Crystal as host.

TERESZCUK: It can be all about Angelina Jolie`s leg in different shoes, maybe different color dresses.

DIAZ: For now, it`s clear that for this Hollywood star, Angelina`s right leg is her biggest hit in a while. Maybe it will win an Oscar.


Now, safe to say this story has legs so we`ll have plenty more to say about it later. And a little later, we`ll be asking our distinguished panel to weigh in on our SHOWBIZ flashpoint - was Angelina Jolie`s now infamous leg pose a big mistake? The leggy debate coming up.

Our great debate is coming up. We want to hear from you. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll, Angelina Jolie`s Oscar pose. Was her leg move hot or not?

Vote at You can always e-mail us, too. Our address -

I love this next story. I mean, really, really love this next story. It`s a Taylor-made dream date. Country music star Taylor Swift is making a New Jersey high school student who`s got cancer his dream come true.

Kevin McGuire is a huge Taylor Swift fan and with the help of his sister`s Facebook campaign, Taylor got an invitation to be his prom date. And boy, did she come through for him.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is in Hollywood with more on this remarkable story. Nischelle?

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Oh, Carlos. Taylor, you know, couldn`t make it to Kevin`s prom but she sure made up for it with a personal invitation to the American Country Music Awards show. Can you believe it?

Naturally, Kevin is thrilled about his big date. But you know what? You don`t have to take my word for it. Kevin McGuire is on the phone with us from Stratford, New Jersey, and he joins us for a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. Kevin, hello. How are you?


KEVIN MCGUIRE, TAYLOR SWIFT FAN: Hi, guys. I`m great. I`m honored to be here.

TURNER: I`m glad to hear your voice.

MCGUIRE: Like you said, I`m amazed right now.

TURNER: Oh, my gosh. OK, Kevin, so let`s get into this. What a night you`re going to have. You`re going to one of the biggest events in country music.

I`ve got to ask you, what was your first reaction, your immediate reaction, when you found out that Taylor Swift wanted you to go with her to this?

K. MCGUIRE: Honestly, my mouth just dropped and I couldn`t tell you. I was frozen. I didn`t know what to do. I didn`t know what to say. I couldn`t believe it.

TURNER: You still sound a little bit speechless. I`d feel the same way. I think it`s so fantastic. But have you worked out any of the details yet?

I know that her people contacted you preliminarily. Do you know where you`re meeting? Are you going to bring her some flowers? A corsage? Do you know any of this yet?

K. MCGUIRE: I`ve talked to her people. And just like Taylor, they`re amazing, like this is my first real thing with showbiz and all that kind of stuff and talking to people and expected a - I don`t know.

Not just warm greetings, but they were just amazing. They made me feel so special and confident. And I was good. They asked me how I was feeling. They`re just great people.

But as for - information-wise, we`re still getting details. And we`re not really sure what we`re doing yet. But we`ll figure it out.

TURNER: You know, none of this would have happened though if it weren`t for your sister, if she hadn`t started this whole Facebook campaign for Taylor to go on a date with you.

How are you going to thank your sister for this? I mean, that`s a really great thing she did for you. Are you going to - here`s an idea. Maybe you`ll let her tag along on your date. What do you think?

K. MCGUIRE: We`re not sure what we`re doing yet, but I`m still trying my best to think of something to pay her back. She`s done so much for me so far and even with being sick, like, she`s just my best friend.

She`s helped me out, been my shoulder to cry on, my hand to hold and she`s just great. I don`t know what we`ll actually do to even the playing field for us. I`ll think of something.

TURNER: Kevin, you`re rendering me speechless. I think that is so special, you and your sister, the bond you guys are forming.

And I know she told us yesterday, you know, when you usually go through your rehab and all of your regimen, that it kind of leaves you lethargic but when you got this news about Taylor that you really had a good day. And we love hearing that.

K. MCGUIRE: Well, right after the news I got about Taylor, about 10, 15 minutes later, I probably got news from the doctors saying that my cancer`s in remission and the cancer is under control.

So luckily, I still have a whole bunch of chemo to go through and my road`s nowhere near ended yet. I have a lot more chemo to do. But just knowing the cancer`s controlled and contained, it`s just a great feeling. It`s proof that, you know, what Taylor Swift did for me.

TURNER: You know what, young man? I love hearing that, Kevin. Thank you so much. Have a great time. Take lots of pictures because we definitely want to follow this story.

Carlos, can you believe that? I love hearing that. I love this story so much. I can`t wait to hear about the date.

DIAZ: I can`t wait to hear about the date. It`s going to be amazing. And Kevin, he`s the man. He`s got to be the man at his high school right now. All right. Thanks so much, Nischelle.

Tonight, Mary J.`s powerful Whitney message. Mary J. reveals the emotional heart to heart she had with Whitney Houston, a conversation Mary J. hoped could save Whitney`s life.


MARY J. BLIGE, SINGER: I got a chance to express to her what I felt about her and how important she is and how I don`t want to see her like that and hoping she`s better than that.


DIAZ: Coming up, Mary J. joins the ladies of "The View" to talk about the one thing she hopes doesn`t happen to Whitney`s legacy now.

Dramatic developments in the case against the man accused of killing Jennifer Hudson`s family. Will Jennifer testify in the case against him?

Also, this, Oprah`s new gig?


OPRAH WINFREY, MEDIA MOGUL: You`re asking me when`s the last time I read "To Kill a Mockingbird?"



DIAZ: You`ve got to see Jimmy Kimmel`s hare-brained scheme for Oprah Winfrey to build her network. It`s the hilarious viral video that will make you think twice about messing with Lady O. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Lady Gaga to launch charitable foundation on Wednesday at Harvard. Christina Aguilera does impromptu duet with contestant on "The Voice."




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can she win your votes? Sherri Shepherd.


Oh, yes! Work it.


DIAZ: That`s "View" co-host Sherri Shepherd already strutting it as one of 12 new celebrity contestants on this season`s lineup of "Dancing with the Stars." The show is said to debut on ABC on March 19.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Carlos Diaz. Tonight, ready, set, dance.

Now, I don`t care what everybody`s saying. I can`t wait to see Sherri and the new "Dancing with the Stars" cast shake their moneymakers. And today, the new cast finally revealed. Why are so many "Dancing" stars, "Dancing" fans upset?

Joining me in New York is TV host, the sassy Megan Meany and Jason Dundas, pop culture correspondent for VH1`s "Big Morning Buzz Live."

Now, competing with Sherri this season, you`ve got the likes of Gladys Knight, Martina Navratilova, Jack Wagner, Gavin DeGraw, to name a few. But a lot of fans online are not happy with this lineup, some even saying it`s the worst cast ever. Megan, do you think there`s reason for fans to be so disappointed?

MEGAN MEANY, TV HOST: You know, it is a little lackluster, I will say. I mean, there`s a few people that I`d be psyched to watch. I think I would tune in to Jack Wagner just because I was a big "Melrose" fan.

Gladys Knight, she`s a big star, OK. I don`t know about the athletes. There`s an opera singer I had never heard of. But this show`s really become more about - I mean, they should call it "Dancing to be a Star" than "Dancing with the Stars," right?

DIAZ: Every year -

MEANY: It`s launching careers -

DIAZ: Every year - I mean, every season, we hear the same thing. You know, "Oh, the cast isn`t that great." But then, you get to know them while they`re dancing.

MEANY: That`s the thing -

DIAZ: And it`s all good.

MEANY: You still watch, right? I have to say, I love this show. And whenever I can, I do tune in. You know, some of those -

DIAZ: But real quick, there isn`t - just to be fair, though, there isn`t a lot of controversy like, you know, they`ve had in the past, Chaz Bono, Bristol Palin.

MEANY: Right.

DIAZ: Jason, do you think "Dancing with the Stars" could be in trouble this season without the kind of controversial figure, even though they do have Urkel.

JASON DUNDAS, POP CULTURE CORRESPONDENT, "BIG MORNING BUZZ LIVE": It`s 14 seasons in, right? And for one, I`m so excited to see Jaleel White get out in a pair of high-waisted pants and strut it like Urkel. I can`t wait to see that.

But I think to reiterate the point you just made, I think these people will shine. And for example, Gavin DeGraw was on our show on VH1. He is a smooth crooner.

That guy, when he gets on the dance floor, he`s going to impress and America`s going to love him. So I think we`re going to see stars be born that we didn`t necessarily expect.

DIAZ: Megan - one word answer, Megan. Did you know who J.R. Martinez was before the beginning of last season?


DIAZ: OK. There you go. And now everyone knows him and loves him.

MEANY: Case in point and I won.

DIAZ: Megan Meany, Jason Dundas, you guys are awesome, thanks so much.

Angelina Jolie, a leggy laughingstock? Tonight, the great global debate over Angelina`s saucy Oscar pose.


JOLIE: Good evening.


DIAZ: So here`s the thing, with all of the love that Angie`s right leg is getting, is she kicking herself tonight for that infamous pose?

And wait until you see this. Kim Kardashian, the queen of glam, goes au naturale in this amazing shot. Is this part of her post-marriage debacle reinvention mission? The details ahead.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: James Spader leaving "The Office" after one season. Julia Roberts says her kids have no clue about her celebrity status.

DIAZ: Time now for the SHOWBIZ buzz list. Here`s what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing about.

Dust off the mirror ball trophy. As we mentioned, the new cast of "Dancing with the Stars" was just revealed, and it includes the legendary Gladys Knight and soap opera veteran Jack Wagner. "Dancing" returns on March 19th.

Hollywood in the palm of your hand. The new "Hollywood Reporter" app will keep you in the loop with all things showbiz.

East meets Biebs. We are jamming to the Far East Movement song featuring Justin Bieber called "Live My Life."

And happy Leap Day. It only happens every four years. So tomorrow, it`s time to party, especially in you celebrate your birthday on the special day.

And Martin Scorsese`s Oscar-winning epic, "Hugo," can be yours. It`s out on Blu-Ray and DVD right now. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Machines never come with any extra parts you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn`t be an extra part.



BLIGE: I did not know what was going on in my business. I didn`t know my business. I didn`t know who was doing my business. I didn`t know what kind of money I had. If I had money, I was just a mess.


HAMMER: That`s Mary J. Blige on "The View" this morning talking about her life before kicking cocaine and alcohol. Mary J. also made an emotional revelation about her woman-to-woman talk with Whitney Houston about Whitney`s drug abuse.

Mary J.`s powerful Whitney message. This morning as a guest co-host on "The View," Mary J. explained how she kicked her cocaine habit without rehab. Mary J. admits that it`s not the road that everyone can take, but she says it does start with a commitment by people who love you.

It`s that message that Mary J. tried to share with Whitney Houston before it was too late. Watch.


BILGE: I had a conversation with Whitney about how important she is to the world. And I got a chance to express to her what I felt about her and how important she is and how I don`t like to see her like that and hoping she`s better than that.

So I feel good about the conversation that I had with her. I didn`t speak to her again for a long time after that. You know -

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": But you were able to get past this and she didn`t. She couldn`t. What`s the difference between you and her?

BLIGE: The difference is the environment. If your environment does not change, things will not change.


DIAZ: Joining me right now from Hollywood is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner. Nischelle, do you think Mary J. is right? Whitney would be here right now if all she did was change her environment?

TURNER: You know, Carlos, that is such a tough thing to say. You know, I think Mary was saying that`s step one in the process of getting healthy, is change the people that you`re around.

If you`re around that same kind of toxic environment, it`s easy to fall back into that. So I think that, you know, that would be step one for her. And you just never know, it`s such - still such a tragic situation.

DIAZ: Well, Nischelle, Mary J. also candidly reveals that it took five long years for her to recover, but there was some permanent damage to her career that she might not ever recover from. It`s a trap Whitney may have fallen into also. Watch this.


BLIGE: I did not know what was going on in my business. I didn`t know my business. I didn`t know who was doing my business. I didn`t know what kind of money I had. If I had money, I was just a mess.

And nobody around me wanted to tell me because they were getting checks and that`s how it goes. They keep me drunk and high enough to just keep robbing you.


DIAZ: Wow, powerful words from Mary J. Blige. Nischelle Turner, thank you so much again.

And now the SHOWBIZ lineup - here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Angie`s Gams go viral. Tonight, the wild sensation launched ever since Angelina Jolie`s leg flash at the Oscars. Is Jolieing bigger than Tebowing?

Billy Crystal under attack today for his controversial Sammy Davis Jr. blackface skit with Justin Bieber at the Oscars.


BILLY CRYSTAL, OSCAR HOST: Is the Biebs the young Sinatra or am I nuts?

JUSTIN BIEBER, POP STAR: Oh, Sammy, stop it.


DIAZ: Was Billy`s joke just wrong? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views. Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Carlos Santana signs on to play Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for two years. Cuba Gooding, Jr. to star in new Fox show, "Guilty."



JOLIE: Good evening.


DIAZ: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Angie`s leg goes viral. That now-infamous leg she flashed at the Oscars is the butt of Photoshop jokes around the world.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, is Angelina Jolie kicking herself for making that leggy pose?

SHOWBIZ justice. Stunning new details in the case against the man accused of murdering Jennifer Hudson`s mother and brother. Will Jennifer testify against him?

Also, Kim K. goes naked. Well, her face at least. The dramatic new Twitter picture of Kim Kardashian without makeup.

Oprah fight club? The hilarious viral video of Oprah Winfrey gone wild.


WINFREY: You`re asking me when`s the last time I read "To Kill a Mockingbird"?



DIAZ: What the - tonight, we`re showing you what that Oprah smackdown is all about.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


DIAZ: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Carlos Diaz, in for A.J. Hammer with big news breaking tonight - Angelina Jolie`s leg goes rogue.

Tebowing is so last month. Now that Angelina Jolie`s leg has sparked linsanity. Her infamous leg gone wild on Oscar night has inspiring Jolieing.

And let me tell you, it was absolutely everywhere today. Blogs, Facebook and Twitter have exploded with the leg-bombing trend where Jolie`s famous right stem shows up in everything from "Star Wars" spoofs to "The Situation Room."

In fact, you can`t see it, but right now I`m Jolieing as we speak. So here`s what SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got to ask tonight - is Angelina Jolie kicking herself for striking that infamous pose?

Joining me right now in New York is Jason Dundas, pop culture correspondent for VH1`S morning show, "Big Morning Buzz Live," and TV host Megan Meany is also in New York tonight.

Guys, it was really hard to miss the photo that has been floating around of Angelina Jolie`s leg multiplying into two and here are some of the others we dug up online today.

The leg seen on the moon - there you go. You also have in "Star Wars." You have it in the White House situation room with President Obama.

I`m not sure Angelina jutted her leg out of the dress so that she could be laughed at. So here`s our SHOWBIZ flashpoint - was Angelina Jolie`s now infamous leg - was it a pose that was a big mistake? Jason, you are my thigh master. What say you?

DUNDAS: Look, I think Angelina Jolie`s leg has made out since Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I remember seeing it all then. I reckon the designers probably said to her, "Hey, this dress is designed to look better when you pose something like this." And she probably went on there.

The awkward thing is she took a moment, stopped, set the pose up in front of the entire world, and then continued on. But I think the big issue from this is that this shows how powerful social media is and one little incident from the entire Oscars has gone global and viral.

DIAZ: Well, Jason, I don`t know about you, but that`s not a little incident. It`s very big. The leg is very long. Megan, was Jolie`s leg pose a big mistake in your mind?

MEANY: I think she is kicking herself today. I mean, the thing is, it`s one thing to show it on the red carpet. OK, Versace`s loving that. You`re doing the pose. You`re working it for the photo.

But the fact she came out and she even gave a little giggle when everybody started hooting and hollering. Suddenly, it wasn`t about what she was presenting at all. It was about her. So she - hey, is anyone cooler than Angelina Jolie?


MEANY: Well, nobody was, until she did that. To me, I thought, poser. And it was a little canine-like, too. I mean, poser in two ways and you know what I mean. She`s posing and a little bit cheesy, too. But all I really -

Megan, I completely agree. I completely agree with what you`re saying. I mean, you`re making all the right points. And Jason, to your point, we agree with you here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

We could not stop talking about Angelina`s leg at our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT morning editorial meeting. And people were saying, yes, Angelina took that leg and worked it on stage with a big smile.

But Jason, don`t you think the folks at Versace told her, "You`ve got to work it. Work that leg. That`s how you work the dress. That`s how you wear the dress."

DUNDAS: Yes, agree with you, Carlos - 100 percent, they would have said that. And look, I think it`s a great leg, so I think it was -

MEANY: Of course you do.

DUNDAS: I think it looks good, so bring it on, Angie.

MEANY: You know what I think? I think if I were to send a tweet to the new Twitter account for the right leg, I would say, "Feed me." That`s what I`m going to say. Right leg here in danger of eating left leg.

DIAZ: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now, hold on, that`s a whole other conversation for Dr. Drew, if you know what I`m saying. But we`ll talk about that at some other point.

The Jolieing trend is upon us. And the thigh-high mystery of why she did it had all the talk shows Jolieing, too. From the "Today" show to "Live With Kelly" and even the ladies "The View," everyone was saying today that Angelina`s leg was one big punch line. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What happened to my other shoe?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Your other shoe has changed because of the Angelina leg.

KELLY RIPA, HOST, "LIVE WITH KELLY": It truly is like looking in a mirror, isn`t it?

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": That`s funny.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": See if she`d come out like that. I tell you what. It`s happening everywhere.

BARBARA WALTERS, EXECUTIVE AND CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Whatever it was, she has made herself -

BEHAR: The pictures are hilarious.

WALTERS: She`s made herself, if possible, even more famous.


DIAZ: Like Barbara said, though, whether or not she meant to do it, everyone`s talking about Angelina Jolie today. But Megan, given how hard Angelina has successfully worked to be taken seriously from her acting to her humanitarian work around the world, do you see this kind of hurting that cool image that she`s cultivated?

MEANY: As I said, she dropped a few notches for me. But you know what? The poor woman, how many kids does she have? She`s tired. She can`t stay on top of this cool thing forever.

So you know, she dropped a couple notches, but maybe she gained one, too, because she`s just human, you know. She`s just not that cool. That was not a cool move, so she`s regretting it.

DIAZ: So you`re saying she`s tired. Men like Jason and I - we don`t mind leg.

MEANY: I`m sure you don`t.

DUNDAS: No, we like it. But I also think it makes her a little more human. I feel a little bit more connected to her.

MEANY: Don`t you want to see a little more flesh on that leg though? Come on, guys.

DUNDAS: You can`t get any more leg.

MEANY: I mean, that`s like the skeleton from biology class. Is it that sexy?

DIAZ: Easy. Easy. Wow. Come on now. Now, you`re getting to a whole other realm here. Geez.

MEANY: I`m just saying let`s evaluate what`s really sexy.

DIAZ: You went from being - you`re being mean now and I don`t know if I can take that.

MEANY: No, no. Hey, I`m not being mean. She`s a great actress. She seems like she`s a great mom. All those good causes. But I would like to see her eat a little bit more and that`s all I think of when I see that leg.

DIAZ: All right.

MEANY: It`s not really leg. It`s a bone.

DIAZ: All right. I think she`s right. Moving on, Angelina`s right leg has its own Twitter account. There`s the Jolieing Web site. And the leg has been seen everywhere, even on NBA star, Jeremy Lin.

So we here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT couldn`t resist the linsanity. So Angelina, we thought we`d take a little time and make some suggestions for movie sequels featuring your gorgeous gam.

These are the working titles that we`re kind of thinking about. Coming soon to a theater near you, "Thigh Interrupted." How about the action film, "Lara Croft: Limb Raider"?

Jolie`s such a good dramatic actress, how about "A Mighty Thigh"? Or perhaps you could go a whole new direction and get into television by starring in "C.S. Thigh."

Jason, thank you for not laughing. What do you think about Angie`s right leg as a career move?

DUNDAS: I thought you might be on to check out "Dress Interrupted" could be one.

DIAZ: Nice, I like it.

DUNDAS: "Thigh Captain and the World of Tomorrow," maybe.

DIAZ: I love it. Jason, you`re officially funnier than we are. Jolie`s leg isn`t the only Oscar shocker people were talking about today.

Oscar host Billy Crystal`s getting slammed for wearing so-called blackface, playing Sammy Davis Jr. in his opening movie monologue and his montage as well.

Out to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner in Hollywood. Nischelle, you`ve covered the Oscars. Why are so many people mad at Billy Crystal?

TURNER: Well, Carlos, between Jolieing and J. Lo`s supposed wardrobe malfunction, you could have missed Billy Crystal so-called "blackface" moment. But critics - they`re not letting Billy get away with this spoof of Sammy Davis, Jr. so easily. Take a look at this.


CRYSTAL: So where do we go now?

BIEBER: We`re going to go hang out with Hemingway and Fitzgerald.

CRYSTAL: And then we`re going to go kill Hitler.

BIEBER: Want to come?

CRYSTAL: More than you know.

CRYSTAL: Billy, is Biebs the young Sinatra or am I nuts?

BIEBER: Oh, Sammy, stop it.


CRYSTAL: All right. Have fun storming the Fuhrer.


DIAZ: I mean, Nischelle, I can get why they could have taken that wrong because, you know, blackface is just plain wrong, just plain and simple.


DIAZ: But Billy has played Sammy Davis Jr. on "Saturday Night Live" back in the `80s. So you have to wonder what actually is wrong with that.

All right. Jason Dundas, Megan Meany and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner - guys, thank you so much.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ justice. Dramatic new developments in the case against the man accused of killing Jennifer Hudson`s family. Will Jennifer get justice?

Plus, Kim Kardashian`s dramatic TwitPic. The photo of the glam queen without makeup. Why did she just send it to her millions of fans today? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Katy Perry bids $50,000 on cooking lessons at Elton John`s Oscars party. Nick Jonas guest stars on the new NBC show, "Smash."



DIAZ: There`s Kim Kardashian, looking as glamorous as ever. It seems like the red carpet is Kim`s natural habitat. But tonight, she`s revealing a very different side of herself. And I can tell you, the red carpet is nowhere to be found.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight, Kim Kardashian`s brand-new look. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is in Hollywood with the details. Nischelle, what is Kim up to?

TURNER: Oh, so much, Carlos. But you know, Kim Kardashian just tweeted this brand-new picture of herself without makeup. Yes, the queen of glam is going au naturale.

She`s sharing this fresh-faced photo of herself in sweat pants with her millions of fans. Can you believe it? Kim without makeup?

Carlos, but here`s the thing, she looks just as beautiful as she does on the red carpet. I mean, sheesh. Can she do anything wrong?

DIAZ: But here`s the thing - I`ve interviewed her several times in person. She is as attractive as anyone else in the entire world you`ve ever met.

But she needs to have more pictures like this because the big knock on her reality show is there`s very little reality involved.

And so if she was more real like this I think it would endear her to her fans. What do you think?

TURNER: Well, yes. I agree with you. But you know, the one thing Kim has said in interviews like throughout the years is that she does love makeup. She loves putting on makeup.

She feels prettier when she has it on. I don`t know how many of these natural pictures we`re actually going to see.

DIAZ: And look, she looks great right there. All right, Nischelle. There`s more big news breaking tonight. What`s going on with that incredible harassment trial involving the former star of "Desperate Housewives," Nicollette Sheridan?

TURNER: Well, this one`s amazing, Carlos. I mean, Hollywood has hardly ever seen anything like it. The trial just began here in Los Angeles.

Nicollette is suing Marc Cherry who created "Desperate Housewives" for $4 million. She claims he fired her back in 2009 after she accused him of hitting her after they had a fight over a script.

Nicollette is claiming she was wrongfully terminated. She claims Cherry fired her after she complained to the higher ups at ABC.

Now, he denies all of her claims, including that he hit her, and says that plans to kill off her character had already been in the works.

DIAZ: Wow. Thanks, Nischelle. So the big question is this, does Nicollette have a chance of winning? Atty. Darren Kavinoky is with us in New York tonight.

And Darren, you`re the host of Investigation Discovery`s "Deadly Sins," premiering this Saturday. Of course, Darren, this lawsuit reads like a scene from your favorite nighttime soap.

Is this a desperate lawsuit or does it seem valid? Is it a valid case of wrongful termination?

ATTY. DARREN KAVINOKY, HOST, "DEADLY SIN": Wait a second, Carlos. I`m just being informed that Marc Cherry is a very powerful man in Hollywood, so I`m on team Cherry, whatever it is.

No, this is one where the chronology is going to be very, very important. We`ll have a mini-trial on the basis of whether or not her complaint is valid, that whether or not she actually filed her complaint at a particular point in time prior to her being written off. Remember, Cherry`s position is that they had these long-standing plans to eliminate that character.

DIAZ: Right.

KAVINOKY: And by the way, eliminating characters from television shows by way of their falling in a well or meeting an untimely demise is a story as old as Hollywood itself.

The real key is whether there`s going to be a nexus obviously between her complaint and the producer`s actions.

DIAZ: Yes, that`s the key point. And this trial is expected to include a who`s who of "Desperate Housewives." All of Nicollette`s former co-stars, Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria and Felicity Huffman are all expected to testify.

But they`ve all been supporting Marc Cherry. So, Darren, it proves your point, how damaging could that be to Nicollette Sheridan`s case?

KAVINOKY: At first blush, you think very damaging because these are people who presumably are going to be in a position to back the producer and say, "Well, her complaints are not valid."

However if you really take the position that Cherry`s such a powerful and influential guy, go team Cherry, then you might be able to undermine what they say either as an attempt to save their jobs or, obviously, the season`s coming to an end anyway, but perhaps to curry favor for future opportunities.

DIAZ: Right. All right. We`ve got more big news to talk about today. Another trial coming up with a big star in the center of it, Jennifer Hudson.

And Nischelle, this is, no doubt, a very upsetting time for Jennifer. I really feel for her.

TURNER: Oh, Carlos, we all do. And we learned today that Jennifer might have to testify at the trial in April of the man accused of killing her mother, brother, and seven-year-old nephew back in 2008, which means she will have to relive that nightmare.

Now, Jennifer rarely speaks about this. But in an interview just last month with "Dateline NBC," it was clear how raw the emotions when she speaks about her family are. Watch this.


JENNIFER HUDSON, SINGER AND ACTRESS: In her passing, my family`s passing, you know, my sister`s son who passed away - he was seven years old, Julian King, and he was such a bright little boy. He was so smart. He - ooh.


TURNER: Carlos, you can see there just how this still upsets Jennifer some four years after these murders.

DIAZ: Yes. And now, she might have to relive it all over again and it`s very sad. Darren, how likely is it that Jennifer Hudson will have to take the stand to relive those emotions?

KAVINOKY: Well, it`s not clear exactly what evidence the prosecution would seek to elicit from her. But make no mistake about it, Carlos. If she`s subpoenaed to testify, there`s no opportunity to politely decline. If she`s subpoenaed, properly served, she will have to be there.

DIAZ: All right. Darren, thank you so much. Nischelle, great job as always.

There`s more big breaking news tonight in Hollywood. "Sex and the City" goes to high school. The actress who will play Carrie Bradshaw in the upcoming "Sex and the City" prequel is announced.

Plus, Uma`s baby revelation. Are all of the Uma Thurman pregnancy reports really true? That tops "The Buzz Today."


(voice-over) A baby for Uma. Uma Thurman`s reps have just confirmed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that the actress has a baby on the way. This baby makes three for Uma, who has two children from her previous marriage to actor, Ethan Hawke.

The new bundle will be Uma`s first child with longtime beau, Arpad Busson, who she`s been dating since 2007. Congrats, Uma.

Casting Carrie. The CW has just revealed which lucky lady will play a young Carrie Bradshaw in the network`s upcoming prequel to "Sex and the City."

Actress Anna Sophia Robb will fill the shoes of a young Carrie Bradshaw in "The Carrie Diaries." The series will focus on a young Carrie Bradshaw and her life growing up in a small town before making her big move to the Big Apple.

Eighteen-year-old Anna Sophia is best known for her 2005 role as Violet in Tim Burton`s "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."


Coming up, Oprah Winfrey goes wild?


WINFREY: You`re asking me when`s the last time I read "To Kill a Mockingbird"?



DIAZ: She grabs, she kicks, she punches, but why in the world is the queen of talk tearing the joint up? It`s tonight`s must-see SHOWBIZ viral video. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

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TEXT: Kid Rock performs "Born Free" for Mitt Romney campaign event. Star Jones tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about her return to "The View."


STAR JONES, FORMER CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": What in the world could bring Barbara Walters and me together with no animosity?

It`s the fact that within two months of each other, they cracked our chests together. I went back to "The View" to support them. And guess what? Women know how to squash it.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The hero of this book isn`t Scout or Atticus. It`s Tom Robinson.

WINFREY: Not Boo Radley?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you say Boo Radley? That`s funny.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, that`s my husband!


DIAZ: What the heck? Why is Oprah Winfrey throwing down over her favorite book character, Boo Radley, from "To Kill a Mockingbird"? It`s the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viral video of Oprah gone wild.

Tonight, why Oprah is kicking butt and taking names in the name of comedy. OK. Here`s the deal. Late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, wants to help Oprah build up her new OWN network.

So he decided to pitch some ideas when Oprah just joined him on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Jimmy`s thinking Oprah needs to bring in more male viewers to the network to boost ratings, you know, heat things up with a little more violence, a little less self-actualization.

Jimmy`s idea - book club, fight club. You take Oprah`s famous book club from her talk show years and you throw in some fisticuffs. You got to watch this viral video.


WINFREY: You`re asking me when`s the last time I read "To Kill a Mockingbird?"


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hey, that`s my husband!

WINFREY: "Book Club, Fight Club"! Boo Radley!

JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE": Wow, you`re pounding. You`re pounding them.

WINFREY: Thank you so much for coming, Jimmy.

KIMMEL: No, no, no, no.

DIAZ: You do not mess with Oprah when it comes to Boo Radley. I mean, come on, everybody knows that. All right. I`m guessing Oprah`s not going to go for Jimmy`s pitch.

But really, at least we got to se her hit someone with a fire poker, even if it was fake, or was it? Well, that hilarious viral video hit the Internet the night of the Oscars.

A lot of you are saying it`s funnier than anything that was actually on the Oscar show itself. So we asked you to vote in our exclusive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll about how to add some more spice into next year`s show. "Oscars 2013: Who should be the next host of the Oscars?"

Just moments ago, we finally got results. The final results are in. Forty-six percent of you say Chris Rock. Thirty-one percent of you say Robert Downey, Jr. Twenty-three percent of you say Melissa McCarthy. I love that choice.

And our Facebook wall exploded with your comments. Keshia B. wrote, "Chris Rock should definitely do it. Both him and Billy Crystal should do it together." Not a bad - I like that idea.

And Paulette H. wrote, "Melissa McCarthy would be awesome."

Check this out. There see seems to be an underground campaign on SHOWBIZ`s Facebook page for Kristen Wiig to host next year`s Oscars.

Think that`s a good idea? I thought she was hilarious as a presenter this year along with the rest of the cast of "Bridesmaids." Sounds really cool.

All right. That`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Carlos Diaz. Remember, you catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusively weeknights at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.