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The Stunning Demi Moore 911 Tape; Special Edition: SHOWBIZ Sundance Newsmakers

Aired January 27, 2012 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - the stunning Demi Moore 911 tape. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals the chilling call desperate friends made during Demi`s meltdown this week.


911 OPERATOR: Right now is she awake?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, semi-conscious barely.


HAMMER: The second-by-second account of Demi`s night in crisis. So what`s next for Demi?

Sundance newsmakers. SHOWBIZ goes one on one with Sundance favorite Chris Rock with Oscar secrets he`s dying to tell.


CHRIS ROCK, COMEDIAN: He`s the greatest Oscar host of all time.


HAMMER: Plus, SHOWBIZ snuggles with the Sundance stars. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT gets very cozy with one of Hollywood`s biggest legends.



RICHARD GERE, ACTOR: No. We can do it all just like this.

TURNER: I can just stand just like this and just talk all day.

GERE: Yes.


HAMMER: It`s a star-studded special - SHOWBIZ at Sundance.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight, a chilling call for help.

Tonight, for the very first time, we are hearing the desperate 911 call from Demi Moore`s friends after Demi apparently collapsed earlier this week.

This call is raw. At times, it`s emotional, and it really gives us an eerie glimpse into just how serious Demi`s health scare really was.

Her friends told the 911 operator that Demi was trembling as if she was having a seizure. Tonight, Demi is out of the hospital after what her reps had called a bout with exhaustion.

But the tape tells a much more dramatic story, and I`ve got to warn you, parts of this may be tough to hear.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We need an ambulance here as soon as possible, please.

HAMMER (voice-over): A frantic phone call from a horrifying night. The Los Angeles Fire Department has released the 911 call Demi Moore`s worried friends placed from her home Monday night, when Demi was rushed to the hospital after suffering a mysterious health scare.

911 OPERATOR: Right now is she awake?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. Well, semi-conscious, barely.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Is she breathing?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is she breathing? Yes.

911 OPERATOR: And she overdosed on -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s convulsing.

HAMMER: But while this 911 call is revealing the desperate situation Demi found herself in that horrifying night, one thing we`re not learning from the call, exactly what substance may have been involved in Demi`s health scare.

CHARLOTTE TRIGS, STAFF WRITER, "PEOPLE": For privacy reasons they decided to leave out any mention of specific drugs.

HAMMER: Still, while the call doesn`t reference any specific substances, the caller suggests there may have been something involved.

911 OPERATOR: Is she breathing normally?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, not so normal. But more sort of shaking, convulsing, burning up.

911 OPERATOR: All right. What did she take?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Some form of - I think. And then she smoked something. I didn`t really see.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s been having some issues lately with some other stuff. Bu I don`t know what she`s been taking or not.

HAMMER: Later in the call Demi`s convulsing stopped and she was breathing and talking normally. But Demi was taken to the hospital anyway, reportedly Sherman Oaks.

She`s reportedly now out of the hospital but what she was treated for is still an absolute mystery, not that there aren`t a lot of unconfirmed reports.

DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST, "DR. DREW": "Radar Online" reports Demi is actually being treated for an eating disorder.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Prescription drug use.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are told that Demi Moore has been doing whip-its.

HAMMER: Demi`s people aren`t commenting on those substance abuse reports.

TRIGGS: Demi`s representation has said that she was hospitalized for exhaustion. But we`ve learned from friends that, you know, she`s been having problems with prescription pills for a while.

HAMMER: In fact, in the 911 call, we hear a disturbing reference to issues Demi may have been having lately.

911 OPERATOR: Has she done this before?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know. There`s been some stuff recently that we`re all just finding out.

HAMMER: While Demi Moore was going through her health scare, Ashton Kutcher has been seen partying and doing business in Brazil.

But today, according to a new report on "," Ashton isn`t feeling so festive anymore, now that he knows what`s going on with Demi.

TRIGGS: Friends close to Ashton tell people that he`s deeply concerned about his ex-wife right now.

HAMMER: But now, the big question is, what should Demi do next? Turn on the TV today and there`s no shortage of advice.

WENDY WILLIAMS, HOST, "WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW": Demi needs to lose contact with Ashton Kutcher.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I certainly hope she gets an accurate diagnosis and finds the help that she needs.

DR. WENDY WALSH, CO-HOST, "THE DOCTORS": The young men, the lights-camera entourage will go in ebbs and flows, so you have to find your self-esteem somewhere else.

HAMMER: But Demi`s next move remains another mystery.

TRIGGS: Reps for Demi haven`t said what`s next for the actress. But according to friends, she`s very seriously considering rehab at the moment.

HAMMER: And based on what we`re hearing in that scary 911 call -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s been some stuff recently that we`re all just finding out.

HAMMER: Demi may be out of the hospital, but she clearly has more healing to do.


We hear a lot of 911 calls. That is such a chilling 911 call and it really captures the chaos inside the home with Demi. But what does it really reveal about Demi`s issues?

With me right now from Hollywood, Pat Lalama, investigative journalist at the Crime Network Investigation Discovery, and Dr. Reef Karim, founder and director of the Control Center.

So it was so chilling for me as I`m sitting there, just riveting to listen to this call. And we get to hear just how terrifying those moments must have been while Demi`s friends were waiting for the paramedics to arrive at her house, Pat. When you first heard this call on this tape, what was your reaction?

PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: My reaction was exactly what I was already thinking, that this woman is on a slippery slope. A.J., I don`t care if it`s Adderall like some reports are saying or anorexia or whatever it is that she`s ingesting, there`s a bigger problem here.

And if she does say stop, they must stop referring to this as exhaustion. I know that`s the PR, you know, mantra, the code word. It`s not exhaustion. She`s on a slippery slope.

If she doesn`t do something now, she`ll hurt herself. She`ll hurt someone else and I believe ultimately could get in some sort of criminal trouble. It has to stop now.

HAMMER: Yes. And obviously, nobody wants to see that happen. There`s been no confirmation of any specific drugs involved, if any at all.

And according to the person who called 911 when this was all going down, even Demi`s friends don`t know the full scope of everything that she`s dealing with and exactly how she`s handling it all. Let`s listen to that together.


911 OPERATOR: Is she breathing normally?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, not so normal, but more sort of shaking, convulsing, burning up.

911 OPERATOR: All right. What did she take?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Some form of (UNINTELLIGIBLE) - and then she smoked something. I didn`t really see.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s been having some issues lately with some other stuff, so I don`t know what she`s been taking and not.


HAMMER: Don`t know what she`s been taking or not. All right. Dr. Reef Karim, I`m very eager to get your professional take on all of this, with this new information, what this call reveals to you overall.

DR. REEF KARIM, FOUNDER, CONTROL CENTER: Yes, there`s a lot to consider here. One thing is that we`ve heard everything from prescription pills to inhalants, the nitrous oxide, all different types of things, smoking something.

Convulsions occur because you have taken something, ingested something in the body and the body is overwhelmed. So you know, forget this exhaustion stuff.

What we`re dealing with here is someone who`s 49 years old that is partying or taking things or escaping because of this breakup and whatever stressors that are going on in their life, like someone who`s younger.

And your body cannot handle that kind of stress. So somebody in this situation needs to get help, needs to go to rehab, needs to get treatment, needs to have a good therapist and needs to talk to somebody about this, because this is obviously a sign that she`s being overwhelmed physically and mentally by all this that`s happening.

HAMMER: And quite frankly, I hear this and I have more questions tonight about exactly what happened to Demi. It`s not clear what she took or what she smoked, if anything, or why.

But the 911 operator did make it clear to the person on the other end of the phone that it was very important information, whatever she was doing or taking. Let`s listen to that.


911 OPERATOR: Whatever she took, make sure that you have it out for the paramedics.


911 OPERATOR: Has she done this before?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know. There`s been some stuff recently that we`re all just finding out.

911 OPERATOR: Is she a friend or relative? Who is she?



HAMMER: Wow. I mean, it`s just tough to listen to that. It is happening in real time. Understandably, parts of the call were edited out to protect Demi`s medical privacy, so we don`t know what drugs, if any, Demi took.

But you know, Pat, you mentioned you could see this turning into some sort of a criminal activity at some point. From what you have heard, do you think, based on this call alone, a police investigation actually could come out of this?

LALAMA: I don`t think right now and I`m not implying that she`s going to go out and commit a crime. I`m only just saying you know it as well - I`ve done many hits on your show.

We talked about celebrities who don`t stop when they need to stop, at least ask for help and it leads to something that could potentially be criminal. She could hurt herself. She could hurt another person.

But you know what, A.J.? There`s something we`re not discussing and I think it`s really telling. She recently did an interview - correct me if I`m wrong, I believe it`s "Harper`s Bazaar" and said something very telling.

She said, "I feel that I`m not worthy or I`m going to die thinking I was never worthy of being loved, that there`s something fundamentally wrong with me." These are huge issues that are deep-seated, that are lifelong lasting that probably started a long time ago.

Those are the things she needs to correct. Whatever she`s doing right now is simply a mask. It`s self-medication in an emotional sense.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, and as Dr. Reef Karim said, going to rehab right now sounds like it will probably the best thing for her. And it`s going to be interesting now to see if Ashton Kutcher, her soon-to-be ex-husband, does anything.

There were reports and we`ve seen pictures that he was out partying in Brazil when all this was apparently going down. Now, he`s reportedly back in Los Angeles, staying silent.

We hear that he is very affected and concerned here. It will be interesting to see if he says something publicly, even to let the public know, hey, she`s doing OK and getting the treatment she needs. But that`s what we`re hearing from her reps as well right now.

As for right now, Pat Lalama, Dr. Reef Karim, I thank you both. Now, I`d love to hear from you on this, about Demi Moore`s new saga. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll - "Demi Moore Reportedly Released From the Hospital: Is it time for Ashton to show some public support?" Vote at E-mail

And coming up later on the special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at the bottom of the hour, SHOWBIZ at Sundance.


GERE: We`re going to get her in the shot.


GERE: She`s so pretty. She can do it this way.

TURNER: Oh, you know what. I get it. I get it. I`m done.


HAMMER: She`s not done. SHOWBIZ snuggles with the Sundance stars. Tonight, a very cozy SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Hollywood legend, Richard Gere.

And I am one-on-one with Regina King. What`s it like to go from `80s child star to one of TV`s top actors. Plus, Regina`s got the inside scoop on the star-studded Screen Actors Guild awards.


PRINCE JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON`S SON: My dad won the lifetime achievement award. It was an award that he strived and worked his hardest to get. But for me, and I think I speak for him as well, this right here is his lifetime achievement award.


HAMMER: Michael Jackson`s kids immortalize their dad. The brand-new M.J. ceremony that has his children cementing his legacy. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Claire Danes honored with Harvard`s Hasty Pudding Theatrical Award. "Real Housewife" Kandi Burruss tells SHOWBIZ about her new spin-off show.


KANDI BURRUSS, REALITY TV STAR, "THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA": We have the new show that I`m doing with Bravo. It`s called "The Kandi Factory," and I`m really excited about it because it`s a music-based show, you know, me taking the average person and doing this basically artist makeover on them.



REGINA KING, ACTRESS: Are you ready for the new me?

MARLA GIBBS, ACTRESS: Yes, Brenda. What in the world did you do to yourself?

KING: It`s my new look.


HAMMER: Oh, you look so good. Taking a little step back in time to the 1980s when actress Regina King was a child star playing Brenda Jenkins on the hit show, "227."

King starred with the great Marla Gibbs who played her mom. And now, over two decades later, the two of them are back together.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight, we were one on one with Regina King. Now, Regina has gone from child star to accomplished actress, now starring in TNT`s acclaimed series, "Southland," which is really terrific.

And this Sunday she will be the social media ambassador for the SAG awards. I`m going to find out exactly what that`s all about.

Regina King with us tonight from Hollywood for this SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. There you are. Great to see you, Regina. Thanks for being here.

KING: Hi. Thanks for having me.

HAMMER: Oh, it`s absolutely our pleasure. I`m looking back at that terrific video from "227," man, you were just a kid when that show was a hit.

I`ve got to ask you, take me back in time in your brain. For you, what was the single best thing about being a star on such a popular show at that time?

KING: Oh, gosh, I think the fact that my mom left me in regular public school, so I wasn`t like a lot of other actors that are on TV. I still got to play sports. I got to go to football games and do all the things that all my friends were doing. So I kind of had the best of both worlds.

HAMMER: Were all of your friends though giving you a little extra special treatment because they were seeing you on TV and saying, "Oh, you`re famous."

KING: No, not really. Not really. It was more like, "Don`t think you`re Hollywood just because you`re on TV."

HAMMER: They kind of kept you in check. And looking at that video now -

KING: Exactly.

KING: It`s so great seeing you back together with the spectacular Marla Gibbs. Who does not love her? Of course, she played your TV mom on "227" and she just did an episode of "Southland" with you. Let`s take a look at a bit of that.

KING: Yes.


GIBBS: Brenda! How are you doing, girl? Hey, how you doing?

KING: Just came by to check on you.

GIBBS: Derrick went to the store. You know I always liked you.


HAMMER: I love it. I love it. I love seeing you guys together. That was the first time you acted together since "227" from what I understand. Was it just like old times?

KING: Well, yes. I mean Marla is just a professional and just incredible at what she does. Her comedy timing is spectacular.

And the fact that she got that part really just based on being who she was. It had nothing to do with me pulling any favors for her or anything like that. They called me and they were like, "What do you think about Marla being on the show?" And I`m like, "Oh, my god. She`d be awesome."


KING: And I get to see her more than just at Christmas.

HAMMER: That`s terrific. I don`t think she`d mind me saying, she`s 80 years old and she has been working nonstop. I mean, that`s just - what an incredible career.

KING: She would mind you saying 80 years old. She says 80 years young.

HAMMER: Well, yes. I`m sorry, Marla. I apologize. Eighty years young for sure. And you`re the social media ambassador for the SAG awards on Sunday. Very impressive title, Regina, but what exactly does it mean?

KING: Well, it sounds so spectacular. It actually is going to be a lot of fun. I`m just - have the opportunity to tweet and let the fans and followers and people that tune in know what the behind-the-scenes are like when you`re watching the awards show.

You kind of see all the glitz and glamour but you want to see the glitz and glamour in a relaxed state as well. So I`m going to be sending a lot of pictures with me and my peers out there on the red carpet and backstage and it`s just going to be fun. I`ve never been to the SAG awards so -


KING: This is going to be fun for me.

HAMMER: It`s a totally festive night. Well, good luck on your assignment. Great to see you, Regina. Thank you so much for being with us.

KING: Thank you.

HAMMER: And make sure you check out the SAG awards this Sunday on TNT and look for all the tweets from Regina King. You can also see Regina every week on her great show, "Southland" on TNT.

And coming up a bit later on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at the bottom of the hour, SHOWBIZ at Sundance.

A Sundance SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Liv Tyler. Liv spilling secrets about her famous dad, "American Idol" judge, Steven Tyler.


LIV TYLER, ACTRESS: Everybody comes up to me and they have fallen in love with my dad. And it`s really interesting for me because I can`t believe they didn`t know that about him before.


HAMMER: Tonight it`s a family affair. Why everyone is falling in love with Steven and Liv.

Is the queen of reality TV leaving reality TV? Kim Kardashian has got a brand-new gig, this time not another reality show. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: George Clooney, Melissa McCarthy, Brad Pitt to present at SAG awards. Matthew Broderick to star as Ferris Bueller inspired Super Blow ad.


MATTHEW BRODERICK, ACTOR: How can I handle work on a day like today?



HAMMER: Tonight, Michael Jackson`s daughter, Paris, is making a huge revelation to the world.

Plus, Kim Kardashian`s new move away from reality TV. And superstar mom, the great Jessica Alba`s incredible mission to help the planet and busy moms all at the same time. That story tops the buzz today.


(voice-over) Alba`s mommy mission. Jessica Alba is revealing she`s got a brand-new baby, her new business. The mother of two has just launched a new company, "," a monthly delivery service of natural products that are safe for kids and the house.

In a brand-new interview with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Jessica opens up about her new venture and why she created the line of eco-friendly, toxin-free products for busy moms.

JESSICA ALBA, ACTRESS: I just thought what are the essentials that I run out of every day that I know I need and how do I make - like, literally what would make my life easier. So I was like what if there`s a diaper that`s totally nontoxic and it`s adorable and it actually works.


ALBA: Imagine that! And that`s - so that was like, you know, the key focus.

HAMMER: Paris` Bieber fever. Paris Jackson has just revealed to the world that she is a huge fan of Justin Bieber. The 13-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson seemed to be in heaven while introducing the Biebs at a tribute show to her father in Hollywood on Thursday.

PARIS KATHERINE JACKSON, DAUGHTER OF MICHAEL JACKSON: We are all very big fans of him and his music - I know I am. So everyone please welcome Justin Bieber.

HAMMER: Justin came to the stage afterward and sang Michael Jackson`s famous "Rockin` Robin."

Casting Kim. Kim Kardashian has just been cast in the lifetime TV series "Drop Dead Diva." Kim announced the big news on her Twitter page saying, "So excited to announce that I`ll be guest starring on `Drop Dead Diva` season four this summer."

Kim has signed on to appear in four episodes and our first glimpse of Kim K, the actress, will be in the series season four premiere this summer. And I can`t wait.


Time now for the SHOWBIZ lineup. Coming up on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at the bottom of the hour, SHOWBIZ at Sundance.

Tonight, Sundance newsmakers. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you some serious Sundance star power tonight. First up, Richard Gere does improv?


TURNER: You play frustrated so well.

GERE: Frustrated. I`m trying to think why that is.

TURNER: I don`t know. Why is that?

GERE: Like why me?

HAMMER: A must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Hollywood icon Richard Gere. Yes, he even goofs off a little bit.

Plus, the Sundance kid. You`ve got to see this. He kicks. He flips. He speaks Chinese.


TURNER: And I hear that not only do you speak probably better English than I do. You do a little Chinese. You speak Chinese.


HAMMER: Yes, we think he might even be able to fly a plane. Wait until we introduce you to the nine-year-old who is taking Sundance by storm. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Octavia Spencer, Shonda Rhimes honored at Essence Hollywood luncheon.


HAMMER: Now, on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - SHOWBIZ at Sundance. It`s a night of Sundance newsmakers. Snuggling with Richard Gere -


GERE: We`re going to get her in the shot.


GERE: She`s so pretty. We can do it this way.

TURNER: You know what, you - I get it. I get it. I`m done.

HAMMER: Ah, yes. So warm and cuddly. Sundance newsmaker interview with Richard Gere. He takes us inside his on-screen transformation into a big- time con artist.

Chris Rock gets real about the Oscars. Eddie Murphy`s Oscars about face and what he really thinks of Billy Crystal.


ROCK: Billy Crystal - I mean, he`s the greatest Oscar host of all time.


HAMMER: Tonight Chris Rock raw on the Oscar host switcheroo in another must-see Sundance newsmaker interview.

And introducing the Sundance kid. A TV star, a martial arts master and, now, a movie star. He`s just nine years old.

A special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "SHOWBIZ at Sundance," starts right now.


Welcome to this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "SHOWBIZ at Sundance." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, Sundance newsmakers. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has gone where no one else dared to go with the stars of the Sundance Film Festival. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is back from Park City, Utah, where all the festivities went down. Welcome back, Nischelle. Truly another star- studded event there.

TURNER: Oh, yes, A.J. And the stars really gave up the goods for me in Park City. I am talking about Chris Rock telling me exactly what he wants to see Eddie Murphy do since Eddie dropped out of hosting the Oscars this year.

Melissa Leo revealing the real story behind her unforgettable Oscar moment with Kirk Douglas. And Richard Gere`s candid revelations about playing a Bernie Madoff-like con artist in his movie, "Arbitrage."


GERE: You are not my partner, you work for me. That`s right, you work for me. Everybody works for me.


TURNER: That sends chills down my spine, how nasty Richard Gere gets in this one. But I`ve got to hand it to him. For someone who is really so Zen, he knows how to cause a stir. Watch what he told me about that.


(on camera) I was telling someone today that you play frustrated, I think, better than anyone in Hollywood. There`s something about your face. You play frustrated so well.

GERE: Frustrated. I`m trying to think why that is.

TURNER: That angry frustration - I don`t know. Why is that?

GERE: Like why me? Is that what it is?

TURNER: Because you`re very Zen. Isn`t your personality -

GERE: This shouldn`t be happening to me. This shouldn`t be happening to me.

TURNER: There it is. That`s the face.

GERE: That`s the one?

TURNER: That`s it. But you do. I was watching some clips from this film and I said you know what -

GERE: You know what`s fun is to act under pressure, when there`s a plot and an emotional situation that is pushing you hard, that you`ve got to come up with a solution.

You`ve got to think on your feet. You`ve got to be alive to get out of the problem. That`s fun, especially on film.


HAMMER: Such an interesting guy, Nischelle. Now it`s time to shift gear to Oscar winner, Melissa Leo. Such a terrific actress. Now, she`s starring in a new comedy with "30 Rock" star Tracy Morgan?

TURNER: Yes, Melissa went from her Oscar-winning role in "The Fighter" to the off-beat comedy "Predisposed" which premiered at Sundance.

Now, when I caught up with her, I had to get the inside story on the moment she heard her name called as the winner of the Academy Award for best supporting actress last year. She also shared her message for all of the women out there who think they can`t do it.


MELISSA LEO, ACTRESS: My win as supporting actress for "The Fighter" was a win for female actors of any age, for black actors of any age, for those of us who have been - yes, well, maybe next week - for so long, for people who aren`t even actors.

I`ve traveled around the world this year, and the greeting that I`ve gotten of the gratitude of sharing an Oscar with an Oscar winner - it makes me want to cry a little bit. It really is kind of extraordinary.

If I can do it, anybody can. As they say and it is the truth, I had the experience (UNINTELLIGIBLE) that everybody is a winner. You get on that list, you`re a winner.

TURNER: Yes, because you were nominated for best actress for "Frozen River" and won best supporting for "The Fighter."

Can I ask you, though, when that person is standing up there and you hear your name, is it like echo? Is it like clear as a whistle? Like what does that sound like? Do you even hear it? Does somebody have to nudge you?

LEO: Well, again, very personal experience for me. I suppose the best supporting actor from the year before couldn`t make it, so I`m the lucky girl who was given my Oscar by Kirk Douglas -


LEO: Who heard my name pronounced by that extraordinary actor and, bless his heart - old school actor.


LEO: Because it was like vaudeville. And while the audience cringed as he did his little song and dance and slowly opened the envelope and took another little turn and did another blah blah blah, what I know it did for me, as the category comes up and then, yes, that feeling you`re talking about and you`re not quite sitting there and you forget absolutely everything.

And as he did his little vaudeville routine out of the corner of his eye, knowing that the female lead hadn`t got her corset on, never mind the dress. She`s going as fast as she can on that stage.

But it`s a quick change. And your heart can calm if you know that the audience is being taken care of. And my heart settled. I looked over at darling Amy Adams who I thought should have been walking up that stage who kept on saying, "Oh, I have my prize at home, Melissa." She had just had her baby.

TURNER: Aww, yes.

LEO: So by the time he finally got my name out, I was very ready, or so I thought, to join him on that stage. And join him I did, and that was fun. And turned around and that`s when I lost it.

TURNER: Everything went to hell. But hey, you gave one of the most memorable speeches, babe.

LEO: Apparently.


HAMMER: It definitely was memorable. Nischelle, I`m looking to see who`s going to top that at the Oscars this year.

TURNER: Oh, you know, I don`t know who could top that. But I will tell you one thing that I do know, A.J. Hollywood is full of beautiful people. And this trip to Sundance gave me the chance to interview two of the most beautiful people I have ever met, Liv Tyler and James Marsden.

Liv tells me that, at the end of the day, she`s just a small town girl. And James, he`s just so darn good-looking I had to ask him, "How do you handle that?"


TURNER: You take lots of compliments, because you`re so handsome.

JAMES MARSDEN, ACTOR: Do I look like you need to ask me that?

TURNER: No, seriously, you both are very striking. Very, very handsome. Like how do you - in Hollywood, I mean we have this, you know, "it" guys. And I know you`re one of the most sexiest people in Hollywood.


TURNER: And you know Sears?

MARSDEN: OK. No, I guess I can`t take a compliment.

TURNER: How do you deal with that? Because it is part of the business.

TYLER: You blush and say thank you and feel silly.

MARSDEN: That`s what you do. I`m working on that.

TURNER: People have been saying always that you`re just gorgeous.

TYLER: Thank you.

TURNER: Do you get used to hearing that or can you say thank you?

MARSDEN: That`s what you do. It`s like -

TYLER: I don`t know. I just - I`m still like Liv. I`m the girl who grew up in Portland, Maine, who had a perm and braces and was chubby.

And I always sort of think of myself that I blossomed into a woman. But I guess, no, I mean so much of it has to do with hair and makeup and wardrobe and things that you feel really blessed and lucky to get to do.

TURNER: I have to stop you, because you`re like, "I`m just Liv. I live in Portland Maine. My dad is like the greatest rock star of all time." That is not just a regular girl. Steven Tyler is your dad.

TYLER: That is funny. Yes, my dad`s not regular. I don`t know how to answer - I don`t know what to say.

TURNER: Well, speaking of him - I mean, I grew up loving Aerosmith like so many people. I`m sure you did too.

MARSDEN: That`s your dad? Really?

TURNER: But now your dad is like this loveable character. Does that weird you out or does it make you laugh? Because now, people look at him as, "Aww, Steven Tyler."

TYLER: I haven`t been watching that much. I need to watch more, but I`m really bad about watching TV.

TURNER: Do you hear that though now?

TYLER: Everybody comes up to me and says like they have fallen in love with my dad. It`s really interesting for me because I can`t believe they didn`t know that about him before because that`s who he is, you know.


TYLER: So I`m like, oh, that`s so nice. Well, yes, because that`s who he is as a person. And I just figured that people got that from him performing or doing interviews.

But there`s a really interesting sense of like - that I feel of people falling in love with him and getting to see his heart. His heart is so unique.

TURNER: Is it just me or are we really getting snowed on? I mean, we`re really getting snowed on right here.

TYLER: We`re going to -

TURNER: I`m just a simple girl from Maine with my braces and I was chubby. I don`t believe it. I don`t want to hear it. No one wants to hear that because you`re so gorgeous.

TYLER: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

TURNER: So he doesn`t really talk about the whole "Idol" thing? Because I tell you, I look at him and -

TYLER: No, he does.

TURNER: I look at him completely different, because I grew up thinking Steven Tyler, live hard, live fast. He`s a rock star. It`s now I`m like, oh, he`s somebody`s granddaddy. He is.

TYLER: He is. He is. He`s very sweet. He`s very soulful and spiritual, my father. So that`s what you see coming out, I think, is his - he`s very intuitive and very compassionate and his ability to be - whoa.

TURNER: This is crazy.

TYLER: To be able to see real talent and, you know, something special in someone - he has a real knack for that naturally.

TURNER: Oh, my god. Yes, we are really getting socked.

MARSDEN: You can turn the fan off now.


TYLER: Stop throwing the cotton balls.

TURNER: It`s really 85 degrees and sunny and we`ve just got a whole crew over here that`s like throwing snow at us.

MARSDEN: We`re actually in Culver City right now on the lot.

TURNER: So I do have - I do have to ask you, though, the stuff that comes out of his mouth - I mean, literally, it`s destination TV for me because he says at least one thing every week that makes me like hold my stomach laughing.

TYLER: Right.

TURNER: Is that him? Does he give you one-liners?

TYLER: Oh, yes. I mean - my voice messages and text messages, I think only I can - it`s like a language unto itself.


HAMMER: I think she should play us those voicemail messages. Well, the SHOWBIZ Sundance newsmaker interviews roll on. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT grilling Chris Rock. What does he know about his friend, Eddie Murphy, pulling out of the Oscar hosting gig?


TURNER: Did you ever say anything to Eddie? Have you talked to him and said, man, what are you doing dropping out?


HAMMER: Tonight Chris Rock gets real in a must-see SHOWBIZ Sundance newsmaker interview.

And Rashida Jones teams up Andy Samberg in a film about divorce and romance? Wait until you see this unlikely on-screen duo. It`s another SHOWBIZ Sundance newsmaker interview.

This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "SHOWBIZ at Sundance." And Now, Emma Roberts reveals the pressures of being Julia Roberts` niece.


EMMA ROBERTS, ACTRESS: I think I started acting so young I never really thought like, "Oh, my god. I feel so much pressure." My goal in life was to be on a Nickelodeon show when I was a kid.

I got that and I was like, I don`t care what I did or felt. I`m on a Nick show. So that was my life`s mission.




ROCK: We might have actually been a couple. We might have actually fooled around a little bit.



HAMMER: Chris Rock, a dramatic leading man? Well, believe it. Chris stars as Julie Delpy`s new guy in the sequel to "Two Days in Paris" called "Two Days in New York." The film opens at the Sundance Film Festival. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there with Rock for the premiere.

Welcome back to a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "SHOWBIZ at Sundance." Tonight, rock on.

Chris Rock sparked a ton of buzz with his role in "Two Days in New York." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner was right there with Chris and co-star, Julie Delpy.

TURNER: Yes, this movie is definitely going to change a lot of people`s opinions about Chris Rock, the actor. He`s very good in this film. When I sat down with him and Julie, I couldn`t pass up the opportunity to finally get Chris`s take on the Oscars.

Remember, he hosted the Oscars back in 2005 and he`s friends with Eddie Murphy who famously dropped out of this year as host. So I asked if he`s heard from Eddie since then.


TURNER: I thought you were a great host, even though some people said, "Eh, we don`t know."

ROCK: What was that laughing?

TURNER: You really liked it. Didn`t quite get it.

ROCK: People were use to laughter.

TURNER: But you know what? Sometimes, in the Oscars, it does seem like even though there`s a room full of actors, it`s a room full of people that don`t know how to laugh. Do you feel that?


ROCK: I had lots of laughs, lots of laughter. Yes, I had a good time hosting the Oscars and maybe I didn`t make it for the room enough.


ROCKER: But I don`t - you know, I`d rather make the ushers laugh than the executives laugh.

TURNER: So Billy -

ROCKER: Way more ushers.

TURNER: Exactly. So Billy Crystal, though, he`s probably, I guess, one of the -

ROCK: He`s the greatest Oscar host of all time.

TURNER: You think so?

ROCK: He`s going to knock it out the park.

TURNER: Did you ever say anything to Eddie? Have you talked to him said, "Man, what are you doing dropping out?"

ROCK: I was at his house and watched the fight. It never came up.

TURNER: Really?

ROCK: It never came up.

TURNER: You never thought to say, dude - I mean -

ROCK: You know -

TURNER: He`s a different cat, we know that.

ROCK: He`s a different cat. I would love to see him host the Oscars. I would love to see Eddie Murphy with a microphone, even if he`s not hosting the Oscars.

TURNER: Yes, he hasn`t done standup in what, 25 years or something like that? That`s crazy. There was a rumor that maybe he could make a cameo. Have you heard that? Maybe show up with Billy Crystal?

ROCK: I don`t know. I haven`t heard. I haven`t heard. That would be cool.

DELPY: That would be very interesting.


HAMMER: I don`t see it happening, though, Nischelle. Let`s talk about another unlikely duo, "Saturday Night Live`s" Andy Samberg and "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" star, Rashida Jones getting together. And these two stars just premiered their new film, "Celeste and Jesse Forever" at Sundance. How did this look?

TURNER: Oh, this actually looked like a great film. You know, I think that their chemistry is pretty much undeniable here.

And A.J., the film is about a divorced couple who remain best friends while they start dating other people. Now, Rashida wrote this film. It was her first, too. And congratulations to her and it just got snapped up by Sony Pictures Classics to come to a theater near you.

Now, I spoke with Rashida and Andy about their past dating lives and I got the scoop on Rashida`s secret talent.


ANDY SAMBERG, ACTOR: It`s your first starring role -


SAMBERG: And you wrote it.


SAMBERG: Produced?


SAMBERG: So if this thing is a bomb, it is like all on you.

JONES: My fault if it`s a stinker.


JONES: It is not weird that we hang out all the time. Do you think it`s weird if we hang out all the time?

SAMBERG: No, you`re my best friend.


TURNER: It mirrors your life a little bit?

JONES: Well, it`s an amalgam of all the pain that I`ve had in my life.

SAMBERG: Hey, thanks for asking.

JONES: Yes. That`s right. Thanks for bringing up that Debbie Downer.

TURNER: Can a man and a woman finish their relationship but still be friends? I mean, can it really happen?

JONES: I think eventually yes. I think it`s possible.

JONES: You`re kind of the poster child for this, Rashida. You dated Will for a hot second but then John and you`re working with Will, you work with John. Like, you`ve been able to do it.

SAMBERG: To be fair, I dated those guys too. I sort of brought my perspective on those guys.


It`s sort of like a soupy like guys me and Rashida have dated.

JONES: We share a lot of men, Andy and I. I heard that about him.

SAMBERG: When "It`s Raining Men" comes on at a club, we go.

JONES: We go off and then we just weep in each other`s arms.

SAMBERG: We weep, yes.

JONES: And then we dance.

TURNER: And I heard, on top of everything, you sing?

JONES: Sometimes.

SAMBERG: Like an angel.

JONES: Come on.

TURNER: Sometimes.

JONES: Come on.

TURNER: Sometimes. I mean, you come from good stock.

JONES: I think - I`ve sung a little bit. Yes, I can carry a tune. I sang backup for Maroon Five.

TURNER: Really?

JONES: I did. I sang on their first album. I sang live for them.


TURNER: That`s crazy.

JONES: Yes, it`s crazy.

TURNER: That is cool, though.

JONES: It`s cool. Yes, it`s cool. Backup singer is, I think, my alternate dream profession.

SAMBERG: I wrote "Moves Like Jagger." I wrote it.

JONES: I think that`s weird. You can`t do that.

SAMBERG: We`re in arbitration.

JONES: Oh, god. My arbitration, he means he`s stalking him.

TURNER: Right. Exactly.

SAMBERG: Stalking him for the winter.

TURNER: OK. You know what? I am so done with you.

SAMBERG: What do you mean? What do you mean?


TURNER: That guy, I tell you, Andy Samberg slays me, A.J.


TURNER: But can you believe Rashida Jones backing up Maroon Five? Who knew?

HAMMER: She`s Quincy Jones` daughter. I mean, come on. It`s in the blood.

TURNER: Well, there you go.

HAMMER: It`s got to be there. All right. Nischelle, thank you so much. And, yes, Rashida and Andy obviously very talented people. But I am here to tell you tonight neither Rashida nor Andy have anything on the Sundance kid.


TURNER: And I hear that not only do you speak probably better English than I do, you do a little Chinese. You speak Chinese.


HAMMER: Are you kidding me? He acts. He`s a martial arts expert. He speaks Chinese. He`s 9. He can probably do my job pretty well, too. You`ve got to meet the incredible Sundance kid, and you will, next.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I love starship troopers.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, my god, there`s Taylor Swift.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My lips are so chapped.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What film are you here with? Oh, I`m really looking forward to seeing it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, my god, I love those boots.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who wears freaking heels in the snow?


HAMMER: Hey, was that Casper Van Dien from "Starship Troopers"? That is a soon-to-be SHOWBIZ viral video. It`s called "It`s (EXPLETIVE DELETED) People Say at Sundance," a fantastic medley provided by the Sundance Channel, a lot of stuff that`s surely to be heard in Park City, Utah during really the most famous film festival in the country.

And let me add one more. Hey, have you seen the Sundance kid? Let me introduce you to an actor that made a huge splash at Sundance with his brand-new short. It`s called "The Fort."

And now, there is nonstop buzz about newcomer Kyle Catlett. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner joins me now from Hollywood. Nischelle, you know, here I am calling this kid a newcomer but I`m checking out his resume. He`s a veteran.

TURNER: Oh, yes. No joke, A.J. You know, Kyle Catlett`s already done TV shows, commercials. He speaks fluent Chinese and Russian. And he is a martial arts master. Oh, and did I mention, he`s nine?




CATLETT: It`s called "The Fort." And me and him are building a fort on a rainy day.

TURNER: Oh, so how fun was that making a movie?

CATLETT: A lot of fun.


CATLETT: And we actually had real rain. Everyone was sliding everywhere. Everyone was covered in mud.

TURNER: And I hear that not only do I hear you speak probably better English than I do, you do a little Chinese. You speak Chinese.

CATLETT: (Speaking Chinese)

TURNER: OK. Why don`t you let me know what that meant?

CATLETT: Oh, that means it`s me and a person building a fort on a rainy day.

TURNER: You`re blowing my mind here, Kyle. You really are. Not only do you know Chinese - this is about to get good. You also know Russian?

CATLETT: (Speaking Russian)

TURNER: What did you say then?

CATLETT: I said that it`s me and a person building a fort on a rainy day.

TURNER: Now, when did you start martial arts?




TURNER: Are those nunchaks?



CATLETT: Guess what that is.

TURNER: What is that?

CATLETT: It`s a staff.

TURNER: Is there anything you can`t do?

CATLETT: I don`t know.

TURNER: Good job.

CATLETT: And I have one more thing.

TURNER: That was awesome. Cool!

CATLETT: Thank you.


TURNER: And, yes, A.J. We all feel woefully inadequate right now.

HAMMER: I mean, I`m sitting here thinking this kid is nine years old. Not only am I intimidated by the kid - I`m actually - I`m watching him do the martial arts and I`m a little scared. I`m a little scared.

TURNER: He could probably kick your butt. Yes.

HAMMER: Nischelle, terrific job there at Sundance. I`ve got to say, I`m also a little jealous, but it was all great. Thank you so much.

And that is it for this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "SHOWBIZ at Sundance." Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.