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Heidi Klum and Seal Split; Tracy Morgan Collapses at Sundance; Did Steven Tyler Butcher the National Anthem?; Kim Kardashian`s Bad Rap; Should Paula Deen and Tim Tebow Join "Dancing with the Stars?"

Aired January 23, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HLN HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- from gushing to nothing. Tonight, the shocking news that Heidi Klum and Seal are splitting.

Yes, Heidi and Seal, following J. Lo and Marc Anthony, Demi and Ashton, Katy and Russell. Tonight, the SHOWBIZ Flashpoint -- are any Hollywood couples safe?

SHOWBIZ at Sundance. Why did "30 Rock" star, Tracy Morgan collapse at the Sundance Film Festival? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is there along with "American Idol`s" judge Steven Tyler`s daughter, Liv.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hey, A.J. Guess what? Liv Tyler gave me all the skinny on her dad and why the public has fallen in love with him.


HAMMER: But ouch! Why did the "American Idol" judge just butcher "The National Anthem" at the NFL playoffs?


Tonight, Joan and Melissa sound off on Tyler`s epic fail. Joan and Melissa Rivers right here in a headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York, with big news breaking tonight - - from gushing to nothing.

Tonight, you can add Heidi Klum and Seal to this long, downright remarkable list of major star couples who, in just the past few months, have gone from gushing to nothing.

I can`t believe what`s going on. I mean, think about it. You`ve got J. Lo and Marc Anthony, Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Demi and Ashton. And you know what? I`m actually having a hard time believing I`m going to say this -- Heidi and Seal.

These two were the one-time poster couple for love in Hollywood. Well, they`re confirming tonight to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that they`re suddenly separated, that they`re finished, just like that, after nearly seven years of marriage.

So here`s what truly made people so sad today. If even Heidi and Seal can`t make it work, is there no hope? Is true, long-lasting love dead? Is it just a mirage?

I cannot wait to hear what the fabulous Joan Rivers and her equally fabulous daughter Melissa have to say about this. They are right here with me tonight in New York. And as you can see, Joan is breaking down.

This is the night before their debut of their new show. It`s a great show on We TV called "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" As they comfort each other -- Joan and Melissa, great to see out.

But first, let me offer some perspective. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT now the breakup bombshell.


(voice-over) It`s claimed more Hollywood marriages than tattooed mistresses. It`s the seven-year itch. Some of its famous victims, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony just announced their divorce after seven years of marriage.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher announcing their split a few months shy of their seven-year anniversary. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries splitting after 72 days. OK. It`s not quite seven years, but there`s a seven in the number.

Now, the unlucky seven has claimed a new victim, Heidi Klum and Seal, announcing this weekend that they`re splitting up. They`re the latest Hollywood super-couple to go from gushing --

SEAL, SINGER: She`s the most important thing in my life.

HAMMER: To nothing in just seven years.

MARC MALKIN, SENIOR EDITOR AND COLUMNIST, "E! ONLINE": All we ever heard was about how much they loved each other. You never heard anything bad about Heidi and Seal. This is a complete surprise.

HAMMER: In a statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Heidi and Seal said, quote, "We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other very much, but we have grown apart."

From the moment these two stars got together, it seemed like every other celebrity mag featured an article about how these two lovebirds made their marriage work. And in their interview, the two gushed about their marriage quite often.

PIERS MORGAN, HOST, "PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT": Do you feel lucky to have met Seal?


HAMMER: We mean really often.

SEAL: As far as we are concerned, we are best friends first, lovers and husband and wife.

HAMMER: I mean a lot.

P. MORGAN: And how have you managed to sustain such a happy relationship?

KLUM: I just think because we love each other.

DR. ROBI LUDWIG, MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE EXPERT: Sometimes, there are couples that like to present a certain image. But what goes on behind closed doors is something that`s really very different.

HAMMER: Psychotherapist Robi Ludwig tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Heidi and Seal`s lovey-dovey public image may have been hiding problems we didn`t see.

LUDWIG: You have to always question whether somebody who is always talking about how in love they are and gushing about their romance and even all over each other publicly, whether that really reflects what`s going on between two people privately. It isn`t always the case.

HAMMER: And this appears to be another sad case of how Hollywood couples can go from gushing to nothing before our very eyes.


It really is unbelievable to a lot of people today. Seal and Heidi Klum`s split has certainly inspired a lot of dish today.

And as we well know, no one dishes quite like our guests tonight, Joan and Melissa Rivers. The second season of their show on We TV, "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" debuts tomorrow night. Joan and Melissa, thanks for being with us. It`s great to see you. It`s great to see you.

JOAN RIVERS, REALITY TV STAR, "JOAN AND MELISSA: JOAN KNOWS BEST?": Good to see you. To come out with this kind of news, if only for you --

HAMMER: On a sad, sad day. I appreciate the fact that you were probably in your hotel room with your head in the pillow just weeping and sobbing.


J. RIVERS: I`ve been on the phone with both of them, him in English and she in German.

HAMMER: All right. Well, maybe then you can offer some insight here, because listen, quite frankly, this was always the lovey-dovey couple of Hollywood. Can you explain this, Joan?

J. RIVERS: I really liked them, I thought they looked great --

M. RIVERS: When we spoke about it this weekend when it first started to buzz. Everyone`s really upset.

J. RIVERS: Everybody.

M. RIVERS: No, not them.

HAMMER: We`re taking it personally.

M. RIVERS: Yes, because they seemed -- with the kids and they seemed to just like not care what anybody thought.

J. RIVERS: And they were gorgeous. You know, the contrast, but nothing is permanent in Hollywood except herpes. You just have to remember that. But it`s sad.

HAMMER: It is.

J. RIVER: It really upsets me.

HAMMER: And they renewed their vows every single year, which a lot of people might say now, in hindsight, oh, maybe that`s a red flag that they put that out there so much.

M. RIVERS: But they can`t -- I mean, they just -- it`s one of those couples that you just want -- they`re great together. I think everybody is sort of scratching their heads going -- there was no -- you usually see that drumbeat coming usually before it happens.

HAMMER: Yes. Nothing.

M. RIVERS: Nothing. Shocker.

J. RIVERS: But he does have an album dropping -- I know. His album drops tomorrow or something. And this is great publicity.

HAMMER: Well, yes. I mean --

J. RIVERS: And then they can make up and --

M. RIVERS: For the Grammys. The Grammys are coming.

J. RIVERS: Before the Grammys.

HAMMER: Listen, we have heard a drumbeat happening of other sorts with all of the other breakups that have been going on. Let me give you a quick SHOWBIZ pop quiz, if I may.

J. RIVERS: OK. All right.

HAMMER: Which split shocked you, guys, the most among those that have happened recently? The one we just heard today, Heidi and Seal, J. Lo and Marc Anthony, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher or Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Joan, go.

J. RIVERS: Well, J. Lo -- no, I think it was Demi and it`s called Demi, by the way. She`s corrected me all the time.

HAMMER: Demi, yes, don`t mess that up.

J. RIVERS: She said "Demi," and I said I got it like a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) I got it. But that, I thought, was going to last forever because they were happy. She used to buy color condoms and they just (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: With that, really, how could you go wrong?

M. RIVERS: He knew his colors.

J. RIVERS: I think J. Lo and Marc Anthony. I thought they had a chance.


M. RIVERS: Again, there was very little drumbeat ahead of time. You usually -- like with Ashton and Demi, you heard the rumblings before the announcement.

HAMMER: And everybody said right from the beginning, "How can this ever work?" And I`m a hopeless romantic about these things. I want to believe despite the fact that people come from different cultures, like Seal and Heidi, different ages, like Ashton and Demi --

M. RIVERS: Oh, yes.

J. RIVERS: They honeymooned at Toys R Us. I mean, come on. The age difference is just stupid and she was getting too nervous about it. You know, she was getting -- I felt sorry for her, because she was trying so hard to look good.

HAMMER: I actually got him the Tonka truck that he registered for at a --

M. RIVERS: You`re very giver like that. You`re a giver.

HAMMER: I am a giver. I try to give. You know, they`re giving a lot about this, and feeling very sad and broken down out at the Sundance Film Festival as well.

I want to go out there now because everybody out there is buzzing about this in Park City, Utah. That`s where SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is. So Nischelle, I`m dying to know what people are saying out there.

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Yes. Well, A.J., you know, not much that happens in Hollywood surprises us these days. But you know what? This one really did.

I was sitting down talking to Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan who are starring in one of the most buzzed about films here at Sundance, "Bachelorette." And also, the director, Leslye Headland.

And we got on the subject of Heidi and Seal, and it went from an interview to really like a girlfriend gabfest. You`ve got to listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All my friends were like devastated. They were like, did you hear about -- I was like, what? I mean, I was like, I mean, that`s sad. But people felt like personally invested in it.

TURNER: They renewed their vows every year.

KIRSTEN DUNST, ACTRESS: And they had their Halloween. You feel like you`re part of their group.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And they`re super-cute and they`re so adorable. And they have these kids, and they are kind of the standard for like --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I feel like we`re on "The View" right now. We`re talking -- this is like our topic of the day.


TURNER: It was a little bit roundtable-ish that we were doing there. But you know what, A.J.? I think everybody kind of heard the collective "aww" when we got the news that they were separating. So I`m kind of bummed out about it as well.

HAMMER: Yes. And so are Joan and Melissa. I mean, why are people taking this so personally, guys?

J. RIVERS: You just thought they really faced it together and just -- it was very solid.

M. RIVERS: Yes. It just -- I think, you know, if you put all the couples on a table, that would be the last one anybody would think.


M. RIVERS: And I think people really enjoyed that they were happy together.

HAMMER: You know what, Melissa? Covering entertainment news as long as we have --


HAMMER: We have good BS meters. And you and I have each spent time with Heidi and Seal.

M. RIVERS: Yes. Yes.

HAMMER: It never went off with them.

M. RIVERS: Never.

HAMMER: Always genuine.

M. RIVERS: And remember -- and you`ve got to go back to the time when she was pregnant and he adopted -- when they first got together and he ended up adopting the child.

HAMMER: Right.

M. RIVERS: And it was just -- it was beyond romantic.

J. RIVERS: I know.

HAMMER: All right. I want you to hold on to this, Joan, because there is another story that a lot of people are talking about today.

We have to talk about it. People slamming Steven Tyler`s performance of "The National Anthem" at yesterday`s AFC champ game.

Now, would this performance have actually gotten Steven Tyler, of all people, booed off the "American Idol" stage? Well, judge for yourself. Here`s a listen.


STEVEN TYLER, SINGER (singing): O`er the land of the free --


HAMMER: Walk this way. That`s what a lot of people are thinking. He did hit the note and that is Steven`s voice. A lot of people think really did the song wrong. I think that`s how he sounds.

Social media -- the critics are going after him today. Joan and Melissa, stay where you are because I`m dying to get your take on Steven Tyler, "Star Mangled Banner" is what they`re calling it.

J. RIVERS: That`s very funny.

HAMMER: And you`ll tell us exactly what to expect. Well, I didn`t write it, so I`ll have credit to Roger -- thank you very much.

The second season of your reality show, "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" with a question mark. We`re going to find out and watch a little bit of it. It premieres tomorrow on We TV, so please stay right where you are.

The other big buzz today coming out of the Sundance Film Festival is with Nischelle Turner. What`s going on there, Nischelle?

TURNER: Well, A.J., all the buzz here at Sundance today is about Tracy Morgan`s shocking hospital scare after collapsing right here at the festival. I`ve got new details for everybody here today, though. A.J.?

HAMMER: All right. Also, we have tonight, Kim K`s stunning revelations. Her surprising brand-new confession about her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: It makes me feel like I can`t do this anymore with Kris. I`m like, I can`t -- I got into this like way too fast.


HAMMER: Why was Kim so surprised about all the backlash? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And this is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Aretha Franklin calls off engagement after three weeks. Miley Cyrus covers Dylan hit, "You`re Going to Make Me Lonesome When You Go."




TRACY MORGAN, COMEDIAN: Thank you, representative. What you`re doing is very important. I can assure you that NBC is committed to making diversity our priority. Then just walk away and don`t try to kiss Tracy and don`t try to say that last part.


HAMMER: Tracy Morgan bringing us big laughs every week on "30 Rock," of course. But tonight, it is certainly no laughing matter after Tracy landed in a hospital while promoting a film at the Sundance Film Festival.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Tonight, Tracy`s hospital mystery is still getting big buzz.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT right there at the Sundance Film Festival where all the drama went down yesterday. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is in Park City, Utah. She`s covering all the big Sundance news. So Nischelle, how`s Tracy doing? Do we know?

TURNER: Well, A.J., you know, I have a little bit of good news for you, because Tracy just took to Twitter to kind of update us on his condition, and in true Tracy Morgan fashion.

He was pretty funny about it. Here`s what he said. He said, "Superman ran into a little kryptonite. The high altitude in Utah shook up this kid from Brooklyn. Thank all the hospital staff. Back at work tomorrow. Shooting `30 Rock.` Holla at me. Gotta thank the amazing medical staff and all my supporters. Love you. #GoGiants @Giants #AllIn."

So that is very good news. But here`s what we know to happen, because we don`t have all the answers about what happened to him. We do know that Tracy was seen walking the red carpet about an hour before he collapsed here at Sundance.

There was a report out also quoting that -- from a medical center person that drugs and alcohol were not found in his system and that that was not a factor.

We also spoke with his representatives last night who told us that there was a combination of exhaustion and altitude, that he`s with his fiancee, and that any reports of Tracy consuming alcohol are 100 percent false.

So again, A.J., still some questions surrounding what exactly happened. But the bottom line is, you know, every one of us at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just wish him a really speedy recovery.

HAMMER: Adjusting to that altitude -- that certainly can be tough, obviously. We do wish Tracy all the best. But he`s not the only star that`s making headlines at Sundance.

Now, Nischelle, I understand you got Liv Tyler to get personal about her dad.

TURNER: Yes, absolutely. You know, we sat down to talk about an interview for her movie "Robot and Frank." That`s here at Sundance. We couldn`t get through this without talking about her dad, Steven Tyler, and how he`s gone from mega-rock star to kind of this lovable teddy bear. Take a look.


(on camera) Speaking of him -- I mean, I grew up loving Aerosmith, like so many people. I`m sure you did, too.

JAMES MARSDEN, ACTOR: He`s your dad? Really?

TURNER: But now, your dad is like this lovable character. Does that weird you out or does it make you laugh? Because, now people look at him as aww, Steven Tyler.

LIV TYLER, ACTRESS: I haven`t been watching that much. I need to watch more, but I`m really bad about watching TV.

TURNER: Do you hear that though now?

L. TYLER: Everybody comes up to me and says they`ve fallen in love with my dad. And it`s really interesting for me, because I can`t believe they didn`t know that about him before, because that`s who he is. So I`m like, oh, that`s so nice.

TURNER: You knew he was just like funny --

L. TYLER: Well, yes, because that`s who he is as a person. And I just figured that people got that from him performing or doing interviews.

But there`s a really interesting sense of like -- that I feel of people falling in love with him, and getting to see his heart. His heart is so unique. He`s very sweet. He`s very soulful and spiritual, my father. So that`s what you see coming out, I think, is he`s -- he`s very intuitive and very compassionate.


TURNER: My favorite thing about that interview, James Marsden is just standing there like, "What am I doing?"

HAMMER: Well, you know, that`s part of the deal when you`re with Liv Tyler. But who knew he was always -- Steven Tyler was always lovable and huggable? Nischelle Turner, I thank you so much.


HAMMER: Nischelle has so much more from Sundance. I can`t wait to hear what Emily Blunt told you. I know you talked to her about her co-star`s sex appeal.


HAMMER: So stick around. We`ll have that in just a moment. As we move on, I`ve got to know, is Liv Tyler`s dad, Steven, tearing it up? Steven Tyler sings "The National Anthem" and gets massive blowback.


S. TYLER (singing): O`er the land of the free --


HAMMER: Hey, a lot of people think that`s pretty rough. SHOWBIZ dares to ask, did the "American Idol" judge just butcher "The National Anthem"?

Tonight, Joan and Melissa go off on what`s being called Tyler`s epic fail and what they think of the new campaign that makes Kobe Bryant`s ex the next "Basketball Wives" reality star.

Plus, does "Dancing with the Stars" winner, J.R. Martinez think Paula Deen and Tim Tebow should be competing in the ballroom? Get ready because he right here. J.R. in a must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.



HAMMER: Did you see this? That`s Jim Carrey`s daughter, Jane, singing her heart out at the San Diego audition for "American Idol."

She sang Bonnie Raitt`s "Something to Talk About" as you heard there and earned herself a golden ticket to compete in Hollywood.

Right now, Jim Carrey`s superstar daughter. So I`m watching TV last night and I stumble upon "American Idol" and there she was.

Jim Carrey`s 24-year-old daughter, Jane, auditioned to J. Lo, Steven and Randy for the coveted title of this year`s "American Idol." And she got the hottest ticket in town. She got her pass to compete in Hollywood.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is at the Sundance Film Festival. And she got all the really cool details behind this very hot headline. Nischelle?

TURNER: You know, A.J., she comes from good stock, and she was very excited. She did say, "You know, I have a famous dad, but I kind of want to make my own way."

Now, Jim`s daughter -- her name is Jane. She is a 24-year-old mom from L.A. She auditioned on the show Sunday night and she got that ticket to Hollywood.

She auditioned in the San Diego auditions. And you know, we actually talked to Jim Carrey back during a junket for "Mr. Poppers Penguins." And during the interview, he started gushing to us about just how talented his daughter is. Take a listen.


JIM CARREY, ACTOR: My daughter is an incredible musician, incredible singer/songwriter. So you know, you`ll be hearing about her pretty soon, I think.


CARREY: Yes, she`s amazing. She`s amazing and deep, you know, really thoughtful -- her lyrics and interesting stuff.


TURNER: Now, that`s a proud papa talking right there, A.J. You know what? She`s going to have some competition, though because Randy, J. Lo and Steven have said this is the best year for talent that they`ve seen on "American Idol."

HAMMER: Yes. And by the way, it is crazy to me that J. Lo, of course, was a fly girl for "In Living Color." Jim Carrey was on that show and they worked together. It`s just nuts. All right. Nischelle, thanks so much for that. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner.

TURNER: I know.

HAMMER: Now, the SHOWBIZ lineup. Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tyler`s anthem nightmare?


S. TYLER: O`er the land of the free --


HAMMER: Yes, a lot of people accusing Steven Tyler of doing bad things to "The National Anthem" there. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, was it the worst ever?

Plus, Joan and Melissa right here. They will give their take on Tyler`s epic anthem fail.

And "Dancing with the Stars" winner, J.R. Martinez weighing in on who he thinks should be the show`s new season. Tim Tebow? Paula Deen? It`s the SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview you do not want to miss. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Pamela Anderson auctions her car on eBay to raise funds for Haiti relief. Simon Cowell says he`s "on a break" from fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy.



KIM KARDASHIAN: I honestly feel like I can`t do this any more with Kris, like I feel like I got into this like way to fast.


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- Kim`s bad rap. Kim K finally opens up today about why she thinks all the hating over her 72-day marriage is just unfair.

J.R. breaks news. "Dancing with the Stars" champ, J.R. Martinez, tells all about the ballroom baby bonanza. Plus, who will be the next big dancing champs? J.R. Martinez right here with his predictions.


S. TYLER (singing): O`er the land of the free --


HAMMER: Yes, some people are saying that that`s not so easy on the ears. "American Idol" judge Steven Tyler, some are saying, just gave the worst anthem performance of all time.

And Joan and Melissa Rivers are weighing in on Tyler`s epic fail. Joan and Melissa right here on a must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight -- Tyler tears it up? Tearing up the "National Anthem"?

Legendary rocker and "American Idol" judge, Steven Tyler, being judged himself big time tonight after what some are calling a cringe-inducing, embarrassing rendition of our national anthem.

It was right before the Patriots-Ravens NFL playoff game on Sunday.

With me in New York, the always entertaining Joan and Melissa Rivers, who are set to kick off an all-new season of their hit reality show, "Melissa and Joan: Joan Knows Best?" It`s tomorrow night on We TV. Melissa and Joan joining me for the SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

So here`s the deal. A lot of people are saying, you know, if this was on "American Idol," no golden ticket for Steven Tyler. Shall we watch it together?



HAMMER: Let`s put this on. Let`s share this moment together.

J. RIVERS: Let`s share this together.


TYLER (singing): O`er the land of the free -- yes! And the home of the brave.


HAMMER: OK. Look, there are some folks out there throwing the penalty flag today saying they deserve better. I`m thinking he made it his own. He is Steven Tyler.

M. RIVERS: It sounds like Steven Tyler. What did everybody expect? It`s not like he`s going to suddenly come out with a different voice?

J. RIVERS: I shrieked less when I was having you. I mean, I`m sorry.

M. RIVERS: But it`s Steven Tyler, it sounds like Steven Tyler. You`re not going to think it`s someone else.

J. RIVERS: Tim Tebow dropped to his knees and begged God to make it stop. I mean, I thought it was Whoopi doing an impersonation when I first saw it.

HAMMER: Yes. No, that was all Steven Tyler.

J. RIVERS: I know.

HAMMER: And you know what? Of course, I love, normally when somebody botches the "National Anthem," the fans boo. But it`s Steven Tyler. He`s in New England.


HAMMER: He`s their hometown hero. Not going to happen like that.

M. RIVERS: He made it -- you know, it`s Aerosmith. I bet if you played it with a lot of other songs, you would not -- I bet you could make a mash-up or mix with it in other songs. You probably couldn`t tell the difference.

HAMMER: It would be just fine.

J. RIVERS: But he`s so good looking anyhow.

HAMMER: That`s right. Yes.

J. RIVERS: It`s just another facet of his good looks.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, if you`d like, I can maybe make a connection for you.

J. RIVERS: No, I`m waiting for Newt Gingrich.

HAMMER: OK. Oh, he may be available soon.

M. RIVERS: Oh, come on.

HAMMER: We do have big news breaking today about Kobe Bryant`s wife that I want to get your take on.


HAMMER: Vanessa -- now, this is just after we learned that she`s getting $75 million, three of these mega-mansions in their divorce settlement.

And now, there`s a report that she`s going to be -- or at least that she was asked to join VH1`s "Basketball Wives," which I think is a great show. Joan, would that be the ultimate revenge? Because she could go on and really just spill whatever she wanted to spill.

J. RIVERS: Once that agreement is signed, that`s the way you do it, honey. You become a big star and you make him look like a fool. Absolutely.

M. RIVERS: I don`t -- I think he managed to do that on his own. I don`t think she really needs to go on the show to make him look stupid. I`m surprised --

J. RIVERS: She wants to be a star.

M. RIVERS: But I just don`t think for her -- I don`t think that`s who she is. She`s been so quiet, so out of the public eye. I think that`s where she`s comfortable.

HAMMER: Well, listen. You guys know the power of reality TV. Your new show, "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" with a question mark.

M. RIVERS: Thank you.

HAMMER: It`s kicking off season two tomorrow night on We TV. We watched a bit of that together.

J. RIVERS: I would love to.

M. RIVERS: Yes, please.

HAMMER: It`s better than Steven Tyler.



J. RIVERS: You`ve got to be good, Russell.


J. RIVERS: Because otherwise, if you (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up, it will scar you for life.

M. RIVERS: You don`t tell a 10-year-old it can (EXPLETIVE DELETED) scar you for life.

J. RIVERS: It scarred me for life.

M. RIVERS: How old were you?

J. RIVERS: I was five years old and I was a kitten in a play in kindergarten. And the ear came down, and I still remember the humiliation. Scarred for (EXPLETIVE DELETED) life.


HAMMER: Love it. Really, I could watch a marathon of that right now.

J. RIVERS: That`s Cooper`s --

M. RIVERS: That`s right.

J. RIVERS: Best friend who wants to be a standup comic, and 10-year-old and he has like four jokes and he did an open mike night.


HAMMER: How often do you find yourself having to reel your mom in?

M. RIVERS: Hourly. You know, that`s a normal morning in our kitchen.

HAMMER: I`m feeling that right here during the break.


HAMMER: Absolutely.


HAMMER: Well, we can`t wait for season two. It kicks off on We TV with all new episodes tomorrow night -- "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" Great to have you both here.

J. RIVERS: Great to always -- I watch you. I love you.

HAMMER: We love you both. Thanks for being here. We have to move now from one superstar reality family to another tonight.

There`s a big story breaking with the Kardashians. Tonight, Kim`s bad rap? There are stunning new revelations today from Kim Kardashian, and this is in her own words. She`s finally speaking out and she did it on live TV, talking about her divorce shocker.

Kim was sitting in on "Live With Kelly" today, setting the record straight about why she thinks all the hating over her 72-day marriage is just unfair.

With me from Hollywood tonight is Rachel Zalis, contributing editor to "Life and Style Weekly." Also, entertainment journalist, Michael Yo.

So here`s the thing. This is the first time we`re really hearing since Kim, since her big divorce stunner, hearing her in her own words on live TV, where she couldn`t wiggle out of it.

And I found it rather surprising to see her really put it all on the line like this. Watch this with me.


KIM KARDASHIAN: I think that me being such a hopeless romantic -- I wanted to believe in something so badly. But if you really think about it, if this was a business decision and I really made all that money that everyone was claiming made off this wedding, and if the wedding was, you know, fake and just for TV, I`m a smart businesswoman. I would have stayed married longer.


HAMMER: Yes. Rachel, I don`t know. She knew the message that she wanted to get out there today. Did you have the feeling that she was being sincere or she just really had her talking points well thought out?

RACHEL ZALIS, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, "LIFE AND STYLE WEEKLY": I just think it keeps sounding like whining and complaining. She should say, "I screwed up. You know, I made this $20 million wedding. I taped four hours and it was a big mess and I barely knew the guy." And I just feel like no one`s really buying it, to tell you the truth.

HAMMER: And she`s not missing the fact that so many people have been piling on her and her family, a lot of crazy stories out there about who Khloe`s real father is. Kim still getting heat for her divorce.

Well, we asked in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll, have people been unfairly attacking the Kardashians? Take a look at these results that came in late today. Ninety percent said no. Only 10 percent said yes.

So, obviously, the majority -- they`re not so, you know, heartbroken over all of what`s going on. Michael, Kim said today she was surprised at all the backlash she got from her divorce announcement.

Is she being totally naive here? She filed for divorce after 72 days, after a gazillion dollar made-for-TV wedding special. Hello?

MICHAEL YO, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: I think she`s not surprised. I mean, she`s probably surprised how big the backlash was. But I don`t think like she knew she was going to get a little backlash.

I don`t think she knew it was going to be as big as it was. But yes, she was married 72 days, and people take that family, I guess, very, very seriously, which is kind of weird. They`re a reality show family, you know. It`s a TV show.

HAMMER: I guess what I really want to hear her say just once, "Yes, I get it. I understand. I am sorry." Just once. But I guess she doesn`t feel that way or maybe she thinks it will hurt her brand. We`ll leave it there. Rachel Zalis, Michael Yo, I thank you both.

HAMMER: Moving now to my good friend, J.R. Martinez, breaking news tonight.


ANNOUNCER: The winners and new champions of "Dancing with the Stars" are J.R. and Karina.



HAMMER: "Dancing with the Stars" winner, J.R. Martinez, is right here with predictions for the next dance champ. So will Paula Deen and Tim Tebow be the next stars?

Also J.R. is going to open up about the "Dancing with the Stars" baby bonanza that seems to be going on. It`s a headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.


HAMMER: I love that, serenading Segel. You remember this YouTube ballad to teddy bear actor, Jason Segel? Well, tonight, why his co-star says this video -- it just scratches the surface off his sex appeal. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

It is time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel have a baby girl, Beatrice Jean. Kelly Clarkson performs tribute to Etta James at NYC concert.




ANNOUNCER: The winners and new champions of "Dancing with the Stars" are J.R. and Karina.



HAMMER: What a great moment that was. And tonight, only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, J.R. Martinez, winner of "Dancing with the Stars" reveals to us who should be dancing next. What about Paula Deen? What about Tim Tebow?

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York tonight. And tonight, J.R. is breaking news.

I`m talking some big news here, just like J.R. and I broke news together last month when J.R. joined me as the co-host of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s star- studded red carpet event which was leading up to the CNN`s special naming its hero of the year, because just like those CNN heroes, J.R. has proved to be an inspiration to so many people.

J.R. with me tonight in New York, and tonight, we`re going to be asking him to be an inspiration to someone else. Of course, J.R. suffered terrible injuries and was severely burned when serving in Iraq and had to rebuild his life.

And now, Texas model, Lauren Scruggs, is facing the same challenge. We just got these amazing pictures of Scruggs leaving rehab, walking without assistance with a patch over her eye.

And this is just six weeks after she lost an eye and her left hand when she accidentally walked into a plane propeller. First of all, it is great to see you, my friend.


HAMMER: Great reunion we`re having here.

MARTINEZ: Yes. Absolutely.

HAMMER: Let`s talk about Lauren Scruggs for a moment, because you, unlike anybody else could really give us some insight into what she`s dealing with right now, and what she`s facing as she goes through a really, really tough rehab, and sort of getting her life back together.

MARTINEZ: Well, the tough thing for Lauren is the fact that, you know, she was a part-time model. And for her whole life, you know, she`s -- I`m sure she`s heard how beautiful she is, how much of a knockout she is, and all these things.

And now looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing you`re missing an eye, seeing you`re missing one of your arms -- I mean, it`s a tough -- it`s a difficult thing, because, now, you all of a sudden you say, "I`m not that anymore."

And learning how to really figure out a way how to get around with the new body that she`s been given -- you know, it`s an unfortunate accident.

But I think what`s really going to help her -- and if I`m not mistaken, she blogged -- she wrote something on her Web site, pretty much thanking all of the people have been supporting her and the outpouring of love.

And that`s a key thing -- is everyone looking at her saying, "You know what? You`re still beautiful. You`re still Lauren."

Yes, for now, as far as your modeling career, it`s going to be on hold. But there`s a greater purpose now, Lauren. You`re going to be -- she`s going to have the opportunity once she accepts this is who she is now, this is what it is.


MARTINEZ: She`s going to have a greater opportunity to really touch and really inspire a lot of young girls out there, and teach them that beauty, you know, is more than just what`s on the outside.

HAMMER: And not feeling sorry for herself, which I get the impression that`s not what`s happening.

MARTINEZ: Absolutely.

HAMMER: But I also get the impression it would be really easy to do.

MARTINEZ: Oh, it`s going to be -- it really is easy to do. And I`m sure there`s probably still questions that she`s asking herself, "Why? Why? Why me? Why did this happen to us as a family?"

But it`s something she`ll ultimately see the impact that she`s able to have and the power of this unfortunate accident and how it really can turn out to be something positive.

HAMMER: Well, I think she really can be so inspiring to so many, as you have been so inspiring to so many as well, even to Lauren.

And you were such an inspiration winning "Dancing with the Stars." You were so brave being out there with you and watching you go through that. So a lot of buzz out there right now about who should be dancing next season.


HAMMER: Now, we know Paula Deen just revealed hat she has Type II diabetes. Louis Van Amstel, dancing pro from "Dancing with the Stars" --


HAMMER: Was right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT saying he thinks Paula should dance with him. Watch that with me what he said.

MARTINEZ: All right.


LOUIS VAN AMSTEL, DANCE PRO, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": I have a good idea. activity is the best thing. If Paula Deen goes on "Dancing with the Stars," I would love to have her as my partner, and she`s then going to become an inspiration. How about it?


HAMMER: So what do you think? How about it? Paula Deen?

MARTINEZ: I totally agree.


MARTINEZ: I totally agree. I think it`s a great idea. I mean, yes, she has diabetes and everything. And it`s a great workout. It`s a great way for you to kind of get in shape and take care of yourself in a different way.

But it`s also something that, you know, -- people will love Paula Deen. Who doesn`t love Paula Deen? So I think, definitely, it`s a thought that she should consider.

HAMMER: What about Tebow? Because your dance partner said he should be on the floor with her.

MARTINEZ: Yes. You know what? It`s funny. We`re in Connecticut, you know, doing an event together, Karina and I. And she already has the Tebow thing down, the Tebow dance, the pose.

HAMMER: She`s doing the kneel, right?

MARTINEZ: She`s doing the kneel, so I think she -- I think he would be able to great. You know, he would be able to lift her a lot easier than I was able to. So he`s a big guy. He`s a tough guy.

HAMMER: Very quickly. I want to congratulate you. You have a daughter on the way?

MARTINEZ: Yes, yes.

HAMMER: That`s amazing news. Kristen Cavallari who competed against you on "Dancing` revealed today that she`s pregnant. Pretty amazing.

MARTINEZ: Something in the water.

HAMMER: What was the deal there? It`s Season 13, J.R.

MARTINEZ: I don`t know what it was. I think that`s when we found out we were going to be on the show. We were all celebrating and we just, you know, maybe took it a different -- you know, an extra step and just celebrated.

But you know, her and Jay are back together. And I think they`re really celebrating getting back together. And it`s amazing. It really is amazing that, you know, she`s going to be going through this process as well. I`m excited. I`m sure she`s excited as well. And we`re having a little girl, and so it`s been something -- I`m kind of nervous about it and I`m like, "OK, it`s a girl. How am I going to deal with it?" But I`m sure I`ll do great.

HAMMER: I assure and I`m sure all of America agrees with me. You`ll be a terrific dad. J.R., it`s so great to see you, my friend.

MARTINEZ: It`s good to be here. Absolutely.

HAMMER: All right. As we move on tonight, we have a SHOWBIZ exclusive first look you must see. Now, like it or not, Rosie Huntington Whitely came on to the scene known as the woman who replaced Megan Fox in the blockbuster "Transformers" franchise.

Well, tonight, we get a look at Rosie`s audition for the coveted role of Shia LaBoeuf`s new flame in "Transformers 3." This is amazing. Check out the audition that blew everybody away.


ROSIE HUNTINGTON, ACTRESS: Well, having a good job`s hard for everyone, you know. Go inside that little dark place that you go to.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What dark place?

WHITELY: You know. How are you feeling?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: How many interviews did it take you.

WHITELY: It took me one.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: That`s what I mean.

WHITELY: Well, you know, one of us has got to work.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I would like to work.

WHITELY: You would?


WHITELY: Well, then get off your ass and go get a job.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I`m in the midst of -- I`m in the midst -- I was at home on the weekend and watching this test. And I asked my wife to come over and watch it. And her reaction was, "I want to watch her more." And that`s a chemistry thing. That`s not an acting thing.


HAMMER: That is so cool. I love they put this out. You can check out the rare behind-the-scenes interviews and bonus features of "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" in the ultimate Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack. It`s out on January 31st.

Moving on to SHOWBIZ at Sundance, we`re breaking all the big news at the Sundance Film Festival. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is right there with the very latest. Nischelle?

TURNER: Hey, A.J., guess what? I got all the skinny on why Jason Segel is Hollywood`s next big sex symbol. Yes. You`ve got to hear what his co-star say about this irresistible charmer.

HAMMER: I can`t wait. It is time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Rap group 2 Live Crew reuniting for summer tour. Rashida Jones reveals she was a backup singer for Maroon 5.




JONES: Yes, I sang on their first album. I sang live for them.




JONES: Yes, it`s crazy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s cool, though.

JONES: It`s cool. Yes, it`s cool. It`s like something -- backup singer is I think my alternate dream profession.




HAMMER: That is Chelsea Gill serenading "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star, Jason Segel for a date, and her wish actually came true. So what is the secret behind Segel`s sex appeal?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got the scoop from his co-star and his friends. Jason actually took Chelsea on a date after he saw her YouTube serenade. He tweeted all about the song.

But I wonder if he`ll be so quick to run to Twitter after he hears what his co-stars, Emily Blunt and Mark Duplass think of his sex appeal.

Back with me now from Park City, Utah, the site of the Sundance Film Festival, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner. She got the scoop. So Nischelle, I`m dying to know what Jason`s co-stars told you about it.

TURNER: Well, you know what, A.J., he just might tweet about what his co- stars revealed to me here at Sundance. Emily Blunt, who is in the upcoming movie with Jason, "The Five-Year Engagement," gave me all the lowdown on how smooth Jason is with the ladies. Watch this.


TURNER: You are making a movie right now with Jason Segel?

EMILY BLUNT, ACTRESS: I made it last spring. Yes.

TURNER: So we had the girl on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that wrote a song for him asking him out. And he took her out on a date. He accepted his date.

BLUNT: He did? Of course, he did.

TURNER: So my question -- is he a sex symbol? Is a (UNINTELLIGIBLE)? What`s going on here?

BLUNT: I`m going to tell you, Jason -- I know every trick he`s got in his bag, because I know him very well. Now, he`s like my brother. And I watch him flirt with girls, he`ll do it like this -- he`ll be like, "Wow! You look really beautiful."

And it`s like really genuine and sweet. He`s like, "Your hair is really beautiful." And these girls are like, "Oh, gosh. He`s so sweet." He`s just -- and he`s an assassin with it, let me tell you.

MARK DUPLASS, ACTOR: He`s also like just this side of teddy bear safe guy, you know what I`m talking about? It`s like -- yes, he knows he`s super dangerous. I`ll tell you what --

BLUNT: He says he doesn`t like flirting with women in front of me, because he knows I`m behind him --

DUPLASS: I made a movie with Jason. It`s called "Jeff Who Lives at Home." It`s coming out on March 16. But I had it -- it was in New Orleans and I had a couple too many drinks and he got me, I`ve got to say.


TURNER: Well, there you have it. He has been exposed. Even Mark Duplass is charmed by Jason Segel`s "sex symbolism," if that is a word, A.J. That is funny.

HAMMER: Bring in the trolley bell back there for him, Nischelle. So hey, you`re going to be joining me live tomorrow morning from Park City. The big Oscar nominations are coming our way.

TURNER: Yes, absolutely. You know, people talking about -- people are definitely talking about this, A.J. Kirsten Dunst who has an outside chance of getting nominated told me today she doesn`t think it`s going to happen. But she`s kind of keeping her fingers crossed. We`ll have to see what happens tomorrow morning.

We will find out. Stay warm. Nischelle Turner, thank you so much. And thank you for watching. That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Remember, you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusively weeknights at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and that, of course, is right here on HLN.