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Showbiz Showdown at the Golden Globes; First Annual SHOWBIZ Globies; J. Lo`s Divorce Drama; Kid Rock`s Apology

Aired January 16, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, SHOWBIZ HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - SHOWBIZ showdown at the Golden Globes. Tonight, Madonna under attack from Elton John`s husband. Madonna is taking heat for what she said after beating Elton. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is backstage with Madonna.


MADONNA, POP STAR: He`s known to get mad at me.


HAMMER: Ricky Gervais versus Kim Kardashian. A golden slam.


RICKY GERVAIS, COMEDIAN: The Golden Globes is to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton, a bit louder, a bit trashier.


HAMMER: Clooney versus Pitt. George takes a swipe at Brad with Brad`s own cane.


GEORGE CLOONEY, ACTOR: I have to give it back to him. He can`t make it to the bar otherwise.


HAMMER: And tonight we give out the first annual SHOWBIZ Globies. The best dig. The best acceptance speech. And was this the best laugh?


SETH ROGAN, ACTOR: I`m Seth Rogan and I`m currently trying to conceal a massive erection.


HAMMER: Tonight, J. Lo`s divorce drama. What J. Lo and Marc told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in their first interview since announcing their divorce.


JENNIFER LOPEZ, SINGER AND ACTRESS: We`re friends. We`ve always been friends.


HAMMER: Tonight, why J. Lo and mark are together again. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer in Hollywood with big news breaking tonight - the biggest, the best, the most outrageous SHOWBIZ showdown at the Golden Globes.

And I was right there for the Golden Globes. Today, an all-out wild war broke out over the biggest showdown of them all. It`s Madonna versus Elton.

Yes, Madonna was all fired up against Elton John for best original song. Her song called "Masterpiece" for the movie, "W.E." His song "Hello, Hello" from "Gnomeo and Juliet.

But you know, even before the Globes began last night, Elton fired the first shot right there on the red carpet during NBC pre-show.


ELTON JOHN, MUSICIAN: There will be a lot of competition. And you know, I probably think Mary J. will need further help. Madonna hasn`t got (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Those are fighting words.

JOHN: They`re accurate words.


HAMMER: Wow. Yes. Elton, hey, tell us how you really feel. Imagine his surprise for just a moment how his head was starting to explode when the winner was announced.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Golden Globe goes to "Masterpiece," the music and lyrics by Madonna, Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry.



HAMMER: Yes. Madonna beat Elton John for best song last night. Elton did not look happy at all sitting in the audience. So do you think that was the end of that?

Oh, no. But wait. There`s more - lots more. And I`m here to tell you, it ain`t pretty. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner was right there with me on the red carpet last night at the Golden Globes.

So now, Nischelle, Elton John`s husband is getting in the middle of all of this?


HAMMER: Are you kidding me?

TURNER: This is getting good, A.J.

HAMMER: My goodness.

TURNER: It certainly is. All I can say about this - ouch. Let`s look at what Elton`s husband, David Furnish, wrote today on his Facebook page.

He said, "Madonna winning best original song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in its narcissism."

HAMMER: Oh, my god. I guess I could ask David Furnish the same question, "Tell us how you really feel, would you, please?"

TURNER: Right.

HAMMER: Unbelievable. All right. Nischelle, you stay right where you are. I also want to bring in the great Jerry Penacoli who, of course, is a correspondent for "Extra." Jerry is also in Hollywood tonight.

In New York tonight, Jessica Shaw who is a staff writer for "Entertainment Weekly."

This is amazing to me. What a big SHOWBIZ showdown that I was not expecting to come out of the Golden Globes. You have Madonna versus Elton.

And as we just saw, Elton and his husband - they are fit to be tied over Madonna winning. Jessica, let me start with you. What do you think? Do they have a right to be acting this way? Or is it kind of sour grapes?

JESSICA SHAW, STAFF WRITER, "ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY": Well, first of all, I love when huge stars bicker and fight and they get all petty like little first graders.


SHAW: I think that`s great. You know, a lot of this maybe has to do with the fact that she didn`t have such lovely things to say about Lady Gaga.

And of course, Elton worked with Lady Gaga, you know, on the soundtrack of "Gnomeo and Juliet." You know, I don`t know - I think that - I think that it would just be nice if they would just get past all the pettiness and say, you know what? There are enough awards to go around.

HAMMER: Yes. I`m not exactly sure who the bigger diva is in this case. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, of course, was there backstage with Madonna after her big win.

And that`s where it became her turn to get in a little dig at Elton John. Watch what she said.


MADONNA: I hope he speaks to me for the next couple years. He`s known to get mad at me. So I don`t know - he`s brilliant and I adore him. So he`ll win another award. I don`t feel bad.


HAMMER: Spoken like a true Brit. Oh, wait a second. By the way, I should point out - and Jerry you`ll back me up on this. This is not a new thing.

Madonna and Elton have been feuding on and off for almost eight years now. They`re both living legends, Jerry, as we`ve been covering them for years. Don`t you think it`s high time they gave a big European kiss to each other and made up for good, or maybe not kiss but at least make up?

JERRY PENACOLI, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": Are you kidding me, A.J.? They love this. They live for this stuff. Look, it started back in the - I think it was like 2003 or `04 or something in London called the Q Awards.

They were up for live performance awards. And the barbs started flying then. They have just kept it up. This is like a little shtick hat they`ve kind of comfortably gotten themselves into.

And you can see Madonna. On stage, when - you know, when she called him out, which I thought was brilliant, by the way. And you know, I - well, I`m talking about Ricky Gervais.

Here, she just really knows how to throw the barbs. And so I think this thing with Elton - look, you know, they are both legends. They are both having fun at this point in their careers and so why not? You know, have at it. It`s entertaining. We`re talking about it.

HAMMER: And look, here we are talking about it. Exactly right. And you make a good point bringing up Ricky Gervais, because Elton was not the only one that Madonna was trading words with at the Globes last night.

She got into a little onstage spat which is also on our SHOWBIZ showdown list tonight. Yes, Madonna versus the host of the Globes, Ricky Gervais. Now, when Ricky introduced Madonna to present an award, he took a little shot at her. Madonna wasted no time to fire right back. It was pretty hilarious. Watch this.


GERVAIS: She`s always vogue. She`s a material girl and she`s just like a virgin. Please welcome Madonna.

MADONNA: If I`m still just like a virgin, Ricky, then why don`t you come over here and do something about it? I haven`t kissed a girl in a few years.


HAMMER: Yes, that was the line right there. I have to give the edge to Madonna on this one. But I think it would have been better if she actually dinged him for his references to "Like a Virgin" and "Material Girl" and "Vogue." Come on, Ricky. That`s so 25 years ago. I love you, but why don`t you join us here in the 21st century. Yes, Jerry?

PENACOLI: But you know what, A.J.? You left out the real zinger punch line in that clip when she said, "I haven`t kissed in a few years, beep, beep, on TV.

HAMMER: Yes. Yes. Oh, there you go. Right. OK. That was the point.

PENACOLI: She was on top of it.

HAMMER: Great dig. Do you agree with that, Nischelle, that Madonna gets the edge in that little spat - Ricky Gervais and Madonna?

TURNER: You know, I mean, Madonna can throw a good jab, but Ricky Gervais is a comedian. So at the end of the day, I always have to give the edge to him.

HAMMER: Showdown goes to Ricky Gervais?

TURNER: To Ricky.

HAMMER: OK. Well, Ricky didn`t just take a shot at Madonna. That brings us to our third Golden Globe SHOWBIZ showdown.

And I find this to be an interesting match-up. You have Ricky Gervais versus Kim Kardashian. Kim not even at the Golden Globes. That didn`t stop Ricky Gervais from making fun of her out right of the gate at the top of the show. Watch this.


GERVAIS: The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton, actually. What? A bit louder, a bit trashier, a bit drunker, and more easily bought.


HAMMER: I heard that and I was like, "All right. This is going to be a good show." Now, Jessica, some might have heard that and said, "Oh, that`s a little mean." But come on, it was very funny. Are you with me or do you think it was a cheap shot in the showdown?

TURNER: Oh, please. You cannot think that was too mean. It was not a cheap shot. This is Ricky Gervais. He was like positively pleasant last night compared to how he was last year.

I was hoping to hear from Kim though. She did go to after parties. And you know, I wonder what people were saying to her. And I`m sure she was a little bit horrified. But I thought it was one of his best lines of the night.

HAMMER: And Jerry Penacoli, I`ll give you two seconds. Do you agree with that?

PENACOLI: Listen, she`s not horrified. She loves it. She absolutely lives for this kind of thing. And as far as Ricky is concerned, it was an easy shot. It was an easy shot.

HAMMER: Yes. All right. Very easy shot. And I was following on Twitter to see if Kim would respond. And it occurred to me she wasn`t talking about it because she didn`t want to take attention away from her own show.

"Extra`s" Jerry Penacoli and Nischelle Turner and, of course, Jessica Shaw in New York, I thank you all very much.

So the Golden Globes have been handed out, but now it is our turn. It is twice the fun minus the champagne, of course. It`s the first annual SHOWBIZ Globie awards.

Who has the best dig, the best comeback line and the best acceptance speech? You will not want to miss the SHOWBIZ Globies. They`re coming up at the bottom of the hour.

And also coming up, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony - are they possibly together again? What is going on here? Not only are they together, they`re talking and they`re laughing. Aren`t these two going through a divorce?


LOPEZ: I think I didn`t - I laughed more in the past few days with Marc and Jamie, but a lot with Marc -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Marc keeps everyone laughing.

LOPEZ: Than I have in a long time. We just - that`s just our relationship.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the brand-new J. Lo and Marc Anthony interview you`ll have to see. It`s their revealing first TV sit-down since announcing that they split.

Casey Anthony`s dog is a star. Yes. After revealing her newly adopted pup in a video diary, Casey`s dog becomes a "Saturday Night Live" sensation.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you`ve got to tell us, what is life like as Casey Anthony`s dog?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s rough. When I go to the dog park, the other dogs won`t hang out with me because of Casey`s past.


HAMMER: That ain`t right. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s continuing coverage of the Golden Globes, and what the stars told me on the red carpet last night including the lovely Octavia Spencer.

Octavia named best supporting actress in drama last night for her amazing turn in "The Help."


OCTAVIA SPENCER, ACTRESS: I had a meltdown with those shoes.

HAMMER: What happened?

SPENCER: No, no. I`m just -

HAMMER: Is this one of the things about coming to a show like this? It`s like, "Oh, my god. I`ve got to put those shoes on?"

SPENCER: Well, normally, you know, I like to wear ones that are comfortable for me and, you know, high heels and everything. But this is a whole different -

HAMMER: Where did the shoes go?

SPENCER: I kicked -

HAMMER: Are they hiding under your trail there? Your train?

SPENCER: Well, I have a little elf that is - the shoe elf.




CLOONEY: Jane Fonda in that dress, my god. That was - she looked great, didn`t she? Wow.


HAMMER: I love it. George Clooney doing fashion critique backstage talking to the press including SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. He`s talking about how breathtaking he thought the lovely Jane Fonda was at the Golden Globes.

And look at her. Of course, she is. Wow. Jane showing those young starlets just how it`s done.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in Hollywood tonight.

Jane Fonda was one of the night`s best-dressed. But there were some ladies who missed the mark. Everybody was talking about it.

Nischelle, you were right next to me there on the red carpet. I was watching your eyes. You smile every time you saw one of your favorites.

TURNER: Yes, I was scoping them out. And there was a lot of good on the red carpet last night, A.J. You know, Jane - we talked about her - was definitely on trend and fabulous in a black Jack Guisso gown that she was also among those stars that were shining bright last night.

Classic Hollywood glamour was the flavor. We saw dozens of celebrities wearing black or white or black and white gowns. And Claire Danes epitomized this trend perfectly.

She was definitely one of the best dressed of the evening in a gorgeous gown by J Mendel which she accessorized with that Golden Globe trophy that she took home at the end of the night.

HAMMER: And I was scouring the blogs and all the papers this morning. And she was on everybody`s best-dressed list.


HAMMER: And that was not a surprise to me. But you had other favorites.

TURNER: Yes, I did. I definitely did. You know, another of the trends that we saw last night was bright colors, jewel-toned gowns.

And I think Julianna Margulies is a great example of this. She looked fantastic in Naeem Khan now. I know I may be out on my own with this, because earlier, I looked at fashion blogs, too, and a lot of them slammed her. They slammed her Golden Globe -


TURNER: Yes. "E! Online" even said, "What was she thinking?"


TURNER: Now, I`m sticking to my guns though, A.J. I`m saying I liked it. Great job, Julianna.

HAMMER: I thought she wore a classic. And so you mentioned the jewel tones. But let`s talk about the jewels because there was a lot of heat. I mean I was standing next to Elle McPherson. She had on like $750,000 worth of gems.

TURNER: Yes. Yes. And you know what? There were a lot of diamonds, and I love that, that we were going back to big jewels, statement pieces, a lot of glamour.

But I have to tell you, do you remember this person walking down the red carpet at the end of the evening? And when I saw this necklace, I said I have got to find out what`s going on here.

I`m talking about Heidi Klum. She had the neckpiece of the night. Now, here she is, beautiful in Calvin Klein. I call it the naked dress. The turquoise around her neck, though -

HAMMER: Wow. Look at that.

TURNER: Heidi told me it`s a Lorraine Schwartz neckpiece valued at - listen to this - more than $1 million.

HAMMER: Unbelievable.

TURNER: Just the necklace.

HAMMER: Quite something to be holding in the purse. Nischelle, thank you so much.

Well, as we move on, obviously there is no bigger star on the D-list than Kathy Griffin. She was on the carpet at the party everybody wants to get into, the bash thrown by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, movie moguls, where we went and caught up with Kathy to talk about the Globes, partying like an A- lister and her underwear. Kareen?

KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Well, A.J., you know, it`s a night of so much celebration, continuing right now. One of the hottest parties.

And we have with us no other than Hollywood`s biggest party girl, Kathy Griffin.

KATHY GRIFFIN, ACTRESS: Yes, I`m Kathy Griffin and I`m here because - I`m here because I was invited. I`m not nominated. I was just invited. So I`m in a fancy dress -

WYNTER: A dress where you are still cold. You know, the last time you were on CNN, hosting the big New Year`s Eve bash with Anderson Cooper, you had your top off. So it`s a good thing you have it on tonight.

GRIFFIN: Are you saying I should (UNINTELLIGIBLE) my dress up, because I will. These are the Globes and people drink at these shows. Meryl Streep looks like -

WYNTER: They are egging you on to do it. They`re egging you on.

GRIFFIN: In a heartbeat. And if you think I`m wearing underpants, well, no, because tonight is no different.

WYNTER: All right. Censor, censor -


WYNTER: You know, you are a comedian. You watched the show tonight, everything from Ricky Gervais to Seth Rogan.

GRIFFIN: Yes. Yes.

WYNTER: What were your observations, Kathy? I know you have a feel.

GRIFFIN: Well, I thought it was fantastic that Meryl Streep got bleeped. Of all people, I really didn`t think the Iron Lady would get bleeped, so that was a great moment.

And I don`t think it was planned on her part, which is also great. So I`m here at the parties to see who`s drunk, who`s naughty and who`s nice.

WYNTER: And you`re going to report back to us, right?

GRIFFIN: Of course, you are the board of directors. That`s my job. I report back to you.

WYNTER: You heard that, A.J.? Now, some people say that Ricky didn`t push the envelope enough tonight. Did you like what you heard on stage?

GRIFFIN: I love everything I heard and I especially liked cutaways to the audience where Elton John had a sour puss. I don`t know why, but I always like the cutaways with the audience and celebrities do not get the joke.

And they sort of have the nerve to look at the host like, "How dare you try to make a joke. I`m me." So those are kind of my favorite moments.

WYNTER: You have that unique perspective of being in the audience. What`s the most shocking thing that happened maybe behind the scenes that the public would be surprised to hear about?

GRIFFIN: Well, you know, it`s funny how many of these people really do know each other. So you actually do see oddest people going up to other odd celebrities and knowing each other.

And believe it or not, as a comedy person, a lot - I mean, everybody wanted to meet the "Bridesmaids" girls. I mean, they`re American royalty as it should be. So it was fun seeing all these kind of big stars bow down to like comedy chicks. I loved it.

WYNTER: All right, Kathy, so you`re going to go to that big party and report back to us. You look lovely.

GRIFFIN: You, too.

WYNTER: And try to keep it on tonight.

GRIFFIN: I`m just a model. I`m just a stupid model.

WYNTER: A.J., she`s going to keep going.

GRIFFIN: I know -

WYNTER: We would love to keep you entertained but we`re going to send it right back to you.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Kareen Wynter. And I hear Kathy did keep her dress on most of the night.

All right. Are J. Lo and Marc Anthony really still good friends? What`s going on here? We all know the standard line when couples break up, "Yes, we`re still friends." We all say, "Yes, right."

But tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got solid proof that this divorcing duo still buds.


LOPEZ: Here`s the thing. We`re friends. We`ve always been friends. We`re friends first. We`re parents and we just have a good time together.


HAMMER: Yes, that`s cool, but why are Jen and Marc still hanging out together in the first place? Tonight, their first interview together since announcing their divorce.

Casey Anthony`s dog makes its TV debut - kind of. Casey`s adopted pup officially a star after getting spoofed on "Saturday Night Live."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you got to tell us, what is life like as Casey Anthony`s dog?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s rough. When I go to the dog park, the other dogs won`t hang out with me because of Casey`s past.


HAMMER: This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views. And this is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s continuing coverage of the Golden Globes. Here`s what Shailene Woodley told me last night on the red carpet.


(on camera) You`re nominated at the Golden Globes because of a film you did with George Clooney.


HAMMER: Is your head spinning around and around?

WOODLEY: Yes, totally. Yes, I have never been to anything like this before. I`m just along for the ride. I`m so stoked to be here and so grateful. And I have no idea what to expect. I`m just going to sit back and then enjoy it.

HAMMER: Expect that it`s going to be loose. Have you noticed people are walking around, not with glasses in their hands? They`re walking around with bottles.

WOODLEY: Yes, exactly. So true. So true.

HAMMER: Only at the Globes. And has anybody tried to hand you one yet and said, "You know what? Let me wait until my award is done and then we`ll consider what we`re going to do"?

WOODLEY: yes. Yes. Exactly. I`m going to be smart and intelligent tonight.




KELSEY GRAMMER, ACTOR: You are the top soil, the good stuff, working, toiling. This is your time because achievement does not frighten you.


HAMMER: That is Kelsey Grammer in his critically-acclaimed and now award- winning show, "Boss." Wow, what a triumphant return to TV for him.

And things are just as jubilant in Kelsey`s personal life these days. He is taking on a new role. It is that is bound to be double the fun.

Kelsey`s win may have been a shock for him, but he had shocking news for all of us yesterday. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is back with the news that had everybody buzzing backstage at the Golden Globes.

TURNER: Yes. Oh, absolutely. And you know, Kelsey Grammer was simply elated. He beamed with joy as he announced that he and his new wife, Katie, are expecting not one baby, but two.

Yes, twins. Kelsey will now be the father of six. Last night, after his win at the Golden Globes for best actor at a drama, Kelsey talked about his expectations for fatherhood this time around.


K. GRAMMER: Well, fatherhood is always different, you know, based upon the character that comes into your life. I mean, they arrive and tell what you have to do. And I`m looking forward to meeting these new arrivals in our lives. I really am.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What kind of mother do you think your wife will make?

K. GRAMMER: Extraordinary. She`s already the most loving, amazing, warm human being I`ve ever met. She`s funny and serious, scary and humorous all at the same time. She`s an amazing person, and I think she`ll blow them away.


HAMMER: Yes. So Kelsey and Katie are set to mark the one-year anniversary next month. And as you know, Camille Grammer, who co-stars on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," was third wife. They have two young children together. Kelsey also has two adult daughters. So they`re like doing the "Grammer Bunch."

HAMMER: How coincidental. But this news broke just before the red carpet opened last night at the Golden Globes.

WYNTER: Whatever do you mean, A.J.?

HAMMER: All right. Thanks a lot, Nischelle. I appreciate that. And here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

We are giving out the first annual SHOWBIZ Globie awards. I can`t wait. You had the best dig, the best comeback line, the best acceptance speech? You got your picks. We got the SHOWBIZ Globies, next.

Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s red carpet exclusive with the star that really stole the Globe`s spotlight. We go one-on-one with Uggy, the four-legged star of "The Artist."


TURNER: Uggy, I love the bow tie. How long did it take to get ready?


HAMMER: It`s an unbelievable one-on-one with Uggy you can`t miss. It`s a rough life. Rough. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s continuing coverage of the Golden Globes. And I ran into so many nominees on the red carpet last night. I had such a blast when I ran into "Breaking Bad" star, Bryan Cranston. You`ve got to watch what he told me.


HAMMER: It`s OK. I like it when people still do the formal wear for what is really one of the looser of the award shows.

BRYAN CRANSTON, ACTOR: Loose - I think it`s because people get loose during this award show.


CRANSTON: There`s champagne on the table and everybody`s getting a little crazy. Flasks come out of the pockets, you know.

HAMMER: It`s not just champagne on the table. It`s here on the red carpet already.

CRANSTON: I know. It`s -

HAMMER: Nobody shoved a bottle into your hand yet? Or -

CRANSTON: Ridiculous. And - no, no. Not that. And I have a pocketful of crystal meth because I make it on the shows. So anybody - you know. If anybody starts to doze off, I can help them out.



HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - they are probably the world`s most famous soon-to-be exes. Why are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony together again?


LOPEZ: I think I laughed more in the past few days with Marc and Jamie - a lot with Marc -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Marc keeps everyone laughing.

LOPEZ: Than I have in a long time. That`s just our relationship.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals just what J. Lo and Marc are up to. It`s their very first interview since their dramatic split.

It`s the first annual SHOWBIZ Globie awards. Who the best dig, the best comeback line, the best acceptance speech? The brand-new SHOWBIZ TONIGHT awards you just don`t want to miss.

And the Golden Globes go to - the dogs?


WYNTER: Uggy, I love the bowtie. How long did it take you to get ready?


HAMMER: Did the dog from "The Artist" really upstage George Clooney and Brad Pitt?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer hanging out in Hollywood tonight, ready to hand out the first annual SHOWBIZ Globies.

That`s right. We`re awarding prizes in three categories that the Hollywood foreign press seemed to have overlooked last night when I was there at the Golden Globes.

With me right now here in Hollywood, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner, who was my partner in crime right there on the red carpet last night at the Golden Globes. Also, Jessica Shaw is with us tonight. She`s in New York. She`s a staff writer for "Entertainment Weekly."

You know, you definitely to have a thick skin to be at the Globes last night especially when you have Ricky Gervais hosting the show. Wow. Man, did he get in pretty good digs. Nobody was safe in that audience.

So now, without further ado, we begin our SHOWBIZ Globie nominations for best dig. May I have a drumroll, please? There was Ricky taking a jab at Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in one fell swoop.

And then there was Ricky`s big dig at Kim Kardashian. Let`s watch how that played out.


GERVAIS: The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton, actually. What? A bit louder, a bit trashier, a bit drunker, and more easily bought.

They actually gave me a list of rules. I`m going to ignore, but it would be good to read them out. I must not mention Mel Gibson this year, not his private life, his politics, his recent films and especially not Jodie Foster`s beaver.

I haven`t seen it myself. I have spoken to a lot of guys here. They haven`t seen it either, but that doesn`t mean it`s not any good.


HAMMER: Wow. Well, Ricky was on fire but, Nischelle - and Jodie Foster, quite frankly, looked unbothered by the whole thing.


HAMMER: But which was Ricky`s best dig? Was it Kim K or was it the one with Mel Gibson.

TURNER: You know, I`ve got to go with the Kim Kardashian dig, and that`s because he not only called her loud, trashy, cheap and a drunk -

HAMMER: Drunk, yes.

TURNER: He took a swipe at the Globes, too, because he was saying the globes were like kind of like the little sister to everything else. So I think that one because he like took out a whole bunch of people with one dig with that.

HAMMER: All right. Let`s see what the east coast is thinking about that tonight. Jessica?

SHAW: You know, the east coast is going to disagree and we`re going to go with Jodie Foster. I think Kim Kardashian easy target. Jodie Foster is like - she is royalty. She`s a Hollywood legend.

And to take her down along with her beaver - and I`m talking about the film - that was definitely a bold move.

HAMMER: Yes, of course. All right. Well, you guys - you both had your say. But I am here to tell you that the first SHOWBIZ Globie award for best dig is about what Ricky Martin - Ricky Gervais said about Kim Kardashian.

Ricky Martin - I don`t know. I`ve been up all night. Big applause for the Globie for best dig. Let`s move on now, shall we? Let`s get to SHOWBIZ Globie nominees for best comeback line of the night. Drum roll, please.

Was it a Brit versus a Brit? We have Brit number one Colin Firth coming back at Ricky Gervais with a vengeance really after he made fun of his sex appeal and success.

And it was wannabe Brit versus Brit when Madonna, with a slight accent, dared Ricky to test out her virginity. Let`s see how that played.


GERVAIS: She`s always vogue. She`s a material, and she`s just like a virgin. Please welcome Madonna.

MADONNA: If I`m still just like a virgin, Ricky, then why don`t you come over here and do something about it. I haven`t kissed a girl in a few years.

GERVAIS: Our next presenter is British like me. But unlike me, he`s won an Oscar for his brilliant portrayal in "The King`s Speech." He`s also swooned over by women. I don`t see it. I don`t get it. Good luck to him.

He`s also loved by the critics. Oh, good for him. But what you don`t know about him is that he`s very racist. Very.

COLIN FIRTH, ACTOR: As I was on my way in, I noticed some very angry religious people outside with big placards threatening us all with brimstone and pestilence and perdition for our sins. What they don`t realize is we have Ricky.


HAMMER: All right. OK, Nischelle, let`s go to this one. Who do you think deserves our SHOWBIZ Globie for best comeback line there - Colin? Madonna?

TURNER: Colin Firth by a landslide, because he had better comic timing. I mean, Madonna tried. I think she fell a little bit flat. I just love Colin Firth.

HAMMER: Madonna seemed quite pleased with herself. She was like, oh, that was a good line. She smiled. All right, Jessica. What do you think of this?

SHAW: I`m in full 100 percent agreement. Colin Firth just - he hit a homerun with that. Madonna was trying to do a little more of like the schoolyard tot, like, "Come here," you know, "and do something about it."

But Collin Firth - he was elegant and regal in his delivery and it just made it all that more searing.

HAMMER: Yes. Let me tell you something. I`m with you guys. However, I am not the sole voter in charge. Very close. In the end, the SHOWBIZ Globie award for best comeback line goes to Madonna.

Smattering of applause? OK, well, they`re voting in New York today. We`re out here in Hollywood. Let`s move on to our SHOWBIZ Globie nominees for best acceptance speech.

Drum roll, please. We have Meryl Streep and Sofia Vergara. And quite frankly, I don`t know which was funny. You have Meryl getting censored and you have Sofia slipping into Spanish. Go.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This being an international award tonight, we accept in two languages.

SOFIA VERGARA, ACTRESS: Le damos las gracias a Bob Iger y Paul Lee en ABC.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you to the "Modern Family" writers who are so funny and so sexy.

VERGARA: Y le damos las gracias a Dana Wolden y le damos las gracias a Gary Newman en Fox.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Film actresses, do yourselves a favor at the parties tonight and give them your phone numbers.

VERGARA: Sobre todo le damos las gracias a todo ese gran grupo de produccion.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They may look pasty and nervous and out of shape, but they`re the greatest lovers I`ve ever had.

MERYL STREEP, ACTRESS: By women in leading roles, by my friends, by people I don`t know, by people that I`m so inspired by. Oh, (EXPLETIVE DELETED). Oh, I`m going to have to remember my speech.


HAMMER: Yes. One little word there and they bleeped her like for seven seconds. All right. Sofia, Meryl - what do you think, Nischelle?

TURNER: Sofia tan buena. Loved it.

HAMMER: All right. What about you, Jessica?

SHAW: Definitely Sofia. I mean, I don`t know what she was drinking but she looked like she was having a hell of a time.

HAMMER: Well, we are simpatico. The winner of the SHOWBIZ Globie banner, please, for acceptance speech, Sofia Vergara. OK, guys, I`m losing my mind. Thank you very much, Nischelle, Jessica Shaw, I appreciate it.

So obviously, after the onstage shenanigans, it is time for everybody to party. And no Globe celebrity throw down is bigger than the one that`s put on by movie moguls Bob and Harvey Weinstein, happening again last night.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT of course right there to check this out. Kareen Wynter caught up with Michelle Williams. Michelle took home, of course, the Globe for best actress in a drama.


WYNTER: Well, A.J., it was a night of celebrations and, of course, the stars are out. They are still celebrating. And we`re at one of the night`s biggest parties, joined by none other than one of the night`s biggest stars. Michelle Williams is here holding that globe. How excited are you for that big win?

MICHELLE WILLIAMS, ACTRESS: Oh, boy. I think I`m a little overwhelmed. It`s hard to know what to say.

WYNTER: And you know, you have obviously played this role of Marilyn Monroe so well. What`s the biggest thing you`ve learned about her that perhaps you didn`t know going into this project?

WILLIAMS: There are so many things. I didn`t make any assumptions going in. I really hit the books and became a good student. So I went in with a very open slate. I didn`t know how I was going to play her, if I could play her. I didn`t have any sort of preconceptions about it. I tried to let her guide me and let her reveal herself.

WYNTER: What a way to kick off awards season. One of the looser awards shows out there. There are celebs in the audience drinking all night long, high-fiving each other. What was the most outrageous moment of the night, would you say?

WILLIAMS: Most outrageous moment of the night? I don`t know. I need to do a recap with my best friend.

WYNTER: And your speech - gosh, so touching. You thanked your daughter. How powerful was that moment for you just standing there and really acknowledging her?

WILLIAMS: Again, it`s a little overwhelming. I hardly remember it.

WYNTER: Well, a great win for you tonight. And hey, maybe we could look ahead to the Oscars. Who knows? Fingers crossed, right?

WILLIAMS: Who knows?

WYNTER: You`re obviously living in the moment right now. Not bad thing. Congratulations again.

WILLIAMS: Thank you very much.

WYNTER: She`s speechless, A.J., and who wouldn`t be after winning such an amazing award? A.J.?


HAMMER: Speechless and gorgeous. You know, Kareen, she actually got panned a bit in the press today for what she was wearing. I thought she looked fantastic. Thank you very much, Kareen Wynter.

All right. Tonight, are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony really reuniting?


LOPEZ: Here`s the thing. We`re friends. We`ve always been friends first. We`re parents, and we just have a good time together.


HAMMER: Yes. Friends, of course, but is there more? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT going one-on-one with J. Lo and Marc. This is their first interview since announcing their divorce. You`ve got to see this.

And the Golden Globe actor who spent the night on all fours.


WYNTER: Uggy, I love the bowtie. How long did it take you to get ready?


HAMMER: Yes. I`m talking about the dog from "The Artists." And we`re going to tell you how this little guy wound up stealing the spotlight. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s continuing coverage of the Golden Globes. You`ve got to watch this. It`s what the great Albert Brooks told me last night on the red carpet in a little game that I`d like to call guess how much booze celebrities like to drink at these award shows.


(on camera) You want to play a little guessing game here? How many cocktails do you think they`re actually going to serve - they estimate they`re going to serve by the end of the night? I have the number.

ALBERT BROOKS, ACTOR: For the whole thing?

HAMMER: Yes. Seriously.

BROOKS: OK. I`m going to tell you - I`m going to give you a real number - 16,250.

HAMMER: Best guess of the night. 20,000 is the estimate, so you`re probably closer to what the truth will be.





UNIDENTIFIED MALE (translation): Please, I wan to audition. Hello, my name is Paolo. I want to audition. I`m a singer and I`m 19 years old.

LOPEZ (translation): You want to audition?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, just give me an opportunity.

LOPEZ: You want to sing right now?


LOPEZ: OK. Go for it. Let me listen to you. You have a guitar and everything. Look at that. He came prepared.


HAMMER: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are together again on their hot new reality talent show, "Q` Viva! The Chosen." It`s a show that they started producing before they actually announced their big split.

And now, they are putting on a united front. They want to do that to plug the show right before it makes its big premiere.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in Hollywood.

Tonight, X marks the spot for two of the most famous exes alive right now. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are together again, but this time, it`s all about business.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with Jennifer and Mark for the very first interview together since announcing their big breakup. The exes were out promoting their brand-new reality show, "Q` Viva! The Chosen."

The premiere is at the end of the month. And when we spoke with them, they revealed to us exactly what it`s been like to work so closely together so soon after they announced that their marriage was over. Imagine doing that. So the question is the united front for real or just for reality TV?

Joining me right now, west coast editor of "Reality Weekly," Omarosa Manigault. It`s great to have you here, Omarosa.


HAMMER: I`m dying to get your perspective on this. Look, it`s been barely six months now since J. Lo and Marc Anthony announced their seven-year marriage was over.

They`ve been traveling for the show. Sometimes, they`re doing it together. And now, they are out doing these interviews together along with the show`s creator, Jamie King.

So what did Jen and Marc tell us when we asked them how they are working together even after their split?


MARC ANTHONY, SINGER: It`s been great. It`s been great. That`s how we met.

LOPEZ: Here`s the thing. We`re friends. We`ve always been friends. We`re friends first. We`re parents and we just have a good time together. I think I laughed more in the past three days with Marc and Jamie, but a lot with Marc.

JAMIE KING, CREATOR, "Q` VIVA! THE CHOSEN": Marc keeps everyone laughing.

LOPEZ: Than I have in a long time. That`s just our relationship.


HAMMER: Seems very healthy. They are laughing. They`re having a good time. I`m happy about that. It was only a couple of weeks ago though, if you remember, there were reports out there that Marc and J. Lo were feuding over her young boyfriend being around their twins.

So the big question is, is this truly a united front? Or do you think, you know what, they are putting on a happy face because it`s business and they`ve got to sell the reality show? What do you think?

MANIGAULT: A.J., there`s no question to me that Jennifer is able to put aside her personal differences and make this show the top reality show in the world. She knows that even though it didn`t work on the home front, she`ll make it work on the business front.

HAMMER: It`s interesting though because you want to believe, yes, they are laughing and smiling together. But we know that there have been tensions which is why it`s easy to sort of question, are they just putting this on for the benefit of all of us so we can plug the show?

MANIGAULT: Yes, but we`ve seen in the past where even though she`s had turmoil in her personal life, she`s been able to deliver in her personal life, on the business front, music front - shows.


MANIGAULT: She`s on the top reality show in the world right now, the "American Idol." So of course -

HAMMER: She knows what it takes.

MANIGAULT: She knows what it takes.

HAMMER: And here`s the truth. We don`t know how anybody`s relationship really works.


HAMMER: No question about that. We do know that Jennifer and Marc have known each other for most of their adult lives. So it might be true that, look, they can handle being friends even though their marriage is ending.

I`m thinking, either way, the fact that they showed up together to plug the show - this is a win-win for both of them, don`t you think?

MANIGAULT: Absolutely. And it`s a win-win for the fans of Jennifer and Marc, because, listen, we want to see them together even if it`s not a romantic way. We`ll see them on reality TV.

HAMMER: And we love her on "American Idol," of course. We got her to open up about her reality TV gig on "Idol." Watch what she said about that.


LOPEZ: Just an incredible season of "Idol," also with "Q` Viva!" running at the same time, you know, two totally different things that we`re involved with, but both so creative and so fulfilling.

I just feel so blessed and lucky. And I feel blessed and lucky to be able to work with people over at "Idol" as I feel so blessed and lucky to be able to work with everybody here. I mean, it`s just - I`m a lucky girl.


HAMMER: "American Idol," "Q` Viva! The Chosen," 24-year-old boyfriend - I`m thinking nobody is hotter right now than Jennifer Lopez. Omarosa, great to see you. Thank you very much.

MANIGAULT: Thank you.

HAMMER: And make sure you check out Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony working side by side and smiling on "Q` Viva! The Chosen." It premieres January 28th on Univision.

All right. As we move on tonight, there`s a new couple that has tongues wagging. Casey Anthony and her dog. Yes. People are outraged about Casey and her brand-new best friend.

Now, she alluded to adopting a Yorkshire Terrier puppy in her bizarre video diary. So of course, on "Saturday Night Live," guest host Daniel Radcliffe had to bring down the house appearing as Casey`s dog on "Weekend Update" with Seth Myers. Watch how that went.


SETH MYERS, COMEDIAN: Hey, boy. How are you?

DANIEL RADCLIFFE, ACTOR: No, not well. I`m not sure if you`ve heard, but I live with Casey Anthony.

MYERS: Yes. If you don`t mind me asking, how did you end up with Casey Anthony?

RADCLIFFE: I`ve been wondering that myself. I think perhaps the dog adoption screening process could be slightly more diligent.

For instance, when someone comes in to adopt a dog, you could ask, "Who are you?" And if they say, "I`m Casey Anthony," or perhaps more tellingly, "I`m not Casey Anthony," you could say, "We`re out of dogs." I mean, where (UNINTELLIGIBLE) on that one.

MYERS: So I take it you`re very disturbed that she`s your owner?

RADCLIFFE: Well, no. Of course not. I mean, she`s a perfectly normal woman who faced charges and was found not guilty by a jury of her peers.


RADCLIFFE: I`m kidding, Seth. Dogs can be sarcastic, too. It`s not just for cats.

MYERS: So you got to tell us, what is life like as Casey Anthony`s dog?

RADCLIFFE: It`s rough. When I go to the dog park, none of the other dogs will hang out with me because of Casey`s past. I have to sit near the fence with Phil Spector`s poodle and Joran Van Der Sloot`s chow chow."


HAMMER: Phil Spector`s poodle - I could watch that with sound down and would have laughed. No question it is rough being Casey`s dog. Sorry about that.

Would you believe the Golden Globes went to the dogs? Uggy, from Golden Globe-winning movie, "The Artist," was the hottest actor on the red carpet last night.


WYNTER: Uggy, I love the bowtie. How long did it take you to get ready?


HAMMER: Yes. I`m thinking he was the only one wearing nothing but a bowtie last night. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.



HAMMER: "The Artist," a big winner at the Golden Globes last night. The silent film captured three wins at a show that really spread the love around.

Let me run now the tally for you. "The Artist" getting best picture comedy or musical. It also picked up best actor in a comedy for its star, Jean Dujardin. And the film also won for best score.

Well, "The Artist" may have stolen the show but Uggy, the dog from the movie, stole the spotlight at the Golden Globes. Uggy just couldn`t stop mugging for the camera on the red carpet.

And when SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter one-on-one with the dog wonder, he truly got ready for his close-up. You`ve got to watch this.


WYNTER: Uggy, I love the bowtie. How long did it take you to get ready? Wow. That long. And you played an absolutely amazing role. How much preparation went into that?

Years of acting lessons. Well, you know, it definitely paid off. I know you have so many parties to go to tonight. Have a wonderful time.


HAMMER: I just don`t know what to say other than that`s how you wear a bowtie. I mean, come on. Clooney, watch your back. Looks like you`ve got some serious competition there.

Well, Uggy was also a show stealer on stage. He charmed the crowd when he played dead as "The Artist`s" star, Jean Dujardin accepted his award for best actor in a comedy. But Uggy had some serious human competition for the stop-stopper of the night. You`ve to watch "Desperate Housewives`" co- star, Felicity Huffman with her husband, the great William H. Macy.


WILLIAM H. MACY, ACTOR: These actresses did stunning work heartbreaking true and bold. The four will go home empty-handed one will take home gold. Don`t be humiliated `cause you all did a terrific job. It`s an honor to be nominated blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

FELICITY HUFFMAN, ACTRESS: These actresses did stunning work heartbreaking true and bold. The four will go home empty-handed one will take home gold. Don`t be humiliated `cause you all did a terrific job. It`s an honor to be nominated blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


HAMMER: So smart. One of my favorite moments of the night right there. Well, Kid Rock has a smoking hot controversy. I`ll tell you why the king of Detroit rock is getting slammed for lighting up a big fat stogy.


HAMMER: The king of Detroit, Kid Rock, has sparked a big controversy. Now, it all happened this weekend when he lit up a stogy at a Travis Tritt show.

Yes. You got that. He was smoking a cigar at a venue that had banned smoking. His excuse? I love this. Kid says he was too drunk to know any better. Despite the rock star posturing, Kid Rock does say that he really does feel bad about lighting up.

He issued this apology. He says, "My sincere apology to the patrons I may have offended and a big middle finger in advance to all of the haters and attorneys who will somehow try to find an easy paycheck in all of this."

That`s what you call an apology, Kid Rock style. And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in Hollywood.

Remember, you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusively, weeknights 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific here on HLN.

And stay right here for "DR. DREW," coming up next. Tonight, Dr. Drew talks to the survivors of the cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy. "DR. DREW" starts right now.