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Angelina Jolie`s Marriage Confession; Taylor`s Reality Flip Out

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST (voice-over): Big news, breaking tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," Angelina`s marriage confession to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Angelina Jolie reveals to us the big question her kids ask her, will she and Brad ever tie the knot.

ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS: They mention it occasionally but they know mommy and daddy are solid and happy.

HAMMER: Showbiz flashpoint, should Angelina and Brad get hitched to are their kids?

Taylor`s reality flips out. Taylor Armstrong melts down over her late husband Russell in a disturbing new episode of "the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You don`t know what she`s done to me. You have no idea.

HAMMER: "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" dares to ask, should someone have intervened?

Scarlett`s divorce regret. Scarlett Johansson`s shocking revelation that marrying Ryan Reynolds was the best decision of her life. So was their divorce her worst? The big question tonight, does Scar-Jo want Ryan back?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight.

Angelina`s marriage mania. Yes, tonight there is a brand-new layer to the national obsession with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Whether Angelina likes it or not, you know a lot of people are sitting with bated breath waiting to hear her say she and Brad are finally ready to get hitched. And now in a brand-new interview with "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," Angelina got a little coy but she did admit to us that even her kids have asked the question will they or won`t they.

And tonight, we`re asking, could Angie and Brad`s kids actually be the driving force to push those two down the aisle?

With me in New York is Carrie Keagan, the host of VH1`s morning show, "Big Morning Buzz Live" which is on the air now for its second season. They call me at 2.5 or something like that. With me from Hollywood tonight, Jeannie Mai, is the host of the Style Network`s "Holiday Fabulous Special," that`s on this Sunday.

Well, we just spoke with Angelina on the red carpet that was just last night for the New York premier of her new movie "In the Land of Blood And Honey." Now, just before she that, Angelina did an interview with ABC`s night line and she revealed her kids want her and Brad to marry just like the animated character, Shrek and Fiona.

Well, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" asked her about how she felt about that comparison that her kids made. Watch what she told us.


JOLIE: They don`t really continue that. They mention it occasionally but they know mommy and daddy are solid and happy. So, they find it (inaudible).


HAMMER: A fun question is what she`s saying. Yes, a fun question that Angelina conveniently side stepped, didn`t really answer. But it does raise a good point. That`s our showbiz flash point. Should Angelina and brad get hitched for the sake of their kids? Jeannie, what do you think?

JEANNIE MAI, HOST, HOLIDAY FABULOUS SPECIAL, STYLE NETWORK: Well, hey, thanks for having me here. Being married for five years, I can tell you right now that marriage is absolutely a commitment that takes hard work. And I am so not one to ever rush anybody into marriage. There`s a reason why it says till death do you part because of those words, I suggest anybody thinking about marriage to take as long as you need to think about it because you have that long to be married.

So, I don`t even care if the kids are pressuring them. Nobody deserves to be pressured into such a commitment like that. I think those two are doing great by taking their time before they walk into another stereotype of a Hollywood marriage.

HAMMER: Yes. And the truth is the two of them have been together for a long time now. And they have been quite successful at it. I give them a lot of credit. So maybe it`s just not for them and if the kids don`t hassle them too up about it, it will be one less thing for them to worry about.

And in that interview with the great Christiane Amanpour for ABC`s "Nightline", Angelina did reveal how they brought it up, the Shrek comparisons and all. Watch this.


JOLIE: The kids asked me the other day. And I asked them if it was just because they wanted to have a big cake.


JOLIE: They have asked, yes. Because they see movies that have you know, people get married in the movies or somebody`s -- the happily ever after. Shrek and Fiona are married. We`ve explained to them that our commitment when we decided to start a family was the greatest commitment you could possibly have. Once you have six children, you`re committed.


HAMMER: Obviously, this is something though that is on their kids` mind. So Carrie to our showbiz flashpoint, do you think Angelina and Brad should get married for the kids or are you more with what Jeannie is saying however much time it takes?

CARRIE KEAGAN, HOST, BIG MORNING BUZZ, VH1: I think if you try and force an issue, it`s never going to work out. So, if they`re just getting married for the sake of the kids, they`re doing the wrong think. And I also think if they get married because of the pressure from the media, it`s only because the media wants something else to talk about. So no, they should not get married.

HAMMER: I think if there`s one thing we`ve learned about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they won`t do anything because of the pressure of the media. I mean, they really have figured it out better than almost anyone.

Let me bring in "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Michele Turner. She is out in Hollywood.

So Michele, look, I think if the kids seriously push this issue at some point, it could drive Brad and Angie do it. That will be up to them, obviously. But right now let`s move from a happy Hollywood coup to an ex- couple.

Michele, you got to tell me, what the heck is Sandra Bullock`s ex-Jesse James spouting off about now?

MICHELE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Well, A.J., Jesse James is speaking out in a brand-new promo for the season premiere of his reality show "American Chopper." And it appears that he`s blaming his ex-wife Sandra Bullock for ruining his motorcycle career. He says "I became a big shot and married some Hollywood actress and didn`t talk to anybody anymore so I feel bad. I feel obligated to reconnect with all these people and show them that I`m still the same fabricator motorcycle guy. I`m not what I became." It seems that what he became was a slimy guy for cheating on America`s sweetheart, Jeannie. I don`t think he has any right to blame Sandra for ruing his career, do you?

MAI: No, I smell what you are cooking, Michele. I`m right there with you. I am the first to completely like just absolutely be a later on anybody who cheats, completely. But I`m also playing devil`s advocate for him and I`m hearing what he`s trying to say with what`s happened to him, you know, in the span of the ten years that we know him.

And one part of me says OK, like VD, if news that you`ve cheated on Sandra Bullock with a stripper spreads, it`s going to be bad. What do you expect? I see that side of it. OK? I get that. However, if you want to move on and clear your name and start focusing on what you`re known for then stopping about Sandra. Stop airing out who you are dating, what you`re doing and focus on your career. Let`s see only motorcycles and everything you do with motorcycles. And anytime anybody else talks to you about and Sandra or your past or anything else that you`ve been known for, no comment. Be a professional. Show it.

TURNER: Understood. I think just to add -- absolutely, I think maybe just to add, he should stop cheating. That would go a long way, too because this just sounds like sour grapes to me. I mean, Jesse`s unfaithfulness to Sandra is what torpedoed his career, not the other way around, right A.J.?

HAMMER: Yes. A lot of wishful thinking here with the Jesse, stop cheating thing.

No, absolutely. Obviously, he torpedoed his career. But I`m there with Jeannie. I don`t get and Carrie, tell me if you agree with me, if you want to move on, don`t bring up Sandra Bullock`s name. This was to promote his show. It`s not like he was caught on camera saying this. They chose to put this out there. I think it`s a huge mistake.

KEAGAN: Well, I think there`s obviously a new 12-step. And it`s the blame someone else step. And I think he`s on it. And it`s really sad to watch him sort of perpetuate this bad image that he has because it`s so easy to rebuild it. All he has to do is just stop talking. So just stop talking and he would be fine.

TURNER: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. I agree. Move And A.J., speaking of moving on in a brand-new interview, Scarlett Johansson is sounding like she`s having a tough time moving on from her marriage to Ryan Reynolds.

I mean, Scarlett reveals in the January issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine that saying I do to Reynolds was "the best thing I ever did." She also reveals that "I`m a big believer that when something feels right, you should do it. I`m a big believer in instinct. Getting married was the right thing to do because it was natural. It grew out of a romance and love and a desire to have a future with somebody. And I was very fortunate that I married somebody who turned out to be the person I thought he would be."

HAMMER: Wow, I mean how absolutely candid right there. Sounds to me like Scarlett may actually have big regrets now after divorcing Ryan. I got to wonder how Scarlett`s feeling after brand new photos of Ryan and his new girlfriend Blake Lively are suddenly surfacing. That couple apparently snapped outside of a bed and breakfast in Utah.

Jeannie, I don`t know. Tell me what you get out of her words. I think Scarlett has regrets there that she ever divorced Ryan. What`s your take away?

MAI: Well A.J., way to throw salt into the wound. No, you`re absolutely right. I do agree that Scarlett -- she sounds regretful, but I think that`s reading more into it. I think that`s her big girl mature way of facing something that people are wondering because obviously, Blake Lively and the pictures are showing up.

But I don`t necessarily know if I would prescribe that answer to everybody else going back to what I said about Angelina and Brad. The words are till death do you part. That was intentional when he she said that with her -- with Ryan.

HAMMER: Jeannie, I do have to jump in and I agree with you though. I think Scarlett more evolved than most. And maybe we shouldn`t be too quick to read too much into it.

Jeannie Mai. Carrie Keagan. I thank you both.

Got to move to Taylor`s reality melt down. "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" stars Taylor Armstrong, has a hard-felt breakdown over her late husband Russell, all of it, of course, caught on tape.


TAYLOR ARMSTRONG, STAR, REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: You don`t know what she`s done to me. You have no idea. No, you don`t!


HAMMER: Our flash point, should the producers have just stopped rolling and gotten Taylor some help there? Sheen`s the ex-drama. Charlie sheen`s ex-busted for drugs again. So the big question tonight, is it time for Charlie to take sole custody of their kids?

And did the American biggest mouth help make America`s biggest star? Why Donald Trump insists he is responsible for Lady Gaga`s wild success. This is crazy.

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. And this is the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: "Dancing" pro Karina Smirnoff splits with fiance Brady Penny.

TEXT: "X Factor" host, Steve Jones tells Ellen DeGeneres about working with Paula Abdul.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) STEVE JONES, HOST, X FACTOR: I`m wearing an earpiece. There`s about five people screaming shut Paula up, shut her up now. Move on! I`m going to have hearing damage in this ear by the end of the series. And I feel terrible because I feel on occasions I`m coming across as rude and abrupt.

ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST, ELLEN: She knows that. She`s done the show.

JONES: She just talks and talks and talks, doesn`t she?


JONES: I mean, where is the off button on this woman?


JONES: Off, next please.





HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" at CNN heroes, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This Sunday, I can`t wait. I`m hosting "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" at CNN heroes. It`s our live red carpet pre-show to the star- studded event.

And tonight, we take a look at one of our past heroes, Jorge Munoz. Now, his work feeding the hungry every night in New York City won him the President`s Citizen Medal and the attention of funny man, George Lopez. Jorge is a real CNN hero and just one of the incredible every day people changing the world. Here`s our showbiz tribute to Jorge Munoz.


GEORGE LOPEZ, COMEDIAN: When I go can visit my buddy Jorge. It`s great to be able to come and surprise him and to see what he does firsthand. Is that the door?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, that`s the door.

LOPEZ: Smells delicious.


LOPEZ: Jorge?

MUNOZ: Oh, wow! George.

LOPEZ: How are you, man? I came to help you.

MUNOZ: Come on in.

LOPEZ: What`s going on?

MUNOZ: George Lopez, my goodness.

LOPEZ: You make all the food in here, Jorge?

MUNOZ: Yes, all the food here.

LOPEZ: Smells delicious. What time do you start?

MUNOZ: In the morning? 5:15 in the morning.

LOPEZ: You impress me. You`re my hero, man.

MUNOZ: Thanks, man. That`s the medal I get from the president right there.

LOPEZ: That`s beautiful.

MUNOZ: Not that many people have the honor to be invited by the president of the United States to the White House.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The United States honors Jorge Munoz.

MUNOZ: And especially to receive the President`s Citizen Medal. Like four pieces on top.

LOPEZ: Beautiful.

MUNOZ: That`s it.

LOPEZ: Does it? That was fun. You know, in my opinion Jorge is a star. Let`s go. What time do you come, like 9:30?

MUNOZ: 9:40.

MUNOZ: Jorge Lopez. Mucho gusto. Want some food?


LOPEZ: You`re welcome. The fact that we help them on a cold night is great.

MUNOZ: Now he knows what my feelings are when I do this.

LOPEZ: You do that man, it`s beautiful.

MUNOZ: Seven years is one day is all.

LOPEZ: That`s beautiful. Even though it`s freezing I have such a great glow inside of me. I`ll see you again. God bless you.

MUNOZ: You too, man.


HAMMER: Such great work that he does. And that`s comedian George Lopez with CNN Heroes honoree, Jorge Munoz.

Remember, you`re invited to join me Sunday be December 11th, 7:00 p.m. Eastern. It`s when I`ll have SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at CNN Heroes. That`s our live red carpet pre-show. I can`t wait to work with J.R. Martinez; he`s my co-host for the evening. We are going to have a lot of fun.

And at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, Anderson Cooper hosts CNN Heroes. An all-star tribute as CNN names its Hero of the year.

Alright, as we move on tonight, the showbiz on-call phone lines have been ringing and ring, so many people truly keeping up with the Kardashian divorce war. Whose side are you on?

Well, we got a call on showbiz on-call from Dana in Texas who says, Kris Humphries is getting a raw deal and she thinks Kim is out of control. Listen to this.


DANA, CALLER, TEXAS: I was calling to say I totally see Kris Humphries side. Not only is Kim a "B" to her sister throwing the "F" bomb around like she has no class. But she also acts that way to Kris just totally selfish to herself. I don`t blame him for the breakup. He tried everything he could.


HAMMER: Thank you, Dana. Appreciate your call. Also heard from Gloria, calling in showbiz on-call who says she doesn`t feel bad for Kim or Kris.


GLORIA, CALLER: I`m thinking, why are people like her -- she is a reality TV show. If you watched that show the other night where she punched him and all that, that is so scripted and it`s like, he was supposed to marry her. He did. She was like damn. This guy you found for me is really annoying. And I`m going to get a divorce. And they were like OK, we`ll get good bucks and then it`s like. But now people are like hurt. And it`s silly to be hurt because it`s not real.


HAMMER: Yes, that`s a good point, Gloria. Appreciate your call. What do you think? Let us know at showbiz on call. Let`s talk about this, talk about anything. Showbiz on-call phone lines open all the time. The number, 1-888-sbt-buzz. 1-888-827-2899, hey, please leave us a voice mail. I want to get your call on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." You can also connect with me by joining our debates on facebook, showbiztonighthln there. Follow us, @showbiztonight on twitter. That`s where you your breaking entertainment news alerts.

From Kardashian chaos to Charlie Sheen`s newfound stability, could it be? While Charlie stays apparently on the straight and narrow, his ex-gets busted after another alleged cocaine binge. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" dares to ask, is it time for Charlie to take sole custody of their kids? Did I really just ask that?

And the Bieber clause, the Biebs heads to the North Pole for his yuletide video. He`s got a "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" first look at a brand-new side of Bieber.

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and view. Time for the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Ellen DeGeneres gets first post-jail-interview with Lindsay Lohan, airs December 15.


HAMMER: No question about it, Tyra Banks could easily be considered fashion royalty when it comes to reality TV. Of course, she took her supermodel success and spun it into a reality TV empire. Now her hit show "America`s Next Top Model" is heading into the finale for its 17th cycle that is going to air tomorrow night on the CW.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Kareen Wynter caught up with Tyra, joins me now from Hollywood. So what did you learn, Kareen?

KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Hi there, A.J. I had such a blast with Tyra. I got her to reveal all the secrets, the big secrets behind the huge finale. It`s by the way, an all-star edition featuring the show`s top models from over the years and A.J., I asked Tyra why she decided to break format and go with the cast of models who have already experienced success.


TYRA BANKS, MODEL: We were interested in doing all-stars but we didn`t do it for a long time with "America`s Next Top Model" because we new top model is a Cinderella story. You want to take a girl that doesn`t have, you know, that glossy background and give her an opportunity of a lifetime whereas all-stars have already had an opportunity of a lifetime.

So, we thought it was against our brand of America`s next top model to do all-stars. But the people that say what your brand is are the fans.


WYNTER: A.J. get this, Tyra also revealed to me the finale of "America`s Next Top Model" all-stars is going to be so grand, so big that get this, she almost rejected the idea. Watch what she told me.


BANKS: The fashion show, the idea was so crazy, I honestly said no when they pitched it to me at first. My team said, we want them to come out and walk and then we want them to slowly descend stairs and walk underwater. Then we want them to swim underwater. Then we want them to rise out of the water, dry off, change clothes really fast, put on a harness and fly. Then we want them to land and then we want them to walk on the runway. And then we want them to dance to the songs that they wrote and sang this cycle.

I said hell no, that`s too much stuff. But my team comes back to me, they`re like, Tyra, this is going to be amazing. You have to approve this. I`m like OK.


WYNTER: That`s going to be something to see. So you have underwater fashion, flying models and a dance-off. This is going to be one wild season ender.

HAMMER: I was exhausted just listening to her describing it. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Kareen Wynter, I thank you.

Let`s get to the showbiz lineup what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour in "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" that you cannot miss. We have showbiz reality secrets. I`m going behind the catwalk of project runway with one of the show`s first stars. He`s going to tell all about the chaos, the drama and the fashion.

Also, wait until you see this. Taylor Armstrong is flipping out. It happened on a dramatic new episode of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."


ARMSTRONG: You have no idea what you`ve done to me. You have no idea what she`s done.


HAMMER: That was all about her late husband, Russell. So should someone have stepped up from behind the cameras and stopped that meltdown?

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. Time for the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom, making news tonight.

TEXT: Movie based on TV show "24" to begin shooting April one.

TEXT: Ethel Kennedy documentary to headline 2012 Sundance Film Festival.



HAMMER (voice-over): Big news breaking tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

Real rage on the "Real Housewives." Tonight, Taylor Armstrong`s big meltdown over her late husband, Russell Armstrong.


ARMSTRONG: You have no idea what she`s done to me. You have to idea. No, you don`t.


HAMMER: Taylor`s meltdown caught on tape. The great debate tonight, should someone have intervened?

Brand new drama for Charlie Sheen, the mother of his two young boys arrested for cocaine possession and assault. Could it be time for Charlie to get sole custody of his twins?

And Lady Gaga, a huge success. And Donald Trump says it`s all thanks to him. But should we believe him?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

We have got some big news breaking tonight, real meltdown. We have seen real life drama just escalating every week on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" from Taylor Armstrong`s massive meltdown amid her troubled marriage and claims of abuse, to her cast mate Kim Richards` sudden return to rehab.

TV`s umber rich reality stars are raising some new questions about putting everything on the line for everybody to see.

With me in New York tonight, I`ve got Carrie Keagan, the host of new-formed morning show, "Big Morning Buzz Live," from Hollywood tonight, here Doctor Wendy Walsh, new co-host "From the Doctors."

Take a look at this. I mean, we`re getting such a personal look at what`s really going on behind the scenes leading up to Russell Armstrong`s tragic suicide. And there was what I thought was just a stunning confrontation airing last night on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".

Taylor faced off with Camille Grammar`s friend Deidre. And Deidre was just trying to settle a rift between Taylor and Camille. As you are about to see, it all went horribly wrong.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She has hurt me so much. You have no idea what she`s done to me! You have no idea what she has done. No, you don`t. No, you don`t!



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, I do know, Taylor, because I --


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, you don`t! She has no idea what I`ve been through. She has no idea!


HAMMER: Yes, this is supposed to be entertainment. I mean, can you imagine being there for a blowup like that? Wow, a lot of people were just so disturbed by Taylor`s reaction some saying Taylor has got some serious issues at hand here.

Wendy, let me ask you, should somebody have stepped in there to stop Taylor from what seemed like some really erratic behavior?

WENDY WALSH, DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY: I`m sorry. Did you say stepped in? No they were cheering in the background, those producers. This is what reality TV producers love. They want to see the emotional train wreck. In fact, they cast people specifically because they will have these heightened levels of craziness on camera.

HAMMER: I get it. I get this is what reality TV is. Carrie, you watch it just like me. And we`re actually entertained by these fights. But when you stop and think about it for a second, there`s some pretty horrific behavior going on. I just feel like maybe let`s put the cameras down. Let`s step in and maybe sit people down and get them some assistance. Don`t you think?

KEAGAN: Well, first of all, this feels like a Saturday night at any other club you`re going to, doesn`t it?

HAMMER: Well, there is that aspect of it.

KEAGAN: But then, I mean, I agree with Wendy. If this didn`t happen, they won`t have anybody watching because it is train wreck television at its best. And the other thing is that they probably shouldn`t fuel them with so much booze if they didn`t want these things to happen. I mean, every time an outbreak like this happens it`s because they`ve all been drinking together.

HAMMER: So, instead of being so concerned, we should be ashamed with ourselves for watching it and promoting it?

KEAGAN: We are as much to blame as they are, yes.

HAMMER: Well, that battle just led to another, what I thought was a really telling moment on the show. Kyle Richards tried to get to the bottom of Taylor unraveling right before their very eyes. Watch out how that played out.


KYLE RICHARDS, ACTRESS: What`s bothering you honey, is it just this? Don`t do that. Don`t do this. Obviously, there`s other stuff bothering you. This is not that -- this is so unimportant in the whole scheme of things. It really is.


HAMMER: I think it is just so tough seeing Taylor so distraught like that. I mean, we all know what ended up happening with her husband committing suicide.

Wendy, OK. I get and I`ll give it to you, this is what reality TV is. But do you think that reality TV is just a dangerous place for people to be working out their issues or is there some good that can come out of it?

WALSH: I don`t think there`s much good that can come out of it. A.J., you`re absolutely right. Reality television, first of all, reality television producers try to cast people that are sane enough to not be quite diagnosable and functional enough to at least show up at the set but on the edge of emotional trauma, and extroverts will express it.

And this is a dangerous place for people to be. I mean, I really caution people if they have real life deep emotional problems, reality television is not the place to work them out.

HAMMER: You know, Wendy, you`re the doctor. I`m not a doctor. I don`t even play one on TV. But the fact is I think there are some diagnoses that could be written up here if you ask me.

But right now, let me move to another big story, this breaking tonight on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". Kim Richards reportedly in rehab for substance abuse. Now, it`s not the first time we`ve heard accusations Kim may have a problem.

Let`s roll out the showbiz news line right now. The finale blowup last season was Kim versus her sister Kyle in that screaming-match that ended up with Kyle calling Kim an alcoholic. The season going on right now, we have housewives co-star Brandi Glanville driven to tears by both sisters after Brandi accused Kim of using drugs.

And now, just a few episodes later you have Kim reportedly in rehab. These scenes have really fueled the drama that`s playing out on the show. Again, Carrie, I get its reality TV. But do you think it`s really inappropriate this is all happening and we`re seeing it?

KEAGAN: Well, I think that I`m really happy she`s going to rehab because watching last season, you could definitely tell there was something going on. And now watching this season, there`s obviously something going on. But I do hope that Bravo does not use this is as an excuse to do a rehab special.

HAMMER: Well, would it be so shocking?


HAMMER: We don`t have to get to that right now though.

Let me get to another big story that`s breaking tonight. Speaking of rehab, Charlie Sheen`s ex-Brooke Mueller just released from jail where she got locked up on drawing charges. Now, she`s reportedly returning to California today to take care of her kids that she has with Charlie Sheen. Charlie reportedly decided not to seek sole custody of their kids despite her arrest for cocaine possession and assault. I spoke with Daniel Baldwin. Daniel has had some marital problems of his own in the past. I wanted to get his take on the whole Sheen/Mueller saga. Watch what he told me.


DANIEL BALDWIN, ACTOR: In my opinion and from what I understand from people that know Charlie and myself is Charlie`s sober now which is hats off to him. You know, he`s winning this battle. It`s a daily battle. If he`s sober and his wife isn`t and she`s using illicit and illegal narcotics, perhaps those children should go back to Charlie now provided he continues to stay sober. That`s the most important thing to me that jumps out of me about the story. The children need to be protected.


HAMMER: No question about that. That takes us to our showbiz flash point. Charlie Sheen`s ex-arrested on drug charges. Should he get so custody of their kids? Wendy, what do you think?

WALSH: I think Charlie is finally being an excellent parent by saying he`s not going to seek full custody. He doesn`t want to disrupt the children. In fact, the children have mostly been raised by grandparents and nannies and those are the consistent relationships. The most important thing are consistent, consistent, consistent. That`s what we want for young children. Consistent caregivers. So, I think Charlie has absolutely done the right thing by saying he doesn`t want to disrupt what they have going to already with his visitation.

HAMMER: Yes. And quite frankly, Carrie, I`m sitting here, hearing the words come out of my mouth should Charlie seek so custody and trying to imagine how I would have been laughed out of the studio six months ago.

KEAGAN: Yes. I still think Martin Sheen, if you have him for a grandfather, you are already blessed. I don`t know how these kids are going to make it through one way or the other. They seem to be damned if they do and dammed if they don`t.

I`m happy that Charlie is not trying to get sole custody. I think the kids are better off probably in a halfway house at this point. Just stay away from both of them. Let them get rid of demons they have and have them come back.

HAMMER: Then you are bringing a good point. Having the great Martin Sheen in their lives can only be a good thing.

Alright, Carrie Keagan, Doctor Wendy Walsh, thanks to you both.

We move now to showbiz reality secrets. Tonight, wait until you see this. The secrets behind "Project Runway." Everybody loves the show. Austin Scarlett is going to lets us in on the big secrets to the show`s unbelievable success and what really happens after Heidi Klum says (inaudible).

And Lady Gaga, obviously a huge star, but would you believe Donald Trump was behind her success? Well, that`s what he`s saying anyway. But should we believe him?

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. Time for the showbiz news ticker. These are more stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Jason Aldean wins artist of the year at the American Country Awards.

TEXT: Larry King reveals that he wants to be frozen when he dies.


LARRY KING, HOST, LARRY KING LIVE: And I want to be frozen on the hope that they`ll find whatever I died of and bring me back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You would like to be frozen? This is news to me.

KING: It`s the only hedging of a bet.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just want to make sure we stick with the headline here which is that you wish to be frozen. Your head --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to live forever?

KING: Yes, you bet your ass.



HAMMER: Its Ashton Kutcher solo. Kutcher stepped out Demi less at the premiere of "New Year`s Eve," and that`s one of the first red carpet walks for Ashton since he and Demi Moore announced their split.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And tonight, Ashton may be going solo, but I got it tell you, he did not miss a beat on red carpet. Ashton may want to thank his cast from "New Year`s Eve" for you know, kind deflecting the attention from him. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Michele Turner joins us from Hollywood.

So Michele, Ashton obviously, a big star on his own life, but wow, some impressive company in his cast for this movie.

TURNER: Absolutely, A.J. You know, Ashton was noticeably solo. But it was his cast mates the stars of "New Year`s Eve" who outshined all the controversy over his breakup with Demi. I`m talking Hilary Swank, Josh Duhamel and Zac Efron to name a few. This was the night all about stars ready to usher in the (inaudible).


GARRY MARSHALL, DIRECTOR, NEW YEAR`S EVE: We like CNN. What a night. A lot of people here. I came early to make sure everybody showed up. It`s kind of fun. Every day we shot somebody new so we never got board. We think we got a very nice film that will make you feel good for the holidays.

ZAC EFRON, STAR, NEW YEAR`S EVE: My main thing about being in this movie was definitely working with Michele. She is an icon, one of the most talented actresses of our generation. And I`ve always had a crush on her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m your next job. I bought you for the day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bought me for the day, huh.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Miss Withers, I think I should be offended but I`m too intrigued.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My new year`s resolutions.

EFRON: I watched her on Hairspray but I was so young I didn`t know what to say to her so I`d clam up every time I went to try and talk to her. I would literally go -- I -- I --. Much older and much wiser, so I came in with a lot more confidence and I think we had a blast.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I`d say that`s an understatement.

HILARY SWANK, STAR, NEW YEAR`S EVE: There are some twists. You don`t know how everything is going to come together until the end. So, I don`t want to ruin it for everybody but I was surprised reading the script.

JOSH DUHAMEL, STAR, NEW YEAR`S EVE: I did this movie because I wanted to be a part of it. I love Garry Marshall and I love the story that they wanted me to be involved in. And it was as simple as that. "New Year`s Eve" to me is, well, if the expectations are low enough, you can usually have a pretty good time.

ABIGAIL BRESUN, STAR, NEW YEAR`S EVE: It was really cool, you know. Most of my scenes are with Sarah Jessica Parker who is so sweet and so much on the run. But she`s - yes, she`s the best. So, to get to work with her was really cool.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is not a training bra.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And this is not girls gone wild.

BRESUN: We mostly talked about "American Idol." That was the big thing that we talked about.


HAMMER: Yes, so Michele, sounds like they`re just a couple of regular guys chatting about "American Idol" just like everybody else.

Michele Turner. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Michele Turner from Hollywood. Thank you so much. "New Year`s Eve" looks great. It hits theaters on Friday.

Well, we move now from films to fashion. We are talking runway secrets right now. My next guest knows a thing or two where reality TV and fashion. Austin Scarlett was on "Project Runway`s" very first season. He came in fourth place. He liked so much, he had to go back. Put himself back in front of the cameras again for "Project Runway" all-stars that is going to premier on Thursday, January 5th on Lifetime.

Austin Scarlett is with me in New York tonight. It`s great to have you here.


HAMMER: So, you did season one.


HAMMER: You came back for the all-stars show. We are going to see that starting in January. You won`t tell me how that worked out. I understand that, but why did you go back? Do you thrive on the competition? Did you thrive on the cameras being around you all the time?

SCARLETT: I think I thrive off the creativity of the other designers all around you, all this magic design happening, all these different points of view from each of the designers. That`s really what excites me. And it`s just -- no matter if you win, you lose. It`s a great way to showcase who you are as a designer. So many of us have grown so much since our first appearance on the show that I think it`s a great way for the fans to see how far some of us have come over the years.

HAMMER: Yes. And I know that some designer who`s I`ve met in the past actually thrive on all the chaos that goes on in their design houses backstage at the fashion shows, and we certainly get to see some of that on "Project Runway," but can you tell me how chaotic does it really get behind the scenes? I`m betting even worse than what we see on camera.

SCARLETT: It`s actually, yes, I would say that. A lot of fans always ask, do you really only have 24 hours for this particular challenge? And it`s an actually less than that because the 24 hours includes the sleep time, the interview time, all the little extra bits and pieces that the designers, the competitors are asked to do.

So, there`s just the pressure is more intense. You`re fighting over who gets to use the iron. You know, the makeup artists are like no, do my model. Does that model look better than mine?

HAMMER: I know that same drama right there. Someone who`s on realty TV, I want to get your take on this because obviously, we see a lot of heightened drama on all of reality TV. Did you ever witness a situation yourself where the drama was so intense, that maybe you thought, you know, they should have put the cameras down, turned them off and somebody could have stepped in and calmed the situation down?

SCARLETT: I mean never on "Project Runway" that I ever feel -- I felt that there were some of the designers maybe who were pushing the drama a little too much.


SCARLETT: I mean, I like to approach it as just a talent showcase. That`s why I was on the show. I like to have fun with it. I love the make believe and the magic of television, but when people sort of instigate drama, I definitely frown upon that.

HAMMER: And that unfortunately is what a lot of reality TV is. We`re looking forward to see you again, Austin Scarlett. Great to have you here.

SCARLETT: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: And you can check out Austin on "Project Runway All-Stars" when it makes its premier, January 5th.

Let`s move to a woman who certainly knows her fashion. Lady Gaga, huge star, right? Would you believe Donald Trump was behind her success? Well, not surprising to me, that`s what he`s saying. But should we really believe him? I will tell you exactly what he said about Gaga next.

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. Here comes the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Aaron Sorkin`s HBO show about cable news industry finally gets a name "Newsroom."

TEXT: Royal crown derby unveils ornament in honor of Prince William and Duchess Catherine.

HAMMER: It is time for the showbiz buzz list. Here`s what we are buzzing all about this week. And, I`ve seen it. I got everybody here excited to check out Steven Spielberg`s "War Horse." It`s an epic tale of a horse during World War I. Such a film, it opens on Christmas day.

We are ready to make big virtual money within Nintendo`s new "Fortune Street" game. It`s for Wii and it`s out right now.

We`re downloading Amy Winehouse`s cool new (inaudible) album, "Lioness, Hidden Treasures" this week. It features songs like girl from "Ipanema" and "a song for you."

And we are going on tour with Lady Gaga with the new photo book, "Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson," same photo takes his camera on the road with Gaga. That`s available now.

And an all-star cast such in the New Year in the brand new film "New Year`s Eve" opening Friday.




HAMMER: That`s Lady Gaga for marry the night. There is no bigger star on the planet right now than Lady Gaga. But you knew that. A lot of people do want to know how did, she get to be so huge. Well, Donald Trump says hey, it`s all because of him.

Yes, Donald Trump has never been shy when it comes to self-promotion and when it comes to Lady Gaga, well, apparently he`s no different. The Donald has a brand-new book out this week called "time to get tough, making America number one again."

In the book, he reportedly claims that he made Lady Gaga a big star. Now, according to, he writes "maybe she became a big star because I put her on the Miss Universe Pageant. It`s very possible. Who knows what would have happened without it because she caused a sensation. I really believe I had at least something to do with did."

Not so the sure about that, Donald. And I`m not alone. Wendy Williams says hey, if Donald made Gaga a star, well then she`s a star maker too.


WENDY WILLIAMS, ACTRESS: So, Donald helped make her a success then I certainly have a hand in that Justin Bieber action. And he was singing and then we had young girls outside to create a bedlam so that the paparazzi would come like there`s really something going on. He hasn`t been back here since then. And now he`s a huge phenomenon. So I take a little credit for the Bieber.

Also, you know, if Donald`s taking credit a little credit for Gaga, then I take a little credit for Snooki and the "Jersey Shore." She drove herself here. Parked down the street at 53rd and tenth. She didn`t have a reasonable outfit to wear. So she asked if she could borrow my vest, which if you tune into the after show today, I happen to have worn said vest to work so I`ll show you. And you know, and now she`s big. So -- hi, Snooki.


HAMMER: Yes. There you go, Donald. And Wendy, guess what, Bieber clause is coming to town perhaps thanks to you. Your first look at Justin Bieber new video for Santa Claus is coming to town. You don`t want to miss this.


HAMMER: Hey it, Bieber Claus is coming to town. This is the season for Justin Bieber`s yuletide album "Under the Mistletoe," and in the brand new video for the Bieber file, "Santa Claus is coming to town", Justin joins a bunch of break dancing elves at Santa`s workshop.

And now, your showbiz first look.


HAMMER: He`s a little underdressed for the North Pole, don`t you think? And I`m actually thinking those elves need to get back to work. They`re on deadline, right? Yes. Come one.

Alright, that is it for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

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