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Kourtney Kardashian Pregnant; Kim and Kris Domestic Violence Allegations; Daniel Craig Hits the Kardashians With Harsh Words on Privacy

Aired November 30, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET



A.J. HAMMER, HOST (voice-over): Big news breaking tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

The doctor`s big oops. Tonight the remarkable confession from Conrad Murray`s attorney after Murray`s sentencing for killing Michael Jackson, about the doc putting his foot in his mouth.

DR. CONRAD MURRAY, CONVICTED IN MICHAEL JACKSON`S DEATH: I do not feel guilty because I did not do anything wrong.

HAMMER: Could the doc still get out of jail ridiculously early? Tonight Larry King takes on the Murray mess in a showbiz newsmaker interview.

Keeping up with the Kardashian chaos.

KIM KARDASHIAN, STAR, KOURTNEY AND KIM TAKE NEW YORK: You just (bleep) ruined my pedicure.

HAMMER: Kourtney`s pregnancy bombshell today. The Kardashian`s viscid by James Bond. Kim`s new revelations about her fairy tale fail. Our showbiz flash point, have the Kardashians reached their breaking point?

Showbiz star secrets revealed. Good girl versus bad girl. Incredible confessions from the stars of "Little House on the Prairie" and "the Waltons." They are telling all, right here tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight.

Open mouth, insert foot. The mouth, well, it belongs to Dr. Conrad Murray. And the foot? Yes, that also belongs to Conrad Murray, and boy, did he stick that foot in his mouth.

Tonight "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can tell you, and by all accounts, that is many of the reasons why Dr. Conrad Murray`s home for a time to come will be a jail cell after a judge gave him the maximum four years causing the death Michael Jackson. Even the doctor`s lawyer admitting today that Murray made a huge mistake by doing a documentary and TV interview in which he expressed absolutely no remorse for Jackson`s death.


MURRAY: I don`t feel guilty because I did not do anything wrong. I do not think he had an active intention to do me harm. But I think through his most intense desire to have me there with him; it was inter-winded with a degree of betrayal.


HAMMER: Oh my goodness, like I said, opens mouth, insert foot. I cannot think of anyone better to talk about this than CNN`s own legendary Larry King, this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern on CNN. You much watch. Dinner with the King Larry and his wife inviting huge stars to have dinner at his house including everybody. He`s got Conan O`Brien, Russell Brand, Tyra Banks, and I`ve got Larry from Hollywood.

Always great to see you, Larry.

LARRY KING, HOST, LARRY KING LIVE: Hi, A.J. It`s a very eclectic group of seven invited guests who - we talked about everything. I think it`s a wonderful hour. It could be the forerunner of many other specials like it. I`m going to be doing live twittering during the show, and it`s going to be Sunday night, as you said, at 8:00 Eastern on CNN. It`s a very unusual, different kind -- I`ve never seen a TV show like it.

HAMMER: And you`re hosting it and it looks truly compelling. I`m going to play a clip from it in just a minute for everybody, Larry. But first, we have to talk about the sentencing of Michael Jackson`s doctor, and as you can imagine, Larry, prosecutors in the Michael Jackson`s death case were doing the victory laps today.

One of the places they stopped this morning was on "In Session" on our sister network TruTV. Prosecutor David Walgren talked about his shock and surprise at seeing Dr. Murray`s interviews which aired after the guilty verdict but before the sentencing. Watch what happened.


DAVID WALGREN, CONRAD MURRAY TRIAL PROSECUTOR: I cannot believe at this stage of the proceedings after all the evidence that has been heard from all the witnesses and all the experts that Dr. Murray chose to say on videotape that he does not feel any guilt because he did not do anything wrong.

And I was a bit shocked by the statement, and I included the statement in our sentencing memorandum for the judge to consider when evaluating whether Conrad Murray had, indeed, expressed any sense of remorse or any sense of personal responsibility.


HAMMER: I can`t still believe Murray said what he said on television. But Larry, what surprises you the most, that Murray actually gave an interview which aired while the judge was deciding whether to send him to prison or that the whole thing ended up burning him so badly?

KING: Help me with something, A.J.; did he do the interview after he was found guilty or had he taped it previously?

HAMMER: No. He had taped it previously and it aired just as the judge was deciding Murray`s fate.

KING: Well, when he was taping it, he had no way of knowing first how he would be found, guilty or not guilty, and certainly no way of knowing that a judge would be considering his sentence. So I guess his factor would be I was expressing my honest opinion.

The problem in court is, once you`re found guilty, you have to feel remorse. Even if you think you didn`t do anything wrong, you`re at the mercy of the court. You got to say, I`m sorry. I`m sorry for what happened. I didn`t mean it to happen, and I really feel terrible. You`ve got to express those things. If you don`t, the judge is going to hammer you. I don`t know why he did the interview at all. Why didn`t he just wait until it was all over? I guess there was a financial deal involved, right?

HAMMER: Yes, I imagine there was. They`ve denied it to some extent, but it`s hard to believe that he did it just to get it all off his chest. And Larry, even as Conrad Murray`s attorney was saying today that in hindsight, yes, it was probably a big mistake for Murray to do that interview. That got us thinking about some of the most damaging TV interviews we`ve seen lately.

I want to bring up a couple to you. Sarah Palin`s infamous 2008 sit-down with Katie Couric. You remember she struggled with questions about what newspapers she read and of course Russia`s proximity to Alaska.

We`ll never forget Tom Cruise`s couch jumping on the Oprah Winfrey show back in 2005. That did him some damage. I never saw the big deal there, but that did him some harm.

2002, Whitney Houston`s "crack is whack" comment interview with Diane Sawyer, a true classic.

But Dr. Murray I think, Larry, might take the cake. His interviews may have gotten from extra prison time.

In all of your years, in all the thousands of TV interviews you`ve done, Larry, has there ever been a time you thought to yourself after the interview, wow, I`m really glad I got that guest, but maybe this guy shouldn`t be talk to go me right now?

KING: Two quick instances. Dan Quale, when he was running for vice president. I asked him when George Bush was running for re-election and George HW Bush was defeated. I asked Dan Quale what he thought about abortion and he said he was against it. And I said what if your daughter wanted to have one? He said, I would support her and I would go to the doctor with her when she had her abortion. Well, that went into national headlines and everybody went crazy and his wife got mad.

And of course, Paris Hilton, when I asked her when the day she got out of prison, what she read in prison and she said the bible. And I said, what chapter, and she said all of it. I`ll never forget that.

HAMMER: Actually Larry, there is so much in that interview we could hold over Paris` head for years to come. But I have a feeling that nobody put a foot in their mouth at your house when you were taping your CNN`s special. Again, it`s airing Sunday 8:0 p.m. Eastern. It`s called "Dinner with the Kings." I have to take a look at you with some of the stars you did invite. Let`s roll that.


SHAQUILLE O`NEILL, NBA PLAYER: Believe it or not, every night before I go to sleep, I go through a checklist. Was I a good father today? Did I make people laugh today? Did I help someone in need today? Did I laugh a lot today? I lived today like my last day, now I lay me down to sleep, I say the prayer. And every day when I wake up, I thank God, thank my parents. Just, you know, go through the next day and I just try to do the same thing.


HAMMER: You had Shaquille O`Neill, Quincy Jones, Conan O`Brien, so many more, Larry. Most of these dinner guests have been guests on "Larry King Live" at one time or another. Was it surreal to having them all, at your table at once? I imagine they were more relaxed.

KING: It was, and Wolfgang puck did the cooking. And we see him at the beginning of the show preparing everything in the kitchen. We taped it for a lot long. We have it air was tough edit, A.J., you know about editing.

No show knows better about editing than "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." To edit two hours down to an hour was very, very difficult. There were times in this show you came close to crying, times when there was a lot of laughs. You talk about some things that were embarrassing. Well, our friend Russell Brand went off into my wife`s bedroom and took out a bra and panties and brought them down to dinner and put them on, on television. It was unusual, to say the least.

HAMMER: I`d like to say that surprises me, but quite frankly, knowing with Russell, it doesn`t. I can`t wait for everybody to see this. The "LARRY KING" Specials, Dinner with the Kings airing Sunday at 8:00 p.m. on CNN.

Larry, it was great having you on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT".

KING: Always great being with you A.J. Best wishes. Happy Holidays.

HAMMER: And to you.

We move on to Kim Kardashian throwing a punch at Kris on camera. Is it domestic violence?


KIM KARDASHIAN: You just (bleep) ruined my pedicure.


HAMMER: Wow. Kourtney Kardashian`s pregnant bombshell to and Daniel Craig goes 007 on all the Kardashians. Tonight we reveal the unbelievable Kardashian chaos.

Remember when Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian were friends? Forget all about that. Tonight, the Biebs is stealing Kim`s thunder. I can`t wait to tell you how.

Also, TV secrets from reality start Tori and Dean. Is there really any upside to putting your kids on TV?


TORI SPELLING, ACTRESS: Some people say like, you put your kid on TV show. It`s like - well, there`s an option. And I think be on a script to television series. I could be on a set 17 hours a day and not see my children at all.


HAMMER: Tonight, Tori and Dean`s reality life. Is there anything they wouldn`t do?

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. And now, the showbiz news ticker. These are more stories from "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" surpasses $500 million worldwide in 12 days.

TEXT: George Michael "Improving Steadily" but still hospitalized with pneumonia.


HAMMER: "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can reveal Barbara Walters has just named her most fascinating people of 2011. So, who made Barbara`s coveted list?

Well, you can guess by these pictures right here, the Kardashians are on the thing. They dominated the celebrity world this year. You got "X Factor`s" Simon Cowell on the list as well. Also, making the break, Pippa Middleton, for stealing the spotlight of course at the royal wedding in the spring.

Barbara Walters` most fascinating people will air December 14th at HBO exclusive show.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And tonight, Tori and Dean`s reality secrets revealed. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been living out their lives on reality TV for four years now. And now, they are said to start a brand new season of Tori and Dean home sweet home in Hollywood on oxygen. And once again, they are not holding back.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Kareen Wynter sat down with them. And they revealed the secrets behind living their lives in public, and they shared the one thing that they wouldn`t do on camera.


KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: So we watch your show. We love it because it`s so inviting. Each time you watch, you`re wondering, OK, what are we going to see next? Is there anything, though, that you would say would be off limits?

DEAN MCDERMOTT, ACTOR: Usually, going to the party, that would be - you know. But no, we pretty much -- that`s off limits, obviously, but we`re pretty much on for everything.

WYNTER: And the cameras are there 24/7.

DERMOTT: You keep collecting stuff. We`re going to eventually run out of space. All your stuff from storage as well?

WYNTER: So with the cameras constantly being around, you have to admit, though, there is a little bit of pressure at parenting, keeping your marriage together. There`s a little bit of pressure that comes with that.


WYNTER: Look at the Kardashians. Look at all the "Bachelorette" shows that could make or break a relationship. So, that`s why one would pink that there that added.

SPELLING: We`ve been dealing with that for years. It`s funny, because when we first signed on to do the show, he hadn`t heard about the reality curse of couples. And afterwards I told him about it, and he said, what`s that? I said, well, every couple that does a reality show, they break up.

DERMOTT: I just -- I don`t buy into it. I mean, a show is not going to break you up, you know. Your job is not going to break you up. You have to have a solid relationship. There was something wrong with the relationship before you went into the reality show.


WYNTER: Is there a downside, though, at all, even a little one, to reality TV? Maybe not your show but in general, because Lord knows there are many reality shows out there.

SPELLING: In my mind, it gives people a false sense of fame, I think, in some ways. The ones -- I think there are young girls that aspire to be actors are great. But I think a lot of them now aspire to be stars because they`re like, well, people just film their lives and then they`re huge stars.

WYNTER: And the upside to having your own reality television show.

SPELLING: It`s a great job, if you can even call it a job. It`s amazing. And when people say, oh, you put your kids on a TV show. It`s like well, there`s an option and I could be on a script to television series. I could be on a set somewhere 17 hours a day and not see my children at all.

You know this way, we could to spend our whole day with our kids and just live our lives, and there`s a camera there sometimes.

DERMOTT: Do you think this is a good idea?


DERMOTT: What do you want to name the girl?


DERMOTT: Macasino?


WYNTER: Do you think they`ll want to go into acting and follow in your footsteps, especially with the cameras around.

DERMOTT: I think that little Ian wants to get into acting and Stella`s [going to be a super model.

WYNTER: You`re OK with that?

DERMOTT: Well, you know, I would really, really like them to get an education first. But you know, I will encourage you know, anything they you want to do. But they have to it wisely.


HAMMER: Well said. Just Tori and Dean, home sweet Hollywood, Tuesdays on Oxygen.

So the showbiz on call, the phone lines have been ringing nonstop with so many people calling in about Kim Kardashian`s divorce drama. We got a call on the showbiz on-call from Karen in Utah who has had enough of Kim and all the Kardashians.


KAREN, CALLER, UTAH: No need to know they end up. I mean, I watched the Kardashians of which anything that they have out there on the market and disrespect that they have treat Mister Humphries and his family. And they are absolutely showbiz. They`re just being mean, ignorant, selfish family.


HAMMER: Thank you, Karen. We also heard from Michae from Georgia who feels bad for Kim.


MICHAE, CALLER, GEORGIA: I would like to be on Kim`s side. I feel kind of sorry for her. I was so caught in a similar situation in my first marriage. I did not want to get married and have kids. I went through with it. And I was married for a short time and went, I can`t stand this anymore, I made a mistake. So, I think people should cut her a little slack. I mean, I love the Kardashians. I watch the show all the time. And I think people are just kind of jealous of their fame and fortune.


HAMMER: Thanks, Michae.

What do you think? Let us know at showbiz on-call. You can sound off on this or sound off on anything. Our phone lines are always open at 1-88- sbt-buzz. That`s 1-888-728-2899. Please, take some time to leave me a voice mail so I can call you here on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

Got to move on now to showbiz star secrets from one of the meanest girls in TV`s history.


UNIDENTIFIED KID: Peter picked a peck of --

UNIDENTIFIED KID: No, no, you have to say it fast.

UNIDENTIFIED KID: Pep -- pep -- peppers.


HAMMER: Meanie. You remember Nelie from "Little House on the Prairie"? Well, Alison Arngrin is all grown up now and sharing her bad girl secrets with one of TV`s good girls, Mary McDonough who played Erin Walton in another TV classic, `the Waltons." She`s also right here. Its good girls versus bad. Mary is sharing their showbiz stars secrets.

Usher`s knocked down drag out custody battle is heating up. This is nasty. Drugs, money, and of course the kids. Who will win Usher`s custody war?

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. Time for the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler announce they are engaged again.

TEXT: Jewels shares photo of 4-month-old son, Kase, on Thanksgiving!


HAMMER: Ashton Kutcher moving on. Just about two and a half weeks after "two and a half men" star Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore split, Ashton tweeted this photo of himself with a cow. He didn`t mention where he was, but he tweeted the words "country giving." Well, we reached out to the cow who had no comment, but he seems to be milking the photo up.

Moving on now to Usher`s custody war. Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond face-off on what are really turning into a nasty, he said-she said tune over the custody of their two young kids. You are not going to believe the unbelievable allegations of money, drugs and unpaid bills. And, there was some startling reports today suggesting that Usher could actually lose his kids.

With me tonight, in New York, family attorney, Vikki Ziegler. So, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" just obtained the court documents Tameka filed against Usher. She claimed she found strange pills in Usher`s pockets back in 2008. He hasn`t paid $34,00o in nanny bills and he didn`t get her permission to travel with the kids. She is also reportedly demanding Usher take a drug test.

Vikki, do you think Usher should be pretty worried right now?

VIKKI ZIEGLER, FAMILY ATTORNEY: Yes, they are serious allegations and the courts do not mess around with somebody is alleged to be doing drugs. So, the question is, if in fact that these are true, he really should be concerned because they have joint legal custody right now.

And if in fact this proven that he is on drugs or something doing something that he`s actually going against the custody order, he could be potentially affected.

HAMMER: Proven. But again, these allegations, serious as they may be, don`t really have any proof built into them, so should Usher just go ahead and take this drug test to prove that everything is cool and OK and then probably stand a pretty good chance, provided that he passes the drug test?

ZIEGLER: Right. You always want to get in front of the story, so you want to let the judge know, listen, I am clean, these allegations are false. However, you have to be clean. That`s the paramount word here.

So you know what? If he has nothing to worry about, you absolutely take the test. You definitely will have no problems, and then you know you fight her for her mistruths and false allegations.

HAMMER: So then it goes back and forth. They really hopefully they will keep the kids` best interest in minds. Tameka said she is fighting for the best interests of the children much.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" did re-chatted to Tamika Raymond and her attorney tells us today, she is fighting only for the best interest of their children. Usher did not respond as of show tonight.

Vikki Ziegler thanks as always.

Time for the showbiz line-up, these what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour. It`s Kardashian chaos, I tell you. Kim tried to punches Kris Humphries on her reality show. Was it domestic abuse to her?


KIM KARDASHIAN: Stop! You just (bleep) ruined my pedicure.


HAMMER: Kourtney Kardashian pregnant? Daniel Craig double-O slammed on the Kardashians? So much going on, we will tell you what he said? And Kim Kardashian`s big snap-down with the Biebs. I want to tell you why Justin Bieber and his old friend Kim are battling for number one and why the Biebs is winning.

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views.

Time for the showbiz news ticker. These are more stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom, making news tonight.

TEXT: ABC family renews "Pretty Little Liars" for 3rd season.

TEXT: Amy Winehouse`s "Back to Black" dress sells for $68,000 an auction.


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," keeping up with the Kardashians chaos.


KIM KARDASHIAN: You just (bleep) ruined my pedicure.


HAMMER: Brand new claims tonight that Kim`s TV punch is actually an act of domestic abuse. And James bond`s Daniel Craig is slamming the entire Kardashian family. Why does he call the Kardashians hideous?

And as if that isn`t enough, Kim is going toe to toe with Justin Bieber. Why the Justin is winning Hollywood biggest celebrity smock down.

What`s this?


UNIDENTIFIED KID: Peter picked a peck of --

UNIDENTIFIED KID: No, no, you have to say it fast.

UNIDENTIFIED KID: Pep -- pep -- peppers.


HAMMER: One of the most well-known bad girls in TV history`s spilling all the secrets about being a childhood star. "Little House on the Prairie" Alison Arngrim and legendary TV good girl, Mary McDonough, "the Waltons" revealing their star stories tonight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment new shows, continues right now.

HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. We have got big news breaking today. We`ve got Kardashian chaos.

Yes. Tonight, there was so much Kardashian news. We`re all just trying to keep up. First, a baby bombshell. A new baby Kardashian is on the way, and isn`t the timing just right? Plus, Kim fist of fury. The punch heard around the reality TV world. So, was Kim out of line?

And then, there`s this. A secret agent, very public diss. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can tell you there is one superstar celebrity who thinks enough is enough.


DANIEL CRAIG, ACTOR: My name`s Bond. James Bond.


HAMMER: That`s right. Even James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, is blasting the Kardashians. Is this just proof the Kardashians have hit their breaking point?

With me right now in New York, Kelly Stables, star of the hilarious new TV sitcom "the Exes" and with us from Hollywood tonight, a well TV editor Maggie Furlong.

OK. So, you remember Kim Kardashian begged, she begged us for privacy after her stunning divorce announcement, but that hasn`t stopped the Kardashian family from continuing to command the spotlight, and now in an all new interview of the British version of GQ magazine, Daniel Craig is pulling no punches, just whipping in to reality`s royal family.

Let me read here a bit of what he said, "You can`t buy it back. You can`t buy your privacy back. Ooh, I want to be alone. F you. We`ve been in your living room. We were at your birth. You`ve filmed it for us and showed us the placenta and now you want some privacy?"

Alright, Kelly, I mean, obviously Daniel Craig being a little harsh there, but when you break it down, he`ll really just saying what we`re all thinking.

KELLY STABLES, THE EXES: Yes. We may be thinking that, but you know, I think that maybe someone in his childhood never gave him the opportunity to say it`s not nice to name call. I mean, those are some mean words he`s saying about our poor Kim.

HAMMER: Maybe he needed another hug.

STABLES: He might have. And Santa is watching this time of year, he needs to be careful.

HAMMER: Everybody is talking about this. Our showbiz facebook page all a buzz after he posted Daniel Craig`s comments. I want to read a couple of comments that we got.

Brook W. saying, "I agree with him. You can`t just want your privacy when you look bad."

With this from Alexis R. who said, "Everyone has a right to privacy no matter who they are."

So, that brings us to our showbiz flash point. Do you think the Kardashians are at their breaking point? Maggie, when you hear all this, what do you think?

MAGGIE FURLONG, AOL TV EDITOR: I mean, I can`t say I think Daniel Craig is wrong. In all honesty, he`s right. You can`t get your privacy back. You`ve done this. You`ve shown us every little bit of your lives and now you`re saying to step back.

But it`s more serious coming from him because he`s such a private man. He`s such a private actor. That for him to kind of have this flashy object and get out of talking about his own personal life, I think it was actually kind of smart.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, obviously you know, he was asked the question in an interview. And you`ve been in these situations before as well, so when you hear Daniel Craig, though, of all people, sounding off so vehemently, it makes me feel like people are generally at their breaking point with all the Kardashian drama that is just bombarded from them. It`s coming from them.

STABLES: Yes, and that`s true. That may be true, but at the end of the day, she`s a human being and she lays her head down on, I`m sure, a very high thread count pillowcase. But still you know, she has - she`s a human and she - everyone I think has a right to their privacy at some point whether they`re on a reality show, whether they`re an actor, whether they`re school teacher.

HAMMER: On the hills of Daniel Craig`s eyebrow raising Kardashian ranch, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" has some evidence that he might be on to something. Because just today, Kourtney announced to the world she`s having another baby, and of course we`re thrilled about that.

But here`s how she broke the big news. It was an upcoming issue of "Us Weekly" and here`s what she said, "Scott and I are so excited to announce that we`re expecting our second child and we`re thrilled to be expanding the love in your family. You`re supposed to wait 12 weeks to tell people, but I feel confident."

There is no truth to the rumor, apparently, Maggie, that this was all done for reality TV publicity, but it isn`t hard to imagine that the announcement was done with some intention of getting some good press at the time when the family really isn`t getting any. I know that sound cynical, but that`s how they`ve made us feel.

FURLONG: Absolutely. And especially after the season`s premier of "Kourtney and Kim take New York." Where the first thing we see is oh, Hi, Kourtney and Scott aren`t even sleeping in the same bedroom anymore which is the totally new development and kind of shocking. And we got to see sort of their issues obviously a lot about you know, Kim and her stuff. So, we got to see Kourtney and Scott fighting and talking about being parents and how it`s change them in their relationship. So now, to get that opposite information that apparently things have gotten better. Not only are they sharing the same bedroom, they`re trying to have a baby. Good for them.

HAMMER: Well. Hey look, you know, things were going well. Congratulations and good for them.

Let me get to even more big breaking Kardashian news that just keeps coming. Kim says she`s still struggling to move forward from her quickie marriage. She now thinks she may know why it didn`t work.

In an upcoming issue of "Glamour" Magazine, here`s what she said. "I believe in love and the dream of having the perfect relationship, but my idea of it has changed. I think I need to not live in a fairy tale like that. I think I maybe just need to snap out of it and maybe be more realistic."

Kelly, your new show, hilarious, by the way. "The Exes" just premiered on TVland tonight. It`s all about failed relationships and new beginnings.

When you hear Kim say something like that, and I actually think it`s evolved of her, do you think she`s on to something?

STABLES: Listen, she`s absolutely true. I mean, you know I don`t think anyone goes into marriage thinking that, you know what, this will probably end. We all have a fairy tale, we all have hope.

HAMMER: So, we`re learning just how serious the problems were with Kim and Kris. In fact, HLN`s own Doctor Drew thinks there may have been domestic abuse during their 72-day marriage. I want to take a look at what was caught on tape in the season`s premier of the show and then watch Doctor Drew`s very powerful reaction to it.


KIM KARDASHIAN: You just (bleep) ruined my pedicure.

DOCTOR DREW PINSKY, HOST, DOCTOR DREW: What you are seeing there is domestic violence. A lot of people watching this may not understand, and I get that. It looks playful, what`s the big deal? It is a massive deal and it`s important for everyone else.

For Kris and Kim, listen, they`re separating, that`s over with, this doesn`t need to be reported or anything, but anybody listening at home and viewing this has to understand the spectrum of domestic violence, and this is an incontrovertible piece of evidence of someone engaged in a domestic violence relationship.


HAMMER: Wow. Doctor Drew a little passionate there, Maggie. So, whether or not you agree with what he`s saying, a lot of people are saying this makes Kim look pretty bad, don`t you think?

FURLONG: And I think that`s the most surprising part. We all thought that this first episode at least would be edited to kind of make the Kardashians look better, to make Kris look like the bad guy. And he definitely had moments where he looked like the bad guy, but in that moment, Kim snapped. We saw the true Kim, her true reaction. She was cussing, which she never does on the show. She just usually just very prim and proper and she punching him for chipping her toe nail polish. If that happens, how about must of these, he hate her food. You can kind of start to see chipping away at the relationship.

STABLES: To be fair, that hurts more than when you stub your toe. And I have - I have definitely cut when I stubbed my toe. It happened last month, as a matter of fact. So, I understand. And she`s a little girl. I mean, it`s not like she was like breaking skin (inaudible).

HAMMER: Stow stubbing should not be underrated for how much it can hurt. Maggie Furlong, thank you so much. Kelly Stables, great to have you here.

STABLES: Glad to be here.

HAMMER: And don`t forget to check out "the Exes" on TVland. Check your listings for times.

Kim Kardashian versus Justin Bieber. How the Bieber favored knocked Kim down a peg. Yes, it`s Hollywood`s hottest celebrity smock down.

Also, TV`s original mean girl.


UNIDENTIFIED KID: Peter picked a peck of --

UNIDENTIFIED KID: No, no, you have to say it fast.

UNIDENTIFIED KID: Pep -- pep -- peppers.


HAMMER: Classic. Alison Arngrim plays the meanest little girl in the west on "little house on prairie." She`s here to reveal her star secrets.

Also, let Jerry TV good girl, Mary McDonough "the Waltons" is here. It`s the good, the bad and some truly unbelievable showbiz star stories.

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TEXT: Victoria`s secret fashion show highest rated ever 10.3 million people watched.

TEXT: Miley Cyrus, William Christy Turlington burns to be presenters at CNN heroes.



UNIDENTIFIED KID: Peter picked a peck of --


UNIDENTIFIED KID: Pep -- pep -- peppers.

UNIDENTIFIED KID: You can`t be in this club unless you can say it fast.


HAMMER: She`s so mean. That of course, nasty Nellie Olson on the classic TV show "Little House on the Prairie." I think she actually invented the term "mean girls."

But tonight, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" has got to ask, is being a TV nasty, better than being a TV nice.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with showbiz star stories.

So, what is it really like to be a child star known for either being nasty or being nice? Well, there was a time on TV when we had two classic examples of just that, and now the one-time young stars who were the center of that are revealing their remarkable, compelling stories right here on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

There they are. Alison Arngrim played nasty Nellie Olson on the hit `70s TV family drama "Little House on the Prairie," and Mary McDonough played nice as Aaron Walton on "the Waltons," a long running TV classic. It made its debut all the way back in1972.

They both join me tonight from Hollywood for a showbiz news maker interview. Great to see you both. Thanks for being here.

Thank you.

Thanks for having us.

So, Mary, let me start with you. You were just ten years old when you began with "the Waltons." Now, in your book, "Lessons from the Mountain, what I learned from Erin Walton," here`s something that you write. It really struck me. "Playing Erin made life off camera difficult. Everyone just expected me to be perfect littler in. Mary became an adolescent battling depression, insomnia, body image issues and experimented with drugs. "

Wow. I think everyone naturally assumes being a star playing a nice girl on TV, kind meant only nice results for you in life. Where do you think things went wrong?

MARY MCDONOUGH, STAR, THE WALTONS: Well, I think growing up in the industry is very, very different from how I was raised. I was born and raised in this Irish catholic family, and suddenly I was plunked out of my life and onto the show. But I think that everybody has difficulties growing up. And other kids on other shows, whether in real life or they are on a show, it can be difficult. And I certainly felt some those pressures along with the wild fun of being a Walton, but there is -- I always failing, maybe it would be better to be Alison and be evil than would be to have the pressures of trying to be perfect all the time, to look perfect, to act perfect, to get perfect grades.

HAMMER: Yes, a lot of pressure. Alison, I think the name of your book really captures what people thought of you as nasty Nellie on "Little House on the Prairie" and I told you before how much I loved the name of your book. It`s called "Confessions of a Prairie Bitch." And in this fine book, you do reveal some bombshell about your life off the TV show including some pretty remarkable things surviving incest and abuse in your own home. What happened?

ALISON ARNGRIM, STAR, LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE: Well, like a lot of other people, I was sexually abused as a child, and for me, being on "Little House on the Prairie" was a wonderful outlet. I mean, here I was in what was really a horrible environment as a young child and having to deal with the pressures of that, and when you`re that age, you don`t know any better, you don`t tell.

I mean, as you see on the news here on CNN, these victims coming forward many, many years later, I didn`t tell anyone and I was keeping that secret, that burden for a very long time. And the environment of the set "Little House" was a very supportive environment, very nice people.

And Mary is right. I had an outlet, I got to yell and scream and be awful, and people didn`t hold me to a standard of perfection, people were amazed that I just wasn`t a complete bitch and anything I did looked nice by comparison. And I have to admit it`s given me an unfair advantage, and I`m very grateful for it.

HAMMER: Well, look at you now. Look at you now.

Mary, in your book, you also open up about your struggle of playing nice Erin on "the Waltons" and also just being a regular kid going to school. This is something else that`s struck at me. You wrote," as I got older, it was harder for me to go back ask forth from work to school. . Going to middle school is hard enough, but to begin in March was awkward to say the least. And in being a kid actor. And you have a recipe for disaster.

And you talked about the kids at school assuming that you are snob because you were a TV actor. So, how do you reconcile the fact that kids just didn`t like you despite the fact you had this nice TV persona?

MCDONOUGH: It was tough. If I had gone in and I have been nasty Nellie, I could have made some sense of it. But I just wanted to be normal. I just wanted to be one of the kids at school and fit in. And I just realized that I never would. I just didn`t know anybody. I wasn`t there but only for a couple months a year.

And while I longed for that, you know, I still had people screaming down the hallways, "hey, John boy, fetch a pale of milk" and putting hate notes in my locker. And I do have some great friends from school, but only about ten.

So, it was tough to go back and forth, and once I got back to school, I just, you know, didn`t want to go back to work. But then I had to go back to work because my parents had signed that contract. So, I was a little confusing for me.

HAMMER: There was that obligation there. So, despite the issues that you had, do you have any regrets playing nicer Erin Walton?

MCDONOUGH: No. No. I am so honored and so grateful to be then a Walton. And to be Walton, I will always be a Walton. Now, it`s something I embrace and it brings great gifts to my life every day. And I always say when I`m an old grandma, the first thing anybody will say about me is, "she was on the Waltons."

HAMMER: Nice. Alison, very quickly, looking back, you are also glad you played nasty Nellie?

ARNGRIM: I was a bitch and will always be a bitch, and when I`m old they`ll look back and say, she was really a bitch. But yes, I am really grateful for that. It has opened doors for me. I have friends all over the world. And as I said, it`s been a wonderful outlet and my book and my stand-up show have really gone well for me. Being rotten has served me well and it had a happy ending.

HAMMER: A great success story, then. Alison Arngrim, Mary McDonough, great to see you both again. Thank you so much.

We move on now to Bieber`s big bounce. How Bieber grabbed the top celebrity spot on the internet.

Also, a "Glee" casting shocker, wait until you see who might be at McKinley High.

These stories are making big news in the buzz today.


HAMMER: Living La Vida Glee. Ricky Martin has just revealed he may be the newest celebrity guest star to join the faculty at "Glee`s" McKinley High. has reported Martin is in negotiation to join the show next season. And now, Ricky is just tease Gleeks by tweeting, "I hear McKinley High has an opening for Spanish teacher. Maybe I`ll apply."

Bieber kicked Kim out. Justin Bieber has just blown bust Kim Kardashian and taken the title of number one most searched celebrity on the internet. On being brand new top ten of the most searched stars for 2011, Justin jumped from 6th last year to this year`s top rankings, a spot Kim held last year.

Kardashian did ranked 2nd behind Biebs who also happen to be the only male on the top ten. Other celebrities on Dean`s list this year, Jennifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, and of course, Lady Gaga. Of course!

The brand new photos of Jessica Simpson`s baby bump. Why she`s rocking in a little red dress and 4" heels.

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views. And this is the showbiz news ticker. More stories from "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom, making news tonight.

TEXT: CMT Honors Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, and Jason Aldean as artist of the year.

TEXT: Seth McFarlane`s home vandalized, toilet paper, Charlie Sheen quotes left on lawn.



HAMMER: Wow. Look at that. That`s Shaquille`s O`Neill`s five-foot two girlfriend, carrying the monster basketball player on her back, while wearing heels no less. That`s really unbelievable. And that feet of strength just happen on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

I`m actually thinking they might want to take that act on the road. That`s pretty good. Did you see this? Shaquille O`Neil`s girlfriend Nikki Alexander is nearly two feet shorter than Shaq. Somehow, she has got the massive strength to heft the seven foot one basketball legend onto her back, as you see there, and walk around with all 300-plus pounds of the guy.

Watch the magic unfold on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."


O`NEIL: Watch this. Here we go. Watch.


JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: Wow. She is strong. Wow. Is that something that appeals to you in a woman? Something that could potentially get you out in a fire situation?


HAMMER: That is impressive, and that`s why you have to work on your core strength. That`s why it`s very important.

Well, After Nikki flexed her muscle, Jimmy tried to get in on the action and match her feat. He didn`t do so well. Watch this.


KIMMEL: You all right?

O`NEIL: Yes.

KIMMEL: Let me try one more time. Your girlfriend is stronger than me.


HAMMER: Nice try, Jimmy. We move now to Beyonce`s new competition, Jessica Simpson throwing down in the baby bump war.

Brand new pictures of Jessica`s growing baby bump.


HAMMER: Well, you might want to move over, Beyonce, there`s a new baby bump in town.

Yes, Jessica Simpson is locking her growing baby bump, I think she looks amazing. You have to agree with me here. Look at these brand new pictures of Jessica wearing that form-fitting red dress. That was right here in New York City. She was being honored for her fashion mega brands along with some of the country`s top designers.

And get this. When a reporter asked Jessica why she was wearing 4" heels while being so pregnant, she said, "excuse me, I`ll be delivering in these heels." I don`t know if that`s wise, but she does look fantastic. Good for her.

Well, thank you for watching. That is it for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

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