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Bieber`s Baby Battle Back On; Vince Gill Reveals His Sex Abuse Experience

Aired November 17, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET



A.J. HAMMER, HLN HOST (voice-over): Big news breaking on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

A "showbiz" exclusive. Bieber`s baby battle back on! Tonight, why the woman who dropped her paternity suit against Justin Bieber, is now fighting again.

JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: I`m going to be a target but I`m never going to be a victim.

HAMMER: Will Justin now face a DNA test?

Tonight, the attorney for Bieber`s accuser is here for a headline-making "showbiz" newsmaker interview.

Another "showbiz" exclusive, Vince Gill. Country music superstar drops a bombshell when he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about almost becoming a victim of sex abuse when he was a young boy.

VINCE GILL, COUNTRY MUSIC SUPERSTAR: There was some advances made towards me that were, you know, very awkward.

HAMMER: Big "Jersey Shore" news, has the situation really blown through $10 million of his reality fortune?

Tonight, former "Jersey Shore" star, Angelina Pivarnick speaks out in another must-see "showbiz" newsmaker interview.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking.

A SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, Justin Bieber`s baby battle is back on.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT learned today that the woman who dropped her lawsuit claiming Justin Bieber is the father of her baby is not giving up. Mariah Yeater has been insisting that she has Justin`s baby. But later withdrew her lawsuit and her attorney apparently bailed on her.

But today, we learned that Yeater has a new attorney and now plans to pursue her claim. But what exactly does she want and where is the proof?

Tonight, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, joining me is Mariah Yeater`s new attorney, Jeffrey Leving. Jeffrey Leving is the author of the book "father`s rights" and he joins me from Chicago.

Mister Leving, I appreciate you being here.


HAMMER: So, here`s the story as we know it. Almost three weeks before you represented Mariah, she filed a lawsuit, saying Justin Bieber is the father of her baby and then after weeks of insisting Bieber is the dad and threatening to haul him into court Mariah dropped the lawsuit and you say you`re pursuing a quiet out-of-court settlement.

So first, let me ask you this straight out, is Mariah Yeater still insisting as she has claimed that she had sex with Justin after a concert and he is definitely the father of her child?

LEVING: She believes Justin`s the father. But she`s not a DNA test. I`m not a DNA test. The only way we can know with accuracy is through a DNA test and the negotiations that are going on now are related solely to the DNA test and confidentiality which I believe now, presently, should occur outside of the court system because the last I heard, her entire court filing is online and everybody in the world can read it, including people who have sent her death threats, stalked her and intimidated her.

So right now, to achieve confidentiality and safety for this woman and her child, negotiating outside of court is preferable.

HAMMER: So this is the reason that the lawsuit was dropped? There was no other reason for that change?

LEVING: I`m not commenting on why it was dropped because, one, I didn`t file it. Two, I didn`t drop it. And, three, it would probably be attorney/client privilege which could make it unlawful to disclose that.

HAMMER: So to be clear now, though, what is your plan? Are you planning to work outside the court system in order to get a paternity test, a DNA test done with Justin Bieber?

LEVING: Exactly. I`ve assembled a new team. I have John Carlson (ph) of Los Angeles and Art Callow (ph) of Chicago working on the team. And we`re negotiating with Bieber`s council and hopefully this will come to a quick, painless resolution with dignity for everyone.

HAMMER: Well, you obviously know where Justin Bieber stands on this, at least publicly. He not only denies he`s the father of Mariah`s baby, he says that he`s never even met her. So are you and your client, by moving forward with this, basically flat out calling Justin Bieber a liar?

LEVING: Nobody really needs to throw dirt at anybody. Nobody needs to call anybody a liar. We need to escape the circus of the media and what we need to do is get this DNA test done privately, at an undisclosed location, on an undisclosed date and an undisclosed time so it can be done safely, let`s get the DNA results and let`s find out what`s the situation. Who`s the dad? Is he the father? Isn`t he the father?

HAMMER: Has she claimed in the past --

LEVING: Very simple.

HAMMER: Has she claimed in the past that she hasn`t had sex with anybody other than Justin Bieber?

LEVING: The information that I have communicates to me that she`s of the belief that no one else could have fathered the child because of the sex act occurring at a specific time, I believe it`s called the staples center, where there was no other man she had intercourse at the time which resulted in the child being born at the time, at the specific time which ties in with the child being born when the child was born.

So she believes and I believe she`s telling the truth. She seems to be truthful to me. But the key is an act of intercourse doesn`t make a man the father. And that`s why we have DNA testing because DNA testing tells us who`s the daddy and in our society where over a third of all children born in the United States are born out of wedlock and where recreational sex, sport sex is hurting our society, affecting every state in the country, paternity testing, DNA testing and paternity cases are critical to having stability in our society.

HAMMER: Absolutely. Nobody takes that away and I guess, the outrage comes from the other side of that people, you know, often go after celebrities as we all know, making claims about things that they have nothing to do with.

However, it does look like you`ll be getting your wish. Justin Bieber has said he will take a DNA test to prove he`s telling the truth. Mariah Yeater told "the Insider" that the DNA test will prove that she`s right. She`s obviously told you that. Her previous attorneys said the same to HLN`s Doctor Drew.

I want to watch what they both said. Roll that please, Charles.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: After the court date and Justin takes this DNA test, will it prove, hands down that`s his baby?


MATT PARE, THEN-ATTORNEY FOR MARIAH YEATER: Well, I mean, in the relevant time period, she wasn`t having sex with anyone else and that`s how we know that Justin Bieber is, in fact, the father of the baby.


HAMMER: And I want to move on to the idea of her credibility. Because obviously, as this is so public, you know that Mariah`s credibility has repeatedly been called into question, this is why I need to ask you very specifically about what is really a bombshell report today on TMZ.

They posted what it says are incriminating text messages that your client, Mariah Yeater, sent to a friend of hers and the text message is apparently named someone that`s not Justin Bieber as the father of the baby.

The first alleged text message obtained by TMZ is dated yesterday. A sender with the same first name as your client asks the following to a friend, keeping in mind that the baby`s name is Tristan. Here`s what the text said.

"Please erase all messages from my mom where she says Tristan is Robby`s son. I`ll kick it when we get paid." The second reported text, also from someone name Mariah, was sent to the same person, and this is back in August, months before Mariah ever filed the paternity suit. Let`s take a look at this one.

It reads "-- would you please stress to Robby how important it is for him to be in his son`s life." Now, both texts and with Mariah Lazy, that`s your client`s middle name. Jeffrey, if the TMZ report is true, your client asked a friend as far as we can see here, who knows her and knows that her baby`s father isn`t Justin Bieber, to keep it a secret in exchange from an expected for a piece of an expected payday. How do you explain this?

LEVING: First of all, this is very well spoofing. I am currently having this investigated and I believe that this could be spoofing. It`s very easy to send a text message and change the name of the sender and cause a disaster. Just as if -- I read an ad online where President Obama is allegedly kissing Chavez. You know that`s phony. You know that`s not real. I saw a video where it showed a whale swallowing a human being in Mexico. It`s phony. This is --

HAMMER: So you say these texts are not factual? They did not come from your client?

LEVING: I`m investigating it right now. It seems to be nonsense and I`m investigating it.

HAMMER: Let me continue with this point because I want to make sure we cover this whole story. A lot of ground, a lot of and people very interested. Another red flag about the story took place in her interview with "the Insider." She was asked about, yet another guy names John whom she also reportedly sued for paternity, let`s watch what happened here.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: There was a report today about a man named John Terranova (ph); can you tell me anything about him?

YEATER: I have no comment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: He said you filed a paternity suit against him.

YEATER: John did?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: John`s grandmother came out and said that you filed a paternity suit against him last year.



HAMMER: Jeffrey, obviously, somebody`s not telling the truth in this he said/she said. What do people need to know if they are to give Mariah any benefit of the doubt, obviously she has a lot of people thinking she`s absolutely not telling the truth?

LEVING: First of all, I`ve never directed her to do media interviews and since I`ve gotten involved in the case I`ve directed her not to do media interviews because she`s not a lawyer and she`s not a paternity litigator and she`s not a celebrity and she doesn`t do what you do. You`re an excellent interviewer and you`re in a very high skill level. She can`t compete with you or me or a seasoned paternity attorney.

She should not be doing interviews. She`s a young, 20-year-old single mother without a job trying to survive and raise a child. Basically, there`s a lot of bullying and intimidating, mud-slinging, he said/she said. This is all irrelevant. We need a DNA test.

My opinion is I hope to God it can be done confidentially, outside of court, with dignity for everybody and the case, hopefully, will go away because this should be, hopefully, a private matter going forward.

HAMMER: Jeffrey Leving, I appreciate you being with us, Mariah Yeater`s attorney. Thank you very much. Jeffrey is also the author of the book "father`s rights."

I appreciate you being here on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," Jeffrey.

LEVING: Thank you.

HAMMER: And we move on tonight.

A "showbiz" exclusive with Vince Gill, Penn State`s sex abuse controversy has rocked the nation.

Tonight, country music superstar Vince Gill revealing to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT how that story hits home.


GILL: He conjured up a -- something that happened in my past when I was about that age as a 12-year-old kid starting 7th grade, there was a unfortunate gym teacher at our school that wound up being same kind of thing.


HAMMER: This is unbelievable. Tonight, Vince dropping a bombshell. Vince Gill saying he was almost a victim of sexual abuse as a kid.

Did "Jersey Shore" star "the situation" really burn through $10 million of big reality fortune Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick right here with "shore secrets" with a must-see "showbiz" news maker interview?

Casting Michael? Who should play Michael Jackson in a movie? How about Johnny Depp? Yes. I said Johnny Depp. I have brand new details next.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views. Now, time for the "showbiz" news ticker. More stories from the newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Adele says she`s "on the mend and doing well" after throat surgery.

TEXT: Robert Pattinson says he would do a TV show. Kristen Stewart says no way.


HAMMER: Is there anyone who could ever be like Michael Jackson? What if SHOWBIZ TONIGHT told you Johnny Depp is a top choice to play Michael in a movie? Hold on a second, did I just say Johnny Depp as Michael Jackson? Yes, I did.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And tonight, Depp thoughts. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can reveal that Johnny Depp is the favored to play Michael Jackson in a planned big screen blockbuster movie, all about M.J. But when you hear whose number two -

With me tonight, Amanda Seales the host of "speaking of" Amanda. Let`s get into it.

Here`s the deal, we learned Michael Jackson`s lawyer is shopping around a movie and there`s big buzz, maybe directed by ghost busters director, Ivan Rightman. I love Ivan Rightman. But who will play Michael Jackson?

Well, Famed Irish book maker Penny Power just set the odds at four to one that Depp will wind up playing Michael. You can literally bet on that, Amanda. I actually think it`s a stroke of genius. He`s the consummate actor. There are few things we`d have to get past but if anybody could pull it off, I actually Depp could.

AMANDA SEALES, HOST, MUSIC CHOICE: The Willie Wonka role was really just one step away from Michael.

HAMMER: Really?


SEALES: You know it`s funny, when I first heard it I was like that`s ridiculous. But then when I walked in, I saw the comparison of the two, he actually does look more like him than I imagined. I don`t know if he could really ever learn -- I know he`s an amazing actor, but could he learn how to moonwalk?

HAMMER: Well now, that`s the thing. And I actually think that Johnny Depp can because quite frankly, I don`t think there`s anything he could put his mind to as an actor and not pull it off. I really do believe it.

But, let`s take a look if it`s not Depp, who else could possibly wind up on this role. The "showbiz" bookmaking board right here, bookmaker Patty Power says Zach Ephron, number two, right behind Depp is the favorite bets to play Michael, all right. He`s followed by Usher; some might think that`s a more logical choice than Jaden Smith, who`s followed by his father, Will Smith. If Depp couldn`t do it, I like Jaden as a younger Michael Jackson. What about you from that list right there?

SEALES: I mean it`s crazy that I actually am going to have to say Depp which is ironic to me because he`s a white man. However, you know, Michael was pretty visually close to that when he passed away.

HAMMER: Yes. Now, a lot of people I think might, by default, say Usher because obviously --

SEALES: He can dance.

HAMMER: Michael Jackson, a huge inspiration to Usher. And Usher, yes, he can - I`m guessing he can probably act as well, although this would take a certain acting aplomb that`s -- that`s why we`re back to Johnny Depp, right?

SEALES: Right. Right. Right. Because I mean Usher, I don`t really know if Usher can act. I mean we`ve seen a couple films and he was playing like a D.J. or something. So, playing Michael Jackson though, I mean there are so many elements, geez.

HAMMER: I actually hope it is Depp. Great to see you, Amanda.

SEALES: Thank you.

HAMMER: Thank you so much.

Alright, as we move on tonight, I have the pint-sized star of one of the most controversial reality shows right here.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Our next contestant, Miss Eden Wood. Miss Eden Wood has blond hair and big blue eyes.

EDEN WOOD: I`m going to have my own Eden Wood doll. Everyone`s going to want my doll.


HAMMER: Tonight, "Showbiz" reality secrets, wait until you see the cutie patooties of (inaudible). Could their moms think the show is setting a good example for little girls everywhere?

Miss Eden Wood is here with Isabella Bear (ph), top as a star right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And an x-rated with "Twilight?" Could it happen? Tonight Robert Pattison revealed why is sex scene with Kristen Stewart had his cold blood boiling over. Was it too hot for the big screen?

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, "news and views." Time for the "Showbiz" news ticker. More stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom, making news tonight.

TEXT: "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak gets wedding-themed reality show.

TEXT: Beyonce reveals her wedding dress in new music video for "I was here."



HAMMER: Breaking news late today, this is wild. It is over for Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Demi Moore announced she`s divorcing Ashton telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in a statement that "It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I`ve decided to end my six-year marriage to Ashton. As a woman, mother and wife there are certain values and vows that I hold sacred and in this spirit that I`ve chosen to move forward with my life. This is a trying time for me and my family so I would ask for the same compassion and privacy you would give to anyone going through a similar situation."

Back with me tonight, is Amanda Seales, host of "Music Choice."

Amanda, I am, first of all, so disappointed because I was the one saying, wait, wait, let`s see. You know? And this was such a blunt statement, in my mind she might as well have said, he cheated on me. She didn`t say it but hey, it doesn`t take much to read between the lines there.

SEALES: NO. She made it very clear, that you know that vow that we know about, that vow, I`m not with that. You know, it`s crazy is that when I heard the twitter "unfollow" had happened, you know, I was like -- that`s crazy that twitter makes you say that.

But you know, you knew that they were going down this road and you just hoped with the Kabbalah, and --

HAMMER: Yes. But they were working it all out, right?



SEALES: But the reality is, like she said, she has certain standards that she doesn`t break for and she doesn`t need to.

HAMMER: People said it wouldn`t last, you know?

SEALES: It didn`t.

HAMMER: you know. So, here we are. I guess it`s not that attractive. Thank you.

SEALES: Thank you.

HAMMER: And just after Demi announced she was ending her marriage to Ashton, he tweeted - "I will forever cherish the time I spent with Demi. Marriage is one of the most difficult things in the world and unfortunately, sometimes they failed. Love and light, AK."

HAMMER: Now, fans of the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour in SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, a "Showbiz" exclusive with Vince Gill.


GILL: It conjured up a something that happened in my past when I was about that age, as a 12-year-old kid starting 7th grade there was unfortunately a gym teacher at our school that wound up being the same kind of thing.


HAMMER: Vince making a bombshell confession to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about almost being a victim of child sex abuse.

J.Lo`s new love revealed, back-up dancer, reportedly dating Jennifer Lopez appears in a just uncovered video huge pop star.


HAMMER: Wait until you see the guy who may have captured J.Lo`s heart in action.

Coming up, this is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN "news and views."

Time now for the "Showbiz" news ticker. More stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom, making news tonight.

TEXT: NBC plans to reboot TV`s classic "The Munsters."

TEXT: Regis Philbin tells showbiz what he`ll do after he leaves "Live! With Regis and Kelly."


REGIS PHILBIN, ACTOR: You know what, to tell you the truth. I think I might try something a little different in our business. Maybe it`s the same, I don`t know. The same thing essentially but I don`t know what this is going to be. And frankly, I`ve heard some calls from different people, but nothing that intrigues me to the point where I`m looking forward to doing it. So that`s why I haven`t made up my mind about anything.



HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

A "showbiz" exclusive with Vince Gill. The country music superstar drops a bombshell. Tonight what he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about almost becoming a victim of sex abuse when he was a young boy?


GILL: It was conjured up a -- something that happened in my past when I was about that age, at a 12-year-old kid starting 7th grade there was, unfortunately, a gym teacher at our school who wound up being the same kind of thing.


HAMMER: Vince reveals how the Penn State sex abuse scandal has changed him forever.

Big "Jersey Shore" news, so has "the situation" really blown through $10 million of his reality fortune? What are the secrets to Snooki`s dramatic weight loss?

Tonight, former "Jersey Shore" star, Angelina Pivarnick, speaks out in a must-see "Showbiz" newsmaker interview.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE ANNOUNCER: Our next contestant is Miss Eden Wood.

Miss Eden Wood has blond hair and big blue eyes.

WOOD: I`m going to have my own Eden Wood doll. Everyone is going to want my doll.


HAMMER: "Showbiz" reality secrets. Tonight, we are uncovering the secrets of one of the most controversial reality shows on TV "toddlers and tiaras." everybody`s favorite beauty queen Eden Wood, a new breakout star, Isabella Beard (ph) right here tonight, sharing their "showbiz" reality secrets.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues, right now.

HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer New York with big news breaking tonight.

A SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, Gill`s bombshell. Country music superstar Vince Gill made a downright shocking confession to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about his own childhood nightmare.

As the nation watches in horror as the Penn State child sex abuse scandal unfolds, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that Vince Gill has just revealed to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," he almost became a sexual abuse victim when he was a child. Just unbelievable. The breaking details right now from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter, brings with us tonight from Hollywood.

And Kareen, this is just so surprising for me to hear.

KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: A.J., it absolutely is. You know, Vince Gill, he`s a 20-time Grammy winner and he spoke exclusively last night with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producer Denise Kan before a show at the (inaudible) in West Hollywood, California.

And A.J. he really opened up about being a near victim of sexual abuse as a preteen. Can you believe that? In this dramatic new interview, wait until you hear it, Gill revealed to Denise, his startling connection to the sex abuse scandal at Penn State. Watch this.


GILL: It conjured up a -- something that happened in my past when I was about that age as a 12-year-old kid starting the 7th grade, there was an unfortunately, a gym teacher at our school, that it wound up being the same kind of thing. You know?

And there was an instance when I was just getting to school and the bigger school and not in grade school and a much different thing. And there were some advances made towards me that were, you know, very awkward. Nothing happened. It didn`t get weird. It started to get weird and I had the good fortune or the good luck to jump and run. I jumped up and ran.

But I was so young and I didn`t know what to do. I didn`t know anything about sexuality or all that stuff. It was just so, you know, beyond damaging to those kids you know that you see somebody take advantage of kids and if that`s the case. And really -- I think it`s just beyond evil.


HAMMER: Wow. I mean it`s amazing to me his candor there, Kareen. I think Vince`s confession about his own experience really put into context for all of us how scary it has to be for those kids who allegedly suffered sexual abuse at the hands of this coach at Penn State.

What else was he revealing?

WYNTER: Well, in this exclusive interview with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Vince Gill also revealed his own fears for his 10-year-old daughter and how the sex abuse scandal at Penn State has affected how he talks to her. Watch what he told us.


GILL: I have a 10-year-old kid now. So, it`s all of the sudden, red flag, red flag, red flag. You know, I just want to go to her and say, please, tell me anything that makes you feel awkward or weird that anybody says or does. You know, there are a lot of people, unfortunately, out there; preying on kids and it doesn`t get any sicker than that.


WYNTER: It sure doesn`t get any sicker than that, A.J. And I think Vince Gill`s fans really appreciate hearing such an opened and honest personal accounts and hearing him talk about his 10-year-old daughter and his worries for her. I just think it really brings it right home for everybody who hears this is personal story.

HAMMER: No question about it. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Kareen Wynter, thank you so much for bringing us that.

Alright, as we move on tonight, there is big "Jersey Shore" news we got to talk about. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is breaking and I can tell you, not a good situation for "the situation" Mike Sorentino (ph), some wild reports out there today that "the sitch" has blown through as much as - are you ready? -- $10 million that he`s made since he became a star on "Jersey Shore" barely two years ago. Even Snooki says it`s true. So what does this former "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pivarnick think?

Well, Angelina is looking for love on a new dating show excuse on VH1. She`s with me tonight.

Our "Showbiz" news maker interview, good to finally meet you.


HAMMER: I`ve been talking about you for years, here we are.


HAMMER: Alright. Let`s talk about "the situation" for a minute. And I want to read to you what "in touch" weekly is reporting. They say that he can`t stop spending his money. Listen to what "the situation" is buying, the high-end cars, designer`s jewelry and an entourage that follows him around 24/7.

Now, we have not been able to confirm this, but, look, you worked with "the sitch" for the first couple of season on "Jersey Shore." You got to know him before and after the show hit it big.

As you saw how he lived his life after the show really hit and the money started rolling in, would you be surprised to learn that he has blown through $10 million?

PIVARNICK: No. I would actually have to say he probably did. That`s just how he is. He likes to just buy everything he looks at. And that`s just how Mike is.

HAMMER: He`s not a long-term thinker, is he?

PIVARNICK: No. He really isn`t. And you know what, I actually, I actually said it to myself. I was like, you know what, he`s definitely going to blow through that money right away. He`ll be the first one to do it and now everybody is reporting that he is.

HAMMER: I mean were you seeing him buying the stuffs that were being reported? You hear the cars, the jewelries, an entourage?

PIVARNICK: I mean, yes. He supposedly bought a Ferrari. For Mike, really, I mean, honestly. You should save some money then buy the car later on if you have some money to spend. But I mean to be honest with you. He`s just ridiculous on his money.

HAMMER: Did anybody pull the dude the same thing situation. You may want to you know rein it in? Pull it down.

PIVARNICK: I actually -- I thought his brothers would do because they`re like you know, who is always around him and stuff and obviously they`re not doing that. Oh, well, mike.

HAMMER: Alright. Well look, it`s no secret that you and your former friend, Snooki, basically, can`t stand each other and I`m assuming that`s still the case.

PIVARNICK: That`s still the case.

HAMMER: To the extent, do you have any contact? Most people would agree Angela, that your knock-down drag-out fight on "Jersey Shore" was, perhaps, I don`t know, maybe one of the most cringe-worthy moments of all of reality television. Can we relive that moment with you?


HAMMER: Alright, roll.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is why people don`t like you? Shut (beep) up.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Don`t tell me to shut the (beep) up.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All of you do was (bleep) anybody in this house.



HAMMER: OK. There it is. Good time. Listen, when you look back at your time on the show, are you bitter about the way things ended because you basically quit, right?

PIVARNICK: I did quit. Yes, I did. I never got you know thrown off. People are like, you got kicked off. No, I walked off.

HAMMER: But are you bitter? Do you have resentment about them, the whole experience?

PIVARNICK: You know what, no. I`ll be the bigger person here and I want to tell you that no, I`m not bitter. You know, things happen in life for a reason and I think I got a great opportunity to be on the show and it just wasn`t for me. And you know what, I`m living my life and I`m very happy about it. And I don`t think I would change anything right now.

HAMMER: Well, it certainly got you known and gave you some exposure and it gave you the opportunity to perhaps, find some love now back in the reality world of sorts. You`re working on VH1`s dating show "Excused" which I actually caught. I like the show quite a bit. I love the host of the show. Lets` take a look at you on your date.



PIVARNICK: I have to really figure out why I should pick you over him?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can Mike do this? The little dance, something.

PIVARNICK: Did he give you a little -- do you do this for every girl or just me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re making my heart beat fast.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It can go fast, I can tell you, right there bam, bam, bam, bam.

PIVARNICK: This is so funny.


HAMMER: Has it been tougher to find love since leaving "Jersey Shore?"

PIVARNICK: You know what? I would have to say yes and no. A lot of guys kind of want to date me because of who I am and whatever, I was on "the Jersey Shore." And then you have some guys that are very nice and they want to get to know me for who I am. So.

HAMMER: And those are the guys you`re looking for? Have you found one on "excused?"

PIVARNICK: You`ll have to watch and find out but I am talking to somebody, so, yes.

HAMMER: Great having your here, Angelina.

PIVARNICK: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: Thank you so much. Make sure, you catch her, Angelina, on the reality dating show on "excused" on Thursdays on VH1.

PIVARNICK: Thank you.

HAMMER: We move now to wild vampire sex, that`s what everybody is talking about in anticipation of the new "Twilight" movie. Did it almost get to hot for the screen?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: I heard it had to be re-cut because you went crazy or something. Didn`t you just kind of go into like -- it was too steamy for everybody?


HAMMER: Tonight, new revelation from Robert Pattinson about his teeny sex scene with Kristen Stewart, after this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE ANNOUNCER: Our next contestant is Miss Eden Wood. Miss Eden Wood has blond hair and big blue eyes.

WOOD: I`m going to have my own Eden Wood doll. Everyone`s going to want my doll.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT realty secrets. Tonight, we are uncovering secrets of one of the most controversial reality show on TV; you know it, "Toddlers and Tiaras."

So, how did they handle the haters? Does the show really set a terrible example for girls everywhere? Veteran beauty Queen Eden Wood and new breakout star, Isabella Barrett, right here tonight. I can`t wait to hear their "showbiz" reality secrets.

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TEXT: Sharon Stone joins Biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace.

TEXT: Showbiz first look: new Selena Gomez video for "Hit the Light."




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She has been asked for her autograph.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s your autograph.



WOOD: (Inaudible).


HAMMER: The makeup, the hair, the costumes, moves over, Kardashians. Step aside housewives. These little girls are poised to take over the reality TV spotlight if you ask me.

Tonight, a "showbiz" newsmaker interview with the breakaway star from "Toddlers and Tiaras" and the new face of the show.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And tonight, "showbiz" reality secrets. Now, I don`t think parents could be any more divided than they are over the wildly popular kids reality show "Toddlers and Tiaras." It will takes us right inside the controversial world of toddler beauty pageants and an all new season toddlers has takes off on December 7th on TLC.

Tonight, "toddler" star, Eden Wood is officially passing on her winning crown. With me tonight in New York, Eden Wood and up on becoming star, Isabella Barrett, along with their moms, Mickey and Suzanne.

It is terrific to have you all here. You have the smiling and waving down and it`s terrific. Appreciate you being here. Having a good time in New York City?

WOOD: Yes.

HAMMER: Particularly being here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, right?

WOOD: Yes.

HAMMER: So, you have these beautiful daughters and lovely seeing them in action. I mean, their energy the unbelievable to me. You put them on TV and everybody gets to see them as you well know, there are some people that think the makeup and the costumes, a little too much.

So, Mickey, let me start with you. What do you think is the secret for setting right balance between stage mom and good mom? Because it`s a line you have to walk.

MICKEY, EDEN WOOD`S MOTHER: You have to take your child`s attitude, personality, into consideration. Do they`ll really want to do this? How much time are we going to devote to this? Is she still going to have or if it`s a he, have time to be a normal kid? And, you know, that was kind of why we bowed out of the pageant circuit. She`s far more than a beauty pageant girl anymore. You know, she has her own doll, her own book. Actually, have our own show in the works and there`s a fine line that you have to walk but, you know, you got to be a mom first and then a momma juror second.

HAMMER: Yes. So having the TV cameras around all the time not at the top of the list of what`s important in your daughter?

MICKEY: Exactly. That`s what you have to keep at the forefront, what`s best for your little girl.

HAMMER: What do you like most about being on TV?

WOOD: I like it because you get to have fun and you always get to be on the camera. I love the camera.

HAMMER: You do love the camera. And quite frankly, it loves you.

HAMMER: Isabella, are you all excited to watch yourself on TV on December 7th for the first time?


HAMMER: What`s the most exciting thing about it? Going to get all your friends together and watch the show at the same time?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you excited to be on TV?



HAMMER: Well, we all know that people do get upset when it seems like there isn`t a balance, like the kids are getting pushed into this world. Let`s take a look at a bit of what happens on "Toddlers and Tiaras". Roll that up.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was pregnant and found out I was having a boy I was upset I had the children so we could do the pageants.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I didn`t even realize the boys could do it but we`re pleased to find out he can do the pageants too, so it all worked out.


HAMMER: So Suzanne, Isabella is just getting started in the reality TV world. When you see this and you`re aware of all of the things people say and aware of how some reality stars don`t do so well when they get older. Are you worried at all? Are you excited?

SUZANNE, ISABELLA`S MOTHER: I mean we`re really excited. We just got into this, eight months ago. We hadn`t stepped foot in a pageant until eight months ago. And when we did, Isabella shine, we got involved because of my older daughter, Victoria. She had a traumatic injury and a counselor recommended doing a pageant so we did and took Isabella and she loved the glitz and the glamour. I mean, this is what we do to get away with our family and have time to spend with our family. And then we go back to a normal life.

HAMMER: But as far as the TV cameras putting her in the spotlight, now you guys are going to go places in other parts of the country and everybody will know her face, does that scare you a little bit?

SUZANNE: Absolutely. You have to take everything into moderation and consideration and I have to be honest with you, it`s been a wonderful ride. And mean she`s done a lot of great things. She`s the face of a toy in "toys "R" us." I mean it`s just wonderful.

HAMMER: So it leads to other things and that leads me to another story because Eden, you`re passing along your crown. You make big headline which retiring at the rightful age of what, six? You retire at six. I mean that`s pretty amazing to me.

Of course, you have your own show now, of course, something just for you and you mentioned the other things she`s going to be doing. What`s your secret for making sure she keeps a level head about herself and doesn`t go into what can happen to some reality stars?

MICKEY: Well, because we didn`t go looking for all this. And so it wasn`t like, oh, I`m pregnant with a girl child. I must go do, you know, make her famous.

WOOD: She went on a cruise and she came back with me.

MICKEY: I don`t think that was the question.

HAMMER: Now we get real truth. We`re breaking news right here.

MICKEY: The line of questioning --

HAMMER: Listen. I got to end this but it`s great to see you all. Good luck with the show. Will you sing a little bit of cutie patootie as I go, if you mind? Hit it.


HAMMER: It`s Eden, Mickey, Isabella, Suzanne, thank you all. Perfect. Give round of applause.

Make sure you`re catching on this season, "Toddlers and Tiaras" beginning on December 7th on TLC.

Well, as we move on tonight, this is great but the kids are here, hot and heavy on the set of "Twilight." The much anticipated love scene in the new "Twilight" movie that almost went from passionate to X-rated.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I heard it had to be re-cut because you went crazy or something? Didn`t you just kind of go until -- it was too steamy for anybody.


HAMMER: Next, new revelations from Robert Pattison about his steamy sex scene with Kristen Stewart.

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TEXT: Rapper and producer Doctor Dre taking a break from music to spend time with family.

TEXT: Regis Philbin tells showbiz how he`ll celebrate his last "Live! With Regis and Kelly."


PHILBIN: A lot of friends that I`ve flown in from Hollywood and people, of course, I had known here and family and all of that, they are coming for the final show. And so, there will be a little party after the show (inaudible).




ROBERT PATTINSON, ACTOR, TWILIGHT: Will you tell me what`s going on?

KRISTEN STEWART, ACTRESS, TWILIGHT: I`m late. My period is late.


HAMMER: Well, Tonight`s the long wait is over. "Twi-hard" rejoices. The wedding. A baby. This is supernatural drama.

SBF suspicious (ph) surrounding this Twilight movie is like nothing Hollywood has ever seen before. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you this film is so big it could make people say -- Harry who?

Here`s what I mean by that. "Twilight saga: breaking dawn, part I" could make $140 million this weekend alone. That`s according to the Hollywood reporter. Now, the only other movie to open a higher this year is Harry Potter and Destiny Hal part two, that earned $169 million. But, I`m thinking, who knows, "Twilight" could suck the blood right out of Harry and all his friends at Hogwarts and top that breaking numbers.

Meanwhile, in an all-new interview the cast of "Twilight" revealed some never-before-heard secrets to Ellen DeGeneres. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart tell Ellen why their steamy love scene almost got x-rated. Watch.


ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST, ELLEN SHOW: I heard it had to be re-cut because you went crazy or something. Didn`t you just kind of go into like -- it was too steamy for anybody.

STEWART: I lost it.

DEGENERES: You lost it.

STEWART: No, I didn`t.

DEGENERES: What happened? Why did he have to re-cut it?

PATTINSON: It was too much -- That was one thing.

DEGENERES: Too much butt crack.

PATTINSON: But they didn`t out the shut or whatever. They just cut the crack out. They just --

DEGENERES: How do you cut the crack out?

PATTINSON: I just painted over.

DEGENERES: You just paint over it.

STEWART: So it makes you look like you don`t have a crack. Good coverage so there`s no crack on your butt. Like one solid cheek?


HAMMER: You can show cheek, no crack. You can watch Ellen on fire exclusive "Twilight" episode tomorrow.

Well, we might know though J.Lo`s motivation for hooking up with her new beau Casper Smart (ph), Jennifer Lopez reportedly on the rebound with one of her dancers and tonight we uncovered him in action and it`s all caught on tape.

Next, Jennifer`s new love revealed.


HAMMER: J.Lo`s reported new man in action. Jennifer Lopez keeping things mum about Casper Smart but there`s a new motivation for us to get to know him. Casper actually choreographed Kelly Roland`s hot new video from her song "Motivation." Check out this rehearsal video that People magazine uncovered on You Tube. Casper is the guy dancing right behind and with Kelly.


HAMMER: J.Lo will be spilling the beans soon on that.

That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer, catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusively Sunday through Friday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific here on HLN.

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