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Update on Lohan`s family; Kim Kardashian`s Marriage on the rock? Tom Cruise`s new movie clippings; Taylor Armstrong has Moved on; Up-ring star - Terra Jole;

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST (voice-over): Big news breaking tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

Calm down.

It`s a mad, mad, mad Lohan world. The wild and whacky new arrest of Lindsay`s dad. Why in the world did he jump from a third floor balcony? Lindsay at the morgue with fashion to die for. Rocking a $4,000 fashion statement while doing community service around dead bodies. Was that really necessary?

Tonight, showbiz reality secrets. Startling new reports today about Kim Kardashian`s marriage. Is it really crumbling? Remarkable revelations from Beverly Hills housewife Taylor Armstrong. The secrets of how she`s picking up the pieces after her husband`s devastating suicide.

Showbiz star secrets from the world of mini Gaga.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ever since I was 5, this is what I`ve wanted to do.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" with the incredible story of the four-foot-tall performer with the larger than life gaga gig.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight.

Now, if it were a sensational newspaper headline in the showbiz bugle, it would look like this.

Dad in jail! Daughter in morgue!

Does it sound like a murder mystery to you? No? It`s just another day in the world of those wild, whacky Lohans. Lindsay Lohan`s father found himself back in jail today after leaping from a third floor balcony to escape the cops. What about Lindsay? Well, she returned to the morgue to continue her community service. All the while, carrying some pretty nifty handbags worth an estimated $4,000. Hey, I`m thinking, what better way to hang out with dead bodies, right?

Tonight, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," with yet another installment of those wild, wacky Lohans. From dui arrests to stolen necklaces, to cocaine possession and car chases, no one can top Lindsay Lohan when it comes to colorful run- ins with the law. No one, that is, except her dad.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can tell you Michael Lohan has set a new standard in Lohan legal misadventures. He got busted early today for the second time this week after he allegedly tried to escape the long arm of the law by taking a long jump off a hotel balcony.

DAX HOLT, TMZ: It has been quite the Lohan train wreck this week.

HAMMER: "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" obtained the arrest report today and it shows the cops came to Michael`s hotel room to arrest him for allegedly phoning his girlfriend, Kate Major, last night. Michael had been ordered not to contact Kate after she had him arrested earlier this week on claims he pushed her around and bruised her.

HOLT: She ended up calling up the cops saying she did not feel safe.

HAMMER: TMZ`s Dax Holt tells "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" when cops caught up to Michael at his hotel early this morning after his illegal advised phone call, he instantly recognized the gravity of the situation and tried to defy gravity.

HOLT: He jumped out of his balcony, up on to the roof, started running across the roof, tried to jump to another balcony which was on the third story, ended up slipping, falling into a tree.

HAMMER: Michael apparently hurt himself after his balcony tumble.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE POLICE: Your foot? What`s wrong with your foot?


HAMMER: Michael can`t say he wasn`t warned. When he appeared in court Wednesday for that domestic violence arrest, the judge angrily pointed out Michael was already under court order not to go near Kate.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s not allowed to be around her. Does he know how to read?

HAMMER: After Michael pled guilty to knowing how to read, the judge very clearly warned him what would happen if he contacted Kate again.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you even dream about her and you violate my order, you will go to jail.

HAMMER: Sounds pretty clear to us. So why on earth did Michael contact Kate anyway just hours later, leading to that nasty hotel balcony tumble? Michael offered reporters a theory.

MICHAEL LOHAN: I`m an idiot.

HAMMER: Yes, that`s certainly a possibility. But considering Michael`s long history of ignoring restraining orders and his daughter`s history of ignoring court orders, whenever a judge tells a Lohan --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You violate my order, you will go to jail.

HAMMER: Maybe all they hear is.


HOLT: I think the Lohans believe they`re a little bit above the law.

HAMMER: While Michael`s making headlines for allegedly ignoring court orders, Lindsay`s following her court orders in style. Lindsay is serving community service at an L.A. morgue for also ignoring court orders on probation, and get a load of this. She was just snapped leaving the morgue carrying purses estimated to be worth $4,000. Including a $3,000 Fendi bag and an $1100 Yves Saint Laurent number.

HOLT: That`s one thing I don`t understand why she feels that she needs to be dressed up. She`s hanging out with the bunch of dead bodies for the whole day. There`s no one to impress there.

HAMMER: Daddy is in the hospital and daughter Lohan is in the morgue and both of them have a giant hip of legal problems to sort out.

HOLT: We put together all of the mug shots that have been released for this family and this is what you get.

HAMMER: Well, considering how often daddy and daughter run afoul of the police and anger judges, if you`re going to make a Lohan family album of mug shots, you`ll probably want to leave a few pages empty because there may be more to come.

I can tell you I would not be the least bit surprised if we wind up seeing another mug shot or two or three added to the Lohan family album there. You`ve got Lindsay in the morgue. You`ve got a father arrested again. Is there no end to the madness?

With me tonight, Sunny Hostin, legal contributor of "In Session" in TruTV. Jane Velez-Mitchell tonight, Jane of course host of "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" here on HLN every weekdays, 7:00 p.m. Eastern.

So, let`s talk about wacky Lohan number one here, Lindsay, of course. She shows up at that morgue in L.A. for community service carrying $4,000 worth of handbags. Oh, did I mention she was going to a morgue to mop and to clean?


HAMMER: Jane Velez-Mitchell, I do not get that she does not get how wacky and out of touch with reality that all makes her look.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I would guess that she wasn`t even holding a handbag for her "Playboy" shoot. That`s not humiliating to her, but it is humiliating to her to walk into a morgue and then have to clean toilets and sweep floors so this is her way of overcompensating for that telegraphing to the world, hey, I may be a sweeping, cleaning fool but I`m still a star, and I still can afford a $4,000 handbag.

HAMMER: Yes. Maybe some kind of a security blanket as well. Let`s move on to wacky Lohan number two. Number two. Let`s talk about Lindsay`s dad Michael. Can we put up this brand-new footage? Yes.

This is just today. Michael being brought into jail after his second arrest this week alone. He was arrested again for violating a judge`s order that he not contact the girlfriend who just accused him of roughing her up. He tries to get away from the cops by jumping off a third floor balcony and he lands in a tree. Sunny, I`m actually thinking, as funny as all this may be to talk about, his superman shenanigans really give pretty sad insight into Lindsay`s life decisions.

SUNNY HOSTIN, LEGAL CONTRIBUTOR, IN SESSION: No question about it. What kind of role model is he for his daughter? It seems to me perhaps he`s fallen off the wagon and maybe that`s why we`re seeing that sort of behavior. He clearly has an addictive personality.

HAMMER: We don`t know that of course.

HOSTIN: We don`t know that. He`s had trouble with addiction in the past and now he`s having more and more trouble with law enforcement. We`ve seen that sort of slide with, right? She stopped following the orders of the court and got into more and more and more trouble. The stuff that she`s doing community service now is for conviction years ago. I think really when you think about that, it`s just really troubling that she had such a poor role model in him.

HAMMER: It`s sad. It`s just sad all the way around. We`ve been saying that really for years sitting here.

All right. Let me move on to shocking new revelations from another infamous family, the Madoff`s. There is a just revealed interview in which Bernie Madoff`s wife Ruth tells "60 minutes" that she and her husband actually tried to commit suicide after the ponzi scheme was revealed to the world.

This is amazing to me, watch.


RUTH MADOFF, BERNIE MADOFF`S WIFE: I don`t know whose idea it was, but we decided to kill ourselves because it was -- it was so horrendous what was happening. We had terrible phone calls, hate mail, just beyond anything. And I said, I can`t -- I just can`t go on anymore.


HAMMER: Ruth Madoff clearly looking distressed there. But I`m also thinking the thousands of people whose lives her husband ruined couldn`t care less. So here`s our showbiz flash point. Do you think anybody has any sympathy for the Madoffs? Jane Velez-Mitchell?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I`d have to say for Bernie and Ruth, absolutely not. Zero sympathy. But for the two sons, one of whom committed suicide, tremendous sympathy. These young men said they didn`t know about their dad`s scam and the fact is that one tragically ended his life. This man has brought down his entire family wreaking havoc and devastation everywhere he`s turned. Really, one of the most pathetic figures in recent history.

HAMMER: And what`s interesting about this coming up now is the stunning claims from Ruth Madoff don`t line up at all with her husband`s. New York magazine revealed excerpts from a magazine with him that came earlier this year, and he said "I never thought of taking my own life. It`s just not the way I am."

Sunny, I`m actually thinking as I`m seeing this, hearing her, you know Bernie Madoff was one of the biggest liars of modern time, do you believe him?

HOSTIN: I don`t believe him. And I actually believe her and I have some sympathy for her. I mean I f you believe that she didn`t know anything about this ponzi scheme and anything about what was going on, she`s lost her husband, she`s lost her lifestyle, she`s lost her first born child, so I did have some sympathy when I heard about this. I think it`s just such a sad, sad tragic story.

HAMMER: No question about it. All right. Sunny Hostin, thank you. Jane Velez-Mitchell, I thank you as well.

Tonight we move to showbiz reality secrets, startling new reports to talk about Kim Kardashian`s marriage, is it really crumbling? Beverly Hills housewives secrets, Taylor Armstrong revealing how she`s picking up the pieces after her husband`s devastating suicide.

Also, wait till I show you this. Tom cruise defying gravity high above the earth. That`s him walking on the side of a building. This isn`t "mission impossible," it`s mission insane.


HAMMER: I cannot wait to show you Tom scaling the side of the tallest building in the world. We`re taking you behind the scenes of "Mission Impossible 4" on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views.

And this is the showbiz news ticker. These are more stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" news room making news tonight.

TEXT: VH1 "Divas" 2011 line-up includes Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, Jess J.

TEXT: Chaz Bono reveals what his mom, Cher, really thought of "Dancing."


CHAZ BONO, CHER`S SON: I was finally doing something professionally that she has done and can relate to. And so if anything I feel like it brought us closer together.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: You think your father would have appreciated it?

BONO: Oh, my dad would have loved it. I mean I was saying if my dad was still alive, he`d go on "dancing with the stars."



HAMMER: Welcome back "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT". I`m A.J. Hammer in New York and tonight you can bet on it. The bet here is Bette Midler who just opened up to me in a headline making showbiz news making interview. Now, Bette shared with me some really fascinating advice when Michael Jackson`s kids about the business of showbiz. The divine is also auctioning off a spectacular collection of her most famous costumes coming from 40 years she`s had in showbiz. The auction is next month at Julian`s to benefit her New York restoration pro equity judge.

Now, when we spoke, I reminded Bette about a little video she appeared in with Michael Jackson some 26 years ago. That got us talking about Michael`s three kids. Watch.


HAMMER: I was reminded when I was prepping to sit down and talk to you with Michael Jackson being in the news a great deal right now obviously the trial going on, of Doctor Conrad Murray, but I was reminded that you performed and sang right alongside La Toya in the we are the world video.


HAMMER: This is going back 26 years. 26 years ago.

BETTE MIDLER, ACTRESS: Yes, well I was next to -- I was in the middle next to Bruce Springsteen and they moved me to the end. They moved me to the end with La Toya. At first I was in the center and then I got like -- shoved to the side. I was also an unforgettable memory. I remember what I was wearing, I was wearing the Japanese designers, this was the `80s when the Japanese (INAUDIBLE).


MIDLER: I was called then the Yoj.

HAMMER: I don`t even know but I know that.

MIDLER: I was wearing some black rag and my hair was like this, and -- but it was a great experience. Everybody was there. Everybody was there.

HAMMER: You and I actually have talked about how much fame has changed before and now, Michael`s kids who are living with Katherine Jackson, Michael`s mom, his two oldest kids, Prince and Paris have talked about the fact they want to get into showbiz.

MIDLER: I can`t stand it. I can`t take it.

HAMMER: Here they are coming from a major showbiz family. Not a good move?

MIDLER: I don`t know, I think they should get a college education. I think that it`s -- I don`t really -- I think it`s really hard for kids, and he complained bitterly his whole life about his -- the fact he had no childhood. I mean that was the driving force of his whole life.


MIDLER: He never stopped talking about it. So I don`t think he would have been happy if his kids did that.

HAMMER: One of my feelings is they certainly wasn`t an average childhood but they actually I think he went out of his way to give them a childhood in a way.

MIDLER: it looks like they`ve had a pretty good time of it, but once again, showbiz, it`s over.

HAMMER: Game over.

MIDLER: I think so. Because it`s really not that much fun for a kid, repetition, constant repetition, long hours, you know, having to do, having to learn stuff that you didn`t -- that you`re not really interested in you know. Do you know what I`m saying?

HAMMER: Sure. Can we talk about these shoes staring at me right now?

MIDLER: Those shoes were given to me by Cher Bono when she was married to Sonny. I met her in the early `70`s when I was working to L.A. for the first time, and actually I followed Elton John in, as the matter of fact we followed each other. He was in like one week and the next week I came in. And everybody all Hollywood came. It was really an exciting time for me. She came bearing shoes.

HAMMER: And we`re looking at a picture of you, this is in the program for the auction, it`s you, and Elton John and Cher.

MIDLER: And there`s Bob Mackie and Flip Wilson. He went away from us, we never saw him again.

HAMMER: By the way, is there truth to the rumor you actually stepped out of a limo and fell on your face wearing these shoes?

MIDLER: No. I have no memory of that, but hey.

HAMMER: People have told me.

MIDLER: I don`t think I fell on my face but I may have stumbled a little bit. But they are very hard to walk in.


HAMMER: I love Bette Midler. The auction will include many of her great costumes including the famous mermaid outfit, you know that have seen it. Also for sale customs she wore from album covers even some in Bette`s movies. The exhibit preview begins on Halloween. The auction is November 12th at Julian`s auctions in Beverly Hills.

We`ve got to move now to showbiz star secrets. We all know lady Gaga is larger than life but tonight we`re going inside the world of mini Gaga.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you all ready to rock this tour out?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ever since I was 5, this is what I`ve wanted to do.


HAMMER: "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" with the incredible story of the pint sized gaga impersonator. I love this. Plus a showbiz exclusive. Have you seen this? It`s the eye-popping viral video of a guy calmly walking up and sawing off the top of a parking meter.

That guy`s sawing off that meter.

Tonight, we`ve got the exclusive back story of this wild video and a huge star that`s connected to it. This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN news and views.

Here comes the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" news room making news tonight.

TEXT: Biopic about Grace Kelly`s life as princess of Monaco in the works.

TEXT: Michelle Williams says she became obsessed with Marilyn Monroe while playing her.


MICHELLE WILLIAMS, ACTRESS: As soon as I said yes, I spent the next six months trying to talk myself out of it because it was so daunting. I worked so hard, I read all the books, I watched all the movies, I -- I was obsessed with her. I woke up with her every morning and I went to bed with her every night.



HAMMER: Sympathy for Conrad? The doctor accused of causing Michael Jackson`s death is brought to tears in court after listening to friends and former patients testify on his behalf and saying nothing but good things about him.

Well, the jury is expected to get the case early next week. So, here`s our showbiz flash point tonight. Will jurors have sympathy for Doctor Conrad Murray?

With me in New York tonight, Sunny Hostin who has been covering every single moment of this trial as a legal contributor for "In Session" on truTV.

And in the first half of the trial, it was clearly all about painting Conrad Murray as a reckless, negligent doctor but his former patients really called him but a saint in court, and we all watch as he shed some tears there in the courtroom.

So Sunny towards showbiz flash point, do you think the jurors will have sympathy for Doctor Murray?

HOSTIN: I think it`s possible. Those character witnesses were very, very strong, and I think the really most important point that came out, A.J., was this man was not a greedy man. This was the man that was very charitable and operated on people for free.

In today`s day in age, how many surgeons really do that? So I think that was really important. But you know bottom line is none of them were there on that night and I think many people may feel like, maybe he was a great doctor to those patients, but what about this patient?

HAMMER: Right. And even if he was terrific in that case, you know, if they`re following the judge`s orders, they have to ignore all of that, don`t they?

HOSTIN: That`s right. That`s right. I mean character witnesses are there to sort of rebuild the character and reputation of a defendant, give the jury sort of another view of a defendant. They did a good job at that, but --

HAMMER: They did an OK job. I just hope people are doing what they`re supposed to be doing as jurors. Sunny, thank you of course, HLN and "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" covering this trial like no one else. Justice for Michael. Stay with "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" until the very end of the Michael Jackson`s death trial.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" will be live at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and pacific when the verdict is announced.

Time for the showbiz lineup.

Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT". We`ve got reality secrets for you, is Kim Kardashian`s marriage really on the rocks? Startling new reports tonight.

Housewife secrets, Taylor Armstrong revealing how she is picking up the pieces after her husband killed himself.

Tom cruise defies gravity walking on the side of the tallest building on the planet.


HAMMER: This is intense. We take you behind the scenes of "mission impossible 4." This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views.

And this is the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" news room making news tonight.

TEXT: Ellen DeGeneres and wife, Portia de Rossi invests in new vegan restaurant.

TEXT: Eddie Murphy reveals why he has kept his distance from "Saturday Night Live."


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." showbiz reality secrets revealed.

Kim Kardashian`s marriage on the rocks? Say it isn`t so. The shocking new evidence today that Kim`s marriage may be on the outs.

More showbiz reality secrets with Taylor Armstrong. How the real housewives of Beverly Hills co-star is turning her life around after her husband killed himself.

And Tom Cruise`s death defying stunt. The mind blowing behind the scenes look at Tom Cruise scaling a building half a mile tall.


HAMMER: Wait until you see this, your first look at Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible 4."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.

HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight.

Showbiz reality secrets. Now, the very first time today we got a revealing look at just how real housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong is bouncing back after her husband`s suicide tragedy.

Brand new sequel`s reveals today about Kim Kardashian`s marriage. A shocking new report that Kim K.`s new hubby wasn`t her first pick. Did she really shop around for another basketball hunk first?

And American Idol judge, Steven Tyler finally reveals today how he really wound up with a battered face and some broken teeth. He sure did fall but not off the wagon.

Taryn Winter Brill is here with me tonight.

And let`s begin with Taylor Armstrong. reported today revealing new information about how she is picking up the pieces since her estranged husband killed himself of course this was just before the premiere of the new season of the real housewives of Beverly Hills.

The headline from this articles include Taylor seemed in good spirits at recent commercial shoot. And "People" reveals Taylor is now dating are inaccurate. Taylor is planning to host a New Year`s Eve party with some other housewives stars and I think that Taylor deserves to find whatever happiness she can. She`s been through such a tough, tough time.

You get the impression she`s at a turning point or still has a long way to go? I mean these things take a long time.

TARYN WINTER BRILL, TV JOURNALIST: I mean you just don`t know with the publicity spin. None of us are in her shoes. She just lost her husband who committed suicide. What is this like? Frankly I don`t know a lot of people would do. Publicity wise, I think they have to spin it. She`s moving on, she`s getting better. What else can they say? She`s doing horribly, her life`s over? So I think they`re making the best of a horrible, awful situation and we`ll see.

HAMMER: Yes. And we continue to wish her well. Now, Taylor may be moving on. Unfortunately the ghost of her husband is living on in the show. We weren`t sure how this was going to play out but Bravo released a preview of the next episode for the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and to a lot of people`s surprise it features Russell.

Now, I just spoke with Taylor`s co-star Dana Wilkey. Dana told me even she was caught off guard. Watch what she said.


DANA WILKEY, STAR, REAL HOUSEWIVES: For me it was a little soon. To be honest. I was a little surprised when I saw the preview and I`m sure that his family is going to find it challenging to see him on TV like that.

HAMMER: Was it your hope that they just would have not included Russell at all this season?

WILKEY: Yes, for me it was my hope. But you know that`s not up to me. That`s you know somebody else`s choice.


HAMMER: Yes. It was the choice of Bravo. Do you think Taryn that they made a mistake by including him at all? Because we wondered what the right move would be. OK, now we`re sort of in the middle of the season, what do you think?

BRILL: I think it`s a mistake. We`ll see what the ratings are. I mean it`s all about, it`s all about ratings, it`s all about shock value and how could they not air it? That`s why people are going to tune in. So moral mistake, perhaps, but mistake for the network, maybe not.

HAMMER: Well, yes. The ratings are going to be good but that`s to me a short term gain.

BRILL: Absolutely.

HAMMER: For perhaps a long-term issue.

BRILL: But that`s a reality.

HAMMER: It`s reality for sure and "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" is revealing even more reality secrets tonight. "Us Weekly" reported today Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, they are not getting along at all.

So, how could things be falling apart just a couple months after her big lavish wedding? Well, "Us" says it`s because Kim is upset because her basketball hubby is goofing off. He`s loafing. He`s partying during the NBA lockout.

Let me go to Hollywood right now and bring in Suzanne Sena a.k.a. fake news anchor Brooke Alvarez of the Onion News Network.

Alright, Suzanna, what do you think? Does Kris need to do something? Get off his butt? Start shilling for the Kardashian empire perhaps if he is going to keep his marriage together?

SUZANNE SENA, ONION NEWS NETWORK: Well, I think it`s really important. I mean look at the guy without a job right now, right? I mean he`s in the middle of this lockout. He`s a free agent. He doesn`t have a guaranteed contract no matter what he may be expecting. I mean right now to the best of our knowledge without endorsements, et cetera, the guy`s looking at pretty much the money he makes from being on the show and also of course the money that Kim has in the family.

There`s a pre-nup involved here so if something happens with them as a couple that guy could be sitting without any money. And I`ll tell you, you know the whole Kardashian family is known for being shrewd business people. Just take a look at that. Imagine if you are Kim Kardashian, you come home, this guy`s just sitting around.

And I have to say, I was out the other night, at STK restaurant in L.A. here and noticed he was out that night with some friends the same night she happened to tweet she was having dinner at home with Eva Longoria. And as we know, it`s been rumored she makes up to $10,000 a tweet, Kim Kardashian, just because she has so many followers. So, there she`s even making money social time when this guy is out making fun. It`s got to be irritating.

HAMMER: Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, she has a very strong work ethic and I imagine being around a guy who may be in the words that the magazine printed, loafing, I could see where that wouldn`t quite jibe with her.

Alright, we`ve got to get to more secrets tonight, the secret story behind reality star, American Idol judge, Steven Tyler`s big fall in a hotel room in Paraguay. This left him with a battered face, two broken teeth. So Tyler called into NBC`s "Today" show this morning from Argentina. There was concern about him.

This is the latest stop on his tour with Aerosmith. He called in because he wanted to tell Matt Lauer that the fall had nothing to do with his life long battle with drugs. And he explained exactly what happened. Watch what he said.


STEVEN TYLER, JUDGE, AMERICAN IDOL: Quite frankly, I passed out. I was in the shower and, you know, I got nauseous and -- and I started to get sick and I just fell on my face. I just passed out and I woke up, you know, with water running on me, wondering how I was. And the next thing you know my tour manager was calling the American embassy and we found the best hospital and it was like one-stop shopping. They stitched up my eye, they did a little plastic surgery, and they fixed my tooth all in one fell swoop.


HAMMER: And you know what, Suzanne I`m giving him the benefit of doubt here. He knew people would think he fell off the wagon, but I have to believe he`s telling the truth.

SENA: You know, he sure sounded like it, I mean. He made a point of even saying to be as articulate as he was, he was quick on his feet with Matt, he had a good conversation, good sense of humor about it all and I like to think the same thing. Ironic that it happened at the quote, "Bourbon Hotel," but I think that goes to the humor of it all.


HAMMER: Yes. And you know it`s great to see you fall he raised he passed out. Doesn`t make sound good either.


Alright, Taryn Winter Brill and Suzanne, great to see you both. Thank you.

Got to move on now to Elton John making a real difference. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" caught up with the legendary singer to talk about the success of his very personal mission.

Also die hard dad Bruce Willis with a secret in the works. Another baby. And Samuel L. Jackson breaks a world record at the bank. It`s all make big news in the buzz today.


HAMMER (voice-over): Sam rocks the record books. Samuel L. Jackson has won a Guinness world record. Guinness tells "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" Jackson gets the total of highest box office film gross for an actor because his 68 movies have banked about 7.4 billion bucks over the course of his career. He also has seven more new films set to release within the next three years.

Right now Sam can be seen off screen and on Broadway along with Angela Basid "Mountain Top," in the play about Martin Luther King.

Die Hard dad Bruce Willis has just revealed that will be on diaper duty again soon. A rep confirms for the 56-year-old Willis confirmed to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" that Bruce and his wife are expecting a baby early next year. This will be the first child for Willis and hemming who have been married for nearly three years and the couple tells us they`re overjoyed with this news and look forward to welcoming the newest addition to their family.

Willis` has three daughters with Demi Moore.

Sir Elton opens up. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" was right there on the red carpet at Elton John`s tenth annual aids foundation benefit. Smokey Robinson, Ale Baldwin and Jon bon Jovi join Elton and his partner, David Furnish for the big gallop. Music legend revealed to us how he`s been learning that his foundation is making a big difference.

ELTON JOHN, SINGER: President Clinton said the other day, I saw him in Las Vegas, that we were one of the best organizations in the world as far as fundraising and what we do, so that was a nice compliment. But there`s no time for gloating, there`s no time for sitting back and patting ourselves on the back. People need our assistance now. They need it in the future, and our job is to live in the now and not gloat on the past.


HAMMER: Well, tonight we`ve got to get to showbiz star secrets revealed. I want you to meet mini Lady Gaga. She`s larger than life, like the real lady Gaga, only she`s four feet tall.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you all ready to blow this tour out?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ever since I was 5, this is what I`ve wanted to do.


HAMMER: The mini impersonator has performed mini Britney, mini Katy Perry and now, mini Gaga, what`s first to be good.

Plus a showbiz exclusive, we`ve got stunning new video of a guy taking a chain saw to a parking meter right there in front of the parking attendant. You`ve got to see this.


HAMMER: That guy is sawing off that meter. Yes, I`ve had one of those days.

Tonight, what does this video have to do with one of Hollywood`s biggest stars? Well, I`m going to tell you coming up. This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN news and views.

Here comes the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" news room making news tonight.

TEXT: Showbiz first look, Beyonce`s video for "Party" featuring sis, Solance and Kelly Rowland.



HAMMER: That guy is sawing off that meter.

A showbiz exclusive viral video. Did you see that guy sawing off a meter over a ticket? Seriously, dude. Really? Tonight I can tell you there is more to that video than meets the eye.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" is uncovering the big time star connected to this unbelievable video that has gone viral.

Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

So did that really happen? Well, tonight we`ve got the shocking viral video shrouded in mystery. Did a guy really saw off a meter and get away with it?

Well, tonight "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can reveal exclusively what really happened and how this video is connected to a big time star. It`s probably someone who probably thinks this meter madness is absolutely justified. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Looks like an expired meter. They didn`t come back in time those guys. Oh, my god. Oh, my God. That guy`s sawing off that meter.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Soon they`ll be putting meters on all of us.


HAMMER: That`s pretty cool, and as you see, the viral video is actually promoting Justin Timberlake`s brand-new movie "In Time" and that opens tomorrow.

Tonight, showbiz star secrets, mini Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga of course is larger than life, right? But let`s face it, there`s only so much of the full-size gaga to go around. Can`t be everywhere at once. So please allow me to introduce you to mini Gaga. Impersonator Terra Jole is just four feet tall. And she is giving a little monster a whole new meaning.

Tara tells why she`s on the edge of glory.


TERRA JOLE, MINI IMPERSONATOR: Hello, my name is Terra Jole. I am a mini impersonator.

People know me for mini Gaga or mini Britney. I wouldn`t necessarily say that I sound just like either performer. Lady gaga is way more like my vocal, more raw, yes. I love that. And Britney Spears is more, yea, yea.

Are you all ready?

Ever since I was 5, this is what I wanted to do. Not necessarily impersonate, but perform and sing for a living. My mother would always like T.J., what`s your backup plan?

I started impersonations of celebrities when George Lopez needed a singer for a group, mini kiss. When I saw Lady Gaga perform Parazzi I was like, Lady Gaga, yes! We are doing Lady Gaga. You know, it`s funny that Lady Gaga has her little monsters. I should have mini monsters.

I really stress that I am Terra Jole impersonating Lady Gaga. I am Terra Jole impersonating Britney Spears. The moment I`m out of the costume I`m happy to be myself. I do not find myself in 7-eleven randomly thinking, I am mini Gaga.

All of this time I`ve been saying I`m 4`2" and I just was re-measured and they put me right over four feet. Cello? Am I shrinking? Lord, what`s going on? People wouldn`t be attracted to this if I wasn`t four feet tall. I mean, they`re more so attracted to it now.

If I`m going to advertise impersonator, you probably wouldn`t be watching this right now because it`s not different. And I am taking advantage of that different path and I am gassing it. If you come to my concert, if they come for Lady Gaga, they come for Britney Spears or Katy Perry, whoever is being impersonated that night, I kind of manipulate in my head that they didn`t come for those people, they came for me. Even though I may not be doing the Terra Jole show yet, I`m still able to sing for a living and enjoy it and have a good time doing it and it`s just an amazing roller coaster that I feel completely blessed to be performing every week of my life.


HAMMER: She is just amazing, and Terra really is larger than life. She has done movies, TV, and she`s headlined her own tour. In fact, she even starred in the Las Vegas show called little legends. Well done.

Alright tonight, Tom Cruise`s death defying stunt. This just blows me away. Get this, Tom Cruise walking on the side of the tallest building in the world a mile and a half in the air?


HAMMER: Yes, that`s really him. The jaw-dropping first look at "Mission Impossible 4" is next.

And now the showbiz news ticker. More news from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" news room making news tonight.

TEXT: "Sister Wives" star Kody Brown welcomes son with his fourth wife.

TEXT: Star Jones reveals big news about her book "Satan`s Sisters."


STAR JONES, ACTRESS: Let me tell you something that I`m probably not supposed to, but this will be the first time that I`ve said it out loud. They`re turning it into a television show. I can`t tell you anymore yet, but it`s a done deal.


HAMMER: Time now for the showbiz buzz list. Here`s what the staff`s buzzing about all week.

We`re giving Kelsey Grammer high mark his new show "boss." On stars our boss loves it.

We can`t wait to read the biography about the late great Steve jobs. Plus, huge fans of Kelly Clarkson and her new album "stronger," that is out now.

Happy Halloween, do you want them? You can get them the free scary face pancakes for the kids at ihop tomorrow. Another treat for the kids tomorrow, "bus in boots" opens, and check this out, Antonio Bandera`s voices the movie in English and Spanish.

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views.


ANTONIO BANDERA, ACTOR: You made the cat angry. You do not want to make the cat angry.




HAMMER: Wow. To be clear, that is not spider-man. That is the real Tom Cruise scaling the side of a building. You have got to see Tom perform this jaw-dropping, death-defying stunt for his latest "Mission Impossible" sequel.

I know Tom Cruise likes to perform his own stunts, but scaling the side of a building? Well, in a brand-new behind the scenes video posted exclusively on, the 49-year-old dares to hang himself off of this building, that`s a mile high tall, in Dubai. Tom was filming it for the upcoming "Mission Impossible 4." I`m telling you, it is awesome. Roll it.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re a mile and a half above the earth on the tallest building on the planet, in Dubai, and we`re filming a scene where Tom Cruise is climbing on the outside of the building.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, Tom, we are ready.

TOM CRUISE, ACTOR: This is just another day at work on "Mission Impossible."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Three, two, one, action!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, Tom, we`re just going to do another one from this angle. This angle is great.



HAMMER: Blows my mind. I`d do that for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Can`t wait to see "Mission Impossible 4" goes protocols, out in December.

Jennifer Lopez is opening up about love. Tonight, it`s JLo`s new confession about love and the lessons she`s learned after the breakup with Marc Anthony. We have her on this new interview next.


HAMMER: Jlo`s love confession. Nearly four months after Jennifer Lopez split from Marc Anthony, she is revealing her lessons about love in the new issue of "Glamour" magazine; Jennifer says she has unlocked the secret to loving someone else. Here`s what she says.

"I think I finally learned the biggest lesson of all. You`ve got to love yourself first. You`ve got to be OK on your own before you can be OK with someone else. You`ve got to value yourself and know that you`re worth everything. And until you value yourself enough and love yourself enough to know that, you can`t really have a healthy relationship."

The December issue of "glamour" magazine is going to be on newsstands Tuesday.

Well, that is it for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Thank you for watching.

I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Remember, get "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" exclusively Sunday through Friday, at 11:00 p.m. Eastern here in Pacific here on HLN.

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