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Evidence from Michael Jackson Crime Scene Contaminated?; Revelations About Michael Jackson`s Health Before He Died; Showbiz Reality Secrets of "Dancing with the Stars"

Aired October 10, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- brand- new disturbing developments in the Jackson death trial. Could evidence from the Michael Jackson crime scene be contaminated?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I picked up the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and put it on the table.




HAMMER: Plus, Michael`s friend, Lou Ferrigno, is right here. His remarkable revelations about Michael`s health before he died in a headline- making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

SHOWBIZ reality secrets of "Dancing with the Stars" with HLN`s Nancy Grace.


(on camera) I`m taking you behind the scenes of "Dancing with the Stars" at Nancy Grace`s rehearsal space. We`ll see if we can find her.


Nancy Grace dishes her secrets to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. The great debate - - can Nancy teach me how to dance?

More SHOWBIZ reality secrets with the "Dancing" stars. Chynna Phillips with backstage bombshells. And "Dancing" pro, Louis Van Amstel, on what it really takes to win.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer in Los Angeles. I`m just outside the Los Angeles courthouse where Michael Jackson`s doctor, Conrad Murray, is on trial, accused of causing Michael`s death.

And today, we heard from Dr. Murray himself. Prosecutors played a recording of Murray`s dramatic interview with police two days after Michael Jackson`s death.


DR. CONRAD MURRAY, MICHAEL JACKSON`S FORMER DOCTOR: When Mr. Jackson asked me to be on his team, I was talking to Mr. Jackson himself.


HAMMER: Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, is this going to be the closest we`re going to get to hearing from Dr. Murray in this trial?

But first we begin tonight with a SHOWBIZ newsmaker. Lou Ferrigno is well-known as a successful actor in Hollywood. Most people, of course, remember him best as the body behind the original "Incredible Hulk."

But tonight, we`re getting insight from Lou as a friend of Michael Jackson and the one who was training Michael until just two weeks before Michael died.

Tonight, it is my pleasure to welcome Lou Ferrigno, who joins me right now. It`s great to see you, Lou.


HAMMER: Appreciate you being here. Not a lot of people realize that you were so, so close to Michael. Give me a sense of what it was like to train him in those final weeks before we lost him.

FERRIGNO: Well, Michael was -- he was in very good spirits, good shape and everything when I trained him. Apparently, he was very careful. He trusted me, because he knew that I knew his body, you know, with the cardio weight training. And he was determined to make the greatest comeback in history.

He had his kids. He was happy. He was fired up. And you know, he was under a lot of stress because he owed so much money.


FERRIGNO: He was $400 million in debt. But he was very lively and happy, and very excited.

HAMMER: I`ve heard you say that before and I`ve heard such conflicting things about the state of his health. You say he was in terrific shape. Other people have said that as well.

And there are people who say he couldn`t get on with his day without some sort of medication. Give me sort of a better sense of what he was like when he would show up to train with you and when you would see him, whether it was in the morning or at night or whenever it was.

FERRIGNO: I trained him, like, around 11:00, midday. He could come down - - I went to his house and I would train him. Then, he had to go to rehearse on tour. And then, also, he had, like, a voice teacher and everything.

He had a very busy schedule. By the time he came down and I trained with him, he was motivated. Maybe a few pounds lighter because he was under a lot of stress. But I didn`t see any sign of being intoxicated, you know, drugged down.

HAMMER: Did he talk to you at all about not being able to sleep, which seemed to be a big, big problem for him?

FERRIGNO: I`ve known that for 20 years. He said he always had a sleeping problem. He said, "I wish I could sleep." And it`s always been a problem with him. But he said, sometimes, he won`t sleep for two days at a time.

He told me this, like, 15 years ago. It`s always been a factor of Michael. He was under a lot of stress, and it was the lifestyle he lived.

HAMMER: Well, we heard all the tape that played in the courthouse. We were all shocked when the prosecutors played this recording that was made on Dr. Conrad Murray`s phone of Michael Jackson just not sounding anything like the Michael Jackson that we all knew. Let`s listen to a little bit of that right now.


MICHAEL JACKSON, POP STAR: My performances will be up there helping my children and always be my dream. I love them. I love them because I didn`t have a childhood. I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt.


HAMMER: I mean, as many times as I`ve heard that now, it still blows my mind. He sounds out of it. He is slurring his words. It doesn`t sound like the Michael Jackson we knew at all.

And Dr. Conrad Murray`s attorneys are saying that Michael was so desperate for sleep he gave himself that fatal dose of medication that ultimately killed him. Did that recording, in any way, sound like the Michael Jackson you at all knew?

FERRIGNO: I don`t know what goes on in anything that he does, whatever happened, because it sounded like he was so exhausted. I know that he was up late at night for the tour and it took a tremendous toll on his body and his mind. He was fatigued.

But Michael is a workhorse. He`ll work until he falls over, you know, exhausted. But the truth is, it`s a good question to me, because that`s why they`re finding out what was going on and what his problems were because there`s so much going on.

But my question is, is that, what led to that before what happened that night, especially he had trouble sleeping? What went on with him and the doctor? It`s really sad because, you know, he mentioned at the end of the recording that he wanted -- nobody knows his pain, he loved children and he was all excited.

I just think he was just wiped out tired and then whatever happened in the room that night, I think, it`s just too bad. But you just don`t --

HAMMER: Do you think he could have pulled off that concert tour?


HAMMER: You do?

FERRIGNO: Yes. I think he was supposed to do 21 shows. He was fired up. If I knew any sign that he was afraid to (UNINTELLIGIBLE) --

HAMMER: You would have stepped in?

FERRIGNO: I would have told him, but he was motivated.

HAMMER: Well, terrific to see you. I do appreciate your special insight.

FERRIGNO: Thank you. No problem. You look great.

HAMMER: Thank you so much. The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray is on a three- day break for the Columbus Day holiday weekend. And that leaves plenty of time for people to buzz all about a potential game-changer in the trial, one that might swing things Dr. Murray`s way.

Right now, I want to bring in Judge Alex Ferrer of the syndicated courtroom show, "Judge Alex," joining me from Plantation, Florida. Always good to see you, Judge.


HAMMER: Today, Murray`s attorneys suggested investigators messed up when they were collecting evidence in the case. The coroners messed up when they blamed the drug propofol for Jackson`s death.

And I have to say this reminds me of Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony, O.J. Simpson. Each blamed investigators. Each walked free. Are we seeing the same thing going on here?

FERRER: The reason it sounds familiar to you, A.J., is because that is a tactic that`s used in almost every criminal trial. You always point your finger at the prosecution or at the police officers and the investigators.

No investigation is perfect. There`s always going to be holes in it. And through discovery, the defense knows where those holes are and that`s where they target to create reasonable doubt.

Will it work? You can only wait to see what the final evidence shows before you can determine whether that`s going to be a successful tactic.

HAMMER: But do you think that it has risen to the level that actually has prosecutors worried this weekend?

FERRER: Well, I think they should be concerned, because they knew going in what their weaknesses were. They knew that the bottle of that sports drink or whatever it was on the ground was not tested.

That`s going to open the door for the defense to get up and argue that`s where the drugs were. You know, they know where those holes are. So I don`t know that the lawyers should be worried, but lawyers should be anxious in trial because a trial happens on the fly.

And things change in a heartbeat, and you can`t always anticipate the arguments the other side is going to make. So I think they`re probably on their toes. They know that harm can come at any time. Do I think their case is undermined? No.

HAMMER: Well, you certainly know that they`re paying very close attention to what they heard today because, in court, there was that tape of the police interview with Dr. Murray that was taped two days after Michael Jackson`s death. I want to listen as Dr. Murray describes how he came to work with Michael.


MURRAY: When Mr. Jackson asked me to be on his team, I was talking to Mr. Jackson himself. He offered me employment and I was of the opinion that he would be my employer directly.

Subsequently to accepting that, I realized that AEG would be the one paying for the salary that he requested. So that was the arrangements as far as who would finance me. So I am an employee for Michael Jackson, but paid through AEG.

HAMMER: Well, we still don`t know if Dr. Murray plans to take the stand in his trial. Judge Alex, if he does, is that a Hail Mary because the defense doesn`t think they have any other choice and can`t otherwise possibly win it?

FERRER: That`s absolutely what it is. You do not put your client on the stand unless you absolutely have to. Once you put the defendant on the stand, the focus of the trial shifts from "Did the state prove its case?" to "How did the defendant do?" And you don`t want to be there unless you absolutely have to.

HAMMER: Right. It will be interesting to see if they end up doing that. Judge Alex Ferrer, it was good to see you. Thanks so much.

FERRER: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, we move on to SHOWBIZ reality secrets of "Dancing with the Stars." You`ve got to watch this. I go backstage and I get all the stars to reveal some never-before-heard secrets including their sexy moves and their sexy hiding places.

Plus, HLN`s Nancy Grace shares her "Dancing" secrets with me, even trying to teach me a couple of moves. I`m not so sure I`m cut out for this stuff.


(on camera) All right. That`s it. Studio number one. I`m taking you behind the scenes of "Dancing with the Stars" at Nancy Grace`s rehearsal place. We`ll see if we can find her and see what really goes on around here. Hold on. Dip.


The great debate tonight -- can Nancy teach me how to dance? Also right here tonight with a dancing pro. Louis Van Amstel judging my dancing moves. It`s a must-see SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Sugarland returns to Indiana for the first time since deadly accident. They`re doing a free show. Kim Kardashian responds to reports that her marriage is already in trouble.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: Kris doesn`t like to really wear a ring and he hasn`t gotten used to it and I`m totally fine with that. And I don`t wear a ring when I go to the gym.

Is that, like, the craziest thing? So it`s like my marriage is in crisis because I`m not wearing my ring at the gym.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in Los Angeles just outside the courthouse where Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for allegedly causing Michael Jackson`s death.

Tonight, cashing in on Michael Jackson. Now, despite the fact that Michael has been gone for over two years, the music, the shows, anything Michael Jackson still selling like crazy.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner joining me now with a SHOWBIZ special report. Nischelle, is it true Michael`s actually making more money now than he did when he was alive?

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Well, A.J., Michael died deeply in debt. But since his death, the Michael Jackson estate has brought in more than $310 million. This all thanks to the loyal fans who wanted to keep their memories of Michael alive.


(voice-over) Michael Jackson dead. When the news hit, his fans felt a part of them died, too. They searched for any way to keep his memory alive.


And today, they`re striking gold for Michael, whether it`s downloading his mega-hits like "Thriller" from iTunes or seeing Jackson-themed show like Cirque du Soleil`s "Immortal." In his death, Michael Jackson continues to take in millions of dollars, thanks to fans around the world.

GAIL MITCHELL, SENIOR EDITOR, "BILLBOARD": I think there`s a lot of nostalgia out there, and Michael is at the pinnacle, definitely the level he was at when he died.

TURNER: And now that the trial of Murray is underway, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that Michael`s popularity is skyrocketing once again. Gail Mitchell is senior editor at "Billboard" magazine.

MITCHELL: Michael`s music is still good. It still sounds fresh. He just was one of a kind.


TURNER: Mitchell tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT there is a 25th anniversary "Bad" album in the works, as well as an album of Michael`s never-released music.

MITCHELL: There`s been secret sales. I don`t know how many songs they actually have that he left in the can that they`re still working with. So there`s that pie in the sky prize that the fans would probably be eyeing, too.

TURNER: But Michael`s influence was more than music. In fact, some say he really hit the jackpot on the dance floor. Yes, the King of Pop could have been the King of Pop and Lock.

And on the "Footloose" remake red carpet, celebrities told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Michael`s magic is what made them move.

KENNY WORMALD, STAR, "FOOTLOOSE": I think he`s the reason a lot of us are even here right now, because he`s so amazing.

JAMAL SIMMS, CHOREOGRAPHER, "FOOTLOOSE": That was my first person that made me want to dance. I auditioned for "Remember the Time," a music video for Michael Jackson, and that was my first job.

So Michael Jackson has followed me through my whole career. Even until today, this summer, I just did the "Immortal" tour. That`s just amazing. It`s a Cirque du Soleil tour.

TURNER: Cirque`s "Immortal" tour kicked off this week in Montreal and will travel to 47 cities. The show`s creator tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Michael`s fans won`t be disappointed.

JAMIE KING, DIRECTOR, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL`S "IMMORTAL": The show is really for the fans. Our intention was to make sure we did it and we created a show that Michael would be proud of and that also really we felt would represent Michael in the way that he would have liked to be portrayed.

TURNER: "Immortal`s" portrayal of Michael will bring back memories of the King of Pop and likely bring in tens of millions more for Michael`s estate, an irony that isn`t lost on Hollywood.

CRAIG BREWER, DIRECTOR, "FOOTLOOSE": Michael ultimately won. You know, Michael -- the big battle that I think that he fought his whole life was to have relevance for every generation and every kind of person.

And as much as he was a tragic figure in many ways, I think that we do best to celebrate him.

TURNER: And fans continue to celebrate Michael and his work, putting him on the path to becoming even more successful in death than he ever was in life.


HAMMER: You know, I know I shouldn`t be surprised, but it is really just remarkable to me the amount of money Michael`s legacy has generated since he died, and, of course, the amount of money that`s yet to come.

Nischelle, this has to be just the beginning. Of course, we have the Michael Jackson tribute concert that`s being held tomorrow in Wales.

The Jackson family, of course, has been divided over the timing of this show because it is happening during the Conrad Murray trial. Is this show going to be a big moneymaker?

TURNER: Well, you know, A.J., the "Michael Forever" tribute has been plagued with problems from the divisions within the family like you mentioned. Ticket sales really have not been very good.

But despite these troubles, organizers say the show is going to go on this weekend with performances by Christina Aguilera and Smokey Robinson among other artists. Proceeds from this tribute will go to Michael`s children.

The show is also going to benefit several charities that were close to Michael including AIDS Project Los Angeles and the Princess Trust. Now, hopefully, the big winners in all of this drama will actually be M.J.`s kids. It`s a very good cause. A.J.?

HAMMER: Yes, I certainly hope so. Charity was so important to Michael`s life. Nischelle Turner, thanks so much.

As we move on tonight, so do you think Nancy Grace can dance? Well, she certainly can better than me anyway. Tonight, SHOWBIZ reality secrets of "Dancing with the Stars." Wait until you see HLN`s own Nancy Grace trying to teach me how to dance.


(on camera) Before I leave, can you do me one favor? Look where I am. I`m at a "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsal hall. I have Nancy Grace who went into this thing not knowing a thing about what she was doing related to dance.

I don`t know a thing about dance. Will you show me just one little thing?


It`s my dance moves revealed. Will I get a perfect score? Don`t bet on it. And more "Dancing" secrets with Chynna Phillips. Chynna revealing to me her ballroom secret weapon, the booty shake.


(on camera) If you don`t mind my saying so, you can shake your booty pretty darn well.

CHYNNA PHILLIPS, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: Have you seen me shake my booty? I don`t know if I have done that yet. Honey, you have not seen me shake it yet, trust me.

HAMMER: All right. You didn`t go all Beyonce on us like Kristin did.

PHILLIPS: When I shake my booty, you`re going to know.


HAMMER: Chynna Phillips in a must-see SHOWBIZ dancing newsmaker interview. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Rihanna gets 20th top 10 singe with "We Found Love" breaking Madonna`s record. Sharon Osbourne talks about having her breast implants removed.


SHARON OSBOURNE, REALITY TV STAR: I had them taken out, and it had leaked into the wall of my stomach. So all that, you know, saying those silicones are lovely. Not when it`s floating over your old stomach, it`s not. So anyway, I had them all done.






HAMMER: Yes. Tonight, a super SHOWBIZ viral video. Little Sophia doesn`t miss a trick singing Nicki Minaj`s "Superbass."

That`s her little sister on back-up there. And Sophia`s a bona fide hit. She got more than two million hits on YouTube.

Moving now to big movie news today. First Lady, leading lady? Woody Allen reveals that he thinks that Michelle Obama might have some acting chops. And Kelsey Grammer`s tribute to Steve Jobs. It`s all making big news in "The Buzz Today."


(voice-over) Steve Jobs` red carpet tribute. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with Kelsey Grammer at the premiere of Grammer`s new Starz show, "Boss." Grammer shared his thoughts on the passing of the Apple icon.

KELSEY GRAMMER, ACTOR: It`s a big loss. He was an amazing guy. He redefined our generation, our age and will have an impact for centuries.

HAMMER: Woody Allen`s leading lady? The First Lady. Allen, who has a knack for casting, has featured the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni- Sarkozy, in one of his films.

But Allen seems to think Michelle Obama would be great on screen, too. During an interview with the British TV program, "Daybreak," Allen said, "I was in a room with Michelle Obama and I thought she was right for a part, I wouldn`t hesitate to ask her." No word yet if Allen has a script all lined up for Mrs. Obama to read.


HAMMER: Still so many people mourning the loss of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, today. He, of course, passed away from pancreatic cancer at just 56 years old.

Tributes have been pouring in on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook wall. People definitely feeling the loss today. Here`s what Shirley W. writes, "It is sad that he had a die but he leaves a lasting legacy. It is not as important how long you live as what you accomplish during your time on this earth."

This from Edith N., "Thank you for all the products and movies you helped create that changed the world as we live today. My prayers for your loved ones. Typing this using my iPad 2."

Now the SHOWBIZ lineup -- here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

I`m dancing with Nancy Grace. Nancy revealing ballroom secrets. But can she teach me how to dance?


(on camera) All right. That`s it. Studio number one. I`m taking you behind the scenes of "Dancing with the Stars" at Nancy Grace`s rehearsal space. We`ll see if we can find her and see what really goes on around here. Hold on. Dip.


I might be guilty of two left feet. Wait until you see HLN`s own Nancy Grace trying to teach me how to dance.

Plus, "Dancing" pro, Louis Van Amstel, right here tonight revealing what it really takes to win. His never-before-heard "Dancing" secrets are next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And this is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Johnny Depp to become "Dr. Seuss" for live action movie. Idris Elba says his "most desperate times" came right before landing his role on "The Wire."


HAMMER: Now, on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ reality secrets of "Dancing with the Stars." I`m in rehearsal with HLN`s own Nancy Grace.


(on camera) Before I leave, can you do me one favor? Look where I am. I`m at a "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsal hall. I have Nancy Grace who went into this thing not knowing a thing about what she was doing related to dance. I don`t know a thing about dance. Will you show me just one little thing?


Can Nancy really teach me how to dance? Plus, the grueling hours of work, the memorization -- could it be harder than the law? Nancy dishing her "Dancing" secrets to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

"Dancing" pro Louis Van Amstel dishes on what it really takes to win "Dancing." He`s right here with the backstage secrets you have never heard until now.

Chynna Phillips with backstage bombshells. How does the season 13 cast really get along behind the scenes? Two must-see "Dancing" secrets SHOWBIZ newsmaker interviews.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in Los Angeles and this is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- SHOWBIZ reality secrets.

We reveal the reality behind reality TV shows. And tonight, secrets of "Dancing with the Stars." You know, as many as 16 million people tune in to watch the stars compete every week.

But no one really knows what goes on backstage. That is until now, because I went behind the scenes of "Dancing with the Stars." I spoke with all the celebrity dancers, and they shared their "Dancing" secrets, the secret to being sexy, and best of all perhaps their secret hiding places.


(voice-over) We see the grueling rehearsals. The difficult dance routines.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a very, very different dance.

HAMMER: And the anxiety of competition.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The judges have their scores.

HAMMER: But what we see on "Dancing with the Stars" is only part of the story.

(on camera) I`m backstage at "Dancing with the Stars" where you know there are secrets. You know these stars aren`t telling us everything. But I`m going to find out something that may surprise you, like where in the world would you hide your mints?

CHAZ BONO, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": My mints -- it`s in my shoe.

LACEY SCHWIMMER, CHAZ BONO`S DANCING PARTNER: You might not want to touch those ones.

HAMMER (voice-over): Yes, it`s a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive. Chaz Bono keeps mints in his shoes. Chaz`s dance partner, Lacey Schwimmer, shows me she`s also packing a little something in her costume.

SCHWIMMER: I carry my cell phone in my waistband.

HAMMER: Yes, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT leaving no shoe or skirt unsearched as we go backstage to get the secrets of "Dancing with the Stars."

(on camera) What is the secret to being able to be so much of yourself even when the cameras are rolling?


HAMMER: Carson Kressley tells me his secret to performing in this high- stress, high-stakes competition -- being Carson.

KRESSLEY: People on reality TV are successful when they are authentic.

HAMMER: Here`s another "Dancing with the Stars" secret that may surprise you. Some stars struggle with the whole sexy thing.


HAMMER: Kristin Cavallari tells me the key to bringing sexy back to the dance floor is taking the sexy out of your mind.

CAVALLARI: I just try to go out there and have fun and not think about being sexy necessarily. I just try to enjoy myself.

HOPE SOLO, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": Be honest and try to stay true to who I am.

HAMMER: But perhaps one of the biggest secrets of "Dancing with the Stars" is that through all the competition --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It wasn`t your best performance.

HAMMER: And grueling rehearsals --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nobody said it was going to be easy.

HAMMER: Nancy Grace tells me there`s a sense of teamwork and camaraderie between the contestants. All of whom are sharing with the world their struggles and triumphs each and every time they hit the dance floor.

NANCY GRACE, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: I think it would be very surprising to the viewers to learn how close all the contestants get. And we really do care about each other.


HAMMER: And I can really see first hand just how much the contestants genuinely care about each other when I was right there on the set of "Dancing with the Stars."

Joining me right now with even more secrets from the set of the show, "Dancing with the Stars" pro, Louis Van Amstel. He`s with me in Los Angeles tonight for an exclusive SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. Great to see you once again.


HAMMER: So it was so interesting for me being right there because I could watch the faces of the dancers, of the celebrities, of the pros and get some reaction we don`t see at home.

And when Kristin Cavallari was knocked off, everybody was shocked. There wasn`t a person there who believed it partially because Kristin has been scoring so well.

So Louis, what`s the secret here when it comes down to it? How much is really skill and how much is popularity on the show?

VAN AMSTEL: I mean, everybody knows right now it`s season 13. It is not just about dancing. It`s about likability of the celebrities, the chemistry between the couples. And this week, or last week was story week.

I mean, there were nine or 10 celebrities that all had phenomenal, heartfelt stories. So this week, you cannot expect that it`s just about the dancing.

HAMMER: It still has to play into it.

VAN AMSTEL: And Kristin`s story was, "I moved from O.C. to L.A. to pursue my career.

HAMMER: Right.

VAN AMSTEL: And then, there`s people that -- houses burned down, go through a heavy divorce, alcohol addiction --

HAMMER: I hadn`t really thought about that.


HAMMER: I mean, if you`re going to base it on -- even on that alone, I can totally see. And here`s the thing -- you know, Chaz Bono has certainly proven himself to be a likable character. But let`s face it. Chaz consistently is scoring very low.


HAMMER: In fact, even Chaz himself didn`t think he was going to make the cut this week.


HAMMER: Let`s watch what he told me about that.


(on camera) Did you have a gut feeling when you woke up this morning that, "You know what? I think we`re going to do all right"?



HAMMER: Did you think you weren`t going to make it through tonight?

BONO: Yes.


BONO: I did. Yes.


HAMMER: Did you guys talk about that after the show last night, "I don`t think we`re going to get through"?

SCHWIMMER: We spoke about the possibility.

BONO: Yes.

SCHWIMMER: And then, this morning we kind of just told each other we knew it was our time.

BONO: Yes. We`re probably going to go.


BONO: And you know, we did the best we could. And we were going to hold our head up high and --

SCHWIMMER: Enjoy it. Yes.

BONO: Enjoy it.


HAMMER: It`s obvious to me that Chaz and Lacey have this terrific bond, a very tight relationship. They talk about the fact that they didn`t think they were going to make it through.

VAN AMSTEL: And it`s quite humbling to see because a lot of people think with something -- they can`t do it. And suddenly, they get a surprise news that they can do something.

I think, right now, people now have to watch the dancing more. Now, we`re going more into the competing, and the best dancer should now continue.

HAMMER: But you have to have that bond don`t you? Because can you expect to -- even if you have the skills can you expect to have a big, long run in the show if you, as the pro, do not have a very tight and close connection with your celebrity?

VAN AMSTEL: No. If you are not liked but you`re a great dancer, you shouldn`t be on "Dancing with the Stars," because if you are on "Dancing with the Stars" as a celebrity or a pro, you have the responsibility to inspire.

So if you`re really arrogant and all that, why would you be on this show anyway? Even if you`re good. Then you got to go home.

HAMMER: Yes. Excellent point. Back to the popularity factor for a moment, because with Chaz, of course, you have Cher. And you had Cher, Chaz`s famous mom, tweeting she`d be in the audience if Chaz made it through for another week.

So here`s what we asked for our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll, if Cher`s tweets saved Chaz from being eliminated. Seventy-two percent said yes. Only 28 percent said no.

So give me a prediction. After Cher makes her appearance on the show -- she`s supposed to be showing up this coming week -- how many more weeks of dancing will we get from Chaz before he`s eliminated?

VAN AMSTEL: I don`t think it is -- I don`t know. None of us really know. I don`t think it`s going to save him. But what I like about the fact that Cher is now finally showing up as a mom to show support.

I do like the fact she didn`t come the first two or three weeks, because that means Chaz got there on his own merit. And now, she`s showing up week three and probably -- or week four.

I have a feeling he`s going to go this week, because now, storyline is over. It`s not really -- it`s week four. Now, you`ve got to show what you can do.

HAMMER: Now, it`s going to be much more about the skills.


HAMMER: OK. So based on and the fact that we now have a few weeks under our belt, give me a prediction. I mean, really, who would your best guess be? What does your gut tell you as far as who`s going to get the mirror ball trophy?

VAN AMSTEL: It`s pretty clear.

HAMMER: Ricki Lake or J.R.?

VAN AMSTEL: J.R. and Ricki -- I think they`re going to bust it out for the finals. Who`s going to win? But who could be in the finals? It could be Chynna, too.

HAMMER: I think so, too.

VAN AMSTEL: So far -

HAMMER: And she certainly has the will and the fortitude.


HAMMER: You didn`t mention Nancy Grace though. I`m a little disappointed.

VAN AMSTEL: Well, all right. Here`s the thing.

HAMMER: No, no that`s fine. Whatever. You don`t have to talk about that right now.

VAN AMSTEL: I would like to. I would like to say something about that.

HAMMER: Stay in your seat, because I am reluctantly going to get your take on something.


HAMMER: You know, I`m doing a little dancing with Nancy. You`ve never seen this before on television. Maybe we`ll show (UNINTELLIGIBLE).


(on camera) Before I leave, can you do me one favor? Look, where I am. I`m at a "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsal hall. I have Nancy Grace who went into this thing, not knowing a thing about what she was doing related to dance. I don`t know a thing about dance. Will you show me just one little thing?


I don`t really want to know what Louis thinks, but he`s here so I`m going to ask him to give his take on my dancing ability. And you`ve got to see what Nancy really goes through every week getting ready for this show.

Also, Chynna Phillips revealing why the actual dancing is just a small part of the competition. It`s an eye-opening dancing secret. This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ reality secrets on HLN news and views.


ROB KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: I`m the one in the family that is more to himself and likes to do his own thing. I just believe in that and believe in, you know, having your own space at times.




HAMMER: This may not mean a whole lot coming from me, but I am so proud of you, watching you up there. And I need you to have these, from the bottom of my heart and not just as a TV gag. I genuinely have enjoyed this transformation. It`s been extraordinary to watch.


I`ve said to Nancy all along ever since she started doing "Dancing with the Stars," it really has been wonderful to see this transformation that she has made.

We`re seeing a whole different side of this woman that we knew to be very strong, very powerful. And now, we`re just seeing -- I don`t know -- the softer side of Nancy Grace? Could it be?

Welcome back to the special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- SHOWBIZ reality secrets. I`m A.J. Hammer in Los Angeles. And now, I am dancing with Nancy.

Seeing Nancy Grace on the stage in the ballroom -- that was one thing. But I`ve got to tell you, I really enjoyed getting the chance to join her during rehearsals. It was just extraordinary for me.

I got to witness the blood, the sweat, the tears, a lot more sweat. It all goes into Nancy looking oh so graceful in the ballroom.

Nancy revealed to me if being a lawyer actually makes her a better dancer. And now that she`s almost a pro herself, can Nancy possibly teach me a waltz? Tonight, it is Nancy`s "Dancing" secrets revealed.


(on camera): All right. That`s it. Studio number one. I`m taking you behind the scenes of "Dancing with the Stars" at Nancy Grace`s rehearsal space. We`ll see if we can find her and see what really goes on around here.

Hold on. Dip.

This is unbelievable. It`s Nancy Grace. She knows what she`s doing. It`s amazing.

Thank you both for taking the time to do this with me. I have to say I walk in and you are here. You are so focused, Nancy. I know you`re always focused in life and that`s just who you are. But this is a whole different world. How many hours a day are you actually doing this?

GRACE: You know what, A.J.? It`s all turned into a big blur. But I would say -- what would you say, Tristan?



HAMMER: I`m not good at memorizing. You know, so as a prosecutor, you would have your big closings and your openings and all these things where you had to have that sort of stream of consciousness. But you have to memorize a lot of stuff on your show, so does it come a little more naturally to you?

GRACE: Well, I wish that it did, but my dance instructor insists on not telling me what the next step is. So it`s so hard for me to memorize anything except what we`ve already learned. So I really never know what`s coming next. I don`t think he wants to cloud my vision.

HAMMER: And it`s wild watching this is all going on without the music. I thought you would have the music with you all the time. But you learn the entire thing first and then bring music in?

MACMANUS: What we try to do is -- again, we have our music. We know how many counts and stuff it is.

GRACE: I don`t.

MACMANUS: You don`t need to. So what I try to do is, just as what Nancy said, is I feel if you know what`s going to come next, you anticipate it and you tend not to finish off. It`s like if you know what you want to say next, you don`t finish your first sentence. It`s kind of that way.

HAMMER: Right. It is nice to see that you`re not actually in all the sequins and the gowns and all that. But when will that happen?

GRACE: We don`t really put on our outfits or costumes until that day. We go in for fittings and try to get the costume prepared, but we don`t really run through it until that day.

HAMMER: We`ve seen a real emotional side of Nancy beyond what we have already seen prior to her doing "Dancing with the Stars." How is the relationship you guys have? It all looks great and we`ve been having fun talking. How`s it really holding up?

MACMANUS: So obviously, there`s times, just like when you`re at work, I`m sure there`s someone who might kind of annoy you a little bit for the day, you know.

But the thing is if you have that respect for each other that we clearly do have and I suppose the care for each other that we have, I mean, you get past that, because you understand you`re both here for the same reasons.

HAMMER: Right.

MACMANUS: Sometimes, it`s very easy to forget that and we might kind of tear into each other a little bit.


MACMANUS: But same as any relationship.

HAMMER: Before I leave, can you do me one favor? Look where I am. I`m at a "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsal hall.

I have Nancy Grace who went into this thing not knowing a thing about what she was doing related to dance. I don`t know a thing about dance. Will you show me just one little thing?

GRACE: Let`s do the waltz. I can do that.

HAMMER: Hold on. Hold on. Never done this on HLN before. What do I do?


HAMMER: I just got a "grr" from you.


HAMMER: Yes, ma`am.

GRACE: Follow me.


GRACE: One, two, three.

HAMMER: Got it. One, two, three.

GRACE: One, two, three. No, no, no. You`ve got to use the floor.

HAMMER: Some swagger?

GRACE: One, two, three. Come here, Tristan.

HAMMER: This is terrible.

GRACE: One, two -- come here.

HAMMER: I have no idea what I`m doing.

MACMANUS: Come to the side. Close your feet. One, two three.

GRACE: Don`t mix up on the third one.

HAMMER: I mean, honestly --


This is why A.J. Hammer, among other reasons, will never do "Dancing with the Stars."


Look, I know I was terrible. I know I don`t really need my first professional critique, but, you know, how can I pass up the opportunity? I have a pro in the house.

Back again with "Dancing with the Stars" pro, Louis Van Amstel. Well, you at least didn`t start crying, Louis. Can we put that up again, please, Charles? Let`s watch this. Watch it very carefully.

VAN AMSTEL: Oh, I watched it the first time.

HAMMER: I certainly think -- you know, I ripped off my jacket and I threw that with swagger. You can`t argue with that. Not everybody can do that with such confidence and grace. And then, of course, you have my attempt at dancing. I`m hopeless right?

VAN AMSTEL: I must say, when you were in the hands of Nancy, you did a good job. When you were on your own --

HAMMER: Hopeless.

VAN AMSTEL: I wouldn`t say "hopeless," but you were lost in space a little bit.

HAMMER: Well, here`s the thing and this is why I so appreciate what Nancy has done -- I am completely out of my element in something like that. I don`t know if it`d be the same with you coming out here and hosting SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

But Nancy was completely out of her element before she did this. It does give me hope that even somebody like me can do it if they put their mind to it.

VAN AMSTEL: Anyone. And I think that`s the inspirational part is from Nancy. Being a prosecutor, she`s hard core. We all know that.

And then, to see her throw her jacket off in the cha cha week one -- I mean, it was just -- everybody was surprised. And I want to see that more, because she`s become more serious now. And now, it`s time to just go out there and --

HAMMER: Wait until this coming week. I got a little preview of it.

VAN AMSTEL: Oh, yes?

HAMMER: So now that I`ve taken you inside, tell me quickly, you saw a little glimpse of her rehearsal, which you never really get to see with the other contestants.


HAMMER: How do you think she`s doing?

VAN AMSTEL: I think she`s doing awesome, but I want to see that goofy side -- the mommy, the risk taker, and the fun side, because that is why she could actually go in the top five.

HAMMER: I`ll give you a little hint and tell me if you think this will help her. In this dance, we`re going to see this coming week, she is taking control.

VAN AMSTEL: Well, she has to.

HAMMER: Taking the guard.

VAN AMSTEL: She`s got to show that pride, but still not take herself too seriously.

HAMMER: I`ve got to get some lessons for sure.


HAMMER: Louis Van Amstel, great to see you, my friend. Appreciate it.

VAN AMSTEL: Thank you. Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: Well, now we know that you`re home voting for your favorites on "Dancing with the Stars" every week, but I want to hear from you in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll -- "`Dancing with the Stars` Week Four: Who do you think is going to win it? J.R.? Ricki Lake? Nancy Grace?"

Let us know by voting at or E-mailing us. Our address is

But wait. There`s more. Season 13 contestant Chynna Phillips talks booty shaking.


(on camera) If you don`t mind my saying so, you can shake your booty pretty darn well as well.

PHILLIPS: Have you seen me shake my booty? I don`t know if I have done that yet.

HAMMER: It wasn`t quite the booty shaking.

PHILLIPS: Honey, you haven`t seen me shake it yet. Trust me.

HAMMER: You haven`t gone all Beyonce on us like Kristin did.

PHILLIPS: When I shake my booty, you`re going to know.


HAMMER: Is it getting warm in here, or is it just me? Chynna, her booty, and more "Dancing with the Stars" secrets, next. This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ reality secrets on HLN news and views.


DAVID ARQUETTE, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: I`ve dealt with a lot of stuff in the last period of time. This is not even just alcohol-related or anything, just feelings and, you know, emotion. This part of it, too. I mean, this is a crazy, crazy ride.


HAMMER: Get ready for Chynna`s secrets. It`s Chynna Phillips dishing on "Dancing with the Stars." And she told me about some of the biggest behind-the-scenes secrets from the show.

Chynna reveals that there`s one thing that`s harder than doing the Viennese waltz. It`s seeing your hard-working costars get the boot from the show. But all is fair in love and dancing. Watch this.


CHYNNA PHILLIPS, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: Listen, it`s a high- wire act now. Anything is possible. I was completely shocked. Nobody can shake her booty like Kristin Cavallari, OK? Nobody.


PHILLIPS: She is so great out there. I have no idea why that happened. But at the same time, you know, this is an elimination game. And people who have the votes are the people who are going to stay on.

HAMMER: It`s true. But if you don`t mind my saying so, you can shake your booty pretty darn well as well.

PHILLIPS: Have you seen me shake my booty? I don`t know if I have done that yet.

HAMMER: It wasn`t quite the booty shaking.

PHILLIPS: Honey, you haven`t seen me shake it yet. Trust me.

HAMMER: You haven`t gone all Beyonce on us like Kristin did.

PHILLIPS: When I shake my booty, you`re going to know.

HAMMER: Is it more of a popularity contest really than a dance competition at this point? Which would be a shame for how hard you guys work.

PHILLIPS: Listen, I hope it`s a popularity contest, OK? Because I have a lot of stuff I`d love to get out there and I love to do. I`m working with an orphanage in Tijuana. I`ve got a lot to do.

But yes, I do. I think it has a lot to do with the votes and the popularity. Let`s face it. If you`ve got 20 million people watching the show and three million or four million people are voting for you, you`re going to stay on the show.

HAMMER: Well, that`s how it goes. And you always see the stars and their partners cheering each other on from the sidelines every week. Chynna says that is actually the real deal.

She says the season 13 cast has bonded in ways they never imagined. You have got to hear how Chynna describes their special relationship.


(on camera) You know what I love being backstage and particularly spending time with Nancy and you and Arquette, everybody really seems to bond very quickly.

And it`s this unlikely family, this unlikely dysfunctional strange showbiz family. It really is that close knit a group, isn`t it?

PHILLIPS: You heard what I said. I mean, the circus has come to town. There`s so many different personalities under one roof, but we`re all getting along great.


HAMMER: Chynna also says her actual family, you know, her husband, Billy Baldwin and the three kids -- they have her back, too.

In fact, in an interview with "Parade" magazine, Chynna says, "My kids are being very supportive. It`s hysterical. They just keep saying, `Mom, don`t stress out. Relax. Loosen up. Have a good time.` They`ve been very supportive, and it means the world to me."

And guess what? Having been hanging out backstage at "Dancing with the Stars," I can tell they are really having a good time. In fact, being back there was one of the best times I had this whole week. So thanks to everyone at "Dancing with the Stars" for being so welcoming to me over at the show and good luck to everybody.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in Los Angeles. Remember, you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusively, Sunday to Friday, at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.