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Amanda Knox Speaks Out; Cirque du Soleil`s Epic Michael Jackson Tribute; A "Big Dancing with the Stars" Upset; More Disturbing Michael Jackson Recordings; Top Hollywood Women Earners

Aired October 5, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Amanda Knox speaks out. Her emotional statement to her family.


AMANDA KNOX, ACQUITTED OF MURDER: My family`s the most important thing to me right now and I just want to go be with them.


HAMMER: They drained their life savings to free her. So would anyone blame Amanda for cashing in to help them out? And is Donald Trump really lending a helping hand?

Two headline-making SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker interviews. The genius behind Cirque du Soleil`s epic Michael Jackson tribute. He takes us inside the $60 million extravaganza.

Another M.J. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker. Brand-new revelations from the lawyer for Michael`s dad. Will Michael`s children be called to the stand?

The biggest upset ever on "Dancing with the Stars"? Chaz Bono blunders but stays in the game. Did Cher`s Twitter campaign save her son from elimination?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer in Los Angeles. We`ve got big news breaking tonight - Michael Jackson, in his own words.

Now, I`m coming to you from just outside the courthouse where Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for allegedly causing Michael Jackson`s death.

And tonight, we`re hearing such disturbing new recordings of Michael Jackson. I`m talking about recordings made by Dr. Murray while Michael was apparently impaired.

The recordings were just presented today in the trial in which Dr. Murray is accused of involuntary manslaughter in Michael`s death. Michael can be heard talking about his upcoming tour and why he so badly wanted to have a successful comeback. Listen to this.


MICHAEL JACKSON, POP STAR: My performances will be up there helping my children and always be my dream. I love them. I love them because I didn`t have a childhood. I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt.


HAMMER: It is just heartbreaking to me to listen to that, knowing it`s Michael Jackson. Let me go to Atlanta right now where Judge Penny Brown Reynolds is joining us. Judge Penny is a former state court judge. Always great to have you here, judge.

These recordings are Dr. Murray`s own phone. And as we`ve seen, the prosecution, in this case, is trying to paint Murray as a negligent doctor, a doctor who is more concerned about his own personal life than caring for Michael.

But I want your take on whether or not these tapes actually help or hurt Murray`s case here.

JUDGE PENNY BROWN REYNOLDS, FORMER STATE COURT JUDGE: Well, the tapes can go either way. I think it`s a sad commentary on this doctor more than it is with Michael, because the tapes were not as a result of any taking of the propofol but it shows the breach of the duty of care that this doctor even allowed propofol in the house.

It`s a breach in the standard of care that he betrayed Michael by taping Michael, betrayed his profession, his oath to do no harm. He went from being a doctor who Michael trusted to a glorified drug dealer.

I think it`s just absolutely outrageous. You think about it. Is your doctor supposed to be taping you at a moment of vulnerability? So I think the tape shows more about the doctor than it ever could about Michael.

Yes, the defense can show that maybe he was taping him to be able to give him a reality check later. But what doctor tapes their patient in the midst of the patient being very vulnerable? So it tells us the lack of character and un-professionalism in this doctor, in my opinion. It`s sad.

HAMMER: Yes. I think it raises a lot more questions that it answers. I`m very curious, as everybody is, as to why these tapes were actually made. And perhaps it will come out at some point during the trial. But it may not unless Dr. Conrad Murray actually takes the stand himself.

We`re going to have more in the Michael Jackson death trial, including our own SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Brian Oxman. Brian is an attorney for Michael`s father, Joe Jackson. He might have some insight on this.

Also, I`ll be speaking with Jamie King. Now, Jamie is the genius behind Cirque du Soleil`s epic Michael Jackson tribute. All that is on the way.

But right now, I need to get to the emotional news in the Amanda Knox story. You could hear the strain. You could hear the emotional toll in Amanda`s voice on Tuesday night when she spoke out for the very first time since being set free in Italy for a crime that she says she didn`t commit. Watch this.


KNOX: I`m really overwhelmed right now. I was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn`t real. What`s important for me to say is just thank you to everyone who`s believed in me, who`s defended me, who supported my family.

I just want - my family`s the most important thing to me right now and I just want to go and be with them. So thank you for being there for me.


HAMMER: I`ve got to tell you, when I saw that, I felt her emotion. And I was surprised that she spoke out, number one. And I was surprised that Amanda could even speak after all she`s been through.

Let me bring in Jeremy Kyle. Jeremy is the host of the syndicated TV show, "The Jeremy Kyle Show."

Jeremy, why do you think Amanda spoke out? Do you think she felt in a way she owed it to al those people fighting so hard for her?

JEREMY KYLE, HOST, "THE JEREMY KYLE SHOW": I guess so, A.J. I mean, I was just back in the U.K. over the weekend. And I just want to start by saying, you know, that Italian appeal court made its judgment and fair play to them and to Amanda Knox and to her family.

I think our thoughts to a degree should be with Meredith Kercher`s family. They still have unanswered questions about their daughter who was murdered. But you know, this girl, four years, a foreign country, for a crime a court says she didn`t commit - you can only imagine what she went through with her family, I mean, a family apparently mortgaging homes and saving money and doing all that.

And I imagine the emotional toll on her was huge and it probably all came bursting out. She spoke in perfect Italian, of course, when she summed up to the court a 700-word statement. It`s been an emotional journey for her. And I guess she just wanted to speak out at this time, I should think.

HAMMER: Yes. I think that may be a lot of it. I think, wow, what an emotional journey this obviously has been for Amanda`s parents. They also spoke out last night. They wanted to express their thanks for all the outpouring of support they`ve had. Watch this.


CURT KNOX, AMANDA KNOX`S FATHER: This has been a very long four years, but we couldn`t have made it through it without all you people out here that have supported us.

EDDA MELLAS, AMANDA KNOX`S MOTHER: It`s because of the letters and the calls and the - just amazing support that we`ve received from people all over the world, especially here in Seattle that we`ve been able to endure and that we`ve been able to, you know, make sure Amanda had the support she needed.


But wow, what a challenge they faced. Now, according to a new report in "People" magazine, Amanda`s family have spent more than $700,000 in legal fees for Amanda. We`ve heard reports that the family has re- mortgaged their homes. They borrowed from friends and family.

Judge Penny, there`s no doubt Amanda Knox is going to have a big opportunity to sell her story, particularly given what was spent on this case. I`m thinking, you can`t blame her if she did sell her story. Don`t you think people would be fine with that?

REYNOLDS: A.J., think you`re right. She spent 1,450 days, and somebody is already making money off of her. There have already been movies. They want to hear the story. So I think it`s quite appropriate.

Her family has been through a lot. And they need to be able to pay for her defense. And I believe that she needs an opportunity to be able to deal with her future. And the best way to do that is to get financial security. And nobody can tell her story better than she telling her own story.

HAMMER: That`s true. I really think she will end up hopefully making the right choice and a thought-out choice. But she also still has a lot of supporters and potentially people who will continue to help her perhaps financially.

Among the major supporters for the Knox family, one is standing out - for one, the guy has a lot of money. Number two, he`s got an awful lot of influence. Donald Trump has spoken out about Amanda. He`s been very supportive of everybody involved here.

Jeremy, would it be at all surprising to you if Trump were perhaps the key or a key in helping Amanda and her family turn things around?

KYLE: Not at all. I think Judge Penny`s right. I mean, there`s, of course, the argument that maybe if it had been in a different country, not specifically Italy, she maybe could have gotten compensation.

There`s no doubt the family has had to spend money that they really didn`t want to spend over a number of years to get their daughter free. She`s now back in Seattle.

And of course, quite rightly, I guess the book deals and the movie deals - I guess for her, really, I think the important thing here is that maybe to move on with her life and to draw a line in the sand.

She needs to tell the story from her point of view because so much will be hearsay. So much will be what might have happened, what might have been said, be that prison guard, be those people close to her.

Let`s get her to tell the truth, if that`s what the world wants to hear, because that`s what you have to remember. Movies don`t get made and books don`t get written unless there`s a clamor for it. I think people probably do want to hear Amanda Knox`s story. And you can`t really blame her family.

HAMMER: Jeremy, I`ve got to jump in here. No, I can`t blame the family at all. I think Donald Trump will be very key there personally getting involved.

KYLE: Absolutely.

HAMMER: It will be very interesting to see if he does anything. Jeremy and Judge Penny, I do appreciate you both being here.

Moving on tonight, "Hills" star Kristin Cavallari gets booted from "Dancing with the Stars" after what I thought was a great performance.


(on camera): This is not what I expected. Can I give you a hug?



HAMMER: So why did Chaz Bono survive elimination with two left feet? Did Cher have something to do with it? Well, "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, Chynna Phillips, is right here tonight in a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with her take on this "Dancing" shocker.

And Johnny Depp`s rare misstep. Why the actor is apologizing to women around the world tonight. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And this is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Black Eyed Peas drop out of Michael Jackson tribute concert. Rob Kardashian reveals to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he is the most private Kardashian.


ROB KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: I`m very personal and - to myself.

HAMMER (on camera): That`s a problem if you`re a reality star.

R. KARDASHIAN: Yes, I know. But I`m the one in the family that is more to himself and likes to do his own thing. I just believe in that, believing in, you know, having your own space at times.




KATHERINE JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON`S MOTHER: I was looking for something amazing. I found something far better and I really enjoyed it. It captured Michael very well.


HAMMER: That`s Michael Jackson`s mother, Katherine, giving her stamp of approval for Cirque du Soleil`s "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour." The show just opened in Canada and the Jackson family says they just love it.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in Los Angeles. I`m just outside the courthouse where Dr. Conrad Murray is on trial for allegedly causing Michael Jackson`s death.

Tonight, immortal Michael. This new show from Cirque du Soleil looks just breathtaking. It is full of M.J.`s greatest songs. It`s got heart- pounding performances. And you heard his mom - it truly captures Michael.

That is why I am just thrilled to have Jamie King joining me from New York. Jamie is the writer and director of Cirque du Soleil`s "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour."

And Jamie, it was great hearing Katherine Jackson saying that watching this show was very emotional for her. You would expect that. But she loved it all the same, despite all the emotions it brought out.

Give me some insight. Take me inside the show. Will it be an emotional ride for everyone who sees it?

JAMIE KING, WRITER, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL`S "MICHAEL JACKSON: THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR": First of all, hello, A.J. Thanks for having me. And I - I mean, that`s the first time I`ve heard Katherine speak and so that`s really the only blessing I think I need at this point.

Really, the intention of this show - I mean, could you ask for more? Really the intention of this show was just to, you know, give a show to the fans, to the family, that would really, you know, respect Michael, the man, the icon, the hero, that we all love so much. So if I have Katherine`s blessing and the family`s blessing, I`m good.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s so wonderful and I`m so grateful to get your reaction. You clearly have a big stamp of approval from Katherine coming there, which must be especially special for you because you`ve worked with Michael Jackson.

You worked as a dancer for him. You were hand selected to direct and to write this show. Take me inside how all that came about.

KING: Yes, certainly, a great opportunity. Before I was asked to do the show a year ago by Guy, who Cirque du Soleil`s Guy Laliberte, invited me over to his house and asked me if I`d do this show. He knew of my history with Michael.

Basically, in 1992, Michael was looking for one male dancer to join his other three dancers from the prior tour, the "Bad" tour to go on the road for about two years, looking for one male dancer.

I auditioned against thousands and Michael chose me to go on the road for him for the next two years - to go on the road with him for the next two years.

So that really started - got my foot in the door for the entertainment industry and really kind of sent me on to this road I`m on now, which is designing shows for pop stars, and now, coming full circle and designing the show for really the man who launched my career, Michael Jackson.

HAMMER: Yes. What a great opportunity for you to help uphold his legacy. And of course, Michael`s children never got to see their dad perform live. But they have seen this show. Do you think the thrill of the show will really give them a sense of what it was like to see Michael on stage, captivating an audience?

KING: I certainly hope so. I mean, you know, I am a fan to start so this show is really for the fans. I mean, we - Guy and I, Cirque and I, from the very beginning, our intention was to make sure we did it.

And we created a show that Michael would be proud of and that also really we felt would represent Michael in the way that he would have liked to be portrayed.

So that`s why taking the show on the road and doing a kind of rock `n` roll-type spectacle with a Cirque edge was important for us from the very beginning, really representing how he would do it.

Large. Big. Lots of theatricality, tons of dancers, acrobats, pyro - everything big and magical, as Michael would have had it.

HAMMER: Well, Jamie, I really appreciate you being here. I`m so happy we were able to bring you Katherine`s stamp of approval.

KING: Thank you.

HAMMER: And want to make sure everybody knows that "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour" kicks off the U.S. leg of the show in Detroit next Saturday. The show is traveling around North America until next July.

As we move on tonight, in what world are HLN`s Nancy Grace and David Arquette, of all people, besties? Well, try the "Footloose" world of "Dancing with the Stars." Turns out the unlikely pair just can`t get enough of each other.

Really, I`m serious. They just confessed that to me that they love hanging out together outside of Nancy`s trailer. You`ve got to watch how these crazy kids are acting behind the scenes of "Dancing with the Stars."


DAVID ARQUETTE, ACTOR: Favoritism. Favoritism.


HAMMER (on camera): Hold on a second, David.

ARQUETTE: Don`t say losers.

HAMMER: I`ve got to tell you what happened last night when we were talking with Nancy. We were talking about some secrets behind the scenes of "Dancing with the Stars." And Nancy said to me - well, tell me what you said.

GRACE: Well, they asked me who had I become attached to, and I mentioned David Arquette.

HAMMER: So sweet. Can you explain how sitting on the trailer is hitching and how does that feel?

ARQUETTE: It`s good. She`s got a very comfortable edge. It`s got this little spare tire on it. I just kick back.

HAMMER: Didn`t you say he sits out there and smokes?



HAMMER: I got to tell you, I think they make a very cute BFF couple, even with all that bickering. And tonight, what may be the biggest "Dancing with the Stars" upset ever.

"Hills" star Kristin Cavallari gets booted in a "Dancing" shocker while Chaz Bono blunders and survives. Did Cher have something to do with it?

Well, we have "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, Chynna Phillips, right here tonight for a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. I was right there with her last night after the show. Chynna`s going to tell me what she knows.

As we move on, Kim Kardashian is already getting married again. Really, it`s true. It was all caught on tape. We`re going to show you just what was going on here. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Kurt Cobain`s daughter uses trust fund to buy $2 million Hollywood home. SHOWBIZ first look: "Office Space" Cast reunites for "Entertainment Weekly" special.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT trending tonight. Johnny Depp outraged. Johnny apparently despises photo shoots. I guess that`s fair, but what`s not is comparing photo shoots to rape and that`s exactly what he did in a new "Vanity Fair" interview.

Here`s what Johnny said, "Well, you just feel like you`re being raped somehow. Raped. It feels like a kind of weird - just weird, man."

Well, as you can well imagine, a lot of people are just furious with Johnny. Johnny quickly issued an apology but was that enough?

Joining me tonight from New York, Jeremy Kyle. Jeremy is the host of "The Jeremy Kyle Show."

I`ve got to tell you I think Johnny is a great actor. He`s a very nice and a very thoughtful guy. He rarely makes a big misstep like this. I was surprised by it.

And I`ve got to wonder what was going through his head. Jeremy, did his internal censor perhaps just take five?

KYLE: Maybe, but I will just say I think - you know, I think it`s a lesson, isn`t it, for everybody, A.J., in the public eye, politicians, celebrities, whoever. I think you have to be on your guard. Maybe it is his inner censor.

I just think sometimes you want to say to people who say things like get a reality check. You know, really, you have this amazing lifestyle, mansions, money, servants. Try working in a factory 60 hours a week.

You know, if you don`t like what comes with celebrity, go away, basically. And I`m not being disrespectful to Johnny Depp. Great actor. But you know, appalling thing to say from a female point of view. Abhorrent, really.

If people are in the public eye and they don`t like the intrusion, be it by the press or whatever, then get out the kitchen. Don`t complain. Don`t take it all and be a moan. That`s how I see it, really?

HAMMER: As I said, it`s a rare thing for him to do.

KYLE: Yes.

HAMMER: So it was surprising. He did issue an apology immediately, saying, "I understand there is no comparison. I am very regretful. In an effort to correct my lack of judgment, please accept my heartfelt apology."

And I`ve got to tell you, with one of the nation`s leading advocacy groups for rape victims, RAINN, saying they accept Johnny`s apology. I think everybody`s going to be OK with it. Jeremy Kyle, thank you so much.

KYLE: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: The full Johnny Depp interview can be seen in "Vanity Fair" when it hits newsstands on October 12.

Right now, it`s time for the SHOWBIZ lineup. Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Startling new revelations in the Michael Jackson death trial today.


M. JACKSON: My performances will be up there helping my children and always be my dream. I love them. I love them because I didn`t have a childhood.


HAMMER: The disturbing new recordings of Michael Jackson`s own voice straight from Conrad Murray`s cell phone.

The surprising new list of Hollywood`s top women earners. Yes, Oprah and Lady Gaga made it. But what about the reality star who raked in $55 million? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: "Idol" winner Scotty McCreery will sing National Anthem at World Series. Carson Kressley tells us how to succeed on "Dancing with the Stars."


CARSON KRESSLEY, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: Reality TV is successful when they`re authentic and you can`t try to be anything other than who you are. You just stay yourself and you stay authentic with that. It`s too exhausting to try and fake it for too long.



HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - the haunting new audiotape of Michael Jackson revealed - Michael Jackson`s slurring, talking about his kids.


M. JACKSON: My performances will be up there helping my children and always be my dream. I love them. I love them because I didn`t have a childhood.


HAMMER: The shocking, never-before-heard tape of Michael Jackson revealed in court today and what it could mean for Dr. Conrad Murray.

"Dancing" outrage. The jaw-dropping elimination on "Dancing with the Stars" no one saw coming.


HAMMER: Your mom tweeted she`s going to be in the audience next week?


HAMMER: She originally I think said she didn`t want to be in the audience because she didn`t want to steal your thunder. I don`t think it`s possible to now steal your thunder, Chaz.


HAMMER: Chaz Bono safe, but did his mom Cher help him hold on for one more day? Chaz`s "Dancing" co-star Chynna Phillips is also safe and she is right here for a SHOWBIZ "Dancing" newsmaker interview.

And Kim Kardashian`s second wedding? Tonight, why Kim`s getting hitched to her husband again.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most-provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, coming to you tonight from Los Angeles, just across the street from the courthouse where Dr. Conrad Murray is still on trial for allegedly causing the death of Michael Jackson.

And in court today, we heard heartbreaking words from Michael Jackson himself. Today, prosecutors played more of the audio recordings Conrad Murray made of Michael Jackson roughly six weeks before Jackson`s death.

We hear Michael Jackson slurring his words sounding completely out of it, talking about wanting to do a concert for children and talking about his own pain, his own childhood pain. Listen to this.


M. JACKSON: My performances will be up there, helping my children and always be my dream. I love them. I love them because I didn`t have a childhood. I had no childhood. I feel their pain. I feel their hurt. I can deal with it.

"Heal the World." "We are the World." "Will You Be There." "The Lost Children." These are the songs I`ve written because I hurt, you know. I hurt.


HAMMER: And right now, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker interview with a Jackson insider. Brian Oxman is an attorney for Joe Jackson and has been working with the Jackson family on and off for years.

Brian joining me right here in Los Angeles. First of all, it`s terrific to have you here. Your insight is unrivaled. And I have to know, Brian, hearing this disturbing audiotape, as someone who represents Joe Jackson and who knew Michael so well, what goes through your mind?

BRIAN OXMAN, ATTORNEY FOR JOE JACKSON: I think it hurts to hear this, and we know that Michael was in pain. He hurt. He had broken a vertebra in his back. He had broken his femur on his leg and his ankle. He had pain.

And in the trial in Santa Maria, that pain really came out and it was debilitating pain. But when you hear this tape, A.J., oh, my gosh. I can only say the real Michael Jackson came out.

He was a concerned man. He loved the children of the world. I think you heard a real glimpse into his life. This was the real Michael Jackson.

HAMMER: Yes. You and I were talking a bit about that before we went on the air. The idea when somebody is going under sedation or under sedation or even drunk and they start to really say what`s really on their mind, we weren`t hearing a cynical Michael. We were hearing that loving Michael.

But we were also hearing him talk about his pained childhood, which you know is going to revive the age-old debate and the old talk of him having such a difficult childhood, allegations of abuse at the hand of his father, Joe Jackson.

You represent Joe Jackson, so what would you say to all the people who will say listening to these tapes just kind of proves the theory and the idea that Michael did have a rough childhood and he was abused?

OXMAN: We talk about this a lot, Michael and I, together. And I said, "You know, Michael your dad wanted you to perform. Do you understand? He didn`t want you to grow up on the streets of Gary, Indiana."

And he said he knew that. I said, "Did he ever really hurt you, Michael?" And the answer was no. And the bottom line was, they put this behind them 40 years before Michael passed away. This was ancient history.

And while Michael says, yes, he didn`t have the childhood he wanted, I also said to him, "What about the kids in Sarajevo, Michael? What about the kids in Darfur? They don`t have a childhood. Compared to yours, yours was absolutely great."

And he recognized that. So he wasn`t someone who discounted that. He knew it. He wanted his children to have a real childhood, and he did that.

HAMMER: Yes. I always got the impression and I think most people did that what he really meant was by "I had no childhood" was, well, he was working all the time. He did not have certainly a traditional childhood.

He had a bunch of different and some would say more fascinating childhood than a lot of people. Joe`s been very outspoken about what`s going on at the Conrad Murray trial. He said Murray should have been charged with murder instead of involuntary manslaughter.

OXMAN: That`s right.

HAMMER: You and Joe appeared on "LARRY KING LIVE" the day that Conrad Murray was charged last year. I want to play a bit of what you said. Joe said what I thought were some shocking thing, suggesting that Murray was just part of a larger conspiracy. Let`s listen to that.


JOE JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON`S FATHER: To me, he`s just a fall guy. There are other people, I think, involved with this whole thing.

LARRY KING, FORMER HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": Are you saying, Joe, that these people wanted Michael to die?

JOE JACKSON: Michael said himself that he would be killed. He told his mother that, because he`s afraid - he was afraid of even doing all of these shows because he was afraid that he wouldn`t get a chance to finish all of those stuff because he couldn`t. You don`t do all those shows back to back. Even his kids said that he had told them that he would be murdered.


HAMMER: So Michael Jackson`s father, right there, sitting with you, saying that Michael was murdered and that others were involved. Does he still feel that way, now that the trial`s under way?

OXMAN: Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, the bottom line is Joe Jackson was excluded from Michael Jackson`s life. And if there`s one thing you can rest assured of, if Joe Jackson had been there, and he wanted to be there, and he was kept away by the people who surrounded Michael, this never would have happened.

He would have seen this drugging that was going on. And I mean, they were just drugging Michael every night left and right. If he had seen this, it would have stopped. It would have been over. Joe Jackson would never have permitted it.

And when he says he was taken away and that Michael was done in by these people, I agree.

HAMMER: These people who were hired to protect him, who were hired supposedly to care for him, to look after his best interests, and Joe just feels that was the exact opposite of what was going on.

OXMAN: We have to remember that this doctor was hired by the show producers. He was paid for by the show producers. He was directed and controlled. We have Conrad Murray on trial here.

And make no mistake about it - the man was irresponsible to the point of recklessness. I think it was so reckless, it`s second-degree murder. But the people who were directing and controlling him, the puppeteers pulling the strings, they bear responsibility.

HAMMER: And here`s the thing. Of course, the prosecutors going for involuntary manslaughter here. They`re not saying that Conrad Murray murdered Michael Jackson. They`re saying that his negligence is what was ultimately responsible for Michael`s death.

If Conrad Murray is convicted on that charge, will that be satisfying enough for Joe Jackson?

OXMAN: No, it will not be. But the sad truth is, in the words of Michael Jackson, this is it. This is all you`re going to get, A.J. There isn`t going to be any more. There isn`t going to be further investigation. And, A.J., that is wrong.

HAMMER: What about the defense`s claim that Michael had a hand in his own death and he`s the one who administered the propofol that ultimately killed him?

OXMAN: The idea of administering propofol, which stings, burns - drink it. You`ll get sick and vomit. Never happened. That you shoot it into your veins, it burns so bad, you yank the catheter out. Never happened.

And then the idea he took this Ativan himself and that the concentrations in his stomach were six times larger. You`re supposed to keep the controlled substances away from Michael. They didn`t do that.

HAMMER: Right. Brian Oxman, it`s so great to have you here. I really appreciate your special insight into everything that`s going on. It`s been quite dramatic to say the least.

OXMAN: You`ve got it, A.J.

HAMMER: As we move on tonight, we have to get to the jaw-dropping elimination on "Dancing with the Stars." I mean, this was something. I was right there. There were cries of outrage ringing through that ballroom. Chaz Bono safe.


(on camera) Your mom tweeted she`s going to be in the audience next week.

BONO: Yes.

HAMMER: She originally I think said she didn`t want to be in the audience because she didn`t want to steal your thunder. I don`t think it`s possible to now steal your thunder.


So did Cher help her son, Chaz Bono, actually hold on for one more day? And speaking of holding on, "Dancing" star, Chynna Phillips, also saved on last night`s show. She`s right here with me for a headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

And the highest earning women in entertainment revealed. Of course, you`ve got Oprah. You`ve got Lady Gaga. Shoo-ins, right?

You will never guess which reality star is right behind them cracking the top five. I hope it`s not Snooki. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Adele cancels U.S. tour due to vocal chord hemorrhage. David Arquette opens up about getting through tough times.


ARQUETTE: I dealt with a lot of stuff last year, not just in sort of alcohol-related or anything. Just feelings and, you know, emotion. This part of it, too. I mean, this is a crazy, crazy ride.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On this third week of competition, the couple with the lowest overall combined total and, therefore, leaving right now is - Kristin and Mark.


HAMMER: Brand-new outrage tonight after reality star, Kristin Cavallari, got the boot on "Dancing with the Stars."

Did America get it right? Was it an unfair elimination? Did Chaz Bono get some big-time help from his famous mom, Cher?

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in Los Angeles. Tonight, "Dancing with the Stars" outrage.

I was right there at the set of "Dancing with the Stars" last night as the big decision came down. A lot of people, quite frankly, were not expecting "Hills" star, Kristin Cavallari, to get the boot from the show.

As a matter of fact, there`s a conspiracy theory floating around tonight that Cher is helping her son, Chaz, stay on the show. Is there any truth to it?

I figured who better to ask than "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, Chynna Phillips, who joins me right now in Los Angeles for a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. First of all, I`ve been hanging out with you more than anybody else since I got to L.A.

It`s great to see you. It`s been a lot of fun. It`s been great for me being at the show. But last night, much more than being at home watching from the couch, I got the sense of shock, not just from the audience but backstage with you guys.

I was shocked. The audience was shocked. And clearly, Kristin was shocked herself that she was knocked off. Let`s watch what she told me last night backstage after the elimination. Roll that.


(on camera) This was not what I expected.

KRISTIN CAVALLARI, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: I`m upset but, you know, it is what it is -

HAMMER: Can I give you a hug?

CAVALLARI: Sure. But I had a great experience. I`m really glad I did the show. And you know, it is what it is.

HAMMER: Can you say this is the best reality TV you have ever done?

CAVALLARI: This is the best reality TV I have ever done. Yes.


HAMMER: It`s a vote of confidence for the show still, but she really was shocked. And I remember last night, you told me that this is not how you expected it to go.

CHYNNA PHILLIPS, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" CONTESTANT: Listen, it`s a high- wire act now. Anything is possible. I was completely shocked. Nobody can shake her booty like Kristin Cavallari, OK? Nobody.


PHILLIPS: She is so great out there. I have no idea why that happened. But at the same time, you know, this is an elimination game. People who have the votes are the people who are going to stay on.

HAMMER: It`s true. But if you don`t mind my saying so, you can shake your booty pretty darn well as well.

PHILLIPS: Have you seen me shake my booty? I don`t know if I have done that yet.

HAMMER: It wasn`t quite the booty shaking.

PHILLIPS: Honey, you haven`t seen me shake it yet. Trust me.

HAMMER: You haven`t gone all Beyonce on us like Kristin did.

PHILLIPS: When I shake my booty, you`re going to know.

HAMMER: But here`s the thing and let`s be honest. I heard this from people in the audience. I heard this from people I spoke with. A lot of people thought that Chaz was going to be the one tossed off last night.


HAMMER: Even Chaz himself thought so. Watch what he told me about that after the show.

PHILLIPS: OK. OK. All right.


HAMMER (on camera): Did you have a gut feeling when you woke up this morning, "You know what? I think we`re going to do all right?"


HAMMER: Did you think you weren`t going to make it through tonight?

BONO: Yes. I did.

HAMMER: Did you guys talk about that after the show last night? "I don`t think we`re going to get through?"

LACY SCHWIMMER, CHAZ`S BONO`S "DANCING" PARTNER: We spoke about the possibility. And then, this morning, we kind of just kind of told each other we knew it was our time.

BONO: Yes, we`re probably going to go and - you know, we did the best we could. And we got to hold our head up high and that`s it. Enjoy it.


HAMMER: Is it more of a popularity contest really than a dance competition at this point? Which would be a shame for how hard you guys work.

PHILLIPS: Listen, I hope it`s a popularity contest, OK? Because I have a lot of stuff I`d love to get out there and I love to do. I`m working with an orphanage in Tijuana. I`ve got a lot to do.

But yes, I do. I think it has a lot to do with the votes and the popularity. Let`s face it. If you`ve got 20 million people watching the show and three million or four million people are voting for you, you`re going to stay on the show.

HAMMER: Yes. And here`s the thing. This is why there`s been some outrage today, because obviously, if your mom is, oh, let`s say, Cher, that could perhaps help things along for you.

There are a lot of people saying that Cher actually swayed the vote because Cher tweeted, "I will be in the audience next week if you make it through, Chaz." I want you to watch what Chaz told me about why his mom waited so long to join up in the show. Let`s roll that, Charles.


BONO: She texted me yesterday right before the show and she said, "You know, I didn`t want to come because I wanted everybody to feel your presence." She said, "I think you`ve made your presence known."

And I tweeted back. I said, "OK, so if I get through next week, does that mean you`re going to come?" And she was like, "Yes."


HAMMER: You know, you see, it sounds like a genuine reason to me. Cher didn`t want to steal the spotlight or the thunder from Chaz. But at the same time, a lot of people are saying, maybe she did sort of create havoc with the vote. Do you think that that`s possible?

PHILLIPS: Sweetie, she`s Cher, OK? So she is going to steal the thunder. I mean, everyone - everyone and their mother has been waiting for Cher to show up on set. So the minute she gets there, it`s just going to be, you know, game over.

HAMMER: So people need to relax with the idea that, you know, they may have kept Chaz around so Cher would show up in the audience?

PHILLIPS: I think it`s a strong possibility. I really do.

HAMMER: You know what I love being backstage and particularly spending time with Nancy and you and Arquette, everybody really seems to bond very quickly.

And it`s an unlikely family, this unlikely dysfunctional strange showbiz family. It really is that close knit a group, isn`t it?

PHILLIPS: You heard what I said. I mean, the circus has come to town. There`s so many different personalities under one roof, but we`re all getting along great.

HAMMER: Well, it`s great seeing you. You know, I`m sorry I have to go back to New York because I`m enjoying all of our time together. It`s great to see you, Chynna.

PHILLIPS: Thank you so much.

HAMMER: All right. Hope you make it all the way through, with all due respect to Nancy Grace, of course.

Moving on now to Kim Kardashian. Getting married again? It is true. Kim K. and Kris Humphries just renewed their vows. It`s been only about two months since they got married.

But Ellen DeGeneres decided that since she and her studio audience didn`t go to get to their glitzy wedding, they`d have to do it all over again on Ellen`s show. Watch.


ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST, "THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW": We are gathered here today because we are the only 300 people who weren`t invited to Kim and Kris` wedding. I, Kris Humphries, take thee, Kim Kardashian.

KRIS HUMPHRIES, HUSBAND OF KIM KARDASHIAN: I, Kris Humphries, take thee, Kim Kardashian -

DEGENERES: All rights reserved, television productions.

HUMPHRIES: All rights reserved, television productions.

DEGENERES: To be my wife and co-star.

HUMPHRIES: To be my wife and co-star.

DEGENERES: I promise I will love you and honor you and keep up with you.

HUMPHRIES: I promise I will love you, honor you and keep up with you.

DEGENERES: I, Kim Kardashian.


DEGENERES: All rights reserved, television productions.

KIM KARDASHIAN: All rights reserved, whatever.

DEGENERES: Take thee, Kris, to be my husband and co-star.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Take thee, Kris, to be my husband and co-star.

DEGENERES: To love and honor you.

KIM KARDASHIAN: To love and honor you.

DEGENERES: To always put you first.

KIM KARDASHIAN: To always put you first.

DEGENERES: Or at least above Khloe but below Kourteney.


HAMMER: Perfect. That was the daytime version of the wedding. We can all watch the real one starting this weekend on E!

Well, tonight, who are the highest earning women in entertainment? Lady Gaga made the list, of course. So did Oprah. You won`t believe which real housewife actually cracked the top five, and she`s not from Beverly Hills. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

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TEXT: NBC`s "The Playboy Club" cancelled after two episodes for disappointing ratings. Mariah Carey announces Christmas duet with Justin Bieber!


MARIAH CAREY, SINGER: Justin and I are doing this duet together. It is my song, "All I Want for Christmas is You," which I wrote and produced. And I`m very excited about it, really excited. I think a lot of you are already very surprised by this and you`re going to be even more surprised when you hear it.



HAMMER: SHOWBIZ trending tonight. We`re revealing the highest-earning women in entertainment. Now, according to "Forbes" Oprah Winfrey, no big surprise. She tops the list again. She made $290 million between May of last year and this year. Not really a huge shocker, right? Oprah on top of that list. Some surprising entries this year, though.

With me, Dorothy Pomerantz - she`s a staff writer for "Forbes." It`s great to have you here, Dorothy. I appreciate it.


HAMMER: So here we go. Lady Gaga, number two on the "Forbes" list of the highest earning women in entertainment, making $90 million. Certainly nothing to sneeze at.

But I`ve got to skip ahead to what has to be the most surprising new entry on the list, reality star, Bethenny Frankel at number three, $55 million. And Dorothy, I think that`s a shock to a lot of people. How did she pull that off?

POMERANTZ: Well, she`s so much more than just a reality star. I mean, she`s a brilliant entrepreneur. She`s somebody who has built a business and a brand. And she`s taken advantage of being on TV to build that brand.

So she was able to sell her Skinny Girl margarita, two Fortune brands, for $100 million.

HAMMER: Yes. That will get her on this list.

POMERANTZ: Absolutely.

HAMMER: And she`s almost a Kardashian making all that money. Pretty good.

POMERANTZ: She`s pretty smart. Yes.

HAMMER: Another big shocker on the list to tie for fourth place, you have model Gisele Bundchen, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Judge Judy - $45 million each. Taylor`s just 21 years old.


HAMMER: Do you think maybe she could topple Oprah by the time she`s 40 and get on top of the list maybe even sooner?

POMERANTZ: If she`s going to topple Oprah, she needs to build something more than her music career. She`s already great with the endorsements. And she`s got something of a film career going.

But she would have to expand her brand into a magazine or a TV show and get protegees. I mean, what Oprah`s done is remarkable.


POMERANTZ: It`s going to be hard for anyone to do that.

HAMMER: Yes. Maybe once in a lifetime thing.

POMERANTZ: Maybe, yes.

HAMMER: Dorothy Pomerantz, thanks. Great. Really interesting read. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

POMERANTZ: Great. Thank you.

HAMMER: On now to mad Martha. Is Martha Stewart absolutely furious about her daughter`s tell-all book about her perfectionist mother? Martha Stewart speaks out for the very first time about her daughter`s so-called Martha bashing.


HAMMER: Is Martha bashing a good thing? Well, Martha Stewart says, yes, it is. On her Hallmark show, she says she`s OK that her daughter, Alexis, pokes fun at her perfectionist mom in the tell-all, "Whatever Land: Learning to Live Here."


MARTHA STEWART, DOMESTIC ICON: It touches on everything - fashion, cleaning, organizing and me. It`s irreverent and it`s lots of fun. Remember that whatever show that those girls have on TV, that was my idea. You know, making fun of good things is a good idea.


HAMMER: I think as long as Martha`s having a laugh about it, I guess that`s a good thing. And that`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

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