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Beyonce`s Baby Bump Surprise; Lady Gaga in Drag; Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry: Who Wore It Worse?; "Real Housewives" Suicide Shocker; Dr. Phil Grilling Casey Anthony`s Parents; The Hurricane Streaker; Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are Moving In

Aired August 29, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


CARLOS DIAZ, GUEST HOST: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - a night of VMA SHOWBIZ Flashpoints. Beyonce`s baby bump surprise. Flashpoint - best baby announcement ever?

Lady Gaga cross dresses and acts like a man. Flashpoint - is Gaga trying too hard?

Katy Perry versus Nicki Minaj. Flashpoint - who wore it worse?

Another "Real Housewives" suicide shocker. First, the husband of Beverly Hills star, Taylor Armstrong. And now, disturbing news tonight - his associate also killed himself. Are the two suicides connected?

Dr. Phil`s burning questions for Casey Anthony`s parents revealed today.


DR. PHIL MCGRAW, HOST, "THE DR. PHIL SHOW": Do you buy that that was an accidental death?


DIAZ: The great debate - did Dr. Phil ask the right questions?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m Carlos Diaz, in for A.J. Hammer with big news breaking tonight - big, burning, downright smoking SHOWBIZ VMA Flashpoints.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you the huge controversies and big debates that exploded today following the MTV Video Music Awards. And no matter how anyone tried, no one, and I mean no one, stole the show better than Beyonce who revealed to the world her big baby news. That`s right, she`s pregnant.


BEYONCE KNOWLES, SINGER: I want you to stand up on your feet. I want to you feel the love that`s growing inside of me.


DIAZ: Beyonce shocked the world with her announcement, which came after her high-energy singing and dancing performance.

She did rub it in by rubbing her belly, all as her husband Jay-Z was congratulated on stage by Kanye West. The Flashpoint - was this the best baby announcement like ever?

And who`s that man? Why, that`s a lady, Lady Gaga, who dressed and acted like a dude to try to top the meat dress she wore last year. Is Gaga trying too hard to shock us?

And who wore it worse, Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry? I mean, you had to wear sunglasses to look at those two bizarre costumes masquerading as clothes.

And who better to ask about all this than former MTV host, LaLa Anthony? LaLa now stars in the fabulous show on VH1 called "LaLa`s Full Court Life." LaLa is with us in New York tonight.

And in Atlanta, Jenn Hobby, who is the co-host of radio`s "The Bert Show." Let`s begin with Beyonce announcing her pregnancy at the VMAs where I have to say I thought she and hubby Jay-Z both put on two awesome performances.

What a way to tell the world the news. It`s unbelievable. Here`s our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint - to paraphrase Kanye West, did Beyonce have the greatest pregnancy announcement of all time? LaLa Anthony, what do you think?

LALA ANTHONY, FORMER MTV HOST: Absolutely. I thought the announcement was amazing. I felt like it was my sister that announced she was pregnant. I was so happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z.

I started calling everyone and tweeting and just had like a little celebration in my house. So absolutely, the best baby announcement ever.

DIAZ: Let me give you a little behind the scenes here what happened here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT as we were watching the VMAs.

During the stars` arrivals, we saw the picture of Beyonce rocking what looked like a baby-licious baby bump and we went absolutely nuts here. We got on the phone and called Beyonce`s rep who confirmed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that, yes, Beyonce is pregnant.

Less than an hour later, Beyonce herself confirmed to the whole world during her VMA performance. Jen, to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, was this the greatest pregnancy announcement of all time?

JENN HOBBY, CO-HOST, "THE BERT SHOW": It was, Carlos. It absolutely was, because she didn`t even have to say anything.

She just rubbed the belly and looked beautiful on the red carpet, sort of cradling her baby bump and then of course at the VMAs as well. And it`s certainly better than a tweet or Facebook post, right?

DIAZ: Exactly. To me, that`s - we always like, you know, are yearning in this business for cool things to happen. Oh, is she pregnant? Is she not? That`s so cool!

Now, Beyonce was not the only VMA shocker because Lady Gaga came in drag. Gaga appeared, performed and presented as her smoking t-shirt- wearing alter ego, Joe Calderon.

I thought any minute that Gaga was going to start singing "Greased Lightning" from "Grease." Anyway, here`s Gaga, I mean, Joe talking about her - I mean, his relationship with Lady Gaga.


LADY GAGA, POP STAR (as Joe Calderon): I did. I got crazy. But she`s (EXPLETIVE DELETED) crazy, too, right? I mean, she`s (EXPLETIVE DELETED) crazy! And what`s with the hair? At first, it was sexy, but now, I`m just confused.


DIAZ: Yes, I`m confused, too. Let`s all join the club, Gaga. We all remember last year Gaga shocked us by wearing that now-famous meat dress.

And earlier this year, she showed up at the Grammys in an egg, which leads to our next SHOWBIZ VMA Flashpoint - is Lady Gaga trying to hard? LaLa Anthony, what do you think?

L. ANTHONY: Absolutely not. I think this is part of her persona and personality. And if you`re going to do it, you have to own it and she owned it last night.

She was a man. We all believed it. We felt it. And I think it was classic Lady Gaga. And she got an A-plus from me for her performance last night.

DIAZ: Apparently, all you have to do is dye your hair and stick your chin out. We know that being outrageous is Gaga`s trademark.

But now, it`s getting to the point is the only way she could shock us now is if she showed up at an awards show in a conservative formal gown. Jenn, to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, is Gaga trying too hard?

HOBBY: You know, I agree with LaLa that she really committed to this character and stuck with it all night so I`m very impressed at her creativity there.

But you know, I do want to see Lady Gaga looking pretty. When is it going to be OK for her to just show up and be glamorous, classic Hollywood? That`s what I want her to do next.

DIAZ: I loved it, by the way, when Beyonce was rubbing her belly. Lady Gaga was like, "Yes, that`s good. Hey, hey, good for you there. You`re like OK there."

Yes, Gaga - she had people talking with her get-up, but a few of the other VMA winners also gave her a run for her money. Oh, gosh. Rapper Nicki Minaj showed up wearing some kind of amazing Technicolor disco suit.

It was half-pajamas, half disco ball. She later told "People" magazine that her outfit was inspired by Tokyo. What?

And then, there`s Katy Perry. She accepted her big award for Video of the Year, wearing something from a video game, Q-bert. It was kind of a cube-shaped hat. We were thinking it reminded us of something - then it occurred to us - check this out.

Yes, there you go. Maybe she`s looking like one of those cheese heads from the Green Bay football - Green Bay Packers football team. It`s a great look for a football game, but an awards show? I don`t know.

LaLa Anthony, you know sports. You know entertainment. To our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, Nicki Minaj versus Katy Perry - who wore it worse?

L. ANTHONY: You know, I love Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. I am huge a fan of theirs. And you know, they get people talking. They wear clothes and get people talking, exactly what we`re doing right now.

So for me I love seeing what they were going to wear. I was completely impressed by them having the courage to wear that on the VMAs and I love them both so much.

DIAZ: But they`re so beautiful. They`re both two beautiful women. I don`t know if they needed it. Jenn, to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, Nicki Minaj versus Katy Perry, who wore it worse?

HOBBY: You know, I`ve got to say that I really want these women to just go classic Hollywood beauty next time. We get it that they get the costumes. We get it that they can be elaborate.

But when are you going to stop trying to outdo yourself? So I mean, for this one, I`ve got to say Katy Perry. I`m not in love with the cheese head, honey. I`m sorry. You`re just too beautiful to wear the cheese head. So I`ve got to say Katy Perry wore it worse. But I love her.

DIAZ: I know. I love them both. I think they`re both beautiful and I think that Nicki Minaj is booty-ful. One of the high points of the night - Britney spears winning a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for her career achievement.

Yes, it`s a lifetime achievement award for Britney Spears and she`s 29. LaLa, as we feel altogether, our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, is Britney Spears too young for a lifetime achievement award?

L. ANTHONY: I don`t think so at all. Britney Spears has lived a lifetime and been through so many ups and downs. And for us to see her come from being at a low point to where she is now is just an incredible story for her fans out there to see.

So I definitely think she is worthy of a lifetime achievement award.

DIAZ: Jenn Hobby, what do you think is this?

HOBBY: I have to agree. I think at 29 years old, she`s just been amazing. She`s sold over 100 million albums worldwide. That`s a lifetime of success. And I`m really glad they honored her.

And it was really great to see Britney, sort of this softer, mom-side of Britney last night, definitely different than the past VMAs we`ve seen her.

DIAZ: All right. But I`ve got a question to LaLa. Did you want to see Britney and Lady Gaga kiss?

L. ANTHONY: You know, I actually did. I thought that was definitely going to be a moment. And I was, like, any second now, it`s going to happen, but it didn`t. But I was definitely looking forward to that.

DIAZ: Think about it, Jen. That would complete the circle, because you have Madonna kissing Britney and Britney kissing the Madonna wannabe, which people call Lady Gaga a lot. And that would kind of - wouldn`t that complete everything there? I don`t know -

HOBBY: It would be sort of the passing of the Olympic torch I suppose, right?

DIAZ: All right. You guys are amazing. LaLa Anthony, again, stars on VH1`s, "LaLa`s Full Court Life." Jenn Hobby co-hosts radio`s "The Bert Show." LaLa, Jenn, thanks, guys.

Now, I want to hear from you guys. It our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll - Lady Gaga`s cross-dressing performance at the VMAs. She never disappoints? She`s trying too hard? You decide.

Vote at You can also E-mail us. Our E-mail address

It was the biggest, most anticipated fight in "Jersey Shore" history. The Situation versus Ronnie. But was it a huge letdown?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to hit me? You want to hit me? You want to hit me? You want to hit me? You want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) do it?


DIAZ: The real fist-pumping revelation behind this fist fight. I`ve got to ask, was the big brawl GTL - gym, tan, lame?

It`s a bird. It`s a plane. It`s Brad Pitt. You`ve got to hear the unbelievable story behind why Pitt is being hailed a hero today. Can someone please give this guy a cake?

And your very first look at Dr. Phil as he grills Casey Anthony`s parents.


MCGRAW: Cindy, there are millions of people that want to shake you awake. Do you buy that that was an accidental death?


DIAZ: Did Dr. Phil ask Casey`s parents the right questions? Or did he let them off easy? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Report: Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds to team up for animated TV comedy. Joe Jonas tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT how Hurricane Irene affected his family.


JOE JONAS, MUSICIAN: My brother`s in New York right now and he`s safe and sound. He was affected by the weather a little bit. He just got a new house, so he has to do some more yard work.

Other than that, he`s - luckily, we`re safe and sound. My thoughts and prayers are with those people that are dealing with this.


DIAZ: Pauly D. outraged over being banned from the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. The "Jersey Shore" star is furious after the guys behind the Hollywood Walk of Fame declared that reality stars would be banned from the famous landmark.

So Snooki, The Sitch, Jwoww and all the friends are ineligible and that is lame to Pauly D. He tells TMZ he`s, quote, "Really upset. That`s something I always wanted. I`m really upset about that. They gotta change that."

All right. Fine. My Pauly D. sounds like Pauly Shore.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Carlos Diaz. And there is big news breaking tonight about Mel`s big deal.

And I have to tell you this - it seems to come out of nowhere today. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has now confirmed that Mel Gibson has just cut a deal with his ex-girlfriend, you know, the one he went ballistic on in a series of racist and sexist phone calls that had a lot of people asking whether Mel had totally lost it?

With me tonight in New York is TV and radio host, Michael Billy.

So once upon a time, Michael, all was right in the world of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva. Mel left his wife for her and they had a baby together.

But the fairytale soon fell apart after a series of phone calls from Mel to Oksana were leaked to "Radar Online." Michael, shall we listen again for the sake of old time`s sake? I think we shall.


DIAZ: Let`s do this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (allegedly Mel Gibson): Oh, you`re all angry now. You (EXPLETIVE DELETED) deserved it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (allegedly Oksana Grigorieva): You know what? You`re going to answer. One day, boy, you`re going to answer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (allegedly Mel Gibson): What, are you threatening me?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (allegedly Oksana Grigorieva): Nothing. Nothing. I`m not the one to threaten.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (allegedly Mel Gibson): I`ll threaten - I`ll put up in the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) rose garden, you (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


DIAZ: Wow. That still makes my ears hurt to hear that. Michael, are you surprised Mel has now cut a financial and custodial deal with Oksana? I mean, it seems the two were still at each other`s throats.

BILLY: I`m not at all surprised. You really got to look at Mel Gibson`s life right now. It seems that his divorce is almost going to be finalized. He`s done with his community service.

This is one of those last few things he`s got to get out of the way before he gets his personal life under order so he can move on, maybe in the good graces of the public, who knows? But he`s got to get through this.

DIAZ: Now, we`re being told the terms of settlement are being kept secret. But Michael, I`m guessing Mel had to pony up a lot of money to make this go away. You agree?

BILLY: Hey, whatever. It`s worth it. "Ransom 2: Give Me Back My Career."

DIAZ: Now, let`s move on to Brad Pitt`s rescue. Brad Pitt saving a woman from a zombie. I kid you not. Brad is currently in Scotland shooting a zombie-themed movie called "World War Z."

We learned today that a woman, who was an extra, fell during a scene while running away from the zombies and was almost trampled. But Brad Pitt swoops in and saves her.

Michael, I cannot take this anymore. The guy, first off, is with Angelina Jolie. He`s one of the biggest movie stars in the world, and on the side, he`s saving lives. Is it me or is Brad Pitt giving us all an inferiority complex?

BILLY: You`re right, Carlos. It`s ridiculous already. I, for one, believe anything hat Brad and Angelina do is just good deeds to get rid of the guilt for what they did to Jennifer Aniston!

DIAZ: Oh, my. Can you just leave that alone, please? Come on, Michael, you`re killing me. I love Brad Pitt. Michael Billy, thank you so much.

The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page is outraged that Lindsay Lohan would sue rapper Pit Bull for making fun of her jail time.

You know, he raps the line, "Got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" and she didn`t like that. So we asked you is LiLo too thin-skinned?

Christopher H. writes, "I knew it was just a matter of time before Lindsay Lohan would be complaining about that. She should be honored that Pit Bull would mention her in one of his songs."

Terry N. writes, "I think it`s ridiculous. He also mentions Ryan Seacrest in the song. She needs to get over herself. `Locked up like Lindsay Lohan` is not derogatory. She has been locked up. It`s common knowledge."

All right. You can connect with me. Join our debates on Facebook. We are ShowbizTonightHLN there. And you can follow @ShowbizTonight on Twitter for breaking entertainment news alerts. Call me at our "Showbiz on Call," 888-SBT-BUZZ. And there`s always our E-mail,

Moving on now to "Real Housewives" suicide mystery today. First, the husband of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, Taylor Armstrong, takes his own life. Now, his business associate commits suicide, too. But are the two suicides connected?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux move in together. First comes love, then comes condo. So is marriage next? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Sofia Coppola marries beau Thomas Mars in Italy. Jwoww and Snooki reveal to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT how they escaped the hurricane.


NICOLE "SNOOKI" POLIZZI, REALITY TV STAR, "JERSEY SHORE": I live in New York and everyone is in New Jersey. So we had no idea if we were going to make it. But at 8:00 on Friday, we were like, oh, my good. The flights are cancelled.

MTV got us a private jet to get here, so we felt so cool. We were on a private jet watching movies. We were like, yes, it was awesome.



DIAZ: SHOWBIZ trending tonight - sex is ridiculous. That`s what Alyssa Banks is saying in a brand-new interview with "Esquire" revealed today. Is that just a ridiculous thing to say, or is it brilliant?

Joining me right now from Chicago is Kelli Zink, host of ""

Elizabeth Banks have starred in movies, Kelli, like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Zack and Miri Make a Porno." So what does she think about sex?

Listen to this, "Well, it`s a fairly ridiculous act. I mean, let`s be honest. It`s a very primal thing that you`re doing and it involves, you know - it`s what they call `bumping uglies,` which sort of puts it in the right place."

It`s a horrifyingly embarrassing act. It`s the most vulnerable thing you can do as a person, I think."

All right. Kelli, I dare to ask - does she have it right?

KELLI ZINK, HOST, "CELEBTV.COM": Not in my bedroom. That`s not what goes on. But I don`t know what`s going on there. The first thing that I don`t want to see from her is a sex tape.

I mean, it is a little bit brilliant to bring this up now. You`re trying to promote a movie. And all of these other celebrities are wearing weird boxes on their heads and dressing like men, so you`ve got to do something to get attention.

But saying sex is bad - I mean, what guy is going to want to be with her now?

DIAZ: Elizabeth Banks, if you`re watching right now, don`t listen to Kelli Zink. If you want to put on a sex tape, I`ll watch.

Now, Banks is going to be starring in a new movie, "Our Idiot Brother." Kelli, are you thinking some people might be saying, man, she`s an idiot, brother?

ZINK: You know what, no. I think a lot of men are kind of scratching their heads like, "Does this woman not like to have sex? Can I prove to her that sex is awesome and amazing and maybe she`s been hurt in the past?"

But it is a little bit genius because we`re talking about this movie the day after Beyonce reveals she`s pregnant and all these other crazy things go down.

DIAZ: Coming up - thanks, Kelli. I appreciate it. It`s time for our SHOWBIZ lineup. Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Your very first look at Dr. Phil grilling Casey Anthony`s parents. The burning questions we all wanted answered.


MCGRAW: Cindy, there are millions of people that want to shake you awake. Do you buy that that was an accidental death?


DIAZ: Dr. Phil goes one-on-one with George and Cindy Anthony, but did he ask the right questions?

Hurricane streaker? It`s a must-see SHOWBIZ viral video.


ERIC FISHER, REPORTER, THE WEATHER CHANNEL: Incredibly, well, I`ll bite my tongue, people who are coming out -


DIAZ: I know the weatherman is said to run from the hurricane, but I think he meant with your clothes on. You`ve got to see this. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Reality star Kristin Cavallari accepts invitation to Marine Corps Ball in San Diego. Mike Tyson to roast Charlie Sheen on Comedy Central roast.


DIAZ: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Dr. Phil reveals the first look at his dramatic interview with Casey Anthony`s parents. He`s asking the questions everyone wants the answers to.


MCGRAW: Cindy, there are millions of people that want to shake you awake. Do you buy that that was an accidental death?


DIAZ: Plus, Casey is getting counseling right in her own home. So if she`s broke, just who`s paying for it?

Another "Real Housewives" suicide. Russell Armstrong`s business partner takes his own life. Is there a suicide connection?

The real story behind the "Jersey Shore" brawl. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals just what happened in that throw-down between Ronnie and The Situation.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to hit me? You want to hit me? You want to hit me, tough guy? You want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) do it?


DIAZ: Was this the biggest, most bogus brawl ever?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


DIAZ: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Carlos Diaz, in for A.J. Hammer. Big news breaking tonight - did the biggest VMA diss ever just go down?

This is what happened: Maroon 5`s front man, Adam Levine, who is also a judge on NBC`s "The Voice," was feeling a little feisty this weekend and decided to call out MTV for last night`s annual music awards.

Listen to what he tweeted, "The VMAs, one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music. I`m drawing the line in the sand. (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you, VMAs."

Ouch. By the way, the expletive began with the letter F. It looks like Adam Levine, who has won a VMA in the past, was giving MTV the middle finger on that one. But does he have a point?

At least, to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, was Adam Levine`s criticism of MTV spot on?

LaLa Anthony used to be a veejay on MTV when they played a lot of music. LaLa now stars in VH1`s hit reality show, "LaLa`s Full Court Life."

LaLa, I have to tell you a lot of people ask the same thing Adam Levine does. They say MTV has little or nothing to do with music anymore, so why are they putting on a music awards show? To our Flashpoint, was Adam Levine`s criticism of MTV spot on?

L. ANTHONY: I mean, I definitely respect everyone`s opinion, but MTV has been at the pulse of music from before I can even remember. And I don`t think that changed to this day just because they don`t show as many videos.

They still know what`s hot, what`s not, what`s out there. One thing I can say about this year`s VMAs, I enjoyed it from start to finish. I did not change the channel. Not one time. They get a guaranteed A-plus from me for the VMAs this year, a wonderful awards show.

DIAZ: I`ve got to agree it`s one of the best awards shows, if not the best awards show of the year. And I have to give MTV a lot of credit because they can give as good as they can get.

Listen to what MTV tweeted back, "So you`ll be tuning in at 9:00/8:00 Central tomorrow night?" I love that. "By the way, bonus points if you TwitPic your 2004 Moon Man." That`s classic.


DIAZ: A tweet, a diss and a promo. Let me begin with Jenn Hobby, who is the co-host of radio`s "The Bert Show." Jenn, to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, was Adam Levine`s criticism of MTV spot on?

HOBBY: Well, it was actually just a decade too late, Carlos. I mean, everybody knows that the programming on MTV isn`t totally based on music anymore.

Everyone still loves the network. Everyone still watches all the shows and is so entertained by the MTV VMAs every year. So we understand what he`s trying to say, but why so angry? And he`s a little bit late.

DIAZ: Yes. And to that point, then I guess the Oscars should be on HBO, you know. You don`t have to play music or movies to award people in that genre.

Adam Levine`s feud was not the only feud involving the VMAs because the rapper known as Pit Bull is not letting Lindsay Lohan get the best of him. Lohan is currently suing Bit Pull over lyrics in his hit song, "Give Me Everything."

The song includes the line "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan." She claims it will cause her irreparable harm to her and her reputation, or what`s left of it. Anyway, Pit Bull says the name drop was a compliment and he even invited Lindsay to watch the VMAs and watch him perform at the VMAs.

Lindsay was a no-show at the VMAs, but if she had shown, she would have seen Pit Bull giving it right back to her in her face. Watch what happened last night.


DIAZ: Wow. Here you go. You can hear it again there, "I`ve got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan." Love it. You cannot bring down Pit Bull. LaLa, it seems obvious to me that the message to Lindsay was - well, it`s another middle finger there. Does he have to apologize for anything?

L. ANTHONY: You know, I think it`s music. It`s music. It`s a great song. It makes you dance. It makes you get up. I honestly don`t think Pit Bull meant any harm by it. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. I love that song. And me knowing Pit Bull, I don`t think he made the reference coming from a bad place at all.

DIAZ: And last time I checked, she was locked up. In the battle of Pit Bull versus Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay threw the first punch with a lawsuit. Pit Bull, on stage, punched back with his VMA invite and performance. Jenn, who do you think is winning this battle?

HOBBY: Well, I think Pit Bull comes out on top, actually, because he`s already apologized to her and said he meant no harm by it at all. He actually said it was a compliment of the lyrics because she`s got it locked up like she runs her neighborhood. So Lindsay Lohan just didn`t understand his lingo, and he`s been so nice.

DIAZ: Oh, Jenn, come on. You know -

HOBBY: He`s been so nice about it.

DIAZ: You know he meant that she`s behind bars. I mean, come on.

HOBBY: But he`s been so nice and so gracious and wanted her to come with him. I think she should have gone as his date.

DIAZ: That would have been awesome, by the way. That`s Lindsay having a sense of humor.


DIAZ: Before the VMAs got underway last night, we were treated to a special episode of the "Jersey Shore." I know a lot of people were excited to see this episode. I was, because last week we were left with the ultimate cliff hanger. The Situation and Ronnie get in a huge fight and Mike gets seriously hurt. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do it! Do it! You want to do it? You want to do it? Let`s do it! Let`s do it! Let`s do it!



DIAZ: OK. We`re all waiting to see that fatal punch from Ronnie that would send The Situation to the hospital. Take a look at how the whole fight played out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: you want to hit me? You want to hit me? You want to hit me, tough guy? You want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) do it? You want to do it? You want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) do it?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get out of here.


DIAZ: Are you kidding me? It was the wall that sent The Situation to the hospital on the stretcher, not Ronnie`s fist. LaLa, is this the biggest, most bogus brawl ever?

L. ANTHONY: You know, what more do we want the "Jersey Shore" crew to do for us to be happy? I mean, they do it all. They give us entertainment. They fight. They argue. Yes, maybe it didn`t end the way we wanted -

DIAZ: But they promoted this thing like it was going to be Ronnie versus Mr. T.

L. ANTHONY: In television - in television, they`ve got to give you a promo so you can watch the episode.

DIAZ: He puts himself into the hospital, knocking his head against six feet of concrete.

L. ANTHONY: Well, guess what? If they showed that in the promo, we wouldn`t be watching it or talking about it right now.

DIAZ: That`s a very good point. This battle ended up being between The Situation and the wall. Jenn - I love that (UNINTELLIGIBLE), by the way. While this episode might have been a huge disappointment, is MTV and The Situation still winning this battle because, every week, they get millions of people to watch this?

HOBBY: Absolutely, they`re winning. Of course, they are. The ratings get better and better. And as LaLa knows, this is what happens in reality TV. They`ve got to create storylines from whatever they`ve got, and it looks like the wall was what they had this week.

DIAZ: I think the other embarrassing thing was the amount of spit coming from The Situation`s mouth when he was talking all kinds of smack. LaLa, Jenn, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much.

All right. Dr. Phil reveals his surprising interview with Casey Anthony`s parents. He grilled them on the questions everyone wants the answers to.


MCGRAW: Cindy, there are millions of people that want to shake you awake. Do you buy that that was an accidental death?


DIAZ: So just how much are they revealing? And Casey`s getting mental health treatment right at home. But just who`s paying the hefty bill?

Another shocking twist in the "Real Housewives" suicide. Just 24 hours after Russell Armstrong`s death, his business partner also kills himself. Just what`s going on? Is there a suicide connection here? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

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TEXT: "The Help" wins box office for second straight week. Selena Gomez says she prayed for people in path of Hurricane Irene.


SELENA GOMEZ, POP STAR: The weather hadn`t hit up in Syracuse, which is where I was. So it wasn`t actually raining. There was no storm, so I made it here safely. It`s on my way back that I`m a little nervous about.

But you know, it`s been - I`ve kind of been worried. I`m praying for everybody. Hopefully, it will be calm.




MCGRAW: I want you to answer my questions, tell the truth once and for all.

ANNOUNCER: Casey Anthony`s parents -

MCGRAW: America`s never heard this explanation before. Why have you sat on this information?


DIAZ: Dr. Phil grills Casey Anthony`s parents. For the very first time today, we got to see a clip that mysteriously surfaced on the Web of Dr. Phil asking George and Cindy Anthony the tough questions about their daughter Casey.

Their very first interview since Casey`s acquittal airs on Dr. Phil`s show on September 12th.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Carlos Diaz. Dr. Phil`s big interview in just a moment.

But first, another "Real Housewives" suicide shocker tonight. In an absolutely startling twist, we learned today that just 24 hours after "Beverly Hills Housewives" star, Russell Armstrong, was found dead after killing himself, his business partner apparently also committed suicide.

With me right now in New York is Michael Billy, who is a TV and radio host. And from Hollywood, Alexis Tereszcuk, who is a reporter with "Radar Online."

Here`s what "Radar Online" reported today. Alan Schram was found dead on August 16 with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head outside of his parked car in Los Angeles.

Like Russell, Schram belonged to a group of investors called Tiger 21. And Schram`s wife was good friends with Russell`s "Beverly Hills Housewives" star, Taylor Armstrong.

Alexis, do you think it`s wrong that some people are jumping to the conclusion these two suicides might be connected? It`s hard to see why they shouldn`t be connected.

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, REPORTER, "RADAR ONLINE": No, I don`t think it`s wrong at all. It seems that there may be a connection. They were in this financial club together. And in this club, they actually talked about each other`s financials.

We don`t really know what Schram`s finances are right now, but obviously, Russell had terrible financial troubles. So they could have talked to each other and it could be something related.

We don`t know right now. The thing is both families are devastated. Taylor has been trying desperately to reach his wife. She`s apparently in Israel right now and hasn`t been able to speak with her.

But this is just shocking coming right on the heels of her own husband`s death.

DIAZ: Michael, I have to think this latest suicide might lead to more details about why Russell killed himself.

BILLY: Yes. I mean, especially speaking for myself. Many members of the media, including myself, were out to blame the reality show.

But it seems that if these guys were business partners, then another suicide within 24 hours, one can assume that there were some more financial pressures than we might understand right now.

Maybe in the next few days or coming weeks, we`ll understand it greater. But certainly, it would seem that the two of them are connected.

DIAZ: Wow. Startling new revelations there. We are also hoping to gain more insight into Casey Anthony`s shocking acquittal on charges she killed her daughter, Caylee, when her parents` interview with Dr. Phil airs next month.

For the very first time today, we got a sense of what to expect. A clip of Dr. Phil`s interview with George and Cindy was all over the Web, and we see Dr. Phil asking them some very tough questions. Watch.


MCGRAW: I want you to answer my questions, tell the truth once and for all.

ANNOUNCER: Casey Anthony`s parents.

MCGRAW: America`s never heard this explanation before. Why have you sat on this information?

ANNOUNCER: The exclusive in-depth interview.

MCGRAW: Cindy, there are millions of people that want to shake you awake.

ANNOUNCER: The questions you want asked.

MCGRAW: Do you buy that that was an accidental death? You know the truth, don`t you?


DIAZ: Alexis, do you think Dr. Phil is asking all the right questions?

TERESZCUK: I absolutely do. He had no rules whatsoever. He`s asking them everything that everybody wants to know. What did they know? Do they believe Casey`s defense? You know, everybody says Cindy Anthony lied on the stand for her daughter.

Why did she do this? Do they really know what happened to little Caylee and they haven`t said anything? I think Dr. Phil is going to get to the bottom of it as much as he can.

They`re still her parents and it seems like there`s a lot - there`s a family code of silence that they still might not even be breaking now.

DIAZ: Michael, what burning question would you like to ask Casey Anthony`s parents?

BILLY: You know, mine isn`t really about the case per se. It`s really about a psychological question. How did they, as parents, feel they could have done differently to Casey? How could they have raised Casey differently to prevent Caylee`s death? That question has to have come across their minds.

DIAZ: Well, even more new developments today regarding Casey Anthony`s state of mind. TMZ reported today that Casey is hiring a team of mental health professionals to come to her home and help her.

Alexis, who the heck will be picking up that tab? That`s got to be pretty expensive.

TERESZCUK: I know. Casey doesn`t really have any money. She doesn`t have a job. She hasn`t really ever had a job. Seems like this might be the defense helping her out with this.

But you know, she sold the pictures of herself walking around. She made thousands of dollars off of that. It could help. And perhaps her defense is betting on future income, that if they stay with her now, they help her sell her book, her story, a movie, that`s how they`ll get money from her.

DIAZ: Alexis, Michael, guys, thank you so much. I really appreciate.

Moving on now, Olivia Newton John not wanting to get physical? Why Olivia almost passed on her signature song? How Kendra Wilkinson a serious struggle with the baby blues. And SHOWBIZ breaks news on Matt Damon`s chrome dome. That story tops "The Buzz Today."


(voice-over) SHOWBIZ breaks news. Matt Damon`s bold bald confession. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there as Matt unveiled his shocking shaved head while promoting his new movie, "Contagion." And Damon tells us just what`s behind his new chrome dome.

MATT DAMON, ACTOR: It was very quick.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you want to tell me what that`s for?

DAMON: For the film I`m shooting now, which won`t be out until 2013. It`s called "Elysium."

DIAZ: Matt`s current movie, "Contagion," opens September 9th.

Kendra Wilkinson`s baby blues. The former "Girls Next Door" star has just confessed the details of her struggle with postpartum depression. Kendra reveals to "People" magazine that it`s taken her two years to fully recover from having her baby boy.

Kendra tells the magazine that depression, combined with the public pressure she felt to regain her body, became too much to handle, "It got pretty bad but not to the point where I would harm my family. I was a great mom and did what I needed to do, but I was definitely very depressed."

She added, "Motherhood is a big change in life and it happened overnight."

Olivia Newton John did not want to get physical. Newton John just revealed she originally thought her hit song, "Physical," was too risque for the radio back in 1982 when it came out.

She tells the music blog, "Spinner," she actually told her manager to pull the song, but it had already been released to radio stations.


The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viral video that`s got everyone watching. It the Hurricane Irene streaker.


FISHER: Incredibly - well, I`ll bite my tongue, people who are coming out -


DIAZ: The must-see video that`s gotten more than 500,000 hits on YouTube. Hello. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

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TEXT: Pregnant Hilary Duff paid $100,000 not to appear in "Bonnie and Clyde." Ne-Yo avoided the hurricane zone at the last minute -


NE-YO, SINGER: I was actually in upstate New York, Syracuse, when the whole - when I heard about the whole hurricane thing. And I got out just in time. Everybody else on my crew - it`s crazy. They all got caught up.

My heart goes out to anybody who lost their lives or whatever the case may be about that. That`s crazy.



DIAZ: Now, the Hurricane Irene SHOWBIZ viral video. It was one of the most watched moments of this weekend`s wall-to-wall coverage of the hurricane.

It looks like a bone-headed stunt straight out of the "Jack Ass" movie. Watch what happens as the Weather Channel`s Eric Fisher tries to warn people to stay off the streets of Virginia Beach as Irene is pounding the shore.


FISHER: One thing that has not decreased that we like to see is the traffic. No shortage of incredibly - well, I`ll bite my tongue, people, coming out.

We`re talking about dozens of people who have walked by me. I`m pretty much speechless at how many people are driving around, people like we see behind me, which I apologize for. I don`t even want to show it.

I don`t even want to show you how many people are out and about, how many cars are driving around. It`s just setting a bad example. And honestly, this is depressing. I`m so upset at the moment.


DIAZ: Did you guys see the size of that huge white suburban behind him? Eric Fisher said it all. It`s just depressing to see that kind of thing.

Keep in mind the guy was streaking when the worst of the storm was passing through Virginia Beach. Real smart, dude. More than 500,000 people have watched the streaker go wild on YouTube.

All right. On Friday, we asked to you vote in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. And just moments ago, we got the final results. Britney Spears to get an MTV-VMA lifetime achievement award. Does she deserve it?

Twenty-seven percent of you say yes, she deserves it. Seventy-three percent of you say, no, she`s too young.

The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines have been ringing off the hook with people calling in about Britney`s lifetime achievement award. We got a call into "Showbiz on Call" from Philip in Michigan.


PHILIP, CALLER FROM MICHIGAN: Yes, I believe Britney should get that lifetime achievement award. She has brought so much pleasure to so many people in the world. She`s had a really big influence on a lot of people. I`ve seen her in concert about five, six times and she`s just fantastic.


DIAZ: Thank you, Philip. Big news breaking on Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. Hollywood`s hottest couple has people talking. Tonight, why the two J`s may be getting close to tying the knot.


DIAZ: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux move in together? They`re now sharing a cozy two-bedroom in the Hollywood Hills. Our friends at "People" magazine say the white-hot couple couldn`t be more excited about living together in their brand-new home.

There`s no question Jen and Justin are tres serious. So is this the big sign that the two J`s are making a bold step to tying the knot? If real estate is any indication, this might be.

"People" magazine is also telling us that the new house is just a temporary love nest until Jen and Justin find the perfect home to buy.

That`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Carlos Diaz. You can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusively Monday through Friday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.

Stay right here for "DR. DREW," next. Tonight, the "Real Housewives" suicide - should Russell Armstrong`s suicide be the end of reality TV? "DR. DREW" on HLN starts right now.