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Kim Kardashian`s Wedding Secrets Revealed; A&F Paying to Not Wear Their Clothes; Casey Anthony`s Lawyer is on Trial; Russell Armstrong Burial Still Undetermined; The Best Walk-Outs Ever Revealed; Woman Saved By Gwyneth Paltrow

Aired August 18, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight the latest on the shocking New Ethics Investigations into Casey Anthony`s attorney Jose Baez. Will this affect Casey`s probation?

I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT."

More big news breaking tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." brand new battles exploding today over the Over "The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" suicide. Russell Armstrong`s parents fighting with his estranged wife Taylor over what to do with his body, other family member, furious at the show.

The brand new hot, Kim Kardashian wedding secrets, Kim`s mom and sisters share dramatic new details with "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." What will Kim`s dress really look like? Plus an incredible look at the must-haves that will come out of Kim`s wedding.

And "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" reveals the most outrageous, most shocking TV walk- offs ever.


CHRISTINE O`DONNELL, FMR. SENATE CANDIDATE: All right. Are we off? Are we done?


DAN HARRIS, CORRESPONDENT, ABC NEWS: You ever worry about your moment having passed? You want to wrap up?

HAMMER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight.

Torn apart. There is brand new fallout tonight over "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" suicide shocker. Just when you thought we`d heard the worst of this drama, tonight there are more disturbing new reports about a brought ally violent fight and a family at odds.

The characters, reality TV star Taylor Armstrong reeling after estranged husband Russell killed himself just a month after she filed for divorce. And Russell`s family, who place the blame squarely on Taylor and the show for ruining Russell`s life. And now, dramatic new reports of what may have happened in the weeks leading to this tragic turn of events.


HAMMER (voice-over): Russell Armstrong and Taylor Armstrong had their share of marital troubles on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Taylor, you seems designed to a loveless marriage.

HAMMER: But days after Russell Armstrong`s suicide, we`re getting an explosive new report about the abuse Taylor said she suffered at the hands of her late husband. According to reports released today, Taylor is claiming that Russell once hit her so hard during an argument she required hospitalization and plastic surgery.

TALOR ARMSTRONG, RUSSEL`S ARMSTRONG WIFE: What many of you may not know is that I am a victim of domestic violence.

HAMMER: Ironically, in a previous real housewives episode, Taylor revealed she grew up with domestic violence.

ARMSTRONG: One of my earliest childhood experiences was abuse.

HAMMER: Still, despite the marital trouble we saw play out on real housewives -

ARMSTRONG: It`s obvious that Russell and I have been having a tough time as of late.

HAMMER: They made no mention of abuse on the show. That changed a month a when Taylor filed for divorce from Russell. Soon after, she gave an interview with people when she claimed Russell had been physically and verbally abusive to her. At times she told "SHOBIZ TONIGHT" how she and her 5-year-old daughter with Russell, Kennedy were holding up.

ARMSTRONG: I`m just really focused on Kennedy right now, making sure she`s happy.

HAMMER: Soon, after Taylor made her abuse claims, it was reported that Russell had also been accused of abusing an ex-wife and ex-girl friend.

When I spoke with Russell`s attorney here on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," I asked him about the abuse claims which went public just weeks before Russell hanged himself.

RONALD RICHARDS, RUSSELL ARMSTRONG`S ATTORNEY: Couples sometimes have you know drank arguments. That`s what they were dealing with here.

ARMSTRONG: Also today, another explosive development in the Armstrong suicide. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can tell you that Taylor and Russell`s family may be at odds over burial plans.

NINA PARKER, TMZ: She wants to bury Russell here in Los Angeles.

HAMMER: TMZ`s Nina Parker is telling "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," Taylor wants Russell buried near their home in L.A.

PARKER: She wants her daughter to be able to visit that burial site.

HAMMER: But Russell`s family has different ideas. His attorney, who has been in contact with Russell`s family, tells "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" they want him buried in Texas.

RICHARDS: They`re more interested in getting root the remains back to the great state of Texas where he was from and burying him there. Right now we`re sort of hostage to Taylor.

HAMMER: From what we heard from Russell`s family since his death, it`s clear they don`t hold Taylor or the reality show which made the couple stars in the highest regard.

JOHN ANN HOTCHKISS, RUSSELL ARMSTRONG`S MOTHER: I watched it slowly destroy their marriage.

HAMMER: Russell`s grieving mother called into HLN`s "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell," the last show of the real housewives.

ARMSTRONG: I feel with Russell on him connected with him at all.

HAMMER: First, for the harsh way the show`s for treating his son.

HOTCHKISS: He said, mom, they`re just going to crucify me this season.

HAMMER: And for the Ritzy lifestyle, the Taylor was all too eager to brag about on the show.

ARMSTRONG: You can see from my home, all the way downtown.

HOTCHKISS: The marriage actually it drove my son into poverty. Taylor in her next marriage should be sure it`s a millionaire or billionaire because that`s all that could afford her.

HAMMER: TMZs Nina Parker tell `SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" this apparent burial dispute, not to mention the abuse allegations Taylor is making against Russell, could further strain the relationship between Taylor Armstrong and her in-laws during this delicate time.

PARKER: Burial issues and how to deal with the remains of a loved one are always very high stress. And the fact that Taylor was divorcing Russell also puts an extra strain on the relationship she has with her in-law.

HAMMER: But with each day that goes by, we`re seeing no matter what we saw from this couple on the reality show -

ARMSTRONG: I just wish he could celebrate with me.

HAMMER: The reality was even more disturbing.


HAMMER: We hear all that and it really seems even as raw as they appeared on the show, it barely scratched the surface. So should all of these new reports affect bravo`s decision to move forward with the new season of "the real housewives of Beverly Hills"?

With me in New York, HLN`s own Jane Velez-Mitchell, the host of "issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell," week nights, 7pm here on HLN.

So, just last night on your show Jane, you spoke exclusively with Russell`s mother. I want to listen to what she told you about the pressures Russell faced because of "the real housewives of Beverly Hills." Let`s listen to that.


HOTCHKISS: Before the new season started, before he took his life, he said, mom, they`re just going to crucify me this season. And he said I don`t know what to do. He said I`ll never survive it.

The bashing got so bad last season I had to quit watching it. I just couldn`t bear it. And I said to him on the phone I said, Russell can`t you stop this? And he said, no. He said its ratings. All they care about - all the network cares about are ratings. They don`t care about how people feel or how they`re hurt or if this destroys their marriage.


HAMMER: And Russell`s mother is not the only person who has essentially blamed the show for ruining their son`s life. So Jane, do you believe bravo is at risk of facing major backlash here if they don`t change up their plans for the show this season? They were going to show what was going on with Russell and Taylor.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL: Absolutely. I think they`re in a bind and I think that`s why there are reports they`re having a crisis meeting at an appropriate enough at Beverly Hills mansion.

But it will be very tasteless, I think, if they show footage of this man who committed suicide, given the fact that his own relatives are claiming that the show was a factor in his despondency. So obviously they`re going to have to do certainly about that. By the other token, if they take everything out, what show will they have left?

HAMMER: Well, fortunately for them, they shoot so many hundreds of hours of footage except this was something they were pinning a lot of the drama on because this is leftover drama from last season, everybody was eager to see how it was going to play out.

And after they have to make a quick decision because the season of "the real housewives of Beverly Hills," the new one, are set to premiere over Labor Day weekend.

As Jane mentioned, Bravo is trying to figure out exactly how they`re going to handle it in these high level meetings. But just this morning on "good morning America," Russell`s nephew spoke out saying he thinks the show should go on but with one major change. Watch had what he said


RUSSEL ARMSTRONG`S NEPHEW: I think in my opinion Russell should be edited out.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, he should be edited out but you don`t mind if the show goes on but he should be completely edited out?

RUSSEL ARMSTRONG`S NEPHEW: I think so in respect to Taylor and the family.


HAMMER: Let me bring in Kelli Zink. Kelli is the host of Kelli, Bravo obviously in a very tough spot here. How do you think they should handle the show now?

KELLI ZINK, HOST, CELEBTV.COM: It`s a tough call. You know if you`re a TV executive over at Bravo, you`re sitting there. If you remove yourself from the family situation, you say this is a ratings juggernaut. Everyone is going to be tuned in to see it but then morally you can`t do it.

I mean especially if the family is saying, no. The thing that may divide all of it is the contract. This guy had to sign a contract that basically signed away al of his right to bravo. So, regardless of anyone`s emotions, if they decide to go with it, there`s nothing anyone can do because guess what, that`s his signature on the paper. So, it tragic all around but bravo is all about drama and all about ratings.

HAMMER: Yes. And when does morality really ever win out, Jane, over ratings? I really hope it does here. They`re going to have to step up and do the right thing.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, there can be a backlash. Look with Casey Anthony. The backlash of even the prospect of her talking about making money over an interview. It`s caused the big three networks to step back reportedly. So, there may be something similar at work here.

What`s the risk? You may get ratings for this show but it could be fallout in the network as a whole.

HAMMER: Yes. And let`s remember, this is not just a single show. This is a franchise.


HAMMER: There is a lot at stake here.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, Kelli Zink, I thank you both.

We move on tonight and coming up, its showbiz justice tonight.

You have to hear what`s going on with Casey Anthony`s lawyer, now being investigated. Could this actually lead to Casey having to serve more probation?

The brand new hot Kim Kardashian wedding secrets, we`ve got an incredible look at the must-haves that will come right out of Kim`s wedding.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it will be all about the door basically, huge centerpieces, I think just lots of hanging crystals, really elegant, really romantic elements.

HAMMER: I can`t wait. Kim`s mom and sisters are sharing dramatic new details with "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on about Kim`s dress. Everybody wants to know what it going to be.

Also inside the Jolie-Pitt clan tonight,. New secrets revealed about exactly how brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie juggle their family and careers.

We`ve got some amazing new picture to show you so you don`t want to miss those.

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN news and views.

Time for the shows news ticker, more stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.


KIRS JENNER, MOTHER OF KIM KARDISHIAN: She has to give me advice these days. I`m the one that yes - but she`s calm, she knows what she wants. She`s really happy.

UNIDENTIFID FEMALE: In the car ride outside I was like I am so anxious about this and excited, you know, about - I said I think I`m more nervous for your wedding than you guys.





ANDERSON COOPER, HOST, ANDERSON COOPER 360: The part two. I know you got it but.


HAMMER (voice-over): It`s happened actual of us, Anderson. Did you this, our buddy Anderson cooper just losing it live on the air on his CNN show. Why is Anderson laughing so much? You will find out in a second. I will tell you, toilet humor has something to do with it. I`m going to play you the whole thing. You got to see this.


HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And tonight best walk-offs ever. Former Senate candidate Christine O`Donnell stormed off the set of CNN`s Piers Morgan Tonight after being asked about her stance on gay marriage, a basic question for someone like her. Well, tonight her walk-off is sparking outrage


O`DONELL: I`m not running for office. Ask Michele Bachmann what she thinks, ask the candidates running for office what they think.

MORGAN: Why are you being so weird about this?

O`DONELL: I`m not being weird. You`re being a little rude. Have you read the book?

MORGAN: Yes, but these issues are in your book. That`s my point. Do you talk about them.

O`DONELL: OK. Are we off?


HAMMER: Nothing rude there. I`ve seen a lot of great walk-offs in my day but was Christine O`Donnell perhaps the best one ever? With me now is Ben Widdecombe.

Ben, I`ve got to tell you something, on behalf of all interviewers ever, not just because I work with Piers and like Piers, I thought Christine was just being silly. I thought she looked silly and I thought she was out of line.

BEN WIDDECOMBE, HOST, BEN WIDDECOMBE SHOW: I didn`t know why she reacted that way. I think maybe she realized some of her reviews were better with her base and with a big audience like Piers Morgan, maybe some of her views weren`t as acceptable with a wider audience. And I think that`s why she did works out good.

HAMMER: Go in for an interview to talk about something that`s where in her book and you don`t answer the questions, you`re going to have a host sitting there baffled, as Piers was.

Christine O`Donnell had a great walk off I thought but was it the best ever? Let`s compare to some other doziest, shall we? Roll them out.


JOYT BEHAR, HOST, JOY BEHAR SHOW: How`s your back, Gene?


GENE SIMMONS, PRODUCER: My back is good. My shekel not so much.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: that`s very nice of you to joke about.

SIMMONS: it`s a joke! (Beep) Where are you going? Thanks for the question.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That was very funny.

SIMMONS: I was just joking because she`s a comedian. Thanks for the question.

DAN HARRIS, CORRESPONDENT, ABC NEWS: Do you ever worry about your moment having passed? Do you want to wrap up?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re outraged about Muslims?


HAMMER: Look at Joy. She walked off, she gets walked off on. I got to say of those, my vote go for "the view" walk-off. Let me go out to comedian Carlease Burke. Carlease, what do you think? Does O`Donnell`s even compare? I think hers was the worst reason to walk off.

CARLEASE BURKE, COMMEDIAN: I agree with you 100 percent. "The view" walk- off was the best because first of all, it was their show. And secondly, if Whoopi has had it, there is a reason to walk off because Whoopi doesn`t back down from anything or anybody. She got her opinions in there, she felt she wasn`t being respected on her show, she and Joy out thereof. Good for you.

HAMMER: What`s what I always said after they did that. Well, for what its worth Christine tweeted piers after the interview last night and tried to make peace by writing, piers, thank you for the invite, schedule already packed, maybe another night. No hard feelings you cheeky bugger.

I got to tell you something Ben, and if you agree with me that`s not a very good apology.

WIDDECOMBE: It didn`t tell that scheduled were packed there by the way. That would come Carlease`s vote.

HAMMER: Yes, I thank you both.

Alright, we got to move from the best walk-offs ever to really what is one of the best totally losing it on air moments ever and it comes to us courtesy of our CNN buddy Anderson cooper. Did you see this? I love it. Anderson was doing his super popular nightly ridiculist, the stories that are just plain ridiculous and you got to watch what happens when he serves up the story about actor Gerard Depardieu peeing in cabin of an airplane. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

COOPER: Noted French actor, academy award nominee public urinator. That`s right, I said urinator. Last night on a flight from Paris to Dublin, Depardieu reportedly peed on the floor. (Inaudible) plane was in the tarmac and the flight attendant told him, he`d have to wait to use the bathroom until take-off. So Depardieu created his own little jet stream.

Now, all I can say they should thank their lucky stars it was Depardieu. Sorry. That made me giggles every time I read it. He hasn`t comment on this incident. Depart two. I know you got it but - all right.



HAMMER: I love it when that happens to a trained professional, very funny. But before we bid this story adieu, I do want to tell you that Depardieu has apologized. He says he has a medical issue and he just couldn`t wait. See, it almost happened to me.

Alright, let`s move on. They tried to get the snitch to ditch their clothes.

Tonight it looks like that might have been a bad idea. Abercrombie and Fitch demanded "Jersey Shore" crew stop wearing their stuff but now A and F they`re getting pummeled shore style for that.

Showbiz trending tonight, the big debate over lingerie, design for girls as young as three months next.

This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN, news and views.

Time for the showbiz news ticker, more stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.


HAMMER: Showbiz trending tonight. Outrange over French company selling lingerie for kids as young as three months. They are calling it "loungerie." And a brand new invention that let`s you put celebrities that annoy you most on mute. It`s called the enough already. Join the debate right now on twitter, #enoughalready and #loungerie @showbiztonight.

Let me bring in comedian Carlease burke. Carlease with us tonight, you should check in tonight

So Carlease, let me put up this loungerie line for you. Let`s take a look at this. The kids you see here in bras and underwear wearing heavy make- up. The company says that loungerie and this is their word, is innovative. But a lot of people understandably to me are quite disgusted by it. Isn`t this nut?

BURKE: Yes. I don`t care what you call it, loungerie, lingerie, it just wrong. They are children, they are babies. They should be in jumpers and all covered up. This is ridiculous. I`m not a parent, I don`t have any children but if I had a daughter, she wouldn`t wear something like that until she was 85 years old.

HAMMER: And the way they`re portrayed, it not like they`re looking to have a fun time and it`s whimsical, I don`t know there`s something just not right about it.

BURKE: No, it way too provocative. I got creped out just looking at the pictures.

HAMMER: Well, then let`s take them down. Let`s take them down.


HAMMER: This by the way comes, just days after another controversy in French vogue where you had a 10-year-old model posing very seductively. I think we should be really concern about sexualizing your girls or maybe it is that we don`t get the French.

But right now, I want to move on to something else.

I do like this. It`s called the enough already. A guy has posted a direction on how to create a device to make your TV mute when your least favorite celebrities pop up on TV. I`m thinking I want to use this on Donald trump, maybe Kanya West. Carlease, what about you?

BURKE: Enough already. That`s kind a good name for it but isn`t there already an invention called the mute button? It`s on my remote.

HAMMER: If snooki son the screen with Pauley d., can I have it just mute snooki which I kind a like that idea. I would never mute snooki personally because I just think she is a savior.


HAMMER: We`ll leave it there. Carlease Burke, Thank you so much.

BURKE: Don`t mute me.

HAMMER: Got to move on to the Showbiz Line-up.

Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT".

It`s the brand new hot Kim Kardashian wedding secrets. Kim`s mom and sisters sharing dramatic new details with "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." What will Kim`s dress really look like?

And tonight it`s the "American idol" voice show down heating up. Wait until you hear what idol`s executive producer thinks about Adam Levine suggesting that "idol" is anti-gay.

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN, news and views.

Time now for the showbiz news ticker, more stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Casey`s lawyer in hot water. The shocking new investigation into Jose Baez. Could it mean more probation for Casey?

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" reveals brand new Kardashian wedding secrets, the location, the incredible cake and trend setting decorations.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it will be all about the grandeur, huge centerpiece, lots of hanging crystals and really romantic elements.

HAMMER: Plus, Kim`s mom and sisters share dramatic details on `SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.". What will Kim`s dress really look like?

Growing up, Jolie-Pitt. New details about how Brad and Angelina balance their careers and family plus amazing new pictures of their kids.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.

HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." it`s 30 minutes past the hour.

I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. We`ve got big news breaking tonight.

Kardashian wedding secrets. Yes, two days and counting till Kim and Kris`s big day. Are you ready? This is being called the Hollywood weddings of all Hollywood weddings.

Up to the last minute, those Kardashians they`re still working. What`s one more red carpet before their momentous walk downtown aisle?

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" was in Los Angeles with the entire Kardashian clan at Kris` home. They kicked off the new Kardashian collection for sears. So you know we quiz every kardaShian that we could get our hands on and we did our best to squeeze them for wedding details. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re just trying to make it the best that we can for her and Kris and make sure they have a really amazing, magical day that they`ll remember for the rest of their lives.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m the one who started that. At the very beginning I was like it`s the royal wedding number two. More power to her. There are a lot of people coming. I really don`t even know.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We haven`t even seen the guest list. We don`t know.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, her wedding dress is red.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, her wedding dress is red.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bridesmaids are in emerald. She loves Christmas.


HAMMER: Yes, right. Well, whatever.

Whatever Kim wears. You know the whole world is going to be watching, including of course our dear friend Ben Widdecombe, the editor of who is with me in New York.

Now Ben, we know the kardaShians, masters of spin, right? And they`ve been releasing some general information about the wedding and we`re bringing it to everybody but they`re not really leaking anything. And they know that a good leak can feed the frenzy. I got to tell you I`m a little surprised there are not more well-placed leaks out there.

WIDDECOMBE: You know the kardaShians are classy with a K. There`s no question they are the reigning celebrity family in America right now. I wasn`t surprised to hear the wedding being compared to the royal wedding, that little thing that happens to (inaudible) a few months ago.

Certainly, they are American royalty. I think this really is going to be the biggest wedding we`ve seen in a very long time.

HAMMER: But why aren`t they leaking stuff? What gives there?

WIDDECOMBE: I`ve heard a few things. Maybe white Vera Wang for Kim on the big day.

HAMMER: That is what it is. We want to know what people are most looking forward to.

So, here`s what we`re asking in our "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" exclusive poll.

Kim`s kardaShians wedding just a couple of days away, what are you most looking forward to, Kim`s dress? Star-studded dress list or the drama?

Remember you can vote at

But now, off to host Kelli Zink. She joins me now from Chicago. Kelli, I`m going to save your trip through the computer, you can vote right now. What are you looking forward to most, dress, drama, guest list?

ZINK: Drama of course. And I don`t think this is the biggest wedding since the royal wedding. Something like, Brad and Angelina getting married. OK, now that I would be excited for. Not only has Kim already been married but every day is like her wedding. She`s always got all the attention, always got the focus. I mean come on, I`d like to see the dress but eh.

HAMMER: Well, designer Vera Wang just revealed behind-the-scenes details of Kim`s final wedding. Vera told Ryan`s in his radio this morning that Kim looks dazzling. Not everyone of course can have their Wang make the dress of their dream. There`s no doubt that Kim`s wedding spectacular will be the blueprint for brides to come.

What new trend will she set? Will Kim be more stunning than Kate Middleton? Will her sisters have their own Pippa moments? Tonight, we`re revealing some of the inside secrets of Kim`s wedding.


HAMMER: Comes to what`s hot and now, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can tell you, the KardaShians know how to wow.

AMY EISINGER, WEEDINGCHANNEL.COM: I think the key is everything will be over the top. She can create a photo wonderland.

HAMMER: Amy Eisinger from the has her finger on the pulse.

EISINGER: I would expect them to have everything completely ready for Hollywood A-listers.

HAMMER: An A-list guest is require in this location, let`s say a stunning estate in Montecito, California aka Oprah Zone.

EISINGER: Kim is having this elaborate wedding at a private mansion. And this is definitely something that people are already starting to pick up on. People don`t want to have their weddings at venues that other people can have a wedding and they want something totally unique. And that`s exactly what a private mansion is like

HAMMER: What better way to get Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez and the Biebs to your wedding than with eye popping invitations.

EISINGER: Kim`s invitations were a nice mix of modern and traditional. The actual invitation was pretty traditional in terms of the script and fonts and everything.

HAMMER: Just like on her reality show, the world can expect a bigger is better approach to the Kim K. wedding, especially with the decorations.

EISINGER: I think will be all about the grandeur. Huge center piece, lots of hanging crystals, really elegant, romantic elements. We might see orchids and since khloe did purple, we`re not going to see that

HAMMER: Kim is not afraid to borrow a great friend too. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" can tell you she is tearing a page from the royal`s play book by having a ten-tiered wedding cake. But you can expect an uber trender kardaShian spin.

EISINGER: Also Nitrogen bars, something that`s really jus has a showmanship aspect to it. So making the ice cream right there in front of you and serving it together.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s unbelievable.

HAMMER: And if she wants to take the royal lead, Mr. Kim k., Kris Humphries, just might follow one of the hottest honeymoon trends of all.

EISINGER: One of the other recent trends that we`ve seen are grooms who are planning the honeymoon all on their own and making it a surprise for the bride. On the day of the wedding he says pack your bags we`re going to Tahiti.

So, basically Kate Middleton had no idea where they were going on their honeymoon? Worked out pretty well for her.

HAMMER: So, if bigger is better and bling is king,

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I love the blitz and the glam and I love -

HAMMER: You can you bet the royal wedding 2.0 will be one heck of a trend setting show.

Yes, Kim K. setting trends. Like it or not so is the cast of "jersey shore." and tonight there`s more big news breaking involving that ridiculous smack down between Abercrombie and Fitch and "the situation".

As you know, the company wants to pay the snitch and in fact the entire "Jersey Shore" cast to not wear their clothes because the company feels, this is my favorite part of the A & F smack down. Here`s what they say, "we believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand and may be distressing to many of our fans." I get where they`re coming from.

Ben Widdecombe and Kelli Zink back with me right now.

So, the snitch versus Fitch outrage has really taken on a life of its own today.

"The situation" and Paul, they actually took to twitter to slam Abercrombie and Fitch and so have millions of other people. It is the subject of three trending topics on twitter today. A-&-f stock is down today, well everybody`s stock is down today, but A & F was down yesterday.

Ben, do you think "Jersey Shore" could single handedly take down this legendary brand Abercrombie and Fitch?

WIDDECOMBE: You know, it`s equally amused me by the way that Abercrombie and Fitch aspirational and I thank them for clearing that up.

No, I don`t think that a tweet from the snitch will make Wall Street shudder. I don`t think it`s going to hurt Abercrombie and Fitch at all. I was amazed by the press release. I think they`ll buy and will get fan backlash by stirring the pot a little bit. Good for them.

HAMMER: Yes. I don`t think they`re going anywhere. I don`t think at all. TMZ reporting by the way that hustler is offering to patriot "Jersey Shore" cast to wear their line of clothes. They actually wanted to wear them.

Kelli, I`m thinking that these guys need to take the money and run. Take it from Abercrombie and Fitch for not wearing the clothes. Take it from hustler for wearing the clothes.

ZINK: And I`ll say if anyone wants to pay me to not wear or wear their clothes, I`ll take it, too. I mean their 15 minutes have got to be almost up. I would take any money they can get, put it in their piggy bank and save it because this can`t last forever, can it?

HAMMER: Any brand would be lucky to have you, Kelli Zink, wearing their outfits.

Kelli Zink, Ben Widdecombe, I thank you both.

Tonight, showbiz justice. Casey Anthony`s attorney investigated. I`m going to pull you on exactly what behind it. The question is could Casey be forced to serve even more probation? That is next.

Also growing up Pit-Jolie, can you imagine that? We`re taking you inside the lives of their kids. We`ve great new pictures to show you and some incredible new details.

We`ll reveal how they keep their amazing six kids happy.

This is "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN news and views.

Time now for the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom making news tonight.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a real sensitive subject. I never want to be the source of anything happening to anybody or anyone not being able to get through to the help line at the police station. My sincerest apologies to you know the sheriff`s department. Like I said, it was just a joke gone wrong.



HAMMER: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight showbiz justice. Brand new shocking details in the Casey Anthony case tonight have us asking will Casey Anthony actually get out of returning to Orlando to serve probation.

With me right now in New York, HLN Jane Velez-Mitchell, the host of "issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" right here on HLN.

And right now in Atlanta, it`s Vinnie Politan, the host of HLN Special Report and prime news here on HLN. Vinnie is also a former prosecutor.

So, Casey Anthony` attorneys just filed an appeal to block an order to have her return to Orlando for probation.

Jane, what do you think of this one? Because this has been going on for some time. What are the chances she`ll have to return to the very place she stood trial for her daughter`s murder?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, the clock is taking and this was a request for emergency consideration. So, this appeals court has to make this ruling. I have stopped predicting what`s going to happen next in the Casey Anthony case. Everybody predicted she is going to be convicted, she was acquitted. Everybody is saying, this appeal doesn`t going to work which a clear indicator to me, says maybe it will work.

HAMMER: And I think that`s probably the best thing to do at this point is just wait and see what happens. And get this, Casey Anthony`s lawyer, Jose Baez, he`s being investigated by the state bar of Florida today for a complaint that he lied to the court.

Let me give you the facts on this. It was back in January of 2010 when Casey was charged with check fraud. She was placed on one-year probation at the time. But the judge made it clear while Casey sat in jail waiting for her murder trial that would not count towards probation.

But the thing is, the judge wrote the exact opposite thing in the court papers at that time and Baez failed to let the court know about that little misstep. He said hey, that`s not my responsibility. But without that information, well the authorities who are in the dark did determine that Casey had completed her probation when in fact she haven`t.

So Vinnie my question is this, do you think having been in that courtroom operation before in your life Baez had a responsibility to report the court`s error here?

VINNIE POLITAN, HOST, HLN SPECIAL REPORT: Absolutely. Absolutely. You`re an officer of court. Yes, you have an obligation to your client but you also have an obligation to the profession that you chose, which is being an attorney licensed by the Florida bar and you have certain obligation, certain ethical obligations.

And yes, it`s a little different for prosecutors and defense attorneys when you`re inside the courtroom but the judge`s order is the judge`s order and it`s the right thing to do, it`s the ethical thing to do. Ultimately I don`t know what the impact will be on Jose Baez but I do believe that despite the fact that you`re a criminal defense attorney, you are still an officer of the court and you know what the judge ordered.

HAMMER: It`s going to be interesting to see if in fact he is, you know, brought up on any violation here. He doesn`t think it`s a problem after all this blew up. Here`s what he`s telling "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" "I am looking forward to the bar completing its investigation so that it can be dismissed just like the 20 previous complaint. It is part of the job whenever you fight an unpopular cause."

That I understand Jane, but if it is determined that there was an ethics violation here by Jose Baez, do you think it could affect the Casey Anthony probation appeal?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I think in fairness it shouldn`t. A defendant shouldn`t be judged or prosecuted or persecuted, depending on what her lawyer does. I have to say the bigger picture here is I do think this smacks of sour grapes coming after him.

What about the responsibility of the prosecutors to keep track of her probation? What about the judge who didn`t read it that carefully and signed off on it? So, why is it all going on him? I think it`s because he won a very unpopular case, he got an acquittal for the most hated person in America.

HAMMER: Now, you make a great point. I do want to move on to a new story making news in the showbiz justice tonight.

There are some astonishing band new evidences today in the case of the missing American woman in Aruba Robyn Gardner. The 35-year-old was reported missing earlier this month after snorkeling and this is just incredible mystery that`s been playing on in TV ever since.

So, today investigators say they have found blood near where Gardner was snorkeling. People magazine is reporting Gardner`s companion, Gary Giordano had hard core porn photos on Gardner on his camera.

Now, of course police want to know if Giordano is somehow involved in her disappearance. Possibly and hope of collecting some kind of insurance policy that he reportedly took out on her. The guy is being held while police continue their investigation.

So, Vinnie, in light of this new evidence today, do you think police have enough at this point to implicate Giordano?

POLITAN: In Aruba? No. I mean Euro Van de Sloot, there was more evidence against him. And under Aruban law, they didn`t feel they have enough there to prosecute him. So, I don`t think at this point they yet have enough in this case but my goodness, it`s getting worse and worse for this guy Giordano.

HAMMER: Yes, no kidding and I don`t think we`ve heard the last of it.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, Vinnie Politan, Thank you both.

Got to move on right now. Idols strike back against the voice`s Adam Levine who suggested that "Idol" is anti-gay.

Also, Lady Gaga`s MTV striptease, you got to see this in "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" First look, a Gaga`s starry new promo for the VMA.

All that in the BUZZ today.

Lady Gaga live. This just in for the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom. Your first look at Lady Gaga`s promos for the MTV music awards.


HAMMER: Lady Gaga will perform live MTVs VMA on August 28th.

Is idol antigay in Nigel Lythgoe is firing back at the voice judge and Maroon front man Adam Lavine for suggesting in out magazine that "American Idol" might not be OK with having a gay contestants be open about their sexuality.

Lythgoe said, come on, you can`t be publicly gay at this point on a singing competition. Give me a break. You can`t hide basic component of these people`s lives. Let`s go struck back at Levine in a brand new interview with Anderson weekly saying to be frank I didn`t understand why we`re talking about contestants being gay or not gay. I don`t go into my dentist and say are you gay? I don`t go to contestants on "so you think can you dance" are you gay? What that does have that anything to do with singing talent? Maybe it does for Adam Levine but not for me.

I think Lythgoe is missing out on huge point there.

But coming up next, we are moving on to remarkable new details about growing up Jolie-Pitt. Can you imagine? How do Brad and Angelina raise six kids, make blockbuster movies and keep the family together and happy?

Well, we are taking you right inside their very private lives. This is Hollywood`s first family after all. We`ve got brand new pictures, too.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" ticker. More stories from the "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" newsroom, making news tonight.

Now the showbiz buzz list. These are the things we can`t stop buzz about this week. Country Crooner. We will love Jeff Bridges` brand new country music. Also fall fashion, can`t get enough of the big September issues of the fashion magazines. Hungry to the Hunger games. We`re buzzing about the new hungry games book and an upcoming movie the (inaudible). Ratings strike, cinema`s new action series "strike back" is too good to be missed. They got the ratings to prove it. What not to missed, the new season of "what not to wear" just premiered on TLC.


HAMMER: Tonight the Brangelina bunch. Brand new details tonight on how Brad and Angelina`s six incredible kids are growing up. Exactly how do mom and dad make blockbuster after blockbuster and somehow still manage it all? How do the kids stay happy on the road all the time? We take you right inside their very private life with some brand new photos.

All can be found in the latest issue of people magazine, which just released an advance copy to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." Let me go to Julie Jordan from Hollywood. Julie is a senior writer at people. Good to see you, Julie.

You have six high-energy kids work to A-list actors, a grueling movie schedule that requires Brad and Angelina to basically move their brood across continents and they do it with military precision.

But Julie, I got to know how it works because it seems impossible.

JULIE JORDAN, SENIOR WRITER, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Well, like you said, Brad says it is military precision. And all the kids have a part when it comes to packing up and moving across continents. Even the youngest Vivian (knox out) are old enough to each pack a bag. You know they`re all responsible for their stuff and you know they really enjoy it. They`re used to it by now. So, they`re really happy and by all accounts they think this is the best way to raise their children.

HAMMER: That`s good to hear. Because you would think in a case like Brad and Angelina, they might have a lot of other people involved packing their bags. And as you say, the kids are involved doing it themselves and these candid pictures you have in people magazine are terrific. When I look at their family, aside form the fact that it`s Brad and Angie, it looks like a normal family but Brad and Angelina are first to admit this they live their lives with their kids like nomads. They`re in London one month, in Malta another month.

JORDAN: Everywhere.

HAMMER: Do the kids really enjoy being so I don`t know portable?

JORDAN: I think they do actually. Because Angelina thinks that traveling is the best way to raise a child and expose them to different cultures. You know and they are always doing something fun. They really believe that it`s all about wearing out your children, you know, to give nap time a chance. So these kids are zip lining you know and Budapest. They are surfing you know they are surfing as they are -

HAMMER: They`re getting worn out for sure. We got end it there. Julie Thanks so much. Got to more on to Gwyneth Paltrow. A 9-11 life saver. An incredible story next.


HAMMER: You got to listen to this. This is an amazing story. Gwyneth Paltrow can now add life saver to her long list of lifetime accomplishments. It turns out a woman who is now saying Paltrow saved her life on 9/11.

This what went down. A 24-year-old woman was rushing to her job at the world center on 9-11. She ran through a busy intersection and nearly collided with Paltrow`s suv. Nobody was hurt but the incident made the woman late for her train. By the time she got to work, the first plane had already hit the twin tower.

Publicist says, Gwyneth is deeply moved by this story.

That`s it for "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You can catch "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" exclusively Monday through Friday at 11pm eastern pacific here on HLN.

Stay right here for Dr. Drew, next.

Tonight, missing in Aruba, the shocking porn pics taken by the prime suspects in the case of the missing American woman. Dr. Drew on HLN starts right now.