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Anthony Weiner`s New Pictures; The Kim Kardashian Cheating Scandal; Fergie Tells All; Jennifer Aniston in Love

Aired June 9, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, a nasty new graphic picture of Anthony Weiner`s very private part. Weiner`s wife reportedly pregnant. Will she dump him? I`m A.J. Hammer. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

More big news breaking about tonight on SHOWBIZ tonight. The Kim Kardashian cheating scandal. Tonight, Kim K. furiously denies cheating on her basketball star fiance with a football star. Our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint tonight - can Kim`s engagement survive?

Fergie tells all. Tonight, a headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, on her fall from grace.


(on camera) You were in a palace living with 20 servants around you all the tile. What`s been the biggest adjustment for you?


And tonight, how Oprah is trying to help save Fergie.

Jennifer Aniston in love? Tonight, brand-new details just revealed about why Jen decided to go public with her new man. But could this backfire on her?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, coming to you from New York City. We`ve got big news breaking tonight, cheat or no cheat?

And no, we`re not talking about Anthony Weiner. We`ll get to that weasel in just a minute. But first, Kim Kardashian. She`s got her very own alleged cheating scandal to deal with tonight.

Kim is on the warpath threatening to sue a New England Patriot football star, Bret Lockett, who is claiming that he and Kim were getting it on while she was dating the guy who is now her fiance.

But despite Kim`s threat to drag his butt into court, Lockett is not backing down one bit. And he insists he was keeping up with that Kardashian. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the late breaking developments in the he said/she said Kim K. controversy.


(voice-over) Could it be? An outrageous cheating scandal? No, we`re not talking about Anthony Weiner. We`re talking about Kim Kardashian.

The whole alleged cheating mess started with this brand-new "In Touch Weekly" and this bombastic cover with the headline "Kim Caught Cheating." And it comes just one week after Kim revealed her mushy romantic engagement with basketball star, Kris Humphries.

ROB SHUTER, COLUMNIST, "POPEATER.COM": Not only is she suing the magazine. She`s also saying she`s going to sue Bret.

HAMMER: Bret is this guy, the New England Patriots safety, Bret Lockett. In an explosive just-revealed interview out today, he tells "TMZ" he had a five-month affair with Kim that got physical, included sexting, phone sex, and that Kim made the first move.

But Lockett claims he didn`t know she was dating both him and now- fiance, Kris Humphries, at the same time.

BRET LOCKETT, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS SAFETY: There was a relationship between a certain period of time that overlapped with - I guess she was talking to Kris Humphries at the time.

HAMMER: But Kim Kardashian says Bret`s claims are a bunch of bunk. She writes on her blog, quote, "This is ridiculous. `In Touch` magazine is claiming that I had a five had-month secret relationship with this guy, a guy I`ve never met, spoken to, texted, called, or even heard of."

Kim means business. She has threatened to sue "In Touch Weekly" and Bret Lockett.

SHUTER: I think the biggest mistake that Kim made was threatening legal action. Had she said nothing, it would have been on the cover of a newsstand for a week.

HAMMER: But Lockett tells "TMZ" he`s ready for Kim`s lawyers and to bring it on.

LOCKETT: If she wants to bring her lawyers into this, and that`s all fine and dandy. I have phone records. I have texts and her texts and her pictures.

HAMMER: But some of Lockett`s story doesn`t add up for some people. "TMZ`s" Harvey Levin asked him some tough questions.

HARVEY LEVIN, "TMZ": Where did you first see her, actually, physically see her, face-to-face?

LOCKETT: I don`t want to even go into all of that. I mean, that`s really -

LEVIN: What city?

LOCKETT: I mean, she - it`s really irrelevant. All that is irrelevant.

HAMMER: This couldn`t come at a worse time for Kim. She just got engaged to NBA star Kris Humphries and told "People" magazine all about the romantic, candle-lit marriage proposal and the 20-plus karat engagement ring that`s worth an estimated $2 million.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that, today, conspiracy theorists were saying all this drama seems a little too convenient.

SHUTER: Kardashian, season six, I believe, starts this weekend. Some people are actually claiming that this might be a press stunt. I don`t believe that.

HAMMER: What we do know is that the magnificent Kardashians are going to fight to the bitter end.

SHUTER: We`re going to see this story now for quite a while. It is not going to go away. The best thing Kim can do is say nothing, pull off the lawyers and let this story disappear.

HAMMER: Frankly, disappearing doesn`t sound particularly Kardashian. So settle down, grab some popcorn, get ready for reality show battle of a lifetime. And hey, it can`t be bad for the ratings.


And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did reach out to "In Touch Weekly" about Kim Kardashian possibly suing them. The magazine simply tells us, quote, "We stand by our story."

But yes, it still could be good for the ratings. Still, could suing actually be a big mistake for Kim Kardashian by getting her all the wrong kind of attention?

Kim`s attorneys reportedly just fired off a letter to "In Touch Weekly," demanding that they don`t print this whole cheating story.

But as you can see here, the story ran with this big bold headline, "Kim Caught Cheating." But then, again, the tabloids really do that sort of thing all the time as we know.

This leads to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint - Kim Kardashian, is she making a big mistake if she sues?

I want to bring in comedienne, Heather McDonald, who is the author of the "New York Times" bestseller, "You`ll Never (EXPLETIVE DELETED) in This Town Again." So , is Kim making a big mistake here?

HEATHER MCDONALD, COMEDIENNE: No. I think it`s kind of great that she`s taking a stand. I know the Kardashians and I actually called Kris this morning. And I asked because I read the article, so I didn`t know.

I didn`t know if maybe she was just flirting with him, in which case I would say, so what if she was? It was a month into their relationship. But she absolutely says she`s never met this guy and he wants to - he has some rap album coming out. So I think he wants to pull like a Ray J.

HAMMER: Who did you speak to this morning about this?

MCDONALD: Kris Jenner.


MCDONALD: Not Kris Humphries.

HAMMER: No, no -

MCDONALD: No, no, no. Kris Jenner, her mother.

HAMMER: Oh, OK. And she said there`s just not a chance -

MCDONALD: Yes. I think because of -

HAMMER: They really haven`t met at all?

MCDONALD: They haven`t even met. So I think because it`s such a blatant lie is why she`s so angry. And because, you know, her relationship is a huge deal.

And she doesn`t want people to think that she`s not a good girlfriend. She`s always been in monogamous relationships. She`s not known as a cheater.

HAMMER: And now, she`s a fiancee.

MCDONALD: Yes. So I think it is, and I definitely think he wants - I think that he wants the press because he`s got some lame - maybe it`s not lame, maybe it`s fantastic - rap album coming out.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s hard to understand why he would lie like this. And let`s say, on the other hand, that Bret is lying. And in fact, he never had an affair with Kim. And Kim doesn`t really know him.

Let me go to AOL`s Maggie Furlong - AOL TV`s Maggie Furlong. Maggie, to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, is Kim making a mistake by suing "In Touch Weekly" if she does that?

MAGGIE FURLONG, AOL TV: Yes. They made her a star. You don`t have to sue. Just say it didn`t happen. This guy is obviously reaching for fame.

I think anyone now in the sports world kind of knows, "Oh, hey, I`m not famous enough. If I`m connected to a Kardashian, maybe I will be." Look at Lamar Odom.

So maybe this guy is just trying to get some headlines. Let it die. Leave it alone. Drop the lawsuit.

HAMMER: Well, Kim just wrote on her blog that she`s never met or spoken to, texted, called, or even heard of Bret Lockett. Lockett insists he and Kim had a physical relationship.

Obviously, two very different stories. Check out how he responded though when "TMZ" asked him when they met.


LEVIN: Where did you first see her, actually physically see her face-to- face?

LOCKETT: I mean, I don`t want to even go into all that. I mean, that`s really -

LEVIN: What city?

LOCKETT: I mean, she - it`s really irrelevant. All of that is irrelevant.

LEVIN: Where did you actually see her and/or hook up with her?

LOCKETT: I mean, like I said, what me and Kim do is what me and Kim do. All of that other stuff is irrelevant. I mean, there`s - I mean, that`s all he said/she said stuff. I mean, everybody just wants to know what it is.


HAMMER: Do you find, Heather, that just kills his credibility right there?

MCDONALD: Oh, my god. What do you mean it`s irrelevant? You`re telling the whole story. Of course, it`s relevant. No, I think it just shows he`s a liar. I mean -

HAMMER: All right. Right there - we can end it there.


It`s hard for me to understand it. Let us now move on because we`re not done with the cheating talk just yet tonight. It`s time to move on to the SHOWBIZ Weiner weasel watch.

Yes, tonight, there`s yet another photo of Congressman Anthony Weiner`s unmentionable in this picture not wearing any underwear. I`m just going to kind of leave it at that.

On top of that, we just learned that his wife is reportedly pregnant. Maggie, I wasn`t sure before, but now, I`m pretty sure that his wife should be just kicking him to the curb. What do you think?

FURLONG: Oh, my god. If she doesn`t leave him, it`s the biggest mistake of her life. Huma is known for being a very quiet, very private person. She has a very high-profile job with Hillary Clinton.

She`s known as this woman of mystery because no one knows much about her. They just know that she`s so cool and calm and collected.

This is not the kind of thing she needs to be having her first press conference about, "Oh, yes, my cheating husband and all of his penis pictures around town."


FURLONG: She has to leave him. I don`t care if she`s pregnant or not. She needs to keep her pride and leave him.

HAMMER: And I have to point out in the SHOWBIZ Weiner weasel watch - also, we learned today that Anthony Weiner called, of all people, Bill Clinton to say that he regretted what he did.

I don`t know what they could have possibly done, you know, the conference in Monica Lewinsky or something like that.

FURLONG: Oh, my god.

HAMMER: All right. We`re going to leave it there.

MCDONALD: Awkward.

HAMMER: Heather McDonald, Maggie Furlong, I appreciate you both being here.

As we move on, Fergie tells all. Tonight, it`s my headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.


(on camera) You were in a palace living with 20 servants around you all the time. What`s been the biggest adjustment for you?


Fergie on her fall from grace and how she is trying to put her life back together.

Tonight, we`ve got brand-new details about why Jennifer Aniston decided to go public with her new man. Could this backfire on her?

And it`s a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive. Our Kareen Wynter gets an amazing behind-the-scenes tour of Adrienne Maloof`s house. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" is showing off all 20,000 square feet of it.


KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: This place has it all, the works - eight bedrooms, a guesthouse, private gym, pool, tennis court, home theater, poker room and amazing chandeliers throughout.


HAMMER: And we are taking you inside, next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views. And this is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Last "Oprah" show draws 16.4 million viewers. J.J. Abrams defends himself against critics of his film, "Super 8."


J. J. ABRAMS, DIRECTOR, "SUPER 8": The thing about this is "Super 8" is a movie - you know, while there are some scares to it, there`s also a lot of comedy, a lot of heart.

And even though, you know, the digital age, cell phones and computers have changed the way we communicate, the way we talk, the things that matter, you know, friendships, relationships with parents - those things don`t change. Those are the same.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And now, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive - it`s lifestyle of the rich and famous, "Housewives" edition. We`ve got amazing exclusive access to Adrienne Maloof`s house.

Now, Adrienne, of course, stars in the "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." Her home is about 20,000 square feet, give or take a few. Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter.


WYNTER (on camera): Get ready to be dazzled. We`re at the extravagant mansion of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" super-couple, Dr. Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof.

And guess what, we`re giving SHOWBIZ TONIGHT a rare look inside their eye-popping estate. Come along.

(voice-over) She`s part of the Maloof family dynasty. He`s a prominent plastic surgeon. Together, they live in this massive 20,000 square-foot gated community home with their three children and two dogs.

And this place has it all, the works - eight bedrooms, a guesthouse, private gym, pool, tennis court, home theater, poker room, and amazing chandeliers throughout.

(on camera) Tell me about the decorating because this is so beautiful.

DR. PAUL NASSIF, PLASTIC SURGEON: I did this all. I decorated the whole place.

WYNTER: You did?

NASSIF: Sure. No.

WYNTER: Doctor by day, decorator by night.

NASSIF: She did it all. This room is beautiful.

ADRIENNE MALOOF, REALITY TV STAR, "THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS": This is what we call our music room where we entertain quite a bit.

NASSIF: I`ll come home from work and I`ll hear this beautiful harp music.

MALOOF: Waiting for him -

NASSIF: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and she`ll be sitting there playing the harp, waiting for me to come in.

MALOOF: Yes, right!

NASSIF: Which is right.

WYNTER: Let`s continue this lovely tour.

(voice-over) After giving us a glimpse of the exquisite collection of beautiful Faberge eggs, Adrienne and Paul whisked us off to their very own home theater.

NASSIF: This is nice room to come down with the kids and watch a movie. It`s a very small screening room. It`s nice. It`s very relaxing. Small bar here. The chairs lie down, which is very cool.

WYNTER (on camera): So this is where you do business?


NASSIF: This is our fun library. I love this room.

MALOOF: This is one of my favorite photos. Obviously, our president. My brother had a small dinner at his house in Las Vegas, Nevada, so I cherish this. This means quite a bit to me.

WYNTER (voice-over): Down the hall from the library sits the magnificent foyer decorated with marble statues and an elegant spiral staircase.

MALOOF: We do a lot of entertaining. One thing that I wanted to make sure with the house is that it still felt very homey and comfortable and warm.

WYNTER (on camera): How often, though, do you get to sit down, relax and have a good meal?

NASSIF: In here?

MALOOF: In here?

NASSIF: Once every, what, couple of months?

MALOOF: When we entertain, when have friends come over, guests, that`s about it.

NASSIF: You see that mural on the wall there? I painted that myself in two days.

MALOOF: Here we go again.

WYNTER: So we`re going now into the lovely kitchen.

NASSIF: Here`s my favorite thing. This is my own blizz-frozen yogurt machine.

WYNTER: Oh, that`s the real deal. It`s a huge kitchen, but it also feels very comfortable.

MALOOF: Doesn`t it? I wanted the children to be able to come in, eat at the counter, because I know kids love the - have that place where we all gather. And usually, it`s the kitchen.

WYNTER: This is so beautiful. I would be in this pool every single day, do a lot of swimming with the kids. It must be fabulous entertaining. You have the inside. You have the outside.

MALOOF: And it flows nicely, too. We have the cover patio.

WYNTER (voice-over): From the stunning pool and patio area to the decked- out gym loaded with weights, exercise machines, sports memorabilia and an area for kick-boxing, one of Adrienne`s favorite hobbies. And what backyard in Beverly Hills would be complete without a tennis court?

MALOOF: This is a little slice of heaven nestled into Mother Nature. We come out here and play tennis. And if you have a stressful day, it`s just nice to play with the kids.

WYNTER: And when the whole family needs to escape, for a treat, they hop in the Porsche and sneak off to Blizz, a frozen yoghurt chain just outside Beverly Hills that Paul owns.

(on camera): It`s such a cozy, family-oriented atmosphere here.

NASSIF: I think it`s a great way to come out and get away from the Beverly Hills - that whole lifestyle, as we say.

WYNTER: But not too far away. Fans may be up in arms if this dynamic duo isn`t back for a second season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."


HAMMER: Yes, cozy little shack there. That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter. You can catch "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Thursdays on Bravo.

All right. You`ve got to take a look at this. It`s a brand-new SHOWBIZ viral video. I think this girl looks pretty familiar. I just can`t place her.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Finally, I got on Facebook, but I only have, like - actually, I don`t have any friends yet.


HAMMER: Who is that? Kind of reminds me of a certain California girl, one of the biggest singers on the planet, you know. Stick around. You`ll find out who it is.

This is Ice-T`s wife, Coco. Ice is totally OK with pictures like this. But I`ve got to ask him, is anything off limits? I mean, come on.

And these two are doing a new reality show, but are they afraid of that breaking up their marriage? Ice and Coco right here in a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

It is time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Leona Helmsley`s dog - who inherited $12 million from her - has died. Today was Ann Curry`s first day as "Today" co-anchor.


ANN CURRY, CO-ANCHOR, THE "TODAY" SHOW: I`m Ann Curry, in for, I guess, nobody this morning. Me, myself and I.

MATT LAUER, CO-ANCHOR, THE "TODAY" SHOW: It`s nice to be able to say that, isn`t it?

CURRY: It`s crazy. I can`t believe it. It`s such a thrill.




PARIS HILTON, REALITY TV STAR: I have to do 200 hours of community service and that really sucks (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

BARBARA WALTERS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER AND CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": But you say, "This sucks. It hurt my heels." What, and then you told me and others, "I want to help female prisoners." Why not present that side of yourself, if indeed it exists?


HAMMER: Wow, Barbra. Barbara Walters grilling Paris Hilton about her new reality show, "The World According to Paris." And then, Paris reportedly ballistic backstage, or does she?

Tonight, Paris setting the record straight. Barbra gave Paris a real smackdown for whining on her reality show about having to do those 200 hours of community service, that after pleading guilty to possessing cocaine.

Paris reportedly blew her stack backstage after appearing on "The View" because of Barbra`s questions. But in a brand-new interview with "E! News," Paris denies the reports.

Heather McDonald is back with me tonight. She is the author of the "New York Times" bestseller, "You`ll Never (EXPLETIVE DELETED) in This Town Again."

I think Barbara had every right to go after Paris Hilton personally about this. Remember, after Paris served time in jail back in 2007 on another charge, she promised to do good.

And now, she`s complaining about community service because of her cocaine charge. That`s just nuts to me.

MCDONALD: I watched the show last night and it is awful. It is so boring. And throughout the whole thing she was, like, "Now, my mom and I are going to do what we do best - shop. You`re going to see the real Paris."

Well, the real Paris hangs out with that little dog and drives a Bentley in shops and does these horrible voiceovers. And it would maybe be interesting if it was 2005. But I don`t even know how she got the show.

HAMMER: Well, it`s interesting you say you watched the show last night. And it seems you`re among the few, because the ratings were just terrible.

And in fact Paris had said, you know, Barbara would understand if she just watched the show. Is Paris just not hot anymore, Heather?

MCDONALD: I don`t think she is. And she probably wanted Barbara to be the one more person to watch it. And the Brooke Mueller aspect is bizarre. She`s like Brooke Mueller on there as her friend. And she sounds like a crack addict and her voice is all raspy.

HAMMER: And of course -

MCDONALD: Allegedly.


MCDONALD: But she goes back to rehab. I mean, it`s just a very odd - it`s weird. It`s not good.

HAMMER: All right. Well, thank you for watching and reporting on that. Heather McDonald, thanks so much.

Now off to the SHOWBIZ lineup - here`s what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


(on camera) You were in a palace living with, you know, 20 servants all around you all the time. What`s been the biggest adjustment for you?


Fergie tells all. Tonight, wait until you hear what she says. It`s my headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Her revelations all about her fall from grace.

Jennifer Aniston in love? Tonight, brand-new details about why Jen decided to go public with her new man. Could it backfire on her, though?

And did you see this? Shania Twain wipes out. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: "Glee`s" Chris Colfer to write children`s books. Six-year-old Tanner Edwards wows "America`s Got Talent" judges.



HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Sarah Ferguson tells all. Her fall from grace. Her rebound from spiritual and financial bankruptcy.


(on camera) You were in a palace living with 20 servants all around you all the time. What`s been the biggest adjustment for you?


Tonight, my headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. Wait until you hear what she says.

Jennifer Aniston`s hot new public romance. New man, new attitude? But could her plan to take her beau public backfire?

Ice-T and Coco uncensored. The wife of "Law and Order: SVU" star poses with a Sprite can on her butt. What`s that about? Ice-T and Coco, right here talking thongs, Twitter and reality TV in a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now. .


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

Tonight, Fergie tells all to me in a headline-making SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker interview. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has just opened up to me about hitting rock bottom and how she`s trying to put her life back together.

We will see it all play out in an amazing new series called "Finding Sarah" on the Oprah Winfrey Network. This is an intimate look at her struggle to find herself and to find happiness. And in my candid interview with Sarah Ferguson, I discover she`s done just that.


(on camera) First of all, it`s lovely to see you. You look smashing, if I may say.

SARAH FERGUSON, DUCHESS OF YORK: That`s very kind of you. Thank you very much.

HAMMER: I don`t toss around the word "smashing" lightly, but I figure you are.

FERGUSON: Well, I`ve learned how to (UNINTELLIGIBLE) to compliments now, so thank you for that.

HAMMER: It`s my pleasure.

FERGUSON: You don`t look so bad yourself, A.J.

HAMMER: Well, thank you very much. I can accept that as well.

FERGUSON: See, we`re learning.

HAMMER: This series is so revealing, and you really go deep and we see - look, you`ve always been very candid. But we see some things that we haven`t seen before and you deal with your personal struggles.

You put your relationships, your financial struggles out there. Why did you decide to do this series and really lay it out on the line like this?

FERGUSON: Well, I decided to it do it after a great deal of studying and thinking and working out the ramifications of my actions. It`s very brave to have agreed to do it.

I thought to myself that, maybe I can use my life to help others. And I wasn`t - I`m not going to quit and bounce the bleachers. I could have done - you know, after last year, May 23, and I sort of hit the gutter.

HAMMER: Well, I think, you know, I certainly know how I felt and I think I speak for a lot of people to say that we were all very surprised to see what unfolded last spring, the massive scandal.

And there were the allegations that you were accepting cash for access to Prince Andrew. And that was tough to see because we`ve always been rooting for you along the way.

As difficult as that was, we really got to know about your financial struggles then, as we do now in the series. Were those financial struggles a part of what may have motivated you to go ahead and take the opportunity to do a difficult show like this?

FERGUSON: No. The show is not about - for financial reasons. The show was because I really had to make a change. Why did I keep going on sabotaging my life?

Why, as you rightly said, last May, to suddenly have this enormous, great big tabloid setup and this tabloid setup that I fell into, to answer your question about selling access to Andrew - no, I didn`t do that.

HAMMER: Right.

FERGUSON: And so it`s very important that when you were rooting for me before May 23rd, go back to rooting for me again, because you know I wouldn`t do that.

HAMMER: And that`s what we`d like to do. Were you aware, though, through all that difficult time that a lot of us were out there completely sort of dumbstruck by even what was being alleged?

I mean, those of us who are fans of yours and those of us who have rooted for you all along. Were you aware that you had that level of support out there?

FERGUSON: When that had happened I was so lost I didn`t dare even look up from my own darkness, because if you looked up, you didn`t want to see or hear anything because you had really betrayed yourself.

HAMMER: Was that really a rock bottom moment for you?

FERGUSON: Yes. Oh, no, worse than rock bottom. Let me try to describe it only that you don`t know how you`re going to go to the next day because you know that everywhere you`re going, everyone is judging you.

Looking back, I think, "Sarah, what were you thinking? What were you thinking?" And the only thing is that living now with regret is you can`t go back and change it.

And the only thing that I can know is that Prince Andrew and I live in the same house and we have two beautiful girls. And we are a family unit and he loves me and we both love each other so much.

Goodness only knows I would love to go back to that bride again and do it differently.

HAMMER: Obviously, life has changed a great deal. What for you has been the biggest change since - look, you were in a palace living with, you know, 20 servants all around you all the time. What`s been the biggest adjustment for you?

FERGUSON: I suddenly realized that I had to pay for overweight on luggage. When I first didn`t have any staff at all and I was on my airplane going to somewhere. And I remember pulling up in the cab and I took out my suitcases.

And they said, OK, it`s $100 per bag. There I was with four bags and I didn`t have enough dollars in my wallet to pay for it. It`s really interesting.

HAMMER: So separate from having to deal with luggage and paying for overweight luggage, what`s the biggest thing you miss from those days?

FERGUSON: Well, I think the biggest thing you live with when you`re going through this is the regret. So that does take a lot of work.

And you know, when I was making "Finding Sarah," Dr. Phil and Suze Orman and Martha and all the team had to work really hard on that because I couldn`t forgive myself. I can`t really forgive myself.

I`m getting better at it. But you have to - you`ve got to move on. And Oprah said to me that wonderful line - she said, "Forgiveness really, truly comes when you lose the hope of changing the past."

HAMMER: Pretty good.

FERGUSON: Pretty good.

HAMMER: It actually seems like you`re in a really terrific place. And I believe I have that right, at least a much better place than you were a year and a half ago.

FERGUSON: I cannot thank you enough for that compliment. That means you mean it. I know you do. And therefore, I`ve come a long way because there`s no way I would have sat in this chair a year ago. There`s no way. There`s no way. And I can`t thank Oprah enough. I can`t.

HAMMER: Something you and I have talked about before and something you`ve always been very candid about are your struggles with weight.

When you were going through your financial difficulties, did that correlate, in a way, to having difficulties with weight at the time?

FERGUSON: Ran to the cookie jar. Yes, I did. I put on quite a lot of weight actually in the last year. And also before that, I was yo-yo dieting and getting out of control.

When I started making "Finding Sarah," I could see, oh, my gosh - when they showed me the footage, I was going, "That`s me?" And that was then.

So I started to agree that I was going to get back on to the program, get fit, get strong. It`s very strong stuff, but I get fit. And I have -

HAMMER: Clearly. I mean, look at you. You look terrific.

FERGUSON: Thank you. Thank you.

HAMMER: Great to see you.

FERGUSON: Thank you. Thank you so much.

HAMMER: Really was great to speak with Fergie and to see her in such a good place. It was emanating off of her. "Finding Sarah" premieres this Sunday on OWN. The Duchess also has a memoir, the same title. It`s coming out on June 28.

As we move on tonight, we have some celebrity couples that treasure their privacy. Then you`ve got Ice-T and Coco. To say nothing is off limits for them is an understatement, or really an underwear statement in this case.

The wife of the "Law and Order: SUV" star poses with a Sprite can, not much more. What`s that all about? And now, they`ve got a new reality show, too. Are they at all worried about their marriage breaking up because of it? It`s our SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview, next.

HAMMER: All right. Watch this now. She`s going to go down. Ouch! Shania Twain eats dirt on live TV, but she`s such a pro. You`ve got to see how she bounced back, and you will, coming up.

Also, this SHOWBIZ viral video -


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Finally, I got to do Facebook, but I only have like - actually, I don`t have any friends yet.


HAMMER: Recognize this 13-year-old geek? She`s a gorgeous award-winning superstar. This is SHOWBIZ tonight on HLN news and views.

And this is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Prince William`s wife, Catherine, may have been targeted by phone hacker. Justin Bieber wins CMT award for collaboration with Rascal Flatts.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I started on Facebook like maybe eight months ago, because you have to be 13 and I just turned 13.


HAMMER: Do you have any idea who this 13-year-old geek is? You won`t believe the identity of the singing superstar hiding behind those glasses and headgear. I`ve got the big reveal coming up.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with Ice-T and hot Coco. No, I`m not talking about the tasty beverages. I`m talking about the famous couple, Ice-T and his wife, Coco.

They`re jumping into the reality show world with their very own show. It`s very cool. It`s called "Ice Loves Coco," premieres this Sunday on "E!"

Now, these guys have been happily married for 10 years. So naturally, I have to ask them, why invite the cameras into their happy home? Doesn`t always go so well.

Ice-T and Coco join me tonight for a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker interview. It`s great to meet you guys and have you here. Appreciate you stopping by.

ICE-T, RAPPER: Thanks for having us.

HAMMER: Let`s talk about the world of Twitter for a moment, because it`s getting a lot of attention. We all know what`s happening with Anthony Weiner. And he tweeted pictures of his very private parts.

Now, Coco, you are well-known to tweet some pretty candid shots as well. You do it for your fans.

NICOLE "COCO" AUSTIN, SWIMSUIT MODEL: Yes. I`m at a whole different level. I`m not Weiner. I`m not a politician.

HAMMER: No, but shots of your butt, if I may, on "Thong Thursday," isn`t it?

AUSTIN: Right.

HAMMER: And your fans thank you for that. One of the pictures, I believe - we`re going to put it up. You balance a soda can -


HAMMER: On your butt and there it is.


HAMMER: I have to wonder, what did cross your mind when you heard what was going on with Anthony Weiner, considering you`re out there in the Twitter- verse doing, not exactly the same thing, but it`s your world.

AUSTIN: Well, I`ve been doing it a lot longer than he has. And he`s a politician. I`m a model. We`re in completely different worlds. I feel like - that`s my world, you know. I`ve been doing it for too long, you know.

ICE-T: She does it for the laughs.

HAMMER: You`re a trendsetter.

ICE-T: Yes.

AUSTIN: I`m a trendsetter. You know, I started "Thong Thursday," damn it. And a lot of people and celebrities do it to this day. So whenever you hear "Thong Thursday," that pretty much started with me.

ICE-T: Plus, her mom took that picture.

AUSTIN: My mom.

HAMMER: I know. I love that. That just makes it all the more special. Again, I appreciate you dropping by on "Thong Thursday," by the way.

Ice, I know you`re OK with this. I mean, a lot of people would be pretty uncomfortable with that. But why are you OK with that? Is nothing off limits?

ICE-T: Oh, no. She`s on the internet. We both have Twitter accounts. She`s "CocosWorld." I`m "FinalLevel." You don`t flirt on Twitter. That`s all. You know what I mean?

If you`ve got fans and they want to talk to you, that`s cool. You know, she`s sending pictures out just to have fun. But it`s different when you start to DM, you know, because on Twitter everything you say, everyone can see.


ICE-T: So when you go into that DM world, that direct message world, now, you might be getting a little secretive and could go -

HAMMER: Well, to that end, do you consider what Weiner did to be cheating? Because there`s a big debate going on right now. If there is no physical contact, if it`s just sexting or DM`ing, is that cheating?

AUSTIN: I think sexting is a cheating in a way because you`re looking for some product to come out of that. You know, you`re sexting because you may hope something will come out of, maybe, if I tweet or maybe text a little picture, tweet a little picture here and there, maybe I`ll meet that person.

Maybe it will go farther than that, you know. That is just, like, on a totally different level.

ICE-T: It`s kind of like, if you`re married you shouldn`t be flirting with somebody else, you know. I don`t think you should be having those types of conversations.

Now, if he was trying to say, "Well, I was trying to sell some - my ab cream or something." If he was trying to push it like that, but it was obvious that he was trying to make passes at people.

AUSTIN: There`s a difference showing off your body parts. I love my assets. I want to show them off. So he obviously wasn`t doing that. There was probably a lot of comments that were going with that. Hey, baby this, hey, baby that.

HAMMER: There were a whole bunch of comments.

AUSTIN: Yes, you know -

ICE-T: That`s when you cross to the other line.

AUSTIN: That`s when you cross it. I`m just sending pictures out there, you know. I`m not, you know, reeling anybody in like I`m going to sleep with them.

HAMMER: I love that it works for you. I love that you`re comfortable with what your wife is putting out there. And I love that you guys have been happily married for 10 years.


HAMMER: I`m a little concerned. I`ve been at this for a while. You guys are doing this reality show and it looks terrific. And I`m excited for you.

But you know, as I mentioned, they don`t always go so well. Can we put this up, Charles? Because I want you to take a look at something. And I wish you all the best. But here`s what has happened in the past.

Linda and Hulk Hogan, reality show, "Hogan Knows Best," aired from 2005 to 2007. November `07, Linda files for divorce. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey`s reality show, "The Newlyweds." Simpson files for divorce on December 16, 2005. The last episode of their reality show aired in March of that year.

Carmen Electra and David Navarro - they started their reality show. It documented their dating and their marriage. That, of course, ended in divorce.

Now again, I wish you guys all the best and it seems like you`ve got a nice, stable thing. But why subject yourself to it? Why take the chance when you see this is what is happening before you?

ICE-T: Well, there`s also a lot of reality shows that didn`t happen to. Our show is more in the vein of "The Osbournes" or "Run`s House" or something like that.

I mean, our show is more about the love. They offered us a reality show eight years ago. We hadn`t been married long enough. Now, we`re 10 years in.

We`re aware of that, so therefore we`re going to make that much sure it doesn`t happen, because one the reasons we didn`t want to do the show is what you said. I`m not going to risk my relationship to entertain anybody.

HAMMER: You don`t have to.

ICE-T: Right. Yes.

HAMMER: That`s the thing. I don`t you`re doing it for the money (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

ICE-T: No. I`m on "Law and Order".

AUSTIN: It gives me a chance. Like we mentioned a second ago, we were talking about the model, the whole, you know, stigma to that. But it gives me a chance to show the world I`m not just that model.

ICE-T: Right.

AUSTIN: You know, I`m a businesswoman. I`m also addicted to my family. And it`s like you`re going to see the fun side of me and my personality.

HAMMER: And we`re looking forward to that. We`ve got to end it there, but we`re looking forward to your show. Thanks so much for stopping by. Ice and Coco and their new reality show, "Ice Loves Coco," premieres this Sunday on "E."

Moving right now to a must-see SHOWBIZ viral video. Kathy Beth Terry - have you heard of her? No? Probably the coolest 13-year-old on the planet. Take a close look at this. Kathy Beth`s new video. It`s just gone viral - all about joining Facebook and her uber-famous Facebook friend.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Finally, I got to do Facebook, but I only have, like - actually, I don`t have any friends yet. I`ve been trying to add people, you know, and then - oh, my gosh, one time, I had this exclusive chat with Katy Perry!

She said that that was really her. Actually, I know I totally did. She is telling me all kinds of things, but I was sworn to secrecy.


HAMMER: OK. Figure it out? Not really a 13-year-old. That`s actually Katy Perry right there. That`s a pretty cool promo. It`s for her new video, "Last Friday Night TGIF," sexy and funny. Got to love Katy Perry. The music video pays homage to the awkward teen years. Watch.


HAMMER: Speaking of "Friday," "Friday" - look for an appearance with YouTube sensation, Rebecca Black, when the full video for "Last Friday Night TGIF" drops on June 14th.

Well, Jennifer Aniston`s hot new public romance. It`s out there. New man, new attitude. We`re asking tonight why Jen is revealing her new beau to the world after years of keeping her love life under wraps. Will this backfire? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Time now for the SHOWBIZ buzz list. Here is what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing about this week. Still keeping up with Kim and the gang. The new season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" debuts Sunday on E!

The diehard New Kids on the Block fans on staff are all downloading Jordan Knight`s new album, "Unfinished." We`re on trip. Bonnaroo Music Festival - going on in Tennessee. Big shout-out to Lil Wayne and My Morning Jacket - two acts that are performing.

It`s a bird. It`s a plane. It`s the iCloud. Does Apple do anything we don`t love? Brad Pitt, Sean Penn - enough said. We`re buzzing about their great new movie, "Tree of Life." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.



HAMMER: Man, that`s got to hurt. Did you see this? Shania Twain wiped out at the CMT awards. But of course, the show must go on and it did.

Shania just brushed it off like a true pro and went on to present the award for best male singer. Don`t worry, Shania is OK.

Check out the message she posted on her Web site. It`s all about what she`s going to do with the sky-high heels that caused her to fall.


SHANIA TWAIN, SINGER: I didn`t hurt myself. I have a bit of a sore thumb and that`s about it. And I am going to auction off those shoes, actually. I`m going to get rid of them as soon as I can.


HAMMER: Lemons out of lemonade. Nice, Shania. She really has gotten her love life back together since her messy divorce.

Now, it seems Jennifer Aniston is also getting her love life back on track. I love seeing that. In the brand-new issue of "Us Weekly" just out today, we are learning why Aniston has apparently decided to go public with her new beau, actor and screenwriter, Justin Thoreau.

With me now from Hollywood is Natalie Thomas, who is the news editor of "Us Weekly." So Jennifer hasn`t revealed a boyfriend to the public since she split up with John Mayer two years ago.

"Us Weekly is revealing that Jennifer and Justin were spotted just having a very public three-hour dinner at a Hollywood hotspot, so they knew their photo was going to be taken.

Their first public coming out was after an after-party for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. They even posed for a picture. Natalie, what`s the deal? What`s so special about this new guy that she wants to show him off to the world?

NATALIE THOMAS, NEWS EDITOR, "US WEEKLY": Jen is clearly crazy about Justin and he is in her industry. He understands the pressures that she has. He`s very talented and creative, which she appreciates.

And we were at a dinner the other night that she was out with him and he was kind of dominating the conversation and making all of her friends laugh. So he`s really a fun time and they`re having a good time together.

HAMMER: That`s really nice to hear. I`ve got to say, though, it seems like every time Jennifer has gone public with the relationship - I mean, just think about John Mayer and Vince Vaughn - it`s backfired.

Natalie, I love that she`s doing what she feels and she`s not hiding the relationship. But do you think, in any way, she could be making a big mistake?

THOMAS: There`s certainly added pressures that come with any celebrity relationship. And you know, Justin and Jennifer are going to have their share. But she did kind of, you know, keep it quiet for a while. They`ve now been dating for months.

You know, they`ve just recently become public. So she was kind of vetting him herself, introducing him to her friends and kind of letting - you know, seeing if it worked out before it went public to kind of make sure, you know, it wasn`t a flash in the pan. So she seems pretty confident about this one, seems pretty serious.

HAMMER: Yes. And you mentioned that he is, you know, in the same business but not a household name, certainly not nearly as famous as she is. Few people are.

I actually like the fact she isn`t dating a super uber-famous person. Don`t you think that`s a good thing?

THOMAS: Absolutely. I think, you know, obviously, they can identify there was a common ground there. But certainly, he`s not a huge A-lister that is already bringing his own attention.

He`s kind of a mellow guy, lets her take the spotlight. And I think that`s something she really needs.

HAMMER: And now, people do know his name. Natalie Thomas, thank you so much. And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Keep in mind SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now seen exclusively, Monday to Friday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.