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Huge Kim Kardashian Wedding News; The Reinvention of Paris Hilton; When Sarah Met Donald; When Gaga Feels Most Lonely; Michael Jackson and the Hiltons; Angelina Jolie Wants to Be Un-sexy

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Huge Kim Kardashian wedding news -- will she ditch her last name? Will she televise her wedding? I`m A.J. Hammer. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- the incredible reinvention of Paris Hilton? Tonight, the premiere of Paris` controversial new TV show. Our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint -- will this change the way people think about Paris?

When Sarah met Donald. Sarah Palin, Donald Trump meet for pizza. Tonight, the great SHOWBIZ debate -- is this a dream team or double trouble?

A revealing one own one with Lady Gaga -- when Gaga feels most lonely.


LADY GAGA, POP STAR: In my most lonely moments, I feel the least human.


HAMMER: And clues about which stars she may work with. It`s a not-to-be- missed SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, coming to you in from New York City with big news breaking tonight, reinventing Paris Hilton.

Yes, just when you thought you had seen the last of Paris, well, tonight, she`s back. And she said she`s better than ever. In fact, Paris says her brand-new reality show that just premiered tonight is the start of a new chapter of her life.

She`s introducing the new Paris, the serious businesswoman and not the wild party girl that made her name posing on red carpets and, of course, in that infamous sex tape.

But tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Paris` battle for respect may be really tough because her new show may remind people more of the Paris she wants us to forget.


(voice-over) Paris Hilton is known for a lot of things, some of them good, like being a businesswoman and the TV star of shows like "The Simple Life."


HAMMER: And some of them not so good, like her party girl image, her arrests and, of course, that sex tape.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you doing, Paris?

HAMMER: But today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Paris Hilton is trying to demolish that old image.

PIERS MORGAN, HOST, "PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT": Would you like to be taken more seriously?

HILTON: I would, definitely.

HAMMER: In her new interview with CNN`s Piers Morgan, Paris Hilton is declaring loudly, "I`ve changed."

MORGAN: Why would you care about being taken seriously?

HILTON: Because I feel like I`ve really grown in the past couple years. I just turned 30. I`m an adult and I feel that I deserve it. It`s time to get real.

HAMMER: And with her reality new show, "The World According to Paris," premiering tonight, Paris is telling the world goodbye, vapid party girl. Hello, serious businesswoman.

JO PIAZZA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: She says that she`s really trying to reinvent herself and show America a new side of Paris Hilton. This is definitely a tough sell for Paris.

HAMMER: In her explosive interview with CNN`s Piers Morgan, Paris made her most emotional comments yet about that infamous sex tape in 2003.

HILTON: It was the most embarrassing, humiliating thing that`s ever happened to me in my life.

PIAZZA: It was the sex tape that really catapulted Paris Hilton to a new level of celebrity.

HAMMER: With her tearful mother, Kathy, sitting by her side, Paris told CNN`s Piers Morgan exactly how painful that whole sex tape scandal was.

HILTON: It`s not what I planned. I didn`t want to be known as that. Now, when people look at me, they think that I`m something I`m not just because of one incident, one night with someone who I was in love with.

I`ll have to live with that for the rest of my life and explain it to my children. It`s something that`s changed my life forever and I`ll never be able to erase it.

It might be time to say goodbye to Paris, the party girl, and hello to Paris, the grownup.

HAMMER: Paris hopes her new reality show will erase some the more negative parts of her image.

HILTON: There`s a lot of things in the show I can`t believe I`m going to let air, but I want to be as real as possible and let people get to know me.

HAMMER: But if Paris Hilton thought her tasks in "The Simple Life" were hard, this Paris reinvention may be her toughest job yet.

PIAZZA: Paris Hilton has done nothing for us to think that she is a better person.

HAMMER: Entertainment journalist, Jo Piazza, tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT years of Paris Hilton`s in-and-out-of-clubs and in-and-out-of-jail antics, including an embarrassing cocaine arrest just last year, will make it very hard for viewers to buy the new more serious Paris 2.0.

PIAZZA: I don`t think that Paris Hilton has done anything to prove to America that we should take her seriously other than having a new reality show on television.

HAMMER: Plus, Paris Hilton`s famous-for-nothing reality show star power has dimmed lately. Could her new show and reinvention just be her attempt to, pun intended, keep up with the Kardashians?

PIAZZA: She`s been replaced by the entire Kardashian family and an entirely new generation of reality stars, "The Teen Moms," "The Jersey Shore." The market is saturated and has no room left for Paris Hilton.

HAMMER: So meet the new Paris or same as the old Paris?


Well, Paris spent the last 10 years bouncing in and out of courtrooms, clubs and, of course, catastrophes. So to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, can Paris really change the way people see her?

Look, I`ve been in this business long enough to know that anything is possible. But I turn now to another expert, Rob Shuter, columnist for "" To our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, Rob, can Paris really change the way people see her? It`s pretty tough.

ROB SHUTER, COLUMNIST, "POPEATER.COM": It is tough and she can`t do it. She can`t do it by doing another reality show. She can do it by doing lot of charity work, by really being serious about what she wants to be.

She will not do it in reality TV. What she can do is make herself relevant again, which I think is what she`s trying to do.

HAMMER: Yes. My opinion is her motivations have to be pure. And as we`ve seen in the past, she said that they were before and, well, it didn`t quite work out that way.

Here`s what I think people continue to find fascinating about Paris Hilton. She admits to CNN`s Piers Morgan that she used her ditzy image to boost her fortune. But now, she wants to be taken seriously by being ditzy on a reality show. Let`s take a look at that.


HILTON: Who is it?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Somebody sent you something.

HILTON: Flowers? What?


HILTON: Oh, my god.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You have a secret admirer.

HILTON: She has blue eyes. I`m going to name her Lady Coco Chanel. Come here. She listens. She listens.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, my god. Imagine this going down the rodeo?


HAMMER: OK. Paris gets a pony, wants to take it down the rodeo. Totally normal, right? Let`s go out to the West Coast editor of AOL TV, Maggie Furlong. Maggie, can Paris really change the way people see her, I mean, after you see something like that?

MAGGIE FURLONG, WEST COAST EDITOR, AOL TV: No. I`m sick to my stomach just watching that clip. I honestly agree with Rob. A reality TV show is not what Paris Hilton needs. She`s been there, done that.

She needs to stop worrying about the headlines and start worrying about her actions because she hasn`t yet proven that we should be taking her seriously.

HAMMER: The whole pony thing made me sad. I`m suddenly feeling very sad. This morning on "The View," Barbara Walters literally was making Paris squirm. She asked her pointblank if this new show is all about the new Paris Hilton, why does it look so much like "The Simple Life 2.0"? You`ve got to see this.


BARBARA WALTERS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER AND CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": But then, there`s one scene that sort of bothered me. You have to do community service for two hours. You are dragged out of bed by this assistant. You don`t want to go. When she says you`ve got to do community service you said, and I quote, "It sucks."

HILTON: I do charity work all the time. It`s something my family has brought me up to do and it`s showed in the show as well. I joke around.

WALTERS: No, no, no. But when you said, "This sucks," (INAUDIBLE). And then you told me and others, "I want to help female prisoners." So I guess what Whoopi and I are both saying, why not present that side of yourself if, indeed, it exists?

HILTON: I do it all the time. And when I`m on the show it`s supposed to be entertaining and funny so I`ll make silly little jokes. It doesn`t mean I`m serious.


HAMMER: OK. By the way, that community serious that she`s doing, that`s for a drug possession charge just last year. I thought Paris` answer was actually fair, but a show about her doing community service, yes, not exactly must-see TV.

But Rob, more than not working to change her image, I`m thinking doing this reality show could just completely blow up in her face with everything she`s hoping to accomplish.

SHUTER: This could be her biggest nightmare. If the ratings are bad on the show -- the last show she did was an MTV show and the ratings were terrible. They dropped her. If this show`s ratings are bad, Paris is over.

HAMMER: Yes. And she`s making a ton of money right now but this really could backfire on everything that she`s built up. And she`s still hanging in there.

Well, right now, I must move on to a reality star meeting of epic proportions. It just happened right here in New York City, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump met for pizza.

They say politics makes strange bedfellows, right? But what does eating pizza lead to?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Would you support Sarah Palin as president?

DONALD TRUMP, BUSINESS TYCOON: She didn`t ask me for that. She came up. We`re friends. She`s a terrific woman. She didn`t ask me. But I will tell you, she`s a great woman and a terrific woman and a good friend. I`d love her to run.


HAMMER: Do I smell Palin-Trump 2012? I don`t know what it is that I smell. Maybe the world really is coming to an end. Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, a dream team or double trouble? The SHOWBIZ great debate -- that is coming up next.

Right now, I must move on to a big Kim Kardashian piece of news tonight. Reports out there that Kim K may dump her famous last name when she gets married. What do you think? Is that a good idea?

Angelina Jolie`s totally un-sexy role? Yes, she says she is taking the sexy out of the new Cleopatra. But here`s my question -- is it even possible for Angie to be un-sexy?

Also this --


HAMMER: Big controversy tonight over Rihanna`s disturbing new music video where she shoots a guy dead. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

It is time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Sean Kingston expected to make full recovery within six weeks of jet-ski crash. Lady Gaga sells 1.1 million copies of album "Born This Way" in its first week out.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. When Sarah melt Donald.

Sarah Palin is a reality star who says she isn`t sure if she`s running for president. Donald Trump is a reality star who said he`s not running for president while still suggesting he still may run for president.

Their meeting over pizza in New York City last night is creating a bigger buzz than all the mosquitoes in Central Park.

Right now, in Hollywood, is Ken Baker, chief news correspondent for "E!" So Ken, Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, tell me, man, a dream team or double trouble?

KEN BAKER, CHIEF NEWS CORRESPONDENT, "E!": Well, it depends where you fall on the political side of things. I would say from an entertainment perspective, it`s hilarious. I mean, comedy -- it`s top rate.

I mean, look at, last I checked, they were probably within a mile of Donald Trump`s place, maybe a hundred pizza places that he could have had pizza delivered to. They didn`t have to go out.

They also could have picked maybe a little more private place to dine, not right in the middle of Times Square. Obviously, they`re trying to get attention and guess what? Here we are the next day. It worked. We`re talking about it.

So clearly, they`re entertaining us. We`re paying attention, because when you get two egos that big and you get them to fit inside one pizza parlor, you`ve got to talk about it.

HAMMER: Yes. For entertainment value, I mean, this is win-win. And yes, I`m surprised, actually, Ken. There were a lot of places they could have ordered from, some great pizza would be, you know, taken to your door.

And none of them like the attention. I don`t know why they didn`t order in. Now, Palin and Trump were just mobbed outside. They were right by Trump Tower before their low-key pizza meeting.

They sounded like the presidents of each other`s mutual admiration society. This morning, Sarah Palin was still singing Donald`s praises. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did he suggest he would endorse you, Ms. Palin, if you decide to run?

FMR. GOV. SARAH PALIN (R-AK): Didn`t even ask him that. Didn`t even ask him that. We talked about other candidates, potentials, you know, people coming and going and watching the field line-up.


HAMMER: And again, Donald infamously has flip-flopped a few times on running for president. I personally think that whole deal was just a big publicity stunt. I`ve said that before.

So let`s say Palin is serious, Ken, about running for president. I`m actually thinking, personally, having Trump`s star power behind her does more damage than good given what he just put the country through. What about you?

BAKER: Well, I guess the thing is this -- he has a lot of money. Now, he may not have much political clout because of all the -- you know, he really made a mockery of the whole process by making everyone think he was going to run and announcing he wasn`t.

That just happens to coincide with his ratings period for the finale of his show. But I think that at the end of the day, he could be a major contributor financially to Sarah Palin.


BAKER: He could really prop up if she does choose to run. And obviously, most people do think she is going to run. But one thing, before we move on from the pizza parlor --


BAKER: When was the last time you saw a guy in a $10,000 suit and a $5,000 tie eating at a pizza parlor like that in Times Square?


HAMMER: Let me tell you something, Ken. No, no -- you`re out there in Hollywood. I know you used to live in New York. New Yorkers do it all the time. Ken Baker, got to go. Thanks so much.

Got to move on to "The Buzz Today." Some super-news for NBC`s "The Voice." And a "Grey`s Anatomy" shocker. Is one of its biggest stars checking out of Seattle Grace?


McDreamy McOut? Patrick Dempsey has just smacked back at reports he`s calling it quits on "Grey`s Anatomy" at the end of the season.

Seattle Grace`s dreamiest surgeon was quoted in "Vanity Fair`s" Italian edition as saying about the season, "It will be my last. For me, it over." His rep has just told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that maybe it didn`t translate correctly because McDreamy`s options are definitely still open.

"He was referring to the fact that his contract is up at the end of next season and we have no idea what the future holds."

"The Voice`s" super bold bonanza. NBC`s brand-new hit, "The Voice" has just won the highly-coveted after Super Bowl time slot.

The singing competition will air a special hour-long episode after the biggest sporting event of the year in February 2012. NBC exec Bob Greenblatt is honored, saying, "We believe `The Voice` is deserving of such high-profile exposure."


That really is a great sell. And speaking of voices, tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT one-on-one with Lady Gaga. Gaga reveals when she feels most lonely.


In my most lonely moments, I feel the least human. I feel the most strange, like in the bathtub by myself. I`m always looking for the cameras.


HAMMER: Plus, Gaga`s clues about which big stars she may work with. This is our not-to-be-missed SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker interview.

Big Kardashian controversy tonight. Kim K says she may actually dump her famous last name when she gets married. Is this really a good idea?

Justin Timberlake`s stunning revelations about his exes, Jessica Biel and Britney Spears, next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

This is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried split again. "Balloon Boy" dad selling balloon for $1 million for Japan tsunami victims.


RICHARD HEENE, "BALLOON BOY DAD": People have perished over in Japan because of that tsunami. Well, we thought how can we help out? We can`t with our hands but we have something that we think could help. What we`re going to do is put the flying saucer that we had built, (INAUDIBLE) craft, up for auction.



HAMMER: The most significant person in Justin Timberlake`s life? That would be his ex, Jessica Biel. Yes, Timberlake speaking out in a brand-new interview tonight.

On the July issue of "Vanity Fair," J.T. says this about J.B., "She is single-handedly most significant person in my life. In my 30 years, she is the most special person, OK? I don`t want to say much more because I have to protect things that are dear to me, for instance, her."

Now, Timberlake also has brand-new revelations about his other ex, Britney Spears. Listen to what he said about her, "I wish her the best -- that goes without saying. We were two birds of the same feather, small town kids doing the same thing. But then, you become adults and the way you were as kids doesn`t make any sense."

And now, it`s your very first look at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Real Star Stories: The Jackson 5." This is a revealing special airing this weekend about the five kids from Indiana who became one of the biggest musical acts in history.

One of those kids, of course, Michael Jackson. Right now, the amazing ways The Jackson 5 helped mold Michael into the legendary pop sensation we all came to know.



(voice-over): The moves of Michael Jackson`s 1983 smash hit "Thriller" owe a lot to his Jackson 5 roots, especially their work after 1975.

ALAN LIGHT, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, "ROLLING STONE": Those later Jacksons records were really kind of the canvas where Michael tried out a lot of the things that then fully flowered on "Thriller" and in his solo work.


HAMMER: Watching Michael on the hit variety show "The Jacksons" in 1977, you can`t help but see the roots of "Thriller" and so much more.


LIGHT: He did the robot and everybody went insane, and that was years before he did the moon walk.



HAMMER: Just a little taste there of an incredible special that airs this weekend. We`re going to be joined by Michael`s brother, Tito. It`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT presents, "Real Star Stories: The Jackson 5." Do not miss it this Saturday, CNN at 5:30 p.m. Eastern and on Sunday on HLN also at 5:30 p.m. Eastern.

Time now for the SHOWBIZ lineup -- here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

The never-before-revealed surprising connection between Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton`s family.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: La Toya and Randy took me in to say goodbye. I rubbed his head and his arms and his legs and his feet and I told him I love him so much.


HAMMER: You have got to hear this amazing story of how close the Hiltons and M.J. were.

Angelina Jolie wants to be really un-sexy when she plays Cleopatra. Come on, is that possible?

An incredible SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Lady Gaga tonight. Gaga opening up about when she feels really lonely. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak gives birth to a baby boy. Shania Twain, Justin Bieber to present at CMT Awards.


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- the Kardashian name game. Kim K may drop her world famous last name when she gets married. The SHOWBIZ great debate -- is that just a bad idea?

An un-sexy Angelina Jolie? Is that even possible? One of the sexiest women alive says she doesn`t want to be a sexy Cleopatra but can Angelina be un-sexy?


Big Rihanna controversy tonight over her new music video. Rihanna shoots man dead. Is this art or is Rihanna sending a bad message?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City. We have got big news breaking tonight. We`re talking the name game.

Yes, say goodbye to Kim Kardashian and hello to Kim Humphries? Yes, there are brand-new reports tonight that reveal Kim Kardashian is actually planning to ditch her famous last name after she ties the knot with her fiance, NBA star, Kris Humphries.

Now, Kim has built this massive brand empire on the Kardashian name. And Kim`s mom, Kris Jenner -- she is already slamming the reported name change.

Listen to what she told "" She says, "I don`t think she should take his name. She needs to be Kim Kardashian because she`s worked so hard to get where she is." So what`s it going to mean when the face of the Kardashian family becomes a Humphries?

Joining me in New York tonight, "" columnist, Rob Shuter. And Maggie Furlong, the west coast editor of AOL TV is in Hollywood tonight. I think the name change is kind of tricky, but it`s a tough call here.

You look at that mega-brand that she`s built on that name and you`ve got to wonder if it`s a good move. Maybe she should stick to Kardashian for her business empire. She could always hyphenate.

What do you think, Rob? If Kim does lose her famous last name, does she put the Kardashian brand at risk?

SHUTER: She`s stupid. She must keep her name. He should change his name.


I should change my name. We should all be Kardashians. It`s gold.

HAMMER: And just think of the millions we`d be making. Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just went one-on-one Shaunie O`Neal. Now, Shaunie is Shaquille O`Neal`s ex-wife and, of course, the star and executive producer of VH-1`s "Basketball Wives." Shaunie had some incredible advice for Kim. You`ve got to listen to what she just told us.

SHAUNIE O`NEAL, REALITY TV STAR AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF "BASKETBALL WIVES": Her soon-to-be-husband is going to be the one that has to adapt a little more because Kim is, you know, huge.

And not saying he`s not huge but, I`m like, Kim is on another level. So he`s going to definitely have to adapt to cameras being around him a lot more, reporters being there and catching every single thing they do.

She`s probably just immune to it because she`s so used to it. But again, I just would think it might be the other way around. Instead of the basketball wife adapting, it might be the basketball player adapting


HAMMER: Yes. I mean, that makes a whole lot of sense. I mean, Maggie, it sounds to me like Kris Humphries is about to get -- we`ll call him Kris Kardashian -- is about to get hit harder than an NBA foul by the Kardashian fame machine. What do you think?

FURLONG: It actually sounds like Shaunie has a new reality TV show idea. Instead of "Basketball Wives," it should just be "Kardashian Husbands." Because let`s be real -- that`s all they really are at this point.

I think it`s definitely interesting to say that Kris is going to have a huge wake-up call. But it`s also crazy that people are freaking out about this name thing. She can still change it privately and be Kardashian publicly. And I think that`s actually a smart move. It shows that she`s committed.

HAMMER: Well, and I`m sure she`s looking at us all freaking out about it and maybe even taking it into a bit of consideration.

Now, TMZ is reporting tonight there`s a secret inscription inside Kim`s $2 million engagement ring that we were also freaking out about. There are reportedly two Bible messages that have special meaning to Kim and Kris.

Now, Rob, this, of course, is a woman who became famous because of a sex tape. Does this new revelation about these Bible messages put Kim perhaps in a whole new light? You know, time to take a step back here and put some meaning to this.

SHUTER: I`m not sure if an inscription in a ring is going to change what we think about Kim Kardashian. I think it`s very sweet if this is true. And I think it probably should say, "I`m not changing my name." It`s what it should say inside that ring.

HAMMER: Inside the ring?

SHUTER: Yes, because she is not changing her name.

HAMMER: No matter what. Maybe when they exchange vows, you know, "Kim K, will you be taking his name?"

SHUTER: Yes. Yes.

HAMMER: "No, I will not." Maybe then we`ll move on to the rest of the vows. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can reveal, by the way, that Kim Kardashian has her eye set on tying the knot this summer and exchanging those vows sometimes while it is warm.

And it looks like rushing to the altar is kind of a Kardashian family tradition now. Her younger sister, Khloe, married her own NBA star within months of meeting. Listen to what Kim said about Khloe`s lightning-fast wedding preparations at that time.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: Is this a joke? They haven`t had a chance to have their first argument. They haven`t had a chance to like --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. Don`t be a hater.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re not being haters.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I`m being realistic. I get it.


KRIS JENNER, MOTHER OF KIM KARDASHIAN: I think she`s in panic mode. They`re trying to get a lot done (INAUDIBLE).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Then, why are they trying to get married so soon?

KIM KARDASHIAN: They`re trying to do it because of NBA season.


HAMMER: Well, Khloe and her hubby -- yes, they wanted to get a jump on the basketball season. Maggie, is it at all surprising that Kim seems to have changed her tune?

FURLONG: No. Are you kidding me? I mean, of course, she freaked out when it was all about her sister. Now that it`s all about her, they`re all just going to let her do it.

And you know what? They`ve only been dating for six months before they got engaged. Hopefully, they know what they`re doing and hopefully they know what they`re getting into because marriage is a whole different ball game and it`s forever. But I definitely don`t think that she thought twice about that quote. It`s reality TV.


HAMMER: I want to see a piece on TV where Khloe walks into her sister and says, "Hypocrite." Another Hollywood family empire just broke big news tonight on CNN`s "Piers Morgan Tonight."

Paris and Kathy Hilton made brand-new revelations to Piers about their surprising connection with the late king of pop, Michael Jackson. I`ve got to tell you I was really fascinated to learn how just close their bond with Michael was. You`ve got to watch what Kathy and Paris just revealed about that.


PIERS MORGAN, HOST, "PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT": Did you go to the hospital?


MORGAN: And what was scene there?

K. HILTON: The children and Mrs. Jackson and all the brothers and sisters and just everybody was in this room, just crying and hugging each other and just in a daze. And this is the father that was so with his children.

He was dedicated since they were born to raising and being with them. And then La Toya and Randy took me in to say goodbye. I think if I hadn`t, I would never quite in my head believe -- because even though he`s a friend who is such a powerful person.

MORGAN: was he still alive when you said goodbye?


MORGAN: Did you say anything?


MORGAN: What did you say?

K. HILTON: I rubbed his head and his arms and his legs and his feet and I just -- I told him I love him so much, and you know, whispered some funny things to him and that was it.

MORGAN: A sad end to his life, wasn`t it?

K. HILTON: And he was so fabulous at the hotel, up early every morning, playing with the kids. Really shocking.

MORGAN: Paris did you know Michael well?

P. HILTON: Yes, I grew up -- my mom, I remember -- one of the first memories I have of them is when my mom took us to the music video of "Thriller." We have the picture still.

And I just always loved him. We used to go to concerts and he`d bring my sister and I on stage and we would sing up there. And I always loved him so much.


HAMMER: Wow. I mean, that`s heavy stuff. Rob, I think people would be really surprised to learn of the bond between the Hiltons and Michael Jackson.

SHUTER: Yes. It`s really surprising. What`s really surprising, too, is the Hiltons can keep a secret. It`s sad they decide to tell the secret the day that their reality show debuts.

HAMMER: Well, they were asked the question, out of fairness. They also could have deflected it as they certainly were wont to do in the past. All right. Rob Shuter, thanks so much. Maggie Furlong, I thank you as well.

Got to move on now to our revealing one-on-one with Lady Gaga tonight. Gaga opens up about when she feels most lonely.


LADY GAGA: It`s in my most lonely moments that I feel the least human, I feel the most strange, like in the bathtub by myself. I`m always looking for the cameras.


HAMMER: Lady Gaga`s dramatic revelations about her success and which big stars she may work with next. This is a headline-making SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsmaker interview you can`t miss.

An un-sexy Angelina Jolie? I mean, is that even possible? One of the sexiest women on the planet reveals why she`s not about to be sexy in her new role.

Also, this --


Big new controversy over Rihanna`s disturbing new music video where she shoots a guy dead. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

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TEXT: "Jersey Shore" star Snooki`s international license revoked following car crash in Italy. Beyonce premieres her new song, "Best I Never Had."



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And now, our incredible SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Lady Gaga.

Big news for Gaga tonight. Her brand-new album, "Born This Way," is the biggest first week selling album in six years. Listen to this -- 1.1 million copies moved in the U.S. So you would think Gaga would just be all -- you know, sit back and enjoy all of her success.

But I can tell you there is no rest for the mother monster. Tonight, in the revealing one-on-one, Gaga talked about her monster success, her critics and who she might collaborate with next. Here`s CNN national correspondent, Jason Carroll for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JASON CARROLL, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: When I spoke to some of your fans, the thing that seems to drive them to you is the fact that, artistically, they say you`ve raised the bar and that you continue to raise the bar.

And I`m wondering what I`ve seen you do so far, where do you go from here?

LADY GAGA: I always say that I fear that I`ll die before I get all my ideas out. I`m just in such a wonderful creative space and it`s because of them.

I worked so, so hard to get to where I am. So now that I`m here, I don`t lay in bed obsessing about what I don`t have or what I might lose. I`m just really, really happy to be making music every single day and have the opportunity to book a show in every city around the world and play arenas.

I mean, that`s my life dream and the dream continues to grow because what I didn`t know about the dream was that the little monsters were at the other end of the tunnel.

CARROLL: Are you finding time to really enjoy your success?

LADY GAGA: I don`t distinguish between being on stage and success. They`re not separate to me. When I`m on stage, that is the success.

CARROLL: When you`re an artist at your level, how much does the criticism affect you or not affect you?

LADY GAGA: I`m aware of criticism, but I like to only be made aware of criticism that could potentially hurt someone. Anything related to my physical appearance or my artistry or my artistic choice, musical choices - - those are the critiques that I don`t listen to.

Critics are synonymous with bullies and vice versa. Bullies and critics and critics are bullies. And you just have to know who you are because, at the end of the day, if someone shoots an arrow through your heart, if you knew the arrow was coming and where it was going to go, you`re ready for it.

You don`t have to be afraid. Don`t be afraid of what other people are going to say. At the end of the day, you are the person that you have to answer to. "Born This Way" is about being yourself and loving who you are and being proud because you were born this way.

CARROLL: You know, you also said something about being halfway between reality and theater.


CARROLL: I thought that was a cool quote. When you say you`re halfway between reality and theater, what does that mean?

LADY GAGA: Well, like I said to you before, I feel that, you know, success and performance are one and the same and I don`t feel alive unless I`m on stage. I feel that every moment of my life is a performance.

And it`s in my most lonely moments that I feel the least human, I feel the most strange, like in the bathtub by myself. I`m always looking for the cameras, looking for a place to smile and tell a story. That`s just my destiny.

CARROLL: You`ve done a few collaborations. One of the ones that I like -- I know it`s a little -- it`s an old school one but it`s the one with Wall-E A.V.(ph), the rapper, which I still play when I`m working out over and over.

You`ve also done some with Beyonce. What about collaborations in the future? Any people that you`re thinking about?

LADY GAGA: I have two collaborations on the album that were not -- they were named as musicians but not as features because they weren`t singers. But Clarence from the E Street Band who played with Bruce Springsteen for years. He`s my favorite saxophone player on earth and a very good friend. I love him so much.

And Brian May from Queen played on "You and I." So those are my collaborations for now. And you never know what the future might hold.


HAMMER: I`m sure it going to be great whatever it is. That was CNN national correspondent, Jason Carroll for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And Gaga`s "Born This Way" album -- it is available right now. Based on its sales, you probably already have a copy or two.

We`ve got to move on now to Angelina Jolie who is going to be starring as the infamous exotic Cleopatra in a brand-spanking-new film. But it`s not quite what you may think it will be.

Now, Angie says she has no interest of portraying Cleopatra as that sexy, sultry exotic woman that we all saw when Elizabeth Taylor played her. No, not at all. We want to know today, seriously, can Angie even play un- sexy?

With me in New York tonight, K Foxx who is a New York radio host for the "Hot 97 Morning Show." Right now, in Hollywood, Ken Baker, who is "E!" chief news correspondent.

All right. You think Cleopatra, you think Elizabeth Taylor, lying on the chaise lounge, in an Egyptian headgear. She`s locked in a sultry love affair. But that`s not exactly how Angie sees it.

Here`s what she tells "The Telegraph," "We`re trying to get into a different truth about her as a pharaoh in history and not as a sex symbol because she really wasn`t."

"Even this idea of her having many lovers, it was possible that there were only two. She is very interesting but she wasn`t a great beauty."

Ken Baker, Angelina -- look, no argument here. She`s one of the most beautiful women alive. Are you buying that she isn`t going to play a sexy Cleopatra? I think even if she tries not to, not going to work.

BAKER: Yes. I think Angelina rolls out of bed and she`s pretty sexy already. So they would be a lot of effort made with makeup to, frankly, ugly her down if that`s what she wants to do.

But you know, there was precedent for this. Don`t forget, Charlize Theron won an Oscar for best actress in "Monster." And she was virtually unrecognizable, if you remember. And she`s a very beautiful woman and she was able to play a very ugly character, a murderer.

And it was a very intense role. And I think if she wanted to go in that direction, she could. But let`s be clear here. First of all, Cleopatra was not a monster by any stretch of the imagination and there may be different interpretations of her artistically. But I don`t believe she`s going to step out there and be ugly.

HAMMER: Well, K Foxx, I do want to hear what you have to say. Stand by for that because that`s not the only big controversial story today.

Rihanna`s new music video, "Man Down," shows Rihanna gowning down a man after he assaults her. The video was graphic. Critics say it sends a bad message.


Big question today, does Rihanna`s music video send a wrong message? We will have that next. And now, it`s time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Indie music festival Coachella to be expanded to two weekends next year. SHOWBIZ first look: Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin in "Rock of Ages."



HAMMER: Rihanna`s shocking new music video which shows her shooting a man who physically abused her. Is this too close to home for Rihanna? Has she gone too far?

Well, the Parents Television Council is blasting Rihanna today for that music video. They say if Chris Brown gunned a woman in his music video, he certainly would be held accountable.

And they say Rihanna`s music video sends the wrong message to her young fans. I`ve got to tell you I think it sends obviously a violent message. But music videos are artistic expression just like film. It`s kind of a tough call to me.

Hot 97`s K Foxx, is Rihanna totally out of line with this music video? Or is the Parents Television Council just reading way too much into it?

K. FOXX, NEW YORK RADIO HOST, "HOT 97 MORNING SHOW": I think they`re reading way too much into it. I think that she was fearless in making this video. I think that young girls need to be addressed with this video.

It`s a reality. You go out to a night club. It could definitely happen. She even tweeted about it. It could happen to any one of us ladies that go out to a night club.

We`re having a good time with a guy. We`re thinking that we`re friends. Hey, we`re flirting and then they misinterpret that as something else. So it can definitely happen. And if it needs to go down, it will go down.

HAMMER: You know, the Parents Television Council says it`s a double standard. If it were Chris Brown`s video, it would be a different story. I think that logic is flawed, personally.

FOXX: No. It`s terrible. It`s terrible logic. I mean, you`re man. You obviously out-power a woman. So I mean, she`s taking her power into her own hands. It`s a little exaggerated. But at the same time, it`s a fearless video and I love it.

HAMMER: Well, Rihanna knew how controversial this video was going to be. She`s not denying it packs a big one-two punch because of her own past as a victim of domestic violence.

Just before "Man Down" made its worldwide debut, here`s what Rihanna tweeted, that the video had a, quote, "Very strong underlying message for girls like me."

But the PTC says shooting down an abuser is absolutely an incorrect message to fans, Ken. What do you think? Is Rihanna out of line?

BAKER: Well, I don`t think she`s out of line with the messaging at all. And in fact, if there`s any tragedy here, is that the lyrics and the message itself of the song is being lost.

I just was reading the lyrics and it is really someone who is singing, who is sorry, who really says they made a mistake, that they feel that they took someone`s son and it was a crime of passion.

And that`s too bad because that`s really her saying, "Look, don`t act. Don`t react. Don`t just not think about what you`re doing even if you`re angry, even if someone wrongs you."

And that`s the message of the song, clearly. And I think that`s getting lost in all this. But I have to go back to what you guys are saying earlier. The fact is is that I think it did go too far graphically. Not artistically, but just graphically.

The pool of blood. The gun shooting the guy. There are ways to show that. We already have enough violence on television and in our society. Was that really necessary to get the image out? I don`t think so.

HAMMER: That`s her way, though. That`s her M.O. I kind of do get that. I appreciate you are both chiming in. Ken Baker, K Foxx, thanks so much.

And that`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. Remember, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now seen exclusively Monday through Friday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. Have a good night.