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Showbiz Secrets and Surprises

Aired May 27, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: "Showbiz Secrets and Surprises" -- the most explosive, the most outrageous, the most shocking star secrets and surprises revealed.

Super model secrets. How do these gorgeous stars stay looking so young?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The older you get, it`s better to not be too thin.


HAMMER: Reality show meltdown, the nasty fight.


HAMMER: The unbelievable meltdown.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY STAR: I was told that our work was going to be covered on top of me.


HAMMER: And the emotional breakdown

And the amazing secrets and surprises of summer movie blockbusters - - an incredible look at the movies that will be heating up your summer.

A special edition of TV`s most provocative entertainment news show, "Showbiz Secrets and Surprises" starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York, with this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Showbiz Secrets and Surprises." And tonight, we are blowing the lid off of Hollywood`s biggest secrets and most surprising moments caught on camera.

Let`s start off with supermodel secrets revealed. Would you believe Brooke Shields is 45 years old? Paulina Porizkova 46. Heidi Klum turns 38 this year. They are certainly the world`s most famous beauties who seem to have unlocked the secrets to looking young at any age.

So, what are those secrets? Exercise, diet or just plain good genes?

Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter.


KAREEN WYNTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Heidi Klum knows the secret. Brooke Shields has it figured out. And Paulina Porizkova has solved the mystery.

Supermodels have cracked the code of aging gracefully. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT wants to know what are their secrets to looking so fabulous at any age.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As you know, in fashion one day, you`re in, and the next day, you`re out.

WYNTER: Supermodel and "Project Runaway" host Heidi Klum has been in the fashion industry for nearly two decades. Now, in her late 30s, the former Victoria Secret angel and mother of four hasn`t seemed to age a bit.

Klum reveals her surprising age defying beauty secrets to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HEIDI KLUM, SUPERMODEL: I think the older you get, it`s better to not be too thin, so have a little bit of meat on your bones is a good thing so you don`t fall in so much. A lot of the times, it is just down to genes.

WYNTER: Brooke Shields clearly hit the jackpot for good genes, but she says she relies on good-old fashioned hard work to stay young. The 45- year-old actress and model tells "Allure" magazine her secret to staying young is all about staying fit. "I like to spin three times a week at least and couple it with yoga," she says. "I`ve been dancing on Broadway for years, so when I`m in a show, my muscle memory comes right back. It`s like being an athlete."

Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova may not be an athlete but she became an MVP of the modeling world as a teen-ager. Now, at 46, the former supermodel she says she`s had no work done to her face. Instead, she says sunscreen -- that`s right -- sunscreen is her secret to aging gracefully.

PAULINA PORIZKOVA, FORMER SUPERMODEL: I used SPF religiously since my 20s because when I used to work for Estee Lauder, I hit up the scientists once at a lunch and I said, OK, what really works for skin care? They looked at me and they said, one thing, SPF. I`ve been using SPF ever since.

PADMA LAKSHMI, "TOP CHEF" HOST: I`m your host, Padma Lakshmi.

WYNTER: Best known for her hosting gig on Bravo, "Top Chef" Padma Lakshmi is also a if as model. The 40-year-old mother tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that her secret to looking young is in her diet.

LAKSHMI: I eat very healthy. I mean, I eat much more fruits, vegetable, lentils, beans than probably the average American person. I drink about two liters of water a day.

WYNTER: The star models we talk to stick to natural secrets to aging gracefully. But Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Linda Li, says that other models look for a little cosmetic help in keeping their youthful glow.

(on camera): Supermodels said they are in some sense super human because they look incredibly at 40, even 50.

DR. LINDA LI, PLASTIC SURGEON: Absolutely. And it is their genetics, it is a little bit of maintenance, maintenance always helps, to help keep up, a little Botox, a little bit of those, but a little bit of a time, it helps to keep people from knowing they`ve done anything.

WYNTER (voice-over): Whether it`s a little cosmetic boost, a healthy lifestyle or just plain old good gene, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you today`s supermodels make getting older look more beautiful than ever.

And now, we`re all in on the biggest beauty secrets of them all.


HAMMER: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter.

And, by the way, Cindy Crawford, who is now 45, has said that her secret to looking young today was taking care of her skin when she was younger. I got to say, it looks like it`s working.

We move now from the supermodel fountain of youth to superstar meltdown. We all know there has been no shortage of celebrities caught on tape going absolutely ballistic. But who takes the cake in the battle of reality TV meltdowns?

With me in New York, it`s journalist and comic Brian Balthazar, and in Hollywood, Kim Serafin. She`s a senior editor with "In Touch Weekly."

Now, look, "Celebrity Apprentice" has really been full of knockdown, drag-out fights. You got to check out this very tense moment where "Housewives" star Nene Leakes tells Star Jones exactly what she thinks.


NENE LEAKES, "HOUSEWIVES" STAR: Who are you to step in and tell somebody when to be project manager? Who are you? Who are you?

I will take you down. While the rest of these girls will look at you and be scared, I`m the girl that`s not scared of you. You pressed the last button in me Miss Star Jones and I will do you what the rest of these girls won`t.


HAMMER: Good times, right? Certainly nasty with capital N there. Of course, Star didn`t look at all intimidated by Nene`s meltdown.

But, Brian, do you think on the inside, maybe she was actually worried? There was a major fight brewing here.

BRIAN BALTHAZAR, EDITOR, POPGOESTHEWEEK.COM: Absolutely. She`s not used to getting that kind of confrontation. She`s rarely speechless. Here, she looks like the only thing keeping her right there is the cameras, the only thing that keeps her from leaving the scene.

HAMMER: No question about that. I think that Star Jones was definitely a little put off by that. In fact, she revealed on the Ellen DeGeneres show exactly what she was feeling during that tense moment on "Celebrity Apprentice." Let`s see what we were right. Watch this.


STAR JONES, "CELEBRITY APPRENTICE": And I was thinking I need to keep calm because not for nothing, Ellen, but when you`re confronted in the wild with an un-caged animal, you`re supposed to retreat. You`re not supposed to attack.

ELLEN DEGENERES, TV HOST: With a bear, you`re supposed to appear bigger, you`re supposed to get larger.

JONES: If you can tell me how I can get bigger than that, I got money for you.


HAMMER: All right. Star had a little fun there, trying to laugh off her off with Nene.

But, Kim, these two went at it all season long. Do you think just maybe in the moment Star was actually a little nervous when she saw the big Nene meltdown?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, IN TOUCH WEEKLY: You know, maybe a little bit but, look, Star knows TV. She understands TV. She also understands what they do behind the scenes. It`s not live TV like she did on "The View." She knows it`s edited.

So, I think part of that silence was her kind of just planning and thinking what she was going to stay because she knew how it could be used against her, because she knew how she was going to be portrayed on "The Apprentice." So, I think a lot of that was just Star being smart and planning her moves correctly.

HAMMER: Yes, it could have been, you know what? We`re going to ride this ride and take it for all its worth and, of course, they ended up both be fired.

But Nene was not the on star from this latest season of "Celebrity Apprentice" who had a major meltdown. For me, this is the one that takes it for all. Meat Loaf surprised a whole lot of people when he simply lost his cool on apprentice teammate Gary Busey. Watch this moment.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Meat, don`t do, it don`t do it.

MEAT LOAF: You do not want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) with me. You look in my eye, I am the last person in the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) world you ever want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) with!


HAMMER: OK. Calm down, Meat Loaf. You certainly can call that a meaty meltdown.

And, Brian, I`m thinking it was a pretty good thing in that moment that Mark McGrath was there to sort of stave things off and protect Gary Busey.

BALTHAZAR: Yes, and this was over finger paints. You do not want to touch Meat Loaf`s finger paints.


BALTHAZAR: I venture to say the producers were even a little freaked out. I mean, this was -- this was scary, genuine moment. This was not a set up. You cannot fake that. And he has since said that this was one of the most embarrassing moments of his life. He didn`t watch this episode, but he`s been forced to since it`s been replayed.

HAMMER: Yes. And you don`t see is inevitably there`s security and there are other crew members in the background that we never see on camera. I bet you they were definitely ready to jump in.

All right. I got to tell you, I think this next meltdown could have stopped that. At least in some people`s eye -- I don`t know, the Meat Loaf one for me is sort of hard to beat. But you`d be the judge.

Take a look at what happens on "Kim & Kourtney takes New York" when Kim Kardashian finds out nearly nude photos of herself are going to be published.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY STAR: I am so upset. I was told the work with be covered on top of me, that they weren`t going to show my ass crack or my nipples. This is (EXPLETIVE DELETED) porn.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN, REALITY STAR: There`s two sides of the story I see, like, well, if you really don`t want to be naked, you shouldn`t have taken your clothes off. But she wasn`t looking to do a nude shoot. That really makes me so mad.


HAMMER: All right. Here`s what I just don`t get. There are major (INAUDIBLE) going on here. But Kim posed for these pictures in the first place.

Kim Serafin, what do you think? Was Kim`s meltdown one for the record books at least?

SERAFIN: Well, you know, have I to say -- I sort of understand where Kim Kardashian is coming from because she is someone who had images of her put out there that she didn`t necessarily want. I mean, we all know that`s sort of how she rose to fame to begin with. So, it probably touched a little bit of a nerve inside of her.

Look, I think she posed for these pictures. She had to know that she didn`t have control over them. It all worked out in the end, but yes, this is why she has a reality show because she puts on that act. I think it did touch a nerve but, you know, it all worked out. She knows what`s happening when you pose like that.

HAMMER: All right. Brian, boil it down, pick one right now. Biggest reality meltdown of them all?

BALTHAZAR: Oh, Meat Loaf. Without a doubt.

HAMMER: No question about it.

BALTHAZAR: No question.

HAMMER: All right. I`m right there with you.

Thank you, Brian Balthazar and Kim Serafin. I appreciate you being here.

Moving on to big secrets and surprises from Demi Lovato revealed.


DEMI LOVATO, SINGER: I was bullied because I was fat. And then a few months later, I developed an eating disorder.


HAMMER: Demi`s dramatic confessions about battling disorder as a child, that is coming up.

Ashley Judd`s emotional confessions about abuse, incest, neglect. But is Ashley regretting talking about this very personal secret? That`s next.

And an amazing Harry Potter surprise. Wait until you see this. The lost interviews we found with the Harry Potter stars.

You`re watching a special edition of SHIOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Showbiz Secrets and Surprises" on HLN, news and views.

And now, "Showbiz Secrets and Surprises" -- the amazing truth behind Hollywood`s biggest headlines.



LOVATO: We just got nominated for best tween show! This is huge.


HAMMER: Demi Lovato`s surprising revelation. She`s done with the hit Disney show that made her a big star. And that`s not all. Demi is opening up about her secret battles with bullying and bulimia.

Welcome back to this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Secrets and Surprises." Tonight, a child star stunner, Demi Lovato, announcing she was leaving "Sonny with a Chance" was definitely a big surprise. She says she left the show to focus on her music career. Her big decision came after Lovato quit her tour with the Jonas Brothers and entered a treatment facility that specializes in addiction and eating disorders.

In her first interview since leaving treatment, Demi also revealed some big secrets that she`s battled bulimia since she was a child. She also tells "Good Morning America" what triggered her painful struggle.


LOVATO: I was bullied because I was fat. And then a few months later, I developed an eating disorder. And that`s kind of been what I`ve been dealing with ever since. And I was compulsively overeating since I was 8 years old. So, I guess for the past 10 years, I`ve had a really unhealthy relationship with food.


HAMMER: Demi also said that she takes full responsibility for hitting one of her backup dancers while she was on tour. It was soon after that happened that Demi entered treatment.

Moving on Ashley Judd confession regrets? Ashley reveals horrifying memory of childhood. We`re talking about abuse, neglect, violence, all in her memoir, "All That is Bitter and Sweet." In fact, she even writes about thinking of taking her own life in very graphic detail.

But as Ashley faces tough questions about the past, she seems to have some regrets about her very intimate confessions. Here now CNN`s Alina Cho for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with Ashley`s secrets and surprises.


ASHLEY JUDD, ACTRESS: Well, I didn`t necessarily want to talk about it. It was never my intention. Some folks I really trust encouraged me to become willing to share part of my story because otherwise it doesn`t necessarily make sense why I love visiting and it sounds peculiar to say, but why I love, and it`s so important to me, to spend time in brothels and refugee camps and slums and holding the dying who for 25 cents could have not gotten a preventable disease or for $5 could have been cured.

ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Meaning there was something about your childhood that shaped you and wanted to you give back. So, what was that?

JUDD: In my strange capacity for emotional extremes, my strange tolerance for emotional extremes. And I grew up in some really extreme situations. And that`s why.

CHO: You do talk about being diagnosed with depression earlier on in life, and you talk about in the book that you used to play with your mother`s gun, pondering whether, quote, "It would be worth it to shoot myself." How old were you when you thought about suicide?

JUDD: I am so uncomfortable right now, I can`t even see straight.

CHO: We don`t have to talk about this if you don`t feel comfortable.

JUDD: I think it`s a distraction.


JUDD: I mean, I feel like --

CHO: But you wrote about it in the book.

JUDD: I did and happily so and the book is 400-some-odd pages and that stuff is like 40 or 50. So, really the book to me is the 350 pages, which is about what`s going on in the rest of the world, not necessarily how painful it was growing up in my household.

CHO: But people are very, very interested in this and your childhood because you haven`t spoken about it really before.

JUDD: And I`ve been wholly unprepared for it. I really have been.

CHO: But let`s talk about your work then because obviously your childhood, as Nick Kristof said in the foreword, shaped your philanthropic work. What do you get out of taking those trips and spending so much time in country, if you will?

JUDD: I get out of myself, which is one of my favorite places to be and into relationship with other human beings. I get to really live my spiritual values and principles and faith. No one is disposable. Everyone matters.

I`m very honored to be entrusted with the sacred narratives of people who for whatever reason just open up to me and tell me everything. And I get to hold them, literally and metaphorically. I have the opportunity to let them know that they`re not alone.


HAMMER: I think Ashley`s story is so inspiring. That was CNN`s Alina Cho for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Moving on now, stars revealing the secrets of their TV guilty pleasures, the shows that are so bad, they are so good. What do stars watch when no one`s looking?

Plus, the amazing secrets and surprises of summer movie blockbusters. The superhero battles at the box office.

Also this


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: An eastbound freighter derailed. What the cargo was on that freighter we don`t know.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You can`t tell anyone.



HAMMER: The secrets of Steven Spielberg`s "Super 8." Will this be an E.T. that`s a whole lot angrier?

This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Secrets and Surprises" on HLN, news and views.

And now, showbiz secrets and surprises -- the amazing truth behind Hollywood`s biggest headlines.


HAMMER: Welcome back to this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Showbiz Secrets and Surprises."

OK, admit it, when no one sells around, do you it, we all do it. We indulge in our favorite guilty TV pleasures. You know what I`m talking about, "The Bachelor," "Jersey Shore," maybe even "Dancing with the Stars." The TV shows we may be embarrassed to admit that we watch.

So what do TV`s biggest stars secretly tune into? Here`s Brooke Anderson.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Be real, be real. Everything is out in the open right now. Be real.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): There`s a show we love to watch but hate to love.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here`s to hoping my boob doesn`t fall out.

ANDERSON: TV that pulls you in and piles on the guilty pleasure. So, what do TV`s biggest stars tune into when no one is looking?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you there`s no shame in loving the very funny "Hot in Cleveland."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, we`re four single girls on a Saturday night.

ANDERSON: But "Cleveland" star Valerie Bertinelli thought she might be kicked of the red carpet for confessing her guilty TV pleasure.

VALERIE BERTINELLI, CLEVELAND STAR: "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." It`s like watching a train wreck. It`s amazing.

ANDERSON: "Modern Family" is definitely good TV.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We happen to be a very traditional family.

ANDERSON: And Eric Stonestreet tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he`s not ashamed to admit he likes a very untraditional show with murder, mystery and high school high drama.


ERIC STONESTREET, ACTOR: I watch "Pretty Little Liars," but I think they`re talented actresses. So, I wouldn`t -- guilty pleasure would kind of seem insulting.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, first of all, they`re prudes.

ANDERSON: We can watch "Mad Men" forever and you might think there`s a man who plays the dreamy Don Draper would have a dark TV guilty pleasure, but --

DON DRAPER, ACTOR: Most of my pleasures are guilt free. I`m a huge Cartoon Network guy. I love "Adult Swim." So, I don`t know if that`s guilty or not, but I just -- I`m a big fan.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You think you have secrets?

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is a huge fan of "The Closer`s" Kyra Sedgwick. Kyra says she`s guilt free and keeps her TV watching clean.

KYRA SEDGWICK, ACTRESS: I love the Food Channel. It`s not really such a guilty pleasure.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m going to wrap it in bacon and de-fry it.

SEDGWICK: What would be a guilty pleasure would be porn. But I never really liked porn. I don`t know. I couldn`t get into it.

ANDERSON: That`s OK, Kyra. Whether it`s cartoons, cooking or housewives fighting, we all love a little bad TV.


HAMMER: Sure do.

Now, the showbiz lineup. Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. The amazing secrets and surprises of summer movie blockbusters like the last Harry Potter, a surprising look at the lost Potter interviews. Take a trip back in time to see the stars of Harry Potter films from the very beginning.

It`s Hammer time with "Thor." He`s on a mission to safety earth and kicking some serious butt.

We got the secret to Steven Spielberg`s "Super 8." Will this be an E.T. that`s a whole lot angrier?

This is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Secrets and Surprises" on HLN.

And now, "Secrets and Surprises" -- the amazing truth behind Hollywood`s biggest headlines.



A.J. HAMMER, HOST (voice-over): Now, on this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s summer movie blockbuster. Our incredible look at the movies that will be heating up your summer.

Everyone`s wild about harry. One last time. The very last "Harry Potter" movie.


HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s not to be missed lost potter interviews. Daniel, Emma, Rupert. The must-see date night movie.

Grab your spouse, grab a friend, and get ready for some serious romance.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Or he was just running (ph) with me.

HAMMER: For some not so serious hooking up.

And another big hangover. It`s hammer time with "Thor." He`s on a mission to save the earth and kicking serious butt.

And the secrets of Steven Spielberg`s "Super 8." Uh-oh. Will this be an "E.T." that`s a whole lot angrier?

A special edition of TV`s most provocative entertainment news show SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s summer movie blockbusters starts right now.


HAMMER (on-camera): Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s showbiz summer blockbusters. I`m talking about the hottest action, the wildest drama, and the most romantic love stories on film.

Right now, we`re teaming up with "Entertainment Weekly" to give you a front row seat to the biggest, must-see movies of the summer. First up, easily one of the most anticipated films of the year, it`s "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two." It is the very last "Harry Potter" film, and we`ve been along for every step of the ride, even witnessing the Potter stars go from unknown kids to worldwide superstars.


HAMMER (voice-over): Let`s take a look back, shall we? Whether it was on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT set, doing press around the world, or on the big screen, the kids from "Harry Potter" have grown up before our eyes.

RUPERT GRINT, ACTOR: I`ve grown up with him. The voice breaking and --

HAMMER: The talented trio have certainly changed physically, but remarkably, many of their ideas remain the same. Listen to Daniel`s take on money in 2001.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE, ACTOR: I don`t really mind that much about how much money the film makes. I just want people to enjoy it.

HAMMER: Then, six years later, on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT set with me.

RADCLIFFE: It`s not really about the money so much for me at all. My motivation has always been about the work itself.

HAMMER: Of course, money is one thing, but girls are another story.

I have to say you`re very convincing as a bumbling young boy uncomfortable in front of the women. What were you drawing on for that?

RADCLIFFE: Personal experience really.

HAMMER: Of course.

RADCLIFFE: I mean, the harder you try to be clever, the more likely it is you`ll look stupid. And so, it`s just learn to be natural --

HAMMER: But the guys haven`t always been so enthusiastic about the opposite sex.

GRINT: Let`s call that thing going with Hermione which I`m not (ph) really looking forward to, but --

HAMMER: But things don`t always work out the way we want, right, Emma?

EMMA WATSON, ACTRESS: I have no desire to be famous. I`m not like I want to be in every single shoot there is. I want to be everywhere.

HAMMER: Now, the Potter kids are everywhere and couldn`t be more famous even if there is some confusion at times.

RADCLIFFE: It`s really weird and slightly annoying because people who meet me on the street call me Dan most of the time. People who have known me for three or four years call me Harry by accident sometimes. I just don`t understand why.


HAMMER (on-camera): Wow. Can you believe it? It`s been a decade since Harry, Hermione, and Ronald popped on to the big screen as the Harry Potter kids. So, here`s a "Showbiz Flashpoint," what can we expect to see in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part Two?" With me right now in New York from "Entertainment Weekly," senior editor, Thom Geier and assistant managing editor, Jill Bernstein. First of all, I have to congratulate you on a great issue. It really is terrific.

Tom, I want to start with you. What exactly can we expect from the new and last "Harry Potter" film?

THOM GEIER, SENIOR EDITOR, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Well, I think you`re going to see some of the most spectacular chock a block action. This is the final showdown between Harry and Lord Voldemort played by Ray Fiennes. And you can see a lot things you saw in the final book in J.K. Rowling`s series, but also a few surprises, a few twists that they added just for the film.

HAMMER: Are they saying this one is darker than ever before because they seem to keep saying that as the movies go on?

GEIER: Well, I think there are going to be some serious deaths that are going to have a lot of the "Harry Potter" fans tearing up.

HAMMER: OK. Well, as we know, the movie marks the end of the books that they`re based on, but in an interview with Oprah last October, the author of the book, J.K. Rowling, reveals that she is open to writing more of "Harry Potter`s" story. Jill, do you think she`ll do it?

JILL BERNSTEIN, ASST. MANAGING EDITOR, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I don`t know. She certainly doesn`t need the money. She`s about to sell the e- book rights for about $160 million, but, she said, I think I`m done, but you never know. She has left herself open to an eighth or ninth book and the ending of the final book and film does leave her open to do a new generation.

HAMMER: What do you think, Thom? Should she? Even though she`s not sure if she will -- something that should happen? I know "Harry Potter" fans would probably be thrilled, although, a lot of them have gotten comfortable with the idea that it`s not going to happen.

GEIER: Well, I think moguls everywhere would be delighted to see more "Harry Potter" stories, but it really feels like this is the completion of the story. And, maybe if she wants to deal with the next general ration of wizards and witches, that`s something that I think the fans would all be eager to see.

HAMMER: What do you think? Should she do it?

BERNSTEIN: I would love to see some more, personally. I really would.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s part of our generation. It`s something we`ll never, ever get tired of.


HAMMER: All right. Well, thanks, Thom and Jill.

Right now, on to even more exciting summer movie blockbusters featuring the superheroes. Ryan Reynolds is lightning up the screen in "Green lantern" this summer, and for him, the chance to keep the peace in the universe is a childhood dream come true.


RYAN REYNOLDS, ACTOR: I grew up a "Star Wars" kid, so, you know, getting that wish for a superhero movie in space is a pretty remarkable thing.

HAMMER (voice-over): But wait, we`ve got more summer superhero blockbusters. It`s hammer time with the guy who`s out to save the world, "Thor."


HAMMER (on-camera): SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson interviewed Chris Henmsworth who plays "Thor," and I got to tell you, I think I saw Brooke blush a bit when she was talking to him. You`ll find out why. coming up.

But right now, from superheroes to super date night movies, grab your spouse, grab your partner, grab a friend and get ready to laugh a whole lot. Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson with your first look at this summer`s date night blockbusters.


BROOKE ANDERSON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: From the maid of honor planning her best friend`s wedding in "Bridesmaids" --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, will you be my maid of honor?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know what I`m supposed to do.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, just whatever -- show the best party (INAUDIBLE)

ANDERSON: To a movie about best friends of the opposite sex who think they can pull off being friends with benefits.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, SINGER/ACTOR: I`m done with the relationship thing. I`m emotionally unavailable.

MILA KUNIS, ACTRESS: I`m emotionally damaged.

TIMBERLAKE: You don`t say.

KUNIS: No emotion. Just sex.

ANDERSON: Throw in a budding romance between a teacher and her student.

JULIA ROBERTS, ACTRESS: Look up at your audience. Find three different focal points. Start on one side looking into the eyes of whoever is there. Hello.

ANDERSON: And one highly anticipated sequel, the "Hangover Part 2." The boys wind up in Thailand?


ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT presents summer movie blockbusters date night.


HAMMER: So many great summer blockbusters, so little time. How in the world do you choose? Back with us again is assistant managing editor, Jill Bernstein, and now joined by EW senior writer, Missy Schwartz. You know, I`m looking at "Hangover 2" looks kind of like a date night between guys. Now, Jill, we know that the guys travel over to Bangkok for Stew`s wedding in this sequel. What exactly can you tell us about this one that`s different from the first?

BERNSTEIN: Different from the first, more shenanigans. Their whole bachelor party goes awry, partially and thanks to this monkey who deals drugs and chain smokes. But like they did with the movie, the first movie was in Las Vegas. This is really the underbelly of Las Vegas. This is the underbelly of Thailand. And Bradley Cooper told us that there were moments where he found himself on the floor covered in fish blood and thought this is normal, you know?

HAMMER: All right. Let`s talk about "Larry Crowne" featuring two of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Of course, you have Tom Hanks` character and you have Julia Roberts. Good chemistry between them? Jill, I imagine.

BERNSTEIN: Yes, definitely good chemistry between them. They starred together in a movie in 2007 called "Charlie Wilson`s War," and you really sort of believe that they were current and past lovers. They`re pros.

HAMMER: Do you think this is one for the guys, Missy?

MISSY SCHWARTZ, SENIOR WRITER, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Oh, I think definitely. I think when you have two giant stars who are as well liked as Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, I think you`re in good standing. And Tom Hanks also co-wrote this with (INAUDIBLE) and he also directed it. So, I mean, Tom Hanks, it`s hard to get anyone in Hollywood who`s more liked than he is.

HAMMER: Yes, no kidding.

SCHWARTZ: I mean, guys like him, women love him. So, yes. I think it has great potential for date night movie.

HAMMER: All right. Well, so does "Bridesmaids." I mean, it looks look girl friends will be going, you know, out to see this together or with dates. Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, both terrific. Do you think that the women are going to be racing to the theaters for this one?

BERNSTEIN: I do. I mean, I think that women love to go see funny and smart women on camera, and here is a chance that they actually get to do so. They`re also women who are very popular from "Saturday Night Live."

HAMMER: Right.

BERNSTEIN: So, I`m hoping that men will go, too. It`s a funny movie.

HAMMER: Jill Bernstein, Missy Schwartz, thanks so much.

All right. The superhero summer blockbuster "Thor."


HAMMER (voice-over): He`s hammering out danger all over this land. Our not to be missed revealing interview with "Thor" star, Chris Hemsworth.

And more superhero blockbusters from a guy who saved the planet with a hammer to one who uses his mighty shield. I`m talking about "Captain America."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: An eastbound freighter derailed. What the cargo was on that freighter, we don`t know.

HAMMER: The secrets of JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg "Super 8." Will this be an "E.T." that`s a whole lot angrier?

Jack Black is back. He is kung fu fighting again in a summer family blockbuster. Jack is the voice of Po in "Kung Fu Panda 2."

You`re watching a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT summer movie blockbuster.

JACK BLACK, ACTOR: I am Jack Black, the voice of Po in "Kung Fu Panda 2." Aren`t you dying to know what the furious five and I are up to?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, for a crazy homeless person, he`s pretty good.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How did you get inside that cloud?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Also, how could you eat an entire box of pop tarts and still be this hungry?

CHRIS HEMSWORTH, ACTOR: I like it. Another.

HAMMER: After a long trip to earth, you got to have breakfast, right? And it looks like "Thor" likes his first cup of Joe, but will people like Chris Hemsworth as the powerful warrior "Thor" this summer?


HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to the special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. We`re teaming up with "Entertainment Weekly" to bring you the very first look at the summer movie blockbusters. And there is a superhero showdown shaping up this summer.

You`ve got guys with all kinds of super tools hard at work trying to keep the peace. They`ve got shields, rings, hammers. "Thor" is the guy with the might hammer, and Chris Hemsworth who plays him did some might intense work to get ready for this role. Let`s listen to what he told to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson.


ANDERSON: You are taking the iconic superhero character "Thor" to the big screen. I mean, just a little bit of pressure. Are you nervous about that?

HEMSWORTH: Absolutely, yes. I walk into not on a huge Marvel franchise, you know, hugely respected and established actors, (INAUDIBLE).


HEMSWORTH: But there`s also a history of the comic books of 40 or 50 years and a very passionate fan base.

ANDERSON: Are you happy with how it turned out

HEMSWORTH: Absolutely, yes.

ANDERSON: When I watched the trailer, I thought, whoa, that guy is so big and muscular, and in person, you are very impressive. You are. You are. I will say that. You are very -- you`re cut. You`re sleek. I`m not hitting on you, I promise, but how have you changed your routine since the film?

HEMSWORTH: I`m on the way back up. I didn`t eat nearly as much as I did when I shot the film, so I dropped weight. The first thing I thought when I picked up the comic book is this guy is huge, and I`ll never get that big. That wasn`t the aim, but it was, you know, you want to have some sort of representation of what we saw in the books.

ANDERSON: I think you hit the mark.

HEMSWORTH: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Let me ask you this. What was your training regimen like to become "Thor?"

HEMSWORTH: It was a good six or seven days a week of good old fashioned, you know, body building, lifting heavy weights.

ANDERSON: I`m sure had you to be very dedicated and very, you know, focused.

HEMSWORTH: Yes, sure. It became a bit of an obsession at times, you know, weighing myself and thinking I`m not big enough, I`m not beg enough, more, more, and then, we sort of, you know, tipped the scale in one direction and have to pull it back again.

ANDERSON: Your little brother, Liam, also auditioned for this role.

HEMSWORTH: He did, yes.

ANDERSON: Were there any hard feelings when he found out that you were the one who got the "Thor" part?

HEMSWORTH: No, we were auditioning for this at separate times. I mean, I was auditioning, and then, it wasn`t going any further. And he was auditioning and then it wasn`t going any further with him. And so, we were never, you know, competing at the same time. There were separate sort of moments.

ANDERSON: In Australia you`re already super, super well known, a household name, but in America, you`re about to explode when "Thor" is released. Are you prepared for that sort of fame and that celebrity? Have you thought about it?

HEMSWORTH: Yes. I mean, I get asked a lot, you know, if I`m prepared, and I guess there`s, -- I don`t know. I could say I am, but who knows. I mean, I went through a period of fame on one level in Australia and then was able to come here and start again.


HAMMER: Yes, and I think this movie is definitely going to make Chris Hemsworth a household name here in America. "Thor," it looks terrific, but it does have some stiff superhero competition this summer from guys in red, white, blue, and green. And there`s a big X factor here as well. Do I here a kapow, boom, bang? Check this out.


HAMMER (voice-over): One hero carries a powerful ring. Another carries a powerful shield.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it worked.

HAMMER: And these guys carry a very old grudge.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Peace was never an option.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you this summer may become known as the summer of the superhero blockbusters at the box office.

Ryan Reynolds suits up in "Green Lantern."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ready for this?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let`s find out.

HAMMER: "X-Men" is back with "X-Men" first class, a prequel to the successful "X-Men" movie trilogy. This time around, James McAvoy takes over from Patrick Stewart play a young Professor Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender takes over from Ian McKellen to play Xavier`s future enemy, Magneto.

And in "Captain America: The First Avenger," Chris Evans plays the red, white, and blue wearing shield wielding super soldier, "Captain America."

Each of these three movies is meant to launch a whole new superhero franchise. But that could depend on whether they attract an army of summer movie goers.


HAMMER (on-camera): And right now, we`ve got even more secrets to reveal about these summer superhero blockbusters. Back with me once again from "Entertainment Weekly" is senior writer, Missy Schwartz, and senior editor, Thom Geier. Now, of course, usually, it`s the guys who were flocking to all of these superhero blockbuster films, but this time around, you have Ryan Reynolds playing the "Green Lantern." Do I hear the stampede of women going to superhero movie this time?

GEIER: I think it`s hard to deny the appeal of Ryan Reynolds in a form-fitting suit. I imagine that there will be quite a few women who are tripping out and trying to get their boyfriends to fill them in on exactly what "Green Lantern" is.

HAMMER: Yes, yes. Exactly. All right. Let`s talk about "Captain America," because, Missy, obviously, there`s been huge buzz about this film as well. What kind of inside information can you give us here?

SCHWARTZ: Well, obviously, it`s a movie about a regular Joe who is transformed by the military into a super fighting hero during World War II. And what`s interesting is that Chris Evans who plays "Captain America" really had to fight hard to get the filmmakers to allow him to play the scrawny guy, pre-transformation, because he felt that it was really important that he do it, so the audience could connect with this regular guy before he becomes this superhero.

HAMMER: True to his art.


HAMMER: All right. The one I`m looking forward to most, perhaps, "X- Men First Class." Quickly, Thom, what can you tell us about this?

GEIER: Well, this is a prequel, and it`s set up in 1960s, so the x- men are helping the Kennedy administration with the Cuban missile crisis. You`ve seen Charles Xavier before he was bald and before he was in a wheelchair.

HAMMER: And Kevin Bacon, I saw, is making an appearance in this one. I`m dying to see what role he`s taking on.

GEIER: Well, I`m sure he`s going to provide a whole new layer of, you know, the bacon game in terms --

HAMMER: The game will continue. All right. Missy Schwartz, Tom Geier, thank you both.

Well, "E.T." is one of my favorite summer movies of all time, and this summer, Steven Spielberg is out with a blockbuster that`s got a lot of people wondering, will this be his new "E.T.," but, with a much angrier alien?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: An eastbound freighter derailed. What the cargo was on that freighter, we don`t know.

HAMMER: Yes, this "E.T" looks like it wants to do a whole lot more than phone homes. "Super 8" secrets revealed next.

And you know, about the time in the 1980s when "E.T." was big, the Smurfs were, too and the little blue folks are back in one of the summer family blockbusters.

Larry the Cable Guy is hitting the road again in another family blockbuster this summer. "Cars 2." Larry is the voice of Mader, the tow truck.

This is the special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT summer movie blockbuster.

LARRY THE CABLE GUY: I`m Larry the Cable Guy, and I`m telling you right now Mader has got it made in "Cars 2." He`s getting into a little bit of international adventure, and I guess, getting in over his headlights. "Cars 2," it`s going to be good. Bring the kids!



HANK AZARIA, ACTOR: Listen, kids. This is Gargamel. I`m telling you right now, go see the "Smurfs" movie or I`ll have to come to your house and turn you into -- I don`t know, like a chicken bone or something. I think you`ll choke on yourself. So, don`t have that happen to you. Go see "The Smurfs."

HAMMER: That`s the fantastic and quite smurfy Hank Azaria. He`s playing the evil Gargamel in the family summer blockbuster, "The Smurfs."


HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to the special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. We are teaming up with "Entertainment Weekly" to bring you the very first look at the summer movie blockbusters, and now, summer family blockbusters. "Super 8" secrets. Now, this one has a lot of people buzzing. Is this Steven Spielberg`s new "E.T."?



ANDERSON (voice-over): JJ Abrams alien action adventure, "Super 8," explodes on to the big screen this summer, and when it does --


ANDERSON: Fans might notice some striking similarities to another alien action adventure. Produced by Steven Spielberg who famously directed "E.T.," "Super 8" also has a boy on a bike and his friends, an alien, a military intervention, and a troubled family.

UNIDENTIFIED KID: E.T. phone home.

ANDERSON: Even a young actress with a famous last name, but can "Super 8" match the blockbuster $800 million "E.T." made back in 1982 and score legions of fans worldwide? We`ll let you decide.


HAMMER: There really are so many striking similarities between "E.T." and "Super 8." I do want to bring in Thom Geier, "Entertainment Weekly" senior editor. So, Thom, what do you think from what have you learned in "Entertainment Weekly"? Will this movie be a whole lot like "E.T.?"

GEIER: Well, JJ Abrams has said that he was very much inspired by the early 1980s Spielberg films like "E.T." In fact, got to start in filmmaking at that time. He made a lot of "Super 8" movies, and so, he wanted to tell a story that was very much a coming of age story set at that time that combines these kind of super natural elements. So, there is this other worldly creature that these kids encounter.

HAMMER: Is it going to have the feel good vibe that E.T. had, though? I think about it and I feel good. I don`t know about you.

GEIER: I think everyone loves that movie. And Spielberg, himself, is a producer on this film. And JJ Abrams is such a huge cult following from, you know, "Lost" and from everything else that he`s done.

HAMMER: What other big summer movie blockbusters for the family can we count on this summer?

GEIER: We`re going to see two sequels of some of the biggest animated hits of recent years, "Cars 2" and "Kung Fu Panda 2." "The Smurfs" are coming to the big screen with Neil Patrick Harris, battling the wee, little blue guys, and then, you have two talking animal films, "Zookeeper" with Kevin James as the title "Zookeeper" Jim Carey starring in "Mr. Popper`s Penguins."

HAMMER: Can`t really go wrong with the talking animals as far as I`m concerned.

GEIER: Of course.

HAMMER: So, what are you looking -- you know, you`ve had to check all of these out. What are you looking forward to the most?

GEIER: I have to say that of these films, Jim Carey, you have to love him from "Ace Ventura," and him back dealing with the animals, the little penguins in "Mr. Popper`s Penguins," the beloved children`s classic. That`s what I`m looking forward to.

HAMMER: Fantastic. I`ll make sure you get a ticket. Thom Geier, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

And that is it for this very special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT summer movie blockbusters. I`m A.J. hammer, and for more on this summer`s hottest movies, make sure you pick up a copy of "Entertainment Weekly." You will find it at a newsstand near you.