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Trump Fires Himself; Jesse The Jerk?; Maria Breaks Her Silence

Aired May 16, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight the Donald`s decision. Trump says he`s not running for president, but did he wimp out? I`m A.J. Hammer in New York, and this is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER (voice-over): Tonight, Donald Trump`s big no-go on the race for the White House. Why did the Donald back down? Our "Showbiz Flashpoint," did Trump totally wimp out?

Rihanna did what? Rihanna shocks everyone by following Chris Brown on Twitter. Yes, that Chris Brown who beat her up. Is Rihanna making a big mistake here?

Jesse James and his startling new diss of Sandra Bullock.

JESSE JAMES, AMERICAN TELEVISION PERSONALITY: You know, she said that same speech at four different awards shows.

HAMMER: The showbiz great debate tonight, is Jesse James the most despicable ex ever?

Shocking daddy dating advice for Jen Aniston. Now, her dad is speaking out about who she should date. Should Jen be saying, hey, dad, thanks, but no thanks?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


HAMMER: (on-camera): Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking tonight. Donald trump, no White House for you. All right. Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so. The news today that Donald Trump is not going to be running for president comes as no surprise to me.

You`ve heard me say it over and over and over again, there was no way Donald Trump was going to run for office and open up his private life and his private finances to public scrutiny. Not to mention, of course, giving up his ego inflating hit TV show "Celebrity Apprentice." No way. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got to tell you that while the Donald has now bailed, his embarrassment may just be starting.


HAMMER (voice-over): No doubt about it, Donald Trump`s flirtation with the presidency was a lot of sound --

DONALD TRUMP, ENTREPRENEUR: I am very seriously considering it.

HAMMER: And fury.

TRUMP: You`re not going to raise that (EXPLETIVE DELETED) price.

HAMMER: But in the end, it signified nothing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Donald saying that he is not going to be running for president.

HAMMER: In a bombshell announcement today, "Celebrity Apprentice" host, Donald Trump, announced that despite months of flirting, he will not run for the Republican presidential nomination after all saying, "After considerable deliberation and reflection, I decided not to pursue the office of the presidency." But in classic Trump speak, he also blustered this, "I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would able to win the primary, and ultimately, the general election."

SEAN DALY, CONTRIBUTOR NEW YORK POST: Would you expect anything else from Donald Trump?

HAMMER: Trump made his bombshell announcement today as NBC formally presented next season`s schedule to advertisers. And since Trump couldn`t run for president and continue hosting "Celebrity Apprentice," NBC execs reportedly were pressuring him to either run or get off the pot.

DALY: Today was really the day that they need to know one way or the other whether or not the show was going to go forward with Trump in the board room.

HAMMER: So, it looks like the Donald has picked the "Apprentice" board room over the White House oval office. And tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, after spending months on the campaign trail, why did the Donald fire himself from the presidential race?

TRUMP: You`re fired.

HAMMER: One possible reason, he wanted to stay on "Celebrity Apprentice."

DALY: This is one of the few shows that has been an ongoing money maker for NBC, and they really did not want to see this show dying.

HAMMER: In fact, NBC was so determined to keep "Celebrity Apprentice" on the air, the head of the network announced the show would go on next season with or without Trump. And "New York Post" contributor, Sean Daly, tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that may have lit a fire under the Donald.

DALY: Late last night, we got a call from a source indicating that Mr. Trump was caught off guard by the fact that the network was saying they were going to move on without, him and he felt the need to bring this to a head one way or the other.

HAMMER: Another possible reason Donald fired himself from the presidential race, maybe he thought he couldn`t win. When he first announced his presidential flirtation, he surged to the top of the polls as he hopped on the was President Obama born in the United States bandwagon.

TRUMP: Why doesn`t he show his birth certificate?

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can also tell you that Trump playing coy about his presidential intentions and challenging Obama irked stars like Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Cosby.

BILL COSBY, COMEDIAN: The only thing running is his mouth.

HAMMER: And Trump raised eyebrow when in a recent campaign speech, he channeled "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant meatloaf.


HAMMER: And dropped F bombs.

TRUMP: Listen, you (EXPLETIVE DELETED), we`re going to tax you 25 percent.

DALY: It seems to me that he may have gone a little bit too far in some of his recent tactics and now the writing is on the wall.

HAMMER: And the final reason why the Donald fired himself from the presidential race? Maybe, he was never going to run in the first place.

DALY: I had people talk to me off the record about it and indicate to me that, perhaps, this was more about raising his personal profile and raising the ratings for his show than actually about becoming a serious candidate for the presidency

HAMMER: But if that`s true, you got to wonder, after he talked so tough about running for the presidency, only to dance away at the 11th hour, will some people think that the tough talking Donald wimped out? "New York Post" contributor, Sean Daly, tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT maybe the Donald got what he wanted after all.

DALY: He`s already pretty much gotten all the benefit out of it. So, why bothered being humiliated by losing?

HAMMER: So, it looks like the presidential race`s loss is the "Celebrity Apprentice`s" gain.

DALY: It is really best at this point for Mr. Trump to focus on the most important issue in his world, which is is it going to be John Rich or Marlee Matlin as the winner of "Celebrity Apprentice"?


HAMMER (on-camera): Well, at the NBC presentation today, Donald Trump spoke out about his decision to stay with "Celebrity Apprentice" and not run for president. Watch this.


TRUMP: I decided that we are going to continue onward with "Celebrity Apprentice." We`re going to continue making lots and lots of money for charity. I will not be running for president as much as I`d like to, and I want to thank everybody very much.


HAMMER: Well, despite what Donald says, I can tell you that a lot of people are asking tonight what we are asking in our "Showbiz Flashpoint," did Donald Trump totally wimp out? With me tonight from Hollywood is former "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant, Melissa Rivers. Melissa is also the executive producer of "Fashion Police" on E! She stars alongside her mom, Joan Rivers.

Of course, on Joan and Melissa, Joan knows best which can be seen on We. So, Melissa, Melissa, from the very start, from the first moment that Trump started buzzing about the presidency, I said no way is he going to end up running, even though, a lot of people out there said, no, it may happen. Do you think the Donald totally wimped out here?

MELISSA RIVERS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER OF "FASHION POLICE" on E!: No, I don`t think he wimped out at all. I think, again, it`s what everyone is saying, NBC basically said, look, the show is going on with or without you. This week is up front in New York where they`re presenting the slate for next year. We need the decision, and at one point, you step back and kind of reevaluate everything that`s at take stake.

When Donald goes into something, he goes in with complete conviction and emotion and passion and really believes in what he`s doing. So, I don`t think he ever, like, intended -- I don`t think he never intended to run. I think that when push came to shove and he had a chance to take a step back and think about everything he was going to have to give up, you go, well, maybe not such a good idea.

HAMMER: I don`t know. I just can`t imagine from the very beginning he didn`t have it in his mind. No, I really -- there`s no way I can see this through. And I have to wonder, if Trump making such a big deal about Obama`s birth certificate and then President Obama releasing the birth certificate, then President Obama catching Osama Bin Laden, maybe some of that became too much for Trump.

Let me bring in Carlos Diaz. He`s the sports anchor on HLN every morning on `Morning Express with Robin Meade." So, Carlos, to you, with our "Showbiz Flashpoint," you think the Donald wimped out by not running?

CARLOS DIAZ, SPORTS ANCHOR, HLN`S "MORNING EXPRESS": No. This is a classic dude. A guy who is in a fight and is a guy holding him back, and he`s like. This guy wouldn`t hold me back. I hit your butt, man. Seriously. And as we say, he`s like, yes, if I run, I win. You know, it`s like, dude, we`ve been played. We`ve been totally played.

A.J., I agree with you. He knew about this the entire time. He said I`m going to run for president, got a ton of press off of it, and he just kept building and building and building. He knew the entire time he was not going to run for the presidency of the United States.

RIVERS: Here`s the thing, and I have known the Trumps for many, many years. I was on "Celebrity Apprentice." Donald really does believe what he gets into. And that`s why he is so successful is his passion and his convex that he has. And I just think that as the process went on further, I don`t think he ever intended to purposely drop out. You know what I`m saying?


DIAZ: But Melissa, don`t you also think that he is a genius? Don`t you also think he`s a business genius?

RIVERS: I think he is one of the smartest people I have ever encountered.

DIAZ: Doesn`t that lend you to believe that he knew what he was doing the entire time?

RIVERS: Yes and no. Knowing him, I would have to say, no, I believe that his intentions were honorable.

HAMMER: Let me go to the original point that I`ve always made, Melissa, and this is knowing him, and look, I`ve known him for some time peripherally as well.

RIVERS: Right.

HAMMER: You know him a bit better. There was no way he was ever going to release his financial information and let people get into the scrutiny of his business dealings that comes along with running for office. It wasn`t going to happen.

RIVERS: No, and I agree with you 100 percent on that, but I just think -- I mean, again, we -- and this is sort of a broader, sort of generalization about people, we all get whipped into frenzies like, yes, yes, that`s a great idea. That`s a great idea. I`m going to jump off the bridge just like my friend.


RIVERS: And then, you stand at the edge of the bridge you go, well, maybe not such a great idea. We`ve always done that.

HAMMER: Let me move on to something else because while the Donald is not going to be replaced on "Celebrity Apprentice," we do know that Charlie Sheen will be replaced by Ashton Kutcher on "Two and a Half Men" next season. This is why we asked in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll if Ashton was the right choice.

I got to get to these results just in late today. A whopping 62 percent says winning, Ashton rocks. Thirty-eight percent say losing. No one can replace Charlie. Melissa, do you agree? With which one do you agree?

RIVERS: You know, the show is well written. Ashton certainly knows comedy. It`s all going to come down to the chemistry once he gets on set between him and Jon Cryer and everyone else. That`s like saying, can anyone predict if the show is going to be a hit?


RIVERS: No. You know what I mean? I think that Ashton have a legit shot at it, absolutely. Who knows?

HAMMER: Who knows? I`m right there with you. If there was a choice to make, I think he was the right one. Got to leave it there, Melissa Rivers and Carlos Diaz. I thank you, guys.

All right. check this out. Why is Alec Baldwin punching "Office" star, John Krasinski?


HAMMER (voice-over): Boys, boys, play nice, will you?

There is shocking daddy dating advice tonight for Jen Aniston. Now, her dad, of all people, is speaking out about who she should date. Should Jen be saying, hey, dad, thanks but no thanks.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT farewell to Oprah. Stars say goodbye to her tonight. That`s next.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

And now, for "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.



HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York, and tonight, we are kicking off our week-long farewell to Oprah, and we`re getting things started with the biggest stars speaking out about Oprah`s long goodbye. You might have heard, after 25 years, Oprah is ending her daytime talk show next week. So, we just had to ask Hollywood a-listers their favorite Oprah moment. Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter.


KAREEN WYNTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Stars love to talk to her. They also love to watch her.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s an amazing woman.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s such this beam of light.

WYNTER: When Oprah`s on, everyone watches, including Hollywood.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s interesting to watch her work as an interviewer and to see what she gets out of the people she talks to, and she does extraordinarily well.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s become a fabric of sort our culture the last quarter century.

WYNTER (on-camera): Oprah will be getting her very own star on the Walk of Fame later this year, but she`s already secured a spot in the heart of Hollywood celebrities. So, what are some of her famous fans to do now that the Oprah Winfrey show is signing off after 25 years?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Don`t make me cry. My mascara will run.

WYNTER: We`re all sorry about the end of this Oprah run (ph), especially your husband, Tom Hanks.

TOM HANKS, HOST: For some of us, she was kind of like that cup of coffee at three that you needed. And for others, she was that nice, big glass of beer you wanted at the end of a long working day. Both things kind of like loosened the tongue. She`s like one of those kind of ladies that you fall in love. You realized you`ve been sitting down with her, and you haven`t asked a single question, and she`s been listening to every word you say. So, you kind of want to marry her.

WYNTER: There`s no shortage of celebrity love for the Oprah Winfrey show.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to go on the Oprah Show. I`m not one go to go on Oprah (ph).

WYNTER: And it seems every star has their favorite Oprah moment.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My favorite episode of her and probably one of my favorite episodes of TV, in general, is Oprah`s favorite things like I freak out in my chair.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I loved it when Oprah opened her school. That`s a dream of mine also, and I can really identify with that. She`s giving all these girls an opportunity to shine.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When she gave away all the cars that year. You get a car, you get a car, you get a car. Pretty funny.

WYNTER: So, while the daily talk show chapter may be over for Oprah - -

OPRAH WINFREY, HOST: I love this show. This show has been my life. And I love it enough to know when it`s time to say goodbye.

WYNTER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you it`s a safe bet we`ll see more of Oprah soon. And her Hollywood fans are already waiting.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s just this star that shines incredibly brightly, and I just think that will be missed. I hope she does something else so we get to experience that because it`s pretty stunning.

WYNTER: And when a star shines as stunningly as Oprah does, there`s no fading away.


HAMMER: And all this week SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you a not to be missed farewell to Oprah. Tuesday Oprah`s, final goodbye. How will Oprah sign off her final show? Wednesday, inside Oprah`s surprise spectacular. Twenty thousand people are at this thing, and we`re right there in Chicago for it. And Thursday, what`s next for Oprah? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s farewell to Oprah all this week.

And now, your thoughts about Oprah Winfrey. We`ve been asking you to send us your i-Report videos, all part of the great i-Report project called "Oprah and Me." Here now is Omekongo from Washington D.C. on how Oprah has changed his life.


OMEKONGO, WASHIGNTON D.C.: I`ve been fortunate enough to make it to her show as a guest. Her work in television and the way she uses media to inspire people has inspired me to go into television as well. So, I do have my own television talk show, and I thoroughly enjoy that and I`m going to do my best to follow in her footsteps of using media responsibly to try to impact the lives of other people.

So, I`m glad to (INAUDIBLE) her show going off the air and she`s not just disappearing. And I look forward to seeing what she`s going to do for years and years and years to come, and hopefully, I`ll get a chance to meet her and thank her directly. But till that moment comes, Oprah, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you.


HAMMER: Thank you, Omekongo. We want to hear from you. Send me your "Oprah and Me" i-reports. Really easy to do, just head over to i-, click on the Oprah icon right there in the middle of the page.

We`re moving on now to Jesse James and his startling new diss of Sandra Bullock.


PIERS MORGAN, CNN ANCHOR: You were the rock.

JAMES: Yes, but, you know, she said that same speech at four different award shows. You saw two of them, so --

MORGAN: What`s your point?

JAMES: I don`t know. You can take whatever you get out of it, you know?

HAMMER (voice-over): The showbiz great debate tonight, is Jesse James the most despicable ex ever?

Rihanna shocks everyone by following Chris Brown on Twitter. Yes, the Chris Brown who beat her up. Is Rihanna making a big mistake tonight?

And listen to this, could these lost Michael Jackson photos solve the world`s energy problems?

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.


HAMMER (on-camera): It`s time for the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.




HAMMER: Shocking daddy dating advice tonight for Jennifer Aniston. The world`s most eligible female is actually getting some dating advice from her dear old dad. In a brand new interview today revealed today with "People" magazine, Jennifer`s father, John, the star on the soap opera, "Days of Our Lives," does he think that Jen should go back to her Greek roots to find love?

Listen to what he`s saying. "Greek men are sexier and make better boyfriends." Adding, "he`d have to be a good Greek man. Back with me tonight, Melissa Rivers who`s the executive producer of "Fashion Police" on E! She`s also starring, of course, alongside her mom, Joan Rivers on We show, "Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best," and she`s the editor-in-chief of

So, Melissa, what do you think? Is Jennifer cringing or laughing right about now about her dad`s public advice to her about her love life?

RIVERS: Having been in that position, I hope she is cringing and then laughing and rolling her eyes. I know she does have a good relationship with her father. I`ve heard she has a good relationship with her father. I don`t know for a fact. You know what, parents are parents.


RIVERS: And they just can`t help themselves, and I tell myself that every day.

HAMMER: I hear the experience coming out of your voice, Melissa. And we`ve seen it all.

RIVERS: Yes. If I can give her a piece of advice, it`s like this, too, shall pass at one point. You know, your parents are your parents. They`re going to do what they`re going to do whether you like it or not, and I plan to do the same thing to my son when I`m old enough to really -- when he`s old enough to be really embarrassed.

HAMMER: Of course. All right. Very quickly, the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff came up with some good Greek men for Jen. You know, this is what John is saying that that`s what she should do. John Stamos a possibility - -

RIVERS: He`s hot.

HAMMER: Who just star in the season 1 "Law and Order" and "Glee." Billy Zane, of course, from "Titanic" or maybe Zach Galifianakis. He`s red hot right now. If you had to choose quickly, Melissa, from those three, who`s your pick for Jen?

RIVERS: Oh, Zach Galifianakis. He`s funny, he`s smart, and he gets to always be the hot one in the relationship. It will never leave.

HAMMER: Yes. Humor always comes -- all right. Melissa Rivers, great to see you. Thank you so much for being with us tonight.

RIVERS: Thank you.

HAMMER: And now it is time for the showbiz line-up. Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Jesse James and his startling new diss of Sandra Bullock.


MORGAN: She said you were the rock.

JAMES: Yes, but, you know, she said that same speech at four different award shows. You saw two of them.

MORGAN: What`s your point?

JAMES: I don`t know. You can take whatever you get out of it, you know?

MORGAN: You don`t think she meant it.

HAMMER (voice-over): The showbiz great debate tonight, is Jesse James the most despicable ex ever?

Maria Shriver opens up for the very first time since her shocking split from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And showbiz trending on Twitter tonight. Lady Gaga just smacked down Justin Bieber.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and view.


HAMMER (on-camera): Here comes the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.





HAMMER (voice-over): Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Jesse James, his unbelievable new slam on Sandra Bullock.

MORGAN: She said you were the rock.

JAMES: Yes, but, you know, she said that same speech at four different award shows. You saw two of them.

MORGAN: What`s your point?

JAMES: I don`t know. You can take whatever you get out of it, you know?

MORGAN: You don`t think she meant it.

HAMMER: The "Showbiz Flashpoint" today, is Jesse the most despicable ex ever?

Brand new Rihanna outrage today. Rihanna follows her ex, Chris Brown, on Twitter. The guy who beat her up. The great debate today, is Rihanna making a big mistake?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the hell was that for?

HAMMER: And why the heck is Alec Baldwin punching "Office" star John Krasinski? Guys, break it up, will you?

ANNOUNCER: TVs most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City. We got big news breaking tonight. Is Sandra Bullock`s ex, Jesse James, just a jerk? You know, that is what a lot of people are saying today. Thanks to a brand new interview with CNN`s Piers Morgan.

Nearly a year after his divorce from Sandra was finalized, Jesse is still dishing dirt on his relationship with America`s sweetheart. And his latest jerk-worthy comments are about those heartfelt acceptance speeches that Sandra gave after winning her Golden Globe and her Oscar for the "Blind Side."

Now, I need to warn you, if you`re like me, you might want to throw something at your TV after you listen to what Jesse just said. So, I`m suggesting, maybe grab a Styrofoam cup or a Nerf ball or something. Watch now as Jesse explains why his current fiancee, Kat Von D, is different about Sandra.


JAMES: She says (EXPLETIVE DELETED), you know, I`m your friend, and I`ll stand by you. I don`t care what anybody says, you know? And I think that`s the definition of like what, you know, people that care about each other should be.

MORGAN: We heard Sandra saying exactly that. She felt that`s what you were to her.

JAMES: She didn`t say exactly that.

MORGAN: Pretty much. She said you were the rock.

JAMES: Yes, but, you know, she said that same speech at four different award shows. You saw two of them. So --

MORGAN: What`s your point?

JAMES: I don`t know. You can take out of it whatever you get out of it, you know?

MORGAN: You don`t think she meant it?

JAMES: I think she meant it to a certain extent, you know? What does she do for a living?

MORGAN: Movie star. Actor.

JAMES: What?

MORGAN: An actor.

JAMES: OK, cool.

MORGAN: You think it was an act?

JAMES: Um, I think, you know that whole that, you know, people have to live in that world and --

MORGAN: Are you glad to be out of it?

JAMES: Man, hundred percent. You`re cool, but the rest of those people, I just can`t hang with them. I just -- I don`t know. It`s not --

MORGAN: I mean, are they all pretty fake? Is that what you`re saying?

JAMES: It`s just pretend, it`s not real.


HAMMER: OK. Let me get this straight. Is Jesse trying to say his relationship with Sandra was pretend and she wasn`t sincere in all those award show speeches where she thanked Jesse for being an amazing husband? Here`s our "Showbiz Flashpoint," is Jesse James the most despicable ex ever? With me tonight Bonnie Fuller, the president and editor-in-chief of What do you think? Most despicable ex ever without a doubt, Bonnie?

BONNIE FULLER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM: He is the most despicable ex ever, and I`m ready to take off my shoe, A.J. and throw it right at your TV monitor.

HAMMER: Well, thank you for not doing that. Yes. I don`t get it. I don`t understand why he thinks it`s OK. And quite frankly, the whole thing when it comes down to the acceptance speeches, everybody tends to say the similar sort of things at different acceptance speeches, and she, I thought, was paying him props at the time. I guess, now, we know, but let me go out to Hollywood. Wendy Walsh is a TV journalist and doctor of psychology. Wendy, to our "Showbiz Flashpoint" Jesse James the most despicable ex ever?

WENDY WALSH, TV JOURNALIST AND DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY: Well, he certainly is validating what many people already believe about him, but I think he`s also being sneaky and smart here. He`s selling a new book, and he`s trying to create a new demographic for himself. I`m no longer big Hollywood celebrity, I`m one of you. Common man and all dish dirt on to Hollywood for you. And I think that`s the message here. But, boy, is he ever slamming his former gravy train, isn`t he?

HAMMER: Oh, classy, huh? Go ahead, Bonnie.

FULLER: We know the thing is, he is trying to throw everything on her that he actually did, because she wasn`t the one that was faking the relationship and the love. He was the one who was faking it. He was the one who was having multiple affairs behind her back. And he`s trying to make us forget about that somehow.

HAMMER: Yes. Not working. Jesse James was right through the coals, of course, when he did admit to cheating on Sandra. And I know, Wendy, the guy is trying to sell books, as you said, but I mean, come on, is it time for him to just stop over sharing like this?

WALSH: I think it is. I mean, obviously, when a relationships in the past and in the present they may even be co-parenting this child to some degree, we don`t know. I think he`s got to learn to put bygones behind him. If he does like his new girl friend better, just zip it, OK, Jesse, because Sandra is still the prom queen, and you`re the bully on the playing field.

HAMMER: Yes. And as far as we know and this is according to Jesse, the two of them are not communicating at all anymore. But right now, I do want to get to more big news breaking tonight about another really disturbing story. I mean, this one just blew my mind, the eight-year-old girl that became an overnight celebrity after we learned her mother was giving her botox injections.

Now, her mom did it. Why? Well, so, she could compete in the fierce world of child beauty pageants. Are you kidding me? "Good Morning, America" today reported that the little girl has been taken away from her mother following an investigation by child protective services. Wendy, back to you, is that way too harsh or right on the money?

WALSH: Well, I think it`s a short-term thing, and I don`t think it makes sense for the long term because we don`t need to give a kid an attachment injury on top of the other child abuse that she suffered. This reminds me of that disease, Munchausen by Proxy, you know, where parents project an illness on the kid and give them medical interventions they don`t need.

The only problem is this mother has projected ugliness on her child, and she`s absolutely abusing by mutilating her. It`s probably illegal.

HAMMER: And it`s terrible for any child to be taken away from their parent, in this case, her only parent. But Bonnie, there are some people screaming -- in fact, they were talking about it when I was watching "The View" this morning that the beauty pageants are really the ones who are causing all this by raising the standards, but for an eight-year-old, I mean, do you think people needs to look at these beauty pageant and say, hey, you need to change the way you do things here.

FULLER: I do think that there should be some restrictions placed on beauty pageants, and I do think that they should institute a law that you cannot give botox injections to minors. However, I mean, this --

WALSH: There is a law, you can`t.

FULLER: This mother, she is really putting her child`s life in danger. She could give her child facial paralysis. She could also give her -- she could cause something called necrosis which mean dead tissue in her lip.

HAMMER: The whole thing is insane to me quite frankly. Let`s hope that the mother gets the help she needs and that the family can somehow come together again. Bonnie Fuller, Wendy Walsh, I thank you both.

Well, there`s more big news breaking today. Now, we don`t know who the new boss will be on "The Office," but we do know who`s having the new baby.

Also, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon`s twins, they`re finally home.

And Maria Shriver speaks out for the first time since her split from Arnold Schwarzenegger. It`s all making big news in the buzz today.


HAMMER (voice-over): Maria silence shutter. Maria Shriver has just opened up for the first time about her separation. She hit Twitter to speak out about her surprising split from Arnold Schwarzenegger after 25 years of marriage. Maria tweeted, "Thank you for all the kindness, support, and compassion. I am humbled by the love. Thank you."

Nick and Mariah`s double home coming. The brand new Cannon kids have just come home. Babies Monroe and Moroccan Cannon, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon`s twins, have just been released from the hospital. Nick made a preplanned special appearance at an event in Los Angeles where he told "Access Hollywood," "My twins came home. That`s the most important thing. I don`t want to leave, but I had to because I got to be here, but I was like the first day to have my children at home, so I`ve been loving that."

New dad, Nick, admitted that it all is a little scary. It`s different. It`s a whole another level, because now, they`re at home, and there`s no hospital rooms and stuff. There`s no nurses. It`s just us. It`s real. Twins were born April 30.

Jenna`s baby joy. The "Office" star, Jenna Fischer, has just revealed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that she and her husband, Lee Kirk, are expecting a brand new baby. It`s the first child for Jenna who already has plenty of experience around babies. Her character on "The Office, "Pam, welcomed a baby girl last season.


HAMMER (on-camera): I think Jenna Fischer would probably be upset to hear that her "Office" co-star, John Krasinski, just got a knuckle sandwich from Alec Baldwin. Did you see this?


JOHN KRASINSKI, ACTOR: What the hell was that for?

ALEC BALDWIN, ACTOR: You didn`t deserve to win that game.

HAMMER (voice-over): I guys, I realized. OK. Donald Trump`s going to do another season of "Celebrity Apprentice." You don`t need to fight about it. All right. That`s not why they`re fighting.

Brand new Rihanna/Chris Brown controversy tonight. Outrage as Rihanna decides to follow Brown, the guy who beat her up, on Twitter. Our "Showbiz Flashpoint," is she making a big mistake?

And tonight, why lost photos of a young Michael Jackson could solve the world`s energy crisis.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.


HAMMER (on-camera): Time now for the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Our relationship? He just came up for me on the dance floor? I mean, I didn`t talk to him until he followed me back here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What did he say?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did he tell you his name?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. Aren`t we calling the cops?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You killed the wrong guy.



HAMMER: welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. I got to tell you, there is a real Rihanna Twitter tizzy going on tonight. Rihanna shocking a lot of people by the fact that she`s now following Chris Brown on Twitter. Yes, of course, that`s the same Chris Brown who beat her up the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards. Now, Rihanna`s twitter account has blown up with reaction from her fans.

A lot of people are saying it actually sends a bad message about abuse to girls. That leads to our "Showbiz Flashpoint," is Rihanna making a big mistake? Well, this debate is so hot it took over our morning editorial meeting. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT associate producer, Anisa Husein, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT production assistant, Caitlin Tierney, really went at each other over this at our morning meeting. Our executive produer said, put them on TV, and that`s a guy you don`t argue with.

Now, Kaitlin, you said, you think it is outrageous that Rihanna would be following Chris Brown on Twitter. Anisa, you say, no big deal. It`s only twitter. Why do you think this is not a big deal?

ANISA HUSEIN, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: Because, just like Rihanna said, it is only Twitter. And for all we know, she could be following Chris so she can find out where he is going to be so she doesn`t go there. And, she`s not tweeting pictures of her and Chris Brown hanging out. She`s not tweeting I love Chris Brown. She`s just simply following Chris Brown, you know, almost 400 of her following him. No big deal.

HAMMER: Right. Now, Caitlin, you think this is actually sending a pretty bad message to people the fact that she`s out there paying attention to what he might be doing.

CAITLIN TIERNEY, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Absolutely. I mean, to Anisa`s point, if it is just Twitter, if it`s not that big of a deal, why is she even putting herself out there to start any speculation? They`re both two public figures. Their profiles, I`m sure, are open and available, and they could just look at each other`s information and their feeds that way. They don`t need to actually follow.

HAMMER: Here`s a thing. I actually don`t think that she thought it through. You know what I`m saying? I don`t think she realized, oh, people are paying attention to this, but the truth is, when you`re in the spotlight, people pay attention to everything that you do, and that`s why I can`t sort of understand some of the scrutiny. Let me show you how Rihanna, herself, got all fired up about this today. A person, a Twitter follower, who claimed to be 14 years old and a girl tweeted Rihanna asking her if she`s getting back together with Chris Brown because she`s now following him.

LISTEN to how Rihanna responded. "It`s expletive Twitter, not the altar, calm down." Now, later today. Rihanna did apologize tweeting this, "Baby girl, I`m sorry. I didn`t mean to hurt or offend you." So, Anisa, Rihanna attacking one of the supposedly young girls who sees her as a role model. Does that, in any way, change your mind?

HUSEIN: No, not at all. And I don`t think that she was attacking her just because she used an expletive. She`s just expressing her thoughts on it, which I agree with. It just Twitter. Like, get over it. And just because Rihanna responded and apologized, I think it`s fine.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, I don`t think she needed to come down so hard on her quite frankly. I do think that Rihanna is probably sick and tired of Chris Brown being so much a part of her story, but this is the nature of celebrity. And I think this debate will continue, but guys, it`s great to see you. Anisa Caitlin, thanks for being on set with me here. I appreciate that.

Right now, I got to move on to a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Michael Jackson exclusive. The incredible lost photos of the pop icon that one man actually believed could help him solve the word`s energy crisis.

Yes, you hard me right. Now, these candid photos of Jackson revealed today were taken when Michael was just 19 years old, before all of his plastic surgery. The man who took these amazing pictures hopes it`ll actually help launch a new electric motor that he claims will transform the world. Welcome to the world of the Bizarro.

CNN Wire Entertainment editor, Alan Duke, broke the stories with me tonight from Hollywood. I have to say, Alan, these never before seen photos of Michael Jackson are stunning. I can`t remember ever getting such a candid look at Michael as a teenager before, of course, he had all of the plastic surgery that radically transformed him forever. so, Alan, I want to get to that energy crisis strangeness in just a moment, but, first, what do these brand new pictures revealed to us about Michael as a teenager?

ALAN DUKE, CNN WIRE ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: Well, they show us a glimpse of Michael on a day of March 1978. He was 19 years old, and his guard was somewhat down. It was a video shoot, not really a photo shoot. And between takes on the video, he posed and just allowed some pictures to be taken. There was no release forms sign so that Michael has any control of these pictures. Michael probably forgot they existed.

In later years, Michael was known to buy out these kind of pictures, but these were in a man`s closet in Orange County, California for the last three decades until just a couple of weeks ago. They brought them to me.

HAMMER: All right. I got to get to this energy crisis thing, because it`s strange sounding. These never before seen photos were taken 33 years ago, as you said, by a guy named Reginald Garcia (ph). Now, he was doing this freelance shoot, and he claims that he`s created a new electric motor that will solve the world`s energy problem and plans to finance it with the money he plans to make by selling these pictures. Alan, the world`s brightest mind have been trying to solve this energy crisis for a long time. Is this guy for real?

DUKE: He could be for real. He went to Cal Tech. He was a student there when he took these photos of Michael. He was studying electrical engineering, and in the last several years, he`s developed this engine that he demonstrated to me, showed me the voltage meters and said we want to prove that this prototype will generate energy more than it uses, which, of course, would be a tremendous advancement.

I`m not an engineer. I`ve been getting a lot of e-mail from electrical engineers and other people who are very skeptical about this, but the money that he makes in -- he`s already sold the copyrights of these just this weekend because of the story. He sold the copyrights.


DUKE: Now, he wants to sell the prints and the actual slides to someone.

HAMMER: Hey, all I can say is let`s hope it works, Alan. I got to end it there. CNN`s Alan Duke, thank you so much.

Got to move on to a shocking new feud between "30 Rock`s" Alec Baldwin and the "Office" star, John Krasinski. What made Alec punch John? Did you see this?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the hell was that for?

BALDWIN: You didn`t deserve to win that game.

HAMMER (voice-over): The hilarious story behind the all-out fist fight between these two next.

The NBC summer picnic is not going to be pretty.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.


HAMMER (on-camera): Now, the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT news room making news tonight.




HAMMER: Did you see this? "30 Rock" star, Alec Baldwin gives "The Office" star, John Krasinski, a knuckle sandwich. Now, these two have been feuding in a hilarious new ad series by hat maker, New Era. In the first ad, Baldwin who`s a die-hard "New York Yankees fan exchanged some smack talk with Krasinski who`s a die hard Boston Red Sox fan. Well, things have now escalated from smack talk to smackdown. This, after one of the teams won a game. Check it out.



KRASINSKI: What the hell was that for?

BALDWIN: You guys you didn`t deserve to win that game. You know you didn`t.

KRASINSKI: What are you talking about? The Yankees won.

BALDWIN: Really?


BALDWIN: Oh, gosh, I`m sorry.

KRASINSKI: You have the hand of a plumber.

BALDWIN: I left in the sixth, which I`ve shown the LIE (ph) is really spotty.

KRASINSKI: You drove all the way over here to punch me in the face?

BALDWIN: No, I ran. I was too angry to drive.

KRASINSKI: And at no point, did you stop and think this is a bad idea?

BALDWIN: No. I still don`t.

KRASINSKI: Your commitment level is so high.

BALDWIN: Here. Get your face lift.

KRASINSKI: That`s OK. I don`t think it`s broken.

BALDWIN: I know, but, get a face lift.

KRASINSKI: There`s like 20 grand here.


HAMMER: John, I mean, that was some cash (ph), right?

Moving now to showbiz trending tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tracking the big stories that are trending on Twitter right now. Lady Gaga is now the most followed star on Twitter beating Justin Bieber to 10 million followers. Gaga thanked her little monsters by tweeting, of course. She wrote this. "Ten million monsters. I`m speechless. We did it. It`s an illness how I love you. Leaving London smiling." She posted that along with a photo of herself in London. She`s now in Mexico City continuing her tour.

Juan Carlos Arteaga`s (ph) host SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s sister show, "Showbiz," which airs daily at 3:00 p.m. eastern on CNN Espanol, and he caught up with Gaga. He asked her if she worries about getting too famous. Watch this.


JUAN CARLOS ARTEAGA, CNN ESPANOL HOST, "SHOWBIZ": Fame can be addictive, I guess. It can ruin you, but how is it going to affect the relationship you have with your fans?

LADY GAGA, SINGER: It just won`t. It jut won`t. I won`t allow it to, but also, creatively, I have to keep pushing myself with the music, with the visuals, with the videos. I have to keep pushing myself to continue to evolve and change so that the fans can evolve and change with me and the community can continue to grow. That is what I know in my heart is the thing that will keep the community of the little monsters alive forever.


HAMMER: Yes, alive is right. Gaga tops Twitter with over 10 million followers. Justin Bieber has more than 9.6 million. In third place, President Obama. He has just over 8 millio followers. My, how times have change.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Remember, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now seen exclusively Monday to Friday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.