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The Porn Star`s Pain; LeAnn`s Skinny Slam!; Painful Past

Aired April 6, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER (voice-over): Charlie and the porn star. The triple X escort with Charlie Sheen that wild night in the hotel room tells all to HLN`s "Dr. Drew."

ANDERSON: Absolutely made some bad choices.

HAMMER: Today, Dr. Drew right here with new revelations about his interview that`s making headlines around the world.


BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST: Ashley`s abuse.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Ashley Judd`s explosive confessions today about being sexually abused and why she thought about killing herself.

HAMMER: Sixteen, pregnant and violent.


HAMMER: Disturbing new video revealed today of MTV`s "16 and Pregnant." "The View" Sherri Shepherd right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT speaking out about that and other hot top topics and a must-see showbiz news maker interview.

ANDERSON: Mariah`s baby bump controversy. The incredible photos revealed today of a pregnant Mariah Carey naked, showing off her twin-filled belly. Our "Showbiz Flashpoint," anything wrong with that?

HAMMER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show --

ANDERSON: Breaks news right now.


HAMMER (on-camera): Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON (on-camera): Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today. The porn star`s pain.

HAMMER: Yes. For the very first time, the porn star/escort who`s with Charlie Sheen the night he went wild in a New York City hotel room is telling her story, and she`s telling it to HLN`s own Dr. Drew. What you`re about to hear today is chilling, disturbing, and painfully personal. The story of Capri Anderson in her own words. We`re talking about a troubled young woman who got caught up in the wild warlock world of Charlie Sheen and who is again immersed now in the dark world of porn as a means of survival.

We want to you hear the story first, and then, we`ll be joined by HLN`s own Dr. Drew with brand new revelations about his interview with Capri. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the price paid by the porn star.


DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST: You made some bad choices.

CAPRI ANDERSON: Absolutely. Absolutely made some bad choices.

HAMMER (voice-over): It`s a heart breaking interview on HLN`s "Dr. Drew" that everyone`s talking about today. Porn Star, Capri Anderson, who was with Charlie Sheen when he trashed that hotel room in New York City is opening up to Dr. Drew Pinsky in shocking detail about her troubles.

PINSKY: You`ve had a lot of pain in your life, my dear.


CAPRI ANDERSON: You really had.

HAMMER: Troubles that fueled her attraction to Sheen whose own addiction is something Capri says she`s all too familiar with. She tells Dr. Drew she grew up with a relative who suffered from that same disease.

CAPRI ANDERSON: On a sober note, they were one person, and then, when they would use, just a completely different person, and somebody that I wasn`t safe around, and I couldn`t trust.

PINSKY: And that`s how you felt around Charlie?


HAMMER: Anderson was acting as a paid escort to Sheen that late October night when she said Sheen flipped out in his hotel room in New York`s plaza hotel. She tells Dr. Drew that Sheen`s wild bad boy antics and her own troubled past made for an intoxicating and dangerous mix.

CAPRI ANDERSON: It was my choice and my bad decision to go back to his hotel room with him. Basically, it just -- it took a bad turn.

HAMMER: Bad turn is right. Sheen was hospitalized. Anderson claimed Sheen had turned violent, which Sheen denied, and the whole sleazy incident kicked off a four-month run of bad headlines and wild behavior that ended with Sheen being fired from the show "Two and a Half men". Anderson tells Dr. Drew the huge fallout also affected her, pushing her back into porn.

CAPRI ANDERSON: Rather than being called a prostitute or a hooker, I said, well, let me at least go back to work so that I can

PINSKY: Now, that you`re saying you`re stuck back in it again because of this experience.

CAPRI ANDERSON: I guess I got back in on a point, really, to show people that, no, this is what I do.

HAMMER: While Capri was telling all to Dr. Drew, sheen was talking in a totally different setting. He was in Cleveland for night three of his tour. In front of a raucous crowd, Sheen did some semi-serious opening up of his own about his three failed marriages.

CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: In sickness and in health. What`s the other one? You have the right to an attorney.


SHEEN: I love you forever. I promise I`ll never leave you, and then it all went to (EXPLETIVE DELETED). It`s got to be how people feel about LeBron James.

HAMMER: And while Sheen`s hard partying tour suggests he won`t be talking about his relationship issues on Dr. Drew --

SHEEN: Something (INAUDIBLE) Dr. Drew.

HAMMER: Capri Anderson tells Dr. Drew she fears for her own future.

PINSKY: You told me during the break that you`re fearful you`ll never find love. That`s a really painful thought to you. It`s hard to find love when you`re in the porn industry.

CAPRI ANDERSON: Definitely. You know, being 22, like everybody young girl thinks about falling in love.

HAMMER: And as Charlie Sheen reacts (ph) it up on the road talking about his life, those personally affected by the real life Charlie Sheen show are left to pick up the pieces of their own lives.

PINSKY: The behavior he`s manifesting is affecting other people`s lives, is it not?

CAPRI ANDERSON: Absolutely. I`m just trying to be a regular young girl again.


ANDERSON: Affecting people`s lives indeed. Dr. Drew`s interview with Capri Anderson on the "Dr. Drew" show which has seen every week night at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on HLN made big headlines everywhere today. So, this afternoon, I went right to the set of Drew`s show here in Hollywood to get the inside story on his exclusive interview.


ANDERSON: Dr. Drew, first of all, congratulations on your new show. We`re so happy to have you in the HLN family.

PINSKY: I really appreciate that.

ANDERSON: And that interview that you did last night with Capri Anderson was so compelling. And to me, it was really incredible to see how vulnerable she still is nearly, what, six months after that incident with Charlie Sheen in the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Were you surprised?

PINSKY: No, actually, I wasn`t surprised. And yes, indeed, an incident like that has ripples through not just her life for six months but through that of her family members. And this is my point in the interviews I want to do, which is that we make people into almost cartoon figures in the media these days. You know, we look at them. We gawk at them. We express our envy towards them. And behind that is a real person.

I mean, certainly, through treating celebrities, and I hope every rehab has top people this (ph), that when you really uncork them a bit, there`s another person underneath there that really is hurting. And I want to take a good look at all that.

ANDERSON: Well, it was clear that she was hurting, and she talked to you about when she was a child being around an addict and how, in fact, that had a profound impact on her in meeting Charlie Sheen and her attraction to him. I want to take a listen to that right now.


CAPRI ANDERSON: The attraction wasn`t so much personally towards Charlie, initially, as much as it was kind of the thought of going on this awesome dinner party date with a celebrity. You know, there was a lot of appeal in that aspect to me because I wasn`t a big personal fan of Charlie Sheen. I didn`t follow a lot of his work. Most of his big movies and big hits were when I was just a baby.


ANDERSON: OK. So, her attraction to Charlie was not even about who he was, it was more about his celebrity status, trying to feel validated.

PINSKY: That`s right. It`s trying to feel validated. It`s trying to get high a little bit. I know that she`s an addict. I don`t think she is, but people get -- they fill that void.

ANDERSON: And the thrill.

PINSKY: They get their thrill. They fill their void. They sort of get escape through celebrity. I think that`s what a lot of people get from celebrity these days, but I got to tell you, Brooke, looking at that interview, I was reminded of something Jimmy Kimmel said to me last night. He gave me a lot of grief for my interviewing style. And I`ll tell you, this is my style now. i do a lot of this --

ANDERSON: Little touchy feely.

PINSKY: And he accused me of working my way up Sammy Hagar`s thigh which was not my intention, I assure. You know, the crew here is laughing at me because they have to do this all the time.

ANDERSON: Sammy did have a great rapport with you.

PINSKY: But the fact is if you watch me, say, on "Teen Mom" or "16 and Pregnant," those shows, and what I do in my professional life, I do feel like you`ve got to be connected to somebody to really talk on that intimate level.

ANDERSON: I feel connected, Dr. Drew.


PINSKY: You feel a little threatened, I think, is what it is. I`m practically on top of you, Brooke, I`m sorry. That is the point is, this show in this studio is about getting it right and looking at why people do what they do, and to do that, you got to have a pretty deep connection.

ANDERSON: And you did.

PINSKY: I think I did with her, with Capri.

ANDERSON: you did with all of your guests and you did with Capri Anderson. And I want to know if you think that the people surrounding Charlie Sheen right now, the hangers on, the goddesses, the so-called goddesses, do you think they are becoming addicted to his fame?

PINSKY: Well, certainly people are benefiting from it and sort of just the way you saw Capri wanting to get a thrill from it to fill her own void, yes, there are people around him getting that from him. The real concern is here there`s no enlightened individual. I think, you know, when we watch this, I feel very much like the way I did when I was watching Anna Nicole Smith.

There was no one enlightened in her group to step up and go, honey, you got a problem, and if we don`t deal with this, this isn`t going to end well, and I can`t be around this. You know, I`m willing to risk my continued access with you.

ANDERSON: So, should we be worried about the women, the goddesses?

PINSKY: Well, Capri`s story was a cautionary tale about how it does bleed over and affect the people around you. And, you know, I talked to Kacey Jordan. She`d been pregnant and been in a psych hospital recently. I mean, these are not trivial issues. These are real conditions that have profound consequences. We have to --

ANDERSON: Have to take them seriously.

PINSKY: Take them seriously, yes.

ANDERSON: Dr. Drew, thank you so much.

PINSKY: Thanks, Brooke.


ANDERSON: Fascinating stuff, and you do not want to miss Dr. Drew right here on HLN every week night at 9:00 p.m. eastern.

HAMMER (on-camera): All right. Moving on to Mariah`s baby bump controversy.


HAMMER (voice-over): The incredible photos revealed today of a very pregnant Mariah Carey naked. Our "Showbiz Flashpoint," is there anything wrong with that? I mean, I think she looks great.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Ashley`s abuse. Ashley Judd`s explosive confessions today about being sexually abused and why she thought about killing herself.

HAMMER: Another kid for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Angelina just got a mysterious tattoo. Could this be a sign she`s about to adopt again?

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.


HAMMER (on-camera): Time for the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everybody called yesterday from Tia Carrere up to Brandy. It was very overwhelming for me, and it was very nice. I must have done something right. People reach out.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: None of my partners called me.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Brooke Anderson is in Hollywood. Big news breaking today. Will Prince William demand a pre-nup from Kate Middleton?

ANDERSON (on-camera): We are just a few weeks away, A.J., from the big royal wedding, and a lot of people are saying that Prince William would have to be nuts to marry Kate without a pre-nup, but other folks say, hey, where`s the love, the trust, the romance? Who better to ask than real royalty, Countess Luann De Lesseps who stars in the "Real Housewives of New York." The new season premieres tomorrow night on Bravo.

The countess is in Hollywood today for a "Showbiz Newsmaker Interview." Countess Luann, great to see you. Hey, you`ve been a countess for what, more than 16 years. I got to ask you, we all remember that Prince William had to live through the dark side of divorce with his parents, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, but I think that was totally different. Diana was 19. She was a baby when she got married.

William and Kate, they`ve been together a long time. They`re older. They`re more equipped to handle things. I understand, though, the need to be prepared for anything. So, what do you think? Would he be nuts to not demand a pre-nup?

LUANN DE LESSEPS, "THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK": I think it`s very unromantic. It`s not, you know, common place in England to ask for a pre- nup. I didn`t have a pre-nup. And, I think, you know, if anything ever happens between the two of them, I think he`ll do the right thing because he`s a man with great value, obviously, from of one of the greatest family in the world, and he`ll do the right thing by Kate.

So, I don`t think -- I think it kind of looks vulgar for her to ask for it. It looks vulgar for him to ask for it from her. I don`t think there`s anything very royal about it.

ANDERSON: It certainly does take away from the excitement, from the fairy tale of all of it to even think about it, to even have to talk about it. And Luann, Countess Luann, I can understand if you had not been paying too much attention to the royals because you got your own love life these days. In the new season of the "Real Housewives of New York," we see the new love in your life, French businessman, Jacques Azoulay. So, break some news here, countess. Is another royal wedding in the works, yours?


DE LESSEPS: Well, you know, never say never. I`m very happy. I feel really lucky to have met somebody so great and have somebody so wonderful in my life again. I`ve been able to close one door and open another one, and I hope that`s inspiring to women out there. There is men out there like this. They do exist. And I feel really lucky and, like I said, you know, they`re out there.

Don`t go looking for them. You know, hopefully, they`re just going to show up. You know, when I least expected it, Jacques showed up in my life, and I just really feel like you have to be ready for it. You have to keep your heart open and take chances, and that`s really, you know, how it can happen to you again.

ANDERSON: Well, we were looking at pictures and you two make a beautiful couple. He`s really cute.

DE LESSEPS: Thank you. Oh, he`s great.

ANDERSON: OK. Countess, there are some other reality stars making news today, and it`s the fact that Paris Hilton`s mother, Kathy Hilton, reportedly said that Paris paved the way for Kim Kardashian. So, we asked a lot of people who`s the bigger star? Very quickly. Whose team are you on, Team Paris or Team Kim?

DE LESSEPS: Well, you know, I kind of like that Kim Kardashian. I think she`s very relatable because she shares a lot of her family life on her show. Her sister`s having a child. Her parents are there are. You know, her family situation is there, and I think people can really relate to her. I think she`s more approachable, and I think this is why she`s more popular.

ANDERSON: I`ll get a Team Kim T-shirt made for you. Countess Luann De Lesseps, thank you so much. Good to see you.

DE LESSEPS: Thank you.

ANDERSON: The new season of the "Real Housewives of New York" premieres Thursday night on Bravo. Check it out.

OK. Big news in the buzz today. LeAnn Rimes lashing out and defending her weight again.

And Wendy Williams gets booted from "Dancing with the Stars." So, how is she taking it today?


ANDERSON (voice-over): Wendy Williams says bye-bye to the ballroom. The talk show diva just got the boot from "Dancing with the Stars."


ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was there to ask her, how you doing? Williams told us she knew the show was going to be stressful.

WENDY WILLIAMS, AMERICAN MEDIA PERSONALITY: My thing was just to try to remain present and also don`t be snappy at people. You know, when you dance and get judged harshly and then realize you have to go back again, you become a little snappy. And so, I`ve done a really good job of not ripping anybody`s head off.

ANDERSON: LeAnn`s new skinny slam. LeAnn Rimes is furiously defending her weight after critics called her too skinny. A brand new photo showing the slim and trim star reignited the controversy. Rimes is fighting back, tweeting "Dear Lord, I do not work out too much nor do I starve myself. I`m so over this and moving on." Adding "To those who have to turn to others lives and judge with no real knowledge of how anyone lives, you can, you know what."


HAMMER: Sixteen, pregnant and violent. Disturbing new video of MTV`s "16 and Pregnant."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re lucky you even made it through the damn birth.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This whole situation as why I said that child needed to be put up for adoption.

HAMMER (voice-over): "The View`s" Sherri Shepherd right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT speaking out about that and other hot topics. It is a must-see "Showbiz News Maker Interview."

ANDERSON: Kim Kardashian wants to look like Rihanna today. OK, Kim, done. Make sure you`re watching because next, we`re going to reveal your Rihanna look.

HAMMER: "When Harry Met Sally," one of my favorite movies of all time, and now, there`s a sequel.

HELEN MIRREN, ACTRESS: The liver and onions, please. I want my flaxseed oil on the side, and I just want low-sodium butter.

HAMMER: Helen Mirren. I don`t know if I`ll have what she`s having.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.




HAMMER (on-camera): Kim Kardashian definitely has been listening to Willow Smith. She`s been whipping her hair styles back and forth, but which hair style does Kim think is a cut above the rest? Take a look at this from her friends of "In Style" magazine. You got Kim doing the flapper thing, the bangs, even a touch of blond. Brooke Anderson, I tell you, it`s head spinning.

ANDERSON (on-camera): It is. It is. So, A.J., so whose star locks does Kim like? Well, when it comes to hair, Rihanna`s the only girl for Kim. She tells "In Style," "I admire all the risks Rihanna takes, shaving one side, going from blond to red. She tried everything, and it all looks good on her."

So, will we see Kim Kardashian pulling off a Rihanna-ish flaming red bob soon? Kim says, na-ah, too risky. Can`t say that I blame her. For more amazing celebrity styles and cuts, check out "In Style Hair" on stale this Friday.

HAMMER: So, Brooke, you`ve been checking out our Facebook page. Big, big debate going on right now on our wall about Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Now, the "New York Post Page Six" reports that Paris` mom, Kathy, went off on Kim basically saying, Kim is a Paris copycat.

ANDERSON: We reached taught out to Kathy to confirm this, A.J. She says that she is very happy for Kim`s success, but she didn`t outright deny dissing her. So, we asked who`s the bigger star, Paris or Kim?

HAMMER: Yes. Let me get to a couple of this. Dewi W. says "Paris was the original famous for nothing girl, Kim just copies. Kim even talks like Paris," but Connie A. is on Team Kim saying, "Kim shows some class that Paris never, never, never showed and still does not to this day."

ANDERSON: A.J. calls coming in to "Showbiz On-Call" today about these two. Jen from Ohio says that Kim is a bigger and much better behaved star.


JEN, OHIO: Kathy Hilton is ridiculous. She wishes Paris could be like Kim, obviously. I mean, yes, they`ve both done similar things in their careers, quote, "careers." Who hasn`t? I mean, Kim has never publicly embarrassed her family other than the sex tapes. She`s not gotten DUIs. She`s not been arrested. She`s not made ditzy comments. She hasn`t had paparazzi crotch shots of her getting out of the car. She`s smarter, more beautiful, more classy. She doesn`t go out clubbing. She doesn`t drink.


ANDERSON: Thank you for your call, Jen.

HAMMER: Time now for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT line-up. Here`s what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER (voice-over): Mariah`s baby bump controversy photos revealed today of a pregnant Mariah naked. Our "Showbiz Flashpoint," anything wrong with that?

Ashley Judd`s explosive confessions today about being sexually abused, her battle with depression, and why she thought about killing herself.

And your chance to win a trip for two to cover the excitement of the royal wedding coming up.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.


HAMMER (on-camera): And now, the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.





HAMMER (voice-over): Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Disturbing new video revealed today of MTV`s "16 and pregnant."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re lucky you even made it to the damn birth.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This whole situation of why I said that child needed to be put up for adoption.



HAMMER: "The View`s" Sherri Shepherd speaking out about that and other hot topics. It is a must see "Showbiz Newsmaker Interview."

ANDERSON (voice-over): Big Mariah baby bump controversy today. Mariah pregnant and naked on the cover of "Life & Style" magazine. Our "Showbiz Flashpoint," anything wrong with that?

HAMMER: Ashley Judd`s dramatic confessions today. Sexual abuse, depression, and why Ashley thought about killing herself.

Plus, breaking today from the "Showbiz News Ticker," a new problem with "Jersey Shore" filming in Italy and a big debut for Britney Spears.

ANNOUNCER: TVs most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON (on-camera): And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today. Sherri`s view.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke. "The View`s" Sherri Shepherd is sounding off. I`m telling you, we are throwing gasoline and dynamite on the hot topics she is used to talking about on "The View," and we have got explosive topics to talk about today. Sherri is also the host of a terrific show "The Newlywed Game" on GSN. She`s with me today here in New York for a "Showbiz Newsmaker Interview." First of all, welcome. This is our first time doing this live together.

SHERRI SHEPHERD, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": I know. I`ve never been with you behind a table by myself.

HAMMER: Get ready.


HAMMER: Get ready. Actually, I want to talk about something pretty serious first. This whole "Teen Mom" debacle, there is new outrage today about this. We got our first look at the upcoming season of MTV`s original show about pregnant teen, "16 and Pregnant." There have been calls for MTV to cancel all these teen mom shows because of all the violence we keep seeing. And there`s even more of it on "16 and Pregnant." Let`s watch a little bit of that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do we need?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why should I take care of you? You ain`t my daughter.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You`re lucky you even made it to the damn birth.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This whole situation is why I said that child needed to be put up for adoption.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, you did. You will never see them again.


HAMMER: So, Sherri, we`re asking you to take on our "Showbiz Flashpoint" today. Is it time to say enough already with these teen mom shows?

SHEPHERD: Yes, absolutely. I don`t think you see -- I don`t think, you know, young kids watching this see it as, you know what, this is a hard life for a person with kids. I think young people see this and go, you know what, if I get pregnant, I could be on TV, too, making a lot of money being on the cover of magazines. I don`t think it shows consequences to actions. I don`t it -- yes, I think they should take it off.

HAMMER: Yes, I think the downside. I`m with you. It outweighs the upside. I hear MTV when they say we`re just documenting how tough it is, and we`re really showing how hard it is for these kids, but boy --

SHEPHERD: No, showing me tough is they didn`t have a place to live and the parent finally says, you know what, you got to get out, but, you know, it`s never going to be that because they`re getting a paycheck always. So, it`s never going to be consequences.

HAMMER: You and I are on the same page about that.

SHEPHERD: Yes, right.

HAMMER: All right. Well, here comes the word violence again. Of course, Charlie Sheen is on his violent torpedo of truth tour. Last night, the show moved to Cleveland. By all accounts, it was his second hit show in a row following the big disaster in Detroit on Saturday night. Let`s take a look at that.


SHEEN: Who here has tried crack? Show of hands. Who is holding crack right now?


HAMMER: So, what he`s doing, it`s kind of like a standup act. It`s mostly a train wreck. I got to ask you, as a comic, who has paid her dues, does it kind of make your blood boil that Charlie is saying, hey, this is easy. I can take my big train wreck of a life on the road and make a mint at it?

SHEPHERD: Yes, you know, but I said on "The View," I said, I don`t think he`s going to be able to sustain himself for 80 minutes unscripted. As a comic, being on stage, trying to hold somebody`s attention for 50 minutes is hard enough.

HAMMER: Right.

SHEPHERD: I actually think he`s getting standing ovations that somebody has helped him adjust his material. I think he`s getting help. I don`t think that`s Charlie going out there and going, this is what I need to change up.

HAMMER: Yes. And tonight, he`s in Columbus, and I think the real pressure is going to be on when Friday night he`s at Radio City Music Hall.

SHEPHERD: Oh, guess who`s going to be there?


SHEPHERD: I have my ticket.

HAMMER: You`re going to have to work for it back because --

SHEPHERD: I`m going.

HAMMER: You know, tough crowd in New York.

SHEPHERD: I`m going to be in the front row going "don`t waste my money, Charlie."

HAMMER: Very --

SHEPHERD: There ain`t going to be no winning here. You ain`t funny. Boo! I got it together. I got my ticket.

HAMMER: All right. You`ll be holding up the sign or maybe a part of your hand. I don`t know. All right. Let me move on. Look, I`ve always had a very special relationship with you and other members of "The View" past and present for many years. There is big news breaking today about one of your predecessors making huge news, actually, reports that Meredith Vieira, who, of course, was one of the original co-hosts of "The View" may be leaving the "Today" show later this year.

If that does happen and I understand some of her reasons for wanting to do that, her husband`s health and so forth, but if it does happen, I actually think it would be pretty cool if she had the time and wanted to for her to come and be back on "The View," guest co-hosting from time to time with you, guys.

SHEPHERD: No, because if Meredith comes back to `The View", that means I don`t have a chair. My job is gone. So, no, but you know, everybody, we all love Meredith because I was even on the show and guest co-hosted when Meredith was there. And she is absolutely loved. You know, that`s between her and Barbara Waters and Bill Getty.

HAMMER: It`d be interesting to see if that happens. I remember being there for her last day, and it doesn`t seem like all that long ago, actually.

SHEPHERD: No, it doesn`t.

HAMMER: But, wow, I love her as much as anybody in this business.

SHEPHERD: We all do. We love Meredith.

HAMMER: She`s special. Also, big news today about another "View" alarm (ph). Star Jones has been making all kinds of news. Of course, she didn`t leave the show on the best of terms as we all know, and she just told HLN`s Joy Behar that she would be willing to go on "The View" were -- when Star was here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT talking about her new book. Our own Brooke Anderson also asked her the same question would she go on "The View." Here`s how that went.


ANDERSON: Would you go on "The View" to promote this book?

STAR JONES, TELEVISION PERSONALITY: I think you have to ask those ladies. That`s their show.

ANDERSON: If they asked you, would you say yes?

JONES: I think my answer deserves to go to them first, not to you.



HAMMER: All right. Well, there you go. Sherri, I`m going to say the same thing I said to you on -- to Joy Behar because I wanted to get the answer. I know you don`t book the show, but I think it would be perfectly fantastic if Star Jones was on the show. Maybe a bit awkward. If you were booking the show, would you have her on?

SHEPHERD: If I was booking the show, would I have her on?


SHEPHERD: You know, and I`m glad I`m not booking the show. I`m glad --

HAMMER: If they said, Sherri, raise your hand if you want us to book Star on the show, what would you do?

SHEPHERD: I would be quiet.

HAMMER: You want me to leave you alone with this question right about now? OK.

SHEPHERD: I would be quiet.

HAMMER: All right. I got to do my job, but thanks for playing along.


HAMMER: We appreciate it. You`re a very busy lady. Of course, we`re watching you every day very closely on "The View."

SHEPHERD: Thank you.

HAMMER: You got all kinds of things going on, including another season, you`re back again with "The Newlywed Game" on GSN.


HAMMER: And right now, I want to take a showbiz first look at you in action on that show. Roll it.


SHEPHERD: Gentlemen, which of the following did your wife say generally lasts longer -- her gym workout, her phone calls or you? She`s not on the phone because of all the texting and stuff. How long does she spend at the gym?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She hits the gym hard. She takes classes. She goes for a good hour and a half.

SHEPHERD: Oh, but, wooh, but you.

I hear you, Michelle. What did you say? My gym workout.



HAMMER: Now, Sherri, you`re going to be a newlywed yourself soon, getting married in August. Congratulations, by the way.

SHEPHERD: Thank you.

HAMMER: Looking forward to hearing all about that. Look, we`ve seen so many bride zilla moments from women getting married. I can`t imagine it, but have you had any of those moments yourself as you prepare for the big day?

SHEPHERD: No, I haven`t had any because I haven`t done anything for the wedding. I`m getting married in three and a half months. I haven`t gotten my dress, I haven`t gotten my shoes, I haven`t gotten the cake. Nothing.

HAMMER: Any plans to do any of that?

SHEPHERD: Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she`s one of my bridesmaid. We are going to go shopping and do some stuff. And Niecy Nash is one of my bridesmaids and Yvette Nicole Brown from Community. So, we`re going to --

HAMMER: You`re covered.

SHEPHERD: I`m covered.

HAMMER: You`re not feeling the pressure.

SHEPHERD: And Elisabeth right now, because I told her I want a stripper for my bachelorette party, I sent her looking for chocolate thunder.

HAMMER: Chocolate thunder.

SHEPHERD: Chocolate thunder.

HAMMER: I`m going to write that one down in case you have (INAUDIBLE), but I will make some phone calls around here. I`ll check with our stage manager.

SHEPHERD: You`re not (ph) going to find a chocolate thunder anywhere.

HAMMER: All right. Sherri, great seeing you.

SHEPHERD: Thank you.

HAMMER: Thanks for being here.

ANDERSON: All right. And Sherri is going to stick around because there are more explosive topics today including the big new Mariah Carey baby bump controversy.


ANDERSON (voice-over): A very pregnant and nude Mariah Carey on the cover of "Life & Style Weekly." Our "Showbiz Flashpoint," anything wrong with that?

HAMMER (voice-over): Ashley Judd`s abuse confessions today. The actress tells all about her painful past, depression, sexual abuse, even why she thought about killing herself.

ANDERSON: And "When Harry Met Sally," the sequel? Maybe, they should call this "When Harry Met Helen Mirren."

MIRREN: The liver and onions, please. I want my flaxseed oil on the side, and I just want low-sodium butter.

ANDERSON: Big twist here besides the liver and onions, coming up.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.


HAMMER (on-camera): Time now for the "Showbiz News Ticker," here come more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was a great honor. I think it`s better than Knighthood to play Arthur. Oh, sorry, darling. It`s a bit way like he dresses as Batman. But for me, Dudley Moore and Arthur are bigger super heroes in Batman. So, it was a massive privilege.




HAMMER (voice-over): Take a look at this. Mariah Carey naked and very pregnant on the cover of "Life & Style Weekly." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got to ask, anything wrong with Mariah baring all with those baby bump?


HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Mariah, of course, not the first star to bare their pregnant belly for a magazine cover. Demi Moore did it so as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, so we are asking in our "Showbiz Flashpoint," anything wrong with Mariah baring her baby bump? Back with me in New York, Sherri Shepherd. To our "Flashpoint," what do you think, Sherri?

SHEPHERD: I think it`s so beautiful. I think it`s pure, it`s natural. She`s bringing a life into the world, and I say go, girl.

HAMMER: I`m right there with you.


HAMMER: I think she looks amazing. Look at that picture. She looks terrific.

SHEPHERD: I mean, it`s so beautiful. This is like her babies in there. She`s bringing birth. She`s bringing a life into the world. It`s just beautiful.

HAMMER: She`s got the mommy glow. However, you know, there are some people, and if you go out there and you read online what people write about them, some people are saying, maybe not such a good idea. Why don`t you cover up? Can you, at least, understand why people would say that?

SHEPHERD: No, if you don`t want to see, it don`t look at it. Nobody`s forcing you to open it up to page 37. You know, you see the cover, keep going. Those are the same people who go you shouldn`t breast feed in public, I don`t want to see it. It`s very natural. It`s beautiful.

HAMMER: Yes, that`s whole bunch of --

SHEPHERD: And this is the first -- it`s the only time you can get out there if you got a big stomach, show it.


SHEPHERD: I wish I could show mine. So, you go ahead.

HAMMER: Oh, my goodness. So, getting married in August, I may as well ask you kids?

SHEPHERD: Oh, yes. We`re going to go do the in-vitro route. Absolutely. We`re going to try for another baby.

HAMMER: I just had to check on it.

SHEPHERD: Yes. If you know somebody who wants to carry a baby for me who is not doing anything, yes, go ahead, let me know.

HAMMER: Frank? Oh, no. That won`t work.


SHEPHERD: Yes, no. Not going to work.

HAMMER: I do want to talk about some other big baby news with you. We just are hearing word people are speculating that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are going to have yet another kid. You know, every time that Angelina has had a kid or obtained a child, she`s tattooed the coordinates of the birth places on her arm. There`s a new photo today showing Angelina with these new coordinates inked on her arm.

A lot of people, obviously, asking is there baby number seven on the way? Look at that. If it`s true, it is going to be paparazzi pandemonium, of course, Sherri. So, what do you think? Should Brad and Angelina set the record straight to avoid this guessing game? Because you know what happens. You`ll be every day on "The View." It will be like, are they having a baby?

SHEPHERD: I think she`s reasoning out of room on her body for these tattoos. She`s got a whole village running around. You know what, I think they like the speculation. They`re like, you know, they`re like the royal family, putting out little tidbits every once in a while. So, I think they like it.

HAMMER: Yes. But, now, what do you think the deal is? What would your guess be? There are the coordinates. We know why she`s had them before. Punch them in to your GPS and maybe we`ll find something else.

SHEPHERD: I think yes. She likes having babies, her and Brad. But go ahead. Get another one, Angelina.

HAMMER: Yes. Good for her. And good for you. Thank you for sharing that news with us that you`re going to do in vitro again


HAMMER: That is a terrific news breaking right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Fantastic. Congratulations again on all your success with "The View" and continue on the game show network with the "The Newlyweds Game."

SHEPHERD: April 18th.

HAMMER: April 18th, the new season kicks off with Sherri.

SHEPHERD: Thank you.

HAMMER: Thank you.

ANDERSON: OK. There are more big stories just in today. Right now, Ashley Judd`s painful past. In a revealing new memoir, "All That is Bitter and Sweet", Ashley Judd opens up about her traumatic childhood, a history of depression and sexual abuse. Some of the powerful excerpts from Judd`s memoir are in the new issue of "People" magazine, along with an interview with Ashley Judd, herself.

Joining me is "People" magazine`s senior writer, Joey Bartolomeo. Joey, I would bet a whole lot of people would have thought that maybe Ashley and her famous mother, Naomi Judd, and sister Wynona had some sort of a fairy tale life, but her new revelations today are really eye-opening. Listen to what Ashley writes about her star family.

"My mom and sister have been quoted saying that our family put the fun in dysfunction. I wondered who exactly was having all the fun." Ashley really opens up about her painful past. Joey, what did she tell "People" magazine about why she decided to talk about this now?

JOEY BARTOLOMEO, SENIOR WRITER, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Well, you know, for the last seven years, Ashley`s been traveling around the world and, you know, meeting with people who are affected by disease and poverty, and so, she wanted to process all of that and so writing this book was actually a way to do it. And really, she told people that what inspired her is the fact that she went through all of this stuff in her past, this painful childhood, and that`s really kind of helped her want to heal the world.

ANDERSON: She wants to help other people through her own experiences. That`s very admirable. And Ashley also writes about her childhood being filled with neglect and with abuse. Joey, what did people find out about when Ashley`s problem started? When did they first begin?

BARTOLOMEO: Well, Ashley said that, really, things started to unravel in the household when she was around three and her parents, their marriage just started to fall apart. And then, as she got older, she said it was a very erratic childhood and, you know, very chaotic. By the time she was in sixth grade, she said that she was considering suicide.

ANDERSON: So, around 12 years old. And the problem started when she was just three. Oh, poor thing. Well, I think it was incredibly brave of Ashley to be so candid about such a difficult time in her life and about what she said she was sexually assaulted as a child not once by twice. Watch what Ashley said on "The View" this morning about trying to get help after the first time that she was assaulted by an older man in her town.


ASHLEY JUDD, ACTRESS: I told a young couple with whom I had gone into town and they did not believe me. They said, oh, that`s not what he meant, he`s a nice guy.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, HOST: Did you ever talk it out with your mom?

JUDD: No. It actually didn`t occur to me to tell her, and I`m not sure why.


ANDERSON: It`s understandable why these painful incidents really haunted Ashley. Joey, Ashley shared a lot more emotional details about being sexually assaulted with "People" magazine. What did she say?

BARTOLOMEO: Yes, you know, there was this incident with this older man in town, and she also said that she had been abused by the husband of a family member. And obviously, this all contributed to the depression that she suffered through most of her life, but she said that, you know, a child shouldn`t be treated this way, but at this point, it doesn`t bother her anymore.

ANDERSON: Right. Well, it`s so great to see that she came out the other side and is doing well now. Joey Bartolomeo, thank you so much.

BARTOLOMEO: Thank you.

ANDERSON: And read more about Ashley Judd and her new memoir in the latest issue of "People" on newsstands now.

HAMMER: As we move on, you got to check this out. A hilarious sequel to the classic movie "When Harry Met Sally." Billy Crystal is back but no Meg Ryan. This one stars Helen Mirren.


MIRREN: The liver and onions, please. I want my flaxseed oil on the side, and I just want low-sodium butter.

HAMMER (voice-over): You got see how this plays out. Very funny. It`s next.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

Time for the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.



HAMMER (on-camera): Did you see this? The long-awaited sequel to "When Harry Met Sally" and I, Brooke, think it`s about time.

ANDERSON: Yes, it is, A.J. This was put together by the website Harry starred Billy Crystal and Harry director, Rob Reiner. It`s all about what happens after Sally dies and Harry moves on.

HAMMER: Yes. Cast Helen Mirren as the aging Harry`s new love interest, Sharon, throw in a truly unexpected twist and you get when Sharon bit Harry.


MIRREN: The liver and onions, please. I want my flaxseed oil on the side, and I just low-sodium butter. And then for dessert, I`ll have tap yolk pudding, but I want sugar-free whipped cream, but if you don`t have sugar- free, then I`ll just have a stupid custard (ph) cheese with seedless pears (ph), but if you don`t have seedless, then I want to have anything at all. Thank you.

BILLY CRYSTAL, ACTOR: And trust me, when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with a -- with a thing -- I`m getting old.

MIRREN: Harry.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One little tweak. Not a big deal.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, anyway, he was chowing down on his forearm

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It wasn`t a forearm. It was his thigh. I was chowing down on his thigh and here comes this little girl.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You have a huge appetite.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have a very big appetite.



HAMMER: You got to love it, Brooke.

ANDERSON: Yes, hysterical. A little disturbing, though. OK. Here`s your chance to be CNN`s royal wedding iReporter. We want you to enter to win a trip for two to cover the excitement of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. All you have to do is send us a video of why you think you should be the royal wedding iReporter like Texas wedding cake maker, Cynthia.


CYNTHIA, TEXAS: I`ll know what to look for, and I`ll do whatever it takes. I`ll stand on a rooftop. I`ll trot alongside the royal carriage, and I`ll even pick up the royal poop in case they`re (INAUDIBLE) on stuff to do that. And just by chance, Kate happens to have a little cold that day, and she can`t give William that first royal kiss, I guarantee you, I`ll be right there to take care of that duty for her. My passport is ready. My Jules are on, and I am ready for this special excitement.


ANDERSON: Thank you, Cynthia. Good luck. Head over to to enter. Remember, I will be in London later this month covering it, so stay tuned to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Take care.