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Charlie`s Daddy Drama; Simon-Paula Shocker; Gaga Fulfills A Dream

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BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Oh daddy, oh!


ANDERSON (voice-over): Head spinning developments today in the Charlie Sheen custody war. Will his twin boys get to go home to daddy and his two goddesses? Sheen`s brand new strategy today. His startling comments today comparing his living with a porn star and a nanny to gay marriage?

Miley`s brand new Hannah Montana confession about her dad saying the show tore their family apart. Today, Miley Cyrus` very first interview since Billy Ray`s regret. Wait till you hear what Miley is saying now.

JIMMY FALLON, HOST: Do you miss doing Hannah Montana?



ANDERSON: Unmarried, pregnant and slammed? The incredible attack on Natalie Portman today for having a baby and not having a husband.

TVs most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


ANDERSON (on-camera): Hi there. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today. Is Charlie Sheen a dear daddy who deserves to get his kids back? Charlie went on the attack today after both of his children were taken away from him and the house he lives in with the two 24-year-old women he calls goddesses, including a former porn star. Unusual living arrangements? Yes, you think?

But in a brand new interview today, Charlie defended his lifestyle and even made a comparison to gay marriage. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the late breaking developments in Sheen`s daddy defense.


ANDERSON (voice-over): If you`ve been listening to Charlie Sheen lately, you know he sees himself as a lot of things.

CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: I`m a high priest Vatican assassin war lock. And then like aw shucks guy with like bitching (ph) and rock star line, total freaking rock star from Mars.

ANDERSON: But today, he wants everyone to know something else about him, that he`s an excellent dad, despite the fact he lets an ex-porn star and bikini model he calls his goddesses help him care for his toddlers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are the goddesses clean?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They`ve got all the drug they need, Charlie Sheen.

ANDERSON: Sheen called in to "Access Hollywood" live this morning to defend the unconventional living arrangement he showed off this week on "20/20." His 24-year-old live-in girlfriends help him take care of his 23- month-old twin boys when they visit.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you act as a mother figure to the twins?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I try. I love those boys. I would take a bullet for them. All you can do with children is love them.

ANDERSON: But what about that? How shall we say unconventional living arrangement with his two goddesses? Sheen defended that this morning on "Access Hollywood Live" comparing his arrangement to gay marriage.

SHEEN: There was a time when gay marriage was deemed unconventional.

ANDERSON: Still, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, Sheen`s taking flak today for his living arrangement from all sides, including from another porn star, Capri Anderson. She was the paid escort who was reportedly with Charlie Sheen last October when he infamously trashed his room at the Ritzy Plaza Hotel in New York. And now, even Capri`s weighing in on Charlie`s goddess living arrangement.

In a new interview today with the "New York Daily News," she said porn star, porn starlet, we`re young, we`re having fun, we`re partying. His kids should be with their mother without a doubt. Apparently, a judge agreed. As we see in this Radar Online video, authorities removed Sheen`s twin boys from his home and gave them to their mother, Sheen`s estranged wife, Brooke Mueller.


SHEEN: No. We`ll see you soon, buddy.

ANDERSON: This happened after Mueller told a judge that Sheen had physically threatened her. Last year, Sheen pleaded guilty to assaulting Mueller, but he denies her new claims that he threatened her. Today, Sheen`s ex-wife, Denise Richards is criticizing his lifestyle.

NINA PARKER, TMZ: Denise Richards basically feels that Charlie Sheen is too risky to have her two daughters around.

ANDERSON: TMZ`s Nina Parker tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Denise Richards, who has two daughters with Sheen, won`t let her kids anywhere near Sheen and the goddesses.

PARKER: She thinks it disgusting what he`s doing with these so-called goddesses in his home.

ANDERSON: But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, Charlie Sheen has some defenders.

ANDREA CANNING, INTERVIEWED SHEEN FOR ABC: Definitely seemed, in the moment, like a loving father.

ANDERSON: ABC`s Andrea Canning interviewed Sheen for that "20/20" report. She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s A.J. Hammer that from what little she saw, Sheen appears to be a devoted dad.

CANNING: I have two small children of my own. I know how children are when they`re uncomfortable with an adult. And these children seemed very well-adjusted with him.

DYLAN HOWARD, INTERVIEWED SHEEN FOR RADAR ONLINE: The times that I had seen him with the children, he`s like any other father.

ANDERSON: Radar Online, Dylan Howard was at Sheen`s house the night he surrendered custody of his twin boys. Howard tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT it also appears to him that Sheen seems to love his kids.

HOWARD: And the video last night as law enforcement turned up to his Beverly Hills mansion, it clearly showed a father that was enjoying his time with his children.

ANDERSON: So, it appears the question of Sheen as a father is just like everything else we`ve seen from him lately.

SHEEN: I`m a high priest Vatican assassin warlock.

ANDERSON: The answer is a little bit complicated.


ANDERSON (on-camera): So, clearly, Charlie is not backing down in his battle to win back his kids, especially with that brand new interview this morning with "Access Hollywood Live" comparing his unconventional goddess lifestyle to gay marriage.


SHEEN: It`s a time when gay marriage was deemed unconventional and when divorce was unconventional, and now, you look at the numbers, and I`m just thinking when you -- when you adopt, when a gay couple adopts, you know, I have no judgment about this, but there`s an absence of one, you know, particular influence in that parents` set, you know? So, we got both and more.


ANDERSON: Let`s take this to family attorney, Vikki Ziegler. Vicky, I`ve got a hard time -- I have a hard time believing a gay marriage defense like this or a divorce defense like this is going to help him win custody of his twin boys. And I`m sorry, but the situations are completely different. How can he even compare them?

VIKKI ZIEGLER, FAMILY ATTORNEY: Brooke, I agree with you 100 percent. There is no analogy to a gay couple that are trying to adopt or even fighting in a divorce case, to be honest with you, versus what Charlie Sheen doing with these two goddesses. We don`t even know what the real dynamic is in the relationship. He says they`re his girlfriends, but if you go into court and you say, listen, we don`t even know the backgrounds of these two women are, first of all.

I think it`s been reported that one may have been arrested for driving under the influence. So, that`s one thing. But when you bring women or anybody into a household, you need to have a healthy and stable environment. And no expert in any type of custody case is going to say just blinking that this is OK, unconventional, orthodox. There`s still a lot of questions that have to be answered before those boys go back into his house.

ANDERSON: Let`s bring in syndicated radio host, Carlos Diaz now. I really don`t think this is going to help his argument, do you?

CARLOS DIAZ, SYNDICATED RADIO HOST: No. And yesterday, the question was post what`s it going to take for Charlie Sheen`s party to end if his kids get hurt? If these kids are hurt in some way, that`s where the party stops. And I`m a big fan of Charlie Sheen. I love the rants. I love the quote, but when you have children involved, girl, you can`t have it both ways.


DIAZ: You can`t be dropping what, seven gram rocks or whatever he said and --

ANDERSON: Whatever the heck (ph) that is.

DIAZ: And having parties and then having kids. It`s one or the other. You can`t do both.

ANDERSON: As a mother, there is no way on God`s green earth I would allow my child in that situation. And, hey, don`t you think, though, that we are out of Sheen strangeness today, not for one minute, because today, listen to this. Charlie got some parenting advice from Capri Anderson. Yes, that Capri Anderson, the porn star/escort who spent that wild night with Charlie at New York`s plaza hotel until the cops were called.

Sometimes, I feel like I`m living in an alternate universe. What is happening? In the new interview today with the "New York Daily News" she makes this observation. "I think it`s very awkward that he would have such young women that he`s not really that involved with, that are not really nurturing mother-like figures around his kids." Clearly, a statement of the obvious there, but Vikki, what does it say when this porn star/escort seems to be making more sense than Charlie Sheen, the father of these kids?

ZIEGLER: This whole case -- I`m scratching my head. I`m usually very worthy. I don`t even know what to say anymore about this case. I have to be honest with you. It`s bizarre that this woman who`s been involved, shall we say, with Charlie Sheen is actually coming to the defense of the mothers in this case, and clearly, clearly, clearly we need to take advice from experts, psychologists and experts in the field that come into court and testify.

Unfortunately, Capri Anderson is not the first person that I`m going to say, you know what, Charlie you should probably listen to her but you know what, she kind of does make sense, Brooke.

ANDERSON: Yes. She happens to be the voice of reason right now. Whoever would have thought that? And, of course, the great debate everywhere today was whether a judge was right in taking Charlie`s 23- month-old twin boys away from him this week after his estranged wife claimed that he threatened her, which is why we are asking today in our Showbiz Tonight Exclusive Poll, should Charlie get his twin boys back?

Your choices are, yes, Charlie`s a loving father, or no, Charlie is still too out of control. You can vote at

All right. Vikki Ziegler, Carlos Diaz, thank you so much.

So, will we name Charlie Sheen the "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week?" Charlie is definitely one of our nominees. Also, Christina Aguilera for her drunken arrest. John Galliano, the Dior designer who is fired for making disgusting alleged anti-Semitic remarks. Find out who we name and your pick. That is coming up.

All right. Moving on.


ANDERSON (voice-over): To Miley`s brand new Hannah Montana confession about her dad saying that the show tore their family apart. Today, Miley Cyrus` very first interview since Billy Ray`s regret.

Unmarried, pregnant and slammed? The incredible attack on Natalie Portman today for having a baby and not having a husband?

Hey, Paula Abdul, we heard your "Live To Dance" show may not work out, but, hey, that`s OK because Simon Cowell may want to hire you. That is coming up.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

Now, the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom, making news today.

JENNIFER LOPEZ, SINGER: What you don`t see that I get to see now as a judge is how much we get to know the contestants. You guys see an edited version of what we get to know about each kid. You get a little bit attached to each one of them in a way and I didn`t expect that.




ANDERSON: Royal wedding, royal betting. Check out these just released odds from on the Prince William-Kate Middleton royal wedding. Will it rain on the wedding day, April 29th? Yes? 6/5. No? 2/3. And the over/under on the train for Kate Middleton`s dress right now stands at 18 feet.


ANDERSON (on-camera): By the way, Princess Diana`s train was 25 feet. We`ll see if she tops that. All right. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson, and there`s big news breaking today in the showbiz royal watch. The royal invite secret. There are brand new details today about the invitations to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and starting today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is teaming up with "People" magazine to bring you the biggest, the best, and most fascinating coverage leading up to the royal wedding on April 29th.

"People" magazine`s chief foreign correspondent, Simon Perry, is in London, and he reveals to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s A.J. Hammer the celebrities who actually got invited.


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Simon, "People" magazine is reporting that Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, are, in fact, going to the big wedding. Simon, Elton was, obviously, very close to Princess Diana. Do you think he`s going to perform at this wedding?

SIMON PERRY, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE`S CHIEF FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT: We don`t know whether he`s going to perform. He did joke a month or two ago about possibly busting outside with his piano, which was funny (ph), in the first place. But clearly, he was very close to Diana, as you say, and also, he`s performed for the princess when they hosted their own special concert for Diana three years ago. So, clearly, he`s going to be -- he`s, clearly, remains close to the boys and the princess as they`ve grown up, and clearly, someone that William wanted there on his big day.

HAMMER: Well, a lot of people were surprised that Sarah Ferguson wasn`t invited. But, of course, she wasn`t the only one who was left off the invite list. Now, "People" magazine is also reporting that Simon Cowell didn`t get an invite either, something I quite frankly wouldn`t have expected, anyway, but Cowell is a famous Britt. Did he really expect to be invited to the royal wedding, Simon?

PERRY: I can`t get into Simon Cowell`s head, but at the same time, I don`t think he was ever mentioned as being a possibility. I think what we`ve been told by the palace and the people close to the Prince William, especially, is that this isn`t necessarily a big showbiz event. It`s lovely when Elton John is mentioned and people like David Beckham, but this is as much their occasion to invite their close family and friends.

And at "People" magazine, we`ve been covering the various moments along the way as people have been questioning names that were on the guest list. And our guidance generally is that it wouldn`t necessarily be a big showbiz event. It will cover all kinds of people and all kinds of background.

HAMMER: Yes, and to that end, obviously, some very high profile guests will be at William and Kate`s wedding, but there were some unexpected invitations that were handed out. I know people is reporting Kate invited the mailman even the local tavern owner from her hometown, which I think is fantastic. So, there you have Kate about to be a princess, but Simon, she`s not in any way neglecting her roots, is she?

PERRY: She`s not. It`s a very nice touch, as you say, inviting the mailman. I spoke to the local grocers, they own a convenience store not too far from her family home, and he and his wife have been invited, and they`re overjoyed. They couldn`t believe it. I think they thought the invite, this beautiful card came through their letter box a week or so ago and completely bowled them over. There`s one thing about the Middletons in that area, they`ve remained close knit and close to all the people in the area (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: That`s fantastic. I really think that, obviously, speaks to Kate and her family`s character. Simon Perry in London, we thank you so much. And for all the latest information on the royal wedding, be sure to pick up your copy of "People" magazine on newsstands right now.


ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT will be right there for the royal wedding, covering it like no other entertainment news show. I`m going to be heading to London, and we`ll be there for a week leading up to William and Kate`s wedding on Friday, April 29th.

And until then, we will also be teaming up with "People" magazine to bring you the best coverage leading up to the wedding. So stay tuned.

All right. This is such a cool story. Lady Gaga makes a little girl`s dream come true.



ANDERSON (voice-over): Ten-year-old Maria, Lady Gaga singing together on stage. Incredible.

Unmarried, pregnant, and slammed? The incredible attack on Natalie Portman today for having a baby and not having a husband.

And an emotional "Showbiz News Maker Interview" with one of the most beloved TV moms of all time, Meredith Baxter.

HAMMER: How do you deal, Meredith, with the fact that your ex says that abuse never happened. How can you possibly accept that?

ANDERSON: A.J. Hammer goes one-on-one with the "Family Ties" star. Her incredible abuse claims today.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

Now, the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom, making news today.




ANDERSON: Donald Trump`s about to be roasted, so he cut his famous hair. Did you see this? We got your first look at Donald`s upcoming comedy central roast. I think this is going to be great.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ready when you are comedy central. Fire away.


ANDERSON (on-camera): OK. I don`t think the Donald really shaved his head, but the comedians certainly do have a lot of material to work with. The Donald roast is airing on Tuesday the 15th. And boy, it is a motley crew of roasters, Snoop Dogg, The Situation, Marlee Matlin, even Larry King who is, by the way, very, very funny.

All right. So, Paris Hilton is working on a new reality show for the Oxygen Network with Charlie Sheen`s ex, Brooke Mueller. Now, that`s a duo, right? The show is called "The World According to Paris." And on Ellen, Paris revealed how it`s going, especially with all the Charlie Sheen-Brooke custody drama.


ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST: Charlie Sheen`s ex, Brooke, is in the show, right?


DEGENERES: Which is, you know, you had no idea all this stuff was going to be happening when you shot that.

HILTON: Let just say there`s a lot of drama in the show.

DEGENERES: A lot of drama. Because you`re still shooting?


DEGENERES: You`re still shooting right now.


DEGENERES: Oh, wow. And so, you`re capturing her side of all the stuff.


DEGENERES: You can`t tell us anything?

HILTON: It`s a surprise.

DEGENERES: Yes. Little bit.

HILTON: It`s really good. There`s a lot that happens.


ANDERSON: OK. Well, you can see the full interview with Paris on Ellen this Monday. Hey, I posted on our Facebook wall about Charlie Sheen and his one million Twitter followers and really bizarre tweets. Do you find his antics entertaining or just plain sad?

Katrina G. writes this, "He is a great example of what fame, fortune, talent, good looks, and success can do to a person. He doesn`t look very happy to me. It`s very sad."

But Taleah E. says, "I think Charlie is brilliant and knows exactly what he is doing publicity wise, but it is tragic that he has let his health deteriorate through his antics.

And now the showbiz lineup. Here is what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ANDERSON (voice-over): We are naming the "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week." The nominees: Charlie Sheen, Christina Aguilera and fired Dior designer, John Galliano.

And the incredible attack on Natalie Portman today for having a baby and not having a husband?

And Simon Cowell-Paula Abdul shocker today. Hey, does he want Paula on his new show "X-Factor"? I got to tell you.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

Now, the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom, making news today.




ANDERSON: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Miley`s stunning Hannah Montana confession. Miley Cyrus breaks her silence for the first time since her dad said Hannah Montana tore their family apart.

Natalie Portman slammed for being pregnant? The Oscar winner is getting ripped for being unmarried and pregnant?

The "Family Ties" abuse shocker. Meredith Baxter`s jaw dropping claims today that her ex-husband used to hit her.

HAMMER: How do you deal, Meredith, with the fact that your ex says that abuse never happened? How can you possibly accept that?

ANDERSON: The "Family Ties" mom reveals her shocking abuse secret in a headline making SHOWBIZ TONIGHT news maker interview.

Plus, breaking today from the "Showbiz News Ticker" is Oprah going to Egypt? And J-Lo debuts her new video

ANNOUNCER: TVs most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


ANDERSON (on-camera): Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today.

Miley mad? Today, we are bringing you Miley Cyrus` very first interview since her dad, Billie Ray Cyrus said her hit show "Hannah Montana" destroyed their family. Did Miley strike back? Right now, in New York, Noelle Nikpour who is the columnist for South Florida "Sun Sentinel." And right now, in Hollywood, Carlos Diaz who is the syndicated radio show host.

OK. Noel, Carlos, it`s the first interview since Miley`s dad told GQ that Disney show destroyed his family, which includes his pending divorce from Miley`s mom, Tish. Well, look at this, Miley was just on NBCs "Jimmy Fallon`s Show." And you got to watch this somewhat uncomfortable exchange between Jimmy and Miley when he asked about Hannah Montana.


FALLON: Do you miss doing Hannah Montana?

CYRUS: Upon like that (ph).

FALLON: Kind of like -- I like you, like that?

CYRUS: Thanks.


CYRUS: This is awkward.

FALLON: No, it`s not awkward. No, no.

CYRUS: Just kidding.

FALLON: Do you miss the show? Do you miss Jackson? The guy that`s genius.

CYRUS: Jason, he is a genius. Jason, I`m with you. He`s so funny. I loved working with him. That is really what I actually miss the most is being with him and our kind of banter.


ANDERSON: She`s talking about actor, Jason Earles, who played Jackson on Hannah Montana. Carlos, Miley`s dad is glad the show is over and that was, yes, what an awkward exchange there. So, maybe, Billy Ray is right. You know, there may be more to the story here. It certainly put a strain on their family.

DIAZ: I love how Jimmy tried to go in the side door, by the way. He was probably told by the publicist don`t ask any questions about her dad.

ANDERSON: Very clever.

DIAZ: Side door right there. You know, I mean, that`s the thing. If she`s going to do that interview, she`s got to be prepared to talk about it, you know? It`s the elephant in the room, you know? And he didn`t even get there. She was already saying awkward, you know? But that`s a thing.

ANDERSON: Her publicist told Jimmy no questions, and her publicist told her deflect, deflect, deflect.

DIAZ: Exactly. It`s got to be addressed in some way. You can`t -- in today`s world where nothing is off limits, you can`t ignore that big elephant in the room.

ANDERSON: It is definitely an elephant in the room. Noelle, I was surprised that Miley did not address it when she was asked about it indirectly. So, do you think maybe Billy Ray is on to something?

NOELLE NIKPOUR, COLUMNIST, SOUTH FLORIDA`S SUN SENTINEL: Well, you know what, I think A is for awkward and A is also for avoidance. She`d make a great politician because she`s learning how to do it at such a young age when asked a direct question.


ANDERSON: A plus for that part. All right.

NIKPOUR: Even more awkward was the fact that in the awkward moment later down the line, she brought out the little diamond mustache, and she and Jimmy Fallon were making a little awkward faces with diamond mustaches.

ANDERSON: One awkward moment after another. Noelle Nikpour, Carlos Diaz, we got to move now, though, to a "Showbiz Newsmaker Interview," because it is with Meredith Baxter and it`s really compelling. You remember Baxter as Elies Keaton, the loveable, funny mother on the popular and long-running sitcom, "Family Ties." So, since the sitcom`s last episode in 1989, Baxter`s life has changed dramatically.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s A.J. Hammer sat down with Meredith to talk about her extraordinary confessions in her brand new memoir, "Untied: A Memoir of Family, Fame, and Floundering." She talks openly about how hard it was to admit to the world that she`s gay and the real story behind her, as she says it, abusive 15-year marriage. A.J. Hammer has tonight`s "Showbiz News Maker" with Meredith Baxter.


HAMMER: The new book is so raw. It`s so revealing. You are so open in this thing, all about the trials in your life that brought you to this moment in your life and to this book. Why did you decide it was time to write this memoir?

MEREDITH BAXTER, ACTRESS: Part of it was probably a bit of hubris thinking, oh, everyone will want to read my story. And in the course of writing it, I realized, OK, this is only interesting to me probably, unless, I talk about what I`ve learned in the course of my life. And the most important lesson I learned was probably when I was in my early 50s to change my thinking.

There were some events that happened in my childhood, I developed a belief system that told me that I had no value, I was not loved and I was unlovable. So, that caused me to have terrible relationships. You know, I got into marriages with people who I knew everything I needed to know about and to send me running into the woods and I chose not to, I chose to marry them.

HAMMER: You also write in the book about your 15-year marriage to David Birney and you write in great detail about this abusive relationship that you had to endure. David denies the claims that it was an abusive relationship. I want to read something that you wrote in the book that stuck out to me.

You wrote, "It was so sudden and unexpected, I couldn`t tell you which hand hit me or even how hard. I do recall thinking I better not get up because he`s going to hit me again." How do you deal, Meredith, with the fact that your ex says that abuse never happened? How can you possibly accept that?

BAXTER: Maybe if I were in his situation, I would want it to not have happened, too. Maybe he doesn`t remember. I can`t speak for him. I can`t speak for him. But this was an incident that happened before I married him. So, this is the person who then went on -- after what you didn`t read that follows the next day, I drove over and apologized for saying some mindless, empty-headed things.

HAMMER: As opposed to there being a big red flag saying OK, turn around and walk away.

BAXTER: I figured it had to be my fault, and that`s all part of the belief system that just ran my life, and that`s why, eventually, -- that`s what I wrote about having had to change that.

HAMMER: Part of you changing the way you think about things and dealt with things in your life was back in 2009 when you made what was a very difficult decision to go on NBC`s "Today" show and reveal to the world that you`re a lesbian. So, once the interview was done and we were all watching, once you had completed it, was the weight off your shoulders or did you have a moment of regret or start second guessing yourself in any way?

BAXTER: The truth was I really thought I had just set myself on fire on television. I thought this was just the worst thing that anyone should ask me to have to do and the fact that I would actually follow through and do it. My partner, Nancy Locke, was with me, and she and I walked out of the building, and there was a gentle rain and it was -- it`s done. I don`t ever have to do this again.

HAMMER: Sure. And there are, obviously, so many people, men or women, who can connect with and relate to what you`re writing and talk about here. You certainly now all too well what it is to endure being a public figure and trying to balance dealing with some very personal issues. Again, we would have no idea watching you, you know, on television that had you any of this going on, whether it was actually on your show or in the course of doing interviews.

Obviously, we see a lot of that going on in Hollywood, the greatest example right now, perhaps, being Charlie Sheen, but he has really virtually eliminated the line between his personal life and his public life in his ongoing drama. It`s just all out there. Can you, from your perspective, understand why he`s handling things the way he`s handling things?

BAXTER: To me, it`s scary, and it`s like watching everybody get on board, every network to let`s put this train wreck on television. And it`s kind of scary. And in another time, people would have said, no, no, we`re not going to put this on. No, no, no. We`re not going to do this. Now, someone else`s tragedy like the tragedy he`s going through is our entertainment. I find that a very distasteful and difficult.

HAMMER: And he plays right into that because he knows it`s going to get on television if he keeps putting himself out --

BAXTER: That`s our town. That`s the town. That`s the mentality.


ANDERSON: We will get to what Meredith said about Charlie Sheen in a moment, but first, late today, David Birney responded to Baxter`s claim about their marriage. In a lengthy statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, he called her memoir, quote, "A kind of fairy tale," adding "This current recycled version of our family story is no more credible now than it was then, an appalling abuse of the truth."

Now onto what Baxter said about all the attention on Charlie Sheen, yes, he is putting himself out there. He`s making news. It`s our responsibility to cover it, but a lot of people say, there seems to be something wrong with him, and perhaps, not enough coverage is being sensitive to that as well. Noelle, what do you think? Should any punches be pulled or is Charlie unavoidable?

NIKPOUR: Look, Charlie Sheen is creating his own train wreck. He got his show cancelled. He is today`s news and tomorrow`s news, and his actions are bizarre and let me tell you something, people can learn what it`s like to actually struggle with drugs. He doesn`t look cool. He`s not bitching, like he says he is on his Twitter account, and there`s a lot of lessons to be learned here, and I think he needs to be all over the media.

ANDERSON: Yes. He certainly is not the rock star that he thinks he is right now, but yes, I do have mixed feeling about the whole coverage at certain times. Noelle Nikpour and Carlos Diaz, thank you both.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Hey, Simon and Paula together again? Former "Idol" judge, Simon Cowell drops a bombshell today. Could Paula Abdul be a big factor on his show "X-Factor?"

Natalie Portman slammed for being pregnant? The Oscar winner is getting ripped today for getting pregnant before marriage.

And now, the "Showbiz News Ticker", more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom, making news today.


ANDERSON (on-camera): Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. And hey, get this. Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul together again? The two are making big headlines today. Simon drops a bombshell, Paula may be a major factor on his new show "X-Factor."

And hey, are Lindsay Lohan and her dad on the outs again? Lindsay is talking and she got a message for Daddy Michael.

And Oscar winner, Natalie Portman, getting slammed today for being pregnant. It`s all making big news in the buzz today.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Simon-Paula shocker. Simon Cowell just confirmed he wants Paula Abdul for his new show "X-Factor." Simon just revealed to "Access Hollywood" that Abdul is on his short list for judges, along with superstars Mariah Carey, George Michael and Nicole Scherzinger. He denies reports that Elton John and Katy Perry are in the running.

Lindsay slams her dad. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can reveal that Lindsay Lohan`s dad, Michael, has joined the cast of VH-1 celebrity rehab, and Lindsay is reportedly furious. She`s also not happy that he continues to talk about her telling Radar Online "I am sorry that my father has continually chosen to speak publicly about our relationship, my mother, my siblings, and my professional team." I am working through my recovery day by day and find his public media bouts unnecessary and damaging."

Natalie Portman slammed for being pregnant. Mike Huckabee is taking aim Oscar winner, Natalie Portman, for being pregnant before marriage. The possible Republican presidential nominee slammed Portman on the Michael Medved radio show.

MIKE HUCKABEE, HOST: People see a Natalie Portman or some other Hollywood starlet who boasts of, hey, look, you know we`re having children. We`re not married, but we`re having these children, and they`re doing just fine. And I think it gives a distorted image that, yes, not everybody hires nannies and caretakers and nurses.

ANDERSON: Late today, Mike Huckabee released a statement about what he said about Natalie Portman, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings it to you right now. Here`s what he said. I did not slam or attack Natalie Portman nor did I criticize the hard working single mothers in our country. My comments were about the statistical reality that most single moms are very poor, undereducated, can`t get a job, and if it weren`t for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death.


ANDERSON (on-camera): I want to go out to Cooper Lawrence who`s the syndicated radio show host and the author of "The Cult of Celebrity." Cooper, did you see this as a slam of Natalie? Anything wrong with what he said?

COOPER LAWRENCE, AUTHOR AND SYNDICATED RADIO HOST: Yes, you know what`s wrong with it? It seems like somebody in his party said to him, you know, we need to go after the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT audience, so why don`t you bring something celebrity? Why don`t you make it completely irrelevant, anything you really have to say, but find an erroneous way to link it so that way, maybe that audience will now know who you are.

This seems like a complete PR thing because there`s no connection between what`s going on with single moms in this country and Natalie Portman. And the fact that he`s making that connection, I don`t want to give him the time to let him think that he`s saying anything that we need to discuss in any serious way.

ANDERSON: Well, in his defense, he did not initiate it. Medved led him into talking about Natalie Portman. But, Aubrey O`Day is here of Oxygen`s brand new show, "All About Aubrey." Are you satisfied, Aubrey, with the way that Huckabee clarified his comments?

AUBREY O`DAY, OXYGEN`S "ALL ABOUT AUBREY": Absolutely not. I think he`s backtracking. You wanted a headline. He`s got it. Live (ph) with it. You made the comments that you made. You attacked a woman who`s amazing. You attacked, you know, women out there that are single mothers. There is a big comment made about them being undereducated, things like that. I mean, why don`t we talk about what we can do, the social programming that we can use to help them instead of talk about --

ANDERSON: So, you don`t think that he was kind of echoing some of the concerns that people have that Hollywood does glamorize situations that can be tough for people who don`t have the same money, the same resources that celebrity does have. And I get your point. Natalie Portman is not really a single mother. She`s got a very involved fiancee.


ANDERSON: Yes, it hard to compare her to a single mother dealing with a deadbeat bad.

O`DAY: I`d rather he talk about social programming and the things that we can do for unwed mothers versus wed mothers to tighten the gap versus just discussing the problem. And as far as using Natalie Portman as his, you know, actress to be, bad choice. She`s a Harvard graduate. She is the epitome of class and elect and success.

ANDERSON: Smart girl. Yes, very successful. Well, Mike Huckabee is not even in the running to be named SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week," but Charlie Sheen is, an obvious nominee. No explanation needed there. There`s also Christina Aguilera for her public intoxication arrest, and John Galliano, the Christian Dior designer who was fired for making disgusting anti-Semitic remarks. Cooper, who do you think should be named SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Most Provocative Celebrity of the week"?

LAWRENCE: I feel terrible for Christina Aguilera and John Galliano. They pick the worst week to go off the rail because there`s just no beating Charlie Sheen. It was like a one, two, three, four, five punch. It was like non-stop. It wasn`t one whacky thing he did it. It was like -- it was just it kept coming and coming. And now, he`s on this show again and that show again. It was just beyond. Most provocative of the year, Brooke.

ANDERSON: Well, we asked you to cast your vote on our showbiz tonight Facebook fan page. I got to tell you, Charlie Sheen, got the most vote. Do we agree? Does the staff agree? Charles, drum roll, please. We do, yes. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has named Charlie Sheen the "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week." Aubrey, do you agree?

O`DAY: I`d say yes. And you know, my advice to him is to drop the goddesses and go ahead and tune in to "All About Aubrey" because he`ll be winning. Hey!

ANDERSON: Do you think the goddesses are crucial to maybe him turning his life around?

O`DAY: I think the goddesses are not crucial to anything and anyone, but I will say, I would like Christina Aguilera off that list because that is a woman that is so amazing, so iconic. We`re focusing on trees instead of the forest.


ANDERSON: Aubrey O`Day, thank you. Cooper Lawrence, thank you, too. And you can catch Aubrey in the upcoming docu series for Oxygen, "All About Aubrey." It premieres on Monday, March 7th. Good luck.

O`DAY: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Good to see you.

OK. Lady Gaga makes a little girl`s dream come true. You`re not going to believe the brand new video of Gaga performing with a 10-year-old YouTube sensation that she discovered.



ANDERSON (voice-over): That little girl was born to sing. You got to see this. Incredible story next.

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ANDERSON: How adorable. It took just one tweet by Lady Gaga to turn 10-year-old Maria Aragon into an absolute YouTube phenomenon. Seventeen million views of her performing "Born This Way." In fact, Gaga loved Maria`s YouTube performance so much, she invited Maria to join her on stage.


ANDERSON (on-camera): Did you see this? Lady Gaga fulfilled a little monster`s dream. After seeing Maria`s video, Gaga surprised the 10-year- old on the radio with an invite to sing with her at a concert. Well, Gaga kept her word. Maria joined her on stage in Toronto Thursday and sang a "Born This Way" duet. Watch.





ANDERSON: That little girl is now a big star, but I wish she could have sat next to Gaga rather than in her lap. Gaga was barely wearing any clothes. Maybe it`s just me.

All right. Maria is not the only star with a big debut today. Britney Spears debuted her brand new single "Till The World Ends" exclusively on Ryan Seacrest`s radio show this morning. Listen, it`s good.




ANDERSON: I love it! And guess what, Britney does, too. She tells Ryan Seacrest that "Till The World Ends" is her favorite track on her upcoming album "Femme Fatale." In fact, Britney says this album is her best one yet.


VOICE OF BRITNEY SPEARS, SINGER: I love the album. I actually listened to it on the way over here, and it`s definitely something that you want to work out to. It`s definitely upbeat. Will I. Am is on the record, and I`m a dancer, so it`s definitely something I can work with. And it`s just really fun. It`s a really, really fun record.


ANDERSON: She sounds really great. We`re going to get to see Britt- Britt perform on "Good Morning, America" the same day her album drops and that is March 29th.

And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you so much for watching. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live 5:00 p.m. eastern Monday through Friday. Don`t forget, we are still TVs most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week at 11:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. Take care.