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David Arquette`s Tell-All to Oprah; Oprah`s Whoopi Feud; Rosie O`Donnell`s "Glee" Gaffe; America`s New Idol; Gaga Not in Front of the Boy

Aired February 24, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

The big Oprah tell-all. David Arquette`s very first interview since leaving rehab. His dramatic revelations to Oprah today about how his estranged wife, Courteney Cox, tried to save him.


DAVID ARQUETTE, ACTOR: I needed to implode and blow up my building to get down to the foundation to rebuild myself.


BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST: Rosie O`Donnell big "Glee" apology over what she said about "Glee" star Ashley Fink`s weight. Apology accepted? Find out today because I am going one-on-one with Ashley right here for a headline making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

HAMMER: J.Lo`s shocking "Idol" meltdown.


JENNIFER LOPEZ, JUDGE, ""AMERICAN IDOL"": I don`t want to do this anymore.


HAMMER: Jennifer Lopez speaks out for the very first time today about her emotional breakdown after cutting a contestant on "American Idol."


LOPEZ: I just don`t feel like I told him in the right way.


HAMMER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show --

ANDERSON: Breaks news right now.

HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has some big, breaking exclusive news about Jennifer Lopez breaking down in tears on ""American Idol"" after telling contestant Chris Medina he was out.

Chris Medina will be here exclusively for a headline making "Showbiz Newsmaker" interview.

HAMMER: Looking forward to that. It is coming up. But first, big news breaking today on "Oprah."

David Arquette telling all to Oprah. Just pouring his heart out to Oprah on her show today about his split with wife Courteney Cox, his stay in rehab and remarkable revelations about what got him into this mess in the first place.


ARQUETTE: I needed to implode and blow up my building to get down to the foundation to rebuild myself.

HAMMER (voice-over): In his first TV interview since leaving rehab a few weeks ago, David Arquette appeared on the "Oprah Winfrey Show" today sober, ready to speak coherently and to share the real story about his still shocking separation from Courteney Cox.

ARQUETTE: Courteney has been incredibly supportive and she`s my best friend and I love her with all my heart.

HAMMER: On the "Oprah" episode airing today Arquette opened up about what it was like to watch his wife`s success eclipse his own with her sitcom "Friends" took off.

ARQUETTE: She was on this incredibly successful show so she made more money than me. And, you know -- you know I was sort of always in her shadow and this and that and I had all this bitterness.

HAMMER: But Courteney`s superstardom was far from the biggest problem in their marriage. He also reveals his drug and alcohol issues played a big role. Arquette tells Oprah it`s something he`s been dealing with since childhood.

ARQUETTE: I had my first drink of beer --


ARQUETTE: I must have been 4 years old. I stole pot from my father when I was 8 years old.

HAMMER: Arquette`s famous big sister, actresses Patricia and Rosanna Arquette, told Oprah shocking details about the difficult childhood they and David endured.

ROSANNA ARQUETTE, ACTRESS: My father was an addict. When you grow up in that kind of family, it is a family disease. It affects everybody.

HAMMER: And David Arquette tells Oprah that disease struck him, too.

ARQUETTE: I kind of got really into drugs before I got serious with Courteney.

HAMMER: Still Cox and Arquette married in 1999 and had a little girl Coco now 6. Arquette tells Oprah things started to fall apart last year.

ARQUETTE: She said I don`t want to be your mother anymore, and then shortly after that, she just -- like she came down really depressed one day and she`s like I`m really just not happy. And when she started talking about separation, you know, I`m inside (INAUDIBLE), a deal is a deal. I felt really sort of abandoned at that point, and like she`d broken the deal. I was making really poor decisions.

WINFREY: Because you were drinking?


HAMMER: At first Arquette and Cox kept their separation private but tabloid report linking each of them with other people forced them to go public. Arquette told Oprah he was desperate to set the record straight, which led to him making two questionable decisions. One was to call into Howard Stern`s Sirius XM Radio show. The other to drink for hours beforehand.

ARQUETTE: I was drinking that night until like, you know, 2:00 or 3:00 and I went to sleep and I woke -- I set my clock for 5:30. And that`s when I called in to Howard Stern and sort of spilled the beans.

HAMMER: What happened next was a rambling mess as Arquette shared way too much about his sex life with Courteney Cox.

ARQUETTE: My sex with Courteney is kind of -- you know, it`s scheduled to a certain degree.

HAMMER: And his own post-separation conquests.

ARQUETTE: I had sex with a girl once, maybe twice.

HAMMER: Not surprisingly Arquette now tells Oprah he regrets the Stern interview.

ARQUETTE: It wasn`t coming from my -- you know a place of honesty and authenticity.

HAMMER: Arquette says he`s now sober and he and Cox still love each other. And they`re working on themselves and on their own future together.

ARQUETTE: I don`t know if we`ll ever come back together on that level. I want us to be the best people we can be.


HAMMER: You know, Brooke, even though David has always been such a candid guy, I am so stunned by his raw and such heartfelt revelations to Oprah today, I continue to really root for the guy.

ANDERSON: Yes, I do, too, A.J. and there`s more big Oprah news breaking today I got to tell you about, about her supposed feud with Whoopi Goldberg.

Right now in Hollywood is actress Sheryl Lee Ralph and syndicated radio host Carlos Diaz. They are a part of our all-star team along with Camille Grammer who are going to be joining A.J. and me Sunday live at the Oscars.

From the red carpet on Oscar night, we`re going to be live 7 p.m. Eastern on CNN and then 11 p.m. Eastern here on HLN.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT will be the on TV entertainment news show live with all the breaking news from the Oscars.

More on all of that later on in the show when Camille Grammer joins us. But first, that Oprah feud.

Back in 1985 the movie "The Color Purple" launched Oprah and Whoopi Goldberg`s movie careers but it also launched a faux feud that lasted for decades. Oprah and Whoopi only buried the hatchet last year during a "Color Purple" reunion on Oprah.

HAMMER: Now today SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got an exclusive first look at a scene from "Oprah" behind-the-scenes that airs on OWN, Oprah own network, that Oprah reveals for the first time how all of this just snowballed. Watch.


WINFREY: Over the years I hear that Whoopi had made a snide comment about me or something. I tried not to take any of that personally because, you know, I wasn`t hearing it myself and didn`t hear it directly.

I just thought I don`t know what that is but I will just sort of keep my distance. Over the years every time anybody`s ever asked about doing something with Whoopi or having Whoopi on, I say don`t bother Whoopi, I don`t think she wants to have anything to do with me.


HAMMER: Isn`t that wild? I love Whoopi. It is actually tough for me to believe that Oprah basically banned Whoopi from her show over this imaginary feud.

Sheryl Lee, off to you. Help me understand why they would even be drawn into something like this. It just doesn`t make sense to me.

SHERYL LEE RALPH, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT OSCAR CORRESPONDENT: It doesn`t make sense because when you really think about it, we are talking about two of the greatest communicators ever and the two of them couldn`t come together to figure this out between them?

Hey, as my grandmother would say, believe half of what you hear and none of what you see, and by all means talk to each other.


RALPH: Sister to sister.

HAMMER: Well, it does turn out, though, Shirley, Whoopi actually did confront Oprah about their long silent war at a big time Hollywood party just before their TV reunion. And this is actually a great moment, a pretty warm moment that brought both women to tears. Let`s watch that.


WINFREY: It was really a divine moment I thought. I`m going to try not to cry.


WINFREY: Whoopi came up to me and she said, "Can I just ask you something"? Really? She said, "Can I just ask you something? Did I do something to you"?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re in the control room and the moment happens. You know, Oprah and Whoopi clear the air. Oprah starts crying. Whoopi sheds a tear and Sherry and I look at each other and I`m like, wow, that was amazing.


HAMMER: Yes, it really was amazing. And that`s not the only feud that`s so wild that Oprah has to put the kibosh on today. She`s actually using Twitter this time, Brooke? What happened here?

ANDERSON: Yes, can you believe Oprah is using Twitter, A.J. There have been explosive reports that Oprah and Rosie O`Donnell are at each other`s throats over Rosie`s new show that is coming to the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Oprah supposedly wants nice Rosie for her talk show that begins in the fall and Rosie supposedly wants to be edgier. Today Oprah is responding for the very first time about this tweeting, "There`s no feud between Rosie and me. We haven`t even had a discussion about her new show. I get so sick of people trying to create fights and feuds when women are in business. Don`t buy into it."

You know, I`ve got to imagine Oprah was really put off. Maybe even ticked off that she even had to respond to these wild reports.

Carlos, to Oprah`s point, do you think it is about people just wanting to see two women, especially two strong women --


ANDERSON: -- in a good cat fight?

DIAZ: And that`s the key, there are two strong women. And there are certain rules in broadcasting. You don`t curse on the air, don`t have a migraine headache during a live shot, these certain rules. And you don`t go against the Oprah. That`s one of the main rules.

And that`s the weird thing because Rosie is very set in her ways but Oprah`s her boss and Oprah`s the queen. You don`t go -- she`s -- you know, I mean, Rosie and Barbara Walters, but Oprah is more powerful --

ANDERSON: Rosie is now working for Oprah Winfrey.

DIAZ: Yes. Yes. And so -- she`s the boss.

ANDERSON: So she`s got to kind of go -- yes, exactly.

DIAZ: She`s writing the check.

ANDERSON: Well, Oprah says they haven`t even discussed her new show yet. So we`ll have to wait and see exactly the format, exactly the Rosie O`Donnell that comes along.

DIAZ: I just hope they can get along. I hope that she can take orders from Oprah. I know that`s --

ANDERSON: I think she`ll be able to. I think she`s got a lot of respect for her.

DIAZ: It`s tough. It`s tough.

ANDERSON: It`s going to be tough. You`re right.

All right. Sheryl Lee Ralph, Carlos Diaz, thanks for now. We will see you guys a little bit later with Camille Grammer, who is also here today. She`s going to be our fashion and celebrity commentator at the Oscars. Our all-star team is back in just a few minutes.

HAMMER: And staying with Rosie, we`re talking about her big "Glee" apology. Rosie slammed Ashley Fink`s weight. And Ashley plays Lauren on the show. She`s great in that role. But will Ashley accept Rosie`s apology?

Well, Ashley is right here for headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

ANDERSON: Another huge exclusive SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview today, ""American Idol"" contestant Chris Medina. He just got cut after Jennifer Lopez`s unbelievable emotional meltdown.


LOPEZ: It honestly breaks my heart to say this, but you did not make it into the top 24. We wish you the best with everything. We wish Julie the best -- I feel so bad.



ANDERSON: Chris is right here coming up and J.Lo is speaking out for the first time about her meltdown.

HAMMER: And the controversy today over Lady Gaga in a racy new ad with a child.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Right now the "Showbiz News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Catherine Zeta-Jones receives UK royal honor from Prince Charles. Charlie Sheen`s ex, Brooke Mueller, temporarily moves back in with him.


ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT breaks big "Glee" news today about that plot line that has handsome, hunky bad boy Puck trying to win the heart of plus size character Lauren played by Ashley Fink.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson. And we are breaking news because Ashley Fink is with us today over Rosie O`Donnell`s "Glee" gaffe. Rosie O`Donnell stirred up controversy when she told "Access Hollywood" this.

"Every woman I know who`s heavy has very strong feelings about that story line. They`re like, can you believe that? I think it`s horrible. That never happens at school. That character is so unlikable, why didn`t they get a pretty heavy girl?"

Ashley Fink plays the girl Lauren on "Glee" and is with me today for a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

Ashley, so great to meet you. Wonderful to see you.


ANDERSON: We got the news today Rosie O`Donnell did apologize.

FINK: Yes.

ANDERSON: But when you first heard her words, I have to imagine it was troubling.

FINK: You know, it was surprising. I didn`t actually see her say the things. And I kind of -- I was at work so I wasn`t --

ANDERSON: You guys work hard on "Glee."

FINK: Yes. I`m always there. And I remember waking up on Friday and like, my Twitter kind of exploded and I was like, something happened while I was asleep. But, you know, it was -- yes, I was surprised but it was also, it seemed very out of context for Rosie.


FINK: She`s been a really big supporter of mine and a really big supporter of Ryan Murphy`s who`s the creator of the show. And I think stuff might have gotten misconstrued, seems like.

ANDERSON: I think she was taken out of context. To be honest with you.

FINK: You know -- yes.

ANDERSON: A lot of people thought she was taking a swipe at you. But when you watch the full interview and everything that she said, she was just relaying what other people had told her how they had reacted.

I do want to take a look now, though, at the apology that Rosie just tweeted.

"Oh, Ashley, I love your swagger, your acting, your face, your heart. As a famous fat person I am often asked about the issue more. I love the story line, I love the show and it in any way something I said hurt you, I apologize."

All right. How do you react to that?

FINK: I was -- it was so funny, actually Chris Colfer texted me. I was on my way to work.

ANDERSON: Your co-star.

FINK: Again, my co-star Chris Colfer who`s on the show, and I`m obsessed with. We -- I was on my way into work and I just got in my car and I was walking up, he texted me. It`s like, have you seen your Twitter, I was like, what are you talking about? I was like, my gosh, it was so funny.

ANDERSON: So much happens on Twitter when you`re not paying attention.

FINK: Too much. Dude, when you`re working, things happen in the world. So I`m sure you know. At least you -- like you`re totally -- you know everything that goes on.


ANDERSON: Were you guys planning to get together any time soon?

FINK: You know, it was so funny, I tweeted, I so -- the moral of the story is like Rosie O`Donnell is following me on Twitter. Like, I was such a fan of hers, it`s so bizarre. And yes, I tweeted her. I adore her. And I was like, you know what, I think we need to karaoke and show these folks how big girls get down.

ANDERSON: How it`s done.

FINK: Yes. And she responded that she`s buying. So that means we`re going somewhere nice. Know what I mean?

ANDERSON: I can`t wait to hear how that -- I`m sure it is going to be a lot of fun.

FINK: Yes.

ANDERSON: Well, you are a huge star, we all love you on "Glee."

FINK: Thank you.

ANDERSON: We know there are huge things in store for you. What`s next? Quickly.

FINK: That`s sweet. You know, I`m on "Glee" all day long. Every day. I`m going on tour, which I`m really, really excited about.

ANDERSON: With the rest of the cast.

FINK: With the rest of the cast.


FINK: "Glee" tour going all over the --

ANDERSON: We look forward to that.

FINK: All over the world. It`s so fun.

ANDERSON: Ashley Fink, can`t wait to see more from you.

FINK: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Nice to meet you.


ANDERSON: Thank you so much. Likewise.

FINK: Thank you.

HAMMER: Brooke, please get her autograph for me. Thank you.

And we have another huge, super SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview, coming up. Chris Medina, the "American Idol" contestant that J.Lo just had a meltdown over because she had to cut him.


LOPEZ: And it honestly breaks my heart to say this, but you did not make it into the top 24. We wish you the best of everything, we wish Julie the best of everything. I feel so bad.

JACKSON: Oh, no, no.


HAMMER: Chris Medina right here coming up in an exclusive SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

Plus J.Lo is speaking out for the very first time today about her meltdown.

ANDERSON: And "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Camille Grammer right here. There she is standing by in our green room.

Camille is part of our all-star road to gold Oscar team. She is ready to stir things up on the red carpet.

HAMMER: It is time for the SHOWBIZ news ticker, more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

GRAPHICS: Kim Kardashian in talks to play mob wife in movie about John Gotti.

GRAPHICS: Justin Bieber`s "Never Say Never" remix album is number one on Billboard 200 album chart.

ANDERSON: It`s time now for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Buzz List." Here`s what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing about.

Join A.J., me, our special fashion and celebrity commentator Camille Grammer and the rest of the SHOWBIZ Oscars all-star team for our special live "Road to Gold" coverage. That`s this Sunday, starting 7:00 p.m. Eastern at CNN.

Actress Sheryl Lee Ralph and Carlos Diaz will be joining us, too.

And hey, we`ve got a serious case of the giggles. Thanks to season six of "Weeds" now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

We really like Adel`s new song "Rolling in the Deep" from her new album "21."

The "Real Housewives of Miami" just debuted. South Beach, whoo, it`ll never be the same.

And Kanye West turns on "All of the Lights" in his new music video.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT news and views on HLN.


HAMMER: Brooke, you know when Lindsay Lohan goes to court, big time Lindsay wardrobe debates break out everywhere. And the big question today, should Lindsay`s latest courtroom couture be outlawed?

ANDERSON: A.J., Lindsay just faced a judge Wednesday who said he will throw her in jail. She`s got a couple weeks to decide if she`s going to accept a plea deal in his courtroom or potentially go to trial, which means she`s also got time to think about another buzz-worthy outfit, right?

HAMMER: Well, let`s take a look right now. We all remember Lindsay`s now infamous skin tight white dress that sparked a whole lot of buzz two weeks ago. That`s on the left. And on the right that`s Lindsay`s latest look, a low-cut black top with the white pants, her hair pulled back in a ponytail and of course she had on five-inch stiletto heels.

Brooke, I`m thinking for Lindsay, that`s actually a conservative look. But I want to ask you. What do you think of the overall look? Is it legally fab or is it one big criminal faux pas?

ANDERSON: Well, first of all, I want to say I did like that white dress. I thought it was pretty. I just thought it was way too short for court and inappropriate in that way. But I do think this latest court appearance she tried really hard to be more conservative so I give her credit for that. But I think she missed the mark.

A.J., honestly, I want to go buy the girl a turtleneck because there`s really no need for cleavage in the courtroom. It`s not the time or the place

HAMMER: No. And she certainly has a long history of controversial courtroom catwalks. Take a look at four of her court looks last year. There was the pantsuit with blouse that needed a few more buttons of course. A lovely sweater set, the leather outlaw look when she was hauled off to jail in July and a lovely white skirt in September.

You know what? I think instead of a wardrobe she really needs to work on not having so many court days. I`m just saying.

ANDERSON: Yes. Good thing.

HAMMER: Well, we move on because it`s about that time for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to name the most provocative celebrity of the week. The nominees, of course Lindsay Lohan back in court facing possible jail time. Billy Ray Cyrus trying to repair the damage to his family after saying "Hannah Montana" ruined everything. And the Biebs for cutting his hair.

Here`s your chance to vote. Text your vote to, 45688, text SBT1 for Lindsay, SBT2 for Bieber, SBT3 for Billy Ray Cyrus. Standard text message rates apply.

You can also vote on our Facebook page. Showbiztonight/hln. Find out who we name and see your pick on Friday.

ANDERSON: And now the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT lineup. Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Wait, is that really Kim Kardashian? A Kim klone?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT solves the great Kardashian Old Navy ad mystery.

Lady Gaga`s controversial racy new ad with a little boy in it.

Gaga, have you gone too far this time?

And right here the showbiz "Road to Gold" Oscar all stars. Camille Grammer, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Carlos Diaz, they are in our green room. You don`t want to miss this.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

HAMMER: Time for the SHOWBIZ news ticker. More stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

GRAPHICS: MTV to debut new "O" Music Awards for digital music in April.

GRAPHICS: Fox renews "Hell`s Kitchen" for 9th and 10th seasons.


HAMMER: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

J.Lo speak out today about her big ""American Idol"" meltdown.


LOPEZ: And it honestly breaks my heart to say this, but you did not make it into the top 24. We wish you the best with everything. We wish Julie the best of everything. I felt so bad.

JACKSON: No. No, no.


HAMMER: The contestant she cried over is right here in an exclusive SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview today. Chris Medina.

ANDERSON: Big news. Lady Gaga controversy today. Gaga gets sexy in a brand new ad campaign in front of a little boy. Is that just plain wrong?

And is this Kim Kardashian?

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT solves the great Kardashian Old Navy mystery. Plus breaking today from the SHOWBIZ news ticker, Hugh Hefner reveals details about his wedding.

And Christina Applegate`s new mom surprise.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.

HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive.

The first live interview with the "American Idol" contestant at the center of a big story today about Jennifer Lopez breaking down in tears on "Idol."

Last night on "American Idol", we saw Jennifer Lopez melt down after she had to cut contestant Chris Medina on the show.


LOPEZ: We only have 24 slots. And it honestly breaks my heart to say this, but did you not make it into the top 24. We wish you the best with everything, we wish Julie the best with everything. And we`ll miss you.

JACKSON: You did it -- listen, you did the best way possible. And I think you were really, really honest with him. And I think it hurt us all, you know what I mean?

LOPEZ: I just don`t feel like I told him in the right way.

JACKSON: No, you did, baby, you did.

LOPEZ: I don`t want to do this anymore.


ANDERSON: Joining me right now for an exclusive SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview is Chris Medina.

Chris, you were so gracious about getting booted from "American Idol" and I think that made it even harder for Jennifer Lopez. She talked on Ryan Seacrest`s radio show today about how she didn`t feel like she said the right things. You know you stole so many of our hearts, you`re the caretaker for your fiancee, who is wheelchair bound after a really bad car accident.

You were living your dream on "American Idol." What were you thinking? What was going through your head when J.Lo had to tell you, no, this is the end of the road?

CHRIS MEDINA, FORMER CONTESTANT, "AMERICAN IDOL": You know, when Giuliana got in her accident, I kind of learned to not expect this evenings. So I wasn`t expecting to win. I was just really happy to be there, you know. So when they pulled me into that situation and I`m sitting there in front of the judges, I kind of just -- I had this feeling that, you know, I`m in such great company all these people here are fantastic what they do, they`re super talented, I just felt like if they send me home, it`s not going to be a huge shocker.

ANDERSON: You had a feeling that it would be OK.


ANDERSON: Well, you know, what was your reaction, though, when you saw that J.Lo broke down and cried? I think she did that after you had left the stage. But what was your reaction when you saw that?

MEDINA: Right. I didn`t -- I didn`t get a chance to see it until it aired. And when I saw it on TV, I was touched. I mean I hate to say that it made me feel good to see Jennifer Lopez cry, but it was just real nice to see that, you know --

ANDERSON: She cared.

MEDINA: She cares a lot. Yes.

ANDERSON: She really cared and she talked about that, as I mentioned, with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show earlier today. And she explained why it was so difficult for her. Listen to this.


LOPEZ: I was struggling with how to tell him in the moment as I was trying to tell him. And -- it`s funny because when we were going down the list, I didn`t realize I had to tell him. Like I didn`t even look ahead.

RYAN SEACREST, "AMERICAN IDOL" HOST: Right. Right. Because you alternate.

LOPEZ: And all of a sudden it was my turn and I was like oh, gosh, how am I going to say this?

SEACREST: How do I put this into words?

LOPEZ: And at the end of the day, you know, we had to do our job, which was to pick the top 12 guys and he wasn`t in it, you know? And that was tough to do. It was tough to do because you had grown to have so much respect for him as a person.


ANDERSON: She has a lot of respect for you. What do you have to say to J.Lo today?

MEDINA: That, you know, she did a great job. If I -- I know I got the ax but if I could get the ax in any way, I`d rather have it like that.

ANDERSON: Well, you may have gotten the ax but we learned today, Chris, that producer and songwriter Rodney Jerkins who has worked with -- oh my goodness, look at this list, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears.

He was so moved by your story and your fiancee Giuliana that he wrote a song for you to sing, "What are Words." And it`s going to premiere tonight right after "Idol" and be available for downloading on iTunes.

Quickly, could things get any better at this point?

MEDINA: I mean, like I said, I`m not -- I`m not the type of person that expects things, so I`m just happy where they are right now. If they do get better, fantastic. I just --


ANDERSON: Looking on the bright side of things.

MEDINA: Yes. Absolutely.

ANDERSON: Chris Medina, congratulations. You`re quite a talent. Really nice to meet you.

MEDINA: Really nice to meet you, too.

ANDERSON: Thank you so much. Give your fiancee my best.

MEDINA: I will, thank you.

HAMMER: Well, there`s even more big news breaking today, including the brand new Lady Gaga photo shoot revealed today and it`s got a lot of people in an uproar. Lady Gaga did this shoot for a new ad for a t-shirt line.

And as you`re about to see, Gaga is in one erotic pose after another. All of a sudden after these erotic poses, you see her holding hands there with that small boy. Let`s roll that.

And there are some things here that we`re not showing you. But there were these risque poses and then as you see, she`s holding hands with a boy.

I got to believe that the kid wasn`t present when Gaga was touching herself in a way that would have been inappropriate for a kid to be present.

Let me bring in K. Foxx. K is a New York radio host with the "Hot 97 Morning Show" here in New York City.

But K, whether or not this boy was in the room, do you think it was wrong of gaga to include him in obviously a risque photo shoot, a risque commercial?

K. FOXX, NEW YORK RADIO HOST, HOT 97 MORNING SHOW: UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I wouldn`t necessarily have my child -- if I did have a child -- in front of Gaga or her concert. So I think it was wrong in some ways. But if you think that that photo shoot was very risque, wait until you see her concert on HBO.

I actually went to the concert at Madison Square Garden and this is nothing compared to what she actually does on stage.

HAMMER: But were there any young kids present?

FOXX: Yes, there were.

HAMMER: There were while it was happening.

FOXX: Yes. With their parents. She`s cursing, she`s dressed half naked. So if the parents are OK with it, then I guess you have --


HAMMER: Look, I love her expressionism but some -- a lot of parents do have an issue with this going on.

Now SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did reach out to both Lady Gaga and the fashion company who make these t-shirts. We wanted to get a comment from them. As of show time we haven`t heard back from the t-shirt company, Gaga is saying no comment at this time.

Let me go to Jenn Hobby. Jen is a co-host with radio`s "The Bert Show."

Jenn, what do you think, was it wrong of Gaga to be OK with this kid being a part of this photo shoot whether or not the kid was necessarily in the room when these inappropriate things were happening or seemingly inappropriate things were happening.

JENN HOBBY, RADIO CO-HOST, "THE BERT SHOW": You know, A.J., I don`t think we have the whole story on this yet. It seems to me that this child could have been the son of somebody there on set who said get over there, get your picture taken with Gaga really quickly, and then was removed from the room.

We don`t really know the backstory yet. So I can`t really blame Gaga. Maybe she was just being nice to this person who was the parent of the child, and allowing them to take his picture with the big celebrity.

Now hopefully he wasn`t there for all the risque stuff because then I would have to say wrong.

HAMMER: Yes. Because then again, this video was put out there. It was released. So obviously, you know, it sparked this conversation. And it`s going to be very interesting to see moving forward if Gaga can continue to deflect a lot of the criticism she is now having mounted against her just because she`s an artist and being so expressionist.

K. FOXX, Jenn Hobby, I thank you both.

ANDERSON: Katy Perry says, I didn`t diss Britney. Why Katy Perry is puffed and mad today. She was accused of slamming Britney Spears in her "Hold It against Me" video.

Well, wait until you hear Katy slam her haters today. Yes. Fireworks.

HAMMER: And wait for it, here they come, the headline making, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Oscar all-stars. There they are being looking pretty, even Carlos Diaz. They`re warming up in our green room. You got Camille Grammer, Sheryl Lee Ralph and Carlos. Don`t miss it. It`s next.

ANDERSON: I would love to know if those guys saw this new commercial that some people insist stars Kim Kardashian.

Sure looks like her. But is it? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT solves the great Kardashian mystery.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

HAMMER: Let`s roll out the SHOWBIZ news ticker, more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

GRAPHICS: Mila Kunis, Jake Gyllenhaal to present at the Oscars this Sunday.

GRAPHICS: Christina Applegate tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT her biggest surprise about being a mom.


CHRISTINA APPLEGATE, ACTRESS: How much you can love someone. I mean, I`ve said I love you to people over the years. I was lying, I was totally lying. Because I didn`t know really what loving somebody really was until she came into my world.



HAMMER: It is almost here and we are so psyched for this Sunday. SHOWBIZ "Road to Gold," we are going to have shows packed with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Oscar all-stars, including "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Camille Grammer. She`s going to be our fashion and celebrity commentator.

We`ve also got acclaimed actor Sheryl Lee Ralph and great syndicated radio host Carlos Diaz.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Brooke Anderson is right there in Hollywood.

ANDERSON: A.J., it`s the moment that we`ve all been waiting for. It`s the SHOWBIZ Oscars all-stars. I`m so excited, A.J., to have our incredible all-star Oscars team who will be right there with us on Sunday on that red carpet.

HAMMER: And Brooke, I got to tell you, I don`t think we`ve ever had such an extraordinary, provocative and let`s face it downright good looking Oscar team before.

ANDERSON: Absolutely, yes.

HAMMER: You are looking right now at our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT all-star Oscars team. Finally we`re all kind of in the same room or at least on the same screen.

Our Oscars fashion celebrity commentator, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Camille Grammer.

ANDERSON: And acclaimed actress Sheryl Lee Ralph joins us. She will be on Oscar evening. Of course bringing us her unique insider`s insight.

HAMMER: And I can`t wait to hear what Carlos Diaz has to say. He is a movie guru. He has so much movie info right in his noggin.

ANDERSON: Yes. It`s just bursting to come forth, A.J. I can`t wait either.

Well, I will be on the red carpet on Sunday. So up close and personal with the stars, I can probably tell you what perfume they`re wearing that day. I absolutely love the glamour, love the fashion.

Camille, we`re looking at pictures of you right there on the red carpet. You of course are creating a lot of buzz because you are on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s all-star Oscar team. You`re no stranger to -- you know, fashion and glamour on the red carpet.

What kind of dress, what kind of fashion do you want to see Sunday that will just knock your socks off? That will make you say, yes, that is it?

CAMILLE GRAMMER, "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS": Well, I like the classics but I like the classics with a little chic and something a little provocative.

ANDERSON: A little edge there, too.

GRAMMER: A little edge.

ANDERSON: Yes. I like classic, too. Because, you know, you can`t go wrong with classic.

GRAMMER: You can`t go wrong.

ANDERSON: But do I like it when they take risks a little bit.


ANDERSON: It gives us something to talk about, too.

GRAMMER: Absolutely. Absolutely.

ANDERSON: And you and I were talking about Hailey Steinfeld, she is supporting actress nominee for her role in "True Grit." Only 14 years old. What would you advise someone like Hailey to wear?

GRAMMER: I don`t even know. Something -- like I say classic, simple, elegant. You`re lovely and congratulations. We`re so excited for you.

ANDERSON: Isn`t that amazing? I can`t wait to talk to her.


GRAMMER: And it`s like her first walk down the red carpet.

ANDERSON: A.J., it`s going to be fantastic.

GRAMMER: Amazing.

HAMMER: It`s going to be amazing. I`m actually really looking forward to seeing what Camille is going to be wearing. But more on that coming up.

First, Sheryl Lee, I want to get to you. Now you`re going to be standing right there with me at the Oscars on Sunday. You are an independent spirit award winner, you`ve been nominated for so many awards in your amazing career. So you know the pressure first hand of walking and working that carpet.

But Sheryl Lee, you get to be there as a voyeur this year. Now you call the Oscars the American coronation. What do you mean by that?

RALPH: I mean that, my god, every year we get to crown a new king and queen of cinema. The court gets to dress up fabulously and we have bigger hair than Amadeus. This is a night that is fabulous. And I got invited to it.

HAMMER: Who need as crown when you got the big hair?

ANDERSON: I agree. It is a fabulous night, Sheryl Lee. And I think it`s Hollywood`s Super Bowl or maybe, you know, the Olympics for the actors.

Carlos Diaz, you know your movie stuff. And you`re saying this year is going to be a year of highs and lows for the Oscars. What category are you predicting will have the biggest Oscar upset?

DIAZ: Well, first off I want to say looking at the starting five, I know what the guys who aren`t named Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade feel like on Miami Heat because I`m one of the side characters in this starting five.

But no, you know, the number one thing -- the number one thing is best supporting actress, it can go to anybody. That`s the one that I`m looking at. Best supporting actress.

I mean come on, Colin Firth is going to win for best actor. He`s got it locked up. Christian Bale for best supporting actor. But I`m telling you, best supporting actress, that`s where you`re going to have a lot of drama this year.

HAMMER: All right. Let me get to Camille.

Camille, I got to tell you. Everybody`s been buzzing, you`ve been reading the press. Everybody is talking about you being our fashion and celebrity commentator at the Oscars this year.

Let me read you one of the literally hundreds of comments that have been coming on articles and on all the blogs about your appearance. This one comes from Here`s what they`re writing about you, Camille.

"Grammer will fit right in with the high rollers set to attend the Academy Awards. Perhaps her untamed tongue will incite red carpet drama. She sure to offer an amusing perspective."

So, Camille, I got to ask what do you think. You`re ready to incite a little red carpet drama?

GRAMMER: Well, what kind a drama do they want to? Do they want me to run down the red carpet and pull out somebody`s extensions? I mean --


HAMMER: I think that would be big fun.

GRAMMER: So we`ll see. We`ll see.

ANDERSON: Expect the unexpected. That`s what I say. You never know, right, Camille?

Well, speaking of red carpet drama, Sheryl Lee, I hear you haven`t found an Oscars dress. What?

RALPH: Let me tell you something, unless -- if you are anything bigger than a zero, it is hard for a girl to find a dress in this town. I am a classic all-American eight, can`t find a dress. What am I going to wear?

ANDERSON: You look fantastic.

RALPH: With the big lashes. Thank you.

ANDERSON: I know you`re going to find something gorgeous, honey.

RALPH: Girl, I need a dress.

HAMMER: Carlos Diaz, I`m just wondering what you`re going to do with your hair. Are you going to grow it out for Sunday?

DIAZ: Yes. I`m praying that it grows out faster. Well, I`ve shaved my back, which is a start, that`s a god thing. And I`ve got my dress, one word, plunging. All right? It`s very revealing. But I do want you guys to know that I am going to be the movie geek for the evening. In fact if we had a font maybe that we could just put like movie geek at the bottom of the screen, whatever you guys see, that would be great.

HAMMER: There is nothing geek --


HAMMER: Nothing geek about Carlos Diaz. I`m just going to set the record straight right here. Well, we can`t wait.

Camille Grammer, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Carlos, thank you all. And you definitely will want to tune in for two very special live editions of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on Sunday. We`re live from the Oscars red carpet on CNN 7:00 p.m. Eastern, warming up the whole night. And once again we`ll be on HLN at 11 p.m. Eastern.

We will have the very first star reactions this Sunday, February 27th.

ANDERSON: OK, so I was watching TV the other night and I had to do a double take. The dark long hair, the (INAUDIBLE) attitude. I`m thinking could it be Kim Kardashian in an Old Navy commercial?

Is that really Kim K singing and dancing? Or is it a Kim Klone?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT uncovers the truth behind the great Kardashian mystery. That is next.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

HAMMER: Here comes your SHOWBIZ news ticker, more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

GRAPHICS: Hugh Hefner and fiancee to be married June 18th at the Playboy mansion.

GRAPHICS: Teaser trailer for "The Hangover 2" releases online.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is kind of nice, isn`t it? The three of us back together again?



ANDERSON: Katy Perry is now saying, I did not diss Britney Spears and her "Hold It against Me" video.

Britney (INAUDIBLE) a whole bunch of products in the video and Katy was recently asked about stars and product placement. She kind of pooh-poohed the whole thing and some bloggers set off fireworks. Katy disses Britney, they said.

Well, today take a listen to Katy Perry`s explosive tweet. "Dear tabloid media, aka filth. Please note I expressed an overall feeling about product placement, their roles in this, and the art of them being complimenting or stick out. Stop pitting artists against artists for your sensational satisfaction and stick to what you`re best at, lying, gossiping, exaggerating, and overall lending a hand to the deterioration of a generation."

There you have it. Big news breaking in "The Buzz Today." It`s a baby edition of the Buzz today.

Will Kim Kardashian become a mom soon? And Alyssa Milano breaks news to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about her pregnancy.


ANDERSON (voice-over): SHOWBIZ TONIGHT breaks news.

Alyssa Milano opens up about her pregnancy. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT spoke with the glowing mother-to-be at the premiere of her new film, "Hall Pass." She says her pregnancy is so far problem free.

ALYSSA MILANO, ACTRESS: It`s been wonderful. You know, I feel guilty saying I had a very easy first trimester.

ANDERSON: Milano also reveals she can`t wait to find out the sex of her baby.

MILANO: I don`t like when people keep secrets from me and I can`t keep secrets from other people. So I don`t think that person can actually wait to find out. This is going to kill me, absolutely.

ANDERSON: Kardashian baby bombshell. Kim Kardashian is just saying no to babies in the near future. Kardashian tells "Extra" she`s smitten with her new basketball star boyfriend Chris Humphries but says babies are not in their plans yet but she teased, I never know what the future holds.


HAMMER: OK, so no Kim K. offspring, what about a Kim Kardashian clone? Check out this Old Navy ad. A lot of people doing double takes. Is it Kim K.?

Brooke, I was kind of fooled. The SHOWBIZ truth squad got stumped.

ANDERSON: Yes, it did really look like Kim. How she talks, walks, dance even, but the SHOWBIZ truth squad found out it`s really an actress and aspiring singer name Melissa Molinaro.

And A.J., if the point of the ad was to get us talking about, well, mission accomplished.

HAMMER: On Wednesday we asked you to vote in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. Just got the final results for Lindsay Lohan`s court showdown.

Is jail the only thing that will set her straight? Look at that, only 11 percent of you say yes, 89 percent of you say no.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live at 5:00 p.m. Easter, Monday through Friday.

HAMMER: And we`re still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific here on HLN.