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Grand Felony Theft Charge for Lindsay Lohan; Miley Cyrus` Regret About the Bong Controversy; Jennifer Hudson`s Reaction to Singing in the Grammy Tribute to Aretha Franklin; Lea Michele`s Cover Controversy; Big Breaking Bieber Grammy News

Aired February 9, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: We`ve got big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - will Lindsay be locked up again? Lindsay Lohan faces a judge in the alleged jaw-dropping jewelry heist.

The stolen necklace, a grand theft felony charge. Lindsay in court today, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there.


KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: I`m SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter outside the courthouse with all the late breaking Lindsay Lohan developments.


BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Miley`s last bong? Today, Miley Cyrus opens up for the first time about the bong controversy. Her surprising regret.

HAMMER: A SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive. I go one-on-one with Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer`s first reaction to singing in the Grammy`s tribute to Aretha Franklin.


JENNIFER HUDSON, SINGER (through telephone): Oh, my god. It`s such an honor. I was ecstatic and I`m very excited.


HAMMER: It`s the exclusive interview with Jennifer Hudson you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: Lea Michele cover controversy. The "Glee" star`s racy new cover sparks outrage today. Has this TV good girl gone bad?

HAMMER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show -

ANDERSON: Starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi, there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today - Lindsay charged.

There was a frenzy today as Lindsay Lohan entered a Los Angeles courtroom, raising some eyebrows wearing a body-hugging white dress and black high heels.

Today, she was formally charged with felony grand theft. The explosive case centers around a $2,500 necklace that Lindsay is accused of stealing. Lindsay has reportedly said the jewelry store loaned it to her.

But the store owners say no way and they`ve even reportedly turned over security video they say proves otherwise.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is covering Lindsay`s big legal mess with an all-star panel. California attorney Debra Opri. HLN`s own Dr. Drew Pinsky. Dr. Drew, we`re thrilled to have you join the network. His fantastic new show debuts this spring on HLN.

But first today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter joins us from Los Angeles Superior Court where Lindsay`s explosive new legal drama just unfolded. Kareen, what is the latest?

WYNTER: Brooke, boy did the judge in this case gave Lindsay Lohan a serious, serious tongue-lashing admonishing her, warning her that she should not push her luck and that she really needs to follow the law like everyone else, which we all know she has not been doing.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - we have all the details as to what went down inside that courtroom. First of all, the judge revoked her probation from her DUI case, the case stemming back from 2007.

Lohan waived her right in this theft case to a preliminary hearing, thereby entering a not-guilty plea. The judge set two $20,000 bonds, one for the felony theft charge, the other for the probation violation.

And they`ll be back in court a short time from now, February 23rd, where she`ll have to answer to both of these charges. Lohan paraded in that tight dress. She was decked out in diamonds from head to toe.

And it is incredible, A.J., that even in the midst of her legal woes, she still manages to make a fashion statement.

HAMMER: Unbelievable. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter, thanks so much. And as Kareen mentioned, today, that judge did not mince words with Lindsay. Listen to exactly what he told her in court today.


JUDGE KEITH SCHWARTZ, LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT: You`re in a different situation now that a felony has been filed against you. Although the people have been courteous in this court`s opinion in only requesting $20,000 on the probation violation, you now have a pending felony case.

So in the interim while this case is percolating, until a resolution is reached, if you violate the law, I will remand you and set no bail. You`re no different than anyone else. So, please, don`t push your luck.


HAMMER: Yes. I think the judge was being very clear with Lindsay right there. Let me bring in California attorney Debra Opri.

Debra, just because this is a felony and she`s on probation, I mean, this makes it a massive legal mess for Lindsay Lohan. Do you think this could actually mean cold, hard jail time for her?

DEBRA OPRI, FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY: If Lindsay stays out of trouble between now and resolution of this case, she`s going to be OK. And you know, I want to say as a lawyer representing many women like Lindsay, I think she was elegantly dressed.

I think she was pure, virginal and screaming innocence. And we should put that fashion statement to rest write now.

The key to Lindsay Lohan is going to be, follow the rules, listen to this judge. This judge is notorious for his in-courtroom statements. I think he was sending a message, not only to Lindsay, but others out there who are following her and maybe, you know, follow her in terms of "You`re my role model."

As far as Lindsay`s troubles, Lindsay, I would hope, will come to a plea agreement, not take a trial in this matter because if the video shows an intent to steal, that video is going to bury her alive and she will be convicted of up to three years.

If the video shows that she was wandering around, wore it, believed that it was hers to loan on commission, whatever it is, the intent won`t be there.

But I do not want another Winona case playing out on television. And I think if Winona can make a plea agreement and get this behind her and stay out of trouble, she`s going to be OK.

HAMMER: Well, it will be interesting to see what happens. And if, in fact, you know, she does come forward and say, "Yes, I stole it," or whatever ends up happening, I mean, really, she`s still in trouble and this is a pattern (UNINTELLIGIBLE).


OPRI: That`s a violation of probation.

HAMMER: But this is a pattern that has continued for some time. I want to bring in our own Dr. Drew Pinsky. Dr. Drew`s new show premieres this spring right here on HLN.

So Drew, Lindsay just got out of rehab last month. Already, she`s back in a bit of legal hot water here. Were we all naive to think that her latest jail time and rehab was enough to get Lindsay`s life back on track?

DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST: I would say no, because the fact is people are sort of looking at the behavior that she`s had in the past - the previous stealing, the previous lying, the previous obfuscation as indicative of what we`re seeing here now.

And the fact is, it`s not the case. This is a young woman who is in recovery, who has been following her probation, who is doing what she needs to do. Some sort of problem happened here, which are not - this kind of thing is not at all uncommon in my experience treating women like Lindsay.

And the worst thing in the world the court could do is to come down hard on her other than to require her to stay in her treatment. I am shocked at how people are attacking her and tearing her limb from limb now.

This is someone who is now in recovery, doing her treatment, has had a hiccup. But this is not the same thing as we were seeing before.

It`s uncanny how similar this is to what I see in family systems where, when the identified patient finally starts getting sober, that`s when everybody attacks them. This is not what Lindsay Lohan needs right now.

HAMMER: Dr. Drew, you know, back in October the judge told Lindsay and the judge was quite clear about this, "You violate your probation, Lindsay. You`re getting 180 days in jail."

Not only that, but if she is convicted of this felony grand theft, she could serve, as we`ve been talking about, this additional three years in prison. But what you`re saying is that that would not be a good thing for Lindsay Lohan. That would hurt her.

PINSKY: It would not be a good thing for Lindsay Lohan. You`ve got to remember, she`s standing up here as an adult without her family around. And she`s taking the consequences for her action.

But that judge, who originally issued those warnings to her - was it four, five months ago - was talking to an addict who was using and she was trying to get through to that person to mandate the treatment.

Now, you`ve got a person in recovery, who is doing well, doing what she`s supposed to do, and this experience could completely derail that.

And you must remember, this is a young woman with a terminal potentially life-threatening illness that if things go badly, we will see her die.

HAMMER: Now, you mentioned -

OPRI: But Drew, she did this to herself. She violated the law. She`s being accused of a felony in stealing something. We can`t see her as a victim here. We have to see her as a woman who has to take responsibility. She might have fallen off and deviated but -

PINSKY: I agree. I agree.

OPRI: But we can`t say - and I`m the last person in the world who wants to kick somebody when she`s down. But we cannot let this go and say, "Oh, this was a little, you know, fluff here.

This was something that really shouldn`t be a mark on her." It is a mark. It`s a felony. And if she`s ever convicted of a felony, she loses a lot of (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

PINSKY: I completely agree and I agree with everything you said before, which is this is going to be something where she`s going to have to really watch it. I hope the court creates more consequences and more requirements for treatment and is enlightened in their approach for this.

But for them to grandstand and make an issue of this to try to make a name for themselves or to try to make an example of Lindsay Lohan -

OPRI: She`s been doing this for years.

PINSKY: That will have disastrous results.

OPRI: He`s been doing this for years. That`s the judge`s style. That`s the judge`s style.

HAMMER: We`ll here`s one thing. You know, we can`t deny Lindsay`s past. And I know, Drew, you don`t like seeing people railing on her.

But her past is a big part of the reason why people aren`t really surprised that she is still in the mess she`s in today.

But the question is, is she being forced to pay for her past mistakes now? That brings us to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, and I want to throw this to Debra Opri. Do you think, Debra, that prosecutors have it out for Lindsay, some kind of vendetta?

OPRI: Listen, I know these prosecutors and they have good reputations. They do follow the law. And just because somebody`s running for public office, if they`re pushing this into a trial forum where they`re going to have a jury and a grand standing, that`s one consideration.

But if they`re pushing this to a resolution where this never goes to trial, it`s not an issue.

HAMMER: Right. OK. We`re going to leave it there then. Debra Opri, Dr. Drew, we appreciate it.

And you definitely don`t want to miss Dr. Drew`s brand-new nightly show. It`s coming to HLN this spring. I, for one, will not miss it. Brooke.

ANDERSON: Brand-new revelations today from Miley Cyrus about that infamous bong incident. For the very first time, Miley speaks out about getting caught on camera smoking from a bong. She reveals her surprising regrets today.

HAMMER: And wait until you see this. There is massive outrage today over "Glee" star, Lea Michele, and her racy new magazine cover. There are parents up in arms. I think people are really overreacting. But wait until you hear why some are calling for this magazine to be banned.

ANDERSON: Bristol bashes Kathy Griffin. Why Sarah Palin`s daughter is furious with the controversial comedienne. Plus, Bristol for president?


GIULIANA RANCIC, HOST, "E! NEWS": Would you ever run for office one day knowing what you know now? Would you ever run for office?


ANDERSON: You`ve got to hear Bristol`s surprising answer. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

HAMMER: Here comes the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Christina Aguilera and husband, Jordan Bratman, reach divorce agreement. Taylor Swift kicks off "Speak Now" world tour with sold-out show in Singapore.


ANDERSON: A.J., hard at work. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood, A.J. Hammer in New York. And A.J., we`ve got some very exciting Grammy news breaking today.

HAMMER: Yes. Keeping me very busy, Brooke. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was the first to break the news that Jennifer Hudson would join Christina Aguilera, Yolanda Adams, Florence Welch and Martina McBride in this special tribute performance being called a get well card, being called a valentine, all for Aretha Franklin.

It`s going to happen this Sunday at the Grammys. This should be extraordinary. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producer Denise Quan spoke with the executive producer of this year`s Grammy Awards. And he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT why this particular group of women was chosen.


KEN EHRLICH, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, GRAMMY AWARDS: Every one of these women can sing. We wanted to keep it, you know, all women because Aretha broke so many barriers and broke so many boundaries for women that this is a little payback.


HAMMER: And it`s such a great choice of a group there. I spoke exclusively to Jennifer Hudson about taking part in the special tribute to the Queen of Soul. Jennifer told me how she felt when she was asked to perform.


HUDSON: Oh, my god, it`s such an honor, one, to be able to tribute Aretha Franklin and then, again, to be able to perform at the Grammys. So I was ecstatic and I`m very excited. I just in here listening to Aretha right now.

HAMMER: Yes. You better because she`s going to be watching, you know. That`s a lot of pressure, I`m thinking.

HUDSON: And then, that brings all the pressure in. You`ve got Aretha Franklin listening or watching you sing her song, so yes.

HAMMER: Yes. I just spoke with her. She`s very, very excited to see you that on that stage. And she has had and really continues to have this incredible career. It has spanned 50 years.

She has won an amazing 20 Grammy Awards. She`s won Grammys every decade she`s been performing. Now, again, she`s not going to be in L.A. at the Grammys, but what exactly, Jennifer, is it that you would like to convey when you`re paying tribute to Aretha?

HUDSON: You know, I what I would like to do is just hopefully we can reflect to her, how we saw her. You know, and that to me is a tribute when you can display to them what they`ve been to us as artists and like Aretha Franklin, like the icon and the legend she is.

So hopefully, we can reflect that so she can see herself through us.

HAMMER: I know you`ve told me in the past she`s been incredibly inspiring to you in your career. And you`re going to be joined by some great talent, Martina McBride, Christina Aguilera, among others.

Now, Jennifer, we all know Christina`s been getting some criticism because she flubbed some lines when she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl over the weekend. It a tough gig. You know that first hand. You sang it two years at the Super Bowl. Aretha has done it.

Do you think people need to just be cutting Christina a break here about this?

HUDSON: You know, we`re all human and things happen, you know. And she`s been an amazing artist. I hate to see people being discredited and we should honor the great things she has given us through the years. And you know, hey, (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: I have to ask you because you`ve done some amazing and huge things in your career. Was that the most pressure you ever felt?

HUDSON: You know what? For me, it was really, really surreal, like I almost didn`t realize what was happening at the moment.

But I mean it can be because it`s overwhelming and there`s so much going on around you in that moment and it`s a lot of pressure in that moment. So, hey.


HUDSON: Things happen.

HAMMER: They do happen.


When I just spoke with Aretha, she said that you are one of the actresses she has in mind to possibly play her in a movie all about her life. Now, did you know that you`re in the running for this?

HUDSON: Well, Aretha and I met a couple years ago about it. And now, it`s came back around, so I would love to do it and I will be honored, you know, if she will have me. And if I am the one to play her, I just hope to reflect her in the way she would want to be reflected.


HAMMER: Well, Jennifer had some other very exciting news that she shared with me. Her brand-new album is called "I Remember Me," and it`s dropping on March 23rd.

Jennifer told me she is very excited about this particular album because she feels it`s really a whole new beginning for her. Wow. She`s been through an awful lot.

Now, before you watch the Grammys, you`ve got to tune in to an amazing special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s - SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s great Grammy showdowns.

We`ve teamed up with the Recording Academy, of course, the people behind the Grammy Awards, to reveal the biggest battles this year. We`re talking Lady Gaga versus Katy Perry, even Susan Boyle taking on Justin Bieber.

Watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s great Grammy showdown, Saturday February 12th at 7:30 p.m. Eastern on CNN. And then, again, on Sunday, February 13th, 5:30 p.m. Eastern on HLN.

ANDERSON: Lindsay Lohan`s big day in court today. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with an insider`s look at the case against Lindsay. A bombshell SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with someone who knows exactly what Lindsay could face.

HAMMER: Michelle Obama drops a big royal bombshell today. So here`s the question. Did the First Lady make the guest list to the big royal wedding or not? What do you think? She reveals the answer today.

ANDERSON: A shocking announcement from Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz today. Are they splitting up? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

HAMMER: This is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: "Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe to launch CMT country singing competition. Julianne Moore tells "In Style" she needs time away from her children to feel sexy.


ANDERSON: Now, my SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Oscar nominee, Helena Bonham Carter. Helena is up for best supporting actress for her brilliant portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I in the "King`s Speech."

I sat down with Helena at the annual Oscars luncheon and she opened up to me about her life as a mom, her unique fashion sense, her fascinating family tree and if she really lives her life outside the box.


(on camera) Do you consider why are eccentric?

HELENA BONHAM CARTER, ACTRESS: No. I just think I`m just being myself, I guess. I don`t think I`m eccentric. I think most people that know me - I`m actually quite, you know, thunderously normal and straightforward.

ANDERSON: Let me ask you this about "The King`s Speech," you have royals in your family. Prime minister, too. Did that help?

CARTER: No, no, I`m not royal at all. People think that because I`m posh, but I`m not at all royal. But I do have a prime minister. My great grandfather was a prime minister. But he wasn`t like posh.

ANDERSON: Why do you think Americans are so fascinated with the royal family?

CARTER: That`s a good question. I think it`s probably because you don`t have one. You know, we always want what we don`t have.

ANDERSON: Colin Firth - the ladies love him. They`re going mad over Colin Firth. What is it about him?

CARTER: What I love about him as an actor is that he`s fantastically vulnerable - for an Englishman, too. He`s very easy and comfortable showing his own pain and vulnerability.

And I think that`s maybe what people respond to. But he`s also fantastically good-looking and witty, you know.

ANDERSON: Doesn`t hurt.

CARTER: Yes. Yes. Inside and out, he`s got everything going for him.

ANDERSON: How do you balance being a mom with your career, with this lifestyle?

CARTER: I don`t. No. It`s always going haywire and long. For me, a few moments, you`re like, OK, I`m balanced. I feel like I`m doing both right.

Most of the time, you`re thinking you`re doing one really badly and the other maybe almost kind of right. The kids` thing is the most difficult job in the world.

ANDERSON: Inside you were asked about your Oscar dress. A lot of attention being paid. What is she going to wear? You said it will be a catastrophe.

CARTER: Probably.


CARTER: Because I always get it wrong. Even if it`s looking hopeful at the beginning and then just like at the last minute I go off key.

ANDERSON: As long as you feel good and comfortable, though.

CARTER: I didn`t go out thinking, "God, I look disastrous." You know, I go out thinking I look like something and thinking I`m channeling something. And then, true enough, I haven`t got it right.


ANDERSON: She was really cool, a lot of fun to talk to, A.J.

HAMMER: I imagine. I imagine. She`s so cool. All right. Time for the SHOWBIZ lineup - here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Miley Cyrus opening up today for the very first time about her big bong controversy. Her surprising regret.

Lea Michele cover controversy. I don`t know about this, but the "Glee" star`s racy new "Cosmo" cover is sparking outrage today. Has this TV good girl gone bad?

And big breaking Bieber news that will make his fans scream. He`s revealing a big Grammy surprise to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Kristin Chenoweth, Ricky Martin to be honored at the GLAAD Media Awards. Alanis Morissette tweets first photo of her baby boy.


HAMMER: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Lindsay`s day in court again. Today, an insider`s look at the case against Lindsay Lohan.

ANDERSON: Brand-new Miley Cyrus bong revelations. Miley sets the record straight today about her bong scandal. Does she have any regrets?

HAMMER: Bristol bashes Kathy Griffin. Why Sarah Palin`s daughter is furious with Kathy. Plus, is Bristol preparing a run for office?


RANCIC: Would you ever run for office one day knowing what you know now? Would you ever run for office?


HAMMER: Bristol`s surprising answer revealed today. Plus, breaking today from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - SHOWBIZ` first look at Lady Gaga`s new album and Gwyneth Paltrow`s "Glee" kiss.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today - Lindsay charged.

Explosive developments today in Lindsay Lohan`s latest legal mess. Lindsay Lohan faced a judge in Los Angeles today and was formally charged with felony grand theft. Lindsay is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, California jewelry store.

Lindsay entered the court just moments ago. You see her wearing a body-hugging white dress, black high heels. The judge today told Lindsay not to push her luck during her arraignment and reminded her that if she breaks the law, she will go to jail.

Her probation was revoked on her previous case, but the judge gave her a $20,000 bond. Lohan waived her right to a preliminary hearing in 10 days and instead will be back on February 23rd to attempt to resolve the case.

HAMMER: What a turn of events today. We`ve got to wonder what factors are really being considered here in this explosive case against Lindsay Lohan.

Joining me now in New York for our SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview, Robin sax, who is a former prosecutor with the Los Angeles District Attorney`s Office.

Robin, I appreciate you being here. Were you surprised at all by today`s turn of events? Now, I understand you know this judge who was speaking kindly lecturing Lindsay Lohan today.

ROBIN SAX, FORMER PROSECUTOR, LOS ANGELES DISTRICT ATTORNEY`S OFFICE: Judge Keith Schwartz is a lecturer by nature. So if everyone thought today`s lecture was something out of the blue, it`s not.

Judge Schwartz likes to play the papa bear and likes to have the voice of reason. And so he kindly suggested to her to take his words very seriously because he will revoke her probation - or revoke her bail status.

And I wouldn`t be surprised to see him do that if he sees one misstep.

HAMMER: Now, I`ve got to ask you something on this. We`re looking at this picture of Lindsay wearing that body tight dress because a lot of people were looking at that as she walked into court and as she has done in the past wearing less-than-conservative clothing.

And a lot of people are saying, you know, that`s inappropriate, the judge is going to see that and really want to throw the book at her.

From somebody who has worked, you know, in that court system, does that make a difference?

SAX: It absolutely makes a difference. We are a judgmental society. Judges are judgmental people. Jurors are definitely casting judgment on people and the future jurors are sitting home, watching this news show right now and are going to be talking about what she`s wearing.

As a prosecutor, even a defense attorney, what we suggest to people, defendants, witnesses, anyone coming to court, dress like you`re going to church. Dress like you`re going to a job interview. Dress professionally.

Even though she looks beautiful for a movie premiere, not quite the most appropriate for court attire.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, as a former prosecutor, I need to get your take on this because a lot of people say, you know what? People are just going after Lindsay because they haven`t been able to nail her before on any of the other things she`s been accused of doing as far as theft is concerned that`s happened in the past. Do you think there could be some kind of vendetta against her?

SAX: There is no vendetta against Lindsay Lohan in my opinion. I know John Lynch, who is the head of the airport branch. He is the most straight shooter guy. You know, Jeanette Myers(ph) is a long-time solid D.A.

These are people who actually care about justice. Theft and drugs make their way through the L.A. court systems all day long every day. These are the bread and butter of the court system and she is being treated exactly like everybody else.

HAMMER: Well, good. That`s good to hear. Robin Sax, it`s great having you here for this SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. I appreciate it.

SAX: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Miley Cyrus is making big news again today for speaking out for the first time about her big bong scandal. Cyrus made headlines back in December for appearing in a video smoking a bong that was apparently filled with Salvia, a legal herb.

Well, today, Miley Cyrus had something very surprising to say in a brand-new interview revealed today about that whole unfortunate mess.

With me now, in New York, Jerry Springer, who is the host of "The Jerry Springer Show," now in its 20th year. And from Hollywood, Wendy Walsh, who is a TV journalist and doctor of psychology.

OK. Jerry, Wendy, in a brand-new interview with "Marie Claire," Miley makes a bombshell confession about this whole bong incident after the reporter asked her if she thought she really did make a mistake considering so many college kids her age actually smoke illegal drugs?

Miley responded to that by saying, "But they`re not Miley Cyrus. They`re not role models. So for me, it was a bad decision because of my fans and because of what I stand for."

Wow! Miley admitting here it was a bad decision. Good job, Miley. I think it was very wise for her to admit that. But Jerry, do you think she owed that confession to her fans?

JERRY SPRINGER, HOST, "THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW": No, I don`t think she owed it. I mean, I think it was a business move or a professional move in terms of her career.

But she didn`t violate the law and she`s not a role model. I mean, we have to stop as parents telling our kids that these celebrities are role models. They`re not. Your mom and dad - they`re the role models. Not some -

ANDERSON: You`re right about that and that`s very wise and - but jerry, like it or not, she`s a role model.


WENDY WALSH, TV JOURNALIST AND DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY: You`ve got to say whatever you want to your kid, but the bottom line is celebrities are natural role models. They`re visible in our culture. The behavior is where young people look when they`re looking for what are the cool things to do.

So I think she did owe this apology to the world because she is a role model. And I think that we have to start to understand in our culture that as we become more celebrated, it isn`t a free ride.

There are strings attached and the strings are that you have to have some social responsibility to the people who are paying money so that you can get famous.

ANDERSON: And maybe Miley is realizing that, judging by that statement. Jerry, go ahead.

SPRINGER: No, I don`t think so. Well, I think she realized it. And yes, I think our culture does say those things, but that doesn`t make it right.

I mean, we so celebrate celebrities, which we should stop doing that. The appropriate thing to do is say if you like this young lady because you like her movies or you like some other celebrity because you like the way they thing, great.

But you get your values from your family. That`s what`s important. The more we say follow what these stars do, be like them, dress like them, do that, then I think our kids are going to go off the wrong way.

I think our kids know what`s right or wrong based on what their parents tell them, not because they look at a star and say, "Wow, this is what I`m going to do from now on." The kids are more sophisticated than that.

ANDERSON: I agree. You should look to the wisdom of your parents. But like it or not, a lot of kids do look up to stars. And it may not be the right thing, Jerry, that`s just how it is. But maybe we can all start to think that a little bit.



ANDERSON: Yes. All right. I want to move now though to another teen idol making big headlines today. "Glee" star Lea Michele`s brand-new racy cover controversy.

Brand-new reports today that Lea`s racy "Cosmopolitan" cover has apparently been censored in a Texas store. And you know, I get that. I understand a grocery store would want to put it behind the counter.

You have to request it, because it`s annoying if your young child sees sexy images in the grocery store line when you`re least expecting it.

On the other hand, just the fact that she`s posing in this magazine, she is an adult. She was posing on the cover of an adult magazine as herself, not her character on "Glee."

So Wendy, I think she`s got every right to do this sort of thing.

WALSH: I think she has every right to and I think she broke one of the great barriers. There`s a small-breasted woman on the cover of the magazine. This is so exciting. I`m cheering for women all over America.

ANDERSON: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) look at that. I haven`t thought about that.

WALSH: I don`t find it too sexy. Have you seen "Cosmopolitan" covers in the last 20 years? It was mild.

ANDERSON: I have. "Cosmo" is known for edgy and for being sexy.


ANDERSON: And you know, she`s posing as herself, not as her character. OK. Wendy Walsh, Jerry Springer, good to see you both. Thanks.

And be sure to catch Jerry right here on HLN. He is filling in tomorrow night for our own Joy Behar, 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

HAMMER: There`s a brand-new twist today in the ongoing saga between comedienne Kathy Griffin and the Palins. Why is Bristol bashing Kathy? Plus, is Bristol running for president?


RANCIC: Would you ever run for office one day, knowing what you know now? Would you ever run for office?


HAMMER: Bristol`s surprising answer, straight ahead.

ANDERSON: Ashlee Simpson`s and Pete Wentz` dramatic decision today. Are they splitting up?

HAMMER: Justin Bieber breaks news to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that will have his fans overjoyed. Plus, you do not want to move because SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s going to reveal Bieber`s dynamite Grammy surprise. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

This is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Gwyneth Paltrow to sing Prince`s "Kiss" for her next appearance on "Glee." Ricky Martin`s new album has the highest debut on the Latin charts in 15 years.


ANDERSON: This just in, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz` stunning and surprising announcement today.

HAMMER: Yes. This is was a big surprise, Brooke. After two and a half years together, Ashlee and Pete revealed today they are calling it quits on their marriage.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just received this joint statement from Pete and Ashlee, "After careful consideration, we`ve made the difficult decision to file for divorce. We remain friends and deeply committed and loving parents to our son, Bronx, whose happiness and wellbeing remains our number one priority."

ANDERSON: Pete and Ashlee went on to say they would like privacy as they try to sort out their next step. And A.J., I was shocked. I mean, I thought they always seemed like a happy, compatible couple.

But there is the thing with their careers. And trying to have a relationship long distance at times maybe when he`s on tour, when he`s on the road, it can wear on a marriage. I don`t know if that`s the case here, but it`s difficult.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s hard with the touring rocker. And remember, she was pretty young, in her early 20s, when they got married as well. So -


HAMMER: I`m glad to see they`re keeping their kid as their number one priority.

ANDERSON: Absolutely.

HAMMER: We`re moving on now to major news breaking in "The Buzz Today." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT breaks big Britney Spears news. Wait until you hear what Black Eyed Peas star, Will.I.Am just revealed to us about Britney.

Is Aerosmith selling more albums now because Steven Tyler is an "American Idol" judge? We`ve got the shocking details on that.

Plus, Christina Aguilera`s stunning star-spangled decision. Is Christina getting a national anthem do-over?


(voice-over) Christina`s take two? Christina Aguilera has just been offered the chance at a do-over after her disastrous Super Bowl National Anthem flub, but there`s a giant catch.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can reveal the invitation isn`t to sing at the Super Bowl. Christina`s being asked to sing in Coney Island, Brooklyn. The minor league baseball team, The Brooklyn Cyclones, wants to give Aguilera a second chance.

General Manager, Steve Cohen, says, quote, "We`ve all make mistakes. But when most of us make mistakes it`s not in front of 100 million people watching in every corner of the world."

"Idol`s" major Aerosmith boost. Steven Tyler can give "American Idol" a huge thank you for recharging his career in more ways than one.

"" has just reported sales of Tyler`s band, Aerosmith`s greatest hits collection has skyrocketed a whopping 250 percent.

Citing data from Nielsen Soundscan, Billboard says the band`s monster hit like "Dream On" and "I Don`t Want to Miss a Thing" are seeing a huge spike in numbers.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT breaks big Britney news. Britney spears and Will.I.Am have just announced to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT they are joining forces. Will and Spears are teaming up for a brand-new single. And just after leaving the recording studio with Britney, Will.I.Am came straight to us to reveal all the details.

WILL.I.AM, BLACK EYED PEAS MEMBER: I just came from the studios right now. It`s a monster. It`s like - it`s mean and pretty. It`s like edgy. It`s like next level. She`s singing fresh over it. It`s something that today needs.


ANDERSON: That`s quite an endorsement. All right. Just in, Bristol Palin for president or Senate? Maybe PTA president?

There`s big news breaking today that Bristol Palin may want to follow in her mama grizzly`s political footsteps. Bristol packed up her baby and moved from Alaska to Arizona and she`s got big plans for a new life.

In a revealing new interview with "E! News," Bristol talks about changing the world, her love life after Levi Johnston. And she even talks smack about comedienne Kathy Griffin.


RANCIC: Would you ever run for office one day, knowing what you know now? Would you ever run for office?


RANCIC: Really?

B. PALIN: But that would be further down the road.

RANCIC: Why? What would motivate you to run for office?

B. PALIN: If I saw something that needed to be changed, then I would step up to the plate and do something about it. But that would be further down the road.


ANDERSON: "" columnist, Rob Shuter, joins me now from New York.

Rob, I want to point out that Bristol`s resume right now includes a high school education and coming in third on "Dancing with the Stars."

So Rob, I`m thinking that`s not quite enough to have a future in politics. She`s got to build up the resume first. What do you think?

ROB SHUTER, COLUMNIST, "POPEATER.COM": I think you`re absolutely right. She does have to build up that resume. But also, her mom has done really very well with a pretty short political resume, too.

So if she`s learned anything from her mommy, it`s that you can go quite far in America with very small political resumes.

ANDERSON: We`re looking at video, Rob, of Bristol with Levi Johnston there. Bristol also reveals in this new interview with "E! News`" Giuliana Rancic that she is so over Levi, and she`s all about her new man, who happens to be from Alaska, too.

But has Bristol learned her lesson from her on-again, off-again days with Levi? Listen.


RANCIC: Are you taking it slow with him in the sense that, you know, with Levi, it was pretty passionate and you guys moved pretty quick. And I`m not just saying in that manner, but just everything.

You guys were kind of always together and just so in love with each other. Is this how this relationship is or are you taking it a little slower?

B. PALIN: I`m taking it really slow. I don`t want another relationship that`s out in the public eye like Levi and mine was.

So it`s definitely going to go slow. I`m not in a rush to get married or anything like that. I`m only 20 and we`re just having a good time right now.


ANDERSON: Bonnie Fuller, president and editor of "" Bonnie, I`m glad that Bristol is taking it slowly, but do you really believe that she`s going to be able to keep her relationship out of the spotlight?

BONNIE FULLER, PRESIDENT AND EDITOR, "HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM": Absolutely not. She`s a public figure. And she`s going to be even more of a public figure because she`s planning to write a book or she`s in the process right now of writing a book.

Apparently, it`s supposed to come out in June. The other thing we hear at "" is that in fact she is continuing a relationship with Levi, no matter what she says. We hear they still talk all the time and that they actually are very friendly.

ANDERSON: Well, they have to be for the sake of their child, so it`s good that they are friendly. Well, we do know that the spotlight has been pretty harsh at times for Bristol and her family. They have famously become the butt of comedienne Kathy Griffin`s jokes.

But Bristol`s the one bringing it today telling "E! News" this, "She has a weird hate for our family and it`s weird also that she would pick on my weight. She`s had botched liposuction procedures and stuff like that, so it`s weird she would pick on something like that for another woman."

Well, when Kathy got wind of Bristol`s bashing, Kathy tweeted, "Ah, it`s like a hug from baby Jesus." I`m thinking these two are not going to be hugging it out any time soon. Rob, very quickly, is Bristol being too sensitive? Or did Kathy cross the line?

SHUTER: Kathy went too far, no doubt about it. Kathy went too far. Even the truth - she said this as a concert or a benefit for some troops, and she got booed.

Kathy definitely crossed the line. I think Bristol`s fighting back. One thing that we`ve learned is that Bristol Palin now has a lot of confidence. She did "Dancing with the Stars." She can fight after that.

ANDERSON: She`s got a voice and she`s using it. And I don`t like when comediennes are mean-spirited or sacrilegious.


ANDERSON: Bonnie Fuller, Rob Shuter, thank you both.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with big Justin Bieber news today. Wait until you hear what Bieber just revealed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that`s going to make his fans scream. And he reveals an incredible Grammy surprise. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, it`s the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Jude Law and Sienna Miller call it quits again! SHOWBIZ first look! Lady Gaga reveals cover art for new album, "Born This Way."


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT breaks news. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with the one and only Justin Bieber. We spotted the Bieb on the red carpet for the premiere of his brand-new movie, "Never Say Never."

Of course, everyone was trying to get some face time with the megastar. Well, you have got to see what he just told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT all about his upcoming worldwide tour. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT breaks big Bieber news today.


JUSTIN BIEBER, POP STAR: I`m going to be doing a lot of shows. I`m going to be going overseas and I`m doing a world tour starting March, so that`s going to be crazy.


HAMMER: I`m sure it is. But wait, there`s more. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is breaking even more Justin Bieber news today. I want to you see what Justin just said in front of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s cameras about his big Grammy surprise.


BIEBER: I`m preparing something special, really special. We`ve been rehearsing all week. I`m going to be performing with Jaden and Usher, so expect something huge.


ANDERSON: It`s going to be huge. You`ve got to love the Bieb. A.J., the expectations for Justin Bieber`s big Grammy performance is super high. I really can`t wait to see it.

HAMMER: Got to love the Bieb. Well, the Grammy Awards, of course, just days away, Brooke. This weekend, it`s a very special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: It`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s great Grammy showdowns. We have teamed up with the Recording Academy, the people behind the Grammys, to reveal the biggest battles at this year`s Grammys.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s Lady Gaga versus Katy Perry. You`ve got Eminem versus Jay-Z.

ANDERSON: Watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s great Grammy showdown. It`s this Saturday, February 12th, 7:30 p.m. Eastern on CNN.

HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s great Grammy showdown also airs again, Sunday, February 13th right before the Grammys, 5:30 p.m. Eastern on HLN.

ANDERSON: Our Grammy special is going to be awesome. But right now, A.J., there are stunning new details today about First Lady Michelle Obama`s royal wedding revelation.

Ms. Obama dropped a big royal wedding bombshell today during her very first ever appearance on "Live with Regis and Kelly" this morning.

A whole lot of people would love an invitation to Prince William and Kate Middleton`s royal wedding in April. So did Michelle Obama make the guest list?

Will the First Lady of the United States be at Westminster Abbey to witness the wedding of the century? The SHOWBIZ truth squad is on the case.




RIPA: Why are you not going to go?

M. OBAMA: I wasn`t invited. And if I get invited, I`ll go.


ANDERSON: Well, A.J., there you have it. Maybe her invitation is in the mail.

HAMMER: Yes. Or maybe they haven`t even gone out yet. Who really knows? Well, that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday.

HAMMER: And of course, we are still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.