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Are Sandra and Ryan Really On?; Swift Split?; Nicole Kidman is Jennifer Aniston`s Idol; Snooki`s "Trashy" Revelation; Brand-New "Bachelor" Slap Bombshell

Aired January 5, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Sandra and Ryan - are they really on? Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, brand-new details revealed today about their cozy New Year`s Eve.

Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the explosive evidence that, yes, these two are a great match.

Swift split? Surprising news today that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have broken up. What the heck happened?

Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston`s idol? She says she wants to be just like Nicole.

Brand-new "Bachelor" slap bombshell. Is the woman who smacked Brad -



HAMMER: Actually engaged to him? The host of "The Bachelor" is right here today for the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking today - Is it on or not?

There is remarkable fascination today over the possibility, and let me stress, the possibility, that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are picking up the pieces from their shattered marriages with each other.

A New Year`s Eve Sandra-Ryan get-together has turned into an out-of- control romance rumor mill. And today, for the very first time, Sandra is setting the record straight.

But why are so many people virtually praying that this could actually be true, that Sandra and Ryan are more than just friends? Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is getting to the bottom of the question everyone wants answered.


(voice-over) 2011 is only days old, and already it seems all of America has agreed on a new year`s wish. For Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, who starred together in "The Proposal" -

SANDRA BULLOCK, ACTRESS: Can`t find love like ours.

HAMMER: To get together in real life.

MARC MALKIN, COLUMNIST, "E! ONLINE": Sandy Bullock and Ryan Reynolds? Fingers crossed.

HAMMER: Brand-new reports that these two super-successful, super-cute and newly-single superstars have been spending some extra time together have everyone in a Sandra-Ryan speculation frenzy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good for those two.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Beautiful children.


HAMMER: Today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT unearthed new signs that Sandra and Ryan just might be together. Sign number one - they spent New Year`s Eve together.

REBECCA BIENSTOCK, DEPUTY NEWS EDITOR, "US WEEKLY": Ryan and Sandra spent the evening together at her restaurant, Bess, in Austin.

HAMMER: The new issue of "Us Weekly" magazine obtained today by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT boldly declares "Sandra and Ryan: It`s On."

BIENSTOCK: They noticed they were flirty. They were dancing together. They had a real rapport. It seemed like they were really close.

HAMMER: The second sign that Sandra and Ryan might be together - they like each other.

BIENSTOCK: They`ve known each other for 10 years. And after doing the film together, that made them even closer.

HAMMER: Reynolds raved about Bullock when he talked to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in 2009.

RYAN REYNOLDS, ACTOR: I`ve never met anyone who is so successful, that is, you know, has such a degree of humility and grace that she does. She`s incredible.

BIENSTOCK: A lot of people who worked with them are rooting for them to get together.

HAMMER: And a third sign that Sandra and Ryan might be together - their shared heart break. Last year, both stars saw their fairytale marriages collapse. Sandra and her husband, Jesse James, split up after a nasty cheating scandal. Ryan and his wife, actress Scarlett Johansson, announced their separation just last month.

BIENSTOCK: Divorce is very painful for both of them. And they`ve been leaning on each other for comfort during this difficult time. Now, they`re both single, so it certainly makes people wonder maybe something more is going on.

HAMMER: But today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT also found new signs that Sandra and Ryan might not be together. For one, spending New Year`s Eve together was nothing special for them.

BIENSTOCK: They actually spent New Year`s Eve together for many years.

HAMMER: That brings us to the second new sign that Sandra and Ryan might not be together - they say they`re just friends.

In a statement today, Sandra Bullock`s rep tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, quote, "They all had a great time ringing in the New Year as they have in the past as nothing more than friends." But then again, everyone says that.

And the third sign that Sandra and Ryan might not be together - one word: Scarlett.

BIENSTOCK: Sandra Bullock is also good friends with Ryan`s ex, Scarlett Johansson.

HAMMER: That would make things kind of weird if Sandra was hooking up with Scarlett`s ex. But even if they aren`t together yet, anyway, people are still hoping.

In our brand-new SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll, we asked, "Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock: Would they make the perfect couple?"

Today`s results weren`t even close. Seventy-three percent of you said totally. Only 27 percent of you said no way.

MALKIN: I think people really want to see Bullock really happy and they wouldn`t mind seeing her really happy with a hot guy who`s about 12 years her junior named Ryan Reynolds.


HAMMER: Yes. Look at that. The results of the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll are just astounding with 73 percent saying Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are the perfect couple.

Let me bring in Maggie Furlong. Maggie is the west coast editor for AOL Television and Movie Fone.

Maggie, why do you think so many people are so obsessed and hoping upon all hope that Sandra and Ryan are together?

MAGGIE FURLONG, WEST COAST EDITOR, AOL TELEVISION AND MOVIE FONE: That movie was such a huge success, and it was all because of their chemistry together. You can tell they get along. You can tell they have a good time with each other.

$300 million can`t be wrong. People love them together. I only wonder it might be rebound for both of them and probably not smart if they have been good friends for so long to ruin that friendship with a romance.

HAMMER: Yes. Let`s talk about that for a moment because, of course, that`s something that`s been on a lot of people`s minds. Now, personally, I think Sandra deserves nothing but pure happiness after everything she went through last year.

But yes, obviously, it would be a rebound relationship for both of them. Of course, she split from Jesse James last year. He split from Scarlett Johansson just last month. And we know how the rebound relationships typically go, but I still like it. So here`s our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint -

FURLONG: I still like it, too.

HAMMER: Should Sandra and Ryan avoid becoming each other`s rebound relationship? Sunny Hostin with "In Session" on TruTV, do you think that Ryan and Sandra should avoid becoming more than friends?

SUNNY HOSTIN, LEGAL CONTRIBUTOR, "IN SESSION" ON TRU TV: They have to avoid it at all costs.


HOSTIN: Yes. In my view, that is because she was friends with his ex- wife, and that is sort of really taboo. You can`t hook up with your friend`s ex. It brings all this sort of bad relationship karma.

And bottom line is, like, the relationship gods come and they unleash their wrath against you. So she`s got to stay way, way out of his romantic life. No doubt.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, it seems to me that you have a point there as far as that is concerned. Who knows? You know, we`ll see what happens as things start to unfold.

But now, from slapping down reports of a Sandra-Ryan romance, to a brand-new "Bachelor" slap bombshell. This was the slap heard round the world, when "The Bachelor`s" Brad Womack was smacked by a contestant on the show, when the new season kicked off this week.

The full season has already been taped. Today, there are brand-new reports out there that the woman who delivered that slap, Chantal O`Brien - she`s actually engaged to Brad.

So what`s the scoop? Let`s find out right now in a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with the host of "The Bachelor," Chris Harrison. Chris is joining us from Hollywood.

And Chris, I appreciate you being a SHOWBIZ newsmaker on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. But first, of course, we do need to take a look at that slap that Chantal gave Brad on the season premiere. Roll that.


CHANTAL O`BRIEN, REALITY TV STAR: I watched your season.

WOMACK: Right.

O`BRIEN: And I have something for you.

WOMACK: Oh, no.

O`BRIEN: Here`s the thing. It`s not from me.


O`BRIEN: It`s from every woman in America.


O`BRIEN: I`m just the messenger. I hope you understand it. I had to get that out of the way for everybody else.

WOMACK: OK, two things. One, I deserve that. Two, I like you better already. It`s a nice hit.


HAMMER: Yes. It was a nice hit. So there`s the slap, Chantal saying she did it on behalf of women everywhere who were upset that the first time Brad appeared on the show, he broke the hearts of the two finalists by not asking either one to marry him. Very magnanimous of her.

Well, today, there are reports that Chantal`s actually engaged to him. Chris Harrison, it is your responsibility right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to clear this up for us.

CHRIS HARRISON, HOST, "THE BACHELOR": Wait. It`s my responsibility right now to ruin my own show?

HAMMER: No, you`re going to tell me, right now, are they in fact engaged? Are these reports true? Chris, you`re on.

HARRISON: He is in fact in love. He is very happy. And actually I just talked to Brad about 30 minutes ago, and again, still confirming that he is as happy as can be. He feels like he has found the one, the love of his life and could not be happier.

HAMMER: With Chantal?

HARRISON: Is that true?

HAMMER: I`m asking you.

HARRISON: Oh, I thought you knew something. I don`t know.

HAMMER: All right. I see where I`m going with this. But Chris, let me ask you this. That slap was pretty harsh as far as many people were concerned. From your point of view, did he deserve that slap?

HARRISON: Well, first of all, let me go back and just say that the slap that Chantal gave him was - it was kind of a playful, funny, first impression. She got him pretty good, by the way and caught him by surprise.

But you know, did he deserve it? No. I mean, it wasn`t one of those things that "You deserve this. I`m actually going to hit you." It was just a cute little playful thing to get his attention. And obviously, she did.

HAMMER: Well, and to that end, he may not have known about it. But obviously, you`ve seen the reports as well that the whole slap thing was set up. The producers knew it was going to happen.


HAMMER: And the whole thing was kind of rehearsed. What about that? Even if Brad himself didn`t necessarily know that, was she put up to that?

HARRISON: Yes, not only that. I also heard that we took three or four takes, where Brad just sat there and I guess got slapped all night. No, he had no idea what she was going to do -

HAMMER: Got that.

HARRISON: Obviously, by the look on his face. Yes.

HAMMER: But was it set up that she was going to do that?

HARRISON: She probably knew she was going to do it before she got out of the limo. And that`s the thing, too. They realized this is their big first impression.

So people come up with "How do I stand out from the crowd? What do I do?" You look at Kelty(ph), another girl, that came out and kicked her leg up above her head because she`s a rockette. And well, this is what Chantal decided to do to get Brad`s attention.

HAMMER: All right. Now, Brad has said and he confessed to "Access Hollywood" today, that he did find love. He`s not going to leave anyone hanging this time. Is this, Chris, in your mind going to satisfy all of the women out there who were so furious at Brad, you know, for breaking, not one, but two hearts on the last time he appeared on the show?

HARRISON: You know, I don`t know. And the reason I say that is because I never saw the ire that Brad got last time he went through this coming. I thought what he did by walking away wasn`t necessarily the worst thing in the world.

The way he did it, I think, is what upset people. I think DeAnna really went into that final day expecting a proposal and, basically, had the rug kind of pulled out from under her.


HARRISON: And obviously, that goes to Brad`s abandonment issues and the things he`s dealt with therapy and the self-reflection over the last three years.

But you know, to that degree, I think he`s done a great job. I feel like he is redeeming himself as we go. But that`s really - you know, that`s up to America and your viewers. We`ll see how it goes.

HAMMER: We will be watching. "The Bachelor" airs Mondays on ABC. Chris Harrison, I thank you so much for being with us.

All right. We`ll have to wait to see who the bachelor hooks up with. I can tell you today, that there`s a big star break-up, a swift-split surprising news. Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have broken up.

Also, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston`s idol? Why Jen says today she wants to be just like Nicole.

And listen to this guy -


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m going to make you work for your dollar. Say something with that great radio voice.

TED WILLIAMS, HOMELESS MAN: When you`re listening to nothing but the best of oldies, you`re listening to Magic 98.9.


HAMMER: Just a couple of days ago, this guy was homeless. And now, he can make millions. It`s an amazing story of the homeless man with the golden voice, next.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Alec Baldwin tells CNN`s Eliot Spitzer he`s "very interested" in running for office. Janet Jackson joins family for pre-trial hearing for Michael Jackson`s doctor.



T. WILLIAMS: When you`re listening to nothing but the best of oldies, you`re listening to the Magic 98.9.


HAMMER: Wow, what a magic voice. And what an incredible story. A homeless man with an amazing radio voice becomes an overnight hit. And just like that, the offers - they`re pouring in today.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

I`ve got to say, this is a story that makes me happy. Ted Williams is the guy`s name. He was living on the side of a road in Columbus, Ohio, begging for money until someone taped his golden voice.

And now, this 53-year-old may have struck gold. Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the story of the guy with the magical voice.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: He may be homeless but he`s not voiceless.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s been a guy with an interesting sign at I-71.

MOOS: A panhandler sign saying, "I have a God-given gift of a great voice. Wait until you hear it."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to make you work for your dollar. Say something with that great radio voice.

TED WILLIAMS, HOMELESS MAN: When you`re listening to nothing but the best of oldies you are listening to Magic 98.9. Thank you so much. God bless you. Thank you. And we`ll be back with more right after these words.

MOOS: And folks wanted to hear more. The homeless man with the golden voice blew up on Web sites like Reddit. "I just had an eargasm. He should be an NBA announcer. He should do audio books. Get this man`s voice on everything." The man is Ted Williams."

WILLIAMS: The voice just became something of a development over years and I went to school for it. And then, alcohol and drugs and a few other things became a part of my life. I got two years clean.

MOOS: A videographer for the "Columbus Dispatch" Web site is the one who shot and posted the video.

(on camera) The first thing that went through your mind when you heard his voice?


MOOS (voice-over): Next thing you know, job offers are being posted including one from "The Bo Radio Show" in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

SCOTT "DJ BO" WOLOSZYN, MAGIC PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Absolutely, yes. He`d have his own show live on the air. He already has radio experience, obviously. So he would just need a little tweaking.

WILLIAMS: And don`t forget tomorrow morning is your chance to win a pair of tickets to see this man live in concert.

MOOS (on camera): How much is the station willing to pay? Well, they say at least minimum wage.

(voice-over) But there may be a bidding contest through a Columbus radio station. The Ohio Credit Union League is offering up to $10,000 in voiceover work saying, "We are all amazed by Mr. Williams` gift." He may not end up being the next James Earl Jones.


MOOS: But Ted Williams has dreams.

WILLIAMS: So, you know, I`m hoping one day, watch "Family Guy" weeknights 7:30 on Fox 28.

MOOS: Watch homeless guy find a home behind a microphone.

WILLIAMS: When you`re listening to nothing but the best of oldies, you`re listening to Magic 98.9.


HAMMER: And there are so many offers for Ted today. NFL Films reportedly wants to give him work. The Cleveland Cavaliers want to make him their arena announcer. MTV may want to do a reality series with him.

This list just keeps on growing. It`s so cool. Ted did his very first TV interview this morning with the CBS "Early Show" and he got very emotional when he was talking about his mother. Watch this.


T. WILLIAMS: One of my biggest prayers that I sent out was that she would live long enough for me to just see me rebound, or whatever. And I guess God kept her around and he kept my pipes around, you know, to maybe just have one more shot, that I would be able to say, "Mom, I did do it before," you know.

I might pass away before her or whatever, but my dad didn`t get a chance to see this. But God is good and the only difference between now and the time that I did have some kind of a heyday, or a successful life, is that now I`m more appreciative of life.

I`m not taking it for granted and I am thanking the Lord every day. Even if this didn`t happen, I was still on that road, I thanked him, and had, you know, my hour with God. You know, I always had - I called it my hour with God.


HAMMER: How does that not make you smile? Ted is going to see his mom for the very first time in a long time this week when he visits his native Brooklyn.

Well, the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page has just been flooded with your posts today all about Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds hanging out on New Year`s Eve. We asked, would they make the perfect couple?

Megan B. certainly thinks so, "I think they make a cute couple. She deserves happiness and love, and I think Ryan can give her that."

Now, Janet C. doesn`t agree, "Both should just be single for a while and not rush into a relationship."

We would love for you to connect with us. You can join our debates on Facebook. We are "ShowbizTonightHLN" there. Follow @showbiztonight on Twitter for breaking entertainment news alerts. You can always call us at "Showbiz on Call." The number is 1-888-SBT-BUZZ. And our E-mail - it still works -

Well, Snooki has some trashy, new revelations for Ellen today. Listen to this.


ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST, "THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW": And now, when you say if you don`t black out, it`s a good night for you?


DEGENERES: Are you serious?



HAMMER: Here`s a little tip for you. Before you throw out your trash, make sure Snooks isn`t blacked out in your garbage can.

We`re judging Paula Abdul today. Paula Abdul`s new dance show premieres, so is it a hit or miss?

Teen mom rage. Amber Portwood blaming her show today for all her problems, for getting charged with battery, for beating up her boyfriend. Amber, quit your whining. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Montel Williams busted for carrying a marijuana pipe through airport. Taylor Swift`s "Speak Now" holds onto number one spot on Billboard 200 album chart.


HAMMER: There are explosive brand-new reports today that are claiming Lindsay Lohan was under the influence even while she was in rehab.

And today, her attorney is ferociously fighting back against these outrageous new accusations. All of this wild drama coming just as we`re seeing Lindsay out of rehab for the very first time. And it seems her troubles aren`t behind her just yet.

With me, in New York, Sunny Hostin, legal contributor for "In Session" on sister network, Tru TV. So today, Lindsay`s attorney was very quick to shoot down these new reports, Sunny, that Lindsay was using drugs and alcohol while in the court-ordered treatment at the Betty Ford Center.

She released a brand-new statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Just today, Lindsay`s attorney is telling us this, "I had numerous conversations with the Betty Ford counselors and doctors over the course of Lindsay`s treatment there and it was never suggested by anyone that she ever drank or used drugs. Her discharge letter from the facility is totally consistent with that."

Now, the reports that Lindsay`s attorney is referring to cites police sources as the ones making these claims. Sunny, I`ve got to imagine Lindsay should be very worried that any violation of her probation could land her back in jail.

HOSTIN: Yes. She really does have to be worried because, certainly, the judge made it very clear that she had to go to the Betty Ford Center, but that she also had to stay away from drug and alcohol substance abuse.

But I`ve got to tell you, I`m really troubled by this. If she was in the Betty Ford Center, she was getting treated for whatever addiction she`s suffering from. Shouldn`t we give her a break? I mean, people certainly slip up sometimes when they`re in treatment.


HOSTIN: I just don`t think it`s the right thing to come down on her for her time spent in rehab at the Betty Ford Center. I really think the enforcement authorities got it wrong this time.

HAMMER: Yes. You know, I`m right there with you. Let me very quickly ask you about that whole alleged assault that she was involved with. It was claimed that she assaulted a woman at the Betty Ford Center.

The woman doesn`t want to press charges. Lindsay doesn`t want to press charges. Does that mean no harm, no foul there?

HOSTIN: It could mean. But let`s remember that it`s not really up to a victim or to a plaintiff to bring charges. It`s up to the government whether or not they choose to bring charges, so certainly without a complaining witness, it`s very hard to bring a case.

But the government can do it. As a prosecutor, I`ve brought cases without a complaining witness so -

HAMMER: Fine. So she can still be in hot water over that situation. All right. Sunny Hostin, thanks so much.

Now, it`s time for the SHOWBIZ lineup - here`s what`s coming up on the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Swift split? Surprising news today that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor - I like to call them "Gyllenswift" - they`ve broken up. But what the heck happened?

Also, Nicole Kidman - is she Jennifer Aniston`s idol? Why Jen says today that she wants to be just like Nicole.

And the absolutely mind-boggling connection - you`ve got to hear this - between the $355 million mega-million jackpot and the now off the air TV show, "Lost." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Carlos Santana marries drummer Cindy Blackman. Toni Braxton tweets that she`s considering posing for "Playboy."


HAMMER: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift, splitsville? Unbelievable new reports Gyllenswift have called it quits. But why?


DEGENERES: When you say if you don`t black out, it`s a good night for you?


DEGENERES: Are you serious?


HAMMER: Snooki`s dramatic blackout bombshell. You won`t believe where Snooks says she ends up after a wild night of boozing it up.

Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston`s idol? Jen`s stunning confession today she wants to be just like Nicole Kidman.

Plus, breaking today from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - J. Lo and R. Pats prepare for a golden moment. And a Kardashian gets a brand-new TV show.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking today - Gyllenswift calls it quits.

I know it`s bad and don`t say we didn`t warn you, Jake Gyllenhaal. But Taylor Swift`s next breakup ballad - it might very well end up being about you.

Also, congratulations to one of our favorite ladies of "The View" and her new fiancee. And "Teen Mom" reality star, Amber Portwood, is actually blaming the show that made her famous for all of her jail drama. All of this making big news in "The Buzz Today."


(voice-over) Teen mom`s regrets. Amber Portwood is blaming her MTV reality show for her ending up behind bars. In her very first post-jail interview, the "Teen Mom" star is revealing that she wishes she had never signed on for the show in the first place.

She told "Life and Style," quote, "I wouldn`t have been in jail because nobody would have known about it." Portwood was thrown in jail for allegedly assaulting ex-fiance and the father of her child, Gary Shirley in an incident caught by MTV cameras.

Wedding bells for Sherri Shepherd. Shepherd has just announced that her boyfriend of one year, TV writer Lamar Sally, is putting a ring on it. "" is reporting Lamar proposed on December 26th, but first asked Sherri`s five-year-old son, Jeffrey, for permission.

They`re planning on an August wedding in Chicago. Sherri will show off her shiny new engagement ring when "The View" returns live on January 10th.

A Swift split. "People" magazine is reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have just broken up. Sources tell "People" magazine, quote, "They`re over. It ended last month."

The couple`s quickie romance kicked off in October when they were spotted together backstage at "Saturday Night Live." But 30-year-old Jake and 21-year-old Taylor reportedly spent the holidays apart.

"Us Magazine" reports that the age difference and media attention got to be too much for Jake. No word yet on whether Taylor will write a song about the break-up.


They just missed the cut for Taylor`s latest album. With Taylor`s latest split, though, should Jake be worried that he`s going to land on her next album?

You know, Taylor`s written about her breakups in so many of her former boyfriends, everyone from Taylor Lautner to Joe Jonas and, of course, John Mayer. I`m thinking Jake, now part of her history - if she wants to write about him, why the heck not?

Sunny Hostin, host of "In Session" on Tru TV, I know you`re all broken up about this whole situation. Here`s our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint - should Jake be worried Taylor is going to write a song about the guy?

HOSTIN: Oh, she`s going to write a song about him. There`s no question. It`s sort of part of her M.O. She always does that. And why not? She`s had this sort of relationship with this older man.

I think it`s sort of - may add some real substance and meat to her song writing. Definitely, it`s going to happen.

HAMMER: Drawing on real-life experiences. It`s all she`s doing. Let me turn now to the author of this book, "The Last Day of My Life," our good friend, Jim Moret, also the chief correspondent for "Inside Edition."

Jim, I know you`re a big Taylor Swift fan and a big Jake Gyllenhaal fan. So to SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, should Jake be worried Taylor is definitely going to be writing a song about him?

JIM MORET, CHIEF CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": I think he can count on it. Based upon what she`s done, yes, of course. And I don`t think there`s anything wrong with that. That`s what she does.

She writes from her own experiences. Her fans love it. And she`s really talented. You`re right. I am a Taylor Swift fan.

HAMMER: Yes. And you know, Jake has always kind of played it pretty close to the vest, so maybe we`ll start to learn more about him. Or we will learn more about him whenever this alleged song or this inevitable song does come out. I guess it`s a wait-and-see kind of thing.

Now, we`re not exactly sure what caused this split. But "Us Magazine" is reporting today Jake was feeling the nine-year age difference between them and he didn`t like all the media attention.

And I can certainly understand the media attention being a factor here. Take a look at this. The minute these guys were caught walking down the street, bam, it`s love. Cover of "Us Weekly" back in December. Sunny, do you buy that age and the media attention caused the split?

HOSTIN: I don`t know if I buy the media attention part because he was all over the media when he was with Reese Witherspoon.

But I will say the age must have come into play. I mean, nine-year difference? What do you talk about when there`s such a big difference like that? I thought it was ridiculous, quite frankly. Why would he be interested in such a young girl? So definitely, the age for me.

HAMMER: Well, I`m happy for the both of them that they seem to have figured it out pretty early on and decided to move on so it didn`t become a much bigger thing.

But right now, I need to move on to Amber Portwood`s big "Teen Mom" regret. Now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT obtained today an advanced copy of the brand- new "Lifestyle Weekly." You`ve got to check out the headline on this thing - "Being a teen mom ruined my life."

Amber Portwood is actually blaming her MTV reality show, "Teen Mom," for her jail drama. Now, she was charged with three counts of domestic battery after cameras happened to capture her hitting the father of their two-year-old child right in front of the kid.

And now, she`s telling "Life and Style" if it weren`t for the show, quote, "I wouldn`t have been in jail because nobody would have known about it."

I`ve got to tell you, that to me is unbelievable. She`s not apologizing. She just seems to be saying, "Hey, I`m sorry I got caught." Jim, don`t you find it disturbing to hear Amber`s last perspective here?

MORET: A.J., I agree with you completely. I mean, she`s not apologizing. She`s not even taking responsibility for her actions. Forget about "Teen Mom" show. She`s a teen mom. What about her behavior?

And because of the show, she received, what, a reported $300,000 last year to pay for expenses for her child? I think it`s really - it`s sad. It`s a sad commentary about her inability to recognize what she`s doing with her life.

HAMMER: Really, really sad. Sunny, do you think that Amber even gets what she did was a bad thing? Or do you think she just kind of feeling sorry for herself?

HOSTIN: I think she`s definitely feeling sorry for herself. But I hope now that she`s in this amount of trouble, criminal trouble, that she realizes that what she did was a really bad thing.

I mean, imagine children seeing this type of violence between a child`s parents right in front of a young child, an impressionable child, during the child`s developmental years. I think this is just horrible. This sounds like a house of horrors.


HOSTIN: And perhaps she`ll get some sort of parenting training and domestic violence training.

HAMMER: Anger management - all of that. I hope so. All right. I feel the need to lighten it up. Shall I move on to the Snooki news, everybody?

HOSTIN: Oh, yes.

HAMMER: Snooki news.

MORET: Please.

HAMMER: Here comes your daily Snooki news. "Jersey Shore" star, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, revealing today sometimes she wakes up in garbage cans.

Yes. Snooki was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" today and reflected on her carefree days of hard partying. Take a look at this.


DEGENERES: You say if you don`t black out, it`s a good night for you?


DEGENERES: Are you serious?

POLIZZI: Yes, because I want to remember my night and sometimes I just don`t.


POLIZZI: And it sucks.


POLIZZI: So like, "What did I do? Why did I wake up in a garbage can?"



How often does that happen?

POLIZZI: Once a month.



HAMMER: OK. So Snooki is in the garbage once a month. Hey, at least we know where to find her, right? Jim, I`m thinking that Snooki in a trash can - certainly, it`s a funny visual for all of us to imagine. But if it happens once or twice, she really does need to get some help.

MORET: Yes. It`s sad. I mean, you heard the audience laughing, but it really is a sad matter because I think she`s telling the truth.

And that`s kind of disturbing, and a lot of kids watch that show and look up to her. And boy, you sure don`t want them to emulate that behavior.

HAMMER: Yes. And to the shock and dismay of people everywhere, Snooki, we`ve learned, has read two books in her life. I think that`s pretty incredible. And now, further to our shock and dismay -

MORET: And wrote one.

HAMMER: Yes. She has written a book. It`s a novel. It just came out on Tuesday. But please don`t worry. Snooki has revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she kept her youngest fans in mind while writing this novel. May we see that, Chris, please?


POLIZZI: I actually toned it down because I know, like, I have a lot of, like, young fans, like 13. So I took a lot of swear words out.

DEGENERES: Swear words out?

POLIZZI: I don`t want to get them grounded or anything.

DEGENERES: No. But the blacking out thing is not a good example either, right?

POLIZZI: I know. I`m not trying to be a role model.



HAMMER: Oh, good for her. She`s not trying to be a role model. Sunny Hostin, I don`t know about you. I don`t know how your day has been, but for me, that is the best news I`ve heard all day. What about you?

HOSTIN: It`s been the best news I`ve heard all week. I mean, finally, one of these reality shows stars that gets it. They are not role models. In fact, they`re sort of role models for what you don`t want to be.

And so I`m glad that she at least recognizes and puts it out there and says, "Hey, I`m me. I end up in garbage cans, but don`t emulate me. I`m not a role model for you." I think that`s a good thing.

HAMMER: Yes. But - I think that`s a good thing as well. But of course, you know, Jim Moret, we see what happens with these reality show stars, particularly with the popularity of "Jersey Shore."

You know, there are a lot of people out there saying, "Hey, I want to be just like them." So I guess we have to give Snooki at least a little bit of credit here for saying, "Don`t do as I do."

MORET: You bet. Look, she`s making millions of dollars. Everyone knows her name. She`s doing ads. You and I are talking about her. The three of us are talking about her right now. Nobody`s talking about us right now.


HAMMER: That`s no good. Hey, wind up in a garbage can and pass out like me. Don`t remember what you did last night and you, too, can earn millions of dollars. I don`t like that message.

MORET: What a message.

HOSTIN: I don`t like it either.

HAMMER: No, no. OK. All right. Well, at least she doesn`t see herself that way. And we will leave it there. Sunny Hostin, Jim Moret, I thank you. I wonder what Oscar the Grouch has to say about Snooki.

All right. What do you think about Snooki, the author? I would love for you to sound off in our exclusive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll.

Here`s what we`re asking - "Snooki`s New Book: Bestseller or big bust?" I think this thing`s going to do gangbusters. You can start voting right now at You can also E-mail us your thoughts at

HAMMER: Moving on now to Jennifer Aniston`s stunning confession today. In a brand-new interview, Aniston is saying she wants to be just like Nicole Kidman. Plus, we`re judging Paula Abdul today.


Paula Abdul`s new dance show premieres. And our big debate today - is it any good?

Also, the shocking connection between the $355 million mega-million jackpot and one of my favorite shows, "Lost." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And this is the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon to be Golden Globes presenters. Khloe Kardashian and husband Lamar Odom get new reality show on E!


PAULA ABDUL, HOST, "LIVE TO DANCE": An amazing bright light to this show. And this is exactly what this show`s about.


ABDUL: You have so much joy that comes out of that little face of yours, I want to squeeze it.


HAMMER: That`s Paula Abdul judging the very first contestant on her brand- new show, "Live to Dance." And today, we`re judging Paula. Can her new gig bump her old show, "American Idol," off its throne of TV domination? It`s the great SHOWBIZ debate.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

"Idol`s" wackiest, but certainly most lovable former judge has just launched her much-talked about, highly-anticipated new dance show. But now, the pressure is on. Will it be a hit, or is it headed for the reality TV show graveyard?

Right now, we`re judging Paula with Ben Widdicombe who is a celebrity journalist with me in New York. And in Hollywood, Maggie Furlong, who is a west coast editor for AOL Television and Movie Fone.

So I caught Paula`s new dance show, "Live to Dance," last night. No surprise, it`s using that tried-and-true reality competition show formula. They`re highlighting extraordinary stories about everyday people, in this case, with a passion for dance.

But when you inject Paula`s special brand of - let`s call it energy - well, it`s a whole new ball of wax. Let`s watch.



ABDUL: You can admire people all you want, that`s lovely. But when you can inspire people, that`s the ultimate gift and you inspire me so much.


HAMMER: It`s the quiver in her voice that gets me every time. I love Paula. I actually enjoyed the show. I really hope that it is a big hit for her. But Ben Widdicombe, what do you think? Is this a hit or a miss for Paula Abdul?

BEN WIDDICOMBE, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: You know, people love Paula Abdul and I feel like they understand her. She has a lovely, warm heart. But she`s also a little kooky, a little nutty.

That chemistry worked great on "American Idol" when she had Simon to bounce off. Her own vehicle where she`s the star and gets to go onstage and hug the contestants when they don`t do so well - I`m not sure if that really works, that people are going to tune in to it. I think it`s too much Paula and not enough balance.

HAMMER: All right. Well, there was certainly a lot of interest last night. The reviews were certainly a bit mixed. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, Paula`s debut, a ratings bonanza, the most-watched show on TV Tuesday night.

Ten million viewers tuned in. Certainly, not "Idol" numbers just yet. But do Maggie, do you think Paula`s show will be a hit or a miss?

FURLONG: I was one that wasn`t a huge fan last night. I`m very happy for Paula that she got such great ratings, but I will not be surprised if they absolutely plummet next week.

The show is just kind of a mess. I think they need to strap Paula down to her chair, keep her from going up and pinching anybody or hugging anybody. She needs to focus on the judging and keep the performances to the people on the stage.

HAMMER: OK. Well, I`m sure they`re taking a look at it. I thought it moved quickly. I liked the pacing of the show. I thought it was well done in that respect and well-produced. Good luck to you, Paula, my friend.

But now, on to a bombshell new Jennifer Aniston confession today. New year, new life? This is a revealing new interview in "Harper`s Bazaar," where Jennifer is interviewing Nicole Kidman and basically, is saying, "You know what? I`ll have what she`s having - the husband, baby and career, and I want them stacked."

Listen to what Jen tells Nicole Kidman, "I`m so inspired by how you navigate this exquisite career and how you`ve incorporated this wonderful, beautiful family. I bow to it. I aspire to it."

I`ve got to tell you, I don`t think I`ve ever heard Jen speak so candidly about what she really wants out of life. Ben, are you stunned to hear this woman, who`s really become the poster child for single, sexy women over 40, saying this?

WIDDICOMBE: Well, I don`t think anyone would begrudge Jennifer having it all - the career and the fantastic family. But I think she kind of made her choice.

She climbed the top of a very greasy pole in Hollywood. She`s at the top. She didn`t get there by accident. She made her career choices.

So I can understand why she would, you know, want Nicole`s life. But I think she didn`t do so badly herself.

HAMMER: No, I don`t think she`s done badly at all. And that`s not the only thing that Jennifer`s confessing here. She`s saying she`s basically ready to give up Hollywood to have Nicole`s life, in a manner of speaking.

Nicole asked Jennifer if she would rather have a great love that lasts a lifetime, something she obviously hasn`t achieved so far, or an amazing career.

And this is what Jen told her about that, "I know what I would choose. That`s a no-brainer. I would choose the love of my life."

A lot of women are going to hear me say that, or read that, and really relate to what she`s saying. But Maggie, it doesn`t do all that much to combat the lonely girl label that Jen Aniston may want to shake, does it?

FURLONG: Absolutely. I mean, no matter how amazing her career is, she`s basically saying, at the end of the day, she would give all of it up just to be in love again.

And it`s actually kind of shocking, because if you think back to when she and Brad Pitt broke up, a lot of the rumors were about how she wasn`t ready to have a family and she wasn`t ready to start a family with him.

And now, she`s basically saying, that`s all she wants out of life. So good luck to her. I hope she finds it.

HAMMER: Yes. Good luck to her. And I think Jen is the last person to say, you know, hey - or the first person to say, "Don`t cry for me. Don`t worry about me."

But still, I heard her say that and I couldn`t help but feel a little sympathy for her. But as Ben Widdicombe says, there`s a balance. Ben Widdicombe, Maggie Furlong, I thank you both.

Moving on now to "Real Housewives," real bombshell. There is a brand- new and just stunning report today about "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." So is Camille Grammer leaving the show?

Of course, I had to call in the SHOWBIZ truth squad to get to the bottom of this. I`m here to tell you Camille is not going anywhere yet.

Here is what her rep just told us, quote, "Camille hasn`t made a decision and won`t until after the reunion show."

Now, Bravo has yet to announce if, in fact, there will be a second season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Well, there are some brand-new really, really, really rich people today. Two tickets were sold in the $355 million mega-millions lottery. And get this, there`s a startling connection between that mega jackpot and one of my favorite shows of all-time, "Lost." I`m going to tell you about it, coming up next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Editors eliminate two racial slurs from new editions of "Huckleberry Finn" and "Tom Sawyer." Bravo green-lights four comedy specials starring Kathy Griffin.


HAMMER: Prince William may be the king of England one day, but his baby brother, Prince Harry, rules when it comes to fashion.

"GQ" magazine, the British edition, just released its list of the best-dressed men. Prince Harry, coming in at number five.

Soon-to-be married Prince William didn`t even crack the top 10. Now, style experts give Harry kudos for his lackadaisical approach to fashion, saying Harry looks really good, because he doesn`t really care.

Well, today, there`s certainly some lucky lottery winners who can now live like royalty. That`s just because they happened to win a $355 million mega millions jackpot, or at least their share of it.

And some of the winning mega millions numbers have this rather bizarre connection to one of my favorite shows, ABC`s "Lost." Remember this?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That makes tonight`s mega lotto jackpot drawing, 4, 8, 15, 16 and 23, with the mega number 42. Whoever has those numbers has won, or will share in a near-record jackpot.


HAMMER: Yes, "Lost`s" Hurley, played by Jorge Garcia hit the floor when he discovered he hit the jackpot with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42, which occurred throughout the show.

And now, take a look at the mega winning numbers - 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, and 42. And if you played 4, 8, 15 and 42 hoping to win just like Hurley, well, you did win. I`m happy to tell you, you won $150.

Not exactly a near record breaking $355 million or anything like that, but a win`s a win. There were two tickets that sold that had all six numbers. One was in Washington State. One was in Idaho.

Hurley had a lot of bad luck after he hit the jackpot on "Lost." He won $114 million. "Entertainment Weekly" reports that more than 41,000 people matched the four numbers. Pretty unbelievable.

So Tuesday, we asked you to vote in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. I just received the incredible final results.

Here`s what we wanted to know from you - "Ryan Reynolds, Sandra Bullock spend New Year`s holiday together. Would they make a perfect couple?" Seventy-three percent of you said, yes, you`re all about this. Twenty-seven percent of you said, no way.

Here`s some of the E-mails we got. One from Great Fan in Minnesota who writes, "Sandra deserves to be happy. They would make a cute couple."

Now, still some people don`t think that Sandra and Ryan are right for each other, like Sandra in West Virginia who writes, "Look how long she waited to get married. The last thing she`d do is jump into another relationship."

And Rose from Florida writes, "The age difference alone makes me think that they don`t really have that much in common."

To the SHOWBIZ Facebook wall, I kind of like what Sarah B. had to say, "If Sandra could keep little Louis a secret until she was ready to reveal it, then what makes anyone think she would just go out with Ryan and start up the rumor mill? They are both very private. They will let us know when they are ready."

Well, that it is for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday, still at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.