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Rehab Roulette; Here`s Oprah!; Stars Without Makeup; Chris Brown`s Got a Gun; Lady Gaga Bares Her Asset; Brangelina`s Bombshell Christmas Surprise

Aired January 3, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - ladies and gentlemen, step right up for rehab roulette. David Arquette checks in.


DAVID ARQUETTE, ACTOR: I had a drink for the first time since I had (EXPLETIVE DELETED) storm hit me.


ANDERSON: Well, what does his estranged wife, Courteney Cox, have to say about that?

Lindsay Lohan, time to check out. What her dad just revealed today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Michael, when is she actually going to be released from Betty Ford?


ANDERSON: The Lindsay SHOWBIZ Flashpoint today, will rehab work this time?

Here`s Oprah! Or at least her OWN network. Will the Oprah Winfrey Network be a favorite thing or could it leave the big O overexposed? Dr. Oz is right here in a showbiz newsmaker interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Stars without make-up. Katy Perry`s bare-faced ambush. Lisa Rinna caught on camera au-natural.

Chris Brown`s got a gun.


CHRIS BROWN, SINGER: I`m going to put my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) pistol in your mouth.


ANDERSON: What was he thinking?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


ANDERSON: Hi, there. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today - star rehab roulette. Who`s in, who`s out?

The very healthy business of rehab centers taking care of troubled stars is off to a roaring start in the new year. Today, David Arquette is the latest big star to check himself in to rehab and his estranged wife Courteney Cox-Arquette is speaking out today about her troubled husband.

We already knew Arquette was aching, having a hard time dealing with his breakup from Courteney after 11 years of marriage. He`s been very open about that, even suggesting to Howard Stern he was having a nervous breakdown.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT doing a lot of digging today to learn the real reason he checked into rehab. And while Arquette is in, today was the day Lindsay Lohan was free to get out of rehab after some three months of trying to, once and for all, get rid of the demons that have virtually ruined her life. And this time around, Lindsay is turning to the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi for guidance.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with a team of all-stars to help us make sense of all this breaking news, including, from New York, Jane Velez-Mitchell, who is the host of "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL" right here on HLN. Jane is also the author of the great book, "I Want."

Also in New York, Cooper Lawrence, who is a syndicated radio host and the author of "The Cult of Celebrity." And here in Hollywood, of course, Jim Moret, who is the chief correspondent for "Inside Edition" and the author of this terrific book, "The Last Day of my Life."

All right. I`ve got to begin with the rehab news today about David Arquette. I was not surprised, I`ve got to say, to hear that he checked himself into rehab considering he went on Howard Stern`s radio show back in October, confessed he was drinking more, trying to curb that drinking, that he was seeing a therapist.

He even joked that he felt like he was having a nervous breakdown. Jane, this is disturbing and it seems like he`s got a lot of work ahead of him.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL": Well, we`ve got to give him some credit. This downward spiral was relatively compressed. There a lot of people who act out for years and years, Brooke, before realizing they`ve got a problem and getting help.

He broke up with his wife. They broke up back in October. Here it is - January and he`s already hit bottom and getting help, so he deserves credit for that.

But clearly, I wasn`t surprised either. This was obviously some kind of addiction spiraling out of control when he`s talking about having sex with other women shortly after breaking up with his wife.

ANDERSON: Yes. Yes, and so many people, Jim, have said that he`s been depressed and he`s been really sad about his breakup from Courteney Cox and (INAUDIBLE) all of this. And like Jane said, it really was quick, the time that he started talking about this publicly from the separation, the time he checked into rehab. Did you see this coming?

JIM MORET, CHIEF CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": Well, you heard it coming. Anyone who listened to Howard Stern would listen to this and say, this guy sounds lost. He sounds depressed.

He`d talk about wild nights drinking and partying. And I agree with Jane. I give him a great deal of credit because not only is he in rehab, but everyone knows it. And I think his wife is supportive because they have a daughter together. They do work together. They`re in a new movie coming out together. You know, it`s good for everyone, including him that he`s in rehab.

ANDERSON: Yes. And his wife Courteney has said nothing but kind things about him. And speaking of Howard Stern, it was in an interview with Howard Stern that David first publicly admitted that he was drinking again. Let`s take a listen again to that.


ARQUETTE: I`m telling you, I`m trying to be my best person I can be. I`m doing everything I can.


ARQUETTE: I quit drinking like a couple weeks ago.

ROBIN QUIVERS, CO-HOST OF HOWARD STERN: What? I thought you quit drinking years ago.



ARQUETTE: Come on, Robin. On our 11th year anniversary, Courteney gave me a motorcycle.

STERN: I remember.

ARQUETTE: Yes. And she said to me, "I don`t want to be your mother anymore."

QUIVERS: Yes, you said that.

ARQUETTE: And I really appreciate about her.

STERN: Right. In other words -

ARQUETTE: I appreciate about it for herself and for me.

STERN: Right -

ARQUETTE: She didn`t want to tell me, like, "Don`t do that" and "Don`t do this." She doesn`t want to nag me anymore.


ANDERSON: All in all - and he said way too much in the talks with Howard Stern and he later admitted that. But you`ve got to appreciate the guy`s candor.

And I`ve got to tell you, guys, hearing David in that interview from back in October, Cooper, it seems to me that checking into rehab is the first big grownup step that David has taken in a long time.

COOPER LAWRENCE, SYNDICATED RADIO HOST AND AUTHOR: You said it, Brooke. I mean, that`s the thing about him. She knew what she was getting into when she married him. He`s incredibly immature.

And it`s probably the thing she loved about him most initially without realizing that that immaturity and that erratic behavior and the impulsivity are really signs of a deeper problem, which, for him, was alcoholism.

So how incredibly mature of him to recognize it and do the responsible thing, because you don`t realize that it`s not just yourself that you`re damaging. It`s your family and the people who love you.

ANDERSON: Exactly.

LAWRENCE: And that`s a very, very mature thing to do, to say, "I`m doing damage to people around me," looking outside yourself, so it only bodes well for his recovery.

ANDERSON: Especially recognizing it so, so quickly. And so many people are saying that David, who has been very, very open about his marital problems, is still devastated that he and Courteney split up.

And today, for the very first time, Courteney responded to the big rehab news. She told "People" magazine this, "I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life. I love and support him."

OK. Considering David spilled the beans on Stern`s radio show about their sex life or lack thereof before they separated, Jane, I think it was a pretty classy move on Courteney`s part to stay so incredibly positive about David.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Absolutely. We don`t know the entire back story of their marriage. It could be - addiction doesn`t pop out of nowhere one day. It usually develops over years.

It could be that drinking was a big problem in their marriage. She may have given him numerous ultimatums and that may be why she ultimately showed him the door. So now that he`s getting sober, we hope, it could be that their marriage could get back on track. That often happens when one partner sobers up.

ANDERSON: Yes. And he has said he hopes for a reconciliation.

All right. Well, from David Arquette checking into rehab to Lindsay`s final freedom from rehab today. I`ve got to move on to the big news breaking today that Lindsay Lohan was free to leave rehab after completing her longest rehab stint yet, three long months at the Betty Ford center.

In a brand-new tweet to all of her fans, a seemingly inspired Lohan quoted Mahatma Gandhi. Check this out, "Today is the first day of the rest of my life. The future depends on what we do in the present, one step at a time."

One step at a time, indeed, and it leads to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint - is rehab going to work this time for Lindsay? Jim, what do you think?

MORET: I hope so. I talked to her dad. And he said - look, he dad admits he`s a recovering alcoholic. It`s one day at a time. He`s hopeful that his daughter has seen the light. But he`s there to help her if she needs it. And he`s hopeful but you can`t be overly confident.

ANDERSON: Cautiously optimistic.

MORET: Cautiously optimistic.

ANDERSON: Michael Lohan really seems like he genuinely cares and wants to help his daughter. In fact, they reunited, Lindsay and her father, while she was at Betty Ford. And this morning, Michael Lohan appeared on the "CBS Early Show" with some positive news. Watch.


MICHAEL LOHAN, LINDSAY LOHAN`S FATHER: She`s doing unbelievably. She`s literally turned this whole situation around to use this to her advantage. And she has taken the right steps and put the right people back in her life that she had at the best part of her life to really use it as a spring board.

ANDERSON: All right. He seems to think she is turning it around. Jane, to the SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, do you think rehab is going to work this time for Lindsay?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I pray it does. We`ve got to remember she`s 24 years old. A lot of people - again, getting back to the whole issue with David - act out for years before they finally wake up and have a moment of clarity where they realize that this has destroyed their life.

To have that moment of clarity at 24 is very, very difficult, although a lot of people do it. And that`s why I think we have to give her a break in the sense that she`s still, in a lot of ways, a kid. Do I hope she gets sober.

ANDERSON: Yes. She is still very, very young. Well, she is trying to get ahead of the game. A tease for her upcoming new Web site is out there today. I want you to take a look at "" A new year, a new web site, a new Lindsay, maybe. Watch.



ANDERSON: Cooper, are you optimistic or is there another train wreck heading down the tracks? Very quickly.

LAWRENCE: I`m optimistic because I think when she is working, that`s when she`s the most productive. She can stay away from the stressors and the triggers and the things that sent her to drinking and alcohol and drugs and whatever else she was doing. She`ll be in good shape.

ANDERSON: Yes. Stick to the straight and narrow. Make that conscious decision, Lindsay Lohan. Jane Velez-Mitchell, Cooper Lawrence, Jim Moret, thank you all.

OK. Let`s talk about Chris Brown. I know that he is paying his dues for beating Rihanna. So why on earth would he risk damaging his reputation all over again by posting a video holding a gun?


BROWN: I`m going to put my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) pistol in your mouth.


ANDERSON: Chris Brown`s got a gun. I`ve got to ask, Chris, what were you thinking?

Stars without make-up. Russell Brand ambushes Katy Perry with no make-up on. Lisa Rinna`s naked face exposed. But are these two stars furious over their fresh faces caught on camera today?

And Lady Gaga doing the hump. What is behind Gaga`s naked glute? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals her cheeky new move. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Zsa Zsa Gabor to undergo leg amputation due to cancerous conditions. Selena Gomez gets Twitter threats after she`s seen kissing Justin Bieber in photos.



BROWN: I`m going to put my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) pistol in your mouth.


ANDERSON: That`s Chris Brown days after finishing domestic violence classes after beating up Rihanna, making a gun-toting threat, and it`s all out there on tape today. Chris, come on. What were you thinking?

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. We`re going to get to that Chris Brown gun drama in just a moment.

But first, doctor defense. It`s the jaw dropping report today that the doctor accused in Michael Jackson`s death wants M.J.`s children to defend him in court.

"Radar Online" reports today that M.J.`s 13-year-old son, Prince, could be forced to testify about his dad`s alleged drug abuse and his final moments alive to determine whether or not Dr. Conrad Murray should stand trial.

Let`s get right to it with Alan Duke, here in Hollywood. He is the CNN Wire entertainment editor. He`s going to be covering this really explosive trial, if it comes to that.

Alan, tomorrow is a huge day. You`ll be there in court. It`s a pretrial hearing. Here`s what I think. Michael Jackson`s children have already been through so much. And here are the reports that they could be forced to relive their dad`s death in open court. It`s terrible. Would they have no choice but to testify if called?

ALAN DUKE, ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR, CNN WIRE: Well, first of all, they`re key witnesses apparently, especially the oldest, Prince. And forcing them to testify, I think - I don`t think the defense wants to be looked at in the jury`s eyes, if there is ever a jury, of having forced that.

ANDERSON: That would be a strong way to put it. Yes.

DUKE: You know, lawyers have ways of dealing with this. And I`m sure that Dr. Conrad Murray`s lawyers will probably tactfully do this.

But apparently, Prince has some key witnesses as far as what happened that morning that Michael Jackson fell ill and collapsed and then died. So I think it`s a very important testimony. And I don`t think we`re going to hear it during the preliminary hearing which starts tomorrow and could last about two weeks -


DUKE: Because it`s mostly the prosecution laying out their case.


DUKE: Yes, a year from now, of course -

ANDERSON: If it goes to trial.

DUKE: Yes.

ANDERSON: Well, if this hearing does determine that the case will go to trial. Here`s my question, Alan, is it a no-brainer that Conrad Murray will be going to trial, or could he get off the hook here? Because a lot of people are going to be really outraged if that happens.

DUKE: Well, the preliminary hearing has the opportunity for the judge to find if there is probable cause. It is not a given. I mean, there`s a due process. But I think that we can expect that there will be a trial, but it will be down the road. But we`ll see.

It`s going to be - laying out the case over the next two weeks. We`re going to hear a lot of new information.

ANDERSON: Oh, I`m sure it`s going to be fascinating. All right. I`ve got to move now, though, to Chris Brown`s unbelievable gun threat caught on tape today. We`re going to show it to you in a sec.

But first, let`s roll out the SHOWBIZ news line, shall we? This all started when R and B singer Raz B posted a Twitter diss about Chris Brown abusing Rihanna. Chris responded with a homophobic, profanity-laced rant. Then, Raz B`s brother posted a video threatening Chris` life.

So take a look at Chris` response posting a video, mocking the death threat. Watch.


BROWN: Yo. This message is from Chris Brown. When you come to L.A., my dude - when you come to L.A. , my dude, I`m going to get you. I`m going to put my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) pistol in your mouth, because you`re softer than a baby puppy right now. You`re softer than a baby puppy right now. You`re softer than a baby puppy.


ANDERSON: Alan, am I crazy or is this not the brightest idea for Chris Brown who is desperately trying to change his image as a violent person, be waving around a gun on tape, even if it is a fake gun. Very quickly.

DUKE: A toy gun. This is obviously a joke, but one, I think, in a poor taste for Chris Brown.


DUKE: But we`ve got to point out that the judge in his criminal case noted that he was a very good person -

ANDERSON: He`s been praising him.

DUKE: Yes, praising Chris Brown for the way he handled his probation.

ANDERSON: So don`t ruin all of that, Chris Brown.

DUKE: All the good PR.

ANDERSON: Think. Think.

DUKE: You didn`t need this. This is a social media for you.

ANDERSON: OK. Alan Duke, good to see you. Thank you so much.

OK. Moving now to Gwyneth`s battle with addiction on screen. Gwyneth Paltrow just revealed that she got lessons on how to play her drug and alcohol addicted character in her new film, "Country Strong," from Robert Downey, Jr.

In a brand-new interview with Reuters today, Paltrow says that she reached out to her "Iron Man" co-star. He famously battled addiction. She wanted to understand the psychology of addiction.

Paltrow also revealed today on "Good Morning, America" that she reached out to other famous friends like country singer Faith Hill and Beyonce for lessons on how to play a performer.


GWYNETH PALTROW, ACTRESS AND SINGER: I really kind of relied more on my girl-friend singers like Faith and Beyonce, you know. Because it one thing to play someone who is learning, you know, or trying to make it.

But I was playing like a bona fide superstar and that`s what kind of scared me the most is I thought, how am I going to realistically pull this off? And so I studied Beyonce, how she performs and that kind of amazing confidence that she has.

And I thought if I could just channel a little thimble-full of Beyonce`s confidence, you know.


ANDERSON: I think Gwyneth found more than a thimble-full of confidence. "Country Strong" opens nationwide January 7th.

All right. Oprah Winfrey called on a bunch of her famous friends to launch her OWN network over the weekend. But does she still have the golden touch?


OPRAH WINFREY, OWNER, OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK: Happy New Year, everybody, and welcome to OWN, the brand-new Oprah Winfrey Network.


ANDERSON: Will the Oprah Winfrey Network be a favorite thing, or could it leave the Big O overexposed? Dr. Oz is right here in a showbiz newsmaker interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Stars without make-up. Russell Brand posts a photo of Katy Perry`s face in the buff, but is she furious today? And Kim Kardashian`s new confessions today. Does Kim regret posing for "Playboy"? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Kanye West announces joint album with Jay-Z to be released in one week. "Dick Clark`s New Year`s Rockin` Eve" tops NYE ratings with 9.1 million viewers.



ANDERSON: That is 84-year-old legendary rocker, Chuck Berry, thanking his fans by doing his famous duck walk just after collapsing during a concert in Chicago over the weekend.

Berry`s spokesperson tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that he collapsed due to exhaustion. Berry bowed out of the New Year`s Day performance. But now, he`s back at home and recovering in St. Louis. We wish him well.

Kim Kardashian nude regrets? No way, says the 30-year-old reality star. In a brand new interview with Katie Couric for "Glamour" magazine, Kardashian poses in some - there she is - sultry photos, reveals that she doesn`t regret posing nearly nude for "Playboy" back in 2007.

In fact, she says the shoot gave her more confidence, quote, "Women like Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe have been on the cover of `Playboy.` So when Hugh Hefner himself asked me I thought, I`m young and this is iconic for me."

She goes on, "It was an independence thing for me. I was always by the book. I felt like this was one decision that only I could make and I think it looks great. I`ll have those pictures forever."

Kardashian also says that she`s a lot more insecure than people would think. The February issue of "Glamour" with Kim Kardashian on the cover hits newsstands next week.

Our Facebook fans are all fired up about David Arquette checking into rehab just as Lindsay Lohan is checking out.

Angie G. has mixed feelings. She writes, "Kudos to David Arquette for taking that step. In Lindsay`s case, we can always hope for the best, but only time will tell. Maybe she has realized she has to shape up or she`s going to be shipping out."

Connie A. thinks that Lindsay has run out of second chances, "I doubt it will work for her. She will go back to the same friends and lifestyle, so not likely to change."

Join our debates on Facebook, follow @showbiztonight on Twitter, call me at "Showbiz on Call" - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ, or E-mail

And now, the SHOWBIZ lineup - here is what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

You do not want to miss stars without make-up. Katy Perry`s nude face ambush. Lisa Rinna au naturel. Are they furious over their naked faces? Brangelina`s bombshell Christmas surprise. The big news they made over the holidays that`s going to blow you away.

And big news break today about Oprah Winfrey`s new network. Is it a hit or a miss? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin split after eight years together. John Mellencamp and model Elaine Irwin separate after 20 years of marriage.



WINFREY: Happy New Year, everybody, and welcome to OWN, the brand-new Oprah Winfrey Network.


ANDERSON: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about Oprah`s new network and Dr. Oz is here for a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview which you will see only here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Stars without make-up. Katy Perry, Lisa Rinna baring their makeup-less faces today, but why? And Lady Gaga`s is baring a whole lot today - her behind. What`s the deal with that?

Plus, breaking today on the SHOWBIZ News Ticker - "The Social Network" wins a major award and the Discovery Channel`s stunning Michael Jackson decision.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


ANDERSON: We welcome you back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today - a win for Winfrey?

The brand new Oprah Winfrey Network is finally on the air today, debuting this weekend after months of hype buildup and a reported $189 million dollar investment. And late this afternoon, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT learned that Oprah`s network seems to be a smash for now.


WINFREY: Happy New Year, everybody, and welcome to own, the brand new Oprah Winfrey Network.


ANDERSON: The ratings just in today, Oprah`s network delivering over the weekend ratings as much as 500 percent more than what Discovery was getting on the same channel before Oprah.

All right, thanks to a mixed bag of self-improvement, reality shows, plus more stars than you can shake a stick at. It looks really good. Jay-Z, Sidney Poitier, Diane Sawyer, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz who will be joining us right here in just a moment for a showbiz newsmaker interview.

Joining me right now from New York is celebrity journalist, Ben Widdicombe. Also in New York is syndicated radio host, Cooper Lawrence. She`s the author of this terrific book, "The Cult of Celebrity."

Ben, you spent a lot of time watching the Oprah Winfrey Network this weekend, what did you think?

BEN WIDDICOMBE, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: You know, I have to admit, Brooke, I initially tuned in because I was curious. I wasn`t expecting to like it, and I kind of felt - well, I want to be able to articulate what`s wrong with this network and it really sucked me in.

I watched three hours back-to-back of the behind-the-scenes program about the final 25th season of Oprah and I thought it was fascinating. I loved watching how the staff put it all together.

I think I`ll tune back in for the Sarah Ferguson program and the show of it - the reality show about competing to become a host. So I will tune back in, I have to say.

ANDERSON: Yes, I think Oprah definitely accomplished what she wanted to do and that was get us interested in what`s to come, you know. And Oprah has said that she really wants her new network to combat the mean-spirited tone that we see in a lot of reality shows.

She calls "The Real Housewives" an example of the (INAUDIBLE) state television that we`re in. But as we all know, people watch that stuff.

Cooper, I think there is definitely a place for what Oprah is trying to do, a much needed place. But do you think her uplifting OWN network can co- exist with the wild "Real Housewives," "The Jersey Shores" of cable?

LAWRENCE: You can`t compare the two because they`re two completely different things. And the kind of people - as to the kind of people - because I certainly watch "Jersey Shore and "Real Housewives."

But it`s not the same audience, you know. Her audience are people that are a little more - much nicer. So she has television now for the nice people in the world and there`s a lot of them. Apparently, Ben Widdicombe is now one of them. He was a meanie, now he is a nicey. So you know, Oprah did her thing by getting Ben, so there you go. She`s changed one person.

ANDERSON: Yes. I mean, that was quite a task. That was quite an achievement there. Well, one of the shows on OWN is "Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes." It`s a backstage look at Oprah and her staff as they prepare for the final season of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

And I`ve got to tell you, we have never seen Oprah so candid before. Watch this.


WINFREY: Sarah Jeff(ph) and John Travolta walking down the stairs. What does he have?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s a jet nose. John Travolta will be hidden in side of it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Back in the cockpit.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In the cockpit. The cockpit door opens. The stairs drop and there`s John Travolta in his pilot uniform.

WINFREY: Oh, my god! You are brilliant. Stop it. Stop it. That is too brilliant. It`s too much. It`s too much for me.


ANDERSON: Wow, too much for Oprah, shouting, playing around with her staff. It`s really a side of her that we haven`t seen much of. But Ben, with her new network, her talk show, her magazine, a lot of people are worried there may be Oprah overexposure. I say no way, but what do you think? Is she at risk of that?

WIDDICOMBE: No, I don`t think so. There are so many cable networks out there. I think that we`ll be tuning into OWN only if they want to see Oprah or her worldview. So now, I think it`s very easy to avoid her if you don`t want to see her.

ANDERSON: Cooper, what do you think?

LAWRENCE: Well, Oprah - look, she tried it with the magazine. It didn`t work for Rosie, but it worked for Oprah. Again, with what Ben said, it is cable. And you know, unless you are going for cable news, the important stuff, you are going to look at Oprah.

And it`s entertainment and it`s something people are going to take the way they take any other entertainment show. Unless people have cable, then ABC, where she was - so I think the audience right there is going to be cut down. But no. She`s still Oprah. There`s no overexposure.


LAWRENCE: And she is somebody who, if you asked her, she would say, "You know what? You have to take a risk in life. If it works, it works. If it doesn`t, I was true to myself."

ANDERSON: Yes. With no risk, there`s no big reward. And Oprah is so smart, so savvy, so strategic. If she ever thought it was probably towing the line of overexposure, I`m sure that she would take a different approach.

I predict another huge success for Oprah. And by the way, the reviews for Oprah`s new network have been mostly really positive. A "New York Times" review today, "OWN lives up to the Oprah Winfrey ethos, a meaningful, mindful cable network that seeks its own truth and tries to be its own best self."

You`ll be seeing a lot of Dr. Oz, by the way, on Oprah`s network, I want to mention. He`s on "Ask Oprah`s All Stars" along with Dr. Phil and Suze Orman. A show hosted by Gayle King and our own Robin Meade who hosts "MORNING EXPRESS" every morning here on HLN.

And Dr. Oz is right here. It`s a real treat. He`s here as a showbiz newsmaker today here with me in Hollywood. Good to see you.

DR. MEHMET OZ, HOST, "THE DR. OZ SHOW": It`s a great honor, Brooke.

ANDERSON: It`s a huge week for you, too, as well. You`re actually kicking off this new campaign, 11 weeks to move it and lose it. We`re going to get to that in just a second. But let me ask you this, Oprah Winfrey, her OWN network here. Are you nervous for her? Are you nervous?

OZ: I was nervous for her but I guess it was the right decision. Several years ago when it first became a possibility, I did think why would Oprah do this? She`s at the top of her game.

You realize her creative juices were flowing in a different direction. And I had to be honest with her yesterday as we taped our first of the all-star show. You can just see her glowing, rolling her sleeves up. She was in the back room editing my footage. I love that.

ANDERSON: She was energized.

OZ: She was.

ANDERSON: She loved it.

OZ: Psyched up. It`s a new chapter. It`s just what she wanted. And I think it`s a lesson to all us. You have to reinvent yourself, recreate yourself all the time.


OZ: I don`t care how good you are at what you do. If you do the same thing every day, you`re not accelerating. You`re not moving and humans need to move.

ANDERSON: You`ve got to shake it up.

OZ: Always.

ANDERSON: Well, it was "The Oprah Winfrey Show" that really introduced you to a massive TV audience, launched your very own show after that. What lessons did you learn from Oprah that you know maybe she should apply to her OWN network?

OZ: Well, I think one big insight, and as physician, I`ve got to say, I knew the signs of the body, but I didn`t realize this (INAUDIBLE) Oprah. She said people don`t change what they do. They`re not motivated by what they know. They change based on what they feel.

ANDERSON: What they feel.

OZ: So they are emotionally connectible. You watch the shows that they brought out on OWN this week. And I think they`re representative of what she`s trying to do, those high-minded programs that can change our life.

Why? They stimulate us intellectually, but deep down, there`s a visceral connection you have. On the all-star shows that we taped over the weekend - and I`m going to be all week long here in Los Angeles - we`re going to try to bring alive people, not just teaching them about why they should lose weight, but what deep down is going on in your life if you`re not losing weight.

That`s the connection of it. You make a New Year`s resolution to a life- long change in your life.

ANDERSON: Yes. Get to those deeper issues so that people really can turn things around. Well, I`ve got to tell you, this massive new weight loss campaign, "11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It" is really exciting for a whole lot of people.

By spring, they might be reinvigorated a new person. I want to watch a little bit.


OZ: Today kicks off my resolution revolution week. You know what? 2010 was a great year, but forget about it. This O is your old body shape. It`s gone. From now on I want a nice slender, "1" shape for you for 2011.


ANDERSON: All right. Dr. Oz, I`ve got to tell you that today, people were pinching the fat around their waist, you know, after we had all of that good holiday food. How can people make this work for them?

OZ: There a couple essential things you`ve got to do for a New Year`s resolution. We`re laying it out all for you today. And throughout these first 11 weeks of the year, we`re going to focus on this.

First of all, be concrete. We`ll teach you what your body mass index is, but also how much weight can you rationally lose and keep. Number two, you`ve got to write it down. If you`re not charting, you`re not going to make it come through. We`re giving you - and Dr. Oz (INAUDIBLE) a very fundamental and essential way of doing this through charting.

Number three, find friends. You`ve got to have a buddy, Brooke.


OZ: You can`t keep up with those dark days down the road. I know you`re going to be challenged. And the fourth and most important thing, and I guess, Brooke, I have been challenged by this the whole time, doing Oprah`s show and my own show. How do you get folks to work out?

We teamed up with Nike and we sure care. And we are pushing this out. We`re giving everybody a trainer in their own house.

ANDERSON: A lot of incentives. It`s interactive.

OZ: It`s interactive. We`re going to take a little information from you, figure out what your body needs for exercise. And for free - there`s no cost - we`re bringing the stuff into your home. A couple times a week, a trainer will work for you. All we need you to do is realize that you`re worth it. You can make it happen.

ANDERSON: What a great effort. All right. I`m sold. What a great - Dr. Oz, such a treat. Oh, it`s an honor having you here. Thank you very much.

OZ: Thank you, Brooke.

ANDERSON: All right. And you can get all the details about "11 Weeks to Move It and Lose It" on "" Check it out.

OK. We`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll, Oprah launches her new network. It`s going to be huge or, no, too much, Oprah. What do you think? Keep voting at E-mail us

We`ve got to move on to Lady Gaga`s brand new behind bombshell. Lady Gaga usually gets slammed and smacked down for what she wears. But take a look at what the Gaga isn`t wearing. That`s what everybody`s talking about today. So what`s behind Gaga`s nearly naked photo shoot?

Katy Perry, Lisa Rinna - they are taking it off, too. Both caught on camera without make-up.

Also this -


PAULA ABDUL, FORMER "AMERICAN IDOL" JUDGE: Having a brain, that`s the concept. Yes. I`m Paula Abdul. I have a brain.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you ever have a drinking problem?


ANDERSON: Paula Abdul is explaining her behavior. Could too many cocktails be to blame for her ways? Paula sets the record straight today. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Three, two, one - happy New Year!



ANDERSON: Snooki entered 2011 in the big ball. And she also came into the New Year with her signature accessory, not her orange tan or a hair pouf, but a plastic cup with her favorite cocktail in it.

I`m sure lots of people probably woke up the next day with a hangover, right? And today, Snooki reveals her secret to handling a hangover - drink more. Snooki, you`re the gal.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

All right. Let`s talk about Lady Gaga. She tweets a picture of her assets. It is a naked New Year surprise for all of her little monsters. Shania Twain and Valerie Bertinelli ring in the new year with wedding rings. And Brangelina roars into 2011. The superstar couple makes a super-sized donation in Africa. It`s all making big news in "The Buzz Today."


(voice-over) Brangelina`s gigantic Christmas gift. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just brought a $2 million donation to the African Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia where they spent Christmas with their kids.

The couple made the donation in the name of their daughter, Shiloh, who was born in Namibia. Jolie tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "We want her to be very involved and grow with the understanding of her country of birth."

Man, it feels like a wedding. Make that two. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned Shania Twain and Valerie Bertinelli both kicked off the new year by walking down the aisle. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can reveal that Bertinelli tied the knot with her boyfriend of seven years, Tom Vitale, at her Malibu home on January 1st. And twain exchanged vows with her boyfriend of two years, Frederic Thibaud, at a private mansion in Puerto Rico on the same day.

Lady Gaga`s New Year pants drop. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s most provocative celebrity of 2010 is ringing in 2011 by revealing her bare behind. Gaga just tweeted a picture of herself shot from the back and naked from the waist down to promote her brand-new album.

Gaga also reveals her upcoming music release date in her cheeky tweet. The song 2/13/11. The record 5/23/11. The new album is called "Born This Way."


I`ve got to say I`m not surprised that Lady Gaga doesn`t have on pants. I`m more shocked that she`s wearing a jean jacket. When did that come back in style? I missed that one. Leave it to Gaga.

Right now, in New York, is Kim Serafin. She`s a senior editor for "In Touch Weekly." And in Hollywood is Maggie Furlong. She is the west coast editor for AOL Television and Movie Fone.

Happy to see neither of you is wearing a jean jacket, ladies. Maggie, Gaga was named SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s most provocative celebrity of 2010. What do you think? Is she trying to get a booty up on the competition in 2011.

MAGGIE FURLONG, WEST COAST EDITOR, AOL TELEVISION AND MOVIE FONE: She`s definitely getting a good head start for 2011. But I think it`s her way of saying, like, "You didn`t vote wrong, people. I am absolutely the most provocative."

ANDERSON: Right. Not surprising that she did something like this. But Kim, what got your attention more, Gaga`s booty call or that jean jacket?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Well, I`m not really looking at the jean jacket. I`m looking at the other parts that she`s showing. Look, this is Lady Gaga. I mean, she`s not wearing raw pork chops or raw steaks so that`s obviously a step in the right direction.

But I guess what concerns me is that this album doesn`t come out until 5/23, until May. It is called "Born This Way," so, yes, your butt is naked when you`re born that way.

But a lot of other things are naked when you`re born. So what else is she going to show in the five months leading up to the album?

ANDERSON: What else can we expect? I`m a little bit nervous about that. Good point. All right, ladies. From dropping trou to dropping the mascara and foundation and everything else. Shocking new photos today of stars without makeup - Lisa Rinna and Katy Perry.

I want to begin with Katy Perry. She`s got a totally naked face in this picture that was tweeted by her husband, Russell Brand, to his one million followers.

Russell reportedly took it down - took it when she woke up, rather. And just a few hour after he put it up, it was taken down. So Maggie, I know that Katy knew how silly Russell Brand can be when she married him. She knew. But I think with this, she probably put her foot down with this shoot, because it was almost immediately taken down.

FURLONG: Almost immediately. And she definitely has an image. She`s very proud of her image. It`s a very well thought out image it and it involves a lot of makeup. To see her without hair and makeup and jewels and crazy colors happening, it`s kind of a shock. That`s what she looks like.

ANDERSON: It`s not the image she puts out there but she looks beautiful naturally as well.

FURLONG: Absolutely.

ANDERSON: And you know, Katy may not have approved of her naked face picture, but Lisa Rinna approves of hers. She just tweeted this picture - let`s take a look - this picture of herself and one of her - her daughters, two daughters, actually.

One of Lisa`s followers though dissed her big time saying that Lisa looked horrible. Well, that is when Lisa tweeted this, "Hey, at least I`m brave enough to show myself without makeup. Here I am, no makeup, not an ounce."

I think it`s really cool of Lisa to tweet this picture. Kim, many women would not have the courage to be so bare-faced.

SERAFIN: Yes. That`s great for Lisa to do that, but it`s one thing when you take it yourself and you`re choosing which picture to post up there. We saw that Katy Perry probably wasn`t happy with the picture that she didn`t take and didn`t choose to post.

You know, look, what is the big deal about makeup? Why are all these stars always tweeting, "Look, this is what I look like without make-up"? Why is makeup a bad thing? You know, you`re not tweeting, "Oh, look. This is what I look like when I haven`t showered for a week. This is what I look like when I haven`t flossed my teeth after eating a poppy seed bagel."


ANDERSON: I guess they don`t want to set unrealistic expectations for everybody. I definitely think it is courageous when they do something like that. I would not dare either of you. I would never put you on the spot. It would take a lot for me to have to take off all my makeup right now, so I commend them. Kim Serafin, Maggie Furlong, good to see you. Thanks.

All right. Paula Abdul has certainly demonstrated some bizarre behavior over the years, but did she ever appear on camera drunk?


ABDUL: Having a brain, that`s the concept. Yes. I`m Paula Abdul. I have a brain.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you ever have a drinking problem?


ANDERSON: Paula Abdul is setting the record straight today about all the reports that say she`s a drunk. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Oscar-nominated actor Peter Postlethwaite dies at age 64. The Online Film Critics Society names "The Social Network" best picture.



ABDUL: I`ve got a lot of you coming in. Let`s put it this way. When the show started, the director said this show is going to rule the music industry.


ANDERSON: Did you understand what Paula Abdul was talking about? Abdul`s bizarre behavior sparked big questions that she may have had a drinking problem, but today Paula is setting the record straight.

Paula Abdul just sat down for a very revealing and no-holds-barred interview with CBS` Julie Chen. And let me tell you, Julie went there.

I mean, a lot of people certainly wondered what was up with Paula when she would ramble and slur her speech in the past. It happened more than once. So could too many cocktails or something else be behind some of Paula Abdul`s over-the-top antics? Paula says, please! Watch this.


ABDUL: I am intelligent.

JULIE CHEN, CBS CORRESPONDENT: But people don`t give you enough credit for having a brain.

ABDUL: Having a brain, that`s the concept. Yes. I`m Paula Abdul. I have a brain.

CHEN: Did you ever have a drinking problem?

ABDUL: I`ve never had a drinking problem. Even though I`ve been in this business for quite some time, I`ve never physically been drunk in my life. I`ve never been drunk in my life. I don`t use recreational drugs but I am goofy and I -

CHEN: So it`s just Paula.

ABDUL: It`s Paula. It is Paula and even the people on "Idol" know none of that existed ever.


ANDERSON: Paula also revealed brand-new details about her famous run-ins with Simon Cowell on "American Idol." Watch this.


CHEN: We all saw what the energy was like on air. What was it like when cameras stopped rolling?

ABDUL: Worse.

CHEN: Worse? That`s a show I want to see then.

ABDUL: That`s the show that should have been produced all along.

CHEN: Yes.


ANDERSON: Yes, I agree. Well, Paula`s new reality TV show, "Live to Dance," debuts on CBS Tuesday.

OK. From goofy Paula - her words, not mine - to the brand-new big news made by some little Fockers.


UNIDENTIFIED CHILD: Dad, can I please go climb that big rock wall?

BEN STILLER, ACTOR: Yes. OK. Just be careful, buddy.

ROBERT DE NIRO, ACTOR: Do you think he can handle that?

STILLER: I`m in charge, all right? I`m calling the plays now, so you just got to step back and accept the fact that I have got this.



ANDERSON: It is official. "Little Fockers" is a huge hit. It`s the first number one movie of 2011. And I just received the astounding results of the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. We asked, "Which movie is a must-see for you." Pretty much a tie between "Little Fockers" and "True Grit." Only seven percent said they wanted to see "Gulliver`s Travels."

Check out this E-mail. Angel from New Jersey didn`t like any of our choices. "`The King`s Speech.` Now that was worth my eleven dollars."

ANDERSON: Where are you going to the movies for $11? All right. Now, that is a wrap for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you so much for watching. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday. And don`t forget, we are still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show most provocative television entertainment show seven days a week at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.