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Special Edition of Showbiz Tonight: Rockers and Shockers

Aired December 29, 2010 - 23:00:00   ET



A.J. HAMMER, HOST (voice-over): Right now on a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers." The rock stars who totally shocked us with what they did, what they said and even what they wore.

BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST (voice-over): The incredible head spinning Bieber/Gaga battle. Who`s the bigger star, the Bieb or Lady Gaga?

HAMMER: The rocker that shocked you the most. John Mayer, his explosive sex confessions about Jessica Simpson.

JO PIAZZA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: I think he might have stopped seeing his therapist and just decided that the American public would be his therapist.

HAMMER: Taylor Swift singing about her exes. Leann Rimes defending her affair. Who`s the most shocking? You decide with your votes.

ANDERSON: Shocking star splits. Sandra and Jesse, Courteney and David, Eva and Tony. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals the most shocking breakup.

HAMMER: A special edition of TV`s most provocative entertainment news show "Rockers and Shockers" --

ANDERSON: Starts right now!


HAMMER (on-camera): Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON (on-camera): Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers," the rock stars who have taken shock to an incredible new level with their actions and with their word.

HAMMER: And we start off with the raging battle between the hottest stars in music, the ultimate star showdown. It`s Lady Gaga versus Justin Bieber. It`s a smack down like no other. The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT lets two powerhouse superstars do get out with the title of "World Domination." Let the war begin.


(SINGING) baby, baby, baby, oh.

HAMMER (voice-over): He has the single most watched video in YouTube history.

(SINGING) Bad romance --

HAMMER: She was the first to pass a billion collective views. His was the most mentioned name on Facebook in 2010. She has more Facebook fans than any living person. He`s performed for the president of the United States. She`s performed for the Queen of England. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga are officially music royalty, but between the two, who out reigns the other?

KEITH CAULFIELD, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE: Who`s bigger pop star just in terms of sheer music sales, easily, Lady Gaga.

HAMMER: Keith Caulfield is the associate director of charge in Billboard Magazine.

CAULFIELD: Gaga has sold 5.4 million albums to Bieber`s about 4 million. And in terms of track sales, Gaga has sold about 30 million tracks, and Bieber has sold about 10 million tracks. She`s made over a hundred million gross at, you know, on tour over the past year, over a hundred shows (ph). Bieber has made something like 30 million on the road the past year, has played 50 something shows, still a very good number, but Gaga is clearly, you know, a monster on the road.

(SINGING) baby I`m feeling so out of this world

HAMMER: Of course, it takes more than iTunes and ticket master to call this fight. 24-year-old Gaga pounded the pavement for years in New York City before catching her break in less than half the time 16-year-old Bieber went from a YouTube wanna-be to having music icons Usher and Justin Timberlake fighting over him.

JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: They kind of both saw me, and they saw my talent, and they were like, wow, I want to sign this kid.

HAMMER: In the end, Usher won, became Bieber`s mentor, and in the process, gave his protege, a priceless amount of street creds. One example, Bieber`s appearance on "Saturday Night Live" helped generate more than 7 million viewers while Gaga only hit 6.7 with the same gig.

NICK LACHEY, HOST, "THE SING OFF": I admire what Lady Gaga has been able to do. It`s not my cup of tea, if you know, music wise, but, you know, I think, Justin Bieber seems like he`s got legitimate talent. He`s got a, you know, pretty good handle on it.

HAMMER: In fact, there is little that Justin Bieber isn`t handling. He`s already written an autobiography, has his own doll, a 3D movie, and of course, perhaps, the most famous hair cut in the world.

LACHEY: I think they`re two, you know, great examples of, you know, the opportunities that are out there. So, you know, instead (ph) taking advantage of each and every one.

HAMMER: Merchandising aside, it`s Gaga`s seemingly incessant attraction to controversy which even overshadows Bieber fever. Bieber cancelled a mall appearance. Gaga flips off an entire baseball stadium. Bieber breaks out a water gun on fan. Gaga wear a dress made from raw meat. Bieber sparks some P.G. gossip with Kim Kardashian. Gaga launches an ROBERTS-rated lesbian rumor with Beyonce.

BEYONCE, SINGER: Bad, bad girl, Gaga.

HAMMER: While both stars` every move seems to make headlines, earn money or start an avalanche of activity on line, even Gaga and Bieber would agree it`s their fans that matter most.

BIEBER: You know, I have a lot of great people surrounding me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bieber`s fans would probably fight you tooth and nail over their tandem, but Gaga`s fans are legion. They love their mama monster.



HAMMER (on-camera): The big question of supremacy still remains in the battle of Gaga versus Bieber and that brings us to our "Showbiz Flashpoint," Gaga versus Bieber, who`s the bigger star?

Joining me right now from Hollywood, Rachel Zalis is the contributing editor for "Life and Style" magazine, and right now in New York, Shelley Wade who`s a radio host for Z100 in New York City. Let the battle of the mega stars begin now. And the first battleground today, of course, has to be Facebook. They were both very involved with this.

Bieber won the honor of being the most mentioned name on Facebook, but Gaga has more Facebook fans than any living person. So, Rachel, off to you first, do you think in this instance who can claim the Facebook frontier? Is it Gaga? Is it Bieber?

RACHEL ZALIS, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, LIFE AND STYLE: First of all, there is no contest between these two. Gaga is seriously going to be one of the most powerful people in pop. It will go down in the books. And in terms of Facebook, she`s the first person to have 10 million fans. I mean, she`s caused so much traffic on the site. Mark Zuckerberg should be cutting her in for a piece of that pie. One more person to add to the list.

HAMMER: All right.

ZALIS: I mean, she`s just a worldwide phenomenon. It`s unbelievable.

HAMMER: OK. Hold on a second. Don`t get ahead of yourself, Rachel, because we`re still making our case here. This just sort to battle it out in other ways, as well. Controversy, of course, is among the different ways. One example of Gaga stirring the pot. You remember, she flipped off an entire stadium of Yankees` fans.

Bieber raised a lot of eyebrows with all that speculation about his relationship with Kim Kardashian, the thought of which really upset a lot of his young fans, but some of our fans on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook wall say Gaga does have this category sewn up. I want to get to this comment.

It`s Jan M. writing, "Lady Gaga all the way because she always comes up with some crazy idea. For example, the meat outfit. Shelley Wade, in the category of controversy, Jan M., in my mind, is right here. The Bieb can`t top the meat dress. Gaga wins this one, right?


SHELLEY WADE, RADIO HOST, Z100 NEW YORK: I think Gaga wins as far as being more controversial. Of course, we`re talking about Gaga all the time, whether it`s her outfits, or you guys were talking about earlier, the revelation that she uses drugs, you know? And the revelation that, wow, she`s got a meat costume or what is she doing with her hair, you know? She always causes controversy, and we`re always talking about Gaga.

HAMMER: All right. Well, as the battle of the Biebs and Gaga continues, let us now go to this category. It is pure fan power. Of course, Gaga has legions of fans, all her little monsters out there. And Bieber, the tried and true pack of screaming girls with Bieber fever. In fact, his fans so fierce, he actually had to break up a fight between a few of them after he threw one of his sweaty towels into the audience. Take a look at this.




BIEBER: Stop, stop, stop, stop. No. You can`t fight over it. Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go.


HAMMER: All right. Rachel, hear me out now. Sure Gaga has all the little monsters, but Bieber has all the screaming, raging hormonal girls. So, who wins the battle here over pure fan power in your mind?

ZALIS: Oh, come on. It`s absolutely gaga. Those screaming girls have nothing on the monsters. That army has a mass (ph), and they are taking over the world. I mean, this woman`s rich in influence far surpasses any fan that Bieber has.

HAMMER: OK. I see where you`re going with all this. The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook wall, by the way, has been blowing up over this topic, over this flashpoint, who`s the biggest star.

This comment coming in from Shay T. on our wall. "Justin Bieber, no questions. Walk into a junior high and those groups of girls will be talking about Justin Bieber and his new hit song, not how hot Lady Gaga`s plastic dress was."

I know, Shelley Wade, a lot of your fans from your radio show are huge Bieber fans and huge Gaga fans. For your money, who, when it comes to fan power, wins in this category?

WADE: I have to tell you, I interviewed both of them like about a year before they both hit really big. And both of them have really passionate fans, but I have to give this one to the people with Bieber fever. When I interviewed Justin a year before he became famous, there was girls, throngs of girls, outside with Bieber fever shirts on. They are all about him. I give this one to Bieber.

HAMMER: All right. And I`m going to stay with you Shelley Wade because I already know Rachel Zalis in the flashpoint who`s the bigger star is going with Gaga. Who do you go with?

WADE: I go with Gaga at the risk of offending -- I`m sorry, Bieber fans. I love him, too, but I go with Gaga.

HAMMER: Fair enough. We`re going to live it there. Rachel Zalis, Shelley Wade, I thank you both.

ANDERSON: Now, to more unbelievable `Rocker and Shocker" revelations. Keith Urban`s dramatic confessions about how his wife, Nicole Kidman, saved his life.


KEITH URBAN, SINGER: The love in that room in that moment was just right, and I was fully -- I was like put the cuffs on, let`s go.

ANDERSON (voice-over): The country star opens up to Oprah and let me tell you what his wife did for him was remarkable.

HAMMER (voice-over): Losing Lennon. The explosive new confessions from the wife of the man who shot and killed John Lennon. Mark David Chapman`s wife breaks her silence. It is a not to be missed new interview coming up next. Also this --

PIAZZA: Sexual napalm was a conversation at dinner party for months. My mom asked me what it was. It made me very uncomfortable. Thank you, John Mayer.

ANDERSON: Hmm-hmm. I could not believe it when John Mayer blabbed about his sex life with Jessica Simpson calling her sexual napalm, but is he the rocker that shocked you the most? You vote, you decide.


HAMMER (on-camera): Here`s a rocker shocker. Partridge Family star in 1970`s rocker, David Cassidy, pulled over by the Florida highway patrol in suspicion of driving drunk, and when a trooper asked Cassidy if he had any problems with his eyes, Cassidy offered up this story.


DAVID CASSIDY, ROCK STAR: I do, however, I had a wandering eye as a child.


CASSIDY: I had a surgery at 12 years old, I deformed muscle which is associated with farsightedness.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right. I`m not obstetrician. That`s all right.

CASSIDY: That`s OK. I`m not asking you to be. I`m just telling you what you asked me about my eyes. My right eye still wanders sometimes.


HAMMER: The old wandering eye story got him arrested after he failed a sobriety test.

You`re watching a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers" on HLN, news and views.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good evening. If you`ve been anywhere near a television set or a radio these past few hours, you already know that John Lennon of the Beatles is dead.

ANDERSON (voice-over): On December 8, 1980, time seemed to stand still as the horrifying news echoed around the world. Beatles great, John Lennon, murdered in front of his New York City apartment.


ANDERSON (on-camera): Welcome back to this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers." I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood, A.J. Hammer in New York. And now, the shocking loss of one of the most beloved rockers of all time. Thirty years ago, John Lennon was gunned down outside of his home in New York City by Mark David Chapman.

HAMMER: And Brooke, over the years, we have learned a lot about Chapman but not as much has been revealed about his wife, until now. Gloria Abe Chapman has broken her silence in a remarkable CNN documentary called "Losing Lennon: Countdown to Murder" reported by CNN`s John Roberts.


JOHN ROBERTS, CNN ANCHOR: It was a remarkable press conference, December 10th, 1980.

GLORIA CHAPMAN, WIFE OF MARK DAVID CHAPMAN: Being a Beatles fan, I mourn the death of John Lennon and feel great sadness for his wife, Yoko, and his son, Sean.

ROBERTS: Two days after her husband shot John Lennon, Gloria Chapman appeared oddly disconnected. Her answer to one question shocked many people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Gloria, do you still love him?

CHAPMAN: Yes, very much.

ROBERTS: In this exclusive interview, she reflected on those days saying she couldn`t comprehend the enormity of what had just happened.

CHAPMAN: For, I guess, the first few weeks, I was just in a dream kind of thing. I mean, it just didn`t seem real, you know?

ROBERTS: As reality sunk in, it left Gloria wondering what happened to the life she had dreamed of when she first met Mark David Chapman in 1978.

She saw him as sort of a knight in shining armor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She did. She did.

ROBERTS: Jim Gains is one of the only reporters to have interviewed Gloria Chapman. He says she spoke lovingly about her engagement.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They were walking on the beach and Mark said to Gloria, would you marry me? And she was just ecstatic. And she described it to me as the happiest day of her life. Mark never did.

ROBERTS: Perhaps, that was a glimpse into the misery and, she says, abuse that soon followed.

CHAPMAN: I don`t remember what I said, but I must said something sarcastic, and he hit me real hard like on my ear, and it really kind of sent me, you know, my ears were ringing and stuff. I had to sit down it was so bad.

ROBERTS: Gloria`s naive dreams of happily ever after vanished all together.

CHAPMAN: The only place I could go for privacy was in the bathroom. I`d just go in there, lock the door and just cry. You know, I can`t take this. How long will it be like this, you know? This is miserable.

ROBERTS: Why do you think she stayed with him all these years?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She was faithful. It was a virtue. You obeyed virtues. She was trying to be a good wife in an impossible situation.


HAMMER: Really, an amazing documentary. That was CNN`s John Roberts.

And we move on now to another big rocker shocker. Keith Urban`s emotional addiction confession to Oprah. Urban opened up in a big way to Oprah about how he checked in to rehab just a few months after getting married to Nicole Kidman. Urban sat down with Oprah and revealed what he was addicted to and choked back tears when he talked about how Kidman literally saved his life.


OPRAH WINFREY, HOST: What was the substance?

URBAN: Everything.


URBAN: Alcohol and cocaine predominantly. And it wouldn`t have mattered what it was. It was a huge hole in my life that was going to be filled by the right thing eventually or it was going to be always filled by the wrong thing.

WINFREY: Yes. I`ve heard you say or read that you said that Nicole saved you.

URBAN: Absolutely. Well, I mean, that`s the point right there where she really should have just walked. I mean, not should have, that`s not the right word but I --

WINFREY: Would have understood if she had?

URBAN: Of course.


URBAN: I`m just so glad she didn`t. And she made a decision to turn around and initiate ultimately this intervention.

WINFREY: For you?


URBAN: And it was done in such a way, and the love in that room in that moment was just right. And I was fully -- I was like put the cuffs on, let`s go.


HAMMER: Such a powerful story. Now, Keith says he`d never experienced that kind of love before, and that the intervention had such a profound impact on him. Yes, he actually checked into rehab the same day.

ANDERSON: All right. Now, on to the rocker who shocked you the most. Could it be Leann Rimes?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When she did her interview with "Shape" magazine, she said, oh, staying in shape, exercising, it saved my life while I was going through this very difficult period of husband stealing.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Leann admits to her affair and defend what she did.


HAMMER: Also, the shocking star splits revealed. Sandra and Jesse, Courteney and David, Eva and Tony. Also this --


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look at a shot gored by the buffalo.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Back away from it.


ANDERSON: Oh, a shocker caught on tape. A bison charges. Watch out.


HAMMER: Well, she may have kissed a girl but that`s not what got pop star, Katy Perry, in trouble on "Sesame Street." What did get Katy in trouble was what she wore when in a music video with Elmo. Kidde Elmo bit (ph) was yanked after fans of the show complained about Katy`s cleavage. I want you to watch and see, too, if you think that Katy was too hot for "Sesame Street."


(SINGING) you ran away, left me here indisposed. You`re hot then you`re cold. You`re yes then you`re no.


HAMMER: You`re watching special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers" on HLN, news and views.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look at a shot gored by the buffalo.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Back away from it.


HAMMER (voice-over): Caught on tape. When bison attack. Now, imagine getting this close to such a large, wild animal and it charges you while the cameras are rolling.


HAMMER (on-camera): I think it`s safe to say that all bison are bigger and stronger than humans, so when you see one coming at you, for everyone`s sake, just get out of the way, OK? I wish the tourists from Utah who were walking around Yellowstone National Park realized this when they spotted a bison roaming around, because instead of walking away, they walked right up to the big guy.

And as you see, boom, the woman holding the camera told CNN, the bison actually tossed her up into the air. Luckily, she only suffered minor injuries. She says the bison was gone as quick as it came which is a good thing.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. A really good thing for them.


ANDERSON (voice-over): and a very lucky thing for a couple who is sailing off the coast of South Africa. Listen to this, it is a miracle this duo did not get swept into the sea after a big old whale jumped out of the ocean and landed on their sailboat. Here`s a shocker for you, the couple, though, surprised, were not injured. And authorities say the whale may have only sustained a scratch or bump. The couple contends that these amazing photos of the incident were not doctored. And believe it or not, the boat had only minor damage, too.


ANDERSON (on-camera): All right. Now, the showbiz line-up. Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of this hour on this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Usher gets kicked in the face by a fan, and it`s all caught on tape. Also this --

PIAZZA: Sexual napalm was a conversation at dinner parties for months on end. My mom asked me what it was. It made me very uncomfortable. Thank you, John Mayer.

ANDERSON: John Mayer, his explosive sex confessions about Jessica Simpson. Yes, you remember how he called her sexual napalm. Is he the most shocking rocker? You decide.

Shocking star splits. Sandra and Jesse, Courteney and David, Eva and Tony. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals the most shocking break-up.


HAMMER: Well, we all know Susan Boyle has the voice of an angel, but even angels get a frog in their throat once in a while. During a live performance on "The View," that`s exactly what happened to Susan Boyle. Take a look at this.

(SINGING) Rejoices. For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn. Fall on your knees, oh, hear the angel voices oh night --


HAMMER: That`s no good when that happens. Now, Susan did ask if she could try it again, but sorry, Susan, you know, on live TV, there are no do- overs.

You`re watching a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers" on HLN, news and views.



HAMMER (voice-over): Right now on this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers," the rockers who totally shocked us with what they said and did.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When she did an interview with "Shape" magazine, she said, oh, staying in shaping, exercising, it saved my wife while I was going through this very difficult period of husband stealing.

HAMMER: Shocking star splits like Leann Rimes. She defends her affair. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals the most shocking star break-up.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Usher, uh-oh? Usher gets kicked in the face by a fan. The mind-boggling, shocking video. Plus this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sitting in the front seat.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was a big bear.

HAMMER: A bear taking a ride in a car? You betcha.

A special edition of TV`s most provocative entertainment news show, "Rockers and Shockers" continues right now.


HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to the special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers." I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON (on-camera): And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. And let`s face it, being shocking is kind of part of the rock star job description.

HAMMER: That`s right. But there are times when rockers do something so incredibly shocking it deserves a special mention, like, John Mayer, Taylor Swift and Leann Rimes. They`re all super famous, of course, and they all did some incredibly shocking things. Now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking which rocker shocked you the most?


HAMMER (voice-over): Artists can shock with their music, their bad behavior, and sometimes, with their wardrobe. But these three rockers repeatedly shock us with something else -- their mouths.

PIAZZA: Pop starts just couldn`t seem to keep their mouth shut.

HAMMER: And now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ask which oversharing musician gave us the biggest rocker shocker? The first rocker shocker, perpetual oversharer, John Mayer.

PIAZZA: I think he might have stopped seeing his therapist and just decided that the American public would be his therapist.

HAMMER: In a "Playboy" interview, Mayer shared intimate details about his sex life with ex-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson, saying, quote, "It was like napalm, sexual napalm."

PIAZZA: Sexual napalm was a conversation at dinner parties for months on end because no one else knows what the hell it means. My mom asked me what it was. It made me very uncomfortable. Thank you, John Mayer.

HAMMER: Jessica Simpson and plenty of others weren`t amused at Mayer`s "Playboy" interview during which Mayer also used the N word.

JOHN MAYER, SINGER: So, maybe, I need to take a break from trying to be clever.

HAMMER: The week news (ph) of his "Playboy" story hit, Mayer shocked us again with a tearful on-stage apology.

MAYER: I quit the sound bite game. I quit the media game. I`m out. I`m done.

HAMMER: Mayer pretty much kept his promise. He was quiet for a while after that, but sorry, John, you`re still one of the biggest rocker shockers.

Another rocker shocker, Taylor Swift, who writes songs that seem to be aimed right at her famous exes.

PIAZZA: Taylor`s just an open book. You want to know anything about her love life, just listen to her songs.

HAMMER: One of Taylor`s songs seemed to be a friendly ode to ex-boyfriend and Twilight star, Taylor Lautner. But another of switch songs called "Dear John" appeared to be about another reported ex, fellow rocker shocker, John Mayer. That song wasn`t quite as nice.

PIAZZA: She pinned him against the wall, talking about his lies and his own indiscretions.

TAYLOR SWIFT, SINGER: That song kind of is what it is.

ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST: OK. Great. We know the answer now. It`s about him.

HAMMER: When Swift appeared on Ellen, she refused to confirm whether "Dear John" was about this John.

SWIFT: I guess, people are going to continue to speculate about it, and I`m going to continue to never tell them.

PIAZZA: Taylor doesn`t like to admit that her songs are about the people we all know they`re about. We know that she`s reading John Mayer text messages being like, yes, this is going to make an awesome refrain.

HAMMER: And the third rocker shocker, LeAnn Rimes.

PIAZZA: Not only the overshare, but she upset a lot of people in the process when she talks to Robin Roberts about her affair with Eddie Cibrian. (INAUDIBLE) we`re still married to other people.

HAMMER: Rimes, who spent months being slammed as a home wrecker didn`t do herself any favors when she and Cibrian did a shockingly, unapologetic interview with ABC`s Robin Roberts.

LEANN RIMES, SINGER: You had two couples whose marriages didn`t work, who really stumbled upon each other and fell in love.

PIAZZA: She, obviously, had no idea that she was coming across as a totally heartless wench.

HAMMER: A shockingly big mouth, a shocking music payback, and a shocking lack of sensitivity. Rockers give up the biggest shockers.


ANDERSON: It`s going to be a question in this big battle of shocking rockers leads right to our "Showbiz Flashpoint," Taylor versus Mayer versus Rimes, which rocker shocked you the most?

With me right now from Miami, Eugene Ramirez who`s an entertainment journalist, and here in Hollywood, Tanika Ray who`s also an entertainment journalist. OK. Eugene, Tanika, I got to say with John Mayer, I almost expect him to overshare his personal life, well, that`s because he is notorious for that. But Tanika, I think he should have stopped short a divulging sexual details about his relationship with Jessica Simpson.

TANIKA RAY, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: And saying the N word. That`s an unacceptable.

ANDERSON: Yes, exactly.

RAY: Here`s what it comes down to. He`s always been a D-bag, that`s the theme of the show today, and I think his D-bag crown is a left over from 2009. So, it`s not a shocker exactly what you said. So, I knocked him out of the running. Then, there are some issues with Taylor Swift, but it`s still PG-13 kind of, right? Yes, she`s lashing out at boys that have done wrong to her, not that shocking, but LeAnn Rimes.

ANDERSON: Right. We`ll get to her. Save that for a second.

RAY: Girl --

ANDERSON: Yes, I know. We`ll get to that. I feel strongly about that one, too, but I do want to talk about John Mayer for a second more because I hope for his sake that he wants to be a little bit more sensitive so that women won`t pick up and run for the hills when they see him coming. And you know, some of our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook fans agreed with us on that point.

Callie from Texas wrote this on our Facebook wall, check it out. "I pick John Mayer because not only is he both the absolute worst example of a boyfriend, he`s also a big-time blabbermouth."

Eugene, let me ask you this, as a guy, would you follow the John Mayer formula for being a good boyfriend?

RAY: Be careful.

EUGENE RAMIREZ, EUGENEONTHESCENE.COM: Listen up. I`ll tell you what --

RAY: That`s red lightly (ph). Careful.

RAMIREZ: Girls love a bad boy. Girls love a bad boy. And we all know that`s what John Mayer is and that`s part of his appeal. He is a wolf in sheep`s clothing, and the girls are digging in. Nobody`s running away from this guy. (INAUDIBLE) N word and that statement over you absolutely not. That was completely uncalled for. But about the sexcapades of John Mayer and his significant others, all guys brag about getting laid. What`s so different about John Mayer doing it?

ANDERSON: Not to "Playboy" magazine. I guess, that`s the big difference. Not in public. I think John Mayer has potential, and he`s learning the hard way. He needs to kind of watch what he says.

RAY: Shut up.


ANDERSON: OK. We did also get a ton of Facebook comments about none other than LeAnn Rimes. I want to take another look at that ABC interview where LeAnn equated her affair with Eddie Cibrian to so many other people out there unhappy in their marriages. Watch.


RIMES: It happens every day to so many people. You had two couples whose marriages didn`t work, who really stumbled upon each other and fell in love. And never, ever, was I thinking of hurting someone.


ANDERSON: Really? Tanika, she seemed so (INAUDIBLE) about the whole thing in that interview, and she never apologize for what she did. She just tried to justify it, really. Did you think that`s what took people off the (INAUDIBLE)

RAY: I do, but this is what happens with people when they want to justify it for themselves and they want to soothe (ph) their own guilt, they find any way they can to make it sound OK. And I think that`s what we`re dealing with right here. Remember, she`s really young. She`s emancipated from her parents really young. She married a very, very young age. So, I think her sensitivity chip is a little off kilter (ph).

And as far as -- we`re all concerned. It looks gross from our prospective. We don`t know what position their marriages were in when they found each other. And I`m such a fan of love. If you can find it, go for it. Just, unfortunately, people got hurt in the long run, and I think she was a little off --

ANDERSON: That`s a terrible way to do it. Well, our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook wall exploded with comments about LeAnn.

To Grace M. wrote this on our wall. "There is no defending having an affair with a married man, especially when she is married, too. Shame on her. I thought she was better than that.

I think what LeAnn did was the most shocking out of all of these, but Eugene, to the "Showbiz Flashpoint," which rocker shocked you the most?

RAMIREZ: I got to agree, LeAnn rimes. You know, this is a girl who is as American as apple pie, a country music star, she`s blonde, she`s pretty, she`s America`s sweetheart, and then not only is she unfaithful, but she`s a home wrecker, and wait, there`s more, then she didn`t discreet about it. And you know that if you`re a good American girl, you have to be discreet about your indiscretions.


RAMIREZ: Something that she definitely was not to go on "Shape" magazine and go ahead and say, call yourself a husband stealer. What are you thinking? This is the definitely the most shocking rocker of them all right.

ANDERSON: Tanika, which rocker shocked you the most? Quickly.

RAY: A 100 percent definitely LeAnn Rimes. Here`s the thing, she got that hot man now, so, she`s like screw everybody else out there. I got myself a high hand (ph).

ANDERSON: As we were watching Tanika kept saying, well, he is pretty hot. All right. Eugene Ramirez, Tanika Ray, thank you both.

HAMMER: All right. I want to show you something totally shocking that happen to a rocker that was all caught on tape.


HAMMER (voice-over): We all know Usher, the smooth operator on stage, but he was no match for one fan who kicked him in the face.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Shocking star splits, I`m talking Eva and Tony, Sandra Bullock leaves her no-good, cheating ex-husband, Courteney Cox and David Arquette. We are revealing the most shocking breakup and talk about shocking, watch this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: On the car, and there`s a huge bear just sitting in the front seat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was a big bear.

HAMMER: Lock your doors and watch out for the car stealing bear? Wait until you hear this unbearably shocking story.


HAMMER (on-camera): Well, we all know Adam Lambert burst on to the music scene as a shocking rocker contest on "American Idol," and now he`s a major rock star selling out shows all over the world. Well, while Adam was on tour in Amsterdam, he gave fans quite the shock. He lit up on stage, and trust me, this had nothing to with Adam singing but with what he was smoking. Watch this.



HAMMER (voice-over): A shocker indeed. You are watching a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers" on HLN, news and views.




HAMMER: I know Usher is a hit maker, but did you know he`s also a hit taker? When he was singing his hit "Trading Places" to one lucky fan, Usher may have wished he could trade places with someone else. Usher got a sweet kick in the kisser. Can you imagine? If that woman had on high heels or some of those sky high platform heels, ouch. Usher was a real good sport about the whole thing.


HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to the special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Brooke Anderson is in Hollywood. And right now, heartbreak in Hollywood. You know, it happens all the time. Still, there are some star couples that shock and totally blindsided us when they called it quits.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. from Eva Longoria and Tony Parker to Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is ready to reveal the most shocking split of 2010. Right now, in Hollywood is celebrity couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Giuliana joins us from E! where she`s the anchor and managing editor for E! News. You can watch them together on their reality show "Giuliana and Bill" on the Style Network.

Our first shocking split of 2010 that I want to address is Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Remember, just days after Sandra won the Oscar for best actress, reports of Jesse`s infidelity surfaced. Jesse later admitted in an interview. "I took a pretty amazing life and marriage, and I threw it away. The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff called this one of the most shocking star splits of the year, but here`s the thing, they were considered an odd couple from the get-go. So, Giuliana, why do you think their breakup was so shocking?

GIULIANA RANCIC, STARS IN REALITY SHOW, "GIULIANA& BILL": You`re absolutely right, though, Brooke. I mean, I think from the beginning, everyone thought this is an odd pairing. But then you thought, you know what, maybe opposites attract, and it is going to work out, and especially when you saw them at the Oscars right before the huge news broke. You saw him looking at her lovingly on the red carpet, and she delivering that speech saying he was her rock and they just seemed like this odd pair that really made it work.

And then, suddenly, bam, it hit us like a ton of bricks that he was cheating on her and this whole scandal broke out. And you really had to final this one under what the heck was he thinking. He has this amazing girl.

ANDERSON: Yes. What is he thinking? Yes.


ANDERSON: Yes. And she is America`s sweetheart. So, I think people were shocked and really angry at him for this. But a runner-up, you guys, I got to move to this, for most shocking star split of 2010 is Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. I did not see this one coming. After three years of marriage, Eva was the first to file for divorce.

Eva and Tony had a long distance relationship. She`s got a busy Hollywood career. He`s an NBA star, spends a lot of time on the road. Bill, you and Giuliana somehow have managed to successfully juggle long a long distance relationship while both being very busy, but can you see how that would test a couple like Eva and Tony?

BILL RANCIC, STARS IN REALITY SHOW, "GIULIANA& BILL": Without a doubt. I mean, you know, this town is tough as it is, and both those people have busy schedules. And let`s face it, the NBA does not have the best record for having successful marriages, you know. These NBA players have a pretty tough task with the marriages.

So, it`s tough, but you got to put effort in. And that`s the one thing Giuliana and I always do is, you know, we make an effort to see each other. We never go more than 4 or 5 days without seeing each other because the road can really wreak havoc on a marriage.

ANDERSON: Yes. You got to make each other a priority. OK. We got to move next to this next shocking star split, it`s Kelsey and Camille Grammer. They told it quits after 13 years of marriage. Now, I`m guessing it wasn`t part of the plan to have the end of their marriage documented in a way for the reality show, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," but it was. Watch.


CAMILLE GRAMMER, STAR OF "THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS": I`m an individual, and I`m not just in the shadow of Kelsey Grammer. I am my own person. I`m really upset that my husband`s leaving to go to New York for a year. It`s going to be hard.


ANDERSON: Fast forward a few months, Camille filing for divorce, Kelsey goes public with a new relationship. Giuliana, you and Bill have your own reality show. You`re doing fantastic, but do you think there is a down side for couples like Kelsey and Camille who put their relationships under the spotlight. I actually think they had other issues well before the reality show.

GIULIANA RANCIC: They certainly did. I mean, it`s kind of amazing to me they lasted that long. They lasted 13 years together. But, yes, absolutely, I think that reality show is what they do to a couple is they accelerate the process. So, I think that if you are going to eventually split up, being on a reality show can accelerate that process, and you split up sooner because you`re under this very harsh spotlight in Hollywood.

So, Bill and I, what we do, honestly, is at the end of shooting, we come together and we go OK, this is the real world, that was reality TV. You know, you have to kind of get into a real space and just be a normal couple.

ANDERSON: OK. I do have to move this because this list of most shocking star splits of 2010 certainly would not be complete without mentioning Courteney Cox and David Arquette. Courteney and David announced their separation after 11 years of marriage. In a statement after their split, they said they remained best friends and still loved each other deeply. Giuliana, breakups, of course, can be amicable, but it can`t help matters when one part of the couple, David Arquette, blabs intimate details to Howard Stern, can it?

GIULIANA RANCIC: I mean, this relationship has always fascinated me, you know, the beautiful, conservative Courteney Cox and quirky, kind of odd David Arquette. So, nothing shocks me anymore. But I have to say I was surprised because, you know, it seemed like they were so off that they were actually going to work because they had lasted so long. Eleven years in Hollywood is like 70 years in the real world.

So, you know, it was a little shocking that they broke up. But yes, the most shocking thing about it was the way he did blab his mouth afterwards and shared all these intimate details, which was such a no, no. And the fact that they`re over that and they`re still amicable and friends after that, really is a testament to Courteney and her patience for David Arquette.

ANDERSON: I was just going to say that. Yes. Very mature of Courteney Cox to handle it that way. You know, not only for her sake but also, I`m sure, for the sake of their child together, their lovely daughter. All right. Giuliana and Bill Rancic, thank you both. Great to see you.

Moving on now to what could be the most shocking YouTube video. Check this out.



ANDERSON (voice-over): Tens of millions of people have watched it. It`s called the "Bedroom Intruder Song." It`s about a guy whose sister was a victim of an attempted rape.


HAMMER: Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith`s daughter, Willow, is a young rocker that shocked (ph). Willow Smith may be new to music scene, but she`s showing everyone she knows how to rock and she certainly knows how to rock her hair. Watch this.


(SINGING) I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth.

HAMMER (voice-over): You are watching a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers" on HLN, news and views.




ANDERSON (voice-over): Check out this shocker at a rock concert. Grammy winner, Kings of Leon, were on stage for a big concert, but before they could really get started, a bunch of pigeons started pooping on them. Apparently, lots of pigeons enjoy the music at this venue in St. Louis, Missouri, because they hang out in the rafters above the stage. Well, this was all just too much for the Kings of Leon who later cancelled the concert. Can you blame them?


ANDERSON (on-camera): The band did know about the pigeon problem, but obviously, they underestimated the power of the pigeon poop. All right. Well, from that pigeon problem to bears that break into cars? I think this qualifies as a shocker, right? A Colorado teen named Ben Story has quite a story. Ben says the bear broke into his car and took it for one wild ride. Listen to ben`s story and his family.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We look in the car, and there`s a huge bear just sitting in the front seat.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was a big bear. And in a little car like that, it looks pretty funny.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He couldn`t get out. He sure tried.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s a peanut butter sandwich on the back seat.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I guess he smelled the peanut butter sandwich.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He has smelled something. I think that`s what it was.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He opened the back door and climbed right in.


ANDERSON: The bear was stuck in the car for several hours. I can tell you that the bear was safely removed to return to its home. The car was trashed, and the bear left a smelly present on the front seat.

HAMMER: From intruding bears to a scary intruder. Antoine Dodson became an instant star to do a very unfortunate situation for him and his family. Antoine`s stunning reaction to an attempted rape of younger sister was actually auto tune (ph) and then set to music. Antoine Dodson`s "Bed Intruder Song" has been viewed over 60 million times on YouTube. That makes it the most watched YouTube video. Check it out.


(SINGING) we looking for you, we don`t find you, we don`t find you but you can running tailback, running tailback, oh, home boy.


HAMMER: Shockingly good, isn`t it? Well, YouTube separated out the most watched regular video from the most watched music video. That title goes to Justin Bieber`s "Baby." No big surprise there. So, here`s another shocker for you. The second most watched regular video behind Antoine. It`s a spoof of Kesha`s "Tik Tok" by (INAUDIBLE).




HAMMER: That`s pretty funny. And there were more than 50 million views for that particular video.

Well, thank you for watching this very special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Rockers and Shockers." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

HAMMER: Now, don`t forget, we are TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week at 11:00 p.m. eastern and pacific here on HLN.