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Bong Boo-Boo; Grey`s Dancing Shocker

Aired December 13, 2010 - 23:00:00   ET


A,J, HAMMER, HOST: We`ve got big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER (voice-over): Miley`s big bong boo boo. Coast-to-coast outrage today after Miley Cyrus is caught on tape smoking from a bong. Her father`s disturbing reaction and chilling comparisons today to Lindsay Lohan.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This might be extreme but I just think Lindsay Lohan.



Lindsay reportedly furious with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for naming her one of the most provocative celebrities of 2010.

Lindsay, I`ve got an invitation for you today. Will you dare to accept?

HAMMER: Kate`s brand new makeover caught on camera today. Kate Gosselin and her dramatic new look. What do you think? Great new do or don`t?

ANDERSON: Carnie Wilson`s brand new weight shocker today. Why she couldn`t care less if you called her fat?

HAMMER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show --

ANDERSON: Starts right now.



HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today. Miley`s bong boo boo?

HAMMER: Yes, try saying that three times fast. Bong boo boo. Well, I`ll just do it once. But, where there are smoke, there`s fire, and there were all kinds of wildfires just burning out of control today over a video that apparently shows Miley Cyrus smoking from a bong. Yes, today, even Miley`s own father, Billy Ray Cyrus, seems distraught that his once sweet and innocent Hannah Montana appears to be doing hits instead of making hits.

But what really happened with that bong? Well, while no one can say for sure, right now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, can tell you there is no lack of speculation leading to the big bong theory.


HAMMER (voice-over): Here`s Miley Cyrus performing her hit "Party in the USA," and here`s Miley Cyrus taking a different kind of a hit at this party in the USA.

MILEY CYRUS, SINGER: OK, I`m going to lose it now.

HAMMER: Guess which video has Miley taking all kinds of heat today? Miley Cyrus is under fire today for smoking out of a bong in this apparent home video posted on

NINA PARKER, PRODUCER, TMZ: This was shot a few days after Miley had turned 18.

HAMMER: TMZ`s Nina Parker tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT sources say Miley wasn`t smoking marijuana.

PARKER: People who were close to her are saying that she is smoking an herb called salvia. Salvia is not illegal, but it does produce hallucinogenic effects.

HAMMER: Whatever Miley`s smoking in her little bong show, she appears to be having a high old time.

CYRUS: I`m having a little bit of bad trip.

HAMMER: At one point, we see her freaking out when she apparently sees mirage of her boyfriend, actor, Liam Hemsworth.

CYRUS: is that a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Liam look alike or what the hell is that? Is that my boyfriend? Is that my boyfriend? Is that me tripping? He doesn`t look like Liam at all.

PARKER: She is seeing things. She definitely has a case of the giggles. She`s definite under the influence of something.

HAMMER: Even if this video likely won`t get Miley in any legal trouble, the press she`s getting from it might be a bit of a buzz kill. She was criticized and defended this morning on "The View."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just think Lindsay Lohan. You know, is this getting out of control?

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, HOST: He who is without sin, throw the first stone.

HAMMER: Headline writers are casting stones left and right at Miley. The "New York Post" jokes about the Miley high club.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I haven`t been this disappointed in the Disney`s stars since Goofy was busted in a crack house.

HAMMER: And Miley`s bong show inspired a joke-a-thon on the "Late Late Show" with Craig Ferguson.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When our dad, Billy Ray found out, he kicked his own ass (ph) and then he remembered he owns (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: It turns out Miley`s dad isn`t laughing at Miley`s mishap. On Twitter, Billy Ray Cyrus writes, quote, "sorry, guys, I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I`m so sad. There is much beyond my control right now." And there`s the little matter of the herb Miley was allegedly smoking. TMZ`s Nina Parker tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Miley has become an inadvertent celebrity endorser of salvia.

PARKER: We definitely contacted what are called head shop (ph) here in Los Angeles that carry the product, Salvia, and we`re told that the sales has been three times what they normally have been since last Friday since this video came out, and people are actually calling in to into these stores asking if they can have what Miley has.

HAMMER: Salvia is legal in California, but several states have banned it and several more considering a ban. On its website, the DEA lists Salvia as a, quote, "Drug of Concern," saying its hallucinogenic effects pose a, quote, "substantial risk of injury or death."

CYRUS: You`re going (EXPLETIVE DELETED) a brick when you see this!

HAMMER: So, the question is even if she didn`t do anything illegal, does Miley really want to be known as the poster child for a DEA drug of concern that`s smoked out of a bong?

PARKER: We put a poll up on our website to see what parents thought. And overwhelmingly, 82 percent of over 200,000 voters think that she`s absolutely too wild and a horrible role model for children at this point.

HAMMER: After Miley spent 2010 making waves with her revealing outfits and taking heat for provocative music videos, it`s only fitting that she`s ending the year with one more hit to her child star image.


HAMMER (on-camera): It`s really so sad to see Miley that way, but then, you know, some people are saying if it were Miley Cyrus, this wouldn`t be such a big deal, which leads to our Showbiz flashpoint today, Miley Cyrus bong video, does she need to apologize for it?

Right now from Hollywood, Ken Baker. Ken is a chief news correspondent for E! and also from Hollywood, Wendy Walsh. Wendy is a TV journalist and doctor of psychology. I`d like to take a look at Miley smoking from the bong reportedly taken a hit of this herb called Salvia. It really is hard to believe that this is the same person that plays Hannah Montana. Let`s watch it.


CYRUS: OK, I`m going to lose it now.

HAMMER (voice-over): She clearly knows somebody is filming this. So, whether it`s legal or not, I think, it`s pretty disappointing to see Miley doing this. Yet, there a lot of people would say, you know, what she`s 18, she can do whatever the heck she wants. Ken baker, to the Showbiz Flashpoint, do you think Miley needs to apologize?

KEN BAKER, CHIEF NEWS CORRESPONDENT, E!: You know, I don`t think so. I think that clearly what she`s done is she`s been making a real effort to separate herself from her Disney image. She wants to do that and move on. That`s not why this video was made, by the way. She expected privacy. Someone betrayed some sort of trust clearly. But I think that what`s really important to remember was that if this was happening maybe two or three years ago, when she was firmly in the Disney fold was still making Hannah Montana with, you know, fully a Disney star, then you would see probably her pressured to make some sort of conciliatory message to her fans.

But, I think, she`s, frankly, at the stage where she`s trying to move on. She`s actually going through a stage clearly. Let`s just hope it`s a short lived one because you`re right, it is disturbing. And whether or not take the role model stuff out of it, I think it`s just not good to do that

HAMMER: It could be taking her down a very dangerous path. You know, people say kids always experiment, and we know what that can lead to in many cases. But let`s get back to the role model thing for a second. Despite the fact she`s now 18, some people are saying she does have more responsibility as a role model because there are still so many young girls who love her and want to emulate her. Wendy, to the Showbiz Flashpoint, Does Miley need to apologize?

WENDY WALSH, TV JOURNALIST: Absolutely. I`m a mother of two daughters who are fans of Miley, and we watched it on YouTube, and I had a lot of explaining to do. I think the gift that comes with celebrity is social responsibility. So, yes, she gets private jets and she gets to fly to the South of France but, guess what, you have a responsibility to the people who vote with their dollars. And if your demographic happened to be young girls and teenagers, you have an enormous responsibility to them.

Now, I should say also, this is a child star who`s now gained her freedom within the last two weeks, so we`re going to see a lot of acting out because remember, child stars are so highly programmed, conditioned, monitored that really it reflects child slave labor in a way, not economically, but psychologically, where she really wasn`t free before.

HAMMER: Well, and of course, when any child misbehaves in some way or appears to misbehave in some way, everybody is quick to point fingers at the parent, even though, the child may not necessarily be a celebrity. In Miley`s case, well, she shows her dad, (ph) Billy Ray, and he just tweeted that he`s so sad about all of this. Brooke Anderson, what did he say?

ANDERSON: He seems really upset, A.J. He seems very disappointed. Here`s what he tweeted: "Sorry, guys, I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. I`m so sad. There is much beyond my control right now. Recently, Miley`s parents did file for divorce. But I want to mention this morning, the ladies of "The View" had a field day with this video. Whoopi Goldberg saying, hey, she`s still young, things happen. Watch.


GOLDBERG: He who is without sin, throw the first stone. Stuff happens. Teenagers make mistake. And if she wasn`t Miley Cyrus, we wouldn`t be talking about it. And if she wasn`t Miley Cyrus --


GOLDBERG: But she didn`t put -- you know, I don`t think she put this out. I think someone decided that they were going to make a little thing for her, you know, and put this out and get all of this going. So now, yes, OK, she smoked salvia. We don`t know if she`s finished with it. We don`t know if she liked it. We don`t know.


ANDERSON: Ken, is Whoopi right? Are people being too hard on her?

BAKER: Look, I think if there`s any apology she could make, it would be to her parents because they`re clearly embarrassing concern for her. She doesn`t have any obligation. She might have a responsibility of sort, but there`s no obligation. She`s not some elected official. She didn`t run on a platform --

ANDERSON: I want to know who are her friends? Who is pushing her to do this and what kind of friend would have filmed her doing this? That`s what I want to know. Ken Baker, Wendy Walsh, thank you both. And now, we want to hear from you. It is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. We are asking Miley Cyrus bong video, does she need to apologize for it? You can vote yes because Miley still got a lot of young fans or vote no, Miley`s 18 now. Vote at

HAMMER: Brooke, there a lot of people comparing Miley Cyrus to Lindsay Lohan today and not doing it as a compliment.

ANDERSON: No, they`re not, A.J. Lindsay is also reportedly furious with us. She`s mad that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT named her one of the most provocative celebrities of 2010. Well, Lindsay, listen up, I`ve got a brand new invitation for you today. Will you dare to accept?

HAMMER: Also, brand new makeover caught on camera today. Kate Gosselin and her dramatic new look. What do you think? Great new do or don`t?

ANDERSON: And I just cannot believe what Carnie Wilson is saying today. Her brand new weight shocker. Why she could not care less if you call her fat.


ROB SHUTER, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: Well the thing with you is that everyone is always talking about your weight. Shut the (EXPLETIVE DELETED).



ANDERSON: A lot of people are fired up today about this. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

HAMMER: Time for the showbiz news ticker, more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.






ANDERSON (voice-over): This is the most watched YouTube video of the year. It is 24-year-old Antwan Dobson`s stunning reaction to an attempted rape against his sister auto tuned and set to music.


ANDERSON (on-camera): Welcome to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood, A.J. Hammer in New York.

HAMMER: Brooke, that Antwan video "Bed Intruder" song has been viewed more than 60 million times on YouTube. What YouTube did this year is they separated out the most watched regular video from the most watched music video. That title, of course, goes to Justin Bieber`s "Baby" and the second most watched regular video behind Antwan, the spoof of Tik Tok by Key Awesome and it is awesome.



HAMMER (voice-over): More than 50 million views of this particular video.


HAMMER (on-camera): And now "Big Stars, Big Giving." Nicole`s fight. You may know Nicole Kidman`s Hollywood story, big actress, once married to Tom Cruz, now married to country star, Keith Urban, mom to three kids, but what you may not know about Nicole is her amazing work as a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador. Nicole Kidman says being an advocate for women`s rights helps to keep her grounded. CNN`s Alina Cho for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the inspiring story of how Nicole is giving back.


NICOLE KIDMAN, ACTRESS, UNIFEM GOODWILL AMBASSADOR: A lot of my life, I`ve been trying to please my mother. And I suppose I still felt like I`d won an Oscar, I`ve done this. My mom was still not like, OK, I feel like you really -- and this is probably the thing she most responds to in my life.

CHO (voice-over): So that thing Nicole Kidman is talking about is her work as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, the United Nations arm that fights for gender equality and to end violence against women.

KIDMAN: Take action, say no.

CHO: A role she`s held for nearly five years.

KIDMAN: We need women in this organization. They`re working for nothing, you know. And they`re so committed.

CHO: Ironically, it was a movie role, "The Interpreter," that first threw Kidman to the United Nations. What she didn`t know was that soon, arts, in part, would imitate life. Her work with UNIFEM has taken her to Congress, fighting for women`s rights. She`s also traveled to places like Kosovo, and just this year, earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

KIDMAN: It breaks my heart. I mean, I`m a terrible person because -- sometimes for this because I can become so emotionally involved, and actually, in Kosovo I had to be taken aside and told this is going to be a very emotional path for the rest of your life. You`re going to see in here things that you should never see in here, but they exist.

These girls were raped. A lot of their faces were completely battered and destroyed and their bodies, and they had nowhere to go. When you see it and hear it, I think it changes you forever. It certainly changed me forever.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "By A Nose," Nicole Kidman.


CHO: You are an academy-award winning actress, you are married to a music star, you have a beautiful family. Some people might ask, how does this woman, Nicole Kidman, relate?

KIDMAN: Relate? I don`t know how you say whether you relate, but I certainly feel. And it brings me to my knees and I feel it. I mean, it`s my duty, and it`s an honor to be able to do the work.

CHO: It brings you to your knees. That`s a strong thing.



HAMMER: CNN`s Alina Cho for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, and you can catch Alina`s terrific special profiling stars who are making a difference. It`s called, "Big Stars, Big Giving" on CNN December 24th and again on Christmas Day, December 25th.

ANDERSON: Terrific story, A.J. And just in today, another big star giving back, Mark Wahlberg. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at the special screening of Mark`s new movie "The Fighter" to benefit New York Cinema School and the ghetto film school. Mark`s on the advisory board of the ghetto film school, and it`s a very important and personal cause for him. Listen.


MARK WAHLBERG, ACTOR: I wish I had programs like this growing up as a kid because I think I would have chosen a different path. Even though, I miraculously got here, that hasn`t happened for a lot of my friends. And that`s why I get so involved with things like this and certainly my own foundation and trying to inspire kids to pursue their goals and dream big.


ANDERSON: The ghetto film school`s terrific mission is to provide filmmaking opportunities for young people who may not, otherwise, have one.

All right. Listen to this, Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp`s new movie totally tanked. So, what the heck happened here? It should have been a short thing, right? I`ve got to check into this.

HAMMER: And here`s the story of a lovely lady not being so lovely when it comes to Bristol Palin. You have got to hear what "Brady Bunch" mom, the great Florence Henderson, tells us about Bristol on "Dancing with the Stars."

ANDERSON: And Lindsay Lohan reportedly furious with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for naming her one of the most provocative celebrities of 2010. Well, Lindsay, we`ve got an invitation for you today. I dare you to accept it. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

HAMMER: Time now for the Showbiz Ticker, more stories from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.





UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The winners and new champions of "Dancing with the Stars" are Jennifer and Derek.


HAMMER (voice-over): Jennifer Gray wins "Dancing with the Stars," but today, I can tell you that win really cost her. Listen to this. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has just learned the 50-year-old "Dirty Dancing" star underwent surgery to repair a ruptured disc in her back. Jennifer suffered the injury during the dancing finale.


HAMMER (on-camera): You know, Brooke, the shocking news comes on the very same day that Kelly Osbourne revealed to E! online that she needs surgery on both her feet.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. Kelly says "Dancing with the Stars" made her existing foot problems worse. And Kelly says that they`re going to need to break both of her feet to fix and reset them. But, A.J., the reality is it`s a strenuous dance competition, so the celebrities really know they`re signing up for at the beginning. They know what it entails.

HAMMER: I think they do, but you know, when people get injured on other reality shows, everybody kind of freaks out about it. I`m surprised there`s not a bit more outrage about this.

But as we move on today, Florence Henderson is dishing Bristol Palin today. Yes, Bristol, of course, was in the "Dancing with the Stars" finale with Jennifer Gray and Kyle Massey, and the "Brady Bunch" mama who had picked up the show way before Bristol says Bristol definitely should not have gotten that far. Listen to what she just told us.


FLORENCE HENDERSON, ACTRESS: There were a lot of people voting for her and, yes, you know, she wasn`t the best dancer, but she`s a very sweet girl, and I think she was in way over her head, but I admired her resilience, and she, you know, was able to hang tough when flak was coming at her. I felt sorry for her, I really did.


HAMMER: I love Flo-Hen. I do agree Bristol wasn`t the best, but obviously, she`s really did improve quite a bit.

All right. We are already getting tons of posts on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook wall, Brooke, today about the Miley Cyrus bong boo-boo.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. Miley caught on tape allegedly in smoking the hallucinogenic herb, salvia, from a bong. Salvia is legal in California where the tape was apparently shot.

Leba F. writes this, come on, she`s a teenager. She is going to experiment and do crazy stuff.

HAMMER: All right. We have this from Tammy B. whose furious writing, I think she should apologize for smoking anything. She is a role model for children and makes millions of dollars for being just that.

ANDERSON: And now, the showbiz line-up, here`s what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Kate Gosselin`s got a brand new do. So, we just got to debate this, love it or hate it.

And a stunning split, Liz Hurley and her husband. Will she get back together with Hugh Grant?

And this is so cool, Jack Black and Jason Segel get totally animated for the holidays.


JACK BLACK, ACTOR: I must warn you, that piano has been sprinkled with magic winter dust by Santa Claus himself. When one plays it during this joyous season, things can get pretty freaking awesome.


ANDERSON: We`ve got your very first look at these two singing holiday classic.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

HAMMER: Time for the showbiz news ticker, more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom, making news today.





HAMMER (voice-over): Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Lindsay Lohan takes on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Lindsay reportedly furious with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for naming her one of the most provocative celebrities of 2010. Hey, Lindsay, we`ve got an invitation for you today. Will you dare to accept it?

ANDERSON (voice-over): Kate Gosselin gets a dramatic new look. What do you think? Great new do or don`t?

HAMMER: Carnie Wilson`s brand new weight shocker. Complete with an F bomb, and it`s all caught on tape.


SHUTER: Well, the thing with you is that everyone is always talking about your weight. Do you want to tell them to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up?



HAMMER: Calling Carnie fat? Go ahead, she couldn`t care less.

Plus, breaking today from the showbiz news ticker, Zach Efron and Vanessa Hudgens stunning new relationship bombshell.

And is "The Closer" coming to a close?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today. Who you calling provocative?

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke, Lindsay Lohan is apparently really ticked off at us, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, because, we, had the audacity to include her as a finalist when we just named SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s most provocative celebrity of the year. I got to tell you, I couldn`t believe my eyes today when I read on TMZ this report that Lindsay Lohan is, quote, "beyond upset" at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT because we had the gall to call her provocative. Really Lindsay? Really?

Let`s take a look back to, well, last week when we named Lindsay Lohan as a most provocative finalist.


HAMMER (voice-over): Her failure to follow the terms of her probation for a 2007 DUI landed her in court and in the headlines all year long.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This year, I really believe people have had it with Lindsay Lohan`s excuses.

LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: I take responsibility for my actions.


HAMMER (on-camera): All right. You know what, Lindsay, we got to hash all this out. Let us go over now to the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Wall of Gall, because, first of all, Lindsay, I don`t even think you actually know you really know what the word provocative means. So, let me help you out here. The definition of provocative, according to Merriam Webster, as you see, is serving or tending to provoke, excite or stimulate. Did you do that this year? Heck, yes, did you.

In fact, ask any member of the fine SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff, and they`ll tell what we did summer. We worked morning, noon and night covering all of your messy drama. In fact, let me remind you of a bit what you did. Let me flash you back first to May 20th. You missed a standard probation court appearance because, well, you were partying in Cannes (ph). And you remember this, you said you lost your passport? And then the judge issued a warrant for your arrest.

It was just five days later, May 25, that`s when a P.O. judge slapped an alcohol monitoring bracelet slapped on your wrist or your ankle, wherever they put it, and sentenced to you to random drug test. Let`s move on now. June 5th, am I getting somewhere with you? Your monitoring bracelet, it goes off after the MTV Movie Awards, and then a big month in July, Lindsay, you cried in court.

You remember? You cried, you pleaded with the judge. You said, please, don`t send me to jail. And let`s not forget, and I`d like to show this to you in detail, in case you have forgotten, The nail polish that you chose to wear on that day to court spelling out the F word there. I don`t know. That pretty much sums up the definition of provocative that I showed you a moment ago, but the judge didn`t buy that at all, gave you 90 days in jail, 90 days in rehab, and as if that wasn`t enough, your lawyer quit.

You starting to remember all of that? That`s just July. Let me bring in Ken Baker who is E`s chief news correspondent. Ken, after seeing all of that on our Wall of Gall, how in the world can Lindsay possibly complain about us making her a nominee to be named SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S most provocative celebrity of the year? I don`t understand that.

BAKER: A couple things here. Number one, excellent work, professor. That was very comprehensive lesson --

HAMMER: Thank you very much. I worked all day on this.

BAKER: You did a very good job. Secondly, didn`t Lady Gaga actually win the most provocative award?

HAMMER: You`re correct.

BAKER: Shouldn`t she be the one that`s outraged? So, I think that there`s a little bit of misplaced anger here. Maybe, she`s angry because she didn`t win, A.J. She wanted to be number one. You, guys, just had her in the top five. Honestly, look, I mean, the bottom line is it was a provocative year for her. And I think that if she`s still in this denial stage or she can`t even acknowledge that, then 2011 is going to be a very active year for all of us.

HAMMER: And you bring in some good points there, Ken. I do want to bring in now entertainment journalist, Kelly Carter. Kelly, do you think Lindsay has any right to complain about us almost naming her SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s most provocative celebrity of the year? Sorry, Lindsay, yes. As ken pointed out, you did get beat out by Lady Gaga, and I don`t know, maybe that`s what you upset about.

KELLY CARTER, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Absolutely not. I mean, the truth is that news of her bringing herself to the jail pretty much crippled the internet. We wanted to know what it was like when she booked herself in. What it was like when she took her hair extensions out. Everybody wanted to know what was going on with Lindsay Lohan, even if you could care less about what was happening with Lindsay Lohan. Without question, she was one of the most provocative celebrities of 2010.

HAMMER: OK. Yes, I think we`re making our point here. And right now, I would like to get back to the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Wall of Gall because I want to take you back in time now, January 2010. You remember? It was a fresh year, full of hope, full of possibility. And, Lindsay, you thought so, too. Here was your New Year`s resolution tweet for 2010. You wrote, "2010 is all about moving forward, not backwards, leaving the bad, people habits, and negative energy behind. Time to make changes, right?"

2010, obviously, did not go according to plan for Lindsay. Ken, she`s in rehab. She`s working hard to get it all together. So, yes, are you as hopeful as I am that I will not be standing here at the Wall of Gall this time next year talking about Lindsay?


BAKER: I`m sorry. I`m not laughing at Lindsay. I`m laughing because I really like how Lindsay brings out the "60 Minutes" in you. I mean, you got her. You`re bringing out the record. You`re holding her accountable. I love it. I love it. Sad to say, she gets out of rehab January 3rd. And I say let the games begin. Let`s see what happens.

HAMMER: Brooke, we get to our invitation, what do you think of the Wall of gall? I mean, I think we got it now down.

ANDERSON: I think it`s very impressive, A.J. You handled it extremely well. I love the technology you`re using today.

HAMMER: Thank you. We did reach --

ANDERSON: All right. We do have to get to --

HAMMER: We reached out to Lindsay, I don`t want to point out, by the old telephone technology. We have yet to hear back from her as of air time. But Lindsay Lohan, we would love for you to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. You talk it out with any time you like. In fact, Brooke, please extend that invitation on our behalf right now, if you will.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. We have drawn up a formal invitation. We are delivering it is right now. Take a look at this invite. Here it is. Dear Lindsay, you are cordially invited to appear on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT any time to defend yourself. We are rooting for you and would love to have you as our guest. Sincerely yours, your friends at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And with that, I`m going to move now to another story making big news today. It`s bad news, you guys, for Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The numbers are out today, and their movie that opened over the weekend, "The Tourist," seemed to be a huge flop at the box office.


ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS: take someone my height and build and make them believe it is me. But in this letter, it is important you follow my instructions precisely. I love you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Save that letter. Go in now. Save that letter.


ANDERSON: Angelina and Johnny did unbelievable promotion for the movie. They are two of the biggest, hottest movie stars in the world but "The Tourist" made only about $17 million in box office, came in number two, got beat by the latest chronicles of Narnia sequel. Kelly, how do you explain it?

CARTER: I mean, the truth is people who go to see Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp films are not sleeping out overnight to buy tickets in advance, but they are with movie like Narnia --

ANDERSON: And Twilight.

CARTER: And Twilight and the Harry Potter movies. People who are going to see Angelina Jolie are like random, regular adults who go and buy their tickets 20 minutes before it starts, not weeks in advance.

ANDERSON: And the movie did not get great reviews. Ken, very quickly, how do you explain it?

BAKER: Well, I think playing off what Kelly said, I think that the kind of audience that would be attracted to this movie is actually going to read reviews. It`s not like a younger audience who just wants to go see their star. And I think the reviews were horrible, and it frankly probably scared them away.

ANDERSON: Ken Baker, Kelly Carter, we`ll leave it there. Thank you both.

CARTER: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Moving on to Kate Gosselin`s new makeover. I`m going to show what you Kate looks like now. A lot of people love Kate`s transformation, others not so much.

HAMMER: And I didn`t see this one coming. Elizabeth Hurley calling it quits with her husband. So, could Liz actually get back with her bad boy Brit ex-boyfriend, Hugh Grant?

And Carnie Wilson weight shocker. Carnie says call her fat if you want. She couldn`t care less.


SHUTER: Well, the thing with you is that everyone is always talking about your weight. Do you want to tell them to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up?



ANDERSON: We`ve got more of Carnie`s in your face weight confession, and we`re going to share it with you next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

HAMMER: Time now for the showbiz news ticker, more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.





GWYNETH PALTROW, ACTRESS: Ever since, I kind of took this movie on, I feel like all of these amazing opportunities have opened up for me. "Glee" came along which was so great to do and getting to sing at the Country Music Awards. I feel like it`s really opened up my world in a lot of ways.

HAMMER (voice-over): Tonight, just caught up with Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth getting rave reviews for her singing, the brand new movie, "Country Strong." She play a country singer who turns her life around. You heard Gwyneth talking about how getting in touch with her country (ph) is doing wonders for her music career. She`s even considering doing an album. Wow.


HAMMER (on-camera): Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Brooke Anderson is in Hollywood.

ANDERSON: A.J., there`s even bigger more dramatic Gwyneth Paltrow news in the buzz today. Is Gwyneth going back on "Glee"?

Also, Elizabeth Hurley`s shocking announcement. She`s splitting from her husband amid a shocking allegation.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is breaking major Nicole Richie nuptial news today.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Nicole Richie ties the not. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has confirmed that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden exchanged vows on Saturday after four years together. reports that 130 friends and family attended the wedding along with an elephant spotted entering the event. 29-year-old Richie and 31-year-old Madden have two children together.

Gwyneth goes "Glee" again.

(SINGING) I see you drive around town with the guy I love, and I`m like forget you.

ANDERSON: Gwyneth Paltrow just revealed to "Access Hollywood" that she`s returning to the hit show in her role as cool substitute teacher, Holly Holiday. Paltrow`s first appearance on "Glee" in November gave the show a ratings boost when she performed Cee Lo`s "Forget You" and Rihanna`s "Umbrella." No word on when Gwyneth`s new "Glee" episode will air.

Hurley`s cheating split? Elizabeth Hurley just revealed that she split with her husband of three years amid rumors that she cheated on him. Hurley announced the news via Twitter saying, quote, "Not a great day. For the record, my husband, Arun, and I separated a few months ago. Our close family and friends were aware of this."

Hurley`s revelation comes just as a British tabloid claims she had an affair with a former cricket pro, Shane Warne. Hurley once dated Hugh Grant, who famously cheated on her with a prostitute in 1995.


ANDERSON (on-camera): You may remember that Hugh and Liz actually stayed together for some time after his whole hooker drama. So, now that Hurley and her husband are splitting, could she find love again with her famous old flame? That brings us to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT flashpoint, should Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant rekindle their romance?

Right now, in New York, Cathy Areu who`s the publisher of Catalina magazine. And with me in Hollywood, Wendy Walsh who`s a TV journalist and doctor of psychology. Cathy, Wendy, Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant dated for more than a decade, and after they split, they remained close friends. He was even the godfather of Hurley`s 8-year-old son. So, Wendy, to our showbiz flashpoint, should Elizabeth and Hugh rekindle that romance?

WALSH: You know, how they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? It`s not true. And in fact, if she hopes for any second that she will come back and they will have this wonderful love that they once had, I promise you, they will fall back into whatever dysfunctional patterns caused the breakup before. It`s like going back to an old drug. You`re instantly in the same dysfunctional habit.

ANDERSON: So, you say no?

WALSH: No way. No way.

ANDERSON: I say no as well because I think Hugh and Liz has that found that they are better off as friends. They tried the romance, it didn`t last. But Cathy, over to you, do you think they should rekindle that romance?

CATHY AREU, PUBLISHER, CATALINA MAGAZINE: He`s just so darn cute. I mean, if he cheated on me with divine brown, I would take him back. He is so darn cute. He was so great and about a boy (ph), take him back, Liz, just for a month or two.

ANDERSON: All right. We`ll have to see what decision Elizabeth Hurley does make going forward.

OK. Another story making big news today, Carnie Wilson`s F bomb. A.J., what`s this all about?

HAMMER: Yes, well, we have to keep it in context here, Brooke. But Carnie Wilson does want the world to know she doesn`t care if anyone thinks she`s fat. She gave a brand new interview to our good friend, Rob Shuter. Carnie Wilson opening up to celebrity journalist, Rob Shuter. He has a new HDnet talk show. Watch what Carnie told him.


SHUTER: Well, the thing with you is that everyone is always talking about your weight. Do you want to tell them to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up?



WILSON: After all these years, it`s just like we are who we are. And it`s a struggle for me. And sometimes, I`m heavier, sometimes I`m thinner, and I don`t know what else to say.


HAMMER: I think Rob forced her into the whole swearing thing. But, Wendy, I`ve always loved Carnie Wilson. I think she`s a cool person, and I was really happy to hear her say that she doesn`t care what people think. And I`m quite frankly betting a lot of people are saying, particularly people who`ve dealt with weight issues, you know what, right on Carnie.

WALSH: I think the most truth that she said there, A.J., was it`s been a struggle for me, because it`s a very complicated emotional picture for people battling with weight loss and weight gain. And here, she`s really issuing a good defense because she was fired from a diet company for gaining weight. I mean, how humiliating is that? So, my heart goes out to her. She does have struggles. We all have our kind of struggles, but that`s her kind of walk that she`s got in this life, and we love Carnie.

HAMMER: And you know Cathy, a lot of people, celebrities in particular, have a really hard time not actually caring about what people think of them.

AREU: Right.

HAMMER: But this is something she has dealt with for a long time. She`s been very candid about it. I`m right there with her. I want her to stay healthy, of course, but I`m right there with her.

AREU: She seems at peace with it, though. It`s every interview, she seems to say, you know what, take me for what I am. This is who I am. At least I`m not addicted to alcohol as I was six years ago. She`s six years sober.

HAMMER: Good for her.

AREU: She`s fine now.

HAMMER: All right. Let`s move on to some really important stuff right now because we have another story making huge news today. Kate Gosselin`s transformation. Yes, it looks like the days of Kate`s short asymmetrical call hair-do are over, and she`s getting ready to ring in the New Year with a new look. OK. Kate`s new do, actually, let me throw this to you first, Wendy, Kate`s new hairdo. We need a love it or hate it from you. Be honest. This is very, very important.

WALSH: I love it, but the reason I`m mostly fascinated is because whenever I see a patient who has a hair change, it`s always about a relationship change. They`re either entering the market, they`re breaking up with somebody. I want to know what`s happening in their personal life.

HAMMER: Well, that`s very interesting. Now, I want to know, are we going to bring in the hearts for you? Do you love it or hate it, Cathy?

AREU: I love it. That reverse mullet was doing nothing for her.

HAMMER: All right. Very good. So, do you think maybe there is something going on, and as we enter to 2011, we`re going to hear some big news of a new Kate romance?

AREU: With that hair-do, I feel a new love in her future if she doesn`t have one already.

HAMMER: OK. All right. Well, we got a lot of love floating around in the room for Kate`s hair. So, Kate, I know, you know often, you used to turn on the TV and maybe seeing people say not such nice stuff about it, about you, enjoy this moment. And Cathy Areu, Wendy Walsh, we thank you both.

ANDERSON: Right now in SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, have some little holiday treat for you. Funny man, Jack Black and his buddy, Jason Segel, get animated for Christmas. Watch this.


BLACK: That piano`s been sprinkled with magic winter dust by Santa Claus himself. When one plays it during this joyous season, things can get pretty freaking awesome.

ANDERSON (voice-over): OK. Did you see animated Jack Black`s 5:00 shadow? I`m going to play more of Jack and Jason`s cool Christmas video. You can thank me later. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.


HAMMER: It is time to roll out the showbiz news ticker, these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom, making news today.



ANDERSON: Justin Bieber, number one today when it comes to Twitter. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned (ph) that the Bieb was the number one trendy topic in Twitter`s people category in 2010. Now, trending topics are when people put hash tags in front of something. Bieber has more than six million Twitter followers, six million. Now, did you know this, 25 billion tweets have been sent so far this year. By the way, the number one overall trend, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Makes sense.


HAMMER: Jack Black and Jason Segel are teaming up to give us all a great gift for the holidays. Did you see this? These two guys who also star in the new movie "Gulliver`s Travels" are covering Peace on Earth and the Little Drummer Boy. David Bowie and Bing Crosby did really an amazing very famous version of this song back in 1977, which I`m sure you heard. And Jack and Jason, animated as you see. Let`s watch.


JASON SEGEL, ACTOR: (singer) Come they told me pa rum rum-ba-ba-pum. A new born king to see pa rum rum-ba-ba-pum. Our finest gifts we bring pa rum rum-ba-ba-pum, to lay before the king pa rum rum-ba-ba-pum, rum-ba-ba- pum, rum-ba-ba-pum.

BLACK: Peace on earth, can you see, see the day of glory, see the days of goodwill, live in peace.


HAMMER: The animation is cool, but the song is really great. You`ll find Jack and Jason`s rendition of Peace on Earth and Little Drummer Boy on iTunes right now. And for me, the best part, proceeds from sales going to help the military families. Nice going, guys.

ANDERSON: That`s nice.

OK. On Friday, we asked you to vote in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. I did just receive those final results. David Hasselhoff`s new show (ph) show cancelled. Is his career in crisis? A whopping 82 percent of you say yes, only 18 percent said no.

Linda from Pennsylvania called into showbiz on call to give us a piece of her mind about the Hoff today.


LINDA FROM PENNSYLVANIA: He`s using his kids to try to come back, and it`s a joke and I`m sorry. You know something, get a real job. You know, have a real life. Don`t boo-hoo anymore because we don`t want to hear it. You made millions and you blew it through drinking and all your other craziness. So, no pity for you.


ANDERSON: Linda speaks her mind. Thanks for the call, Linda.

HAMMER: And that`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live at 5 p.m. eastern Monday through Friday.

HAMMER: And still TV`s provocative entertainment show at 11 p.m. eastern and pacific.