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Hollywood Hit Squad?; Will Courteney Cox Get Divorced?; Portia De Rossi`s Weight Confession; Lisa Rinna`s Lip Reduction; LeAnn Rimes Slams "Shape"

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BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Hollywood hit squad? The bizarre new claim today by Randy Quaid and his wife that star whackers are after them and everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Mel Gibson, too.


EVI QUAID, WIFE OF RANDY QUAID: I genuinely feel like these people are trying to kill us.


ANDERSON: Will Courteney get divorced? Courteney Cox speaks out for the very first time today since her split from David Arquette. Her startling revelation. And our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Flashpoint - will Courteney and David reunite?

Portia`s bombshell weight confession. Portia De Rossi`s startling admission to Oprah today about her disturbing eating disorder. How falling in love with Ellen DeGeneres saved her life.

Caught on tape, Lisa`s lip. And the unbelievable video revealed today of Lisa Rinna`s lip reduction. Ouch.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


ANDERSON: Hi, there. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today - a Hollywood hit squad? Randy Quaid today made one of the strangest, weirdest, most outrageous conspiracy claims ever by a Hollywood star and that`s saying something.

Quaid is insisting today that there`s a mysterious Hollywood hit squad known as "star whackers" out there, targeting everyone from him to Mel Gibson to Lindsay Lohan and that they are even responsible for the death of Heath Ledger and David Carradine.

Quaid and his wife are making these off-the-wall wacky conspiracy claims while on the run in Canada to escape from California police. The burning question today - are the Quaids really quacks?


(voice-over) Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, told their bizarre story of fleeing the Hollywood mafia exclusively today to ABC`s "Good Morning America."

E. QUAID: I genuinely feel like these people are trying to kill us.

ANDERSON: It`s a twisted story of a misunderstood Hollywood couple. Randy, who is the older brother of actor Dennis Quaid, has been in the movie business for over 40 years, that is until he and wife Evi fled Hollywood for Canada seeking refuge from, quote, unquote, "star whackers."

HYLA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST, "5DOLLARPREP.COM": He had a decent career. He`s a Golden Globe winner. He can definitely find work in Hollywood but something has just gone screwy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who are the star whackers?

E. QUAID: They`re businessmen. They`re absolute businessmen. It`s the mafia. It`s organized crime.

ANDERSON: The Quaids` claim the Hollywood mafia hack into their computers, tag their cell phones and follow them. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you it`s a wacky conspiracy theory people just aren`t buying

HYLA: OK. So you`re wanted by the Hollywood mafia. They`re trying to kill you. Wouldn`t you stay low as opposed to doing interviews on "Good Morning America"?

ANDERSON: A lot doesn`t add up, including their disturbing claims that other troubled celebrities are in the crosshairs of the Hollywood mafia, including Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Mel Gibson.

E. QUAID: I think he was drugged, I think he was slipped a Mickey. That`s my personal opinion.

HYLA: Slipped him a Mickey. Have I no idea what that means.

ANDERSON: Neither do we. But it`s not all a laughing matter. The Quaids make big claims about other stars being killed by the so-called star whackers.

RANDY QUAID, ACTOR: It is very possible that Heath Ledger could have been murdered or David Carradine.

ANDERSON: But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you there could be a deeper, darker story here. Some say, plain and simple, the Quaids fled to Canada not to escape the mafia but their own major legal problems.

E. QUAID: Shoot me! Shoot me!

ANDERSON: TMZ released this disturbing audio of Evi Quaid screaming while police arrested her and her husband for squatting in a Santa Barbara home in September. Police say they broke into the house and trashed it.

E. QUAID: My dog!

ANDERSON: They`ve also been accused of racking up tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid hotel bills. And if they were trying to escape the law in Canada, it didn`t work. Last week, they were arrested again.

HYLA: There`s a screw loose there, obviously.

ANDERSON: As for Randy`s little brother, Dennis, well, he didn`t escape the conspiracy theory drama today either.

R. QUAID: He`s being victimized the same way I`ve been by the same people.

E. QUAID: Dennis is on a treadmill of making movies that are garbage, and it`s unfortunate.

HYLA: It`s unfortunate this has happened to Dennis because he`s a good guy. And yes, I`m certain he`s got to be shaking his head.

ANDERSON: Dennis isn`t the only one probably shaking his head. ABC reporter Andrea Canning finally asked the question today we`d all been thinking.

ANDREA CANNING, ABC REPORTER: Are either of you mentally unstable, schizophrenic, on drugs?

E. QUAID: Do you think we are?

CANNING: You tell me.


CANNING: Are you faking any of this?

E. QUAID: No, absolutely not.

R. QUAID: No. Why would we -

E. QUAID: No, no.

ANDERSON: The Quaids may claim they`re not faking this, but SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you some people think this whole crazy story could be part of an enormous hoax, or are we just being paranoid?


ANDERSON: So are they being chased by star whackers or are the Quaids themselves just whacked?

Right now in New York is Cooper Lawrence who is a syndicated radio show host and author of "The Cult of Celebrity." And right now, in Hollywood, Jim Moret, who is the chief correspondent for "Inside Edition" and author of "The Last Day of My Life."

OK. Cooper, Jim, this is all so bizarre to me. The Quaids tried - tried to identify the so-called star whackers. But to me, it sounded all so general - businessmen, the mafia, accountants trying to whack them? What? Cooper, do you think we`re getting played here or are the Quaids off their rockers?

COOPER LAWRENCE, SYNDICATED RADIO HOST AND AUTHOR: I`m really hoping this is one of those Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman bluffs, sort of, you know, gotcha, punked kind of thing.

But you know, to me, it looks like this is a shared psychosis. This is two people that were thinking, "Am I a little crazy?" Well, no. I think the same thing. OK. And they both have convinced themselves - they`ve convinced each other that this really is - I mean, don`t they come across like they`re completely genuine and really believe it?


LAWRENCE: So this, to me, looks like just a shared psychosis, two people that have convinced each other that paranoia is a really good idea.

ANDERSON: And with Joaquin Phoenix, he did not have the legal issues that the Quaids have in their situation. Well, Randy Quaid also spoke to a CNN iReporter. Why don`t we watch that nugget of enlightenment?


R. QUAID: I have personally known eight actors, all of whom - all of whom I have worked with and was close to. I believe these actors were whacked. And I believe that many others such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson are being played to get at their money.


ANDERSON: OK. Randy got a little bit emotional when he claimed that he lost friends like Heath Ledger and David Carradine to the star whackers. The Quaids say they`re not crazy. They say they`re not on drugs. But, Jim, how are they going to convince anybody they`re not nuts when they`re holding press conferences about star whackers?

JIM MORET, SENIOR CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": You know, I agree with Cooper. I would love to think this is a hoax.

ANDERSON: Me, too.

MORET: I don`t think it is. And what concerns me is you listen to that 911 tape where the police were there and Evi is screaming "shoot me." But then, you listen to them at the news conference and they sound rational. And in the interview, they appeared rational and that`s what`s so disturbing. What`s so disturbing is they appear to believe that what they`re saying is true.

ANDERSON: They obviously believe what they`re saying. Yes. And you don`t hold press conferences when you fear you`re going to get whacked. None of it makes sense to me.

All right. I`ve got to move now to big Charlie Sheen move breaking today. Charlie Sheen, not dying. Sheen`s rep - thank goodness. Sheen`s rep is denying reports today that claim that Charlie has been on an endless alcohol and drug bender since he reportedly lost control in a New York City hotel room.

His rep sent us a bizarre E-mail written to him by Charlie`s manager, Mark Burg, writes, "Stan, I went over to Charlie`s house earlier today because I was worried after reading "Radar Online. Complete (EXPLETIVE DELETED) fabricated lies. Charlie was alone watching Brett Favre getting beat up by New England."

"He looked at me like I was nuts for coming into his house. `Dude, you could you have knocked,` he said. Charlie is fine and will be at work on Tuesday. Happy Halloween, Mark."

OK. So they`re setting the record straight here, that is their job. So Cooper, are you convinced that because Charlie was home, kicking it, watching football, he`s fine, not a danger to himself?

LAWRENCE: He`s not fine and these two people, his manager and agent, know that he`s not fine. Yet, they have something at stake here. Charlie Sheen makes them a great deal of money.

So if they put him in rehab where he belongs instead of damaging himself further and his family and his health, you know, he`s going to be out of work and they`re going to be out of money. So it behooves them to put a statement forward that says, "Oh, he`s fine. Nothing wrong with him."

Well, he could slowly be killing himself. And I think it just - it really upsets me that either they`re in denial or they don`t want to admit that Charlie has a problem, but somebody needs to (UNINTELLIGIBLE).


ANDERSON: Jim, what do you think? Super quick.

MORET: Well, these stories quickly escalate with these gossip sites. And they were saying he was on a binge and clearly, he wasn`t.

ANDERSON: So if it was a fabrication, they just wanted to say -

LAWRENCE: But he is in trouble, that`s the idea.

ANDERSON: Cooper, you may be right.


ANDERSON: There may be some enabling. We`re not sure of the full story of what`s going on here. Cooper Lawrence, Jim Moret, thank you both. Good to see you.

All right. Moving on, caught on tape, Lisa`s lip snip. The unbelievable video revealed today of Lisa Rinna`s lip reduction.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m going to put a couple stitches right here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, it looks like that she must be freaking out. This could be serious. Lisa could look weird for the rest of her life. Holy mother of god.


ANDERSON: Oh, hard to watch. But you can`t turn away. Will Courteney get divorced? Courteney Cox speaking out for the very first time today since her split from David Arquette. Our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Flashpoint - will Courteney and David reunite?

Portia`s bombshell weight confession. Portia De Rossi`s startling admission to Oprah today.


OPRAH WINFREY, HOST, "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW": At one point, you got down to 82 pounds and you were proud of being 82 pounds.

PORTIA DE ROSSI, ACTRESS: It wasn`t that I was proud of it, but it was certainly a recognition for my self-control.


ANDERSON: This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views. Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Ricky Martin tells Oprah he cried "like a baby" when he went public with his sexuality. Rep.: LeAnn Rimes-Eddie Cibrian engagement photo was a Halloween joke.



ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, ACTOR: It`s the crazy thing politically to jump on that bandwagon because I think that maybe people see it as taboo still.


ANDERSON: Zach Galifianakis goes to pot on live TV. "The Hangover" and "Due Date" star lights up a joint during his appearance on HBO`s "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

So everything was rolling along on Bill Maher`s show Friday. Then, Zach pulled out something, well, that he rolled. He was talking about California`s Proposition 19 that`s up to vote on Tuesday. If it passes, the recreational use of marijuana would be legalized. Well, you can probably figure out that Zach will be voting yes on this one. Watch.





UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, my god! Look at those dragons!


ANDERSON: Fortunately for Zach, Maher`s show is on cable. Otherwise, he probably could have been in some trouble for that one.

All right. Lots of celebrities are right in the middle of the battle over Prop 19. Sting, Melissa Etheridge - Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg, too, but I`m not surprised about those two.

But will this star power get Prop 19 passed or could it backfire? Right now, my SHOWBIZ special report, celebrities who are hot for pot.


ROSARIO DAWSON, ACTRESS: Number 19. Yes on 19.

ANDERSON (voice-over): In Hollywood, stars are giving major props to a controversial proposition.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is it a good idea or a bad idea?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a good idea.

ANDERSON (on camera): California`s Prop 19 gives adults the right to use marijuana recreationally. They could even grow their own. Some of the prop`s biggest backers are in the entertainment community.

DAWSON: I`m for the legalization or marijuana, absolutely.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Actress Rosario Dawson argues the proposition would free up law enforcement to pursue more serious crimes.

DAWSON: We`ve got a lot of things that we need to be putting our focus and attention on, and it would be really great to take it off of joints.

ANDERSON: For singer Melissa Etheridge -

MELISSA ETHERIDGE, SINGER: This is an issue of personal freedom.

ANDERSON: She took part in a forum touting Prop 19 alongside actor Danny Glover. Etheridge said she began using marijuana to cope with the effects of chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. But she thinks it should be legal for more than just medicinal purposes.

ETHERIDGE: I think, historically, the prohibition of cannabis has been a disaster and doesn`t work, and makes criminals of otherwise law-abiding citizens.

ANDERSON (on camera): The pro-pot message comes not just from famous faces. Films have also played a role in the debate over marijuana acceptance.

(voice-over): In the 1930s, "Reefer Madness" famously sounded the alarm about pot.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You government men have got to find some way to put an end to it.

ANDERSON: But in recent decades, many films have portrayed pot smoking as basically harmless.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was one of the authors of the Port Huron Statement.

ANDERSON: "The Big Lebowski," for instance. "It`s Complicated." "Pineapple Express." "Zombieland." The list goes on.

LOUIS VIRTEL, MOVIELINE.COM: Well, as the years have progressed, I think it`s become less and less scandalous.

ANDERSON: Louis Virtel covers the film industry for ""

VIRTEL: I don`t remember the last movie where marijuana use occurred and I was meant to be scandalized by it.

ANDERSON: Opponents of Prop 19 are using some Hollywood-style production values to get their point across. And some current and former law enforcement officials are campaigning against it.

ROBERT BONNER, FMR. DEA ADMINISTRATOR: We don`t need in California more people in our schools and in our workforce who are stoned.

ANDERSON: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, once Hollywood`s top draw, is also against it. But within the entertainment industry, he may be in the minority. Our informal survey of stars found broad support for Prop 19.

SNOOP DOGG, SINGER: I really believe it would take California to another level.

ANDERSON: Snoop Dogg told George Lopez he approves. And reportedly, so do Willie Nelson, Sting, and comedic actor David Cross.

DAVID CROSS, ACTOR, COMEDIAN: I think it`s absolutely time to at least see if it works, experiment. Let California be the experiment.

ANDERSON: Voters will make that call, and polls show the proposition in a very tight race.


All right. The race is close but if the latest polls hold up, Proposition 19 probably won`t pass. Supporters say the poll numbers could be off, though, because some people probably wouldn`t admit they`re pro-pot to the poll takers.

All right. Moving on now, caught on tape, Lisa`s lips. The unbelievable photos revealed today of Lisa Rinna`s lip reduction.


HARRY HAMELIN, ACTOR: I said, just come in together (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

LISA RINNA, ACTRESS: I looked at Harry. It was like, "Help me." Now, what? What do we do? What do I do?


ANDERSON: That`s got to hurt. The unbelievable new proof today that Paula Abdul may already have her former show, "American Idol," on the ropes.

OK. what`s with all the gentiles and the Yiddish today?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (speaking Yiddish).


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (speaking Yiddish).

LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: (speaking Yiddish).


ANDERSON: Oy, Lindsay Lohan, too? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views. Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Betty White, Nicole Scherzinger to appear in Will Smith`s "Men in Black 3." "Saw 3D" tops Halloween weekend box office with $24.2 million.



DAVID COOK, "AMERICAN IDOL" WINNER: David Cook, Blue Springs, Missouri.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD, "AMERICAN IDOL" WINNER: Dakota, Oklahoma. "American Idol" -

COOK: "American Idol" -

KELLY CLARKSON, "AMERICAN IDOL" WINNER: "American Idol" - welcome home.


ANDERSON: Making news today, the brand-new "American Idol" ads are out. Former winners Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood David and more lend their support for the new season.

But one past "Idol" star may become "Idol`s" toughest competition. Is Paula Abdul "Idol`s" biggest threat? I said it.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

"American Idol" versus Paula Abdul - the great face off of gargantuan proportions. Just over a year after "Idol" and Paula went their separate ways, Paula is striking back with her own reality show, "Live to Dance" and it`s about to be "Idol`s" biggest competition. But who will emerge victorious in this "Idol"-Paula smack-down?

Jim Moret, chief correspondent for "Inside Edition" back with me now in Hollywood. And today, there`s brand-new proof that Paula could be a major threat to "Idol."

Late today, I got the results of the SHOWBIZ exclusive poll in which we asked, "Paula Abdul`s Dance Show Versus `American Idol`: If they go head-to-head, which would you watch?" Fifty-one percent say Paula`s "Live to Dance" over "Idol." Forty-nine percent say they`re sticking with "Idol." Jim, should I be worried about Paula. I was on campaign, actually, to bring Paula back after she left.

MORET: I was, too. And look, those numbers are very close. It`s a dead heat. However, I`m going to say it, I love Paula and I think America loves Paula. We watched "American Idol" in part because of Paula, the chemistry there with Paula and Simon.

And I want to see what`s what she`s doing. Simon`s gone. Paula`s gone. Ellen`s gone. The whole show is different. We don`t know "American Idol."

ANDERSON: They`re reinventing the whole thing.

MORET: They`re reinventing it. It`s up for grabs whether - look, the show is going to do fine. No tears for "American Idol." It`s a juggernaut. But Paula has a legitimate shot now at taking them down a notch or two.

ANDERSON: And you want to think the public embraces Paula. And you and I were talking about this earlier. I think she was a big success - a big part of their early success.

And you know, "American Idol" - we just talked about it. They unveiled their new promos for this season. They spotlighted the past winners of "American Idol."

MORET: Where are the stars?

ANDERSON: That`s right. Where are the stars? No J-Lo, no Steven Tyler. Very quickly, is this a mistake by not spotlighting them.

MORET: Well, one thing to remember - Paula wanted $4 million. They didn`t have that for her. So what happens? They give J-Lo, what, $12 million.


MORET: And people are going, "We want Paula to win." They love the underdog.

ANDERSON: Well, let`s see how "Live to Dance" does. Jim Moret, it`s good to see you. Thanks.

And now the showbiz lineup - here`s what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Will Courteney get divorced? Courteney Cox speaks out for the very first time today since her split from David Arquette. The SHOWBIZ Flashpoint - will Courteney and David reunite?

LeAnn Rimes slams "Shape" magazine for apologizing for the cover story about her.

And Portia`s bombshell weight confession. Portia De Rossi`s startling admission to Oprah today about her disturbing eating disorder. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Guns `n Roses guitarist Slash calls off his divorce after filing two months ago. Mariah Carey and Beyonce to star in holiday specials on ABC.



WINFREY: At one point, you got down to 82 pounds and you were proud of being 82 pounds.

ROSSI: It wasn`t that I was proud it, but it was certainly a recognition for my self-control.


ANDERSON: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Portia De Rossi`s dramatic weight confession to Oprah today. Portia shares intimate, dangerous new details about her eating disorder and how Ellen DeGeneres` love saved her life.

Will Courteney get divorced. Courteney Cox speaks out for the very first time today since her split from David Arquette. The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Flashpoint - will Courteney and David reunite?

Caught on tape - Lisa Rinna`s dramatic lip reduction.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m going to put a couple of stitches right here.

HAMELIN: One second. She must be freaking out. This could be serious. Lisa could look weird for the rest of her life. Holy mother of god.


ANDERSON: Painful. Plus, breaking today from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - is Charlie Sheen getting a divorce? And Taylor Swift`s new scent.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


ANDERSON: We welcome you back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today - Courteney`s confession.

Courteney Cox is breaking her silence today about her shocking split from David Arquette and it`s a doozy. Courteney says they are not getting divorced. No divorce despite David`s blabber mouth revelations on Howard Stern`s radio show about his sex life with Courteney or lack thereof and admitting to sleeping with another woman after they separated.


HOWARD STERN, HOST, "THE HOWARD STERN SHOW": I know you have a girlfriend now that you`re moving in with.

DAVID ARQUETTE, ACTOR: Bull (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I don`t have a girlfriend. I had sex with a girl once.

STERN: Well, this girl that`s in the paper?


STERN: OK. And so, she`s not your girlfriend?

ARQUETTE: Maybe twice.


ANDERSON: Today, Courteney is telling everybody to cool their jets.

Right now, in New York, is Robin Quivers, who is the co-host of "The Howard Stern Show" on Sirius XM Radio and was right there when David called in. Robin is also about to run in the New York City marathon for charity to benefit the Fifteen Foundation. And in Hollywood is Wendy Walsh. She`s a TV journalist and doctor of psychology.

OK. Robin, Wendy, Courteney Cox and David Arquette`s separation was shocking, but David`s explosive and revealing interview with Howard Stern, whoo, that really made my head spin.

But as wild as that was, Courteney tells "TV Week" in a brand-new interview revealed today that their separation is just that for now, "I don`t know what will happen but this is not like we`re getting divorced. This is a separation and I think that takes a lot of courage. Whatever is supposed to happen will be the best thing for us."

Robin, you heard what we all heard. You were right there, part of the conversation, David sounding like an emotional wreck on your show. After that meltdown, did you ever think you`d be hearing Courteney saying this today?

ROBIN QUIVERS, CO-HOST, "THE HOWARD STERN SHOW": It was a surprise to hear Courteney respond to everything that`s going on. But maybe she felt she had to because there was so much out there in the press.

And there`s been so much misinterpretation. I mean, the reaction of people has been weird because you`re acting as if two people aren`t going through an emotional crisis when they separate. People don`t know what to do. People don`t know how to handle it.

I think David has been very honest and upfront about his emotions and his feelings during this time. And I think she`s been very mature in her response by saying, "Yes, this is a separation. We are taking some time apart."

And David was trying to point out that he wasn`t cheating. This is an agreement they made. So it`s not surreptitious. Unfortunately, he - you know, it`s the nature of Hollywood to have paparazzi and things get revealed that most married couples going through this wouldn`t have to deal with.

ANDERSON: Yes. And David obviously is an open book and we found that out to even more detail with your show. And you know, Courteney and David have been - you know, they`ve been together an eternity by Hollywood standards - 11 years. QUIVERS: Yes.

ANDERSON: And even though David publicly shared intimate details about their marriage, it doesn`t seem to be a nasty separation. Wendy, to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint, do you think they`ll reunite?

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST AND TV JOURNALIST: I don`t know if they`ll reunite, but you know what? They`re going to have a relationship for the rest of their lives, Brooke, because they`re raising a child together.

So whether you call it married, whether they stay separated - you know, a lot of people are staying un-divorced now, where they live separately and keep legally married but maintain two separate homes. That may happen.

I think she took the high road here. She`s protecting her family. He shouldn`t have been saying all this stuff on radio. Sorry, Robin. I know it was great for your show, but really, it wasn`t so good for his daughter.

ANDERSON: He loves Howard Stern. They`re really great friends.


ANDERSON: And he just didn`t know when to stop talking.

WALSH: Exactly.

ANDERSON: And you know, Courteney also sounds off on David`s now-infamous Howard Stern sex confessions. (AUDIO BREAK), "David is a kook. It`s not a shocking - I`m a fan of Howard Stern. David is an entertainer and I`m sure the people to the radio are entertained by his stories." That is one forgiving woman. Robin, do you think this might be a new formula for big stars, though.

QUIVERS: Here`s what I have to say - she knows who she`s married to.

ANDERSON: Go ahead. Go ahead.

QUIVERS: She knows who she`s married to.

ANDERSON: Yes, she does.

QUIVERS: They have been together a long time. This is who David is. He`s an open guy. He called a friend and he revealed what was going on in his heart. And we`re acting like there`s a playbook for divorce and that everybody knows the rules.

ANDERSON: Yes, you`re right. There is no playbook and I think you guys probably were even surprised when he called in to spill his guts in this way.

QUIVERS: Well, yes, we don`t expect - in this world you don`t expect people to get in touch with you. You expect to hear everything through a publicist. And here was a guy who was willing to step out and say, "Look, I`m being wronged by the press. I wasn`t doing this to my family." Of course, we probed and he answered.

ANDERSON: Yes, he answered everything and more.

WALSH: The other thing - sorry. Go ahead.

ANDERSON: I`m sorry, but I do have to move on to big news breaking today. It`s about LeAnn Rimes` so-called husband stealer drama. LeAnn slammed "Shape" magazine for apologizing about putting her on the cover. And also a "Soprano" star who got her first and only acting job on the show has died. And Ron Howard`s gay dilemma - the director sounds off today on the Vince Vaughn gay joke controversy. Watch.


(voice-over) Ron`s gay dilemma. Director Ron Howard is refusing to edit a controversial joke from his new movie "The Dilemma." The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is demanding he remove a joke where Vince Vaughn`s character calls an electric car gay.

The joke was yanked from the trailer, but Howard refuses to edit the line from the finished film. He tells the "Los Angeles Times," quote, "I don`t strip my films of everything that I might personally find inappropriate. I defend the right for some people to express offense at a joke as strongly as I do the right for that joke to be in a film."

"Sopranos" in mourning. "Sopranos" star, Denise Borino Quinn, who played Ginny Sacrimoni, Mafia king, Johnny Sacrimoni`s wife, died last week after a long battle with liver cancer. She was 46 years old.

LeAnn bent out of shape. LeAnn Rimes` outrage over "Shape" magazine`s shocking apology to readers for their cover story about LeAnn. In an E- mail, the magazine`s editor responded to readers who called LeAnn a husband stealer and said the cover was a terrible mistake.

On Twitter, Rimes ranted about "Shape" saying, quote, "It`s the first I`ve heard of this. `Shape` is throwing me a party next week as a thank you and a congrats for being on their cover for the third time. I find this very contradictory."


ANDERSON: Hey, did you see this? I`m moving now to Rihanna`s hilarious "Saturday Night Live" skit. Rihanna rocked the house as "SNL`s" the musical guest this weekend. Riri also flexed her acting chops a bit. Check out Rihanna`s outrageous skit with Andy Samberg.


ANDERSON: All right. Rihanna made off with all the cash and host Jon Hamm, too. Something tells me though that we haven`t heard the last of shy Ronnie.

OK. Caught on tape and revealed today, Lisa Rinna`s dramatic lip reduction.


HAMELIN: It`s not coming here the way here I want it to.

RINNA: I looked at Harry. It was like, help me. Now. what? What do I do? What do we do?


ANDERSON: Oh, ouch. And today, Portia De Rossi`s bombshell weight confession to Oprah. Wait until you hear what Portia just told Oprah about her dangerous eating disorder and how falling in love with Ellen DeGeneres saved her life.

Hey, did you see this? It`s the outrageous, very funny new video starring none other than Lindsay Lohan.


LOHAN: Hi, I`m Lindsay Lohan and I am not Jewish but I am happy to be here. These things pay well, right?


ANDERSON: I`m so glad Lindsay cleared that up. So what are Lindsay and all these big named stars doing anyway? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Charlie Sheen reportedly filing for divorce from estranged wife Brooke Mueller. "Mike and Molly" star Billy Gardell responds to "Marie Claire" weight controversy.


BILLY GARDELL, ACTOR: She made some dumb, ignorant comments and I think the public stood up and handed it to her and let her know how out of line she was.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think they did.

GARDELL: Yes, they did. I mean, everybody.



HAMELIN: So is that going to be stitched up again?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m going to put a couple stitches right here.

HAMELIN: Looks like it. She must be freaking out. I can see on the doctor`s face his look of concern. This is not good.


ANDERSON: Oh, caught on tape - Lip service for Lisa. The unbelievable video revealed today of Lisa Rinna`s lip reduction.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with Lisa Rinna`s raw confession.

In an explosive new video out today, Lisa Rinna gives us a firsthand look at her surgery nightmare. What was meant to be a routine visit to great few stitches leaves Lisa`s husband wondering if Rinna could be deformed for life.

Joining me right now in New York, Cooper Lawrence, who is a syndicated radio show host and author of "The Cult of Celebrity." Also, in New York, is Robin Quivers. She is the co-host of "The Howard Stern Show" on Sirius XM Radio. Listen to this - Robin is also about to run in the New York City marathon. It`s for charity to benefit the Fifteen Foundation.

Ladies, just a month ago, Lisa Rinna revealed to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and the world she had surgery to make her famous lips smaller. In the upcoming season finale of her reality show "Harry Loves Lisa" on TV Land, her doctor tells Lisa that he`s worried about how her famous lips are healing. This was first seen today on "" Take a look.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s not coming together here the way I wanted to. I wished it was healing faster than it is but it`s not.



HAMELIN: This could be serious. Lisa could look weird for the rest of her life.

RINNA: I looked at Harry. It was like, help me. Now what? What do I do? What do we do? I was freaked.


ANDERSON: OK. Lisa said she made this video so that she could tell her story before others did. Robin, should we applaud her here? Or should we say Lisa, girl, you are nuts for showing this to the world?

QUIVERS: Well, I think that Lisa`s lip problems have been out in the public for a long time. She`s been criticized for the size of her lips and what she`s been doing with her lips for a long time. It`s no secret that they had become an issue. And I suppose there`s no reason not to announce that she`s trying to do something about it.

ANDERSON: Right. Right. Well, she says that she got the lip reduction because her lips were defining her. It seems they had become a burden for her. You know, I think it`s commendable that she`s being so honest, even though we know it is for a reality show and for ratings. It still is admirable. But Cooper, what do you think?

LAWRENCE: I mean, to me this is much ado about nothing. I mean, the only person talking Lisa Rinna`s lips is Lisa Rinna. She is dying to get press for this new show that nobody is watching.

I mean, I realize that her lips are what defined her. But the fact she`s letting other people`s opinions of her lips change her face and she`s getting plastic surgery, she can`t be that superficial.

Please, tell me there`s more to this woman than just her lips and her plastic surgery and what she`s doing about it.

QUIVERS: Wait a minute. Her lips were a problem for her. Her lips weren`t that big at the very beginning. She did something to make them that big. She had already had plastic surgery that created the problem.

LAWRENCE: Right. Well, yes. But she is trying to sell a TV show now, too.

ANDERSON: Lisa is not the only one talking about her lips. There are three other people talking about them - me, you, Robin -

LAWRENCE: Us, right here.

QUIVERS: Right here. Right.


I think we`ve had this discussion before.

ANDERSON: I`ve got to talk about this woman, Portia De Rossi, because she sat down with Oprah on her show today. And she opened up about her struggles with anorexia and bulimia. Watch what Portia told Oprah about her lowest point.


WINFREY: At the height of your craziness -

DE ROSSI: Three hundred calories.

WINFREY: Three hundred calories a day?


WINFREY: Three hundred calories a day. Not a meal.

DE ROSSI: A day.

WINFREY: At one point, you got down to 82 pounds and you were proud of being 82 pounds.

DE ROSSI: It wasn`t that I was proud of it, but it was certainly a recognition for my self-control. I definitely had some pretty amazing will power to get down to 82 pounds.


ANDERSON: Wow. Hey, Robin, several years ago, you got a lot of attention for a weight loss yourself. I`m guessing, in a way, maybe you can sympathize with Portia for being so scrutinized publicly about weight.

QUIVERS: Yes, but there`s something really wrong with a thin woman in Hollywood getting down to 82 pounds and thinking that`s attractive.


QUIVERS: And that`s what we have to look at here. You know, she came out of that whole Ally McBeal crew. And you remember what that was like. Everybody on that cast was trying to get as skinny as possible. And it was really unhealthy and dangerous and hard to watch.

ANDERSON: Yes. Cooper, do you think Portia`s out of the woods here? She said Ellen DeGeneres saved her life - her love.

LAWRENCE: Well, I think also, Robin made a good point. There was a culture of thinness that was on that "Ally McBeal" show. Thank god she`s off that show. Thank god she`s gotten the help. But the fact she sees it as being able - as like a control thing as if she`s proud of it -


LAWRENCE: That`s the part that`s damaging. Hopefully, she`s gotten help and she realizes that`s not the way to control your life.

ANDERSON: But a lot of people with eating disorders can relate.

QUIVERS: There`s a great deal of self-loathing -

ANDERSON: Now, she`s setting a positive example.

QUIVERS: Yes. There`s a great deal of self-loathing that goes on when people are doing things look that.

ANDERSON: Absolutely.

QUIVERS: And I hope she is getting help.

ANDERSON: And now, she`s setting a positive example.


ANDERSON: Cooper Lawrence, Robin Quivers, we`ve got to leave it there for now. Thanks to you, ladies. Robin, good luck running that New York City marathon for charity this week.

QUIVERS: Thank you very much. Go to ""

ANDERSON: Oh, good to know. OK. Moving on now, today, I just could not stop watching the brand-new "" video starring everybody from Susan Sarandon to Lindsay Lohan using all kinds of Hebrew and Yiddish.










ANDERSON: Very good pause. All right. Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: The Judds, Ryan and Tatum O`Neal getting TV shows on Oprah`s "OWN" network. Taylor Swift`s first fragrance is scheduled to debut in the fall of 2011.

ANDERSON: Time now for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT buzz list. Here`s what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is talking about this week.

We love VH1`s dance cam slam. People across America are dancing in front of their Web cams for a chance to win $5,000.

"Waiting to Exhale" author Terry McMillan`s new book, "Getting to Happy," making us happy.

`Tis the season to get Mariah. Her new "Christmas to You" CD drops soon.

Oprah`s final season really heating up. Portia De Rossi, Ricky Martin and a return of Oprah`s favorite things.

And hey, this is no dream. We love Nelly`s hit song "Just a Dream." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.




LOHAN: Hi, I`m Lindsay Lohan. And I am not Jewish but I am happy to be here. These things pay well, right?


ANDERSON: Did you see this? Lindsay is not Jewish but she is one of the many A-list stars who appear in Judd Apatow`s brand-new public service announcement. A lot of people are talking about this incredible new "" video.

This brand-new Judd Apatow PSA is pretty cool. It`s in support of the American Jewish World Service Organization. So many people are watching this "" video today, and that`s because it is chock full of stars, including Susan Sarandon, Jerry Seinfeld, even Lindsay Lohan.

Judd Apatow got all these celebrities to help him out for this. Watch it.


DON JOHNSON, ACTOR: I`m Don Johnson and I`m not Jewish.

DANNY DRAYHALL(ph), ACTOR: I`m Danny Drayhall(ph) and I`m not Jewish.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You want to hear a secret? I`m not Jewish.

JERRY SEINFELD, COMEDIAN: OK, fine, I`m Jewish. You got me. What gave it away? Seinfeld?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Although I`m not even close to being Jewish, I support the American Jewish World Service.

SARAH SILVERMAN, COMEDIAN: Last year, American Jewish World Service gave away more than $22 million in grants to 458 organizations in 34 different countries. That really throws a wrench in the "Jews are cheap" premise. I mean, if you think that`s cheap, there`s no way you`re Asian because you`re really bad at math.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, can we make this quick? Because have I to do PSAs for like five of my friends` charities today.

LOHAN: Hi, I`m Lindsay Lohan. And I`m not Jewish but I`m happy to be here. These things pay well, right?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The American Jewish World Service - that is an awful name.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That name is so bad. It feels like a scam from Nigeria, really.

BEN STILLER, ACTOR: Maybe next year, if you guys thought about it, maybe change it to Jewish American World Service, because then you`re JAWS. You could have JAWS Week. On Discovery Channel, they have "Shark Week." You`ve got JAWS Week, and it`s all just Jews.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am not Jewish but I still fully support American Jewish World Service.





DRAYHALL(ph): Mazeltov.


LOHAN: Holla. Bread.


ANDERSON: That is fantastic. All right. I`ve got to move to the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page today, because there is all-out war on there.

So many people are weighing in on the LeAnn Rimes "Shape" magazine cover controversy. "Shape" apologizing for its cover story on LeAnn after getting some really angry letters from readers and that`s because LeAnn cheated on her husband with a married man.

Lawrence H. says LeAnn is "a home wrecker and a cheater."

But Chrystlyn E. adds, "I believe people need to leave her alone. She admitted what she did. Let her move on with her life."

Join the debate on Facebook. Go behind the scenes of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and get breaking entertainment news alerts on Twitter. Call us at "Showbiz on Call," and of course, there`s always E-mail. "SHOWBIZ Connects,"

And that`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks so much for watching. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday. Don`t forget, mark this down, we are still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week always at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.