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"SNL`s" Miley Cyrus Spoof; Stars` Show-Offs; Hollywood Detox Diet Secrets; Air Gaga and Air Katy?; Martha Stewart`s Brand-New Mess

Aired October 4, 2010 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Big news, breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Miley mocked. "Saturday Night Live`s" unbelievable brand-new Miley Cyrus spoof.


VANESSA BAYER, ACTRESS (as Miley Cyrus): Johnny Depp, you play a creepy guy a lot, which I think is pretty cool.


HAMMER: The SHOWBIZ Flashpoint today - is it wrong to make fun of 17-year- old Miley? Or is she totally fair game?

Stars` show-offs today. Madonna`s steamy new ad. Courtney Love tweets herself half naked. Why are so many stars showing so much flesh?

Hollywood detox diet secrets revealed. The great debate today - do these diets work? Or are they dangerous? It`s a not-to-be missed SHOWBIZ special report.

Air Gaga? Air Katy? The amazing, bizarre new video of flight attendants on a place before takeoff. Buckle your seatbelts.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, coming to you from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi, there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today - making fun of Miley Cyrus.

HAMMER: Yes, it was supposed to just be a joke. But a ferocious debate broke out today over "Saturday Night Live`s" downright fierce and funny spoof Miley over the weekend. Let`s just say, if Miley ever wanted people to think of her as inarticulate, clueless valley girl, well, then, she should call up the folks at "SNL" and say, "Thank you. Thank you very much."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the burning question today - is 17-year-old Miley Cyrus a fair target?


BAYER: Hey, you all. It`s "The Miley Cyrus Show." With me, Miley Cyrus.

HAMMER (voice-over): "Saturday Night Live" came out guns a-blazing, making wild fun of Miley Cyrus. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you there was big buzz about "SNL" newbie Vanessa Bayer`s spot-on impersonation of a very self-absorbed, Miley.

BAYER: This is like my show where I like talk to people who are pretty cool and we like talk about (UNINTELLIGIBLE) are pretty cool.

HAMMER: Needless to say, we think the skit was pretty cool.

BAYER: Yes, it`s pretty cool.

BONNIE FULLER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, "HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM": Pretty cool. Pretty cool. I think that people will be repeating that and looking forward to that giant, mousy grin that Miley has.

HAMMER: Bonnie Fuller, who is the editor-in-chief of "," tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that the real-life Miley Cyrus has given "Saturday Night Live" plenty of spoof-worthy material to work with.

FULLER: Miley is perfect fodder for "SNL" because, first of all, she`s famous. Second of all, she is a teen queen and she speaks like a teen queen.

BAYER: What`s up? Johnny Depp, like, what is your next movie that`s coming out.

FULLER: Third, she`s got a healthy ego.

BAYER: Like, let`s roll the clip.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, I didn`t bring a clip.

BAYER: No, it`s a clip from my movie.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When you miss me, just think of that old oak tree on the yard and remember my promise.

BAYER: This is so fab because like you`re my boyfriend and like we just fell in love -

FULLER: She also has set herself up for being fodder by - with her "Can`t Be Tamed" video.

HAMMER: And Miley may have set herself up even more with this, a 10-minute YouTube rant last week addressing all the rumors out there about her.

CYRUS: No, I`m not engaged. Or no, I`m not getting married anytime soon.

HAMMER: She gabbed all about the relationship rumors, the paparazzi. And she even started complaining about her life. She went on -

CYRUS: Who were like, Miley, you know, huge commitment and blah, blah, blah, blah.

HAMMER: And on -

CYRUS: The paparazzi really frustrate me and it makes me really upset.

HAMMER: And on -

CYRUS: It just seems like (UNINTELLIGIBLE) because I was out of line.

FULLER: She is a talker, but I think that her YouTube rant actually did more to turn off fans than to turn them on. She is gifted. She`s making tons of money. She`s beautiful. She`s healthy. She comes from a wealthy, famous family. What does she have to complain about?

HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got to wonder today if Miley will be complaining about "SNL" making fun of her.

BAYER: It`s like so dramatic because they`re going after war and all that. And this is like so not cool.

HAMMER: The big question today - has Miley Cyrus become a total laughing stock? Or does this "SNL" spoof prove that she is an icon. Let`s face it - "SNL" doesn`t make fun of a nobody.

FULLER: I think what it says is that she`s an icon. I don`t think that Miley is a Sarah Palin in that she is a laughing stock that a lot of people are, on their own, laughing along, too.

TINA FEY, ACTRESS (as Sarah Palin): Oh, that one`s got a hidden message.

FULLER: I think more that people that are fans and parents of fans are more concerned about Miley rather than laughing at her.

HAMMER: Miley better brace herself. She could be the butt of a lot of jokes on "SNL" in the future. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that while people are busy cracking up, it looks like Miley`s star will keep on rising.

FULLER: I don`t think that the "SNL" skit will, in any way, propel any downward spiral for her. I think, if anything, it`s going to just make her a bigger star.


HAMMER: Yes, that`s what I`m thinking. I mean, Miley Cyrus has been clawing her way to adulthood, trying desperately to change her image from a Disney princess to an adult star. Well, Miley you`re an adult now. And that leads to our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint today, Miley Cyrus - is she too young to make fun of, or is she fair game?

Right now, in New York, Rob Shuter. He`s a columnist for "" In Atlanta, Jenn Hobby - she is a co-host of "Bert Show" on radio station Q100.

So guys, our Facebook has just been overwhelmed today. A lot comments coming in about "SNL" mocking Miley Cyrus. Take a look at this post. It`s from Kate C. writing, "She wants to play in the grownup arena, so she better get used to getting slammed."

This is Mindy M. writing, "It was hilarious! Who says she isn`t laughing with them anyway, huh?"

All right. Rob, to you first for our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint. Is Miley too young to make fun off, or fair game as far as you`re concerned.

ROB SHUTER, COLUMNIST, "POPEATER.COM": Absolutely fair game. Miley has been enjoying the success of her fame for a long time. And now, this might be a little bit of a downside of her fame. However, the person that really is laughing all the way to the bank here is Miley.

HAMMER: I agree with that completely. Jenn, what do you think? Fair game or 17 years old - maybe she`s still too young as far as some people are concerned.

JENN HOBBY, CO-HOST, "THE BERT SHOW" ON Q100: She is totally fair game, A.J. She is a big girl and I bet she is laughing along with this video. I mean, it really turns her into a icon status. If SNL is making fun of you, that means you have really made it.

HAMMER: And everybody is seeing this thing. It`s all over the place. The "SNL" smackdown of Miley went totally viral today. I can almost guarantee that mocking Miley is going to become a part of "SNL`s" regular rotation. Hilarious moments like this when Miley`s interviewing Johnny Depp will cement its place.


BAYER: I`ve been a fan of yours, going like all the way back, like all the way back to "Willy Wonka." And there`s something that I`ve always wanted to ask you. Like, how do pick out which movies you`re going to do and like what`s your favorite movie you ever did?

And like, what`s your favorite role you ever did? And like, who`s your best friend? And like, how tall are you? And like, what eyeliner do you wear? And like, are you American?

HAMMER: So I think that could be whole show. She`s hysterical. Rob, are you with Jenn that Miley is getting the last laugh here as far as the fact that she has now achieved icon status with her one name - one-word name like Madonna and Britney?

SHUTER: Absolutely. I mean, remember, this is a progression of emotion. A lot of people that are mocked or made fun of on "Saturday Night Live" - they don`t like it very much at first. But week after week, they start to see the joke is very, very good for them.

Kathie Lee and Hoda didn`t enjoy it at first when "SNL" made fun of them. And now, they love it. Mark Wahlberg actually made a cameo making fun of himself. At one point, I expect Miley to work on into this own skit and make fun of herself.

HAMMER: Yes. Yes.

SHUTER: I think she`ll laugh all the way to the bank.

HAMMER: No, I think she`s getting a good sense of humor about some things. And I bet she got a huge kick out of that skit.

Let`s move on, though. We have big breaking news today with Jessica Simpson and her ex-husband, Nick Lachey and his girlfriend is what`s going on here. Vanessa Minnillo revealing how and why she and Nick get naked together twice a day.

Brooke Anderson, please help me out and explain what`s going on here.

ANDERSON: I will, A.J. Vanessa Minnillo is telling the world today about how she and Nick Lachey connect in the shower twice a day.

Vanessa tells "Parade" magazine this, "We shower, honestly, at least twice a day. We`ve turned it into an intimate time for each other. We both have our own shower heads so we just talk while we`re soaping up and doing our hair. It`s not a sexual thing and it`s not a romantic thing. It just becomes an intimate thing. I`ve had some of my most intimate conversations with him in the shower."

OK. It`s just this type of TMI sharing that some say led to Nick`s split with Jessica Simpson after their reality show, "Newlyweds."

Jenn, listen. I love Nick and Vanessa. They`re nice people. But I was blown away by this revelation. Do we really need to know this?

HOBBY: It`s definitely over-sharing, Brooke. She did not need to share all of this. They`ve been together a long time. They`re a solid relationship. But it`s not like it`s brand-new. They can really do without this conversation. But I do think that Nick may be having a conversation with Vanessa about this in the shower later.

ANDERSON: I think he might be. Wait a minute, what? What did you say? And if you can believe it, there is more. Vanessa doesn`t stop there. She reveals that she`s on the fence about doing a reality show with Nick similar to what he and Jessica once did.

Vanessa tells "Parade" this, "I personally have no desire. Nick has done one before and he was very successful at it. I think that there`s something to be said for keeping intimate moments to yourself. But Nick said it best, `You can never say never.`"

There`s something to be said for keeping intimate moments to yourself. Isn`t the shower revelation disclosing an intimate moment? I`m just saying.

All right - now - that`s right. Now, we want to know what you guys think at home. We`re asking about "SNL" mocking Miley Cyrus. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll - "`SNL` spoofs 17-year-old Miley Cyrus: Is she too young to make fun of or is she fair game?"

We want to know what you think at Rob Shuter, Jenn Hobby, thank you both.

HAMMER: Hollywood detox diet secrets revealed today. The great debate. Do these diets work or are they dangerous?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: iZO Cleanze is an organic vegan super-food detox program.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Hollywood`s elite like Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore and Patricia Heaton all subscribe to iZO Cleanze.


HAMMER: Yes. A lot of stars swear by these cleanses. It`s a SHOWBIZ special report.

Stars` show-offs today. Madonna, Courtney Love - why, oh, why are they showing of so much more than their talent? I mean, they`re nearly naked.

Speaking of talent, have you seen the video of the flight attendants dancing to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The cabin is pressurized. Should there be a rapid change in pressure, oxygen masks will automatically drop from the compartments above you.


HAMMER: Oh, get my travel agent on the phone. I want to fly this airline. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT from HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: New poll names Jennifer Aniston the most eligible single woman in the world. "Jersey Shore" hits series ratings high with 6.7 million viewers.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It doesn`t matter.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK. Only you are introduced.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, yes. This is what`s up. This is what`s up.




HAMMER: I love that theme song. Who can forget that 1960s classic TV series, "The Munsters." Herman Munster, Lily Munster, Marilyn Munster, grandpa and, of course, little Eddie.

Well, the guy who played Eddie over 40 years ago is making some frightening news because he`s actually slamming his own show. I`m thinking he`s been sitting in the moonlight way too long. Why would he do that? It`s the big Munsters smackdown today.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with the big Munster mess today.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. Mad about "The Munsters." The original Eddie Munster, Butch Patrick, is howling mad today after NBC announced it is remaking the show and bringing it back to television. He thinks the haunting reboot is a scary idea, but why is he dissing the show that made him famous?

With me in Hollywood is Annabelle Gerwitch, who is a comedian and co-author of this book "You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up."

All right. So here`s the side-by-side of Butch Patrick as Eddie Munster, and on the right, how he looks now at 57 years old.

Butch just told "" that NBC was making a big mistake by remaking "The Munsters," quote, "Honestly, it should be left alone. I think it shows they are desperate for content. Unless they get Brad Garrett to play Herman, it`s not going to do well."

I get what he`s saying. A successful classic is hard to top, but the description for this new version is "Modern Family" meets "True Blood." If that`s the case, count me in.

Annabelle, this guy played a werewolf in the show. So is he biting the hand that fed him by saying these outrageous things?

ANNABELLE GERWITCH, CO-AUTHOR, "YOU SAY TOMATO, I SAY SHUT UP": Well, first of all, I think we have to talk about what we mean by classic. To me it would be upsetting if, like, "War and Peace" became webisodes, "Potemkin" into a sitcom, you know. So let`s get away for a second here.

ANDERSON: It was nominated for a Golden Globe for best TV show back in the `60s. Does that count for nothing?

GERWITCH: I`m not really sure.


What did they do anyway except have bushy eyebrows? Maybe the audience for this is the 55 people who are listed on the Facebook eyebrow fetish fan page, which just goes to show you maybe people are desperate for content.

ANDERSON: Oh, so you`re agreeing with him.

GERWITCH: I am agreeing with him.

ANDERSON: Aha. Well, I want to move from the Munster mess to Sully on the silver screen. Everybody remembers miracle on the Hudson, right? Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger stunned the world when he successfully landed a passenger plane on New York`s Hudson River. Well, We just learned a film will be made based on Sully`s memoir.

A.J., we know the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff was hard at work today to decide who should play Sully.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, Brooke, it was tough narrowing it down, but here are our top picks that we were able to come up with. Let`s put them up, Charles.

Richard Dreyfuss certainly looks the part, right? Or maybe it should be William H. Macy. I think he fits - certainly one of my favorite actors of all time. Harrison Ford reportedly convinced Sully to make his story into a movie. He`s a pilot, too.

Maybe Tom Cruise should do it. He`s reportedly also said he thought Sully`s story would make a good movie. Annabelle, I need your pick. who do you think it should be?

GERWITCH: A.J., I think all your choices are wrong, I have to tell you. These are very safe choices, OK? This is a six-minute flight. You`ve got to fill the time or something. We need some controversy. We need some tension.

So I suggest Gary Busey, because you put Gary Busey in a captain hat. And when says, "We`re going down" that`s going to be it.

HAMMER: What were we thinking?

ANDERSON: I would never want to see Gary Busey in the cockpit of a plane. Annabelle Gerwitch, thank you so much.

HAMMER: All right, Brooke and Annabelle. Well, Madonna is showing off again and take a look at this, wow. Madonna giving you a lot to look at in sexy new Dolce and Gabbana ads. Courtney Love half naked. Why are so many stars showing off so much today? What`s going on?

Breaking news today - is Donald Trump running for president? Hey, you know, I`m thinking if the naked cowboy is running, why not the Donald? What the heck. Maybe I`ll run for president, too.

Two women fussing and fighting over Levi Johnston. It`s all caught on tape and it is Sarah and Bristol Palin doing the fighting.


HAMMER: Is this the woman that broke Bristol and Levi for good? Huh? You`re watching SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now to roll out the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Public memorial service held in Las Vegas to remember actor Tony Curtis. "Hangover" director Todd Phillips says sequel will be set in Bangkok.



ANDERSON: "Apprentice" star and all-around mogul Donald Trump - is he running for president? Trump has flirted with the idea of running in the past, so would he do it now?

Trump reveals to CNN about what he`s going to do. So here`s why everybody`s talking about this today. People in New Hampshire were surprised to hear Donald Trump`s name on a presidential poll.

ANDERSON: Yes, New Hampshire Republicans were asked 30 questions about Trump whom we know from NBC`s "The Apprentice." He`s a big real estate mogul, too, and he always speaks his mind, right? So the question is, is Trump floating his own name?

Listen to what Trump told Ali Velshi and Kiran Chetry when he called into CNN`s "AMERICAN MORNING" today.


DONALD TRUMP, REAL ESTATE MOGUL: I never heard of this poll, but I am interested to hear what it says. I do not know anything about the poll taken in New Hampshire.


TRUMP: I certainly did not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know anybody who would commission a poll on your behalf?

TRUMP: No, but I`ve been very outspoken - I`ve been very outspoken on what`s happening with OPEC and how they`re ripping us off. And frankly, when you look at what`s going on in Iraq and everything - I mean, I have certainly been outspoken, so I could see somebody looking at those issues, not necessarily me.

But simply not something that I`ve talked about or would consider. But I will say this - somebody has to do something, or this country is not going to be a very great country for long.


HAMMER: Yes. He certainly sounds like a politician, Brooke. But I don`t think he`ll ever run. He`s busy building buildings. But do you think he should run?

ANDERSON: I think he does sound like a politician. I think he might appeal to some voters. Stranger things have happened, A.J. And he certainly has the money to fund a campaign.

HAMMER: Oh, yes, he does. All right. As we move on today, I just take a look at the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page. We have a lot of posts coming into our wall today about Oprah Winfrey telling Rosie to behave on her own network. Rosie`s getting a show there.

Let`s take a look at some of the comments. Kate C. thinks Oprah made a big mistake, "You messed up big-time hiring Rosie. I bet you have a lot of problems and will lose a lot of viewers over her."

But Ben S. will be tuning in, "I will watch OWN. I love Oprah and she will be fantastic on her network, OWN."

Join the debate on Facebook. Go behind the scenes of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Get breaking entertainment news alerts on Twitter. You can always call us at "Showbiz on Call." And you can always E-mail us. "Showbiz Connects" can be found at

ANDERSON: And now the SHOWBIZ lineup - here`s what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Martha`s brand-new mess. Martha Stewart`s show is tanking. What`s going on? And can she bounce back?

Stars` show-offs today. Madonna`s steamy new ads. Courtney Love tweets herself half naked. Why are so many stars showing so much flesh?

Hollywood detox diet secrets revealed. The great debate today - do these diets work or are they dangerous? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

HAMMER: It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: "Family Guy," "The Cleveland Show," and "American Dad" to combine for big crossover episode. Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z both win three awards at BET Hip-Hop Awards.



HAMMER: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Hollywood detox diet secrets revealed.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: One guy - I saw him at the beginning of the cleanse, and then I saw him two weeks later. He was getting out of his car and I looked at him and I go, "John? John?" He looked like a different person.


HAMMER: The great debate today - do these diets work or are they dangerous? It`s a not-to-be missed SHOWBIZ special report.

Stars` show-offs today. Madonna`s steamy new ads. Courtney Love tweets herself half naked. Why are so many stars showing so much flesh?

Air Gaga? Air Katy? The amazing bizarre new video of flight attendants dancing on a plane before takeoff.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The cabin is pressurized. Should there be a rapid change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically drop from the compartments above you.


HAMMER: Buckle your seatbelt for this. Plus, breaking today from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - "Dog," the Bounty Hunter hospitalized. And the big boy band that might end up on "Glee."

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today. Stars` show-offs. Some very big stars are not only taking it off, but they are showing it off.

HAMMER: They certainly are. Take a look at this - Madonna starring in a steamy new ad out today for Dolce and Gabbana showing off her ample assets, and then some.

But wait, there`s more. First, Demi Moore tweeted a picture of herself in a bikini. And now, Courtney Love has just tweeted a revealing half-naked picture of herself. What`s going on here?

With me, in New York, Rob Shuter who is a columnist for "" From Hollywood, Annabelle Gerwitch who is a comedian the co-author of a fine book called, "You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up: A Love Story."

Let`s begin with Madonna`s brand-new photo campaign for Dolce and Gabbana. It was just revealed today. Madonna is 52 years old. And let me just say, she does not leave anything to the imagination in these photos.

Rob, there are actually some people out there saying she`s showing off too much. I say, right on, Madonna. What about you?

SHUTER: I think I`m right with you there. Fifty-two - she looks amazing. This woman has made a career out of taking her clothes off and looking very sexy. She looks fantastic.

And don`t forget here, Madonna is being paid a fortune to take down these clothes and strip down to sell those boots and those bras and those panties. So Madonna is laughing all the way to the bank, and in the process, she`s looking fabulous.

HAMMER: Yes. She`s happy to take the money. Obviously, she`s very proud of the way she looks. And as you say, she`s never been shy about showing it off. What do you think, Annabelle? Anything wrong with it?

GERWITCH: OK, that picture right there, the one of her doing the housework, that`s actually a campaign picture from the Meg Whitman for Governor campaign. Ever since she got the bad press for the crying maid, she`s hired Madonna to do her housework.

You know, here`s the thing. I think people, when they do these ads, they`re thinking, why haven`t we seen her do before? How about housework? Well, she looks the same doing housework as she does doing an 18-year-old. I say, show me something new, Madonna. I want to see you in your fat jeans and your night guard.

HAMMER: Yes. I`m thinking this is the first time she`s done housework in about 52 years. Let`s move now from Madonna`s exposure to Courtney Love`s new naked ambition.

Now, Courtney just tweeted this brand-new picture of her, pretty naked, sitting in a chair with what looks like a slip on the floor beside her there. I`m thinking this is something we really don`t need to see because Courtney really not really looking her best here. Rob, are you OK with this the same way you are with the Madonna pictures.

SHUTER: I think this is really sad. And it goes back to the question, why? Madonna`s taking her clothes off to sell clothes and to make a lot of money. Courtney is sitting at home doing this by herself, it seems, and tweeting these pictures.

And you have to ask, why? And I don`t know the answer to this. Maybe she`s looking for some attention. Maybe she`s looking for some sort of publicity. I don`t think this is a good thing, Courtney.

HAMMER: Yes. She`s been nothing if not unpredictable. I think, though, Courtney runs the risk of running into the same problem that Demi Moore may have after posting her bikini shot.

I mean, here you have two women who are in danger of becoming known for the near-naked photos that they`re posting on Twitter instead of really the talent that made them stars to begin with.

Annabelle, do you think these half-naked pictures of Courtney or Demi, for that matter, are doing them any good?

GERWITCH: Well, I personally am so grateful for these pictures of Courtney Love, because Demi raised the bar, and for women in our 40s, I`m just so thankful to see someone look pretty crappy, like the way we really do look. So I`m so grateful that Courtney has chosen to share this with us. So thank you. You`ve lowered the bar.

HAMMER: Thank you, Annabelle, for finding the silver lining. Brooke, any upside to these photos as far as you`re concerned?

ANDERSON: No. I think with Courtney Love, it`s due to these ill-conceived ideas, these off-the-wall tweets like this that nobody can take Courtney Love seriously.

Does she think this sort of thing is going to gain her favor with her daughter, facilitate a reconciliation? No. She needs help. If it`s done tastefully, this sort of thing, fine, whatever. But when it becomes raunchy, when it becomes trashy like this, it`s just gross.

And that said, I`m going to move now to the brand-new music video, speaking of gross. It features Levi Johnston and it was just revealed today. The video that was reportedly the reason Bristol Palin told him, "Get lost" again, and broke up their engagement.

The new video starring Levi was shot for the song "After Love" by singer, Brittany Senser. In the video, Brittany`s playing someone who`s heartsick over Levi.

Bristol broke off her engagement with Levi because she felt that Levi was mocking her family in the video. Judge for yourself. Here`s a portion.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What is going on?

BRITTANY SENSER, SINGER: What are you talking about?


SENSER: What about him?


SENSER: Saw what?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You need to end it now, do you understand me?



ANDERSON: How`s everybody feeling after watching that? All right. Mom disapproves of the relationship her daughter is having with a character played by Levi. And in the video, she pays off Levi`s character to get him off her daughter`s life.

Rob, put aside the fact for a moment that the music video is absolutely awful. Put that aside. After seeing that, do you see why the video would have led to Bristol possibly breaking things off with Levi?

SHUTER: This video symbolizes everything that is the problem in this relationship. He wants to be famous. He`s willing to use that family`s history to make him famous. This is a terrible, terrible thing he`s done.

And I think a lot of people are just sick of him. Whatever your feelings are about the Palins, people are sick of him making an extra buck from this family.


SHUTER: So I think this might be the final straw.

ANDERSON: Annabelle, very quickly, do you think this is what broke them up? This was the final nail in the coffin?

SHUTER: First of all, I think we`re using the term "singer" very loosely when we`re talking about person in this video.

Now, actually, it makes sense. It seems like the mother`s angry because the daughter`s too old to be living at home. And she`s mad because Levi Johnston isn`t taking her with him when they leave.

ANDERSON: That makes sense. It was all pretty confusing.

GERWITCH: It`s true. And his only talent seems to be spreading moisturizer.

ANDERSON: Moisturizing - you`re right. All right. Well, if you, guys - if you, guys, can believe it, there`s even more big news breaking in "The Buzz" today. I`ve got to get to this, because Harry Potter fans, the book series might not be finished just yet. And drugs on mars? Singer Bruno Mars facing drug charges.


(voice-over) Drugs on mars? One day before his debut album drops, Bruno Mars is facing felony cocaine charges. Mars was just hit with the drug charges in Las Vegas. Police say he was caught with cocaine after a performance at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino`s Wasted Space nightclub.

Mars, whose song "Just the Way You Are" is number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, is due in court November 18th.

Harry Potter`s new book? J.K. Rowling just gave millions of Potter fans hope. She tells Oprah Winfrey, even though she ended the Potter series after seven books, she still thinks about Harry and his friends and could write another book or two about them.


J.K. ROWLING, AUTHOR, "HARRY POTTER" SERIES: I could definitely write an eighth, ninth, 10th. I could.

WINFREY: You could? Will you?

ROWLING: I`m not going to say I won`t. I don`t think I will. I loved writing those books. I loved writing it. So I feel I am done, but you never know.


HAMMER: Hollywood detox diet secrets revealed. The great debate today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: iZO Cleanze is an organic vegan super-food detox program.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Hollywood`s elite like Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore, and Patricia Heaton all subscribe to iZO Cleanze.


HAMMER: So do these diets really work? Or are they dangerous? It is the not-to-be missed SHOWBIZ special report.

Martha`s mess today. Martha Stewart`s TV show is tanking. Not a good thing at all. So has Martha lost her touch, or do you think she can bounce back? I`m thinking maybe she needs another one of those super-ponchos?

I think this is very cool. The amazing, kind of bizarre new video of flight attendants dancing to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry before takeoff.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The cabin is pressurized. Should there be a rapid change in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically drop from the compartments above you.


HAMMER: This sure beats those little bags of peanuts you get when you`re on board. We`re going to play the entire video for you. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: "Dog" the Bounty Hunter hospitalized with blood clot from bounty hunt. Kanye West wows the crowd with a kick-butt performance on "SNL."



ANDERSON: Hey, remember that Chris Brown wedding dance video? The couple and the wedding party danced down the aisle to Brown`s "Forever." I loved it. Millions and millions watched

But nothing is forever today. There`s a brand-new viral video that could become bigger than that one. Flight attendants rocking out to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry before takeoff.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Did you see this? It`s Air Gaga and Air Katy. OK, so you know those safety demonstrations before you take off in a plane? They`re super important, right? But a lot of people don`t pay attention.

Well, the crew on a recent Cebu Pacific Airlines flight decided to spice things up and did that whole how-to-buckle-your-seatbelt thing dancing to Katy Perry`s "California Girls" and Lady Gaga`s "Just Dance." Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Push pins inward to release air. Lights will automatically illuminate once the battery pack is immersed in water. Do not inflate the vests inside the aircraft.

Please be reminded that unauthorized removal of life vests from this aircraft is a criminal defense. When this happens, immediately grab the mask, pull it toward you, put it over your nose and mouth, and breathe normally.

If you are traveling with a child, put on your own mask and then the child`s mask. Keep the mask on until you are advised to remove it. Please take note of the emergency exits marked along each side of this cabin and the exits nearest you.


ANDERSON: Very, very cute, right? Millions have watched this online. And Cebu says they may do more of these.

Now, we`ve got a SHOWBIZ special report - Hollywood detox diet secrets revealed. It`s no secret that stars try all kinds of diets. One of the most controversial today, detox cleanses. Some celebs swear by them, but do these diets work are or they dangerous?


(voice-over) She is one of Hollywood`s most famous dream girls. Her music, her movies, her clothes. Even what she doesn`t eat makes headlines. So when Beyonce told Oprah Winfrey she used the Master Cleanse to lose weight fast for movie role, millions heard.

(on camera) The liquid diet, made of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, is also embraced by Hollywood power couple, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. But for all its famous fans, not everyone is cheering.

DR. NAOMI NEUFELD, ENDOCRINOLOGIST: If it`s undertaken in someone that doesn`t know better, just at the edge of diabetes, just at the edge of high blood pressure, that`s a recipe for disaster.

Dr. Naomi Neufeld is a pediatric endocrinologist and founder of the family-based weight management program, "Kid Shape." While her concerns about the Master Cleanse run deep, she isn`t against Hollywood`s enthusiasm for all detox diets, including Organic Avenue, the Blueprint Cleanse, and iZO Cleanze.

NEUFELD: There are several of these programs that are based on the intake of limited amounts of whole fruits and whole vegetables that are blenderized. And for a short time, with adequate vitamin supplementation, that`s not bad.

ANDERSON: Hollywood`s elite like Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore and Patricia Heaton all subscribe to iZO Cleanze.

TIM MARTIN, FOUNDER AND CEO, IZO CLEANZE: The iZO Cleanze is an organic vegan super-food detox program.

ANDERSON: In 2005, Tim Martin turned his decade-long passion for fresh juicing into a nationwide daily delivery program.

MARTIN: About 12 drinks per day, consisting of fresh organic juices, Chinese herbal teas, almond milk with super-foods added and a gentle herbal laxative to keep everything moving.

ANDERSON: Elaine Wilkes, nutritionist and author of "Nature`s Secret Messages Hidden in Plain Sight" has used the cleanse twice and credits it with giving her clearer skin, sharper focus and peace. She now recommends Martin`s program to many of her clients.

ELAINE WILKES, NUTRITIONIST: One guy - I saw him at the beginning of the cleanse and then I saw him two weeks later. He was getting out of his car and I looked at him and I go, John? John? He looked like a different person. His skin was just - it was just - I was flabbergasted, really.

ANDERSON: Of course, being flabbergasted comes with a price. $100 a day for the home delivery program or $300 a week for the do-it-yourself version.

I mean, you can do the same thing on your dime for $20. You don`t need to do thousands of dollars, unless you`ve got, you know, an unlimited source of income. In that case, you know, go for it.

ANDERSON: Which is likely why many in Hollywood have.


Other stars who reportedly do diet cleanses, Anne Hathaway, Giuliana Rancic and Gwyneth Paltrow. But always, of course, check with your doctor first.

OK. I`m not sure a doctor can help Martha Stewart`s ratings. Her show is tanking today. What`s going on? Martha used to be so big. Some people said she would even replace Oprah. Can Martha turn it around?

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: "The Social Network" tops weekend box office, pulls in $23 million in debut. Joey Fatone wants "Glee" to do an episode with his former band, `N Sync.


ANDERSON: And now, the SHOWBIZ buzz list. Here is what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is going to be buzzing about all week long. "The Walking Dead" - it`s a brand-new series premiering Halloween on AMC.

Jenny McCarthy`s new book, "Love, Lust, and Faking It." She even talks about hooking up with Brad Pitt - in her dreams.

The new Tango app lets you make video calls all across different kinds of cell phones - pretty cool.

The documentary "Catfish." It`s about secrets and lies in the world of social networking.

And get ready for some dirty south action. The new season of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" kicks off tonight.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t get a hug?





UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now, this is this year. This is this year. No, no, no, no. Say whatever.


ANDERSON: This is HLN news and views.


ANDERSON: Bad news for Martha Stewart today. Her daytime talk show kicked off this new season by moving to a new network, the Hallmark Channel. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT learned today Martha may have a big mess on her hands.

Joining me right now in Atlanta, Jenn Hobby who is a co-host of Atlanta`s Q 100`s "The Bert Show."

Jenn, the numbers are astounding. Martha Stewart left broadcast syndication for cable`s Hallmark Channel. Her 10:00 a.m. show debuted in September. And new ratings just in today revealed she`s averaging just 187,000 viewers. Compare that to the 500,000 who were watching the "Golden Girls" in reruns in that time slot last year.

So Jenn, it looks like Martha is no match for Betty White - at least not yet. I say give it a little bit of time for Martha`s fans to find her on a new channel. But do you think Martha should be worried here?

HOBBY: You know, I tend to agree with you. I think she needs to take some time on the Hallmark Channel. They need to let her fans find her again.

I mean, who`s watching the Hallmark Channel? We`ve got to tell them where to go, right, to see her? And I think if you look up "comeback" in the dictionary or if you look it up on Google, you see Martha Stewart`s name.


HOBBY: She`s done it before. She`ll be able to do it again. She`s going to be just fine. And she`s really a funny, witty woman. If you just get her out there to promote her own show, do some more interviews and tell her fans where to find her, I think she`s going to be just fine.

ANDERSON: Yes. And you make a good point. She is very, very good at what she does. And talking about promotion, we know that she`s the master of marketing. So many feel that the millions of people who follow her have got to be aware of this move and where she is.

I disagree. Audience migration, as they call it, takes time. But Jenn, very quickly, some are saying that Martha Stewart is going out of style. Do you think so?

HOBBY: No, absolutely not. Martha will always be in style. She`ll always have her fans follow her. They`ve just got to know where to find her.

ANDERSON: Jenn Hobby, good to see you. Thanks so much. Hey, on Friday, we asked you to vote in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. I just received the really astounding final results.

We asked you, "Paris Hilton`s New TV Show: Is she being rewarded for her bad behavior?" Look at how you responded. Ninety-five percent say yes; five percent say no.

If that`s not black and white, I don`t know what is. Check out this E-mail we got. Emily from Florida writes, "I can`t believe that she is getting her own show. Paris does nothing but party, shop and spend money."

We searched - we searched high and low, but we could not find one E-mail supporting Paris` new reality TV show. Sorry, Paris. Keep those E-mails coming. We appreciate them, everybody. And that`s a wrap for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now live at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday. And don`t forget we are still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week. That`s at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and pacific. Take care.