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Lindsay Back in Lockup; Mad Men Secrets; Facebook Fallout; Michael`s Stress Theory; Those Dogs Can Dance

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Lindsay back in lockup: a courtroom shocker today. Lindsay Lohan ordered back to jail, her father furious.


MICHAEL LOHAN, LINDSAY LOHAN`S FATHER: She should have never, ever, ever had to face jail time. They are destroying my daughter`s life.


SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the great debate, should Lindsay have been sent back to rehab instead?

Will Lindsay be named SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week?" Or will it be Paris Hilton for getting kicked out of Japan because of her drug convictions? Or Bristol Palin for her in-your-face debut on "Dancing with the Stars?"

Miley Cyrus tells all: Miley Cyrus in a remarkable new video today, is she pregnant? And what`s really going on in her love life? It is the must-see Miley.

So you think you can dance? The incredible new video today of dogs doing their thing in step. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the best dancing dogs music video ever.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s "Most Provocative Entertainment News Show" starts right now.

ANDERSON: Hi, there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today.

"Lindsay Back in Lockup": the three-ring circus that has become Lindsay Lohan`s life returned to a courtroom today and when it was over, everybody got to go home except for Lindsay. She went directly to jail. Actually come to think of it, Lindsay has now made enough trips to jail that maybe she is home.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at the Beverly Hills Courthouse today when the big news broke. A no-nonsense judge sending Lindsay back behind bars for failing a drug test while out from her previous stint in jail and rehab.

The hearing lasted under 15 minutes and the judge refused to set bail for Lindsay. Clearly, this guy`s mind was made up. Lindsay was handcuffed and taken to jail where she will remain for the next four weeks until her next hearing on October 22nd.

With me in Hollywood, Alan Duke, who is the entertainment editor for CNN Wires and was at the courthouse today; so was Jim Moret who is the chief correspondent for "Inside Edition"; and in New York Midwin Charles who is a legal contributor with "In Session" on our sister network TruTV. Midwin is also a criminal defense attorney.

Jim, you were right there, tell us what happened when the judge ordered Lindsay back to jail. What did she do and how did she react? You were sitting very close to her.

JIM MORET, CHIEF CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": I think she and her attorney were stunned and I`ll tell you why. The judge set a hearing date for October 22nd. Lindsay`s lawyer said can we move it to the 29th and the judge said I think your client would prefer the 22nd.

ANDERSON: And that`s before he made his ruling?

MORET: Before he made his ruling and then at that point we knew this was trouble. He said no bail and when Shawn Chapman Holley said may we address the issue of bail, he said, no.


MORET: And this is what you heard in the courtroom. And Alan will attest to this, you heard the handcuffs clicking. I think Lindsay Lohan -- he thought she was very composed, I thought she was in shock. I really did.

ANDERSON: Maybe just stunned. And that`s why she was silent --

MORET: We were stunned.

ANDERSON: -- and not expressive whatsoever.


ANDERSON: Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at 11:00 a.m. was the only entertainment news show live as all this went down this morning and frankly the reports were that this whole thing would be short and sweet, that she might post bail and just walk right out scot-free.

Alan, as I said, you were also there in the courtroom, it was short and sweet all right, but no bail, just jail. From what you could see, did Lindsay and her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley like Jim said, seem shocked to you?

ALAN DUKE, CNN WIRE ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: I agree with Jim. I don`t think Ms. Holley knew it was coming because of the suggestion that well maybe we would for the convenience of the prosecutor delay this a week but then that would have meant her client would have stayed seven days longer in jail, at least.

Now, the judge knew better that she didn`t want that. So it was a surprise, I agree. Now, I saw a serenity, if you will, a calmness that seemed to be with Lindsay probably for 20 minutes as we all sat near each other, Jim and I, near Lindsay and she seemed kind of serene. A different Lindsay than we`ve both seen in court before.

ANDERSON: Yes, I wonder how long that serenity will last behind bars.

MORET: I just want to jump in here -- what I saw though ahead of time before the judge took the bench, Lindsay turned around. Her mom was seated right behind her, she was smiling, she gave her Mom a thumbs-up before the judge walked in. I think Lindsay was confident that she was going home today, I really did.

ANDERSON: So she did not expect this most likely.

Well, Midwin, we know that Lindsay failed her drug test not long after getting out of court-ordered rehab. She only spent 23 days in rehab instead of the 90 ordered by the court. We know that it was just two months ago in July that she went to jail in the first place for violating probation, so given that history here, I don`t think the judge had any other option. He warned her, this would happen if she screwed up.

Midwin, she`s got nobody to blame but herself, right?

MIDWIN CHARLES, LEGAL CONTRIBUTOR, "IN SESSION" ON TRUTV: Of course, I mean, she`s got no one to blame but herself and, frankly, I don`t know why she or Shawn Chapman Holley were surprised. The judge made it clear. You fail one drug test you`re going back to jail.

And these judges really have to back up what they say with action and that`s exactly what we saw today.

ANDERSON: All right, another person who was in the courtroom despite reports that he would be arrested on the spot if he did show up was Lindsay`s estranged father, Michael. His ex-wife Dina has a criminal protective order against him. She was also there today.

So up until today there were reports that Michael would be thrown in jail if he showed up in court at all. That did not happen. But after the judge sent his daughter to jail, Michael lashed out at his ex-wife, Lindsay`s handlers, including manager Lou Taylor and Lindsay`s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there and, boy, was it a wild scene. Watch this.


LOHAN: Quite honestly, I thought Shawn Chapman Holley would be down here and I`d have a chance to address her and her decisions in representing my daughter. To begin with, I`ve been asking that Lindsay go into a rehab all along. She should have never, ever, ever had to face jail time or incarceration in the UCLA medical facility.

Personally, I feel Shawn and the people around Lindsay who are representing her are responsible and I want to make one thing clear so you all know this. When Lindsay was supposed to go into Morning Star Rehab they started to reconstruct everything there for Lindsay to accommodate her.

Shawn Chapman Holley -- Shawn and Lou Taylor leaked that to the press because they wanted Lindsay to get out sooner and have her in UCLA so she wouldn`t spend much time in a rehab.

They are destroying my daughter`s life. I am praying that Dina finally -- finally gets on the same page with me and does something about this.


ANDERSON: He is furious.

Jim, he is a concerned father, I agree with him that Lindsay most likely needs some rehab, but I think jail is a good start. Then maybe ship her to rehab after those -- those four weeks behind bars.

MORET: Well, don`t forget this is the judge that signed off on her early release. This judge was furious because the people at UCLA said she`s not addicted, she could get out early and -- and he made it very clear, you`re right. He made it very clear, you screw up, 30 days for each dirty test. She had at least one --


MORET: -- actually two, but only one is counting for other reasons. But the judge has to back up what he says.

CHARLES: That`s correct.

ANDERSON: Absolutely. And the judge was sympathetic, I think, when he ruled about the probation the previous time but not lenient today.


CHARLES: She really did it to herself.

MORET: And she -- she maybe going to rehab later, she may --

ANDERSON: Possibly, Midwin, what do you think about rehab? Do you think it would have been a better option for Lindsay today instead of the judge sending her back to jail?

CHARLES: In lieu of jail, no. I think she needs both. Remember, she broke the law. And everyone is forgetting about that because they want to kind of hang their hat on her addiction problems, which I`m not at all trying to ignore.

But if you break the law, you have to face the consequences. And if you have an addiction problem, yes, go to rehab. She needs both. I have been saying that all along.

ANDERSON: Yes, I`m not -- I`m not forgetting that fact. All this stems from 2007 DUI arrest. So three years later, she still has not been able to get it together.

And Lindsay`s dad, speaking of Michael, he was absolutely emphatic today about the fact that Lindsay has not kicked her addiction because he is claiming that she hasn`t gotten the help she needs yet. Watch what he says about that.


LOHAN: She hasn`t gotten help for her addiction yet. She doesn`t make the right decisions. She doesn`t know better. When someone is there and she left -- first of all, leaving California to go to New York during fashion week is the biggest mistake in the world. Let`s be serious.

I mean, it`s all drugs there anyway. I`ve been all these (INAUDIBLE) there and she doesn`t stay with her mother when she`s home, she stays in a hotel, unsupervised. Is that a good place for her?


ANDERSON: I felt like I was at church on a Sunday morning. It was a pulpit for Michael and his friend, that self-proclaimed minister. But, Alan, Michael does have legitimate concerns here.

But quickly, has he burned too many bridges with his daughter, Lindsay, to have an influence over her?

DUKE: Well, that may be the case. He claims that he talks to Lindsay but he won`t tell us about their conversation, he says that`s private. But he says also that Lindsay doesn`t object to him being in court. Apparently, he`s blaming that all on the mom, Dina.

ANDERSON: All right, everybody is blaming everybody else. It`s time for these folks to take some individual ownership and responsibility.

Alan Duke, Jim Moret and Midwin Charles, thank you all.

Lindsay is back behind bars today, but will she be named SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week?" Maybe SHOWBIZ TONIGHT will name Paris Hilton for getting kicked out of Japan because of her drug conviction. Or will it be Bristol Palin for her bombshell "Dancing with the Stars" debut.

Also, this --


MILEY CYRUS, SINGER: Oh, no, I don`t want a boob. That`s a big, big pass. But, no, I don`t want that.


ANDERSON: Miley Cyrus goes on an incredible rant. What Miley is saying today about who she`s dating today will make your head spin.

And did you see this? Dogs that know how to boogie? And it`s all caught on tape.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Who cares about sit and stay when you`re a dog that gets to play in a music video?


ANDERSON: Fantastic, these dogs can dance -- the remarkable new video that will have you and your pup doing a double take.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN News and Views.

Now the "Show News Ticker"; more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.


"ELMO": I want to ask Ms. Katy that we had a good time so we can have another play date.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are going to have another play date.

"ELMO": Yes, yes, Ms. Katy come, come, come, we`ll have another play date.




JON HAMM, "MAD MEN" STAR: Well, as I said before, I`m from the Midwest. We were taught that it`s not polite to talk about yourself.


ANDERSON: Don Draper may be keeping all of his secrets close to vest on "Mad Men" but in real life Jon Hamm is making some very intimate revelations today. Jon opens up about his personal struggle with depression in a new interview with the UK`s "Observer."

Jon says he really started struggling with depression in his 20s and he says the death of his father had a huge impact on him. Jon now credits therapy, antidepressants and supportive friends for helping him turn his life around.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with the style secrets of AMC`s "Mad Men" uncovered. It`s a "Showbiz" exclusive. I was just granted unprecedented access behind the scenes of the groundbreaking and highly addictive show.

I took the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT cameras everywhere I could in "Mad Men`s" gigantic wardrobe closet. Plus, wait until you see my big "Mad Men" moment.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You must be Donald Draper.

HAMM: Don.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Stunning suits --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Pleased to meet you.

ANDERSON: Gorgeous gowns. Style served up cool and elegant in the mid `60s advertising world of "Mad Men". The show owes its trend setting vintage style to one woman, designer Janie Bryant.

JANIE BRYANT, "MAD MEN" DESIGNER: It`s about these people`s journey through life and I think everybody can relate to that.

ANDERSON: Bryant gave SHOWBIZ TONIGHT an exclusive look inside the "Mad Men" costume workshop. And I wanted to look the part. I had my hair and makeup done `60s style and then Bryant gave me a "Mad Men" makeover styling me in two head to toe looks.

BRYANT: This was my backup dress.

ANDERSON: Bryant put me in this green dress designed for the classy impeccably attired Betty on the show who is the ex-wife of the main mad man, Don Draper.

BRYANT: Because it`s a period show, there is a little more eye candy. I think all of the elements of the show are very contemporary.

ANDERSON: The themes explored on "Mad Men" -- divorce, drinking, dating may be contemporary but the show is a throwback to `60s fashion formality something Bryant says has modern day appeal.

BRYANT: I think people have maybe grown tired of being so casual. And I think that they`ve really responded to the beautiful aspects of late 1950s and `60s.

ANDERSON: Bryant revealed a "Mad Men" fashion secret to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Ladies, I learned your foundations are critical.

BRYANT: Foundations, yes, that`s what you would call your intimate apparel back then. The foundations that really is the foundation of how your garment is going to look on your body.

ANDERSON: All of the women on "Mad Men" including the extras wear undergarments consistent with the era and curves are encouraged.

BRYANT: You know, the truth of the matter is that men love a little meat on the bones.

ANDERSON: Most of the actors on the show, including star Jon Hamm who plays Don Draper don`t dress anything like their characters.

HAMM: I very much dress for comfort rather than style when I`m not -- when I`m not working.

ANDERSON: So, it takes some getting used to, especially for Jon Slattery who sports three-piece suits as stylish ad exec, Roger Sterling.

JOHN SLATTERY, "MAD MEN": It`s hard to breathe and move and especially sit down. Other than that, she`s a genius.

BRYANT: And this is actually a sports coat that I designed for Jon Draper.

ANDERSON: Bryant`s genius starts at her inspiration wall and then she carefully selects a combination of vintage pieces, rented costumes and clothes she designs herself.

BRYANT: She just wore this piece last Sunday.

ANDERSON: Bryant`s attention to detail has won her praise from cast member Elizabeth Moss who wears the office outfits of copyrighter, Peggy, and the Christina Hendricks turning heads as the curvy red hot office manager, Joan.

CHRISTINA HENDRICKS, ACTRESS: Each one of us that have represented different styles of woman in our fashion sense and -- and so you really get to see a real gamut of style from the `60s between Peggy and Betty and Joan.

ELIZABETH MOSS, ACTRESS: She really knows our characters and it`s great to be able to walk in and not have to worry about it and just what`s there is perfect.

ANDERSON: Each episode is another opportunity for fans, like me, to fall back in time and into fabulous fashion.


ANDERSON: I have got to tell you putting on the dresses along with the hair and makeup did make me feel like I was living in the 1960s. I had so much fun playing dress up behind the scenes of "Mad Men."

It is one of my favorite TV shows and many thanks to the entire "Mad Men" staff Janie, Sarah, Phoenix and AMC -- I hope I`m not forgetting anybody. But thank you for allowing SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to sneak a peek at all of those style secrets.

All right, right now, I`ve got to move on from stylish 1960s fashions to a major fashion controversy today. On the same day that Lindsay Lohan is sent back to jail, these provocative pictures of her 16-year-old little sister are released. Look at this young girl in the skimpy outfits.

Ok, what do you get when you add a brand-new movie about Facebook, $100 million gift and Oprah Winfrey? One big old controversy. The explosive details revealed today.

And Miley Cyrus tells all. Today it`s the brand-new in-your-face Miley video.


CYRUS: First, I want to start off, with, no, I`m not engaged or, no, I`m not getting married any time soon.


ANDERSON: You`ve got to hear what Miley is confessing to.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN News and Views.

And now the "Showbiz News Ticker"; more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People want to go on the Internet and check out their friends so why not build a Web site that offers friends, pictures, profiles and talking about -- taking the entire social experience of college and putting it online.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I got 2,200 hits within two hours.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was some -- 22,000.


ANDERSON: There`s a lot of controversy today that surrounding the social network, that`s the brand-new film "All about Facebook". The movie is already generating early Oscar buzz.

But wait until you see what the real-life Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg -- Zuckerberg rather -- did on Oprah today. Zuckerberg has made an estimated $7 billion on Facebook. And today he came to Oprah to reveal what he plans to do with a big chunk of it.


OPRAH WINFREY, HOST, "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW": Are the rumors true, will there be a check offered at some point?


MARK ZUCKERBERG, CO-FOUNDER FACEBOOK: Yes, I`ve committed to starting these -- start-up education foundation whose first project will be a $100 million challenge grant.

WINFREY: $100 million?

ZUCKERBERG: $100 million.

WINFREY: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.


ANDERSON: Yes, Zuckerberg`s donation will help Newark, New Jersey public schools but would you believe Zuckerberg is getting some heat today for his $100 million donation. Some naysayers believe he made the donation to counter that not-so hot depiction of him in the social network.

But I say who cares what they say. $100 million is a huge donation and it`s going to go a long way to help a whole lot of people.

Speaking of Facebook, over to the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook wall now. Fans are weighing in on this hot topic. Did Ashton Kutcher cheat on Demi Moore? I`m not buying any of it and neither is Shelby S., "People think because he`s younger than Demi, he`s wanting more. What man would need more? Come on, it`s Demi Moore."

But Judy B. says, "What took him so long? Demi is beautiful, but she is not 20 anymore."

Judy, ouch.

Join the debate on Facebook, go behind the scenes of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and get breaking entertainment news alerts on Twitter. Call us at "Showbiz on Call" of course there`s always e-mail "Showbiz Connects",

Here now is the "Showbiz Lineup." Here is what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Extraordinary news today about Ellen DeGeneres` marriage to Portia De Rossi.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT names the "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week" today. Is it Paris Hilton and her cocaine convictions? Lindsay Lohan, she got sent back to jail today. Or is it Bristol Palin for her sexy "Dancing with the Stars" transformation?

Also, this --


CYRUS: Oh, no, I don`t want a boob job, that, I think, maybe passed. But no, I don`t want that.


ANDERSON: Miley Cyrus tells all today about those breast implant rumors and her love life.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN News and Views.

Now the "Showbiz News Ticker", more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.



CYRUS: First, I want to start off, with, no, I`m not engaged. Or no, I`m not getting married any time soon.


ANDERSON: Miley tells all: Miley Cyrus reveals a shocking new video today about her love life, and does she really want to get breast implants?

New Lohan family drama: on the same day Lindsay gets sent back to jail, the controversy over Lindsay`s 16-year-old sister in provocative new photos for Lindsay`s clothing line.

Hey, did you see this? These dogs can dance. It`s the best dancing dogs ever.


MOOS: The doggy choreography featured everything from leaps to shelves.


ANDERSON: The absolutely amazing new video that millions are talking about today.

Plus, breaking today from the "Show News Ticker" a "Jersey Shore" star getting his own reality show.

And your first look at Carrie Underwood`s brand new music video.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s "Most Provocative Entertainment News Show" continues right now.


It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today.

Miley, Miley, tell us all. I`m thinking somebody might have said that to Miley Cyrus because that`s exactly what she is doing. A remarkable video surfaced today of Miley telling all about all those wild stories out there about her, that she`s living with her boyfriend, that she`s engaged and that she got, in Miley`s words, "a boob job".

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that Miley is putting all those rumors to rest in her own words, but it`s not exactly a press conference.


CYRUS: Hey, guys, what`s up? It`s Miley.

ANDERSON (voice-over): It`s Miley`s closet confessional. In a brand- new YouTube video that by late today already got more than half a million hits, teen star Miley Cyrus tackles all those pesky rumors about her from an unusual setting.

CYRUS: I`m now sitting in my mom`s shoe closet.

ANDERSON: Surrounded by loyal supporters, namely her family`s two dogs, the girl who called her last album "Can`t Be Tamed" is trying to tame all the whacky stories going around about her.

CYRUS: I think it`s important just for me to be able to sometimes make a video or just get in -- get in control of what`s actually said about me.

MELANIE BROMLEY, BUREAU CHIEF, US WEEKLY, WEST COAST: She really wants to set the record straight, some kind of put an end to some of the more ridiculous rumors that are out there.

ANDERSON: "Ridiculous rumors" is right. The first one Miley`s tackling in her closet confessional --

CYRUS: No, I`m not engaged or, no, I`m not getting married.

ANDERSON: Headlines have been flying left and right suggesting that Miley`s engaged to her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth her co-star in their hit movie "The Last Song".




CYRUS: You let go.

ANDERSON: But in her new YouTube video out there today Miley says straight up, there will be no Miley marriage in the near future.

CYRUS: I definitely don`t want to get married any time soon. I`m way to like -- first of all, I`m 17, ridiculous. I have so much work I want to get done. I want so much to do. There`s no way.

ANDERSON: Ok, so much for the Miley`s engaged rumor. What about all of those reports that she`s shacking up with her boyfriend? Miley is throwing cold water on that one, too.

CYRUS: I think a rumor that`s been going on since I`ve got my very first boyfriend ever. I still live at home, still live with my mom and my dad and my family. And no one is here with us.

ANDERSON: And while she`s at it, there`s something else Miley wants to get off her chest.

CYRUS: No, I don`t want a boob job.

ANDERSON: Yes, there`s been great debate in the tabloids whether 17- year-old Miley Cyrus wanted breast implants. It seems there are more insane rumors going around about Miley than Hannah Montana has wigs.

And Miley confesses, all that tabloid and paparazzi attention is starting to bum her out.

CYRUS: It`s what I had to deal with to do what I love and that`s fine but when things are taken out of context, it ended up hurting my feelings, one. Because I know things are said about me that are completely false.

BROMLEY: Miley Cyrus is somebody that on the Internet is forever being gossiped about. People have this endless fascination with her.

ANDERSON: "Us Weekly`s" Melanie Bromley tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, now that Miley has sworn off her legendary Twitter habit, it`s smart for her to directly address rumors with this YouTube video, not that it will do much good.

BROMLEY: I think the video will put a stop to rumors for a short period of time. But next week there will be a fresh set of rumors on Miley Cyrus and there`s really nothing she can do about that.

ANDERSON: There may be nothing Miley can do about the rumors, but she`s not going to stop trying.

CYRUS: There`s times that, you know, I let things fly and it`s not enough of a rumor to matter but sometimes I`m just like I want, you know, my fans to be able to still feel connected with me and not only hear a million different things from a million different sources.

ANDERSON: So even if marriage or a boob job aren`t in Miley`s immediate future, another closet confessional may very well be.

CYRUS: I`ll talk to you guys soon. You guys rock, bye.


ANDERSON: Bye, Miley.

All right, I do have to wonder though, whether Miley speaking out about all the rumors will put them to rest or just keep them going no matter what she says, which leads to our "Showbiz Flashpoint".

Did Miley make a mistake with her YouTube rant?

With me right now in Hollywood is Wendy Walsh, she`s a doctor of psychology and expert for; also in Hollywood is Shira Lazar who is an entertainment journalist.

Ok, ladies, in this brand new video I think Miley is trying hard to show the world and her fans that she is a normal teen girl trying to live a normal teen life, even if the video is being done in a shoe closet that looks bigger than my bedroom.

I do think it`s great, Miley set the record straight on her life, but to our "Showbiz Flashpoint", Wendy, what do you think? Did she make a mistake here?

WENDY WALSH, MOMLOGIC.COM: I don`t think she made a mistake. I think this is both perfect marketing and perfect control of her press and it`s a way to get her demographic. Her demographic frankly is not watching the 11:00 p.m. network news.

Her demographic is online --


WALSH: -- on YouTube, exactly so it reaches her people. And guess what -- there is no reporter asking her backup questions.


WALSH: The paparazzi is not swarming her and catching her off guard. She gets to go with perfect hair and make-up, some ok lighting and in her mom`s shoe closet, no less.

ANDERSON: How fabulous is that, she can totally control it.

Shira, to our "Showbiz Flashpoint", did Miley make a mistake or do you agree with me and with Wendy that it`s great she did it this way and set the record straight?

SHIRA LAZAR, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Yes, hopefully it wasn`t one of those videos she saw uploading and she`s like, no, I regret that. Because once you put something online, you can`t go back.

But I think that`s what`s so great about all of these technologies, like YouTube and like Twitter -- even though Miley is not on that right now -- and Facebook. Is that it`s taking away the middleman for all these celebrities, the publicist. If they have something to say, if they want to say that rumors aren`t correct and they want to put everything out there for the fans and for the media, then they can.

And I think that`s what she did and, you know, it`s great and it empowers her and empowers her fans and it`s a great way to stay connected. And it shows she is a bit real, although we don`t all have a huge shoe closet. And I love how she said, you know, I`m real like you all. It shows an intimate moment of the celebrity that we would not, we wouldn`t see otherwise.

ANDERSON: You`re right. That`s a great point, Shira.

And Miley explains in her video message why she did this. That -- that she is trying to control what is said about her in the media. Let`s take look at all the rumors that that Miley wanted to shoot down. Watch this.


CYRUS: First, I want to start off with, no, I`m not engaged or no, I`m not getting married any time soon. No, I`m not living with anybody. I still live at home, I still live with my mom, and my dad, and my family. No one is here with us, just my family.

But no, I don`t want a boob job.


ANDERSON: All right, to -- to that point, Wendy, I think it`s sad that a 17-year-old girl has to go on the Internet and deny that she`s getting a boob job.

WALSH: Well, she just came out with an album called "Can`t Be Tamed."

ANDERSON: It`s true.

WALSH: Where fairly she`s been growing up in that album but she doesn`t want to lose that demographic. She doesn`t want to lose the mothers out there who are saying, what happened to my Hannah Montana that my girl is following.

So she is trying to grab that demographic and hang on to it as she slowly transitions, which won`t happen until her 18th birthday, right?

ANDERSON: Right, very brilliant, and very clever move on Miley Cyrus`s part.


ANDERSON: All right.

Now, I`ve got to move ladies to more Lohan family drama today and I`m just not talking about Lindsay getting sent back to jail today for a month for failing drug test. Her kid sister is also generating controversy.

Let`s take a look at some pictures. These pictures surfaced today of 16-year-old Ali Lohan posing provocatively for her big sister`s fashion line. She looks like she`s posing in lingerie. I personally think these outfits are way too revealing for a 16-year-old.

But Shira, are you bothered?

LAZAR: Yes, is this the demo because I don`t want any high schoolers running around in these clothes or else I`m not going to get any dates in Los Angeles.

But the fact is this isn`t a fashion line, it is like you said, Brooke, it`s more of a lingerie line. I get it that Lindsay`s budget isn`t huge these days so she probably got her sister to do this for free. But she needs to think about what she`s putting out there and the fact is that they -- they are role models.

These people need to take responsibility that they have young women looking at them. And if this is the ideal --


LAZAR: -- they`re creating for what`s normal, the fact is, this isn`t normal.

ANDERSON: And I think she probably could have found an older girl, a model who would have done it for free if it was about money just to get some exposure.

LAZAR: But then try to get someone new now.

ANDERSON: That`s true they are trying to put Ali Lohan I suppose.

And Wendy, very quickly, don`t you think maybe Ali should be lying low right now considering Lindsay`s legal problems?

WALSH: Of course she should but look at the family she comes from, Brooke. My prediction, I`m sorry to say this, Ali, but you are the next train wreck on the horizon.

Coming from such a dysfunctional family where you need the judge and courtroom to finally parent --

ANDERSON: To take control, yes.

WALSH: -- this family because you`ve got a deadbeat drop-in dad.

ANDERSON: Well, maybe it will happen.


ANDERSON: They`ll turn it all around.

Wendy Walsh, Shira Lazar, thank you, both, good to see you.

We are just minutes away from naming SHOWBIZ TONIGHT"`s "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week". Will it be Paris "I pleaded guilty to cocaine" Hilton, or Lindsay "back in jail" Lohan, or Bristol Palin and her sexy "Dancing with the Stars" transformation.

Also extraordinary news today about Ellen DeGeneres`s marriage to Portia De Rossi -- a big change here.

And did you see this? These dogs can really dance.


MOOS: Who cares about sit and stay when you`re a dog that gets to play in a music video?


ANDERSON: Got to doggone love that. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN News and Views.

Now the "Showbiz News Ticker", more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.


TAYLOR SWIFT, SINGER: I`m not really a party girl so I don`t have to -- I don`t go out and party. I wear girly dresses because that`s kind of what I like to wear. I wear (INAUDIBLE) dress because I like to wear that. And I write songs about boys and relationship and that`s -- those are my priorities in life.



ANDERSON: "The Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week" just moments away. Will we name Paris Hilton for pleading guilty to cocaine possession, Lindsay Lohan who was just sent back to jail today or Bristol Palin for her amazing "Dancing with the Stars" makeover? We will reveal who we name and your pick in just minutes.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

We`re going to get to "The Most Provocative Celebrity" in just a sec, but first in "The Buzz Today," a big change for Ellen DeGeneres and her wife, Portia De Rossi.

And the death of a singing legend and Michael Douglas` shocking revelation about why he might have gotten throat cancer.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Michael`s Stress Theory: Just as his new film "Wall Street" opens Michael Douglas has just revealed what he thinks may have triggered his throat cancer -- stress.

In a brand-new interview with London`s "Daily Mirror" Douglas says, "This type of cancer can be brought on by alcohol and tobacco abuse and by a certain type of sexually transmitted reason, but I look at it as stress. I`ve had a pretty stressful year on a number of fronts, some of which were public and some of which weren`t."

Earlier this year Douglas` son Cameron was sent to prison on a drug conviction and Michael`s ex-wife sued him for part of the money he`s making for his "Wall Street" sequel.

Farewell to Fisher. We just learned that `50s pop icon Eddie Fisher has died. The 82-year-old`s family says he died after suffering complications from hip surgery. Fisher was the Justin Bieber of his days, the biggest young pop star of the 1950s. He was involved in some of Hollywood`s biggest scandals, including leaving his wife, Debbie Reynolds for Elizabeth Taylor. Fisher is also the father of "Star Wars" icon Carrie Fisher.

De Rossi becomes DeGeneres. Portia De Rossi has just taken Ellen DeGeneres` last name. A court has approved to changing her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres. Portia and Ellen were married in 2008 when gay marriage was legal in California.


ANDERSON: Good luck to Ellen and Portia.

All right, it is time now to name SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week." So let`s show you who is nominated. Will we name Paris Hilton for pleading guilty this week to cocaine charges and then being banned from Japan? Or will it be Lindsay Lohan for flunking her court-ordered drug test and being sent back to jail today. Or is it Bristol Palin for her sexy reinvention on "Dancing with the Stars?"

Right now in Hollywood is Jim Moret, who is the chief correspondent for "Inside Edition" and in New York Midwin Charles who is a legal contributor for "In Session" on TruTV.

Jim, Midwin, we`re going to name SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week" in just a moment and we`ve been asking our viewers who they would choose. We asked them to text their votes and also vote on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook fan page.

Check this out, Paris Hilton won the text vote with 35 percent of the votes. Here`s a shocker, our Facebook fans voted Bristol Palin the most provocative with 37 percent of the vote. In all fairness, I will say we asked the question before Lindsay went back to jail today.

So, Midwin, can you see why the fans would think that Paris or Bristol should be the ones who are named SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s "Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week?"

CHARLES: I totally can, I mean, for Paris to get busted with cocaine and plead guilty to two other charges and then be banned from a country, I mean, oh, my goodness. How bad do you have to be if a country says we don`t want you? So I can totally see that.

But if I had the choice, I would have voted Lindsay Lohan.

ANDERSON: Ok, Jim, what do you think? Do you think Paris and Bristol are contenders here?

MORET: Yes, I -- I don`t think Lindsay should be. I think that most of us were surprised -- we were surprised that she went to jail.

CHARLES: I wasn`t.

MORET: And I think it`s -- I know you weren`t -- and you were right, I was wrong.

CHARLES: I wasn`t.

MORET: And I will give you credit for that. I really do hope that she gets the help she needs when she gets out of jail. And I know her father wants her to go to rehab. She probably needs it.

I don`t think that`s the provocative person of the week. I think Bristol Palin, I don`t mind her being on "Dancing with the Stars" I wish they would ask me. I would lose some weight and make some money. I think Paris Hilton -- I`m trying, I`m trying.

Paris Hilton, talk about moxie or chutzpah, right? You plead guilty and then you get on a plane and you show up in Japan like nothing is wrong and guess what they say, "Sayonara".


ANDERSON: Get out of here.

MORET: That`s right.

ANDERSON: All right, that is pretty darn provocative.

But now, it is time for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to reveal our choice for "The Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week." Drum roll, please. Showbiz named it`s Lindsay Lohan, "The Most Provocative Celebrity of the Week". She admitted to failing a court-ordered drug test. She finished the week in jail.

Midwin, this is your pick as well so you obviously can`t us here.

CHARLES: It is only because she could have done this right, instead, what did she do, once again? She mocked the justice system. She mocked everybody. Failed the drug test and then I think walked into court thinking today, like, I`m going to get over, and no she`s going to spend the next 30 days in her new home, a jail cell.

ANDERSON: Hopefully this is the start for her to get the help she so desperately, obviously needs.

CHARLES: Hopefully.

ANDERSON: Jim Moret, Midwin Charles, thank you both.

MORET: Sure.

ANDERSON: All right.

These dogs aren`t provocative, they are just simply amazing. Did you see this?

These dogs can dance.


MOOS: The doggy choreography featured everything from leaps to shelves.


ANDERSON: The really cool new music video featuring a dozen shelter dogs.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN News and Views.

And now the "Showbiz News Ticker", more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.


ANDERSON: Hey, did you see this? These dogs can boogie. You`ve got to see this brand-new music video today, the stars 12 dogs doing some amazing tricks. This video was just released. It`s got more than three million views already.

Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


MOOS (voice-over): Who cares about sit and stay, when your dog gets to play in a music video? The band is Ok Go, and they go to the dogs in one continuous take, using a dozen, mostly shelter dogs in their video called "White Knuckles".

Oh, sure, there were plenty of mistakes. It took 124 takes, but they wound up using take 72. The band says the dozen dogs loved it.

DAMIAN KULASH, OK GO BAND MEMBER: You can see like yes, I`ve done my job and it was like it was -- it was so, so fun.

MOOS: Ok Go is known for its complex one continuous take videos like the one featuring a Ruth Goldberg (ph) like contraption big enough to fill an entire warehouse.

But that was engineering. This required training. Each dog had its own trainer giving it cues.

(on camera): We were wondering what had the dogs so focused, looking like they were at the U.S. Open. The answer? Tennis balls with cheese on it.

(voice-over): By the way, the brown dog on your right?

KULASH: That`s my dog, Bunnie.

MOOS: The doggy choreography featured everything from leaps to shelves. Note the band member feeding Riot the dog a treat. A couple of dogs walked the planks. How did Tin Tin the Chihuahua and the rest of the gang react to Ok Go`s music?

TIM NORDWIND, OK GO BAND MEMBER: It`s basically dancing to a -- to a click.

KULASH: It was like a metronome but with the vocals over it so we knew where we were in the song.

MOOS: It took six weeks spread over a year to train the dogs, train the people and get one continuous great take. Did we mention Ranger the goat?

KULASH: You don`t potty train a goat.

NORDWIND: No you don`t potty train a goat.

MOOS: The video ends with a pyramid that the band calls a dog-o-mid. And that was the hardest part for the dogs getting commands to go up and down in unison.

KULASH: I think it was pure luck that he`s barking to the beat.

MOOS: But the band leader`s favorite part is called popcorn, featuring Spike, the latest canine pop star.


ANDERSON: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Hey, I think a new reality show here, so you think you can bark? The Wolf Waltz, the canine Cha Cha Cha, maybe these dogs can teach David Hasselhoff some moves since he was the first voted off "Dancing with the Stars." I`m just saying.

All right, that is a wrap for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Thank you so much for watching. I`m Brooke Anderson.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now live at 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. And don`t forget, we are still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.

Take care.