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Kanye Vs. Taylor: The Sequel; Oprah`s Big Surprise Today; Kim`s Curve Obsession

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST (voice-over): Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT:

Taylor versus Kanye, the sequel. Taylor Swift`s unbelievable response to Kanye West at the Video Music Awards, a year after he dissed her. Then Kanye`s swear-filled song of his own. The great debate today. Who came out on top?

The startling Lady Gaga VMA controversy today, including Gaga`s bizarre dress made of meat.

The showbiz flash point today. Lady Gaga`s outrageous behavior. Love it or hate it.

Oprah`s big surprise today as she officially kicks off her last season. And what was John Travolta doing there?

Jessica fights back today. Jessica Simpson reveals the remarkable new way she is fighting back at people who called her fat.

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HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, coming to you from New York City with big news breaking today.

Taylor versus Kanye, the sequel. So, did she or did she not? Did Taylor Swift finally give Kanye West a swift kick and put an end to all the nonsense that Kanye, of course, started when he threw the first diss at last year`s MTV Music Video Awards?

Well, that is the great debate today after Kanye and Taylor seemed to have made up at last night`s VMAs or did they?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there to hear Taylor apparently sing about forgiveness. Or did she?

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there as Kanye seemed to sing a profanity laced song of redemption, or did he?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the VMA mess that seems to be cleaned up, or is it?


HAMMER (voice-over): It was the big guessing game today around the world. Did Taylor Swift and Kanye West finally end their musical feud with Taylor`s new song of forgiveness last night at the MTV Music Video Awards?

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga`s new meat dress today started a new -- beef with animal rights activists, which is why SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you it`s war and peace at the VMAs.

We`ll start with the peace.


HAMMER: Taylor Swift unveiled a new song apparently titled "Innocent" at last night`s VMAs. It`s a not-too-subtle message to Kanye West.


HAMMER: Taylor`s new song seems to squash the Kanye/Swift battle that began at last year`s VMAs when Kanye brazenly interrupted Taylor Swift`s acceptance speech after she won the Best Female Video Award.

KANYE WEST, RAPPER: Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.

MARC MALKIN, E! NEWS: People were not happy. And he sort of went into hiding for a little bit.


HAMMER: But now, Taylor seems to be saying all that is in the past. And on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs, hip hop star Drake told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he`s also ready for the Kanye/Taylor feud to end.

DRAKE, HIP HOP STAR: Reconciliation is always a good thing.

HAMMER: Kanye also took the stage, performing his new song "Runaway." It wasn`t exactly about the Taylor Swift feud, but listening to the not- safe-for-TV lyrics --


HAMMER: Some say it`s hard not to think about Kanye.

But as one war ends another begins.


HAMMER: With the legendary Cher looking on, Lady Gaga wore a dress of raw meat as she got up to accept her award for the Video of the Year, one of eight awards she won last night.

LADY GAGA, SINGER: I never thought I`d be asking Cher to hold my meat purse.

MALKIN: If there is going to be anyone who is going to one up Cher, the person to do it is Lady Gaga. Maybe Oscar Mayer should, you know, sponsor her next tour.

HAMMER: But today, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals which is on record as not being a big fan of meat slammed the Gaga tartare look. PETA tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Someone should whisper in her ear that there are more people upset by butchery than impressed by it, and that means a lot of young people will not be buying her records if she keeps it up. On the other hand, maybe it was fake, and she`ll talk about that later."

Despite PETA`s suggestion, Lady Gaga`s rep today told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Lady Gaga`s dress was indeed made of real meat.

No word if it will soon be available in finer department stores or butcher stores near you.

LADY GAGA: Well, it`s certainly no disrespect to anyone that`s vegan or vegetarian.

HAMMER: Today on the season premiere of "Ellen," Gaga told Ellen DeGeneres, a passionate animal rights activist, what message she meant to send with her fleshy dress.

LADY GAGA: If we don`t fight for our rights, pretty soon, we`re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones.

HAMMER: But E!`s Marc Malkin tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, although PETA has a big beef with Gaga today, they shouldn`t get too worked.

MALKIN: This is not something to be repeated. I do not -- I do not think people are running out to the store to find a bacon evening gown in their size.

HAMMER: But even if Taylor and Kanye are making up, it looks like Lady Gaga and PETA won`t be sitting down to enjoy any meals together any time soon. Proof positive that no matter how hard we may try, there will never truly be peace in our time.


HAMMER: Sad, isn`t it? The Kanye/Taylor showdown might be over, but after a whole year of feuding, who won? Kanye versus Taylor part two.

With me in New York, Ereka Vetrini. Ereka is senior editor with "In Touch Weekly."

Right now in Hollywood, Carlos Diaz. He`s a syndicated radio host.

To me, Taylor Swift is always -- has always been a class act. Kanye West -- not so much. Now, I say Taylor came out on top again with her performance last night.

Carlos Diaz, who do you think won part two of the Taylor/Kanye showdown?

CARLOS DIAZ, SYNDICATED RADIO HOST: I agree. I mean, because she was classier. It seemed classier. It looked pitchy at times and, you know, anyone who complains about the way she sounded -- well, at least she sang. She didn`t lip sync, which is what a lot of people did last night.

The tough thing here, A.J., is that whenever you do songs that have never been played before, that`s -- Taylor Swift has a song that`s never been heard before, Kanye West, a song never heard before, then we don`t know the song. So, we are kind of like, well, is it good? Is it not good? We haven`t heard it performed yet.

So, I would give Taylor a slight edge. But both of the performances, to me, weren`t that memorable.

HAMMER: Yes. You make a good point. I mean, did they both kind of lose here because the idea was to really bring fans into the fold and have everybody say, I`m OK with you. I`m OK with you. Did that happen for either one of them?

EREKA VETRINI, SENIOR EDITOR, IN TOUCH WEEKLY: Well, I think there just wasn`t much of a feud. You know, there was no versus. We didn`t see any kind of attention between them or any kind of resolve. It was all very separate and we get to judge at them separately, but I don`t think we really got much of what was going on in between.

I think that her song was very out of character. And so, for us, everyone is trying to get used to this new Taylor sound. That was weird. And I just didn`t like the profanities coming out of Kanye`s mouth.

HAMMER: No. I mean, again, it just kind of shows his level of class with the whole thing. I guess you`re right, though. People were looking for something with a little more grit -- maybe a little more action.

So, Carlos, do you think we`ve heard the last of this feud and we can now move on, please?

DIAZ: I hope so. Yes. Let`s just -- let`s move on.

I do want to thank Kanye for writing a song about me. That was really nice of him. I really appreciate that.

But, yes, let`s just move on. I mean, to me, I wanted to see, remember when Prince finished the VMAs like 20 years ago and he had the Buttless Chaps on and the whole thing? I think that`s a performance. That`s cool.

Like Kanye, yes, OK. Let`s do something else. This isn`t better, more, you know?

HAMMER: All right. Well, why don`t we move on then? Because there was certainly another big VMA controversy everybody was talking about today. And it was from Lady Gaga. It`s her bad -- should we say her bad raw-mance with the dress she wore made of raw meat.

Now, today, Gaga`s rep did confirm to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, yes, that dress, it was made of real meat and designed by the House of Gaga. Now, Gaga explained herself today on the season premiere of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Watch what she told Ellen.


LADY GAGA: Well, it`s certainly no disrespect to anyone that`s vegan or vegetarian. I -- as you know, I`m the most judgment-free human being on the earth. However, it has many interpretations, but for me this evening, it`s as if we don`t stand up for what we believe in, if we don`t fight for our rights, pretty soon, we`re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones.


HAMMER: OK. There are lots of ways she could have made this point. And I don`t disagree with the point she was making. But all this comes after Gaga posed in this less beefy raw meat bikini for the new "Vogue" on Japan. There are a lot of people who believe her outrageous ways are just getting old fast and quite frankly, in the way of her talent.

That leads to our showbiz flashpoint today, Lady Gaga`s outrageous behavior. Love it or hate it?

Ereka, are you getting a little tired of it?

VETRINI: No. You know why? Because if that`s all she was made of, yes. Then I wouldn`t care less about Lady Gaga. But she`s got a voice. This woman can sing.

When she sang her last acceptance speech, I was like, you see, this is why we like -- we love Lady Gaga. Sure, she thinks she needs to do all these things, but for her fans that are not monsters, we love her for her voice. So, that`s enough for me.

HAMMER: Yes. I guess so. Just to me, it`s getting to the point of outrageousness for the sake of outrageousness, and when we look back and think about her, we want to think about things other than how outrageous she was.

Carlos Diaz, I mean, maybe this dress was made of prime cuts of beef, but all that said to our showbiz flashpoint, are you loving or hating her outrageous behavior?

DIAZ: The crazy thing, A.J., is no one is talking about the fact that she actually, when she accepted that last award for Video of the Year, she sang and that was the best vocal of the evening. No one is talking about that because they are talking about her meat dress.

HAMMER: That`s my point.

DIAZ: Yes. That`s the point. No one is talking -- but by the way, when you`re about to put up the meat dress, isn`t it just a slam dunk that PETA is going to be ticked off about this? I wonder if PETA is going to be mad.


HAMMER: And quite frankly they cop it. In their statement, there was more of their statement where they said, of course, you know, we`re going to say something about something like this.

All right. Ereka Vetrini, Carlos Diaz, thank you both.

Now I want to turn it over to you for exclusive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll today. And here it is. Lady Gaga`s outrageous behavior. Love it, hate it?

Please vote. You can also e-mail us at

Well, besides Kanye/Taylor and, of course, Gaga meat, the other big VMA controversy everybody is buzzing about today, Lindsay Lohan.




LOHAN: Have you been drinking?


LOHAN: Really? And why is your ankle bracelet going off?

HANDLER: Oh, that just means that my table`s ready at the cheesecake factory.


HAMMER: Yes, I got to say. I think Lindsay was pretty funny with VMA host Chelsea Handler. But is making fun of herself really a good idea?

Oprah officially kicks off the very last season of her talk show today. Of course, Oprah had a big old Oprah surprise for her studio audience, a shocker indeed. And John Travolta plays a big part in it.

Bristol Palin`s dancing dilemma. The unbelievable news today that Bristol is having some big problems with "Dancing With the Stars," and, you know, the show is not even on the air yet. That can`t be good.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

Time now for the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.




DAVID BOREANAZ, "BONES" STAR: We`re not immune. No one is immune to it. It can take you down pretty hard. And when it comes to something like life and death you -- you know, I look at what he`s going through right now, and it`s a testimony to be able to take it on and battle it rather than sit back and say, "I`m going to let it take me."


HAMMER: Powerful words from "Bones" star David Boreanaz about Michael Douglas who, of course, is battling stage 4 throat cancer. We caught up with David and tons of other stars at the Stand Up To Cancer telethon on Friday. It was just amazing. The star-studded broadcast aired on CBS, NBC, and ABC, all to raise money for cancer research. You can still watch the telethon and make a donation today, just surf on over to

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. ] And now, a showbiz special report. TV tackles cancer today. And I`m not just talking about through telethons. There`s an amazing number of shows on TV right now all dealing with cancer. Stars are taking this terrible disease head on and they`re not being shy about talking about it. I think it sends a very important message to everyone and is really a wonderful way to empower people who are battling cancer.



HAMMER (voice-over): TV`s disease.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s very advanced.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just noticed it, a lump.


HAMMER: Cancers come out of the closet, making itself comfortable in pop culture.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We no longer say the word "cancer" in a hushed tone.

HAMMER: And raising its profile big time in Hollywood, supercharged by big stars going public with their battles and giving cancer a glamorous face. There`s Jackie DeFalco (ph ) had it in real life. And even Dr. Oz got a scare and shared it on the show.

DR. OZ, TV HOST: I saw that polyp and not knowing especially over the weekend what it`s going to be. It shakes you up.

HAMMER: In fact, flip through the TV channels and try not to find somebody famous playing someone with cancer, talking about it, or living through it in their own real life.

MICHAEL C. HALL, ACTOR: I think I was very fortunate to have the diagnosis come at the end of the fourth season, so I was able to get my ducks in a row and start my treatment when we ended.

HAMMER: "Dexter`s" Michael C. Hall beat that Hodgkin`s lymphoma this year and more of tyranny will return to TV in a show, "The Whole Truth," after breaking from "Rescue Me," for breast cancer treatment.

BRYAN CRANSTON, ACTOR: I don`t think there is anyone we know who hasn`t been afflicted by it, had it hit their family in some way, their friends.

HAMMER: Brian Cranston just plays a terminal cancer patient who resorts to drug dealing to support his family in "Breaking Bad." The irreverent tone was nearly too much for TV two years ago as it premiered, recalls his costar.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When this show was about to air, we got a lot of flack.

HAMMER: But today, the brand new show "The Big C" starring Laura Linney can make cancer a comedy?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma.

SANDRA DECASTOR BUFFINGTON, HOLLYWOOD HEALTH & SOCIETY: Fifteen years ago, there was a lot of stigma around cancer. People did not talk about it the way it`s talked about today.

HAMMER: The fact that we are seeing more cancer-themed storylines on scripted shows as diverse as "Mad Men" and "Army Wives" is by design, according to a director of a program called Hollywood Health and Society based at the University of Southern California.

BUFFINGTON: We have seen overall an increase in health story lines on television. We have a TV monitoring project. And we know that we`re also seeing an increase in cancer story lines.

HAMMER: They`ve been partnering with Hollywood producers and writers on health-related scripts for the past three years.

BUFFINGTON: The reason this is important is we know that two-thirds of regular viewers of television report learning something new about a disease or how to prevent it from TV shows.

HAMMER: And even Gene Simmons` rocker family might have taught us something when they were dealt a shocking cancer blow this season on their A&E reality show.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Listen, I got a biopsy I think that might be serious.



HAMMER: Shannon Tweed`s breast lump turned out to not be cancerous.

I got to point out, if you haven`t seen "The Big C" yet, check out that show. It`s one of the best on television right now.

All right. As we move on, Jessica fights back. Jessica Simpson revealing the remarkable new way that she`s fighting back at people who called her fat.


JESSICA SIMPSON, SINGER: I don`t like to read stuff about myself. Yes, the world doesn`t like me. Woo! They think I`m a size 100.


HAMMER: You tell them, Jess. Wait until you see what Jessica is doing now. She`s really going to have all those people who dissed her eating their words.

Jennifer Aniston got a new man. What`s going on here? Is she dating Courtney Cox`s costar? Well, you know, I`m sending the showbiz truth squad out to check this out right now.

And, Kim Kardashian stands up for curves today. You have got to hear Kim`s fired up words about Hollywood`s obsession with stick thin women.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

Now, to the showbiz news ticker with more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

It was certainly a night of fashion hits and misses at the MTV Video Music Awards.

With me in New York right now, Ereka Vetrini. And she`s the senior editor for "In Touch Weekly."

All right. Ereka, let`s take a look at one of Gaga`s many gowns of the evening. This is an Alexander McQueen number that she wore on the red carpet. You look at that for Gaga. Hit or miss? What do you think?

VETRINI: Well, first of all, let`s say that, in general, these costumes are not hits for the average person, right? This is rocker chic. In saying that, I`m going to say I love this one. I love colors. I love the texture. It`s Alexander McQueen. It`s beautiful.

And the greatest part is you can see Gaga`s face.


VETRINI: In half her costumes, she usually hides her face.

HAMMER: She usually doesn`t do that.


HAMMER: And it`s not red meat.

VETRINI: And it`s not red meat.

HAMMER: Let`s talk about those boots, I would say not made for walking.


HAMMER: Can we put that one up, Charles?

These are claw boots. I`m having a hard time knowing if the claw boots were such a good move here.

VETRINI: Well, this is the thing. The gown was too beautiful. She need something a little gross to talk about and she lifts them up so perfectly so everybody gets a really good look. They`re gross obviously, and she can`t move much in them too which is another shocker. But it`s very Gaga and I think very appropriate for her. We`re talking about them.

HAMMER: Yes. Appropriate for her and also for the MTV Music Video Awards --

VETRINI: Exactly.

HAMMER: -- because keep in mind, it`s not the Oscars. It`s not the Grammys, where people still get a little rock `n roll. This is the VMAs. No, you`re not wearing it down to the drug store to take up --


VETRINI: Yes. And she`s about shock, right? So, shock value, she gets an A on this.

HAMMER: All right. Katy Perry has been about shock value to some degree in her career, but she appeared on the red carpet in a barely there mini-skirt.

Do we have -- look at -- whoa!

VETRNI: Hottie.

HAMMER: Hit or miss?

VETRINI: I`m saying a completely hit. Anything Katy Perry wears, it`s sexy. She`s got a great body. She wears everything really, really well. Of course, she can rock that, so she should rock that.

HAMMER: All right. I want to put on Rihanna -- all red haired with a ballerina tutu. Hit or miss? What do you think?

VETRINI: Love, love, love this -- especially when she was singing the chorus to the Eminem song and there were the flames in the background. It really brought out the color in her hair. And she looks rocker and she sure looks feminine which I love.

HAMMER: All right. Well, I think there were a lot of really cool outfits and a lot of really cool people last night.

Ereka Vetrini, we thank you as always.

VETRINI: No problem.

HAMMER: Time now for the showbiz lineup. Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT:

Bristol`s dancing dilemma. So we`re hearing today that Bristol Palin, she`s already having big problems with "Dancing With the Stars" and the show has not even premiered yet.

Oprah`s big surprise today. Oprah Winfrey shocks her audience today as she officially kicks off her last season. And what was John Travolta doing there?

And Jessica fights back today. Jessica Simpson revealing the remarkable new way she is fighting back and responding today to all those people who called her fat. Good for you, Jessica.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

Time now for the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.



HAMMER: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Oprah`s big surprise. Oprah kicks off her last season. What was John Travolta doing there? Plus, the other really huge surprise that brought Oprah to tears today.

Lindsay`s big joke. Lindsay Lohan makes fun of herself big time at the MTV VMAs, but was this such a good move?



LOHAN: Have you been drinking?


LOHAN: Really. Then why is your ankle bracelet going off, hmm?

HANDLER: Oh, that just means that my table is ready at the cheesecake factory.

HAMMER: A new Hollywood hunk in Jennifer Aniston`s life? Is she dating Courtney Cox`s co-star? The showbiz truth squad sets the record straight today.

Plus, breaking today from the showbiz news ticker, Cher`s new look turns back time.

And Resident Evil`s box office bombshell.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City. We have big news breaking today. It`s Oprah`s big surprise. The most famous talk show host on the planet kicked off the last season of her show with a big bang today. I can tell you Oprah`s big final sendoff today sent her studio audience into massive hysteria. And I think it`s pretty safe to say she is about to throw one heck of a welcome back party for her most loyal fans. With me right now is Megan Alexander. Megan is a correspondent with "Inside Edition." From Hollywood, Carlos Diaz. He`s a syndicated radio host.

Oprah promised a lot of surprises today. Boy, I got to tell you I think she really delivered. And when John Travolta came out, we were thinking oh, he`s the surprise. John hasn`t been making TV appearances. That was great. But it gets even better because Oprah, you know, she`s given away cars. She`s given away trips to her staff, but I have to say I think her studio audience today was absolutely floored when she shared this with them. Take a look.


OPRAH WINFREY, HOST: Maybe I should take all of you with me to the other side of the world. We`re going to Australia! We`re going to Australia! You, you, and you, and you are going to Australia.


WINFREY: To the pilot!



HAMMER: I mean, how great is that? I think Oprah was just as excited to give away her big surprise as the audience was to get it. Megan, what do you think? Oprah`s big surprise. She is going to fly 300 of her loyal fans to Australia with John Travolta as the pilot.


HAMMER: I think that tops anything she`s done before.

ALEXANDER: Completely. I`m exhausted. And this is the kickoff to the season. What is she going to do next? A.J., when you think about it, have you ever flown to Australia? It`s like a 20-hour flight.

HAMMER: Right.

ALEXANDER: Don`t tell me that those women in the audience weren`t screaming when John Travolta came out. If he is, indeed, the pilot, he aint no (ph) exactly to stay in the cockpit forever. He`s going to come back and mingle with all the passengers. No wonder they were screaming.

HAMMER: Dance floor and will be dancing. Carlos Diaz, I mean, it`s just awesome. I`m overwhelmed just watching that again.

CARLOS DIAZ, SYNDICATED RADIO HOST: Yes, but one of my friends called me from New York who saw it before I did, and he goes, did you hear about Oprah and Australia? I`m like, did she buy Australia? Wait a minute.


ALEXANDER: Right. Right.

DIAZ: But the thing is, though, people keep asking the question. Do you like the car giveaway better or the Australian trip better? I`d take the car because I`ve been to Australia, and 16 hours of turbulence, I don`t care if John Travolta is flying, Brad Pitt is flying or George Clooney is flying. It`s still 16 hours of bumpy bumpy. So, I`ll take the car.

HAMMER: You know, don`t put (INAUDIBLE) balloon right now, Carlos.

ALEXANDER: I`ve never been also.

HAMMER: All right. Well, listen, you know, John Travolta did sit down with Oprah. It wasn`t all about wearing the pilot`s hat. And I thought today, he just did a great job capturing how so many of Oprah`s loyal fans have felt about her and the news that she is ending her show, the Oprah show, as she gets set to launch her cable network. Watch what John Travolta said.


JOHN TRAVOLTA, ACTOR: First of all, you make everybody feel like they`re home.


TRAVOLTA: The audience, your guests, and if I may be so bold to speak for the public, for the world, Oprah, there is only one of you and there`ll never be another one.


HAMMER: And we talked about Oprah leaving the show before, but Megan, now, that the beginning of the end is really here, you know, reality really is starting to settle in, sadly, isn`t it?

ALEXANDER: To have 25 years of the same show in this business, A.J. that`s like ten life times in the industry. She has the ability that few people can do to be so many different things to be to so many different people. She can be glamorous, a personality, but also be our neighbor and our friend and relate to anyone and that`s just a talent that few people have.

HAMMER: Well, a huge part of that allure that Oprah has is her ability to get big stars of all kinds on her couch opening up about things, their most intimate stories, things they really didn`t otherwise want to talk about with people. Now, there have been reports that Lindsay Lohan may do her first post jail and rehab interview with Oprah on that couch.

So today, I`m kind of wondering what Oprah would have to say about Lindsay`s self-effacing appearance last night on the MTV Video Music awards. Let`s watch that.


LOHAN: Hello, Chelsea.

HANDLER: Hey, Lindsay.

LOHAN: Have you been drinking?


LOHAN: Really. Then why is your ankle bracelet going off, hmm?

HANDLER: Oh, that just means that my table is ready at the cheesecake factory.

LOHAN: Wake up, Handler! Pull it together! You`re mess. Do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? Take it from me. They don`t.

HANDLER: OK. OK. You turned your life around. Maybe I can, too.

LOHAN: That`s the spirit, kid. Now go get them.

HANDLER: Thanks, freckles.

LOHAN: Have a great show. Don`t embarrass me.


HAMMER: I thought that was pretty funny. And look, I`m all about people poking fun at themselves to help them move past their problems particularly if they`re stars, but I feel that way most of the time. Carlos, what do you think? Did Lindsay with her poking fun at herself as a drunk do a good thing here? Was that a smart move in your mind?

DIAZ: Very, very smart move because A, it was on tape, you know. So, it was controlled. B, notice the line that Chelsea said? You turned your life around. I guess, I can, too. See, so it`s like, OK, so we`re already saying that Lindsay has turned her life around? Is that what we`re saying? I think it`s step one. I don`t think it`s the total comeback for Lindsay. It`s the first small step. The next step, let`s get her in a movie, get her back on the silver screen, get people paying to see her.

HAMMER: Yes. Exactly. And this is something we`ve seen from other stars before. And this morning, on "The View," it was all the buzz with the ladies there. They were talking about Lindsay poking fun at herself on the VMAs. Let`s watch what they said about it.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, HOST: Just out of rehab.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just got out of rehab.

GOLDBERG: And so people are saying, you know, is it too soon for her to be doing stuff like that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE; She said people don`t want to work with a drunk. Look at me. So, she`s pretty much copping to her bad behavior.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is good to show a sense of humor right after you get out of rehab.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. If you`re famous, yes, it is.


HAMMER: Whoopi, Megan, seems to think that Lindsay is doing a good thing here by poking fun of herself and thought it was a good move. What about you?

ALEXANDER: I don`t want to see her for a year. I want to be able to take her seriously again, A.J., and I thought it was just too soon. I think Chelsea was hilarious, but again, I think if we want to take it seriously, you know, Carlos mentioned get her back on the silver screen, she is already back on the silver screen, but I think people want to see her out of the headlines for her party lifestyle, even jokes related to that part of her life, and see her doing good work.

HAMMER: Yes, I mean, those are the two paths to take. Either you address it head on like this and -- I quite frankly have always liked the idea of just go away. Like Paris Hilton after she gave her interview after she get out of jail. She kind of went away for a little while.


HAMMER: And well, we actually got to forget about her for a little while (INAUDIBLE) Lindsay may not be done poking fun at herself just yet. The reports today that Lindsay is in talks with "Saturday Night Live" to host a show in December and that would mean she`d have to make even more fun of herself. Now, Carlos, at some point, it does seem if you keep going with the jokes, it could back fire.

DIAZ: Yes, it could. But I think that Lindsay needs to be, she needs to make fun of herself. You need to get out there that, hey, I get the joke. I know that I was just kind of self-involved. I actually think that would be a great thing for her to be like, you`re right. You don`t want to go overboard, but we need to see her kind of make light of the situation, see that she is sober, see that she`s not partying, and that kind of helps us move on. I like the idea of her doing "SNL."

HAMMER: I kind of do. I kind of do. And we`ll wait and see. Right now, the folks over at "SNL" tell "showbiz tonight" nothing has confirmed. They have not announced their December guest just yet. Megan Alexander, Carlos Diaz, I thank you both.

But right now, I got to move on to Jessica Simpson`s incredible new (INAUDIBLE).


JESSICA SIMPSON, ENTERTAINER: I don`t like to read that stuff about myself. Yes, the world doesn`t like me. Woo. They think I`m a size 100.

HAMMER (voice-over): Jessica Simpson reveals the remarkable way she is taking on all of those haters who say she is fat.

Kim Kardashian`s curve obsession. Only SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has Kim K. standing up for curvy women like herself. She is tired of Hollywood`s obsession with stick thin stars.

And Bristol Palin has traded in her muck lucks for tap shoes, but there is a shocking new confession from Bristol`s "Dancing With The stars" partner today. You`re going to hear what he`s saying. He`s revealing why Bristol better loosen up fast. This SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the showbiz news ticker, more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHTs newsroom making news today.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And there is big news breaking in the buzz today. Kim Kardashian`s obsession with curves. Kim K.`s provocative confessions today.

Bristol Palin`s ballroom dilemma. Her "Dancing With The Stars" partner is revealing that there`s a big problem with Bristol.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there with all the big stars who are standing up in support of Michael Douglas.


HAMMER (voice-over): Standing up for Michael. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at the stand up to cancer telethon where stars sent their best to Michael Douglas. The actor is fighting stage IV throat cancer, and it`s clear he was in everyone`s thoughts.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would send my best wishes to Michael and his entire beautiful family.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I look at what he`s going through right now, and it`s a testimony to be able to take that on and battle it.

HAMMER: Bristol`s ballroom dilemma. Bristol Palin isn`t ready for "Dancing With The Stars" says her professional partner, Marc Ballas. He tells, quote, "Her thing that she needs to work on is moving her hips and not being shy to be sexy and sensual and womanly when she`s dancing." But there`s still hope, Ballas says. She is working hard and getting better. Bristol takes on the ballroom September 20th.

Kim Kardashian`s curve obsession. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just caught up with Kim at the release of her new clothing line at New York City`s fashion week. The reality star revealed she is excited to see more women in fashion who are not stick thin.

KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY STAR: The fact that, you know, it`s kind of taking a turn and you have more relatable women in their fashion shows. You see in magazines, it`s really inspiring.


HAMMER (on-camera): Kim Kardashian was just in New York City for all the big fashion week events. Kim and her sister, Kourtney, came to New York fashion week to debut their new line of clothing called K-Dash sold on QVC. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was able to keep up with the Kardashian sisters every glamorous step of the way, and Kim K. who revealed only to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that she is proud to see the new direction that the fashion industry is headed in today.


KARDASHIAN: When I was growing up, you know, I saw super stick skinny models in all the magazines, and I just never felt like I related to them. So, the fact that, you know, it`s kind of taking a turn, and they have more relatable women in their fashion shows and you see in magazines is really inspiring, and I think it`s just way more realistic.


HAMMER: Well, as Kim heep (ph) praises on the fashion industry for embracing real women. Right now, she is caught up in a firestorm of controversy. Kim is getting a lot of back lash today for getting Botox. Isn`t this the same Kim K. who posed on a magazine cover mere months ago showing off her makeup-less face? I think Kim got to be really careful about the mixed messages that she is sending particularly to her young fans.

Well, from Kim Kardashian`s curve obsession and Botox bombshell to Jessica Simpson`s ongoing battle to defend her body. Now, I for one have always sympathized with Jessica for how much public attention her weight and body struggles get. So, I am particularly happy to hear what she is doing right now. Jessica is actually cashing in big time on this weight battle. It`s a showbiz special report. Jessica`s massive empire. Here`s CNN`s Alina Cho, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


(SINGING) I think I`m in love.

ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Jessica Simpson is an American sweetheart. The girl known for her gas.

JESSICA SIMPSON, CO-CREATIVE DIR., JESSICA SIMPSON COLLECTION: I know it`s tuna, but it says chicken by the sea.

CHO: Good looks --

SIMPSON: You all ready to order?

CHO: And turning the tabloids. But Jessica Simpson is also a mega fashion brand.

You got sweaters, shoes, jewelry, handbags, hats. I mean, did you ever think?

SIMPSON: No. Honestly, this isn`t even like a dream that I had. I mean, I played with Barbie when I was little, and I like to dress them up.

CHO: Now, she`s dressing up real people head to toe. A full fashion line named after who else but herself.

PHILLIP BLOCH, AUTHOR, "THE SHOPPING DIET": She could end up selling food. She could end up selling house ware. She could end up selling cars. She`s like the next version of Martha Stewart.

CHO: Before you doubt it, get this, just five years after its launch, the Jessica Simpson collection has 21 different product categories. Everything from butterfly patterned dresses to boots, definitely not made for walking, to perfume, even luggage with well over $500 million in annual sales, on track to be $1 billion brand by 2012.

SIMPSON: This is the most lucrative thing I do, absolutely.

CHO: It is?


CHO: So how does she manage it all? Lots of help from her co- creative director, her mom.

What`s most important for you?

TINA SIMPSON, CO-CREATIVE DIR., JESSICA SIMPSON COLLECTION: Oh, that it`s real for Jessica. You know, it`s real to her. Like nothing goes through approvals with us that isn`t like something that Jessica wouldn`t be interested in or wouldn`t love.

SIMPSON: I like it doesn`t have the collar. I think that`s cute.

CHO: Hmmm, yes. That`s a great jacket.

SIMPSON: I am definitely a girly girl, so it was fun for me to like even put together color palates or like create some pair of jeans that a woman would feel comfortable in.

CHO: That`s right. The brand`s latest venture is a full line of jeans.

JEFF GENNETTE, CHIEF MERCHANDISING OFFICER, MACY: She`s a curvy fit. And there`s a lot of women out there that are looking for a jean that fits a curvy woman.

CHO: Something the tabloids have taunted her about, making light of her weight battles.

SIMPSON: I don`t like to read that stuff about myself. Yes, the world doesn`t like me! Woo. They think I`m a size 100.

CHO: But it`s this candor, relatability that industry insiders say consumers love.

Where do you want to see this brand go, I mean, five years from now, ten years from now? What are you --

SIMPSON: Oh, I`m thinking even after I`m gone. I would like for it to be around.

CHO: You are that all-American girl, aren`t you? Isn`t that --

SIMPSON: Well, I hope so. I hope I`m the all-American girl. I think I am.

CHO: I think you are.

(SINGING) I think I`m in love.


HAMMER: That was CNNs Alina Cho for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Let`s give it up for Jessica Simpson. So cool seeing how great she is doing right now. >

Well, moving on to a new man in Jennifer Aniston`s life today. Is there really? Is Jennifer really dating Courtney Cox`s co-star? Are they more than friends? The showbiz truth squad sets the record straight today. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN, news and views.

Now, the showbiz news ticker. More stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.





UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you hear? We have a quiz in geography!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Lower your voice. Show a little respect. Panic every time there`s a quiz as if it really matters. You`re going through life like a cockroach in the dirt.


HAMMER: I`m just mad about this. "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm has a major secret to share, and he delivers it exclusively to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I, for one, am really digging the brand new season of "Mad Men." Don Draper is back, and I must say, he is more complex than ever. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just caught up with the "Mad Men" superstar Jon Hamm at the Toronto Film Festival. Jon shared major dare I say exclusive news and details about his next big project.

I am talking top-secret, under lock and key secret. That is until, of course, Jon met up with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and spilled this. I don`t know if I`m supposed to say this or not, but I just found out that I`m hosting "Saturday Night Live" on October 30th. Well, that`s perfect. Just in time for my birthday on the 31st. SNL`s big Halloween episode. I`m sure it`s going to be fantastic.

Well, there is great mystery floating around Hollywood today. Jennifer Aniston was just spotted getting cozy over candlelight with cougar town star, Josh Hopkins. Now, Aniston just did a guest starring role on her BFF Courtney Cox star hit ABC show. So, everybody is wondering are Jen and Josh the new Hollywood "it" couple? It is time for the showbiz troop squad to set the record straight today. Here`s what Josh is telling "People" magazine.

"No, no. We are just friends, just friends, having dinner." Josh also revealed that he picked up the tab which is good to hear. He said I`m a southern gentleman, so I had to do that. Jennifer Aniston`s guest starring role on "Cougar Town" scheduled to air on September 22nd as the season premiere. I`m certain she will be fantastic on it. Looking forward to that.

On Friday, we asked you to vote in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. The results now in. Celebrity tweeting disasters. Which celebrities should just stop tweeting already? Look at this one. 53 percent say Heidi Montag stop tweeting followed by Kanye West 32 percent say, Kanye step away from the computer. 15 percent say they`ve had enough of Justin Bieber`s tweets. Check out this explosive e-mail from Stuart in Florida.

Stuart says Twitter is just trouble. All celebrities should stop tweeting. Do you care if Ashton Kutcher is standing in line for bagels or if Paris Hilton is bored at the nail salon? Twitter is the dumbest thing ever invented.

And we also got this from Callie Ray in Colorado who thinks Kanye West plus Twitter equal disaster. Whenever he opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it. He should not have a Twitter account.

Thank you very for your e-mails and thank you for watching. That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT now live at 5:00 eastern Monday through Friday, and we are still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week at 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific here on HLN.