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Lindsay Lohan in Lockup; Unbelievable Mel Gibson Claim; Sandra Bullock Stalker Scare; A Big Surprise at the "Salt" Premiere; "Jersey Shore" Shocker; The Bard of Wasilla

Aired July 20, 2010 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news, breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Lindsay in lockup. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there as Lindsay Lohan is carted off to jail.


JUDGE MARSHA REVEL, LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT: The defendant is now remanded to custody to serve the 90-day jail sentence.

HAMMER: The big surprises today. Did Lindsay snub the court again? And the big surprise surrounding Lindsay`s estranged dad as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks, will jail turn Lindsay`s life around?

A brand-new unbelievable Mel Gibson claim today. A startling new tape, allegedly of Mel accused of doing something terrible to his baby daughter.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (allegedly Oksana Grigorieva): You hit me and you hit her.


HAMMER: A Sandra Bullock stalker? The dramatic steps she`s taking today to stop the guy.

The Bristol and Levi reality show. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT sets the record straight today. Are they really doing a reality series?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking today - Lindsay in lockup.

At this very moment, Lindsay Lohan is discovering what it is like to lose her freedom for violating the law. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was the only entertainment news show live this morning as a judge followed up on her promise to send Lindsay off to jail.

And what happened next led to a day full of big surprises involving everything from confusion about who her attorney was to Lindsay`s estranged father showing up in court, even Lindsay being sprinkled with confetti.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT right now bringing you all the developments as we dare to ask, will jail turn Lindsay around?


REVEL: The defendant is now remanded to custody to serve the 90-day jail sentence.

HAMMER (voice-over): With those words, the Lohan lockdown is now under way. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you this first look at inmate Lindsay Lohan on the first day of her 90-day sentence for violating probation.

Lindsay turned herself in this morning at this L.A. courthouse and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was the only entertainment news show live on the air and right in the center ring of the full-blown media circus.

And what`s a circus without confetti? Lindsay getting a face full of confetti as she walked through the doors of the courthouse, her final moments of freedom. Lindsay pulled a Lindsay, right down to the bitter end, rolling into court a full seven minutes late.

But the judge who sent her to jail did her a big favor. She ordered the media turn off their cameras after Lindsay was sentence but before she was cuffed.

NINA PARKER, PRODUCER, TMZ: She stood up. She was handcuffed and we were told - you know, she stuck her chin up and kind of took it.

HAMMER: Lohan`s estranged father, Michael Lohan, was in court for Lindsay`s sentencing. After the camera was turned off, we heard him say something to his daughter.


HAMMER: And afterward, his attorney said Michael is not at all happy about the sentence.

LISA BLOOM, MICHAEL LOHAN`S ATTORNEY: He stands ready, willing and able to help her at any time.

HAMMER: Ever since her multiple arrests in 2007 for DUI and other offenses, Lohan hasn`t exactly been the model defendant.

REVEL: That`s 90 days in jail.

HAMMER: Two weeks ago, on the day she was slapped her 90-day sentence, Lindsay shocked the world by showing up to court with F.U. written on her middle fingernail.

REVEL: At this time, she will be remanded to serve her sentence.

HAMMER: But in court today, Lindsay showed up on her best behavior and, as far as we can tell, with no obscenities scribbled on the fingers.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lindsay was respectful to the judge and the court.

HAMMER: After court, Lohan was put into the back of a silver government sedan and driven to her temporary summer home, the Century Regional Detention Facility in Linwood, California. Overcrowding at this jail means she will likely serve only about 20-plus days out of her 90-day sentence.

PARKER: We are told she will be incarcerated for about 23 hours of the day. She will get, you know, about an hour of free time outside of her cell. She will only get a shower every other day.

And they have a Chicken Tetrazzini meal available for her tonight, so good luck with that.

But now that Lindsay`s in jail, Atty. Debra Opri tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she`s worried the star of "Mean Girls" might run into some real-life mean girls while in lockup.

ATTY. DEBRA OPRI, FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY: She is in danger. I mean, there are people who want to get a little notch in their belt by harming her.

HAMMER: But TMZ`s Nina Parker tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Lohan`s got some fans in the slammer.

PARKER: We hear that she`s going to be pretty popular in the jail. A lot of people are looking out for her.

HAMMER: But now, the big question is, now that Lindsay Lohan is paying the piper, has the notorious Hollywood bad girl seen the light?

OPRI: I am 1,000 percent certain that jail will make an impact on her and I don`t think Lindsay`s ever going back.

HAMMER: But that all depends on Lindsay. And today, on her first day locked up, Lindsay Lohan has plenty of time to think about what got her here and what she`s going to do next.


Well, Lindsay won`t get to do all that much in jail. But as she sits in her orange prison jumpsuit you`re seeing right here, in her jail cell, she will certainly have a lot of time to think about what she has already done and what she can look forward to in her future.

That brings us to today`s "SHOWBIZ Flashpoint," will jail turn Lindsay around? With me right now from Hollywood, Carlos Diaz who is a syndicated radio host. With me in New York Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL" right here, of course, on HLN.

So when I saw Lindsay sitting in that courtroom today, I took a look in her eyes and I think I finally saw it. I saw that moment when I believe the whole thing hit her and she thought to herself, "Whoa, I really am going to jail."

So to the "SHOWBIZ Flashpoint," Carlos, to you first, do you think jail is going to be the thing that turns Lindsay around?

CARLOS DIAZ, SYNDICATED RADIO HOST: I honestly do. I think that, you know, because she is use to living this lifestyle of decadence, you know, she is going to be in jail for at least 23 days.

It will be such a stark contrast to what her daily life usually is. I think it will be a slap in the face for Lindsay. It is cold water to the face. It is what she`s needed because she`s never really been held to task for all the things that she`s done wrong in her life.

And for the first time, she is away from her support group, away from her family, away from her friends. And now, she is realizing, "I`ve got to stop this behavior."

HAMMER: Jane, let me check with you on this because we know it will be a reality check for Lindsay Lohan. But will it be the catalyst, will it be the thing that turns her life around?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL": She is away from all her bad influences, but is she away from her pills, A.J.? That`s going to be the key. Remember, she was tested and she tested positive. In her probation report, it says it was for amphetamines and opiates. Some of her prescription pills which she takes under the guise that they are medically necessary -

HAMMER: Right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Have been compared to heroin. So if she is allowed to go in there and continue taking them, she is going to take her problem with her wherever she goes. It`s up to these jailhouse doctors to look at those pills and decide does she really need them? Her dad believes those pills are the problem.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: You can`t get sober while you`re high.

HAMMER: No. He has said that all along as well. And there are a lot of people who are skeptical about whether or not Lindsay can become a changed woman. I want to you take a look at the results late today that came in from our exclusive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll.

We asked, "Lindsay Lohan: Will jail turn her around?" A lot of you voted on this, too. A whopping 89 percent said no. Look at that. Only 11 percent said yes. Carlos, that is an overwhelming vote. Why do you think the vote is so lopsided?

DIAZ: Yes, I think people have seen her get away with what she`s gotten away with in the past. Let`s be very certain though. America wants Lindsay in jail. They want her to pay the price for what she`s done, because, especially in a down economy, people are tired of seeing stars get preferential treatment.

I was in an event over the weekend with about 10,000 people. And I said, "Well, it`s four days until Lindsay goes jail," and I was about to move on. The crowd erupted in cheers.


DIAZ: America wants to see her behind bars. They want to see her pay and that poll shows it right there.

HAMMER: Yes. And I think, look, I think there is a piece of American society, for better or worse, that loves the idea of seeing a starlet and a bratty starlet and an entitled starlet being hauled off to prison.

I think that factors in as well. But once Lindsay gets out of jail, the judge has ordered her, as we know, to check into rehab, which I think really potentially could help her.

Well, today, the judge told Lindsay she would only have 24 hours to make the transition into that rehab facility instead of 48 hours and that was what was initially agreed upon. Watch the judge.


REVEL: I had previously indicated that you should report to probation within two days of your release from custody. I`m going to change that to within 24 hours of release from custody. I would like the transition to be sooner rather than later.


HAMMER: Yes. Jane, I heard that and I thought, wow that is a smart move. Is that a good move for you?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I have to say this as a recovering alcoholic with 15 years of sobriety - I think it is a bad move. She should go straight from jail to rehab.

HAMMER: Oh, so no time at all?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Because 24 hours for an addict is a lifetime to get into a slew of trouble, especially if you think, "Oh, my gosh. I`m going to be deprived of my drugs once I go into rehab. I`d better take as many as I can in these 24 hours."

So I honestly they she should be watched very carefully during this 24-hour period because that could be really, really a danger point for her.

HAMMER: OK. But at least - at least a good move that it was shortened.


HAMMER: Because originally, it was going to be a lot more time.


HAMMER: And when you speak of the potential dangers there, at least she won`t have that much time.


HAMMER: You know, you never know what can happen. But wait, we do have more big news breaking for you, the biggest Lindsay lockup surprises.

These are the things that just totally shocked us today when Lindsay Lohan appeared in court, was cuffed and hauled away to jail. So Carlos Diaz, Jane Velez-Mitchell, I urge you, please don`t go anywhere. Thank you.

All right. We just gave you the up-to-the-minute results of our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. Please do keep on voting. The question again, "Lindsay Lohan: Will jail turn her around?" You can vote at or E-mail us at

And as we move on, I continue to be blown away by these alleged Mel Gibson tapes. There`s another new startling tape out today. Mel on this thing potentially allegedly accused of doing something terrible to his baby daughter.

Also revealed today, a Sandra Bullock stalker? The dramatic steps Sandra is taking today to stop this guy.

And a huge surprise for Angelina Jolie. You are not going to believe what happened to her at the premiere of her brand new big movie "Salt." Of course, we were right there for it. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Mel Gibson`s Malibu, California estate for sale, asking price: $14.5 million. Eminem`s "Recovery" is the most downloaded album on iTunes right now.



HAMMER: Is Jennifer Aniston the victim of a scary stalker? The SHOWBIZ truth squad confirmed today that a restraining order against a man who is currently being hospitalized. A TMZ report claims that the guy was hanging out near Aniston`s Hollywood home with a sharp object and duct tape.

Certainly sounds scary, but Aniston`s people tell us today that the guy was not hanging out near Jen`s house.

Welcome back SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Brand-new Mel Gibson tape drama today as a sixth explosive tape emerges. The latest tape from "" allegedly exposes startling details of potential domestic abuse, including the abuse of a child in a conversation between his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva and a man reported to be Mel Gibson. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (allegedly Oksana Grigorieva): Mel, you`re imbalanced. There`s something wrong with you. You need medication.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (allegedly Mel Gibson): Oh, you shut up! You (EXPLETIVE DELETED) -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (allegedly Oksana Grigorieva): You cannot raise this child with these symptoms.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (allegedly Mel Gibson): What?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (allegedly Oksana Grigorieva): You`re acting as a crazy man right now and you have been, for many, many months. And you hit me and you hit her while she was in my hands! Mel, you`re losing your mind. You need medication.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (allegedly Mel Gibson): You need a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) kick up the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) for being a (EXPLETIVES DELETED)gold digging (EXPLETIVE DELETED). And I want my child and no one will believe you!


HAMMER: Scary every time. So does this new tape shed new light on what may really be going on in the Mel Gibson mess?

Right now, in New York, is Midwin Charles. Midwin is a legal contributor for "In Session" on Tru TV. With me in New York, Carolina Bermudez, who is a senior editor for "In Touch Weekly."

Now, before the release of this tape today, a judge had just ruled that Gibson can continue to have shared custody of their baby. But Midwin, to you, given what is on this latest tape, if it is proven to be Mel Gibson, isn`t it just scary that he`d have custody?

MIDWIN CHARLES, LEGAL CONTRIBUTOR, "IN SESSION" ON TRU TV: Well, I think if it`s proven to be him, it`s scary that he has anger management issues. I do not believe that the tape is authentic.

If you listen to her voice, it sounds like she is reading from some script, really bad acting, mind you. But I think at the end of the day, the judge is going to have to see whether this tape is authentic and whether there is any other corroborating evidence to back up whatever allegation she mentions about domestic abuse.

HAMMER: But even if she`s reading from a script and he responded, assuming the tape hasn`t been edit and he responded the way he responded, I still think that raises some serious red flags if it`s proven to be Mel.

And by the way, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did reach out to the Department of Child Protective Services today. They had no comment about the tapes. But on this latest tape, the purported voice of Mel calls Oksana is a gold digger, accusing her of using him for his money.

A brand-new report today says that Oksana actually a walked away from a $15 million hush money agreement with Mel to keep these tapes secret. Carolina, that says a couple of things to me. What does it say to you?

CAROLINA BERMUDEZ, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Well, to me, it says to me that she isn`t this money-grubbing, gold-digging person that he is making her out to be. Because I think $15 million is very attractive to some people.

It could mean that she could set her life up with her daughter. But I think that she is looking at the situation. Mel is talking about their daughter as a possession, not as a child.

And that may have been the reason why she backed out and said, "Look, I don`t care how much money you are going to give me. I want sole custody of my daughter and I don`t want you to do anything to her."

HAMMER: Unless she was holding out for more money.


BERMUDEZ: But there is to evidence.

HAMMER: Right.

BERMUDEZ: I mean, if you look at her ex-boyfriends or even her ex-partner, there is no evidence that she has ever had this type of behavior before in the past. So really, there is no you know, pattern here.

HAMMER: Exactly. And the same is being said about Mel. In fact, his soon-to-be ex-wife, Robyn, came out and said, "There is no pattern of this behavior, at least in my 28 years of being with the guy."

Now, on these tapes today, the voice of Oksana also says this, "I don`t have anything and I`ve signed the paper that enables me to get I can`t get anything from you ever, nor can I ask of anything."

Now, she says she signed papers basically saying she can`t ask Mel for money - it`s what it sounds like. To me, Midwin, it almost sounds like a kind of a prenup. These guys weren`t married, of course, so how does that work? Is it even possible?

I don`t know what she signed and perhaps she signed something waiving her right to perhaps ever get custody. And so by injecting or talking about this alleged abuse, that might perhaps waive that agreement or what have you.

But I don`t know how any of that could ever be valid. At the end of the day, they are not married, she could never particularly get alimony or anything. But she could get child support from him, which I really think this is what this is about.


CHARLES: I think this is why the custody battle is becoming so difficult and so horrific.

HAMMER: Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did reach out to both Mel and Oksana`s reps today. Neither had any comment about the tapes that were just released today. Midwin Charles, Carolina Bermudez, I thank you both.

Well, as we move on, even today, the day Lindsay Lohan came to court and was shipped off to jail, there were still a ton of surprises, a big surprise surrounding Lindsay`s estranged dad. And did Lindsay snub the court again today?


REVEL: At this time, she will be remanded to serve her sentence and the court is going to order that there be no house arrest, no electronic monitoring, no work release and no work furlough. The defendant is now remanded to custody to serve the 90-day jail sentence.


HAMMER: Also, Sandra Bullock`s stalker scare. The dramatic steps Sandra is taking today to stop this scary, scary guy.

And Sarah Palin, comparing herself to Shakespeare today? Oh, no, she didn`t.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: don`t bother looking this one with up in the dictionary.

FMR. GOV. SARAH PALIN (R-AK): They could refudiate (ph) what it is.

MOOS: Now, "refudiate (ph)" sounds suspiciously like an actual word that Sarah Palin meant to say.


MOOS: But having said "refudiate (ph)," she wasn`t about to repudiate.


HAMMER: Oh, yes, she did. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Jessica Simpson on Twitter: "I`m 30 and I found a wrinkle." Steve Carell says "The Office" will be great without him.


STEVE CARELL, ACTOR: Were there any connections between any of us? Did anyone ever look each other in the eye? Was there any emotion going on? No. Where was the heart? I didn`t see any heart. Where was my Oprah moment?




UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I think you forgot my bread.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Bread? $2 extra.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: $2? The guy in front of me got free bread.





UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: No soup for you!


HAMMER: That`s one of the most famous and fantastic "Seinfeld" episodes all time, "The Soup Nazi." And today, I must tell you, I`m as happy as a clam chowder to tell you there is soup for you, me and everyone else again, "The Soup Nazi," back in business.

Well, the soup Nazi grill is based on Al Yeganeh, who ran the original Soup Man shop here in New York City. It happens to be just a couple blocks south of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT world headquarters. Al didn`t have much patience for his customers. You had to have your money ready and move left quickly.

Of course, that`s where the soup Nazi character came from. Al closed his store back in 2004, but did you see this? He just reopened it today. And soup fanatics are bowled over, I tell you, everywhere about it. Check out what they told us when we stopped by for the big reopening.


DANIEL HANK: Al is a very cool guy if you understand how Al works. Al is just very serious about his soup experience and it comes across as gruff to some people. And others - it`s like New York. People have a way they work, a way they think, a way that motivates them. And as long as you follow his rules, you will have a fabulous experience, too.


HAMMER: And who isn`t serious about their soup experience? And apparently, Al has never really forgiven Jerry Seinfeld for that "Soup Nazi" episode.

Well, a lot of people understandably fired up right now about Lindsay Lohan being hauled off to jail today. A lot of calls coming in to "Showbiz on Call."

We heard from Carla in Washington. And Carla says if Lindsay does her time, it could set her straight.


CARLA, CALLER FROM WASHINGTON: I really think that if she does do the full 90-day sentence in jail and the full 90-day sentence in rehab, that maybe it will make a difference and that something will come out of this in a positive way. But if she doesn`t do the full time, I`m kind of hesitant to think that it will work.


HAMMER: Thanks a lot, Carla. Over on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook wall, Jennifer D. agrees, saying it will probably help her if they don`t let her out in an hour, "Let her serve her sentence in its entirety as she should."

We want you to join the debate on Facebook. Go behind the scenes of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and get breaking entertainment news alerts on Twitter and calls us at "Showbiz on Call", E-mail us. You`ll find it all at "Showbiz Connects,"

Now, the SHOWBIZ lineup - here is what is coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Big Lindsay Lohan surprises today as she is sent off to jail. Did Lindsay snub the court again? Plus, a big surprise involving Lindsay`s dad, Michael.

A big surprise revealed today at Angelina Jolie`s premiere for "Salt" and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, of course, is right there.

And oh, no the "Jersey Shore" shocker. Stunning reports today The Situation, Snooki, and the rest of the gang could get a whole lot more money for their hair gel and spray tans. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Here comes the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: "Damages" will move to DirecTV for two seasons, beginning in 2011. Amy Adams to play Janis Joplin in new biopic.


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, big, brand-new Lindsay Lohan surprises today. Lindsay locked up. But did she snub the court again?


REVEL: You are remanded to serve the sentence and the court is going to order that there be no house arrest, no electronic monitoring, no work release and no work furlough. The defendant is now remanded to custody to serve the 90-day jail sentence.


HAMMER: Sandra Bullock stalker shocker. Why did the judge have to make another dramatic decision today to help keep Sandra safe?

A Bristol and Levi reality TV show? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT sets the record straight today after their - are they getting their very own show?

Plus, breaking today from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - the "Law and Order" star arrested today. And Gary Coleman`s ex-wife`s stunning demand.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking today - Lindsay lockup surprises.

Wow, what an incredible day of highs and lows today as Lindsay Lohan finally surrendered and was hauled off to jail. Lindsay`s entire surrender played out live to the world today. So many surprises, so many twist and turns.

Lindsay was seven minutes late to court, or if Lindsay was going to raise a ruckus about her jail sentence, the string of outrageous surprises caused total mayhem today.

Right now, in New York, is Midwin Charles, who is a legal contributor for "In Session" on our sister network, Tru TV. Right now, in Hollywood, Tony Potts, who is a weekend co-host and correspondent for "Access Hollywood."

There were a couple of great big surprises right off the bat today, as a matter of fact, in Lindsay Lohan`s jail drama. First, everyone was surprised but perhaps not entirely shocked that Lindsay showed up seven minutes late. She knew it would tick the judge off. She did it anyway.

Lindsay, are you - Midwin, are you surprised I`m calling you Lindsay? That is number one.

CHARLES: Just like her.

HAMMER: But are you surprised, I mean, after everything that she would show up late to court on the day she is being hauled off to jail?

CHARLES: You know, this is just another example will of Lindsay demonstrating the fact that she thinks everything is about her, you know.

And I`m hopeful that this jail sentence followed by the stint in rehab will just let her know that it is not about her. It is bigger than you. There are lives at stake every time you get behind the wheel. No drinking and driving allowed.


CHARLES: So hopefully, she will learn that lesson.


HAMMER: Hopefully - yes, go ahead, Tony.

POTTS: But today it was all about her. So if you look at the media`s, you know, storm around this - I looked up at one point and there were four helicopters above outside the court house. You know, hundreds and hundreds of media from around the world.

I talked to the French. I talked to the German people. So it is all about her and we made it all about her again today. And by being late, on Lindsay time, it didn`t really matter she was late. What is the judge going to do, add another couple days?

HAMMER: Yes. I had made that point as well. But basically, I still think there is this sort of denial that she has to participate in the system the same way everybody else does -


HAMMER: Despite the fact that there are all these helicopters chasing her caravan of SUVs off to the courthouse. But that, of course, being late, not the only big Lindsay lockdown surprise today.

Oh, no. As Lindsay walked into court and this was just a beautiful moment, some wise guy threw confetti on her. You just are couldn`t predict what was going to happen. Watch this. Here we go and confetti! Just a circus out there today.

Now, Tony, ponder me this. Do you think Lindsay was doing that walk right there into the court expecting that she would actually have reason to celebrate because maybe the judge was going to give her a reprieve?

POTTS: No, not at all. I think - and talking to her attorney, Shawn Chapman afterwards, she briefed Lindsay last night, spent a good amount of time with her. So Lindsay knew what she was getting into as she walked up what she was getting into.

Inside the courtroom, she was very calm. She didn`t cry when the handcuffs were put on her. There was an audible snap of the cuffs when they went on her. So she kind of knew it.

I mean, right now, A.J., she`s probably sitting in that cell, you know, probably wondering what in the world is going on and what have you. But no, I think she realized what is happening. I think she`s finally come full circle to realize that, "Hey, I`m in jail and I`ve really got to turn my life around."

HAMMER: Yes. Maybe some of the denial has started to fade away.


HAMMER: In the end, as we said, the judge never did give Lindsay any kind of a reprieve. Let`s take a look at how that went down.


REVEL: The defendant is here to surrender. The court has already indicated the sentence and unless there is anything else, I`m going to order her be remanded at this time.


HAMMER: All right. So, Midwin, you were right here with me on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT live this morning as we carried the whole court hearing live. Did you watch that at all? I mean, that was just as cut-and-dry as it gets.

Did you watch that thinking that maybe in her mind, Lindsay still thought she was going to get a break? Interesting to hear Tony`s perspective from Lindsay`s lawyer. But I still thought maybe she thought she was going to get a break.

CHARLES: You know, I don`t know. You know, for all intents and purposes, she probably was in a haze like, "I cannot believe this is happening. I can`t believe July 20th is here and it looks like I`m really going to jail."

HAMMER: Yes. Well, and that`s exactly what has happened. Well, another big whopper of a surprise today. Lindsay, you know, just didn`t fight that jail sentence, just giving into it all.

And again, a lot of people, myself included, thought maybe she would. I want you to take a look at these brand-new photos of Lindsay Lohan in court today if we can put those up.

I mean, look at that. She looks pretty resigned to jail as Tony was just saying a moment ago. And you can even see deep circles under her eyes. It appears that maybe she had been crying.

So, Tony, why do you think it is that she did not end up putting up more of a fight? Because a few days ago, I bet if I asked you if you thought she was going to fight it maybe week ago, would you have said yes.

POTTS: No. I`m not really sure, A.J. I`m on the other side of the fence on that. I mean, I think she finally realized with Robert Shapiro coming in and telling as an adviser - quote, unquote, an "adviser" - that she finally realized, I think - you know, we talked to Dr. Drew Pinsky about a week or so ago.

And the argument is, you know, jail is not going to help or rehab. I think sometimes what happens is people as psychiatrists have - say often - is that they have to be at their lowest low. You have to have their mindset twisted and turned a little bit.

Jail will do that. It helped Paris Hilton. We haven`t heard much from her since she went to jail the second time. I think for Lindsay, this is actually the twist and the turn in her perspective that she needs to be at the lowest low to actually go to rehab and actually make it - make it work when she gets out of jail.

HAMMER: Yes. And Midwin, you and I both know she is used to having a worldwide audience.


HAMMER: But not a worldwide audience scrutinizing her at this level. And as you and I sat watching this coverage live on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT this morning, I believe I turned to you and I said, "You see that look in her eyes? She just got it."

CHARLES: She just got it. You know what? From red carpet to orange jumpsuit. It just is what it is. You have to be held accountable for your actions and that`s what jail will do.

And now, the rehab afterwards will help her get better. But there`s no way that she should be able to hide behind her addiction in order to get over.


CHARLES: I mean, she committed a crime.


HAMMER: And red and orange in the same part of the prison, by the way. I just wanted to point that out. Go ahead, Tony.

POTTS: You know what really struck me today? Just to tell everything you need to know about Lindsay Lohan, the dynamic around her with her family. I know you are running out of time.

I will tell you this - her attorney comes out, after Lindsay`s mother left with Lindsay`s sister, and Ali is crying, I know somebody was in the elevator with the mom and the daughter.

And the mother was trying to get ready to go outside, fixing her hair and what have you. The attorney comes out 20, 30 minutes later, holding a bag, a clear plastic bag with clothes in it.

I said, "What are those? What`s in there?" She goes, "It`s Lindsay`s clothes." Now, if you`re a mom, wouldn`t you wait around? Wouldn`t you make sure that your daughter`s clothes were not in a plastic bag walking outside with the attorney for all the world to see?

I mean, it just tells you everything you need to know about that. Her mother, meanwhile, is getting ready to go outside so the press can see her as she leaves. That just tells you everything you need to know about the dynamic in that family.

HAMMER: No question about it. Which brings us to another great big lockup surprise today. Lindsay`s estranged father, Michael Lohan, as well - he showed up in court despite the fact that Lindsay has emphatically and publicly said, and very recently, she doesn`t want her dad anywhere near her.

She went as far as to call her dad the other night on Twitter her ex- father. Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there as Michael`s lawyer held a press conference after Lindsay went to jail. Take a look.


BLOOM: He loves her. He does not believe that she should be incarcerated. He is devastated that she is going to jail. And he stands ready, willing and able to help her at any time.


HAMMER: Were you a little surprised that Michael had the guts show up knowing how much Lindsay didn`t want her there?

Charles: Not only did he show up but he showed up with a huge SUV with an entourage, with security guards that - were the largest I have ever seen in my life.

And I don`t particularly get the point. If you truly love your daughter, why have a press conference and show up to the day she is going to go to jail with your attorney? What purpose does that serve?

HAMMER: No. A lot of people will say it just seems opportunistic. Midwin Charles, Tony Potts, thank you very much. I appreciate your help and the fact that you were both along for the ride today.

Well with, we`ve been asking you to vote in our exclusive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll. Please continue to do so. "Lindsay Lohan: Will jail turn her around?" Let us know at E-mail

Sandra Bullock`s stalker shocker. This is wild. The incredible steps Sandra is taking today to keep a scary stalker away from her.

Wait until you hear about the shocking surprise for Angelina Jolie at the big premiere of her new movie, "Salt." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT right there with Angelina and her reaction and the very special person right by her side.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are preparing to say "I do" to each other. But will they also say "I do" to a new TV show? Oh, no. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is going to set the record straight today.

If Bristol and Levi do get a TV show, they may want to treat the English language a bit better than Grandma Sarah Palin.


MOOS: Don`t bother looking this one up in the dictionary.

S. PALIN: They could refudiate (ph) what it is.

MOOS: Well, refudiate (ph) sounds suspiciously like an actual word Sarah Palin probably meant to say.


MOOS: But having said refudiate (ph), she wasn`t about to repudiate.


HAMMER: Now, Sarah comparing herself Shakespeare? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: "Law and Order: SVU" star Ice-T arrested in N.Y. for driving with suspended license. Justin Timberlake sings backup for Sheryl Crow on her cover of "Sign Your Name."



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is on the red carpet with Angelina Jolie, but what was the big surprise waiting for her? Plus, Sandra Bullock`s frightening stalker shocker. Here`s what`s happening in "The Buzz" today.


(voice-over): Sandra Bullock`s stalker scare. A judge just renewed a restraining order against a man accused of stalking Bullock since 2003.

The 45-year-old alleged stalker, whom Bullock says she`s never met, reportedly told a doctor that he can telepathically communicate with her. The restraining order bans him from contacting Bullock anywhere and protects her adopted baby, Louis.

More John Edwards scandal news? We have just learned a movie about Edwards may include more shocking details about his affairs and marriage.

The "Hollywood Reporter" is quoting author Andrew Young as saying the film adaptation of his book could include stories he couldn`t prove before his book went to press, saying, quote, "There`s a whole other side of the story that`s never been told." "West Wing" director Aaron Sorkin is making the movie.

Angelina Jolie`s spicy red carpet. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there in Los Angeles at the premiere of her new film "Salt." Brad Pitt was right there with her and the most famous couple on the planet posed for pictures.

Also with her was Jolie`s once-upon-a-time estranged father Jon Voight. Jolie tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that her CIA character on the run in "Salt" loves the action.

ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS: I love to jump around and break things. I think we worked really, really hard to make sure we weren`t copying anything done before, not just doing the girl`s version of what boys do, but actually finding our own language and our own new person.


HAMMER: There is no red carpet hotter than one with Angelina Jolie on it, right? But last night`s big shocker is that Angelina`s one-time estranged dad, the great Jon Voight, was right there singing her praises.

Right now, in Hollywood, is Carlos Diaz. He`s a syndicated radio host. With me, in New York, Carolina Bermudez. She is a senior editor for "In Touch Weekly".

Now, we know that Angelina had cut off her dad for six years after he publicly questioned her mental state. But they`ve been apparently patching things up in the past couple of years.

Last night, was their big coming out together. Carlos, I know you have spoken with Angelina as I have many time us in the past. It used to be you bring up his name, she would shut you down. I was pretty surprised by this red carpet reunion. What about you?

DIAZ: You know, so was I, A.J. But you know, they`re both adults. They`re both getting older. I`ve spent days with Jon Voight on separate occasions at the Heartland Film Festival and on the set of "Transformers."

The guy is a nice guy and Angelina, as you know, is a nice person with a huge heart. They had a rocky past. It`s time to kind of, you know, move forward with their relationship. As I`ve said, they`re both adults now and it`s time to put the past behind them.

HAMMER: Yes. It actually seems like both are being very mature about the whole thing. And by the way, Jon Voight, great actor, no slouch at all for Angelina`s dad whatsoever. He has four Oscar nominations, one Oscar win.

But last night, get this, he actually hinted to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Angelina may be a better actor than he ever was. Take a look at what he said.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How proud are you of Angelina on a night like this where she is opening a big blockbuster?

JON VOIGHT, ACTOR: Oh, it is lovely. I`m very excited for her. I`m interested to see what she has done with it and what this is all about. Because I know that the decisions to make these films - you know, every time you make a decision, you make it from - there are many different things you consider.

And she has been very wise, you know? She knows how to put herself into pictures that people like.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why is she so good at doing all this action stuff?

VOIGHT: Well, she`s a good athlete. You know, she likes it. She likes all this stuff. I don`t know where she got it from.


HAMMER: All right. Jon just gushing with pride there, Carolina. How surprised were you by this big coming out on the same carpet, Angelina Jolie and estranged - or former estranged father, Jon Voight?

BERMUDEZ: It was shocking, because you had seen the efforts that he was making to try to talk to Angelina after he made those public statements, to try to get to know her children, you know, with Brad Pitt.

So it was nice to see that. It was heartbreaking before to see him kind of go out there and just make that effort and have her to shut him down. So he has always been very complimentary about her work.

And it was just nice to see them both, you know, on the red carpet together in a loving environment. This is a good step in the right direction.

HAMMER: All right. Let ask you about the really enormous news breaking on the red carpet last night. How happy were you to see Brad Pitt without the scraggly beard?

BERMUDEZ: Oh, no more Billy Goat Brad. I loved it. He didn`t look like a homeless person. He is back to beautiful Brad Pitt. I loved it.

HAMMER: Yes. I saw you were glowing watching the tape.

DIAZ: A.J. - A.J., I -

HAMMER: Yes. Yes, Carlos?

DIAZ: A.J., I can confirm he is officially dreamy again.

HAMMER: All right. Carlos Diaz, making it official. Let`s move on, because speaking of dreamy - breaking "Jersey Shore" news.

BERMUDEZ: All right.

HAMMER: Yes. Looks like the cast won`t be going out on strike any time soon. Oh, goody, I say. Today, the Hollywood reporter said Snooki, Pauly D. and the whole gang asked for $30,000 an episode.

Apparently, they cut a deal to get close to that. Carlos, my friend, are you just pumping your fists about this news today?

DIAZ: Yes. And I have a feeling that the execs at MTV are going - they`re laughing. They`re going, "We got them for $30,000 an episode."


DIAZ: Charlie Sheen makes $1.8 million an episode. "Jersey Shore" is one of the hottest shows on TV. They are still underpaid. Sure, they have no talent. They don`t learn lines. They don`t act. They just walk around and be themselves.

But I think they deserve more money than that because show is the hottest thing going for MTV now.

HAMMER: Well, I have to pass along this. More breaking show reality news - conflicting reports today about whether Sarah Palin`s daughter, Bristol, and her fiance, Levi, are getting a reality show. Big sticking point.

What kind of show will it be and which network will commit to giving it an entire season? So right now, it`s still sort of unclear as to exactly what is going to happen there. I don`t need a Bristol and Levi reality show myself. Carlos Diaz, Carolina Bermudez, thank you, guys.

Well, Bristol and Levi may not have signed on the dotted line for a TV deal yet. But I do hope they think twice about asking Sarah Palin to address their wedding invitations. She`s gone way past rogue. She`s just plain wrong. Sarah comparing herself to Shakespeare today.


MOOS: Don`t bother looking this one up in the dictionary.

S. PALIN: They could refudiate (ph) what it is.

MOOS: Now, refudiate (ph) sounds suspiciously like an actual word that Sarah Palin probably meant to say.


MOOS: But having said refudiate (ph), she wasn`t about to repudiate.

It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Gary Coleman`s ex-wife wants common law marriage recognized. New Emmy host Jimmy Fallon strikes a pose with Emmy statue.

HAMMER: Time for the SHOWBIZ buzz list. Check out what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff just cannot stop buzzing about this week.

We`re going mad, I tell you, for the new season of "Madmen." Oh, I know I can`t wait to see Angelina Jolie`s new spy thriller, "Salt." Comedian Louis C.K.`s new breakout hit show on FX, "We Love Louie."

And we with can`t wait to see this one, too. The book "Help" is coming to the big screen. It`s going to star the great Viola Davis and Allison Janney who I also love. And we are jamming to Jaron`s new hit, "Pray for You." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.


to be or not to be - wrong? In her latest attempt to go rogue, Sarah Palin gets it all wrong. Sarah Palin is caught up today in a brand-new controversy for the new word she just invented.

As you`ll see, Sarah`s new word order is full of flaws and she likes it like that. In fact, she even compares herself to Shakespeare. Are you kidding me? You`ve got to see this. Here is CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Don`t bother looking this up in the dictionary.

S. PALIN: They could refudiate (ph) what it is.

MOOS: Excuse me?

S. PALIN: Refudiate (ph) what it is.

MOOS: Not only did Sarah Palin say it, she tweeted it while discussing the proposed Islamic community center and Mosque near ground zero, "Peaceful Muslims, please refudiate (ph).

(on camera): Now refudiate (ph) sounds suspiciously like an actual word that Sarah Palin probably meant say.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Repudiate. Repudiate.

MOOS: But having said refudiate (ph), she wasn`t about to repudiate.

(on camera): Instead, she raised the ante with this tweet, "`Refudiate (ph), `misunderestimate,` `wee-wee`d up.` English is a living language. Shakespeare liked to coin new words, too. Got to celebrate it."

S. PALIN: Refudiate (ph) -


BARACK OBAMA, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: Everybody in Washington gets all wee-wee`d up.

MOOS: Talk about wee-wee`d up, film critic Roger Ebert tweeted, "Urgent to Sarah Palin, USA. Shakespeare would have rather died than coined the meaningless non-word `misunderestimate.`"

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Shakespeare would have been howling and laughing at this one because she exemplifies just the kind of character he loved to make up the comic butt.

MOOS: Wow. Shakespeare scholar, James Shapiro, was referring to malapropisms by some of the bard`s characters, though he confirms that Shakespeare did coin lots of phrases and new words like hot-blooded.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s just a huge gulf between making up words and butchering them.

MOOS: Next thing you know, "shakespalin" is the rage on Twitter, telling the Palin story in Shakespearean terms, "To suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous liberals, or to quit half-term, and by opposing, rake in speaking fees."

Sure, anyone who`s on camera all the time flubs it. He had mispronounced "Navy corpsman" three times.

OBAMA: Navy corpsman Christian Brossard. Corpsman Brossard. Corpsman Brossard.

MOOS: Or putting an S on Twitter.

OBAMA: He visited the headquarters of Twitters(ph).

MOOS: But "Twitters" is now full of tweets about refudiate (ph). You can plastered it on hats, mugs, and greeting cards.

Humorist Andy Borowitz joked, "Palin says refudiate (ph) appears in Fictionary," critics incohecent. To refudiate (ph) or not to refudiate (ph) is enough to get the bar -

OBAMA: All wee-wee`d up.

MOOS: The bard of Wasilla.

S. PALIN: To refudiate (ph) what it is.


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT live at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday. We are still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific right here on HLN.