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Gary Coleman Death Drama; Mariah Carey Pregnant?; Kardashian Reality Shocker; Interview with Paulina Porizkova

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A.J. HAMMER, HLN HOST: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

The disturbing Gary Coleman 911 call revealed.


SHANNON PRICE, GARY COLEMAN`S EX-WIFE: I just got home. I heard this big bang. I went downstairs. Blood everywhere --


HAMMER: New questions raised today about the "Diff`rent Strokes" star`s deadly accident.

Plus, the late-breaking stunning development today: are Gary Coleman`s parents going to sue over his death?

HAMMER: Extreme Reality TV: frightening new violence on the Kardashian reality show.




HAMMER: Heidi and Spencer, laughing about their split? The fired up debate today: have reality shows finally gone too far?

The brand new "Twilight" shocker today: one of the movie`s biggest stars compares being chased by the paparazzi to rape.

And Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox teaming up for "Scream" today. Good career move for Jenn?

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking today right now. The Gary Coleman 911 shocker; the dramatic 911 call made the day the former child star had the accident that ultimately led to his death is now public.

And today that call is sparking a disturbing new debate about the moments after Coleman fell. I have to warn you, the tape you`re about to hear is pretty tough to hear especially knowing the tragic outcome. But still, we cannot deny that this call is sparking a huge firestorm surrounding Coleman`s death.

At the center: his wife, the truth about their marriage and his estranged parents final push for answers.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the explosive new twist and turns in the Gary Coleman tragedy.


PRICE: Blood everywhere -- I don`t know if he`s ok --

HAMMER (voice-over): This newly released 911 call placed by Gary Coleman`s wife, Shannon Price is shedding new light on the former child stars tragic death last week.

But today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that call is sparking heated debate.

MATT LAUER, NBC HOST: It`s one of the more bizarre emergency calls I think I`ve ever heard.

HAMMER: And it led to the question, was Coleman even married at the time of his death.

Last Wednesday, Coleman and Price who were married in 2007 were at Coleman`s home when, as we heard Shannon tell a 911 operator, Coleman suffered a bloody head wound in an accident.

911 OPERATOR: Can you tell him to put pressure on the wound?

PRICE: Well, it`s on the back of his head.

911 OPERATOR: Ok. But he needs to still try and put pressure on the wound if he`s talking to you.

PRICE: Gary, you`ve got to put pressure on your wound.

HAMMER: During the call, we faintly hear Coleman in the background, conscious and talking. But Shannon is speaking to the 911 operator from another room, saying she`s too traumatized by the bloody scene to be in the same room with Coleman.

PRICE: Blood everywhere -- I don`t know if he`s ok. I`m not down there right now because I have seizures. If I get stressed out, I`m going to seize.

911 OPERATOR: Is there any way you can go down there at all?

PRICE: I`ll try. I don`t know --

911 OPERATOR: Is there anyone else there with you that can go downstairs?

PRICE: No, I`ve just been kind of sick, and you know, I don`t want to be traumatized right now.

SHERRI SHEPHERD, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Excuse me, missy, you don`t want to be traumatized, huh?

HAMMER: This morning on "The View", Sherri Shepherd criticized Shannon`s reaction.

SHEPHERD: You see a lot of blood on the floor, you go and you help.

HAMMER: And so did Matt Lauer this morning on NBC`s "Today Show".

LAUER: I don`t really care whether they`re husband and wife or not, you would -- I would think -- deal with a perfect stranger better than this.

NINA PARKER, PRODUCER, TMZ: Who`s to say how anyone would in seeing something like that.

HAMMER: But TMZ`s Nina Parker tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, it may be unfair to judge Shannon.

PARKER: I know that in traumatic situations, everybody act differently so it`s hard to tell what one would do --

HAMMER: Coleman died at this hospital two days after the accident. With Coleman estranged from his parents, it was Price and her family who reportedly decided to take him off life support.

PARKER: Some people were wondering if she had -- if she was actually the person that should have been able to do that.

HAMMER: That`s because it looks like Coleman and Price may not have been married at the time.

RANDY KESTER, GARY COLEMAN`S ATTORNEY: They`ve been divorced since August 12th, 2008 and to my knowledge, they`ve never remarried.

HAMMER: Gary Coleman`s attorney, tells CNN affiliate, KSTU, that Coleman and Price had an unusual marriage.

KESTER: Sometimes when I`d call and talk to Gary, she wasn`t there and haven`t been there for days. And there`ll be times I`d call and she was there. So that was just an on-again, off-again kind of thing.

HAMMER: Back in 2008, Coleman stopped by SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just months after he and Price secretly married. And I asked him why he`d kept the wedding so hush-hush.

GARY COLEMAN, FORMER CHILD ACTOR: There are things in people`s lives, no matter what their professions are where it is their business, it is their thing. It`s special to them.

HAMMER: Today the hospital where Coleman died told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, he signed the document authorizing Price to make medical decisions on his behalf. The hospital said that that authorization, quote, "remains in effect regardless of a patient`s marital status, unless modified by the patient".

Police are saying no crime was committed in Coleman`s death. But some, including Coleman`s estranged parents, are not asking disturbing new questions that are only adding to this tragedy.

PARKER: A lot of people just want some answers about the last moments of Gary`s life.


HAMMER: I have to tell you, I`m really shocked by this remarkable, new revelations today about Gary`s life that were only uncovered after his sudden and tragic death. But honestly, now I feel like I have even more questions than answers.

Let`s get some help.

Right now in New York, Deborah Norville. She`s the anchor of "Inside Edition". In Atlanta, it`s Ryan Smith. He`s an attorney and host of "In Session" on our sister network, TruTV.

Ok. Bizarre, detached -- those are just a few of the harsh words that some people are using today describing Shannon`s reaction on that 911 call after Gary`s accident.

Now I want you to listen again to Shannon`s desperate plea for help.

Roll that tape.


PRICE: I just got home. I heard this big bang. I went downstairs. Blood everywhere, I don`t know if he`s ok. I`m not down there right now because I have seizures. If I get stressed out I`m going to seize.

Send someone quick because I don`t know if he`s like going to be alive because there`s a lot of blood on the floor.

911 OPERATOR: Is there any way you can go down there at all?

PRICE: I`ll try. I don`t know. I mean -- I just can`t be here with the blood. I`m sorry. I can`t do it. I can`t.

I just don`t want him to die. I`m freaking out like really bad.


HAMMER: All right. She`s getting slammed for her behavior and personally I don`t think that anyone has a right to judge what Shannon should or should not have done in what had to have been some very, very tense moments.

What do you think, Deborah? Is it unfair not just to Shannon but also to Gary`s memory at this point?

DEBORAH NORVILLE, HOST, "INSIDE EDITION": Well, I think it`s very interesting. In the clip you just played she says, "I will seize if I get stressed out." Maybe Shannon Price has a medical condition that we weren`t really aware of.

There`s been a lot about Gary Coleman`s health that we certainly know. He`s had 2 kidney transplants before he hit his adulthood and has had a number of health problems all along, we don`t know if the fall that created the brain hemorrhage which was the ultimate cause of death according to the medical examiner was because of the bad heart that he`s owned up to having had --


NORVILLE: To the overall fatigue that comes from years of having been on kidney dialysis. We don`t know what caused the fall but what we`re hearing from Shannon Price is that she may be a woman with another underlying medical condition that would have made it impossible for her to deal with this situation.

I think most of us would have run and tried to put pressure on or tell your wounded ex or current husband, put pressure on the wound. That seems a little odd, just suck it up and do it. But again, we`re not in that situation.

HAMMER: We weren`t there and we don`t know. And there`s a new interview out today where Shannon Price actually reveals exactly what did happen after Gary`s fall.

In the interview, Shannon confirms what we heard on the 911 tape; that she and Gary were not in same room. That`s what we heard when he collapsed.

Ryan, I feel like people are going after her when, again, they couldn`t possibly know what it was like to be there. Do you agree that the critics are way out of line?

SMITH: You know what? I got to say I don`t necessarily agree. I understand everybody has a different reaction but I have to tell you guys, I`ve heard a lot of 911 calls in my day with the cases we cover on "In Session". And we have instances of children who when something goes wrong, they say, "What can I do? How can I help?"

We had a man who was potentially dying right before her eyes. She was afraid of that happening and she was more concerned with herself, in my mind, than she was with him. Doesn`t mean she didn`t care about him, but that is a big difference. If the EMT says put pressure on his head, I think 99 percent of us put pressure on the head whether we knew him, loved, liked him or hated him.

NORVILLE: But you`re using -- you`re using a judgment that she`s a normal woman like the rest of us. We`ve had numbers of interviews with Miss Price over the years when she married Gary Coleman and I think the majority of people would say the decisions she`s made, the way she`s lived her life, marrying Gary Coleman in secret, keeping the divorce in secret, these are not actions that probably are typical for the standard American so to use the standard American modus operandi for this lady is perhaps unfair.

SMITH: Yes, but remember, he`s got medical conditions and he`s had them for many years. She`s been with him, so she`s used to seeing those medical conditions come out -- happen right in front of her eyes. So this medical condition happens and all of a sudden she can`t react, she can`t do anything, she can`t even be downstairs? She can`t let the police in.

To me, I`m not saying I know exactly what was going through her mind, but it`s alarming and it`s got to be questioned.

HAMMER: Well, something that was actually pretty alarming to a lot of people today because we thought this guys were married. In fact, Shannon told the 911 operator Gary was, in fact, her husband, but SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can confirm today that they had been divorced for nearly two years. That`s something -- I don`t know how they did it but they kept it private until now.

Deborah, does that new revelation raise any new questions for you?

NORVILLE: Not really. I mean look, celebrities are very good about keeping these aspects of their lives private.

No one knew about the divorce papers that had been filed in the Sandra Bullock - Jesse James case because they used a reconfiguration of their names and initials, so the fact that they filed as John and Jane Doe, I think simply indicates that they didn`t want to deal with the press at that time.

HAMMER: The fact is, as we just revealed, she did have the authority given by Gary Coleman to make medical decisions and the hospital said it doesn`t matter, husband or wife, that`s not the issue here.

NORVILLE: She had the proxy to make those calls.

HAMMER: She had the proxy to make those calls. So legally, quickly, Ryan, that`s not an issue at all, is it?

SMITH: I don`t think it`s going to be an issue. If she had the advanced directive, she can make that decision. He trusted her to do that in writing. You can`t go after the hospital or anything like that. She had the right to make the decision.

HAMMER: All right. Ryan Smith, Deborah Norville, I thank you both.

Moving on. Today, a g-time supermodel is just ripping into stars who can`t get enough of themselves; the stars that keep on trying to hang on to their fame when maybe they shouldn`t. Plus: her explosive comments about Tom Cruise and Madonna; their secrets to fame, on the A-List.

Extreme reality TV today: frightening new violence on the Kardashian reality show.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: There`s no reason for him to go out and party every single night. What is going on?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He said he`s going to come back in here.


HAMMER: I think this is really scary. Have reality shows finally gone too far?

And Jennifer Aniston, teaming up with her buddy Courtney Cox in "Scream 4" today? Well, hang on to your seat. I have to ask, would this be a good career move for Jen?

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN News and Views.

Now to the "Showbiz News Ticker": more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big baby buzz today.

Mariah Carey`s hubby takes on all those baby reports about his wife and I`ve got brand new details about John Travolta and Kelly Preston`s pregnancy. It`s all making big news in "The Buzz Today".

Travolta`s miracle baby: John Travolta and Kelly Preston are revealing new details about their reaction when they discovered they were going to have a baby. They tell "People" magazine, quote, "We tried for several years and didn`t think it was going to happen for us."

The couple`s son, Jett, died last year and they say the surprising news makes them feel blessed and the new baby is, quote, "a miracle".

Kevin Costner is a daddy times seven. The director and his wife Christine just announced that they welcomed a brand new baby girl in California on Wednesday. Grace Avery makes a stunning seven kids for Costner; it`s his third with Christine. A spokesman says both mother and daughter are doing well.

Mariah Carey`s baby talk: Mariah`s husband, Nick Cannon, is addressing widespread reports that his wife is pregnant. Some are saying that`s why she abruptly quit work on a new movie. Cannon tweeted, quote, "If and when my wife is ready to make any announcements about private matters, she will do it personally."

He later said on his radio show, quote, "When she tells me something, I`ll tell you all; probably after I tell my mama."

All right. So Nick Cannon is making it clear that Mariah is going to be the one to announce her pregnancy, if she`s even expecting. So we`re all going to have to wait and see.

Right now in New York, Cathy Areu, she`s the publisher of Catalina Magazine. So just on the radio this morning, he did his radio show, Nick Cannon says he understands he and Mariah are a high profile couple. So there`s going to be a fascination over what`s going on in their lives. I`m glad to hear he gets that. But when it comes to these pregnancy reports, he says Mariah is the one in charge. Listen to this.


NICK CANNON, MARIAH CAREY`S HUSBAND: Sometimes when you`re in the public eye, your privacy is the first thing to go. And we all understand that. But I think what me and my wife probably ask more of anybody is just the respect. And when the time is right for her to say whatever she wants to say about all the rumors and stuff, she`ll do it.


HAMMER: Ok, Nick`s kind of in a tough spot there. He`s not confirming and he`s not denying the reports but announcing a pregnancy is a sensitive thing, even if you`re not Mariah Carey.

Cathy, I can understand why fans are clamoring to know, but how do stars like Mariah even draw the line with how much to share and when they do it?

CATHY AREU, PUBLISHER, CATALINA MAGAZINE: Some stars are really great at it. They never really open up to begin with. But Mariah Carey has always been known to be very open with her fans and she was actually speaking directly to fans before a lot of people were doing it on Twitter. Remember she would leave those voice mails for fans telling them what she was actually eating for dinner.

So I don`t know if Mariah Carey knows how to draw the line. She never really has.

HAMMER: That`s true. And if they do have a kid, we don`t have to wonder about making Mariah picking out a name for their baby. When the time comes -- I`m not saying it`s now -- because this morning on the show, Nick joked they planned on naming all the kids Mariah.

Listen to this Mariah 1, Boy Mariah, Man Mariah, Tall Mariah -- I think it`s kind of a good idea. They`re all taken care of there. But the problem I see, Cathy, is Nick talking about it, even that he`s talking about it that they`re not talking about it and making these jokes are not quieting the reports. I mean are you with me that he`s kind of feeding the frenzy?

AREAU: He absolutely is. And if she`s not pregnant, I think it`s a little bit cruel, don`t you think, for the husband to be joking that she is pregnant? And if she isn`t pregnant, is he hinting? Does he want her to be pregnant? So I don`t know why he`s feeding the frenzy is she isn`t pregnant. So I would think maybe that means she is.

HAMMER: All right. But I`m going to go out here on the line and say this may turn out to be nothing more than a giant rumor because these rumors have chased them since these two got married.

AREU: Yes.

HAMMER: We`ll wait and see.

Cathy Areu, thank you.

AREU: Thanks.

HAMMER: Cameron Diaz`s secret to staying young -- lots of sex. That`s not the only thing Came D says keeps her looking great today. In a brand new interview in the July issue of Vogue, U.K. magazine, the 37-year- old Cameron says, "The fountain of youth, let`s see, I guess it`s exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex. Yes, sex, we need that as human beings. It`s healthy, it`s natural, it`s what we`re here to do."

Well, I think this is totally unbelievable. The brand new "Twilight" shocker today: one of the movie`s biggest stars compares being chased by the paparazzi to rape.

Also, a big-time supermodel makes explosive comments about Tom Cruise and Madonna, their secret to staying on the A-list. I`ve got that supermodel right here.

It`s the fired up interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And wait until you see this. It`s an unbelievable baseball controversy today caught on tape: outrage after a blown call costs a pitcher a perfect game. We have the late breaking developments on this. Will the call be overturned?


Now to the "Showbiz News Ticker": more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.





HAMMER: That, of course, Beatle Paul McCartney, and he`s performing for the ultimate VIPs: President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle at the White House. Paul`s performance was great so why is he afraid that the President might punch him out today?

Paul McCartney`s just one of the many A-listers at the White House on Wednesday. He was there to get the Gershwin prize for Popular Song awarded by the Library of Congress. Stevie Wonder, the Jonas Brothers, Faith Hill, they all performed some of McCartney`s biggest hits. And then Paul himself took the stage, singing "Michelle" right to President Obama`s wife, Michelle.




HAMMER: What he said there was, I could be the first guy to ever be punched out by the President because, you know, he looked like he was kind of coming on to Michelle Obama. But Paul, I don`t think you have anything to worry about.

In fact McCartney was so excited to perform for the President Paul said he would like to make it a regular gig. You can catch the entire performance July 28th. It`s going to air on PBS

Well, unfortunately I have to pass along sad news breaking today. "Golden Girls" star Rue McClanahan has died. She, of course, played the lovable, sexy Blanche on the show from 1985 until the show went off the air in 1995.

Rue`s co-star Betty White told us this today, "Rue was a close and dear friend. I treasured our relationship. It hurts more than I ever thought it would, if that`s possible".

Rue died of a brain hemorrhage. She was 76 years old. Our Facebook wall has been flooded with posts all about Rue today.

Here`s one from Renee B. writing, "`Golden Girls` was the `Sex and the City` of the 80s. I loved that show. Rue`s character was funny. You will be missed."

And Shantel S. adding, "Every woman had a little Blanche in them, RIP Rue."

Linda S. simply says, "Thank you for being a friend." A nod for the show`s theme song.

Everything I ever heard about this woman, she was absolutely lovely. She was extraordinarily talented, really loved what she did. And yes, I think it says it all, "Golden Girls" was the "Sex and the City" of the `80s, wasn`t it?

All right. Moving on now to the "Showbiz Lineup", this is what he have coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, extreme reality TV. Frightening new violence on the Kardashian reality show; we`ve got a fired up debate today. Have reality shows finally gone too far?

Also, a supermodel`s explosive comments about Tom Cruise and Madonna today, their secrets to staying on the A-list. That supermodel is right here in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And Jen Aniston and Courtney Cox together again in Scream? I`m sending out the Showbiz Truth Squad. Be careful.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN News and Views.

Now the "Showbiz News Ticker": more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.


HAMMER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: extreme reality TV drama. Scary fights and incredible violence on the new Kardashian reality show.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s no reason for him to go out and party every single night.

What is going on? (INAUDIBLE) going to come back in here --



HAMMER: The great debate today. Controversy today over how the Kardashians responded to the violence.

Kristen`s outrageous offense: "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart compares being chased by the paparazzi to rape?

Supermodel A-lists all stars. A big-time supermodel rips into stars who hang on to fame way too long; her surprising words about Tom Cruise and Madonna. It`s the revealing interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Plus, more stories breaking today from the "Showbiz News Ticker". Oprah gets a new honor; plus Lindsay Lohan`s drug test shocker.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking today.

Extreme reality TV: big questions today about whether two big reality shows have crossed over the line of what`s really acceptable.

First, a downright frightening scene of violence on the Kardashian family reality show is making big headlines today and not in a good way.

In a scene from "Kourtney and Khloe Takes Miami", a fight erupts between Kourtney and her boyfriend Scott and it ends with threats, broken glass and blood. And there are big questions today over whether Kourtney is in real danger and that is just the start of this disturbing reality TV debate.

With me in New York is Deborah Norville, she`s an anchor for "Inside Edition"; also in New York, Ben Widdicombe who`s a celebrity journalist.

I have to begin with the shocking footage from "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami". Now, in this scene we`re about to show you, Kourtney`s boyfriend, Scott, who happens to be the father of her baby, is seen out in a club, he`s partying, he`s drinking and all of a sudden things get pretty violent. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you so much for coming down.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s no reason for him to go out and party every single night when he has a new baby at home.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s up to you, you know. Do you want to be a good guy or do you want to be an (EXPLETIVE DELETED)?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If I`m a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) murderer, wouldn`t I be the wrong person to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) with?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What is going on?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s going to come back in here.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ve had another girlfriend who allowed this kind of stuff in her life and she ended up dead.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s nothing he can even do to make anything ok.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s crazy and I don`t get why you always forgive him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can`t do this anymore. Like I love Nathan more than I love you.


HAMMER: I think showing this clip was really a terrible idea on a lot of levels. It`s clearly a troubling scene. It appears to show domestic violence. It appears to show domestic abuse. Do you think, Deborah, this crosses a line?

NORVILLE: This is also the trailer that the E! Network has on its Web site promoting the season premiere of this television program.

Let`s be realistic, this is a reality show, and you have to put that in quotation marks. If there was really a situation of domestic violence, do you not believe that the producers of this show would have encouraged this young woman to call the police? It seems awfully staged.

HAMMER: It does, but then again --

NORVILLE: Because the liability issues for the producer would be too extreme.

HAMMER: Huge and we`ve seen it with other shows and they`ve been called out on it before but nothing surprises me anymore.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did reach out to E! They aired the show. The reps are not commenting on it at all. I do have to point out, as Deborah said, this was appearing in a part promoting the show. And there`s a part in that scene when Kourtney`s mom, Khris, says my friend ended up dead because she was in a violent relationship. The friend she`s referring to was Nicole Brown Simpson, who as we know was brutally murdered.

Ben, I think using the idea of domestic violence to get people to watch these reality train wrecks, the Kardashians, is gross. Are you with me?

BEN WIDDICOMBE, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: I think it`s very dangerous ground they`re treading on and it`s just so utterly tasteless to raise the specter of the O.J. Simpson - Nicole Brown Simpson episode as a way of promoting their show. And I hope the audience reacts badly against this.

I don`t think they`ll deliver on the assumed promise of domestic violence. I think it`s more likely that maybe Scott hurt his hand when he threw the glass against the wall.

And certainly if they do, that`s criminality and no show should be showing that as entertainment.

HAMMER: Well, Kourtney and Scott are on the cover of this week`s "Life and Style Magazine". The headline reads "Kourtney and Scott split".

Look, I hope that if domestic violence does play out in the show -- and I may be wishing too hard here -- but it`s done in a way that could ultimately help people who may be going through the same thing. To me, Deborah, that could be the only saving grace for it.

NORVILLE: That`s the only responsible way to handle this because it`s interesting. She calls her sister for help in this clip that you`ve shown. Her sister in April, it was revealed that in her first marriage domestic violence was a factor. Some of her divorce papers were finally made public.

This is clearly a family both between the Nicole Brown friendship and Kim Kardashian`s earlier experience. They know what the stakes are. I would be very, very surprised if this was legit.

HAMMER: But then using it -- using the idea --

NORVILLE: It`s beyond the pale.

HAMMER: -- to promote the show, really.

NORVILLE: And I agree completely with Ben. Vote with your remote and tell them what to do with this kind of story line.

HAMMER: All right. Well, I do want to move on to another reality show shocker. So long a different line today -- this one involving reality show couple, call them the king and queen of reality TV -- Speidi. "The Hill" stars Spencer Pratt, his wife Heidi Montag.

Last week Heidi announced she`s moving out of the home that she shares with Spencer because they were separating. However, in a brand new interview with TMZ just posted today, Spencer says he wasn`t even sure the whole marriage was real to begin with. Take a look at this.


SPENCER PRATT, REALITY TV STAR: Since our marriage was on The Hills, I didn`t even know if it was legal. So I just found a certificate that states it is. I think Heidi ripped it up, though.

I`m just here on speculation. She hasn`t filed for anything. If I get served papers, then I`ll have an opinion. Right now, I`m just playing along with this gossip I hear because --


PRATT: Is what real?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The divorce, everything.

PRATT: I`m just hearing this from all the media. Everyone keeps on saying I heard you guys are divorced. I`m like, I didn`t know that.


HAMMER: Well, first of all, "Charles, can you take my shot for one second, please if that`s possible?" What`s going on here? He`s looking out for the reality TV police. I had no idea what was happening.

From the first time that Speidi first started spinning what I think is their nasty web on reality TV to Heidi`s ten plastic surgeries in one day, these two have personified all that is wrong with reality TV and the by- products of reality TV.

And now this fake split, Ben? They seem to take everything too far in the name of fame. I, for one, am hoping this will be the thing that finally burns them. Do you think that`s even remotely possible, please?

WIDDICOMBE: No, it`s not remotely possible.


WIDDICOMBE: It seems like Spencer is in on the verge of being in on the joke. Can we break down what he said? I didn`t even think we were married for real. Then I found a document that said we were. What?

You know, enough already. Clearly it`s just for the show. Clearly Jen Bunny and Heidi are going to have their own series or something and Spencer is playing along with it. But you know, enough already.

HAMMER: And what do you think Deborah? Do we think that these two are just a big sham?

NORVILLE: I have to tell you, I`m like, I`m thinking the name of the show ought to be space balls because he was just so out in another planet on his own when that interview took place. I mean the whole thing is -- I`m sorry.

You know what? It`s amusing for some people. You can watch a show like this or you can eat the whole thing at Cheeto`s (ph). At the end of the day it`s all the same result.

HAMMER: Yes, pretty much. All right. (INAUDIBLE) no matter what happens.

Let`s move on to an explosive controversy today. This one really surprised me. It involves one of the big stars of "Twilight". Kristen Stewart, she sparked an absolute firestorm after giving a brand new interview to British Elle Magazine. She compared being chased by the paparazzi to rape. This is serious. Listen to this.

She says, "What you don`t see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves screaming and taunting to get a reaction. The photos are so -- I feel like I`m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can`t handle it. It`s (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I never expected that this would be my life."

And Ben, I have to tell you, I get the point that Kristen is trying to make. I know that sometimes it can get out of hand and be really, really tough. But for one, I think she made a huge mistake by characterizing it that way and should have thought first.

WIDDICOMBE: I think it was a very poor choice of words. I`m prepared to give her a little bit of a break as she`s still very young. And you know, as somebody who was a long-time gossip columnist myself, there were many times when I was uncomfortable seeing stars being harassed by the paparazzi and the questions they are asked.

So I understand what she`s saying. I would have, of course, say if you don`t like it, you don`t have to be famous.


Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did reach out to Stewart`s rep. Stewart`s rep tells us that Kristen does plan to respond to the controversy over these comments.

But Deborah, do you think she owes anybody an apology here?

NORVILLE: I`m sure when she does respond she will say it was absolutely a poor choice of words. I`m sure she doesn`t truly compare herself to a rape victim. No woman who hasn`t been raped would do that.

I think Ben`s right. She`s young, give her a pass. She`s got a great career ahead of her. And you know what? Leave the kid alone.

HAMMER: Fair enough. Fair enough.

Deborah Norville, Ben Widdicombe, thanks so much. And Deborah, I know you`re going for a big Guinness World Record. You brought the yarn along. Thank you very much. The most people crocheting simultaneously. I can`t get involved with this, I`ll hurt myself or someone else but I wish you the best of luck. Great to see you.


HAMMER: Excellent. Nice to see you, Deborah.


HAMMER: As we move on tonight, a supermodel slams fame. A big time supermodel, just ripping into stars who can`t get enough of themselves. Plus her explosive comments about Tom Cruise and Madonna. What is their secret to staying on the A-list?

Jennifer Aniston`s killer new role? "Showbiz Truth Squad" is setting the record straight. Are Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston teaming up in "Scream"?

And an umpire uh-oh: a lot of outrage today over this. A controversial call, it could be the worst call of all time and it may have robbed a major league pitcher of a perfect game? But will it be overruled? The late breaking developments today.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN News and Views. Now the "Showbiz News Ticker": more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.



DREW BARRYMORE, ACTRESS: I`m getting ready to watch a video.


BARRYMORE: Just some scary movie.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You like scary movies?



HAMMER: Drew Barrymore got it good in "Scream". Right now the "Showbiz Truth Squad" is going to blow the lid off all the reports about a new "Scream" star.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Well, the "Showbiz Truth Squad" is on the case today. They don`t have the day off.

Is Jennifer Aniston going to get cut up in the next "Scream" movie? Well, an Aniston rep just confirmed to the "Showbiz Truth Squad" today, all the talk about Jennifer appearing in the next "Scream" movie as a favor for gal pal and "Scream" star Courtney Cox, it is 100 percent not true.

Personally, I kind of think that Jennifer should at least think about it, you know. It`s definitely something different for her. Who knows? It could work.

Today kicked off the A-list. A brand new explosive blog today suggests it is time for some big-time celebrities to get ready for a demotion from the A-list to the B-list.

Supermodel and blogger Paulina Porizkova goes on an all-out rampage against celebrity has-beens; against B-list stars, against outed mistresses. She is sick and tired of reality show stars and just plain tired of the formally famous getting rehabbed by Dr. Drew. And she reveals her explosive revelations about why Tom Cruise and Madonna will be A- listers forever.

Joining me now in New York to tell it like it is, and I think you really nailed the whole fame hierarchy here, talking about going from the A-list to the B-list for so many stars. In fact, all the way down to the D-list.

Let me read a bit of you wrote. May I?


HAMMER: :By the time you find yourself on the D-list you become invisible except when you really want to be the only place to go now is a VH1 reality show. And if they won`t have you, there`s always Dr. Drew`s rehab."

That`s pretty harsh but it`s actually very true. Let me put this theory out here. Do you think there are some stars these days as they`re falling their way down from list to list to list who may actually manifest some kind of, I don`t know, an addiction just to get themselves on to reality TV and keep their name in the spotlight?

PORIZKOVA: You know, it crossed my mind a couple of times as I was segueing from list to list. Could I possibly get fat and then lose the weight? Maybe that would get me popular again.

HAMMER: You do see that happen?

PORIZKOVA: Yes. But I`m too vain to get fat. And then I was toying with the addiction but I`m too paranoid for addiction. So if I toyed with the idea, somebody else has to be toying with the idea.

HAMMER: So you actually thought maybe I will do it just for the sake of my hunger for fame which you admit that you had. Because once you get a taste of it, it`s like you can`t let go.

PORIZKOVA: It`s addictive. It`s like heroine. It`s like -- you know, when you have it, you think very little of it. Instead of like, "Oh God, I`m famous. It`s so hard I can`t walk outside without people bothering me." And then when it`s taken away from you like, don`t you know who I am? Please. Do you remember me?

HAMMER: And yes, they`re just never going to go away.

It`s quite a long list, by the way, that you created of these stars who kind of just need to go away and accept their position in the world. You have reality show stars, you have models, outed mistresses. They`re sort of in the same sort of fame category.

What do you think of this new phenomenon of the famous mistresses? You know, Jessie James` alleged mistress, Bombshell McGee. Tiger Woods`s alleged mistress, Jocelyn James. Does it take you off to no end that these women, famous for being mistresses, still hang on in there in the spotlight and want to stay there?

PORIZKOVA: Well, no, I don`t blame them. Once they finally get attention. I mean obviously -- sleeping with somebody else`s famous husband is kind of like an attention seeking thing in the first place and then it`s like then they get the spotlight and they don`t want to be shoved off the stage. They want to stay. Please let me stay.

The thing I think, though, is the mistresses, the models, the reality stars; they get famous for no particularly good reason.

HAMMER: You know, because I`ve heard that said about models before.

PORIZKOVA: I`m the first one to say it about models.

HAMMER: But wouldn`t you be the first one to say as a model there is a certain skill and a talent and -- or you think just because a lot of people admired you and put you on a pedestal because you`re a beautiful woman? That`s not what is deserving of fame.

PORIZKOVA: Well, I think that my looks that happen to be, you know, the right set of looks at the right time, that`s not something that I did. That was just luck. Do I deserve to be famous for it? No, not really.

HAMMER: What about the reality show stars? Would you categorize somebody like Kate Gosselin or Heidi Montag in the same level of fame mongering? I quite frankly think it`s even worse.

PORIZKOVA: I absolutely do. I think it`s harder for them. It`s even harder for them because they actually never were really good at anything.

HAMMER: And had no expectations of fame. They just wanted it maybe.

PORIZKOVA: No, I think they wanted it. I think that`s what they went to TV with. But then they`re not really good at anything else. I mean Kate can`t dance and Heidi can do surgery. But I don`t that she can


PORIZKOVA: Yes. But you know, they acquired their fame with -- by having done nothing. I mean they didn`t even stand and look pretty.

HAMMER: I love this quote from your blog on, it is so honest and this is a great one. "The real bummer of fame is that at some point you`re bound to get demoted. No one but aliens can stay on top forever (I`m talking about you Tom Cruise and you Madonna). For the rest of the humans the B-list is waiting."

What is the secret for Tom Cruise and Madonna staying up there other than the alien theory?

PORIZKOVA: A.J., if I knew, don`t you think I would be up there with them?

HAMMER: I suppose that`s possibly true. Do you think now you totally understand at least why somebody will go on a reality show? You look at Bret Michaels for instance.


HAMMER: He was doing ok, but look at what he`s enjoying now, separate from the illness and everything that he -- you know, you get it.

PORIZKOVA: Well, his music career went down the dumps. Now, who listens to his music now? Then he started doing all of the shows with the girls. The girls, you know, girlfriend wannabes.

HAMMER: We do have to leave it there. But I love this,, check it out. It`s Paulina`s, it`s tell it like it is.

PORIZKOVA: I can say plenty more about it.

HAMMER: Paulina Porizkova, thanks so much.

PORIZKOVA: You`re welcome.

HAMMER: Moving on to Christie Brinkley`s shocking admission today about her daughter`s suicide scare; Christie revealing the real reason behind her daughter`s frightening decision that nearly cost her, her life. How Christie is going to help Alexa Rae (ph) now.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN News and Views. The "Showbiz News Ticker": more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.


HAMMER: Thanks Charles.

Celebrity mom and super model Christie Brinkley shares emotional new details about her daughter`s surprising suicide scare.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just received the brand new issue of Ladies` Home Journal today and can reveal to you today that Christie had an incredible response to daughter Alexa`s attempt to take her own life. This was back in December.

Christie says she called her daughter just to chat and she was shocked to learn her daughter was being rushed to the hospital. Christie rushed to her daughter`s side and was relieved to learn that Alexa was going to be ok. Christie said she tried to do something dramatic to prove to her boyfriend how much he hurt her. "I think many people can relate to the excruciating pain of love gone wrong. I`d rather have a broken arm than a broken heart."

Christie says that she insisted her daughter seek counseling and she did work closely with Alexa`s father, Billy Joel, to help her. You can read more of Christie revealing interview in the new issue of "Ladies` Home Journal". It`s going to be on newsstands June 8th.

Big late-breaking details about what could quite possibly be the worst baseball call ever. Let`s go to the video tape.

Detroit Tigers` pitcher Armando Galarraga was one out away from a perfect game getting all 27 batters out and then this major umpire uh-oh happened. Watch this.

First base umpire Jim Joyce called the player safe. You look at the videotape, clearly it shows that wasn`t the case. Well, late today Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig said he`s not reversing the call. Whoopi Goldberg cried foul on "The View" today.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": The foot was on the bag.


GOLDBERG: And if you watch him and you see it -- because most people would see it if you`re sitting there. But no.

SHEPHERD: Was he at a certain angle?

GOLDBERG: He wasn`t at no angle. He`s the damn ref.

SHEPHERD: Can they reverse the call?

GOLDBERG: No, you can`t do that.


HAMMER: They didn`t do that, but Michigan`s governor did issue an official proclamation declaring Galarraga did pitch a perfect game. And by the way, the guy also got a brand new Chevy Corvette. We`ll also tell you that Galarraga is a class act. He didn`t even argue the call.

So on Wednesday we asked you to vote in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive poll. I`ve got the final results for you right now. We asked which the most shocking celebrity split ever? I`m pretty surprised by the way this went: 43 percent of you say Al Gore and Tipper Gore; 38 percent of you say Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston`s split; 19 percent say Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman calling it quits, shocked you the most.

On Facebook, this is what our fans are saying.

Gerri C. says Al and Tipper calling it quits came as a complete surprise to her. It is all shocking. They really painted a pretty picture in public.

Barbara S. says, "So what? This has probably been in the works. Too bad, but who cares?"

Well, that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT now live at 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We`re still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific here on HLN.

BEHAR: Coming up on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW: Joran Van Der Sloot was arrested and released twice in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Now a woman is dead in Peru, and he`s been caught.

Then new questions surround the death of Gary Coleman. Did his ex- wife have the authority to remove him from life support?

And Pastor Ted Haggard fell from grace and picked himself up to start a new church. But will he regain the faith of parishioners?

That and more right after Nancy.