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Brand-New Mistress Mayhem; Supermodel Super-Breakdown; Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Torn Apart?

Aired May 4, 2010 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Big news, breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - brand- new mistress mayhem today, another big star confesses to cheating on his wife. But wait, there`s more. Is there a Tiger Woods` connection to this brand-new mistress mess? And the disturbing claims today of blackmail to keep the cheating hush-hush.

Supermodel super-breakdown. Naomi Campbell`s tearful confessions to Oprah about her repeated temper tantrum-driven violent attacks.


NAOMI CAMPBELL, SUPERMODEL I am ashamed of everything I have ever done.


HAMMER: Tori and Dean torn apart? The disturbing new video today of Tori Spelling fighting with her husband.


DEAN MCDERMOTT, ACTOR: What the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) do you think I`m trying to fix?


HAMMER: Are Tori and Dean headed to divorce court?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson from Hollywood with big news breaking today - new mistress mayhem.

HAMMER: Yes, for this big news today, I`m thinking we may have to pull out some flow charts or some bar graphs just so you can follow along. That`s because today, David Boreanaz became the latest big star to confess to the world that he has now joined the husband cheaters` club.

Then you throw in a possible Tiger Woods` mistress connection. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that without a doubt, we have got the makings of yet another mistress mess to remember. And Boreanaz, the long time star of the hit TV show, "Bones," has more than a few bones to pick with his mistress claiming today he is the target of a blackmail plot.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Haven`t you chosen someone because they`re satisfying sexually.

DAVID BOREANAZ, ACTOR: There has to be more than sex.

HAMMER (voice-over): And now, sex has gotten "Bones" star, David Boreanaz, in one king-sized mess that`s forcing him to make a shocking admission.

NINA PARKER, PRODUCER, TMZ: David Boreanaz has admitted to cheating on his wife of nine years.

HAMMER: Boreanaz says he`s coming clean because he`s being blackmailed. Today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the year of the celebrity sex scandal continues anew.

Boreanaz, who has been married to Jaime Bergman for almost nine years, told "," quote, "Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible. I was associated with a woman who I was involved with and had a relationship with. She asked for money. I felt as though I was being blackmailed or there was some sort of extortion."

PARKER: What our sources are telling us is that this wasn`t a long drawn- out affair with this woman.

HAMMER: TMZ`s Nina Parker tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Boreanaz`s affair reportedly was a brief one.

PARKER: Our sources say this happened two, maybe three times at the most after the relationship ended. She was paid several thousand dollars, but she wanted the ante upped a little bit. And once she continued to request that, he felt that he was being blackmailed.

HAMMER: A celebrity caught cheating? Sounds like a job for Gloria Allred.

PARKER: The woman`s attorney is Gloria Allred. Surprise, surprise. Our sources are saying that Gloria Allred is requesting a six figure settlement for this woman to basically not go out with her story.

HAMMER: It would seem as if Allred has become the Jacoby and Meyers of scorned celebrity mistresses.

GLORIA ALLRED, ATTORNEY FOR EX-BOREANAZ MISTRESS: She was in love with him and he told her that he loved her.

HAMMER: Among Gloria`s clients - Tiger Woods` alleged ex-mistress, porn star Joslyn James. Allred also represents alleged Woods` mistress Rachel Uchitel who, as it so happened, has also been linked to Boreanaz in the tabloids.

Allred tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Uchitel is not the ex-mistress in question in the Boreanaz affair. But TMZ`s Nina Parker tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT whoever the mystery woman is, she may have been inspired by Uchitel and the Tiger Woods scandal.

PARKER: They feel like, whoops, Rachel Uchitel reportedly got millions of dollars for not telling her story with Tiger. And they feel like maybe they can do the same thing. So that kind of is what I think triggered this whole thing with this woman with David Boreanaz.

HAMMER: In an exclusive interview, Allred tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the mystery mistress only hired her because Boreanaz sicked his own high- profile attorney on his ex-lover.

ALLRED: If they think that any intimidation tactics used against my client or myself will be successful, they are very, very wrong.

HAMMER: Allred tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she and the mystery mistress are prepared to do battle.

ALLRED: Now that she has been attacked, she is interested in coming forward to tell her story, to tell the truth about what happened in that relationship.

HAMMER: But TMZ`s Nina Parker says this mystery woman may have killed her chance at a settlement.

PARKER: I don`t think she`s going to be getting any money from David Boreanaz anytime soon.

HAMMER: As for Boreanaz and his wife, who have two children together, he tells "People," quote, "We`re working on our marriage. We`re working on repairing what has been damaged so badly." Sadly, that`s a story that`s becoming all too common in Hollywood.


ANDERSON: Mistress mayhem fires up again. All I have to say is can anyone stop the madness? Right now in New York is Midwin Charles who is a criminal defense attorney and a legal contributor for "In Session" on Tru TV. Here with me in Hollywood, Carlos Diaz, who is a syndicated radio host.

And Carlos, I have to tell you, this makes me sick to my stomach. What disgusts you more, if it disgusts you -

CARLOS DIAZ, SYNDICATE RADIO HOST: It does! It does! It does! It does!

ANDERSON: What Boreanaz did - what Boreanaz did or the mistress allegedly trying to blackmail him?

DIAZ: No, what disgusts me is that he is trying to come out a little bit like the victim here, you know, saying -

ANDERSON: What`s up with that?

DIAZ: Saying, you know, "I was blackmailed." OK, if there was an extortion plot - no.

ANDERSON: And we don`t feel sorry for you.

DIAZ: He`s not sorry that he cheated. He`s sorry that he got caught and that`s the age old thing. And I don`t know what`s going to happen to marriage in Hollywood now, because no one wants to get married, because now, it`s like, "Wait a minute. I`ve got to be faithful to my marriage? Wait, if I get married, I can`t have sex with other women? No, no. I didn`t sign up for that." I mean -

ANDERSON: Nobody is taking their vows seriously.

DIAZ: And that`s - but that`s the thing. There are too many - and I don`t want to blame - I`m not blaming the women. But I`m saying there are too many women in this town who will do anything to sleep with a star, OK?

ANDERSON: Well, there are women who prey on the celebrities.


ANDERSON: That`s no excuse. The celebrity needs to say no.

DIAZ: The celebrity has - no. And I`m not buying the whole - if he - and I`m glad we haven`t heard the word "sexual addiction" yet.

ANDERSON: Thank goodness.

DIAZ: Because there is no sexual addiction here, all right? Just, you know, keep yourself to yourself.

ANDERSON: That`s right. We do not want to hear those words.


DIAZ: Yes, yes. But it`s getting to be a broken record. And I think this is going to be the story for the next few months and years to come - mistresses coming out and telling their stories.

ANDERSON: Oh, say it isn`t so. Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT confirmed today that David Boreanaz did admit to his infidelity saying, "Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities. I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible."

No kidding, David. You know, like Carlos said, like all the other Hollywood cheaters, he`s not sorry. He`s sorry he got caught. And far be it for me to say that anything David has done is smart. But Midwin, was it a smart legal move for David to confess publicly?

MIDWIN CHARLES, LEGAL CONTRIBUTOR, "IN SESSION": Well, I think he probably had to. Chances are, this woman probably was probably trying to get a payday. And unfortunately, that just happens to be the standard.

Now, when you go crazy and act wild, chances are that you`re rewarded. Put out a sex tape, you`ll get a reality show. That`s just the day that we`re living in now. You know, there used to be a time when a mistress knew her place. She was accused of being a home wrecker and she kept her mouth shut.

But not today. Now, you can be a millionaire if you sleep with a celebrity who`s married.

ANDERSON: And it used to - nobody would want to put themselves out there publicly admitting such indiscretions. It makes them look horrible like the complete trash that they are.

And like most stories in Hollywood`s mistress mayhem, there is a Tiger twist. Gloria Allred who represents two of Tiger`s alleged mistresses - surprise, surprise - is representing this alleged Boreanaz mistress too.

Late today, in a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, Gloria told us why the alleged mistress is speaking out now.


ALLRED: Now, that she has been attacked, she is interested in coming forward to tell her story, to tell the truth about what happened in that relationship. She`s been attacked and she feels that she is being smeared and that this is baseless.


ANDERSON: I just got to say, what`s Gloria running here, "Mistresses Are Us?" I think the mistress has some nerve to think that she deserves anything here. Carlos, why would the mistress even want to tell her tale of sleeping with a married man if not for some fame or some money? What`s in it for her?

DIAZ: The money`s the big part. I don`t think the fame is the big thing. But I`m going to say this and I hope - Gloria, I hope you`re watching right now. Gloria Allred is a genius, all right? She is a genius because this is big business right now - these mistresses coming out and telling their story.

I mean, in all honesty, Jaimee Grubbs - you know, what she was allegedly paid by "Us Weekly" - allegedly - was peanuts compared to what she should have gotten for that voicemail. And if she had representation like Gloria Allred, she would have been rich right now.

ANDERSON: Well, it`s all pretty revolting that they`re coming out and doing this for money. It`s just repulsive. And I`m going to have to leave it there for now. Thank you, Carlos Diaz, Midwin Charles.

And I want to know what you think of this David Boreanaz cheating scandal. Send me your fired-up opinion on video. We want you to make an iReport. Grab your cell phone cam, your webcam. Make a 30-second video and then head over to to send us your iReport. We will put some of them on the show.

HAMMER: All right. You`ve got to check this out. Naomi Campbell`s brand- new, tear-filled confessions to Oprah.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m really, really sorry.

OPRAH WINFREY, HOST, "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW": Let`s get a Kleenex. What are those tears for?


WINFREY: You don`t know?


HAMMER: So Naomi`s getting all boo-hoo-hoo about her troubled childhood. Now, she says the way her mom treated her - that is what led to her violent attacks on people and all that disgusting behavior. I don`t think I`m really feeling that sorry for Naomi, but should we?

Lindsay Lohan doing porn? You know, I`ve got to tell you, I wouldn`t put it past Lindsay to do anything these days. I will let you know if Lindsay is really doing the skin flicks.

And Tori and Dean torn apart? Wait until you see this. It is disturbing new video just revealed today of Tori Spelling fighting with her husband, Dean McDermott. The question we now have to ask is, are these two headed for divorce court?


MCDERMOTT: I`m not looking to fix anything. What the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) do you think I`m trying to fix? Look, you have all these things on your plate, but I would switch with you in a second - in a second.


HAMMER: This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views. And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: David Letterman extortionist sentenced to six months in jail. Lindsay Lohan shows up late to "carjacking" deposition.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Lindsay, we love you, girl. (INAUDIBLE).


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with A.J. Hammer in New York. Hey, A.J., what`s this I`m hearing about Lindsay Lohan doing porn?

HAMMER: Let me make this perfectly clear about what`s happening here, Brooke. According to "E! Online" today, Lindsay is going to be playing the late porn star Linda Lovelace. This is for an upcoming movie called "Inferno."

Lovelace is most famous for starring in "Deep Throat" - that was back in 1972. Lindsay Lohan`s photographer buddy, Tyler Shields who took those controversial photos of Lindsay holding a gun to her mouth - he`s the one who just confirmed to "E!" that Lindsay is doing this movie (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

ANDERSON: Well, I don`t know if playing a porn star is the best career move for Lindsay. But hey, at least she could be working, right? The burning question today though - is Lindsay down to her last chance? That`s the focus of our explosive showbiz special report.

Here is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Hello, sweetheart.


KAREEN WYNTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: She was once America`s young sweetheart in movies like "Mean Girls," a promising young actress once hailed as the next Jodie Foster.

But now, she`s seen as a real-life Hollywood mean girl, someone who once starred in "Herbie Fully Loaded." But now often accused of literally being loaded.

(on camera): So if Lindsay`s litany of problems, both old and new, the burning question becomes what can be done to save Lindsay Lohan?

SHARON WAXMAN, THEWRAP.COM: She`s pretty close to being blacklisted in Hollywood.

WYNTER (voice-over): "`s" Sharon Waxman says Lindsay needs to do something. And that something is certainly not disturbing photo shoots like this that Lohan just did for photographer Tyler Shields` new book and captured by "Hollywood.TV" - Lindsay holding a gun to her mouth and dressed in lingerie.

"`s" Sharon Waxman says just add it to the list.

WAXMAN: She just got fired from a movie. From the public perspective, I think, you know, she`s had car crashes. She`s had public fights with girlfriends, boyfriends. And she`s out all night partying and screaming at paparazzi.

WYNTER: But if you ask Lindsay all about that, she seems baffled by all the negative attention. Listen to what she told radio station Kiss 102.7.

LOHAN: I don`t know why I`m such a target, but I think there is a big misconception of who I am as a person. And you know, it`s a very build- you-up-to-take-you-down industry.

WYNTER: But it doesn`t have to take you down. Pay attention to showbiz dad, Christopher Pearman. His daughter is former child star, Raven Symone, star of such shows as "That`s So Raven" and who`s been in show business since her start on "The Cosby Show" when she was only three years old.

CHRISTOPHER PEARMAN, FATHER OF RAVEN SYMONE: This business is illusionary. We deal in a - but it`s important that you have a structure around you to be able to pick you up and give you the support to carry you on.

WYNTER: Christopher Pearman has written a new book on parenting called "Dream So Big." He says young stars are often surrounded by so many distractions they need a strong family base.

PEARMAN: I don`t think you should depend on the outside forces, outside of the family, especially in this business.

WYNTER: But if it`s a strong family base that`s needed, then saving Lindsay Lohan is a problem. She`s estranged from her father, Michael, who`s trying to force her into rehab. And her father and mother, Dina, long-divorced are still in bitter child support court battles involving Lohan`s younger sister and brother.

But with Lindsay about to turn 24 years old, "`s" Sharon Waxman says, at some point, she needs to grow up and take responsibility.

WAXMAN: In 10 years` time, whether we are going to even know her name is completely up to her right now.

WYNTER: And right now, Lohan tells radio station Kiss 102.7, she has her plate full.

LOHAN: I`m working hard. I`m doing my clothing line. I`m starting a movie soon. I`ve been through a lot and everyone goes through stuff in their life. But that`s what life is. Nobody`s perfect.

WYNTER: Yes, Lindsay sure has been through a lot. Now, the question remains - has she been through the worst or is the worst yet to come?


ANDERSON: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter. Now, Lindsay not out of the woods yet. She showed up to court today 20 minutes late for a deposition related to her 2007 DUI arrest. She is being sued by passengers who claimed that they were being held hostage in a car driven by Lindsay.

HAMMER: Moving on now to Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie. Their brand-new baby cover battle today. Will Sandra`s Louis become the number one bestselling "People" magazine baby cover of all time? Well, not if Angie (UNINTELLIGIBLE) had anything to say about it.

You know, "Jersey Shore" and fighting go together like - I don`t know - Snooki and hair poofs. But I can tell you "Jersey Shore" could be in big trouble with the law today over all that slapping and punching going on.

And the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page on fire today over our exclusive interview the host of a new mistress reality show that features one of Tiger Woods` alleged mistresses. I nearly burned my eyes reading your comments today.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t think the mistresses have destroyed a home. They`ve been lied to. Again, we`re blaming the women when we should be blaming these men.


HAMMER: This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views. And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Jimmy Fallon to host Emmys, edging out Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg. Denzel Washington, Live Schreiber, Jude Law nominated for Tony Awards.


ANDERSON: Late today, we learned that Bret Michaels is out of the hospital. Michaels suffered a brain hemorrhage a couple weeks ago, was being treated at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona.

I`m happy to report today that Bret has been discharged and is expected to make a full recovery. Listen to his doctor at a press conference today.


DR. JOSEPH ZABRAMSKI, BARROW NEUROLOGICAL INSTITUTE: At this point, I want to tell you that he has been discharged. I can`t tell you where. I can`t tell you when. Federal privacy laws prevent me from saying that. But he`s been recently discharged and he continues to receive therapies.

And we continue to monitor his laboratories daily and we`re adjusting his medications and he is making a good recovery. I really expect that he will fortunately make a 100 percent recovery.

And again, he`s just one of those lucky people, the 20 percent or so, 10 percent to 20 percent who have a subarachnoid hemorrhage who make a complete recovery and are able to resume all of their normal activities.


ANDERSON: This is great news, remarkable really. We hope to see Bret really soon.

HAMMER: So, so happy to hear that. All right. There is a roaring debate going on today on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page. Michael Douglas outraged at the media saying they are partially to blame for his drug- dealing son being sent to prison.

Now, Sharie N. thinks Michael`s son should accept all the blame, "It must be hard for a parent to say, `My kid did some terrible things and has to deal with the consequences.` His son has no one to blame but himself."

Now, Alice P. says back off Michael, "He`s doing what I think most of us do when our kids get into trouble, examining where we went wrong as parents in the first place. Give the man a break."

Thank you for your comments. Please join the debate on Facebook. Go behind the scenes of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and get breaking entertainment news alerts on Twitter. You can call us at "Showbiz on Call" and our E-mail still works. It`s all on "Showbiz Connects," at

ANDERSON: And now, the SHOWBIZ lineup. Here`s what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Naomi Campbell`s brand-new breakdown on Oprah about her repeated violent attacks throwing phones at people.


WINFREY: So tell me what it is in you that thinks you can throw a phone at someone?


ANDERSON: Will Naomi really sign a no-phone-throwing pledge? I`ll tell you, Naomi, you get no sympathy from me today.

And Tori and Dean, torn apart? The disturbing new video today of Tori Spelling fighting with her husband.


TORI SPELLING, ACTRESS: Where does it go from here? You`re going to be racing?

MCDERMOTT: You know what? I`m going to finish what I started. I`m going to finish this season. Then I`m going to hang everything up, OK? No. Because I`m tired of this. It`s no fun.


Are Tori and Dean headed to divorce court? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

HAMMER: Here comes the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Film critic Roger Ebert, Jim Carrey among Webby Award winners. "Top Chef" judge Tom Colicchio named best chef in the USA by James Beard Foundation.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m really, really sorry.

WINFREY: Let`s get a Kleenex. What are the tears for?

CAMPBELL: I don`t know.

WINFREY: You don`t know?


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Naomi`s teary tell-all to Oprah. The shocking revelations about Naomi that reduced the supermodel to tears. Should we have sympathy for her?

Real or just reality TV as its best? A brand-new "Jersey Shore" court fight about alleged fake fighting on the show.

Home sweet hot heads. Tempers flare up between Tori and Dean on the latest episode of their hit show. Their outrageous battle caught on tape.


MCDERMOTT: I`m not looking to fix anything. What the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) do you think I`m trying to fix? Look, you have all these things on your plate, but I would switch with you in a second - in a second.


HAMMER: Plus, more stories breaking today in the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker," the latest on Beyonce, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Gloria Estefan.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today`s - Naomi`s Oprah phone pledge.

HAMMER: This is wild, Brooke. The supermodel with a super temper has a breakthrough on Oprah and basically pledges to stop beating people up with phones. Naomi Campbell says she is sorry for everything that she`s done. And she is working on being a better person.

But is anybody buying Campbell`s claims today? And do people now actually have a little bit of sympathy for Naomi?

With me right now in New York, Midwin Charles who is a legal contributor for "In Session" on Tru TV. From Hollywood, it`s Wendy Walsh who is a TV journalist and doctor of psychology.

All right. Let me now share with you the Naomi Campbell resume of misdeeds - some involving various electronic devices. Now, she pleaded guilty in 2000 to attacking her former assistant after being accused of hitting her on the head with a cell phone.

In 2006, she threw her Blackberry at her housekeeper because she was reportedly upset over missing jeans. A year later, she admitted to swearing, kicking and spitting at British police officers aboard a British Airways flight.

Oh, what a life. And I`ve got to say I was pretty impressed at how Oprah Winfrey handled the burning question that we`ve all been wondering about Naomi Campbell. Watch this.


WINFREY: Tell me what it is in you that thinks you can throw a phone at someone?

CAMPBELL: It`s not a right thing to do. It`s like basically, I would see red after asking for so many times and I just feel -

WINFREY: Asking for what?

CAMPBELL: Asking for whatever it is I was asking for. I am ashamed of everything I`ve ever done. I take responsibility for the things I`ve done. And I do feel a great sense of shame.


HAMMER: Get my latte. I said, get my latte. All right. She does say she is ashamed by her behavior. But Midwin, I`ve got to ask you. Having watched what she said on Oprah, are you buying this new and improved Naomi Campbell?

CHARLES: Well, you know, for her sake, I hope so. Look, it`s abundantly clear that she has a ton of issues. And hopefully, she sits down with her therapist and works them through.

HAMMER: All right. Wendy Walsh, let me ask you. As a psychology professional - because I feel like we`ve heard this before. You know, we have heard her say "I`m sorry" before and then, we have seen the outbursts before. Do you think this is Naomi on the mend?

DR. WENDY WALSH, TV JOURNALIST AND DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY: Unfortunately, while remorse is authentic and the feeling of shame that she has about it is real, the truth is it`s poor impulse control.

And there`s not a lot of warning that she gets in her brain that it`s going to happen. So anger management takes years to work through. It`s not just sitting down with your therapist.

It`s going through good anger management training and therapy so that you can teach your brain to get the signals early before it goes into physical action. And it`s always - by the way, my heart goes out to her, because it`s always this is what was done to her.


WALSH: This is why her body has taken it in as an impulse because she was probably violated physically as a child.

HAMMER: Well, I`ve got to tell you, I don`t know much. But yes, it seems to make perfect sense that just admitting you have a problem, that doesn`t solve the problem. It`s a lot of work.

WALSH: Exactly.

HAMMER: And in her case, yes, we may see years more before she really has it under control. And I couldn`t believe my ears when Oprah actually asked Naomi - and of course Oprah can ask whatever she wants. But she asked Naomi if her behavior is simply the result of her being a diva. This is astonishing.


CAMPBELL: I think it comes from a deeper place than that with me. It comes from another type of emotional disorder. Because it`s not just I don`t get what I want, I throw. I don`t know.

It comes from, I don`t know where. I kind of do. It comes from, I think an abandonment issue and it comes from also just trying to build up a family around me that`s not my immediate family. It`s not an excuse. I don`t have an excuse for my behavior and I`ve said that before.


HAMMER: All right. And to Wendy`s point, it is clear Naomi is obviously dealing, Midwin, with some deeper issues. Even her mother confessed right there on the show that she did abandon Naomi. So do you think people are going to watch this and have some new found sympathy for her all of a sudden?

CHARLES: Well, I think it`s possible. I mean, at the end of the day, she`s a repeat offender, OK? Anyone near her is at risk of being killed by a phone or anything like that. But hopefully, people will feel remorse for her. I thought she was genuine. I watched the interview and I thought she was sincere.

HAMMER: Do you have sympathy for her, though?

CHARLES: I do have a little bit of -

HAMMER: Having watched this -

CHARLES: I do. I do have a little bit of sympathy for her. But now, I`m at the point where I`m, like, OK. Get over it, girl. We all have problems. We`ve all, you know, had a difficult childhood at some point or other. But we all, as adults, try to work through it. And I think she needs to do that.

HAMMER: All right. Well, in the end and this, to me, is just tremendous. You`ve got to take a look at what Naomi pledged to Oprah. Basically, she said she will stop beating people up with phones.


WINFREY: Then you know what? I`m going to get a special pledge for you where you sign a no-phone-throwing -

CAMPBELL: OK. I`ll sign it.

WINFREY: Will you sign it?

CAMPBELL: I will sign it.


WINFREY: A no phone zone -



HAMMER: All right. Wendy Walsh, let me ask you real quick. Do you feel sympathy for her at this point or do you feel that people are going to as a result of this?

WALSH: I should add, by the way, that that means watch out for hairbrushes, people. Yes, of course. I feel a great deal of sympathy. She`s walking a very difficult walk. And she`s doing it in the public limelight which makes it even more difficult.

And as she said, this goes back to something very early in life. She is a very angry baby who was quite neglected and abandoned when she was young. And when her needs are not met as an adult, she acts out.

HAMMER: Yes. Brooke Anderson, what do you think? Will she live up to this promise? I mean, we can only hope she will throw no phones, no hairbrushes, no Blackberrys, no people -

ANDERSON: No anything. Yes. We can only hope. But I`m not placing any bets, A.J.

HAMMER: Good. Smart.

ANDERSON: I`ve got to say, honestly, I`m still a little bit scared of Naomi. But I do wish her well. OK. I`ve got to move on now to absolute fury today over the brand-new reality show being planned featuring the mistresses of celebrities.

I sat down exclusively with the show`s host. And you`ve got to hear what she said when I asked her what she thinks of critics who say that this proposed show just glorifies what these women did.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t think the mistresses have destroyed a home. They`ve been lied to. Again, we`re blaming the women when we should be blaming these men. In certain cases - you know, you can`t speak for all of them, but that`s what`s happening.

And most of the women watching this show right now - I bet they`ve been hit on by a married guy. I certainly have. So I think I think everyone deserves a second chance. I think - let`s give these ladies a second chance.


ANDERSON: Well, take a look at the results just in late today to our exclusive showbiz tonight poll when we asked if this reality show was the worst idea ever. A whopping 94 percent said yes. Only six percent said no.

Wendy, where do you stand? Is it the worst idea ever? Or are we being too cynical about these mistresses?

WALSH: Look, the state of the human condition always makes for great entertainment fodder, doesn`t it? The truth is that I agree with this producer that we`ve got to get off the bandwagon of blaming women in this situation.

I promise you most of these women in our culture of disorganized attachment, we`re longing to be loved and they were lied to by these men. Trust me, every one of these men told them that the marriage was dead. "It`s you I love, really, you`re the one."

ANDERSON: I know. I know. Listen, I don`t think any blame should be placed on Michelle Harris. She`s simply the host and producer. She`s not a mistress.

WALSH: Right.

ANDERSON: But Wendy, there really is no excuse for what these women did. And even if they were lied to, especially with celebrities - it only takes a simple Google search -

WALSH: Brooke, it`s a delusion.

ANDERSON: To figure out they were married with children.

WALSH: Listen, you mix up sexual attraction with love and you get this crazy delusion. There are plenty of people who have done things for love that now they regret and these mistresses are some of them.

ANDERSON: All right. Weak, weak people, I think. Midwin Charles, Wendy Walsh - ladies, we will continue this conversation. Thank you so much.

HAMMER: For the moment, we move on to a brand-new baby battle today. Sandra Bullock and baby Louis versus Angelina Jolie and her twins. Both have great-looking "People" magazine covers but which one is a top seller?

All right. I`ve got to ask - I`m really wondering if Tori and Dean`s TV show needs a name change here. Maybe instead of "Home Sweet Hollywood," it could be called "Home Sweet Hot Heads." Check out Tori and Dean`s explosive confrontation caught on tape. Are these guys headed to splitsville?


SPELLING: Where does this go from here? You`re just going to be racing?

MCDERMOTT: You know what? I`m going to finish what I started. I`m going to finish this season and then I`m going to hang everything up, OK? Because I`m tired of this. It`s no fun.


HAMMER: Always some sort of beat down taking place on "Jersey Shore." Fists flying, ladies losing their fake nails, clawing at each other. Now, today, the new "Jersey Shore" court fight. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Corey Haim died of heart disease and pneumonia, not drugs according to coroner. Beyonce wears micro shorts in her new music video, "Why Don`t You Love Me."


ANDERSON: Sandra Bullock and baby Louis. Angelina Jolie and twin babies, Knox and Vivienne. Both moms look radiant with their babies on the cover of "People." And right now, Sandra and Louis are closing on Angie and mini-Pitts with the most "People" baby magazine covers ever sold. A mere 100,000 separate Sandra and Louis from Angelina and her twins. A "People" magazine insider reports Sandra and Louis could soon take the lead.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with A.J. Hammer in New York.

HAMMER: And Brooke, there is a new "Jersey Shore" fight. This time, it is in court. Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there on the red carpet for one of fashion`s biggest events of the year. And wow, did we see some out-of- control outfits. All of this in "The Buzz" today.


(voice-over): Hollywood and fashion`s biggest night. Oprah Winfrey and Anna Wintour were hosts at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute gala in New York City.

Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Hugh Jackman, Kate Hudson, Bono, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mick Jagger and Janet Jackson all came out in their finest for the party. The most outrageous outfit, the Christmas tree-like ensemble worn by Katy Perry. She said she wanted to, quote, "lighten up the occasionally stuffy fashion world."

"Jersey Shore," guilty pleasure or just guilty? A New Jersey court just refused to dismiss a lawsuit alleging MTV`s "Jersey Shore" is a, quote, "criminal enterprise." An attorney representing three men who brawled with "Shore" star Ronny Magro during the show`s first season, is alleging the show violated the state`s racketeering statute by profiting from fights provoked on camera. They are seeking unspecified monetary damages.

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller deny the tabloid rumors. A statement released by the couple says ever since Sheen`s arrest last Christmas for domestic violence, they have been the victim of over-speculation by the media and that, quote, "They are not seeking a divorce nor has one been contemplated. There has been no financial agreements between the parties of any sort. Stories to the contrary are false."


OK. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller might not be the only Hollywood couple whose marriage may be on the rocks. Today, we have a look inside another explosive marriage, this one between Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. The big question today - will their, can their marriage survive?

With me in New York is Cooper Lawrence. She`s a syndicated radio show host and the author of this fine book, "The Cult of Celebrity." Tonight, in Hollywood, is Carlos Diaz, who is a syndicated radio show host.

Let`s watch this. This is amazing. It is an all-out throw-down battle between Tori and Dean. It played out last night on their reality show. The fight was over Dean`s decision to race motorcycles after he had taken a spill and hurt his arm. Now, the whole thing just spiraled out of control. Take a look.


SPELLING: There are just so many other priorities, babe, right now. And I just don`t understand this obsession. And I feel like it`s a distraction. I don`t know if it`s a distraction from us. I don`t know what I`m doing wrong. I don`t know. I don`t know. Where does this go from here? You`re just going to be racing?

MCDERMOTT: You know what? I`m going to finish what I started. I`m going to finish this season and I`m going to hang everything up, OK? No. Because I`m tired of this. It`s no fun. The next thing that will come along, if you see that, I`ll get right into that, too.

SPELLING: Of course you will because it doesn`t fix anything.

MCDERMOTT: I`m not looking to fix anything. What the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) do you think I`m trying to fix? Look, you have all these things on your plate, but I would switch with you - in a second.

SPELLING: Do you think it just happens to me, it just comes to me? Do you know how many times I got the part because I said get me in the damn room?

MCDERMOTT: Yes, but I did not say, "I`m going to get out of acting." Did you hear me say that?

SPELLING: I don`t think anyone thinks you want it, babe. I think they think you`re a full time motorcycle racer.


SPELLING: Oh, come on.



HAMMER: All right. Let`s face it. Every married couple has fights. But Carlos, you know, I watched this and obviously, they`re comfortable having those cameras around. I`ve got to wonder if it`s worth showing something so intimate on TV.

DIAZ: You know, at least they`re being honest, A.J. That`s what we missed from the whole Kate and Jon, Jon and Kate thing, you know. We didn`t see these kind of fights that obviously happened behind the scenes in that marriage.

In all honesty, he is researching a role as the next Wolverine if you look at that clip. I mean, he could be his stunt double. But you know, here`s the thing. I just wanted him to look at her and say, "Wait a minute. I married you. You`re the rich one. You`re my sugar mama, OK? You need to provide for me now. All right?"

The only acting we need to do is to be sucking up to Candy Spelling. That`s the acting that we need to be doing right now.

HAMMER: Yes. Yes. That isn`t happening though. Now, listen, Cooper, Tori and Dean insist their marriage is fine. It`s not on the rocks. Obviously, this is a one particular fight that happened months ago when they were shooting the show.

But when you see something like that, does it raise any red flags for you? Because some of the language being used, I`m thinking at a minimum, they need some therapy.

COOPER LAWRENCE, PSYCHOLOGIST AND AUTHOR: Yes, absolutely, because if you watch what she says - this was about him. Then, she turns it on herself. I work so hard. I send out E-mails. You don`t know what I do.

It`s like, wait a minute. So this is about you proving to us that you`re still an actress. You still can have a career and you work so hard? It was like - it wasn`t about what the fight was anymore.

HAMMER: Right.

LAWRENCE: She was yelling at him about herself. It`s like, well, then just go look in a mirror and yell at yourself. I don`t know what you`re doing there. It was weird.

HAMMER: Yes. And obviously, they all know it just made for really good TV. So there you have it. Cooper Lawrence, Carlos Diaz, thanks, guys.

ANDERSON: Hey, Madonna, ever the provocateur, still trying to shock in her 50s, Madonna. I am absolutely stunned by Madonna`s brand-new photos in "Interview" magazine. Madonna with a blood-spattered cross across on her face? Another with a cross positioned as a gun in her mouth? I`m about to reveal to you these pictures that are causing outrage. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

HAMMER: And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. New musical about Gloria Estefan`s life planned for Las Vegas.

HAMMER: And now, the SHOWBIZ salute to moms - celebrities paying tribute to their mothers as we count down to Mother`s Day which, of course, is this Sunday, May 9th. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is one on one with actor and rapper Common, the star of the new romantic comedy, "Just Right," shares the screen with Queen Latifah and he shares his special salute to his mom with us.


COMMON, RAPPER AND ACTOR: Hi, mom. It`s Rasheed. You know, I never say "Common" to you. So I would like to say Happy Mother`s Day and I love you, mom. It isn`t like you don`t know who I was. I love you. You`re the most important person to me in the world. I love you. All right? Happy Mother`s Day.


HAMMER: Yes. Rasheed - only his mother would call him that. And you know, he`s not using "common" with her. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.


ANDERSON: Did you see this? Big outrage today over brand-new Madonna photos in the latest issue of "Interview" magazine. Madonna on the cover with what looks like a bloody cross over her face?

At nearly 52 years old, she still knows exactly how to court controversy. Take a look at these photos. Madonna with a crucifix near her mouth created a firestorm of controversy today.

Now, we know Madonna has often pushed the envelope with religion. Remember her "Like a Prayer" music video when she danced with burning crosses? OK. But looks like the yoga is working. Check out Madonna`s body. She shows that off.

And look at this, brass knuckles and an eye patch? These pictures are part of a new spread in "Interview" magazine where Madonna reveals that her music is taking a backseat for now, "I`m going to have to reinvent the wheel. I haven`t really been focused as much as I should be on the music part of my career. Between that and my four children, I don`t have the time or the energy for anything else."

Madonna is currently working on directing W.E. It`s a movie she hasn`t revealed much about, but she says it`s both fantastic and complicated.

HAMMER: I just ordered my eye patch. Wait, that`s my iPad. Different story.

A big Britney oops today. She said no to a Lady Gaga song that`s become a huge hit. New reports out that Gaga her current chart-topper, "Telephone," for Britney Spears` "Circus" album. But Britney reportedly said no thank you. Well, check out this just-leaked Britney demo version of "Telephone."


HAMMER: Yes. See, I can hear that. Britney, you could have had another hit. Hey, no complaining with "Circus," though, Brooke. It did go platinum.

ANDERSON: Yes, it did. A.J., the "Showbiz on Call" phone lines have been ringing off the hook with people calling about Tiger Woods` alleged mistress, Joslyn James, and her outrageous claim that she was denied access to a swanky hotel.

HAMMER: I love this story. We did get a call into "Showbiz on Call" from Tina in New York who says all these alleged mistresses are getting way too much attention.


CALLER: I think this Joslyn James has once again another elaborate scheme just to get her face on TV, take another attack at Tiger and just to have the world to have a little pity on her.

Forget about all these girls that he cheated with. Why are they not acknowledging the hurt and the anguish for Elin? I`m, like, what do you girls really want to accomplish?

He admitted he was unfaithful. Just leave it at that and stop trying to put their names out there, stop trying publicity for it. They slept with a married man, period.


HAMMER: All right. Thank you for your passionate call, Tina.

ANDERSON: That`s right. And call us at "Showbiz on Call" and let us know what you think about this or anything else that is on your mind.

HAMMER: The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines are always open.

ANDERSON: Here`s the number - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ. That`s 1-888-728-2899.

HAMMER: Well, that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Take care.