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Mistress Reality TV Ruckus; "Celebrity Rehab" controversy; Kate Gosselin Winning Fans; Pacino`s Marriage Dilemma

Aired April 19, 2010 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-ANCHOR: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-ANCHOR: Hi, there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with big news breaking today. Mistress reality TV ruckus.

HAMMER: Yes, you know, Brooke, it almost sounds like the start of a bad joke. Two mistresses walk onto the set of a reality TV show, but I`m here to tell you this is no joke. Today "Showbiz Tonight" can confirm reports that one of Tiger Woods` alleged mistresses, along with the woman who`s at the center of the Jesse James` cheating scandal, are in talks to star in their own reality TV show.

This would be like a celebrity version of the show "Cheaters" in just a few moment, we`re going to go one on one with a big-time reality TV producers behind this controversial show. Right now in the mistress reality show still being shopped around, but we can tell you that this idea, itself, is sparking a whole new fury over these alleged mistresses cashing in on celebrity cheating scandals.


HAMMER (voice-over): It`s a proposed reality TV trash-fest that could make "Jersey Shore" --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Go out and find the hottest veto and take him home.

HAMMER: -- look like "Sesame Street." TMZ first reported and "Showbiz Tonight" has confirmed today that alleged Tiger Woods` mistress Jamie Jungers and alleged Jesse James` mistress Michelle "Bombshell" McGee have been offered their own reality show. A spin-off of sorts of that guilty pleasure reality show "Cheaters" where betrayed lovers accompanied by a camera crew, catch their cheating significant others in the act.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m carrying a baby and you`re going off with a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) to the --

NINA PARKER, TMZ: This is actually coming to people from the creator of "Cheaters." His name is Bobby Goldstein. This show is called "Celebrity Cheaters."

HAMMER: TMZ`s Nina Parker tells "Showbiz Tonight," the show is in its earliest stages.

PARKER: Right now, nothing`s been filmed or signed just yet. Just this idea.

HAMMER: "Showbiz Tonight" can tell you, the mistresses` new reality show offer is just more proof that, if you want to be famous and you don`t have any talent or a sex tape, then sleeping with a famous celebrity is a sure- fired ticket to stardom -- and cash.

PARKER: This is like the year of the mistresses for like whatever reason.

HAMMER: After reportedly selling her story about her alleged affair with Jesse James, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee recently scored an interview with e! Online.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, I`m not a home wrecker.

HAMMER: And reports that McGee has been booked to resume her topless dancing career this Friday at a Las Vegas strip club for a $5,000 payday.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I met Tiger Woods in 2005.

HAMMER: As for Jamie Jungers, her alleged fling with Tiger Woods, not only got her on the "Today" show, she scored a web ad.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Since, I, seriously, guys, this is fun. You haven`t tried this, at least once.

HAMMER: And she even got the ultimate in star treatment, a glamourous photo shoot in "Vanity Fair." So when you think about how much fame these women have gotten from their trashy alleged affairs, a reality show really seems like the next logical step.

PARKER: I think they`re in it for fame and they`re also in it to hopefully cash out. I think they definitely want to be famous about it but they also want you to know financial stability based off of this guy`s infidelity.

HAMMER: So, the question becomes, in a reality show genre, where the mantra is the trashier the better, can two reality TV home wreckers become big moneymakers? TMZ`s Nina Parker, says definitely.

PARKER: This is something that a lot of people are probably going to oppose but at the same time still watch.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When you get home all of that stuff will be out on the front porch. You`re not coming back in that house.

HAMMER: And TMZ`s Nina Parker thinks that the possibility of getting busted on camera "Cheaters`" style might make famous married guys think twice about cheating.

PARKER: Maybe this will spark monogamy in Hollywood.

HAMMER: And if these two can`t scare celebrity wanna-be cheaters into staying faithful, no one can.


ANDERSON: One of the big questions that remains is this, will anybody really want to watch a reality show hosted by alleged celebrity mistresses? Joining me now by phone is the big-time reality TV producer, who is hoping to bring "Celebrity Cheaters" to television, Bobby Goldstein.

Hey, Bobby, good to talk with you. And I`ve got to tell you, when the news first broke today that a "Celebrity Cheaters" show was into works with Michelle "Bombshell" McGee with Jamie Jungers, I`ve got to be honest, I was mortified, because I thought, how can these two women be rewarded for what they`ve done? Which was unacceptable, but, Bobby, you`ve got a bigger mission in mind here, than just money, than just success, right?

BOBBY GOLDSTEIN, REALITY TV PRODUCER: I really do. I don`t think they`re going to be rewarded. I think they`re going to show their suffering and repent and help others follow the path of the righteous.

ANDERSON: So you don`t think that they are after this because they`re desperate for money or they want to extend their 15 minutes of fame?

GOLDSTEIN: They`re going to enjoy some reward from it, but as they mature, these rewards are going to fall by the wayside and the real reward they`re going to get is that, which is going to come from living a pious life.

ANDERSON: You do have a bigger purpose here, and that is very commendable, but I`m sure you understand at the same time, Bobby, that these two women are just an example of the many women who seem to be capitalizing on celebrity cheating scandals on the destruction of people`s marriages. That part of it really -- it doesn`t sit well with me. Do you think that people at home are going to want to see a show hosted by home wreckers?

GOLDSTEIN: I think when they do see the show, they`re going to be thinking about it before they act out in an opportunity that they have, and it`s going to be very discouraging for them. And it`s going to be a form of operant conditioning, so that when these rats have a choice to eat that cheese, they`re going to realize that it comes with an aftershock later, and I think the long-term effects will be a positive one, not a negative one.

ANDERSON: Out of all of the women that have come forward recently -- and there have been a lot of them -- to sell their stories, why did you pick these two women? How did it happen that it`s going to be Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jamie Jungers?

GOLDSTEIN: I think they were the freshest ones that were picked from the yard on this deal. And they also sort of represent the demographic that crosses all -- you know, the entire spectrum. And so they were a good representative, a good sample, of what had to pick from but there`s a lot - - there are many others that obviously could fill their shoes.

ANDERSON: But do you see how some people are skeptical? And I`ve got to be frank with you, some people are angry that women like this, alleged mistresses, are going to be able to, you know, pad their bank accounts a little bit after they`ve had such a scandal, and after they`ve set such a poor example for others.

GOLDSTEIN: I think you have to decide whether they`re culprits or victims, and in this particular case, that`s going to have to develop and shake out over a period of time. Also, they can be restored to virtuous people and that`s going to be an important part of my mission.

ANDERSON: So have they signed on? Is it official?

GOLDSTEIN: I can`t really say that they`ve signed anything, but I think it`s official that they`re very likely to sit in that saddle once the show gets launched.

ANDERSON: Yes, I`m sure that they are grateful for the opportunity, and, bobby, I know you`ve had a lot of success with the show "Cheaters" the original show "Cheaters." are you worried at all that that`s going to be hard to find a network to pick up "Celebrity Cheaters," or is there no congress, no anxiety about that?

GOLDSTEIN: I would have been worried two or three years ago, but with what`s gone on in the media in the last year or two, every show out look like an adultery show, every magazine show is talking about nothing but adultery and who has been caught this week. I think that everything out there the is starting to look like more and more like cheaters every day so no, I don`t think it will be a problem.

ANDERSON: Well, you`ve got a noble cause. You want to turn these women into virtuous people. You`ve got an admirable mission. Bobby Goldstein, thanks for your time. We really appreciate it.

GOLDSTEIN: Thanks for having me, Brooke.

ANDERSON: And now I want to bring in Midwin Charles, who is a legal contributor for "In-Session" on our sister network truTV. She`s joining me right now from New York. Midwin, Bobby made his case there, he did, do you think that people at home, though, will want to see this show?

MIDWIN CHARLES, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, I think it`s interesting, Brooke. I think that people will want to see it, after all it`s been all we`ve been hearing about for months on and on and in fact a year or two. Let`s not forget there are politicians in the mix too in terms of having infidelity and mistresses, and people are, for whatever reason, fascinated by this topic. So I think people will watch the show.

ANDERSON: Well, what do you think about this? Can you see these controversial women actually being able to redeem themselves on a real TV show?

CHARLES: I don`t know about redemption. I mean I`m always one for people you know trying to do better and trying to recover from a bad situation. But at the end of the day, this whole pious business that he was talking about, I think is interesting. Had these women been pious and righteous they wouldn`t have a reality show in the works. So bad behavior, unfortunately in today`s society, is rewarded. It is rewarded financially, it is rewarded with opportunity.

ANDERSON: Midwin Charles, thank you.

CHARLES: Thank you.

ANDERSON: And now we to turn it over to you. We want to know what you think. It is our exclusive "Showbiz Tonight" poll. Tiger Woods and Jesse James` alleged mistresses, should they get a reality show? Please vote E-mail us. The address is showbiz

HAMMER: Wait until you hear all about this the brand-new battle today between Dr. Drew and Lindsay Lohan. Yes, why the "Celebrity Rehab" doctor actually says he`d set Lindsay up to have her represented and then thrown in jail. Well, Lindsay`s dad speaks out to us today about Drew`s explosive words.

Romance with the "Stars?" You know they`re all kinds reports floating around that these "Dancing with the Stars" duos are actually dating. Yes, I`m talking about Erin and Maksim, Chad and Cheryl, even Pam and Damien. Are these pairs really paring off? Or is this some kind of slick move to juice the ratings? That`s all that I have to say. I think it`s pretty smart.

And the shocking "kick ass" controversy, yes, the preteen movie "Superhero" have got a lot of people upset now because she`s super violent and uses a whole lot of four-lettered words in her brand-new film.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is an 11-year-old girl and she`s an assassin and she`s got a foul mouth but there`s more to it than just that.

HAMMER: This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN, news and views. Now the "Showbiz Tonight" news ticker. It`s more stories from the "Showbiz Tonight" newsroom making news today.


ANDERSON: An 11-year-old playing with knives. And that`s not all. She swears and beats up grown-ups, so is this pint-sized "kick-ass" movie hero a bad role model? Welcome back to "Showbiz Tonight." I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood with A.J. Hammer in New York.

HAMMER: And, Brooke, today it`s a "Kick-Ass" controversy. The new movie "Kick Ass" is based on a comic book all about regular people becoming superheroes and this thing`s got everyone talking. Now the heroine of the movie is it girl. She`s an 11-year-old who spews four-letter words and beats up grown men. The violence the swearing is it just too much for a preteen?


HAMMER (voice-over): That is the new superhero around, where`s the skirt and hasn`t hit puberty.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m the hit girl.

HAMMER: Not everyone loves the pint-size superhero who is the breakout star from the new movie "Kick-Ass." About regular people who dress up and fight crime.

In the film the 11-year-old hit girl uses profanity, breaks one of the biggest language taboos left on screen, in addition to doing things to movie villains we can`t show on the air.

Violence and her language outraged people around the world. Like the English film critic who called her, "one of the most disturbing icons and damaging role models in the history cinema." One of the men who created the story, defends his preview heroine.

JOHN ROMITA JR., CO-CREATOR, "KICK-ASS": She`s an 11-year-old, an assassin and got a foul mouth. More to it than just that it`s an empowerment. A young girl, instead of being abused or molested she`s the one who takes the vigilante role.

HAMMER: And neutral observers see hit girl as a complicated character.

MELISSA SILVERSTEIN, WOMENANDHOLLYWOOD.COM: I don`t think there`s a real simplistic answer to hit girl. On the one hand, the film is extremely violent and her flippant use of the "c" word is unacceptable, but on the other hand, the fact that this character is able to breakout the box, the norm of what we see for girls and women on screen, I find that quite empowering and refreshing.

HAMMER: And the actress who plays hit girl 13-year-old, Chloe Moretz may have lost her baby teeth while she was filming the part, but she says she and the parents knew what she was getting into.

CHLOE MORETZ, HIT GIRL, IN "KICK-ASS": My mom read every script before I do, and she read it and she knew it was an amazing role. I was like, I have to be hit girl, you know? Who wouldn`t want to be hit girl? She`s amazing.

HAMMER: Either way, hit girl is expected to be a major hit in theaters.


HAMMER: I have to tell you the brilliant young actress who plays hit girl she tells "Showbiz Tonight" if she really swore like her character does she`d be grounded for life, Brooke.

ANDERSON: I would hope so. A.J. I can tell you that a lot of our "Showbiz Tonight" on-call callers want to kick the butts of Tiger Woods and Jesse James` alleged mistresses.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke, listen to what Vicki calling from Nebraska is saying. She does not buy Jesse James` mistresses story that she thought he wasn`t still married.

CALLER: If she even knew Jesse James was, she knew he was married. The whole world knew he was married to Sandra Bullock. Even in a foreign country you knew it.

HAMMER: Thanks a lot, Vicki.

ANDERSON: A.J., Lisa calling from Florida, points her finger squarely at the men.

CALLER: I think that everybody should get off all of the mistresses and look at men who are committing the acts of adultery, because these women can be told anything by men and a lot of times women will listen to what they want to hear. So I`m not going to put the blame all on the women myself. Jesse, Tiger and all of them sorts, they are the ones that are married and they should have told, you know, the marriage.

ANDERSON: Thank you, Lisa. Call us at showbiz on-call. Let us know what you think or anything else that`s on your mind.

HAMMER: The Showbiz on-call phone lines are always open. This is the number, 1-888-sbt-buzz.

ANDERSON: Is Whitney Houston in big trouble you? Know she`s been getting bad reviews for her European concert. Her singing has been way off. I`m rooting for her comeback, but it`s just not looking good right now.

And will Paula Abdul really come back to "American Idol"? There are brand-new reports that the show`s producers begging her to come back since ratings are down.

And just in today, I`ve got the shocking results of our exclusive "Showbiz Tonight" poll. Should Paula return to "Idol"? OK, am I reading this right? Sharon Osbourne takes out her breast implants and giving them to her husband Ozzie to use as paper weights? This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN, news and views.


HAMMER: Sharon Osbourne is taking out her breast implants, and giving them to her husband Ozzie, so he can use them as paper weights. Let`s just think that sink in for a second, shall we? Now that we all have that bizarre image in our heads, Sharon can confirm the reports that she was going to give Ozzie the absolutely unbelievable gift on the "Today" show this morning. You`ve got to watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`ve got to ask you about this crazy story.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This may be completely wrong, but there`s a crazy story that you`re planning to have your -- OK, forgive me, your implants removed this summer and will be giving them to Ozzie as a paper weight. Can you say that`s true or false?


OSBOURNE: It`s true.


OSBOURNE: Yes, it`s true.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now why would you give them to Ozzie as a paper weight?

OSBOURNE: Because better on his desk than my chest because they`re awful.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just don`t have anything to say after that.


HAMMER: If you freaked out about this, think about it, at least Ozzie will not need to stop by Staples or Office Depot to pick up those office supplies. Use his wife`s body part, right?

ANDERSON: There is something so wrong about that, A.J.

Listen to this, Brett Michaels is revealing today that he could have died if he`d not have surgery last week. The poison front man and "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant had an emergency appendectomy right before a concert in San Antonio last weekend. On his fan cast blog, Michaels` writes that if he`d gone on stage has appendix could have burst, he could have died. Bret`s doing OK now and he jokes that, yes, hot nurses are taking care of him.

HAMMER: All right, there is a raging debate today on our "Showbiz Tonight" Facebook page. We asked our Facebook fans about the war between "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol." "Idol`s" ratings are down, "Dancing`s" had better rating. Carrie H. writing, "I said way back, before "Idol" came back, it would not be the same without Paula." Dana A., "I have to say I can`t stand Kate Gosselin, but I do watch to see what dumb thing she will say or do next."

ANDERSON: And now the "Showbiz Tonight" lineup. Here`s what`s coming up on "Showbiz Tonight" -- the brand-new war today between celebrity "rehab`s" Dr. Drew and this girl, Lindsay Lohan. Why Drew wants Lindsay arrested and locked up.>

And what`s going on over there at "Dancing with the Stars"? Are the stars really hooking up with their dancing partners?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It says right here on the cover of "People," -- "it`s a hot romance." Is it a romance at all? Is it a hot friendship? Is it? Is it not any way?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It depends on what day you get us on.

ANDERSON: And will Paula Abdul really come back to "American Idol"? The surprising results of our exclusive "Showbiz Tonight" poll today. This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN news and views.

HAMMER: And now the "Showbiz Tonight" news ticker. It`s more stories from the "Showbiz Tonight" newsroom making news today.


HAMMER: Now on "Showbiz Tonight" -- the explosive Dr. Drew/Lindsay Lohan controversy today. The "celebrity rehab" doctor`s bold, shocking intervention plan to set Lindsay up and throw her in jail.

Romance with "The Stars?" Erin and Maksim, Chad and Cheryl, and Pam and Damien. Some of the "Dancing with the Stars" couples are doing a little more than just the tango. So are these pairs really paring off, or is it just a move to pump up the ratings?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It says right here on the cover of "People," -- "it`s a hot romance." Is it a hot friendship? What is it? Is it hot in any way?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It depends on what day you get us on.

HAMMER: Kate`s change of heart. New Kate Gosselin revelations today about what life was really like with Jon.

Plus, more stories breaking from the "Showbiz Tonight" news ticker.

HAMMER: Welcome back to "Showbiz Tonight." It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, ANCHOR: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood, with big news breaking today. "Celebrity Rehab" controversy.

HAMMER: Yes, get a load of this. Today, famed "Celebrity Rehab" doctor, Dr. Drew Pinsky is defending his controversial suggestion that Lindsay Lohan be thrown in jail for her own good. Now wait until you hear what Lindsay`s dad is telling us about Dr. Drew`s controversial idea.

Right now in New York is Midwin Charles, a legal contributor of "In- Session" on truTV and also today in New York, Jane Velez-Mitchell is the host of of "Issues" with Jane Velez-Mitchell. You can catch it every night 7 p.m. Eastern on HLN. Jane, is also the author of this fine book called "I Want."

Let`s begin with Dr. Drew`s explosive comments that are really causing a firestorm. He gave an interview on radaronline and Dr. Drew offers up some pretty pointed advice to get Lindsay Lohan the help that he feels she may need. He says if she were my daughter, I would pack her car full with illegal substances. Send her on her way, call the police and make sure she was arrested.

I would make sure she was not allowed to get out of jail. I would then go to the judge and make sure she was ordered to a minimum of a three- year sobriety program. As I said, what an outrageous idea. Now, again, we don`t know that Lindsay Lohan`s actually battling a drug problem.

But, Jane, if she is outrageous as this sounds, is setting up Lindsay to get her thrown in jail too extreme, as you well know, sometimes you`ve got do radical things to get people help.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST OF "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL": Sometimes you`ve got to do what you`ve got to do but I would say, A.J., if the court system had been doing its job from the beginning, she`d be in jail because she`s gotten so many chances to slide. She`s really been let off of the hook so many times.

We all remember, just to cite one example that notorious 2007 high- speed chase down PCH, where she allegedly chased the mother of an assistant who became so terrified, the woman called 911. She didn`t do any serious jail time for that.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: So if the courts had locked her up with, she should had been locked up, that would have sent the right message.

HAMMER: That said, what Dr. Drew`s suggesting is pretty outrageous. Again, I keep using that word, but truly to load up her car with illegal drugs. Now today Dr. Drew did defend his comments. He said, it would kill me but I would do it. Today "Showbiz Tonight" spoke to Lindsay Lohan`s dad, Michael Lohan about what Dr. Drew said.

This is what Michael told us "I absolutely agree that a parent must go to any length to save their child. The time has come, and just like Dr. Drew said, it`s time to help Lindsay resurrect her life and her career." Now, let`s remember, Lindsay`s dad has had his own trouble with the law in the past.

Midwin Charles, it seems to me, as good as it may do, it would be a pretty stupid idea for Michael to take Dr. Drew`s advice literally and pack Lindsay`s car full of drugs so she gets arrested even if it gets the job of helping her done.

CHARLES: I don`t know if Dr. Drew is suggesting that Michael Lohan do this literally. I think what he is trying to say is you have to go to serious and great lengths in order to prevent a family member from literally dying because of their drug abuse.

Think about it. If other celebrity`s parents or family members had gone to such great lengths, perhaps they would still be here with us today. Think of Corey Haim, Michael Jackson --


CHARLES: I mean the list is endless, and I think that`s the message he`s really trying to send here.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But people tried to help both of those individuals, and you can`t help somebody who refuses to get help.

CHARLES: It`s true.

HAMMER: Admit a problem and won`t help themselves.

CHARLES: The point is you have to go that extra mile, Jane. You have to kind of go that extra -- as opposed to saying, don`t do it.


HAMMER: That`s why he`s making such a radical suggestion because it certainly is a radical idea. Now Lindsay`s dad, Michael has been on the case to get Lindsay help for years for now. Since first being arrested for DWI. Watch on what he said back on CNN`s "Larry King Live" back in 2007.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you hold yourself at all responsible for what Lindsay`s going through?

MICHAEL LOHAN, FATHER OF LINDSAY LOHAN: Of course I do, if I didn`t I would be a liar. I mean, everyone around Lindsay especially her parents have a direct bearing on her life and I made some really stupid choices in my life. I made some mistakes. And I can -- I can definitely identify with what she`s going through because when I was torn from my family I reacted the wrong way.


HAMMER: Now Michael Lohan has been accused in the past of taking advantage of his daughter`s fame for his own benefit. Brooke, I do think that Dr. Drew`s controversial opinion does validate what Michael`s been saying for years, that she need help. In your mind, do Dr. Drew`s comments give Michael Lohan some credibility now?

ANDERSON: Yes, Dr. Drew has said, as a father, his heart goes out to Michael Lohan. Michael Lohan, who "deeply appreciates the dangers of this condition." And listen, until now, people have written Michael Lohan off as a loose cannon. Someone who is very unpredictable, somebody who should stop spouting off personal information in the public, so I do think this adds some credibility to his claims about Lindsay. Dr. Drew believes him and Dr. Drew is a well-respected addiction specialist.

HAMMER: Yes, let`s just hope, if she does need help, she gets it before it does turn into another -- one of those situations like we have seen all too frequently.

Let`s move onto now another story making for big news breaking today. Whitney Houston`s comeback crisis. Right now, Whitney Houston is in the midst of performing in Europe. She`s hitting one snag after another. There`s even concern that Whitney may need some help. Her singing`s just been getting slammed lately and this is one of the reasons why.

All right look at all of the problems that Whitney`s had since she launched this tour. First she had to cancel some dates. She was hospitalized for what she called allergies. Then all the bad reviews came. Today she cancelled more dates. Jane, seems to me this tour was a major mistake for Whitney. What do you think?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: It`s absolutely a fiasco. My ears are still ringing from that awful performance. Look, I`m rooting for her, but one of the things about drug addiction and I`m not saying she`s fallen off of the wagon, but one of the things about falling off the wagon is that people can tell. You can`t keep the secret because it`s in your eyes, it`s in your voice, it`s in your entire demeanor. So you could say whatever you want but the truth will come out with your own actions.

HAMMER: Well, I`m among the people still rooting for Whitney Houston.

Let`s move on now, Kate Gosselin`s brand-new move that may be winning back her reality show fans and actually helping her gain new fans on "Dancing with the Stars." She gave a revealing interview to Joy Behar right here on HLN. Kate revealed that being married to her ex, Jon Gosselin wasn`t all that bad. Watch this.


KATE GOSSELIN, CONTESTANT, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": It was all good times. It was good times, for the most part, and it was the beginning of our show and our kids were young and we were still a team and we were still pulling for the same things and we still wanted the same things and our goals were really the same there really.

HAMMER: Kate even cops to having a sharp tongue in the past and she was nasty to her ex at times. I`m actually thinking whether this is calculated or not a brilliant move. She`s softening her image, Midwin, and perhaps winning back people. Do you think this is a brilliant move?

CHARLES: I don`t think it`s a move. If you listen to her you could tell the sincerity of her voice. I think she`s at the point right now you know what I will let it all hang out, tell the truth and I think that`s what we`re hearing.


HAMMER: She`s evolving and I think in a positive way and who knows maybe she`ll be around for a while and not because we love to hate her. Now Kate`s dance moves on "Dancing with the Stars" not the only thing make headlines on that show.

We`re talking "Dancing" romances. Yes, love is in the air. But what`s behind the red-hot rumors of romance on the set of "Dancing with the Stars"? Midwin Charles, Jane Velez-Mitchell, thank you, both.


ANDERSON: "American Idol`s" new reality, first Paula left, Simon`s leaving, and looking at the ratings so far this year, it looks like many viewers are leaving too. Now the shocking, surprising results to our "Showbiz Tonight" exclusive poll, should Paula return to the show? We`re just moments away from revealing the incredible, final results.

Plus, the outrageous claim today from the man who says he is Oprah`s biological father. And the extraordinary efforts this 84-year-old man says he`s willing to take to prove he`s Oprah`s dad. This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN, news and views.

HAMMER: Here comes the "Showbiz Tonight" news ticker. More stories from the "Showbiz Tonight" newsroom making news today.


HAMMER: Football star Chad Ochocinco declares his love for his "Dancing with the Stars" partner Cheryl Burke practically every week on the show, but is it love or is it a big sham for ratings? Tonight, "Showbiz Tonight" gets to the bottom of the "Dancing with the Stars`" romances, are they or aren`t they? Welcome back to "Showbiz Tonight." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

ANDERSON: Yes, "Dancing" romances, "Dancing with the Stars" is back today, and love is definitely in the air, but what`s behind the red-hot rumors of romance on the set? Erin Andrew, Chad Ochocinco and Pamela Anderson are firming up in the ballroom with their sexy dance partners? For real or for ratings?

Also just in today, brand-new reports say "American Idol" producers are begging, begging, Paula Abdul to come back after a rating`s rumble with "Dancing with the Stars. "Showbiz Tonight" with brand-new evidence today that may have Paula thinking twice.

Right now from New York is Megan Alexander, who`s a correspondent for "Inside Edition." and also in New York is Ben Widdicombe, who is a celebrity journalist. Meg and Ben, it`s no secret there`s definitely been a history of real romance on "Dancing with the Stars," but now we`ve got tons of speculation surrounding Erin Andrews and her dance partner, Max.

Check out what Erin said about their hot romance on "The Ellen Degeneres Show."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is it a hot romance at all? Is it a hot friendship? Is it hot in any way?

ERIN ANDREWS, CONTESTANT, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": It depends on what day you get us on.

CHAD MAKSIM: We -- we divorce every evening.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s usually -- because you`re with each other for six to receive seven hours a day training, and then you go off and you have dinner. You have breakfast or you have lunch. And after six, seven hours of training, this isn`t hot.

ANDREW: So I don`t know how hot this romance.


ANDERSON: They never really flat-out deny it. I never heard, no, Ellen, we`re not together. I think they know people like the fantasy whether it`s true or not. Megan, despite the fact that they were downplaying having some sort of hot romance, do you think they actually want to keep this rumor going? Because I do. It generates interest in them and then that translates into votes.

MEGAN ALEXANDER, CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": Brooke, I`m going to take this big whether it`s Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward or Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, America loves to see two performers have chemistry and then a romance blossoms.

I think Erin and Mak, and ABC`s very smart with this, I think they do have chemistry. I think they`re using it to their advantage. I think they are cute together. I think that, you know, people love to see that, and it`s fun for them not to give us too many details about it. Because then we keep coming back for more.

ANDERSON: Yes, and I like that, Megan, go big or go home, you know? Speaking of that, NFL star Chad Ochocinco has made it no secret how he feels about his dance partner, Cheryl Burke. Take a look at what he told "Showbiz Tonight" about a gargantuan diamond ring that he put on Cheryl`s ring finger.


CHAD OCHOCINCO, NFL PLAYER: That`s a token of appreciation of the bull that she has to deal with nine hours a day for the past, what, month and a half?

CHERYL BURKE, CONTESTANT, "DANCING WITH THE STARS": Yes, something like that. Every single day but he wanted it on my ring finger for some reason. Wanted people to know that -- I don`t know. I guess, yes.

OCHOCINCO: This is a commitment.


ANDERSON: OK, if that`s not fueling the romantic speculation, I don`t know what is. I think they`re definitely planning this up for the cameras. So, Ben, strategic move for ratings or just a cute crush.

BEN WIDDICOMBE, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: I think it`s a very smart, strategic move on behalf of Chad. You know he`s such a charming guy and he understands this is a charm competition as much as anything else. You`ve got to keep the audience interested and the couples are also playing this game.

America also loves being lied to a bad romance from Rock Hudson and his wife, to Jennifer Aniston and Jared Butler or fill in the blank of her latest co-star is. So I think he has a twinkle in his eye when he says it and we know that he`s playing us long.

ALEXANDER: Yes, keep us going.

ANDERSON: Well, "Showbiz Tonight" reached out to find out if any of these romance rumors were true, but, surprise, surprise, we did not hear back from ABC as of show time tonight.

All right, I`ve got to move on to more big news just in today. Brand-new reports that "American Idol" wants Paula Abdul back. This, after being beaten in the ratings by "Dancing with the Stars." Late today, we got the results to our exclusive "Showbiz Tonight" poll. "American Idol" ratings down, should Paula Abdul return to the show?

Slim difference, 48 percent say, yes, 52 percent say, no. You know, I agree with the 52 percent. I think it might be wise for Paula, leave the past behind her. Start fresh. But Megan, with Simon leaving and Paula possibly joining forces with him on "X-factor," quickly, should "Idol" be afraid that it will lose a huge part of its fan base.

ALEXANDER: Absolutely. I think no looking back, she moves forward. Simon`s got the moment. She goes to "X-Factor." I think that the fans go with her. It could be a hit. I`ll be watching.

ANDERSON: Yes, it could be a hit. I think that "Idol" will remain a powerhouse but it does remain to be seen how it will stack up against Simon`s new show "X-Factor." Megan Alexander, Ben Widdicombe, thank you.

HAMMER: Yes, new details today about the man who claims to be Oprah`s biological father. He`s an 84-year-old farmer, and today the incredible steps, this man says he`s willing to take to prove he is the dad of Oprah Winfrey. He wants to tell the world. Now the "Showbiz Tonight" news ticker, more stories from the "Showbiz Tonight" newsroom making news today.

ANDERSON: Al Pacino finally reveals why he`s never gotten married. This longtime Hollywood A-lister says he was not scared to play Dr. Death in the new HBO movie "You Don`t Know Jack" about the same as suicide doctor, Jack Kivorkian. But there is one thing that makes Pacino scared, and that`s walking down the aisle.

In a new "60 Minutes`" interview Pacino tells Katie Couric he regrets never getting married but thinks the right woman for him is still out there. Pacino also said he`s happy that someone finally asked him why he never tied the knot. Said he`s happy someone finally asked him why he never tied the knot.


AL PACINO, ACTOR: I don`t know, but I will also say well, maybe I will one day or, you know, I`m a little young for marriage, you know?

KATIE COURIC, CBS NEWS CORRESPONDENT: You have 9-year-old twins though.

PACINO: I can tell you I should have.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What you should have?

PACINO: A couple of times.


PACINO: I won`t tell you, but I will say I made a mistake not to.


ANDERSON: Al Pacino is the proud papa of nine-year-old twins. This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN news and views.


ANDERSON: Let`s get right to it, shall we? An 84-year-old man claims he is Oprah`s father. Plus Carrie Underwood carries away major hardware at the Academy of Country Music Awards and shatters a new music record, too. That is some of the news happening in The Buzz Today.



ANDERSON: Carrie Underwood makes history. The "American Idol" alum was named Country Music`s Top Entertainer for the second year in a row at Sunday`s Academy of Country Music Awards. That makes the 26-year-old Underwood, the first woman ever to win Entertainer of the Year twice.


ANDERSON: She also got a special ACM triple crown trophy for achieving Entertainer of the Year, and the Top Female Vocalist and Top Newcomer in the course of her career.

Beyonce`s big surprise. Fans gathering to watch Jay-Z`s headline performance at this weekend`s Coachella Music Festival in California got an extra big bonus when Beyonce showed up on stage. She surprised the crowd and joined her husband to sing "Forever Young" and in the crowd immediately upload it to YouTube.

Shocking Oprah paternity claims. An 84-year-old Mississippi man says he is Oprah`s real dad and wants her to submit to a DNA test to prove it. Nor Robinson, a farmer now living in a VA Hospital says Winfrey has not responded to his efforts to contact her. Oprah was raised by her mother, and she says she considers Vernon her father, but she has figured out he isn`t her biological dad. An Oprah spokeswoman said the TV host wasn`t commenting on Robinson`s claims.


HAMMER: I love Betty White, and who does not love Betty White? Her career is red-hot right now and now she is naked and in the pink. Betty cut the ribbon at a brand new Pink`s hot dog restaurant, Los Angeles today. Pink has been around forever, and she unveiled a new hot dog named after her, a Betty White naked hot dog. Listen to what Betty told the crowd about liking her foot-longs naked.


BETTY WHITE, ACTRESS: I have loved Pink`s hot dogs forever and ever, and well -- that is obscene. When they said they would name one after me, I said, how can you, because I don`t have anything on it. The weenie is so good, I have the weenie and the bun. They said, well, it is a naked hot dog. I wish they had never thought of that. Thank you. Excuse me.


HAMMER: It is a great idea. Betty White is going to set another milestone when she hosts "Saturday Night Live" on May 8th at 88 years old. Betty White will then become the oldest person to ever host "SNL." I bet, Brooke, she`s going to be one of the best, too. Who doesn`t love her?

ANDERSON: I love Betty White.

HAMMER: And apparently, she loves the hot dog. All right. That is it for "Showbiz Tonight." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Those Pink`s hot dogs are excellent. "Showbiz Tonight" now live at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Monday through Friday.

HAMMER: And still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven days a week at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.