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Tiger Tees Off at the Masters; Tiger`s Bizarre Nike Commercial; Oprah`s Next Chapter; Kate Gosselin`s New TV Show; K-Fed`s Emotional Apology; Jessica Simpson`s Brand-New Makeup-Free Look

Aired April 8, 2010 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Big news breaking today on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Tiger tees off today at the very first golf tournament since his cheating scandal broke. Did fans love his comeback or was he totally booed right off the course?


HAMMER: But wait, there`s more. The startling new Tiger Woods ad revealed today featuring the voice of Tiger`s late father.


EARL WOODS, FATHER OF TIGER WOODS: Did you learn anything?


HAMMER: Oprah`s shocking announcement. She`s hosting a brand-new TV show. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with today`s late-breaking details of "Oprah`s Next Chapter."

Kate Gosselin`s controversial new TV show. The debate today over Kate`s new series. She`s going to be giving mommy advice?

And K-Fed`s emotional apology. Why Britney Spears` ex-husband now says he`s sorry.


KEVIN FEDERLINE, BRITNEY SPEARS` HUSBAND: I really do want you to know that I am sorry.


ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking today.

Tiger Woods` bizarre new ad is sparking an explosive new controversy. Today, just as Tiger teed off for his very first golf tournament since the cheating scandal that rocked his world, the focus is hardly on his golf game, which is where he hoped it would be.

Instead, everyone, and I mean everyone, is buzzing about this strange and some would say downright creepy new Nike ad that features the voice of Tiger`s deceased father. And I`ve go to tell you, that`s just the start of Tiger`s wild return to the spotlight.

Just when we thought that Tiger maybe had turned the corner on this scandal, wouldn`t you know it, another one is about to fire up.


(voice-over): It`s safe to say it was the most watched tee off ever. Tiger Woods hit the links at the Masters today, playing competitive golf for the first time since his cheating scandal began.

ALICIA QUARLES, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: Tiger Woods has finally come back on the course, back on television, doing what he does best. Not cheating, but golfing.

HAMMER: But as Tiger Woods teed off on the golf course, people were teeing off on his new Nike ad.

E. WOODS: I want to find out what your thinking was.

HAMMER: This ad from Nike, one of the few sponsors that didn`t drop Tiger after his cheating scandal broke last November, features the voice of Tiger`s father, Earl, who died in 2006.

E. WOODS: I want to find out what your feelings are. And did you learn anything?

QUARLES: It was smart but it was also kind of creepy.

HAMMER: The father of an other-worldly being imparting advice from beyond the grave? Seems like something straight out of "Superman."

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: My son, it is forbidden for you to interfere -

HAMMER: But today, it seems people are super annoyed at Tiger`s new Nike ad.


HAMMER: This morning, this CNN graphic summed up a common reaction to the Nike ad. "What the - ?"

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": They`re just manipulating American people with that type of commercial.

HAMMER: Also this morning, the ladies of "The View" slammed the ad.

JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!": That will make you want to buy shoes, won`t it?

HAMMER: ABC`s "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" had some fun with the Nike ad, re- imagining it so that instead of Tiger`s late father, it featured the ticked off voice of Tiger`s very much alive mother.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What the hell were you thinking? You stupid, stupid boy. Didn`t I always tell you not to sleep with sluts? You`re a dumb ass.

HAMMER: Despite the teasing and criticism, Nike spent today defending the ad telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, quote, "We support Tiger and his family. As he returns to competitive golf, the ad addresses his time away from the game using the powerful words of his father.

QUARLES: That does humanize Tiger Woods.

HAMMER: Alicia Quarles of the Associated Press tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that despite the creepiness factor, the new Nike ad may help Tiger.

QUARLES: When you do something wrong, right, you always hear the voice of that parent that said, "Why did you do that?" And so this is a way for all of us to relate to Tiger.

E. WOODS: Did you learn anything?

HAMMER: With the bold new Nike commercial and his opening round at the Masters today, it appears Tiger is doing everything possible to try to take attention from his cheating scandal. He`s even doing things he rarely does during competition - smile and sign autographs.

QUARLES: He wants to seem likable. He wants to seem relatable.

HAMMER: But the golf-obsessed folks at the Masters haven`t fully forgotten about the sex scandal. Security around Tiger is very tight with Tiger`s bodyguard reportedly undertaking a special test.

QUARLES: Reportedly there`s been security hired and they`ve got pictures of Tiger`s ladies and they`re on the lookout.

HAMMER: That`s right. Security guards at the Masters reportedly are on top secret mistress patrol. The Masters mistress patrol reportedly is making sure the multitude of fame seekers who claimed affairs with Tiger don`t show up at Augusta National to make trouble. But the mistress patrol is reportedly being a little overzealous.

QUARLES: There is also a report that one of the security came up to a woman and said, "Hey, are you the stripper?" Can you imagine if you were that woman being asked if you were the stripper?

HAMMER: Speaking of strippers, one of Tiger`s reported ex-mistresses, porn star Joslyn James, likely won`t be crashing Tiger`s Masters party. Joslyn, who claims Tiger made her quit the adult entertainment industry, has booked a gig this weekend at this Atlanta strip club.

QUARLES: She`s going back to her porn life.

HAMMER: Yes, spring is the time for new beginnings. With everyone involved in this seedy sex scandal going back to doing what they do best. And at least in Tiger`s case, it`s not a moment too soon.

QUARLES: I think it`s a relief to see Tiger Woods back on the golf course. And I think people are ready to focus on his golf and not his love life.


HAMMER: Well, Tiger might be trying to get back in the game of golf and put his whole scandal behind him. But for now, it really seems like he`s just replaced one controversy with another.

Right now, from Hollywood, Carlos Diaz, he is a correspondent for TV`s "Extra." Also in Hollywood, Tanika Ray - she is an entertainment journalist.

So here`s my idea. When I first saw Tiger`s new Nike commercial, yes, I thought it was a little creepy. But at the same time, I mean, I`m sure you were right there with me. I couldn`t turn away.

And I`m sure that Nike`s people are obviously hoping - Nike is hoping that people don`t turn away from this thing. Tanika, in your mind, does the creep factor outweigh the intended message here?

TANIKA RAY, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: You know what? I wasn`t creeped out. I know that`s going to be crazy to - sounds crazy, but I wasn`t. I really feel like his father was his kwan(ph), his mentor, his Mr. Miagi. And it`s much like Skywalker and Yoda.

It`s like you hear the voice of the person that kept you in line. He is - it`s so all about the refocus that he has dedicated his life to. And I think it`s about the next chapter. Yes, it was a little self-indulgent but I liked it.

I thought it told the story very well to America and beyond that this is about golf. It`s about me being disciplined and getting back in the game. And I thought it was right on point.

HAMMER: And purely from, you know, an economic standpoint, it was something that they had to do, because let`s keep in mind, this commercial was done by one of the few sponsors that actually stuck with Tiger through his whole sex scandal.

RAY: Right.

HAMMER: And I think as long as they were going to stay with him, it really was a brilliant move, rather than ignoring the whole controversy.

RAY: Yes.

HAMMER: Look, I think they would have gotten slammed either way. But Carlos, are you with me that as long as they were doing it, this was the way to go.

CARLOS DIAZ, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": Well, I like Tanika`s reference to "Star Wars." I was kind of thinking more like the "Sixth Sense" - "I hear dead people." But you know -

RAY: Stop it.

DIAZ: It`s one of those things - can you imagine if Tiger stopped in the middle that? That would have been a whole different conversation today.

But you know - but here`s the thing. I applaud Nike for having the onions to really go after this and face this problem head on. The thing I don`t like is, I don`t like it in black and white.

I mean, you`re there at Augusta. I think you shoot it in full color with the azaleas blooming in the background. And you know, you make it kind of a happier thing. And I don`t like the look on Tiger`s face. I`m sorry.

Tiger looks too tough, if you ask me, in this commercial. I think he needs more of a look like, "Hey, I messed up. I`m sorry. And here`s my dad chastising me."

HAMMER: Yes. I see a little of that.

DIAZ: I think you feel better that way.

HAMMER: But how smart for Nike. I mean, look how many times you`ve seen their logo in the course of this conversation and it`s going on everywhere today.

DIAZ: Yes.

RAY: Absolutely.

HAMMER: Well, Tiger Woods, obviously not the only cheating husband right about now. And not the only one trying to make things right again.

Today, Sandra Bullock`s hubby, Jesse James, told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reports of a sex tape of him and Sandra are, quote, "untrue and completely fabricated."

Now, Jesse`s denial comes on the heels of Sandra speaking out for the very first time and she spoke out to say, "Hey, there is no sex tape here." Obviously, this was something that was really important to Sandra.

So Tanika, here`s what I`m thinking - somebody in Sandra`s camp got to Jesse and said, "You know what? You better do the right thing here and clean up this mess."

RAY: Exactly. Yes, it`s a little weird. They haven`t spoken at all, but for some reason, on this topic, Sandra came out and Jesse came out.

Now, we know how celebrities are. Just because they say there isn`t a sex tape doesn`t mean there isn`t a sex tape. So I do think that this is a chit that Sandra pulled. And she said, "If there`s any chance of us being together, you better get on board, partner, and say there is no sex tape." But only time will tell. Sandra - please no.

HAMMER: My guess is - and Tanika, this is where I disagree with you. I don`t think the part of the conversation where somebody said, "if there`s any chance of us being together." Because I think, at this point, it`s just like, "If you want to do anything so I am a little less pissed off at you, that`s the thing to do."

RAY: Yes. You`re correct. That`s correct.

HAMMER: And truthfully - truthfully, in this whole mess, I think this is one of the few things that Jesse has actually done right, trying to set the record straight, doing it for Sandra`s sake.

RAY: Absolutely.

HAMMER: But Carlos, I mean, the truth is, this guy`s credibility is shot. So don`t you think people automatically are going to dismiss anything he has to say at this point?

DIAZ: I completely agree with you, A.J. And the funny thing is, you have to wonder, you know, if everything else that has come out is true, where he`s like, "I can`t deny that. I can`t deny that. But there`s no sex tape. No, no, no. There`s no sex tape."

You know - but you`re right. I mean, at this point, you know, anything that he says, you just kind of like, "Well, you know what? We`re past the point of forgiveness. And we`re almost to the point where, you know, anything that comes out of your mouth we`re going to look at it as a negative."

HAMMER: Yes. Look at what`s unfolded here -

RAY: Yes.

HAMMER: In just over a month. It started from us simply us learning that maybe he wasn`t faithful to her. And then all the while, it turns that the scandal has taken since then. Tanika, are you with me that it is just ridiculous to think that we`ve seen the last of the skeletons coming out of Jesse`s closet?

RAY: Oh, no. There`s a lot more going to be coming out of the closet for sure. And I think there probably is a sex tape, just not with Sandra. So we`ll see what happens. Hopefully, we`ll move on to other things and Jesse can have his sex tapes in the background and we don`t care.

HAMMER: Yes. Wouldn`t that be nice?

DIAZ: Yes.

RAY: Yes.

HAMMER: Well, today we have big news from Britney Spears` ex, Kevin Federline. Wait until you hear his emotional new apology.


FEDERLINE: It`s just been a wild ride the last few years. And I`m sorry that you`ve got a big (EXPLETIVE DELETED) end of that stick.


HAMMER: All right. So why is K-Fed now saying he`s sorry? Carlos Diaz, Tanika Ray, I want you guys to say right there.

And as we move on, is Kate Gosselin going to be apologizing for her new TV show? We`ve got the fired up debate today over Kate`s new series. Wait until you hear this. The show is called "A Twist of Kate."

Now it`s going to have Kate give mommy advice to people. You know, Kate giving mommy advice - is that really such a good idea?

Oprah Winfrey also revealed her new show today. And yes, of course, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has today`s late-breaking details - "Oprah`s Next Chapter." Wait until you hear what she`s going to be doing. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Nancy Kerrigan`s brother indicted on manslaughter charges connected to father`s death. 2009 star salaries: Tiger Woods - $110 million, Taylor Swift - $17 million, "Jersey Shore`s" Snooki: $2,200.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Please listen carefully to what I`m about to say. A Pulitzer Prize for "The National Enquirer". Yes, I never thought I would actually be saying "Pulitzer Prize" and "National Enquirer" in the same sentence.

Of course, the tabloid has long been slammed for all of its outrageous stories - UFOS, anyone? Well, now, it is up for journalism`s highest honor for breaking the John Edwards` cheating scandal story. The countdown was on today at "The Enquirer." They`re waiting to hear if they`re going to win.

The results will be announced on Monday. And right now it`s my SHOWBIZ special report, will the "Enquirer" finally get the respect it has long said it deserves.


LIZ MCNALLY, LOVES "THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER": Isn`t that fabulous? "The National Enquirer" up for a Pulitzer Prize? That`s great. I mean, they deserve it. They totally deserve it. They got John Edwards. I rest my case.

HAMMER (voice-over): Liz McNally is a fan of "The National Enquirer" and is beyond thrilled that newspaper is in the running for journalism`s most prestigious award, the Pulitzer Prize. And not just one Pulitzer, but two. But this Halima Hudson, who hates what "The National Enquirer" stands for, says hold on.

HALIMA HUDSON, HATES "THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER: All I can say is seriously, they don`t report news in the first place. They`re the kind of magazine that`s like, "Oh, 600-pound baby." No, thumb`s down to the Pulitzer because I`m so against that.

HAMMER: "The National Enquirer" broke the story of ex-presidential candidate, John Edwards` affair with Rielle Hunter. And then the news long denied that they had a child together.

It was a story that shocked a nation, ended his political career and destroyed his marriage to Elizabeth Edwards. Barry Levine is the executive editor of "The National Enquirer" and can now say, "I told you so."

BARRY LEVIN, EXECUTIVE EDITOR, "THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER: It`s a great day for "The National Enquirer," for us to be in the running for a Pulitzer Prize. And certainly, I think that the mainstream media will never again take the "Enquirer" or dismiss us out of whole cloth and will look at our stories, certainly the political stories, on a much closer basis in the future.

HAMMER: "The Enquirer is nominated for a Pulitzer in two categories - investigative reporting and national news reporting. Win or lose, Levine says he is trying to take his paper from tabloid to bona fide mainstream. And he wants to open up a bureau in the nation`s capital.

LEVIN: Something we`re considering very seriously right now is opening up a Washington reporting bureau to specifically uncover political scandals in our nation`s capital.

HAMMER (on camera): For a long time, the mainstream news media stayed away from the Edwards` story despite the "Enquirer`s" revelations. But once Edwards publicly admitted the stories were true, it was a game changer.

(voice-over): By then, Edwards had dropped out of the 2008 presidential race. But he still had hopes he might play a high-profile role in a Democratic administration.

GENEVA OVERHOLSER, DIRECTOR USC SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM: Had the "Enquirer" not exercised a very tenacious reporting on this, which we respect in the journalism world, right, then would we not have known that this scandal was occurring? Would Edwards, perhaps, have been nominated? Would the scandal have been revealed? There`s no question the course of history would have been different.

HAMMER: So if "The Enquirer" wins a Pulitzer or two when the prizes are announced on Monday, will things change?

JAMES RAINEY, COLUMNIST, "LOS ANGELES TIMES": I think folks who read "The National Enquirer" will agree a lot of their reporting has nothing to do with the public interests. And it`s titillating and it can be fun to read. But that doesn`t put it in the same category as these big mainstream news organizations.

HAMMER: And that is the challenge "The Enquirer" will continue to face, erasing the cloud that hangs over its journalism.


As I mentioned, the 21 Pulitzer Prize award winners will be revealed on Monday. About 2,400 entries were submitted, so we`ll see how they do.

The brand new Kate Gosselin controversy today. Kate`s new show revealed. She`s going to be traveling into people`s homes. She`s going to be giving them mommy advice.

Now, I don`t know. Kate`s already been slammed for doing "Dancing with the Stars," so is this a good idea? Kate hitting the road and giving mommy advice?

Just in today, K-Fed`s big apology. Britney Spears` ex unloads a big- time "I`m sorry." But why now?


FEDERLINE: It`s just been a wild ride the last few years. And I`m sorry that you`re got the big (EXPLETIVE DELETED) end of that stick.


HAMMER: Demi Moore, 47 and wanting more kids? And get this, Demi admits to a very serious body image obsession today. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: "Oprah" to go live from NYC`s Radio City Music Hall on 5/7, will feature Christina Aguilera. ABC to premiere "Bachelor" spin-off, "Bachelor Pad," past contestants to be featured.


HAMMER: Now, Demi Moore`s remarkable revelations today about being obsessed with her body and whether she would have another baby at the age of 47. I think Demi looks amazing in the new issue of the U.K. "Elle" magazine.

But she also admits she had a really difficult time with her looks. Demi says, "I had an extreme obsession with my body. I made it a measure of my own value. I tried to dominate it, which I did, and I changed it multiple times over."

But Demi is also denying once again that she`s ever had plastic surgery. Now, about that baby idea - 47-year-old Demi who, of course, has three kids with her ex-husband Bruce Willis, says she would be up for it with her 32-year-old husband, Ashton Kutcher, saying this, "We talk about it and it`s something that we would like. He`s an amazing father to my daughters already, so I have no doubt that if it`s in our future, it would be another incredible part of our journey together."

Moving on, as soon as I posted something on our Facebook page about Jon and Kate`s custody battle, I`ve got to tell you, the wall - it lit up. Jon, of course, is suing for primary custody of their eight kids. He thinks that Kate doing all this TV, you know, "Dancing with the Stars" - he thinks it`s damaging their children.

Martha M. on team Jon saying, "All Kate sees in her kids is eight big dollar signs. She needs to get a regular job like other single mothers do who have a lot of kids."

Also getting a lot of calls into "Showbiz on Call" today. Carolyn from Texas is on team Kate.


CAROLYN, CALLER FROM TEXAS: I think Jon needs to keep his mouth shut, leave Kate alone and the kids. I mean, she`s trying to support her children and I think he`s just jealous. And she`s getting attention more than he, so he`s doing everything he can do to get attention back on him.

I say, go Kate. I hope she stays on "Dancing with the Stars." And you can`t say anything about what she`s doing because every mother in Hollywood is trying to support her children.


HAMMER: Thank you so much, Carolyn, for your call. I appreciate that. Love to hear from you, too. Call us at "Showbiz on Call" about Jon and Kate or anything else at all. "Showbiz on Call" phone lines open all the time - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899.

Here comes the SHOWBIZ lineup. This is what we`ve got lined up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Oprah`s brand-new show revealed today and everybody is clapping their hands. I`ve got all the late-breaking details. Wait until you hear what she`s doing now.

Kate Gosselin`s new show also revealed today. And yes, she`s giving mommy advice, but what about her kids? People are all fired up about this.

Also, Jessica Simpson`s brand-new makeup-free look. Everybody is asking today, are those ditzy blonde days finally behind Jessica Simpson? I think they are. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Nicolas Cage`s Bel-Air mansion fails to sell at foreclosure auction. She`s the one that they want! Olivia Newton-John to guest star on Fox`s "Glee."


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Kate Gosselin`s controversial new TV show. First, she does "Dancing with the Stars," and now this. Are people ready to tune in to watch Kate give out mommy advice? And what about her eight kids?

Oprah`s shocking announcement today. She is going from daytime to primetime, hosting a brand new TV show. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with today`s late- breaking details on "Oprah`s Next Chapter."

And K-Fed`s emotional apology. Why Britney`s ex-husband is now saying he`s sorry.


FEDERLINE: It`s just been a wild ride the last few years. And I`m sorry that you`ve got a big (EXPLETIVE DELETED) end of that stick.


HAMMER: Plus, more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, coming to you from New York City with big news breaking today.

Brand new, insider details today behind Kate Gosselin`s new reality show and a jaw-dropping announcement by Oprah Winfrey.

Kate Gosselin has been making a new name for herself on "Dancing with the Stars." And just today, TLC, the network that made her famous - they announced that Kate is going to trade in her dancing shoes.

She`s going to travel all over the country visiting families for her new show where she will be, among other things, get this, giving out parenting advice. But is this new show going to spell more controversy for the mom of eight?

And late today, Oprah announced she will be hosting a one-hour primetime show on her soon-to-be launched Oprah Winfrey Network. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is first with some surprising details about Oprah`s future with her own network.

With me right now from Hollywood, Ashlan Gorse who is a correspondent for "E News." Also from Hollywood, Tanika Ray who is an entertainment journalist.

HAMMER: Got to begin with Kate Gosselin`s brand-new show. It`s called "A Twist of Kate." Now, Tanika, this is going to be the first test to see if people actually, quite frankly, even give a damn about Kate without all of her "Jon and Kate" family drama. And quite frankly, I`m not sure they will give a damn. Do you think they will?

RAY: Well, I don`t give a damn. This is my "what the -?" I don`t understand. I watch "Dancing with the Stars" and I cannot believe the woman is still on the show. There`s nothing charming about her. She is not a performer.

She`s, I guess, a celebrity or faux celebrity - whatever you want to call it. I`m not really understanding what her appeal is. So TLC got her in this mess so I understand why they`re trying to bail her out.

What else is she going to do? She`s a single mom of eight. She can`t have a full-time job and take care of the kids. So I get it. Now, that she`s seen the limelight, she wants more.

HAMMER: Yes. Yes.

RAY: Who is going to take advice from her?

HAMMER: Exactly. We`ve all met people who - you know, they get that taste of being on TV and then they don`t want to let it go. I want to tell you how Kate described the show to "USA Today."

She said, "I want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can, though I don`t consider myself an expert on anything." At least she`s being candid about that.

Now, some of that insight as we mentioned, it`s going to be that parenting advice. And Ashlan, I am not so sure people want mommy advice from Kate Gosselin. What do you think?

ASHLAN GORSE, CORRESPONDENT, "E! NEWS": I mean, I don`t have kids, so I can`t really speak to this. But I think -

RAY: I can.

GORSE: I`m all for women who want to be a mother and still work. That`s great. I think we should all do that.

RAY: Yes.

GORSE: But having eight kids isn`t just a full-time job. It`s three full- time jobs.


GORSE: A normal mother has one or two children that they can take care of, not eight. She should have thought about that before she went around for the second time with six.

HAMMER: Well, and to that end, ponder this - this big announcement about Kate`s new show is coming just as she and her ex, Jon Gosselin, are back in court. They`re battling over custody of their kids.

And you know, part of Jon`s complaint is that he says Kate`s become an absentee mom with her new gig on "Dancing with the Stars." This show will require Kate to be traveling even more.

And honestly, I think Kate is doing what she has to do to support the family. But Tanika, isn`t the concept of this new show just going to help make Jon`s case?

RAY: Absolutely. I don`t want to say Jon`s right, but in this situation, I guess he kind of is. Here`s the thing. I know he`s trying to get her where it hurts because he`s been emasculated on television in front of the nation on his show "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

But I`ve got to tell you, I don`t give a crap about Kate. I want to watch a show called "They Ate." I just want to see the kids. I want to see them grow up and see their cute little antics and call it a day.


HAMMER: But I`ll be right here now - I`ll be right here not letting them be on TV so we`ll have a problem. I want to move on now to some big breaking Oprah news.

Late today, Oprah broke her silence. She revealed she will host a show on the new Oprah Winfrey Network. Everybody is pleased about this. And we dug deep today to get you these details right away.

The show is called "Oprah`s Next Chapter." It will be a one-hour show airing in primetime. But she`s not going to be in the studio. Oprah is going to travel around the world to do these interviews.

We`re going to see Oprah chatting up stars everywhere from the Great Wall of China to her own backyard. Here is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter with more of the fast-breaking details.


KAREEN WYNTER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Her impending departure from daytime TV -

OPRAH WINFREY, HOST, "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW": I love it enough to know when it`s time to say good-bye.

WYNTER: And the announcement of her new 24-hour Oprah Winfrey Network has led to drama, speculation and curiosity about Oprah`s new move. Would she host another talk show? And could OWN survive without Oprah?

BRAD ADGATE, DIRECTOR, HORIZON MEDIA: The ratings expectations will not be as high without having an Oprah Winfrey on an Oprah Winfrey Network.

WYNTER: Repeated push-backs in the network`s launch and silence on the part of OWN network execs as to Oprah`s exact role kept critics wondering, what`s next for Oprah? The guessing game is over.

CHRISTINA NORMAN, CEO, OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK: She will absolutely have her own show. And she`s touching every single thing that is on OWN.

WYNTER: Starting with "Oprah`s Next Chapter," says OWN`s CEO, Christina Norman, who gave us the exclusive details on the network`s lineup of shows. And yes, Oprah will host a few, but she`s throwing the old model out the door.

NORMAN: Oprah`s talked a lot about wanting to become un-tethered from the chairs. So she`s ready to bust out of the studio and to explore the world. And her interviews are going to be everywhere from the Taj Mahal to under that beautiful oak tree at her home. People will be able to see Oprah every day.

WYNTER: Norman says details about the content and scheduling of "Oprah`s Next Chapter" are still in the works. But it will involve a lot of travel, interviews with the famous and infamous, and a lot of firsts for Oprah.

Shooting doesn`t begin until after her talk show ends September 2011. So how will the brand-new network fill the gap for hungry Oprah fans?

WINFREY: For the first time, for the entire 25th season, documentary film crews will capture the real-life drama of ending a show that`s really been our lives.

WYNTER: Our exclusive interview revealed a second Oprah show, behind the scenes Oprah`s 25th season, a year-long farewell to the beloved talk show, seen only on OWN.

NORMAN: She is in every creative decision from the people that we put on the air to the shows that we put on the air. She wants all of it to come from a place of intention, from a place of purpose and meaning.

WYNTER: Norman says it`s these values, Oprah`s values - intention, purpose, and meaning - which are at the core of OWN`s mission. She says viewers looking for self-improvement, inspiration and help reconnecting will like what they see.

NORMAN: One of the things we talk about a lot is how disconnected people are in this age of technology and Blackberries and Kindles. People seem more disconnected than ever. It`s about that connection we desperately need in order to move forward.

WYNTER: Fast forward to January 2011, we got this first look at what you can expect to see on OWN. Shows like "Breaking Down the Bars" -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m upset with myself because I should be home with my kids and I am here. But I chose drugs over my kids.

WYNTER: A reality show about personal journeys of female inmates.


WYNTER: For visionaries inside the creative mind, Oprah opens her A-list rolodex for an in-depth look at the lives of the ultra-talented. She`s not hosting this one but profiles already include Lady Gaga, James Cameron and Tom Ford.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are occasions when we say it is inexplicable.

WYNTER: On "Miracle Detectives," investigators travel the earth to answer some of life`s biggest mysteries. And now, at least one of those mysteries is solved. OWN`s new roster will include Oprah.

Norman says Oprah viewers should be more excited than ever to make the switch as she takes the viewers inside her brand-new vision.

NORMAN: This is where she sees her legacy fully coming to life.


HAMMER: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter. So Oprah is sticking around on TV and I don`t know about you, but I`m betting with this news - yes, her fans probably feel like they won a new car, right?

Ashlan, to you first. I think this is genius. Do you think it will be a home run?

GORSE: I mean Oprah has the Midas touch. Anything that woman does is topnotch. Honestly, if she did a show about growing grass, it would be the highest-rated show ever.


RAY: I would watch it.

GORSE: She is a god. Exactly, I would watch it, too. She just knows what to do but also knows how to milk it. So not only is her show ending, but she`s creating a new show about her show ending. So she is just a marketing magician who knows everything about television. And good for her.

HAMMER: Yes. And quickly, Tanika, it really seems like she genuinely wants to do this and create this next chapter.

RAY: Absolutely. A.J., we`ve talked about this before. No way there was going to be OWN without Oprah. All I can say is Hallelujah. If you don`t want to host all the shows, Oprah, give me a call.

HAMMER: Yes. There you go. Even our crew right here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is very excited. They can`t control their applause. Ashlan Gorse, Tanika Ray, we thank you so much.

All right. What do you think? It`s our exclusive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll - "Kate Gosselin`s New Show: Would you take parenting advice from Kate?" Let us know at You can E-mail us, too. That address is

Moving on to Jessica Simpson`s new sexy. Yes, Jessica`s revealing a daring, bold new look on the cover of "Marie Claire." She is fresh-faced and fantastic. I`ve got to tell you, I love Jess` new look.

But there are a lot of people out there talking about Jessica today, asking if she`s taking yet another step to moving beyond her blond bombshell days.

Also, K-Fed`s emotional apology. Got to see this. Why Britney`s ex is saying he`s sorry.


FEDERLINE: It`s just been a wild ride the last few years. And I`m sorry that you`ve got a big (EXPLETIVE DELETED) end of that stick.


HAMMER: And "Desperate" drama. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the brand-new reaction right from the set of "Desperate Housewives." The stars` first response to former costar Nicollette Sheridan`s multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the show`s creator. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Kate in "Playboy?" Hugh Hefner says "No! No!" to Kate Gosselin posing in "Playboy." "Dancing with the Stars" goes up against "Idol" for its season finale on May 25th.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Jessica Simpson`s new sexy. Yes, Jess just put her naked, makeup-free face on the cover of a major magazine. She says she`s got nothing more to prove. Good for you, Jess. She is flipping the script on what sexy really is.

Also just in today, Kevin Federline`s emotional Britney Spears apology. More than five years after he dumped his then pregnant girlfriend Shar Jackson for Brit, K-Fed is finally saying he`s sorry.

Right now in New York, Rachel Zalis - she is contributing editor for "Life and Style." Also in New York, Noelle Nikpour - she is a columnist for "South Florida Sun Sentinel."

All right. Kevin Federline dropped Shar Jackson like a bad habit. This was back in 2004. We all remember he went from obscurity to Mr. Britney Spears. It happened overnight.

And now, fast forward to today, Kevin and Shar are actually competing on "Celebrity Fit Club." And along with dropping the pounds Kevin is fessing up about all of that drama. Take a look at this.


FEDERLINE: I know I`ve caused you a lot of pain and I`ve been really selfish. I guess I got so wrapped up in all this other (EXPLETIVE DELETED) that I never really sat back and had a chance to apologize to you. I mean, I really am - I really do want you to know that I am sorry.


HAMMER: OK. I cannot lie. I really always thought Kevin Federline was a tool for the way he dumped Shar and the whole situation with Britney.

But you know, this apology to me seemed very sincere. In my mind, he`s kind of climbed out of the tool shed. Rachel, what do you think? Has this guy evolved?

RACHEL ZALIS, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, "LIFE AND STYLE": I don`t know. I think I`m a lot more cynical than you. It`s taken six years and I guarantee you probably at least six figures to make this apology happen.

And you know, regardless, though, I do have to say I am glad he did the apology whether it was sincere or not. Because I`m really upset about this trend of these guys cheating on their married wives and girlfriends. We`ve seen it with, you know, Billy Crudup, Tom Brady - now, Tiki Barber. So it`s been like a trend that`s bad. So good, whether he did it for the money or not, that he apologized.

HAMMER: Well, yes. And I guess you have a point, too. We need to consider the venue. He did it on a reality show. Noelle, it almost seems to me, though, that the apology on a reality show is fitting, considering how public all of his drama has been yes.

NOELLE NIKPOUR, COLUMNIST, "SOUTH FLORIDA SUN SENTINEL": Yes. I mean, look, do we really believe the sincerity in this apology done on a reality show? I mean, let`s face it.

He actually did the oldest trick in the book. It`s called trading up. He left Shar for Britney for instant fame and instant wealth and it backfired on him, didn`t it? I mean, think about it.

HAMMER: But people can change.


HAMMER: Don`t be so cynical, ladies. Come on.

NIKPOUR: No, no, no. You don`t believe that.

HAMMER: I can`t believe I`m hearing myself giving the guy a break but I`m seeing a change in him.

NIKPOUR: I can`t believe you`re giving him a break.

ZALIS: No way.

HAMMER: All right. We`ll dump Kevin because Kevin dumped Shar. But just in today, new details about Jennifer Love-Hewitt`s cheating heartbreak.

Now, this upset me. She did an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his Kiss FM radio show. The beautiful Jen revealed why she can personally relate to all these cheating scandals, all the scandals going on these days.


RYAN SEACREST, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST, KISS FM: Have you ever been cheated on?




HEWITT: It`s brutal.

SEACREST: How did you find out?

HEWITT: Once, I found out on television. That was -

SEACREST: Shut up. You can just picture somebody?

HEWITT: Yes, it was great. And another time, I found them together. That was -

SEACREST: You walked in on them?


SEACREST: Did you know the girl?


SEACREST: It was a friend of yours?

HEWITT: That was a real -

SEACREST: Back stabber?


SEACREST: A friend of yours?

HEWITT: Yes. Somebody that I had known. That was not good.


HAMMER: All right. Jennifer has dated a bunch of big stars - Carson Daly, John Mayer, most recently, Jamie Kenney. I`ve always liked Jennifer. I`ve always liked the way she was always so candid. It blows me away she`s had to deal with this.

Now what do you think, Rachel? Is it the men she`s dated or is this just a garbage women in Hollywood deal with?

ZALIS: Well, first of all, I would suggest she drop her middle name. I don`t think "Love" is really working for her.

HAMMER: Good idea.

ZALIS: And second of all, anyone who dated John Mayer I really trust their judgment. But yes, I definitely think dating in Hollywood is a really difficult thing. You know, people are on different sets. They`re, you know, exposed to different, you know, women all the time.


ZALIS: So I definitely think that`s the tricky, tricky (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: Don`t hold Mayer against her. He dupes them all before he dates them. Let`s move on now to Jessica Simpson`s new sexy.

Let`s put this picture up, too, Charles. We`ve got to look at Jessica in the brand-new "Marie Claire" magazine, no makeup. Don`t forget, Jess built her career on sexy makeup and her other physical assets.

What do you think, Rachel? I think this is a real sign that Jessica is saying goodbye to her sexy dumb blond "Chicken of the Sea" days. And this whole new kind of sexy is something that people really embrace.

ZALIS: I don`t think it`s as much as she`s changing as I think she`s evolving. I mean, Jessica Simpson has always been who she is, whether it was being an airhead on her show to gushing at lengths about the men she dates in the press to now posing without makeup -


ZALIS: Embracing her figure. And you know, there`s a ton of perfect- looking actresses out there.


ZALIS: But we don`t relate to them.

HAMMER: We`ve got to end it there. But I think she`s done the exact right thing and I think it`s a natural evolution for her.

ZALIS: Love her.

HAMMER: Noelle Nikpour, Rachel Zalis, thanks, guys, so much.

All right, what`s going on at Wisteria Lane? Now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has for you the brand-new reaction from the ladies of "Desperate Housewives."

They are sneaking up. They are speaking out about Nicollette Sheridan`s multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the show and its creator. It is the surprising response from the set. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: "Jersey Shore" producers casting Persian-Americans for new reality TV show. Roman Polanski`s lawyers file last legal attempt to get his case dismissed.


HAMMER: More "Desperate" drama, a "Desperate Housewives" star tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT why she is standing by the show`s creator despite this multimillion-dollar lawsuit against him.

Also, wait until you hear Whitney Houston`s brand-new fiery response to drug relapse reports. It`s all making big news in "The Buzz" today.


(voice-over): Whitney hits back. Whitney Houston is out of the hospital and hot over reports that a drug relapse forced her to postpone her big European tour.

She tells "People" magazine that it was with allergies and not a relapse that landed her in a Paris hospital and calls the reports, quote, "ridiculous," adding, "I`m feeling great. This is a time when I get a lot of allergies." She resumes her tour April 13th in Birmingham, England.

"Desperate Housewives" on the defensive. The show`s stars are speaking out about the bombshell lawsuit filed by former co-star Nicollette Sheridan. Sheridan claims she was assaulted and then fired by the show`s executive producer, Marc Cherry.

Dana Delany and Eva Longoria-Parker ran to Cherry`s defense Wednesday.

DANA DELANY, ACTRESS: He`s been nothing but supportive of me.

EVA LONGORIA-PARKER, ACTRESS: I`m really confused about this whole thing. He`s funny and sweet and really - probably could not harm a fly.

HAMMER: Sheridan is asking for more than $20 million as a result of what she calls her wrongful termination.

"American Idol" shocker. No one got the boot from "American Idol" Wednesday. The judges surprisingly used their once-a-season save to overrule voters and keep contestant Mike Lynche alive for another week.


Big mike got the fewest audience votes, but the judges seem to have a soft spot for him. Two contestants get voted off next week.


HAMMER: I like Big Mike. All right. Did you see this? It`s so cute - a dad driving a car full of kids. Look at this - they`re jamming out to Beyonce`s "Single Ladies." But you`ve got to watch what happens when with dear old dad tries to put the brakes on his son`s dreams of becoming one of Beyonce`s backup dancers.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look, you`re not a single lady, buddy. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. You`re a single lady. Sorry. Sorry. Buddy, I was just kidding.


HAMMER: Aw, you see that? That kid was really upset. Dad did feel bad. He said he was, quote, "a horrible father" and he apologized to his son. So dream on, little Beyonce wannabe. Dream on.

Wednesday, we asked you to vote in our exclusive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll. Right here in my hand, the shocking results just handed to me - "Jon Sues Kate: Should Kate pay Jon spousal support?" Yes, not really. Twenty-six percent of you said yes; 74 percent of you said no, Kate shouldn`t give Jon one red cent.

Some of E-mails included this - Mellisa in New Jersey saying Jon is a deadbeat dad, "Jon is obviously broke and is only doing this to make money. He needs to get a job and support his kids."

Mary in Pennsylvania thinks, "Jon should pay more attention to his kids and less attention to trying to become famous."

Well, thank you for watching. That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT now live at 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and still TV`s most provocative entertainment news show seven nights a week, 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.