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The Killer Whale Outrage; The Aftermath of the Octumom`s Visit on "The View"; Kirstie Alley`s Brand-New Oprah Confessions; Angelina Jolie`s Emotional Reunion with Her Dad

Aired February 25, 2010 - 23:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, HLN HOST: Big news breaking right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - killer whale outrage. The great coast-to-coast debate today. Should the whale that killed its trainer while performing be killed? Tonight, what the mother of the woman is saying about saving the whale.

Plus, whales, tigers and the SHOWBIZ great debate - is it wrong to use dangerous animals as entertainment?

Kirstie`s brand-new Oprah confessions. Kirstie Alley`s unbelievable revelations to Oprah today about her new weight battle.


KIRSTIE ALLEY, ACTRESS: I know we can`t say the F-word on "Oprah" -


ALLEY: But I don`t give a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) anymore.


ANDERSON: Plus, the big star Kirstie wants to be her booty call after she loses the weight.


WINFREY: You do want a booty call?


ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with Kirstie`s weight bombshells breaking today.

And Angelina`s emotional reunion with her dad. Tonight, Jon Voight`s new revelations about patching things up with Angelina. But was it wrong for him to go public with such private details?

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood.

And tonight, the worldwide killer whale outrage today. The terrible tragic death of a trainer at the killer whale show killed by the whale in front of a horrified audience, ignited an explosive display of emotion, outrage and great debate today from animal rights activists to even the mother of the whale trainer.

A furious fight broke out about not only the killer whale but the treatment of all dangerous animals used for entertainment and amusement. The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom was overwhelmed today by the fast breaking developments in this tragic story. And it made for big news breaking today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: SeaWorld suspending all of its killer whale shows today after one of park`s star attractions turned on its trainer and killed her in front of a horrified audience.

ANDERSON (voice over): It`s the kind of unusual, if not bizarre, tragedy that really gets people talking on the TV news shows. This morning, almost every show focused on the horrible accident at SeaWorld Orlando where Dawn Brancheau was killed by a whale.

CHUCK TOMPKINS, CHIEF ANIMAL TRAINER, SEAWORLD: she was pulled into the water, under water, for an extended period of time.

ANDERSON: SeaWorld`s Chuck Tompkins recounted the tragedy on CNN`s "American Morning."

TOMPKINS: She was leaning over and rubbing his head. And she had a long ponytail that got in front of her and apparently got in front of his nose. He probably felt it. He grabbed that ponytail, and that`s when he pulled her into the water.

ANDERSON: Dawn Brancheau`s passion shows in this 2000 interview with a local TV station.

DAWN BRANCHEAU, WHALE TRAINER: I was sitting on the nose of a killer whale. And she was blasting me up throughout the water, kind of accentuating the power and strength of the killer whale.

ANDERSON: It`s clear the SeaWorld tragedy has struck a chord.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The question people want to know is what will happen to the whale?

ANDERSON: HLN news shows are asking viewers if the whale involved in Wednesday`s incident, Tilikum, should be put down. And just today a group of Facebook pages have sprouted up all devoted to saving Tilikum the whale.

But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you this whale attack tragedy has also brought up a difficult question. Despite the undeniable thrill of seeing humans and 12,000 pound creatures catapulting through the air together, should whales, or any dangerous animals for that matter, be used as entertainment?

Wednesday`s tragedy and the 2003 mauling of Las Vegas tiger tamer Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy have both reminded us there is a potential danger when wild animals and humans are brought together for entertainment.

Before Wednesday, Tilikum, the whale, had been involved in two other fatal incidents at parks. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has obtained this shocking video of another whale at SeaWorld San Diego Park biting and dragging down a trainer while a horrified audience looks on. Fortunately, he managed to escape with only a broken foot.

LISA LANGE, PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS: Yesterday`s tragedy was 100 percent preventable. These animals do not belong in captivity.

ANDERSON: Lisa Lange of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that former "Price is Right" host, Bob Barker, is teaming up with PETA to demand the closing of SeaWorld. They also want all the whales transferred to sanctuaries.

LANGE: They`re forced to swim in endless circles in front of tens of thousands of screaming people, forced to perform silly tricks for dead fish. This is a life of frustration and boredom and depression for these animals. And some of them lash out, as we saw happened yesterday.

ANDERSON: But SeaWorld`s Chuck Tompkins tells CNN`s "AMERICAN MORNING" that tragedies like the SeaWorld one are very rare and that there`s an educational as well as an entertainment value to seeing these magnificent animals up close.

TOMPKINS: We have a tremendous track record with the animals at SeaWorld. So we need to remember that it is really useful having these animals here, because our jobs is to learn about them, obviously, share them with the public, educate them about what they`re all about.

ANDERSON: Another national conversation and media sensation sparked by a single and heartbreaking tragedy.


So is using animals as entertainment just asking for a tragedy just like what happened at SeaWorld? People are all fired up about this today. Coming up, the killer whale great debate.

And now we want to hear from you. It is the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Killer Whale: Is it wrong to use dangerous animals in entertainment?" Please vote You can also E-mail us at

Tonight, brand-new Charlie Sheen rehab drama. And right here, right now, you will hear from somebody caught right in the middle of it in this interview only seen on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Charlie Sheen just checked into rehab the same week his wife switched rehab facilities after an alleged breach of patient confidentiality. The attorney for Charlie`s wife absolutely furious and he is with me tonight.

On the phone from Aspen, Colorado is Yale Galanter, who is the attorney for Charlie`s wife, Brooke Mueller. Yale, thanks for joining us. We appreciate it.

YALE GALANTER, ATTORNEY FOR BROOKE MUELLER (via telephone): My pleasure, Brooke.

ANDERSON: Hey, once again today, Yale, there are brand-new outrageous reports speculating about why Brooke is actually in rehab. We know she went for treatment soon after Charlie`s arrest for allegedly attacking her.

Yale, first question - given these wild reports today, can you set the record straight for us? Why is Brooke Mueller in rehab?

GALANTER: Brooke is in rehab because she wants to be the best mother she can be. And she obviously has a history of abuse with alcohol. She`s over that. She`s on the road to recovery. She`s been on the road to recovery.

But this girl has been through such trauma since December 25th. She`s got the December 25th incident. Then she almost lost her life because of a tooth infection. She has to deal with all of these various media reports. And she wanted to go in and get her health in order and make sure she could be absolutely the best person she could be and be the best mother she could be.

ANDERSON: But what do you think about those reports where there are headlines that say she`s checked in due to drugs and due to other things? How do you react, Yale? Or are you just resigned to them?

GALANTER: Well, listen. It`s very difficult when somebody wants to get help and wants to become a better person and they`ve got to fight the tabloids. And the advice I give my clients who do that is to ignore the tabloids, really doesn`t matter.

I mean, the main focus is, if there`s help out there, you`re getting it. You`re being the best person you could be. She`s got a responsibility to her children. And that`s her main focus right now. And that`s what she`s focusing -

ANDERSON: Yes. And speaking of getting help, since Charlie Sheen checked into rehab on Tuesday, there have been reports that Charlie did this, not because he necessarily has a problem right now, but as part of a support program for Brooke. Yale, tell us what you know about that.

GALANTER: Well, first of all, I can`t speak on behalf of Charlie because I don`t represent Charlie. I will tell you that Brooke is absolutely committed for her sobriety. She`s committed to regaining all her health (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

And I think that if Charlie is seeking out the same type of help, kudos to him, and I think that`s great.

ANDERSON: Did you know he was going to check into rehab or were you as surprised as so many of us were, given the fact he is about to be arraigned on a felony charge for allegedly attacking Brooke, who is your client?

GALANTER: OK. You know, one thing I can`t discuss is obviously what I discuss with my clients. But I do represent his wife. And I just really can`t comment on what I knew or what didn`t know. But I will tell you this, that I think it`s a good move and I wish Charlie the best.

ANDERSON: Fair enough. Well, just before Charlie went into rehab, the news broke that Brooke left the facility called the Canyon in Malibu. And you say it was because they leaked private information.

You told us, quote, "I`m going to make them pay like you can`t believe for screwing over my client." Yale, how was your client screwed over?

GALANTER: Listen, I think that anybody who checks into this Canyon rehab facility in Malibu has to have their head examined. For them to allow a private medical record to be released and peddled to various media outlets for sale is just absolutely unconscionable to me.

I cannot even imagine someone who goes to a treatment center for help. And then one of the employees at the treatment center actually takes the documents, these private confidential documents -

ANDERSON: It is abhorrent, if that is true. It is abhorrent if it is true. I want you to know that the Canyon in Malibu did not immediately return CNN`s calls for comments.

Very quickly. We`ve only got a short little bit of time here left, Yale. But what`s going on with their twins, their nearly one-year-old boys? Who is caring for them?

GALANTER: Oh, I will tell you, Max and Bob are doing phenomenally well. They`re being cared for by all the nannies. Brooke sees them often. Charlie still gets to see them. You know, they have two wonderful sets of grandparents. These kids are doing unbelievably well.

ANDERSON: Good. I hope Brooke emerges from rehab a happy, rehabilitated woman who can be the best mom she can be to those sweet babies. Yale Galanter, thank you so much for calling in and joining us tonight. We appreciate your time.

GALANTER: My pleasure. Thanks, Brooke.

ANDERSON: Of course. Now, to Kirstie Alley unbelievable revelations to Oprah today about her brand-new weight battle.


ALLEY: I know we can`t say the F-word on Oprah.


ALLEY: But I don`t give a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) anymore.

WINFREY: You don`t?



ANDERSON: Oh, what a dirty mouth. Plus, the big star Kirstie wants to be her booty call after she loses all that weight. I`ve got to hand it to Kirstie. She does not hold back one bit.

Also just in today, unbelievable fireworks today on "The View" the day after the octumom dropped the bombshell that she might have more kids.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Just because you want to have 14 kids doesn`t mean - unless you`ve got the dough, they have to be - she has -


ANDERSON: Whoopi going off. I mean, seriously - Nadya, 14 kids, not enough? What are you going for? Two football teams? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: "American Idol" back on top of TV ratings, beating the Olympics. Ellen DeGeneres` talk show hits an all-time ratings high the week she debuts on "Idol."


ANDERSON: We welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Just in today, Bruce Willis getting ready to die hard again. The "American Idol" "Pants on the Guy Ground" guy is hitting the road. And rapper 50 Cent caught in a sex tape scandal. All in the buzz today.


ANDERSON: The sex tape rap on Fitty. A woman has just sued rapper 50 Cent claiming he put a homemade sex tape of her and her lover on the Internet. She also claims that Fitty edited himself into the video wearing a wig and robe and narrated the action. The video blurs the face of the woman`s lover, but she is identifiable and is suing for emotional distress and unauthorized use of her image.

Bruce Willis wants to die another day. For the very first time, Willis has just revealed that "Die Hard 5" could be in production by next year. The first "Die Hard" movie came out in 1988. Bruce tells MTV news that he wants to play gritty cop John McClain one more time and wants a worldwide plot to the story.

GEN. LARRY PLATT, FORMER "AMERICAN IDOL" CONTESTANT: Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground

ANDERSON: "Pants on the Ground" in Vegas. Former "American Idol" sensation, Larry Platt, will reportedly perform in a big Vegas club on Friday. TMZ says he`s getting a first-class flight, free food and lodging and get paid several thousand dollars. And his rep says he has more shows planned for "Pants on the Ground."

PLATT: Talking with your pants on the ground.


ANDERSON: Oh, Larry. All right. Did you see this? Tonight, tolltakers gone wild. You know, I`ve always wondered how toll collectors pass the time because it seems like it could get pretty darn monotonous.

But it looks like they`re doing some plenty of wild and crazy things. You`ve got to hear the unbelievable stuff today some tolltakers are accused of doing. Let me tell you, this is no easy pass.

Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): The next time you go through a toll, imagine getting your change back plus saliva.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Patron claims collector spit on his fingers before counting his change and handing it to him.

MOOS: In that case, keep the change. "The Smoking Gun" Web site has obtained 550 complaints about tolltakers on the New Jersey turnpike.

(on camera): Like this one`s short and sweet.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right. "Patron dropped a dime. TC toll collector called him a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) moron.

MOOS (voice over): These are from motorists so mad, they (UNINTELLIGIBLE) to call in their complaints, sometimes mundane.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They said they got the wrong change because he was busy on his cell phone ordering a pizza with extra pepperoni.

MOOS: Sometimes unbelievable.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The collector then sprayed him with some type of aerosol spray.

MOOS: For one female motorist, an innocent chat about driving while sleepy turned into a proposition from the tolltaker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "I have a way of keeping women awake, you know, if you`re tired, if you`re interested." And then he offers to flash her.

MOOS: Some women complain about being asked out on dates. We know of couples who met driving through toll booths on the Massachusetts turnpike. Couples who met and then married. This trucker used to ask his fellow truckers for help finding his favorite tolltaker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would send somebody ahead to find out what booth she was working that day so I get the right booth.

MOOS: As for the wrong thing to do -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pennies are like the worst thing you can do to a toll collector.

MOOS: Drivers trying to pay in pennies found collectors throwing the pennies back at them. We found one online comedian paying a 75-cent toll in pennies.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Eight, nine, ten.

MOOS: Well, the tolltaker took it well. And then there`s the driver who pays with a $100 bill.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The toll collector says they are going to give them all their change in singles. And they said, "I can see you have $20s." And the person says, "You want quarters?"

MOOS (on camera): All right. We`re going to pay with a nice crisp $100 bill.

(voice over): Hey. At the Queens` midtown tunnel, we got no attitude.

(on camera): Can I have three $20s and a $10 and some singles?


MOOS: Like a bank.

(voice over): The director of New Jersey`s Department of Transportation had this to say about the complaints.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If I find out what happened and they could be corroborated, and I will personally rip the toll-taker out of the lane.

MOOS: We know one guy who used to drive the Jersey turnpike. Better not try throwing pennies at him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you take a damn postage stamp, 39 cents? Hold on a second.


ANDERSON: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And in case you were wondering, 500,000 cash transactions happen in a day in New Jersey according to "" That`s a whole lot of tolls, right?

Big news breaking - moving into this now - the story about the whale killing its trainer so disturbing to me. And tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the great debate - is it wrong to use dangerous animals in entertainment?

It`s not the first time a showbiz animal has attacked. Remember Siegfried and Roy`s white tiger? One of the best-known showbiz animal experts, Jack Hanna, is right here.

Also, just in today, Angelina`s emotional reunion with her dad. Tonight, Jon Voight`s new revelations about patching things up with Angelina. I think that`s great these two are talking again. But was it wrong for Jon to go public with such private details?

And the bizarre controversy today over Tiger Woods being used to promote animal birth control? Huh? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Kate Moos, Naomi Campbell among mourners at designer Alexander McQueen`s funeral. Shocker! Lady Gaga dresses pretty plainly for the cover of April`s "Cosmo."


ANDERSON: Did you see this? Tiger Woods as animal birth control? Check this out. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want to use this billboard with Tiger Woods` picture and the message, "Too much sex can be a bad thing for little tigers, too," to get people to spay or neuter their pets.

PETA says the Tiger (UNINTELLIGIBLE) was too good to pass up and wants to put the ad up near Woods` home in Florida. So far, Tiger`s attorney has no comment and isn`t suing yet.

Making news today, Barbara Walters` baby battle revelation. The legendary journalist got really personal today on "The View" about her painful struggle to get pregnant years ago.

It was while she was co-host of NBC`s "Today" show in the 1960s. Barbara revealed the intimate details of her baby struggle today on a very special episode of "The View" about fertility. Her remarkable story is one so many women can relate to. Watch this.


BARBARA WALTERS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER AND CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": I had three miscarriages. And I was doing the "Today" show then. And I thought maybe it was because of my hours. Maybe it`s because of my travel. I was very guilty about it. I was in my late 30s, was married -


WALTERS: Thank you, darling. I love you so. Late 30s and was considered really quite old to be having a baby. I took all kinds of hormones which makes your skin break out.

Then I took my temperature - did anybody remember those days? You took your temperature and picked up the phone and called your husband said, "Now." He said, "I`m busy." I went, "No, now."


ANDERSON: Barbara adopted her daughter Jackie in 1968 after suffering her third miscarriage.

It is an all-out Glambert against Subo war going on right now over at the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page. "American Idol" finalist, Adam Lambert slamming "Britain`s Got Talent" singer Susan Boyle saying her album made him laugh. Ouch.

Well, Nathan T. agrees with Adam, "I love Adam Lambert and he does have a point. Boyle`s album is a joke."

But Alicia H. angry with Adam, "Adam Lambert needs to shut his trap. He`s not doing himself or his image any favors by slamming other artists. Try to be a little humble for goodness` sake. Where is his brain and his publicist?"

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And now, the SHOWBIZ lineup. Here is what is coming on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Kirstie Alley`s unbelievable revelations on "Oprah" today about her new weight battle.

The great killer whale debate. Is it wrong to use dangerous animals in entertainment? One of the best-known animal experts, Jack Hanna, is here.

It`s fireworks on "The View" the day after the octumom dropped the bombshell that she might have more kids.


GOLDBERG: Just because you want to have 14 kids doesn`t mean - unless you`ve got the dough. You know, they have to be - she has -


ANDERSON: Isn`t 14 for the octumom enough? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Aerosmith to launch new tour with Steven Tyler, putting breakup rumors to rest. Jude Law to host "SNL" on March 13th, musical guest is Pearl Jam.


ANDERSON: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, killer whale outrage, should the whale that tragically killed its SeaWorld training be killed? It is the great debate today. Should dangerous animals be used as entertainment?


ALLEY: I know we can`t say the F-word on "Oprah" -


ALLEY: But I don`t give a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) anymore.

WINFREY: You don`t?



ANDERSON: Kirstie Alley`s unbelievable revelations to Oprah today about her new weight battle. Plus, the big star Kirstie wants to be her booty call after she loses the weight.

Intimate details about Angelina`s reunion with her dad. Jon Voight`s revelations out today. But was it wrong for him to go public with such private details about Angelina`s family?

Plus, more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

And tonight, the killer whale nightmare. A veteran SeaWorld in Florida trainer killed by one of the largest killer whales in captivity.

Her tragic death ignited a fired-up debate today that is making for big news breaking. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, is it wrong to use dangerous animals in entertainment?

Disturbing details unfolding tonight. Tilikum, the killer whale, dragged Dawn Brancheau into his tank before she drowned. Tilikum was associated with two other deaths. But was it really the whale`s fault? He`s a wild animal in confinement.

Sparking the debate even more, SeaWorld insisted today they plan to keep the killer whale. Some were saying it should be freed or put down. Tonight, the great killer whale debate.

Joining me tonight in Jupiter, Florida, Jack Hanna, who is a renowned wildlife expert, host of "Jack Hanna`s Into the World" and director emeritus at the Columbus Zoo. He also knew the victim, Dawn Brancheau. Joining me tonight in New York, Jane Velez-Mitchell who is the host of HLN`s "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL" and author of the book, "I Want."

OK. Let the great debate begin. Jack, I`ll begin with you. What do you say to people who claim it is wrong to use dangerous animals like Tilikum, the killer whale, unnaturally confined just for entertainment?

JACK HANNA, WILDLIFE EXPERT: Well, first off, in your intro, obviously, the tone has been set already that you`re talking about dragging. You`re talking about entertainment.

But before I say that, Dawn was a friend, a beautiful person, a person that`s gone now. And she would want her life to be continued educating folks around the world about the killer while.

With that said, you said entertainment. There`s much more involved here than entertainment. A lot of education is involved here to tens of millions of people over the last 40 years that SeaWorld has accomplished and that can never be replaced.

ANDERSON: Yes. And you knew Dawn for close to 10 years or more, right? She would not have wanted this killer whale put down as some people -

HANNA: No. That`s almost something that SeaWorld won`t discuss. I`m not at SeaWorld, obviously. I don`t have any decisions there. But I`m sure that won`t happen. And I`m sure - I also heard that release of the whale back into the wild - that`s virtually impossible.

Anybody that knows anything about whales (UNINTELLIGIBLE) knows that that whale might have two or three days at the most out there. That`s not what you can do with an animal that`s been in the situation at SeaWorld for many, many years.


ANDERSON: Yes. Go ahead, Jane. You know, Jack, talking about - there`s more than entertainment going on here. There`s research. There`s science.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, there`s plenty. There`s also profit. It`s a profit-making company. They are making millions off this animal and they have done it by torturing it. The word is "in captivity." That means captive, captured. It`s no fun for human beings. It`s torture for animals.

This animal was born in the wild in the waters of Iceland and was captured in 1983, an incredibly traumatic event. And it has been kept in tiny confinement for the rest of its life, more than a quarter of a century, swimming around in circles which, for the human equivalent, would be like staying in a bathtub for more than a quarter century.

Of course, it`s angry. Of course, it wants to lash out. This is unnatural and I don`t think it`s that educational. It splashes the visitors with its tail with water at the end of a show. This is about making money and the word "science" is a cover.

Let`s put it this way. The Japanese say they do scientific whaling. And they go out and they kill indiscriminately whales. They use the word "science," too. And it`s nonsense.

ANDERSON: Jack, you are an animal expert here. Would describe these whales in confinement as torture, as torment for them and that there is no scientific value?

HANNA: Right. Jane, what`s your background, by the way?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`m an animal activist. I care about animals and I don`t have to wear a hat to care about animals.

HANNA: Really?


ANDERSON: Let`s give each other - let`s give each other time.

HANNA: Can I talk -

ANDERSON: Time out. Time out. I don`t like the tone. I don`t like where this is going. I think we all need to respect one another`s opinions even if we disagree. Jack, with that said, you go ahead.

HANNA: Right. Thank you. I spent 40-something years working with animals and even dedicate my life to the animal world. I don`t appreciate what Jane is saying as far as the education. The whales in a tank like a bathtub.

I mean, I guess she knows a lot about whales. I don`t see - I see content animals, number one, that breathe, that eat well, that aren`t sick. And when you look at animals like that, and you see the whales there, you see that Tili fathered many whales there at SeaWorld.

And by the way, over 95 percent of the whales at SeaWorld were born at SeaWorld, just as in the Zoological World. We have - 99 of our animals come from other zoos, not from the wild. And when you see that last year, 168 million people visited our zoos and aquariums, obviously, we`re doing something right.

ANDERSON: Well, let me say, you know, SeaWorld made it clear today, they have made the controversial decision to keep the killer whale, not released until it comes back into the wild even though this whale has been involved in two other deaths before killing this trainer.

HANNA: Right.

ANDERSON: One whale expert with the Oceanic Society said that it was only a matter of time before Tilikum attacked. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE WHALE EXPERT, OCEANIC SOCIETY: In Tilikum`s case, it was a time bomb waiting to go off. He had a history. All you had to do was read his rap sheet and you could have figured out at some point, he`s going to show some aggression again.


ANDERSON: OK, Jack. I understand that this was not the whale`s fault. But to Jane`s point, why keep an animal in confinement for largely entertainment purposes when that animal was going to be so close to humans, so close to children and that animal has already proven to be dangerous?

HANNA: Right, real quickly. The person that was killed several years ago was a person that snuck in the park at night time, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) transit and jumped in the tank, came over the fences and went in there, naked, to swim with the whale. You can`t blame SeaWorld or Tili for that one.

The other death up in Canada, what they`re saying was that the body was found in the whale`s mouth. They don`t know if the person fell in or what happened with that one. Yes, there were two people who lost their lives with that whale.

But I still believe, and I always will to my deathbed, that what we do in the Zoological World and what SeaWorld does is invaluable. She talks about making millions of dollars off these whales.

Has anyone ever considered the millions of dollars when J.J. the gray whale was stranded? Who were the first people out there? Who were the first people to take care of those manatees in the world, or at least the manatees out in the wild?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Can I say something?

ANDERSON: Go ahead, Jane, hop in.

HANNA: Let me finish. Let me finish.

VELEZ-MITCHELL Let me respond. There are many ways.

HANNA: Let me finish my sentence, please. SeaWorld spends tens of millions of dollars each year releasing animals back in the wild. You cannot argue that, Jane. The bookkeeping is there.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s a lot more than the money that it spends out. It`s a very, very profitable corporation.

HANNA: Jane, you have no proof of that.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I have no proof that SeaWorld is a profitable corporation?

HANNA: No. Of course, they are, Jane.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, please. Listen -

ANDERSON: Let Jane, weigh in. You obviously disagree with what Jack is saying.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I respectfully tried to disagree. I agree with on one thing. The animal should not be put down. We`re both in agreement on that.

HANNA: Right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And I had no animosity towards Jack. I`m just expressing my opinion. And I don`t feel either one of us can say we speak for the animals and the other does not. I mean, Animals can`t speak. They are voiceless. We have to speak for them, that`s why I`m speaking out.

And you know, if you want to help these animals, there are a slew of non-profit organizations - Sea Shepherd, Green Peace, International Fund for Animal Welfare -

ANDERSON: I think the difference is - Jane, what do you think? Should places like SeaWorld and circuses - should they all be shut down?


VELEZ-MITCHELL: No. They should have sanctuaries.

ANDERSON: There`s some valuable reasons they are open.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: They should have sanctuaries. And sanctuaries are being created by the Brazilian government and the Chilean government. Thousands and thousands of miles of coastland where these animals can run free protected in sanctuaries. So I dispute the notion that they cannot be released into the wild because sanctuaries are being created and have been created as we speak.

ANDERSON: And Jack, what`s your response to that? Go ahead.

HANNA: Jane, would you agree though - would you agree though, because we both love animals, that when a person loves something, they want to save something. A lot of people like yourself - both of us - probably have the means to go out and film in the wild half a year.

So a lot of people can`t do that. So when people go to SeaWorld - this is my opinion - that young people see that animal. They have a love for that animal. They might want to save that animal.

And that`s what I`m trying to say here. The value of that - yes. Would Jack Hanna love to see everything about (UNINTELLIGIBLE) wild in the world? That can`t happen in the lifetime of this planet, the way it is today. The wild is not the pleasant place that it used to be.

So all I`m saying is what I think SeaWorld does and what we`re trying to do is educate folks to have a love for these creatures.


ANDERSON: And there are accidents that do happen obviously through that education. One thing we can all absolutely agree on here, we are all animal lovers. Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jack Hanna, thank you for your time. We appreciate it.

ANDERSON: Tonight, Kirstie Alley`s new, no-holds-barred "Oprah" confessions about her weight.


ALLEY: I know I can`t say the F-word on "Oprah." But I don`t give a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) anymore.

WINFREY: You don`t?



ANDERSON: I really think Kirstie Alley has absolutely no filter when it comes to her dramatic weight war. Plus, the big star Kirstie wants to be her booty call after she loses the weight. Kirstie, girl, you are too much.

ANDERSON: Major fireworks on "The View" this morning the day after the octumom dropped the bombshell that she might have more kids.


GOLDBERG: Just because you want to have 14 kids doesn`t mean - unless you`ve got the dough. You know, they have to be - she has -


ANDERSON: A big old smackdown today over the octumom. It`s been a long while since I`ve seen the ladies this ticked off.

Plus, Angelina`s big reunion with her dad, Jon Voight. Emotional details from Jon himself about Angelina, Brad and the kids. But is Jon going to end up on the outs again after spilling way too much? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: Sixty-nine percent in new poll say they want Tiger Woods on the 2016 U.S. Olympic golf team. Conan O`Brien joins Twitter Wednesday, gets 100,000 followers in first three hours.



ELISABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Is this it for kids for you?

NADYA SULEMAN, OCTUPLET MOTHER: Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh, absolutely. Someday far, far, far in the future when they are older if, you know, God-willing, I meet somebody, I`m not going to say 100 percent, "No. I`m not going to, someday far in the future, get married and want a baby."


ANDERSON: Brand-new outrage today after the octumom tells ladies of "The View" she may not be done having babies.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

Tonight, octumom outrage - the incredible reaction to the octumom possibly giving birth again. And I can`t wait for you to see what happened on "The View" today the day after the octumom dropped her bombshell on the show.

Also, Kirstie Alley`s confessions to Oprah today about her new weight battle and who Kirstie wants to be her booty call.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Jess Weiner, who is an author and self-esteem expert. Also in Hollywood, Wendy Walsh who is a relationship expert and author of "The Boyfriend Test."

Jess, Wendy, I want to begin with the octumom backlash, because that`s what it is. You just heard Nadya Suleman saying that she just might consider having another baby if the right guy comes along.

Well, I personally think that is incredibly unwise. She`s admitted in the past that she has been delusional. I think she`s being delusional right now thinking about that possibility in the future.

But some are saying, "No. Hey, it`s perfectly fine if she`s wants another kid." Jess, she`s got 14 already. Should she stop or should she go octo-wild?

JESS WEINER, SELF ESTEEM EXPERT: Gosh, Brooke. OK. I`m going to walk a very fine line because I believe in a woman`s right to choose and design her family with her partner. That being said, please, this woman has serious mental issues, Brooke.

She`s delusional. She`s narcissistic. I don`t even know why she`s on TV, actually. I was trying to remember like, why is she a public figure. Oh, wait, because she put her body and her kids at risk by having this kind of crazy pregnancy.

So I feel like we have to put this in perspective. She`s on "The View." I mean, she`s using everything about her motherhood and giving birth to these kids to make herself famous.

And I always go back to the bottom line. Motherhood is a serious choice. It`s something where you have to be selfless and designed to give for the rest of your life. And I think she really needs to get off "The View" and focus on her kids.

ANDERSON: She`s says she`s using the publicity, the interviews. She`s writing books. She says she`s doing it all for revenue in order to care for the kids. This is what she`s saying.

And she did make her shocking statement about having more kids to Barbara Walters, Whoopi and the whole crew. Well, today, Barbara read off a really fiery E-mail from a viewer. Take a look.


WALTERS: All the criticism we got was criticism for having her on. I mean, certainly, she was interesting to hear. One said she`s been handsomely rewarded for the following scams, as this woman said, workman`s compensation, welfare, food stamps, Medical, $2 million in car and student loans. These do not include using her children to support her excessive lifestyle. Ms. Suleman is the poster child for unconscionable behavior.


ANDERSON: Wendy, do you think that reaction is a little harsh or totally fair?

WENDY WALSH, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: It`s a little harsh, Brooke. And I`ve got to say we`ve got to stop shaming mothers in our culture even if it is the octumom and even if we don`t degree with her choices to have children.

In a culture, it`s a village. Not so long ago, you know, when a family had an enormous multiple birth like this, they were showered with gifts by diaper companies, formula companies.

People gave them houses. They were followed by the media for years. So is this woman being discriminated against because she is a single mother, because she made the babies through medical science?

I just think that overall, there are 14 people who are far more important than octumom right now. And we`ve got to support them as a village.

ANDERSON: That`s true. And you`re right about that.

WEINER: You`ll support them, too.

ANDERSON: But I think there`s a big difference between the octumom and her situation and previous families who have had a whole lot of kids.

WALSH: So these babies don`t deserve our help?

ANDERSON: They do deserve happiness and they certainly don`t deserve to be neglected at any point in their lives.

I want to move now to Kirstie Alley`s brand-new war with her weight. Kirstie appeared on "Oprah" today to talk about why she`s decided to have cameras following her in her new reality show, "Kirstie Alley`s Big Life" as she tries to lose the weight that she`s put back on.

Oprah asked Kirstie today why her efforts this time are going to be different than any other time. Watch what Kirstie said.


ALLEY: I know we can`t say the F-word on Oprah.


ALLEY: But I don`t give a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) anymore.

WINFREY: You don`t?

ALLEY: No, no, no, no. Once I realized - I said, "Who are you?" Here`s a girl with two beautiful children. You`re the girl that has had a great career in acting and have awards and has friends and has family and health.

And I just thought screw all of these (EXPLETIVE DELETED) who try and bring me down and make me less. And I`m just like, you know what? You`re not going to do it again.


ANDERSON: I think she sounds fed up. More power to her. That`s what I say. Jess, do you think that documenting her weight loss in a new reality TV show is a good way for Kirstie to fight back?

WEINER: I don`t even know what Kirstie is fighting anymore, Brooke. She seems to be fighting herself. And here`s what I want to say. I`ve been - we`ve talked about Kirstie a lot.

And I know that I`ve said - I`ve had a lot of criticism for Kirstie in the past and this is what I want to say now. I`m so sad that we have created a media culture where people get famous and have to stay relevant in entertainment, whether they are fat or they`re gay or they`re in rehab. It`s like I really, really want better stories. I`m bored with the storylines.

ANDERSON: Good point. Kirstie has said that she needs someone overseeing her. She needs somebody checking up on her. So maybe the cameras, maybe the show will be for motivation to remain driven, to remain on task.

Well, Kirstie also said today on "Oprah" that she`s inspired by another big star and would like a booty call. Yes, she`s pretty funny. Watch this.

ALLEY: I also have amused Mr. Jamie Foxx. And I`d like to think about Mr. Foxx tonight.

WINFREY: Well, you do want a booty call?

JAMIE FOXX, ACTOR: You`re absolutely beautiful. Don`t worry about how much you weigh or how much you don`t weigh. It`s all beautiful. Don`t worry about a thing. Quit worrying about it. Just be you, fantastically you.


ANDERSON: Wendy, very quickly. Do you think other women might be inspired, though, by Jamie there and Kirstie`s message? Because Jamie`s saying, "Hey, don`t be so hard on yourself."

WALSH: Listen, don`t all women love any man who says he loves us for us, not our body and not what we look like?

ANDERSON: That`s right.

WALSH: That he loves us for our mind? So this is a perfect thing he could have said. It was good publicity for him and for her. And you know, about her anger, I`ve got to say this. Anger is a very powerful emotion. And this might be the thing that really helps her lose this weight and keep it off.

ANDERSON: And you`ve got to love a man who says, "Love you just the way you are."

WALSH: Exactly.

ANDERSON: Jess Weiner, Wendy Walsh, thank you, ladies. Good to see you.

We`ve got intimate new details today about Angelina`s big reunion with her dad after nearly a decade of not talking. But are Jon Voight`s emotional revelations about Angelina and her kids too much too soon? You`ve got to hear what Angie`s dad is saying in a brand-new interview out today. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news today.

TEXT: George Clooney shoots down rumors that he`s selling his Italian villa. Clay Aiken to give speech in his North Carolina hometown about gay rights.


ANDERSON: Tonight, Angelina Jolie`s dad, Jon Voight, opens up about their touching reunion. In a brand-new interview posted today on "Radar Online," Jon Voight reveals all about spending time with Angie, Brad Pitt, his six adorable grandchildren.

I`ve got to say this was a long time coming because Angelina cut her dad off in 2001 after he accused her of having mental problems. Well, it seems time has healed their wounds.

And Jon Voight tells "Radar Online," quote, "I`ve been waiting so long to hug my grandchildren. They are the most beautiful, loving kids you could imagine. And I`m not just saying that because I`m their grandfather. Angelina and Brad are so happy together, and they are the most amazing, loving parents I`ve ever seen. It truly moved me."

Now, Angelina is normally so private. So even though he`s saying nice things, does she have a reason to be ticked off because that her dad is running his mouth again?

Back again with me are Jess Weiner who is an author and self-esteem expert. And Wendy Walsh who is an author and relationship expert.

OK. Jon Voight`s words were sweet, very, very kind, almost touching. He described Angelina and Brad as wonderful parents.

But Wendy, should he be saying anything at all considering that he and Angelina were estranged for years because he blabbed about her personal life?

WALSH: He might want to do well to exert some boundaries in this area, Brooke. But I`ve got to say I don`t think this wound with Angelina started in - like in adult life.

I think there`s some early wound that happened between this father and this daughter. And I applaud the fact that they`re taking some time in their adult life to try to restore their relationship and work it out. I think it`s great.

ANDERSON: Yes. Maybe they both reached a point of maturity where they can do that. But I still think that Voight need to tread lightly. Jess, shouldn`t he let Angelina maybe be the first one to say something publicly if she want to say anything at all?

WEINER: Yes. Note to Grandpa Jon, the media is not your friend. Go find some friends and talk privately about your experience with your daughter. Go talk to your son. Stop pretending the media is not your friend. They`re your friends. And so every time you do this, it exacerbates those wounds that Wendy is referring to or the new one now. It`s just shh - enjoy your visit. Look at the pictures and be quiet.

ANDERSON: Yes. He can`t help himself, though. He`s so open.

WALSH: But you never know.

ANDERSON: Yes. you never know.


WALSH: Angelina could have given him permission. She could have said, "OK, here`s what you can say," and they`ve made a deal.

ANDERSON: Possibly. This is who you are.


ANDERSON: But I want to say this because these pictures of them in Venice made headlines everywhere. And let`s be honest, Angelina knew people would see this reunion.

So Wendy, very quickly, do you think this was a well-orchestrated photo op to distract people maybe from the big Brangelina breakup headlines? People are saying that, those cynics out there. Or is it just too far-fetched? Very quickly.

WALSH: I think it`s too farfetched. And I also think that the big Brangelina breakup lines are people starving for headlines about this lovely family who are doing so much for the world and children.

WEINER: Yes, I agree.

ANDERSON: They seem like a happy family and really doting parents. Jess Weiner, Wendy Walsh, we`ll leave it there. Thanks.

And that`s a wrap for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks so much for watching. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Don`t forget, you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN. Take care.