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John Mayer`s Sex Tell-All About Jessica Simpson; New Revelations about Michael Jackson`s Final Days; Kirstie Alley`s Dramatic New Weight Battle; A Mark Sanford Sex Tape?; Lindsay Lohan`s Jesus Pose; Drew Brees` Father Son Moment with His Baby

Aired February 10, 2010 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Big news breaking right now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - John Mayer`s mind-boggling claims about his sex life with Jessica Simpson.


HAMMER: The explosive interview revealed today that has Mayer calling Jessica "crazy in bed" and his incredibly personal new revelations today about his feelings for Jennifer Aniston. Tonight, the great debate - is John Mayer`s sex-and-tell outrageously out of line?

Kirstie Alley`s dramatic new weight battle caught on tape. Tonight, Kirstie`s brand-new, dramatic public attempt to reveal her very private weight battle.


KRISTIE ALLEY, ACTRESS: I think it`s stupid to say, you know, I`m full- figured. (EXPLETIVE DELETED). You`re (EXPLETIVE DELETED) fat.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, is Kirstie making a really big mistake?

And tonight, Lindsay Lohan posing as Jesus Christ? The explosive outrage today over Lindsay posing as Jesus in a low-cut dress.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood. And tonight, the sex and Simpson tell-all.

HAMMER: Well, the Simpson is Jessica Simpson. The tell-all is from John Mayer. And the sex? Well, here we go. John Mayer wants the world to know that his one-time sex life with Jessica Simpson was crazy, in his words, "like sexual napalm."

In a remarkable new interview with Mayer that just came out today, Mayer not only dishes some details about his sex with Simpson. But wait until you hear what he`s saying about his feelings for Jennifer Aniston. B

But I have to tell you what I`m also hearing today, people saying, "John, what`s wrong with you? Don`t you just know when to zip it?" And it all made for big news breaking today.



(voice-over): He may write sweet, romantic ballads. But today, John Mayer is making headlines for less-than-sweet comments about his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson. For instance, how does he describe sex with the starlet? Here`s a hint.

In an explosive kiss-and-tell interview with "Playboy" just released today, Mayer dishes about his sex life with Simpson when they dated in 2006. He says, quote, "Sexually, it was crazy. That`s all I`ll say. It was like napalm - sexual napalm." Sexual napalm?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If somebody described me in that way, I would probably think, "Oh, my god. Did I blow something up?" I feel like it would cause pain.

HAMMER: Mayer dropped another bomb about Simpson`s sexual powers. He says, quote, "That girl, for me, is a drug. And drugs aren`t good for you if you do lots of them. Yes, that girl is like crack cocaine to me.

JODI MILLER, COMEDIAN: Your body is like crack cocaine.

HAMMER: Comedian Jodi Miller tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Jessica Simpson has every right to be insulted by Mayer`s comments.

MILLER: He is saying this girl knows what she`s doing in the bedroom. So if I heard that, one part of me would be like, "Wow, I`m flattered." And the other part would be, "Well, nobody else is going to want to date me. They`re just going to want to sample the drug."

HAMMER: Today, Mayer`s sexy Simpson memories are getting him tons of headlines and not in a good way. This isn`t the first time Mayer`s gotten in trouble for being a little too frank about his exes.

JOHN MAYER, SINGER: I ended a relationship to be alone because I don`t want to waste somebody`s time if something`s not right.

HAMMER: Last year, Mayer`s street corner comments to TMZ about his breakup with on-again, off-again girlfriend Jennifer Aniston got him named one of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s most toxic bachelors.

MILLER: He has diarrhea of the mouth. He gives out way too much information. There`s no filter on this guy.

HAMMER: Mayer mentions his romance with Aniston in today`s new "Playboy" interview, but in a much sweeter way than he talked about Simpson. About Aniston, he says, quote, "That woman was the most communicative, sweetest, kindest person."

And Mayer says he still loves Aniston adding, quote, "I`ll always be sorry that it didn`t last. In some ways, I wish I could be with her, but I can`t change the fact that I need to be 32."

MILLER: He doesn`t bring up any really personal, sexual details with Jen.

HAMMER: Comedian Jodi Miller tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT we can read a lot into the way Mayer talks about both exes.

MILLER: That`s saying, "You`re the girl that I want to sleep with and she`s the girl that I really respect." So to me, if I was Jessica, I would take more offense to that.

HAMMER: If Jessica Simpson is mistaking offense to Mayer spilling the bedroom beans about her, we`ll never know. Today, her spokesperson told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Jessica will not be commenting at all.

But many of you raced to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page to tee off on Mayer. Kathleen M. writes, quote, "He should have kept that to himself. A gentleman he is not."

MILLER: They`re thinking, "Ugh. What a pig and a womanizer."

HAMMER: Jodi Miller tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT even with so many women mad at Mayer for his ungentlemanly comments, she doesn`t think this well-known ladies` man has damaged his dating prospects.

MILLER: We do love a bad boy so I don`t see him having a shortage of women coming after him in the near future.

HAMMER: But if Mayer does manage to snag another girlfriend, she should beware. Her sex life with Mayer just might wind up in "Playboy."


HAMMER: I`ve got to tell you, the story does not end there. There was enormous reaction today to Mayer spilling all his secrets. And a lot of people are saying it is outrageous that he would reveal such personal things about his former girlfriend.

So brace yourselves for the SHOWBIZ great debate, the sex and love tell-all about Simpson and Aniston. Is Mayer out of line? What do you think? Do not move. We are about to turn up the heat big time.

ANDERSON: Tonight, judging Ellen. Ellen DeGeneres just finished her second night on "American Idol" after her big debut on Tuesday. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you there was a raging debate today over how she did, replacing Paula Abdul in the judge`s chair. You judge for yourself. Watch this.


ELLEN DEGENERES, "AMERICAN IDOL" JUDGE: I`m tired as it is. That almost put me right out. That`s crazy, I think. In a bad way - crazy.


DEGENERES: Where are you from?


DEGENERES: You should put some shoes on here. It`s filthy here. Hollywood is a disgusting town.


ANDERSON: Oh, she was so funny. Joining me tonight in Hollywood is Carlos Diaz, who is a correspondent with "Extra." Also in Hollywood is Kim Serafin who is a senior editor for "In Touch Weekly."

Carlos, Kim, clearly a lot of people wanted to check out Ellen, because, late today, the ratings came in for her first night. And we learned that nearly 28 million tuned in. Carlos Diaz, what do you think? Was Ellen worth the wait? She clearly had a positive impact on the viewership.

CARLOS DIAZ, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": Ellen knocked it out of the park. She did a great job. She articulated so many things that we have not heard in the past. When she told that guy, "You know, you`re scaring me how you`re prowling back and forth," you know, we haven`t heard that kind of critique about stage presence in that certain way.

And something that you really, in all honesty, would say about Paula Abdul, I`ll say this about Ellen. I`ll watch "American Idol" because of Ellen. That`s why I`m watching.

ANDERSON: She was good. She was fresh. She injected a sense of humor, a bit of the unexpected. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT assigned a team of producers today to do some digging, gather all the reviews. And for the most part, they were favorable.

The "New York Times" said today Ellen was, quote, "witty both in her embraces and her takedowns." "The Los Angels Times" raved today what it called Ellen`s "calm demeanor and deadpan wit."

"Entertainment Weekly" said today, "Not only did the comedian/talk show host treat the Paula Abdul memorial chair with a level of dignity and purpose that it never had before experience, but she wasn`t afraid to dole out tough criticism when necessary."

I thought she really brought something and that she was terrific. Kim, do you agree with Carlos and me.

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Yes, absolutely. I mean, I think that everyone was waiting to see if she could actually have some criticism for these contestants. We knew she was going to be nicer than Simon, but she actually did say things that weren`t so sweet as she had nice things to say. She was funny.

But it wasn`t just lining up jokes. I think a lot of people anticipated it might be like that "So You Think You Can Dance" episode where it looked like she had a bunch of one-liners. It wasn`t like that at all.

Even Simon was laughing, even in that clip you showed. You could see he was smiling at her. She gets along with the judges. We`ll have to wait and see for the live show. Obviously, this is an edited show. They did take out specific comments. But I thought she did a fantastic job. She`s adding a whole new level to this.


(UNINTELLIGIBLE) another judge, you know, after this. She was great.

ANDERSON: Good point. There was a softness to her criticism which, I think, was received really well. And I love that Ellen has given - that "Idol" has given Ellen the seat that Paula Abdul used to have right next to Simon Cowell, because everybody was wondering, would the fireworks fly?

Watch what happened when Ellen teased Simon about his plans to leave the show after this season.


DEGENERES: This is it, huh? I come on, you leave. That was really, really dull.


DEGENERES: I loved it.


ANDERSON: OK. So they played nice there. But Carlos, I`m thinking that may not last. They clearly have some personality differences. Do you think it could get nasty?

DIAZ: You know what if it does? So be it. I want to see that. Because, you know, if Simon, in the past, would say something to Paula that was nasty, Paula would just go, "Oh, Simon" and push him.

Now, Ellen comes back with a witty comment, something that is strategic that goes right to Simon`s heart. And that forces to be even wittier right back at her. So you know what? Let the sparks fly. But you know what she was doing last night? She made Simon charming. She did the impossible.

ANDERSON: Yes. And she`s going to do it for entertainment value. Their personality differences will be used for entertainment value. They`re not babies. They`re not going to throw tantrums. We`d have real snoozer, wouldn`t we, if everybody agreed and critiqued the same.

DIAZ: Right.

ANDERSON: Well, an exclusive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll reveals that a lot of people think that Simon is not going to stomp all over Ellen. We asked - "Ellen`s Debut on `American Idol`: Do you think she can hold her own against Simon?" The results just in - 77 percent say yes; 23 percent say no.

Kim, very quickly. She`s going to be fine, huh?

SERAFIN: She`s going to be totally fine. I think this - if anyone had doubts, this showed people that will be fantastic on the show. And she`s going to get Simon a run for his money. That`s what we all thought.

ANDERSON: Yes. And she`ll get more and more comfortable, I think, as the season goes along. Carlos Diaz and Kim Serafin, thank you both.

HAMMER: Lindsay Lohan, controversy - they go together like peanut butter and jelly. But tonight, has Lindsay just found it too far this time? The explosive outrage today over Lindsay like Jesus Christ in a low-cut dress.

Also, just in today, Kirstie Alley`s dramatic new weight battle, caught on tape. Tonight, Kirstie`s brand-new public attempt to reveal her very private fight to lose weight. But we`ve got to ask, is Kirstie just making a really, really big mistake here?

And a brand-new, jaw-dropping revelation today from the wife cheating South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.


JENNY SANFORD, WIFE OF GOV. MARK SANFORD: When I heard about the sex tape, Mark was with the boys. I walked in the room the other day and I said - oh, I looked Mark in the eye and I said, "I hope there are no tapes coming. Boys, you know, brace yourselves if there`s something else coming down the line."

HAMMER: Oh, wait a second here. Did she say sex tape? Tonight, Jenny Sanford reveals whether or not there is a tape of her lying and cheating husband out there. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Explosive new revelations about Michael Jackson`s final days. We just got our hands on the L.A. County coroner`s full report. The report revealed that Jackson`s death was a homicide. And the details in this thing are absolutely shocking. I mean, really, it`s just incredible.

Listen to some of the graphic descriptions of Michael`s body just hours after he died. The report`s reading, "Michael`s hair is sparse and connected to a wig. The front of Jackson`s scalp from his hairline was tattooed with dark ink over, quote, `frontal balding.` His eyebrows and the border of his eyelids were also tattooed. There was a pink in the region of his lips."

The report also adds, "The autopsy reported also pointed out several broken ribs apparently suffered during the efforts to revive Michael."

ANDERSON: A.J. I`ve got to say the dramatic details about the condition of Jackson`s body when he died truly disturbing.

But perhaps even more surprising is that it has taken this long to charge Jackson`s doctor, Conrad Murray." He is the guy who administered the drug that ultimately led to Jackson`s death. So I`ve got to ask, how did we get here, and have we finally reached the conclusion of what happened to Michael?

Here`s CNN`s Ted Rowlands for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



TED ROWLANDS, CNN NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): June 23rd, Michael Jackson is rehearsing for his upcoming "This is It" concert series.


ROWLANDS: Two days later, at 12:21 in the afternoon, a 911 call is made from Jackson`s rented Los Angeles home.

DISPATCHER: He`s unconscious. He`s not breathing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE CALLER: Yes. He`s not breathing sir.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN HOST, "THE SITUATION ROOM": Let`s get back to breaking news. We`re following Michael Jackson. The king of pop has been rushed to a local hospital.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Michael Jackson was the patient on this 911 call that they picked him up and they took him to the UCLA Medical Center.

JERMAINE JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON`S BROTHER: My brother, the legendary king of pop, Michael Jackson, passed away on Thursday, June 25th, 2009, at 2:26 p.m.

WOLF: Look at these crowds. They are developing outside UCLA Medical Center right now as word begins to spread that Michael Jackson is dead.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Michael`s body already in the medical examiner`s office. There is the body right there, choppered, no freeway procession, no traffic jams, just a short flight across town.

Now, in addition to the investigation the outpouring. As you look, there are the crowds gathering tonight in many places, outside the hospital in Los Angeles, at his home, and at the Apollo Theater here in Harlem in New York.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is something that millions of people will never forget. It`s devastating.

ROWLANDS: The death investigation quickly centered on Dr. Conrad Murray Jackson`s personal physician who was with Jackson when he died. Listen closely for his voice in the background of the 911 call.

CALLER: Doctor, did you see what happened sir?


CALLER: Sir, if you can please...

DISPATCHER: We`re on our way.

ROWLANDS: That night police impounded Murray`s car and, over the next few days, investigators removed what we learned is medical evidence from Jackson`s home.

DON LEMON, CNN ANCHOR: I said you had some concerns about the physicians and the people around him during the last moments of his life?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, I have. I have a lot of concerns.

ROWLANDS: Dr. Murray retained a lawyer and met with investigators.

ED CHERNOFF, DR. CONRAD MURRAY`S ATTORNEY: I can say this. There`s nothing in his history, nothing that Dr. Murray knew, that would lead him to believe that he would go into sudden cardiac arrest or respiratory failure.

ROWLANDS: A source with knowledge of the investigation into Michael Jackson`s death tells CNN that Dr. Conrad Murray gave Jackson the powerful drug Propofol within 24 hours of his death. Propofol is a heavy sedative typically used during surgery.

Others who treated Jackson would come out and say that the singer asked them over the years for the drug to use as a sleep aid.

DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: I`ll tell you, I`ve never heard about this medication being given outside a hospital.

SOLEDAD O`BRIEN, CNN NEWS CORRESPONDENT: That hearse which has the casket, the body of Michael Jackson covered in really beautiful flowers is making its way to the Staples Center.


ROWLANDS: On July 7th, more than 30 million people around the world watched the public tribute with Jackson`s casket on the same stage he rehearsed on the day before he died.


PARIS KATHERINE JACKSON, DAUGHTER OF MICHAEL JACKSON: Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him so much.

ROWLANDS: On July 22nd, a search warrant is served on Dr. Conrad Murray`s Houston clinic. Others would follow in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Murray, according to a neighbor, was in the house while agents searched the home.

On August 18th, Murray releases this video statement on YouTube.

DR. CONRAD MURRAY, PHYSICIAN TO MICHAEL JACKSON: I have done all I could do. I told the truth. And I have faith the truth will prevail.

ROWLANDS: On August 28th, Jackson`s death is ruled a homicide.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: They found that he died from acute Propofol intoxication.

COOPER: There, the hearse carrying the body of Michael Jackson.

ROWLANDS: On September 3rd, Michael Jackson was laid to rest.


ANDERSON: That was CNN`s Ted Rowlands for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Now, Jackson`s doctor, Conrad Murray, was charged Monday with involuntary manslaughter. He pleaded not guilty and faces up to four years in prison if convicted.

HAMMER: All right. So John Mayer is out with unbelievable new interview today claiming things about his sex life with Jessica Simpson. You wouldn`t believe he called Jess "crazy in bed." But is all this John Mayer sex-and-tell stuff just way out of line? Should he just shut his face already?

A Mark Sanford sex tape? Well, the wife of the cheating South Carolina reveals today if there is a sex tape of her husband. This is unbelievable. Also, the brand-new outrage over Lindsay Lohan posing like Jesus in a low-cut dress. What? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Welcome back, brother.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know it`s Hudson.


ANDERSON: Calling all "Mission Impossible" fans. Making news today, I can tell you that Tom Cruise is going to be back for "MI 4." We just learned today Cruise will star again and "MI 3" director J.J. Abrams will be back to produce. "Mission Impossible 4" is set to come out Memorial Day weekend, 2011. Mark your calendars.

All right. What a sexy present this morning for George Stephanopoulos on "Good Morning America." Did you see this? The "GMA" anchor got a special treat when his wife, Ali Wentworth, showed up as Diane Sawyer to wish him happy birthday. Watch.


ALI WENTWORTH, WIFE OF GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Tonight, a closer look. Palin`s palm - is the writing on Sarah`s hand speech Cliff Notes? Is it cheating? It is in high school. And are those math equations on politician`s sneaker. Oh, honey -

George, I never, ever get to see you at home. I love you. I shaved my legs and made you a steak. Happy birthday, baby. Happy birthday.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS ANCHOR: Wow, that is the effect of too many snow days with only the kids right there.


ANDERSON: That will wake you right up.

HAMMER: Whoa. What was that? All right. Brooke, I wonder what "American Idol`s" Simon Cowell would think of Ali`s little performance there.

ANDERSON: Yes. And Ellen DeGeneres - what will she say. And hey, you know, we asked on Facebook how Ellen did on her first night of "Idol." And the posts came in fast and furious, just about all of them giving Ellen a thumbs up.

Deanna(ph) J., "She did great. She took over like it was her show."

Candice(ph) K., "At first, I was a bit skeptical, but after watching, I was loving Ellen. Now, if we can get rid of Kara."

Linda(ph) C., "It was nice to have a judge not doing weird hand gestures and slurring her speech. Good job, Ellen."

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And now, the SHOWBIZ lineup. Here is what is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

John Mayer reveals shocking secrets today about his sex life with Jessica Simpson. Come on, man. Shouldn`t you just shut up all this stuff already?

Kirstie Alley`s dramatic, brand-new weight battle, caught on tape. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, is Kirstie making a really big mistake?

Also this -


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It was one of the most memorable plays of the game. Saints quarterback Drew Brees cradled his son instead of a football, eyes brimming -


HAMMER: A super-tough, Super Bowl-winning quarterback reveals his emotional side just seconds after the big game. And now, everybody is talking about his little boy. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - John Mayer`s steamy Jessica Simpson sex tell-all. The eye-popping interview out today detailing addictive sex with Jess. And John`s incredibly personal new revelations about Jennifer Aniston. Tonight, the great debate - is John Mayer`s sex-and-tell outrageously out of line?

Tonight, Lindsay Lohan posing as Jesus Christ? Mind-blowing new outrage today over Lindsay posing like Jesus on the cross in a low-cut dress.


ALLEY: I think it`s stupid to say, you know, I`m full-figured. (EXPLETIVE DELETED). You`re (EXPLETIVE DELETED) fat.


HAMMER: Kirstie`s new weight war. Tonight, Kirstie`s brand-new dramatic public plan to win her private weight battle.

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood. And tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you the great John Mayer debate - sex and Jessica.

HAMMER: Yes. All I have to say is, whoa. Just when you thought that John Mayer couldn`t tick off another ex-girlfriend any more than he did Jennifer Aniston, well, he does.

We have got his brand-new "Playboy" magazine interview revealed today. And his comments about Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston are making big news today.

John Mayer`s sexually charged and outrageous - shall we call this - sex-and-tell about his ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson has people really wild out today.

The man is bringing new meaning to the term, TMI. And it has just launched a great debate tonight. Did John step way over the line?

Also breaking today, does the "love gov," Mark Sanford, have a sex tape? Yes, wait until what the soon-to-be ex-wife Jenny Sanford has to say about it today in a brand-new explosive interview.

Joining me tonight from Hollywood is Carlos Diaz, who is a correspondent for "Extra." Also tonight in Hollywood is Kim Serafin, who is a senior editor for "In Touch Weekly."

Let the great John Mayer debates begin. Now, John Mayer gave this brand-new, pretty outrageous sex-and-tell interview to "Playboy." He said some astounding things about his ex-girlfriend, Jessica Simpson.

Let`s roll one court right now, "That girl, for me, is a drug, and drugs aren`t good for you if you do lots of them. Yes, that girl is like crack cocaine to me. Sexually, it was crazy - that`s all I`ll say. It was like napalm, sexual napalm."

So he didn`t quite stop when he thought he would. Hey, look, Jessica has been described many ways as long as we`ve known her. But I`ve got to say "sexual napalm" is a new one to me. John Mayer over the line, Carlos? I mean, way over the line here?

DIAZ: I, for one, love the smell of sexual napalm in the morning. No, here`s - well, I`m sorry. Here`s the thing, though. I don`t think went really over the line because it really - I think if you`re told you`re great in bed, wouldn`t you want the world to know about it?

I mean, I look at Jessica Simpson a whole different way now. I`m like, really? Crazy sex? Really? I kind of want to interview Jessica now and really find out what she thinks about it. But I don`t think he stepped over the line with that part of the interview. No.

HAMMER: Well, all right. Well, there - I mean, there are some people who would prefer that - how good they are in bed or how bad they are in bed. It`s just left as a private matter.

Now, Jessica Simpson`s spokesperson did tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT today that Jessica wouldn`t be commenting at all about this. But Jessica did tweet what I thought was a pretty vague response to the whole Mayer interview.

Here`s what she tweeted, "It`s 10 days so far. At least I`m boxing two days this week." Well, I guess she`s got a lot of frustration to get out especially after reading this little quote from the John Mayer interview also revealed in "Playboy" today.

"There are people in the world who have the power to change our values. Have you ever been with a girl who made you want to quit the rest of your life? Do you ever say, `I want quit my life and just (EXPLETIVE DELETED) snort you. If you charge me $10,000 to (EXPLETIVE DELETED), I would start selling stuff to just keep (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you."

All right. Now, I should point out also John did not use the word "bleeping." I was required to. I think he`s saying too much here. But again, I also think John was just being John. Kim, what do you think? Is he just way over the line with what he`s revealing here?

SERAFIN: Yes. I think so, probably, though I have to say, A.J., you have a lot of passion more so than I have heard you have in a long time reading this John Mayer interview. I like your (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: If you can`t be John Mayer, channel him the best you can, I guess.

SERAFIN: Yes. OK. Look, I think -

HAMMER: Go ahead. Go ahead.

SERAFIN: I think he has - yes, obviously. People don`t their sex life broadcast to the world like this. But remember with Jessica - a lot of people thought he broke up with her because she was being too clingy and too needy.

But here, he`s saying - this guy who is the biggest player in the world, pretty much, as he`s telling us, that she was the one girl - until he got to Jennifer Aniston and tells us about her. Jessica, at that point, was the one girl who, you know, was sexual napalm to him.


MAYER: Who he would, you know, pay $10,000 to be intimate with. So I think for Jessica - she`s having a sense of humor about it. Better this than, you know, Jessica gets dumped again. Plus, you can`t hold on (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: Yes. I`ve got to tell you, Kim. I don`t know if she`s having a sense of humor about this. She may just be avoiding it. And again, her spokesperson is saying she`s not going to comment at all.

She just put a tweet out there just to put something out. We don`t really know how she feels about this. Sometimes, a compliment not always a compliment.

Let me get to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page. It was on fire today - a huge debate. Kelly R. having none of it, saying, "If you need to brag about your sex life, then you have no life. Did anyone ask Jess if it was OK for him to talk about it? No wonder he can`t keep a girl. He feels the need to talk about it all the time. What a tool."

Heather S. not agreeing writing this, "Last time I checked, we had free speech in this country. It`s his life. He can say what he wants. Women know he tells a lot when they date him. If they don`t like it, they shouldn`t date him."

Brooke Anderson, off to you. I`m guessing you have some strong thoughts on this. Do you buy Heather`s free speech argument? Or are you with Kelly who thinks John`s a tool.

ANDERSON: I lean more to how Kelly is describing it. I obviously - I believe in free speech, but also that constitutional right comes with responsibility, I believe, to have decency and be decent to other people.

I just don`t understand why he feels the need to reveal such intimate details about every single personal thing in his life, every single person he dates. He kisses and tells.

It`s disrespectful. Bottom line, it`s disrespectful. And John, you just need to grow up a little bit, because people`s feelings are on the line. It`s not a game.

HAMMER: He knows he`s a rock and roll star. I`ve got to get to the Jessica Simpson stuff. I don`t think she was at all exempt from many of John`s ex talk. Here`s what he tells "Playboy" about Jen.

He says, "We just have such a regard for each other`s feelings and is pretty intense. It`s been a deep relationship and it`s no longer taking place at all. Have you ever loved somebody, loved her completely, but had to end the relationship for life reasons."

Sounds to me like John really loves Jen. But Carlos, doesn`t he know by now he really should stop talking about Jennifer in public?

DIAZ: Well, really, the only, you know, glimpse we`re getting of Jennifer Aniston`s personal life is through John Mayer. But you know what? I`m sorry and I respect Brooke entirely, but I completely disagree with what she just said.

Brooke, I mean, our jobs are to get celebrities to talk about their personal life. And you`re saying that John Mayer is out of line for revealing the most intimate details about his personal life?

That`s what we strive to do as entertainment reporters every day, is to get them to say the most that they can to us. How was that wrong? I don`t understand that.

HAMMER: Brooke?

ANDERSON: His music - I think John is a talented musician. And yes, you`re right. Sometimes, we do want to get those details that everybody may not understand or may not hear about.

But this really crosses the line in my opinion. I think John is an excellent, talented musician and songwriter. And I think that`s what he needs to do. He does that best.

HAMMER: Well, this is not the end of this discussion.

SERAFIN: I just want to say one -

HAMMER: But I do need to move on right now, guys. I want to move on this other explosive, brand-new sex tape shocker - a sex tape shocker with love gov Mark Sanford`s soon-to-be ex-wife, Jenny Sanford.

Now, she told HLN`s Joy Behar she didn`t waste any time confronting about a sex tape when she heard that John Edwards might have one. Let`s listen to this.


SANFORD: When I heard about the sex tape - Mark was with the boys. I walked in the room the other day and I said - oh, I looked Mark in the eye, and I said, "I hope there are no tapes coming. Boys, you know, brace yourselves if there`s something else coming down the line."

HAMMER: All right. Kim, quickly. Between the affair with his mistress and soul mate from Argentina and all the lies, I honestly wouldn`t be surprised if there was a sex tape. You?

SERAFIN: No. It`s so sad, but I wouldn`t be surprised at all. And I think, Jenny, by the way, is coming across really, really well in all these interviews.

She doesn`t look like she`s out for vengeance. She doesn`t look like she`s out to get him. She said - actually, she has nice things to say about him in these interviews. I think she comes across really, like, high class and so different than a lot of the other women who have been through this.

HAMMER: Yes. Celebrities and politicians, please step away from the camcorders. Carlos Diaz, Kim Serafin, thanks, guys.

ANDERSON: Tonight, Lindsay Lohan`s crucifixion outrage. Now, Lindsay`s been unusually quiet for a while. No late nights all over Hollywood.

But today, a new magazine controversy today is going to make those episodes look like (UNINTELLIGIBLE). We`ve got the must-see picture of Lindsay Lohan posing as Jesus on the cross in a low-cut dress. What the heck was she thinking?

Also this -


ALLEY: I think it`s stupid to say, you know, I`m full-figured. (EXPLETIVE DELETED). You`re (EXPLETIVE DELETED) fat.


ANDERSON: Kirstie Alley`s dramatic new public weight battle. You remember Kirstie lost a bunch of weight on Jenny Craig. She even stripped down on "Oprah." Then gained it all back right before our eyes.

But Kirstie`s ready to do it again and it`s going to be caught on tape. But I`ve got to wonder - is Kirstie making a really big mistake?

We`ll also have this.


MOOS: It was one of the most memorable plays of the game. Saints quarterback Drew Brees cradled his son instead of a football, eyes brimming.


ANDERSON: The top quarterback`s tender moment. It`s the move New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees made on the field after his big win. We`ve got people cheering everywhere. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



HAMMER: Did you see this? That`s Ashton Kutcher living out an NFL dream, catching a pass from retired NFL quarterback Kurt Warner in the rain. Well, it`s nothing like the very real storm that the east coast got socked with today. Ashton got punked in a rainstorm courtesy of Jay Leno on the last night of Jay`s failed primetime show.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

ANDERSON: And tonight, Celine Dion reveals her very private baby heartbreak.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s the intimate interview out today about Celine`s struggle to have another child. Plus, the ultimate "Playboy" divorce. And Lindsay Lohan`s shocking Jesus pose. It`s all making big news in the buzz today.


(voice-over): Celine Dion`s private heartbreak. Dion reveals to "People" magazine her painful struggle to have another baby. Dion says she`s gone through four unsuccessful rounds of in vitro fertilization, has had one miscarriage, but is preparing for her fifth try.

Forty-one-year-old Dion already has a nine-year-old son, but she says she is determined to have a second child, promising that she`ll continue in vitro, quote, "until it works."

Hugh Hefner`s divorce. TMZ reports 83-year-old Hef`s divorce from wife Kimberly becomes official on March 11th. They`ve actually been separated for more than 10 years. Kimberly`s been living in a house adjacent to Hefner`s Playboy mansion.

Kimberly sued Hefner for $5 million after Hef sold the house and didn`t give her any of the profit he made. Hefner claims he`s given her $12 million since they separated.

Lindsay Lohan`s crucifixion cover. Lohan has posed as Jesus Christ for the cover of "Purple Fashion" magazine in France. Lindsay is seen with outstretched arms wearing a crown of thorns and a low-cut robe. Lindsay has a whole spread in the magazine that was all shot by a photographer from Gucci.


ANDERSON: Wow, I`ve got to tell you. I think this whole Lindsay Lohan photo shoot is just another desperate cry for attention. It`s just really sad to me that such a once-talented actress would do something so insensitive and inappropriate.

Joining me tonight from Hollywood, Laura Saltman, who is a correspondent for "" Also from Hollywood, Rachel Zalis, who is a contributing editor for "Life and Style Weekly."

Laura, Rachel, you ladies obviously know what I think. Rachel, what do you think about Lindsay`s crucifixion cover?

RACHEL ZALIS, CONTRIBUTOR, "LIFE AND STYLE WEEKLY": I absolutely agree with you. This is so sad. I mean, is this what Lindsay`s career has really come to - tweeting, hoarding, partying and posing for controversial pictures? I mean, where are her parents? Where`s her publicist? Where`s anyone who cares about her to say, "If you don`t want to be crucified by the press," which is the point they were trying to make, "get your life together."


ZALIS: Go to college. Disappear a couple of years. Come back and make a good movie.

ANDERSON: Yes. Not a good move. But I can tell you that the Catholic League is outraged at what Lidsay Lohan did. Here`s what its president, Bill Donahue, said today, "Not only is the pose inappropriate, the timing is offensive. Lent begins next week. Lohan, an ex-Catholic, who is spiritually homeless, recently said, `I`m all about karma. What goes around, comes around.` If she believes that, then it behooves her to apologize to Christians before it`s too late."

Laura, Lindsay really stepped in at this time, didn`t she?

LAURA SALTMAN, CORRESPONDENT, "ACCESSHOLLYWOOD.COM": Listen, I`m a Jewish and I was offended by it. Look, she needs to fire her publicist, her manager, her agent. If she could fire her mom, she should do that, too.

Honestly, I agree with what Rachel said and what you said, Brooke. She should go away, go to college. It`s a great idea. Get her life together and then maybe come back and try to start her acting career again. Because she really is a great actress and that`s what we forget about when we see idiot (UNINTELLIGIBLE) like this.

ANDERSON: Yes, we forget, because - what`s the last movie she did? "Labor Pains."


Nobody really saw it. But she used to be so good and had so much potential. I really think she can get to that point again. But first, I think she needs to apologize and do it fast. Rachel, do you agree?

ZALIS: Absolutely. I mean, I knew Lindsay a long time ago. And she was the sweetest, most talented girl.


ZALIS: And she`s just become a little misguided. And whoever`s (UNINTELLIGIBLE) her continue to keep doing these photos. And it`s basically what she`s been doing the last couple of years, whether it was the topless pictures of Marilyn.

Last time, she did (UNINTELLIGIBLE) the same photographer, it was like scenes of threesome. This is not the right direction for her. She needs to apologize and really just get her life together.

ANDERSON: Yes, focus on her life and taking the next step towards being a great actress again.

OK, I want to move on to the great debate today over Kirstie Alley`s dramatic brand-new public weight battle with a brand-new reality show. It`s really been a long haul for Kirstie and her fight to lose weight again and again and again, because everybody watched as she lost 75 pounds on Jenny Craig when she was their spokesperson.

Then, we saw her as she stripped down on "Oprah" to a bikini showing off that new body. But she`s now gained it all back. And today, we`ve got the very first look at Kirstie`s new A & E reality show called "Big Life." Kirstie plans on losing all the weight again with the cameras there to document everything.

Laura, she made a big deal with her weight once before with Jenny Craig. And she`s embarrassed that it didn`t work. Why do this now?

SALTMAN: Oh, god. Another celebrity doing a reality show. I can`t say that I agree with this. Brooke, look. She did that show on Show Time called "Fat Actress." It was kind of a mockumentary of her trying to get back into Hollywood and lose the weight. That was such better idea for her. And it actually was a good show and I`m sorry that people didn`t watch it and it got cancelled.

But doing another reality show with the cameras on your life, and her children are going to be involved, it`s just sad. We don`t need it. She doesn`t need this.

ANDERSON: Yes. And she may be setting herself up for a big disappointment. And today, we did get a look at Kirstie`s new show, "Big Life." And some might say that Kirstie sounds obnoxious. Watch.


ALLEY: I think it`s stupid to say, you know, I`m full-figured. (EXPLETIVE DELETED). You`re (EXPLETIVE DELETED) fat. I don`t want to do this again. I hate being fat. I`m not one of those girls who go, "Oh, I`m loud. I`m proud." I have to say no. "I`m large and in charge." I hate it.


ANDERSON: Rachel, very quickly - do think she`s making a big mistake here.

ZALIS: I don`t know. I kind of have mixed feelings about this one. I mean, part of me is so sick of hearing about her weight loss struggle. I kind of want to lock her up in Veronica`s closet.

But on the other hand, she is not getting, like, tons of offers from the networks. So if she`s going to talk about all this, she might as well make money doing it.

ANDERSON: In the end, we just want Kirstie to be happy and healthy. Rachel Zalis, Laura Saltman, thank you both.

HAMMER: Tonight, the tough quarterback`s tender Super Bowl moment.


MOOS: It was one of the most memorable plays of the game. Saints quarterback Drew Brees cradled his son instead of a football, eyes brimming.


HAMMER: New Orleans` quarterback Drew Brees is not only the Super Bowl MVP. He`s the MVD - most valuable dad. It is the heartwarming that`s got everybody talking today and has transformed an adorable one-year-old into a superstar. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Tonight, Angelina`s emotional new mission. Angelina Jolie spent today in Haiti. She`s working to help those who are struggling to repair their lives after last month`s devastating earthquake there.

Angelina is a dedicated U.N. goodwill ambassador and has also donated $1 million to "Doctors without Borders" for their emergency efforts in Haiti.

Also tonight, the little big man from the Super Bowl. Obviously, this guy didn`t play one single minute in what was the most-watched Super Bowl showdown in history. But he certainly was the most valuable baby - the MVB. Baylen Brees tackled hearts from coast to coast as his dad, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees shared his big win with his little boy.

Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It was one of the most memorable plays of the game, the winning quarterback playing catch the confetti with his son, sort of made those e-Trade baby commercials forgettable.

Saint`s quarterback Drew Brees cradled his son instead of a football, eyes brimming. His mascara, otherwise known as eye-black, didn`t even run. Brees could be seen mouthing the words, "I love you, little man" as he later told Letterman.

DREW BREES, SAINTS QUARTERBACK: I tell the whole time just how much I love him. I told him, "Little boy, you just don`t even know what you`re experiencing right now."

MOOS: Little Baylen Brees drove the ladies gaga.

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST, "LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN": There you are and your son on the cover of "Sports Illustrated." How about that?

MOOS: Baylen was watching with mom in the green room as David passed to the red one. After a less graceful pass perception, floor manager Biff Henderson hit the floor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a great catch.

MOOS: Biff had to go to the hospital and is now recuperating at home. Sandra Bullock, on the other hand, managed to stay on her feet. Baylen pretty much stays on all fours.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The kid can really move.

MOOS: Baylen was born a little over a year ago, born on his father`s 30th birthday. And already, he shot a commercial with dad.

BREES: If you want to play at this level, you need a high- performance diaper.

MOOS: In a Web ad for Pampers, Brees proves that hitting a diaper sure beats changing one.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The boom goes to dynamite.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s one tough diaper.

MOOS: And this was a tough quarterback in a tender moment. And what made that head-to-head moment even more adorable was the set of giant headphones. As one admirer posted, "Kids should really come standard issue with a set of those head phones."

Sure, it`s fun to see the players rub the Super Bowl trophy, but patting a kid is nicer. Talking to the trophy? Talking to the kid is nicer, and raising the trophy and kissing it can`t compare with raising the kid and kissing him.

Brees connected with two face kisses and two handoffs, kissing his son`s hands to win MVD, most valuable dad.


HAMMER: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) how cute that is. That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. You can catch us every night on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, also in the morning, 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN.