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Jon Gosselin Responds to Kate Major`s Claims; The Cougar and the Kid; Jessica Strikes Back Over Her Missing Dog; Lindsay Lohan in the Psych Ward?; Kathy Griffin in a Feud with Oprah?; The Foul Ball that Made a Family Famous

Aired September 17, 2009 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Jon Gosselin responds today for the very first time to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s shocking exclusive interview with the other Kate.


(on camera): Do you hate him now?



HAMMER: She`s the Kate who claims she had a romantic relationship with Jon Gosselin.


MAJOR: For him to say there was no romance is a complete lie.


HAMMER: And you only saw her on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight, the stunning around-the-world reaction today to Kate Major`s explosive challenge.


MAJOR: And I will take a lie detector test, and I would love for Jon to take a lie detector test.


HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, is Jon Gosselin turning into one of the most despised men in America?

The cougar and the kid - Hulk Hogan`s ex-wife Linda. She is 50; her boyfriend is only 20. And tonight, for the very first time, they are speaking out together about their bizarre cougar-rific(ph) relationship.

Plus, Jessica strikes back over her missing dog who was snatched by a coyote.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

And tonight, the explosive reaction to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s blockbuster exclusive interview with the so-called other Kate. Late today, Jon Gosselin fired back for the very first time after Kate Major`s claims to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about their relationship.

And her big dare to Jon that she should take a lie detector test. The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive with Kate Major made headlines around the world today on air, online, and in newspapers everywhere. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT bringing the big news breaking today.


(voice-over): It`s the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT interview that has sparked a firestorm.

(on camera): Did you love him?

MAJOR: No, I think I was in lust with him.

HAMMER (voice-over): From headlines on "People" magazine to "OK" magazine, everyone is talking about SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s explosive, exclusive interview with Kate Major, the former tabloid reporter who told me she and Jon Gosselin of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" had a torrid romance soon after he separated from his wife, Kate Gosselin.


MAJOR: He called me the new Kate and referred to Kate Gosselin as his ex- Kate or the old Kate.

HAMMER: Now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Jon Gosselin is hitting back hard. Today, in a brand-new statement exclusive to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Gosselin calls Kate Major, quote, "damaged goods" and refers to the "stench of patent falsehoods." It`s a new bombshell in the bitter he said, she said battle.

MAJOR: He made his bed so he has to sleep in it. And unfortunately, it was with me.

HAMMER: In her interview, Major shared with me her current feelings about Gosselin.

(on camera): Do you hate him now?

MAJOR: I despise him.

(voice-over): And she issued this challenge.

MAJOR: I will take a lie detector test and I would love for Jon to take a lie detector test. Because for him to say there was no romance is a complete lie.

HAMMER: In today`s new exclusive statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Gosselin continues to deny any relationship with Major. His attorney writes Major`s claims are, quote, "a fabrication designed to create a salacious newsworthy buzz that would facilitate a payday for her. She clearly ahs succeeded in that endeavor. But regrettably, she has also painted herself into a corner-labeled damaged goods. Jon believes that the public is smart enough to appreciate the motivation behind statements from people like Kate Major."

And in a final dig, the statement concludes, quote, "The public doesn`t need a lie detector to identify the intense stench of patent falsehoods."

JO PIAZZA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Everyone seems to have an opinion on this relationship.

HAMMER: Entertainment journalist Jo Piazza tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Jon Gosselin has a lot of work to do if he wants to rescue his image which has taken a hit, thanks to Kate Major`s claims and his romantic exploits.

PIAZZA: I think a lot of people believe that Jon has been acting like a prepubescent, hormonal boy, that he`s been going around and picking up different women.

HAMMER: After Kate Major`s explosive words to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, viewers are swamping our Facebook page. And many of them are divided on Kate Major.

Lisa S. writes, "I don`t believe her. She is just in for the media."

And Tiffany C. writes, "Jon is a tool going through a mid-life crisis too early."

PIAZZA: I think that any woman that gets dumped is angry. I think most women would love to go on national television and ask their ex-boyfriend to take a lie detector test and see whether or not he was honest in a relationship.

HAMMER: But some people are seeing things Jon`s way, too.

PIAZZA: Even from what Kate Major said, it wasn`t that huge romance. It was a few-date fling. That`s why they call it hooking up. That`s why they call it fooling around. And right now, it`s just his word against her word.

MAJOR: I`m not going to just go away and let Jon get away with this.

HAMMER: So are we going to need a lie detector test to sort all this out?

PIAZZA: Lie detectors should be for capital murder cases, not necessarily for, "Did we or didn`t we hook up."

HAMMER: Lie detector or not, things are not looking good for Jon Gosselin who is now in a middle of two battles with two angry Kates.


And the two Kates aren`t the only ones who are angry with Jon. Could he be on his way to becoming the most despised man in America?

With me from Hollywood tonight is Carlos Diaz - he`s a correspondent for "Extra." Also in Hollywood is Leslie Marshall - she is the host of the syndicated radio program, "The Leslie Marshall Show."

The one thing that has everyone buzzing today is Kate Major`s smackdown challenge to Jon, saying, "Jon, take a lie detector test." This is after he denied their fling. Watch this.


MAJOR: Jon told me that he was falling for me. He called me the new Kate and referred Kate Gosselin as his ex-Kate or the old Kate.

The thing I really want to clear up is that the worst thing you can do is lie. And I will take a lie detector test and I would love for Jon to take a test. Because for him to say that there was no romance is a complete lie.


HAMMER: And there are people out there cheering on Kate today for calling Jon out. Carlos, why do you think everybody is so fired up?

CARLOS DIAZ, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": Because everyone can relate to what`s going on in this situation. It`s all about the Rs. When you get out of a relationship, you`ve got the randoms. You`ve got the rebound girl. And then, you`ve got something real.

Right now, Hailey might be the rebound girl, but I`ve got news for you, Kate 2.0. You are a random, all right? You had a random fling with Jon and you`re mad about it. And so you`re just, you know, shouting from the hilltops.

And what`s Jon doing? Jon is giving the classic guy response, "It wasn`t me. I didn`t do it. I wasn`t me." And that`s making her even more mad." Yes, exactly.

HAMMER: Jon is saying no fling. And we heard from Jon Gosselin today through his attorney who exclusively told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that the other Kate just dishing the dirt on this claim of the two-week romance looking for nothing more than a big payday.

Listen to what the attorney tells us, "Jon believes that the public is smart enough to appreciate the motivation behind statements from people like Kate Major and they don`t need a lie detector to identify the intense stench of patent falsehoods."

So Jon is saying no lie detector for him, and Kate is just out for the money. So Leslie, does that make it case closed on this? Or is Jon really adding more fuel to a pretty ugly firestorm?

LESLIE MARSHALL, HOST, "THE LESLIE MARSHALL SHOW": Well, I think if Jon keeps sleeping around, there`s going to be a lot more fuel because all these women are going to come out asking for lie detectors, talking about their romance even though it was a few-day fling hook-up dating or whatever.

And Carlos, really great research on that information by the Rs there, by the way. But I - you know, the Kates out there - there are a lot of women. I`m married now, but years ago when I dated, we`ve all had our hearts broken. And you know, we are angry and she is angry right now. And she`s cashing in on it.

So I think as long as these women like Kate Major keep cashing in on it, they`re going to continue on. And I think Jon Gosselin is, you know, acting in a way that he didn`t get to because he got married so young, etc.

I`m not excusing it, but I don`t think his behavior is going to stop. And since it won`t, the women are going to continue to talk and be angry.

HAMMER: You kind of understand it, but I should also point out, we have no independent confirmation that Jon has, in fact, been, as you said there, Leslie, sleeping around. Now, I have been paying very close attention to all the comments on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page because there is so much fired-up reaction.

A lot of people really hating on Jon more than I have seen before. Yvonne R. writing on our wall, "Jon is a two-faced jerk." Alison C. writes, "Doesn`t he realize all that he is doing is going to come back and bite him in the butt when he finally grows up and has teenage boys are behaving like good old dad?"

I think that is a great point. Kate Major says she despises Jon. It seems like, judging from some of this reaction we`re seeing today, Carlos, she is not alone. So do you think, Carlos, has Jon gone from really one of the most beloved reality TV dads to perhaps the most despised man in America.

DIAZ: Yes. And he could have done it so much better. I could have coached him. Listen, Jon, when you get into a relationship, any girl you meet - you don`t tell them you`ve fallen for them.

You say, "I am emotionally unavailable. I wish I could love you, but after that whole thing with Kate - you saw what happened. I just can`t love right now. Bu Keep having sex with me and maybe something might happen in my heart. For now, I`m emotionally unavailable. But you know what? Stick with me. Keep having sex with me and maybe something might happen in my heart. But for now, "I`m emotionally unavailable."

But instead, he goes and tells them he loves them and the whole thing. And now, it`s all out of whack.

HAMMER: Carlos, just before you go - I don`t want to ask you if there is some big experience behind your words. Quickly, Leslie - quickly, is he becoming one of the most despised man in America?

MARSHALL: I think he is. And I would agree with Carlos he didn`t handle this right. You know, women love a really sad puppy. And if he just sat there and cried about the pain of his marriage, he wouldn`t have to tell the women he loved them.

DIAZ: Yes.

MARSHALL: His ex-wife is getting some points for this.

HAMMER: Carlos Diaz, Leslie Marshall, thank you very much. And Carlos, go write a book, man. I think you could.

DIAZ: No problem.

HAMMER: I want to know what you think. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Jon and Kate: Is Jon`s bad reputation actually helping Kate`s career?" Look at her - she might be getting a TV show. You can vote at or you can E-mail us at

Well, I don`t know if it will help or hurt Linda Hogan`s career to be dating a 20-year-old. But tonight, for the first time, Hulk Hogan`s ex-and her 20-year-old boyfriend, speaking out about their bizarre, icky relationship.


LINDA HOGAN, HULK HOGAN`S EX-WIFE: If he was, you know, any younger, probably it would be an issue because it wouldn`t be legal. But -


HAMMER: Yes. Can you say cougar? Somebody please pass the hand sanitizer.

Also the always fun, the always entertaining Kathy Griffin on how she chose us over "Oprah."

KATHY GRIFFIN, COMEDIENNE: I`m going to do SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m not stupid, but I`m passing on Oprah.




HAMMER: Tonight, Kathy reveals her big battle with Oprah, how she chased Barbara Walters into the bathroom and what happened when she came face-to- face with Kate Gosselin after making fun of her. It`s the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And Jessica Simpson strikes back at people making fun of her over her missing dog. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Michael Jackson`s mom is receiving $86,000 a month from his estate for herself and three kids. Kanye West receives nine BET hip-hop awards nominations.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, Jessica`s doggy drama - dramatic new developments today in the search for Jessica`s missing dog. Wait until you hear what Jessica is saying today to all those naysayers about her precious dog, Daisy, who was snatched by a coyote right in front of her very eyes on Monday night.

And new today, "Transformers" star Megan Fox admits she is very insecure. In a brand-new interview with "Rolling Stone" just released today, Fox admits she has major self esteem issues.

Joining me tonight from Hollywood is Carlos Diaz, a correspondent for "Extra." In New York is Suzanne Rozdeba who is a senior editor for "Star Magazine."

So let`s begin with Jessica Simpson`s lost dog, Daisy. Jessica Simpson now striking back on Twitter today at all the cynics who have been out there saying that her precious dog, Daisy, who was snatched by a coyote on Monday night, is a lost cause.

Let me read what Jessica tweets, "Still holding out hope despite the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) that say it is a dumb thing to do. Daisy is my baby. Why would I stop searching? I`m a mom."

And I`ve got to tell you, I feel bad for Jessica. I have a dog. I consider myself his dad. But we all remember what an easy target Jessica can be. You remember she famously asked if Chicken of the Sea was really chicken on her own TV reality show.

People love to make fun of her for sure, but she lost her dog in a really ugly way. Carlos, I think everybody should lay off her. Are you with me?

DIAZ: They should, and everyone did feel bad for her, A.J. When she issued the statement that a coyote took her dog, everyone went, "Oh, man," and they felt for her. And then, the next line in her statement said, "I`m offering a reward." And everyone went what? A reward? Your dog is gone. I mean, see what I`m saying?

HAMMER: I understand that, Carlos. But you don`t want to be - you don`t want to be -

DIAZ: Yes, insensitive. I know -

HAMMER: But to defend Jessica Simpson for a moment - I see where she`s coming from. Perhaps she thought, you know, maybe the coyote did not do damage to the dog and the dog is lost somewhere. And that`s what the reward was for. I don`t think she was going to give the reward to the coyote.

DIAZ: It`s not the coyote from the Roadrunner commercial. The coyote takes the dog and it has one thing in mind - dinner.

HAMMER: I know. I know.

DIAZ: And that`s it. It`s sad -

HAMMER: She`s doing whatever she can, though. Listen, the fact is that Daisy is not just some dog that Jessica picked up at the pet store. You remember her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, gave that to her - surprised Jess for her 24th birthday. It was on stage at one of her concerts. That`s when he gave her Daisy and it was all captured for their MTV reality show. We have that. Let`s look.


NICK LACHEY, SINGER: We haven`t named it yet. It`s Jessica`s responsibility.

JESSICA SIMPSON, SINGER: Oh, my god. She`s so cute! You have pink toenails.


HAMMER: She and Nick obviously have long since split. They both moved on with their lives. But the dog means a whole lot to her. Suzanne, are you thinking, Right on, Jess. The heck with everyone. Keep holding out hope for Daisy"?

SUZANNE ROZDEBA, SENIOR EDITOR, "STAR MAGAZINE": You know what? I kind of think Jessica deserves what people have been saying in the last few days. Because, you know what? Note to Jessica, coyotes don`t read Twitter, OK? She keeps updating.

HAMMER: OK. You know, I`ve got a bunch of cynics here.


Listen - all right. I`m cutting you off there, Suzanne. I love you. But I`ve got to move on to a brand-new interview with Megan Fox. Let`s talk about her.

She is starring in the new movie "Jennifer`s Body." She gave a brand- new interview to "Rolling Stone" magazine, revealing that despite being named one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, she struggles with self esteem telling "Rolling Stone," "I`m really insecure about everything. I never think I`m worthy of anything. Like what all those reporters said about the movie, all I could think was, `They are mocking me.` I have a sick feeling of being mocked all the time. I have a lot of self-loathing."

And she goes on to say, she is not even super-excited about the way she looks. Carlos, a surprise to you that a woman who seems to have it all is down on herself?

DIAZ: A lot of insecurity in this town, A.J. You know that. But A.J., quick, give me a number - real quick. You host this show five nights a week. How many nights do you go home per week and say, "Not my best show?" How many nights?

HAMMER: It happens from time to time - not five nights a week.

DIAZ: OK. But my point is - you know what I`m saying? You host five nights a week. Sometimes you feel you might have a bad show.


DIAZ: But my point is, you don`t talk about it. See, that`s the thing. Megan, you`re hot. You`re a pretty good actress. We`re all insecure. Just keep it to yourself.


DIAZ: Maybe she just has to realize -

HAMMER: Maybe there is some therapy in it for her. Got to end it there. Carlos Diaz, Suzanne Rozdeba - thanks, guys. I do appreciate your time tonight.

So many people have been calling in to "Showbiz on Call" about Kate Gosselin hosting "The View" this week. Will it lead to her own show?

Here`s a call from Erica in Texas who loves Kate on TV and is happy Kate has ditched that reverse mullet.


ERICA, CALLER FROM TEXAS: I want to say that I love Kate`s new hairdo. I love the outfit. I love everything about it and I hope that she`s - please, keep that hairdo. Please, don`t go back, Kate. Please do not go back. I love it.


HAMMER: Thanks, Erica. Heidi from New Jersey would like to watch a Kate talk show.

HEIDI, CALLER FROM NEW JERSEY: I think it`s great that Kate Gosselin might get a talk show. I think it will be more of a set schedule for her. And she would be able to tend to the children just fine.

You know, I think a lot of people criticize her but, you know, if she was any weaker, she would be a broken woman already. So good for Kate Gosselin and I hope she gets it.


HAMMER: Thanks a lot for your call, Heidi. What do you think about this or anything else? Give us a ring at "Showbiz on Call" - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1- 888-728-2899.

So Linda Hogan`s boyfriend is 20. He is actually younger than Linda`s own daughter. Tonight, for the very first time, Hulk Hogan`s ex and her 20-year-old boy toy - they are speaking out about their relationship.


L. HOGAN: If he was, you know, any younger, it probably would be an issue, you know, because it wouldn`t be legal. But -


HAMMER: I`ve got to say, something feels really icky about this. It`s the cougar and the kid.

All right. This whole Kanye West dissing Taylor Swift thing - that`s pretty icky, too. And tonight, also for the first time, I`m going to show you President Obama calling Kanye a jackass on tape. I can also tell you another U.S. president is attacking Kanye.

And did you see this?


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It was a foul ball catch that left folks in anything but a foul mood.


HAMMER: Oh, no. You are not supposed to throw it back. I guarantee you - this is a story about a dad and his little girl that will make you smile.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Spike Lee, Robert De Niro to develop TV drama about NYC`s Alphabet City. Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper named "People" mag`s best dressed men.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. I want to show this really awesome video that I found on YouTube just this morning.

A Yale University student came up with a very cool way to honor Michael Jackson. He`s created an a cappella group performing a mix of Michael`s songs. Look at this.


What a great voice. They`re really cool, right? Here`s the thing. If you thought this was what`s going on, all the guys singing actually is the same guy. His name is Sam. And Sam`s classmate, a guy named Curt(ph) is the guy standing off on the left of the stage. He did all the fancy editing there. And because I think this is so cool, let`s look at some more. Roll that, Charles.


Well, clearly, I`m not the only person who really likes this. I just checked out the M.J. a cappella medley. It`s now gotten 680,000 views on YouTube. Nice going, Sam.

Well, I`m getting a lot of fired-up comments on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook wall about our exclusive interview with Kate Major. She`s the tabloid reporter who claims that she and Jon Gosselin had a romantic relationship.

Holly H. saying this about Jon`s alleged womanizing, "Jon is running around, acting foolishly and not being a role model for his kids. Get a real job, Jon, like real men have and stop using your kids."

Another hot topic on the show this Facebook wall -Kanye West`s apology for dissing Taylor Swift at the VMAs. We heard this from Sharon W., "Kanye`s only sorry that it blew up in his face and he didn`t get the backing that he thought he would."

I`d love to hear from you on Facebook. You can also follow us on Twitter. For breaking news alerts, sign up for our Facebook and Twitter pages at

Now, the SHOWBIZ lineup - this is what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Hulk Hogan`s 50-year-old ex-wife and her 20-year-old boyfriend. Yes, I said 20. Well, they`re speaking out for the very first time about her cougar-rific(ph) relationship.

Also, is Lindsay Lohan really in the psych ward? The SHOWBIZ truth squad hears from Lindsay herself.

And Kathy Griffin on her brand-new feud with Oprah?


GRIFFIN: Obviously, she`s intimidated by me. And the way that I reach out people and the way that I help a lot more people than she ever has.


HAMMER: Kathy right here in a very funny interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Magazine signed by John Lennon, with "more popular than Jesus" quote, sells for $12,000. Ozzy Osbourne to receive "Legend of Live" award from "Billboard" magazine.


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the cougar and the kid. For the first time, Hulk Hogan`s ex-wife and her much younger boyfriend speak out together.


L. HOGAN: If he was, you know, any younger, probably it would be an issue, you know, because it wouldn`t be legal. But -

HAMMER: Fifty-year-old Linda Hogan unveils her cougar-rific(ph) new life with a 20-year-old. Tonight, inside Linda Hogan`s steamy May-December romance.

And for the first time, we`re playing the video of President Obama calling Kanye West a jackass. Also, why another U.S. president is now attacking Kanye, too. Are you kidding me?

Plus, Kathy Griffin`s brand-new smack down with Oprah?


GRIFFIN: I`m going to do SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m not stupid, but I`m passing on Oprah.

HAMMER (on camera): OK.


Tonight, one on one with Kathy Griffin. It`s the very funny interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Plus, more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

And tonight, we have the cougar and the kid. Yes, it is train wreck Thursday as 50-year-old Linda Hogan and her lover boy, 20-year-old Charley, tell all about their relationship.


L. HOGAN: If he was, you know, any younger, it probably would be an issue, you know, because it wouldn`t be legal. But -


HAMMER: You got that right. Get ready for a story of a lifetime. Tonight, you are going to hear all as Hulk Hogan`s ex-wife, Linda, reveals the intimate details of her love affair with her kid`s 20-year-old friend, Charley, including her stunning reaction to the first time she saw him.

And get this - Linda does not hold back about the fact that she and Charley are, quote, "soul mates." Are you buying it? Is this the case of a cougar and a boy toy or is it a match made in Hogan heaven?

But wait, there`s more. Is Charley afraid he might get his butt kicked by Hulk Hogan for sleeping with his ex-wife?

Joining me tonight in New York is the woman who asked all the tough questions of both of them, Megan Alexander, who is a correspondent for "Inside Edition. Also tonight from Hollywood, Leslie Marshall, host of "The Leslie Marshall Radio Show."

Let me say it again. Linda Hogan is 50; her boyfriend charley is 20. How in the world did this match made in heaven actually happen? Well, Linda Hogan tells their sweet story to "Inside Edition" and it`s a winner.



L. HOGAN: On a beach. I said, "Whoa, what`s that?" He was so hot like, dang, you know?


HAMMER: Dang, you know. All right. Megan, I`ve got to go to you first. You were right there, asking the questions. What was your reaction when you heard that? It was so school girlish and he`s 20. And he was younger at the time. Was it hard to keep a straight face?

ALEXANDER: You know, it was, A.J. And yes, that`s a 30-year age difference. Going into it, of course, I was very skeptical. I mean, 50- year-old Linda Hogan is dating someone the same age as her son and her daughter basically.

I was very skeptical, but I was also prepared to ask some tough questions. And I thought, you know, I`m not going to judge anyone. We never know what a relationship is like until we try to get to know the people. I think -


ALEXANDER: The initial picture was rather shocking. But after talking to them, I did ask some tough questions, A.J. And I think Charley actually is a pretty nice guy. And it seems like he`s treating Linda pretty good. However, my concern was more Linda knows what she is doing.


ALEXANDER: She is 50. She`s lived life. So what is she doing?

HAMMER: That`s exactly the right question to be asking. And I`m sorry that particular sound bite is one of my favorite this week. Can we roll it again, Charles. It was just delicious.


ALEXANDER: How did you meet?

L. HOGAN: On a beach. I said, "Whoa, what`s that?" He was show hot like, you know - like, dang, you know.


HAMMER: Leslie Marshall, take it away.

MARSHALL: You know what? If I jumped into bed with or moved in with every guy that I thought was hot working in radio and television and living in L.A., well, I would be a hoe.

Now, I`m not calling the woman a hoe, but I`m simply saying - I mean, this is crazy. She is a 50-year-old woman. I understand mid-life crisis, but can`t she get a breast implant - well, she already has that. She can`t get a new car or jewelry or something like the rest of us girls do?

No. She had to get herself a 20-year-old that was 19 at that time. This, to me, is crazy. She`s got kids, even though the marriage didn`t work out with their dad, her ex-husband Hulk Hogan.

You know, I mean, her daughter, you know, says, hey, this isn`t working out. It looks like Charley is getting free rent and a free ride.


MARSHALL: And I don`t think how long that`s going to last.

HAMMER: Well, Linda says this is the real deal. I mean, this is not a passing fancy. It`s a true relationship - it`s what she`s saying.

Now, she has been with Charley for over a year which would have made him 19, I guess, when they first got together. Listen to what Linda told "Inside Edition" about her feelings for her boy toy.


L. HOGAN: I really love him now. And it`s like we are just - we`re good friends and we`re soul mates.


HAMMER: OK. Soul mates - that`s a pretty strong term for a guy you have known for that amount of time who is 30 years your junior. Megan, let me ask you, because it is easy to be cynical to look at them and say, "No way, can`t be true love."

But you were right there with them. What do you think about the relationship? Is it true love? Or do you think it`s truly twisted?

ALEXANDER: Well, I think, obviously, it needs to stand the test of time. All relationships do if they are true love, right? So I`d like to interview them in 10 years, see if they are, indeed, still together.

I did try to ask them some of the tough questions, though, A.J., in terms of the age difference. I said to them, "Do you want to have kids? If you are indeed soul mates, this is true love, do you want to have kids?"

Obviously, Linda, the biological clock is ticking. She said they`ve talked about it and they would be open to adoption. I said, "Charley, how do you feel about that? He said, "I`m open as well."

We talked about the fact that Linda is the same age pretty much of Charley`s mother. What happened when they first met? She said, yes, it was awkward, but they have, indeed, worked through that and talked through that.

And most importantly, what`s been shared here is the kids, Linda`s two kids. Brooke has shared and has been very vocal that she had a really hard time with this.

Charley went to the same school as she did. And she said, "What`s going on with my mom? Why can`t she get her life together?" And you know, you never stop being a mother even when your kids hit their 20s.


ALEXANDER: So I said, you know, to Linda, "What is your concern about your relationship with Brooke and the fact that she is not cool with this?" She said - she told me that she would leave Charley if it made Brooke happy. She said she doesn`t think that`s what needs to be done.


ALEXANDER: Charley said he would leave Linda for Brooke. But, you know, we`ll believe it when we see it, I guess.

HAMMER: But Brooke hasn`t spoken to her because Brooke doesn`t like Charley. In fact, Brooke has said it has nothing to do with the age thing. It`s because she just doesn`t like Charley as a guy.

Now, we all know Linda and Hulk had a seriously bitter divorce. I mean, there was so much drama, so much outrage and a lot of smack talk.

In fact, Hulk was so mad that Linda was dating 20-year-old Charley that he compared himself to O.J. Simpson in an interview when he said this to "Rolling Stone" magazine, "You know, there is that male instinct that you`d love to get him in the ring. I could have even went out and been like O.J. Simpson, but I chose not to."

It turns out Linda and Charley did not take Hulk`s words lightly. I want you to listen to what they just told Megan at "Inside Edition" about that.


ALEXANDER: Linda, were you ever fearful that your ex-husband would come harm you or come harm Charley?

L. HOGAN: Yes. I was a little afraid because I didn`t know how he would react and he`s a big guy, you know.

CHARLEY HILL, LINDA HOGAN`S BOYFRIEND: Yes, I mean, it`s Hulk Hogan, of all people. He`s 6`5" or 6`6" - however big he is - and 305 pounds. Yes, he can break me like a twig.


HAMMER: Megan, let me go back to you on this. Because I`m wondering as they proclaim their love to the world now on national television with you in that interview, are Linda and Charley - did you get the sense they`re still afraid that Hulk might harm them?

ALEXANDER: I asked them that. They said they have all shaken hands and that they`ve talked a little bit. And supposedly, things are good. Charley said, you know, if sees him, he`s like, "Hey, how is it going?"

They are civil to each other. But he did say, you know, "He could break me like a twig." So Charley is one brave guy to date Hulk Hogan`s ex. I think we can all agree with that.

And he`s so young, A.J. I mean, does he really know what he`s getting into? He`s just so young. He hasn`t lived enough life to understand, you know, the history with their marriage and what it means to come into a relationship with someone who has kids.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, Brooke is 21 years old, that`s a year older than her mom`s boyfriend. And Linda`s son is just one year younger. I don`t think people are going to take these guys seriously at all.

Megan Alexander, great interview. Thank you so much for sharing with us. And Leslie Marshall, thanks for being here.

As we move on tonight, for the first time, we are playing President Obama calling Kanye West a jackass, caught on tape. And why another U.S. president is now slamming Kanye, too. Are you kidding me?

Of course, all of this started out when Kanye stole the microphone from Taylor Swift at the MTV VMAs. Well, today, the video of President Obama calling Kanye a jackass during an off-the-cuff moment on CNBC was posted online. And you have got to see it.


BARACK OBAMA, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person. She`s getting her award.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why would he do that?

OBAMA: He`s a jackass. No, I`m assuming all this stuff - where is the pool? Come on, guys. Cut the president some slack.


HAMMER: Wow. Off the record is not off the record. And if it wasn`t enough to get slammed by the sitting president of the United States, Kanye also got slammed by a former president, too. Seriously here.

Take a look at what former President Jimmy Carter had to say about Kanye West during a town hall meeting at Emory University.


JIMMY CARTER, FORMER UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: I thought it was completely uncalled for and his punishment was to appear on the new "Jay Leno Show."


HAMMER: Yes. I don`t suppose Kanye is going to be invited to any state dinners any time soon.

All right. Kathy Griffin is certainly moving her way up from the D list today. But tonight, does Kathy really have a beef with Oprah?


GRIFFIN: Obviously, she is intimidated by me and the way that I reach out to people and the way that I have helped a lot more people than she ever has.


HAMMER: And that`s not all. Kathy on how she chased Barbara Walters to the bathroom. Kathy on coming face-to-face with Kate Gosselin after she made fun of her. I go one on one with Kathy Griffin. It is the absolutely hysterical interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And is Lindsay Lohan in a psych ward? Yes, I sure hope not. SHOWBIZ truth squad is on that case.

And no, no. That was daddy`s foul ball.


MOOS (voice-over): It was a foul ball catch that left folks in anything but a foul mood.


HAMMER: A little girl throws a baseball back into the game after daddy catches it. Oh, so cute or a foul moment? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Jay-Z scores his 11th number one on Billboard`s album chart, beating Elvis` record. Jennifer Lopez visits President Obama in Oval Office before Hispanic caucus gala.



HAMMER: Superstar Susan Boyle making her triumphant debut in America on the season finale of NBC`s "America`s Got Talent." Boyle singing a stripped-down cover of the "Rolling Stones`" Wild Horses to huge applause from the audience.

Boyle, of course, became a worldwide superstar when her audition for "Britain`s Got Talent became a YouTube sensation. That was just five short months ago. Her first album is called "I Dreamed a Dream." It`s coming out in November.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, Kathy Griffin unplugged in our no-holds-barred interview. Now, I sat down with the two-time Emmy Award-winning comedienne and reality show star and she managed to insult more people in the shortest span of time than I`ve ever personally experienced in an interview.

Kathy stopped by to talk about her new memoir. I love the title of her book, "The Official Book Club Selection." In the book, Kathy really opens up about every intimate detail of her personal life, including her many feuds with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

When I sat down with Kathy, I wanted her to set the record straight on her reported battle with, of all people, Oprah Winfrey. So why would Oprah ban Kathy from ever appearing on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" again.


GRIFFIN: Obviously, she is intimidated by me and the way that I reach out to people and the way that I`ve helped a lot more people than she ever has.

But you know, when you are banned from these shows, and it will eventually happen with us - just wait and see. Usually, the producers - they don`t like to come out and say, "You are banned." It`s just that they just don`t book you for a long time.

They book and also they don`t, even if you have Emmys or performed in Iraq or have a "New York Times" bestseller which, by the way, this is the "New York Times" number one bestseller in nonfiction.

HAMMER: Mazeltov to you on that.


HAMMER: So what`s your gut feeling though on the Oprah thing? Do you think it is a rather, "You know what? I`d rather she not be booked on the show?"

GRIFFIN: You know what? I`ll tell you I am passing on doing "The Oprah Show." That`s right.

HAMMER: Really?

GRIFFIN: I`m not going to do it. I decided to pass.

HAMMER: I don`t believe you, Kathy.

GRIFFIN: I`m too big and too famous. Too famous and too big. I don`t have time.

HAMMER: I appreciate you putting SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in the ranks above "Oprah Winfrey."

GRIFFIN: I want to do SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m not stupid, but I`m passing on "Oprah."

HAMMER: Are you ready to talk about Kate Gosselin?

GRIFFIN: Oh, I`ve met her. Now, we`re new BFFs.

HAMMER: Well, let`s talk about this. Kate gets a film and a play in your book. You go there. You look at the indexes. You see Kate Gosselin go right to that page which is terrific.

I have to tell you, we all were just laughing our butts off watching the spoof you did "Kate is Enough" for Jimmy Kimmel. Can we take a look at it right now? Let`s roll that out, Charles, shall we?


GRIFFIN (as Kate Gosselin): I told you monsters to cram a polly pocket in those pie holes. Mommy`s doing a satellite feed with Regis.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE CHILD: But mom, we`re thirsty.

GRIFFIN: Wa, wa, wa. Here, drink the tears of fame, bottoms up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She was a wife.

GRIFFIN: Hi, honey.


GEORGE TAKEI, ACTOR (AS JON GOSSELIN): Why don`t you grab that light for us, Dear?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And she was a tabloid superstar.

GRIFFIN: That`s right. Look at these mama abs and the tummy tuck scars. And it goes (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kathy Griffin is Kate Gosselin.


HAMMER: Can we get a rousing round of applause?

GRIFFIN: Come on.

HAMMER: Come on. That is genius.

GRIFFIN: I would like my third Emmy right now. I really would. I wish I could take credit because the Jimmy Kimmel staff wrote and directed it, so I can take no credit except for being really talented and everything.

HAMMER: Well, and having inspiration in Kate Gosselin who you know have met and known and worked with because she was a guest when you were a guest on "The View."

GRIFFIN: Yes. I just came moments ago from talking to her.

HAMMER: What I want to know, how did it go with her? Because face it. She has been the butt of a lot of your jokes.

GRIFFIN: Oh, yes.

HAMMER: Was she ticked off in any way?

GRIFFIN: Not at all. And by the way, that little short film is actually very pro-Kate. And I didn`t have qualms about meeting her, because, you know, first of all, obviously, the husband sort of is thrown under the bus more than she is. But now, I said much more vicious things about other celebrities.


HAMMER: Kathy really has said some pretty vicious things about other celebrities as well which might be the reason that Oprah is not the only talk show host who may be a little upset with her. It turns out, Kathy actually put Barbara Walters in an awkward position the last time she was at "The View." Look at this.


GRIFFIN: What happens is when I go to "The View," people exit the building. One of them is named Barbara Walters who I actually bum-rushed in the bathroom and knocked on the door to the bathroom so she`ll talk to me.

HAMMER: So she will not share the set with you?

GRIFFIN: She doesn`t care for me.

HAMMER: She wants you on the show, but doesn`t want to do it with you?

GRIFFIN: That`s right. She knows I`m ratings gold ...

HAMMER: Why is that?

GRIFFIN: ... as you do. But she knows I will make fun of her and tease her. And also, she is intimidated by me.

HAMMER: Like Oprah?

GRIFFIN: Exactly.


HAMMER: You can pick up a copy of Kathy`s funny memoir. It`s terrific. It`s called, "Official Book Club Selection." It`s in bookstores right now.

Right now, we have a special Kathy Griffin edition of the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker." I asked Kathy to comment on stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom that are making news right now. One little disclaimer here - none of these are actually true. Roll it.


GRIFFIN: Octumom has her 17th child. The father? The cast of "Twilight." Kanye West marries Taylor Swift in a surprise ceremony in Vegas. Whitney Houston - crack is Whitney Whack which is one step further than causing whack. Bobby Brown found to have 12-year sobriety - has been fooling us the whole time. Linda Hogan is out on the loose. She is going out with the Jonas Brothers. That`s right. She`s got three younger boyfriends.


HAMMER: All off the top of her head. Well, tonight, has Lindsay Lohan really checked into a psych ward? There are some brand-new reports out there saying Lindsay has checked into a hospital.

Now, Lindsay has been in hospitals before, but a psych ward? Today the SHOWBIZ truth squad dug up a message that Lindsay posted on her Twitter. Let me read this for you, "Ha ha ha ha. My publicist just called me and said she heard I was in a psych ward. Ha ha ha. What is wrong with people? I`m working. LOL."

She went on to tweet, "But that`s one I`ve never heard about myself before. New ones are always interesting, huh? There`s so much going on in the world. Wake up."

Now, according to "," Lindsay is on the set of a new movie, "Machete" co-starring Robert De Niro and Jessica Alba. Another case closed - thanks to the SHOWBIZ truth squad.

Well, one New Jersey dad got lucky enough to do just that at a game in Philadelphia. But then he turned around to see his daughter throw it back. Now, to me, I thought this was adorable. Surprisingly, not everybody thought it was cute. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

It is time now for the real "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary dies of Leukemia at age 72. Burt Reynolds is home after rehab stay for pain pills.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. All right. Did you see this? Catching a foul ball is something that many baseball fans dream of. And for a Philadelphia Phillies fan, that dream finally came true. That is until this particular fan`s toddler took matters into her own hands.

Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It was a foul ball catch that left folks in anything but a foul mood. No, it wasn`t Steve Monforto`s catch at the Philadelphia-Washington game that had them laughing. It was this three-year-old daughter`s right arm. Though she threw back daddy`s souvenir, a heartwarming hug is what lingers, one of those moments that evokes this from women -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was like, what are you doing?

MOOS: She was doing what Emily was used to doing, catching and throwing a Nerf ball with dad. It was the post-toss hug that tugged at most folks.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My husband would have had a fit, but he recovered very nicely to hug her.

MOOS: That hug turned the 32-year-old engineering project manager into a paragon of parenting. "What a prince." "Absolute hero." "Dad of the year. "Best dad ever." "I want to meet this dad."

Yes. Well, he is already married. That is his wife with their younger daughter at the game. Steve told us he hugged Emily when she looked as if she thought she`d done something wrong by tossing away the ball.


MOOS (on camera): By the way, the Phillies had someone coming up to the stands to give dad and daughter a ball to replace the one that Emily threw back.

(voice-over): When an online curmudgeon suggested dad should have tossed her after the ball, the next person responded, "Do us all a favor and don`t reproduce."

But let us reproduce the slow motion replay and watch Steve`s face as he realizes the beloved foul may be gone, but the fairest of all is still in his arms.


HAMMER: I love it. That`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And don`t worry. Steve Monforto, the father who caught the foul ball and his daughter Emily now have two baseballs courtesy of the Phillies.

Not only did the Phillies bring the family ball during the game to make up for the one they lost as Jeanne mentioned. But also this morning on the "Today" show - look at this. Steve and Emily were given another ball signed by Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth. He is the guy who originally hit the foul ball in the fifth inning that made the Monforto family famous.

The Phillies also presented the entire family with their own personalized Phillies jerseys. Nice going.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s -11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning, 11:00 a.m. Eastern here on HLN.