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Lisa Ling`s Dramatic Plea for Her Sister; Lindsay Lohan Missing Bling Mystery; Sex Lives of Stars, Is It TMI?; The Fury Over Bill Maher`s Attack on President Obama; Is Sarah Palin Giving Jon and Kate`s Marriage Advice?

Aired June 17, 2009 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Lisa Ling`s dramatic new plea to get her sister out of a North Korean prison. Tonight, the shocking new action by North Korea that has rocked Lisa and her family.


LISA LING, FORMER CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": We are very sorry.


HAMMER: Will Lisa`s sister get out in time to celebrate her wedding anniversary? Will her sister`s friend also get out for her daughter`s preschool graduation? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with Lisa Ling`s heartbreaking new fight.

Tonight, brand-new details about the sex lives of stars. Jada Pinkett-Smith fighting back over questions about the sexuality of her and hubby Will Smith. Lindsay Lohan sends a topless photo of herself to the world. And Fergie opens up about the sex costumes she wears for her husband. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got to ask - is this TMI?

Plus, the fury on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Facebook page. Bill Maher`s explosive attack on President Obama for being on TV too much.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. So, what`s the real story behind the Lindsay-Lohan-missing- bling mystery? Some $400,000 in jewelry from a major Lindsay Lohan photo shoot has gone, vanished, disappeared. Is Lindsay a suspect? And what are the cops saying?

But first, Lisa Ling`s desperate plea. "Save my sister from a North Korean prison." In a shocking, brand-new development, North Korea now claims the sister of the former "View" co-host has made a confession. Well, tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you heartbreaking news revealed today. Lisa Ling and her family about their ordeal, from missed wedding anniversaries to the pain of a child missing her mother.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that this is all making very big news right now.


LISA LING: Please just let the girls come home.

HAMMER (voice-over): Heartbroken families share their anguish with the public as two young women sit in a prison half a world away, pawns in an international crisis.

LISA LING: It`s been three months, and that`s been too long for us.

HAMMER: Lisa Ling, "National Geographic" host and former co-host of "The View".

LISA LING: I feel like I`ve been here for 5,000 shows.

HAMMER: . is now using every ounce of her star power to beg North Korea to release her sister, Laura Ling, and another journalist, Euna Lee.

LAURA LING, CURRENT TV REPORTER: You`ll notice there are no cars, no taxis.

HAMMER: The two reporters for Current TV sit in a North Korea prison, sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for allegedly crossing the border into the communist country while on assignment.

LISA LING: Since the verdict, no one has seen them.

HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, Ling and the rest of the captured journalists` families are sharing new painful details of their ordeal as they desperately try to bring their loved ones home.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I miss her terribly. You know, I love her dearly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We miss her and love her, and I want her home soon.

HAMMER: For the first time, North Korea is giving details of the two women`s arrest last March. Its news agency says the two illegally crossed into the country from China to conduct what North Korea calls a smear campaign against it. Plus, North Korea is making the shocking claim that the two women have admitted their crimes.

LISA LING: We haven`t heard much out of North Korea, so in a way, we appreciated that they released these charges.

HAMMER: On CNN`s "AC 360," Lisa Ling tried to be as diplomatic as possible in a message she clearly hopes North Korea will hear.

LISA LING: When they left U.S. soil, they never intended to cross into North Korea. According to the charges, they confessed. And so we know they`re sorry. We`re very sorry, and we hope that the North Korean government now will show compassion and just let them come home.

HAMMER: On "Good Morning America," Ling says she`s also worried about her sister`s health.

LISA LING: She has a recurring ulcer. As we all know, ulcers are exacerbated by stress. And we can only imagine what they`re going through.

HAMMER: Sitting by Ling`s side during her emotional appeal, the captured journalists` husbands. Laura Ling`s husband tells "Good Morning America" this is an especially hard time to be without his wife.

IAIN CLAYTON, LAURA LING`S HUSBAND: June 26 will be our fifth-year wedding anniversary. Back in January, when I was booking a trip for us, for our anniversary, I never thought we would be in this situation. And call me hopelessly optimistic, but I haven`t yet canceled that trip.

HAMMER: And Euna Lee`s husband tells the "Today" show he hasn`t told their preschool-age daughter exactly where her mommy is.

MICHAEL SALDATE, EUNA LEE`S HUSBAND: She misses her mom. And right now, she`s staying with my dad. And I just talked to her on the phone earlier yesterday. And she was saying that she was hoping that her mom would be home when she got home. And I just told her - I said, "You know, just keep your hopes up. You know, Mommy will be home soon."

AMY PAFFRATH, HOST, "E! NEWS NOW": It definitely tugs on your heartstrings to see someone`s husband pleading for his wife. And I think that using that emotion really strikes a chord with people. So even me, personally, you can feel for these people. They want to be able to share these memories with their loved ones.

HAMMER: U.S. officials are working to get the women released, a job made harder by recent tensions with North Korea. But "E`s" Amy Paffrath tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Lisa Ling clearly hopes her TV campaign can help succeed where diplomacy so far has failed.

PAFFRATH: By going on all these talk shows, it may be to just get that message out there to as many people as possible and start a campaign of more supporters who will help get this pushed to the forefront. Going to government officials doesn`t necessarily get the job done. But making it a national issue probably will.


HAMMER: Well, U.S. officials do say that they`re trying to get Ling and Lee released on humanitarian grounds.

Well, now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the late-breaking developments in the Lindsay Lohan jewel-heist mystery. I can`t believe I just said this. And I`m not talking about a plot line for a new film.

Police did confirm today they are investigating what happened to more than $400,000 worth of jewelry that just vanished after Lindsay Lohan did a photo shoot for "Elle" magazine. And officials are now revealing if Lindsay is a suspect.

Also making big news right now, breaking late today, a decision on Chris Brown`s dramatic appeal to keep Rihanna from testifying against him next week in the case in which he is accused of beating her up.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood is Pat Lalama, who is an investigative journalist. And in New York tonight, there she is, Jane Velez-Mitchell, host, of course, of "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL," seen every night at 7:00 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN.

Let us begin with what we now know in the Lindsay Lohan jewel heist mystery. Police looking into the disappearance of a Dior diamond necklace and earrings worth nearly $500,000.

Now, Lindsay`s rep tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Lindsay is happy to cooperate with the investigation. "Elle" magazine said today they have no reason to believe that Lindsay had anything to do with the missing jewelry. "Elle" says they don`t believe Lindsay was involved.

The police haven`t implicated her. But if you read all of the headlines like this one from today`s "New York Post," you might think differently. Jane, guilty or not, this is not good for Lindsay Lohan, is it?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, "ISSUES": It certainly isn`t because she, A.J., has a reputation that precedes her. She has misplaced a bag of jewelry in the past and reported it stolen. She`s allegedly walked out with somebody else`s coat at a night club. And that created all sorts of insanity that ended up being settled for an undisclosed sum.

She has a history of very, very erratic behavior. So naturally, when we hear reports that she was saying, "Wow, I think this is beautiful jewelry," and according to these published reports, "Can I keep it?" And they`re like, "No, you can`t and then it goes missing, people are going to look at her. It only makes sense. She was wearing the jewelry.

HAMMER: Yes. Pat, what do you think? With a troubled past like Lindsay Lohan`s - and it goes back a while now and she`s only 22 years old. She doesn`t need this hanging over her head.

PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: Well, A.J., in the legal profession, they use the term "prior acts" and they use that to build a case for something in the present. Now, I am not going to be the person that comes on television and accuses her of being a kleptomaniac.

But this is a woman who deals in chaos. She`s not adopting children in Rwanda. She`s not talking about the dangers of landmines. This is a woman whose life is about chaos.

Of course, "Elle" magazine is going to say, "We have no reason to believe" - are they going to accuse her of stealing? That`s a lawsuit waiting to happen. I guarantee you that investigators, if they have any level of confidence, are looking at her and everyone else, as they should.

HAMMER: Yes. And they`re going to question her - let me be very clear, though. She hasn`t been charged with anything. Nobody`s actually accusing her of taking anything.

LALAMA: That`s right.

HAMMER: Nonetheless, as far as her image is concerned, not a good thing. I mean, to say that Lindsay`s career is pretty much going downhill, that`s probably the understatement of the last several years.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that wherever Lindsay goes, tabloid headlines and trouble really still seem to follow. Jane, is that really why a lot of people, when they hear about her, just assume the worst?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, her struggles have been so public. A lot of people struggle, but they don`t have the paparazzi and the tabloids following every twist and turn as she does.

We`ve all seen her history that she had to go to rehab, trying to get sober. So, presumably she had a substance abuse problem as has been reported. And when she got out, presumably she was sober. The big question right now, is she still sober? There are those who say she behaved very erratically at that photo shoot.

And so I have no idea. But at the very least, I can say she doesn`t seem to be emotionally sober. She seems, at the very least, to be on some sort of dry drunk.

HAMMER: Also making big news right now, Chris Brown in his last-minute plea to get his assault case delayed. Late this afternoon, the California Supreme Court said, no, they turned him down. And this sets the stage for next Monday and Rihanna testifying at a hearing that`s going to determine if there`s going to be a trial. Pat, this is not good for Chris Brown, is it?

LALAMA: All right. Here`s the deal on this, A.J. Remember what a preliminary hearing is. It`s the prosecution`s parade. It`s their chance to go before the judge with a mini-version of the case and say, "Here`s what we have on Chris Brown."

And I guarantee you they`re not going to make him look good. My police sources tell me that the reason why Mark Geragos wants this delayed, he`s trying to get personnel files from the police people involved in this investigation.

Because remember, there was a photo, a very disturbing photo, leaked of Rihanna shortly after the incident. So what Geragos is trying to do, according to my sources, is go to the courts and say, "Look, corrupt police department. They`re after poor Chris Brown, maybe even a little bit of race card being played." And that is the game that Mark is trying to play.

HAMMER: Well, it`s still, all that said, could be very devastating when she takes the stand.


HAMMER: Pat Lalama, Jane Velez-Mitchell, thank you both. All right. As we move on tonight, we all sometimes, at least, like to hear about stars` private lives. But the very personal details about their sex lives - I don`t know about that.

Well, tonight, there`s a brand-new picture that we just mentioned of Lindsay Lohan topless. Guess who sent it out? As you heard, Lindsay herself. And then you`ve got Jada Pinkett-Smith blabbing and fighting back about reports surrounding the sexuality of her and her husband, Will. So I`ve got to ask, is all this just TMI - too much information?

Also Sarah Palin, marriage therapist? Huh? Tonight, is the Alaska governor trying to help Jon Gosselin, you know, from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" with his rocky marriage? We`ve got the SHOWBIZ Truth Squad is on the case.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It`s a cheeseburger that doesn`t come medium. It doesn`t come rare. It comes in a can.


HAMMER: A cheeseburger in a can? Can someone pass the ketchup in a box, please? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Police chiefs suspected in break-ins at home of Sarah Jessica Parker`s surrogate. Shia LaBeouf says Steven Spielberg is working on fifth "Indiana Jones" film.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. Well, tonight, Cher is speaking out for the very first time about her daughter becoming a man. Chastity Bono, the only child of Cher and the late Sonny Bono, is undergoing a sex change and now goes by the name Chaz.

Here`s what Cher is telling "People" magazine, "Chaz is embarking on a difficult journey, but one that I will support. I respect the courage it takes to go through this transition in the glare of public scrutiny. The one thing that will never change is my abiding love for my child."

Tonight, cheeseburger in a can? I don`t know about you, but I`m pretty pleased that the summer grilling season is finally here. But if eating the most unusual cheeseburger is what you are craving, well, how about a burger you can boil?

A Swiss company has got you covered with their cheeseburgers in a can. But how good can a canned burger really be?

Well, here is CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the taste test.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It`s a cheeseburger that doesn`t come medium. It doesn`t come rare. It comes in a can.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can hear something inside, yes.

MOOS: Oh, yes. An entire cheeseburger - bun, onions, tomato pulp, and yes, even some real beef. We fell for the cheeseburger-in-a-can mystique weeks ago when there was buzz about it on the Internet. So it surfaced on Web sites like "Dig Your Own Grave" months ago. It got no respect. Jay Leno even joked about it.

JAY LENO, HOST, "THE TONIGHT SHOW": They say the cheeseburger can last for a year in the can and up to two years in your colon. Yes -

MOOS: Go ahead and laugh. But what other has its own Facebook page? So we ordered several from the Swiss company that sells them via the Internet, mostly to campers.

MOOS (on camera): You know, we were supposed to have more than one.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Couldn`t afford it?

MOOS: They got stuck in customs.

(voice-over): No wonder. Pretty frightening. We took our only can to the Parker Meridian Hotel`s burger joint where the burgers are rated among the best in New York by the guests.

(on camera): Boil it for 10 minutes.


MOOS (voice-over): And by it, we mean a whole can.

(on camera): Oh, my god, it floats.

(voice-over): Sometimes it rattles. Web taste-testers resorted to scissors, to a flipper to fish it out.

(on camera): Do you think I should flip it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think it can overcook?

MOOS (voice-over): Do you think it`s overpriced? Each burger is about $6.50. It`s the shipping that really adds up.

(on camera): This sort of looks like Spam, you know.

(voice-over): The Parker Meridian`s chef, the hotel`s managing director and a guest served as guinea pigs. We exchanged meaningful glances.

(on camera): It`s gross.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s like bad salami.

MOOS: You seem sort of speechless.


MOOS (voice-over): But the guest wasn`t.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s really good, yes. A little chewy, but good. It`s awesome. Is that meat?

MOOS: OK. So maybe it doesn`t look quite as tasty as advertised and certainly, it doesn`t live up to Jimmy Buffett`s famous song.


So what? It looks like leftover cat food. Just wash it down with another product from the same company, powdered red wine.

(on camera): Why bother to boil it?


HAMMER: Yes. Get ready for hotdogs in a spray bottle. That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Well, I can tell you, for absolute certain, our "Showbiz on Call" operators are opening up a whole can of phone calls about the whole Bill Maher-President Obama controversy. Bill, of course, is one of Obama`s biggest supporters. But now, he`s slamming him for being on TV too much.

We got a call in to "Showbiz on Call" from Terri in California. Terry thinks it is important for President Obama to be out there.


CALLER: I do not agree with Bill Maher`s comment about the president being on TV too much. I really believe that there`s so much going on with the economy, people are interested in what`s going on around us, not that the president is trying to be so much on TV. It`s just that we`re looking for him to see what direction he`s going in.


HAMMER: Thanks a lot, Terri. We`re getting both sides of this. We also heard from Renee calling in to "Showbiz on Call" and she thinks that Maher is totally right.


CALLER: I think Bill Maher got it right on. Obama is too out in the spotlight. He`s having too much fun being a celebrity instead of making the promises he agreed to make.


HAMMER: Well, thanks, Renee. You can call us at "Showbiz on Call" because I know you`ve got something to say about this. Or you can tell us anything that`s on your mind. Call the "Showbiz on Call" phone lines which are open all the time - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899.

Well, tonight, some big stars are revealing some very personal new things about their sex lives. You`ve got Jada Pinkett-Smith fighting back against those reports about her and her husband Will`s sexuality. You`ve got Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie letting loose about the sexy costumes she wears for her star husband, Josh Duhamel. But I`ve got to ask, is all this just TMI?

And there`s a raging debate on our Facebook page. Bruce Willis` jaw- dropping S & M pictures. TMI or way to go, Bruce?

Our Facebook fans are also fired up over Bill Maher saying President Obama is on TV too much. Tonight, we bring you the Facebook fury.

And is Sarah Palin Jon Gosselin`s shrink? Tonight, is Palin giving the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star advice about his rocky marriage? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Susan Boyle invited to perform on "America`s Got Talent." Black Eyed Peas have top single and top album on iTunes.




HAMMER: You`ve got to love the hammer pants, M.C. Hammer`s "You Can`t Touch This," of course. Can you believe that song is almost 20 years old? That`s frightening. Tonight I can tell you it is Hammer time again.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. Tonight, it`s M.C. Hammer talking "Jon & Kate Plus 8." Hammer has certainly had his own share of ups and downs over the years. He sold 50 million albums, but then, blew through all of his cash and filed for bankruptcy.

But M.C.`s marriage has lasted. He`s been married for more than 20 years. Amazing. He and his wife have five kids. They`re raising their nephew as well. And now, he`s got his own reality show all about it.

So I just had to ask M.C., with all that he`s been through, what kind of advice does he have for Jon and Kate Gosselin?


(on camera): Let me ask you this. Sitting from where you are, being in a successful marriage, and we know the reasons why. But you`re raising six kids, and now you`re putting them on TV. What kind of advice would you give a couple like Jon and Kate?

M.C. HAMMER, REALITY TV STAR AND FORMER RAP ARTIST: If they love each other, and if they`re very interested, I would say, especially to Jon as a father, you would be making a grave mistake to allow the show to destroy you being there for those kids. There`s nothing that will make up for the moments that he can have with his eight kids. There`s absolutely nothing that can make up for it.

So I would not allow this show to, in any way, interrupt or impede my relationship with my kids. Wouldn`t do it. I would advise him strongly against that, that he needs to work - whatever it takes. It doesn`t matter. If he has to set pride aside, ego aside, whatever you have to set aside, man, don`t let them steal the joy and love of being with those kids away from you, because you will never forgive yourself.


HAMMER: Yes. It`s definitely good advice. Focus on the kids. All right. I also had to set the record straight with M.C. Hammer on something else. This is very important. Please watch carefully.


(on camera): Rumors have been floating around for years that we are third cousins twice removed. Shall we straighten it out for everybody once and for all now?

M.C. HAMMER: Yes. The truth is, you are my brother from another mother.

HAMMER: That`s exactly right.


The resemblance is quite obvious, isn`t it? Definitely check out Hammer`s great new show. It`s called "Hammer Time." It airs Sunday nights on A & E.

Time now for the SHOWBIZ line-up. This is what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Sarah Palin, marriage counselor? Tonight, is the Alaska governor really dishing out advice to "Jon & Kate Plus 8`s" Jon about his rocky marriage?

Also, Jada Pinkett-Smith speaking out about all those reports on her and her husband, Will`s sexuality. Should she really be talking about this or is it TMI?

And there is Facebook fury tonight. A raging debate on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page over Bill Maher saying President Obama is spending too much time on TV. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Mia Farrow`s brother found dead of apparent suicide in Vermont art gallery. Kelly Preston and Greg Kinnear to play Miley Cyrus` parents in "The Last Song."


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, brand-new details about stars` sex lives. TMI? Jada Pinkett Smith fights back over questions about the sexuality of her and hubby, Will Smith.

Lindsay Lohan`s new topless photo and she posted herself online.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks, is it A-OK for stars to open up about their sex lives? Or is it TMI?

Facebook fury. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook fans fired up over two huge stories. Bill Maher`s explosive attack on President Obama. Is the president spending too much time on TV?

Bruce Willis` racy S & M photo spread in "W" magazine with his new young wife. Out of line or is it just fine? Tonight, it`s SHOWBIZ Facebook fury.

Plus, more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

And tonight, we have got just an unbelievable number of brand-new stories about the sex lives and half-nude pictures of stars that they are putting out there, which is why we`re asking - TMI, too much information?

Take a look at this topless photo of Lindsay Lohan. How can you turn away? Well, this photo surfaced today, and it is not a paparazzi shot. Lindsay herself sent this out to the world on Twitter. And we`re asking, Linds, why, oh why?

And tonight, our Facebook page is on fire. And Jada Pinkett-Smith is on fire talking about her sex life with her superstar hubby, Will Smith. While fighting back reports about her and Will`s sexuality, she gives explicit details about their sex life.

And there`s nothing quite like hearing about singer Fergie`s costume change for sex with her superstar husband, Josh Duhamel. Hey, there.

All right. Joining me tonight from Hollywood, Pat Lalama who is an investigative journalist. And from Hollywood as well is Tanika Ray, a correspondent for "Extra."

Let us begin with the topless photo of Lindsay Lohan. Why not? Lindsay sent this photo of herself on Twitter with the comment reading, "I`m bored."

Pat, are you with me? A little TMI? I mean, is there any good excuse for Lindsay to explain herself here?

LALAMA: She doesn`t need one. She thrives off of it. So do we. Let`s face it - enough said. This is the only way this woman knows how to get attention and she gets it.

HAMMER: Well, our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers seem to get it, too, because our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page on fire about the Lindsay topless photo.

I want to read what Juanita P. is writing on our page. She says, quote, "Lord knows. She died out in the press. She has to do something to get talked about."

LALAMA: Exactly.

HAMMER: Tanika, are you with Juanita? Are you with Pat? Because here we are, once again, talking about Lindsay Lohan. However, once again, she`s making news for all the wrong reasons.

TANIKA RAY, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": Well, yes. I mean, you know, it`s habitual for her at this point. But you know, "I`m bored" said by Lindsay is translated to "I`m lonely, pay attention to me now, please."

And again, we took the bait. Dang it! But you know what? I`ve got to say TMI for America. It`s really pretty much what they ordered, and they seem to not be able to get enough. I was hoping Heidi and Spencer would push America over the edge, but not yet.

HAMMER: Yes, but stepping back from this, by releasing the topless photo - Pat, I want to get your take on this. Do you think by putting this out there, does Lindsay kind of lose her right to ever complain about being a tabloid target, which she has certainly done in the past?

LALAMA: She has no right to complain. This is a woman who hijacked an SUV and chased somebody in Santa Monica. This is a woman who got reprimanded by the head of a studio because she couldn`t show up and do her job. This is a woman who has made her demons a public matter. I don`t want to hear any whining from Lindsay Lohan.

HAMMER: Well, our Facebook page also on fire about some other photos - the "S & M" photo spread Bruce Willis shot with his brand-new, younger wife.

RAY: Hot.

HAMMER: Yes. You guys saw that? Wow. All right. Well, we`ll get to that in just a moment, Tanika. But first, TMI, Jada Pinkett-Smith, what about her sex revelations on national TV?

Here`s what happened. Will Smith`s wife, of course, sat down with the ladies of "The View." She was just there to plug her new TV on TNT. It`s called "Hawthorne." And of course, the talk turned to Jada`s marriage to Will Smith. That`s going to happen. Well, when she was asked about how they keep their marriage exciting, Jada gave what some people are saying is a little too much information. Take a look.


JADA PINKETT-SMITH, ACTRESS AND WILL SMITH`S WIFE: Will and I are very adventurous. I`ll put it that way.


BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, "THE VIEW": Listen, in 18 years, you`ve got to be adventurous.

PINKETT-SMITH: That`s what I`m telling you, you have to be. So if I`m.

WALTERS: You`re talking about the kitchen table - I mean, what are you talking about?

PINKETT-SMITH: Well, it might not necessarily be our kitchen table.


HAMMER: All right. Granted, she was asked the question - Tanika, I`m throwing this to you. I love both Jada and Will.

RAY: Yes.

HAMMER: But did we really need to know that?

RAY: No. This isn`t the first time she said that. I interviewed her over a year ago and asked her how on earth she and Will can keep their marriage successful in Hollywood. And she said straight out, great sex and often. So it`s something that she`s very proud of. And I say, go for it, girl. Keep that marriage healthy.

HAMMER: Yes. See, that wasn`t all, though, because there`s other stuff that she`s talking about very freely. Jada addressing all of the never- ending speculation that`s been going on for sometime about her and Will`s sexuality. Watch what she said on "The View" about that.


PINKETT-SMITH: Because, it`s like - once people stop talking, then what? You know what I mean? And Will and I, we understand - we know what our truths are. So we`re not here to dispel any myths or - you know, we live our lives. That`s what we do. So you either ride with us or you don`t.


HAMMER: And I actually think - I think she gave a terrific answer there. But I also can`t help but say, "Jada, you know, you`re a big star. You`re married to one of the biggest stars on the planet. You don`t even have to dignify that with a comment." Pat, are you with me? Is that a little TMI?

LALAMA: You know what? I don`t think so. Here`s the deal. You know, I`m watching TV with my kids and I see ads for "Girls Gone Wild" and I see 50,000 commercials for male enhancement and all kind of.

RAY: Yikes!

LALAMA: You know - and I`m sick to death of it. And this is a culture that relies on porn and prostitutes and strippers and we feed off of it. Why not have a healthy couple in a healthy relationship...

RAY: Absolutely.

LALAMA: ... that are presumably monogamous. They`re not into porn. They`re not cheating on each other. They`re talking about how to keep a marriage together. More power to them.

HAMMER: Yes, great point. And by the way, the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook fans really had a lot to say about all the TMI that`s going on.

Let me get to at least one right now. Jackie O. writing she`s not too happy about seeing Lindsay`s topless photo or hearing about stars` sex lives saying, quote, "Thanks, Lindsay. Blech and yes, way TMI on all counts. Who really cares about someone`s sex life, for real?"

I have to point out when a star dishes about their sex life, everything is up for grabs. Barbara Walters definitely took this and ran with it. Watch what she said about poor Will Smith. And Will, by the way, was sitting in the green room waiting for Jada to finish the interview. Roll that.


WALTERS: All I can say is after you have said there are the ups and downs, when you walk into the green room, that man is going to sweep you off your feet right on the table.

PINKETT-SMITH: Oh, yes. Yes.


HAMMER: I`m sorry. Tanika, are you with me. It was a little awkward.

RAY: No, I`ve got to tell you, I was at the Image Awards and interviewing Jada and Will was behind her necking with her, kissing her neck, grabbing her stomach. They are openly sexual, and I love that. You know what? We can`t be hypocrites.

LALAMA: It`s healthy.

RAY: Yes. We beg these celebrities to give us more information, more information. And when they do, we want to say it`s too much?

HAMMER: All right.

RAY: Come on. Give it to us.

HAMMER: Well, that`s why we talk about it right here.

RAY: Absolutely.

HAMMER: And that brings us to our next TMI star, singer Fergie who is unabashedly talking about her new married life with actor Josh Duhamel. She gave a new interview to "Allure" magazine. And in it, Fergie is talking about her sex life with Josh and how her love for costume changes carries over into their bedroom.

Here`s what she says, quote, "Oh, girl, I`ve got a big chest of fun little numbers, ones that I would never wear in public. I like to have fun with my costume onstage; why wouldn`t I in the bedroom?"

After all, why wouldn`t she, right, Pat? Are you now happy that you have that information from Fergie?

LALAMA: Well, let me tell you something, it got me thinking. I`m wearing sweat pants with my hair in a bun too much. I mean, come on.

RAY: Isn`t working for me.

LALAMA: She can open doors for all of us who`ve been in long-term relationships and want to stay, you know, healthy and monogamous. So more power to her, too.

HAMMER: All right. Tanika, let me get a very quick TMI vote from you.

RAY: Yes.

HAMMER: We`ve got Fergie. We`ve got Jada. We`ve got Lindsay. Who is the worst TMI offender today?

RAY: Just Lindsay, because she`s so desperate. That`s all I`ve got to say. And as far as Fergie is concerned, let`s be honest. Men are all about dating as many women as they can. So if they can get multiple women in one wife, go for it. That`s how you keep a man happy.


HAMMER: And Pat Lalama, you probably need to go off for a costume change right now. That sounds what you were leading up to there.

LALAMA: Yes, I do. I`m in a hurry.

HAMMER: You just said it. Not me. All right. Pat Lalama, Tanika Ray, have a good night, guys. Thank you.

All right. Well, you would not believe the all-out fury going on, on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page. It`s pretty amazing. Some big-time stories are out there getting people just riled up. Your comments are making news tonight, especially what you`re saying about Bill Maher`s slam- fest against President Barack Obama on his show "Real Time."


BILL MAHER, HOST, "REAL TIME": We like you. We really like you. You`re skinny and in a hurry and in love with a nice lady. But so is Lindsay Lohan.


HAMMER: Well, that`s not the only story that is sparking the fury on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Facebook fans. We have scorching Bruce Willis S & M photos from "W" magazine that have just created a Facebook frenzy.

There`s a raging debate on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page right now. Are these pictures out of line? Or is it, "Way to go, Bruce?" Tonight, we put you on the driver`s seat. Your fired-up comments on this Facebook fury.

And is Sarah Palin really begging Jon Gosselin not to leave Kate? Huh? The SHOWBIZ Truth Squad is on the case. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: President Obama named most stylish man in the world. Brad Pitt is second. Judge orders former "Idol" contestant to stay off Britney Spears` property.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Hey, did you see this? During an interview on CNBC, President Obama uses his superhero-like concentration to hone in on and kill an annoying fly on the first try.


JOHN HARWOOD, CNBC CORRESPONDENT: That`s the most persistent fly I`ve ever seen. Nice.

BARACK OBAMA, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: That was pretty impressive, wasn`t it? I got the sucker. What do you think, Gibbs?


OBAMA: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) right there. You want to film that? There it is.


HAMMER: All right. It`s official, Barack Obama is fly. But go figure - not everybody is as impressed with President Obama`s fly-swatting skills. Leave it to PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - to raise a stink about the little fly.

They tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT quote, "He isn`t the Buddha, he`s a human being and human beings have a long way to got before they think before they act." Are they serious? They`ve got to be kidding, right?

Let`s move on. Tonight, the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook fury over 54- year-old Bruce Willis and his freaky "S & M" photo spread with his much younger, hot new wife. Big props for Bruce or is it just way too much?

Bruce and his 32-year-old wife posing in the brand-new "W" magazine. The great debate on our Facebook page, sexy or sleazy?

Something else has everybody else fired up. Bill Maher totally slamming President Obama, calling him a celebrity and even comparing him to Lindsay Lohan.

With me tonight in New York is Marvet Britto - she`s a celebrity publicist who runs the Britto Agency. Also in New York - it`s Ben Widdicombe, the celebrity editor for ""

All right. Let`s take a look at these outrageous pictures of Bruce Willis and his wife, Emma Heming in a brand-new "W" magazine. Bruce is 54 years old and as you see, he`s wearing little more than his six pack, which is why we`re asking, sexy or sleazy?

Now, here is what Gale S. wrote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook wall, quote, "It was disgusting, and I feel so sorry for his poor children to see that. What was he thinking? Answer - he wasn`t!"

Marvet, you first, is Gale right? Do you think Bruce`s three daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore who, you know, are all young women, are just horrified about seeing their dad this way?

MARVET BRITTO, CELEBRITY PUBLICIST: I don`t think they`re horrified at all. Remember, Demi posed nude, pregnant, on the cover of "Vanity Fair." So I think - you know, he`s fit. His wife is fit. "W" magazine is an avant garde fashion book. And I think that it really is a creative, passionate photo-shoot.

And I think - you know, I think it`s beautiful and it`s his wife. It`s not like he`s posing with a model. So I think his children are probably giving him a thumbs-up.

HAMMER: All right. You`re not the only one who`s a fan here. I want to see what Anne Marie wrote on our Facebook wall. She`s totally on Team Bruce saying, "Clearly they (Bruce and Emma) were comfortable enough in their own skin to pose for these photos in the first place. And I say, right on! Mad props to Bruce and his photos."

So, Ben, are you with Marvet and Anne Marie? Should we give mad props to Bruce, taking it off, getting a little freaky with the wife?

BEN WIDDICOMBE, CELEBRITY EDITOR, "STYLELIST.COM": A.J., Anne Marie is clearly insane and no doubt has every episode of "Moonlighting" on Betamax and probably one or two cats. I mean, Bruce Willis, frankly the only man I would less like to se if his skivvies is Santa Claus. And I think "W" magazine should have a "no dudes over 30" policy just like "Logan`s Run."

HAMMER: Look at that, Marvet. I think - he`s calling Anne Marie insane. He may be calling you insane, too. I don`t know.

OK. Let`s move on, Marvet. Why do you think this has caused such a Facebook fury? Is it Bruce`s age? Is it his gender? You may like this, but it is not all the time that we see a male mega-star who just strips down like this in a fashion magazine. So why so much uproar?

BRITTO: It could be a number of reasons. Yes, you don`t normally see action figures and mega-movie stars - male stars - in fashion books in that way. But it`s Bruce Willis and there`s nothing normal about Bruce Willis. He stretches and pushes the envelope all the time.

And I think we should celebrate it. Again, it is with his wife and if they like it, we should love it.

HAMMER: Also riling people up on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page, Bill Maher on his HBO show "Real Time" - Maher said that President Obama needs to stay the heck off TV and stop acting like a celebrity. Watch him.


MAHER: We like you. We really like you. You`re skinny and in a hurry and in love with a nice lady. But so is Lindsay Lohan. And just like Lindsay, we see your name in the paper a lot, but we`re kind of wondering when you`re going to actually do something.


HAMMER: I`ve got to tell you, Maher`s comment got a bigger Facebook response than anything else. We have Carly M. who`s writing in and saying Bill Maher got it right. He says, "Lindsay Lohan may be a bit too far in comparison, but I agree 100 percent Obama is trying too hard to be a celebrity than worrying about his own country."

Ben, do you think it is unfair to compare President Obama to Lindsay Lohan? I mean, is that just plain ridiculous, maybe overstating it a bit?

WIDDICOMBE: Oh, I think it`s totally ridiculous. I`ve always thought of Obama as more of an Anne Hathaway type. You know, a bit of an ingenue, still trying to learn the ropes. You know, but basically, a sweet girl trying to do the right thing and make it in the big city.

HAMMER: Let me read another comment. It`s Diane T. giving Bill Maher the smackdown on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page. Diane T. is saying, "So, I suppose President Obama stays up all night thinking of ways to be on TV more? Does he have an agent? Garbage. I can sure think of other folks I`d like to see less of on TV and magazines."

I think Diane makes a terrific point. The president is on TV a lot, but Marvet, that kind of comes with the job description, doesn`t it?

BRITTO: It absolutely does. And President Obama is a charismatic, good- looking, intelligent president. And people are truly interested in what he has to say. So you know, his campaign was run solely on his ability to connect with the Americans. And so for him to be in office and lose that same ability to connect, it wouldn`t be so smart.

HAMMER: That would be a mistake. No, it wouldn`t at all. Thank you to all of our Facebook fans for writing on the wall. Keep doing it. Marvet Britto, Ben Widdicombe, I thank you both.

What do you think? Over to you for our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Bill Maher Slams Obama: Is the president on TV too much?" You can vote at

Well, tonight, it is time to call in the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Truth Squad. This is where we get to the bottom of Hollywood`s biggest mysteries.

Tonight, is Sarah Palin really giving Jon Gosselin advice on his rocky marriage with Kate? Could it be? Well, "" is reporting that Governor Palin called "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star Jon Gosselin out of the blue to give him unsolicited marriage advice.

Well, the site claims that Jon was shocked to get the call from Palin, but they were talking to each other up to three times a week. So is it true?

Absolutely not. It is not true. Governor Palin tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she is sick and tired of all the nasty rumors about her, saying quote, "For many months now, false and misleading stories and entire fabrications about the governor`s record and the Palin family have made it into the mainstream publications. We can and should focus on real issues, not fabrications."

Well, here`s a real issue for you. The Jonas brothers just can`t seem to go anywhere without teenage girls screaming, even in Europe.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: British fans can be aggressive. They need to be.


HAMMER: CNN`s Larry King gives us an exclusive backstage pass for their extraordinary tour. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, more from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT news room that are new right now. Tonight Sean Penn makes a surprise announcement. He`s dropping out of two major movies, "The Three Stooges" and the "Mafia Thriller Cartel." Now, he`s going on indefinite hiatus so he can spend some quality time with his teenage kids. I`ve got to say, he would have made a great Larry. Wise guy, eh?

Also new right now, "Gossip Girl" heartthrob Chase Crawford is topping "People" magazine`s hottest bachelor`s list. "People" magazine names him their hottest bachelor because he`s just such a nice guy.


HAMMER: Thank you so much, Charles. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Tonight, the Jonas Brothers` exclusive tour extravaganza continues. To the delight of tween-age girls across the country, the Jonas Brothers are back in the U.S. after a whirlwind tour in Europe. Well, CNN`s Larry King was with them every step of the way. So here now is Larry with a behind-the-scenes in the band`s exciting stop in London.


LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": Day three of the Jonas Brothers world tour - our crew is bringing it to you. We`re in London, home of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and legions of Jonas Brothers fans. Take a look.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: British fans can be aggressive. They need to be. But they are awesome.

KING: To see the rest of our exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage, go to Our interview with the Jonas Brothers airs this Thursday, 9:00 p.m. Eastern, 6:00 p.m. Pacific. Don`t miss it.


HAMMER: Thank you, Larry. We definitely won`t miss it. Well, Tuesday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day with this, "David Letterman Apologizes: Should Sarah Palin go on Letterman`s show. Only 33 percent of you think it`s a good idea; 67 percent of you said no.

We`ve got a ton of fired up e-mails on this. Let me read a few here. We heard from Barbara in Arizona, "I think Sarah Palin should stay away from Letterman`s show. She made her point. Now, she should walk away like a lady."

And Janine from Texas writes, "Sarah Palin doesn`t want, need to go on David Letterman`s show because I don`t want him to have to grovel. She plastered Bristol all over the media, including being on the cover of "People" magazine with a cap and gown holding a baby for God`s sakes."

Thank you for your e-mails and thank you for watching. That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s. We`re on at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN.