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Sarah Jessica Parker`s Baby Scare; First Peek at the Brand-New "Jon and Kate Plus Eight"; Brooke Shields Fighting Back; Bristol Palin on Being a Single Mom; What Made Brad Pitt Blush?; Larry King`s Historic Meeting with His Son

Aired May 20, 2009 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Sarah Jessica Parker`s brand- new baby scare. Tonight, why Sarah is worried about the safety of her unborn twins.


KATRINA SZISH, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Sarah Jessica Parker is genuinely concerned. She`s actually terrified.


HAMMER: The threats against the woman carrying them, and why Sarah is speaking out about this now.

Your first look at the new Jon and Kate. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with your first peek at the brand-new season of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." Will they talk about the cheating scandals?

Plus, surprising results of our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll. Will you watch the show?

And, Brad Pitt blushes big time. Who and what made Brad very uncomfortable during a brand-new live interview?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

Tonight, Sarah Jessica`s surrogate scare. For the first time, Sarah Jessica Parker`s opening up about her fears for the safety of the woman who`s carrying her twin daughters. Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, have been struggling to have another child. They have a 6-year- old son together. And they`ve barely had time to enjoy the happy news that they are now expecting twins through this surrogate.

And now, this happens - brand-new worries that the woman carrying the baby is being harassed and even threatened. Parker spoke with "Access Hollywood`s" Billy Bush about the outrageous and disturbing things going on. And without a doubt, Sarah Jessica Parker`s surrogate drama is making big news right now.


SARAH JESSICA PARKER, ACTRESS: It keeps me up every night. It`s really, incredibly upsetting.

HAMMER (voice-over): Sarah Jessica Parker, star of the funny "Sex and the City," is now living a real-life nightmare. She tells "Access Hollywood`s" Billy Bush that the surrogate mom who`s carrying her twins is being threatened.

PARKER: The most unsavory things have been done. I mean, she`s, you know, had her phone hacked, her personal computer information hacked. She`s had threats against her and true harassment.

SZISH: These allegations aren`t just the typical, "Oh, people have been snapping lots of pictures and being invasive." This is hard-core invasion of privacy.

HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Sarah Jessica Parker is plain and simply terrified.

PARKER: I am greatly concerned for her health and safety and for the safety and safe delivery of our children.

SZISH: As a mother, Sarah Jessica Parker is very worried. The idea that the lives of your children could be threatened or in danger - terrifying for anyone.

HAMMER: This scary development is a low point in what had been a happy time for Parker and husband, Matthew Broderick. They have a 6-year-old son, James. And Parker, who`s 44, says their past attempts to have another child had failed.

PARKER: We had been trying to expand our family for a number of years and we actually have explored a variety of ways of doing so. It would be odd to have made this choice if I was, you know, able to, you know - if I had successful pregnancy since my son`s birth.

HAMMER: Last month, right before the tabloids were going to break the story, Parker and Broderick announced they were having twin girls using a surrogate.

SZISH: The amazing media storm that just this announcement has caused has now led to a very scary situation.

HAMMER: Scary is right. Parker said the surrogate almost immediately became a target. Parker says her computer and phone were hacked and much worse.

PARKER: She`s had friends threatened and families threatened. And she`s had family of friends threatened. She`s had a friend who was thought to be her chased down a highway. This friend is nine months pregnant.

HAMMER: Not only that, tabloids have been running extremely outrageous stories about the surrogate`s past, stories that Parker says are flat-out lies.

PARKER: I am beyond comfortable with who she is. We haven`t been reckless. We haven`t been cavalier. She hasn`t been reckless. Every single allegation that I know of - that I know of that has been suggested about her is absolute slander and libel, definitely. It`s without question.

HAMMER: Parker fears all the stress the surrogate faces could endanger Parker`s unborn girls.

PARKER: Obviously, there are those that don`t care about her or her health or safety or my children`s health and safety and that they should go to term and not go into an early labor and, God forbid, suffer all the things that can happen. And that is a real possibility.

HAMMER: Tabloids have also been gunning for Parker and Broderick with report after report that their marriage is on the rocks. Parker says she doesn`t even pay attention to those stories, but she tells "Access Hollywood" what the tabloids are doing to the surrogate has gone too far.

PARKER: I am incredibly outraged by the sort of extraordinary and unprecedented invasion of her privacy. I didn`t think - I thought pretty much all the lines have been crossed.

HAMMER: But as many stars have learned the hard way, for some tabloids and paparazzi, there`s no such thing as too far.

SZISH: We`re talking about a woman who is being very generous and giving a couple two kids that they can`t have themselves. It just goes to show how people like to create a negative story out of something very positive.


HAMMER: Yes, it is certainly easy to understand that Sarah Jessica Parker is deeply concerned about the safety of her unborn twins. But did she do the right thing by speaking out?

Joining me tonight in New York is Carolina Bermudez, a senior editor for "In Touch Weekly." Also joining me tonight from Hollywood, Leslie Marshall, host of the radio talk show, "The Leslie Marshall Show."

And as you just saw, Sarah Jessica Parker is disgusted and absolutely outraged at these extreme measures some people are taking to get information about her surrogate.

I`ve got to tell you - Carolina, I`m starting with you. I think this is just reprehensible. Were you shocked as I was when you heard the story?

CAROLINA BERMUDEZ, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Definitely, A.J. I mean, this is harassment of children in the womb. There are no boundaries for the paparazzi anymore. And I think they`re really taking it and crossing the line here.

Sarah Jessica Parker spoke out about her surrogate because it`s very well-known in the public that she`s had some problems in the past. We`ve covered that at "In Touch Weekly" extensively. But now, to go ahead and take it a step further and harass this surrogate mother is very dangerous. And it is extremely frightening for them. I can see why she`s speaking out now.

HAMMER: Yes. I really have a hard time understanding how somebody could live with themselves doing what Sarah Jessica Parker claims they did. Leslie Marshall, over to you - you are a mother. You`ve talked before about the great lengths you have gone through to be a mother. You must just find this so sickening as well.

LESLIE MARSHALL, HOST, "THE LESLIE MARSHALL SHOW": It is sickening. I mean, anyone out there knows that Sarah Jessica Parker is not using the surrogate because she doesn`t want to gain weight. She`s using the surrogate because she probably went through every imaginable costly mentally, emotionally and physically grueling attempt to have children.

The person that you would select to do something like this and type of person that would do something like this, this is - it is unconscionable they are picking on a woman who`s not a celebrity, the surrogate.


MARSHALL: Does not want to be a celebrity. This is a very private matter.


MARSHALL: . between Sarah Jessica, Matthew, the surrogate. And of course, what about those babies? Putting somebody with twins at risk - stress can be of great risk to any pregnancy, somebody who`s carrying more than one child in the womb.

HAMMER: Well, that`s really at the heart of what has got Sarah Jessica Parker so upset. It goes well beyond the invasion of privacy. We`re talking about tabloids endangering children who haven`t even been born yet. I want you to take a look at what Sarah Jessica told "Access Hollywood" about her biggest fear in all of this.


PARKER: There are those that don`t care about her or her health or safety, or my children`s health and safety and that they should go to term and not go into an early labor and, god forbid, suffer - all the things that can happen. And that is a real possibility. It keeps me up every night. It`s really incredibly upsetting to think of her so far away and not being able to do something.


HAMMER: Yes. There you go. As we`ve been talking about, Sarah Jessica is in New Mexico, by the way, right now, shooting a film and suffering really every mother`s fear of not being able to protect her children.

Now, Carolina, there are some people who are surprised that she`s speaking out about this and being so candid. Do you think that Sarah Jessica did the best thing she could have by using her celebrity to speak out, you know, maybe put these people on notice?

BERMUDEZ: Well, she has to. I mean, look at things that have happened in the past. People always talk about Princess Di, how she would always say that she was being chased. And look what happened eventually there.

I think this was a preemptive decision by Sarah Jessica Parker to say, "Look at what`s happening to my surrogate. Look at what is going on. God forbid something should happen." She has put it out there and she has said that she is being harassed by these paparazzi.

HAMMER: Yes. And I hate seeing this happen to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, two of my favorite celebrities, always a pleasure to deal with. And look at what they have had to deal with before. She mentioned lots of tabloid scrutiny over the years.

And something that I think they did a great job of handling when their son was born - I want you to look at this picture. They actually called the press. They posed with their new baby, gave everybody the shots they needed to sort of play the game down a little bit, to make the craziness go away.

Leslie, given the fact that Sarah, so open with the press, even allowing that photo op, do you think she ever could have expected that her surrogate would be a target like this?

MARSHALL: No, she probably - that`s why she and Matthew came forward, knew that they would have a field day with the fact she was using a surrogate, that she was having twins through a surrogate, you know, because that certainly pokes a lot of holes in the theory they`re breaking up. They`re having a surrogate have twins for them. But I don`t think anybody would expect the paparazzi to go after the surrogate.


MARSHALL: I don`t care how curious we are. I don`t think most of us want to know that. I think we know this is the line that has been crossed by the paparazzi. It`s unfair and it puts the children in jeopardy.

HAMMER: Wow. We`ll just hope for the safety of the surrogate and that Sarah Jessica Parker gets some peace and some justice here. Carolina Bermudez, Leslie Marshall, thank you very much.

All right. As we move on tonight, your wait is over. The moment is here, because tonight I have got your brand-new first look at the new season of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight."


JON GOSSELIN, REALITY TV STAR, "JON AND KATE PLUS EIGHT": Kate and I obviously have been going through a lot of stuff, and discussing what`s best for our kids. We say at the beginning, "It`s a crazy life, but it`s our life," that`s so true.


HAMMER: You have got to stick around for this. I am giving you a sneak peek. Will they go there and actually talk about the alleged cheating scandals? And I want to know, with all of this going on, will you watch the show?

Bristol Palin`s shocking new interview. Tonight, Sarah Palin`s daughter opening up. What`s it really like for her as a teenage mom? And her controversial new words about teen pregnancy.

And watch Brad Pitt squirm. So who and what made Brad blush big time in a live TV interview? Can you say "awkward?" This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Britney Spears`s former bodyguard sues her for negligence. Olympic gold medal winner Shawn Johnson wins "Dancing with the Stars."




HAMMER: Thanks a lot, Charles. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I am A.J. Hammer.

Tonight, exclusive look at the brand-new John Lennon exhibit in New York City. Lennon`s widow, Yoko Ono, gave us an emotional tour of the exhibit which is about the Beatles` star`s years in New York City, a lot of stuff here including things from the night Lennon was gunned down back in 1980.

Here`s CNN "AMERICAN MORNING" correspondent Lola Ogunnaike for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



LOLA OGUNNAIKE, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: He purchased this at an Army surplus store in New York. It was one of his favorite pieces.

YOKO ONO, JOHN LENNON`S WIDOW: Yes. And he wore this when he first met my parents in Tokyo.

OGUNNAIKE: He wore that to see your parents?

ONO: Like this - that is attitude, you know.

OGUNNAIKE: How did New York change him as a musician?

ONO: He would tell you that he hasn`t changed at all. He was like a New Yorker from the time that he was (INAUDIBLE).

OGUNNAIKE: These videos - they must just take you right back to that moment.

ONO: Oh, I know. If he.

OGUNNAIKE: There are a number of people who come in here and they just sit down and they were riveted. They can`t take their eyes off the screen.

ONO: He has many talents. You know, he was a video-maker. He was an artist, and he`s a musician. And also, he`s a peacemaker, of course.

OGUNNAIKE: This is obviously one of the most important pieces of this exhibit. Why did you decide to showcase this photo and the bag his belongings were brought to you in?

ONO: This came back from the coroner`s office. They gave me the stuff back. The Brown paper bag is part of my life, and I just felt like - it`s very strange that this guy who is like the king of the world, you know, just turned to a brown paper bag.

OGUNNAIKE: He had this amazing life, traveled the world, touched people across the planet. And it all came down to a brown paper bag.

ONO: I know. I know.


OGUNNAIKE: So he would wake up in the middle of the night and just start playing? How did you deal with that when you were sleepy?

ONO: Well, I`m an artist, too, so I didn`t mind it. I mean, I was like, "Oh, maybe that chord - oh, maybe you can - oh, cut it out," you know.

OGUNNAIKE: You`re like, "Oh, honey, C minor - I think that`s better."


This is his most popular song.

ONO: I know.

OGUNNAIKE: I thought it was so interesting you had a lot to do with this song.

ONO: I was there.

OGUNNAIKE: Well, look what he said.

ONO: Well, he said that.

OGUNNAIKE: But he said, "Yoko actually helped a lot with the lyrics, but I wasn`t man enough to let her have credit."

ONO: Well, look. I mean, you know, it`s just a song, OK?

OGUNNAIKE: But it`s your song too.

ONO: Yes, yes. It is, too.



HAMMER: Such a powerful legacy. That was CNN`s Lola Ogunnaike for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Some of the other things on display include one of Lennon`s pianos, song lyrics and letters about his battle against deportation back in the `70s. You want to check out this great exhibit all about John Lennon? It`s at the Rock `n Roll Hall of Fame annex in New York City.

Well, I`ve got to tell you, we`re still getting a ton of calls in to our "Showbiz on Call" phone lines about "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." In fact, there`s such a fired-up debate going on that it`s heating up all those plugs and cords. So I`m suggesting our "Showbiz on Call" operators use pot holders or something to answer the phones. I don`t want them to get burned.

With all the cheating scandal, should Jon and Kate pull the plug on their reality show? Well, we`ve got a call in to "Showbiz on Call" from Danielle in Massachusetts. Says, no, the show must go on.


CALLER: I watch and my whole family watches "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." I think it`s a wonderful show. It`s too bad that what`s going on is going on right now. I think they`re a wonderful family and I guess they need a chance to tell their story. Yes, they should be able to tell their story. I think that we all know that things are blown out of proportion.


HAMMER: Thanks, Danielle. We also heard from Diane calling in to "Showbiz on Call" from New Jersey. Diane thinks Jon and Kate need a time-out.


CALLER: I would just like to say that my heart goes out to the Gosselin children. They`re beautiful children. And I have enjoyed watching this show from the very start.

But I think for the sake of the children, what they should do is take a little sabbatical, try and get their lives straightened out for the good or for the worst. And then maybe if they can come back the following season - because we`ve all enjoyed seeing the little children grow up so much.


HAMMER: I appreciate your call, Diane. You can call us at "Showbiz on Call" and let us know what you think about this or anything else at all. The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines open all the time - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1- 888-728-2899.

Well, TLC, the network that runs the show, is sure hoping people are going to tune in for the new season of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." It is just days away. But tonight, I`ve got your very first look.


J. GOSSELIN: The world isn`t about ratings and TV. It`s about happiness and love and companionship and intimacy.


HAMMER: Well, Jon, I`ve got news for you. When you do a reality show, it is about the ratings. So will Jon and Kate go there and talk about their alleged cheating scandal in the new season? And will you watch? We`ve got that coming up.

Also, Bristol Palin`s dramatic new revelations. Tonight, Sarah Palin`s daughter opening up about her baby, Tripp. What it`s like to be a teenage mom. And what about the controversies surrounding her speaking out about teen pregnancy?

Also, Brad Pitt and what I think is just a really awkward moment on live TV. So the question is, who and what made Brad squirm, blush - you name it, during a live TV interview? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: CBS picks up NBC`s canceled show "Medium." It will air Friday nights. Beyonce to release CD/DVD remix collection called "Above and Beyonce" on June 16th.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The dancers in the Michael Jackson show are an extension of Michael Jackson. They`re not ensembles. They are an extension of the man.


HAMMER: Well, tonight, Michael is asking for an extension on his London show. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned Michael Jackson is postponing the start date of his 50 London comeback shows. He`s pushed back the start dates until July 13th. And some of the concerts have been pushed back to March of 2010. Michael`s people are saying they need more time because the steps are really complex.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. Here are more stories that are new right now.

Tonight, we`ve got brand-new star reaction to the Chris Brown-Rihanna drama. Brown has pleaded not guilty to allegedly beating Rihanna just before the Grammy Awards back in February.

Well, we caught him with Polow da Don at the BMI Pop Awards in L.A. Polow is a music producer who`s worked with Chris Brown. And he updated us on how Brown is doing. And get this - he says Brown and Rihanna still love each other.


POLOW DA DON, MUSIC PRODUCER: He`s doing great, actually. He`s doing great. He`s in a great spirit. You know, he`s a kid, you know. And it takes so much to bring a kid`s spirit down, you know. He`s just ready to go.

I think he feels like, you know, a lot more people could have given him words of encouragement and advice than they did. They love each other and they did love each other. And they still love each other. Whether they would end up with each other or not, I don`t know, but I know it`s real love.


HAMMER: Brown`s preliminary hearing could start as soon as May 28th.

Well, another "Slumdog Millionaire" star`s house was reportedly torn down. The father of 9-year-old Rubina Ali claims that police smashed his family shanty home in the slums of Mumbai in India.

But there are conflicting reports here, because even though they`re removing homes that are illegal, officials say Ali`s was not one of the homes knocked down. Ali`s dad also accuses police of beating him up, but again, authorities deny that allegation as well.

Last week, the home of the child actor who played Salim in "Slumdog" was knocked down. And what`s especially sad about this is that "Slumdog Millionaire" has made more than $300 million, and of course, it won eight Oscars. But not much has happened to improve the lives of the kids that started it.

And now, the SHOWBIZ lineup - here is what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Your very first look at the brand-new season of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." Will they go there and talk about the alleged cheating scandal?

We`ve also got brand-new details about what really happened when a tabloid reporter checked out Brooke Shield`s sick mom from a nursing home. You won`t want to miss that.

And who and what made Brad Pitt really squirm during a brand-new live TV interview? Wait until you see this thing. You`ll be saying, "awkward." This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Justin Timberlake will narrate NBA documentary on ESPN about this year`s season. Dan Aykroyd says "Ghostbusters 3" will start filming this winter, 25 years after part one.



J. GOSSELIN: Kate and I obviously have been going through a lot of stuff, and discussing what`s best for our kids. We say at the beginning, "It`s a crazy life, but it`s our life," that`s so true.


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, your first look at the new season of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." What the reality couple is saying about the alleged cheating scandal. And will they continue their hit show?

Sarah Palin`s teen daughter reveals what it`s really like being a single mom. What she misses. What she`s learned. And her passionate message about teenage sex.

Brook Shields` fighting back. Brand-new details about Brooke`s tabloid war after a reporter checked her ailing home out of a nursing home.

Plus, more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

Tonight, new Jon and Kate outrage. Reality show star Kate Gosselin is speaking out saying the tabloid reports about her family are ruining her life.

In a brand-new interview with "People" magazine, Kate blasts the tabloids for running reports slamming her and her husband and accusing both of them of cheating, all of this just days before the brand-new season of their family reality show kicks off.

Also brand-new tonight, a SHOWBIZ first look at the Jon and Kate season premiere. For the very first time, we`re hearing Jon Gosselin speak out about the cheating scandal that has shaken the family to its core. As the whole family celebrates the sextuplet`s fifth birthday, Jon speaks out about the problems in their marriage. You have got to watch this.


J. GOSSELIN: This weekend is their birthday party. It`s their fifth birthday party. We`re inviting school friends. This is a new thing.


KATE GOSSELIN, REALITY TV STAR, "JON AND KATE PLUS EIGHT": I cannot believe this. It gives me like, a heart attack thinking about it. My youngest kids are five - five years old. It`s not just a birthday. I say it every year. It`s a celebration of we`ve made it five years.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Go ahead, hit it hard.

J. GOSSELIN: And we get enjoyment of seeing the kids happy. And it`s crazy. So I`m just all over the place.

K. GOSSELIN: OK, Next. Next. Go give them to the next ones in line.

We have eight healthy, wonderful kids, and I like to do them up big.

UNIDENTIFIED CHILD: I want to jump. Daddy.

K. GOSSELIN: Because you never get their fifth birthday back again. It`s not just a day. It`s like a huge - it`s huge.

J. GOSSELIN: We can jump. Let`s just go down and see what mommy wants. Come on.

K. GOSSELIN: My kids are the reason I have always done everything.

Look at all the tables.

My kids were the reason I laid on bed rest for 30 entire weeks.

J. GOSSELIN: You know, the world isn`t about ratings and TV. It`s about happiness and love and companionship and intimacy. And you know, family and God and, you know. Maybe we all get caught up in everything. Too much of anything is bad. Because I love my kids, and I love my family, and that`s what it is.

Kate and I obviously have been going through a lot of stuff and discussing what`s best for our kids. What we say in the beginning, "It`s a crazy life but it`s our life," that`s so true.


HAMMER: So there you have it. It sure seems like their lives have only gotten crazier. And the cameras keep rolling. But is that such a good idea?

Joining me tonight in New York is Carolina Bermudez, who`s a senior editor for "In Touch Weekly." From Hollywood, Leslie Marshall, host of the radio talk show, "The Leslie Marshall Show."

Well, you just heard Jon speaking out for the very first time since the alleged cheating scandals, and very mellow, I might add. I mean, really low key. Carolina, do you think Jon and Kate are going to make it through this?

BERMUDEZ: I don`t know, A.J. It doesn`t look good. Did you see the tension at the birthday party? I mean, you could cut that with a knife. It`s going to be really interesting to see how they deal with this as a couple. There`s a lot of he said/she said and a lot of different things people are saying about them as a couple.

But instead of talking to the media, why are they not working on this relationship? It doesn`t really look like they`ve taken a step back just yet in order to do that.

HAMMER: And if you were with me and paying very close attention to every detail this two-minute clip of the new season which premieres on TLC on Monday, Jon and Kate not sitting together like they usually do when they talked to the cameras.

In fact, there was just a big pillow where Kate might normally be sitting and Jon has his arm almost around the pillow. What do you think, Leslie? Was that done on purpose, perhaps for TV production, keep things, you know, kind of mysterious?

Or do you think, you know, maybe they`re really not sure if they`re going to work things out. Or maybe they`re still - maybe they`re not together. I don`t know.

MARSHALL: Well, it`s interesting you say that, A.J., because one thing he said is, "I love my kids. I love my family." He didn`t say, "I love Kate." He didn`t say, "I love my wife."

And being a woman we do hang on every single word. I hope they work it out, seriously. Because when he says it`s about the kids and he mentioned God and things like that, you know, if, in fact, there was an affair on his side, I`m hearing certainly regret.

And I think the reason we`re hearing from him, perhaps is she may not be clear where this is going and where it`s at. And they definitely need to work on this. And I think it`s a clear indication that they haven`t. But they need to for the sake of those kids.

HAMMER: Yes. And you know, both of them have been kind of quiet recently. And of course, this clip that we`re seeing is from the brand-new season which premieres on Monday. And now, in a brand-new interview with "People" magazine, Kate lashing out saying she now knows what it`s like to be star stalked by the tabloids.

Listen to this, quote, "Now I understand what they live with. Everywhere you go, you`re being stalked. You`re being followed. It`s hell on the cover of a magazine."

She goes on to say, "My children are important. My attitude is important. My marriage is important. And though I don`t know where that`s going right now, I know I can definitely choose my attitude and I know that I will never give up. I will not stop. I will not fail my kids. Everything else I can control. I`m just going to have to learn to live with it."

Well, clearly, Kate did not expect the kind of heat she and her family have been getting. But Carolina, it doesn`t sound like she`s going to give up the fight to protect her family there, does it?

BERMUDEZ: No, it doesn`t. I mean, I think that we all know - if you`ve watch the show, you know Kate is the stronger of the two.

Now, touching back on something that you have said before, A.J., I think they separated them for these interviews for their safety. I don`t know if Jon is safe around Kate right now, you know. I mean, this is a woman that is pretty PO`d.

And does she have a fight in here? Of course she does. But at the end of the day, I think they need to look at their relationship and really see if this has a foundation for longevity and whether or not this is going to be good for the kids to see.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, I am certain this show`s premiere is going to have blockbuster ratings because of all the controversy.

But look at this. In our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, we`ve been asking on air and online - "`Jon and Kate Plus Eight`: Will you watch the new season despite the controversy?" 63 percent said no, they`re not going to be tuning in. Only 37 percent said yes.

Leslie, what do you think? Jon and Kate - are they really losing their audience as a result of the alleged cheating scandals.

MARSHALL: I think the people are lying to the polls. You know they`re going to be watching.


MARSHALL: We love this stuff. They are - we love this stuff. Come on. No, seriously, I`m going - I watch it now and then because I get some good helpful, you know, parental tips.

But I think a lot of people are going to tune in because they want to take sides and because they`re curious. And people that weren`t watching them before - I think it`s actually brought a whole new audience - and I don`t know.


MARSHALL: I think they can work this out. I really think.


MARSHALL: They should work this out.

HAMMER: I for one -

MARSHALL: Another thing, A.J., she should have expected this, because if you bring cameras into your home, this is going to happen.

HAMMER: You open up the door for it. Carolina Bermudez, Leslie Marshall, I thank you both.

Now, the new season of "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" starts Monday, 9:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on TLC.

Well, now, we`d like to hear from you. We`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of day. This is it - "`Jon and Kate Plus Eight:` Will you watch the new season despite the cheating controversy?" Please let us know how you feel. It`s or E-mail us at

Well, we`ve heard her say it. Kate is super-protective of her eight kids. And you know what? Brooke Shields is really no different when it comes to her family. Tonight, we`re getting brand-new details about Brooke`s battle against a tabloid magazine. She is at war after a reporter took her ailing mom out of a nursing home. Find out how Brooke is fighting back.

Plus, Sarah Palin`s teen daughter opens up about being a single mom. What she misses. What she has learned. And her explosive new words about teenage sex.

We will also have this.


LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": We got married. It wasn`t a long marriage, very fast. But she told me as we broke up, "You know," she said, "I`m going to have a baby. If it`s a boy, I`m going to name it Larry King, Jr." I think that was spite because we were breaking up.


HAMMER: CNN`s Larry King reveals for the very first time the shocking story of meeting the son he never knew he had. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Documentary about singer Amy Winehouse to be released later this year. Former NFL star Michael Vick out of prison; will work with Humane Society.



ANN CURRY, ANCHOR, "TODAY" SHOW: I`m thinking about you being one of the most influential in America and in the world.

BRAD PITT, ACTOR: You`re making me really uncomfortable.

CURRY: I know. And also one of - if you think that makes you uncomfortable, how about this one? One of "People" magazine`s most beautiful - you`ve been named that more than I think once.

PITT: That`s fine.


HAMMER: Whoa, talk about awkward. It`s the unbelievable and totally uncomfortable interview with Brad Pitt on the "Today" show. What was going on there?

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. OK, did you see this? "Today" show`s Ann Curry, one of my favorites, is a veteran journalist who has interviewed heads of state and all sorts of famous people.

Well, this morning, I`ve got to say Ann got a little giddy while she was interviewing Brad Pitt at the Cannes Film Festival in France about his new Quentin Tarantino movie, "Inglourious Basterds." And what unfolded - it`s really got to be one of the most awkward live TV moments I`ve seen in a long time.


PITT: Come on.

CURRY: You know, you`ve got these movies - you know, with Quentin Tarantino, these fantastic movies that are coming out and have come out. You`ve got this, you know, beautiful partner, Angelina.

PITT: Where are we going? Where are we going?

CURRY: I want to know what you want next. Are you satisfied? Are you satisfied? Where are you in your life right now?

PITT: Yes. I`ve said that. You know, right now, I have just been working and I`ve got to be home a lot with the kids. And I let me be the cliche. It`s really rewarding.

CURRY: In terms of what you want to do, in terms of making a difference and making all of this happen, what`s guiding you now?

PITT: So the movie takes place in - not the (INAUDIBLE) France.

CURRY: You know, people don`t know this about you. You`re actually more humble than people realize.


CURRY: You are. Look at him, he`s blushing.


HAMMER: Well, after the interview, even Ann was shocked by her own behavior. She sent this out to her Twitter page. She said, quote, "I can`t believe I grabbed Brad Pitt`s face." Well, you did, Ann. We all saw it, and it was awkward, but I still love you.

All right. Tonight, we have Bristol Palin`s brand-new confessions on being a teen mom. And Brooke Shields opens up about her utter rage at a tabloid for checking her mom out of a nursing home. They are two stories that are making big news right now.

New tonight, Bristol Palin`s shocking new confession. Sarah Palin`s teenage daughter tells all about breast-feeding before classes, skipping prom night and battling loneliness. We have got the inside story of what`s really going on in Bristol Palin`s life.

Plus, Brooke Shields` infuriating invasion of privacy. We`ve got the latest details on what really went down when a tabloid reporter checked Brooke`s mom out of a nursing home.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Mike Fleeman, who`s the West Coast editor for

So "People" magazine has this incredible cover story this week highlighting what life is really like for Bristol Palin as an 18-year-old single mom. She describes an isolated, regimented life that really has to be difficult for her. She`s even given up her dream of becoming a nurse. Mike, you really get the sense that Bristol is making big sacrifices right now.

MIKE FLEEMAN, WEST COAST EDITOR, PEOPLE.COM: She`s finding out what a lot of first-time parents find out, which is that it`s not like baby sitting. At the end of the night you can hand them off.

This is a 24/7 job and one that`s very difficult and very isolating. Add to this the fact that she`s 18 years old and has had to go through this in the public eye.

HAMMER: Yes, exactly. Let`s not forget that Sarah Palin`s daughter, Bristol, living under a very intense spotlight. She has been for some time.

But Bristol does have a message of her own for teens - don`t have sex. In fact, she`s preaching abstinence and she`s trying hard to show kids that, you know, being a teenage mom - it`s no fun.

She says about that, quote, "My life comes second." I want to show you these pictures from your article showing Bristol with her son, Tripp. Mike, these pictures really speak a thousand words about drastically her life has changed, don`t they?

FLEEMAN: Yes. This is a girl who should have been at the prom, who should be with her friends. And instead, she`s changing diapers. She`s also somebody who has a lot of help at home.

And we show her with her father, Todd - he who has his own little baby to take care of is also taking care of Bristol and helping take care of Bristol`s child.

HAMMER: Well, one thing that`s been into question quite a bit which Bristol shed some light on, what`s going on with her current relationship with Tripp`s father, her ex-fiance, Levi Johnston? Now, she says the things between them really began to unravel right after Tripp was born and that they`re working out a lot of things now through lawyers.

Well, Levi`s attorney is telling "People," quote, the Palins want child support and we have no problem with that once he gets employed. But they are trying to limit his visitation."

Now, the Palins say Levi has plenty of opportunity Mike, do you think the Palins are gearing up for a big legal battle here?

FLEEMAN: I think both sides are gearing up to try to avoid a big legal battle which is going to be in nobody`s interest. Now, Levi has been out there doing his own interviews which have left the Palin family just squirming.


FLEEMAN: So there`s a little bit of bad blood even over that. But I think both sides, at the end of the day, are going to put things aside and do what`s best for this little child.

HAMMER: Yes. And what a mess that would be for - but surely, mom, if this all went to court and got very ugly.

Let`s move on now to the second big story that`s making news right now. New, tonight, we are learning just how outraged Brooke Shields is after a tabloid reporter working for "The National Enquirer" checked Brooke`s mother out of her nursing home.

This story forced Brooke to come out about the difficult decision to move her mom, who suffers from dementia, into an assisted living facility. Mike, how is Brooke dealing with what is such a gross invasion of privacy?

FLEEMAN: Well, on a lot of different levels, mostly anger right now because, look, this was not a revelation she wanted to make under these circumstances. This was a difficult enough decision. There`s a lot of emotion involved. And then, to have to basically have her hand forced made her very, very mad at the tabloid involved.

And at the same time, I think she`s grappling with some of her own emotions, some of her own insecurities and worries about what she`s done.

HAMMER: And authorities are saying that no wrongdoing took place. "The National Enquirer" saying that the reporter just took mom out for lunch and run a couple errands. Quickly, Mike, is Brooke planning on pressing charges? Or is that still undecided?

FLEEMAN: I talked to a police captain in the little town where this happened. And interestingly, he said not only was the prosecutor not going to file charges but nobody from Brooke`s family has come forward seeking to press charges.

HAMMER: It will be interesting to see if anything plays out there. Mike Fleeman, I appreciate you being here.

And you can read more about both of these incredible stories in "People" magazine. It`s on newsstands, Friday.

Moving on now, tonight, Larry King`s fatherhood revelation. This is wild. For the very first time, the legendary CNN talk show host reveals how he met the son he never knew he had.

This is just one of the fascinating stories from Larry`s brand-new book, "My Remarkable Journey." Larry reveals his first wife confessed that she was pregnant when they were splitting up. She had the baby, Larry King, Jr., but the elder King had few details about his son until he got a call from his ex-wife who was dying. Watch this.


KING: One day, I got a call from Annette(ph) who said she was dying of lung cancer and that I had a boy and he was a wonderful boy and I ought to meet him. And I was a little apprehensive, a little worried. I sent - I asked my lawyer to go down. He met with Annette. He then met with Larry Jr.

He called me up and he said, "Listen, you want to spend $750 on a DNA test? Spend, waste the money? He`s your kid."

JOY BEHAR, GUEST HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": Why? Because he looks like you and talks like you.

KING: Looks like me, talks like me, laughs like me, sports freak. And so on a historic day for me, I flew down to Miami and into the lobby of the Omni Hotel.

BEHAR: And there he was.

KING: And hit it off right away.


HAMMER: Can you imagine? Larry King Jr. was 33 years old when he first met his dad. You can read an excerpt from Larry`s extraordinary new book, "My Remarkable Journey," exclusive on his blog. You`ll find it at

Alec Baldwin apologizing again. Tonight, find out how Alec put his foot in his mouth talking about his love life which apparently ticked off an entire country. But Alec manning up to it and saying he`s sorry. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now more stories to the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom that are new right now. Natalie Cole has undergone life-saving kidney transplant surgery. The 59-year-old is suffering of kidney failure caused by Hepatitis C. She got the disease because of years of drug use.

And some big Hollywood casting news. "Gossip Girl" star Chase Crawford is officially signed on to star in the remake of "Footloose." The movie catapulted Kevin Bacon to superstardom back in 1984.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And as a living legend, you are not. This is my film? America`s sweetheart is going to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you up. I smiled a lot of smiles and eaten a lot of (EXPLETIVE DELETED) to be on this film so I could (EXPLETIVE DELETED).



HAMMER: America`s sweetheart? More like America`s potty mouth. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds going at it over Betty White on the set of their new film.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. Did you see this? Sandra, Ryan and the legendary Betty White star in the new movie, "The Proposal."

Well, tonight, a behind-the-scenes look at some of the off-screen tensions, and I say that very loosely, between Ryan and Betty. Check out this hilarious new "FunnyOrDie" video.



REYNOLDS: Ryan - my name is Ryan.

WHITE: Get me a cup of coffee.

REYNOLDS: No, my name`s Ryan. We`ve been working together for weeks - months, actually. Months now.

WHITE: Then, you`ve been a terrible assistant that whole time.

REYNOLDS: That`s because I`m not an assistant, Betty. I mean, I play an assistant in the movie. I`m an actor in real life. You should know that.

WHITE: I`m Betty White. When she wants a cup of coffee, you get her a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) cup of coffee. You ab-crunching (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

REYNOLDS: She`s out of her mind! Sandy, I`m tired of it.



HAMMER: How do you not love Betty White? "The Proposal" opens on June 19th.

Well, tonight, we`ve got Alec`s apology. Alec Baldwin joked on "The Late Show with David Letterman" that the next time he marries, he might consider a Filipino mail-order bride.

Well, one Filipino official took major offense and wanted to kick Alec`s butt. Now, Alec is not only apologizing, he actually wants to help end the illegal sex trafficking trade.

Alec blogs on, quote, "I believe that most people understood that this was a joke and took it as such. The Philippines has suffered significant problems with the issue of sex trafficking and such anger and frustration about the issue is understandable." Alec is also raising money for a group working to end sex trafficking.

Well, we have been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "`Jon and Kate Plus Eight`: Will you watch the new season despite the cheating controversy?" Thirty-seven percent of you said yes; 63 percent of you, no.

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And Carolyn from Florida writes, "I can`t wait to see the new season. I love and support Jon and Kate and the kids."

That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s -11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN.