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Oprah`s Rihanna Summit; Octomom`s Extreme Makeover; Patrick Swayze`s Outrage; John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston`s Big Bombshell

Aired March 12, 2009 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Oprah`s remarkable Rihanna summit. Tonight, Oprah Winfrey`s incredible special show on domestic violence sparked by the Chris Brown-Rihanna drama.


KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": We`ve kind of moved past just Rihanna and Chris Brown. We`re talking about domestic violence again, talking about all the issues it brings up.


HAMMER: Tonight, will Oprah make a difference? Plus, why did a beaten-up Rihanna go back to Chris Brown? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT shows what may be the real reasons Rihanna reunited with Chris.

Extreme makeover, the octomom edition. The frantic race to get the new house ready for the octuplets. Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, has the octomom lost her title as the most hated woman in America?

Plus, Patrick Swayze`s absolute outrage over a brand-new report that says he only has days to live.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

And tonight, Oprah`s extraordinary Rihanna summit. In a powerful, emotional and sometimes chilling show today, Oprah Winfrey joined the war on domestic violence triggered by Chris Brown`s alleged beating of Rihanna.

And let me tell you, at times, it was gut-wrenching. Just days after Oprah issued a warning to Rihanna after learning the singing superstar had gotten back with Brown, Oprah today took that warning to a brand-new and extraordinary level. This is something you have got to see, because it is making big news right now.


OPRAH WINFREY, HOST, "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW": If you go back with a man who hits you, it is because you don`t think you`re worthy of being with a man who won`t.

HAMMER (voice over): Oprah Winfrey is not mincing words about the Chris Brown and Rihanna case. And neither are the teams she had on her show to talk about domestic and dating violence.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She got back with him, so it just shows she kind of feels guilty about something.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you whether it was young people talking about the abuse Rihanna allegedly suffered -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When the picture of Rihanna came out, everybody was just running to the computers - you know, they`re in lunch and in the middle of classes - and looked at her face. And you know, after that, everybody was like, "Oh, Chris got her. They`re the new Ike and Tina."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No woman deserves to be beaten or treated like that.

HAMMER: Fourteen abuse victims sharing their own horrific experiences -

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He pulled sheets over my head and he tried to suffocate me.

HAMMER: The "Oprah Winfrey Show" is showing all of us that the Chris Brown- Rihanna case has engaged the entire country in a very important discussion.

SERAFIN: We`ve kind of moved past just Rihanna and Chris Brown. We`re talking about domestic violence again, talking about all the issues it brings up.

HAMMER: Oprah was joined by fellow talk show host Tyra Banks, who revealed that she herself suffered from emotional abuse in a past relationship.

TYRA BANKS, HOST, "THE TYRA BANKS SHOW": In life, with my friends and at work I was happy, happy. And then I`d go to him, and I felt just like, awful, awful, awful.

HAMMER: And just like Rihanna, Tyra says she kept going back.

BANKS: I was at the top of game. Like Rihanna - top of my game. Rihanna is one of the top three singers right now, probably.


BANKS: Her, Britney Spears, Beyonce - she`s up there. I was the same way, one of the top 10 models in the entire world, but I didn`t feel good inside.

HAMMER: An Idaho girl who left a physically abusive relationship told Oprah she also gets what Rihanna is going through.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was in a relationship, which I thought was perfect. But things started turning into verbal and emotional abuse, and eventually physical abuse. I just want Rihanna to know that things like this happen to everyone. And there`s something better for you out there. You`re only human and you deserve to be treated with respect.

HAMMER: Still, a lot of teens told Oprah they don`t respect Rihanna`s decision to go back to Chris Brown, who faces two felony charges for allegedly abusing her.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was even more shocked that she was willing to take his side than to stand up for herself.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t really feel too bad for her, because she`s given him that OK to probably do it again.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was kind of like a slap in the face.

HAMMER: This group of North Carolina teens just lost a friend of theirs to this murder, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend. One of them has some strong feelings about Rihanna`s reconciliation to Chris Brown.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everyone expected Rihanna step up and you know, be a role model. But she kind of didn`t because she went back to him and she accepted what he did to her.

HAMMER: But Tyra Banks says Rihanna should not be seen as a superstar role model but as an abuse victim lost in a dangerous but typical pattern.

BANKS: She`s a normal girl just like everybody else that`s watching your show right now. She is just as easily pulled into the cycle of abuse of going back just like everybody else. I really want to get that message across. She should not be attacked.

HAMMER: It`s all a part of the one message Oprah wanted to stress to everyone, to her viewers and to Rihanna and Chris Brown themselves.

OPRAH: I`ve said many times, love does not hurt.


HAMMER: Now, even before today`s show, Oprah made big headlines with her warning to Rihanna about domestic violence abusers.


WINFREY: Love doesn`t hurt. I`ve been saying this to women for years - love doesn`t hurt. And if a man hits you once, he will hit you again.


HAMMER: Joining me tonight in New York is Attorney Midwin Charles. Also in New York, Lisa Bloom, anchor for the legal network, "In Session."

The attention domestic violence is getting as a result of what happened to Rihanna - it is just incredible. Lisa Bloom, to you first. Is it too much to hope that Oprah`s involvement in this can help what Oprah called the Rihannas of the world?

LISA BLOOM, ANCHOR, "IN SESSION": I think it will definitely help. Oprah is a wonderful role model. Many young women, girls, even not-so-young women, look up to Oprah, as I do. I think she`s a person with a lot of wisdom and insight and knowledge.

And I think this is not the end of the story. Perhaps even Rihanna will listen to her. I mean, she`s only about a month out from this alleged beating. Perhaps Rihanna one day will come to her senses, will be doing an interview with Oprah herself and say, "I don`t know what I was thinking when I went back to him."

HAMMER: Yes. Wouldn`t that be something if she does, in fact, listen to what Oprah is saying? Because, quite frankly, so many people are just baffled about why somebody like Rihanna, who is so successful, so famous, so beautiful, seemingly so smart, would stay with Chris Brown. Tyra banks shared with Oprah her story of emotional abuse and why she stayed with her abuser. Watch that.


BANKS: I stayed because I felt like if I left and he didn`t change and didn`t treat me how I felt I deserved to be treated, I was a failure. I wasn`t even in love with him.

And one day, I was at his house and I walked to the mirror in his bathroom. He wasn`t there. I walked to the mirror and I had this moment with myself and out loud, I looked in that mirror and I said, "Tyra, who are you? What the hell are you doing? Get out of here."


HAMMER: Midwin Charles, off to you. Tyra`s words on "Oprah" today so powerful and just rings so incredibly true, don`t they?

MIDWIN CHARLES, ATTORNEY: Absolutely, they do ring true. And I hope what this does, by bringing attention to this issue, is it allows girls to come out and talk about this. There`s a level of shame that is attached to this where women just don`t want to speak up and even discuss the fact that they`ve been abused. So I`m so glad that Oprah is shining a spotlight on this really serious issue.

HAMMER: I think we`ve got some great insight from Tyra there where she said she didn`t want to leave she felt a sense of failure. Don`t you think, Lisa?


HAMMER: I mean, I think this is great insight and something that a lot of people can learn in addition to Rihanna as to why maybe she`s hanging around.

BLOOM: Yes. I think we women tend to think that we can change our men and we want to be in relationships and we want to see the best and put aside the bad. And by the way, let`s not forget that Chris Brown is the alleged abuser here.

CHARLES: That`s right.

BLOOM: We`re talking all about Rihanna, but the focus should be on him. He`s the wrong doer if he did this. He`s the batterer if he did this. She`s made a bad mistake by staying with him but it does not compare at all to what he`s accused of doing.

HAMMER: Yes. And Oprah is really looking at the big picture with what she was doing on her show today saying she`s using the whole Rihanna-Chris Brown drama to help the country grow, to help the country evolve.

And it was really powerful when she spoke with some young girls in North Carolina who just lost their friend to domestic violence. And she got their take on Rihanna getting back with Chris. This is fascinating. Roll that.


WINFREY: You hear about Chris Brown and Rihanna and what allegedly happened with them. What are you all thinking and saying to yourselves about this?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was kind of like a slap in the face, because everyone expected Rihanna to step up and, you know, be a role model. But she kind of didn`t because she went back to him and she accepted what he did to her.


HAMMER: All right, a slap in the face. Wow. Midwin, when you look at these bids - you know, we`re talking about Rihanna`s audience right there. Those are her fans.


HAMMER: Do you think Rihanna, like they said, has an obligation to take a stand?

CHARLES: Well, I think in this instance, she doesn`t. Remember, she`s a victim here. These young girls are correct in the sense that she`s a role model, but she`s a role model as a singer. She didn`t choose to be a victim. She`s trying to work this out herself and so we ought to be careful about the scrutiny that we place on her, because we don`t want it to prevent other girls from coming forward.

So this young girl is right in the sense where Rihanna`s a role model. But with respect to her being a victim, she`s not. She has no idea how she`s going to act throughout this.

HAMMER: So Lisa Bloom, with respect to her being a role model, do you think people need to back off Rihanna at this point?

BLOOM: No. I think if you choose the celebrity stardom route and you choose to accept the millions of dollars and fame and glory that comes with it, you should choose to be the role model as well. Unfortunately, I don`t think she`s capable of that. And that`s why she`s not making the choice.

But I salute these girls. They`re right. I mean, she should not accept what happens to her. It`s nice that these ordinary schoolgirls see what Rihanna herself does not see.


BLOOM: But I`m still hopeful that one day Rihanna will see the light.

HAMMER: I`m hopeful she will, too. I think right now, there`s a lot of healing that needs happen.

CHARLES: Absolutely.

HAMMER: Lisa Bloom, Midwin Charles, thank you. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s continuing coverage of the Chris Brown-Rihanna drama continues.

Later in the show, one big question everybody was asking, why is Rihanna back together with Chris Brown? We`re going to talk about that and we`ll have the latest breaking news coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Now, I turn it over to you for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. It is this - "Rihanna-Chris Brown Duet: Are they sending the wrong message?" You can vote at or Email

Coming up, we have big breaking news not to be missed about Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. This bombshell just dropped late today. It is a shocker. I will fill you in on what`s going on with John and Jen. It`s major news and it`s coming up.

Also, extreme makeover, octomom edition. The frantic race to get her new house ready for eight newborn babies. Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, has the octomom lost her title as the most hated woman in America? How would that have possibly happened?

And Patrick Swayze outraged over more reports that he`s close to death. Patrick`s emotional response. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

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PATRICK SWAYZE, ACTOR: I have the meanness and the passion to say, "The hell with you. Watch me. You watch what I pull off."


HAMMER: A defiant Patrick Swayze snarls at tabloid reports that he is at death`s door, telling Barbara Walters two months ago he may have cancer but don`t count him out just yet.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I am A.J. Hammer in New York. Tonight, Patrick Swayze fires back. The "Dirty Dancing" star is absolutely furious at the "National Enquirer." In its brand-new issue, the "Enquirer`s" shocking front page headline reads "Patrick Swayze: The End." And it`s alongside a picture of Swayze looking just terrible.

Well, joining me tonight in New York is Marvet Britto who is a celebrity publicist. And in Hollywood tonight, Leslie Marshall of "The Leslie Marshall Show." So "The Enquirer" first broke the story of Patrick Swayze`s cancer over a year ago. And at the time, they reported he only had weeks to live. We obviously know they were wrong then, at least about those reports.

You`ve got to hear what Patrick Swayze has just told "" about this latest report. These are his words, quote, "It`s amazing to me that the tabloids such as the `National Enquirer` print such negative stories about me and my health when there are so many positive things going on in my life right now. I`ve started a new chemotherapy and, once again, I am one of the lucky ones with pancreatic cancer that is responding well to the treatment."

Swayze also says he`s working on his memoir. She says he has a brand- new puppy. Leslie, Patrick has every right to be outraged here, doesn`t he?

LESLIE MARSHALL, HOST, "THE LESLIE MARSHALL SHOW": Absolutely. I mean, this isn`t "Dirty Dancing" by "The Enquirer." This is dirty tabloid reporting. And I guess we should look at the source.

But quite frankly, why are they kicking guy when he`s down? He has outlived what they said he would. He certainly is an inspiration to those that are suffering, whether from pancreatic cancer or any other disease. He`s looking better and healthier than he has in a long time.

And you know, this is a private matter. There really is - it`s just terrible they`re attacking him. He said that these reports hurt him and his family emotionally. This, in my opinion, is crossing the line.

There`s a lot they could talk about with Patrick Swayze and they shouldn`t be predicting his death. It`s not only in bad taste. They should be ashamed of that. But they were wrong last time.

HAMMER: Yes. I agree with you. I mean, this is such an inspirational story with, as he said, so many positive things to talk about. Marvet, he is ticked off and I`m thinking, "Right on, Patrick."

MARVET BRITTO, FOUNDER, THE BRITTO AGENCY: He really should be. This is extremely insensitive. This is a man who opened his home, his heart and his story and gave the world and his fans an inside look at what he was going through.

So for him to have to defend, you know, allegations about his health is very disturbing. I know that it`s all about the get and getting the story and who can be first. But you really should allow him time to battle his illness and not battle the media.

HAMMER: Yes. Thank you. Well said. When Patrick Swayze sat down with Barbara Walters to talk about his battle with cancer, he spoke about how these false claims in the tabloids really took an emotional toll on him and his family. Let`s watch.


SWAYZE: All these years, I`ve never reacted to them. I never had issues with them. But when they start - when they start screwing with people I love, and they start screwing with my family - you know, hope is a very, very fragile thing in anyone`s life. And people I love do not need to be having that hope robbed from them.


HAMMER: Yes. I mean, great point there. You can hear his voice shaking. Leslie, you hear the anger in his voice as well. Even if "The Enquirer`s" latest reports are true, back to your point, shouldn`t it be Swayze to share these kinds of details if they were happening?

MARSHALL: You know, A.J., there`s a reason in our country medical records are a private matter. And by the way, the tabloids are off-limits for that as well. He should be sharing this. This information should not be coming from "The Enquirer" or any other media source because this is something he needs to talk about with his family.

And come on, anybody who has somebody in the family who has cancer or has had cancer knows that, of course, the question of how long will they live. Will it be tomorrow is on their mind. So to have that, you know, in front of your face at the supermarket - that`s just frightening. It`s terrible to do this to them.

HAMMER: Let`s hope it ends here. I have to end this here, but I appreciate you chiming in. Leslie Marshall, Marvet Britto, thank you so much.

Now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did contact "The National Enquirer" for a statement, but as of show time, we haven`t heard back.

Well, the "Showbiz on Call" phone lines have been flooded. A lot of people calling in about the Chris Brown and Rihanna drama. A lot of emotional calls from women who have been abused. We`ve got this call from Jeanne.


JEANNE, CALLER: In 1975, I was abused and women were blamed then. The police officer asked me what I did to upset him. Women have been blamed. This young woman will be blamed one way or the other. Abuse - domestic abuse, women are the ones who are judged.


HAMMER: Thank you so much, Jeanne. We also heard from Rachelle calling in to "Showbiz on Call" from California.


RACHELLE, CALLER FROM CALIFORNIA: I feel like our main concern should that they both need to take time to get the help. And we have to stop being so judgmental. We`re not in their shoes. They don`t have 100 percent knowledge of what transpired that night. And people can change. It`s never too late.


HAMMER: Rachelle, we thank you for your call. Love hearing all sides of this. We`d like you to call us at "Showbiz on Call." Let us know what you think about the Chris Brown-Rihanna drama or anything else. The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines always open at 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899. Leave a voicemail so we can play your call here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And your calls to "Showbiz on Call" also now online on our homepage,

Coming up, extreme makeover, octomom edition. I`ve got the dramatic details of the frantic race to get her new house ready for her eight babies. Plus, has the octomom lost her title as the most hated woman in America? That is still to come.

Also, a burning question in the Chris Brown-Rihanna drama. Why does Rihanna refuse to leave him after the alleged assault? Tonight, what could be the real reasons behind her decision to stay by his side?

Plus, Britney Spears debuts her new music video for the song that`s been so controversial and I`ve got your first look. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

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HAMMER: Did you see this? It`s extreme fishing. Matt Watson jumps out of a helicopter right on to the back of a marlin. Wow! Watson told the "Today" show it took a few tries to get it right. Watson is debuting a TV show this fall on the Discovery Channel called "Extreme Fisherman." And that is pretty cool.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, did you see this? Britney Spears has debuted the video for her song "If You Seek Amy." Now, the song title has gotten some people all riled up because it supposedly spells out the F-word. Anyway, here`s your first look from ""


Well, Britney is currently on her circus tour. I`m sorry, I couldn`t stop hopping. She performed in New York last night to a packed house that included a surprise appearance in the audience from Madonna.

And did you see this? Joaquin Phoenix really seems to be getting into this whole, "hey, I`m a rapper" thing. He`s been doing this shtick for quite some time now. He said he quit acting to be a hip-hop artist.

At a night club in Miami, he took it to whole another level, jumping off stage to confront an audience member who was heckling him. Well, security guards dragged Phoenix away. Casey Affleck was right there. It just so happened he captured the whole on camera, which is making a lot of people think the whole thing is an elaborate mockumentary.

And now, the SHOWBIZ line up. Here is what is coming up at the bottom of the hour here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Breaking news about Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. This bombshell just dropped late today. It`s a shocker. Wait until you hear the huge news about John and Jen.

Also why does Rihanna refuse to leave Chris Brown? Tonight, what may be the real reasons she`s sticking by him.

And extreme makeover, octomom edition. The frantic race to get her new house ready for the babies. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: Marvel Entertainment delays the release date for "The Avengers" until July 15, 2011. Shannen Doherty reportedly will return to "90210" for season finale.)



BANKS: Rihanna is here to entertain our world. So sometimes we hold these celebrities up to a higher standard but we have to look at her as human being.


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the real reasons Rihanna has gotten back with Chris Brown. Tonight, why won`t she leave him? The growing backlash against her and this explosive jaw-dropping development - Brown and Rihanna record a duet.

Extreme makeover, octomom edition. She`s changing her image. She`s changing her clothes. She`s even changing her house. But will all this work? Will octuplet mom be able to shake the title as the most hated woman in America?

Plus, more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

Tonight, the Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion outrage. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has now confirmed the superstar couple has in fact recorded a duet, a song that was written before Brown`s alleged beating of Rihanna the morning of the Grammies.

But so many people are asking, why in the world did she go back to him even as he faces two felonies for allegedly assaulting her? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is looking for the real reasons Rihanna may have reunited with Chris and why she`s acting the way she is.

With me now here in New York, Robbie Ludwig who is a psychotherapist. Also in New York, Lisa Bloom, an anchor for the legal network, "In Session."

So, the backlash against Rihanna for getting back with Chris just keeps growing by the day, it seems. I want to show you a few of the things that have been going on. Keep this in perspective. People have been clearing their iPods of Rihanna`s music, kids ripping her posters off their walls.

Just today, we saw from "Oprah" to "Dr. Phil Show" pleas for Rihanna, people pleading for her to get help.

Lisa, here`s what I`m thinking - tell me if you`re with me. Is it possible that Rihanna`s handlers are really doing everything in their power to protect her and shielding her from all of what`s happening in the media? Maybe she doesn`t realize there is this backlash against her.

BLOOM: She`s responsible for her own choices. She`s chosen to be a megastar, so she enjoys all the fame and fortune that comes along with it. Unfortunately, she has not chosen to be a role model for young girls. So she has to accept this backlash.

I think the backlash is very healthy. It shows that the women`s movement has arrived, that we`ve gotten the message across that domestic violence is completely unacceptable, that if somebody punches you in the face over and over again, chokes you to the point of almost losing consciousness, which is what she claims Brown did to her, that there is no excuse. It should be game over and anything less is unacceptable.

HAMMER: Yes. I agree with you, but this is another reason this whole thing is so complicated. Robbie, what do you think? Is it possible that maybe she is just so insulated because it does seem to me that if she was aware of this growing enormous backlash, she might say something about it.

ROBBIE LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: You know, I`m not sure about that. Very often, women who are very young and in abusive relationships, when people attack their boyfriend, very often, the feeling is, "They don`t really understand the man that I`m in love with. They don`t really understand him the way that I do."

And so what it can do is it can cause a rebellious type of approach, "I`m going to stay with this man no matter what. I`m going to stand by my man because I know who he is and they don`t."

HAMMER: Well, as I mentioned, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has confirmed that Chris and Rihanna did record a duet earlier this week and the reports floating around that the song is actually about overcoming the challenges of a relationship.

Lisa, I`m thinking here, with people so outraged about Rihanna`s choice to stay with Chris, this duet could dig both of them an even bigger hole.

BLOOM: Sure. If people are wiping off their music from their iPods, I wonder who`s going to be buying this. I mean, they seem to be living in this la-la land where they think everything is fine that they`ve reconciled and the rest of the world is outraged.

I mean, I have not heard one person speak out publicly and say, "Hey, you know what? I think it`s a great thing that Rihanna has reunited with Chris Brown."


BLOOM: I mean, apparently his friends - some of them are endorsing this. But every single sane, decent person out there has said, "Are you kidding me? She is a negative role model by doing this."

HAMMER: Yes. Good point. Who is saying this is a good thing? And you said who`s going to buy this song? And I`m thinking, what radio station would play it?

Now, Oprah dedicated her whole show this afternoon, making a lot of noise, talking about domestic violence. Tyra Banks appeared with Oprah on Oprah`s show. And Tyra reveals her own experience with domestic violence. Bring up what I thought was an interesting point about Rihanna`s struggle. Let`s roll that.


BANKS: As much as we look to celebrities as role models, we have to remember that Rihanna is a singer, a very successful singer. She`s not a politician. She`s not somebody that came and said, "I`m going to change the world."

Rihanna is here to entertain our world. So sometimes we hold celebrities up to a higher standard but we have to look at her as a human being and understand that she`s no better or different than any other girl.


HAMMER: Robbie Ludwig, what about that? Is Tyra right? Do you think that, you know, Rihanna perhaps is resisting being a domestic violence role model because she feels like, "Hey, I`m just a girl who`s got problems with my boyfriend and I don`t feel obligated to speak for an entire movement"?

LUDWIG: Yes. And plus, she`s not really helping enough to speak on behalf of an entire movement. She`s still caught in the struggle herself. She is still actively being abused. She`s just kind of caught in the honeymoon period of returning to this abusive relationship.

But what Tyra said is absolutely right. We do have celebrities. They do become role models of sorts without necessarily being healthy or being able to handle that type of expectation.

Rihanna is just a young girl who happens to be a successful singer. But obviously, she`s not successful in terms of choosing a healthy relationship for herself.

BLOOM: And here`s the message for young people. Just because someone is a tremendous singer or athlete, they are not a role model. Character is entirely different.


BLOOM: Character is demonstrated by people like Tyra, like Oprah, like Dr. Robbie, people who walk the walk. Unfortunately Rihanna is just not there.

HAMMER: You nailed it with that. Lisa Bloom, Robbie Ludwig, thank you both.

All right. We`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Rihanna-Chris Brown Duet: Are they sending the wrong message?" Vote at or E-mail

Now tonight, it`s a special coast-to-coast "Showbiz on Call," the out pouring of emotional phone calls coming in to "Showbiz on Call" phone lines about Chris Brown and Rihanna has just been overwhelming, and I`ve got to say, really eye opening.

We never expected to get so many dramatic calls from viewers who themselves were victims of domestic abuse. Tonight, their very personal and powerful words of comfort and advice for Rihanna.


PRISTOLLA, CALLER FROM OHIO: Pristolla, in Worcester, Ohio. I love Rihanna, but if she`s going back to Chris Brown, I won`t support that. I come from an abused relationship, and I had enough smarts to get out of it. And if she does not, I don`t respect her for that. You should not be abused by a man, period.

JANICE, CALLER FROM LOUISIANA: Hi, this is Janice from Louisiana. I think for everybody to just turn their backs on Rihanna and call her stupid and foolish is ridiculous. Nobody knows what has been and nobody knows what she is going through. If you were in her situation, you wouldn`t know what to do either. I was in that situation and I went through it. Rihanna, my prayers are with you.

SANDRA, CALLER FROM OKLAHOMA: My name is Sandra, and I live in Oklahoma. I just feel for her, because I`ve had an abusive marriage and I kept going back to him and going back to him because he begged and he pleaded, he`s not going to do it again.

Rihanna, please, lady. You`re a beautiful girl. Try to leave this guy. I mean, leave him, because if you don`t, he`s going to do it again and again.

GWEN, CALLER FROM ILLINOIS: Hi, my name is Gwen. I`m calling from calling from Cahokia, Illinois. My advice to Rihanna is, get out while she can, because I am a victim of domestic violence. And I also went back to my abuser and my abuser repeatedly abused me.

Just because she says he`s sorry and he loves you and he can`t live without you do not mean later down the line he would not hit you again. Get out while you can.


HAMMER: Thank you, everyone, who called in to "Showbiz on Call." You can do it to and let us know what you think about this or anything else that`s on your mind. The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines always open at 1-888-SBT- BUZZ; that`s 1-888-728-2899. Leave us a voicemail. We`re playing your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

All right, you`ve got to hear this. Tonight, late-breaking news about Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. Now you know they`ve had this on again, off again relationship. Well, coming up, it is a big Jen-John bombshell.

Also, extreme makeover octomom edition. She`s changing her image. She`s changing her clothes. She`s even changing her house. But is all this going to work? Will the octomom actually be able to shed that title of the most hated woman in America?

And I`ve got to tell you, this is a big bummer. The recession has hit "Sesame Street." Are Kermit T. Frog, Ms. Piggy and Big Bird safe? Will they be fired? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: "Hollywood Reporter": Mickey Rourke to play Russian bad guy in "Iron Man 2." The Jonas Brothers will develop clothing line for tween girls.)



HAMMER: Well, I am sad to say there are plenty of clouds and not a whole lot of sun over at "Sesame Street" tonight. Yes, listen to this, the Sesame Workshop, the producer of "Sesame Street" and other shows is cutting about a fifth of its staff - 67 people. The reason, the economy.

Yes, even "Sesame Street." Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Well, maybe "Sesame Street" is having some tough times with this economy, but we do know someone who is rolling in the dough.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals extreme makeover, the octomom edition. Yes, the race to the finish line is over and guess what? Octomom Nadya Suleman wins big. Look at what`s going on here. Her living conditions have gone from bland to grand now that octomom has purchased her very own $500,000 house.

Gone are the no-fuss clothes that we first saw octomom in. She appears in some very shiny new duds on Dr. Phil`s talk show. And tonight, we dare to ask, has octomom finally made the biggest transformation of them all and lost the title of the most hated woman in America?

Joining me tonight in New York is Marvet Britto who is a celebrity publicist and founder of the Britto Agency. In Hollywood tonight, it is Leslie Marshall, who is a radio talk show host of "The Leslie Marshall Show."

All right, ladies, it`s not lost on me that the octomom has literally gone from rags to riches. I think everybody is watching this happen right before our eyes. Since her first appearance on Dr. Phil, Nadya Suleman has secured herself that house. She has brought in a lot of money and bought the house by selling her kid`s pictures.

Marvet, it`s kind of like she hit the celebrity lotto here. Hasn`t she just become a star with this crazy story?

BRITTO: I don`t know about celebrity lotto. It`s more like knocked up lotto. She`s become highly visible, but for all the wrong reasons. She is getting rewarded and seeing the benefits of perks because she has a very bizarre story that every media outlet wants a piece of.

She`s being rewarded with that by virtue of perks and gifts. We want to see the children benefit from those perks and gifts, and not the mother.

HAMMER: Well, I think in the end, that is what it looks like is also happening. But can you imagine somebody does a scratch off ticket now the octu-scratch off lottery ticket. I don`t know. It`s just an idea.

But look at what`s going on here. We talked about the house and also her clothes have changed. Check out the duds that she was wearing on Dr. Phil. We`re talking designer top and shoes reportedly worth over $300 here. Leslie, what do you make of this whole extreme octu-makeover?

MARSHALL: I didn`t know I had to have 14 kids to get a new wardrobe and those shoes, which I have seen in the store a couple of hundred bucks, yes.

Quite frankly, this is about the children, supposedly. That`s what she keeps saying - or love for the children. She doesn`t want to exploit the children, and yet she sold the pictures. This makeover, A.J., is nothing but further proof she has played America and we`re paying to see more of the play.

The bottom line here is I`m thinking as a mom, how many pairs of sneakers, jeans, Happy Meals would this buy my kids, especially if I had 14 children? This money quite frankly is being wasted on this woman who claims it`s all about the kids and what can be done for the children. She doesn`t need a makeover. And I`m sorry, no more collagen in the lips. I mean, they`re coming out of the camera out there.

HAMMER: I don`t know about that. But you know, maybe make an appeal on your radio program, Leslie, and who knows? You may get some Happy Meal sent to you. The gifts toward octomom`s extreme makeover, by the way, just keep coming, not just what I mentioned so far. Watch just how much Nadya Suleman bagged during her appearance on Dr. Phil.


DR. PHIL MCGRAW, HOST, "THE DR. PHIL SHOW": So you`re going to swarm in and you do a lot of celebrity nurseries and that sort of thing and I know you love doing it. But you`re going to come in with cribs and dressers, change tables. We want to thank Million Dollar Baby for donating the cribs and Young America Furniture by Stanley for their generous donation of bunk beds for the older children.


HAMMER: I mean, I kid of watch that and feel like the showcase showdown on the "Price is Right." But Marvet, really - and let`s bring this home here. Is there anything wrong with her cashing in like this, or even perhaps selling those pictures to help the kids out as long as all of this is helping the kids?

BRITTO: I don`t think so, A.J. Because at this point, we have been duped. She has been manipulating the American public from the very beginning. She knew when she was pregnant she was not going to be able to care for eight more children.

But at this point, the public is not going to turn its back on children in need. So rather than, you know, really vilify her for the bad choices that she made, we really do need to focus on the children and focus on their well being. They need a positive, nurturing environment.

And, you know, it`s sad that she will benefit, of course, from the gifts that will be bestowed upon her, but it really is about the kids.

HAMMER: Yes. I do like the fact that Dr. Phil stepped in to help out. I don`t like it turned out into something that really did look kind of like a game show. You know what I`m saying?

The extreme makeover of octomom`s image has even taken octomom by surprise. Now, after Dr. Phil tells Nadya about all these offers that she`s getting for free, watch her reaction here.

NADYA SULEMAN, OCTUPLET MOTHER: I`m just surprised. I didn`t think it was - set up already and organized.

MCGRAW: The babies are ready to come home.

N. SULEMAN: I know. I was thinking like the most minimal thing happening, like just the cribs being empty, and fitting the room, and I was going to shop for all of those. I was thinking in my head differently. You know, if you will take care of this area - new carpet, like the most modest things.

MCGRAW: Yes. Well, we have other plans.


HAMMER: Oh, look at that big smile on her face. Leslie, people were clapping for the companies that generously donated to octomom and her 14 kids. And they even clapped for her at times which was kind of surprising to hear. So do you think she has turned the corner and is perhaps is not any longer the most hated woman in America, maybe someone people want to help out and save?

MARSHALL: No, I think they saw the applause sign that they light up in the studios in Los Angeles and that`s why they were clapping. No, they`re not clapping for her. They`re clapping for what Dr. Phil has done, and certainly it helps him, his show, his ratings.

Certainly, they`re clapping for all the organizations that are helping the kids. But the bottom line is the kids. They care about those children.


They`re clapping for the health of the children and I think they`re being respectful audience members. I think the people that rally behind her are her champions and have been since the beginning, still are. And I think the people that hate her and have their finger up in judgment and don`t like her responsibility still are. I think that applause sign was lit pretty well.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s going to be interesting to see where this goes now. Like you said, the kids, the kids, the kids. Marvet Britto, Leslie Marshall, thank you both.

All right. I`ve got to get into this big breaking news. Late today, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer have broken up again. Yes, "People" magazine reporting that the on-again, off-again couple had some disagreements and decided it was best not to continue seeing each other.

What is so shocking about this split is that it comes just a couple of weeks after Maniston`s big Oscar coming out when things seemed great. In fact, listen to what Mayer told Kiss FM`s Ryan Seacrest about that night.


JOHN MAYER, SINGER: I was sort of there to - you know, it`s not my world, the Oscar thing.


MAYER: I really felt like, "Gosh, you`re so sweet to me that night because you can go from a Grammy winner to a water boy when you walk into the Kodak theatre on Oscar night. That`s a whole different level, you know. And so I was sort of like a moral support/will you please introduce me to so-and- so.


HAMMER: "People" also reports that it was Mayer that broke up with Jen. But she`s moved on and is happy.

Well, it is still not clear what set off Chris Brown to allegedly beat up his girlfriend, Rihanna. There have been reports of a mystery woman who messaged Chris some sexual things which led to the alleged attack.

Well, tonight, that woman is speaking out to the SHOWBIZ Truth Squad and setting the record straight. That is coming up next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: Reports: Hero U.S. Airways pilot "Sully" lands a $3 million book deal. Oprah jumps from #462 to #234 on Forbes` billionaires list, she`s worth $2.7 billion.)


HAMMER: Thank you, Charles Wegman(ph). Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I am A.J. Hammer in New York.

It is now for the SHOWBIZ Truth Squad. And this is an important one because tonight, we`re setting the record straight on what may have started Chris Brown`s alleged brutal assault on his girlfriend Rihanna.

A lot of people have been buzzing about this for weeks. Well, for the very first time, the woman who has been accused of sending text messages that set Rihanna off and in turn ignited Brown`s vicious alleged attack is speaking out.

There are these reports that a woman named Tina Davis, Brown`s manager, sent him texts that were sexual. But Davis totally denies that that happened.

Here`s the statement SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got from Davis` lawyer, "The relationship between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown is that of manager and client. There has never been any other relationship. The rumors in circulations are false. There are no E-mails between Ms. Davis and Mr. Brown of the type which have been described in media reports. If the source of the false rumors is identified, legal action will be taken. Given the nature of the legal issues affecting Mr. Brown, Ms. Davis will not be making any further statements."

So there you go. The SHOWBIZ Truth Squad confirming there were no booty texts between Chris Brown and his manager. And yes, I just said "booty text."

OK. On Wednesday we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. It was this: Rihanna Drama: Is the backlash against her unfair?"

And I`ve got to say I`m a little surprised by these results. 32 percent say yes; 68 percent of you say, no, it is not unfair.

Here are some of the E-mails that we got. One from Tai in New York. Tai writing, "I am disgusted by the backlash against Rihanna. I don`t condone what happened, but I will not crucify Rihanna. Chris Brown is young and I will hold him accountable to emerging a better person because he is young and has never been in any trouble. I`m disgusted by the backlash against Rihanna. I don`t condone what happened but I will not crucify Rihanna. Chris Brown is young and will hold him to being a better person because he is young and has never been in any trouble."

I`ve also got an E-mail I want to read you from Ashley in New Jersey who`s on the other side of this issue. Ashley writing, "The backlash on Rihanna is definitely fair. However, she is 21, making lots of money and all of her own decisions. Think back to when you were 21. Did you listen to everything that was told to you? She will learn in her own time."

Now, remember, you can E-mail us about anything at all - is the E-mail address.

And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN.