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Paris Hilton Linked to Chris Brown-Rihanna Incident?; Brown`s Cousin Says Rihanna to Blame; What`s Octo-Mom Connection to Angelina Jolie?; Police Investigate Octo-Mom Death Threats; Details Emerge of Plastic Surgery Scare of Usher`s Wife; Margaret Cho Criticizes Miley Cyrus for Racist Picture

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST (voice-over): Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: shocking new octo-mom developments. Why Angelina Jolie is now reportedly creeped out by the octuplet mom. Was she trying to look like Angelina?

Tonight why people are flabbergasted by the resemblance. And the explosive news that investigators are looking into death threats against the octo-mom.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with a big breaking octo-mom outrage, including your calls into "SHOWBIZ on Call."

The Chris Brown/Rihanna drama. Tonight the startling new Paris Hilton connection to this disturbing story. Why is Paris now speaking out about Brown`s alleged attack on Rihanna?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Adding Paris Hilton into this equation just makes it the perfect storm of gossip.

HAMMER: Plus, the outrageous claim from Brown`s cousin that Rihanna may have provoked the alleged attack on her. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the bizarre new twists.

And new right now: did Usher`s wife nearly die while having plastic surgery?

TVs most provocative entertainment news show starts right now!


HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

And tonight, the obsession with Angelina Jolie. No, not us. The octo-mom. It is another night of stranger-than-truth, brand-new breaking developments in the story of the octuplet mom. So here`s what SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you is making big news right now.

The striking resemblance between octo-mom Nadya Suleman and Angelina Jolie has reportedly caught the attention of Angelina herself, and the big question tonight: was Suleman trying to contact Angelina?

And there are breaking developments in the claims of death threats against the octo-mom. Police today confirm that they are investigating the death threats while Suleman`s own mom has brand-new revelations about the threats. You will hear her mother in her own words.

But wait. There`s more. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has complete octo-mom coverage tonight with our guests who, I got to tell you, are just as fired up tonight as our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers, who are burning up the "SHOWBIZ on Call" phone lines.

With us tonight in New York, Jane Velez-Mitchell, who`s the host of "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL," seen weekday nights, 7 p.m. right here on HLN. Also Ashleigh Banfield, who`s an anchor for the legal channel In Session; and Marvet Britto, who is a celebrity publicist.

All right. Let`s get right down to these new reports tonight from "The Chicago Sun-Times" that the octuplet mom has been sending letters to none other than this woman, Angelina Jolie, for at least a year? Huh?

She reportedly has sent letters just gushing about Jolie`s talent and her humanitarian efforts for children all around the world.

Now this is coming from a woman who people say really looks a lot like Jolie. Can we put up that split screen here? A pretty striking resemblance isn`t it? But the octo-mom insists she has never purposefully, intentionally tried to look like Jolie.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, to you first. Are you like me; is this just creepy?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, "ISSUES": A.J., it`s more than creepy. It`s absolutely scary.

And can you say liar, liar, pants on fire? This woman was asked on camera about her interest in Angelina Jolie. And she said, "Angelina Jolie? Oh, I haven`t thought about her in years, maybe the last time I saw one of her movies, which was years ago." That`s actually what she said.

Now we she`s been writing letters to Angelina Jolie for at least a year, praising her acting, praising her humanitarian skills.

And obviously, she looks like her. We were the ones, the media, who picked up on the resemblance before we found out about the letters. That`s why she was asked about it. This is a really frightening development, because it says to me that this woman is a seriously disturbed person. And now she`s a seriously disturbed mother of 14.

HAMMER: Yes, and we are waiting to independently confirm whether or not these letters actually were written. But Ashleigh to you, if the reports are true, and the octo-mom really did send letters to Angelina Jolie, it kind of takes the steam out of those denials that Jane was just mentioning.

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD, ANCHOR, IN SESSION: Yes, I think her steam was gone when she denied being on public assistance, and yet she`s on Food Stamps and federal assistance for the special needs kids.

She denies having plastic surgery, and yet there are varied reports from not only her own family, but neighbors, friend. And those photos before and after that show it`s obviously not true.

So I think this is just one more notch against her credibility. And by the way, I don`t know that she had a lot of credibility suggesting she wanted 14 kids.

HAMMER: And we`ll get to those before and after photos in just a moment. But you know this, said, the octo-mom is swearing up and down, and left right, she has never had any plastic surgery to make her look this way. You`ve to listen to what her publicist told Dr. Phil.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I said, you know, Nadya, have you had plastic surgery? And she just laughed. She said, "No I have not. Of any kind."

DR. PHIL MCGRAW, PSYCHOLOGIST: This is the same woman who said, "I`m not getting public assistance," when in fact she`s getting paid every month, has three out of six kids on disability.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Dr. Phil, I am just relaying the facts as told to me by my client.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know she has or has not had plastic surgery. I just know what she`s told me.


HAMMER: Yes, "just know what she told me," so I`ve got to say, for me that doesn`t really close the case there. But the octo-mom, we saw on her first "Today Show" interview, looks nothing like she did a few years ago. I mean, look at this. This is incredible.

This other photo here, which is posted at Radar Online, clearly shows a different woman than we`re seeing now.

Marvet, off to you. Are you buying it?

MARVET BRITTO, CELEBRITY PUBLICIST: I`m not buying it at all. Talk about imitation of life. This is the imitation of Jolie.

She clearly is trying to emulate a woman that she`s had some sort of an obsessive fixation with. And I`ve wouldn`t be surprised if her sperm donor wasn`t a Brad Pitt look-alike. This is really, really -- you know, talk about mentally unstable. Nothing this woman has said has ended up being the truth. So I`m just wondering what reality she`s living in.

HAMMER: Again, no confirmation yet that she is any way mentally unstable. But you know, Dr. Phil doing his bit of investigative reporting, too. Not buying it one bit.

He, of course, went to the trouble of bringing a plastic surgery specialist into his show so they could really scrutinize octo-mom`s Angelina Jolie-esque looks. Take a look at what he has to say.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Based on having done this 25 years, she has had work on her nose, her lips for sure, probably her cheeks and maybe her chin.

Clearly, her nasal bones have been narrowed, her tip is refined. She has higher cheek bones.


HAMMER: All right. So he says in addition to all that, a surgery like this probably cost somewhere between 20 and 30 grand to get it done. Now this, as we`ve said, coming from a woman who`s been living off disability, welfare, student loans.

So Ashleigh, back to you. If all this proves to be true, and I`m pretty sure I know where you stand on this. But it really would put the nail in the coffin of what might be left of the octo-mom`s reputation, if there is anything left.

BANFIELD: I think so. But I think what`s more important here, A.J., is that might become part of a child and family services investigation. Because, if someone is spending tens of thousands of dollars on, either plastic surgery -- may I just say, by the way, that there are a lot of different procedures that aren`t considered plastic surgery. So she may not be lying when she says, "I haven`t had plastic surgery."

I don`t think collagen implants are considered surgery. Botox isn`t surgery. Juvinex isn`t surgery. So she may have had a lot of very expensive treatment and not had officially had surgery. But that is something that CPS might consider. If your children are on Food Stamps and you`re getting manicures and having collagen, that`s a problem.

HAMMER: Jane, I`ve got to tell you, and I`m feeling you`re like me on this. I`m sitting here having this conversation with all of you. We`re talking about this. And now bringing this whole Angelina Jolie thing in, and looking at those pictures, you can`t make this stuff up.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: My, gosh, no.

HAMMER: Blowing my mind.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: The funny thing is, I was looking at the interview, and I thought, maybe she`s trying to look like Ann Curry, too, because she kind of looks like her. But this is really a sad story, all joking aside. You know why? Because it`s going to impact the kids.

Her credibility is destroyed. Forget about book deals. Who`s going to hire a pathologic liar to write an autobiography? The book industry has already been hit with scandals of fake memoirs. They`re certainly not going to this. So how are these kids going to live? How are they going to survive? She`s got 14 of them. Either she wins the lottery, marries a multimillionaire, or makes an entertainment deal. And she`s destroying her chances with all these lies.

HAMMER: All that true. And don`t mean to bring any body else into this, but I`m also seeing a little bit of Alanis Morissette in there, as well.

The octo-mom is so despised that the Los Angeles Police Department actually confirmed today they are investigating these death threats we`ve been hearing about against her. The whole family actually had to go into hiding because of this.

Marvet, off to you. Do you think she`s regretting ever sitting down for that explosive TV interview with Ann Curry to begin with? Or do you think maybe, "Oh, the death threats. That might help me cash in a little bit here"?

BRITTO: I don`t think she`s thinking clearly at all. I think this was a strategy that went really, really wrong.

But at this point, we really do need to be thinking about the children. You know, they sadly have to suffer due to the transgressions of poor parenting. And although poor parenting, you know, people are the result of that every day. This is just steamrolling and getting worse. It`s getting worse by the day.


BRITTO: So I think that she does regret coming out. She does regret lying the way that she clearly has. And we want this to be fixed, because we don`t want these children to have to suffer due to, you know, her poor judgment.

HAMMER: Also new right now, I`ve got to get to this, the octo- grandmother speaking out for the first time about these incredible death threats. You have to listen to what Nadya Suleman`s mother -- her name is Angela. This is what she told a local California radio show about living under this kind of a threat.


ANGELA SULEMAN, GRANDMOTHER OF OCTUPLETS: We did have a guard here, and hopefully, these death threats are going to subside, because you know, nobody wanted that many children. And nobody is really at fault, except maybe my daughter was not really thinking straight. She did not think that, you know, that many would come into this world.

But we believe this is God`s will. And there is some reason for all this. And we`ll just try and cope as much as we can.


HAMMER: All right. We`re talking about a 68-year-old woman here, struggling to take care of the six kids that her daughter already has, bracing herself for these eight new kids and now living under death threats. Quickly, Ashleigh, you`ve got to feel sorry for the octo-grandma, at least.

BANFIELD: Yes, and the family doesn`t deserve any further stress. And I want to stress that 14 children need some kind of normalcy. This doesn`t help.

And A.J. ...


BANFIELD: Whoever is making those threats could face the same charges that Chris Brown is facing, felonies.

HAMMER: Well, and they should. And we have to keep in mind that the children should not get lost in the focus here at all, because that really is what is most important at the end of the day.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, Ashleigh Banfield, Marvet Britto, thank you so much.

We`re going to get getting to your calls into "SHOWBIZ on Call" coming up in just a couple of minutes. You people are outraged. And we will play those for you.

Now we want to hear from you on our "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Question of the Day." Octuplet mom, what do you think? Does she look like Angelina Jolie? Let us know at Got more to say? E-mail

Well, we are not the only ones talking about the incredible resemblance between Angelina Jolie and the octo-mom.




MOOS: No. This is Angelina Jolie.


HAMMER: Why so many people really can`t tell who`s who.

And even though this is a serious story, I can tell you there are so many funny skits about this popping up on line and on TV. And I`ve got them, coming up.

Also, the Chris Brown/Rihanna drama has taken a dramatic new twist. Tonight I`m going to tell you the startling new Paris Hilton connection. Why Paris is now speaking out about Brown`s alleged attack on his girlfriend, Rihanna.

Plus the outrageous claim from Brown`s cousin that Rihanna may have actually provoked the alleged attack on her. Just wild.

Also new right now: did Usher`s wife nearly die while having plastic surgery? I`ve got the disturbing details.

This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN. Now the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker." More stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.


GRAPHIC: Nude photo of Madonna when she was 20 auctioned off for $37,500.

Unauthorized Alex Rodriguez book coming out in April, one month early.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And tonight the startling news that Usher`s wife just went into cardiac arrest before having plastic surgery. That`s one of two huge stories making news right now.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you the inside story on what happened to Usher`s wife and her life-threatening plastic surgery emergency.

Also, comedian Margaret Cho is slamming Miley Cyrus over a controversial photo of Miley, posing with friends and slanting her eyes to pretend she`s Asian.

Joining me tonight in New York is Janell Snowden, the host of VH1 News, and in New York tonight is Ben Widdicombe, who`s the celebrity editor of

We`ve got to start off with the story about Usher`s wife, Tamika. She went to Brazil for some liposuction, and when she was getting her anesthesia, a rep for the doctor tells "People" magazine she went into cardiac arrest and she was put into a medically-induced coma. It`s just a wild thing to hear.

Now, Ben, this had been rumored over last weekend. Now it`s confirmed. Why the secrecy here? Is it because nobody really wants to advertise that they`re having lipo?

BEN WIDDICOMBE, CELEBRITY EDITOR, STYLIST.COM: Well, I think that there is an element of that. But also, I can understand why the family didn`t rush to put out a press release, because this was really a very serious medical condition. It involved the mother of two young children, Usher rushing to her side. I can understand why the family really just needed a little privacy to deal with this.

As a journalist, of course, I want to get the story first, and I want to get the facts immediately. But putting myself in their shoes, I can see why they waited a few days.

HAMMER: Yes, no question about that.

Usher`s wife went to Brazil to have this procedure done, by the way, only two months after giving birth to Usher and her second son.

Janell, this is not a major surgery. A lot of great plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Any idea why she`d go to Brazil for this?

JANELL SNOWDEN, HOST, VH1 NEWS: Actually, I don`t have a great idea. But I can say that, obviously, Brazil is a great place to recover. And I know that there are some excellent plastic surgeons there. I mean, you look at all the beautiful Brazilian women, sorry to break it to you guys, but a lot of them are not born that way.

HAMMER: Oh no. And I think you bring up a good point. You know, maybe there`s a privacy factor here. I guess all we can do is speculate about that.

But let`s move on to this new Miley Cyrus controversy. Comedian Margaret Cho is slamming Miley on her blog about that recent photo of Cyrus. She got together with some friends. They`re pulling at their eyes and squinting to pretend they are Asian. Nice.

Well, Cho penned a little song called, "Oh, Miley," where she basically criticizes Miley for being racially insensitive. I`ve got to read to you some of these lyrics that appeared on Cho`s blog. Quote, "All you have to do is pull your face to make your eyelids resemble our race. This joke has no proper place; Miley Cyrus is a disgrace."

Ben, Miley has not apologized once, but twice now as sincerely as possible. But it sounds to me like apology not accepted, at least by Margaret Cho. And this isn`t Margaret trying to be funny, is it?

WIDDICOMBE: Well, I believe that Margaret is completely sincere in expressing her annoyance about this. I mean, who wouldn`t?

But I also think that she is alert to the opportunity to take part in the national debate. And if you know her work, you know that she loves being wry and she has a very winking take on very controversial issues. So I think it`s a bit of both. I think she`s annoyed but she`s also having some fun with it.

HAMMER: Just Thursday, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reported an Asian group is suing Miley for $4 billion over this. That`s $4,000 for each Asian Pacific islander.

Now, Janell, given Miley`s past photo controversies, including some semi naked pictures, when she sees a camera, should she just walk the other way?

SNOWDEN: If only it were that easy. Unfortunately, Miley is a media darling. I mean, she`s a Disney star, and she has an adoring fan base. So I don`t think it`s going to be that easy for her.

I just spoke to her on the carpet at the Grammys, and she told me about wanting to stalk Radiohead. And I kept looking around, like, "Oh, my goodness. If only your publicist could hear you now."

HAMMER: She needs to learn how to check herself. Janell Snowden, Ben Widdicombe, I thank you both.

All right. The "SHOWBIZ on Call" phone lines won`t stop ringing, people calling in about the octuplet mom. Now take a look. We`ve got video of the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT interns. They are plugging away, literally. They are swamped with calls. I mean, this is craziness. Look at them go. Don`t get those wires crossed or else. All right. Let`s get to those calls.

One call I`ve got to play for you from Kim in Arizona. Roll that.


CALLER: I don`t think there`s anything wrong with the government helping her or helping to bail her out, because everybody has gotten help at one time in their life. People have gotten student loans, Pell Grants. The government is now bailing out GM and different companies for -- due to the economy. There`s nothing wrong with helping out this woman and her children.


HAMMER: All right, Kim, thank you for your call.

We also heard from Martha, who called in to "SHOWBIZ on Call" from California.


CALLER: I think that the fertility doctor should be the baby daddy. I think his practice should be sold; his house should be sold. The money taken from that should be put in trust, and he -- that money should be taken out to take care of those babies for the rest of their lives.


HAMMER: OK. Martha. Thank you for calling us.

You can call us at "SHOWBIZ on Call." Let us know what you think about octo-mom or anything else. The "SHOWBIZ on Call" phone lines open all the time. Here now the number: 1-888-SBT-BUZZ, 1-888-728-2899.

Well, coming up the octuplet mom, Angelina Jolie, can you tell them apart?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That looks like a really, really young Angelina Jolie.

MOOS: But it`s not Angelina.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s just a look-alike?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The lips. The lips. Yes, they look like her a lot.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are they related?


HAMMER: I can`t believe how many people are mixing these two up. Is the octo-mom really trying to look like Angelina?

Now, I know this is a serious story, but you`ve got to stick around. We found some hysterical octo-mom funnies on TV and online. I`ve got to show them to you.

And this is incredible. Tonight, the startling new Paris Hilton connection to Chris Brown`s alleged attack on Rihanna. Paris speaking out. Plus, the outrageous claim from Brown`s cousin that Rihanna may have provoked Brown.

And Jerry O`Connell opening up about his wife, Rebecca Romijn, breast feeding. Too much info here, TMI, Jerry.


Now the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.


GRAPHIC: Wanda Sykes picked as entertainer for White House correspondents` dinner on May 9.

Beyonce wins "Best Female Artist" at NAACP Image Awards.





HAMMER: Wow, Jennifer Hudson doing her thing in an amazing way, singing "The Man of La Mancha`s" "The Impossible Dream" to the great Muhammad Ali, Ali honored with the President`s Award at the 40th annual NAACP Image Awards.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

By the way, Jennifer Hudson won the Best New Artist Award. I think it is amazing how brave she has been, keeping on coming out like this after what happened to her.

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, of course, was right there at the NAACP Image Awards in Los Angeles. And not only is this the 40th anniversary of the awards, it`s also the 100th anniversary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which makes it an extra special celebration, because of course, we now have our first African-American president, Barack Obama.

Well, take a listen to Will Smith, who won Best Actor in a Movie, who is so inspired by Barack`s win.


WILL SMITH, ACTOR/RAP ARTIST: I really want to say to children out there and to people who are watching, Confucius said one time, "He who says he can and he who says he can`t are both usually right." So I want to stand here before you and -- as I hold this award, I want to give love to my wife, and I want you to keep in your heart just know that you can, know that you can.


HAMMER: And the stars we spoke with on the red carpet definitely agreed. The timing for all this is just amazing.


NIA PEEPLES, ACTRESS/SINGER: This is the time, this is the time. And like I`ve been saying, I -- the significance of having Barack Obama in office is not that he`s black. It`s that his black doesn`t -- his being black doesn`t matter.

KEISHA KNIGHT PULLIAM, ACTRESS: It couldn`t happen in a better year. You know, with Barack Obama being our first African-American president, it`s almost like it`s come full circle. You know, all the work that they`ve done over this past 100 years has actually been realized. And I just hope that the trend continues and, you know, we don`t get complacent and stop here and realize that there`s so much more to be done.


HAMMER: Wow, great words there. And just wild seeing "The Cosby Show`s" Keisha Knight Pulliam. That`s little Rudy Huxtable, all grown up and very well spoken.

And now he "SHOWBIZ Lineup." Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Next, the startling new Paris Hilton connection to Chris Brown`s alleged attack on his girlfriend, Rihanna. Yes, I said Paris Hilton.

Angelina Jolie, the octuplet mom. So many people can`t tell who`s who. You`ve got the lips, you`ve got the babies. Well, tonight I`ve got some hysterical octo-mom funnies popping up online and on TV.

And Jessica Simpson`s dramatic new wardrobe re-do after getting slammed for putting on some weight.

Now the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker." More stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.


GRAPHIC: Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton will appear in video on Britney Spears` "Circus" tour.

Disney launches channel called Disney XD, aimed at 6- to 14-year-old boys.




HAMMER (voice-over): Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, tonight the startling new Paris Hilton connection to the Chris Brown/Rihanna drama. Why Paris is now speaking out about Brown`s alleged attack on Rihanna.

Plus the outrageous claim from Brown`s cousin that Rihanna may have provoked the alleged attack.

MOOS: Who is this?


MOOS: No. This is Angelina Jolie.

HAMMER: Angelina Jolie, the octuplet mom. Who`s who? The lips, the babies. Tonight the absolutely hysterical funnies that are popping up online and on TV about the octuplet mom.

Plus, more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

TVs most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

And right now the fast-breaking developments in the Chris Brown/Rihanna drama.

Now the last name I ever expected to bring into this whole disturbing story is Paris Hilton. Well, tonight Paris is fighting back against reports that she may have actually sparked the argument that led Brown to allegedly attack his pop princess girlfriend.

And the Brown/Rihanna drama gets even more outrageous with a relative of Chris suggesting Rihanna herself may have provoked the alleged attack.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you the up-to-the-minute developments making big news right now.


HAMMER (voice-over): It`s easily the most outlandish, provocative question to come out of the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown story. Could Paris Hilton, of all people, somehow be involved? And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you for the first time Paris Hilton is speaking out about it.

PARIS HILTON, HOTEL HEIRESS: Don`t believe rumors, guys.

JO PIAZZA, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Adding Paris Hilton into this equation just makes it the perfect storm of gossip.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you it`s all part of the mystery over the reported weekend dispute that ended with Chris Brown facing possible criminal charges and Rihanna suffering what sources call visible injuries.

PIAZZA: A lot of speculation is around whether or not Chris got a text message or, rather, a bootie text before the fight went down.

HAMMER: L.A. Police investigating the case have not publicly confirmed any text message or any reason for the incident. But that hasn`t stopped some gossip pages from speculating that Paris Hilton was Brown`s reported late-night texter.

PIAZZA: I`m telling you, if Paris Hilton text-messaged my boyfriend at 1 in the morning, that would be cause for some fighting words. Nobody wants to see Paris Hilton`s name on their boyfriend`s phone.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you text Chris Brown the night of the incident?


HAMMER: In this video from Hollywood TV, we see Paris Hilton shooting down those texting rumors. For good measure she also gives a shout-out to Rihanna.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Paris, any message for Rihanna, any message for Rihanna?

HILTON: I love Rihanna. She`s amazing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Any message for Chris Brown? Any message for Chris Brown?

HAMMER: Paris is also denying rumors that she was seen flirting with Brown at a party days before the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident. She tells, quote, "That`s ridiculous and an outright lie. I was not all over him, as some magazine reported. I said hello and that was it. I love Rihanna, and that never happened."

PIAZZA: She is just running to every media outlet that will talk to her, saying, "Oh, my God. That totally wasn`t me. I like, totally didn`t text Chris or anything that night."

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Paris Hilton is not the only starlet tripping over herself to deny any connection to the Chris Brown/Rihanna case. Singers Leona Lewis and Keshia Chante have, through their reps, each denied being the reported late-night texter.

PIAZZA: The story is, you know, so negative. And anything having to do with domestic violence, I don`t think that anyone wants their name attached to, no matter how peripheral.

HAMMER: Meanwhile, Los Angeles police are working hard to piece together what did happen that night. And prosecutors are considering whether to file criminal charges against Brown.

Meanwhile, Brown`s family is speaking in his defense.

PHYLICIA THOMPSON, CHRIS BROWN`S COUSIN: Chris was not brought up -- his father did not raise him to beat on a woman.

HAMMER: Brown`s cousin, Phylicia Thompson, tells "Extra" that, if there was violence between Brown and Rihanna that night, Rihanna shares some of the blame.

THOMPSON: It has to be something to provoke him to do it. I don`t see any other reason why he would have done it. He wouldn`t have just done it just to be having fun. What happens behind closed doors nobody ever knows.

HAMMER: That kind of blame-the-alleged-victim philosophy isn`t sitting well with some.

PIAZZA: I have to say it`s disgusting. For another woman to come out and say, "OK, well, even if he did do it, then there must have been a reason. It must have been OK that he did this horrible thing." Chris Brown`s cousin, obviously a great defender of women`s rights.

HAMMER: This case kept both Brown and Rihanna from Thursday night`s NAACP Image Awards, where they were both nominees. But the stars who did attend shared with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT their thoughts about this troubled superstar couple.

GREG MATHIS, HOST, "JUDGE MATHIS": You know, I`m a judge of second chances, having benefited from a second chance myself as a young adult. So, were he to be convicted or plead guilty in this instance, I would hope that he would obtain anger management and get a second chance.

KNIGHT PULLIAM: You know, from the outside looking in we`ll never know the full details of the situation. So I don`t think you can really judge everything that`s gone on without knowing what happened.

SANAA LATHAN, ACTRESS: They`re very young. And so maybe this can be a wake-up call for them to get help.


HAMMER: Yes. Let`s hope.

More developing news. Late today SHOWBIZ TONIGHT learned that Chris Brown is reportedly on the move after -- after being holed up in Las Vegas. And he is planning to meet with his mother sometime soon.

Now while he lays low, his cousin`s heated words and Paris Hilton speaking out have really put the whole Chris/Rihanna drama in an absolute tailspin tonight.

Joining me tonight in New York is Janell Snowden, the host for VH1 News, and also joining me tonight in New York, Ashleigh Banfield, who is an anchor for In Session.

I`ve got to start out with Brown`s cousin, Phylicia Thompson. I`ve got to say, I`m just dumbfounded by this. Not only is Thompson defending Brown, but suggesting, actually suggesting there might be a justifiable reason for what allegedly happened between Chris Brown and Rihanna. You`ve got to listen to more of what she told "Extra."


THOMPSON: He might feel down right now, because his fans are looking down on him like he`s done something wrong. Of course, yes, he done something wrong, because he put his hands on her. But like I said, you don`t know what happened. He had to be provoked to do it, because he would have never done it.


HAMMER: All right. I sit there and I watch that, and I hear the words. And all I can do is bang my head. Obviously, we don`t know what happened. But Janell, can you make any sense of that defense?

SNOWDEN: Not at all. I mean, I think what you said is so key. Nobody knows what happened. And until then, we can`t justify or defend anyone involved.

But there is never an excuse for hitting a woman. I don`t care if -- I mean the only -- situation that I could ever imagine something like that being at all excusable is perhaps if you`re defending your life and some one is approaching you with a deadly weapon. But even then, as a man I would hope that you would have strength enough to walk away. I don`t ever think that there`s a reason for a man to hit a woman.

HAMMER: Well, Ashleigh, I mean, are you right there? Can I put you on the list of people just outraged by the idea that this woman is suggesting, that Rihanna may have provoked Chris Brown into doing what he allegedly did?

BANFIELD: Yes, tell it to the judge. Crime doesn`t really look kindly upon provocation as a reason for it.

But I will give you one person who should defend him, and that`s his attorney, Mark Geragos, because these are defensible crimes. And they actually can be successful in court. And they can also be pled out. And Mark Geragos is very good at getting plea deals.

So let`s all remember he hasn`t been charged yet with any assault. Just making criminal threats.

HAMMER: Right, right. But there`s -- still, still it`s not as if Geragos could go to the judge -- or tell me if I am wrong, Ashleigh, this is your field -- and say, "Well, you know, there were these text messages. And he was really -- he got mad at her. She did something to make him really angry." I`m just saying -- I`m just speaking, obviously, purely hypothetically. But you can`t do that?

BANFIELD: Not necessarily. But deals have been made with regard to prior history and potential future history. If you have the potential of escalating violence in the future against someone then they aren`t likely to make a deal. But if this is something behind closed doors that they want to work out, sometimes the D.A. wants to work with them, too.

HAMMER: All right. We`ve got to get to this other unbelievable new twist to the whole Chris/Rihanna drama, Paris Hilton. I can`t even believe I`m saying her name in connection to this, but as we just showed you, Paris denying that she flirted with Chris Brown or texted him the night that this all went down. Listen again to what Paris said.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Paris, did you text -- did you text Chris Brown the night of the incident?

HILTON: Don`t believe rumors, guys.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are those rumors?


HAMMER: Janell, what do you think? Does it seem to you that this whole reported mystery text that`s been being bounced around is at the heart of solving what actually happened that night?

SNOWDEN: I don`t believe anything until we hear from Rihanna or Chris themselves or somebody that was in the car with them, and at this point we don`t know if anyone was. So it`s all very -- it`s all speculation. And I don`t think that any of us should continue to fuel the rumors.


SNOWDEN: As far as Paris being thrown in the mix, I`m sure this is not the last name that we`re going to hear. Until someone speaks up and says, "This is actual fact; this is what happened," who knows? A.J., your name could be thrown in there.

HAMMER: You never know. I don`t think it will be.

But the thing is, it`s not just Paris. You know, there are these other stars we mentioned from Hollywood who are coming out to deny any involvement in this incident. That includes British pop star, Leona Lewis. She denied that she was the mysterious late-night texter.

You have R&B car, Keshia Chante, who denies reports that she has flirted with Chris Brown and that she did on the night of the alleged attack.

Ashleigh, here`s what I want to know. With these names being floated around in some magazines, is it even possible that, as a result of that, any of these ladies could formally be dragged into an investigation?

BANFIELD: Sure, yes. The police can ask questions of anybody, especially if they`re foundation witnesses. They can come in and sort of lay the groundwork for how the evening transgressed.

And then also they could be dragged into court and subpoenaed and their BlackBerries can be subpoenaed, too, as corroboration evidence. So I would say if there`s any foundation to them, meaning it came from the players involved, as opposed to you and me, they could be involved.

HAMMER: Still a long road to travel here. Janell Snowden, Ashleigh Banfield, thanks guys. I appreciate it.


HAMMER: Well, tonight the brand new octuplet mom outrage. Is the octo-mom really obsessed with Angelina Jolie?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It looks like a really, really young Angelina Jolie.

MOOS: But it`s not Angelina.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just a look-alike?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The lips. The lips. Yes, they look alike a lot a like.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. They`re related?


HAMMER: Some people really can`t tell who`s who. And the Internet is just buzzing with all kinds of wild stories. Even some really funny skits with Angelina and octo-mom. And I`ve got them.

And just wait till you see what Jessica`s wardrobe makeover is like after all that criticism that she got, you know, about gaining a little bit of weight and her mom jeans. We`ve got the brand-new video on Jessica in her own words.

Jerry O`Connell`s remarkable revelations about his wife, Rebecca Romijn`s, breast-feeding. Talk about TMI here. Did Jerry really try to breast-feed his twin daughters? It`s the story you`ve got to see to believe.


Now the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.


GRAPHIC: "Variety" reports: USA Networks not renewing "The Starter Wife."

Justin Timberlake tops "GQ`s" ten most stylish men in America.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re back with the E block. Now go, Joe. Preset Camera 1. Roll on. A.J.`s mike, and cue.

HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight it`s the brand new octuplet mom controversy. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, there is buzz all over the Internet that she had surgery to look like the superstar with the big brood of her own. Those lips, the hair. Tonight the wild and hysterical octo-mom spoofs that are popping up online and on TV.

Here comes CNNs Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


MOOS (voice-over): As the story of the octuplets` mom has snowballed.

(on camera) The one who had the eight babies.


MOOS (voice-over): ... how could you not wonder about this?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is the octo-mom obsessed with Angelina Jolie?

MOOS: We seem obsessed with the question.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look at her lips.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Angelina Jolie wannabe look-alike popping out all those babies.

MOOS: Guess who popped up. When "Saturday Night Live" covered the octuplets.

SETH MEYERS, CAST MEMBER, NBC`S "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": Angelina Jolie. What are you doing here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I heard someone had eight babies. Does she want all of them?

MOOS: Move over Ann Curry with your exclusive NBC interview.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This morning we`ll be speaking with Nadya Suleman, the controversial mother of eight. Nadya, not yet.

MOOS: While Angelina Jolie likes to adopt kids, the octo-mom seems to have adopted Angelina`s look. "Life & Style Weekly" put the two on its cover.

When we showed the octo-mom`s photo to some folks...

(on camera) Who is this?


MOOS: No, this is Angelina Jolie.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It looks like a really, really young Angelina Jolie.

MOOS: But it`s not Angelina.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just a look-alike?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The lips. The lips. They look a lot alike.


MOOS (voice-over): Oh, Angelina will love that.


MOOS: "The Chicago Sun-Times" describes Jolie as creeped out and irritated. The paper quotes a source close to the actress as saying Jolie has received admiring letters from the octuplets` mom, though Suleman told NBC a different story.

NADYA SULEMAN, OCTUPLETS` MOM: I have never even thought of Angelina Jolie except for the last time I saw a movie.

MOOS (on camera): Do you think they look alike?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It looks like they have the same doctor doing their lips.

MOOS (voice-over): We called a plastic surgeon who compared old and recent photos of the octo-mom.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Her nose definitely appears to be whittled down, and her lips definitely appear to have increased in size, probably by about three or four times.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Eight babies, on top of the six she done got at home, and not counting the two apparently still in her lips incubating.

MOOS: In her NBC interview, Suleman denied having cosmetic surgery.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you have your lips done?

SULEMAN: No, no.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What I think she has probably had done is fat actually transferred from her thighs or her bottom into her lips. And what can happen...

MOOS: From her bottom?


MOOS: Well, that`s what people are going to kiss?

(voice-over) Hey, maybe everyone has got this thing backward.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think Angelina Jolie is trying to look like me.


HAMMER: I don`t think so.

That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Well, we`ve been asking you to vote in our "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Question of the Day." Is this -- octuplet mom, do you think she looks like Angelina Jolie? Let us know at If you want to e-mail:

Well, from the Angelina Jolie connection to the absolute outrage over the entire octuplet mom story. Look at this, the "SHOWBIZ on Call" phone lines ringing nonstop about the world`s most infamous mother.

And that`s our staff right there. I didn`t know we had this footage. This is good to see. I don`t know why it`s in black and white. But they`re working their fingers to the bone, trying to keep up with your fired-up phone calls, including this, a fired-up call to "SHOWBIZ on Call," from Devonne, who says the octuplet mom deserves all the help she can get.


DEVONNE, CALLER: I think the octuplets should be embraced. They`re here. You can`t send them back. So you may as well embrace the fact that they`re here. And diaper companies should step up and help out, because that`s going to be a whole lot of diapers.

I don`t think she made the right decision, but it`s already done. So may God help her, and God bless the babies.


HAMMER: Yes, you can`t send them back. Thank you, Devonne.

We also heard from Crystal calling in from California, to "SHOWBIZ on Call," with this reminder for all of the octo-mom`s critics.


CRYSTAL, CALLER: I think it`s crazy how everybody is making an opinion regarding her having all these babies and being on Food Stamps. The food is for the kids not for the mother. I think we should all open up our hearts. I know it`s a hard time right now people are going through. But it`s for the kids. It`s not for the mother.


HAMMER: Appreciate the call, Crystal.

You can call us at "SHOWBIZ on Call." Let us know what you think about this or anything else. The "SHOWBIZ on Call" phone lines open all the time at 1-888-SBT-BUZZ, 1-888-728-2899. Please leave us a voicemail. We would love to play your call here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And your calls to "SHOWBIZ on Call" now also online at our home page. That is

Time now for "Making it Work," where we find out the secrets of how stars make their relationships work in Hollywood and beyond.

And tonight it`s Mira Sorvino, and she is revealing some big news. The Oscar-winning actress is expecting her third child. Sorvino and her husband, Christopher Bacchus, tell "People" magazine they are just overjoyed about the addition of a baby boy to their family. They are already the proud parents of four-year-old Mattea and 2-year-old Johnny.

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT caught up with Sorvino just last month, right before she announced her pregnancy. And she told us she works hard to keep her Hollywood life separate from her family life and that is the key to making it work for her growing family.


MIRO SORVINO, ACTRESS: We spend all of our time with our two kids. We -- you know, they`re our favorite people in the world. We don`t spend a lot of time partying. We don`t go out much. This is like a rare night for us to really be seen out and about.

And we just love our children, and we love each other. And we have a good life, you know. We`re sort of normal people living in an abnormal place.


HAMMER: Way to put it. Sorvino recently told "People" magazine that she really struggles to balance her life as a working mom in Hollywood. Sorvino says that if she had it her way, she`d quit acting altogether and become a full-time mom and activist.

All right. Moving on, is Jessica Simpson firing back at all those nasty weight rumors? What`s going on here? Well, just wait until you see Jessica`s wardrobe makeover after all that criticism that she got about her weight and her mom jeans. We`ve the brand-new video of Jessica in her own words.


Now the "SHOWBIZ News Ticket," more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.


GRAPHIC: Kevin Costner and wife welcome their second son, Hayes Logan.

NAACP Image Award winner: Best Motion Picture: "The Secret Life of Bees."



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. Here`s some more stories that are making news right now.

Proud papa Jerry O`Connell telling all about life with his twins and wife Rebecca Romijn. Now Jerry gets really personal with Ellen DeGeneres with Rebecca breastfeeding their newborn girls, Charlie and Dolly. It`s a really tough job, and he really feels for his wife.

Well, Jerry told Ellen how he feels Rebecca`s pain, literally.


JERRY O`CONNELL, ACTOR: My wife pumps, which is the machine you hook up to...


O`CONNELL: And my wife is doing it. My wife was not complaining. My wife is the best. I love you, baby. But my wife was saying, you know, "It`s uncomfortable."

DEGENERES: It hurts.

O`CONNELL: Well, I -- I said, "Let me try it." And so I put it on and it was -- it was uncomfortable.


O`CONNELL: I mean, it really just makes your nipples just go like this. I hope I can -- I`m sure I can do that. But they just go like this. And no milk came out of mine.


O`CONNELL: Just like -- just like hair. There were hairs in there.


HAMMER: OK. Daddy Jerry giving new meaning to TMI.

Also new right now, Jessica Simpson firing back at all those nasty weight rumors and her mom jean fashion faux pas. Video of Jessica looking more voluptuous than usual touched off a huge weight debate and left a lot of people scratching their heads about her outfit.

So when Simpson took the stage in a loose-fitting black number in New York, she made sure to say it had nothing to do with the weight rumors, but it was all about avoiding another fashion disaster.


JESSICA SIMPSON, SINGER: Every time I performed at Madison Square Garden, my pants have completely ripped in half. So tonight I decided to wear a little, like, skort, not a skirt. It`s a shirt. Just like I wanted (ph).


HAMMER: All right, well, Jessica did let it rip on stage. By that, I mean she tore it up, belting out her hits, including "You Are My Sunday" with a special shutout to her boyfriend, Dallas cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Well, Thursday, we asked you to vote on our "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Question of the Day." Octuplet mom Web site: would you donate money for her babies? Oh, boy, very lopsided. Four percent say yes; 96 percent no.

Among the e-mails we got, I`d like to read these to you.

Anna from Washington, who writes, "I believe that people should donate to the mom. God bless her and her 14 children."

Sharon from Louisiana: "I strongly disagree with those who feel we should give to her. She needs to get a job and support her own children.

That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11s, 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning at 11 a.m. Eastern on HLN. And please remember, as you go into the night, it`s pronounced octuplet, not "octiblet."