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Showbiz at the Inauguration

Aired January 20, 2009 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ at the inauguration.

BARACK OBAMA, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear -


HAMMER: Tonight, the most remarkable and star-studded presidential inauguration ever. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there. Tonight, the overwhelming star reaction to this historic day. Hollywood`s hopes and dreams for the Obama presidency.


GLENN CLOSE, ACTRESS: Our biggest hope is people will know what he has in front of him and the huge, almost impossible task of putting things right.


HAMMER: Plus, the Obama kids meet their favorite stars including Miley Cyrus.

And "Extreme Makeover," White House edition. A revealing look at how 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is being transformed for the Obama family.

Plus, when Barack met Michelle in their own words.


MICHELLE OBAMA, UNITED STATES FIRST LADY: And then he walked into my office on that first day. And he was cuter then I thought he would be.


HAMMER: Tonight, the amazing stories and stars as Barack Obama becomes president of the United States.

A very special edition of TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello, I am A.J. Hammer broadcasting from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood.

And tonight, Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States.

HAMMER: And Brooke, what happened today may have been the most amazing, stirring and star-studded presidential inauguration we have ever seen. And, while millions stood there in the nation`s capital to witness for themselves America inaugurating its first black president, tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, watched it all unfold on television around the world.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you the sights, the sounds, the stories, and the stars you may not have seen and heard. Because, what happened today is making history and making big news right now.


B. OBAMA: I, Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear -

HAMMER (voice over): This is one case when the eyes of the world really were watching.


HAMMER: The swearing-in of Barack Obama and the debut of the picture- perfect new first family wasn`t only a historic moment. As CNN`s Wolf Blitzer reminded us, this was a major TV event.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: There are already estimates that more people will watch this event than have ever watched anything in the history of television.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you president Obama`s inauguration kicked off a nationwide viewing party.

CROWD: Obama! Obama!

HAMMER: From New York`s Time Square, all the way west to Los Angeles, at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, all the movie-watching and deal-making stopped as festival-goers watched a flood of TVs tuned to CNN and took in a dramatic scene that rivaled any movie for emotional impact.

And back in D.C., tons of celebrities had front-row seats to the inauguration. It was enough to impress Steven Spielberg.

STEVEN SPIELBERG, MOVIE DIRECTOR: I am also looking out here and saying I couldn`t afford to do this shot in a movie.

HAMMER: Yes, it would be incredibly expensive to create a special effects shot of hundreds of thousand of people who started arriving before dawn, not to mention the all-star cast that was part of the crowd.

Oprah Winfrey was there to see Mr. Obama become president, a dream she worked so hard for during the campaign.

OPRAH WINFREY, HOST, "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW": I believe that change has already come, California.

HAMMER: Dustin Hoffman, who recently told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that President Obama`s election brought him to tears.

DUSTIN HOFFMAN, ACTOR: It was a biblical moment, I think, that will never happen again.

HAMMER: Got his ticket to the big inauguration, as did John Cusack who told CNN he was dumbfounded by the massive crowd.

JOHN CUSACK, ACTOR: It`s just humbling - awestruck, you know, all the hyperbole you could think of. You know, they always said it was possible and kept telling it was possible. And it is possible.

HAMMER: Jay-Z, Beyonce and Diddy was part of the music contingent. The night before, Diddy talked to "LARRY KING LIVE" about the historic occasion.

JAY-Z, MUSICIAN: What you`re seeing on the television set is what America is about. People of all colors and creeds together celebrating the greatness of who we are.

HAMMER: All week, only SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has been bringing you the full star power on display in Washington, D.C. for this historic inauguration.

ALICIA QUARLES, ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: Yes, Hollywood must be totally empty right now because all the A-list celebrities are in Washington, D.C.

HAMMER: At the "Huffington Post" party the night before the inauguration, a star-struck Josh Groban told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he couldn`t believe all the celebrities in town.


JOSH GROBAN, SINGER: I was standing in line, you know, with James Taylor on one side and Beyonce on the other and Bono standing out there. We were all just waiting patiently for him to come and shake our hands. We also felt like little kids on Christmas Eve. Like, "Is he going to come this way? Do you think he`s really going to come this way?" Yes. You know, it`s really funny to see him melting, absolutely melting the coldest, hardest celebrities in town.

HAMMER: He even melted this iceman. Val Kilmer told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT he is nothing less than inspired by what he is seeing in Washington.

VAL KILMER, ACTOR: President Obama clearly represents our highest selves. To be part of that is very moving.

HAMMER: And Shakira told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Obama`s inauguration represents hope.

SHAKIRA, SINGER: Obama, with his victory, is sending a powerful message to all the children out there who are now dreaming about the possibility of, you know, becoming maybe president someday or anything they want to be in life. Now, they can achieve it.

HAMMER: So with President Obama parading into his new job, the inauguration provided a chance for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the pomp and circumstance of D.C. to unite with the rest of the country in celebration.


ANDERSON: What a day for President Obama and for all of the Hollywood stars shivering in the crowd. So what was it like to be there for this historic moment?

Joining me tonight right there in Washington, Alicia Quarles, entertainment editor for the Associated Press, North America. Also in Washington, Marvet Britto, celebrity publicist and founder of the Britto Agency.

Alicia, I want to begin with you. What was it like to watch Barack Obama take the oath of office and become the first black president in American history? It must have been overwhelming.

QUARLES: It really was. To be here with all of these people in Washington, D.C., it`s a moment and a feeling that I am never, ever going to forget. There was dead silence. Everyone just wanted to take in this moment. Everyone wanted to take in everything that he said, that atmosphere.

It was simply electric. And while security was hard, it did not dampen people`s spirits. So it`s just an incredible experience.

ANDERSON: Oh, absolutely. And there were so many stars in the crowd. We have seen the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Dustin Hoffman, Beyonce, Jay-Z and John Cusack there on the Mall. I want to watch what Cusack told us when we caught up with him near the platform of the inauguration. Take a look.


JOHN CUSACK, ACTOR: It`s just humbling - awestruck, you know, all the hyperbole you could think of. You know, they always said it was possible and kept telling it was possible. And it is possible.


ANDERSON: OK. John Cusack describes his feeling as being awestruck. Marvet, you were right there, too. Does awestruck begin to describe it?

MARVET BRITTO, CELEBRITY PUBLICIST: It really doesn`t. Because when you think about it, this is the most historic day that most of us will ever seen our lifetime. So when you put it in perspective, you know, you saw people from different diverse backgrounds - cultures, you know, different historical experiences.

And it - there isn`t a word that could describe it. We saw it. It was like you couldn`t believe it. When he put his hand on that Bible, to see the tears and everyone in the crowd. Some were crying. Many people embraced each other, holding hands.

It was just a moment in time that you never thought you would see in this country. And we see it today wrapped around a man that really, you know, has inspired so many people, not just in this country but just in the world.


BRITTO: So I never thought I would see it. I felt so blessed to be amongst all the wonderful people of all different colors and races and ages. It was memorable and I will never forget it.

ANDERSON: Yes, and the tears were certainly flowing as you say. And I want to talk about that man now. Barack Obama has been known as no-drama Obama. He looked as cool as a cucumber today.

Alicia, what do you think was going through his mind just before he took that stage?

QUARLES: I think that he has been working so hard. I mean, this was years in the making that finally, this moment has arrived. You`ve got hundreds of thousands of people out there. I think he wanted to enjoy every single moment of it.

If you watch him throughout the inaugural ceremonies, his eyes were closed. He was taking it all in. And I think, you know what, he`s worked so hard. He`s here with the American people. He just wanted to enjoy every moment.

ANDERSON: Oh, incredibly special for him and his family. And you know, so many celebrities in Washington this week, as I mentioned, made it in a way Hollywood on the Potomac - that`s what it has been dubbed.

And last night, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was at the star-studded "Huffington Post" inaugural party where Josh Groban told us why he thinks there is so much excitement surrounding Obama`s inauguration.


GROBAN: I think that the reason we are all so excited is well-deserved. I think, you know, he has so far really shown such a great intellect and a great way of inspiring, you know, the nation which is something we haven`t felt. We had the nation together. We had the world together after 9/11 and it kind of slipped a little bit.

And we are so excited that I think we feel that we have that togetherness again. And I felt it at the concert yesterday, and I feel it now. And I hope that in four years, we continue to feel it.

ANDERSON: Marvet, you have been rubbing shoulders with all the stars there. Are you hearing that same sentiment?

BRITTO: Absolutely. And, you know, Barack really is the voice of the people. And I think everyone feels like, finally, our voices are going to be heard. You know, politicians sometimes - you know, we don`t know how to take the messages.

And with him, he is very transparent. We understand. He speaks our language. And I think we all feel this sense of rejuvenation that we haven`t felt in a really long time. Everyone is so excited. You know, and you can feel the excitement.


BRITTO: And it is really just a moment for all of us to really, really take in and never forget.

ANDERSON: Hey, Alicia, very quickly, besides hand-to-the-Bible, what was your memorable moment today?

QUARLES: I absolutely loved watching Sasha and Malia. And my favorite moment other than the speech was when little Malia is up there taking pictures of her father while he is giving a speech.

I want to say, well, Malia, there`s going to be tons of pictures. But it was so cute to see her in her little moment. It was touching.

ANDERSON: So proud of her daddy.


ANDERSON: Well, there was certainly a real sense of optimism and excitement today. Alicia Quarles, Marvet Britto, thank you both. Good to see you.

QUARLES: Thank you.

ANDERSON: And now, we want to hear from you. It is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Obama and Hollywood: Will all the star power help his presidency?" Vote, E-mail us,

HAMMER: Brooke, as we have been seeing, there is some serious star power in Washington, D.C. I`ve got to tell you I have never seen anything like this.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J. And you know, it`s really a big moment for Barack and Michelle Obama`s kids as well, Sasha and Malia.

HAMMER: That`s right. And they just got to meet their favorite stars including Miley Cyrus. Really a dream come true for these guys. So I`ve got to ask, are the first girls the luckiest kids in the world? Coming up.

Also, the amazing way Barack and Michelle met.


M. OBAMA: I said, "OK. We will go on this one date, but we won`t call it a date. I`ll spend the day with you."

B. OBAMA: First, I took her to the art museum, the Chicago Art Institute, to try to show her that I was a cultured kind of guy.


ANDERSON: This is super-special and heartwarming. Barack and Michelle in their own words on how they got together set against the backdrop of this unbelievable day. You will only hear it right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: And tonight, so many big stars speaking out to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with their hopes and dreams for the Obama presidency.


ROBERTS: Congratulations, Mr. President.





CROWD: Yes, we can. Yes, we can. Yes, we can.

HAMMER: And yes, they did. People taking to the streets of Washington, D.C. and all over the country to celebrate Barack Obama`s historic inauguration.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. More now of SHOWBIZ at the Inauguration. It`s our continuing coverage of Barack Obama being sworn in today as the 44th president of the United States.

And now, Hollywood`s hopes and dreams for the Obama presidency. The biggest stars have been speaking out to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, really opening up about their wishes for Barack Obama.

And even though things aren`t going to be easy, I can tell you tonight, Hollywood definitely thinks he is up for the job.


B. OBAMA: What we have already achieved gives hope to what we can and must achieve tomorrow.

HAMMER (voice over): Barack Obama is managing a ton of hopes and expectations as he becomes the 44th president of the United States. And Hollywood`s biggest stars have been lining up to tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exactly how they feel about the new administration.

TOM CRUISE, ACTOR: He is our president. And I think it is a new time and I am very excited.

KEANU REEVES, ACTOR: It is wonderful to be in this environment where, you know, change feels like it could be possible.

TOM HANKS, ACTOR: We are in a bold, brave new territory. We`re that much closer to the Promised Land.

PARIS HILTON, ACTRESS: I`m very excited. I think this is a huge moment in history. I love Obama.

HAMMER: In fact, many stars have their own opinions on what they want from an Obama presidency. Everyone from his friends -

SEAL, SINGER: President-elect Barack Hussein Obama is a great man.

HAMMER: To former "Friends" -

JENNIFER ANISTON, ACTRESS: I just have faith in him and in his attitude.

HAMMER: From "Housewives" -

MARCIA CROSS, ACTRESS: I think there is just so much we have to do.

HAMMER: To "Mad Men" -

JON HAMM, ACTOR: We are all Americans and we all want a greater country.

HAMMER: Even an ex-president, or at lest a guy who played one on TV.

PAUL GIAMATTI, ACTOR: Well, what everybody hopes is that he doesn`t screw it up.

HAMMER: They`re all sharing with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT their hopes for President Obama. Stars like Glenn Close tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Barack Obama has his work cut out for him.

CLOSE: Our biggest hope is that people will know what they have, what he has in front of him and the huge, almost impossible task of putting things right.

RICHIE SAMBORA, BON JOVI GUITARIST: God, there is so much needed. You know, I mean, obviously, the economy is in the toilet.

MARISA TOMEI, ACTRESS: I hope he is going to get our economy back on its feet.

HAMMER: Oh, yes, the economy. Several stars suggested Mr. Obama could deal with that thorny issue by helping them get jobs. Either as a babysitter -

JORDIN SPARKS, SIXTH-SEASON "AMERICAN IDOL" WINNER: Hey, if you need a babysitter, I am so up for it. Your little girls are so cute.

HAMMER: Or maybe as the star of a Barack Obama movie.

WILL SMITH, ACTOR: I have been watching him, just in case; keeping my eye on his mannerisms, just in case.

HAMMER: Still as Mr. Obama tackles his new tough job, Angelina Jolie tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she wants him to keep his trademark cool.

ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS: I just hope he keeps a level head because he has a lot to do and gets the right people around him.

HAMMER: It turns out this is one area Jolie and her famously-estranged Republican father Jon Voight appear to agree.

JON VOIGHT, ACTOR: We`re hoping he`s a great president.

HAMMER: But while many stars hope Obama does well in his new job, they acknowledge that it won`t be easy. And their hope is that people will be patient.

RANDY JACKSON, "AMERICAN IDOL" JUDGE: The country is in dire straits right now. And I think it is going to take a long time. I think it is going to take at least couple to three years to really try and turn things around a bit.

CHRIS PINE, ACTOR: I don`t think he can be or anyone be the panacea to the problem that is the state of affairs of the world right now. They should give him a chance and give him the patience that he deserves to get the job done.

HAMMER: But most of all, star after star tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT a new president will bring about a new sense of unity in the U.S.

HAMM: I hope that we can - that we, and I mean it in every sense of the world as Americans, can just be on the same page and sort of pulling for a greater America.

TOMEI: Sometimes when you face the biggest challenges, it really brings people together. Maybe they`ll be that, that the country will have a spirit of unitedness(sic).

SIGOURNEY WEAVER, ACTRESS: I hope everyone sees it as a new beginning. We have huge challenges. But there is so much we can do if we work together.


ANDERSON: A.J., the "Showbiz On Call" phone lines have been ringing off the hook with people calling in about the newly inaugurated Barack Obama and his family.

HAMMER: That`s right. We got a call in to "Showbiz On Call" we want to play to you from Rita in Texas.


RITA, CALLER FROM TEXAS: Congratulations to Barack Obama and his family. They have a wonderful first family. We are waiting to see all the wonderful things you`re going to do for us and for this country. We love you. God bless.


HAMMER: Thanks a lot for your call, Rita. We would like you to call us at "Showbiz On Call" with your messages for the Obama family.

ANDERSON: That`s right. The "Showbiz On Call" phone lines are always open. Give us a ring - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899. Simply leave a voicemail. We will play some of your calls for the Obamas right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And your calls to "Showbiz On Call" are also now online on our homepage,

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, I know Barack and Michelle Obama`s kids, Sasha and Malia - they`re so excited about their dad being inaugurated.

ANDERSON: That is true, A.J. He is one of the biggest stars out there now. But tonight, I can tell you the Obama girls got to meet some of their favorite stars. It was really a dream come true for them to meet Miley Cyrus and so many others. So I`ve got to ask, are Sasha and Malia, the luckiest kids in the world? That`s coming up.

HAMMER: Brooke, the story of how Barack and Michelle met set against the backdrop of this unbelievable day is really amazing. And you will hear them tell it in their own words. You do not want to miss their heartwarming story and you will only hear it right here.

We also have this -


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Their clothes are in their closets. Their personal effects are in the bathroom. Their favorite foods are in the kitchen.


ANDERSON: It`s "Extreme Makeover," White House edition, a revealing look inside getting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ready for a new president.




HAMMER: From Los Angeles to Harlem in New York City, Memphis, Tennessee and back to Time Square, coast-to-coast, millions of people coming out to watch on TV Barack Obama`s historic inauguration as the 44th president of the United States.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. More of our continuing coverage, SHOWBIZ at the Inauguration.

And right now, "Extreme Makeover," White House edition. This is an absolutely fascinating look at how the White House has turned over for a new president. We`re talking boxes packed, clothes folded in a ridiculously short period of time. Here is CNN`s Randi Kaye for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


RANDI KAYE, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Organized chaos is how this former White House chief usher describes moving day. Before he retired in 2007, Gary Walters helped coordinate the moves of six presidents including Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43.

GARY WALTERS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF USHER: It`s a choreograph. It`s like a ballet.

KAYE: For the chief usher and a SWAT team of about 90 staffers, every second counts.

WALTERS: Their clothes are in their closets. Their personal effects are in the bathroom. Their favorite foods are in the kitchen. The girls` rooms have been transformed into something that they`re comfortable with. We break the staff down almost minute to minute in their activities.

KAYE: Florists, art curators, carpenters - all pitch in.

The chief usher works closely with the first lady before the big day. Walters helped Hillary Clinton choose wallpaper. But even a dance as well choreographed as this one isn`t always perfect.

In 1993, Walters lost his voice and had to write all directions on a notepad. When Bill Clinton arrived, he welcomed him with a whisper.

That same year, Mrs. Clinton`s inaugural ball gown disappeared during the move.

WALTERS: There was a rather frightful time for about 15 minutes until we located the dress.

KAYE: And on Inauguration Day, 1989, Bush 41`s granddaughters surprised the White House staff by showing up 2 1/2 hours early in the middle of the move.


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Randi Kaye for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Randi tells us if all goes smoothly, the Obamas will never know about all the pre-moving in chaos.

ANDERSON: Hey, A.J., I can tell you that when President Obama first laid eyes on Michelle, there was no chaos going on there.


B. OBAMA: When I saw her, she was very crisp and professionally dressed, and beautiful. I thought she was gorgeous.


ANDERSON: The amazing story of how Barack and Michelle Obama met in their own words set against the backdrop of today`s historic inauguration. Coming up.

HAMMER: And Brooke, I can tell you the Obama kids, Sasha and Malia, were so happy to meet one of their favorite stars at the inauguration, one of them being Miley Cyrus. Are they the luckiest kids around or what?

Also this - .


ARETHA FRANKLIN, SINGER (singing): My country, `tis of thee, sweet land of liberty -


ANDERSON: Wow. We`ve got Aretha Franklin`s stirring inaugural version of "My Country, `Tis Of Thee."


HAMMER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ at the Inauguration. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in Washington, D.C. with all the stars as Barack Obama becomes the 44th president of the United States.

The Obama kids, Sasha and Malia, meet their favorite stars including Miley Cyrus. Are they the luckiest kids ever?


M. OBAMA: I said OK we`ll go on this one date, but we won`t call it a date. I`ll spend the day with you.

B. OBAMA: First I took her to the art museum, the Chicago Art Institute, to try to show her that I was a cultured kind of guy.


HAMMER: How Barack met Michelle in their own words. Tonight, the touching, amazing story of how the brand-new president and first lady got together as told by them. You will only see this right here.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood.

HAMMER: Tonight, the first daughters of cool. Yes, tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, are president Obama`s two young children the luckiest girls in the world?

Well, now that their father has been sworn in as the 44th president of the United States, 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha are entering star status of their own.

And the stars are jumping on President Obama`s call to service today in his inaugural address. Hollywood stars are pledging to do whatever they can to help out.

And Obama`s inauguration today is a dream realized for the president`s biggest celebrity fan, Oprah Winfrey who of course pledged her support from the very beginning.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is in Washington D.C. tonight with Marvet Britto, who`s a celebrity publicist and the founder of the Britto Agency; Alicia Quarles, who is an entertainment editor for the Associated Press; and Ken Baker, the executive news editor for "E!"

So Obama`s children are now officially the first daughters after watching their father be sworn in as president today.

Last night, wow, what a night for these young ladies. They had front row seats as their idol Miley Cyrus hosted the Kids Inaugural Ball. It was on the Disney Channel. Ken Baker, what do you think? Are the girls the simply luckiest girls in the world?

KEN BAKER, EXECUTIVE NEWS EDITOR, "E!": They`re obviously lucky; whether they`re the luckiest is debatable. What is not debatable is that they are definitely today the most famous little girls in the world.

And it`s interesting, I have to say. I really thought about it a lot. I mean, they`re entering this crucible of fame that, you know, back in Hollywood, we see it all the time and what it can do to young kids.

But I think they`re off to a really good start because their father and their mother are so focused on protecting them and keeping them grounded. And I noticed an interesting thing in Obama`s speech today. He actually addressed the issue of fame.

And he said - he was talking about the journey of America, and he said, "It has not been the path for the fainthearted, for those who prefer leisure over work or seek only the pleasures of riches and fame."

Now that`s historic, I believe - I`m not a presidential historian - that a president is actually addressing our culture of celebrity, whether it`s in politics or in the entertainment world.

But I think that it was really notable when you put in the context of his kids. Now, the fact that they have a father who is noting that that can be a really ugly path to be seeking fame and attention. And they have him there saying that. Not only as a country are we benefiting from that but these little girls are so lucky to have the father they have.

HAMMER: Yes. Wow. Well said, Ken. And it is also very historical, given the context of this whole election process and the run-up to today`s inauguration how pop culture and politics have collided really in an unprecedented way.

Back to Miley Cyrus for a moment, though, because I just think it`s great that these girls are getting to sort of live this dream. They were talking a few months ago about dreaming to meet Miley Cyrus.

Last night, right there, front and center at the inaugural concert, as Miley dedicated a song to them, "Imagine." Watch this.


MILEY CYRUS, SINGER AND ACTRESS: This song is for the girls that have invited me here tonight. You guys are the reason I am on the stage. And I could not be more excited to be here in D.C. So thank you guys so much.


HAMMER: Alicia, off to you now. Miley thanking the Obama girls there, which is funny because I`m thinking Malia and Sasha are just screaming inside, "Thank you, Miley Cyrus!" And of course, "Thank you, dad."

QUARLES: Absolutely. I had reporter friends on the scene. And they said that Malia and Sasha were rocking out, that these girls were dancing, screaming, having absolutely great time.

And think how lucky they are. I mean, when I was little, I liked New Kids on the Block, but I never got to meet them. These girls get to meet the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. And you know what? Michelle Obama needs some props, too. She`s pretty cool. She was there hosting it for the ladies. So very, very cool.

HAMMER: Cool indeed. And forgetting Miley for a moment, because I want to get back to something that Ken Baker touched on a moment ago. Marvet, off to you for this one - Malia and Sasha really have, overnight, become idols to millions of girls around the world, haven`t they?

BRITTO: They really have. But, you know, they have such great parenting in Michelle and Barack Obama. So, you know they`re going to be thrust into the world`s limelight. But I think the kids are going to grow from developing young girls into really beautiful, elegant young ladies.

HAMMER: So they have the support of their parents the first - you know, first parents in our country. But we also have the girls` grandmother because Obama`s mother-in-law moving into the White House right there with them.

Ken, do you think that despite all of the crazy and surreal moments that are sure to come, beyond just this Miley Cyrus moment, that that will certainly keep them grounded, having grandma there.

BAKER: Oh, absolutely. They have already proved that they are doing that with their children. But you know, it is tough. And I think that it is going to take an effort of all the family to keep them grounded, keep them protected. Bill Clinton was able to do it with Chelsea Clinton. And I`m sure the Obamas will as well.

And something that is interesting that you really have to sit back and note today is that, I was - I had the fortune of working in this city, in the early `90s when Clinton came into power. And the expression back then was that Washington was Hollywood for ugly people.

Well today, Washington is for beautiful people. We know that for sure including this beautiful family. And it`s just been such a great spectacle to see.

HAMMER: Yes. And everybody hoping that a real difference can be made now. And President Obama in his inaugural address made it clear Americans have to step up and help out if we are going to solve our country`s problems.

Hollywood totally on board with this plan. In fact, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher made this really cool video of celebrities pledging their support. Let`s take a look at that.


COURTNEY COX, ACTRESS: To help end hunger in America.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: I pledge to be a great mother.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: To consider myself an American, not an African- American.


RUMER WILLIS, ACTRESS: To be a better mentor to my younger sisters.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: To continue to be a mentor for big brothers and big sisters.


RITA WILSON, ACTRESS: To reduce my use of plastic.

EVA LONGORIA, ACTRESS: To plant 500 trees this year to help our planet.

DIDDY, MUSICIAN: I`m going to turn the lights off. You turn the lights off.


HAMMER: All right. So right there, we had Diddy. You got Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Rumer Willis, Hill Harper, Rita Wilson - all pledging to do their part and help President Obama make the changes that we need. Alicia, over to you. Pretty amazing, isn`t it?

QUARLES: It is absolutely amazing. Last night, I was on the red carpet of the "Huffington Post" gala. You`ve got Hollywood A-listers and you`ve got politicians. And I asked most of them collectively, "How have you been inspired or have you been inspired by Obama to change?"

And all of them - every single one have talked about how they have been inspired, how they were going to make pledges, people from Shakira to the Fallout Boys, so the response has been absolutely huge.

HAMMER: And they will, and this video will certainly inspire every day citizens. And right there on Oprah, Demi and Ashton Kutcher explained why they wanted to put the video together. Let`s take a look at that.


DEMI MOORE, ACTRESS: We wanted to, one, find people that were inspiring. And also have connection because a lot of people don`t know where they can be of service. They want to be. They don`t know how.

WINFREY: You`re absolutely right. Everybody is saying, "I want to do something, but where do I start?"


HAMMER: All right. Marvet, over to you. I don`t know how you are feeling about this, but I am getting the impression from everything I`m hearing that these stars really are in it for the long haul for Obama. You are right there in D.C. You have been spending some time there. Do you get that sense as well this isn`t just a honeymoon thing?

BRITTO: I absolutely get that since Barack is skin-covered inspiration for us all. And his campaign was really about change. And this is really, you know, the whole mantra of service for him. That`s what it is all about.

He can`t do it all himself, so he really wants this presidency to be inclusive. Not just celebrities, even those of us on Main Street. We all need to be included. And that`s the sense you feel. That`s the aura that you feel in the air here in Washington today, that everyone wants to be included. Everyone wants to change.

And when you hear United States of America, you really - today, you really do feel united. And it`s not just about race or color. It`s really about oneness. And that`s what this campaign - that`s what I think you will see over the next four or eight years, if we`re lucky.

HAMMER: Man, I think that`s a perfect place to end things. Marvet Britto, well said. Thanks for being here tonight. Marvet Britto, Ken Baker, Alicia Quarles, I do appreciate it.

ANDERSON: We have been getting so many calls into the "Showbiz On Call" phone lines about now-President Obama. You have got to listen to this call from Waleeta in Indiana who called in to "Showbiz On Call" to let us know that she`s got a special connection to Obama.


WALEETA, CALLER: I am so happy that our president is an African-American male. Barack Obama, you have done a beautiful job. I only wish my father would have lived to see this, born in Wynonna, Mississippi, 1928. He would have wanted to see this. I am so proud to be an African-American today.


ANDERSON: Thank you for that, Waleeta.

HAMMER: And now, we would like to hear what you think about the Obamas and this historic day. So call in to the "Showbiz On Call" phone line, leave a message for the Obamas. The "Showbiz On Call" phone lines are open round the clock. The number is 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899. Leave us a voicemail. We`re playing your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: It really has been a long road to this day for the Obamas, A.J. And tonight, we`ve got the story of how they met and fell in love from the Obamas in their own words.

HAMMER: Yes, this really is something, Brooke, to hear Michelle and Barack Obama speak openly about their first moments together, even their first date.


M. OBAMA: I said OK, we`ll go on this one date, but we won`t call it a date. I`ll spend the day with you.

B. OBAMA: First took her to the art museum, the Chicago Art Institute, to try to show her that I was a cultured kind of guy.


HAMMER: A truly remarkable thing to see. And you won`t see it any place else. Tonight, the revealing one-on-one with the Obamas and how they met and fell in love set against the backdrop of their historic day. Must-see TV on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

So is this -


FRANKLIN (singing): My country, `tis of thee, sweet land -


ANDERSON: The queen of soul bares her soul with a performance for the ages just moments before Barack Obama was sworn in today. We are playing for you Aretha Franklin`s amazing and stirring song you will not soon forget.


B. OBAMA: Today, I say to you that the challenges we face are real. They are serious and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America, they will be met.



ANDERSON: Sixteen years after their wedding ceremony, Barack and Michelle Obama in a ceremony for history, making their way down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington this afternoon in a parade as the nation celebrates Barack Obama`s first day as the first black president of the United States.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Right now, only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Barack and Michelle, the love story set against the backdrop of this unbelievable day.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you the exclusive story of how this incredible couple came together to form the next first family of the United States. And you will hear it straight from them in their own words. It`s the Obama love story as seen through the events of this historic day and an intimate glimpse inside the early days of their relationship. Watch this.


M. OBAMA: I tell this story all the time, but I was a first year associate at Sidley and Austin. There was all this buzz about this hotshot, young first year law student at Harvard.

CROWD: Obama! Obama!

B. OBAMA: I had actually spoken to her on the phone. And she was very corporate, very proper on the phone, trying to explain to me how the summer program at Sidley and Austin was going to go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Barack Obama is getting ready to become president of the United States.

M. OBAMA: I remember getting his file and first, I thought, "What kind of a name is Barack Obama?" And I found that he was biracial and I found out that he grew up in Hawaii. So my assumption was this guy has got to be kind of weird.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They`re extremely excited, but that is nothing compared to what is about to happen in the next few moments once Barack Obama is formally introduced and then sworn in as the 44th president of the United States.

B. OBAMA: When I saw her she was very crisp and professionally dressed and beautiful. I had thought she was gorgeous.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies and gentlemen, the President-elect of the United States, Barack H. Obama!

M. OBAMA: And then he walked into my office on the first day. And he was cuter than I thought he would be. So that was a first positive impression.

B. OBAMA: What I noticed though was that - as we spent the morning chatting, I noticed she had a good sense of humor. There was a certain wit to her and mischievous to her that appealed to me a lot.

I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear -

M. OBAMA: I had to take him out to lunch on that first day. And I just found him intriguing. He was funny. He was self-deprecating. He didn`t take himself too seriously. He could laugh at himself. And we clicked right away.

FRANKLIN (singing): My country `tis of thee -

B. OBAMA: I knew right then she was somebody that I was going to enjoy getting to know.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It my great personal honor to present the 44th president of these United States, Barack Obama.

M. OBAMA: He insisted that we should go out on a date. I thought, "No, that wouldn`t be the right thing to do." And he said, "Who cares?"

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are so grateful to live in this land, a land of unequalled possibility, where the son of an African immigrant can lead to the highest level of our leadership.

B. OBAMA: She had all these theories, and I basically knocked them down one after another.

I stand here today humbled by the task before us. Grateful for the trust you have bestowed. Mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.

M. OBAMA: I said OK, we will go on one date, but we won`t call it a date. I`ll spend the day with you.

B. OBAMA: First, I took her to the art museum, the Chicago Art Institute to show try to her that I was a cultured kind of guy.

M. OBAMA: He impressed me with his knowledge of art. And we went to lunch in one of the outdoor cafes at the Art Institute where they were playing jazz. So that was really sweet.

ELIZABETH ALEXANDER, POET: What if the mightiest word is love, love that casts a widening pool of light.

B. OBAMA: We took a long walk and we went to do the right thing, which is great dome. And so when I saw Spike Lee at Martha`s Vineyard a couple years back, I told him that he was responsible for helping me make my play on Michelle.

ALEXANDER: In today`s sharp sparkle, this winter air, anything can be made.

M. OBAMA: Then, we wound up having a drink on the 99th floor of the John Hancock Building and that gives you a beautiful view of the city. And probably, by the end of that date, it was over. I was sold.

B. OBAMA: Thank you. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America.


ANDERSON: Phenomenal day and a phenomenal courtship. Obama says they dated for a while and he waited until a few months after he finished law school to pop the question to Michelle. They were married in 1992 and, of course, have those two beautiful daughters, Malia and Sasha.

HAMMER: Well, everyone is not only talking about Barack Obama`s inauguration, but how the Queen of Soul added so much soul to this incredible day.


FRANKLIN (singing): My country, `tis of thee -


HAMMER: You have got to hear Aretha Franklin`s amazing and stirring rendition of "My Country, `Tis of Thee" just moments before Barack Obama was formally sworn in as America`s first black president. We are playing it for you.



FRANKLIN (singing): My country, `tis of thee -


HAMMER: The voice of Aretha Franklin adding yet another goose-bump moment to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the first black president of the United States.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And who better than the Queen of Soul to stir the already high emotions of millions in those minutes before Obama`s inauguration today, Brooke?

ANDERSON: Yes. On the steps of the Capitol, Aretha Franklin sang, "My Country, `Tis of Thee" in her own memorable way.

Yes, there is a good reason Aretha is known as the queen of soul. Take a look.


FRANKLIN (singing): My country `tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died. Land of the Pilgrim`s pride. From every mountainside, let freedom ring.


HAMMER: All right, Brooke. You know, we talked a lot this week about the stars converging on Washington. But the nice thing to see for a change, it wasn`t stars showing up for yet another party. It really was a case of citizens showing up just like we want to witness history in the making. Just an unbelievable thing to behold every time I see those moments.

ANDERSON: Yes, not just celebrities. People from all over wanting to be a part of it. It was truly special, truly unforgettable. And you know, A.J., President Obama is going to need a lot of strength, a of foresight, a lot of patience as he faces what is really a monumental challenge. So I wish him all the best.

HAMMER: We all wish him the best. And we thank you for watching. That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on this historic Tuesday. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. Remember, you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 p.m. Pacific. And also in the morning, you can catch us at 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN.