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Stars Against Palin; Oprah-Sarah Palin Boycott; Britney Spears` Announcement About Her Comeback; Brad Pitt, The Most Dangerous Celebrity on the Internet

Aired September 15, 2008 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Hollywood`s passion against Palin. Tonight, brand-new and really nasty star attacks on Sarah Palin. Tonight, Lindsay Lohan calls her a homophobe. Matt Damon says Palin`s candidacy is like a bad Disney movie. And Pink claims Palin hates women.
Plus, the Oprah-Sarah Palin boycott. Brand-new, one of the lead boycotters speaking out.


LINDA IVELL, PRESIDENT, FLORIDA FEDERATION OF REPUBLICAN WOMEN: This is someone breaking the glass ceiling. We just expected to see that interview.


HAMMER: But could all this really tough talk actually backfire? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates Hollywood`s fired-up passion against Palin.

Britney Spears` huge announcement about her future. Tonight, Britney Spears reveals big news about the next step in her comeback. But will it work?

Plus, Brad Pitt named the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet, even more dangerous than Paris Hilton. What`s that about?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi, there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you from Hollywood.

And I hate to say we told you so, but as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT predicted, there is no one better to play Sarah Palin than Tina Fey. Tonight, the big question, will Tina repeat her remarkable performance on "Saturday Night Live"? Coming up.

HAMMER: But first, the passion against Palin. To say that Tina Fey made fun of the woman who could be our next vice president - well, that would be an understatement. But now, the fun is being replaced by a fury in Hollywood. Eva Longoria, Lindsay Lohan - they today became the latest stars to pile on Palin with really serious and even sometimes ugly attacks. But they better hold on because all this could backfire. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the star explosions that are making news right now.


AMY POEHLER, ACTRESS (AS HILLARY CLINTON): I believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy.

TINA FEY, ACTRESS (AS SARAH PALIN): And I can see Russia from my house.

HAMMER (voice over): It`s the sketch everyone`s talking about. Tina Fey trading in on her resemblance to vice presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, mercilessly spoofed her on the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live."

POEHLER: I don`t agree with the Bush doctrine.

FEY: And I don`t know what that is.

HAMMER: But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, this TV sketch may actually be kinder to Palin than anything else coming out of the entertainment world these days. From Damon -

MATT DAMON, ACTOR: I think there`s a really good chance that Sarah Palin could be president and I think that`s a really scary thing.

HAMMER: To Diddy -

SEAN DIDDY COMBS, RAP ARTIST: Sarah Palin - that is completely irresponsible. Sarah isn`t ready to be a vice president, man.

HAMMER: From Lindsay to Longoria. In the last few days, there has been an explosion of stars lining up to say they have a problem with Palin. But the question is, does anyone want to hear it?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": When celebrities come out very strongly against a candidate, there`s usually a backlash.

HAMMER: Lindsay Lohan and friend DJ Samantha Ronson have been taking their Palin bashing online. In a joint MySpace blog, they write, quote, "I really cannot bite my tongue anymore when it comes to Sarah Palin. Is our country so divided that Republican`s best hope is a narrow-minded, media- obsessed homophobe?"

SERAFIN: I would think that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are probably the last two people that you`d expect to be blogging about their thoughts on the election.

HAMMER: In her 2006 song "Dear, Mr. President," pop star Pink took aim at President Bush. And now she`s turning her fire on Palin, citing Palin`s anti-abortion views, Pink tells AOL that Palin, quote, "hates women" and that Palin, quote, "terrifies her."

Different stars have different reasons for their Palin problems. Matt Damon mocks her rapid ascent to the Republican ticket`s number two spot.

DAMON: It`s like a really bad Disney movie. The hockey mom, you know, "Oh, I`m just a hockey mom from Alaska." And she`s the president.

HAMMER: Eva Longoria tells "Extra" even though she thinks Palin is intelligent, quote, "I don`t think I would want her running the country."

And Diddy - well, he just has a problem with Palin`s home state.

COMBS: Alaska? Alaska! Alaska! I don`t even know if there`s any black people in Alaska.

HAMMER: Plus, the cast of the new animated film "Igor" were very animated themselves when they talked to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about Palin.

MOLLY SHANNON, PLAYS "EVA" IN THE MOVIE, "IGOR": I`m not a fan. I`m not a fan -

SEAN HAYES, PLAYS "BRIAN" IN THE MOVIE, "IGOR": I don`t know that it was the wisest decision on her part to accept the nomination. I would have said thank you, but there`s probably more (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

JOHN CUSACK, ACTOR: Her whole meaning is to distract the Democrats and some people from knowing what`s going on.

SERAFIN: Historically, Hollywood is not really a big fan of Republicans in general.

HAMMER: "In Touch Weekly`s" Kim Serafin who used to work in politics tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Hollywood tends to lean left anyway. And now that Palin`s rise appears to have helped McCain`s campaign, Serafin expects the Hollywood Palin bashing to get even stronger.

SERAFIN: Now, there are celebrities that are getting scared, celebrities that thought, there`s no way Obama can lose. They`re thinking, uh-oh, Sarah Palin is definitely a threat. She`s definitely reinvigorated that ticket and there`s a possibility Obama may not win. So I think that`s part of what you`re seeing.

HAMMER: But Serafin believes Hollywood`s relentless Palin bashing might actually turn off voters.

SERAFIN: I wouldn`t be surprised if you saw a backlash against some of these celebrities. People in the heartland of America, people who pay money to see movies from these celebrities get very upset. They feel that celebrities really don`t have a clue sometimes when they talk about candidates.

HAMMER: Still, as long as there are stars who don`t shy from speaking out about politics, the entertainment world will continue churning out heated, anti-Palin sentiments along with the light-hearted laughs.

POEHLER: I believe global warming is caused by man.

FEY: And I believe it`s just God hugging us closer.


HAMMER: All right, so you`ve heard the fury, but why so passionate? And could the whole thing backfire?

With me here in New York, Ashleigh Banfield, she`s the co-host of "In Session" and "Banfield & Ford: Courtside.". In Hollywood tonight, Carlos Diaz, correspondent for "Extra."

Guys, I want to take another look at what Lindsay Lohan said in her anti-Palin blog. Let me read this for you, quote, "I really cannot bite my tongue anymore when it comes to Sarah Palin. Is it a sin to be gay? Should it be a sin to be straight? Or to use birth control? Or to have sex before marriage? Is our country so divided that the Republicans` best hope is a narrow-minded, media-obsessed homophobe?"

Carlos Diaz, let me start with you. I think it`s fair to say, this is not what most people would expect from Lindsay Lohan - passionate politics and the presidential campaign. And you know, this is the second time in a matter of weeks that she`s speaking out. Do you get it, Carlos?

CARLOS DIAZ, "EXTRA" CORRESPONDENT: I kind of get it, A.J. I mean, we all know that Lindsay Lohan is - how should I put this? Really, really good friends with Samantha Ronson, if you know what I`m saying. So, I mean, obviously, if you`re accusing someone of being homophobic, you`re going to speak out against them.

The thing that I can`t get behind here with Lindsay Lohan is, get your ducks in a row first. Get your career back on track, and then begin to comment on the state of our country, if you don`t mind.

HAMMER: Well, she`s not alone. You know, Lindsay`s rants are right up there along with, well, Diddy who we heard saying he doesn`t think there are any black people in Alaska. Rosie O`Donnell has spoken out, Alec Baldwin, blogging like crazy, all of them, really just slamming Sarah Palin in a way - not just talking about her but slamming her in a way that, I`ve got to tell you, I can`t even remember seeing coming from Hollywood before.

Ashleigh, why do you think there`s such widespread passion?

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD, CO-HOST, "BANFIELD & FORD: COURTSIDE": Well, strong views bring out strong reaction. And you pretty much cover the gamut when it comes to Ms. Palin. I mean, we`re talking abortion, sex education, animal rights, gay marriage, evolution, environmentalism, drilling - I mean, it really doesn`t get any more polarizing than these views. And it`s well-known that a lot of Hollywood folks line up behind these different causes. The only difference this time around, A.J., is that we don`t often have a candidate who is - how shall I say this - not so nuanced in their opinions. Sarah Palin speaks like it is. And she tells you what she feels, whether you like it or not.

HAMMER: Yes. And as you said, really polarizing issues. Not everyone in Hollywood, I should be clear to point out, is saying Sarah Palin is such a terrible choice. I spoke with Suzanne Somers today. Suzanne is a big health care advocate. She`s actually one of the few stars that you`re hearing saying nice things about Sarah Palin. Watch what she told me.


SUZANNE SOMERS, ACTRESS: I think she`s an interesting woman. I think we need - you know, there are a bunch of old farts in Washington. I think we need to freshen it up a little bit.


HAMMER: Now, to be clear, Suzanne - you heard her call her an interesting woman. And she`s not saying which candidate, or vice presidential candidate, she is supporting. But Carlos, where are the rest of the passionate pro-Palin fans in Hollywood? Are they kind of hiding out out there? You live out there.

DIAZ: A.J., I don`t want to correct you. But I will tell you that Chase Crawford from "Gossip Girl" is a big fan of Sarah Palin. He said that she`s hot.

HAMMER: Oh, wait. Let me mark it down.

DIAZ: OK. Please put that down right now. Let this get correct, all right?

I don`t know where they`re at, A.J. I have no idea. I would hope that in the next week after watching "SNL" this week and Tina Fey ripping on Sarah Palin, I would hope this week we would have a few - at least women who want to support Sarah as a woman, this week, coming out in Hollywood and showing their support.

HAMMER: It will be interesting to see if that actually does happen. A ton of calls coming in from our viewers from on our "Showbiz On Call" phone lines. We heard from Sue in Florida. Now, Sue says passionate stars are fine, but they shouldn`t influence voters. Listen to Sue.


SUE, CALLER FROM FLORIDA: Matt Damon, Barbra Streisand - whoever wants to speak out are welcome, and this is healthy. However, their opinion should count for no more than Joe Doe who works at a Mobil gas station in Memphis, Tennessee. The fact that these people, because of their celebrity are looked at as the word and that the voice is wrong.


HAMMER: Ashleigh Banfield, 15 seconds, we are in a pop culture society. Stars influence us every day from food to fashion, everything else. Why shouldn`t we expect that they would try to influence who could be our next president?

BANFIELD: They lined up behind Gore in 2000. They lined up behind Kerry in 2004. They lined up behind Obama this year. And it never worked before - it`s split right now. It`s not looking like it`s working so much right now, that`s why.

HAMMER: Well, I want to thank you both for being here. And Carlos, I`d like to congratulations "Extra" on launching its 15th season. Carlos Diaz, correspondent for "Extra" and Ashleigh Banfield, thanks for being here.

BANFIELD: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: And now, we want to turn to it you for our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Here`s what we`re asking - "Stars Slamming Sarah Palin: Do you think it will backfire?" Let us know at or E-mail us at

ANDERSON: A.J., some people think Oprah is one of those stars dissing Palin because she won`t have her on her show until after the election.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s a little nuts to me, Brooke. But coming up, brand-new, I`ve got one of the people who`s actually boycotting Oprah`s show because of all of that.


IVELL: Oprah has set herself up as an icon for women. Her audience is women and this is someone breaking the glass ceiling. We just expected to see that interview.


HAMMER: Does she have a point? Will this Oprah boycott help or will it hurt Sarah Palin? A fired-up debate you won`t want to miss, coming up.

ANDERSON: Hey, I don`t know if Britney Spears will ever run for president. But I`ll tell you, she is definitely on a comeback. Tonight, Britney`s got a big announcement about her future. You go, Britney. That is next.

And I can`t believe this - Brad Pitt the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet? Even more dangerous than Paris "homemade porno" Hilton? What`s going on here? You don`t want to miss this. We`ve got it, straight ahead. Stay with us.


ANDERSON: Did you see this? This guy must have really eaten his Wheaties. Rev. Kevin Fast of Canada broke his own record of pulling a truck 100 feet. It weighed more than 126,000 pounds. This is part of "Live with Regis and Kelly`s" Guinness World Records week. Amazing.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, big Britney news. Britney Spears made a huge announcement today just a week after coming up a huge winner at the MTV Video Music Awards.

The Britney comeback train just keeps on rolling, so all aboard, including Rachel Zalis. Rachel is a senior editor for "Life and Style" magazine and is with us in New York tonight. Also in New York, Joe Levy. Joe is the editor-in-chief of "Blender" magazine.

Joe, Rachel, Britney ended all the speculation today revealing that she does, indeed, have a new album coming out soon. Britney also revealed the name of the album is "Circus."

Rachel, do you think the name might be referring to what her life became, a circus?

RACHEL ZALIS, SENIOR EDITOR, "LIFE AND STYLE" MAGAZINE: Oh, absolutely. I mean, you know, as Britney`s gotten more involved in the writing of her music that`s become increasingly autobiographical, and - I mean, look at what has happened to this girl in the last year between, you know, the meltdowns and the shaving of the head and the rehab and, you know, just being used by every single guy in her life. And you know, it`s clear - she, you know - "Piece of Me," - she won three awards at the VMAs for that which was all about her life and how much people want from her. And clearly, it`s been a circus, but clearly, she`s ready for a comeback.

ANDERSON: Yes. Maybe expressing herself through her music, getting some things off her chest. And not to over-think the symbolism here, but Britney`s album will be released on her birthday, December 2nd. Joe, do you think that Britney is trying to make a statement here, "New year, new me. The head-shaving, psych ward days are over?"

JOE LEVY, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, "BLENDER" MAGAZINE: Indeed, they are. What a difference a year makes. Just a year ago, remember, we were watching her on the VMAS, barely able to stand up. This year, she accepts three awards. She`s clear-eyed. She`s cogent. She looks good and she has all her clothes on. This is huge. This absolutely huge.

ANDERSON: That`s a good sign, all the clothes are on. And she really may be trying to signify a fresh start, clearly trying to delineate the past from what she hopes to accomplish in the future because it really has been remarkable when you take a step back and look at how successful professionally Britney has been through the years, pre-meltdown, of course.

Since her first album, "Baby, One More Time" in 1999, she has sold more than 62 million albums - think about that for a second - had four consecutive number one albums, has had eight singles that were number one.

Rachel, is it crazy to think that Britney can ever be that big again?

ZALIS: No, we want her to make a comeback. You know, everyone is rooting for her. You know, it`s no surprise that the VMAs were up 15 percent this year because people want to see her do well. And she`s really smart. She`s collaborating on this album with Max Martin, who was the guy that wrote, you know, some of her original hits, like "Baby, One More Time" and "Oops, I Did It Again."


ZALIS: And I think she has a really big change. You know, everyone, you know, from kids to adults, men and women adore her, so we`re waiting for it.

ANDERSON: Yes. She is being really savvy with this, got a great team that she`s working with. And you know, whether Britney sells records or not, we got more hard proof today of the obsession with her. Guinness World Records announced that Britney Spears is now the most searched person on the Internet.

Joe, that`s absolutely mind-boggling. What do you think that is?

LEVY: It is a little mind-boggling. And Rachel, I don`t want to disagree but it does show that people are out to see not just her on the comeback trail when they tune into the VMAs and boost those ratings. They want to see if, oops, she does it again. Is she going to blow it? Is she going to trip and drop something - a baby, maybe? Is she going to stand up? Is she going to be able to sing?

And let`s remember that people are searching for her this year and setting a world record in a year when really no one was paying attention to the music. They were paying attention to, is she attacking a car with an umbrella? Is she shaving her head? Is she OK?

ANDERSON: Well, let`s hope she is OK and hang on tight to those babies. All right. Rachel Zalis, Joe Levy, thank you both.

HAMMER: Well, we got a bunch of fired-up phone calls about Britney`s mom, Lynne, releasing a shocking tell-all book just when it seems her daughter is on the verge of a big comeback.

Here`s Shella from San Antonio, Texas who doesn`t really think it matters.


SHELLA, CALLER FROM SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS: Britney`s mother actually dropping the book right now - it is questionable. But it doesn`t matter what she does because Britney - her career is going to be protected no matter what. She has shaved her head, attacked paparazzi. She lost her kids, got them back again. It doesn`t matter what she does because people are always going to consider her as a princess.


HAMMER: Well, thank you for your call, Shella. And you can give us a call about Britney or anything else that`s on your mind. Your chance to get on TV. It`s "Showbiz On Call." You can call 1-888-SBT-BUZZ. That`s 1-888- 728-2899. Leave us a voice mail. We`re going to play some of your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT as you`ve been hearing.

Now, Brooke, I know that people are also really debating this weekend`s "Saturday Night Live" skit, the one with Tina Fey is Sarah Palin.

ANDERSON: Yes, A.J., it is pretty funny. But I`ve got to tell you, they really ripped into Sarah Palin.

HAMMER: Yes. A lot of Hollywood really coming out swinging against Palin. But will it backfire? Will "SNL" really make a difference when it comes time to vote? That`s coming up.

Also this -


IVELL: Oprah has set herself up as an icon for women. Her audience is women. And this is someone breaking the glass ceiling. We just expected to see that interview.


HAMMER: The Oprah-Sarah Palin boycott. And brand-new right now, one of the people calling for a boycott of Oprah`s show because she won`t have Palin on until after the election is speaking out. And that is coming up.

ANDERSON: And hey, I know Brad Pitt has been called a lot of things, but most dangerous online? That`s right. He`s even more dangerous on the Internet than Paris Hilton. Huh? Coming up.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson. And here are some more stories that are new right now.

A dramatic scene in Haiti where Matt Damon and Haitian-born singer Wyclef Jean traveled to check out what tropical storm Hannah and Hurricane Ike did to the island. They saw unbelievable destruction. Damon and Wyclef want people to help the United Nations raise more than $100 million to help the hundreds of thousands of Haitians affected by the storm.

On to some happier news, I can tell you Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson is engaged. Her boyfriend, David "Punk" Otunga, from VH1`s reality show, "I Love New York, Too," popped the question on Hudson`s 27th birthday on Friday. No wedding date has been set.

And even though our executive producer and big-time Trekky Dave Levin wasn`t on the guest list, I`m sure he`s thrilled to hear that "Star Trek`s" George Takei got married. He`s presumably married his long-time partner Brad Altman in Los Angeles on Sunday. Also from "Star Trek" best man was Walter "Chekov" Koenig and matron of honor, Nichelle "Uhura" Nichols.

HAMMER: And we congratulate George and Brad. Well, Brooke, you know, some people are really mad at Oprah Winfrey for not having Republican VP pick Sarah Palin on her show until after the election.


IVELL: Oprah has set herself up as an icon for women. Her audience is women. And this is someone breaking the glass ceiling. We just expected to see that interview.


HAMMER: Brand-new tonight, one of the women leading a boycott against Oprah because she won`t have Palin on is speaking out. This is a very fired-up debate and it is coming up.

ANDERSON: A.J., some of the stars coming out against Sarah Palin see her as dangerous. But tonight, I can tell you that the most dangerous star online - Brad Pitt. Yes, even more dangerous than Paris Hilton. I`ve got to look into this coming up.

I`ve also got your first look at Angelina Jolie`s gripping new movie. She plays a mom whose son is kidnapped. You don`t want to miss this, straight ahead.

HAMMER: But first, keep in mind you can always stay on top of the most provocative entertainment news by being a subscriber to our daily SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsletter. To get it, just head over to Click on the "sign up for newsletter" link - it`s right at the bottom of the page. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming straight back.



HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Sarah Palin slammed by "Saturday Night Live." Tonight, the Republican VP pick gets pounded by "SNL" and Tina Fey. A shocking skit that everyone`s talking about.

Plus, the Oprah-Sarah Palin boycott. Brand-new, one of the lead boycotters speaking out. But could all this tough talk and making fun of Sarah Palin actually backfire?

Brad Pitt, more dangerous than Paris Hilton? Tonight, Brad is named the most dangerous star online. Yes, even more than Ms. Sex tape herself. What is that all about?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood.

HAMMER: Tonight, Hollywood`s vote. Two of Hollywood`s biggest stars are at the center of Sarah Palin controversies, the explosive developments making news right now.

First up, the "SNL" factor. Tina Fey returns for the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" to take on her look-a-like, Sarah Palin. And I`ve got to tell you, I think she knocked it out of the park.

Also tonight, for the very first time, we`re hearing from the woman leading the boycott against Oprah for refusing to have Palin on her show.

With me tonight in New York, Ashleigh Banfield, Tru TV host and anchor of "Banfield and Ford: Courtside." And in Hollywood tonight, "Extra" correspondent Carlos Diaz.

Carlos, Ashleigh, I want to start off with what everybody`s talking about, the whole Sarah Palin controversy, which has become now an Internet sensation, an Internet phenomenon. Tina Fey playing Sarah on "Saturday Night Live." A lot has been made about how much these two women look alike. And now, Fey, of course, taking it one step further with what I think is a spot-on impersonation.

Let`s take a look at Tina Fey right up there is Palin and Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton.


FEY: Good evening, my fellow Americans. I was so excited when I saw Sen. Clinton and I would be addressing you tonight. You know, Hillary and I don`t agree on everything -

POEHLER: Anything. I believe that diplomacy should be the cornerstone of any foreign policy.

FEY: And I can see Russia from my house.


HAMMER: The glasses and the hair, that`s the easy part. But she nailed that accent. Carlos, what do you think? Did Tina Fey just nail the whole thing?

DIAZ: She was so good, don`t you know? She was great. I mean, the accent was perfect. I`m watching this Saturday night and I`m like - it was one of those things I wasn`t laughing because I didn`t want to miss the next joke. My mouth was wide open. It was everything that it was billed to be. It was the highest ratings in the last seven years. It was basically the reason why Tina Fey made "SNL" what it was when she was on the show and why she`s winning Emmys now with "30 Rock."

HAMMER: Yes. Because she, of course, is now starring on "30 Rock." And she had to be lured back to "Saturday Night Live," her alma mater, to do this. Ashleigh, what do you think? Did she do great?

BANFIELD: Well, I`m from Winnipeg, Canada, so I could definitively tell you that she nailed her performance. But I`ll also say this - both of those ladies nailed the hyperbole of these politicians. Let`s not forget. What they`re doing is really amping up what all the media is saying about these candidates. So I think not only did Tina nail it, but Amy nailed Clinton, too.

HAMMER: Well, here`s the thing about that and I`m sure you guys are with me. I couldn`t help but notice, overall, the whole skit just made fun of Sarah Palin and perhaps Hillary a bit as well. But as far as Sarah Palin, didn`t really make her look all that good. Let`s look at this.


POEHLER: I believe global warming is caused by man.

FEY: And I believe it`s just God hugging us closer.

POEHLER: I don`t agree with the Bush doctrines.

FEY: And I don`t know what they are.


HAMMER: Carlos, now, we of course are not naive enough to realize that this is parody. But that being said - you know, and even though parody makes fun of stuff, doesn`t it serve to reinforce negative opinions that some people already have against Palin?

DIAZ: I`ve been hearing that from some people like - "Oh, they ripped on Palin. It was so terrible. But I felt sorry for Hillary`s character in that because if you watch the skit, they`re talking about how Palin could be the next leader of the free world. And, you know, Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton is like, "Man, what`s with my luck? I`ve been trying to become president, vice president, whatever, for the last several years and haven`t been able to obtain it." I thought it was kind of ripping both of them equally.

HAMMER: Well, there`s no question about that. But, you know, so many people are watching this. And after all, Hillary not in the race anymore. You know, and of course, we`re going to be seeing several more skits down the road before the election in the coming weeks. Do you think, Ashleigh, that "SNL" could actually have the potential to actually hurt the McCain- Palin campaign with skits like this that do reinforce some people`s negative thoughts about Sarah Palin?

BANFIELD: Let me tell you this, A.J. I worked on the 2000 campaign between Bush and Gore and I think we all remember the Daryl Hammond-Will Ferrell Bush-Gore debate that were so funny and so highly rated. And I will tell you this, the Gore aides forced him to watch those tapes because they thought that it could be very damaging. So, yes, I think people take this stuff very seriously, very highly rated program and very clever when it comes to satire. And some people say satire is some of the most effective form of journalism.

HAMMER: And reports are Sarah Palin did see the skit and had a laugh at it as well.

All right, also new right now, tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT hearing for the very first time from the woman who is leading a boycott against Oprah Winfrey because Oprah won`t have Palin on her show while the presidential race is going on. This woman`s name is Linda Ivell. She is the president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women. And I want you to listen to what she had to say about this boycott.


IVELL: While we talked about a boycott of the "Oprah" show, I really think more of what we`re talking about is a boycott of Sarah Palin. Oprah has set herself up as an icon for women and in a leadership role, and so this really had more to do with the fact that, you know, her show has been slanted toward women. Her audience is women. And this is someone breaking the glass ceiling. We just expected to see that interview.


HAMMER: All right. Now, to make a point that`s been made here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT before, Oprah is not having any of the candidates on her show at all before the election.

Carlos, that said, does Oprah have any kind of obligation to make an exception for Sarah Palin?

DIAZ: She has an obligation to her advertisers to make money. I think this would be a great thing for Oprah to do because the build-up is so intense now. Imagine if she had her on, how many viewers they would have. And Oprah`s such a skilled interviewer. I don`t know why - if she might disagree with some of the things Sarah Palin has to stand for, why wouldn`t she have her on her show, because then she can properly grill her?

HAMMER: What do you think, Ashleigh? You know, she made it clear she`s not using her show as a political forum.

BANFIELD: Well, I`ve been getting frustrated with this debate as to whether Obama or Palin should be on. She`s not the candidate. She`s the VP candidate. Nobody`s made any beef about Joe Biden not getting invited. So no, I don`t have a problem at all with Oprah making her decisions.

And P.S., I believe - Carlos, I love you, my friend, but I believe Oprah could have garbage men on her show and she`ll rate. She`s magic. She finds the phenomenal, you know, aspect of every person she has on regardless if they`re Joe Doe or Biden.

HAMMER: The garbage man episode was one of their best ones ever, thank you, Ashleigh.

DIAZ: Sanitation workers, guys, sanitation workers. Sorry.

HAMMER: Viewers are very fired up about this as well - the whole thing about the Oprah boycott. Literally, the "Showbiz On Call" phone lines have been blowing up because of these things. Some people thought Oprah should invite Palin on the show. Some didn`t. We heard from Eraina in Illinois. I want you to listen to what she said.


ERAINA, CALLER FROM ILLINOIS: Oprah should stick to her guns and not have any candidates or candidates` wives or the vice president, Palin, on her show before the election. Stick to her policy and stick to her guns.


HAMMER: All right. It`s worth noting again that Oprah hasn`t refused to have Palin on the show, period. She just said that she thinks Palin would be a great interview after the fact.

So Ashleigh, back to what I asked Carlos earlier, do you think perhaps she should make an exception in Palin`s case, even though she`s already said this is not something she`s doing?

BANFIELD: For the groundbreaking aspect of it, sure. But that should probably follow Nancy Pelosi who is the third most powerful woman in government right now. She`s never had an invitation.

HAMMER: All right. Ashleigh Banfield, Carlos Diaz, we appreciate you being with us tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.,


HAMMER: And we appreciate your phone calls as well. As we`ve been talking about, a brand-new way for you to get in touch with Brooke and I.

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HAMMER: Warning, warning, is Brad Pitt really the most dangerous celebrity online?

ANDERSON: We are going to answer that question next, A.J. We want to know why some are saying Brad is actually more dangerous than Paris Hilton. Can you believe that? The bizarre story, straight ahead.

HAMMER: Also, Brad`s girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, and her emotional, unbelievable new role. This is a gripping true story. It will definitely give you goose bumps. If you want these bumps and I know you do, just stick around for your first look at "The Changeling." Coming up.

ANDERSON: And Ellen DeGeneres is looking for love - not for herself but for her pal, Ryan Seacrest. The shocker? Ryan agrees to let Ellen play matchmaker. Who is she setting him up with? The love story, coming up.



BRAD PITT, ACTOR: I`ve got his number. I got his number.


PITT: that was a bit more difficult.


ANDERSON: Brad Pitt was number one at the weekend box office with "Burn After Reading." Now, he and his girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, can add another title to their list. Guinness World Records today named them the most powerful actor and actress knocking Tom Cruise off his four-year run and taking the record away from Jennifer Aniston who shared last year`s title with Jolie.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Turns out, Brad Pitt is number one at something else, too. He`s just been named the most dangerous celebrity in cyberspace. It`s just one of two hot stories that are new right now.

Pitt has just beat out Paris Hilton as the one name you want to be really careful about searching for on the Internet. But why is he so dangerous?

Also new right now, Lindsay Lohan takes on the paparazzi. She allegedly punched one of those guys right in the nose. Oh, Lilo, say it isn`t so. With me tonight in New York, Joe Levy, who`s the editor-in-chief of "Blender" magazine. Also in New York, Rachel Zalis who`s the senior editor for "Life and Style" magazine.

All right. Guys, get this - Brad Pitt has beat Paris Hilton out of a pretty outrageous title, the most dangerous celebrity on the Internet. And here`s why - McAfee, which makes all that anti-virus software and stuff, now says downloading things related to Brad Pitt like screensavers gives you the greatest chance of infecting your computer with things like viruses.

But, Joe, why Brad more than Paris Hilton? I mean, she`s the one with the sex tape out there, not him.

LEVY: Well, so far as we know, she is the one with the sex tape out there. This would really be news if he was. If you are looking for Brad Pitt wallpapers, screensavers, you could get a computer infection. This is a different kind of infection than you might be able to get from Paris Hilton, so it`s good news that way.

If you search for Brad Pitt online and you`re looking for Brad Pitt wallpaper, there`s an 18 percent chance there might be spyware in whatever your download or there might be one of those horrible viruses that goes through your E-mail address book and sends E-mails out to everybody and spams them. So you`ve got to be careful when you`re searching for Pitt.

ANDERSON: Yes. It could get really, really ugly. And check out some of the other top dangerous celebrities to search for on the Internet. Aside from Brad Pitt, number two on the list, Beyonce followed by Justin Timberlake, "The Hills" star Heidi Montag - Heidi Montag? And Mariah Carey. Rachel, I can understand J.T., Mariah Carey, but Heidi Montag? What is this about?

ZALIS: All right. Paris must be so mad right now that she`s been displaced by Heidi. You know, Paris went from like bad to boring faster than I can say "BFF." Well, Heidi Montag this year is making, you know, terrible reality shows, bad acting, bad music, like she`s doing all the right things to be on this list for people to want to search her. So, kudos to Ms. Montag. You`re very popular.

ANDERSON: Yes. In addition to Paris, I wonder if Lauren Conrad is outraged that she didn`t make the list ...

ZALIS: Right?

ANDERSON: ... (UNINTELLIGIBLE) on that show. And you guys, number seven on this list happens to be Lindsay Lohan which brings us to our next story that`s new right now.

Lindsay Lohan reportedly socked a paparazzo right in the nose. Check out this TMZ video. It`s of Lindsay ducking into a New York hotel Sunday night after the incident. An eyewitness said that she had tripped over a metal barricade and then blamed it on the photographer and that`s when it all went down.

Rachel, is this kind of indicative of how crazy her life always seems to be whether she hit the guy or not?

ZALIS: Oh, it`s so nice to have the old Lindsay back, right? You know, I just think that Lindsay now is feeling really empowered again and she`s being more vocal. And I think that she`s finally fighting back, like she feels like she can do that again. You know, she doesn`t want to be trampled over by paparazzi. She`s fighting back against Sarah Palin. And I think she`s definitely feeling back in a place where she can speak out again and say, "You know, this isn`t cool."

ANDERSON: Well, it`s like she just attracts chaos no matter what she does or where she goes. And she certainly has a lot at stake right now. She`s actually got a new film coming out soon called "Labor Pains" which is supposed to be a big comeback film for her. And she`s reportedly talking about getting back in the studio, recording a new album.

So, Joe, how important is it for Lindsay right now to be on her best behavior?

LEVY: Well, her best behavior isn`t always what attracts the most attention, so it`s hard for me to say whether it`s important for her to be on her best behavior. That would be a step in the right direction. Let`s face it. If she`s fighting back, fighting back by blogging, that`s one thing. Fighting back by punching, allegedly, a whole different thing.

In her defense, let`s remember this is a young woman who really has been stalked by the paparazzi, who`s gotten into a few car accidents because there were guys chasing after her on motorcycles, mopeds, cars. So maybe she thought someone was trying to trip her and really got scared. I don`t know.

ANDERSON: Yes. She has been in dangerous situations in the past year, right? Well, she`s got a lot of potential, a lot of talent. Hopefully she can keep her life together. Joe Levy, Rachel Zalis, we`ll leave it there. Good to see you both.

HAMMER: Well, moving on, Ellen DeGeneres is looking for love - not for herself but for "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest. Ellen took it upon herself to play matchmaker for Ryan. But first, she played therapist. Watch this.


ELLEN DEGENERES, HOST, "THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW": That`s what`s holding you back from love. Do you think that the reason -

RYAN SEACREST, HOST, "AMERICAN IDOL": I don`t want to know what love is.

DEGENERES: I want you to show me.

SEACREST: You can`t show me.

DEGENERES: There`s a bunch of women I picked that -

SEACREST: They don`t know about this.

DEGENERES: They`re not necessarily involved. They don`t know about this. But this is an idea of who would you choose out of these women right here, OK? You`ve got Pam Anderson. You`ve got Britney Spears. You`ve got Carrie Underwood -

SEACREST: Oh, I can`t believe, Eva. I like - she`s gorgeous. (UNINTELLIGIBLE)

DEGENERES: Oh, is that -

SEACREST: Totally, all of them.

DEGENERES: You`re saying Eva Mendes is the - who you got to right away.

SEACREST: Yes. I kind of like her first. I like Carrie but then I kind of like felt she`s part of the "Idol" thing so I don`t know if the right thing to do is to think about it that way. And the Britney thing - is that Britney or is it -

DEGENERES: That`s Britney.

SEACREST: She looks like the sister there, because I`d say the sister is too young. And obviously, she`s got enough going on and that`s right.


SEACREST: And then, Pam -

DEGENERES: That`s not really stopped you before, but anyway -

SEACREST: And Jennifer - See, I don`t know Jennifer. I know Carrie. I know Britney. I kind of know Pam.


DEGENERES: But you responded to Eva Mendes first.

SEACREST: I think she`s great.


SEACREST: What`s she like?

DEGENERES: She`s great.


DEGENERES: Would you like me to set you up with her?




HAMMER: Eva Mendes, if you`re watching, expect a phone call from Ellen about Ryan.

ANDERSON: Yes. All right. Angelina Jolie gets emotional in her latest role. It`s an unbelievable true story of a mother whose son is kidnapped and it`s somehow the wrong child is returned to her. The story will give you goose bumps. Straight ahead, your very first look at Jolie`s gripping new film, "Changeling."

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ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, your first look at Angelina Jolie`s gripping new film. Directed by Clint Eastwood, "Changeling" is the true story of a woman whose son goes missing and gets swept up into an unbelievable cover-up. Here`s your SHOWBIZ first lock.


ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS (AS CHRISTINE COLLINS): My name is Christine Collins. On March 10th, my nine-year-old son Walter Collins disappeared. The five-month investigation led to a boy being brought to Los Angeles from De Kalb, Illinois. The LAPD told me and all of you that this boy was my son. He is not my son.



MALKOVICH: I`m the pastor over at St. Paul`s Presbyterian. I`ve made it my mission in life to bring to light all the things the LAPD wishes none of us ever knew about.

This police department is in trouble this time. And you are in a position to embarrass them, and they do not like it.

JOLIE: I just want my son home.

JEFFREY DONOVAN, ACTOR (AS CAPT. J.J. JONES): Why are you doing this, Mrs. Collins?

JOLIE: You will start looking for my son.

DONOVAN: Why should we looking for someone we`ve already found?

COLM FEORE, ACTOR (AS CHIEF JAMES E. DAVIS): The mayor wants this to go away. You`re to convey the prisoner to the Los Angeles County General Hospital Psychopathic Ward.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: By signing this, you certify the police were right in sending you here for observation and it absolves them of all responsibility.

JOLIE: I won`t sign this.



UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What the hell have you done with Christine Collins?

JOLIE: I know my son is out there. I can still feel him.

MALKOVICH: Your son, unfortunately was (UNINTELLIGIBLE) first. But if you do it right, he may very well be the last.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Your handling has exposed this department to public ridicule. If the boy you brought back is not Walter Collins, then where the hell is he?

JOLIE: I want my son back! I want my son back!


ANDERSON: Based on a true story, "Changeling" hits theaters October 31st.

HAMMER: Well, thank you for watching. That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. You can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is next.