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Shia Labouef`s Alcohol Problem; Amy Winehouse`s Hospitalization; Miley Cyrus: Growing Up Too Soon?; Hollywood`s Money Pit

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Amy Winehouse rushed to the emergency room. And Brooke Hogan goes off on her MySpace blog. Why she`s calling the media stupid jerks. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.
On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - Shia`s secrets. Tonight, brand new details about the horrible crash that sent Shia Labeouf to the hospital, arrested on a DUI charge. Tonight, the startling news of who was with the Indiana Jones star when the crash happened.

Plus, remarkable revelations from Shia himself about his struggle with alcohol. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the late breaking developments about Shia`s DUI bust.

Is Miley Cyrus getting too sexy too soon? Tonight, brand new outrage from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers over Hollywood forcing Miley to grow up too fast. And Miley drops a bombshell about whether the days of "Hannah Montana" could be numbered.

Plus, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive. Miley`s lost interview.


MILEY CYRUS, STAR OF "HANNAH MONTANA": I understand that`s something I want to do. I really enjoy it.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the Miley Cyrus questions and controversies.

Plus, stars really are just like us. Because it`s not just everyday Americans losing their homes and having economic trouble. Tonight, a powerful must-see showbiz special report, "Hollywood`s Money Pit."


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. Amy Winehouse rushed to the hospital. But what really happened? Is it related to her substance abuse problems? Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is in London tonight, and that is coming up.

But first, Shia`s secrets. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you tonight there are brand new details of the night "Indiana Jones" star Shia Labeouf got into a terrible crash and got arrested on a DUI charge. And now, we`re also hearing straight from the young superstar himself about his struggles with alcohol. Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the late-breaking developments making news right now.


(voice over): He`s the heir apparent to the "Indiana Jones" franchise. But tonight in young Indy star Shia Labeouf is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital from injuries he sustained in what Los Angeles police say was an alcohol-related car wreck.

KATIE DARYL, TMZ.TV: This latest accident with Shia is just really outstanding.

HAMMER: So outstanding that his car flipped on its roof. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that Shia`s physical recovery may be just the beginning.

DARYL: This will be his third misdemeanor charge in the last year.

HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned Shia`s success story apparently comes with some serious baggage.

SHIA LABEOUF, ACTOR: I bought a car. Turned out to be an alien robot.

HAMMER: Shia reveals a dark past and struggles with alcohol in the latest issue of "Details." He tells the magazine he doesn`t know how to have just one drink. He says he and his father, would, quote, "drink together and smoke together and it`s just a bad deal." Shia goes on to say, "It`s not something that is conducive to being a role model - no iconic actors that I know o have problems like that. And I don`t know how to do it like a gentleman. I don`t know how to have one drink."

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": It`s unfortunate because he has this aura of celebrity on him, I mean, from "Transformers" to "Indiana Jones. He`s got "Eagle Eye" coming out. Steven Spielberg loves him.

HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has to ask whether Spielberg is regretting banking on Labeouf.

DARYL: You definitely have to wonder if someone like Steven Spielberg who has come out and spoken publicly saying Shia Labeouf is the next big thing - is Steven going to sit down and pick up the phone and say, "Hey, Shia, seriously, can you back up my word here and stop messing up?"

HAMMER: After all, it was just a couple months back when Spielberg was singing Shia`s praises for his work on "Indiana Jones."

LABEOUF: What is he going to do now?


HAMMER: In an interview that appeared in the June issue of "GQ" magazine, the Oscar-winning director describes his first impression of Labeouf saying, quote, "When I first saw Shia, I was amazed at how someone so young could be so unselfconscious. In a sense, it`s not always what an actor says that impresses me. It`s how they listen. He seems closer to audiences in his ability to be himself."

SERAFIN: When Steven Spielberg tells you, "You have star power," it pretty much seals the deal for your career in Hollywood. You are going to go a long way.

HAMMER: But since the release of "Indiana Jones" and now with Shia missing at least a month of production on "Transformers 2," Labeouf seems to be far away from the path Spielberg paved for him. That leaves some wondering, will Shia be able to get back on track?

DARYL: Success comes and goes in Hollywood. So to have someone say you`re the next big thing, you know, only goes as far as your next big move. And it seems like Shia`s move seems to be downward spiral.

HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned this latest spiral apparently put his own "Transformers 2" costar in jeopardy.

DARYL: There was another passenger in the vehicle with Shia Labeouf when he had his accident and we now know the identity. It was his co-star for "Transformers 2," Isabel Lucas.

HAMMER: She may have walked away with just minor injuries from Shia`s car crash, but SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you her involvement just adds another layer of drama to an already troubling story.

DARYL: Not many people have heard of Ms. Lucas, so it`s funny that this actress who is now in "Transformer 2" is hitting the scene in the tabloids with such a horrible story.


HAMMER: Well, perhaps there is one small piece of good news for Shia. Tonight, Los Angeles TV station KTLA is reporting a sheriff`s deputy says Shia may not have been responsible for the accident and that the other driver may have run a red light. But that takes nothing away from the fact Shia has been charged with suspicion of driving under the influence and of course, the troubling news tonight about his self-confessed struggle with alcohol.

Joining me in Hollywood psychiatrist and addiction specialist, Dr. Reef Kareem. Also in Hollywood tonight, Jane Velez-Mitchell, investigative journalist and author of this fine book, "Secrets Can Be Murder."

All right. Jane, Dr. Reef, I`ve got to say when we heard about what Shia had to say in an interview in the upcoming issue of "Details" magazine, I found it pretty disturbing. He talks about drinking with his dad. Let me read that for you again, quote, "We would drink together and smoke together. And it`s just a bad deal. It`s not something that is conducive to being a role model. No iconic actors that I know of have problems like that. And I don`t know how to do it like a gentleman. I don`t know how to have one drink."

"I don`t know how to have one drink." Jane Velez-Mitchell, you`ve been very open with us about how you`ve remained sober for more than a decade now. When you hear somebody say that - you know, you`ve been there, you`ve done that. What does that say to you?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: Well, A.J., to me it says that this very talented young man is at extremely high risk for addiction. The stories I`ve read, his grandfather drank himself to death. His father struggled with alcohol abuse and drug abuse. So he`s at very high risk.

But the good news is I also read Shia attended 12-Step meetings with his dad. Excellent news, because what it tells me is he has the information. He knows about a program where he can go and get help and the only requirement is a desire to stop drinking and/or using. And he`s even using the lingo of 12-step when he says, "I don`t know how to have one drink." That`s probably the most succinct way of saying, "I`m an alcoholic." If he is, I hope he`s a high bottom. I hope this car accident is the wake-up call he needs to get himself through those doors and get sober.

HAMMER: Yes. And as you said, perhaps that is the upside, the fact that he was exposed to this. And around those AA meetings, he sort of already gets what may be going on. Dr. Reef, you`ve seen this time and time again in your career. When you hear Shia say, "I don`t know how to have one drink," what are you hearing?

Time and time again is right. You know, the question this really begs right here is, "How do you know you`re an alcoholic?" When you think about it, look at the relationship we as a society have with alcohol. Alcohol is everywhere. It is the ultimate social lubricant. It`s in business meetings, sporting events, dating. How many times - I know couples that are together, married, two or four kids and a white picket fence because they were hammered when they met. You know, it`s everywhere. But there are certain people that have a vulnerability to addiction and to alcoholism.

And you know, your other guest is right. I mean, a red flag for sure is a DUI arrest. A red flag is, "I can`t stop at one drink." It`s called substance abuse. And when you have it, there`s substance abuse and substance dependence. With substance abuse, it`s failure to fulfill major role obligations like you don`t show up at work. You don`t show up at school. It`s drinking when you`re driving. It`s having legal problems and it`s having interpersonal problems because of the alcohol.

HAMMER: But Dr. Reef, what about the family connection here because, as Jane just mentioned, we know that Shia`s father was an alcoholic and as we said, we know that Shia attended these AA meetings with his dad. And after seeing the rough life that he led, perhaps that would have changed things. But it`s not unusual for alcohol struggles to run in the family, is it?

KAREEM: No. In fact, it`s really common. There`s a huge genetic predisposition, meaning it runs in families when you`re dealing with alcoholism and other drug use. You know, the other factor is we talk about nature/nurture. You know, it`s environmental as well as biologic. It`s up here in your brain but it`s also in your environment. If your role model, the person you idealize more than anybody else is your dad and your dad is drinking and your dad is cool with you drinking and you guys do it together, man, that is a really positive reinforcement to get involved with alcohol. And if you happen to have that genetic predisposition in your brain, man, the cards, the deck is stacked against you.

HAMMER: Yes. But Jane, you mentioned a moment ago about hoping that this drunk driving or this accident with the DUI arrest would perhaps be a wake- up call for Shia Labeouf. You know, he is only 22 years old. As much as we hope it`s the wake-up call, that`s not always the case, is it?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: It`s not. But let me say, if he does get sober at 22, hallelujah, God bless him. Because people who get sober that young go on to lead amazingly fulfilling lives. And your other guest had it exactly right. It`s genetic and environmental. One of the reasons those scared- straight programs in schools often don`t work is you get scared for five minutes.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: But it`s hard to overcome decades of conditioning where your parents are acting one way saying, "This is normal. Drinking and using is normal."


VELEZ-MITCHELL: And so it gets into your subconscious. The way out of that is going into therapy so you can see your parents objectively and going into 12 steps. This is a very bright kid He`s -

HAMMER: Jane, I`ve got to end it there.


HAMMER: He`s a very bright kid and a very talented kid and everybody at this time I think is pulling for him.

Dr. Reef Kareem, Jane Velez-Mitchell, I appreciate you being with us.


KAREEM: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, another trip to the emergency room for Amy Winehouse. I`ve got to tell you, I`m worried about what may happen to her. Listen to what her dad had to say.


MITCH WINEHOUSE, AMY WINEHOUSE`S FATHER: You know, obviously, some things that she does are questionable. But then you would say that about most kids.


HAMMER: Yes. I guess that`s true but, you know, it seems like Amy`s problems go so much deeper than what most parents have to go through. Well, coming up next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, why Amy was rushed to the hospital this time.

Also, Miley Cyrus drops a bombshell. "Hannah Montana`s" days may be numbered. Is Hollywood forcing her to grow up way too fast? Your overwhelming response and my interview with Miley way back when nobody even knew who she was. Coming up.

Also a showbiz special report, "Hollywood`s Money Pit." You know, when it comes to tough economic times right now, some stars are just like us. These stars are getting hit hard, talking about foreclosures, even the gas prices affecting entertainment industry. That`s coming up in a showbiz special report you won`t want to miss, "Hollywood`s Money Pit."

Now, remember, you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video any time. We`re always posting new stuff for you to check out on the Web site Among the videos now playing, Madonna`s brother tells all. Sign on, login and watch the full interview.


HAMMER: Tonight, another big hospital scare for "Rehab" singer Amy Winehouse. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And tonight, what`s up with Winehouse? Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you there has been another big scare for the troubled Grammy Award-winning singer. The rehab challenged Winehouse is out of a London hospital tonight after being mysteriously rushed there.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in London tonight with the late-breaking details. Here`s CNN`s Phil Black with the latest worries about Winehouse.


PHIL BLACK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Rushed to hospital followed by media a media scram - another day in the tumultuous life of Amy Winehouse. The latest drama started on Monday evening when an ambulance was called to her house in North London. Apparently conscious, Winehouse was taken to University College Hospital in Central London. The statement from the hospital a few hours later said that she was stable.

Her spokesman said that Winehouse had suffered a reaction to medication. The singer`s father, Mitch, accompanied her to the hospital where he stayed overnight. In an interview with CNN recently, he spoke of his pride for his daughter despite her earlier troubles.

M. WINEHOUSE: I mean, we`re - as a family we`re proud of Amy. And as a father, nobody could be prouder of their daughter. You know, obviously, some things that she does are questionable, but, then, you would say that about most kids. But, you know, we are incredibly proud of her. She`s a very talented young lady and we`re proud of her achievements.

BLACK: This latest incident is only one in a long line of dramas that seem to have permeated Amy Winehouse`s career. Allegations of drug use dog her, allegations which she has addressed in her music.

In June, her father said she was diagnosed with the early stages of emphysema. Last week, her husband, Blake, Fielder-Civil was sentenced to 27 months in prison for assault and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Such is her enduring popularity that only last week Madam Tussauds unveiled a wax work of her in their London exhibition.

M. WINEHOUSE: You know, all this nonsense - you know, this is the real Amy or not the real Amy. You know, this is the reflection of the real Amy and how people regard her. They voted her to be here so that`s just wonderful.

BLACK: Despite her success, Amy Winehouse continues to battle her personal issues, sometimes in the public arena.


Everybody`s still hoping she can pull together. That was CNN`s Phil Black for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. $ Well, we all watched Danny Bonaduce deal with his addiction problems and the break-up of his marriage on reality TV. And you know, after everything we saw Danny`s ex-wife Gretchen go through on "Breaking Bonaduce," you would think that she would actually shy away from inviting the cameras back into her life again. But you know what? it`s just the opposite. She`s now competing in a new reality show to get a reality show. She and other celebrities such as Kato Kaelin and Bobby Trendy are in a new show called "Give Me My Reality Show." This is where the audience decides who should get their own show. Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson spoke with Gretchen and asked her if she thought doing her first reality show contributed at all to her divorce.


GRETCHEN BONADUCE, DANNY BONADUCE`S EX-WIFE: I think that we were falling apart. It didn`t matter. I think the cameras captured it happening, but I don`t think it had anything to do with the cameras. I really think we were going that direction no matter what. And I`m so proud of that show, you know. I think it really helped a lot of people. Ultimately, you know, we didn`t make it, but I know a lot of people with addiction problems and marital problems and infidelity took really something away from my show. So I was very happy to do that.

BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CO-HOST: So looking back, is there anything that you wish hadn`t aired on that show? Because some say, "Oh, they just aired all of their dirty laundry. It really exposed Danny`s addiction and all the pain that they went through." Is there anything you wish that maybe that shouldn`t have been on the show?

G. BONADUCE: No. Again, I`m really proud of it. And I any people needed to see how ugly and terrible it is, you know, to have alcohol and addiction problems and infidelity. I hope it made someone stop doing it. And I know it did and that`s why I wanted to do it. I know the producers, when I first met with them and we spoke about how we wanted to do the show and I said I really want to help people and that is why I want to do this. And I know they`re like, "Oh, you`re so cute. Your little reality show is going to help people." And it did. So, you know, how can I be sorry about that?


HAMMER: Well, we`re going to have much more of Brooke`s revealing interview with Gretchen Bonaduce Wednesday, including why she thinks after people see her new reality show, they`re going to have a totally different opinion of Kato Kaelin. As if that`s possible.

Well, it`s hard to imagine now. But you know, just a few years ago, nobody knew who the heck Miley Cyrus was. I actually interviewed her right before "Hannah Montana" even went on the air on her very first trip to New York City.


(on camera): Here you are in New York City. So what are your impressions of our fair town?

M. CYRUS: I like it. It`s different. It`s very different than Nashville.


HAMMER: Yes. You think? Well, now, Miley is dropping a bombshell. Her days as Hannah could be numbered. I want to know, is Hollywood forcing Miley to grow up too fast? Wait until you hear the overwhelming response of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers. That is coming up.

Also, when it comes to the tough economy right now, some stars are just like us. There are stars getting hit hard. I`m talking foreclosures - even the gas prices are affecting the entertainment industry. That is coming up in a showbiz special report you won`t want to miss, "Hollywood`s Money Pit."

Also coming up, I`ve got your first look at Oliver Stone`s controversial new movie "W." Now, this looks like it shows George W. Bush as a kind of addict-controlled drunk in his younger years. This is definitely going to cause a huge stir. That`s on the way on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: Now, be sure to check out the free, ever-changing SHOWBIZ TONIGHT podcast. You looking for it? You can find it on our Web site You can also download it by going to iTunes and doing a search for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming straight back.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Here now are some more stories that are new right now.

Brooke Hogan - wow, she`s at it again going off on her MySpace blog but reports that she didn`t go to visit her brother Nick in jail on his 18th birthday. Brooke calls the media stupid and inaccurate saying, quote, "He`s the most important thing in my life. They must thought I didn`t show because they didn`t see me. There`s such a thing as a back door, you jerks."

Kelsey Grammer is back in the hospital, his publicist telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Grammer felt faint and checked into a hospital in New York on Sunday morning. Now, Grammer has a history of heart problems and is going through tests but his fine publicist tells us he is doing well.

And a matron at Oprah Winfrey`s school in Africa has pleaded not guilty to allegedly abusing students. The trial started today. Six teenaged alleged victims will testify. When the former matron was accused of the abuse, Oprah called it one of the most devastating experiences in her life.

Just a few years ago, I interviewed Miley Cyrus. This was before anybody knew who the heck she was. It was just before "Hannah Montana" went on the air. And now, well, it looking like her Hannah days - they could be numbered. Is Hollywood forcing Miley to grow up too fast? Well, we asked you what you thought and your response just overwhelming. That is coming up. Plus, that lost interview.

Also this -


MARK DAVID, THE REALESTALKER: Now, to see somebody who makes millions of dollars in the course of their career have financial troubles - you know, I think it`s hard for the average person to sympathize with that.


HAMMER: Well, sympathy or not, Hollywood stars are not immune to this economic crisis. I`m talking about foreclosures - even the gas prices are affecting the entertainment industry. That is just ahead in a showbiz special report, "Hollywood`s Money Pit."

Also your first look at Oliver Stone`s controversial new movie "W." This thing looks like it shows George W. Bush as kind of an out of control drunk in his younger years - definitely, something that will cause a huge stir, and that`s on the way.

HAMMER: But first, you can always stay on top of the most provocative entertainment news with the daily SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsletter. Head over to Click on "sign up for newsletter" and we will send it to you. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming right back.



HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, is Hollywood forcing Miley Cyrus to grow up too fast? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers outraged. The "Vanity Fair" nearly nude photo scandal. Now talk "Hannah Montana" may be going bye-bye. A fired up debate over the biggest teen star out there. Plus, you have got to see my exclusive lost Miley interview.


DAVID: You know, to see somebody who makes millions of dollars in the course of their career have financial troubles - you know, I think it`s hard for the average person to sympathize with that.


HAMMER: Home foreclosures, outrageous gas prices. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you even the rich and famous are getting hit hard by the economy. It`s a showbiz special report, "Hollywood`s Money Pit."


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

Well, tonight, brand new outrage over Miley Cyrus and whether Hollywood is pushing her to be too sexy too soon. And Miley herself dropping a "Hannah Montana" bombshell. Here`s what`s new right now. In an explosive interview with "E," 15-year-old Miley is saying this could be her last season as "Hannah Montana," the star, of course, worshiped by tens of millions of girls. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers just outraged over how many feel Miley is being turned into a sex symbol way too soon.

Plus a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive. You have got to see this. It`s the mind-boggling lost Miley interview. And wait until you see what she told me right before "Hannah Montana" even went on the air. It`s the interview you will not see anywhere else.

Joining me tonight from Hollywood, family therapist Dr. Shannon Fox of "," and in New York, Emme, model and founder of "" Shannon, Emme, I appreciate you being here.

Let`s keep in mind now Miley is just 15 years old. Already, we know she has posed nearly nude for "Vanity Fair." She just released what really is a very adult-sounding album. And now, there`s the talk of the possibility of her leaving "Hannah Montana."

Shannon, now to you first. It makes me think Miley needs to, you know, slow down and take a deep breath here.

SHANNON FOX, FAMILY THERAPIST, "MOMLOGIC.COM": Well, I think slowing down and taking a deep breath would be really helpful for her and at least helpful for her handlers who seem to be letting her get way out of hand these days. But I have to hand it to her or whoever has decided to let her go. If she`s outgrown this wholesome image, whether it`s too soon or not, she should shed that image and leave Disney, because -

HAMMER: Yes, but wait - But, Shannon, she`s 15. Come on. I mean, understand about growing a career and evolving, but not even 16, not even old enough to drive yet.

FOX: I think she`s growing up too soon. Don`t get me wrong here. I definitely think she`s growing up too soon. But I think Hollywood creates these bombshell girls at such a young age. Look at Britney Spears. She got her start with Disney.


FOX: She was a wholesome young girl.

EMME: Where`s her mom?

HAMMER: Well, that`s a question a lot of people have asked because, of course, Billy Ray Cyrus is the one who is most front and center because he`s also a part of the "Hannah Montana" show.

But Emme, at the end of it, do you think that she is being pushed too far, too soon at this point?

EMME: I think so. I agree. I really do. I think that we need to see the mom and the dad and the managers to say, "Hold on now." You know, it sounds like that in a lot of the articles in the past that they were very, very involved.

I just don`t think it`s right to see Miley Cyrus - "Hannah Montana," our "Hannah Montana" in "Vanity Fair" looking the way that she is. And that`s one of the problems in our society right now that our kids are pushing, pushing, pushing to become older at such a young age and we really need these stars to understand what weight they have within the psyche of these young girls.

HAMMER: I agree with you, Emme. And obviously a lot of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers do as well. A lot of outrage here. We asked SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers what they thought about this on air and online.

Here was the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day that we posed - "Miley Cyrus: Is Hollywood pushing her to grow up too fast?" Wow, it`s just incredible how many people voted. And listen to this - a whopping 86 percent said yes. Only 14 percent said no.

Shannon, back at you. You`re the "MomLogic" person here. Obviously, there`s a lot of outrage. Where do you think it`s coming from?

FOX: Well, understandably, it`s coming from the parents who have really supported and created this "Hannah Montana" monster by buying all of the "Hannah Montana" propaganda, really, for their little, little girls. And so they`ve created this mega star, and they want to keep her the wholesome, wonderful role model that they`ve hoped she`d be for their little girls. They`re not ready to let her go and start to be a role model for - I don`t know, older teens or something.

HAMMER: Yes. It makes a lot of sense. A lot of votes coming in. And I have to tell you, we hired an extra 50 people just to read some of these E- mails that have been coming in fast and furious to the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom about this.

Let me read a couple to you. One from Maribelle, and Maribelle writes, "I think Hollywood is pushing Miley Cyrus much too hard to try to be sexy. And the horrible thing is that Miley is falling into the pressure. One thing I would like to see is a change in the messages she sends to kids who watch her."

Michael from California begs to differ. I want to read to you what he had to say. This is what he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, quote, "Miley is not being forced by Hollywood to grow up too quick, it is her parents that are responsible."

Emme, what do you think? Michael possibly right here? Her parents need to be really in control of this situation before Miley gets herself into a heap of trouble over all of this?

EMME: I think there`s a little bit of this and that. I think Miley is like every other young 14, 15-year-old out there. If you take a look at Facebook and MySpace and see what`s going on when you`re invited in, it is absolutely hair-raising. So this is not something very unusual for this age group to be so forward and to be so pushing the limit so to speak. But is that right? Is that wrong? It`s almost like you want to say, "You have one childhood, you know. Hang on to it as long as you can!"

HAMMER: You know, it`s so easy sometimes, I think, for us to sit here and say that. And then of course, when you`re out there in the thick of it in Hollywood and all the money is coming in and all the things are thrown your way -

EMME: I know.

HAMMER: How do you resist?

EMME: You need strong managers.

HAMMER: Let`s look back at that childhood that we`re talking about because this is really remarkable. Just a few years ago, you know, nobody knew who the heck Miley Cyrus was. Of course, you know, her dad Billy Ray "Achy Breaky Heart" Cyrus was a star. I had a chance to sit down with both of them and this was right before "Hannah Montana" went on the air for the very first time, so nobody knew her. This is a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusive, the interview you won`t see anywhere else. Roll that, Charles.


HAMMER (on camera): Welcome to the program.

M. CYRUS: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: You seem very excited, Miley.

M. CYRUS: I am.

BILLY RAY CYRUS, FATHER OF MILEY CYRUS: A.J., it`s great to be with you.

HAMMER: Has she been buzzing all day?

B. CYRUS: She`s been working her tail off. I mean we`ve been in New York for three days now. And it`s just been very exciting. This is her first trip to New York City.

HAMMER: Is this your very first time here? You have lived in Tennessee on a ranch. You`ve now moved to Los Angeles.

M. CYRUS: Yes.

HAMMER: But here you are in New York City. So what are your impressions of our fair town?

M. CYRUS: I like it. It is different. It`s very different than Nashville, but so is L.A. and I just keep going. But I love it.

HAMMER: What`s the strangest thing you saw during your stay in New York? There are some freaks here, you know.

M. CYRUS: Well, mostly just all the buildings. I`ve seen them in movies. They look a lot smaller than they do in person.

B. CYRUS: Pretty big.

M. CYRUS: Yes, they`re really big.

HAMMER: Well, we got you a little gift.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.

HAMMER: You can open up that and a little souvenir to take home from our town. This new show, "Hannah Montana" - we will talk as you are opening. We don`t want to take away from gift opening.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.

HAMMER: I love New York. Little New York love.

B. CYRUS: Awesome. Great.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.

HAMMER: You play this pop star and of course, you know, a lot of kids grow up hoping they can one day be a pop star, too. It`s a very enviable position to be. But you have a pop star dad, something a lot of kids probably wish they had, a big-time rock and roll country star. What`s that been like? What`s the best part of having Billy Ray Cyrus as your dad?

M. CYRUS: It`s been great. I probably wouldn`t be here if it weren`t for him, after growing up -

HAMMER: Yes, I can assure of that, actually.

M. CYRUS: Yes, seeing on set and seeing him singing and once I got on the stage with him. And I just knew that`s something I wanted to do. So -

B. CYRUS: I don`t know if you`ve heard about her singing. She just signed a record deal with Hollywood Records.

HAMMER: Congratulations. Not a bad deal.

M. CYRUS: Thank you very much.

B. CYRUS: She writes her own songs.


B. CYRUS: She is the real deal. She`s got some great music ahead of her, and again, it`s just a lot of fun.

HAMMER: And as I said, this character - you`re playing Hannah Montana, one of the world`s biggest pop stars. Is it somebody that you are emulating? Because certainly, the premise is, you know, if Britney Spears was in high school but nobody knew it was Britney Spears, that`s what the deal is. So is there a pop star that you sort of looked up to prepare for this?

M. CYRUS: I kind of thought of Hillary Duff when I was doing this because she actually started doing Disney at the same time as I did. And then she went off to music. So I kind of watched her concerts and saw some of the footage that she`s done and kind of took some of her style and used it towards "Hannah."

HAMMER: Now, is this your big debut here?

M. CYRUS: It is.

HAMMER: And we are happy to have you, Miley.

M. CYRUS: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: It`s a pleasure to meet you. Billy Ray, always good to see you.

B. CYRUS: Thank you, A.J. You do a good job on the show. Congratulations on your success.

HAMMER: I appreciate that very much.


Wow. Can you believe we had a budget for gifts back then? No. Can you believe it was her first time in New York? Shannon, before we wrap it up, does the contrast just blow you away? This happened in two years, the change in her.

FOX: It`s really remarkable, the change. She was so sweet and naive. And, "The buildings in New York were so much bigger." I mean, you just want to, you know, wrap her up in your arms and take her home with you. So it`s no wonder that she became such a mega star and that parents entrusted their children to her. But, wow, she has come a long way now to the pages of "Vanity Fair."

HAMMER: Well, let`s hope that innocence isn`t lost entirely. Shannon Fox, Emme, I`ve got to wrap it there. Thank you both for being here tonight.

FOX: Thank you.

EMME: Thanks.

HAMMER: All right. What do you think? We`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Miley Cyrus: Is it time for her to end `Hannah Montana`?" Let us know what you think by going to You can also E-mail us your thoughts at

Well, there are obviously big problems with the economy. And tonight, I can tell you, even the stars are caught up in this money mess.


DAVID: To see somebody who makes millions of dollars in the course of their career have financial troubles - you know, I think it`s hard for the average person to sympathize with that.


HAMMER: Tonight, a showbiz special report, "Hollywood`s Money Pit," how Hollywood stars are dealing with devastating financial problems. I`m talking shocking home foreclosures and mortgage meltdown. Plus, music`s biggest stars are taking a big hit at the gas pump. Could $4 a gallon gas stop the music? You`ve got to stick around for our special report, "Hollywood`s Money Pit." That is next.

And I`ve got your first look at a brand new movie. Will it change the outcome of this year`s presidential election? An explosive look at President Bush drinking, smoking and womanizing. That`s coming up.

And remember you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video any time. We`re always posting new stuff for you to check out right there at Among the videos playing right now, Madonna`s brother tells all. Check out the full revealing interview. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT coming right back.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Tonight, a showbiz special report, "Hollywood`s Money Pit." I don`t have to tell you times are tough these days - mortgage meltdowns, gas and food prices through the roof. And now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can reveal that even Hollywood`s biggest stars are hurting, slammed so hard they could even lose their multimillion dollar mansions. It`s true.

Well, tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson is revealing the lifestyles of the rich and famous are not what they used to be.


Celebrities like Michael Jackson amassed multimillion dollar fortunes with their music and videos. But sky-high salaries couldn`t save these stars from the mortgage crisis gripping the nation.

RICK SHARGA, VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING, REALTYTRAC, INC.: Celebrities are just like normal American citizens, can be living paycheck to paycheck, too, and be getting over their heads.

ANDERSON: Boxing champ Evander Holyfield is less than three weeks away from losing his Georgia mansion in a public auction. The heavyweight is in default on a $750,000 loan.

ED MCMAHON, TV PERSONALITY: If you spend more money than you make, you know what happens.

ANDERSON: Ed McMahon risks foreclosure after falling $644,000 behind on a $4.8 million loan. McMahon`s publicist is optimistic telling CNN, "The home has not sold but is still on the market and people are looking."

Michael Jackson narrowly avoided losing Neverland Ranch this year when an investment firm bailed him out of a delinquent $24 million loan. But former baseball MVP Jose Canseco did forfeit his California home citing cash flow problems due in part to costly divorces.

DAVID: To see somebody who makes millions of dollars in the course of their career have financial troubles - you know, I think it`s hard for the average person to sympathize with that.

ANDERSON: Mark David tracks celebrities real estate moves and says it`s often the extravagant tastes of the rich and famous that cost them later which David says could someday be the case for Ellen DeGeneres -

DAVID: She spent like $40 million putting this compound together. It remains to be seen whether she could ever turn around and sell that compound for $40 million.

ANDERSON: And reality TV star, Denise Richards.


DAVID: She buys and sells every year and she doesn`t really seem to make any money. And in fact, she`s actually lost money.

ANDERSON: Proof that not even Hollywood royalty are immune to the housing meltdown.

SHARGA: There are probably hundreds of other people whose names you`d recognize who just haven`t bubbled up to the surface.


HAMMER: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson. Well, Ed McMahon`s situation could soon change. We hope it does. Now, he`s filed two lawsuits - one is against the man who owns the home where McMahon fell and broke his neck. The other against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was treated for the injury but the suits may not save Ed McMahon`s house.

And another awful Hollywood foreclosure story. The Harper family from Georgia received a luxurious new home from ABC`s "Extreme Makeover Home Edition." That was back in 2005. Well, the Harpers put a $450,000 lien up against their home so that they could start up a construction company. Well, when the construction company failed, they defaulted on their loan and now their home is headed to the auction block. That is just a sad, sad story.

Our showbiz special report "Hollywood`s Money Pit" continues now with the music meltdowns. You know, CD sales are, well, for the most part in the toilet. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can now reveal even some of Hollywood`s best-known musicians are struggling. So what are they doing to survive? Well, they`re hitting the road but will ridiculous gas prices stop the music? Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter.


LUCY WALSH, MUSICIAN: My gas tank is almost on empty for the third time this week.

KAREEN WYNTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Lucy Walsh is used to life in the fast lane. She`s the daughter of famous Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh. But this traveling musician who`s financing her own career after being dropped by her label says life on the road as an aspiring artist isn`t what it used to be with rising gas prices.

WALSH: Now, I`m just booking flights because it kind of evens out to the same price.

WYNTER: Walsh says she used to spend $35 filling up her tank. Now, it costs her $65.

WALSH (singing): This is your lullaby

WYNTER: For a young musician, every penny counts when your income hinges on tours and business meetings.

WALSH: You cannot cut down on driving. I have no choice. I have to be going to these meetings. I have to be going to play these shows. So you just suck it up and you spend the money.

WYNTER: Even more established acts are feeling the pinch. Earlier this year, Three Doors Down downsized from seven buses and three trucks to three buses and one truck for a stripped-down tour.

BRAD ARNOLD, LEAD SINGER, THREE DOORS DOWN: It costs about the same in fuel as it did then. It`s pretty strange.

GARY BONGIOVANI, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, "POLLSTAR" MAGAZINE: Most artists are finding their real source of income is from live touring and they don`t want to waste it all on overhead expenses.

WYNTER: Adam Levine from Maroon Five admits gas prices would severely put a crimp in their career if they were just starting out.

ADAM LEVINE, LEAD SINGER, MAROON 5: The saddest thing is, you know, if we were touring in a van, which we did for a year and a half, we wouldn`t even be able to tour at this point.

WYNTER: So while her dad tours the world in private jets and limousines, up and coming artists like Lucy Walsh stay closer to home and build their following on the Internet instead of on the interstate.


HAMMER: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter and boy, I`ve got to tell you, nobody at all immune to this money mess. Well, you need to be sure to check out the free ever-changing SHOWBIZ TONIGHT podcast. You`ll find it on our Web site which is Or download it on iTunes. Just type "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" into the search box.

Well, President Bush is struggling with the sinking economy, the war in Iraq and now, he`s got to deal with this explosive new movie that shows him drinking and smoking and chasing women. Here`s what I want to know, could Oliver Stone`s "W" turn this year`s presidential election upside down? Your first look is coming up next.

I want to remind you that once again, CNN is searching for heroes, ordinary people having an extraordinary impact around the world, every one of this year`s heroes being selected from viewer nominations. You only have until August 1st to nominate your favorite hero. To do that, go to


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight, your first look at a movie that really could shake-up this fall`s presidential election. I`m talking about Oliver Stone`s controversial, "W." This is based on the life of President Bush. And well, let me just say this, it isn`t pretty. I`m talking about partying, smoking, womanizing, gambling. This thing stars Josh Brolin an as George Bush. Elizabeth Banks is his wife, Laura. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I remember correctly, you didn`t like the sporting goods job. Working in the investment firm wasn`t for you either or the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) job. You didn`t exactly finish with flying colors in the Air National Guard, Junior.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Partying, chasing tail, driving drunk?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Who do you think you are, a Kennedy? You are a Bush. Act like one.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You want a whipping?


HAMMER: All right. Oliver stone says he did not intend to make an anti- Bush film, but this thing is coming out on our silver 17th, which of course, is just a few weeks before the election. I don`t think it`s a coincidence.

Well, on Monday we asked to you vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "The `Dark Knight` Breaks More Records: Is it a better than `Titanic`?" Sixty-nine percent of you said yes, 31 percent no.

Among the E-mails, one from Veronica in Michigan, all fired up, "If you`re going to make a movie about a real event, you should stick with the original story. If it wasn`t for the sappy love story, `Titanic` would have been a bust. `The Dark Knight` has action, drama and of course, Heath Ledger.

And Loy from Alaska pretty passionate, too, "Romance versus violence. Sixty-nine percent think `Knight` is better than `Titanic`? Wow! There is absolutely no love left in our society."

I`ll never let go, Jack. I`ll never let go. That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Thank you for watching. And remember, you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific and in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern.

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