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Shia LaBeouf Charged with DUI in Wreck; `Dark Knight` Rules; Celebs Fight with Paparazzi

Aired July 28, 2008 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: "The Dark Knight" breaks even more box office records. Just what really is the secret to its success? I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And Whoopi Goldberg`s full-on lip kiss with another woman on live TV. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

HAMMER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER (voice-over): On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Shia "La-busted." Tonight, the shocking DUI arrest of "Indiana Jones" star Shia LaBeouf. The dramatic details of the car crash that put him in the hospital. Tonight, is this former squeaky clean Disney star`s life spiraling out of control? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with Shia`s scary wreck.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie`s bloody new war with the paparazzi. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the dramatic pictures of paparazzi in camouflage like soldiers trying to get the first pictures of Brad and Angelina`s twin babies. Fists flying, blood spilled and now even Halle Berry is declaring war as she tries to protect her baby. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with Hollywood`s biggest stars taking no prisoners.

Plus, Donald Trump reveals a secret that has been guarded like Fort Knox. Just how does the Donald get his hair to stay like that?


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi, there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood. And tonight, the shame of Shia.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke. Right now, young "Indiana Jones" super star Shia LaBeouf is in a hospital bed and in a whole heap of trouble. LaBeouf was busted on a DUI charge after a frightening accident that left his truck upside down. You have just got to see the video of this crash. And I`m telling you that Shia should be counting his blessings he`s still alive.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the late-breaking developments making news right now.


HAMMER (voice-over): It was a car accident worthy of a great Hollywood action flick.

KATIE DARYL, TMZ: People arriving to the scene of Shia LaBeouf`s car accident said that it looked like a Hollywood movie scene. Cars flipped, gasoline everywhere, ambulances, fire trucks.

HAMMER: Only this was no movie. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has obtained these dramatic pictures of "Indiana Jones" star Shia LaBeouf`s real-life car wreck in Hollywood over the weekend. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, this accident has the potential to wreck his entire career.

DARYL: TMZ learned that Shia LaBeouf`s car accident occurred Sunday morning around 3:00 a.m. His car was making a left-hand turn in an intersection, that`s where it collided with another vehicle which hit his F-150 pick-up truck on the passenger side. That`s when Shia LaBeouf`s vehicle flipped twice, paramedics did arrive on-scene.

HAMMER: Paramedics weren`t the only ones to arrive on the scene. So did police who placed LaBeouf under arrest for suspicion of DUI after they say the transformers star showed signs of being intoxicated.

DARYL: He was cited for a misdemeanor DUI and we`re being told that no felony charges will be pressed.

HAMMER: Shia managed to crawl out of his own car wreck. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you LaBeouf is not out of harm`s way just yet. His spokesperson confirms to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the actor is recovering from extensive hand surgery as a result of the accident. He won`t be returning to the set of his latest movie, "Transformers 2," for at least a month. The first installment, released last summer, basically put Shia on the fast track to stardom.

SHIA LABEOUF, ACTOR: Thank God you`re here! I`ve had the worst day ever!

HAMMER: But now production of "Transformers 2" could be at a standstill as a result of Shia`s hand surgery.

DARYL: It`s a multimillion dollar production. And Shia LaBeouf is one of the biggest names attached to the project. So the fact that he`s having to undergo this surgery, I`m sure bigwigs out here in Hollywood are shaking their heads, saying, man, could this cost us any more money?

HAMMER: More money and more bad press for the lead star. The startling news comes on the heels of the actor`s two previous run-ins with the law.

DARYL: We had him a couple of months ago get arrested for trespassing at a Walgreens. We`ve had him get in trouble for smoking in a nonsmoking area. So now to add this DUI possibility to his list of charges, things aren`t looking good for Shia.

HAMMER: Luckily for LaBeouf, his first two run-ins went away quietly. But this latest crash and subsequent DUI arrest have the potential to create a serious and troublesome scenario for Shia.

DARYL: Shia LaBeouf definitely needs to use this latest incident as his wake-up call. Right now he needs to look at his career and say he needs to focus, he needs to stop getting into trouble and he needs to prove that he`s being paid the big dollars for the right reasons, that he`s a good actor and he`s going to stay out of trouble.

HAMMER: And leave the dramatic action scenes for the big screen.

LABEOUF: Well, what`s he going to do now?

KAREN ALLEN, ACTOR: I don`t think he plans that far ahead.


HAMMER: So Shia may be shaken, but is he stirred enough to make this a wake-up call? Joining me tonight from Hollywood, "Extra" correspondent Carlos Diaz. In New York tonight, Janell Snowden, VH1 news host.

So, Carlos, did you have the same reaction that so many of us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did? When we heard that Shia LaBeouf smashed his truck and got arrested on a DUI charge, thinking maybe shades of Lindsay Lohan here?

CARLOS DIAZ, "EXTRA" CORRESPONDENT: Yes, I was actually more surprised the truck didn`t transform into a robot and run away at the scene of the crime. But no, it is very alarming to hear that. Such a big star, not only of last summer, this summer, and next summer with "Transformers 2," getting in such a car accident in such a dramatic way, you know, to flip the vehicle over.

I`m just very happy that the injuries at the scene were not life- threatening in any way. And Shia was the one who really sustained the most injuries out of anybody.

HAMMER: That`s all true and we`re all happy that nobody really got terribly injured here. Of course, we said Shia is going to be dealing with this hand injury for the next month or so. But what did you think, Janell? You know, it`s kind of a case like, here we go again.

JANELL SNOWDEN, VH1 NEWS HOST: I have to admit, A.J., that`s exactly what I thought when I first heard about it. I thought, oh, come on, again, really? I mean, I think, you know, obviously Shia is a young guy, he`s 22 years old. He wants to go out and have fun with his friends.

But for God`s sake, if you haven`t learned from other folks in your business, hire a driver. It`s not that difficult. Or have one of your less drunk friends, if in fact it is proven that he was under the influence, drive your car instead.

I mean, there are just so many ways to avoid something like this happening. But, again, as everybody is saying, I`m just glad he`s alive. It looks like a terrible accident, the car flipped over, I can`t imagine.

HAMMER: No kidding. But you know, there is that idiotic word that comes to mind when I hear about a story like this. And as we mentioned, you know, Shia was shooting the sequel to the blockbuster "Transformers" movie. And his spokesperson was telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT it will be another month or so before he can get back on set and continue to film.

So, Carlos, you know, we have a guy who is carrying a major franchise on his shoulders. And I`m thinking, a lot of people connected with this film probably are pretty ticked off right now that Shia would even allow himself to get into a mess like this.

DIAZ: Yes, a lot of schedules are being jumbled around this morning, trying to, you know, fix this mess, because, like you said, he`s the star of not only "Transformers," but "Transformers 2," which comes out next summer. So they`re going to have to kind of shoot around his left hand now.

Luckily there were no injuries to his face, so maybe they can do some tight shots and this and that. But you`re right. I mean, when you have a star like this, you have to wonder who is not talking to him to say, listen, this is huge. This is a huge part of your career. Maybe lay off the drinking and driving forever.

HAMMER: Yes. I want to get back to on that point something that Janell was saying. Because, you know, we`ve obviously seen the likes of Lindsay Lohan and what happens with them. And movie-makers start staying away from stars who get into this kind of trouble because it gets hard to keep these people insured.

So, Janell, reminding everyone here now that Shia has not been convicted of anything, does this have the potential to also really sidetrack his career in a huge way?

SNOWDEN: Well, it certainly doesn`t help, given that he has had a couple of other previous run-ins that have kind of quietly gone away. But this one obviously a little bit more serious, some people injured.

And who knows? I mean, if I were a movie-maker, I have to admit that I would think that I would be taking a risk insuring somebody like him. But I just hope that he gets help. I mean, if this is in fact a DUI- related incident, then I hope that if he has a problem, he gets treated for it.

Alcoholism is a serious disease. And if you get it in check early, then hopefully you can kind of live life a little less riskier.

HAMMER: Yes. And, Janell, you also alluded to, you know, the track record we`ve seen in young Hollywood. So this is really what boggles my mind, again, when we hear a story like this. After all the Lindsays and the Britneys and the Parises and the Nicole Richies getting into the same old messes time and time again, you would think that an up-and-coming star like Shia, well aware of what`s going on in the scene around him, and keep in mind he`s only 22 years old -- you would think he would take notice and behave himself or perhaps that somebody would sit him down and say, behave yourself.

Carlos, you know, you`re out there in Hollywood, does Hollywood just breed stupidity in some young stars? Is that what is happening?

DIAZ: Yes, when you ask people in Hollywood what they could change about L.A., they would say, the traffic. So if you`ve got the cash, get a driver. If I had the cash, I wouldn`t drive around in this town at all. I mean, I would have a driver 24/7. So I don`t know why these young people hit Sunset or hit Villa or hit wherever they can to go out at night and just not a have driver just chilling, waiting outside. I mean, you get in the car and you go home and everything is cool. Why would you drive drunk like this when you have got so much on the line? I don`t understand it.

HAMMER: It doesn`t make any sense to me. And we keep talking about it. And maybe they`re not paying attention. So we ask, please, young Hollywood, pay attention. We`re offering very good advice here Carlos Diaz, Janell Snowden, thanks for being here.

ANDERSON: Hey, A.J., I know the paparazzi were all over Shia`s accident and I know those guys do have a job to do. But sometimes they can be very aggressive.

HAMMER: Oh yes, and, for instance, Brooke, I can tell you when they put on camouflage and they start climbing trees so they can get a picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie`s newborn twins, that is going way too far. And tonight, I`ve got the dramatic pictures you won`t want to mess. An all-out brawl with the paparazzi, I`m talking fists flying, blood spilled. That is coming up.

Also this.


NICOLE BELAND, WOMEN`S HEALTH MAGAZINE: Women are better with age because they get smarter, more confident and more absolutely gorgeous.


ANDERSON: You know, it wasn`t that long ago that once a female star hit 40, it was all over. But tonight I can tell you women much older still have red hot careers. It`s my SHOWBIZ special report: "Better with Age."

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, Donald Trump is getting older. His hair, well, are you looking at these pictures? It doesn`t change at all. Tonight, the Donald is finally revealing his secrets to the world famous comb-over. That is coming up.

And remember, you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video any time. The deal is, we`re always posting new stuff for you to check out, it`s right there on our Web site, just surf over to Among the videos that we`ve got up there right now that you cannot miss, "Too Sexy, Too Soon," are young stars like Miley Cyrus being pushed to be too sexy at too young an age?

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MICHAEL CAINE, ACTOR: Know your limits, Master Wayne.

CHRISTIAN BALE, ACTOR: Batman has no limits.


ANDERSON: That`s Christian Bale in "The Dark Knight," a movie phenomenon that also knows no limits. Tonight, the remarkable story of the Batman. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can reveal that "The Dark Knight" has now grossed $300 million in just 10 days, just 10 days. No movie has ever done that before. It made a whopping $158 million its opening weekend, and another $75 million its second week out, and could become the biggest movie of all time, even bigger than "Titanic."

But what`s the obsession? The late Heath Ledger as the Joker? And did Christian Bale`s recent arrest influence people to see the movie? With me tonight in Los Angeles is Scott Mantz, resident film critic for "Access Hollywood." And in New York, Ben Widdicombe, editor-at-large for Star magazine.

Scott, Ben, I have got to tell you guys, this success so quick is just mind-boggling. It`s breaking records left and right. Scott, what is the obsession here? Is it Heath? Is it Christian? Is it something else?

SCOTT MANTZ, "ACCESS HOLLYWOOD" FILM CRITIC: Well, I hate to say it, but clearly the obsession here is Heath. Ever since he died, unfortunately, back in January, the hype surrounding his performance has been deafening. And in the weeks leading up to the release of the movie, that`s all anyone was talking about. It would have done very well anyway because it was the sequel to another -- "Batman Begins" was a great movie. But just the hype around Heath was out of control.

ANDERSON: Ben, do you agree with Scott that Heath`s role is motivating people to head to the theater in droves to see this movie?

BEN WIDDICOMBE, EDITOR-AT-LARGE, STAR MAGAZINE: Well, I think it`s probably 75 percent Heath. Because it`s not just his last performance, it`s really one of his great performances. And also, you know, as a recovering comics fan boy myself, I have to say that the Joker really is probably the single best character ever created in comics. So it`s a great role to play, there`s lots to sink his teeth into.

Batman has great villains, but when you get the Joker in a film, it creates huge interest. Interestingly, what produces are saying is that as the weeks progress, the audience for that is actually getting older, which suggests that mom and dad are going to see the film as well. Batman has been around since the `30s. So he`s a character known and loved by all the generations.

ANDERSON: That`s true. My mom and dad went to see it. But it was obvious that Heath Ledger clearly embraced this role. And "The Dark Knight" is well on its way to catching, as I mentioned, the "Titanic," that movie the highest-grossing film of all time. Take a look at his. "Titanic" has grossed over $600 million since its release in 1997. "The Dark Knight" has already made $314 million domestically, and it has been in theaters less than two weeks.

Scott, with apologies to Leonardo DiCaprio, is "The Dark Knight" going to become the king of the world?

MANTZ: Well, I think it will be close. But it still has a ways to go. It did fall more than 50 percent from its first weekend. And it just sort -- we just have to see how it`s going to do in the next two weeks. That`s really going to be telling. Because if it holds on strong, then there`s no question it`s going to land in the top five highest-grossing movies of all time. And it may even beat the original "Star Wars," which grossed $436 million, to become the second highest-grossing movie of all time.

But will it beat "Titanic"? I mean, $600 million? The thing in its favor is, I mean, look, the dollar, ticket prices are a lot higher now than they were 10 years ago. And also, if you look at the rest of the summer, what`s left? You have the new "Mummy" film, whatever. "Tropic Thunder" will have an audience, but really the path is really clear for "The Dark Knight" to keep going. I mean, it`s -- there`s nothing in its path.

ANDERSON: Yes, there are no huge blockbusters really on the schedule for the rest of the summer to open. And we do know that right now, everybody is talking about "The Dark Knight." There has been a lot of word- mouth promotion of the film.

Ben, do you think people are saying, you`ve got to see this because it`s a phenomenal movie, or, hey, you`ve got to go see this movie because Heath Ledger is outstanding?

WIDDICOMBE: Well, I think -- again, it`s curiosity about Heath which is really driving the audience to see the film. But the other thing that - - why it is doing so well is that people are going back to see it two and three times. And that wouldn`t happen just because they`re curious to see Heath. They`re going back because it`s a great film and they`re telling their friends and they`re wanting to see it two and three times.

MANTZ: I have to say one thing here, you know, a lot of people have been saying that Heath Ledger gives an Oscar-worthy performance. Oscar- worthy, yes, it is Oscar-worthy. Will he get nominated? I mean, it`s only July. So I think we just have to wait and see. A lot of Oscar-worthy movies open towards the end of the year. But if you`re going to nominate Heath Ledger for an Oscar, you do have to nominate Robert Downey Jr. for "Iron Man," because his performance in "Iron Man" made an otherwise above average superhero movie fantastic.

ANDERSON: OK. So a little positive review for "Iron Man" as well in addition to Heath Ledger`s performance. He may get that posthumous Oscar nomination. We shall see. Scott Mantz, Ben Widdicombe, thank you both. Good to see you.

And now we want to hear from you about this. It is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, "The Dark Knight" breaks more records, is it a better movie than "Titanic"? Vote E-mail us, the address is

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, I just cannot believe what`s going on between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the paparazzi. It`s crazy.

ANDERSON: It is crazy, A.J. The paparazzi put on camouflaged clothes and tried to sneak onto the grounds of their house to get the first pictures of their newborn twins. Then a bloody fight broke out and Brad Pitt has declared war. I`ll tell you, I think these photographers have gone too far. We`ve got the dramatic pictures straight ahead.

HAMMER: Way too far, Brooke.

Also, Miley Cyrus has been caught up in controversy. Is she being pushed to be too sexy? Well, tonight someone actually wants Miley to push condoms. That`s coming up next.

Also this.


JESSICA WEINER, SELF-ESTEEM EXPERT: Here`s a news flash, women over 40 have a life, too.


ANDERSON: Yes. So do women over 50, 60 and beyond. They still have red hot careers says my revealing SHOWBIZ special report "Better with Age," straight ahead.

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ANDERSON: Coming up Tuesday on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, a SHOWBIZ special report: "Hollywood`s Money Pit." I know things are really tough with the economy and I can tell you even Hollywood stars and their big fancy houses are being affected big-time. You don`t want to miss this, a revealing look at the financial troubles of the stars. "Hollywood`s Money Pit," Tuesday.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson. And here are some more stories that are new right now. Lifestyles Condoms wants to help Miley Cyrus shed that innocent girl image. They`re offering the 15-year- old "Hannah Montana" star $1 million and a lifetime supply of condoms to be its new spokesperson.

Rosie O`Donnell is working on her return to TV. Entertainment Weekly reports she`s in talks to do a primetime variety show for NBC which could get her back on the air in 2009. Now no comment from Rosie`s people.

And the five Emmy nominees for the brand new best reality host award will actually co-host the Emmy broadcast in September. "American Idol`s" Ryan Seacrest, "Survivor`s" Jeff Probst, "Dancing with the Stars`" Tom Bergeron, "Deal or No Deal`s" Howie Mandel, and "Project Runway`s" Heidi Klum.

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, the harsh reality of being a big-time Hollywood star obviously is having paparazzi just following you around everywhere. I mean, just ask Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Tonight, wait until you see this, dramatic pictures of paparazzi in camouflage like soldiers trying to get those first shots of Brad and Angie`s twin babies. An all-out brawl, fist flying, blood spilled and now even Halle Berry is declaring war as she tries to protect her baby.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with Hollywood`s biggest stars taking no prisoners in nasty battles with the paparazzi.

ANDERSON: Also, a "View" shocker. Whoopi Goldberg plants a full-on lip kiss on a big female star. You have got to see this.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke, something tells me Donald Trump wouldn`t like that very much. Tonight, however, Donald is revealing one of the best-kept secrets out there. How does he keep his hair like that? You know, the whole comb-over thing? Now remember, you can always stay on top of the most provocative entertainment news with our daily SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsletter. Get it by heading over to


HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Brad Pitt`s war. Paparazzi and guards in bloody battle at Brangelina`s estate, and we have the dramatic pictures.

Plus, Halle Berry means business, too, after paparazzi snapped pictures of her and her new baby in the backyard.


WEINER: Here`s a news flash, women over 40 have a life, too.


HAMMER: And it`s not just a life, these women over 40 have the good life. More than ever, stars are proving that age, it`s just a number. Tonight, a SHOWBIZ special report, "Better with Age."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: Tonight, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie`s bloody brawl with the paparazzi. I`ve got to tell you, this is truly unbelievable. Look at this. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has obtained these pictures of two camouflaged paparazzi who actually got into a bloody brawl with the Pitt-Jolie security team at their estate in France. Now the two men were apparently trying to get that first shot of the Brangelina newborn twins.

Also, Halle Berry in a paparazzi baby war of her own. She`s now going after the photographers who secretly snapped pictures of her. Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Carlos Diaz, correspondent for "Extra." Also in Hollywood tonight, celebrity photographer Jennifer Buhl.

Carlos, Jennifer, I have got to start out by once again showing you these photos of the paparazzi. This just blows my mind. These are the guys who got into it with Brad and Angelina`s security team. The thing to me that`s truly remarkable is that Brad`s own manager e-mailed these shots to us. Now blood was spilled and according to reports, one of the photographers actually wiped blood on one of the security guards and then he yelled that he either had HIV or hepatitis C.

Carlos, I don`t know what you`re thinking, which is why I`m asking you, but I`m thinking it doesn`t get any worse than this.

DIAZ: It does not, A.J., you`re completely correct on that. This is one of the most heinous things I`ve ever heard of. These guys are on their property dressed in camo and then when they`re getting the beatdown, they`re yelling that they`re giving the bodyguards HIV or hepatitis C, one of the two. Here`s the thing, if I look out in my backyard and I see two guys crawling around in camouflage, you know, trying to take pictures, I`m going after them with a baseball bat.

I mean, they`re on private property, I don`t care how much the pictures are worth, that is scary.

HAMMER: Yes. We know there`s a huge bounty on these particular pictures, perhaps as much as $11 million. Jennifer, let me ask you this about this, because it`s your job. You`re out there every day working alongside other paparazzi and you make your money by hoping to get the money shot. I know you would love to get the shot of the Brangelina twins first. But I`d like to believe that even you agree that these guys just crossed the line in a huge way.

JENNIFER BUHL, PHOTOGRAPHER: Well, there`s -- yes, it seems that they did. They were on private property and every paparazzi knows that we`re not allowed to go on private property. There are times where we do go on private property. Occasionally we don`t know it`s private property. We`re warned and we leave. That`s generally kind of the way it works.

It doesn`t look like these guys really had much warning. I don`t know if they knew exactly where the property line was, whether it was public or private. And basically it sounds like they were attacked by the security guards. So they were fighting back, in which case they were defending their lives. So I`m not sure really, you know, whose side to be on.

HAMMER: Well, look -- you know, and we`re still waiting to really get official information on exactly what happened. But obviously if they were on private property and it`s the security guards` job to guard that private property, and they were trying to get them off, who knows what really happened there?

But, Jennifer, on just the idea of -- I mean, look, they were wearing camo, they had all of this very high-end equipment.

BUHL: I`ve worn camo before.

HAMMER: Have you worn camo so you can get a money shot?

BUHL: I wouldn`t call it a money shot, but yes, I`ve put some dark clothes on before and hid in bushes.

HAMMER: But, you know, just back to my original question, though, it just seems that this is so egregious. Can you not at least agree to that?

BUHL: Yes. I mean, again, you know, where the private property starts and ends is a lot of times an ambiguous line. And often times, the paparazzi are told by individuals that it`s private property, like the stuff that was going on in Malibu with the paparazzi fighting. You know, there`s now a security guard with handcuffs down there saying their beach is private, which is ludicrous. The beaches aren`t private.

So a lot of times it`s a fine line and the paparazzi, generally speaking, try to stay off private property because we know that, you know, it`s illegal and our shots often can`t be published, so there`s no reason.

HAMMER: Well, yes, but based on what we know, it looks like these guys knew exactly what they were doing. Let`s not forget now that the reason that Brad and Angelina even went to France in the first place to have their twins was because of the privacy that they were going to get. And there happen to be tougher laws on the paparazzi in France.

Carlos, again, this is such an outrageous violation of their privacy. Should we be feeling sorry for Brad and Angelina at this point, that, you know, nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide?

DIAZ: I completely agree. I don`t know why I`m just so angry right now at Jennifer. But, Jennifer, man, you`re full of it. I`m sorry. You couldn`t -- you`re so wrong, Jennifer, when you`re trying to say -- this is a $70 million estate we`re talking about here in France. This is not someplace where the yard is not clearly marked what`s private and what`s public.

And you cannot equate this to what happened in Malibu. That was a public beach. This is their private residence. I`m so sick and tired of the paparazzi trying to spin things in their own direction. These people that were on the property are lucky they weren`t shot because they were trespassing in camo on private property. As far as I`m concerned, they`re scum.

BUHL: Well, I mean, that is true. It`s a danger that they`re taking by entering -- if it in fact was private property, then it`s a very dangerous place to go. I would not go there. I`m not defending these guys, Carlos, but I don`t really know where the property is so it`s hard for me to say.

HAMMER: Do you feel bad for Brad and Angelina because of the situation they`re in?

BUHL: Do I feel bad? I think they`re doing everything they can to protect their family from being photographed. And that`s their right. It`s a photographer`s right to try to take pictures of them. And it`s absolutely their right to try to prevent photographs from being taken of them.

I don`t really feel sorry for them. They`re in the public eye, and obviously, if people are paying over $10 million for these photographs, the world wants to see them. So that`s just the way it is.

HAMMER: Well, I have to talk about this, too. Obviously Brad and Angelina are probably getting a lot of sympathy from Halle Berry right now. She is furious that pictures taken of her and her 4-month-old baby wound up in celebrity tabloids.

Now listen to what Berry is telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- and I think this makes a lot of sense. She says, quote: "The paparazzi have gone too far. I have long since come to terms with the fact that choosing a career as an actress has made me a public figure. But my baby has made no such choice. And unless and until she does, I will do everything I can to keep her out of the public eye."

Jennifer, let me go back to you. At the heart of this, Halle Berry claiming she was not out in public, the paparazzi claiming she was. Whose side are you on?

BUHL: Well, if she was -- I`ve seen those photographs and I have to say that when I saw them online, they were on I think and E! Online, the blogs, and I was surprised because to me it did look to me like it was a back garden. And there is an assumption of privacy when someone is in their backyard.

Now if they were out in the front yard, there`s not that same assumption of privacy and we can actually take pictures from the street or from a public area. So to me, it did look like a back garden. I have no idea. Obviously, Halle will be able to prove that one way or the other. And if they did photograph her in her back garden, then she has every right to press charges.

HAMMER: And I hope she does. Halle not just whining here too, because she has filed a criminal complaint. She has sicced her lawyers on the photographers here. Carlos, what do you think? Between Brad and Angelina and Halle Berry, is this kind of an all-out war on the paparazzi by the biggest stars in Hollywood getting under way?

DIAZ: Yes, exactly. And I think we`re beginning to get into a bad realm here when you`re talking about the paparazzi going into the private residences, whether it`s a backyard or onto the compound of these stars, trying to get these photos.

And I think it`s a wake-up call when you have such big stars like Halle and Brangelina coming out and saying, this is wrong. And I completely agree with them. When you`re on public property, it`s OK. But when you`re in your private residence, it`s not OK.

HAMMER: Got to end it there. Carlos Diaz, Jennifer Buhl, I appreciate you being with us tonight, thanks.

ANDERSON: A.J., moving now to Donald Trump, we have both interviewed him. So I want to ask you, is there anything you`ve ever wanted to ask him but didn`t get a chance to?

HAMMER: That`s an easy one. Donald, what`s up with the hair?

ANDERSON: A.J., you are in luck because Donald is finally revealing the secrets of the comb-over. That`s coming up.

Also this.


BELAND: Women are better with age because they get smarter, more confident and more absolutely gorgeous.


HAMMER: Gorgeous is right. These women are proving that even in Hollywood, age, it`s just a number. These stars are over 40 and hotter than ever. This is coming up in a SHOWBIZ special report: "Better with Age."

ANDERSON: And Whoopi Goldberg does a little smooching on "The View." We`ll tell you why Whoopi kissed a girl and if she liked it coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: Did you know you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video anytime you`d like? It`s true. We`re always posting new stuff for you to check out. Just go to our Web site, And among the videos that are playing right now, "Too Sexy, Too Soon." Are young stars like Miley Cyrus being pushed to be too sexy at too young an age?


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And tonight, I`ve got to tell you, I`ve got something I guarantee you have never heard on television before, hairstyling tips for you from Donald Trump. Yes, that`s right. The Donald finally revealing, thank goodness, the secrets behind his comb-over.

He gave an interview to London`s Sunday Telegraph. And he says, it`s all about the hairspray. Trump says, quote: "I`ll comb it wet, then spray it. That way it doesn`t get blown away by the wind. It`s not that bad and it is mine."

Trump says he knows he takes a lot of heat for the comb-over, but it`s worth it because it`s his most recognizable feature. (INAUDIBLE) sad. And another little tidbit from the interview, Trump says he doesn`t use Viagra. There, now you know.

ANDERSON: Well, happy for the Donald. Thanks for that, A.J.

Tonight, a SHOWBIZ special report, "Better with Age." Let`s face it, it has never been easy for women in Hollywood to age gracefully. It`s almost as if turning 40 in the business means saying good-bye to your career. But now women in Hollywood are showing the world that 40 and over is anything but over the hill. Halle Berry, Kim Cattrall, Demi Moore, and even the great Tina Turner are showing everyone that age ain`t nothing but a number.


OPRAH WINFREY, HOST, "THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW": How do you feel, though, about getting older?

CHER, SINGER & ACTOR: I think it sucks.

ANDERSON (voice-over): That`s a 60-something Cher on Oprah wishing she could turn back time. But Cher, we think you look even better now than in your "Moonstruck" days.

CHER: Snap out of it.

ANDERSON: OK. So getting older isn`t always easy. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that women in Hollywood are winning the age game. And we can prove it.

Do these legs belong to a woman pushing 70? Is this face really over 40? And did this 40-something really snag a 20-something? The answers are yes, yes, and oh, yes, baby.

WEINER: Here`s a news flash, women over 40 have a life, too.

BELAND: Women are better with age because they get smarter, more confident and more absolutely gorgeous.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that women of Hollywood are definitely getting better with age. Still don`t believe us?

When Demi Moore turned 40, she turned heads in "Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle."

WEINER: I think we saw the rebirth of Demi Moore in "Charlie`s Angels," when she emerged from the ocean in that bikini, and everybody just went, wow.

ANDERSON: Demi wowed us again at 42 when she married the much younger and very sexy Ashton Kutcher, launching the cougar revolution.

WEINER: I think when you look at Demi and you look at the relationship she has with her kids and with her ex-husband and her new husband, she kind of exudes coolness and confidence that I think is in big part due to her age and her experience.

DEMI MOORE, ACTOR: Being 20 is not better than being 40 because there`s beautiful things in each place that none of us -- we shouldn`t be cheated out of every place that we`re at.

PIERCE BROSNAN, ACTOR: Magnificent view.

HALLE BERRY, ACTOR: It is, isn`t it?

ANDERSON: In your 40s, former Bond girl Halle Berry became much more than just a pretty face. She purged a past of divorces, abuse, and even a suicide attempt. And at 41, she started over with a new man, a new baby and a new outlook on life.

BERRY: I`m not ashamed of anything that has happened in my past. It connects me in a real way to other people and that`s part of what this business is all about.

WEINER: We sort of forgave her so being so outstandingly physically beautiful when we saw her inner beauty. And just as an outsider watching her age and grow and now become a mom, it`s no doubt about it, her beauty is really matched by her bravery.

KIM CATTRALL, ACTOR: I found a gray hair.


CATTRALL: In my hair, down there. My eyes getting old is one thing, but this, this cannot get old.

ANDERSON: Here we go. "Sex and the City" star Kim Cattrall, at 50- something, is putting 20-somethings to shame. In her 50s, she`s a cougar on and off screen. And she has put the sex back in the city.

BELAND: I`ll tell you why Kim Cattrall looks so damned young, it`s because she`s playful. She just wants to have fun and play. And that is what women are like in their 20s and when we see it in an older woman, it is so refreshing and so awesome.

WEINER: She really exudes sensuality and sexuality. And I think she is a glowing poster child for women in their 50s to embrace their femininity and to embrace their sexuality and not be ashamed of it.

CATTRALL: I want to kick as much ass as I can for as long as I can.

ANDERSON: Talk about kicking butt. Oprah Winfrey has been on TV since she was 19 years old. Now in her 50s, she`s better than ever. From her media empire to opening a school for girls in Africa, she has inspired women around the world. How many 50-somethings can say that?

BELAND: Oprah is more fabulous in her 50s than she ever was in her 20s and 30s. She`s just like glowing and she`s powerful and she`s confident and she`s friendly and she`s caring. I mean, she is like the mother of us all.

WINFREY: Do what you love. Yes, you can follow your passion when you`re not guided by other stuff.

WEINER: She exudes wisdom and authenticity, but she really gives everybody permission to age. I think Oprah really put on the map out there the fact that women get better with age.

ANDERSON: If Oprah was the one who gave women permission to age, Tina Turner was the one who ran with it.

TINA TURNER, MUSICIAN (singing): Big wheels keep on turning, proud Mary keep on burning.

ANDERSON: In her 20s, she struggled with abuse, divorce, and debt. But now in her 60s, she`s performing with 20-something Beyonce, launching a tour and she`s showing off those famous legs. Tina is still simply the best.

TURNER: My senior life is so much better than when I was young. I am -- the wisdom, the way I think, my attitude towards things.

WEINER: This woman in her 60s, going on tour at almost 70 now just exudes such confidence and mastery over her own beauty that she`s just the shining example. She`s like the queen bee of the group to show us that aging doesn`t mean that you have to go sit in a corner and knit like a grandma.

ANDERSON: Tina tells Oprah Winfrey age doesn`t even matter.

TURNER: You don`t mind being 68. The number doesn`t mean a thing.


TURNER: It doesn`t mean a thing.

ANDERSON: Demi, Halle, Kim, Oprah, and Tina, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and all women have you to thank for showing the world that age ain`t nothing but a number.

TURNER (singing): Rolling, rolling, rolling on a river.


ANDERSON: They all certainly look incredible. And by the way, 68- year-old Tina Turner kicks off her brand new tour on October 1st in Kansas City, Missouri. I don`t know how she does it.

HAMMER: She`s pretty unbelievable.

Well, you`ve probably heard Katy Perry`s song "I Kissed a Girl," a huge hit this summer. Well, Katy performed the song on "The View" this morning and afterward got a little surprise from Whoopi. Watch this.






HAMMER: In case you didn`t catch that, right after the kiss, Whoopi said, "I liked it," just like the song lyrics. Katy Perry has another big fan. Madonna has said her song "Ur so Gay" is her favorite song of the summer.

ANDERSON: Brooke Hogan really put her foot in her mouth. She said she`s not into voting and some really outrageous things about why she thought it was weird that a woman was running from president. Wait until you hear how she`s trying to dig herself out of that hole next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: And I want to remind you that once again CNN is searching for heroes, ordinary people having an extraordinary impact around the world. Now every one of this year`s heroes will be selected from viewer nominations, but you only have until August 1st to nominate your favorite hero. So to do that, go to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming back right after this. Don`t go anywhere.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Go three, we`re back with F-lock (ph), stand A.J. by camera two. Open his mike, and dissolve go.

HAMMER: Thank you, Gnarls Wegman (ph). Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer New York. All right. On her new reality show, "Brooke Knows Best," Brooke Hogan raised a big controversy with her deep thoughts on politics. She said that she thinks it`s kind of crazy that Hillary Clinton was running for president because women deal with, quote, "a lot of emotions and menopause and PMS and stuff." And she said that she`s not all that into voting. Well, Kathy Griffin filled in for Larry King on "LARRY KING LIVE," and Brooke gave the age old excuse. You have got to see this.


KATHY GRIFFIN, GUEST HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": I have to read you this quote.


GRIFFIN: You have to take it back.

HOGAN: Read it.

GRIFFIN: All right. You know what, and this is from your show, so believe me, I know what it`s like having cameras around all the time. And believe me, I want to take back half the things I`ve ever said, except about Oprah. "I`m actually not that much into voting."

Brooke, you`re a role model. You have to register.

HOGAN: No, no, you know what it is? It`s actually being -- I mean, there were some other things that went along with that that was funny humor. But the fact that I`m not into voting, it was kind taken out of context, actually.

GRIFFIN: Well, will you vote this time?

HOGAN: Well, I am being a good role model because I don`t want to just vote for the person that looks like they would be a good president. I`m actually not up-to-date on the facts about what`s going on right now, because I`ve been so busy.

GRIFFIN: Stop talking now. I`m trying to help you out here. So then this time you`ll be voting because all young women should and Brooke Hogan, as a role model, wants you to rock the vote. All right.

HOGAN: I just don`t want to vote not knowing. You know, I want to get up-to-date.


HAMMER: And you should be. Ah, yes, the old "I was taken out of context." Just where would we be without it?

ANDERSON: Where would be? All right. Last week we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Miley Cyrus, is Hollywood pushing her to grow up too fast? Eighty-six percent of you say yes, 14 percent of you say no. Here are some of the e-mails we got.

Karen from Minnesota writes: "She has to go on to being a young adult star. And the industry should allow this."

Jennifer from New York writes: "I`m sure she is exposed to a more grown-up life and wants that, as most teenage girls do, but she is biting the hand that feeds her."

HAMMER: Brooke, Miley is raking in the money. But, you know, there are some stars who are getting hit really hard by the economy. It`s true. Not even Hollywood is immune to all the foreclosures and all the hard times. So coming up on Tuesday on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, we`re taking a look at which stars are taking the heat. It`s a SHOWBIZ special report you absolutely will not want to miss. It`s "Hollywood`s Money Pit."

And that`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We thank you very much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: A.J., nice to have you back. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Remember, you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11s, 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. And in the morning at 11 a.m. Eastern. The latest from CNN HEADLINE NEWS is next.