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Emmy Face Off; Christian Bale on Heath Ledger and "The Dark Knight"; Did Christopher Ciccone Betray Madonna?; "Maxim`s" Change of Heart on Sarah Jessica Parker; Miley the Next Madonna?; Crime of Fashion: Hilarious T- Shirts in Mug Shots

Aired July 17, 2008 - 23:00:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST: Heidi Klum and Ryan Seacrest face off, and other Emmy surprises. Christian Bale speaks out to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about "The Dark Knight" and Heath Ledger. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.
On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Josh Brolin`s wild bar brawl. Why were Brolin and another big star arrested after shooting Oliver Stone`s controversial new movie about President Bush? Reports of pepper spray, racial slurs and police chaos. And was the whole thing caught on tape? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the remarkable story behind Brolin`s bar brawl.

Tonight, did Madonna`s brother commit the ultimate betrayal?


CHRISTOPHER CICCONE, MADONNA`S BROTHER: I don`t think they`re any element of betrayal here at all.


ANDERSON: That`s what he told me. But is anyone buying it. Tonight, the anger and outrage over Madonna`s brother`s new tell-all book. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks, did Madonna`s brother throw her under the bus?

Plus, the same guys who named Sarah Jessica Parker the un-sexiest woman in Hollywood are calling her their unexpected summer crush. Are you kidding me?


Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, broadcasting tonight from Hollywood.

And tonight, tears and fears on "The View." Elizabeth Hasselbeck broke down in tears on "The View" today as she and Whoopi Goldberg got into a heated debate over the use of the N word. You`ve got to see this, and it is coming up.

ANDERSON: But first, is there a racial connection to Brolin`s bar brawl? This is an absolutely wild story. Actor Josh Brolin and his co-star were arrested in a bar after shooting Oliver Stone`s controversial new movie, that film about the life of President Bush.

And we are now hearing it may have all been caught on video. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you the breaking developments making news right now.


(voice over): With Oliver Stone directing a movie about the life of President George W. Bush, a little controversy is to be expected. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you with two of the movie`s actors including the actor playing the president himself, possibly facing charges from a bar brawl that got out of hand, this movie has now fired up a controversy all its own. There are now shocking new allegations of excessive police force and even racial harassment.

KATIE DARYL, "TMZ.TV": It`s one thing when an actor gets arrested and alcohol is involved. It`s another thing when the actors are involved in a movie about the president and all of a sudden things like the N word are getting involved and potential police brutality.

ANDERSON: Josh Brolin, star of this year`s Oscar, "No Country for Old Men," plays President Bush in stone`s film titled, "W." Jeffrey Wright, known for his roles in "Syriana" and "Casino Royale" is playing Collin Powell. This past weekend, the two actors were attending a wrap party at this bar in Shreveport, Louisiana where "W" had been filming.

DARYL: It was a festive night. Everyone was in good spirits.

ANDERSON: But police say the festive spirit ended when a member of the film`s crew refused a bartender`s request to leave, and police were called.

ROD DEMERY, SHREVEPORT POLICE SPOKESMAN: There was a little bit of resistance on his part. He was arrested for remaining after the officers asked him. He`s also arrested for public intoxication.

ANDERSON: Katie Daryl of "TMZ" tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT witnesses are now coming forward to say that when Brolin and Wright somehow got involved in the dispute that cops roughed them up.

DARYL: Sources are telling TMZ that Josh Brolin was actually standing by, observing and trying to calm down the situation, when he was attacked by the cops, being pepper sprayed in the face several times as he watched Jeffrey Wright taken to the ground with mace and tasers.

ANDERSON: Witnesses reportedly are making another explosive allegation.

DARYL: That the N word was used by the cops who were taking down Jeffrey Wright. Seven people were arrested in total, five were crew members and two of course were Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright.

ANDERSON: Shreveport station KTBS reports a cell phone video that caught part of the arrest is now in the hands of the actor`s lawyers.

Shreveport`s chief of police is defending his cops. The Shreveport P.D. tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, quote, "As it stands, there is no internal investigation into any misconduct by any officer related to this case at the Shreveport Police Department. The chief has looked into this incident and has concluded that the officers conducted themselves in a very professional manner and doesn`t foresee any problems with this incident."

DARYL: Right now, TMZ is waiting to hear from the city attorney out there in Shreveport, Louisiana to find out if Josh Brolin and Jeffrey Wright will be receiving criminal charges against them.

ANDERSON: Neither Brolin or Wright has publicly said anything about this incident so far. But considering the high profile names involved and the reported video of the incident, this is one story that could end up with more dramatic twists and turns than any Oliver Stone movie.


In addition to that reported cell phone video of the arrest, Shreveport police now say they have their own video and audio from patrol car cameras and the cops` microphones. Everyone arrested in the incident is out on $384 bond.

Well, the Brolin brawl may be nothing compared to the feud between Madonna and her brother. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that Madonna`s brother is now getting slammed, this for his brand-new tell-all book about his superstar sister.

The just-released book - it`s called "Life With My Sister Madonna," is now in 7th place on Amazon`s best selling new releases.

With me tonight in New York, VH1 news host, Janelle Snowden. Also tonight from New York, ethics columnist for "" Bruce Weinstein. Bruce, Janelle, welcome.

Hey, once upon a time, you know, we all know Christopher Ciccone was very close to his sister. He worked with her extremely closely during the peak of her career. And when I spoke with him just recently, I asked him if he felt he betrayed Madonna by writing this book. Take a look at what he said.


CICCONE: I don`t think there`s any element of betrayal here at all. It only - I believe it enhances her as a person. I am not knocking her off her pedestal. I`m gently helping her down and back to earth with the rest of us.


ANDERSON: Helping her down and back to earth. Bruce, does Madonna need her brother to help her down and back to earth? Did he sell her out?

BRUCE WEINSTEIN, ETHICS COLUMNIST, "BUSINESSWEEK.COM": Well, Brooke, there`s only one person in the world who can say that Madonna was betrayed and that`s Madonna herself. So since I`m not authorized to speak for her, I can say that when we talk about a betrayal, we`re talking about the violation of a trust and we trust our friends and family members not to air our dirty laundry in public, and that`s what appears to have been done here.

We have two important ethical obligations in a case like this to ourselves and to our siblings, and the way to honor both is to maybe write a book as a journal, but not to go public with it. That`s ethically what the problem is here.

ANDERSON: You know, Christopher is adamant that this book is not negative about Madonna. Janelle, I read it, and there are some claims about Madonna and her behavior that are not flattering. What do you think? Did he throw her under the bus?

SNOWDEN: I completely agree with Bruce on this one. I mean, I`ve seen the interview and in the interview he says that the book really isn`t about her; it`s about him. The title of it is "My Life With Madonna," and there`s no picture of him on the cover; the picture is of her.

So if it really is about him and it`s a memoir, then it`s supposed to be a reflection on your life with, you know, maybe a couple of tidbits about, you know, growing up with her as your sister. But I think there`s a certain level of respect and responsibility that you`re supposed to assume as a sibling.

And I agree with Bruce in that he definitely crossed the line. I mean if he were to write this book and called it "My Life With My Sister" that would be one thing. Let`s see if it would sell though.

ANDERSON: And his picture, by the way, is on the back cover, but you`re right - not on the front cover. And he does say his history intertwined with hers which is why he had to include her. That`s his explanation. But a lot of people think he`s just trying to use her to make money, and I asked him about that as well. Take a look at what he told me.


CICCONE: I respond to that by saying I`m profiting on my own experience and my own history and my own work history with her. You know, I didn`t just hang - I wasn`t just going along for the ride, sitting at the back and hanging out in the bus and, you know, eating at the lunch table. I was working.


ANDERSON: His own history, he says. But from what I`ve read, he writes about Madonna`s relationships, her work ethic, her marriage, and he says he didn`t tell her that he was writing the book.

Bruce, what do you think? Should he have just run this by Madonna first?

WEINSTEIN: Well, ethically that`s really at the heart of all this. He did this without her knowledge or consent. And you know, our heart goes out to this man. Can you imagine what it would be like to have as your sister, one of the most famous women and influenced women in the world? I can`t even imagine the pressure that would put one under. Nevertheless, we still have responsibilities to our siblings even if they`re famous. Celebrities don`t give up their right to privacy just because they`re celebrities. And so ethically, this is a very troubling thing, and perhaps a way for him to have met his own needs.

Because, you know, in his interview with you, the very first thing he said is, "I wrote this for myself." Fine, write it, stick it in a drawer, talk about it with your therapist but don`t betray your sister by going public with it. You know, this one comes down to one very simple ethical rule. Don`t air your dirty laundry in public.

ANDERSON: Ten seconds, Bruce. What should he do? Apologize? Take the book off the shelves? What should he do morally here?

WEINSTEIN: Well, you know, the cat`s been let out of the bag. But you know, if the public is concerned about Madonna`s right to be treated with respect, and they are fans of hers as people all over the world, then perhaps the thing s is not to buy the book. You know, I know it`s a free market society ...

ANDERSON: All right.

WEINSTEIN: ... but if we care for somebody`s right to be left alone, then we don`t play into that by contributing to their -

ANDERSON: And so far sales are moving briskly. We`ll leave it there for now. Got to wrap it up. Bruce Weinstein, Janelle Snowden, thank you both for your insights.

And don`t forget, you can watch the entire SHOWBIZ TONIGHT interview with Madonna`s brother. It`s our video anytime on our Web site,

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ANDERSON: Heidi Klum and Ryan Seacrest are facing off in an Emmy smack down. I`m going to fill you in on all the Emmy nomination surprises, next.

Plus, I was so surprised when Sarah Jessica Parker was named the un- sexiest woman alive. Well, now, the same guys who gave her that title say she`s their unexpected summer crush. Talk about fickle. That`s coming up.

Also this -


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Imagine getting arrested, and then, "If we get caught, it`s all your fault" tee.

ANDERSON: Listen up, everyone. If you`re going to commit a crime, maybe you should make sure you`re not wearing a dumb t-shirt. This is really funny. Straight ahead, the most absurd mug shots ever.

And some really dramatic emotional moments on "The View." A debate between Whoopi and Elizabeth ends up with one of them breaking down in tears. I`ll show you what happens, still to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I`m not a coward.

CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: Come on. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) steal your nerves from a cat on the freeway.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: This is ridiculous.

SHEEN: Bingo!


ANDERSON: Charlie Sheen there in "Two and a Half Men." And today, Charlie picked up his third Emmy nomination for playing Charlie in "Two and a Half Men."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

The Teflon star, Charlie Sheen, isn`t letting all the drama around his nasty divorce with Denise Richards get in his way. The Emmy nominations were announced today, and let me tell you, this is going to be absolutely fascinating because it includes a must-see showdown between Heidi Klum and Ryan Seacrest. Got to love that.

With me tonight in Hollywood, Jessica Shaw, senior writer for "Entertainment Weekly." Also in Hollywood Kristin Dos Santos, "E! Online" columnist for "Watch With Kristin."

Ladies, I want to begin with Charlie Sheen. This was his third Emmy nomination. Kristin, does he deserve it?

KRISTIN DOS SANTOS, "E! ONLINE" COLUMNIST: You know, I think he does deserve it. This is actually, yes, his third nomination. He`s never won before. But then again, all the other guys he`s up against also have not won before including Alec Baldwin.

And I have to say he probably is the funniest man on television right now. I mean, within the industry and outside of the industry, he has the best one-liners and delivers them in such a way you`re laughing out loud constantly. I think he`s actually, out of all the nominees of all the categories, he`s sure as shoe in this year.

ANDERSON: OK. So you voted for Alec Baldwin. He`s hilarious. I do have to say Charlie Sheen - I think he`s also brilliant as is Jon Cryer in the show. He was nominated for supporting actor today. And I want to let all of you viewers at home know that you can find a full list of nominees on our Web site - that`s

But ladies, I`ve got to tell you what made my day today were nominations for lead actress in a drama series. Glenn Close nominated for her role in "Damages," Holly Hunter for "Saving Grace," Kyra Sedgwick for "The Closer." Jessica, these ladies were once big movie stars and it used that actors wouldn`t, as they saw it, stoop so low to do TV. And now, look at this. This is terrific, isn`t it?

JESSICA SHAW, SENIOR WRITER, "ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY": Absolutely. I mean, as you said, maybe 10 years ago, you would never see an Oscar-winning actress top line a TV show. It just wouldn`t happen. And now, these are the best roles out there for women. I mean, they`re complex, they`re rich. These aren`t one-sided housewives. These are really cool, tough, interesting, gritty characters. It`s just - it`s great. If you want a good role - you know, if you`re an actress, go to TV right now.

ANDERSON: Yes, there`s a lot of depth there. And these are phenomenal talents, these women. As you mentioned, you know, Holly Hunter, an Oscar winner. I just love this.

All right. Something else you`ve got to love from the nominations today. This year, for the first time, there`s a brand-new category of best reality show host, and this match-up is priceless. I love this. "American Idol`s" Ryan Seacrest nominated in the same category as Heidi Klum for "Project Runway."

Kristin, do you think Heidi will be saying like she does on her show, "Auf wiedersehen," good-bye in German or will it be "Seacrest out?"

DOS SANTOS: Well, I have to say "Project Runway" is obviously a phenomenal show. It`s the biggest show ever on Bravo. It just started its new season.

But "American Idol" is the biggest show ever in the history of television, really, by most accounts. I mean they get an average of 30 million viewers. So, as far as exposure and being on that mainstream level, I think Seacrest definitely has the advantage and here`s where I out myself as having a little bit of bias. I work with him on a daily basis here at "E!" and I have to say the guy is unstoppable. He`s a machine. He never seems to have an off day, so he definitely gets my vote for sure.

ANDERSON: Yes. I listen to him on his radio show. He`s phenomenal. Go ahead, Jessica. Your thoughts?

SHAW: I was going to say I don`t have a bias. And I have to tell you if Ryan Seacrest doesn`t win, there`s something seriously wrong. He has to do that show live twice a week. I mean, who knows how many takes of "auf wiedersehen" they do with Heidi? they do with Heidi. And you know, they`re editing the perfect one to air.

ANDERSON: Yes, right.

DOS SANTOS: He should. He was in a major motion picture this year. You know, "Knocked Up" where he showed he also has a really funny side to him, which I don`t think the other hosts who are in the running have really shown on that level.

ANDERSON: He`s got great comic timing. All right. So the vote from the three of us, Seacrest in.

OK. I want to move now to a little bit of irony. Comedian Sarah Silverman nominated for original music and lyrics for her viral video "I`m (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Matt Damon" which originally aired on her then- boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel`s late night show. Last year, it was - let`s see how I can say this politely - "Junk in a Box" from Justin Timberlake. Kristin, are you loving that the Emmys seem to be embracing edgy material? Ten seconds.

DOS SANTOS: I love it. And I have to say last year, they had everything comes down to "Poo" and "My Drunken Irish Dad" were also nominees. So they`re definitely trying to be in with the cool kids, and these are not announced during the big show. That`s the place to do it.

ANDERSON: OK. In with the cool kids. Jessica Shaw, Kristin Dos Santos, you both are cool kids. Thank you both for joining us.

For a list of the Emmy nominations, check out our web site,

ANDERSON: Also nominated for an Emmy for best supporting actor, Rainn Wilson from "The Office." It was a huge day Rainn because he also got to do the weather on CNN. Take a look.


DON LEMON, CNN NEWS ANCHOR: You were just nominated for an Emmy for best actor in a comedy role, right?

RAINN WILSON, "THE OFFICE": A supporting actor in a comedy role. Yes, the best actor is Steve Carell. That`s his territory. But very, very excited and that was a good day today. I got to do the weather. I got nominated for an Emmy.

LEMON: You got to meet -

WILSON: I`m here in the CNN Newsroom.

LEMON: You are with - there it is with Don Lemon and Kyra Phillips. Hey, you have hit the big-time, buddy. Congratulations on that Emmy nomination. We wish you the best. OK. Rainn -

WILSON: Thanks for having me.

LEMON: All right. You`re a good sport. Kyra -

KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN NEWS ANCHOR: Is that Rainn without his shirt on?

LEMON: I think it is.

PHILLIPS: Wow. Rainn, I never thought you`d be so sexy.

LEMON: Rainn doing the rain forecast.


ANDERSON: Rainn looking hot and "The Office" wouldn`t be the same without Rainn. You can see Rainn Wilson in "The Rocker" in theaters next month.

I`ve got to tell you, things were really emotional on "The View" this morning. They got heated at the co-host table today and they do a lot. But this time a debate between Whoopi and Elizabeth ended up with one of them in tears. I`m going to show you what happened, next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: Also, I was so surprised when Sarah Jessica Parker was named the un-sexiest woman alive. Well, now, the same guys who gave her that title say she`s their unexpected summer crush. Talk about fickle. That`s coming up.

Also is Miley Cyrus the new Madonna? Wait until you hear who called Miley that. I`ll give you a hint - it`s somebody that knows both of them very well. That`s still to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Hang tight.


ANDERSON: And here we go. Things got very emotional on "The View" when the co-hosts were talking about footage of Jesse Jackson. That footage apparently shows him using the N word. That sparked a debate about the word and who can use it.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": What I need you to understand is the frustration that goes along with when you say we live in the same world. It isn`t balanced, and we would like it to be. But you have to understand, you have to listen to the fact that we`re telling you, there are issues, there are huge problems that still affect us. And you`ve got to know that this if you want to know us.

ELIZABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": I`m not trying to - I understand that. I`m not trying to -

GOLDBERG: It didn`t sound like it.

HASSELBECK: I`m not trying to take that away from you. We are living in this world, and we are living in the world where there is - in the pop culture when that world uses the word - this is upsetting to me. Because -

GOLDBERG: I know, baby.

BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": OK. Just take a breath. We`ll let someone else talk.

HASSELBECK: I am. This is a conversation that is hard, and we`re going to have it here. And we have it here well because we love each other.


HASSELBECK: When we live in a world where pop culture uses that term and we`re trying to get to a place where we feel like we`re in the same place, where we feel like we`re in the same world, how are we supposed to then move forward if we keep using terms that bring back that pain?

GOLDBERG: I can tell you.


GOLDBERG: Here`s how we do it. You listen and say, "OK, this is how we`re using this word, and this is why we do it." You have to say, "Well, you know what? I understand that, but let`s find a new way to move forward."


ANDERSON: Such a powerful conversation, wasn`t it? All right. Moving to this, do you remember when Sarah Jessica Parker was named the un-sexiest woman in Hollywood? Well, the same people behind that piece of nonsense have now changed their minds and say she`s this summer`s unexpected crush. That`s coming up.

Also, is Miley Cyrus the new Madonna? Wait until you hear who gave her that title. I`ll give you a hint. It`s someone who knows them both very well.

And also this -


MOOS: Imagine getting arrested in "If we get caught, it`s your fault," tee.


ANDERSON: It cracks me up. Getting your mug shot taken is no one`s proudest moment, but these people wore shirts that took it to a whole other level. Straight ahead - the most absurd mug shots you`ve ever seen.



ANDERSON: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Sarah Jessica Parker flip-flopping headlines. How is it that the same guys who called her un-sexy now say that she`s their summer crush? Huh? What sparked the change of tune, and are these guys just out of line?

And also this -


CHRISTIAN BALE, ACTOR: I miss him. He was a wonderful guy, great company.


ANDERSON: Batman himself, Christian Bale, opening up about the late Heath Ledger. Bale`s powerful words about the fallen star and why he says "The Dark Knight" is like no other Batman movie you`ve ever seen. It`s the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you tonight from Hollywood. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. Three big stories that are new right now that we just got to talk about.

First, "Maxim" magazine has got some explaining to do. They took a lot of heat for naming "Sex and the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker the un- sexiest woman alive.

And now get this - they have just named her their unexpected summer crush. I`m smelling a rat.

Also new right now, 15-year-old teen queen Miley Cyrus being compared to Madonna by one of the most well-known directors in Hollywood.

And wait until you hear what Penelope Cruz has to say about celebrity gossip. Cruz says it`s bad news and she`s predicting an apocalypse of epic proportions. It will affect children for generations to come. Say what?

Joining me tonight from New York, Janelle Snowden, VH1 news host. Also in New York, Ben Widdecombe, editor-at-large for "Star" magazine. And in Hollywood, Russell Watenson of ""

Gang, thanks for being here. I want to start tonight with "Maxim" magazine, because, guys, this is absolutely ridiculous.

OK. Just last October they named Sarah Jessica Parker the un-sexiest woman alive, which was unbelievable they did that. She topped the list that included "Rehab" rocker Amy Winehouse and pop train wreck Britney Spears. Well, now they`re calling her their unexpected summer crush. Janelle, I smell a rat. Do you?

SNOWDEN: Oh, absolutely. If I were Sarah Jessica, I`d be like, "Oh, no, no, no. Don`t be my fair-weather fan. You either love me or you hate me. Pick a side, OK?" But I`m sure she`ll be very gracious if she says anything at all. And she`ll probably say something like, "Oh, it`s an honor to be someone`s crush."

I`m not having it. I was on - we were talking about "Maxim" a long time ago. And even then I said, "Are you crazy?" Look at this woman. She`s like the envy of so many. But this subject is so subjective so - whatever. Tomorrow, they`ll hate her again, I guess.

ANDERSON: And Sarah Jessica Parker, always so classy, so I agree with you. She`ll probably have a lovely response to this.

Russell, what do you think? Do you think they realize the error of their ways and that this is genuine, or is there something else going on here?

RUSSELL WATENSON, "POPSQUIRE.COM": Well, Brooke, it`s a little-known secret or I should say, a well-known secret that men are fickle. Men want what they can`t have and that applies to "Maxim" magazine. So when they came out and said that she was the un-sexiest woman, she went out against them and she called their poll brutal, filled with rage and anger. And so it became clear that she didn`t like "Maxim." So "Maxim," just like any other man, is backtracking and apologizing and wants her (UNINTELLIGIBLE) back.

ANDERSON: Men. Men. I know, Janelle.

SNOWDEN: I thought that was in my head. Sorry.

ANDERSON: Your mike is still hot.

WATENSON: It also could be the mole. The mole is gone. The mole is gone.

ANDERSON: I think she`s beautiful, regardless. And Ben, I have to say, you know, she did come out and say that it was a brutal insult filled with range and anger initially. And I`m sure it didn`t feel good. It was hurtful. But do you really think Sarah Jessica Parker cares at all what "Maxim" says or is it just really a blip on her radar?

BEN WIDDECOMBE: Well, judging by that quote that she gave the first time around, it certainly sounds as if she cares. But what has just changed about her is that the mole is gone. On "," we have a photo story right now that shows where there was once a very prominent bump on her chin, there`s now a very subtle dimple. So maybe it was that flick of the knife which has changed people`s attitudes towards her.

SNOWDEN: Are you kidding? All this over a mole?

ANDERSON: Janelle, I have to say it again - men.

SNOWDEN: Exactly.

ANDERSON: Come on.


My god. No wonder the plastic surgery industry is such a billion dollar industry. Are you guys kidding me? So she`s now sexy because she took away a mole? Stop it. Stop the madness. Let`s end it right there. Just stop it.

And I`m going to move on now to the next story that is new right now. Brett Ratner, who has directed such movies as the "X-Men" comparing 15- year-old teen queen Miley Cyrus to Madonna. Now, Brett who worked with Madonna on her "Beautiful Stranger" video just wrapped Miley`s music video for her new single, "Seven Things."

He tells "E-News," quote, "Where a lot of other artists are nervous or they`re pimping, you know, Madonna walks on and is casual. Cameras are on her and then all of a sudden, wow! Same thing with Miley. She`s hanging out. She`s telling jokes, she`s laughing, she`s signing an autograph. Camera goes on her and she was just unbelievable."

Janelle, do you buy it - Miley, the next Madonna?

SNOWDEN: I just don`t think it`s fair to compare these two. Miley is 15, Madonna will be 50 next month. I mean, you know, I understand that people are naturally going to make comparisons among celebrities, but just let her be.

There is something, I guess, similar in that they have such universal appeal. I mean, I was just in Miami this weekend with a 14-year-old kid from Harlem who was like, "You got Miley Cyrus`s number?"

I mean, from Harlem to Hollywood, she`s got this mass appeal. And I guess the same could be said for Madonna. I`ve never worked with either of them in the directing sense, so I guess, I would just have to trust Brett Ratner on this one.

ANDERSON: Well, Brett, who has worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, also reveals that he`s never gotten so many personal requests from friends and friends of friends and friends of friends and friends to be on the set of Miley`s music video.

Russell, the last time we heard somebody compared to Madonna, it was Britney Spears? Is Miley the new Britney, and the new Madonna?

WATENSON: Well, I have to confess that I`ve been glued to many a YouTube video with Miley and Mandy. The two of them make a good pair. And Miley is very entertaining. "Seven Things I Hate About You" is a really good video. But is she the next Britney Spears and Madonna? You know, there`s a lot of time that has to go by for that.

Remember, Madonna made her living by using sexual themes and religious symbolism. This is not something we`re seeing from Miley quite yet, well, other than the "Vanity Fair" article, of course, and the "Vanity Fair" picture.


WATENSON: Another big distinction though is that Madonna never apologizes for her controversy. Miley has already started apologizing. And as for being Britney Spears, you know, Britney and Miley are very different. Britney Sears also started her career at a young age, you know 17, 18. And her themes also were very sexual in nature, very provocative. We haven`t really seen that from Miley on the musical side yet.

ANDERSON: Yes. Ben, do you agree with Russell that there are - maybe too many differences here to really be comparing Madonna and Miley?

WIDDECOMBE: Well, I think what they have in common is that Miley has this incredible X factor that just drives people wild. People think she`s great. But what is different to Madonna or Britney is that she has a wholesomeness that parents and her fans really connect to.

And she seems to be very strong on family values. And I think that`s what people are looking for right now. And I don`t think the "Vanity Fair" controversy harmed her too much. It was just her back for heaven`s sake. It wasn`t that big a deal. And she did apologize. I think she`s great. I think she`s what we need.

ANDERSON: I think she`s terrific as well. And I do want to move now to another story new right now. Penelope Cruz on a crusade against gossip telling "W" magazine, quote, "It affects me directly, but I really believe that this culture of gossip affects our society on a much deeper level, on an ethical level. It`s what kids see and hear every day, and it will affect future generations in ways that we cannot imagine."

OK, I get that gossip and rumors can be mean-spirited and just plain wrong. But Janelle, affecting future generations so deeply? Has she gone a little too far?

SNOWDEN: I honestly don`t know if she has. I mean I think that she`s onto something in the sense that we have become such an incredibly celebrity- obsessed culture. And that, you know, we`re sort of living it in it now, but we`re not really paying attention to the ramifications that it might have on our children. I mean, blogging is so huge right now and kids are into computers more so than ever.

So I think, you know, what they`re focusing on needs to be looked at, and because there is so much focus being put upon the celebrity culture, she might be, you know, on to something. I mean, I think it`s up to parenting at the end of the day what you allow your kids to value and what you reinforce. But I don`t know. I don`t know if Penelope is far off the mark.

ANDERSON: Taking responsibility for your kids. All right. So you agree with Penelope. Ben, I want to throw this to you. Ten seconds - do you think Penelope would be disappointed if she disappeared from maybe those celebrity magazines and some of the gossip pages? Real quickly.

WIDDECOMBE: Well, I have interviewed Penelope myself, and she is tough because she will not talk about her herself. But I think it`s hypocritical for her. This is a woman who had dated Tom Cruise, dated Matthew McConaughey. She`s now dating Oscar winner Javier Bardem. You cannot make those choices and live life on such a public scale and then be offended that people are fascinated about your life. It comes with the package.

ANDERSON: It comes with the territory is what you say. We`ll leave it there. Janelle Snowden and Ben Widdecombe and Russell Wetanson, thank you all.

Hey, some people dress for success. Others dress for arrest. Watch this.


MOOS: Imagine getting arrested in an "If we get caught, it`s all your fault," tee?


ANDERSON: Coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the most absurd mug shots ever. Wait until you see the wacky things people wear when they`re mugging for the police. Trust me, this is more than just a crime of fashion.

Also, Christian Bale stars as Batman. Tonight, he`s opening up about the movie and about what it was like working with the late Heath Ledger. His powerful words about his fallen co-star. That`s in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And I think so the real life Colombian hostage story is just unbelievable. Fifteen people freed after years of captivity. Wait until you hear the extremes some filmmakers are taking to bring that amazing story to the big screen.

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HEATH LEDGER, ACTOR: This town deserves a higher class of criminal, and I`m going to give it to them.


ANDERSON: "The Dark Knight" is finally here. Coming up, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT sits down with Batman himself, Christian Bale. He tells us what it makes this Batman different from all the rest and what it was like to work with Heath Ledger on what would turn out to be Heath`s last completed role.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Moving now to the most absurd mug shots ever.

Andy Dick could easily fall into that category with his latest mug. But his arrest on Wednesday is no laughing matter. Police charged the comedian with sexual battery for allegedly fondling a 17-year-old girl in a parking lot. Police also charged him with possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

Well, Andy not the first person to take a memorable mug shot. We`re talking about felony crimes of fashion caught on film. Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


MOOS (voice over): People who get busted like to hide their faces with their hair, with their hoods, with their shirts.

But you can`t hide from a mug shot, and when this Michigan man was photographed in a "world`s greatest dad" t-shirt after allegedly arranging underage sex, that got us thinking about "perps suited to a tee."

For instance a mug shot of a guy wearing, "trouble finds me" or "out on bail."


MOOS (on camera): Out on bail.

A. GOLDBERG: That`s what it could say on the back - "not anymore."

MOOS (voice over): The folks at "TheSmokingGun" Web site specialize in legal documents and mug shots. Imagine getting arrested in an "if we get caught, its all your fault" tee, or "it wasn`t me."

And who needs a written confession when you`re wearing one, "I make stuff up."

"Trust me. I`m a liar."

"Nobody`s perfect" goes perfectly with a face that shrugs.

"Every great idea I have gets me in trouble,"

And the mother of all mug shot understatements, "I may not be Mr. Right."

Andrew Goldberg is a mug shot connoisseur sifting through -

A. GOLDBERG: Hundreds a day and thousands a week.

MOOS: Out of those thousands, one like, "I`m a virgin but this is an old t-shirt," sticks out. Or the opposite -

A. GOLDBERG: "Support your local hooker."

MOOS: But some t-shirts are prophetic - "I`m not an alcoholic, I`m a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings."

A. GOLDBERG: She got arrested for drunk driving.

MOOS: Is this real?


MOOS: "Things not to say to a police officer." What are the chances of getting arrested with that on?

A. GOLDBERG: The first thing is oink, oink.

MOOS: Some of the t-shirt`s merit getting busted by the fashion police -

"Overly Caucasian - Do not place on a dance floor."

"Motorcycles helping ugly people have sex since 1903."

"Warning, I am PMS and a handgun."

Arrested people seem to like to insult others with their t-shirts.

A. GOLDBERG: He says, "You`re a freaking idiot," but he`s the one who locked up.

"Ninety-eight percent naughty, two percent angel."

MOOS: "A party has arrived" all right.

"Trust me. I do this all the time."

"I live in my own little world. But it`s OK. They know me here."

MOOS: "Stupidity is not a crime."

A. GOLDBERG: And obviously, that`s not what he got arrested for - stupidity.

MOOS: No. It was aggravated assault with a folding knife. Who needs to dress for success when you can dress for arrest?


ANDERSON: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Those suspects were arrested for a variety of crimes, but one crime they all should have been charged with, a fashion felony.

All right. Tonight, Christian Bale, who plays Batman in "The Dark Knight" is opening up to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about Heath Ledger`s legacy. Right now, it`s looking like the opening of "The Dark Knight" this weekend may shatter every record in sight. "" said today 94 percent of all its advanced weekend ticket sales are for this movie. And no doubt, that has a lot to do with the intense interest in seeing the late Heath Ledger as the Joker. Christian Bale sat down with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter to talk about Heath`s legacy.


KAREEN WYNTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: This movie is being hailed as one of the movie events of the year. The reviews have just been fantastic, you know that.

BALE: Sure.

WYNTER: But it must be bittersweet time, too, promoting it without Heath Ledger.

BALE: Of course, it would be lovely to have Heath. He was talking about it, too, you know. But, you know, tragically, as it was his last complete performance, he does one hell of a job in it. I miss him. He was a wonderful guy, a great company. And I hope that people would just be able to look at it as a celebration of him and his talent.

LEDGER: Kill the Batman.

WYNTER: The role that he played so convincing, so intense it really took you there.

BALE: Yes.

WYNTER: Can you share a little bit about what it was like just working alongside him because of the role that was so complex?

BALE: We had the first scene that we had together was in the interrogation room. And, you know, it`s also the first time that Batman is realizing this is a formidable opponent and that usually strikes fear into others is actually something that he is enjoying that the Joker is enjoying. You know, the more he beats him, the bloodier he gets, the bigger the smile across his face. This is not your average foe. He`s not somebody who is looking for any kind of reward, either, you know.

So how do you have any leverage against an opponent like that? And I could see the commitment that Heath had to it, the enjoyment he had in taking it so seriously and creating this Joker that`s unlike like any one, you know, I`ve seen before. I like to approach my work in the same way, and so I just really, really found it a greatly satisfying to be working opposite him.

WYNTER: And unlike previous batman films, there was so many different elements with this, from the locations, you know, where it was shot to the martial arts. Talk about that.

BALE: Much more realistic-looking, you know, with the city. We always wanted to have that, you know. I mean this is after all a superhero who is just a man. You know, he uses gadgets but he has no superpowers on himself. We wanted to ground it in as much reality as possible. And its evolution from the first one and the situation that he`s in now with the bat suit, there`s an evolution. And then, now you see all the gadgets and everything which he`s constantly got Lucius Fox coming up with something new. And the new one for this one is the bat pod.


ANDERSON: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter. "The Dark Knight" opens this weekend.

I can hardly believe the real-life drama about the recent hostage release in Colombia - 15 people freed after years in captivity. Now the unbelievable story has sparked a bidding war in Hollywood. Wait until you hear the extremes film makers are taking to bring this amazing story to the big screen.

But first, our weekly look at what`s new at the movies brought to you by YoPlait YoPlus yogurt. YoPlus - try it for 10 days and feel the difference.

Batman sequel "The Dark Knight" pushes Batman to the brink. Will he break his code never to kill? The late Heath Ledger plays the Joker and Christian Bale returns as batman.

Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan star in the big screen version "Mama Mia." It`s a story of a bride-to-be trying to find her real father. This story is told using the music of `70s hit group, Abba.

And "Space Chimp." It`s an animated adventure comedy about the grandson of the first chimp astronaut who blasts off on his own space mission. Who comes up with this stuff?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming right back after this. Stay with us.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, Hollywood`s bidding war. Picture this - people kidnapped by dangerous rebels held captive for years in the mountains of Colombia, freed by soldiers in an undercover rescue mission. No, it`s not the script to a hit movie, but it`s the real life rescue of 15 people held hostage for five years in Colombia.

Now, some Hollywood filmmakers are battling for the rights to turn this real-life drama into a big screen blockbuster. Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter.


WYNTER: A daring real life rescue played out on tape and in the news.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE NEWS ANCHOR: It was a stunning end to a hostage drama.

WYNTER: Three Americans, a former Colombian presidential candidate and 11 other hostages held by a rebel group in Colombia for years, finally freed. Within hours, Hollywood wanted a piece of the drama.

TED JOHNSON, MANAGING EDITOR, "DAILY VARIETY": There`s actually several different deals that appear to be in the works for the Colombian hostage story, which tends to happen sometimes with major events that have this much intrigue.

WYNTER: "Variety`s" Ted Johnson says it`s the type of story that writes itself. Ingrid Bettencourt(ph) who was taken hostage in 2002 is reportedly in talks with a literary agency in France while Hollywood is pursuing the three Americans.

JOHNSON: Almost all the principals who are involved are in the process of securing agents or meeting with agents and coming up with their own deals.

MOOS: Las Vegas-based businessman, Phil Maloof whose family owns the Sacramento Kings and Las Vegas Palms Hotel and Casino is among many jockeying for the movie rights.

PHIL MALOOF, BUSINESS MOGUL: We`re in talks with the Colombian officials right now. And also with Ingrid, we got an offer into her and hopefully within the next couple weeks we`ll know whether or not she goes with us.

WYNTER: Industry watchers say there`s already some buzz around who would play the role of Bettencourt.

MALOOF: This is a combination of a strong female character as well as an adventure story that has the potential to hit many different quadrants of the movie audience.

WYNTER: But securing the rights is only half the challenge. Industry watchers say bringing a production like this to the big screen could take years.


ANDERSON: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter. Thank you so much for spending some time with us tonight. That`s a wrap for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

Remember you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 p.m. Pacific, and in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is next. Take care.