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May-December Romances; Janet Jackson Clothing Line; Barack and Scarlet?

Aired June 26, 2008 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: A dramatic ending to the lawsuit filed by the family of a man who killed himself when he was confronted with cameras for "Dateline`s" "To Catch a Predator" series.
And are Barack Obama and Scarlet Johansson really e-mail buddies?

I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER (voice over): On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, when stars get angry.

Caught on tape, Tim McGraw kicking the butt of an unruly fan at his concert. Faith Hill, standing by her man.

And Seal, high-tailing it in reverse and making his tires squeal.

There`s not a (INAUDIBLE) in sight. And the cameras are rolling.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has the most outrageous moments caught on tape "When Stars Get Angry."

"Are You Kidding Me?" 64-year-old Ben Kingsley speaking out about making out with 22-year-old Mary Kate Olsen.

Janet Jackson gets her own lingerie line. Can you say wardrobe malfunction?

And a new celebrity sex tape starring none other than Mini-Me. Yikes.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the stories that having us saying, "Are You Kidding Me."

Plus Christie Brinkley`s very public nasty divorce fight. Will her push to reveal all of the dirty details in court backfire on Brinkley?


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

Tonight, Christie Brinkley`s dirty divorce trial. Brinkley pushed to keep the trial public. And we are about to hear all the nasty details about her marriage and her husband`s affair with a teenager. But could that backfire on her?

That`s coming up.

But first tonight, caught on tape, "When Stars Get Angry."

Country music star Tim McGraw has just become the latest to be caught on tape just blowing his stack, grabbing a fan who allegedly attacked a woman right in front of him at his concert.

And you know, McGraw has got plenty of caught-on-tape company.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you all the video that`s making news right now.


HAMMER (voice over): They fill our lives with song.

The ear-pleasing ditties by country music love birds Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.

The piano drenched melodies of Tori Amos.

The soulful stirrings of Seal.

These music superstars move us with their talent. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, if you`re going to one of their concerts, enjoy the music, but don`t ever, ever mess with them.

TIM MCGRAW, COUNTRY MUSIC SINGER: Security, get this guy. Security.

FAITH HILL, COUNTRY MUSIC SINGER: Somebody needs to you some class, my friend.

TORI AMOS, SINGER: Get the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out of my show.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you a growing number of music stars aren`t taking any crap on stage. And when they go off, we`re seeing it all online.

KATIE DARYL, TMZ TV: There`s a lot of threats going on these days from some of our favorite singers.

MCGRAW: Security, get this guy. Security!

HAMMER: Everyone`s talking about Tim McGraw`s big-time outburst during a concert in Washington state when mid-song he personally pulled a rowdy fan on stage and ejected him.

DARYL: This guy that he pulled out of the crowd was a big guy, a very large man in a cowboy hat.

HAMMER: He sort of reminded us of that guy in "Varsity Blues."

Once on stage, Tim and the fan appear to raise fists at each other before the security whisks the rowdy fan away.

And here`s the best part McGraw continues with the show.

DARYL: He didn`t miss a beat.

HAMMER: McGraw`s publicist explained the incident to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT saying, quote, "This overly aggressive fan attacked a female fan and Tim witnessed this incident. Tim called for security, but when they could not respond quick enough, Tim and several crew members removed the fan from the audience where he was then turned over to the local authorities."

So he may have been a little rough about it, but it was for a chivalrous cause. As he says in his song, he may be a real bad boy.

MCGRAW: But I`m a real good man.

HAMMER: McGraw`s incident came almost a year after his wife, Faith Hill, made headlines for her own concert smack down at a show in Louisiana.

DARYL: This time, it was a female fan who when Faith`s husband Tim was up on stage grabbed his man junk and Faith said, you know what, that is no good.

HAMMER: Everyone saw what happened next.

HILL: You don`t go grabbing somebody else`s.

HAMMER: Faith scolded the lady, not that TMZ`s Katie Daryl could blame her.

DARYL: You do not grab another woman`s husband`s stuff.

HAMMER: First Faith, now Tim. Who knew that country`s first couple can be so feisty?

But it`s all part of the modern concert-going experience.

DARYL: People go to hockey games and they can`t wait for players to fight each other. I think people go to concerts these days and they`re ready to see someone fall down, someone to lose their cool, or to see a fan get a little too rowdy.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you we`ve been seeing lots of music stars blow their stack.

Tori Amos became a viral video sensation for this clip of hers stopping her show to kick out two girls who were talking in the front row during her performance.

AMOS: Get the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out of my show. Get the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out.

HAMMER: And it`s not just on stage either. Seal made headlines for this video of him speeding away backwards to escape the paparazzi.

And Bjork probably wishes she didn`t have her picture taken in this much- seen clip of her beating down a reporter in Thailand for the crime of speaking to her.


HAMMER: Hey, if you spent years getting made fun of for one dress, you`d be upset, too.

All of these incidents became viral video hits. TMZ`s Katie Daryl isn`t surprised.

DARYL: You can see that these stars are like regular people. They do lose their tempers, they do lose their cool.

HAMMER: But it`s all good, as long as when the beat-down is over, they go on with the show.


HAMMER: One of the best parts about the McGraw story, the song that McGraw`s band was performing during the incident was "Indian Outlaw."

Well, tonight, is Christie Brinkley facing a really nasty backlash over her dirty divorce trial?

You know Brinkley convinced a judge to keep the trial open to the public when it starts up next week, which means we all will hear about her husband Peter Cook`s affair with his 18-year-old office assistant.

But tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has got to ask. Could this actually all backfire on Brinkley?

Joining me tonight from Hollywood, Attorney Darren Kavinoky at the California-based Kavinoky Law Firm. Here in New York, it`s Sunny Hostin, CNN legal analyst for "AMERICAN MORNING."

Darren, Sunny, I kind of got to wonder whether -- if Christie Brinkley is playing -- I don`t know -- some kind of game of chicken here. It`s almost as if she`s waiting to see if Peter Cook blinks first and settle this to her satisfaction so there`s not going to be a trial in that case.

But you know, every marriage, of course, has its secrets.

So Darren, if this thing does go to trial, I have to imagine that we`re going to learn some of Christie Brinkley`s secrets as well.

DARREN KAVINOKY, ATTORNEY, THE KAVINOKY LAW FIRM: A.J., here`s my solemn oath to you that if one dirty little secret emerges about Christie Brinkley, I`m going to time travel right back to the 1980s and take down every single one of my posters that adorned my bedroom. And there were at least two dozen of them. So that`s quite a bit of work.

But she is engaged in a high stakes game of chicken. And of course, the real question, as you point out, is who`s going to blink first. And as anybody who`s ever watched the game of chicken knows, the most entertaining part is when neither side blinks and we get this big crash at the end.

So presumably, her lawyer is going to avoid that by having talked to her really, really seriously before pulling the strategy to make sure that she doesn`t have any skeletons in her closet.

HAMMER: Yes, or really, really believe this thing won`t go to trial. We are all sitting at the edges of our seats waiting to see what happens.

Now we know that Peter Cook apologized for the affair that he had with that woman named Diana Bianchi, who is just 18-years-old at the time the affair took place. And so far the only TV interview -- she`s given the only interview, for that matter, has been to WNYW TV in New York City.

Now, of course, she was his mistress who knows a lot of secrets about him perhaps. But who knows what secrets that Peter Cook may have told her about Christie Brinkley?

Sunny Hostin, over to you, since Christie Brinkley is all-wrapped up in this thing and it could go to trial, should she be worried about what Diana might say about her?

SUNNY HOSTIN, LEGAL ANALYST, CNN`S "AMERICAN MORNING": I don`t think she should be worried at all. I got to tell you. I think this is masterful. I agree with Darren. I don`t think there`s anything that she has to hide.

And the bottom line is what people aren`t reporting. They have a prenuptial agreement and he went back on it. He is the one that`s challenging their agreement. And so she has no choice. There`s no property issues here. We have Hampton estates, we have money, we have boat, and also custody of the children.

She wants sole custody of the children. And so he wants to challenge this and he wanted it to be private, and I think she called his bluff and said, you`re the dirty guy here, you`re the guy that did wrong. You want to challenge it, everyone`s going to hear about you.

I don`t think she has anything to hide. I think it`s a stroke of master here.

HAMMER: Hey, a lot of people are saying it. But let`s talk about the children for a moment, because we can`t forget the fact that Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley have two kids together, 9-year-old Sailor, 12-year-old Jack.

And Christie has been getting some criticism for, perhaps, having to expose them to all of these dirty details which they`re going have to deal with. I have yet to meet anybody who thinks that will be a good idea if that ends up happening.

Darren, could this actually add to the potential backlash against Christie Brinkley if it does happen?

KAVINOKY: Well, I think that really is the only potential for backlash assuming that there isn`t any dirty secret out there about Christie that`s going to be a surprising revelation.

It would be this idea that she`s prioritizing his public humiliation over the well being of the kids. And that`s something that could certainly change and shift public sentiment about her, although I think she will ultimately remain America`s sweetheart here.

And you also have to think that, look, this isn`t the first time the kids are hearing about this. This is something his -- his philandering ways is something that`s been out there in the media for sometime now. This story broke years ago.

Presumably the kids already know that their dad was having an affair and surfing these porn sites. It`s not great that they`re reminded of it. But I don`t think that this is new information.


KAVINOKY: Although it will be interesting to see what else lurks out there. This could be just tip of the iceberg stuff.

HAMMER: Well, Sunny Hostin, I got 10 seconds for you. Do you think Christie Brinkley have anything to worry about at all here?

HOSTIN: Not at all. My bet is on her.

HAMMER: All right. We`ll leave it there.

Darren Kavinoky, Sunny Hostin, I do appreciate you both being here tonight.

Well, now, we want to hear what you think about this. For our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, we are asking Christie Brinkley`s public divorce trial, could it backfire on her?

Let us know what you think at You got more to say? Send me an e-mail, is the address.

Well, coming up, the Hollywood couples that are proving, you know, when it comes to romance, age doesn`t matter.


DAPHNE BROGDON, TV HOST AND STANDUP COMIC: I think the forbidden nature of these relationships is a definite turn-on. For a middle age woman to be like, really, a 25-year-old guy is in to me? It`s just so wrong.


HAMMER: Older men with younger women. Older women with younger men. You know, somehow they make it work. And that is coming up in a SHOWBIZ special report, the most successful May-December romances ever.

Plus wait until you hear the story that made me say "Are You Kidding Me?" I mean, I got some doozies for you tonight. 64-year-old Ben Kingsley speaking out about making out with 22-year-old Mary Kate Olsen.

Then you have Janet Jackson getting her own lingerie line. Anybody remember that little Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction?

And a new celebrity sex tape starring, yes, this guy, Mini-Me. Yikes.

And we may have seen the last of one of the most popular and infamous TV shows ever. Coming up next, I`m going to tell you why "Dateline`s" "To Catch a Predator" series may be over after a dramatic legal settlement.

Remember you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video any time. We are always posting new stuff for you to watch on our Web site. It`s

Among the videos now playing, Heather Locklear in crisis. Why she`s checked herself into a facility to be treated for anxiety and depression.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming right back.


HAMMER: Thanks a lot, Charles.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. You`re watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And tonight, what may be the final nail in the coffin for the controversial NBC "Dateline" series "To Catch a Predator" which, you know, for years, set up stings to catch men who are looking for sex with young girls and boys through on-line chatrooms.

Well, NBC has just settled a lawsuit filed by the family of a man who committed suicide after being targeted in one of the sex predator stings.

Joining me tonight in New York is Jane Velez-Mitchell, investigative journalist and author of "Secrets Can Be murder." And from San Francisco tonight, Marc Klaas, the president of the Klaas Kids Foundation.

Marc, Jane, I appreciate you both being here.

Now a little background on what happened. NBC was sued, of course, by the sister of Louis Conradt. Louis was a 56-year-old Dallas County prosecutor. He shot himself in the head just as police had surrounded his home to arrest him two years ago. And the "Dateline" cameras were there to capture the arrest.

Now NBC has only said that, "the matter has been amicably resolved to the satisfaction of both parties."

Marc, let me start with you. It appears that "To Catch a Predator" is gone for good. Do you see that as a good thing or do you it as a bad thing?

MARC KLAAS, PRESIDENT, THE KLAAS KIDS FOUNDATION: Well, I think it`s a very bad thing. I think that the great value of that program was it gave society an insight into who these individuals are, the kinds of -- the kind of uncontrollable urges that force them into homes knowing that they very well might be busted.

And so one would wish and hope that given the parameters that they now understand they can work with in that the show will come back.

HAMMER: Yes, it`s yet to -- it remains to be seen whether or not that`s actually going to happen. NBC says not right now to be sure.

And the show certainly has had its share of controversy over the time it`s been on. They`ve been criticized for entrapping suspects.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, you know, I think, it certainly has to have scared a lot of potential predators who worry, you know, Chris Hansen might be coming after them next.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, AUTHOR AND INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: You bet, A.J. Thousands, perhaps millions, of men all across the country who might have been contemplating, flirting, fantasizing with the idea of having sex with an underaged boy or girl were sent a huge warning. You don`t know who`s at the other end of the line.

Somebody may be watching. You could get snag in a sting. You might end up on national television and be humiliated before your community, lose your job, and go to jail.

Unfortunately, in this one case, "To Catch a Predator" went too far. It`s one thing if a guy gets to his truck and goes to a house saying, I want to have sex with an underaged person. It`s another thing to go to the house of a person who has been discussing that online or on the phone, because people often do things online that they wouldn`t carry out in reality.

HAMMER: Well, the show was really popular. Millions of people watched it whenever it was on. And, of course, it was well known not just by people who watched the show as viewers but also by the predators themselves.

So Marc Klaas, what do you think about this? Now that the show is apparently gone, is it your fear that predators everywhere are kind of breathing a big sigh of relief at this point?

KLAAS: Sure, they are. I mean this show could have been very self- sustaining. It could have gone to another city every week and ultimately would have had a huge deterrent effect, as Jane had just mentioned.

Now, anybody that was even contemplating doing something like this, and I know there have been other brief attempts to follow this formula, I think are going to pull back and it`s going to be -- the only ones that are going to benefit from that, quite frankly, are the predators themselves.

HAMMER: Jane, is that what you`re thinking right about now? It seems to make sense that a lot of people, sadly, who engage in this sort of behavior are saying, well, at least I don`t have to worry about that show and that happening to me.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Sure. Well, I agree with Marc. But I also think that "To Catch a Predator" has already taught all American parents an amazing lesson. And that is, get rid of the stereotype notions in your head of what a predator looks like.

Guess what? They come in all sizes, shapes and professions. "To Catch a Predator" caught teachers, even religious leaders. So a lot of parents who worry about the homeless person down the block should really be worrying about the seemingly, the upstanding neighbor who`s always offering to take their kids on rides or bringing them gifts, or the uncle or the online chatting that their kid is engaged in.

So really, there were many fabulous lessons that the show taught and I hope America remembers it.

HAMMER: Yes, couldn`t agree with you more, Jane.

So Marc, even if NBC doesn`t do it, and I`m guessing, you`re hoping some other network or television production will pick up where "Dateline" left off.

KLAAS: Well, I think there would always be an audience for this. And the more of these creeps you get off the street, the better off we all are, because they do demonstrate time and time again that there`s no holding back. I think they got a couple of these guys, even one or two times -- two or three times each.


KLAAS: So you know, there`s just no holding back these characters. And until somebody does some kind of a sustained effort, I think they`re going to have free reign on the Internet and the ones that are going to suffer, obviously, are the kids.

GRACE: Got to end it there.

Marc Klaas, Jane Velez-Mitchell, I do appreciate you both being here tonight.

KLAAS: Thank you.

HAMMER: All right, moving on now, you know that Naomi Campbell has a problem getting along with people if even Nelson Mandela doesn`t want her around.

Yes, you heard me right. There are reports that not only is Naomi persona non grata at British Airways, Mandela himself has banned her from being on stage at his birthday concert. You got to hear this, I`ll tell you why, coming up next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Also the stories that made me say, "Are You Kidding Me?" I`m talking about 64-year-old Ben Kingsley speaking out about making out with 22-year-old Mary Kate Olsen. It`s true.

Also Janet Jackson getting her own lingerie line. Anybody remember that little Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction?

And a new celebrity sex tape starring none other than this guy, Mini-Me.

We will also have this.


BROGDON: I think the forbidden nature of these relationships is a definite turn-on. For a middle age woman to be like, really, a 25-year-old guy is in to me? It`s just so wrong.


HAMMER: So wrong and yet so right. I think age is just a number. And these Hollywood couples seems to agree. Older women with younger men, older men with younger women.

A SHOWBIZ special report. The most successful May-December romances coming up.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Here are some more stories that are new right now.

Naomi Campbell was banned from playing part of Nelson Mandela`s birthday party. Mandela himself reportedly intervened to make sure she didn`t appear on stage at his 90th birthday concert. It seems when Naomi was arrested for assaulting two police officers on a flight at Heathrow Airport, she was wearing a 46664 baseball cap.

That was Mandela`s prison number during 27-year sentence and is now a symbol of his AIDS awareness campaign.

Well, Bill Murray and his wife have worked out a deal to end their marriage. His ex-wife will get primary custody of their four children. Murray has to pay child support. She filed for divorce on the grounds of drug addiction, abuse, adultery and abandonment.

And Nicole is going to appear in an episode of the NBC comedy "Chuck." NBC tells "People" magazine Ritchie`s going to play a girl who is mean in high school and has to face her bullying victim at a reunion.

Well, coming up, the stories that made me say, "Are You Kidding Me?"

Listen to this, 64-year-old Ben Kingsley speaks out about making out with 22-year-old Mary Kate Olsen.

Yes, I know what you`re talking about there.

Janet Jackson gets her own lingerie line. Anybody remember that little wardrobe malfunction?

And a new celebrity sex tape starring Mini-Me. Yikes.

We will also have this.


BROGDON: I think the forbidden nature of these relationships is a definite turn-on. For a middle age woman to be like, really, a 25-year-old guy is in to me? It`s just so wrong.


HAMMER: So wrong and yet so right. I don`t know about you, I think age is just a number and these Hollywood couples seem to agree. Older women with younger men, older men with younger women. Coming up, a SHOWBIZ special report, the most successful May-December romances ever.

And Boy George isn`t allowed to come to the United States to play shows for the New York City`s sanitation workers. But why is the State Department involved now?

That is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. You won`t want to miss that.

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HAMMER (voice over): On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the outrageous story that have got me saying, "Are You Kidding Me?"

60-something actor Ben Kingsley giving juicy details about his kiss with 22-year-old Mary Kate Olsen. Then there`s Janet "Miss Wardrobe Malfunction" Jackson getting a lingerie line and a Mini Me sex tape.

Oh, the horror. "Are you kidding me?"


BROGDON: I think the forbidden nature of these relationships is a definite turn on. For a middle age woman to be like, really? A 25-year-old guy is in to me? It`s just so wrong.


HAMMER: So many stars think it`s all right. Young stars dating older stars. We are counting down the best May-December romances ever.

It`s a revealing SHOWBIZ "Special Report."


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

You are locked in to TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

Well, tonight, three Hollywood stories that have just got me saying, "Are You Kidding Me?"

All right, move over, Paris Hilton, the latest star caught up in a sex tape scandal is this guy -- Verne Troyer, of course, you know, Mini-Me from "The Austin powers" movie. Yes, I`m just going to let that sink in for a minute.

OK. Moving on now, if that doesn`t skid you out enough, how about 64-year- old Ben Kingsley who, of course, won an Oscar for playing "Ghandi," kissing and telling about his steamy make-out session with 22-year-old Mary Kate Olsen in a phone booth.

And Janet Jackson, whose naked breast was seen around the world during the 2004 Super Bowl, is now set to cover everyone else`s private parts with a new lingerie line.

"Are You Kidding Me?"

Joining me tonight to get the naked truth, here in New York, host of VH1 News, Janell Snowden. In Hollywood tonight, comedian Jodi Miller. Also in Hollywood, it`s the founder of Fifteen Minutes Public Relations, Mr. Howard Bragman.

Guys, we got to start out with this Verne Troyer sex tape. And out of respect to you, my viewers, I`m not going to show you the entire tape. Bring up that image, however, Charles. Hopefully you will get the -- bring it down now, Charles. Please. I think that -- that`s enough. That`s enough.

To quote a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT famous producer, Sid Lipsy(ph), this has got to be the most disturbing celebrity story in the history of celebrity kind.

Do you kind of agree, Janell?

JANELL SNOWDEN, HOST, VH1 NEWS: Oh my god, for the love of God and all things decent, please, spare us. Everyone does not need a sex tape. I can only imagine the number of freaks that are going to be like racing to the Internet.

Surprisingly, I think this is actually going to be one of the most downloaded videos. But please just spare me. I don`t want to see it.

HAMMER: Jodi, freaky with a capital F?

JODI MILLER, COMEDIAN: It is definitely. I hope they shot it on mini DV. It`s just.

HAMMER: Very good, very good.

MILLER: It just proves that, you know, little people can do what big people can do, too.

HAMMER: Oh, yes, just something to aspire to there. I want to be more like Paris Hilton.

MILLER: Exactly. Who doesn`t?

HAMMER: Well, no, because there`s been big money to be made, big success. We`ve had a lot of profit in recent years, you know, not just Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian had her sex tape.

I kind of have to wonder what Verne`s sex tape might sell for if it does make it out on to the open market. And I went so far as to find out -- consulting my good friend Dr. Evil.


MIKE MYERS, COMEDIAN: $100 billion.


HAMMER: Howard Bragman, are you with Dr. Evil. Will this tape make billions?

HOWARD BRAGMAN, FOUNDER, FIFTEEN MINUTES PUBLIC RELATIONS: A.J., I think this is a tape I`m going to pay not to have to look at, OK? I think -- I think maybe not. And who`s the girl anyway? OK? Nobody`s talking about her, are they? And, you know, I`m just sort of disgusted by this whole thing, obviously.

HAMMER: You know, if it`s allowed to really go out into a big release, she could get plenty of publicity here. All right.

BRAGMAN: It`s not a big release.

HAMMER: Let`s -- oh, no -- let`s move on, please. Our next story has us saying "Are You Kidding Me?" And this is it. It`s Ben Kingsley kissing and telling all about Mary Kate Olsen.

Now, Ben Kingsley, of course, is 64 years old. He`s an Oscar winner and he tells "People" magazine that Mary Kate was -- and this is a quote -- completely in charge during their steamy scene for a movie.

Yes, a lot of people up in arms about this.

So I want you to think about this for a moment. You got Michelle Tanner from "Full House" getting it on with Ghandi.

Not a pretty image, Jodi, is it?

MILLER: It`s not -- first of all, who did the casting in that? Let`s take an Oscar-winning actor and put him with, oh, Michelle Tanner. What a great fit that is.

HAMMER: Yes. You know just -- everybody here is a little skid out.


HAMMER: This make-out scene was for a movie. Let`s be clear about that.


HAMMER: And it was, in fact, casting that was in place here.


HAMMER: But I still want to know, why is it that Ben had to say Mary Kate was -- again, his words -- completely in control.

Now, Howard Bragman, I got to throw this to you -- being the top publicist out there in Hollywood, would you say that`s a good on Ben Kingsley`s part that he goes on the record with that particular nugget?

BRAGMAN: They`re going to un-knight him for this. He`s not going to be Sir Ben anymore. It`s going to just be Benjie Kingsley after this because he`s lost it. His dignity is up.

Another story. I`m disgusted today, A.J. What`s going on here?

HAMMER: I`m curious to find out if Janell Snowden`s skin is crawling right about now.

SNOWDEN: You know I`ve actually seen the movie, guys, and I promise you it`s really not that bad. And I can`t believe that I`m saying that, but it`s really not that big of a deal. And I think that if he hadn`t said that she`s in control, just think of the creepy kind of old man he would seem like.

I mean, already, people are saying, oh, my god. It`s like.

HAMMER: Wait a sec, Janell, does it play on screen that she`s totally in control?

BOWDEN: Oh yes, there was a little back and forth. I don`t know, come on, stop. I just know that they kissed and any time an Olsen twin does anything besides pose on the red carpet, it`s a big deal. It`s, like, wait, they talk? They kiss?

You know, they`re like phantoms. They don`t really do much except make billions.

HAMMER: All right. Well, before Howard Bragman says another inappropriate thing, let`s move on to our next story that made me say, "Are You Kidding Me?"

It`s the multi-talented Janet Jackson who`s jumped in to the design game. She`s launching a line of lingerie later on this year. We certainly hope that her product is more sturdy than that in the breakaway bustier in the breast ever wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl.

Yes, I intended to say breast ever.

Janell, back at you one more time. It make sense to me. I`m thinking, who better to design underwear? She knows what works, what doesn`t.

BOWDEN: I can already see the commercial, can`t you? It`s Janet, Miss Jackson, if you`re nasty.

What do you think?

HAMMER: Ah, yes. I don`t know if they`re going to go with that. But you bring up a good point. Marketing is truly going to be a central, because you have Janet known for anything but lingerie or wardrobes except for that particular malfunction.

Jodi, over to you. What do you think Janet should actually call this particular line?

MILLER: Well, I mean, she could call it "All for You" because it slides out all for you at any given time.

To be honest, I don`t think she`s going to spend a lot on material because there isn`t a lot of materials. She just has to put like gems and star bursts over -- you know, over her breasts, maybe go on the like moons, clovers, hearts. She doesn`t even wear lingerie, so she`s not going to spend a lot of money on materials in life anyway.

HAMMER: Well, after all, she is not the material girl. That`s somebody else entirely.

All right, Howard Bragman, let`s give this a shot. I`d like your Bragmanian theory. Is Janet Jackson with this new lingerie line possibly going to be putting Victoria`s Secret, I don`t know, out of business?

BRAGMAN: I probably wouldn`t hold my breath, you know, for her to put Victoria`s Secret out of business. But you know, I`m thinking they could be breakaway underwear. That would be very popular, you know -- nowadays. You get ready quickly for a date. Things are working. You just rip it off. So a little Velcro and you may have something there, A.J. That could be her stick.

HAMMER: What do you think, Janell? Is Howard on to something here? Is this thing actually going to work? Or is this just some kind of weird little stunt that she`s slapping her name on?

BOWDEN: No matter how old Janet is, she`s always going to be like a sex god. So I`ll be the first in line. I`m just going to tell you, I`m not going to be ashamed to her breakaway whatever.

HAMMER: You will wear.

BOWDEN: Is that too much information?


BOWDEN: Too much information probably. Sorry.

HARRIS: That`s a little too much.

What about you, Jodi Miller? Are you online? Are you going pre-order right now as soon as the segment is over?

MILLER: I`m probably not unless they come out with, like, the velvet rope thong. You know?

HAMMER: There you go. All right. That`s probably a good place to end it.

Janell Snowden, Jodi Miller, Howard Bragman, I do thank you all for being here tonight and perhaps we`ll get some Janet Jackson lingerie to you as a lovely parting gift for participating.

You know it was not that long ago where there was a time where everyone would have said "Are You Kidding Me?" to young stars dating older stars. Now I can tell you, this is one of Hollywood`s hottest trends.


BROGDON: I think the forbidden nature of these relationships is a definite turn-on. For a middle-aged woman to be like, really? 25-year-old guy is in to me? It`s just so wrong.


HAMMER: So many stars feel it`s oh so right. Think about it -- Tom and Katie, Ashton and Demi, Harrison and Calista, Michael and Catherine.

Well, tonight, I am counting down the best May-December romances ever. It is a SHOWBIZ "Special Report" you cannot miss.

All right, let`s see, the U.S. State Department agenda this week -- Iran, Afghanistan, and Boy George? I cannot imagine why they`re talking about him. Is somebody a big time Culture Club fan there? Karma chameleon anyone? You`ve got to see this. And it is coming up.

Plus presidential candidate Barack Obama setting the record straight on all that talk about him being big time e-mail pals with, of all people, Scarlett Johansson. I kid you not. Is there a shocking scandal brewing here that`s going to break up the whole presidential race?

That`s on the way.

Now remember you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video any time. We are always posting new material for you to check out. It`s right there on our Web site,

And among the videos that are now playing, Heather Locklear in crisis. Why she has checked herself into a facility being treated for anxiety and depression.

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HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, when it comes to love and Hollywood, does age really matter? May- December romance is a hot and heavy celebrity trend. You know even Hulk Hogan`s ex Linda Hogan is jumping on that bandwagon with her new 19-year- old boyfriend.

Call them cougars, call them cradle robbers, but are these couples on to something?

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the most successful May-December romances ever.

It`s a SHOWBIZ "Special Report: When Age Doesn`t Matter."


HAMMER (voice over): Cradle robbers, cougars, boy toys, milfs -- the list of cliches for age gap relationships has only gotten longer since the days of "The Graduate."


DUSTIN HOFFMAN, ACTOR: Mrs. Robinson, you`re trying to seduce me.


HAMMER: Now it`s a Hollywood trend. Younger stars falling for older mates, and these celebrity couples are proving that age is nothing but number.

SUSAN SARANDON, ACTRESS: I think it`s a great idea.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down Hollywood`s hottest and most successful May-December romances ever.

Kicking off our list at number five, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. He was 42 and she was 26 when they first met. With so much couch jumping to distract us, it`s easy to forget this couple has a 16-year age difference. But no matter, TomKat is still in heat.


BROGDON: Tom Cruise still has these boyish looks, you know? So he doesn`t seem to have that gravitas, that older man thing.

DR. LILLIAN GLASS, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: She was very attracted to him. It`s actually been said in the media that he was an idol of hers when she was growing up.

TOM CRUISE, ACTOR: That is a great woman.

HAMMER: But the "Dawson`s Creek" cutie had to step up her style to lay in Hollywood`s "Top Gun" or else she`d be flying solo.

BROGDON: She looked much younger when they first started going out with her long hair and her like little sort of, you know, casual-girl-at-the- mall look. Now that she`s got a sophisticated do and she is Dutch, she is in couture, she never looks sloppy.

GLASS: She looks a lot older than her years. And so, in essence, she`s adapted to him in terms of age wise. And maybe that`s what`s making the relationship works.

HAMMER: Right behind TomKat at number four, the May-December romance of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. He was 53 when he laid eyes on the then 28-year-old Catherine, and they had no reservations about getting married in 2000, even though their 25-year age difference could have resulted in a fatal attraction.

BROGDON: He does look so much older than her. But also, they both seem to have this thing together of like -- let`s be really rich and enjoy it.

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES, ACTOR: We like each other a lot and -- obviously, it`s always a start, right?

GLASS: They also do things together. They have a lot of shared interests. They play golf together. They`re very, very compatible.

HAMMER: So what`s this couple`s secret to bridging the generation gap?

ZETA-JONES: We never take each other for granted. And we`re kind and nice and respectful to each other. And we have fun.

HAMMER: Also having fun and earning the number three spot on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s countdown, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart. He was 59 and she was 37 when they started dating. They played pop culture icons in different decades but found a love connection across a 22-year span.

CALISTA FLOCKHART: I decided to give it a try.

BROGDON: Calista definitely seems like she has an older vibe. Harrison Ford is trying to kind of be like the younger dude because he`s got that little earring now. You know? So it`s like, even if it`s really 1988, but, you know, he`s trying.

HAMMER: And who knew that Indy would be Jonesing for Ally McBeal`s laid back charms.

GLASS: If somebody is low key and the other person`s low key, oftentimes, they may be very harmonious with one another.

HAMMER: But will it last?

BROGDON: I think that the age difference will eventually make a -- more of an impact when one of them has to go into assisted living. Until then, they should probably be fine.

HAMMER: A couple that has done fine for a long time and number two on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s countdown, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. She was 41 when she met 29-year-old Robbins while making "Bull Durham" together in 1988. This old school May-December romance has been going strong every since despite their 12-year age difference.

SARANDON: That was a hard thing, too, to figure out.

BROGDON: I think the forbidden nature of these relationships is a definite turn on for a middle-aged woman to be like, really, 25-year-old guy is in to me? It`s just so wrong.

GLASS: They have a lot in common in terms of their political interests, their social interests, their children. So they have a solid bond. So the age difference means absolutely nothing.

BROGDON: You just see them, like they`re sitting around with their serious leftist politics and they`re like, that`s exactly what I think, and then they`re like, hmm, let`s kiss.

HAMMER: But as enduring as Tim and Susan are, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can reveal our number one poster couple for May-December romances is Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

In 2003, Demi Moore had just hit the big 4-0. Yet she managed to snag 25- year-old Ashton Kutcher, a playboy 15 years her junior. The ex-wife of Bruce Willis and a mom to three tween girls, Demi`s baggage didn`t prevent her from bagging a stud.

Well, it just goes to show that when it comes to this pair, hotness knows no age.

DEMI MOORE, ACTRESS: Being 20 is not better than being 40 because there`s beautiful things in each place.

BROGDON: I think when Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore saw each other they were, like, your cheekbones need to be with my cheekbones. It`s just like a meeting of the fabulous skulls.

HAMMER: But if you think it`s just physical attraction that bonds these two together, then you`re being punked. With Demi and Ashton`s shared Kaballah beliefs, they are spiritually linked as well.

GLASS: When you look at their body language in photographs, it`s just clear to see they are a couple made in heaven.

HAMMER: Demi is old enough to be his mother. But Ashton took a chance on love with his indecent proposal.

ASHTON KUTCHER, ACTOR: It`s guys -- like we`re brought up on that, like, you have to have the career and the car and the house, so you can support your family and your life. When, meanwhile, it`s like, when is really the right time? Maybe there never will be and maybe it`s right now.

HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that`s romantic advice couples of any age can take to heart.


HAMMER: You know, I got to tell you, at 65 years old, Harrison Ford sure is putting younger men to shame. You know he did most of his stunts in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." It`s true.

Well, coming up, I`ve got another story of another older guy who is reportedly caught up in a relationship with a younger woman. I`m talking here about presidential candidate Barack Obama and Scarlett Johansson.

Now before you fall off your chair, I`m talking about e-mails here. The question is, are they really pen-pals? Barack sets the record straight. You have got to hear this and you will next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

But first, let me give you our weekly look at what`s new at the movies brought to you by.

Angelina Jolie is part of a wicked cool bunch of trained assassins in "Wanted." They`re the good guys, though. Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy also star.

Some great reviews for Disney`s "Wall-E." Humans have fled earth and Wall- E is left behind to clean up the mess. But you know he falls for this hot new robot and chases her across the galaxy.

And Matthew Broderick is "Finding Amanda." Mr. Ferris Bueller himself is a struggling TV writer who tries to win his wife back by getting his prostituting niece, Brittney Snow, into rehab.

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HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And tonight, I can tell you that the U.S. State Department is debating Boy George. You know they have these daily press conferences so they can discuss serious world issues, Iran, Afghanistan, but Boy George actually just came up.

That`s because the former Culture Club singer has been denied a visa to get in to the United States. He`s supposed to come here to tour and to play a special concert for the New York City Department of Sanitation.

You may remember, he worked there back in 2006. That was part of a community service sentence in a drug case.

You got to take a look at this funny clip. Somebody actually asked about the Boy George controversy.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: What does the U.S. government have against Boy George? You denied him a visa.

UNIDENTIFIED STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Sorry. I should have swallowed before you said that. Let me see if I spit the water out any place else.

I have seen the report -- I`ve seen the reports that`s out there. Obviously, visa records are confidential. But I simply note that there often are difficulties for individuals who either are currently subject to criminal charges or otherwise may have criminal records.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: It`s tragic, really.

UNIDENTIFIED STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL: Do you really want to hurt him? Yes.


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Switch topics from Boy George?



HAMMER: I get it. Do you really want to hurt him? Nice song reference. They`re so hip.

Boy George, of course, is awaiting trial on charges that he actually imprisoned a man in his London home. So that may be the issue here. But you know, it`s all confidential so I am not exactly sure.

Now from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT situation room. Tonight, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama says Scarlett Johansson is not one of his best pen-pals. I kid you not.

A few weeks back, there were actually reports floating around that Scarlett and Barack were writing e-mails to one another. Scarlett says she was flattered that Obama had time to write to her so often.

But tonight Barack is saying what e-mail? He says his assistant just got one from Scarlett, passed it along to him, and he simply said, thank you, no relationship here.

I promise you if I see Wolf Blitzer around, I`ll definitely ask him to look into this.

Well, that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Now remember you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11s -- 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 p.m. Pacific, and we`re on in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern.

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