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The War on the Hogans; Sharon Stone`s Karma Comment; The Biggest Hollywood Family Fiascos; Cynthia Nixon`s Battle with Cancer; Dunkin` Donuts` Pulled Out Commercial

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Kirsten Dunst speaks out about the real reason she went to rehab. And Patrick Swayze opens up about how his pancreatic cancer treatment is going. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.
On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, war on the Hogans. Absolute outrage over the taped jailhouse chat between Hulk Hogan and his teenaged son who is serving time for the car crash that nearly killed his friend. Tonight, the victim`s family strikes back big time enraged over Hulk`s son talking in jail about getting a reality show.


NICK BOLLEA, HULK HOGAN`S SON: I want to do it where I`ll make the most money.


HAMMER: And wait until you hear the fury over what Mama Hogan said. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the Hogan`s body slam over the taped chat that will make your head spin.

Tonight, are you kidding me? Sharon Stone suggesting that China deserved to be devastated by an earthquake. Dunkin` Donuts pulling a Rachel Ray ad because she could be mistaken for a terrorist. The unbelievable stories that got us saying, "Are you kidding me?"

Plus, "Sex in the City" star Cynthia Nixon opens up to me about her breast cancer battle and her same-sex romance. It`s the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT as we bring you "Sex in the City" week.


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. And tonight, "Spider Man" star Kirsten Dunst is revealing for the very first time why she checked into a rehab center and claims it had nothing to do with alcohol or drug abuse. Kirsten`s big confession is coming up.

But first tonight, war on the Hogans. War over the shocking jailhouse tapes of Hulk Hogan talking with his locked up son Nick about doing a reality show after Nick gets out and capitalizing on his crime. War over Mama Hogan`s outrageous claim that she has it worse than the mother of the man Nick nearly in a car accident. Today, the Hogans were under attack like never before, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that the hulkster may actually want to call on a couple of American gladiators to come to his family`s rescue.


NICK BOLLEA, HULK HOGAN`S SON: I don`t know what to do, Mom. I`d give anything to get out of this room.

HAMMER (voice over): SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the family of Hulk Hogan is facing a huge backlash since the tapes of their jailhouse conversation with Hogan`s son Nick were released.

CAROLINA BERMUDEZ, SENIOR EDITOR "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": I think this was a great thing because it exposed the Hogans for what they really are.

HAMMER: And now, after hearing the Hogan family tapes, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the family of John Graziano, the young man injured in the speed racing crash Nick is serving an eight-month jail sentence for, is firing back.

In a statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Graziano`s outraged father blasts the Hogans saying, quote, "Are they ever going to realize that they are not special? They are not entitled to special privileges. They need to accept responsibility once and for all."

KATIE DARYL, TMZ TV: I`m sure John`s family is just really outraged over these tapes because Nick is saying things that don`t sound remorseful.

HAMMER: In the tapes, we hear Nick and his famous dad Hulk Hogan trashing John Graziano.

HULK HOGAN: For some reason, man, god laid some heavy (UNINTELLIGIBLE) on that kid, man. I don`t know what he was into.

N. BOLLEA: John was a negative person.

HOGAN: He was what?

N. BOLLEA: He was a negative person.

HAMMER: And we hear Hulk and Nick discussing how they can cash in with a reality show after Nick leaves prison.

N. BOLLEA: I want to do it where I`ll make the most money.

HOGAN: We`ll call it "The New Nick" or something.

N. BOLLEA: It will be reality ... how I`m getting back on my feet and how I`m recovering after this, "Celebrity Out of Jail."

HAMMER: In a statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, John Graziano`s father Ed says about Nick, quote, "The reason he was put in jail was to think about my son. That`s the last thought on his mind. It`s obvious all he`s thinking about is how he can make the most money."

And Graziano`s mother Debra is also firing back at Linda Hogan for Linda`s tearful tirade against the Grazianos during this conversation with Nick.

LINDA BOLLEA, NICK BOLLEA`S MOTHER: She`s not sad. She`s just acting angry like she just wants the money. John never meant anything to her or Ed. It`s sad because I really appreciated you, kids, and I just - I miss John. I miss you too. And it`s like, she`s not suffering. I am. I have the loss. She doesn`t give two (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

HAMMER: In a statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Debra Graziano says about the Hogans, quote, "They don`t care a bit about my son. These people are the biggest phonies and the two-faced individuals that I`ve ever seen.

DARYL: Now it just seems like they`re cold, they`re callous and they`re unsympathetic.

HAMMER: TMZ`s Katie Daryl tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that`s recent online poll asked readers if after hearing the tapes they felt sympathy for the Hogans.

DARYL: Over 80 percent of the online readers said that they wanted the Hogan family to burn in hell and that they had no sympathy for them.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that Nick and his family were warned that their jailhouse conversations with Nick might be recorded. But Tru TV`s Ashleigh Banfield says they should have been kept private.

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD, TRU TV: There should be maybe some privilege between parents and children who are in jail. He was juvenile.

HAMMER: But the tapes are out and the damage has been done. And now, the seemingly heartfelt sadness and remorse Nick and his family expressed in court ...

N. BOLLEA: Every single day, I think about the accident and I think about John. I want to say I will never, ever be able to say I`m sorry enough.

HAMMER: ... are all forgotten as the public sees grief replaced by greed.

N. BOLLEA: I want to do it where I`ll make the most money.


HAMMER: So in the end, what it really comes down to is the Hogans versus the Grazianos. And I can tell you that the sympathy level for the Hogans - it`s barely measurable. And this battle has only just begun.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Jane Velez-Mitchell, investigative journalist and author of "Secrets Can Be Murder." Also in Hollywood tonight, Katie Daryl, reporter for TMZ. Katie, Jane, I appreciate you being with us tonight.

Out of all the conversations from the jailhouse that we`ve heard on these tapes, there is one that really has almost come to symbolize the shock over what the Hogans have said. It`s Linda Hogan`s conversation with Nick as she talks about the victim of the crash, John Graziano, his father, Ed Graziano, and his mother. Let`s listen again to that.


L. BOLLEA: John never meant anything to her or Ed. It`s sad because I really appreciated you kids and I just - I miss John. I miss you too and it`s like, she`s not suffering. I am. I have the loss. She doesn`t give two (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


HAMMER: Got to say it again, it is just unbelievable. Jane, how can Linda Hogan even suggest that John Graziano`s mother isn`t suffering? Her son`s life has been destroyed here.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST AND AUTHOR: A.J. unbelievable is absolutely right. You try to give a mom whose son is behind bars a little leeway to be perhaps a tad overemotional but nothing like this. This is outright malicious for the mother of the perpetrator, the guy who crashed the car that left this young man semi-comatose with half his brains ripped out.

To attack the mother of that suffering young man and say she doesn`t care and say, "I`m suffering," you know, that goes beyond even narcissism. That`s what you would call malignant narcissism, the kind of self- centeredness that takes down everything in its path. I think this woman should be ashamed of herself. But obviously, the Hogans don`t know the word "shame."

HAMMER: Malignant narcissism, Jane. That pretty much says it all right there. Katie Daryl, can you help me out with this at all? Is there any way you can possibly make any sense of what Linda Hogan said, suggesting that John Graziano`s mom isn`t suffering? She obviously is.

DARYL: Well, a mother`s love is very strong. And obviously, this is Linda Hogan`s grief talking. And there is a good chance that she was thinking that this kind of felt like a double loss for her. She always considered John a son, so not only does she have a son in a hospital bed but then she has her biological son in prison behind bars, suffering, crying to her. So her heart is breaking and she`s just trying to reach out right now at this point.

HAMMER: So, perhaps just overwhelmed with everything. But suggesting that Nick`s mom is not suffering - wow! Well, the statement that the Grazianos gave to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT really left no doubt as to how outraged they are. You`ve got to listen to this, quote, "These tapes clearly show what the Bolleas said in court was calculated to give the court the impression that Nick deserved a break. It was a true Academy Award performance. They spoke of their love for John and they expressed how sorry they were. But their true feelings have now been revealed in the tapes."

So Jane Velez-Mitchell, what the heck happened here? Did the Hogans just try to put one over on the judge and everybody when they pleaded for mercy at Nick`s sentencing?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. It sounds like that`s what they tried to do. I agree with everything the attorney for the victim`s family said except for the words Academy Award-winning performance. I think the Hogans bad actors from the get-go. I didn`t buy their act in court. And the first thing that tipped me off was the fact that Hulk Hogan wore that crazy head wrap into court which to me said symbolically, being a Hogan is still more important than anything else in the world.

Even the fact that there is a young man semi-comatose in a hospital because of his alleged irresponsibility, because it was his car that his son was driving when that crash occurred and his son had spent the day with him and his son had alcohol in his system.

HAMMER: Wow. And the unbelievable clips just keep on coming. At another point in this jailhouse conversation tapes, we have Hulk`s son, Nick, talking with the Hulkster about going back to the judge and asking for leniency. He`s saying, "Dad I want to serve my sentence out perhaps under house arrest." So Jane, does it seem to you that once the judge hears these tapes, there is less than zero chance of that ever possibly happening?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, yes. These tapes are going to boomerang big time if they haven`t already. You know, this family suffers from terminal uniqueness. The rules do not apply to them. Everybody else in the world has to abide by the rules but they don`t. "Get me out of here. I`m special." That`s what this is crying out. And you know, this is the ultimate lesson. They`re going to learn that they aren`t special, that the rules do apply to them and I really feel that from this moment on, the Hogans are toast.

HAMMER: And yes - I was going to say, Jane, is there any way - I mean they have dug a crater so deep. Can they possibly dig themselves out of this with these tapes out here now?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: No. I really don`t think so. You know, there`s a saying in 12 steps that there`s no mess you can`t clean up. But I do believe this is a mess that they cannot clean up because they had the opportunity. They pretended to show remorse in court. They pretended to show compassion. And then when they turned around and did was basically the opposite when they thought that nobody was listening, but in fact the world was.

HAMMER: Nobody was listening, the operative term there. Jane Velez- Mitchell, Katie Daryl, thank you very much for being with us tonight.

Now we want to hear from you. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Hulk Hogan`s Son: Should Nick do a reality show after jail?" I think I know how this is going to go. But please do vote at Our E-mail address if you have more to say,

Well, the Hogan family now obviously not the only outrageous story that`s out there tonight and not by a long shot. I could not believe this. Sharon Stone actually suggests that China deserved to be devastated by an earthquake? Wait, it gets even worse. A Dunkin` Donuts ad gets pulled because Rachel Ray could be mistaken for a terrorist. They are the stories that made me say, "Are you kidding me?" And they`re coming up. We will also have this -


CYNTHIA NIXON, "SEX AND THE CITY" STAR: I got my diagnosis about a year and a half ago. And you know, I had surgery and then I had radiation. And I certainly didn`t want to, you know, send out a press release -


HAMMER: Certainly understandable. It is "Sex and the City" week here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight, my one-on-one revealing chat with "Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon who really opened up to me about her breast cancer battle and her same-sex relationship. That is just ahead in the interview you`ll only see on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And Kirsten Dunst speaking out for the first time since she went to rehab, the same one Lindsay Lohan went to. And get this, Kirsten says she didn`t go there for the reason you think. I`ll fill you in coming up.

Remember, you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video any time with new stuff going up all the time at Among the videos now playing, "The Startling Hogan Family Jailhouse Tapes."


HAMMER: "Sex and the City" has finally returned to New York City. Sarah Jessica Parker and company made their way down the pink carpet on Tuesday night for what is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and all this week, we are celebrating the movie`s release. It is "Sex and the City" week. We`re going to be bringing you all of my one-on-one interviews with the big stars of this film.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And tonight, my very revealing one-on-one interview with Cynthia Nixon. Now, Nixon is telling me all about the movie and all about her life. Nixon of course plays the tell-it-like-it-is attorney Miranda Hobbes. And now, she opens up to me like never before. She was very candid about overcoming breast cancer, celebrating her love life and even that nasty rumor of a feud between her co-stars. And I had to know, what happened when the cast sat down for the very first time in four years.


NIXON: It was amazing, the table read. I mean we were all just so excited about the film itself and then we showed up back at Silvercup studios where we had shot for years and had our dressing rooms and offices and everything. And we gathered around the same table with the, you know, view of Manhattan and the Queensboro Bridge right out the window and we read and people - you know, as they say, people laughed, people cried.

HAMMER (on camera): I have to say it was terrific watching you on "Oprah" together. It looks like you had a blast doing the show.


HAMMER: There was a buzz - everybody was wondering, "Oh gosh. They`re really going to do "Oprah" together. Because, you know, whether it was perceived or real, there was this notion that there was this drama going on with the cast of the show. And one of my producers even said, "We`ll watch and see if they`re all going to even sit close to each other on the couch. I mean when you hear stuff like that, what do you think? Does it make you mad to hear that?

NIXON: No. It`s - you know, it`s kind of like the weather. I just sort of - I just sort of treat it like the weather and, you know, sometimes it`s rainy and sometimes it`s sunny. And you know, it`s always there. It always seems to be an issue for people. So, you know -

HAMMER: It is what it is.


HAMMER: Something that I think is particularly wonderful that you`ve been able to talk about recently is the fact that you battled breast cancer a couple of years ago. You know, I don`t know if you`re setting out to be courageous, but I look at it as a big courageous thing. And I give you a lot of credit for doing that. Why did you wait to this point to start talking?

NIXON: Well, I got my diagnosis about a year and a half ago. And, you know, I had surgery and then I had radiation, and I certainly didn`t want to, you know, send out a press release right then. And I was trying to get through my treatment without having photographers at the hospital and people didn`t know, and that was good. And I also wanted to get a little distance from it.

I mean you know, when you tell someone that you have cancer they go into a panic and the thing that they want to know from you is, are you OK. And it`s like - well, if I just finish my radiation a month ago, I`m OK right now. But it`s like being able to say I had this cancer more than a year and a half ago and everything looks good, you know. Much better to be able to tell people that.

HAMMER: No question. And you`re doing well?

NIXON: I am doing well.

HAMMER: You look great.

NIXON: Thank you.

HAMMER: You look fantastic.

NIXON: Thank you.

HAMMER: One of the things we love doing on our show is highlighting relationships that work and from watching you on from "Oprah" the other day, gushing about your partner, I have to say I`m sitting in a good situation to ask you that. You know, obviously being in showbiz, there`s pressure.

NIXON: Right.

HAMMER: Then there`s the added media glare if it`s a same sex relationship.

NIXON: Right.

HAMMER: For you guys, what really is the key to making it work, to having such a great relationship and surviving the pressure?

NIXON: I think we really - we really prioritize the relationship and we really make time for it. And, you know, I have to say I put a lot of credit for how good our relationship is on my girlfriend. And I just think she`s so emotionally smart and she`s - you know, right now she`s actually taking a sabbatical from her work because it`s like a crazy year and she`s a stay-at-home mom, you know, with our kids this year. And you know, I think that speaks volumes.


HAMMER: How do you not love Cynthia Nixon? You`ve got to keep tuning in for our very special "Sex and the City" week right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

On Thursday, Kristin Davis talks about her outrage towards the tabloids. And on Friday, Kim Cattrall opens up about dating younger men both in the film and in real life. And there`s some hot oil involved. It`s "Sex and the City" week here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Now, as I mentioned, "Sex and the City," the film, has finally premiered in New York City and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there as the ladies of "Sex and the City" walked the pink carpet in, of course, their Manolos and Jimmy Choo shoes. And now that the movie has finally made to it the big screen, we just had to know, will there be a sequel?


KIM CATTRALL, "SEX AND THE CITY" STAR: I would love it. We had such a great time. It was great to be back on the streets of New York. It was the cobblestones, the costumes, the people, the crew. It was - we`ve become a family too. So it was like coming home to Samantha, coming home to the girls.

HAMMER: Well, you might have to wait for the sequel "Sex and the City, The Movie" opens nationwide on Friday.

Now, coming up, "Hollywood Family Fiascos." First up, the Hogans.


N. BOLLEA: Will you work on that reality deal ...


N. BOLLEA: ... for me, get that thing lined up so the minute I walk out of wherever I walk out of it`s there boom.

HOGAN: Can you do it while you`re on probation?

N. BOLLEA: Yes, of course. I want to do it where I`ll make the most money.


HAMMER: I really cannot believe that Nick is talking about making money on a reality show while he`s in jail and his friend is in critical condition because of the car accident he was driving for. But they are not the only family that`s messing down right now. That is ahead in the showbiz special report, "Hollywood Family Fiascos."

Also, are you kidding me? I couldn`t believe this - Sharon Stone actually suggests that China deserved to be devastated by an earthquake. And a Dunkin` Donuts ad gets pulled because Rachel Ray could be mistaken for a terrorist. Definitely stories that made me say, are you kidding me? And they are coming up.

And Kirsten Dunst is speaking out for the first time since she went to the same rehab that Lindsay Lohan went to but not for the reasons you might think. That`s coming up next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. Here are some more stories that are new right now.

Kirsten Dunst is now speaking out about her stint in rehab. And I`ve got to tell you it`s not for what you`re thinking. Kirsten said that she went to the Cirque Lodge in Utah to get help for depression, not for drugs or alcohol. Now, she tells "E! Online" that she was really struggling and she was lucky to have the resources to go to treatment center and take care of herself.

Well, Patrick Swayze is saying he`s responding well to the treatment he`s undergoing for pancreatic cancer. Swayze tells "People" magazine that he is living a full and busy life. He`s traveling and spending time with friends. Swayze is undergoing treatment at Stanford University Medical Center. Great news for him.

And it`s official. Madonna has adopted two-year-old David Banda. The adoption was finalized on Wednesday in Malawi and in his ruling the justice said he is satisfied that Madonna and Guy Richie are perfect parents for David. And with the ruling, David`s biological father gives up all rights to his son and he says he`s glad it`s over and he`s happy for David.

Well, Madonna`s family may have passed the test but you know, some other Hollywood families are practically melting down. I mean take the Hogans. There is absolute outrage over jailhouse conversations caught on tape where Nick and his mom trash talk the victim of Nick`s car crash.

And then the Lohans, you`ve got Dina`s reality show plan which seems to be backfiring big time. That is all coming up in a showbiz special report, "Hollywood Family Fiascos."

Also, are you kidding me? I can`t believe this - Sharon Stone actually suggests that China deserved to be devastated by an earthquake? Huh? And a Dunkin` Donuts ad gets pulled because Rachel Ray could be mistaken for a terrorist. Stories that make me say, are you kidding me? Coming up.

Also Katie Couric returns to the "Today" show. You`ll want to stick around so I can tell you why Katie had to set her alarm this morning for the first time since she left the CBS Evening News. That is still to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

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N. BOLLEA: Will you work on that reality deal ...


N. BOLLEA: ... for me, get that thing lined up so the minute I walk out of wherever I walk out of, it`s there, boom.

HOGAN: Can you do it while you are on probation?

N. BOLLEA: Yes, of course. I want to do it where I`ll make the most money.


HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Hollywood Family Fiascos." Tonight, outrage over Hulk Hogan`s family, Hulk`s son in jail and working on a reality show. Plus, Lindsay Lohan`s family - their reality show making them look totally stupid. Can these things get any worse? How did these families meltdown? It`s a revealing showbiz special report.

The outrageous stories that have got me saying, are you kidding me? Talk show host Rachel Ray a terrorist sympathizer for wearing a scarf? And Sharon Stone implies China deserves to get hit by that killer earthquake. Are you kidding me?


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. You`re watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. Tonight, it`s a showbiz special report, the biggest celebrity family fiascos ever, or at least this week.

Family fiasco number one, the Hogans. Hulk`s son Nick in jail and now caught on tape slamming his friend who lies in a semi-comatose state as a result of Nick`s reckless car crash. And get this, Nick is already planning a reality show.

Family fiasco number two, the Lohans. Lindsay`s mom Dina thought it would be a great idea to do a reality show starring daughter Ali to help jumpstart her singing career. Only the jumpstart seems to be backfiring big time.

Joining me tonight from Hollywood, investigative journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell. In New York, from the Tru TV studios, Ashleigh Banfield, host of Tru TV`s "Hollywood Heat." And also in New York tonight, Michael Musto, entertainment columnist for "The Village Voice."

Gang, good to have you here to go over these fiascos. We cannot talk about the Hogan family fiasco without first hearing some more of Nick and Hulk caught on tape trashing Nick`s friend John Graziano who lies in a semi-comatose state because of Nick`s car crash. Let`s listen to this.


HOGAN: Well, I don`t know what type of person John was or what he did to get himself in this situation. I know he was pretty aggressive and used to yell at people and used to do stuff and - but for some reason, man, god laid some heavy (EXPLETIVE DELETED) on that kid, man. I don`t know what he was into -

N. BOLLEA: John was a negative person.

HOGAN: He was what?

N. BOLLEA: He was a negative person.


HAMMER: All right. Jane Velez-Mitchell, let me start with you. Their list is growing. You have the crash. You have the Hogans` divorce and now this. I mean, has the Hogan family just turned into a complete fiasco?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: In a word, A.J., yes. Absolutely. I would say as a commodity, as a showbiz commodity, I would predict they are done. Toast. Finished. Kaput. Put a knife in it. Radioactive. Toxic. As I think about that, I also think that perhaps those are the qualities that are needed to become super famous in some sense that people will love to hate them. So we will have to see.

HAMMER: How far the mighty can fall. And to make matters worse, when Nick was talking to his family, he tells his dad, the Hulkster, how he can make money off of a reality show when he gets out of the slammer. Listen to him caught on tape for that.


N. BOLLEA: Will you work on that reality deal ...


N. BOLLEA: ... for me? Get that thing lined up so the minute I walk out of wherever I walk out it`s there, boom.

HOGAN: Can you do it while you are on probation?

N. BOLLEA: Yes, of course. I want to do it where I`ll make the most money.

HOGAN: So Dude, if we can get that pulled off, Dude.

N. BOLLEA: Reality.

HOGAN: "The New Nick." We can call it "The New Nick" or something.

N. BOLLEA: "The New Nick."

HOGAN: Or something. We`ll have to come up with a good name. Think of a good name.

N. BOLLEA: I`ll be thinking of a good name.

HOGAN: The - the -

N. BOLLEA: It will be reality how I`m getting back on my feet and how I am recovering after this, "Celebrity Out of Jail."


HAMMER: Well, I think that`s another strike against him for continuing to call it "real-ality." Now, the Hogans obviously became famous as a family because of the reality show "Hogans Know Best". Michael, if Nick makes this reality show, what do you think they should call it - "Hogan Knows Nothing?"

MICHAEL MUSTO, ENTERTAINMENT COLUMNIST, "THE VILLAGE VOICE": I think they should call it "American Idol" because that`s the only way anybody`s going to watch it. Look, fingers crossed it doesn`t happen, whatever you call it. Reality or reality stuff.

But look, I think it`s a much better title, "American Idol" is better than "So You Want to Make Your Friend Brain Dead."

HAMMER: Gosh, it is just so ugly. The fiasco is bad enough. And as if it couldn`t get any worse, there`s Nick`s conversation with his mother where two are in this whining session. This is unbelievable to me. They are talking about the things that they miss. Listen.


L. BOLLEA: I`m at the beach all by myself. It`s not the same (sobs).

N. BOLLEA: I miss sitting out on the water on the boat with you. I miss - I miss getting in the Escalade and going to Orlando.

L. BOLLEA: I know. Baby, we`re going to do all of that, OK? We`re going to do everything, but we`re not going to do it here in (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Florida, that`s for (EXPLETIVE DELETED) sure.


HAMMER: Wow! Gang, can I get a collective wail, please?

CREW: Wail!

HAMMER: He misses getting in the Escalade. Linda`s sitting at the beach all by herself. I know it`s a tough time what they are going through, really. But I wonder how much John Graziano`s family, how they are feeling right now as they sit at their son`s bedside. Well, he`s in a semi- comatose state. Ashleigh, has this fiasco in your mind pretty much finished the Hogans off?

BANFIELD: Probably publicly. But I think there`s something more serious here and we should think about how the prosecutors feel about these tapes. A.J., they have every right to go back to the judge and say, "Judge, we don`t think the Hogans were forthcoming during sentencing about their contrition. Listen to tapes." And that could spell more months, more time in prison for Nick. So this could be a bigger story.

HAMMER: Is that basically because he had a longer sentence than he`s actually being forced to serve because it`s not as if they can extend his sentence, correct?

BANFIELD: Well, he could serve up to five years. He only got, what, eight months? So they revise and they can lengthen. And they can say, "You weren`t telling the truth in court when you said you felt bad about this."

HAMMER: Wow. All right. We`ve got to move on now to the next Hollywood family fiasco, the Lohans. Their new reality show just made its debut. And, listen to this, in the very first episode, the Dina and daughter Ali describe how they met a music producer named Jeremy. You`ll want to watch.


DINA LOHAN, MOTHER OF LINDSAY LOHAN: I was online and I got an IM from this person. I was like, "Who are you?" He`s like, "I`m Jeremy. Here`s my music. Here`s my blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

ALI LOHAN, LINDSAY LOHAN`S SISTER: I`ve known Jeremy for like three months, four months. He`s like such a cool producer. He would always tell my mom and be like, "Listen to this. Listen to this."


HAMMER: All right. I get it. Somebody out of the blue just instant messages you so many times that you finally relent and welcome him into your home and your 14-year-old daughter`s life. Makes sense to me. Jane, how about you?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: None of this makes sense. And it`s totally phony. It`s not real reality. And if it was, I`d tell Dina, "Just because it happened to you doesn`t make it interesting. I`d rather watch paint dry or organize my socks." But beyond all the phoniness, what really gets to me is the chutzpah that she`s showing to exploit her kids in this fashion, putting them in a reality show and then turn around and try to pretend at the very same time, "I`m their champion. I`m a lioness of a mother who`s protecting my kids." The cynicism just blows my mind.

HAMMER: Yes. And the bigger picture of this whole thing, Dina said she wanted to do the show to let the world see what her real family life is really like, that she was not an evil mother. All she`s trying to do is support her kids and their dreams. Michael, clearly, another family fiasco here?

MUSTO: Sure. Use reality show to show reality. That`s something that`s never going to never happen. Reality shows are trumped up and they`re designed to make you look bad. And that`s what this show is doing. Maybe do a book, Dina, or read a book. Look, what`s also confusing, A.J., about this show is that Dina to me looks 30 and Ali looks 40.

HAMMER: Yes. Something definitely strange going on there. Got to end it folks. Jane Velez-Mitchell, Ashleigh Banfield, Michael Musto, I thank you all for being with us tonight.

MUSTO: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, I think Lindsay`s family is a total mess. But what do you think about the Hogans? We`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Hulk Hogan Son: Should Nick do a reality show after jail?" Keep voting at Email us at

Yes, the idea of Nick Hogan worrying about a reality show while he`s locked up, just ridiculous to me. You know what else is? Sharon Stone implying that awful Chinese earthquake, well, that they deserved it. More than 65,000 people died. Why would she say such a thing?

And get this. Rachel Ray caught in a terrorist controversy because of a scarf she wore. Are you kidding me? And then there`s Sanjaya. You remember this guy from "American Idol?" Never understood why so many people voted for him. Well, tonight, he`s back in a big way and already planning his retirement. Aren`t his 15 minutes up? The outrageous stories that have me saying, are you kidding me? They`re all coming up.

Also big Katie Couric news. Is she coming back to the "Today" show. Her move to the "CBS evening news," well, it`s been a total flop. You have got to hear about Katie`s big announcement, and that is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

But first, remember, you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video any time you`d like. We`re always posting new stuff for you to check out on our Web site. Mark it down. Bookmark it if you can - And among the videos that are playing right now, the startling Hogan family jailhouse tapes. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming straight back.


HAMMER: Remember Sanjaya from last season`s "American Idol?" He was the guy, of course, with that pony-hawk hair cut. Couldn`t really sing but got a lot of votes somehow. Well, tonight, I can tell you he`s got something very special in common with, of all people, Kevin Federline.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York and this has got me saying, are you kidding me? I mean, look at this. Sanjaya is in this new commercial for Nationwide Insurance. And in the commercial he`s seeking advice at an Indian monastery. He`s told to come up with a retirement plan and also to work on his hair. I`ve got to say this guy is definitely working on minute 16 of his 15 minutes.

You might remember Britney Spears` ex, Kevin Federline, also made fun of his non-existent career in a Nationwide commercial as a fast food try guy. But you know, K-Fed and Sanjaya don`t even close to two more brand new outrageous stories tonight that are definitely making us say, are you kidding me?

Listen to this - Sharon Stone made a shocking suggestion that China may have deserved the devastating earthquake that has now killed more than 65,000 people. She called the massive quake karma for the bad things that the Chinese government has done to Tibet. Are you kidding me?

And listen to this, Rachel Ray, America`s cooking cutie, a terrorist sympathizer? Yes, that`s what she`s been called after wearing a scarf in a new Dunkin` Donuts online ad. There`s been so much outrage the ad has been pulled from the Internet. And again, I say, are you kidding me?

Joining me tonight in New York, Janelle Snowden, host of VH1 News. Also in New York tonight, Maggie Gallant, the founder of Spotlight Communications.

Janelle, Maggie, I want to begin with Sharon Stone, taking some serious heat for the stunning comments about the deadly earthquake in China. She was on the red carpet there at the Cannes Film Festival. And Sharon actually said that the earthquake may be karma for China`s treatment of the Tibetan people and their exiled leader, the Dalai Lama. Watch this.


SHARON STONE, ACTRESS: I`ve been just, you know, concerned how should we deal with the Olympics because they`re not being nice to the Dalai Lama who`s a good friend of mine. And all this earthquake and all this stuff happened and I thought, is that karma when you`re not nice that bad things happen to you?


HAMMER: Wow! I`ve got to tell you, I for one do believe in karma. Don`t think it caused the earthquake in this situation. Janelle, was this not a stupid thing for Sharon Stone to say?

JANELLE SNOWDEN, HOST, "VH1 NEWS": I can`t believe she said that. I don`t think she can believe she said it either. I mean we all say stupid things but we try not to do them when the cameras are rolling. To say that that`s karma - I mean can you imagine someone saying that because George Bush has been a bad boy, we deserve September 11th? And in this case, more than like 16 times, that number of people have died. I cannot believe that she would say something like that. I`m only imagining that she probably thought speaking overseas, no one will ever hear this. But guess what?

HAMMER: Not the case any more. And you know, when you`re about to walk a red carpet you really need to have that filter engaged. I truly that doing what I do.

Maggie, what do you think? Should Sharon Stone be apologizing for this? Or do you think people are just going to write her off as some wacky out-of-work actress?

MAGGIE GALLANT, FOUNDER, SPOTLIGHT COMMUNICATIONS: Well, like you said, A.J., she`s walking the red carpet. When you`re going to make a very charged statement like what she said, don`t only think about what you`re going to say, think where you`re saying it, who you are saying it to and how you`re saying. She failed on every front.

It`s time for her to explain where the sentiment came from. She obviously has very strong feelings about Tibet. That`s what she should say. That`s where that came from. But she has got to apologize if she wants people to forgive her. Because I believe in career karma, and I think that`s going to bite her, don`t you think?

HAMMER: Yes, and I don`t really think at all that she went out there sort of with that premeditated idea that she was going to put that statement out there. I think it just kind of came out and yes, bad move. If it`s any consolation though, right after the big earthquake remark, Sharon said also said that although she was upset by what the Chinese have done to the Tibetans, sometimes good people like her have to take the high road. Watch this.


STONE: It was a big lesson to me that sometimes you have to learn to put your head down and be of service even to people that are not nice to you. And that`s a big lesson for me.


HAMMER: Janelle, back at you. Does that comment from Sharon make you feel any better or was she still just stupid to say what she said?

SNOWDEN: You know, if at first you don`t succeed, try and try again. But maybe try with like a new publicist behind you who can just yank you from that interview and move you along.


SNOWDEN: She`s digging a hole deeper and deeper.

HAMMER: Where was the publicist, indeed?

Let`s now move on another story that also has us saying, are you kidding me? I want you to take a look at this photo of Rachel Ray. Can we bring that up Chris? She`s wearing a scarf in a new Dunkin` Donuts ad. Now, this scarf you`re seeing here is called a Kafia and that`s been associated with the Palestinian liberation struggle. Maggie Gallant, Dunkin` Donuts is pulling the ad. Were they right, or was this political correctness run amuck?

GALLANT: Well, I have to say Dunkin` Donuts - their statement about this and pulling the ad - pitch perfect PR. Not only did they address the fact that some people might have been offended. They apologized for it. They explained how it came to be and they went to the financial expense of pulling the ad, which anyone in advertising knows how expensive it has to be to do that. She`s not an inexpensive host for something like this. They were pitch perfect and I think they`re going to have more fans of their Munchkins and their iced coffee than they ever did ever before, because it was perfect.

HAMMER: But, again, it`s like the PC, police, you know, on parade here. Janelle?

SNOWDEN: Yes. I mean I`m all for being PC especially when you`re in a career whose success depends on public likability. It`s like, come on. I mean the "New York Times" did a story how these scarves are all the rage. I really don`t think that when people look at them they`re thinking, "Oh, I wonder if Rachel Ray is down with the Taliban."

GALLANT: But I have to say what`s so great about our country and not the other cultures that we`re talking about here, is people have opinions. That`s what`s wonderful. People can have opinions. That`s what`s wonderful about being in a blog culture. People can have opinions. We`re right to have them. If people are offended by it, they can express it. And it`s Dunkin` Donuts` right to listen to their consumers and pull the ad that`s not selling the coffee. I`m talking more about the scarf.

HAMMER: So then, Maggie, what do you think it`s about. Because, you know, as Janelle mentioned, this scarf is all the rage. The "Times" did the story on it. Do you think that the stylist was doing anything more than really trying to keep Rachel Ray hip which, you know, sometimes she can sort of not be? You think this just a big culture clash?

GALLANT: Well, I`ll tell you the biggest faux pas here is wearing something and not knowing where it came from. The new trend now besides eating consciously is dressing consciously. The big trend with denims is organic jeans. People want to know where their clothing has been made. The biggest faux pas here was Rachel just depending on a stylist to put her into something. And not thinking about what she was putting on.

HAMMER: Yes. Maybe you`ve got a point there. I want to read to you a statement that we got because SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reached out to Dunkin` Donuts. Here`s what their spokesperson said to us, "The scarf was selected by the stylist for the advertising shoot. Absolutely no symbolism was intended. However, we are no longer using the online ad because of the possibility of misperception detracted from its original intention to promote our iced coffee." Yes, I think that did happen. So, Janelle, do you think that Dunkin` Donuts was more upset that the ad failed?

SNOWDEN: Oh, I can only imagine what must be going on in those boardrooms. They`re peeved. They have to be. Ads are not cheap, especially not national ones or ones featuring national or syndicated hosts. I mean - and as far as wanting to know where your clothes have come from, the only think I want to know is that nobody else`s behind has been in this.

HAMMER: No question about any of this. Some people say that didn`t really do much for Rachel Ray`s outfit anyway.


HAMMER: Janelle Snowden, Maggie Gallant, thank you both for being here tonight.

Well, you`ve got stick around for this, some big, big news about Katie Couric. Tonight, is she coming back to the "Today" show? You know, she`s been on the "CBS Evening News" now for two years and well, things have been pretty, pretty bad for her there. She`s being paid a reported $15 million to come in last place. So is she coming back to mornings? You will want to stick around to find out. And I`ll tell you what`s happening with that, next.

But right now, I need to let you know that you can always watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT any time at all. Download our podcast. It`s free. You will find the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT podcast at You can also download it on iTunes. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming straight back.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And tonight, some big news for Katie Couric. She is back on the Today show. But hang on just one second. This is something you may never see again.

Katie along with the other network news anchors, ABC`s Charlie Gibson and NBC`s Brian Williams all showed up on Wednesday morning`s the "Today" show. Now, on September 5th, all three are going to be hosting amazing star studded event. It`s a telethon to fight cancer. They are calling it "Stand Up to Cancer." And they came on today to make the big announcement. Now, Katie`s former co-host Matt Lauer had to have some fun with Katie. This is her first time back on "Today" since she left for the "CBS Evening News" two years ago.


MATT LAUER, CO-HOST, "TODAY" SHOW: I saw the car pull up, seriously, at, you know, 7:45 this morning. Just Reminded me of what time you used to normally get here. But if you want to - what does it feel like to be back? It`s been two years almost, exactly, by the way.

KATIE COURIC, FORMER "TODAY" SHOW CO-HOST: I had the weirdest dream last night.


HAMMER: Now, Matt of course referring to the famous scene of the series finale "Newhart." You remember that, when Bob Newhart woke up and found Suzanne Pleshette, his co-star from his previous TV show, in bed with him. By the way, the telethon - great idea. Good thing Katie`s doing it now because as you probably have heard, plenty of talk that she may not be in the CBS NEWS anchor chair for much longer.

Well, on Tuesday we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. There`s a shocking report pit showing Oprah Winfrey`s ratings are down. So here is the question - "Oprah Winfrey: Is she still one of your favorite things?"

Take a look at how this went. Only 21 percent of you said yes, meaning nearly 80 percent of you said no.

We got a lot of E-mails in on this, including one from Jenna. Jenna writes in from Oklahoma, "I think she`s fabulous. Oprah turns her wealth towards many humanitarian efforts."

But we`ve got an opposite opinion from Arlene in Alberta, Canada who thinks, "Her increasing sense of self-importance and narcissism have lessened her appeal for me. Somewhere along the line, she lost her sense of humility and graciousness."

We always appreciate you writing in and casting your vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. And as always we do appreciate you writing in and very much appreciate your writing in and very much appreciate your responding to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day.

And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Remember, you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern, 11:00 p.m. Pacific and we`re on in the morning, too. Check us out at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is coming up next.