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Could Britney Spears` Legal Battle Move to the Federal Court? Stars Excited Over Obama; Why Paul McCartney and Heather Mills` Drama Could Become Public

Aired February 15, 2008 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Shocking Britney Spears` news. Could the fight over her actions, her estate, really move to federal court? I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes right to the stars. Just why are they so excited by Barack Obama? I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the Britney Spears` drama. We know it`s a mess, but don`t make a federal case out of it. OK? Sorry. Too late. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the dramatic steps to get the fight over Britney`s fortunes, her life moved, to federal court.

Plus, on the one-year anniversary of when Britney shocked the world by shaving her head, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates just exactly what was Brit`s breaking point.

Stunning developments in the McCartney-Mills divorce battle. Why Paul and Heather`s dirty laundry could become terribly public. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT taking on the explosive questions - could this nasty fight actually end up playing out on TV and just how much cash will Heather really get? Better yet, how much does she deserve?

And Paris` pet problems. Is Paris Hilton really caught up in a custody battle over her cat, and under investigation about her dog?


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood. And it`s really hard to believe that it was almost exactly one year ago that Britney Spears got the buzz cut seen and heard around the world. The date - February 16, 2007, Britney walks into a salon, grabs an electronic clipper, shaves off all her hair, thus beginning the hairiest and scariest year of her life. Tonight, an explosive SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report, Britney`s breaking point. That`s coming up.

HAMMER: But first, in yet another astounding development in the Britney drama, the battle for her fate and fortune could become a federal case. You heard me correctly, a federal case. I cannot make this stuff up.

But hey, whoever would have thought that the U.S. Supreme Court would actually hear a case about Anna Nicole Smith? So why not Britney? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing just why Britney may be going from Federline to federal court.


(voice over): Family court, superior court, - heck, even traffic court - have all had to handle Britney Spears. Now, an attorney is saying the troubled pop star`s civil rights are being violated and he wants to bring in the big guns to settle the whole mess, the United States Federal Court.

LISA BLOOM, ANCHOR, "IN SESSION": This is a really farfetched case. It says in essence that her rights are being violated as a citizen. She`s a prisoner in her own home.

HAMMER: A New York and Washington based attorney who says he`s acting on Britney`s behalf has filed these court papers obtained by They say Britney is suffering from, quote, "a deprivation of her civil liberties by the conservator," and that her case should be taken out of the L.A. courts and decided by the federal courts.

KATIE DARYL, TMZ TV: It kind of came out of nowhere.

HAMMER: A federal case out of Britney? Hey, don`t laugh. If the late Anna Nicole Smith` inheritance case could make it all he way the to the U.S. Supreme Court, Britney`s case can, too. Right?

DARYL: This is where things get a little strange.

HAMMER: It all has to do with Britney`s conservatorship status, which Britney has been under since she was committed last month. The conservatorship is headed by her father, Jamie Spears.

DARYL: He`s going to continue to be the conservator through March 10th.

HAMMER: TMZ TV`s Katie Daryl tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, this week an L.A. Court gave another big job to another family member.

DARYL: Britney Spears` big brother Brian is now in charge of her money. He`s an official trustee.

HAMMER: To recap, Britney`s dad is conservator. He makes the big decisions about Britney`s comings and goings, her medical treatments, her home and legal arrangements and so on. Big brother Brian, trustee. He handles Britney`s money which the family is using to pay her expenses and medical care.

DARYL: Ever since Jamie Spears took over as the conservator for Britney Spears, things have definitely settled down.

HAMMER: Katie Daryl tells us the arrangement seems to have brought some, pardon the expression, sanity to Britney`s life.

DARYL: Britney`s no longer driving around at 2:00 a.m., stopping at the drugstore, going to Starbucks three times a day. Things are calm and it seems like she`s back to business. She`s been dancing at Millennium Dance Studio and, actually, you know, taking her job as a professional dancer and singer very seriously.

HAMMER: Now enter this new federal case. You can see the attorney who filed it claims he`s Britney Spears` attorney but there might be one big problem with his claim.

DARYL: Britney isn`t allowed to hire new lawyers.

BLOOM: Britney Spears is right now legally an incompetent. She`s not capable of handling her affairs, that`s why a conservator is appointed for her.

HAMMER: Plus, reports suggest this attorney might be linked to Britney`s so-called manager Sam Lutfi, whom Britney`s family has now frozen out of Britney`s life.

DARYL: You have this whole pot pie of people that are kind of doing things on the sly and filing things and they`re not involved with the Spears` family.

HAMMER: OK. So maybe the Supreme Court won`t ultimately have to decide the fate of another troubled starlet. Still, considering how unpredictable things tend to get with Britney, maybe Chief Justice Roberts and the gang should keep their eyes on her case, just in case.


(on camera): The risk of my repeating myself, when it comes to Britney Spears, I never could have seen this coming. Britney`s court battle possibly playing out in federal court.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Attorney Darren Kavinoky and joining me as well from Hollywood, investigative journalist and author of "Secrets Can Be Murder," Jane Velez-Mitchell.

All right. Darren, Jane, this guy, the attorney, Jon Eardley, Esq. apparently injected himself into Britney`s dramatic case. I want you to listen to this from the court papers that he`s filed. This is a direct quote, "Irrespective of the present reality of her existence, Ms. Spears is entitled to those rights derived from the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution and the 14th amendment." Darren, you`re an attorney. What do you think? Has he got a case at all here?

DARREN KAVINOKY, ATTORNEY: Well, you know, A.J., it suddenly occurs to me that the only reason you invited me on today is because Britney and I shared the same barber at one point. And I just hope that`s not the case.

HAMMER: That wasn`t it at all.

KAVINOKY: All right. Well, listen. If this lawyer thinks that the federal courts are going to be interested in hearing Britney`s case, he is crazier than she is. It`s just not going to happen. The only serious legal questions pending right now are how quickly they`re going to throw this out, and what of the myriad of available legal theories they`re going to use to justify it. It really does not belong there.


KAVINOKY: The federal courts don`t get involved in these kinds of family disputes. It would be a clever move if he had a legal ground to stand on, but he just doesn`t.

HAMMER: Well, what if that`s something that you say then doesn`t hold any water at all. Let`s just for argument`s sake say that it could go through and it could be argued she is not getting all of her rights because of the conservatorship in place and goes to the federal court. Jane, what do you think? Could it be good for Britney to have the conservatorship removed at this point?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: Well, possibly. I think this is a bizarre filing but I think it raises some valid questions. Namely, are Britney Spears` civil liberties and constitutional rights being violated by this very controlling conservatorship? What occurs to me is that when she was in the psych ward, they let her out several days early. That`s why everybody was surprised that she slipped out because she was no longer a danger to herself or others.

So if she`s no longer a danger to herself or others, why is she so out of it and so incompetent that she can`t care for herself and they have to have a conservatorship appointed which allows her dad to control every aspect of her life from money to medicine, who she sees? You know, I think you can`t have it both ways and I certainly hope the commissioner who`s extended this conservatorship until next month is not being unduly swayed by all the negative press coverage and is very objective and sticks with the psychiatric reports.

HAMMER: I`m curious - Darren, to get your take on what happens if, you know, this turns out as a publicity stunt as a lot of people say, the idea of making the Britney deal a federal case. And it turns into some kind of a legal joke. Is this attorney here getting in some kind of trouble?

KAVINOKY: look, A.J., attorneys are in some ways a little bit like superheroes. They need to use the powers for good rather than evil and if you violate that rule, you get in big-time trouble. So if in fact this is just a publicity stunt, he is going to be subjected to all sorts of sanctions. You know, you really - there`s a saying, you don`t mess with Texas. For those people there from Texas and you really don`t want to mess with the federal court, as well. If this is a publicity stunt, there`s serious that`s coming down.

HAMMER: Yes. I would think it`s just so odd - federal court, Britney Spears in the same sentence alone. But again, we said the same thing about Anna Nicole Smith. Now, we don`t know how this guy, Jon Eardley, Esq. got involved in all this. Jane, what do you think? Is it too far-fetched that Britney may actually be behind it?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Not at all, and by the way, A.J., I saw the filing. His phone number is on there. I called the lawyer, and I said, "Please call me and tell me who`s behind all this." I`m hanging on to my Blackberry, still have not received that call back.

But it`s possible that Britney`s behind this. She`s listed there. He says he`s representing her. She may be able to get text messages out, which is what some reports say. She`s texting her friends and saying she is bored. We know she resents her dad`s control over life. We know she tried unsuccessfully to hire her own lawyer because she cannot at this point. The conservatorship says she is not even entitled to have her own legal counsel, so maybe she texted some of her friends and said, "Get me a lawyer. Get my father out of my life and this guy suddenly appears.

HAMMER: Well, now, very quickly, Darren. I have about 20 seconds, but to Jane`s point, she`s not allowed to hire a lawyer. Wouldn`t this counselor know that?

KAVINOKY: Oh, yes. He absolutely would know it and in those moving papers, he attached a copy of the docket which specifically references those orders. So absolutely, he knows that. And he`s not going to put his name on any papers as Britney`s attorney unless he`s been hired by Britney or somebody close to her.

HAMMER: Wow, it is all so strange. Jane Velez-Mitchell, make sure you let us know if he gets back to you. We appreciate your being here tonight. And Darren Kavinoky, thanks so much. And now, we`d like to turn it over to you. This is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. We would like you to sound off on, "Britney Spears: Do you trust her family to take care of her?"

You can vote at Our E-mail address if you`ve got more to stay, it`s And I`ve got to tell you, I`ve got so many big Britney Spears questions that I`m investigating. And you know, it has been one year now since Britney shaved her head. Now, looking back on that, I`ve got to wonder, was she just behaving badly like, you know, so many out of control young Hollywood stars? Or was this big clue about her mental illness?

Also, I`ve got a startling, revealing look you won`t want to miss of what Britney was going through just before she checked into a hospital psych ward. Plus, you will not believe what some stars are now saying about Britney Spears. It`s a showbiz special report you will not want to miss. Showbiz investigates "Britney`s Breaking Point." That is coming up.

ANDERSON: Also tonight, A.J., has the McCartney-Mills divorce battle reached a breaking point? Tonight, stunning developments, why this fight could actually end up on TV. And here`s what else I want to know. Just how much cash will Heather get? I really wish these two would agree on something, soon. Coming up.

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, here`s something that a lot of people can certainly agree on. When it comes to keeping promise, I`ve got to tell you, I think this one right here, Paris Hilton, pretty much the worst at keeping promises. When it comes to keeping the pets, well, it looks like pretty much the same thing applies. Tonight, why Paris has some serious pet problems. Why she`s in trouble over both her cat and her dog.



HEATHER MILLS, PAUL MCCARTNEY`S EX-WIFE: I`ve had worse press than a pedophile or a murderer.


ANDERSON: That`s Paul McCartney`s ex, Heather Mills in the interview heard around the world many times over. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, it`s the battle of the Brits. I`m not talking Britney Spears. I mean Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.

We got a big surprise today when the court hearing to determine how much Heather might get was extended into next week. Yes, the top secret hearing still going on. What are they saying in there? And is there a chance all the juicy details will be made public?

Joining me tonight in New York, one of the most in demand, best known celebrity divorce attorneys out there, Raoul Felder. And in Hollywood tonight, "In Touch Weekly`s" senior editor, Kim Serafin.

Raoul, Kim, thank you both for being here. And you know, everybody was expecting this hearing was going to wrap up today and now we know it`s not over. It`s been extended to next week. Raoul, what the heck is going on here? What does this say?

RAOUL FELDER, DIVORCE ATTORNEY: Well, a couple of things. Hearings are never over when they say they`re over. Everything goes longer. The other problem is she is representing herself; that makes a problem for the judge. The judge has to sort of be her lawyer, too. And when somebody`s representing themselves, it takes forever.

I tell you, it`s a nightmare to try a case against somebody who doesn`t have a lawyer, who`s representing themselves. So my suspicion is it`s going at a snail`s pace because she is her own lawyer. She doesn`t know how to make objections. She doesn`t know how to make points so it is a drawn-out sickness here.

ANDERSON: Well, whatever decision is ultimately made, Mills can appeal. And if that happens, all the dirty details could become public. Kim, do you think that`s something Mills is banking on and hoping to happen?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Well, yes, as you mentioned it. If either side appeals that apparently can go to the House of Lords, and then this would become public. And I think Heather Mills would like that. I mean, she certainly understands how to use the media. It doesn`t necessarily always help her.

I think I read something this week. Her father says she knows she is the most hated person in this country and she doesn`t care. And as we saw before, she has had worst press than a pedophile, according to her. So I think as she is representing herself doesn`t have really much else to go and doesn`t have legal acumen to go on. She just wants to use it as an all-out press free for all.

ANDERSON: Well, as you said, Kim, and Raoul, you mentioned this as well, Heather Mills has been representing herself in the case. Raoul, how much does that complicate things here and you probably do agree from what you just said that, with a lot of other peoples` opinions, that is a pretty stupid move.

FELDER: Well, may be stupid or very smart. I kind of think it is stupid. She has the best lawyers in the world. In fact, I did work on her case when she had this other firm, Mishcon de Reya(ph).

But you see, there are subtleties and nuances here that she can`t present. For instance, copyrights obtained during this four-year marriage. The future value of the copyrights, how is she going to present evidence? She does not know how to do it. How do you put a value on celebrity status - enhanced earning capacity due to celebrity status? She`s not going to know how to do this.

So some judge has to make sure that she understands it and get to explain the law to her and so forth. And of course, Kim is quite right. When it goes up to the House of Lords like any appeal, it`s going to be a public record. Sometimes they change it to anonymous and what good is that going to be? They`re going to say anonymous, a former Beatle and they`re going to say, his former wife with one leg. You know?

ANDERSON: Good point. Well, hey. There are reports that McCartney is willing to pay her about $50 million of his estimated more than $1 billion fortune. Kim, $50 million. Hey, that`s $50 million more than she had prior to when she married him in 2002. Shouldn`t she just take that money and run?

SERAFIN: You would think so, but maybe the reputation that she has as a gold digger is possibly true. I mean, I don`t know what she is going for at this point other than perhaps more publicity for herself. It doesn`t seem like she`s going to turn the tide. She really is not liked on that side of the pond, or really on this side. So the only thing I think she can be out for is better publicity, as well.

ANDERSON: Raoul, what are your thoughts on that?

FELDER: I don`t think it`s good publicity for anybody. It started out if you remember McCartney said that she had Arab princes keeping her and she had nude photographs. She said he abused her. She had to crawl up the stairs with her one leg. He said, "I didn`t." She said, "I have a tape on." He says, "Oh, if you have a tape, it`s a different matter."

So he didn`t come out too well. Then, of course, she is now the villainess. Kim was right, she`s the villainess at this point. I don`t think anybody`s going to profit here. About the $50 million - you know, that`s sort of a sexist thing to say.

That`s what man are always saying, "Why does she need all that money," whenever they have a divorce. They didn`t even need the money. But judges don`t think like that. They think like the law. And so if you have a little bit of money, a lot of money, if it`s going to be 50 percent, it`s 50 percent of a little or 50 percent of a lot.

ANDERSON: Let me ask you this, Raoul, very quickly. Is there anything that could justify Heather getting more than $50 million?

FELDER: Sure. He`s got songs, copyrights that are acquired in this four- year marriage. You know, she helped his image too. Before that, he was a former Beatle and loved as a former Beatle. She put a human face to this situation here. And he was now a kindly guy who married a lady who was disabled. They worked for land mines to make sure they get rid of land mines. They did great things and I think she softened his image, and it`s a more enduring image and a more lovable image. And I think that counts for something, too.

ANDERSON: Right. We will see what happens, extending into next week. Raoul Felder, Kim Serafin, thank you both for your insights.

HAMMER: Now, from one battle to another. Britney Spears battling a serious mental illness. Her family fighting to keep control of her affairs. And you know, it`s almost one year to the day since her shocking head shaving. So much has happened since then but what exactly was her breaking point? It is a controversial showbiz special report and it is coming up.

ANDERSON: Well, we don`t know how Britney`s little doggy, Bit-Bit, is doing. I assume she`s OK but what about Paris Hilton`s dogs? Tonight, I can tell you, Paris is in some serious doggy doo-doo. And she`s also reportedly in trouble over her cat, Prada. Does the devil own Prada? Next. Also this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can we move this couch out of the way? Yes, we can.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can I stick my kid in the video?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I need you to be in it. He goes, "All right."


ANDERSON: OK. So you probably know about Barack Obama`s "Yes, we can" slogan. Well, you know, with YouTube, there had to be some parodies of that. They are really hilarious. You`ve got to see them. We`ll show them to you, coming up.


ANDERSON: Hey, welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. And here are some more stories that is are new right now. Uh- oh. More problems for Paris Hilton. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you she`s gone to the dogs, and cats. Paris was on the Ellen Degeneres show and started talking about having 17 dogs. Big problem. Los Angeles law says you can only have three. So Animal Services showed up at her house and left a complaint. And reports say she left her cat Prada at the vet two weeks ago. An animal group has rescued that cat.

OK. Two magazines, two packs of batteries, that`s what actress Bai Ling allegedly shoplifted from a gift shop at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday. Two puzzling questions here. Why did she allegedly do it and who the heck is Bai Ling?

Well, "E! News" reports that Bai was messed up over a break-up. As for who she is, well, she was in the movie "The Crow" and on TV`s "Lost."

And if you missed the Spice Girls on tour this time around, well, you might be out of luck. Geri Halliwell, "Ginger Spice" tells "" this reunion probably won`t happen ever again. The show wraps up February 26th in Toronto.

HAMMER: All right. Tonight, I`ve got to tell you, I`ve got so many Britney Spears` questions. You know, it`s been one year since Britney shaved her head. Well now, looking back on that, I`ve just got to wonder - was she just behaving badly or was this a big clue about her mental illness? Also, I`ve got a startling revealing look at what Britney was going through just before she checked into a hospital psych ward.

Plus you`re not going to believe what some stars are now saying about Britney. A showbiz special report. You cannot miss showbiz investigates Britney`s breaking point, coming up.

You know, I`m really psyched about this presidential election. And so many stars are getting behind their candidates, as well. Especially in the star studded "Yes, We Can" video in support of Barack Obama which, of course, means people are scrambling to post their YouTube parodies.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can we move this couch out of the way? Yes, we can.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can I stick my kid in the video?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I need you to be in it. He goes, "All right."


ANDERSON: You`ve got to see these. They are really funny. That`s straight ahead here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Stay with us.



HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Britney`s breaking point. It has been a year since that unforgettable moment where Britney Spears shaved her head and a downward spiral since then has filled with one crisis after another. Now, there are shocking new details about Britney`s behavior before entering the psych ward that you have to hear to believe. Tonight, showbiz investigates Britney`s breaking point.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That video made us cry. It made me cry. It still makes me cry.


HAMMER: Can we turn the tears into laughter? Yes, we can. And tonight, the star-studded "Yes, We Can" video in support of Barack Obama and the absolutely hilarious parodies that will leave you in stitches.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you tonight from Hollywood. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: Tonight, a showbiz special report, Britney`s breaking point. It is hard to believe but it was almost exactly one year ago that Britney Spears did the unthinkable. In one single moment, in her iconic history, she suddenly turned a rather disturbing corner and publicly shaved her head at a hair salon.

And we`re now learning for the first time the startling details of Britney`s behavior right before she was recently sent to a hospital psych ward. So was that famous head shaving incident the breaking point that led to Britney`s scariest year ever?

Joining us tonight from Hollywood, "Extra" correspondent, Carlos Diaz. Also in Hollywood, Jane Velez-Mitchell, investigative journalist and author of the fine book, "Secrets Can Be Murder." And in New York, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky.

All right. Gang, Charles, let`s have you roll that one more time. We`ve got to take a look back at that moment, that very iconic moment in February of last year when Britney Spears did the unthinkable and shaved her head. Look at that. It really brings back the memories. Now, looking back at the year since, the stays in rehab, attacking the paparazzi with an umbrella, two stays in the psych ward. Jane, was head-shaving really the breaking point here for Britney Spears?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, A.J., I would like to start by saying we cannot make light of this. This was a very, very visible manifestation - it becomes clearer now - of mental illness. And the whole world has been making fun of Britney Spears and it has to stop. We cannot ridicule mental illness, period.

Yes, it was really the turning point where the world started to see this isn`t just another out of control star having a fun time on the town. She had some bizarre things before that like appearing in public without her underwear. But this was sort of almost a metaphor for what was happening to her life.

And let`s not rule out addiction. Right before she shaved her head, she checked into a Caribbean rehab center for one day and then checked out. And then after the shaving of the head, she finally went into Promises for a full month, and then, after she got out, proceeded to deteriorate. So this was obviously a crossroads for her.

HAMMER: Dr. Judy, let me go to you from the standpoint of a clinical psychologist. As Jane Velez-Mitchell points out, obviously, Britney had done disturbing things before but this sent up a flag of different kind, didn`t it?

JUDY KURIANSKY, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, it does, A.J., but what happens with mental disorders is that they can either go on a sharp incline for some people and you snap and that`s it. Or like with Britney, there are kind of cycles. And she kind of went up in mountains that just kept increasing and increasing.

So the head shaving - I love what Jane said as a metaphor - was really, in a sense, her way of getting rid of the old and trying to start over again in some metaphorical way. It`s almost a good sign that she`s even recognizing, "Let me get all this out of me and off of me." And so, really, that is a turning point but it`s a way for people to really recognize that when you have a mental disorder, you really need to look at all the behaviors before. The driving was a big sign that needed to be noticed, and these exposing of your sexual parts. So, those two things should have been noticed, too.

HAMMER: Yes. That as well. And it really is interesting to look back because I remember very clearly in my mind, talking about it on the show a year ago and we didn`t quite know what to make of it at all. We`re now getting a much clearer picture of Britney and her most recent meltdown from "Rolling Stone" magazine. They just published really an almost unbelievable account of Britney in a shopping mall. Britney`s credit card apparently wasn`t going through and Britney started really losing it.

Listen to what they write. Quote, "A wail emerges for the cubby -guttural, vile, the kind of base animalistic shriek only heard at a family member`s deathbed. `(EXPLETIVE DELETED) these (EXPLETIVE DELETED),` screams Britney, each word ringing out between sobs. `These idiots can`t do anything right.`" This is the account of the "Rolling Stone" magazine reporter. Carlos Diaz, as it is really a sad thing to hear but knowing what we know of Britney now, is it all that surprising that this is what she was going through?

CARLOS DIAZ, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": A.J., not at all. Not at all. And I read that "Rolling Stone" article and took two things from that. If you read the whole thing, you have a big-time enabler in Adnan Ghalib. While all this is going on while she`s screaming, you know, these F words, you know, from the dressing room, Adnan is begging the clerk, "Please, hurry up. Please, please, " instead of going back to Britney and saying, "Hey. You know what? Chill out. All right? Just chill out for a second."

Then when they leave the store, Britney`s mobbed by fans and a girl comes up and says, "Hey, I`m from the south. You mind taking a picture with my daughter?" Britney looks at her and says, "If you think that I`m that person, I`m not that person anymore." So she has no problem - these are the fans that built her up. She has no problem looking at them in the face and saying, "Get away from me." It`s terrible.

HAMMER: And to Dr. Judy point, kind of disconnecting her current self from her previous self. Dr. Judy, I want to go back to you because after the head shaving and now looking back, is there really anything that any one person could have done to prevent Britney from eventually winding up where she wound up ultimately in the psych ward?

KURIANSKY: Absolutely. You know, we indulge a lot of celebrities and want their behavior to be wild and crazy, to act out our own desires to let go and so people ignore it and they even support it. And Carlos is using the word "enable," which is the right psychological word. So indeed, what is really important is to notice for everybody, any change in eating, in sleeping, in using dirty words, in exposing sexual parts, in driving as she did. Anything that is erratic is a sign, a wake up to pay attention. Anybody, A.J., at that point could have done something to just say, "You know what? Let`s just see what may be going on." And perhaps not let it get as extreme as it has gotten.

HAMMER: Well, we certainly have debated ad nauseam the extent to which the people closest to her were really paying attention to what was really going on. Now, we`re all hoping that she has turned the corner. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has been speaking with all the big stars in Hollywood, trying to get their perspective on Britney`s life now and her breaking point. We spoke with Melissa Joan Hart who, as we all know, just like Britney, was also a child star. She was starring in "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch" those years ago. I want you to listen to her perspective on Britney.


MELISSA JOAN HART, FORMER CHILD STAR: She has a very different circumstance than I think anyone has ever experienced in her life. And you know, I think she`s obviously having a lot of problems and unfortunately having to live that out in the public. And hopefully she can figure it out for herself. And, you know, I just hope that her kids are getting what they need and then she gets the help she needs.


HAMMER: All right. So now, with her family very much back in her life and in control as ordered by a court, whether she likes it or not, Jane, do you think we`re looking at a turning point, Jane, one year after what was perhaps her breaking point?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I hope so but I`m a little concerned to read that Lynne, her mom, has left town. It think beyond the conservatorship or anything, the most stabilizing factor in her life right now is the fact her mommy was there with her taking her to dance class, going shopping. And I think mom should get back into the picture.

All of this stems from childhood problems. It`s no accident that many child stars grow up to be troubled adults. And this is certainly Britney`s case. She never got to experience her childhood so she rebelled. She`s a rebel without a cause. And that`s why she identifies with the paparazzi and it spirals. The more she hangs out with her co-conspirators in this rebellion against authority, the bigger she gets into trouble.

HAMMER: Carlos, I`ve got about 20 seconds. I want to get your perspective, if you think Britney maybe has turned a corner now, here, one year later the head shaving.

DIAZ: I think if this is going bad, and this is going good, I think Britney kind of went like this a little bit. The jury`s still out on whether she`s made a complete 180 but she has turned a point to the fact I was at her house -I was at the gate of the house at Summit House today. No paparazzi were there. In fact, paparazzi are wondering where she is right now. So obviously, it`s little different than it was last week and the week before.

HAMMER: All right. Carlos Diaz, I do appreciate it. Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Jane Velez-Mitchell, I appreciate you all being with us tonight.

ANDERSON: Obama is rocking Hollywood. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT talked to the biggest stars at the NAACP Image Awards. Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Tyler Perry, they all told us why for them, it`s all about Barack right now.

Plus, I think this video is amazing. Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas takes an Obama speech, a song and a slew of stars and makes a video so inspiring, so beautiful, you just have to stay tuned to see that. We`ll also have this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can we move this couch out of the way? Yes, we can.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can I stick my kid in the video?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I needed you to be in it and he goes, "Oh, all right."

ANDERSON: Of course, we live in a YouTube kind of world, right? So first comes the video and then comes the parodies. I think some of the "Yes, We Can" spoofs are absolutely hilarious That is also ahead. You don`t want to miss it right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



WILL.I.AM, SINGER: Yes, we can. Yes, we can. Yes, we can. Yes, we can. Yes, we can.


ANDERSON: That was a clip from the very inspirational Barack Obama video that is an Internet sensation. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

Tonight, like the rest of the country, Hollywood has election fever. The stars are coming out like never before in support of their candidates. Case in point, form the Black Eyed Peas put together a song and video using Barack Obama`s "Yes, We Can" slogan and a whole slew of stars. It`s incredibly moving. Let`s take a look now at some more of that video.


WILL.I.AM AND SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D-IL), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: It was a creed written into the founding documents that declared the destiny of a nation.

Yes we can.

It was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail toward freedom.

Yes we can.

It was sung by immigrants as they struck out from distant shores and pioneers who pushed westward against an unforgiving wilderness.

Yes we can.

It was the call of workers who organized; women who reached for the ballots; a President who chose the moon as our new frontier; and a King who took us to the mountaintop and pointed the way to the Promised Land.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

Yes we can to justice and equality.

Yes we can to opportunity and prosperity.

Yes we can heal this nation.

Yes we can repair this world.

Yes we can.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

Yes, we can.

Oh, we can.


ANDERSON: The "Yes, we can" video has been viewed millions of times since it was posted online. And, of course, when a video goes that viral, then comes the parodies. Here`s CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It`s a slogan that`s hard to say no to.

OBAMA: Yes, we can.



MOOS: And yes, it did spawn this.

OBAMA: Yes, we can prepare this world.


MOOS: And that Internet sensation begot this.


MOOS: And this.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: No, you can`t. No, you can`t.

MOOS: The original song was dreamed up by the front man for the Black Eyed Peas with a slew of celebrities supporting Obama. Translated into everything of Arabic to Italian.

ANDY COBB, COMEDIAN: That video made us cry. It made me cry. It still makes me cry. It`s an inspirational video.

MOOS: So inspiring that Andy Cobb and six comedian types did their own anti-John McCain version ripping on McCain`s quote of about being in Iraq for a hundred years.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Maybe a hundred.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Maybe a hundred.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s fine with me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s fine with me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A hundred years?

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R-AZ), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I don`t think Americans are concerned if we`re there for 100 years or a thousand years or 10,000 years. 10,000 years. 10,000 years.

MOOS: Twelve thousand names, if this keeps up, that`s how many versions of the "Yes, We Can" video there are going to be.

(on camera): For would-be imitators, what makes the original video so great is that it`s so simple to recreate with just a black background. The guys making the anti-McCain version kept repeating the chorus as they shot their homemade video.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can we move the couch out of the way? Yes, we can.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can I stick my kid in the video?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I needed you to be in it. He goes, "All right."

MOOS (voice over): Yes, you can. There`s his kid. Another satirical group called "Billionaires for Bush" with a vice president Cheney look- alike.


MOOS: The original video -


MOOS: Took a surreal turn in this parody.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I like turtles. I like turtles.

MOOS: This mockery from kids who think Obama`s talk of hope is hot air.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, we can. No substance.

MOOS: The campaign `08, "Yes, We Can" is destined to eclipse golden oldies like "Just Say No."

OBAMA: Yes, we can.


ANDERSON: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: And I know what I`m going to be searching for in YouTube tonight.

Well, Barack Obama and just the overall excitement of the presidential elections, were the talk of the town on Thursday night, the NAACP Image Awards. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there on the red carpet, talking to the biggest stars. Lots of stars told us they are psyched to see as a whole country is really into this election and that lots of young people are being inspired, maybe for the very first time. And stars from Stevie Wonder to Herbie Hancock to Tyler Perry told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT it`s all because of Obama.


STEVIE WONDER, SINGER: You know, it is an interesting thing. I said this to someone recently. I said, I see in the volume of - when I hear him speak, Kennedy and King. And to me, that`s a great thing within itself.

HERBIE HANCOCK, JAZZ MUSICIAN: It`s clear that America is changing. And you know what I`m most proud of? Our young people are standing up and being counted and being a part of the process and they`re voting. And it`s Barack Obama that`s really bringing them out. Clearly, he`s the one that`s doing it. Here we have two great leaders, you know. Either one will be a wonderful president.

HILL HARPER, ACTOR: Barack Obama and I have known each other for 20 years. We went to Harvard Law School together. And so I`m on his national finance committee. And I`ve been working very hard. And you know, we`re good friends. And I`m doing everything I can to support him and his candidacy. He is running against an amazing candidate. You know, she`s incredible and she has an amazing history. And so we have to keep doing our job of just about educating people.

TYLER PERRY, ACTOR: Obama all the way. Obama - Yes, we can. Yes, we can. Yes, we can. I voted three times. One as myself, one as Madea(ph) and one as Joe. All for Obama.


HAMMER: That`s Tyler Perry, referring of course to the characters he played in his hit movie, "Madea`s Family Reunion."

Well, two of the biggest names in music are letting us in on the secrets of their success in their love lives. I`m talking about Fergie and Mary J. Blige, both so talented. And I think both are obviously just terrific. They`re successful. But I wanted to know, how do they make their relationships work? You`re going to want to hear their answers. They`re coming up next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: I thank you, Charles. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. It is time now for "Making It Work." This is where we take a look at stars who find a way to build a strong relationship in Hollywood.

Tonight, two of the biggest names in music, Fergie and Mary J. Blige and how they make it work with the men in their lives. Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel say they just try to keep it real. Fergie has said they like to do things like sing living room karaoke and cook together. And she told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the secret to their success, well, is pretty simple. Watch this.


FERGIE, SINGER: We communicate all the time - communication. Definitely. We have a good time together. We like each other. We are not at the clubs all the time. We`re not doing scandalous things. You know, we go fishing and we think we`re rowdy.


HAMMER: Fishing. That`s what you call it, eh? All right. We also caught up with Mary J. Blige and her husband Kendu Isaacs. Blige has credited her husband with helping her break free from addiction and also abusive relationships. And they told us now it`s all about the basics.


MARY J. BLIGE, SINGER: It`s love. It`s real genuine love and not being afraid to express yourself to the person in whatever way you need to, and just supporting them, you know. And just getting over yourself to really accept somebody else in your life. That`s it.


KENDU ISAACS, MARY J. BLIGE`S HUSBAND: No, she nailed it. It`s exactly that. It`s honesty and love.


HAMMER: I`ve got to tell you, they seem like such a great couple. Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in December.

ANDERSON: On Thursday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. It was this - "Kids of Stars: Should it be illegal for the paparazzi to photograph them?" Eighty percent of you say yes. Only 20 percent of you say no.

Here are some of the E-mails that we`ve received. Sarah from Arkansas writes, "Even if we can`t stop them completely, there should be laws about how close the paparazzi can get to the children."

Tom from Utah says, "It is the fault of the tabloid press that these kids cannot have a chance at a normal childhood."

And Sherry from Florida thinks, "The paparazzi have gone overboard. But this is what people like to see and it is a magazine seller so it won`t stop."

HAMMER: I`m all for a law like that, Brooke. Absolutely, keep them away from the kids -

ANDERSON: Me, too.

HAMMER: One hundred percent. Well that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is coming up next. Take care.