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Jamie Lynn`s Show Not Going to be Canceled; Rosie O`Donnell Named Most Annoying Celebrity; Mischa Barton`s DUI Arrest

Aired January 2, 2008 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER: Another huge star`s shocking DUI arrest. Oh, yes. The new year`s just begun and already there`s tons of provocative news. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And big couples` news. Two marriages and a stunning divorce you won`t believe. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, a new year`s Spears` blockbuster. Tonight, the shocking decision not to cancel Jamie Lynn Spears` popular kids` show. The startling reasons Nickelodeon I don`t know is knocking off its knocked up teen star.

But is this the right move? And what kind of message does it send to her young fans? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks the controversial question - is keeping "Zoey 101" on the air good TV 101?

The startling things that have everyone saying, "Are you kidding me? Tonight, a 6-year-old girl lies about her dad dying in Iraq to get "Hannah Montana" tickets.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s no person that was killed in action.


HAMMER: Plus, Paris Hilton chilling with Britney Spears` ex, Kevin Federline? What the heck is going on? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, "Are you kidding me?"


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you from Hollywood. And tonight, could Paris Hilton one day be headed to the poor house? Tonight, there`s startling news about the big inheritance Paris was banking on from her very rich grandfather. Will Paris have to finally get a real job? That`s coming up.

HAMMER: But first tonight, the show will go on for Britney Spears` kid sister even though she is 16 and pregnant. Nickelodeon has made a controversial decision to keep Jamie Lynn Spears` show on the air even though it`s aimed at tweens who might be asking, Hey, how come Jamie Lynn got pregnant?" Then again, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that it may not matter.


(voice over): It`s one of the biggest Hollywood scandals going right now. Teen starlet Jamie Lynn Spears, the youngest member of a troubled family, is pregnant at 16. She hasn`t talked on camera about her controversial teen pregnancy, that is until now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jamie Lynn, you look beautiful.

HAMMER: OK. This is really just an online goof on the Jamie Lynn Spears controversy, featuring an actress who`s slightly younger than the real Jamie Lynn - slightly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You mean you`re going to keep the baby?


HAMMER: But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the real Jamie Lynn Spears is not only keeping her baby, she may also be keeping her TV show, "Zoey 101." "The New York Post" reports that the kids` network, Nickelodeon, has no plans to pull "Zoey 101" off the air and that the third season finale will air as scheduled on Friday.


HAMMER: So despite all the controversy, outrage and concern over this teen role model`s pregnancy, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tells you why Zoey may not be going anywhere, and that`s no joke.


HAMMER: "The New York Post" reports that TV executives feel Jamie Lynn`s pregnancy doesn`t pose a threat to the profitable "Zoey" franchise.

J. SPEARS: I`m not nervous.

HAMMER: Not only is "Zoey" the number one TV series among tweens between the ages of nine and 14, it also brings in millions in merchandising and DVD sales. Proof that when you have an outcry over a teen pregnancy, there is one sound that can drown it all out. Culture critic Robert Thompson tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Nickelodeon made a good decision in keeping "Zoey" on.

ROBERT THOMPSON, POP CULTURE PROFESSOR: If we`re all of a sudden going to say every actor that plays a part in something that kids watch has got to have perfect role model credentials, we are going to have an awful lot of silence in front of our children.

HAMMER: That would mean we would all have to explore Dora the explorer`s past or go through Oscar the grouch`s dirty laundry or see if Hannah Montana is leading a secret double life, well, other than the one the pop star in disguise is already leading.


But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you some are saying that keeping her on TV sets a bad example for her young fans. When Jamie Lynn first announced her pregnancy in "OK" magazine, a very angry Jane Velez-Mitchell told me -


HAMMER: So now that it looks Zoey isn`t going anywhere, has Jane had a change of heart? No.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Unfortunately, I think we are going to see young kids getting pregnant because of this horrible example that`s been set.

HAMMER: The next season of "Zoey 101" was filmed well before her big pregnancy shocker. So if and when it airs, we won`t have to worry about any very special episodes featuring a knocked up Zoey.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: On the show in season four, Jamie Lynn Spears is going to be not pregnant because it is already in the can. But in the real life, she is going to be getting bigger and bigger and the kids are going to say, "Mom and Dad, what`s going on here. I don`t understand this." How do parents answer that question? It is going to be very, very tough.

THOMPSON: it is a sad state of affairs if we have to use a Nickelodeon show "Zoey 101" to get people to teach their kids about the birds and the bees.

HAMMER: So while this controversial pregnancy is being treated lightly by some -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s in the bag, Jamie?


HAMMER: For many, it`s not a laughing matter. Well, maybe a little bit.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What kind of example are you setting for your young fans?



The third season finale of "Zoey 101" will air this Friday on Nickelodeon.

ANDERSON: Jamie Lynn Spears is not the only star off to a bumpy start of the new year. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT bringing you more provocative news right now. The former star of the hit Fox show "The O.C.," Mischa Barton has become the latest member of the Hollywood DUI arrest hall of shame. Twenty-one-year-old Barton spent seven hours in a jail cell over the holidays after being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, drug possession and driving without a license.

And who do you think is the most annoying celebrity of 2007? It`s not Paris Hilton. Not Heather Mills. A new poll says Rosie O`Donnell. And Rosie has got something to say about that.

With us tonight, Ken Baker, west coast editor of "Us Weekly" magazine. Also tonight in Hollywood, Howard Bragman, founder of Fifteen Minutes Public Relations. Hey guys, I want you to take a look first at this picture of Mischa Barton on the cover of the brand new "Maxim" magazine. They called her "the one to watch." And that`s true. But unfortunately, for all of the wrong reasons. You know, 2007 was the year of the DUI in Hollywood. Ken, I find it unbelievable that Mischa learned nothing from Paris, Lindsay and Nicole.

KEN BAKER, WEST COAST EDITOR OF "US WEEKLY" MAGAZINE: Well, you know what? Mischa Barton has been getting into trouble for quite a while. It was just until this when she got arrested that everyone started paying attention. Now, just earlier this year, she was in a car accident that the paparazzi covered and it was very much there. There was a picture that was out there of her smoking what appeared to be marijuana cigarette. It wasn`t confirmed and certainly looked like that.

So she is someone been on a road to this. When you look back at her record of the partying and this and that, it is not a big surprise. It`s not like it came out of nowhere. Now, did she learn from it? Now at "Us Weekly," we learned that in fact she used to be really close to Nicole Richie. They were best friends. Nicole Richie cleaned up her life and I`m told their friendship sort of dissolved over the fact that Mischa wasn`t a good influence and she was kind of flushing people out of her life. So this very much - there a lot of warning signs and unfortunately it`s taking this before everyone`s start to wake up and wow. Mischa Barton - she`s got some problems.

ANDERSON: Well, you know, she`s been out of the spotlight for a while now since "The O.C." Now, she has three films coming out. She goes to jail like the other bad girls. Howard, in a strange, twisted way, could this be good for her career? As Ken said, people are paying attention to her.

HOWARD BRAGMAN, CELEBRITY PUBLICIST: The simple answer is, no. Under the ten commandments of PR, rule number one is all press is not good press.


BRAGMAN: All we have to do is look back at the last year. You know, people like Julia Roberts had a lot of press; didn`t help her movie. George Clooney had a lot of press; didn`t help his movie. Britney had a lot of press; didn`t help her music career.

Press is not necessarily the only factor that helps the career. It helps it if it`s the right kind of press. And if it goes authentically with what the people believe is a good person and a talented person, it works. If not, it can take you down so quick as we`re going to see with Mischa.

ANDERSON: Yes. So old adage "There`s no such thing as bad publicity doesn`t always ring true. Yes.

BRAGMAN: Wise, wise Brooke.

BAKER: I disagree. I think all press is good press.

ANDERSON: OK. Well we`ll all agree to disagree on that. Another provocative news story tonight, a 2007 year end pop culture poll by "Parade" magazine asked people who was the most annoying celebrity of the year. Take a look at this. Forty-four percent of readers voted Rosie O`Donnell the most annoying celebrity, ahead of Paris Hilton, 24 percent. She got 24 percent. Conservative pundit Ann Coulter made the list, 16 percent. Even Heather Mills-McCartney, 12 percent. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton, rounding out at four percent. Ken, do you agree, Rosie O`Donnell, the most annoying?

BAKER: Well, you know, I`ve actually taken a lot of heat for this because I`m a Rosie defender.


BAKER: Why is Rosie so annoying? Let`s break it down. Let`s see. She exercises her first amendment right to say what`s on her mind. She stands up for people who aren`t being stood up for. She`s using her blog to reach out to people and give voice. She`s very charitable.

You know what? She doesn`t like Donald Trump and she says it. A lot of people don`t like Donald Trump. Does that make them annoying? I don`t think so. I think Rosie really hasn`t gotten a fair shake with the media.

And I think that yes- is she really kind of rough edged? Does she kind of rub people the wrong way? Yes, absolutely. But I think that people need to look at Rosie. She is the kind of celebrity that is this polarity to her. You either love or you hate her and that`s just the way she is.

ANDERSON: And you can`t please everybody. Ken, I want to get to this. She did actually post a response to the poll on her Web site, Take a look.


ROSIE O`DONNELL, NAMED THE MOST ANNOYING CELEBRITY BY "PARADE" MAGAZINE: I apparently am the most annoying celebrity according to "Parade" magazine.


And frankly, most celebrities are annoying so - that was like a 9.2. So I agree. Celebrities are annoying and the fact I am annoying. And I suppose I`m the most annoying. But I am - whatever.


ANDERSON: Hey, ken. Really quickly, what do you think?

BAKER: I think it was very real, very natural and very endearing of her. She had her child there. She`s talking to her child saying, "Yes, everyone is annoying who`s a celebrity." I`d say hat`s off to her. She is not annoying at all.

ANDERSON: You know, I thought it was a pretty funny approach as well. I thought this was the best way to handle it. Ken Baker, Howard Bragman, great to see you both. Thanks.

HAMMER: All right. Brooke, I`ve got some very provocative Paris Hilton news to talk about. And I believe it is well documented on this program I definitely did not feel sorry for her when she went to jail.


PARIS HILTON, ACTRESS: I want to help raise money for kids and for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.


HAMMER: Yes. Then she promises you all that charity work. Blah, blah, blah. Well, tonight, there is someone in the Hilton family planning to do a lot of good. And it`s really going to hurt Paris in the pocketbook. Oh boo hoo. That is coming up next.

ANDERSON: Hey, A.J., a little girl`s mom cried wolf in the most awful way. It`s despicable. She made her 6-year-old daughter lie about her dad being killed in Iraq to get "Hannah Montana" tickets. That`s just one of the stories that has got us saying, "Are you kidding me?" That`s straight ahead.

HAMMER: Hey, Brooke, I bet everybody was saying that - "Are you kidding me," at this press conference. A major sports broadcaster`s wife got on stage and accused him of cheating on her. This is our startling video of the day that you absolutely will not want to miss and it is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



HILTON: I want to help raise money for kids and for breast cancer and multiple sclerosis and my -

LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": You`re going to get involved in all of those?



HAMMER: Right. That was Paris Hilton talking to CNN`s Larry King after she had just gotten out of jail about doing some good with her fame.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And of course, we never did see Paris doing any charity work in 2007. And now, there`s startling news may mean one day Paris could actually be asking for charity of her own. Paris was banking on a huge inheritance from her grandpa Baron.

But guess what? Grandpa has other plans and he has just revealed he is giving a whopping 97 percent of his entire fortune to charity. Sorry, Paris.

With us tonight in New York, Maggie Gallant, founder of Spotlight Communications. In Hollywood tonight, CNN entertainment correspondent Kareen Wynter. OK, gang. Let`s get right into this and see what all of this means because it can be confusing when you`re dealing with numbers.

So class Paris is now in session. Now I have put together for you this little flowchart so you can see exactly what`s happening. Paris Hilton`s grandfather is worth about $2.3 billion. Now, as I said, he`s giving 97 percent of all of that to charity. The other 3 percent is leftover for the Hilton family leaving old Paris with a reported $5 million of the inheritance. So how could she possibly live off that fund over a lifetime? I don`t know. Maggie, let me start with you. I`m thinking, you know, the visits to the salon are probably costing $100 grand a year alone.

MAGGIE GALLANT, FOUNDER, SPOTLIGHT COMMUNICATIONS: It is expensive to be Paris Hilton. It`s expensive to be any celebrity. You have publicists. You have managers. You have stylists. You have red carpet fashions. Now you have to be looking fabulous even going to Starbucks. So it is expensive to be a celebrity but I don`t think anyone`s really crying themselves to sleep over Paris` $5 million that she`s going to be getting from her grandfather.

HAMMER: Yes, but $5 million, I mean, perish the thought. Now, Kareen, of course, I realize that Paris does make a whole lot of money for doing a whole lot of nothing. But you know in the back of her mind, if that`s what`s happening up there, she was counting on this money.

KAREEN WYNTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: She really, really was. And how crazy are we? To the regular folks, $5 million, so much money. We could retire now. But we are after all talking about Paris Hilton. Look, A.J., she has nine lives. She constantly reinventing herself. I don`t think she has anything to worry about here.

Remember when the sex tape came out? People thought, "Hmm. This will be the last time we hear from her." Wrong. The jail stint? "She`s going to crawl under a rock." Wrong. She`s constantly touting herself as a savvy businesswoman that she really is. You know, she has a book. She has a movie, some music. She is really not going to the poor house any time soon. Mark my word.

HAMMER: Yes, but I want to know what happened here because you mentioned the sex tape. You mentioned the jail stint. I`m thinking maybe between all of that and the continual partying and the fact, well, she doesn`t do anything - Maggie, do you think that Paris possibly teed off the grandpa Baron so much that he decided to giving the money to charity instead of his granddaughter?

GALLANT: Well it is absolutely possible, A.J., because the Hilton name generations ago used to be synonymous with not only big business and entrepreneurial spirit but also with philanthropy. And now, when we hear the Hilton name, we think of hair extensions, blonde, nightclubs, tiny little dresses and tiny little dogs. It`s gotten a little bit different over the generations.

HAMMER: Well, we watch Paris` behavior continuing to not evolve. She rang in the New Year pretty much the same way that she rang out the old year. She was partying. She and her sister Nicky Hilton had this little bash at a Las Vegas nightclub. She did tell Larry King that partying was not going to be a big part of her life anymore. But of course, in Paris` case, partying is, well, how she makes her living. As we were discussing, Kareen, she gets paid to show up. So is there really any way she could possibly give it up now considering the little income she is going to be getting from this inheritance?

WYNTER: Oh, absolutely not. She is all about branding, A.J. And the partying - what we`re looking at right now, this is where her talent lies. People want to see her dancing on the stage -

HAMMER: I just wanted to hear you say that.

WYNTER: Dancing on tables. And so she`s going to continue doing this. She is not going to give it up. And one thing - remember the Larry King interview? She was there, she was dressed quite conservatively and she talked about the charity. Huh. Boring. People didn`t want that. They want the old Paris back and that`s what she does best. That`s what keeps the money coming in.

HAMMER: Yes. And you know, she even said on "LARRY KING" - Maggie, I`ll throw this to you real quickly - she pointed out that she doesn`t take money from the Hilton family name. But what do you think? Now that the money is not going to be coming, do you think she`ll go to court to fight for it?

GALLANT: You know, that wouldn`t the smartest PR move. Who knows really where the money is coming from throughout the family? I mean that kind of stuff is very hard to find out although I`m sure all the tabloids are going to be speculating where is the money going, where is it coming from.


GALLANT: Absolutely. But, you know, she`s figured out how to go to a party and get paid for it. She`s not stupid.

HAMMER: She`ll figure out how to deal with it. I`m sure. Kareen Wynter, Maggie Gallant, thanks for being here.


ANDERSON: And now we want to hear from you. It is the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Paris Hilton`s Inheritance Cut: Do you feel sorry for her?" Vote at E-mail us at Do it from your desktop, your laptop, even your Blackberry or your cellphone. Just tell us what`s on your mind.

Maybe Paris is practicing hanging with the little people. I hear she`s chilling with Kevin Federline. That`s right, Britney Spears` ex. Are these two hooking up? That`s straight ahead.

HAMMER: Oh, Brooke! I`m totally speechless about that. But you know, that is definitely not the only outrageous thing that has got us saying, "Are you kidding me?" Now get this - a mom makes a 6-year-old daughter lie about her dad being killed in Iraq just to get "Hannah Montana" tickets. Totally disgusting. What a scam. So many other things have gotten me fired up tonight. "Are you kidding me?" Coming up.

ANDERSON: Hey, Oliver Stone`s making a lot of other people wonder what in the world was he thinking? The controversial director of "Born on the Fourth of July," "World Trade Center" on a dangerous mission to try and spring some hostages held by groups that U.S. considers as terrorists. You`ve got to hear this really wild story. We`ve got that coming up.

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ANDERSON: The always controversial director Oliver Stone spent his new year`s on a dangerous mission trying to rescue some hostages in Colombia, but it didn`t work. Stone, the guy behind "Platoon," "JFK" and more recently, "World Trade Center" was in Colombia to meet with the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia or FARC. These guys are an anti- government guerilla group that the United States has classified as a terrorist organization.

Stone was part of a mission that included Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, also not a big friend of the U.S. Remember, he called President Bush the devil. They were trying to get FARC to release three hostages who have been held for years. Stone, who has been a harsh critic of the Bush administration, says it`s a shame that we don`t have better relations with South America.


OLIVER STONE, DIRECTOR: South America is a natural ally for North America. But for years, we`ve been alienated with the so-called neo-liberalism, which is really a form of draining the wealth out of South America to our purposes and for bank purposes.


ANDERSON: FARC is also holding three U.S. contractors captive. This mission failed when talks broke down.

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, could it be? Could Paris Hilton be on a mission to land a new man, a guy by the name of Kevin Federline?

CREW: What?

HAMMER: Yes, that K-Fed. What in the world was Paris doing hanging out with Britney Spears` ex?

ANDERSON: A.J., could that be the start of a shocking hook-up? Wow, that would be, well, something. All right. Coming up, I`ve got the juicy details of a couple of other big hook-ups, marriages, actually. And one startling celebrity split-up that nobody seemed to see coming.

HAMMER: Brooke, I`ve got to tell you. I`m so shocked and so completely angry about this story. A mom made her six-year-old daughter lie in order to get a hold of some "Hannah Montana" tickets. The lie was about her daddy being killed in Iraq. Yes. It is totally disgusting. The startling stories that have everyone saying, "Are you kidding me?" That`s coming up next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, all right, everybody take cover. Paris Hilton is hanging with K-Fed. What brought these terrible twosome together? More importantly, how can we make it stop? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the stories that made us say, "Are you kidding me?"

Yes, breaking up is hard to do. The celebrity divorce that shocked us. Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn splitsville. And hooking up, not so easy, either. Eddie Murphy is married but it is no simple love story. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your guide to the latest startling Hollywood break-ups and hook-ups.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you tonight from Hollywood. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, the outrageous story that are making us say, "Are you kidding me?" Man, I`m glad we hung on to that for the new year. First up, get a load of this - Paris Hilton appearing to be getting pretty cozy with Britney Spears` ex-hubby Kevin Federline. Seriously, are you kidding me?

Another whopper - "" reporting that the young star of TV`s hit show "Heroes," Hayden Panettiere, is now dating her co-star Milo Ventimiglia. But get this - Hayden is 18, Milo, 30. Are you kidding me?

And finally, one hell of a bad "Hannah Montana" scam. A little girl claims her daddy died in Iraq just so she could win "Hannah Montana" concert tickets. When you hear the details of this one, you are going to be saying, "Are you kidding me?"

And as always, we have an amazing panel. They are all fired up to talk some smack. Joining me tonight from Hollywood, "Extra" correspondent Carlos Diaz. Also in Hollywood tonight, west coast editor for us weekly, Ken Baker. And in Chicago, "" host Kelli Zinc.

I have to say gang that I never thought that I`d be uttering these two names in the same sentence. I`m almost ashamed to do it - Kevin Federline, Paris Hilton. When I heard that these two were seen partying together in Vegas two nights ago, I just had to say, "Are you kidding me?"

Not only that, "" is reporting that the two took to Paris` room one night. Now, Carlos, there are rumors floating around the Internet that you were at this party. Is it possible that two of the most famous for nothing people on the planet, Paris and K-Fed, had a fling? Please say it isn`t so.

CARLOS DIAZ, "EXTRA" CORRESPONDENT: I was at the party at LAX on Saturday night. This is me Saturday night with my drink in my hand. Is that Paris and K-Fed? Put it down. Put it down. I`ve had too much.

No. Here`s the thing. I honestly believe that Paris might be going after K-Fed`s money. Because we heard earlier in the show that she is not going to have that cash so, you know, maybe she needs the money.

HAMMER: Yes. K-Fed doesn`t have the money yet. Let`s keep that in mind. And another thing that had people saying, "Are you kidding me?" Paris is also seen partying in Vegas with Larry Birkhead, the father, of course, of Anna Nicole`s baby. Now, Ken Baker, when`s going on here? Is Paris sort of developing this taste for baby daddies?

BAKER: No. I think what Paris is developing is she`s really honing the media skills and getting us to talk about her on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. This is what she does. She knows that that if she hangs out with Kevin, she gets photographed with Larry Birkhead, she kind of sneaks off to his room and does little shenanigans in Vegas.

Even if she`s not hooking up with him and she`s just hanging out, she knows we`re all going to talk about it. It keeps her relevant. She has a PhD in Paris Hilton. Do not be mistaken. And mark my words, if she ends up hooking up for real with Kevin Federline, I will eat Carlos Diaz` loafer.

HAMMER: All right. Listen, I don`t know if I want to see that happening, and I think relevant may be a strong word for Paris Hilton. Kelli Zinc, over to you.

KELLI ZINC, HOST "CELEBTV.COM": Well, here`s the thing. I think Kevin Federline, we should say, "What are you thinking?" This guy`s involved a major custody battle right now. Why is he surrounding himself with somebody like Paris Hilton? The guy should be at home.

And by the way, that means that Britney was at home with the kids on new year`s, not the way that I want to kick the new year off for those two little boys. Are they hooking up? I don`t know. But Paris Hilton loves the attention. K-Fed, stay far, far away. Please.

HAMMER: Yes. You hear that sound? That`s the sound of my skin crawling. Moving on to some more incredible news coming at us from "" reporting that "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere is now dating her co-star, Milo Ventimiglia. He`s 30; she`s 18. All for the boing. (sound effect) Are you kidding me?

We do love Hayden, adore her. I don`t want to stand in judgment of anybody. But Carlos, it is certainly raising a lot of eyebrows with a lot of people wondering why the heck doesn`t she just date someone more her own age. Are you all right with this?

DIAZ: You know, on the record, I`m totally disgusted by this. It`s very, very bad. I mean, he`s 30. She is 18. Off the record, come on. She`s smoking hot. What are we talking about here, people? Come on. Everybody would be high fiving Milo if, you know, you were standing next the guy. Come on. It`s Hayden.

HAMMER: Ken Baker, we often go to you for the voice of reason on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Is this in fact endearing or is it just plain creepy?

BAKER: No, actually, you know what? It kind of slips under the radar and doesn`t freak people out so much because we had Jamie Lynn Spears a couple weeks ago, 16 and pregnant. So in the world of celebrity, the fact that she`s at least legal is not really a big deal. And in fact, you know, in Hollywood, it`s really - these girls grow up so quickly.

Hayden - she`s been on this show. You guys have interviewed her. She`s very composed and very mature. And you know, she is also someone who`s very conservative when she goes out in public and it`s interesting she kept it secret for so long. And there were rumors for months that these guys were hooking up. And finally they come out, you know, around the holidays when we`re all feeling a little bit softer and feeling like nicer and not like as mean to them.

HAMMER: She has matured beyond her years. That is absolutely clear. I want the move on now because I have to get to this. It`s a shocking scam involving "Hannah Montana" concert. Now, this definitely made us all say, "Are you kidding me?"

There`s a little girl in Dallas who won four much coveted tickets to a "Hannah Montana" concert that was going on in upstate New York. It was this great all expenses paid deal. Now, she won the contest because of a very touching essay that she wrote. The first lines of the essay, listen to this, quote, "My daddy died this year in Iraq."

You know, it turns out her daddy didn`t die in Iraq. As a matter of fact, he wasn`t even enlisted. The mother has now made an admission that she made her six-year-old daughter lie. Kelli, let me go to you. We know that this frenzy nationwide to get "Hannah Montana" tickets is out of control. So should we really be shocked by this, as disgusting as it is?

ZINC: Shocked and disappointed. And the first thing I thought was this mom should write the foreword to Lynn Spears` book on parenting. What is going on with mothers these days? They do not know how to advise their children. Jamie Lynn Spears, 16 and pregnant. Now this young girl and the mother is saying, "That`s all right. It doesn`t have to be true. You can just write whatever you want just to get "Hannah Montana" tickets." What is this world coming to?

HAMMER: Yes, and that`s all I could think about. And it really would freak me out a little bit. And I`m not so easily freaked out. I want you to see what happened when a local news correspondent actually called the mom out on her lie. Watch what happened.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE LOCAL NEWS CORRESPONDENT: There`s no person that was killed in action -



MOTHER: I don`t need to be -


HAMMER: What an excellent response. And we got a good look at the reporter`s backside of his head. The contest organizers did the right thing. They yanked the tickets from the mom. They gave them to somebody else. But as I said, it just makes me sick to my stomach that somebody would actually do this. Carlos, I mean this woman should just be ashamed of herself.

DIAZ: Yes, but you also have to blame the contest organizers, because I mean, where`s the fact checking here? That reporter was from a Fox affiliate, so it couldn`t be that hard to actually figure out the facts if it`s coming from Fox. Can I say that on CNN? But what I`m saying is it`s up to the organizers of this contest to, you know, maybe a do a little bit of background checking.

HAMMER: All right. Ken Baker, really quick. Ten seconds.

BAKER: Well, I think that what this really shows is that Miley Cyrus is a huge phenomenon. You have parents - This wasn`t the first episode to happen with parents getting out of line to get the kids tickets. They`ve been doing it since all summer. Since all this show sold out, there`s been lawsuits, the fighting. The parents have really shown a bad example.

HAMMER: Yes. Just makes me want to say collective, come on people. Carlos Diaz, Ken Baker, Kelli Zinc. Thanks for being here tonight.

BAKER: Thank you.

ANDERSON: Hey, earlier, we told you that Paris Hilton`s grandfather plans to donate nearly all of his fortune to charity when he dies. And we`ve been asking you to vote on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. It is this - "Paris Hilton`s Inheritance Cut: Do you feel sorry for her?" Keep voting at E-mail us at Do it from your desktop, your laptop, even your Blackberry or cellphone. Just tell us what`s on your mind.

HAMMER: All right. Hollywood break-ups. Obviously nothing new, but I got to say, this one kind of surprised me. Didn`t see it coming. Sean Penn, Robin Wright-Penn. They`re calling it quits. But have no fear, because, of course, for every star divorce, there`s a marriage right along with it. Case in point is Eddie Murphy. And coming up, we have your follow along at home guide to the latest shocking break-ups and hook-ups.

ANDERSON: And try this one on for size. China`s most popular sportscaster gets a play-by-play of his own from his wife. Yes. She says he cheated on her and she is definitely not keeping it to herself. That`s next in the "Showbiz Video of the Day." Also this.




MONAGHAN: Will you be my maid of honor?

DEMPSEY: Your maid of honor?


HAMMER: I don`t know. Can you picture McDreamy in a bridesmaid dress? The "Grey`s Anatomy" star is in a new romantic comedy and it is just jam packed with, well, romance and comedy. This one doesn`t even seem like a total chick flick, either. And we`ve got your very first look, not to be missed. Patrick Dempsey in "Made of Honor." Still to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. It is time now for the showbiz video of the day and it`s a play-by-play that the most famous sportscaster in China was not expecting. I want you to check this out. At a big press conference about Olympics press coverage in china, the wife of a major sports broadcaster got on stage and accused him of cheating on her. She said it was a special day for the Olympic channel and for her because just two hours ago she found out that her husband had been having an affair. Yikes.

Now people did try to get her off the stage but she just went on with the speech. She is a well-known broadcaster, as well. China`s mainstream media is not covering this particular story, but obviously people are still seeing it. In fact, a three-minute clip of the incident is being watched all over the Internet. Scandalicious.

ANDERSON: Well, the couple in China not the only ones starting the new year off with some matrimonial drama. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you the shocking break-up of Sean Penn and Robin Wright-Penn and the hot hook- ups of Eddie Murphy and Katherine Heigl, although not with each other.

Joining us tonight in New York, Kim Serafin, senior editor at "In Touch Weekly." With us tonight in Hollywood, Howard Bragman, founder of Fifteen Minutes Public Relations. OK, guys. I want to get started with the news that Sean Penn and Robin Wright-Penn calling it quits. This news came as a surprise to many because these two have been married for 11 years, an eternity by Hollywood`s marriage standards. But Howard, should we be surprised?

BRAGMAN: You know, I don`t think we should be surprised. Because, first of all, if you know them, they`re both very - let`s call them passionate people. OK? I think they had wonderful good times and maybe some interesting tough times. But they`ve always kept their life relatively quiet. You didn`t hear about them. You didn`t see them in the tabloids too much. They were not paparazzi fodder. So that we didn`t find out until the end, that`s pretty much par for the course for a couple like this.

ANDERSON: Yes. They kind of kept a low profile. Kim, what do you think and what do you think went wrong?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": You know, you never know. Obviously, Sean Penn going back to his history had a kind of volatile history, although now you see him as this Oscar winning actor. This year, he`s doing "Into the Wild." He directed "Into the Wild" which is probably going to get a lot of Oscar nominations.

And they did seem to sort of live outside of that Hollywood light. They lived up in northern California. He seemed to be calmed down a lot probably by her influence. They had kids. They seemed - just out of that Hollywood crazy life style. So I think it probably was surprising but these days, it`s probably more surprise when a couple stays together in Hollywood than when they get divorced.

ANDERSON: Very true. And you know, speaking of getting together, staying together, Sean, while they were breaking up, Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds were hooking up for good. They got married new year`s day on a beach ceremony in Tahiti, actually. This comes after Eddie had a baby with Melanie Brown with the Spice Girls. He initially denied the child was his until a paternity test proved otherwise. Kim, there was a nasty fight after Eddie first denied it was his baby. Do you think that that changed peoples` perception of him, possibly?

SERAFIN: You know, again, I think it`s Hollywood and I think a lot of times people kind of expect it with Hollywood stars. Although, with someone like Eddie Murphy, he was married for a listening time before this, had five kids. But again, before he did the family friendly movies like "Shrek" and like "Daddy Day Care," you know, he certainly did more racier movies, I guess you can say or more for more mature audiences.

And so I don`t know if people are necessarily surprised but, yes, he had a rocky year certainly. You know, and of course, Tracey Edmonds was also married once before. They`re both a little bit older. Both have been in Hollywood a long time. They both sort of know the drill. Who knows if this marriage will stay together hopefully. But you never know.

ANDERSON: Hopefully. Of course, we wish them well. And I want to talk about another marriage, Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley. "OK" magazine has just released the first pictures of their wedding in Park City, Utah. Howard, we have to give them credit for being able to be very successful, both of them - he`s a musician, she`s an actress - while keeping their personal life low key.

BRAGMAN: You know, all you have to do is get on a private jet and go about 700 miles away and the paparazzi don`t follow you. So you know how (UNINTELLIGIBLE) this is? No, they did it right and they did it wrong. The correct thing they did was they did it out of the public eye; they didn`t have paparazzi all over.

The thing they did wrong was maybe the money that they sold it to "OK" for might have gone to charity. Maybe, a little, as opposed to the caterer. Just my gut. She is pretty successful. It`s her money but I would have liked to see a little donation to a charity. Come on.

ANDERSON: Well, maybe she did. Or maybe the caterer donates to charity -

BRAGMAN: We would have heard about it if she did, OK?

ANDERSON: Part of the profits.

ANDERSON: Yes. That`s a kind of a stretch, I know. Kim, what do you think about this? Smart move to put their - to control the release of the photos through "OK" magazine? Ten seconds.

SERAFIN: Well, you know, look Katherine Heigl also someone who started as an actress very young but has been through a lot in the past couple of years with "Grey`s Anatomy." Isaiah Washington - so she knows the drill. She understands the media and she does seem to balance her personal and public life pretty well.

ANDERSON: Well, congratulations to Katherine and Josh and the new couples and marriages out there. Kim Serafin, Howard Bragman, thank you both.

HAMMER: In tonight`s showbiz first look, it`s McDreamy from "Grey`s Anatomy" as you have never seen him before as a maid of honor. Patrick Dempsey stars as a man who discovers a little too late that the girl of his dreams is his best friend. Here`s your first look at "Made of Honor."


VOICE OVER: Tom has his girlfriends.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Oh, I think I picked up yours by accident. Sorry about that.

DEMPSEY: Gloria, nice.

VOICE OVER: Tom has his guy friends.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I`m not going to be able to play today. My back.

DEMPSEY: Come on, Gary. If we don`t have a fourth, we`re going to end up with tiny shorts guy.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Hey, what happened? Need another?

DEMPSEY: No. Our friend Paul with longer shorts is coming.

VOICE OVER: But he only has one best friend.

MONAGHAN: I`m not going to another one of your father`s weddings.

DEMPSEY: This is the last time. I promise.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: He`s only after that. Pretty soon, I`m going to make her my number six.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You`ve got the best of both worlds, Tom.

DEMPSEY: It`s true. I can sleep with whoever I want but Hannah is the one constant in my life.

MONAGHAN: I`m going to Scotland for business for six weeks.

DEMPSEY: Six weeks? What am I going to do without you?

MONAGHAN: I think you`ll be fine. Hello?

DEMPSEY: Hey. How`s the weather in England.

MONAGHAN: I`m in Scotland.

DEMPSEY: So it`s sunny.

MONAGHAN: It`s 3:00 in the morning.

DEMPSEY: So it`s dark.

MONAGHAN: I`m going back to sleep now.

DEMPSEY: I hate Scotland.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What`s the matter with you today?

DEMPSEY: Maybe there`s more to life than just sleeping around.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I don`t understand.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I`m not following.

DEMPSEY: I`m going to tell Hannah - when she gets home, I`m going to tell her that I want to be with her.

MONAGHAN: Are you OK? I`m engaged. He proposed and I accepted.

DEMPSEY: Oh. It`s beautiful.

MONAGHAN: We`re getting married. I expect to be your best man. Tom, will you be my maid of honor?

DEMPSEY: Your maid of honor?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What is it with you, man?


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You might have to do this. You`ll be a confidant.

MONAGHAN: He`ll be able to help me pick out something for the wedding night.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What are you looking at?

DEMPSEY: Nothing.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You`ve got a better chance of stopping this wedding from inside than from another continent.

DEMPSEY: Hannah showers in the morning. We`ve got to get these baskets down.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What about this party mix?

DEMPSEY: It`s potpourri.

VOICE OVER: "Made of Honor."

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: This must be the lucky young man who`s marrying our beautiful Hannah.

MONAGHAN: Oh, no. I`m not marrying him. This is Tom, my maid of honor.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Oh. Well, how about that? We have many gay and lesbian members of the congregation. Welcome.



HAMMER: All right. "Made of Honor" is going to be in theaters in May.

ANDERSON: OK. She may be the biggest female movie star on the planet, so why does Julia Roberts say there`s now way she`d want to be starting out in movies right now? Some pretty strong words from the pretty woman herself. That`s coming up next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. You don`t want to miss that.

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JULIA ROBERTS, ACTRESS: Oh, Bobby. You could ask someone for a Bombay martini up very dry.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Actually I`m the congressman`s administrative assistant.

ROBERTS: Isn`t that wonderful for you?


ROBERTS: Two olives, please. Tell them it`s for me. They`ll know.


ANDERSON: That was Julia Roberts in her new film, "Charlie Wilson`s War." She looks absolutely stunning in the film even though she says she wasn`t feeling that great because she was pregnant with her son Henry. For one scene, she even had to wear a bikini. She says thankfully it wasn`t a very long scene and it happened to be one of those days when she wasn`t looking very pregnant.

An interview with the BBC, Julia also said there was much less pressure on young actors back when she was starting her career.


ROBERTS: I wouldn`t want to be 20 and in movies today. Doesn`t look fun.


ROBERTS: Because it just looks awful. It just looks - yes, scary and crazy. Chaotic. And, you know, it`s just all about very superficial, outward hollow thing.


ANDERSON: One other thing Julia told the BBC - she says she feels no pressure about how she looks. Julia says for her, it`s all about being happy in life. She says she loves being a stay at home mom although she says it`s much harder than making a movie, and, A.J. she says it`s a much longer day.

HAMMER: Well, and she certainly still has one of the best smiles on the planet, whatever is going on.

ANDERSON: She does.

HAMMER: That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks a lot for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is next. Now, we leave you with a special rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" from the Blue Man group. Happy new year from all of us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.